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File: 384c82543e2c77e⋯.png (243.77 KB, 996x780, 83:65, 8chan.png)


Post all known indictments resulting from 8chan posts.

Here is one for cyberstalking and identity theft.



File: 661ad535a09f555⋯.png (103.72 KB, 983x341, 983:341, niggerdick.png)



This guy was an 8chan troll. 8chan is referenced in this guys court documents.



The FBI is really good at convicting schizophrenic trolls for bomb threats XD



Indict all niggerdick posters NOW!


lmao do we have an archive of this horrible act or the pics? just so that we can make sure nothing like this happens again. seeing that thread would really help the community fap identify and prevent abuse in the future.


link to pics?



>ctrl+f 8ch

>0 results


Wasn't there a guy a couple years ago who posted pics/vids of him fucking roadkill and got arrested?


File: b4c2de146e8108b⋯.png (193.99 KB, 640x386, 320:193, CQN63zi.png)


>that article





It really was da joos.



>there are people here who have never heard about this

Jesus … I'm getting old.


File: adbcdd24ff7f676⋯.jpg (655.87 KB, 2480x3231, 2480:3231, goldberg evidence.jpg)


File: 44e6c3b6aead406⋯.jpg (838.47 KB, 2480x3231, 2480:3231, GOLDBERG evidence.jpg)


File: 544915c2c8462eb⋯.webm (7.15 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ADL_on_8chan.webm)


>2018 Anno Domini

>courts cost more than ever

>yet court documents have that low quality



It's done on purpose to make it look more nefarious. Even the navy seal copypasta would look serious in shitty black & white ink.


I'm looking for it, but someone got arrested for distrusting CP on a slut shaming board. A woman proved she was 17 at the time a photo was taken via metadata and the OP of the thread was arrested.



>slut shaming boards

Those boards received 98% of 8chan's DMCA takedowns and requests until Jim shut them down.


Why is the FBI wasting time on fake threats and shamed sluts when they could be arresting real pedos?


File: d45c5513af1de0a⋯.jpg (1.16 MB, 2800x4000, 7:10, d45c5513af1de0aebd561b8ae9….jpg)


>A woman proved she was 17 at the time a photo was taken via metadata

I take it nothing happened to her for admitting to being the original distributor?



Because 8chan is hosted in the United States. It's legally required for the admins to report any CP to NCMEC along with any information about the poster.


And in the documents, 8chan wouldn't really be referenced, the probable cause would be "IP had multiple reports to NCMEC"

Non-profits like NCMEC and IWF deal with CP removal notices (or user reports and mods), which leads to the IP being reported by 8chan admins and the NCMEC forwarding it to proper LEA.



The thing about DMCA requests is most of them are trolls. Anybody can claim to be the slut in the picture and send a C&D, and 8ch isn't going to bother verifying their identity and will default to complying with the request. Rostie groups trolled all the slut-shaming boards until they were neutralized. Random sluts did not know of these places organically.




>Can't even shame sluts on the ass end of the clearnet

Shameful how much people have bent over to enable these sluts




when are we going to get a new, edgy website, that is based in an impenetrable fortress where the kikes can't tamper with it?



So some slut fucks niggers, some dude sends her parents pics of her fucking niggers and now she's a """"""victim"""""""?



I wanna honeypot the fbi



>"How many of you know 4chan? Okay… okay." *marks for death*


why were posts deleted?



It's up to the original poster to file a counter claim that the takedown wasn't legit. It's the law. Once the counter claim is filed, the liability is moved onto the original poster and not the admin for failure to remove a post after a DMCA takedown.

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