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File: 7d6ae7e3062017b⋯.jpg (154.5 KB, 853x900, 853:900, sir-isaac-newton-godfrey-k….jpg)


why don't we have minds like Newton or Tesla running around today? That level of genius has seemingly vanished from the world today.


We're kinda hitting a wall on science. Tried doing any lately? It's not easy


You just haven't heard of them. But you can name 100 sports stars, 100 actors, 100 pop musicians, 100 politicians, 100 rich people, etc. People today don't give a shit about 'muh genius'.



Anything that has been created in the past 30 years that has no direct use in the military or defense, is being washed aside. Unless you have the knowledge that can create a virus or a gene editing program that can only infect and take down a (((certain group of people))) your efforts will be wasted.



> But you can name 100 sports stars, 100 actors, 100 pop musicians, 100 politicians, 100 rich people

i can name none of those only my anime waifus


File: 585e80c0f57ddf0⋯.png (271.04 KB, 717x602, 717:602, elon musk.png)

we do





Scientific and technological progress seems to have become so demanding that one sibgle person might not be able to do great inventions alone.



>that quote

Imagine being that autistic



∆ ∆


"We need workers, not thinkers". Remember, they don't need or want genius, they want useful idiots. They don't want talent they want obedient trained idiots. If there is genius out there they don't want it unless they can corrupt and control it.




complete hack tbh, don't throw him in the same basket as theoretical genius of newton



We do. You just don't hear about them here because image board culture prides itself on ignorance.


i imagine because back then we didnt have the distractions like we do now so the only way for autist to amuse themselves were advanced science and art.

also we've already heard pretty much every philosophical stance on pretty mich everything so nothing is ground breaking anymore.



his wireless electricity stuff was never explored because muh taxes and his whole facility was seized by the military. whatever completed we won't know and was obviously valuable enough to get thrown in area 51 with the ay lmaos.



You don't have to.

Where do you think we are?


File: 7227b5fd0384157⋯.jpg (64.64 KB, 576x824, 72:103, sick 🔥 burn 🔥 fam 🔥.jpg)


They're employed by giant corporations who take all the credit.



>hurr durr I have absolutely no knowledge of vector analysis or electromagnetic field theory

1) everything was thoroughly examined and 2) unsurprisingly found out not to work



both died virgins. No one can achieve this type of wizard power today with everyone trying to lose their virginity to prostitutes.



Yeah, they both died virgins, they didn't reproduce. Sorta explains why there aren't many people like them around today.


File: 5e3644ce76dd04b⋯.jpg (14.29 KB, 300x225, 4:3, Checking yurichannel and b….jpg)

File: ddd6f0094810c24⋯.jpg (28.67 KB, 201x217, 201:217, Teslacoilredalert2[1].jpg)

File: 6dc29195bf5b58a⋯.png (589.98 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, teslareactor.png)


>hurrr durrr you cant lightning science

did you even play red alert? fucking brainlet.



>Hebrew letters resh, vav and yod on his forehead

what did he mean by this?


File: e132a1197220ef2⋯.jpg (23.78 KB, 319x378, 319:378, Gt of course you can but t….jpg)


it gives him super communist borg brain powers -the illegal kind.

it's the real reason you see facial tattoos on so many people in maximum security prisons.



I would've thought 'אמת "emet" vs. מת "met"







No, exactly the opposite thanks to machines.


If i am not wrong nazies planned killing him or steal him with his tech like usanians did with Von Braun.


But we have more people.

Btw, remember that being a biologist working on cancer is more dangerous than being a cop in Detroit, no, this is not a joke, check deads, this shit started after humanity lost WWII, all advanced tech was hidden, color videos censored, stealth planes robed, etc.



oh shit, we got a live one over here



off by one



hitler trips confirm



Are you enjoying that AC current powering your society?



>why don't we have minds like Newton or Tesla

We do, their just heavily conditioned to conform their thinking to the status quo or are forced to self censor. Other are using their witz to find new way of not getting robbed by niggers.



>AC current

>alternating current current

regardless, AC, along with the transformer and everything, was invented not by Tesla, but by Yablochkov


The problem is that so much science is "theoretical" now, science is rarely applied, just computer models of how things are expected to work that get revised constantly over the course of years and when they finally test anything based off their computer models nothing works because they ignored a thousand factors that would affect the outcome.

Tesla was great for applying science and getting expected results because he did his homework. Now we have physicists who theorize that the majority of the universe is composed of "dark energy" which is responsible for the expansion of the universe while ignoring the obvious reason that the rate of expansion is attributed to the big bang.

Scientists are doing fucking backflips and standing on their heads because they have to come up with new theories for their doctorates, even if the theories are retarded, then they spend years of their lives trying to prove retarded theories.


File: 6dc621d765e1725⋯.png (44.82 KB, 500x344, 125:86, notfake.png)

File: b5f57213deefd55⋯.jpg (31.22 KB, 680x536, 85:67, fake.jpg)



We already invented everything

Notable white inventions:

aerosol can, air conditioning, automotive airbag, airplane, airship, alphabet (Yep. Phoenicians were white.), animation (films), answering machine, aspartame, aspirin, assembly line, astrolabe, AstroTurf, audiotape, ATMs, automobile, asphalt pavement, prepared baby food, flat-bottomed paper bag, Bakelite, ball bearing, balloon, adhesive bandage, bar code, barbed wire, barometer, battery, bicycle, blood bank, home freezer, blow dryer, atomic energy applications, Braille system, bra, bread slicing machine, button, buttonhole, calculator, calculus, Gregorian calendar, flee collar, camcorder, camera, movie camera, tin can, can opener, candle, canning, carbon-14 dating, cash register, cat litter, mail-order catalog, cellophane, cement, concrete, cereal flakes, chewing gum, chocolate candy, chronometer, pendulum clock, quartz clock, cloning, drip coffee, Styrofoam decaf coffee, coins, compact disc (CD), computed tomography (CT scan, CAT scan), digital computer, laptop computer, network television, adhesive labels, personal computer, reinforced concrete, latex comdum, geometry, contact lenses, oral contraceptives, hybrid corn, bologna, grocery coupon, crayons, cream separator, credit card, crossword puzzle, DDT, defibulator, dentures, metal detector, smoke alarm, artificial diamond, disposable diaper, DVD, dishwasher, DNA fingerprinting, doughnut, revolving door, drinking fountain, movie theaters, electrocardiogram (EKG), electroencephalogram, e-mail, subway, passenger elevator, encyclopedia, air brakes, internal combustion engine, jet engine, liquid-fueled rocket engine, steam engine, escalator, eyeglasses, fax, fiber optics, fiberglass, paper envelopes, photographic film, dynamite, adhesive glue, steel suspension bridge, Venetian blinds, portable flashlight battery, baggies, multiple vitamin, vacuum flask, food processor, oxygen tank, frozen foods, magic markers, antifreeze, transistor radio, … helicopter, holography, hypodermic syringe, ink, insulin extraction and preparation, integrated circuit, Internet, electric iron, food irradiation, jeans, laser, laundromat, gas-powered lawn mower, incandescent light bulb, fluorescent ligh bulb, ligh-emitting diode (LED), linoleum, lock and key, chlorofluorocarbon (Freon), locomotive, longbow, GPS technology, loudspeaker, voice mail, modern hang gliders,magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), margarine, friction matches, metric system, microphone, microscope, microwave oven and other applications, wet suit, American baseball, golf, glass mirror, guided missile, supermarkets, musket, mobile home, electrical tape, electric wire, paper money, refrigerated trucks, Morse code, heart transplant, electric motor, outboard motor, motorcycle, computer mouse, books (codex), … nuclear reactor, nylon, oil lamp, oil well, tinfoil, nail clippers, pacemaker, paper clip, paper towel, modern parachute, concentrated fruit drinks, hearing aid, particle accelerator, mustard (ancient Rome) pasteurization, modern universities, central community electric utilities, … phonograph, photocopying, photography, instant photography, digital photography, human genome sequencing, alternating current applications, direct current applications, steel plow, pocket watch, polyethylene, King James Bible, … radio, car radio, symphony orchestra, rayon, psychology (ancient Egypt), naval jelly, modern psychology and psychoanalysis… respirator, Richter scale, assault rifle, republic, roller coaster, vulcanized rubber, rubber band, saccharin, cattle prod, Teflon, riding saddle, safety pin, vacuum tubes, wax paper, flares, communication satellite, Scotch tape, car seat belt, sewing machine, anthropology (Aristotle), Mars and moon land rover, shoelaces, silicone, skateboard, ice skates, roller skates, tooth paste (Greeks), snow ski, steel-frame skyscraper, snowmobile, soap, discount stores, carbonated soft drinks, sonar, windshield wipers, alternate speed windshield wipers, stapler, water treatment, steamboat, mass-produced steel, polyester, stainless steel, stereophonic sound recording, cloud seeding, stethoscope stock ticker, stock market, stocks, electric stove, gas stove, submarine, sunglasses, sunscreen, supermarket, music synthesizer, drywall, synthetic skin, military tank, tea bag, teddy bear, Teflon, telegraph, telephone, mobile telephone, telescope, television, thermometer, thermostat, threshing machine, pneumatic tire, rubber processing, flush toilet, tractor, transistor, traffic lights, typewriter, ultrasound imaging, vaccination, electric vacuum cleaner, Velcro, video game, video recorder, videotape, virtual reality, vision correction laser, electric washing machine, wheel, wheelchair, windmill, rickshaw, Wold Wide Web, X-ray, Zamboni, zipper, corn syrup and other corn derivatives, man on the moon, etc.

The above list of white inventions does even begin to scratch the surface.


The age of the major breakthrough is long, long over. The day and age where things were so poor and technologically backwards that a few major changes can cause our standard and ways of living to radically alter in a short period of time is over. All the major shit is done, we live so well with so much today that there is little to be improved upon. Face it, the Victorian was the most radical improvement in history due to scale and relative progress from what was to what is. Its about impossible to have a technological wave with the same relative implications and changes.

Everything is about invented, now its merely making small improvements over the years. We have gone from mass breakthrough to small but steady long term improvement. You get in the history books for steam engines in the 1700's, you get in the history books for electrical shit in the late 1800's, radio and communications in the 1900's, but today there is no groundbreaking, just slow heavy slogging up the hill to make those slow steady changes, no heroism or place for that. Keep in mind, be it technology in history, or even many Youtube accounts on various subjects, sometimes the most well known and successful are the guys who got there first, not always the best and brightest of all time. You might be known as an all time great in your field, especially by people in the know, but the general masses and the shitty mainstream history books can't see you or cover you.

The only major tech I see changing the world is possible fusion/fision technology that might create impossible sums of sustainable energy on the cheap. That alone might be a global game changer. But as for everything else, it ain't gonna change things that much. We are socially in severe and probably terminal decline that will destroy this advanced civilization and drag us back into the dark ages and dirt, but right now we live in a technological utopia.


File: 365f7f521655ee1⋯.jpeg (82.63 KB, 600x602, 300:301, poop.jpeg)


>Wold Wide Web

Did you type all that by hand?



wold wide web was used by the rohirrim under king théoden



> being a biologist working on cancer is more dangerous than being a cop in Detroit

Huh. Care to expand on that?



he believes their research is being silenced by (((them))) because lol fuck people with cancer


File: e37067a06ef965b⋯.png (267.56 KB, 500x402, 250:201, tumblr_inline_n8fhrbql3Z1r….png)


the wold was part of rohan in the lord of the rings. a bad joke.



>because they ignored a thousand factors that would affect the outcome.

And destroying the mighty dollar? humanity already travelled to the moon and electric motors are a lot better than riding a bomb.



Exactly the opposite.


Not exactly them, even spic countries are developing ways to fight cancer, protip, they work (a relative go to that hospital) shit is just censored and one dude found a way using crisp to fight prion based dementias, Usa took him and he disappeared from media, its pretty common and i am not talking about all "holistic docs" that die every month.


File: 84492925e9393ee⋯.webm (6.37 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Honors.webm)



Explain why its exactly the opposite of what I stated. What great breakthroughs are left? What POSSIBLE improvements, radical improvements, are there left? Steam engines, internal combustion engines, jet engines, are all how old? The airplane is a century in development, trains are sneaking up on two centuries, the family automobile a century, telephones and radios, how long has the TV been a regular family asset? In some countries 60 years! Small arms have not made vast improvements for the same period, since the 1950's. The cell phone and internet, modern staples of the average first and even second worlder, have roots in the 1970's, 40 years ago. They have become common personal items and access to people in the first world for the last 20 years. Not only was the last great breakthroughs around 40 years ago, they have become common decades ago. There has been no major shakeups for decades.

Certain crops are seeing maxed yields with little gain in certain crops in the all important green revolution. After 720HD, MOAR improvements will be nice in graphics and TV, but do they REALLY matter? In a world where we can watch streaming TV and Youtube on a hand held personal device from most places, is 5G ever going to change the world? Smallpox was beaten, but how many other diseases and cancer are beyond our grasp, and will always remain there? Are we coming to terms with our limitations? What about diseases that are now becoming resistant to our treatments, what about mud people invading the first world and bringing back diseases we conquered and now shit on the streets to bring them back? Are we not in decline?

Factories and manufacturers might see some gains, certain tech still keeps slogging uphill, but yes, everything has been invented and most of the gains we're ever going to enjoy are already here.



i could name 100 MLP characters.


File: 5c23030f1aacfe5⋯.png (231.94 KB, 570x428, 285:214, ClipboardImage.png)


yes ive seen these. The dogs love them.



no i copy and pasted that all from some website

it was tollong so i cut it down as well as i could


A few reasons, two obvious ones I can think of

1. Those kinds of geniuses are rare, its even rarer for a genius of that level to be able to achieve anything of merit rather than just improving their immediate life on some farm in the middle of nowhere.

Newton was born wealthy and married a wealthy woman to keep funding his experiments and learning.

Tesla moved from bumbfuck Serbia to the USA.\

2. We have reached a level of scientific achievement and population where any one person contributing as much as a Newton or Tesla is more difficult as they would have to be a master of many different fields, and a lot of things have already been done.

Science these days is mostly done in teams and it requires years of work just to get to the level where people will take your discoveries seriously, unless you're working in a field that makes things that sell.



Already did, but you just ignored them



>Isaac Newton is know to have died a virgin


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