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File: 236078d8dae0fa8⋯.png (2.12 MB, 1232x884, 308:221, 1534108991243.png)


Hey incel losers, I'm part of a kink club on the west coast, recently one of the more extreme things introduced by some of the evil female doms (one of which I am a slave to) was the idea of incel humiliation. Basically we have these massive orgies while projecting onto the walls are video of incels crying about not getting laid + posts from r/incel forums and wizardchan and places like this full of losers like you killing yourself at 30 for being kissless handholdless virgins, honestly the social sadism and schadenfreude as a result was the hottest thing I've experienced in my 10+ years with the group. I was curious though how this made you feel and what was your take on being used as unwilling participants in our sick activities?


Proofs or it didn't happen.


File: 95dac2c100edb16⋯.jpg (77.52 KB, 850x850, 1:1, 95dac2c100edb164370fd9e7b6….jpg)

>be human

>one of the most intelligent and self-aware species that evolution has ever made

>have such refined tool use we have bent the environment to better suit us

>would think with such intelligent people men in particular given men are more intelligent then 3DPD would know what sex and the motivators

>but no, men base the value of their existence off of it, 3DPD use to get shit from males



>I was curious though how this made you feel and what was your take on being used as unwilling participants in our sick activities?

that's a bit like wank videos of autogynephilic trannies (the ugly loser dudes in drag) or like "blacked" porn; the "fetish" only exists in the head of the sick fuck (((you))) who post about it as a trial balloon to see if it's worth trying to get degeneracy kike financing to fabricate a trend about it


File: d2cb49faeb956b3⋯.png (237.42 KB, 530x631, 530:631, 6e6c521b48d47f03de82e29ad0….png)

>a turbo degenerate is trying to shame others


>muh incels

>muh degeneracy

only good part of thsi thread was the upskirt hentai



SM are stupid enough to do that, they are basically smart people that are frustrated for not being successful, abused people and psichopaths that werent that good as Bill Clinton.

Already had 3 long term relationships, but sometimes i joke about incel things, feel kinnda weird, like cheating a con, maybe your domina want to release this in the last moment for more humilliation for you, idk, post pics.



Check ids.



Sorry, cuckchan is two doors down.


It's pathetic. It would be awesome if you were actually forcing incels to directly watch your orgies to cause them pain, but instead your club is opting to watch the incels (indirectly) while you fuck. Next time kidnap a bunch of incels so you can torment them you fucking idiots.



please pay incels to watch orgies

I'll pretend to care about 3DPD for money



Thanks for the bump.


They are called voyeurs, basically you are being paid for watching over over 9000k 3d porn videos with smell.


File: 091acfe8f1dcc16⋯.jpg (316.05 KB, 974x708, 487:354, Melamid-Karen-Sarah-01.jpg)

tl;dr, post pics or gtfo


>has female doms

>calls incels losers



>he doesn’t understand BDSM lol


Youre not getting off to this board op



I wanna dissect a little girl in Half.


File: 65a29595116fd07⋯.png (77.95 KB, 2000x1786, 1000:893, nyc.png)


>Melamid is a Hebrew surname which translates to teacher in English





File: 908cfa92ad8d260⋯.jpg (65.36 KB, 680x509, 680:509, look at him and laugh!.jpg)


>Tries to insult 'le incels lol'

>Is owned as a slave

>By a woman

>A woman who he describes as 'evil'

Pic very related. Did this thread make you feel a little better about your own pathetic nature slave-anon?

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