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What is your daily routine, /b2/ ?


File: 1bcff6ecc1061d5⋯.gif (78.25 KB, 400x308, 100:77, mighty mouse2.gif)

Top secret



stay up until 7 AM




stuff face with pizza rolls/tendies/whatever other food mommy buys me


progress (((their))) will






File: 242345f40858f85⋯.png (113.43 KB, 249x250, 249:250, 1528989916726.png)


File: 28970d53d3f5286⋯.gif (96.53 KB, 346x360, 173:180, 28970d53d3f5286e6896aab936….gif)

I wake up then i check the threads from the previous day for new replies then i shitpost with breaks for faping like 5 times.


File: 9035b67dd83166f⋯.jpg (200.89 KB, 1188x1700, 297:425, depositphotos_180935592-st….jpg)

I know this is datamining but I stopped caring.

Summer scedule because I hate heat.

1. Wake up around 6 and exersise around my land until the sun is up, hatching some pokemon eggs, take my meds afterwards

2. Feed and let my horse out for the day, pluck chicken eggs and say hi to my goats, check my crops and pick what's ripe

3. Go back to the house and paint until around 5 most days

4. Tend to the gardern, pluck weeds and round up my animals near the end of the day

5. Paint more until around 10 or do fundimemtal exersises most of the time

6. Sleep and repeat

More active outside during autumn and winter, I just hate heat.


Only people with autism like routines, I just do what I feel like.



I'd do more, it's just that I like having acres of land and it's peaceful here, I've grown to dislike city life after a few years of inherinting a farm I've gotten a whole new perspective on life.



What do you grow?



sounds cozy. if you were a femanon i'd marry you



>I just do what I feel like.

Hahahaha that's what you think. Start logging your "random" daily activities and you'll find that they fall into predictable patterns.



Tomatoes, Zucini, cucumbers, canatolope, blueberries, squash, potatos, carrots and corn.

I don't do anything really large because I just sell my stuff locally, don't want to do anything else because it sounds like a headache. I also sell chicken eggs.

I'll start to breed horses soon, that'll be a money maker, I've been told to sell paintings but I like keeping them. Also I do horror art, nobody wants to buy that.


It's max comfy during autumn when I get to ride my horse through the feilds. I wouldn't get rid of my land for millions of dollars lad.



How much land are we talkin?



Thousands of acres, most of it is untouched and has security alarms around it, I don't like leaving the sight of my house and animals unless I'm going up into the hills to paint the landscape or into town for something.

I could do alot of shit out here since it starts at a highway line and ends near a national park. Only thing is is that I have to drive a decent bit to get anywhere.


File: 0ac449ebb282a85⋯.jpg (61.21 KB, 500x559, 500:559, ef73f46c264bb04720cad6c035….jpg)

>wake up around 12:00 AM

>go downstairs


>eat the food mummy left out for me and bring all the snacks I'll need up to my room

>shitpost on every chan in existence until the sun comes up and I'm sleepy

>masturbate intermittently

>listen to some bigbrained podcasts to lullaby me to sleep



-masturbate once a day aswell.


>wake up mid day

>make some breakfast or lunch

>computer for 12 hours, mostly doing nothing productive

>repeat for 2 years


File: 90e83a20505279d⋯.jpg (502.24 KB, 1015x1505, 29:43, SICP.jpg)

Sometimes I reed big smart book. If not I get fap in anime dungeon from captured cock goblin slave.



hope you're breeding lots of white babies



Don't really have a routine, exactly.

>my sleep schedule is neet-tier. Sometimes I wake up at 6am (like today)… sometimes 6pm. It's different pretty much every day, but I try to stick to a morning schedule.

>shitpost for a couple hours, sometimes more. Although lately I've been trying to cut back on my shitposting time.

>always yard work to do

>go for walks that usually last about an hour or 2

>watch films and sports

>write poetry and work on a screenplay


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