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File: 9b94720cf02f7ca⋯.png (735.22 KB, 944x690, 472:345, Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at ….png)


I know a girl can lie about being a virgin and it's hard to tell, but is there a way to tell if she has had an abortion? I just found out what abortion is really like and I never want to date a girl who would do this:


>based Alabama trying to stop this


>not embedding the video



how do?


File: 82027ebc22f08ca⋯.png (40.47 KB, 603x361, 603:361, ClipboardImage.png)


you're welcome uncle boomer


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.
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File: 8522f1d31b182d8⋯.jpg (69.47 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 6f929c7bf867c108bb4771d49c….jpg)

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thanks and plox based pilled


File: 8d31db7d99a28f0⋯.jpeg (140.01 KB, 940x1022, 470:511, 8d31db7d99a28f0bbf0f3759e….jpeg)

>plox based pilled


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don't sage my abortion detection thread bro

we need to know if our gfs are murderers



it's not murder



it is in Alabama


Abortion should be banned and unwanted babies should be adopted out to caring pedos.



her pussy go "woOoOOOOOo" at night



It is, people know it and mentally cope by trying to convince themselves that it isn't.



>Based Alabama trying to stop this!

Hell Yeah my brother! Based Alabama protecting the Children once more!

>Alabama goes on to ban sales of "false media" to protect the children

Based Alabama back at it again! Fucking BASED!

Alabama bans assault rifles to protect the kids from future school shootings


>Alabama bans all guns ban to protect future children


>Whites commit the majority of child rapes so Alabama makes whites people 3rd rate citizens so they can protect the children




It's okay, if we're "trying" to protect the children. It makes us heros, right?



you are simply wrong. It's not a person.



Lots of primative cultures have bad laws. I know you may be a sharia fan but I am not



Wew lad. Now that's some extreme asshurt.



are you ok?



>you are simply wrong. It's not a person.

In alabama the baby is literally a person, children have been granted the right of personhood

you cannot tear them limb from limb anymore to kill them, just like any other person has the right not to be torn limb from limb and killed



>children have been granted the right of personhood

>still denied sexual freedom



one step at a time for child rights anon



Conception begins at the beginning of a new strand of DNA. I don't know what they're teaching in schools now, but there are things called "Chromosomes" and you might have a few extra if you don't understand that anyone interfering with the baby's progress is morally responsible for murder. This is why when you murder a pregnant woman, you're charged with double homocide.

In summary, the only thing separating yourself from yourself when you were 1 day old is time and resources.



Implement this policy >>125315 as a follow up and make long strides tbh



First they must win the right to personhood, the right to their own bodies, then they can win the right to touch who the want



I mean you aren't lying, but neither am I.



based abortionist solving the problem



Then why do the mother and child have separate DNA?



It doesn't even matter if it is or not. Nobody is under any obligation to stay hooked up to a parasite they don't want attached to their body, human or not.



>It doesn't even matter if it is or not.

probably kind of matters if it is murder or not lol



It's more like eviction into the winter where the homeless then dies than a brutal slaughtering. Not all killing is wrong.


File: 0299d2f595805e6⋯.jpeg (84.54 KB, 598x603, 598:603, 1440E5FD-868F-45A8-97C0-4….jpeg)



This really would make,sense. You could even offer an island for,sex offenders that by joining assures a stream of children being delivered but no one from the island can return to the US.






Who the fuck would want to come back to the US?



>It's more like eviction into the winter where the homeless then dies than a brutal slaughtering. Not all killing is wrong.

it's exactly like wanting to evict someone and so you go and hold him down and rip off his arms and legs till he bleeds out then crush his skull and dispose of his corpse in sections as medical waste



>instead of ending a life quickly how about we sentence innocents to a lifetime of rape and torture




well, you have to fit them out of a really tiny hole. They're still a squatter that doesn't deserve to live in your house so you get rid of them in whatever way you have to.



people who don't like muslims in their country



>leave loli island for a place with thousands of times as many muslims




pedos are basically muslims without the allah part.



Fucking dumb shit propaganda faggot



Pedos existed before all kike desert cults.



>Fucking dumb shit propaganda faggot

That is what happens, what do you think happens during an abortion?

you take a pill and the baby is magically transported to another dimension?



They're the proto-jew. They use all the same jew trick to try and make their evil seem normal, they just lack the spiritualism.


Dice rollRolled 1 (1d1)




full retard


File: b8a506f138a8044⋯.jpeg (222.2 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 1F0E349C-10F6-40FB-9DE7-5….jpeg)


Its not r ally rape 90% of the time, its seeuction. It gets called rape for the same reason a grown man haing sex with a 16 year old is a crime while she can literally fuck the entire football team at a party and its legal. Dont be that guy.



It's rape. Just because you lie to her and tell her your disgusting spunk is candy to get her compliance doesn't mean it isn't fucking rape.



Thats an odd fantasy you got there. Tell us more about how youd do it.



You'd love the taste of my spunk, don't even give me that shit.



You can't convince a child to fuck you if they actually know shit about what sex is and what you are.



Abortion is the act of killing a baby and anyone who has one is going straight to whatever hell is out there waiting for them, but it's necessary for society, because without it we would be swarmed with sub 80 iq kids from sub 80iq genetic rejects , you know?


I agree with abortion is murder. I just don't like the idea of people leaving the state for an abortion are now in trouble with their home state. Like getting arrested for visiting Colorado if your home state has weed illegal still.



hurr durr


File: 66f2d255e0c86b9⋯.jpeg (113.6 KB, 634x637, 634:637, A37565C8-B436-4939-8D32-B….jpeg)


Uh, yes you can. Just like you convince them to eat whole foods, shit in a toilet, eventually get them to try new exotic foods, get them to read, etc.

Nothing about development just happens, adults determine its needed and it aligns with bodily development. Well if the child can enjoy sex and its not done violently, its no different than getting them to try a cheeseburger. Everything else is just noise from generations of religion and SJW agendas turning vaginas into portals o heaven or some shit.



You don't even have to work that hard, retard antis like to pretend children are asexual but that is factually incorrect. Babies masturbate, kids dry hump everything under the sun, teens are raging hormone rape machines. Sexless childhood is a 200 year old kike meme.



>babies masturbate

god you people are retarded, I feel like I'm chatting with flat earthers



It's a fact, deal with it retard.



they do, in the womb even



Brah, I don't think you will ever have to worry about dating a women, let alone one that has had an abortion. But, I bet your mom says you're attractive.





No it isn't. Just ask any doctor. Sexual hormones don't start getting produced until preteen years at the earliest, and human sexuality requires a certain early childhood imprinting as well. Kids aren't sexual beings, its a biological and psychological fact.



There's nothing to indicate that a behavior like that is sexually motivated.



>doctors in charge of what's best for kids

>dick-cutting pill-pushing kike puppets in white coats in charge of what's best for kids

wew fucking lad you're a monster

and wrong



"Masturbation is normal and common in young children," says Lisa Noll, Ph.D., a child neuropsychologist at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston. It feels good…”



OP does not want to date murderers so that means he will never date anyone? what



> Noll

jew last name



He should date an 8 year old


Dice rollRolled 66 (1d666)




>gets 66 post dubs

>rolls 666 sided die

>gets a 66


what are the odds? someone calculate this


File: b2659cb2985b97f⋯.png (32.76 KB, 780x208, 15:4, Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at ….png)

srceenshoted for posterity



woot i got dubs and dubs you guys better check em! This is the best thing to happen to happen to me in 5 years and i want witnesses


File: cfe8b534ccd776e⋯.gif (697.91 KB, 480x480, 1:1, okaythisisepic.gif)



If she's claiming young children jack off for sexual pleasure before puberty she's just wrong.



based satan



take off the tin foil, faggot.



Go back to Facebook.



Look around, its a very commonly 7nderstood thing. Little girls touch or rub on things and have orgasms which some parents mistake as a neorological issue until its explained. Boys can have erections and girls can have orgasms - and they do! Do research.


>how do I avoid girls who have had an abortion???

trust me you'll know



you clearly neither have kids nor remember your childhood



Right? Of course the antis go quiet in the face of truth.






Yeah this is true. One of the students was rubbing her area on my knee when I'm marking her work and is always smelling me and hugging me.

I had to tell her "You're a bit too old to hug teacher, be like a big kid now." I don't think she even knows what she is doing.



You lack the spiritual consciousness of an enlightened one. I would not take your advice as you have compared a cheeseburger to sex. This is like comparing a nickel to Fort Knox.

Sex is the most alluring of all material pleasures. And as such it is the most destructive and constructive. Do not dismiss sexual urges as hunger pangs. It is your lower chakra for a reason, it seeks to trap you.

And there are few things worse than using your lower chakra to manipulate a child. Start from that logic and then you will see all arguments that eventually lead to normalizing pedophilia as inherently destructive.

it is not a requirement for you to fuck every day like it is for you to eat. And in fact, many of us could go childless and it would have a net positive result on the planet. How presumptious of us to assume our children's lineage will lead to positivity in the world rather than destruction like has been the case over and over again.





proof and reminder that pedos are disgusting, retarded, and EXTREMELY boring




Go away pajeet, this is not your shitting street.


File: 1f59793b9626cb0⋯.png (651.93 KB, 620x1108, 155:277, but_is_not.png)

I think that abortion is murder, but I fail to see the need to do anything. Who is having abortions? People I disagree with politically. In the US, the birth rate of the white liberals is half that of the white conservatives. The left are actively exterminating their future voters. Demographics are destiny, and my enemies are trying to commit demographic suicide. Why in the bloody fuck would I want to stop them? Ideally every leftist would be sterilized before they get pregnant with another kid to murder, but we can't have everything we want and this is the only other way of exterminating leftists (legally) we currently have.



You are ignorant if you cannot see the culturally unified concept behind Chakras. Call them energy centers if you want you racist faggot. It doesn't matter which terminology you use, the idea is the same.

Sexual desire is a very low tier animalistic urge. You are a sack of downs if you get hung up on the wording.



Totally baseless bullshit. Go kill yourself you dothead retard.



roastie/white knight detected


"masturbation" in children (prebuscent, under 10) tends to be exploration of the body more than a sexual act, just because a kid is touching his penis or her vagina doesn't mean they are doing it for the sake of pleasurable feelings



these anti framing arguments are retarded and embarrass you in front of your pedo superiors




Curry nig



Except every article on the subject clearly indicates they do feel pleasure. Of course they do - when you eat your taste buds are different as a child but you certainly taste. You are trying to use logic to support an irational position.



Like antis always do, because their entire worldview is lie upon lie.



That clump of cells is a human. Will be a human, no matter what. You cannot take fertilized human cells and implant then into a dog and get puppies. This means what is made will be human, and has human DNA. When you use the faulty argument that the clump of cells is not human simply because it is not a human yet then you ride down a slope of how finite something has to be before it is considered human.

Sadly, for all your cases, the clump of cells is human and is 100% human by genes. It is, by definition, another human.



Are you fucking retarded? You can clearly see a females hymen if she's a virgin, you fucking cuckmaster sucker.



Id say most are pretty clear that viability outside of the womb is the point at which it goes from clump of dependant cells to automous-ish life. Its not slippery at all.




no it's called genital play and is different from masturbation, you have been zogged, disgusting pedos




It's not drinking water, it's hydrating

It's not driving somewhere, it's traveling

It's not masturbation, it's genital play

Anything to deny children agency because childhood sexuality makes this baby boy uncomfortable.

Good news is he'll be dead and it'll still be around.






Here is an article that is reinforced with academic references you can click yourself.



File: 1a5a8b7a59aaab8⋯.png (108.02 KB, 246x299, 246:299, 1a5a8b7a59aaab8143176d9604….png)

Abortion is fucking disgusting on a technical and moral level to be honest. You don't have to be religious to see that.



Letting the children be raised by pedos would be better for everyone.






It's a strategy for the avoidance of malinvestment. That's what infant slaying has always been and shall always be. "Disgusting" as it may be, not having to raise a child while you're acquiring infrastructure and seed money can enable you to raise more children in a higher yield environment later. Of course, I'm an advocate for just not having reproductive sex with people you don't want to impregnate. But hey, whatever works.



>Killing babies isn't disgusting

Reminder this is the side against letting babies be raised by pedos saying this.



>Reminder this is the side against letting babies be raised by pedos saying this.

a loving household can take many forms









>What race was it?


Abortion itself is good because it mostly eliminates nonwhites. However you are correct to not want to be with someone who has had an abortion. Some women will have scars you can be on the lookout for but there is no registry.


File: 3a09a2f014498e9⋯.png (124.5 KB, 500x690, 50:69, 3a09a2f014498e9da5ea2505e6….png)



Regardless of the race of the fetus it would be better to deny kikes their blood sacrifices and allow the unwanted children to be raised by pedophiles.



Alabama is filled with nigs and the vast majority of people who get abortions are nigs and spics. Cuckservatives are fucking retarded. Put a planned parenthood on the corner of every MLK St. and things will be better off.



not true, whites get abortions at the same rate as blacks now



White liberals. Nobody who actually matters would ever have an abortion.



In the south blacks are far more likely to get abortions than whites. Particularly in Alabama which is filled with nigs. Banning abortions is directly contributing to mulattos decades down the road.



>In the south blacks are far more likely to get abortions than whites

nope look it up



I found blacks make up 60% of abortions in Alabama where they make up ~30% of the population. Where are you getting your numbers?



You don't have a clue. In the US whites by far have a lower abortion rate than non whites.



Call a paranormal investigator to inspect her womb for spirits.


Also, this.



>trusting planned parenthood/ZOG statistics on this

If I were trying to convince the White majority to support babykilling, one of the first things I would do is convince them that most abortions are non-White.




The numbers are even worse than that, of all abortions in Alabama precisely 0.00% of the aborted children are instead being delivered healthily and given to loving pedophiles to raise as their own.



pedos pls go


Watch the video. Women who have had their baby crushed into pulp and sucked out of their pussies aren't ever going to be the same as the girlish child they were before. On a physiological level their hormones and brains will never recover from knowingly killing their child. On a spiritual level they're garbage, no matter what higher power you cling to there's not much allowance for spiting fate and murdering your child.

There should be a registry for women who do this. In leu of that, look for the lack of light in their eyes and smiles. Guilt does one hell of a makeover



>look for the lack of light in their eyes and smiles

I've been looking at footage of the pro-babykilling protests in response to Alabama. These people standing out in the sun screeching for the right to kill babies, there's something very off about all of them.



I'm not asshurt, I'm tired of people pushing laws based off feelings and not logical reasoning. The banning of abortion will further push the "Protect the children" agenda and it'll be used to take down idea's/people they don't like. They don't actually care about protecting the children what so ever, look at the banning of Child Porn as an example, all it has been used for is to make people the "enemy" to the public and ruin their reputation even in a death like Michael Jackson. If it's not being sued for that then it's being used to take down ideas like file sharing like in Demark:


If you actually cared about stopping abortion you would stop the culture that is about punishing people for giving birth (i.e. radically high medical bills). Laws like these based on feeling and not on logical facts will destroy society more than what those feelings laws were stopping originally.



No. You can't tell me pedos wouldn't raise these kids better than someone that literally kills them.


There is a registry just for the purpose, the obituaries have existed for a while. The proper thing to do would be to add the names of all whores that betray their own children.



>racist faggot

>when you call forth the shitting street and your right





I don't necessarily see the reason we should extend the right of person-hood to a fetus in the first trimester (third is an argument all in and of it'self). A lump of cells is really just that, a lump of cells, why should it outweigh the autonomy of a woman?

I might be a little biased being a eugenicist, but I feel death is preferable in the case of a degenerate child being born, or one that will simply not get the respect and love of a real person once it has left the womb.



There are plenty of pedos willing to raise these kids if they are given a chance tbh.



>send children to sex farms




>No. You can't tell me pedos wouldn't raise these kids better than someone that literally kills them.

The effects of unwanted sex on the developing brain is not positive. It would be far better to remove them from existence before they get the ability to comprehend true pain. Unless of course your plan to relocate children stems from your own sexual fixation with children, I'n which case, this all seems less noble then was let on.


File: cf6c2210e353d2e⋯.jpg (65.53 KB, 557x313, 557:313, womb emptier.jpg)

>all this talk of murder and immoral

who cares. abortion is bad because it screws up later pregnancies.

its also funny how many women actually get abortions. like that time you had drunken sex and didnt have birth control is your fault bitch.



>sex farms

I'm talking about either single pedos or pedo couples that want a manageable number of children for their situation and can give them homes/provide for them, and in return they would have relationship possibilities with children that are otherwise sentenced to death because of their degenerate parents.


The effects of having your body torn apart by a psychotic kike has an even more terrible immpact on developing brains. I cannot possibly tell you in strong enough terms how much of a faggot you are for saying that.



>and in return they would have relationship possibilities with children

So state arranged marriages between children and adults? Going off the position that children can have a fruitful relationship with an adult (something I contest), we have to accept that the "relationship" between the two individuals is indeed what we refer to as a legitimate "relationship" (consent and mutuality being key words here). A child will most likely not wish to be in a relationship between themselves and their parents (the conflation between care taker and sex partner is normally not a turn on). If the children does not consent, then we have doomed them to an even worse reality then death.

>degenerate parents.

rich coming from a pedophile.


File: 397e6f43a866176⋯.gif (1.78 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 0c0.gif)


>The effects of having your body torn apart by a psychotic kike has an even more terrible immpact on developing brains.

Yes, but they don't stick around to know that, do they now?



Arranged marriages have lower rates of divorce and higher rates of overall happiness so lmao at your stupid kike idea of courtship that is the product of only extremely recent history. You're a dumb feminist, you could contest that but you'd be lying to me.

>rich coming from a pedophile

I'll take being a pedophile any day over sharing the inconceivably large mountain of guilt that is placed on anyone who is even an accessory to the murder/betrayal industry that is abortion. You are scum.


No, they fuel kike dark magic as sacrifices to their shitty volcano god Molech. That's not an upside, kill yourself.



This is an absolute lie. My gf had many abortions because we were young and liked to fuck bareback. My daughter turned out very well and pleasures my benis regularly just like your dad pleasurws your benis



that's stupid






Make sure to tell your daughter that, if the conditions weren't correct, you would've aborted her too. It'll be an interesting experiment to see what her reaction over the course of her childhood is.



Its ok youre. virgin but have you ever met a teenage mom? She may say she is Christian but she will go through a number of black men, will certainly have at least 2 if not 3 baby daddys, are stupid, and will raise stupid white fatherless children. Its not different for other races but dude…



Its not about protecting Children, its about making sure women don't get choices



Actually it is about not killing children



Areyou a pedo island guy too?


File: 7880eb4da8beb53⋯.png (44.05 KB, 200x200, 1:1, AnimeConfused.png)


>my body my choice

>proceeds to tear apart someone elses body



It's definitely murder, but it doesn't mean it should be illegal.

The untermrnschen should be aborted or killed(if they are already born)


File: fb0336f5cbadaf2⋯.jpeg (50.94 KB, 500x567, 500:567, C1FE83A7-57B2-48D4-9E57-B….jpeg)


File: 9f2ec834a02bb3b⋯.png (578.68 KB, 768x728, 96:91, 9f2ec834a02bb3b0334a8afd8c….png)


I just think abortion should be illegal unless the child is black or mixed race, because murdering white babies is an abomination. Its not my fault your country makes this a yes or no question



The problem with rape exceptions is that they will most certainly be exploited by women lying about being raped. Less than 1% of pregnancies are a result of rape or incest. An abortion ban with a rape exception will become a big joke because they will all claim rape.



You have the cringiest possible stance.



fuck off nigger


File: 2f392a056d73844⋯.jpg (127.64 KB, 806x562, 403:281, 1558461889076.jpg)


>It's definitely murder, but it doesn't mean it should be illegal.


So what if it is murder. The population keeps growing and growing.



For the same reason it's not murder if you shoot a deer for sport it's not murder if the fetus is inside of a negroid tbh



>because the parent did something wrong, the child must die

Bring back the death penalty for rape, give rape babies up for adoption.


File: fb796defa79e27e⋯.jpg (21.68 KB, 438x400, 219:200, IMG_20190517_132957.jpg)






This tbh.


>You can't tell me pedos wouldn't raise these kids better than someone that literally kills them.

No, I can't. What I can say is that the pedos shouldn't be around to even think about raising them, they should be hanged on sight. Snap their necks, throw the bodies into a ditch, and be done with it. Yes, being raised by an abusive pedo is better than being killed, but that should only be a theoretical because there shouldn't even be living pedos to have that discussion with.



without society looking down on the relationship a respectful and loving pedo would not in any way harm a child. Chimps start fucking everyone at a young age, loving touching is fine



There is no love about anything pedo-related. No pedo actually cares about the other person, they only see the children as disposable sex toys. Or what, is a pedo going to commit to a lifetime monogamous relationship with a single child? Stay together even when they're both old and gray? No of course not. A pedo only cares about a child's body, with no regard for the person as a person. There is no actual love in that arrangement. That is why they are evil and why everyone wants them to be exterminated.



>I talk out of my ass

I told you to fucking stop it!!!!!



Who are you quoting?



i call murder on that!


The unwanted children can be divided into two types of orphanages:

The boys will be sent to a military school where they will be trained into a lean, mean elite fighting force. This will ensure they do not grow up to be crime statistics, and a reserve of fit, young men ready for battle.

The girls will be sent to a school where they will learn homemaking and motherhood skills. Once they are lithe and nubile, they will be married off to young bachelors, who in turn will sign a lifetime contract to marry and care for their girls.


Ultimate pedo: get child pregnant, cant abort, molests baby


<ITT: /b2/ reaches a consensus that killing babies is objectively worse than being pedos



> I just found out what abortion is really like

How can one not know what abortion really is? You kill the baby while it is still in the mother's womb, that's it, the methodology does not really matter. If you could just magically zap it away it still wouldn't be any better.

> is there a way to tell if she has had an abortion?

Abortion leaves scarring in the uterus, but I doubt that is going to be of use to you. The best way is to judge someone's character, because if she would want an abortion that she either had it or she will have it.


Dice rollRolled 50, 47, 33, 71, 10, 77, 24, 47, 87, 57, 58, 80, 68, 42 = 751 (14d88)




>abortion is bad because it screws up later pregnancies

If true that's just another benefit of abortion. Do you really want people who are willing to murder their children to have children?



>a lifetime contract to marry and care for their girls

This is where the pedos freak out, because they are evil and hate the idea of actually caring about any of these kids.




lol. What pedos have you fucking talked to? Who doesn't want to be with someone forever; in particular after having raised them into perfection?

Of course, just due to selection bias, those who generally deal with actual kids would have to be close to them (their relatives) could never have a marriage like relationship in the first place. So those interactions are fucked from the get-go.


How do women who do this sleep at night?

How can you pay a man and then go sit in stirrups with your legs spread while he dismembers your baby and throws away the corpse and then just go about normal life with no fucks given?



thots don't care about human life



>thots don't care about human life

: (


File: 8d7f2ac10523184⋯.png (790.43 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1498000634982.png)


cuz it's not the same thing as a baby, it's a parasite like a tapeworm dude



A tape worm is not your son or daughter, a tiny human that you created with a partner and have to rip limb from limb while he or she struggles and cries


File: c4464844980ab7a⋯.png (96.17 KB, 300x168, 25:14, 1435872700052.png)


if you take out the thing it will survive? so..

like a tapeworm



>your son


If I rip you limb from limb and crush your skull, will you survive?


This means more retards clogging up the roads and standing in line in front of you. All babies should be aborted.


File: f9dffe487674179⋯.png (165.33 KB, 334x302, 167:151, 1445087159222.png)



We dont even have the death penalty for rape so we certainly shouldn't have the death penalty for the child of a rapist.

we DO NOT punish the children of criminals.



If you unplug someone from life support keeping him alive he will die.

Is he not human?

A 1 year old infant left alone will die.

Is he not human?

A senile old ass person will die on their own.

Is he not human?

A normal person whos left in the freezing cold will die.

Is he not human?

This is all besides the fact that the earliest premies to survive are about 22 weeks and pro-abortion moloch worshippers want abortion until the day of birth.

Your non-argument parasite comparison is week and laughable.


free abortions at any stage or older for non-white babies…anything else is murder of a human being.


you produce nothing of value,leech off the successes of those around you and wouldn't survive without the support of society, you are a parasite, can we kill you?


Thread is TL;DR can I get a summary?

I think it's wrong to kill a growing baby but I also think it's wrong to punish a woman for doing it. (I'm not a fan of punishment but if anyone's going to be punished it should be the educated doctor who helps her do it.)



>reddit spacing

>spoonfeed me because i'm a reddit baby

You should've been aborted.



>One of those faggotniggers who calls proper novel style embellishment "reddit*insert*"

>Being this textually faggotshitted

You should have licked the cheese better when your daddy pulled the skin back and he wouldn't have whooped your ass so hard.



let me put this in context you can understand.

you're too fucking stupid to be here if you think this thread is too long.

not a fan of punishment? what's the fucking point in having any laws of any sort then?

can tyrone come and rape and murder your family with impunity? i mean we can agree it's wrong but you seem to be against punishment.

you call it a baby, therefore it's murder, you are against punishment for murder of a baby?



Laws are in place for the most extreme cases, moron. If a single person is put to death once every 70 years, it's too much. If a person is dangerous, lock them up. When a person is no longer a danger to themselves or others, release them to society to repay their debt properly with a real job, not a prison job. After their debt is payed, they're forgiven.

What's your problem fucking guy? Dicklicker? Dicksniffer?


File: e9b386899fac802⋯.png (285.36 KB, 474x354, 79:59, 1531315818299.png)



Marrying a pubescent girl who is ripe for breeding, or will be soon, isn't pedophilia. These girls would receive a curriculum of home economics and be fully enthusiastic about motherhood.


Murderers walk amongst us.



Nobody ever owes anything to society. Nobody repays society anything. Society in this context is just a infinitely expansive abstraction which is purposefully designed, or psychologically necessitated as such to be a uselessly ethereal and impersonal arbitrator to make up for your own lack of discernment and moral cowardice; it's a false idol to be washed with the blood of scapegoats.

The only people who are owed anything are the victims, and they can be paid only with justice.

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