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File: 4c67199d13e97c6⋯.jpg (106.86 KB, 1024x767, 1024:767, 6fabda1dd7e8b6325f6f9662fc….jpg)


Is life supposed to be full of bullshit every single step of the way? Because I feel like it's not supposed to be, but it is currently. It just feels like to do anything you have to put up with some small amount of unnecessary hassle. Why can't things just go smoothly and simply? Anyone else know what I'm talking about?


Yeah you exist as an npc to serve the jew overlords

Not even sure we have free will

My guess would be no


Yeah its called society is changing because everyone is becoming individuals and doesn't give a shit to do a good job or pay attention or care about anyone else really and why should they, hedonism is much more enjoyable, the problem is the robots to replace them aren't getting here fast enough so shit is getting bad.


Why don't you just blame the two dead red pixels… it must be their fault





>just let go goy

>go to sleep

>have a drink

>theres nothing you can do



>the road to following your dreams isn't paved with shit and hassle/bureaucracy

doesn't mean you shouldn't take it, but the odds seem to be stacked higher against us every generation.



Why the fuck would you ever give a shit about anyone else anon

God doesnt even give a fuck about us

All you can do is get yours

Fuck anyone and everyone else who gets in your way



I am a spoiled girl child


File: 38a4f4f9e9ca769⋯.webm (360.97 KB, 640x300, 32:15, jill_stein_voter.webm)


You could just make it easier on yourself and flat out kill yourself.



But then the jew wins anon



The jew always wins, anon.



The Jew won when he took your foreskin



Not always, there's the occasional serial killer that takes the most cancerous ones to their final resting place. One of the last bastions of hope.


File: 7dc45305d75c0d8⋯.jpg (89.25 KB, 650x469, 650:469, 1aaDestructionSecondTemple.jpg)



Well, point proven, isn't it?


File: f39c5866af2a170⋯.png (420.62 KB, 540x735, 36:49, e4b05a9a062ad4016b063929b7….png)


This was the America I was promised. The (((jew))) took that from us.



So as the jew turns the Gaza strip into glass, what will you do while their back is turned?



I know they do its fucking annoying

They have the goyim as a shield

And (((God))) doesnt seem to care lol



Will you just lie back and take it? Or will you fight for what is right?



Dumbass anons the nazis were jews



God left us when we abandoned baphomet



(((The greatest lie forever told)))



Yeah im not worsshipping anything

Jesus is my mans tho but the jews killed him rip


File: b680967447bcc6f⋯.jpg (109.13 KB, 774x809, 774:809, b680967447bcc6fb275f5a3122….jpg)

File: 355367be8291391⋯.jpg (114.29 KB, 750x498, 125:83, 04.JPG)

File: 2ab57d7da37a4c6⋯.jpg (177.87 KB, 1600x1000, 8:5, aa6e2aa17958ef059a2c8b67bb….jpg)


File: 6b033dd5180a829⋯.jpg (292.98 KB, 1426x947, 1426:947, 1469030249133-2.jpg)


Sometimes you just gotta take what is rightfully yours.

Yes, ik the schematics are in Russian but it's honestly not that hard to figure out.


File: 5f6b28e721e4840⋯.jpg (21.94 KB, 291x360, 97:120, man.jpg)


Hi niggerpill kike, found your way from /tech/ it seems.

You will be raped in a fire



>OwO what's this?



Hitler was a zionist. The cat's out of the bag.



Your mother should have swallowed you.

>Inb4 newfag


File: 499c04eb5737aea⋯.jpg (511.65 KB, 1607x892, 1607:892, PFoXimf.jpg)

Its like this op.

How do you make the proles work.

Without proles working nothing gets done.

So we have this system called capitalism to make sure they do.




>start war with poland because lol poland

>commies get in an uproar

>gas de juden!

>lose de warden!

>get silently shipped away to Argentina by the CIA

>CIA instates Israel and Mossad

You're a dumb ass goy fuck. Get cucked loser.




Da faq?



>This is what happens when a child is born addicted to crack cocaine



>this is what happens when a child is indoctrinated on Jewish religion



I already own a rifle
















>de joooooooooooooooooooooz



>workers who work two jobs and live with roomates to survive are hedonists, that's why things suck

>also muh individualism is bad

eat a dick faggot, it's obvious you're a pubefarmer who's never worked a day in your life and are just parroting an argument you heard the other day from some youtube talking head shyster


>I don't like it, so maybe I can get others to dislike it if I say it's why things they don't like are happening

fuck off tbh


>muh bootstraps

I wish boards never became a contest of who could act the most condescending by pretending their hardest to be mature, worldly and grizzled. Fucking faggots, you sound like self-help book authors and televangelists. Probably because that's all you ever read, that and fucking political bullshit.



That or edgelordery, the other cancerous X-treem™ Opinion®



hey FBI there's some dangerous talk at http://walkthedinosaur.com


>it's another exciting, fun-filled episode of Naziboo Quotes a British Author Who Hated and Shat All Over the Nazis

Wow I'm totally fooled because you used a well-known Kipling quote instead of vague allusions about Tolkien


great the incestfags are fucking this thread up too


this is an 18+ board, come back when you don't sound like a middleschooler who just learned a new swear word and hasn't quite got its use down yet


File: 8cf79adf2fdc9d7⋯.jpg (92.02 KB, 503x700, 503:700, Arno_Breker_der_Rächer.jpg)

>Is life supposed to be full of bullshit every single step of the way?

Yes. The fun is overcoming the bullshit and making reality your bitch.


File: 0d7b33a7703ac77⋯.png (652.2 KB, 722x720, 361:360, 0d7b33a7703ac77af859e02f8a….png)


gay lol



Look at this fucking retard reply to everyone in the thread.

What a faggot.

As for OP, the world is bullshit because it's suberted by kike like the one above.

And get this


You fucking retards deserve your life of slavery. The sooner we abolish the UN the better.


File: 8325f152571b3fb⋯.png (1.49 MB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Getting_real_tired_of_your….png)


No u.

What now beyotch?



But it's not like that 99% of the time.

You think that you can handle it, only for life to beat the shit out of you, only to turn around and ask for help from people who you think are your friends only for them to gang up and beat the shit out of you. So once you've had enough and decide it's time to die, everybody calls you whiny crybaby bitch for not wanting to continue to play their rigged bullshit.



>how dare you reply to all these posts

>your friends and family blah blah I know better than your life blah blah kikes


>I'll say your response to my shitpost is pearls before swine

>only a True Patrician™ can see how beautiful the emperor's new clothes are


You're the one posting gay-ass statues faggot


File: eee50835d740137⋯.png (99.65 KB, 250x202, 125:101, ClipboardImage.png)


>You think that you can handle it, only for life to beat the shit out of you

Speak for yourself.


The human form is beautiful. If you think that's gay, well, maybe you look at these statues in a different way that focuses only on the fact that there's a benis.




That's hilarious coming from an actual /pol/ nigger.

You're not white. Hurry up and die alone ugly.



>these statues carved in ancient Greece and Rome, those bastions of heterosexuality are not gay it's just you

heh, okay gayboi





actually I am, lol how does it feel to be wrong about everything?



>Speak for yourself.

Ah the fool's signature. You must be 14, tops!



>lol actually I am white

>lol acutally I've never been to /pol/

Always with this bullshit unsubstantiated claims. Next you'll tell me that you're some troubled millionaire chad with a big dick and that's why you lurk a website for retard pedophile incel faggots.


File: 3d6eb235494539f⋯.png (309.17 KB, 411x550, 411:550, ClipboardImage.png)


>Arno Breker

>Ancient Greece and Rome

Truly retarded.


I wish I could go back and be 14 again.



>unsubstantiated claims

You were the first to make an assertation and not prove it faggot. Unless you're a mod you can't see where I post, and unless you're a wizard you can't tell what color I am.


Oh excuse me, some repressed homosexual's homoerotic carving of a naked dude based on the carvings of naked dudes done by the cultures that practically revolved around and later became a byword for doing gay shit. Totally different :^)



>Is life supposed to be full of bullshit every single step of the way?

Yes, life is unfair, and it's only going to get worse tomorrow, and the day after, and so on. If you're an underageb& I advice you to enjoy your remaining teen days as much as you can. Work out, eat healthy and stop wasting watching porn and jacking off four times a day. Start getting into gardening, draw something or learn how to play an instrument, because once you graduate from the brainwashing center, life is going to ramp up into nightmare mode.



>no u

Everytime with this boring (((argument))).

You're just some shill/retard/glowie nigger burning hours before he can go home and get his ass pounded by his favorite shemale hooker.


File: eef79edd236e12d⋯.png (977.67 KB, 900x660, 15:11, ClipboardImage.png)


You'd think homosexuals making homosexual art would bring more attention to the dong, wouldn't they?


File: 0a26f7a2bd4a67c⋯.jpg (100.08 KB, 800x699, 800:699, veiled-marble-sculptures-b….jpg)


Dont you know that "David" is the only statue ever made and the only reason is was made was for fags to jerk off to his tiny dick in ancient times?



>blah blah blah life's unfair bootstraps firm handshake effort = result I'm a faggot please fuck my face


>asking for proofs of the unsubstantiated claim I made is no u and makes you one of (((them)))

>heh, good thing too because my argument was shit and my statues of naked dudes are gay as fuck

>ur shill for disagreeing beep boop



Seen that before, pretty sure it's from the Renaissance but thanks for playing lol


File: bb3a9a79afb36f4⋯.jpg (28.18 KB, 259x640, 259:640, bb3a9a79afb36f4d4b0eedd867….jpg)


>literally reverts to beeping and booping

Someone get Pajeet to fix this bot.



>I'll post statues of naked women too

>that makes all the other statues I posed of naked dudes not gay



Take your meds.



>calling me out on my faggotry means you're a faggot

the eternal battlecry of the Naziboo sadsack


File: ff291fd357c3dd4⋯.gif (52.47 KB, 329x302, 329:302, Piccolo-dick.gif)


File: 78e2364eeeac833⋯.png (1.98 MB, 979x1306, 979:1306, ClipboardImage.png)


Didn't say you were a faggot, just a bot. A poorly coded one. How does it feel to know your creator is an Indian man who wipes his asshole with his bare hand. He uses that hand with shit still on it to type your code out.


File: fa499c597611a53⋯.jpg (25.91 KB, 451x501, 451:501, 1502321270743.jpg)



>feeling anything



>more Renaissance art means pederasty wasn't accepted custom in ancient Greece and that the Romans didn't think eating pussy was gayer than fucking another dude in the ass

>I don't understand similies due to my severe autism



>this pic of the lourmouth artschool dropout with the special snowflake haircut who lost the war and got millions of Germans killed means I'm right and ur mad


File: 0ae719142f2aa4b⋯.png (114.08 KB, 424x480, 53:60, Get_this_hothead_outta_her….png)


>You posted a statue

>You must be a fucking queer dont you know the greeks made statues and some of them liked boipucci

The autist who thought a dude born in the 20th century was alive during the ancient Greeks and Romans and therefor believed all the things they did about everything.



>Greece and Rome didn't leave extensive documentation and frescoes of their intense faggotry



I guess thats why the Romans had to invent artificial wombs so they could be giant fags all day long. Every single one of them was the biggest gay.



It's hilarious when inbred fucktards love to act that ancient greece was somehow gayer than today.

And it's usually posted by some feminine-faced soy cuck who's wearing a baseball cap with an immaculate bill.



>having more homos in your society means nobody fucks women, ever

>everything is absolutes, no society can be gayer than any other society unless one is all gay and the other all straight

>lavender marriages for carrying on bloodlines didn't exist back then



>muh soy

>muh cucks

>here is a mental image I've constructed of the people who disagree with me, it's an argument somehow


File: 6f3d4fecfc56cd4⋯.png (164.77 KB, 313x432, 313:432, ClipboardImage.png)


I really don't think the Greeks were more gay than today's society. Sheer numbers alone America and almost every European nation is more gay than the ancient Greeks. Then we can talk about how we dedicate entire months and parades and etc. to gays today.

The point of art like this is not in any way supposed to bring about feelings of homosexual arousement in men, not even heterosexual arousment in women. It is to define a figure that is so obviously male. A image to embody yourself. They tend to show scenes of struggle to express to the viewer that even these images of perfection do not lead perfect lives. If you look at this art and you can only focus on the fact that there is a penis, you are literally only focusing on cock like a faggot would.


File: a8e879aebf2a8e8⋯.png (329.75 KB, 448x847, 64:121, ClipboardImage.png)


Super gay amirite?


File: 3d7a29d3d898c19⋯.gif (675.01 KB, 480x215, 96:43, bronson.gif)

those fucking tomatoes in the guacamole..

its shameful that i had to be the one to say something…



Are they not red peppers?


File: 780b489b5baddce⋯.jpg (61.52 KB, 360x451, 360:451, 1426724343536.jpg)


shills btfo



I thought only when I got dubs on /pol/ I would be accused of being FBI.

>Inb4 plebs gonna pleb



What is that in your pic, glockamole?


File: 55e36157d9a254f⋯.jpg (61.91 KB, 800x532, 200:133, buttsecks.jpg)


>muh shills


File: d03be4a98fbb5e1⋯.jpg (35.98 KB, 374x503, 374:503, 16998217_1327931177263358_….jpg)





File: 75c2c9129ad7b01⋯.jpg (64.01 KB, 728x546, 4:3, gfbdbcff.jpg)


If you don't like where the ride is taking you, just go a different way anon.



oh boy another generic bullshit aphorism that doesn't necessarily apply to the situation


File: 9ebf0978e8b8af1⋯.png (56.47 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, gfhdfgh.png)


There is always the easier way then



>the only two options are change something you can't or kill yourself that's literally the only way because every situation is the same



The only time you can't do something about is if you are in prison or with an incurable disease. Everything else, you can if you are not a soyboy. If you think you can't, guess what?



the only two times I mean



>there are literally only two situations you can't change

>muh soy


Life isnt bullshit, you just watched too much media and your expectations are unrealistic. Turn all that shit off and look around. This is life. Thats it.



Oh look, here is another faggot who didn't read the thread





The adults deserve it

The children dont

And the adults were children once

God i hope theres a hell

For the illuminati faggots that run the world



Oy vey goyim you wanted happiness and a loving family

Thats only in the movies goy

Work until you die for our benefit and buy shit

Found the npc loool



current system is to work the proles to death after they have children (hence proles) while slowly sucking every piece of gold out of the country to sit untaxed offshore.


File: 34e722c6ecf2e3c⋯.jpg (179.82 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, checkmate.jpg)


File: 1ce24047313653c⋯.png (201.63 KB, 299x347, 299:347, rare vlad.png)




If you have money, you can pay people to handle bullshit for you. Git gud, git paid, and pay some chumps to deal with bullshit for you.


File: cfc14f951790627⋯.mp4 (4.73 MB, 854x480, 427:240, The Facts of Life (Layer C….mp4)


ding ding ding


File: 8c26df85abac410⋯.mp4 (2.64 MB, 368x640, 23:40, sweet sayings.mp4)



I don't remember seeing this on InfoWars

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