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File: d7417d087cf535b⋯.gif (448.4 KB, 700x700, 1:1, britfeelmanga.gif)


No wagie posting in my NEET thread Edition

Thread #113

Previous thread >>69509



Quality fucking OP lad



>No wagie posting in my NEET thread Edition


what now NEETcuck?



Time for bed lad, Goldstein wants you up early tomorrow.



I'm off tomorrow



Great OP. Nice work.


File: a3d1f1c7faa5f32⋯.jpg (71.98 KB, 680x799, 40:47, 1370026582740.jpg)

My driving instructor is in the hospital, so I've just been out to a big car park with my mum's friend for some practice.

>tfw whizzing around quickly and unpredictably making all the less experienced learners shit their pants and give me dirty looks



Reminder to tailgate any roastie learners you find.



I remember one time I cut off a learner driver, as they went past the boomer faggot instructer gave me a dirty look


Women will only be jailed for serious crimes, Justice Secretary reveals

Women should no longer be sent to prison unless they have committed a serious crime, the Justice Secretary says today, as he unveils a "step change" in the way the justice system deals with female offenders.

Ministers want to "break the cycle" of sending women to jail after it emerged less than 40 women behind bars in England and Wales have committed a violent offence and most others are serving just a few months for crimes like shoplifting.



Where were you when you realised "be yourself" is actually solid life advice?



That's 8 months old.



I was enjoying opposite day to the fullest.



Cosmo hasn't uploaded in two months. I'm worried about him lads.


File: bb280ddafcb5e4f⋯.png (228.2 KB, 640x784, 40:49, bateman.png)

File: 81904b652714e10⋯.mp4 (14.1 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, bateman.mp4)


"What remains if you peel away all those things that help you think you know who you are? If one by one you strip away your cultural choices, the validation you get from the company of your peer group, the tools you use for communication? Then what is left behind? If you had asked me that three or four years earlier, when I was just arriving at Penlan, I imagine that I would have guessed: your true self. But I soon found that in fact I rapidly became less and less self-aware; my attention was elsewhere, on the outside. And now that circumstances had forced me to look inward once again, it was to discover that there was perhaps no fixed self to find."


File: 2387e34a3fa843e⋯.jpg (76.5 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 2387e34a3fa843e5c43be5c807….jpg)

File: a7253b4795ce4ae⋯.jpg (45.32 KB, 341x411, 341:411, 1459875771779-1.jpg)

File: aa74d033378987a⋯.jpg (15.61 KB, 350x319, 350:319, 1428445237142.jpg)


>3D women



Is women's suffrage the single worst thing to have befallen the western world?



I am the greatest alpha male to ever walk this earth.


I don't get how I liked music like this so much when I was 17. It's not like I was doing it for attention because I was too ashamed to tell anyone I liked it. It's really just shit.

To be honest I still kind of like it but I think it's only because I was so obsessed with grindcore shit back then that the love has just lasted.





File: f4f5809f9d3e307⋯.jpg (171.47 KB, 900x888, 75:74, musical wooden frog.jpg)



*clears throat*

Cease these presumptuous ejaculations at once.


I'm joining the TA.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I've been practicing singing while playing the guitar. It makes me feel a bit light-headed.


What's music lad up to lately? I always enjoy hearing from you.



I went to my grandad's birthday party the other day, other than that I've just been in my room on my computer as always. Got my hands on Roland's various VSTs a couple of weeks ago, been toying with them a lot ever since. I've always had an affinity for the D-50 and JV series sounds, but there was no software that could properly emulate them until recently, so I'm chuffed. They've also got a Sound Canvas plugin, emulating their classic line of General MIDI sound modules that a lot of game soundtracks from the early-mid 90s were designed with, and I've managed to set it up in such a way that all MIDI on my PC runs through it.



I had BIG poos and LITTLE wees and a big plate of whibblescromps for teas.

Times like this I can look back and think "Yes, it's been a good day today".


What are your chess.com live blitz rankings?


I'm feeling a bit low tonight. I've been getting really annoyed with myself lately for not pushing myself enough socially. Anyone want to chat on voice somewhere?



Are you close to your grandma? I really miss mine, I liked her more than my mum. Look after her lad. I don't know what any of that music stuff means but I'm glad you're still at it.



I get along with her, yeah. I used to stay at my paternal grandparents house every weekend from the age of 7 to my mid-teens, and then every other weekend into adulthood, as my dad lived with them for about 15 years after his divorce, so I was around them a lot. They've both moved to separate places since then (still within a couple of miles of each other), but I do still see them every couple of months. They're in good health right now, at least as much as you can be at their age, but I do dread the day when that inevitably changes. My grandma's younger brother and uncle both passed away a few months ago, so thoughts of that nature have been playing on my mind a lot lately.


>tfw one grandmother and aunt that I see 1-2 times a year and 1 Dad left

>tfw almost no family left


Any of the tinder lads about? What's the best kind of photo to use?




Photos that make you look good, photos in social settings, photos of you traveling in different countries. Basically anything but bedroom selfies.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.






make me



Don't tell me what to do.


File: 0ca2dd680725882⋯.png (740.52 KB, 962x542, 481:271, geoff.png)


Give me something to learn on acoustic guitar, lads. Something you like.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Harvey is going into care, lads.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Sublime. This is right up the lad who went to his grandma's birthday party's street.



There's bits I like and bits I don't, I can't stand prolonged chromatic wankery or asymmetrical time signatures. Also it was my grandad's birthday party.


File: 55e909d237b190d⋯.jpg (51.28 KB, 760x760, 1:1, 1495226025565.jpg)




Thoughts on Em7?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This is more like it.

>ywn be in a cool band



Individual chords mean very little until they're following or followed by other chords. Em7 followed by A7, or sandwiched between a Dm7 and EbM7 can sound great, whereas an Em7 into DbM7 usually sounds quite dissonant. But if you change the context and slap a CM7 after the DbM7, it makes for a nice jazzy cadence. So with every chord, it all depends on what's come before, and what's coming next. It's like individual colour values, on their own they don't mean anything, but when they're surrounded by other colours, they're given a context, and they can be deemed good or bad.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Classic Lee.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What's everyone up to? I'm playing Netherwing and listening to Roosh.



I'm off to bed, been awake since 3am. Went out for dinner and a walk with my dad earlier, saw some old ruins. Goodnight guys.


This just about captures my mood at the moment.




Didn't sleep well last night, I feel super tired and my arms and legs are sore.

I'm trying to stay up until a sensible time though, but today has been tough. I haven't been able to do any reading, and haven't done my weekly organisation that I usually do on Sundays.


I just had a 20 minute chat with some yank lad from the dissident discord. I'm not used to voice chatting so I was quite nervous but it went quite well and I enjoyed it.


Why are your arms and legs sore, lad?



>the dissident discord

What's that?




It's a self-improvement orientated community for the ethnonationalisticly-inclined, run by the lad from that channel.



I'd highly recommend you stop using discord then, lad. They've leaked right-wing discord info to antifa before.



Pushed it a bit too hard with exercise this weekend.



And what could antifa do?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 643f1eee2efb952⋯.jpg (72.58 KB, 641x641, 1:1, 1476956409468.jpg)


File: 279ec0a5e6a0b4d⋯.png (1.38 MB, 881x1125, 881:1125, 279ec0a5e6a0b4d9c7ebb5a070….png)

I have stretch marks all over my body even though I've always been slim and I suspect it's because I've hardly been in direct sunlight since before puberty.


Off to a fencing class later.



I think most people do



I have them everywhere from gaining muscle, though I recall I had loads on my thighs even before that, and I'm not fat. Who cares really?


File: 652152e8f61e328⋯.webm (2.99 MB, 640x640, 1:1, good lift.webm)



I don't have stretch marks, I thought it was mostly only fatties and formerly pregnant women that got them.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Today's theme.





File: 415697bdc3a14a0⋯.mp4 (14.37 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, jf.mp4)



what are you trying to convay through this non contextal webm?



I don't know. I was hoping one of you could make sense of it for me.



go fuck yourself



I won't.


How many of us are there?



Less than 10, more than 5.


Don't masturbate.


/brit/ crossposter, please fuck off, or at the very least, keep your cancer where it belongs, thank you.



I have no idea what you're talking about but I shall be heading over there to post up a shitstorm.





>>>/brit/1059732 (in response to >>>/brit/1059678 )



He's always reposting his and other /brit/cunt's irrelevant shite here, and he's a "WILLIES POO" poster to boot.



I want to change lad but my brain's reward system is geared towards this kind of behaviour. How do I stop?


File: 24e10bd28ab4b60⋯.jpg (29.46 KB, 500x333, 500:333, 24e10bd28ab4b6031ff0c27cd6….jpg)


Ahaha holy shit JF is at it again. Why did he even risk letting her out of her cage while he was streaming.



How is this guy a popular figure? he's litreally fucking retards.



People who are into epolitics are pretty retarded.


I'm streaming re2r starting at 20 past.



Fencing was so much fun. I've found a new hobby.



I suppose you could say it was a… low IQ intervention


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I love her, lads.



>7 year old video

she's probably a post-wall hobgoblin now lad




I stand corrected


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

he cute


What is the best line in all of TV history?

I'd have to say "we had been on break!" haha


File: 344d0a4cbe00fc8⋯.png (1.25 MB, 2134x1248, 1067:624, blanche.png)


This is detective chief inspector Keith Wiggins with the Met police. We're looking for an individual going by the name of "the scroopleflomper", and we're offering an extremely generous reward for any information leading to his arrest. This poster is extremely dangerous. Do not engage with him under any circumstances.


File: 753e4490096e502⋯.png (24.16 KB, 773x256, 773:256, terrys.png)


File: 08ebd36f8d82df3⋯.png (2.83 KB, 470x454, 235:227, hmm.png)



>I have to tell employers to make sure brexiteers are laid off post-brexit


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Hope you lads are all ready for v-day and got your gfs some nice gifts!


File: 049020a8329d7cb⋯.gif (1.78 MB, 350x255, 70:51, impressive.gif)


Good morning. What's the plan for today then?


Good morning. What's the plan for today then?



I've just being setting my new chink for in preperation for work tomorrow.



Been in work lad. Want to do a bunch of organisation tonight since I haven't had a proper tidy up for 2 weeks.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I'm going to learn this one.


I hate to admit it, but it feels like the board is dying. I've been dreading this.



I've not posted since the 11th despite being at my computer and having the thread open every day. I've not done anything out of the ordinary or worth talking about, and I'm not really interested in entertaining the lad who uses this thread as his personal dumping ground.



I've felt this way for about a year at least


It might be more than that lads dumping ground if anons like you made an effort



It's been like this for three years, and it will for another three.



I am and always shall be a great alpha male. I am in search of other similar men who would like to chat with me in a platonic way.




I'm the same tbh.

It's not really a case of making an effort, it's literally a case of I do very little so I have very little to post.



>It might be more than that lads dumping ground if anons like you made an effort

I'm not the one complaining about the board being dead. We have pretty much the same number of regulars as we did a year or two ago, and we've had many quiet weeks/months like this in the past, yet here we are, so I'm not bothered. I've always held the opinion that I'd rather have no posts than shit posts, and I'll always choose to pass on replying to anyone deperately trying to force "board activity" using weak bait, non sequiturs, and bizarre roleplay, rather than give it any validation.


Not feeling to great lads, think I'm another bout of misery is kicking in. Hopefully I can push through this one.



iktf, valentine's day usually passes without me noticing but this one sparked the thought of love in my mind


Just got back from my youngest niece's 2nd birthday party at her other nan's house. Feels good to be the favourite uncle.



Wasn't at all to do with valentines day honestly, there's no reason behind it, I'm just feeling miserable.

Keeping myself busy though. Went to the cinema today and I'm signing up for a gym in the week.


Apparently cuckchan has been sending videos of girlsdoporn to the girls' family members and now they're suing the company because they were 'tricked' into doing it. I hope in my lifetime I will witness and participate in the roastie genocide.



File: 5232f1c690e297f⋯.jpg (25.92 KB, 800x490, 80:49, iqut9o3r14xy.jpg)

>at work

>new female colleague, act friendly since she's new

>walk past her desk

>see from her computer wallpaper that she's in an interracial relationship

>immediately cease all association and start ignoring her



Good lad.


>acid dick again

Is there a greater hell?



There is not. I haven't had it for a while though, after a long stretch of getting it a lot. Not exactly sure why, but I did reduce my salt intake and made an effort to drink even more water than I already was.




What the fuck is acid dick? Some kind of normie STD?



It's when your dick burns and you have an overwhelming desire to piss (but very little piss comes out) after wanking. Its not a normie affliction, quite the opposite in fact.



No, it's when you piss and it hurts like fuck afterwards, particularly if you've had a fap not long before, but sometimes even without. I'm a virgin, been a shut-in / NEET for the majority the last 11 years, and a former fapaholic.




Oh, I've always pissed right after having a wank so I think I've immunised myself to this because I've never experienced it.


Post one alpha trait that you have, and then one beta trait that you have.




That's alright. I respect your decision and hope you have a nice evening.


File: f3fbe749542e20b⋯.jpg (27.37 KB, 333x499, 333:499, bollard lad.jpg)

There's always someone who has it worse.



>don't follow the crowd or give an inch to peer pressure

<am long-term NEET and spend the majority of my days on my computer in my childhood bedroom at my mum's house despite being 3 years away from age 30



Get a job lad, then you can spend the majority of your days in a job you hate then come home to spend the rest of your day on your computer in your childhood bedroom at your mum's house despite being 3 years away from age 30.

Its certainly gone great for me….



I did get a job a couple of years ago, only without the coming home to spend the rest of my day on my computer in my childhood bedroom at my mum's house. Instead, I came home to spend the rest of my day crashed out on my undersized bed with a rock hard mattress in the spare room at my dad's house despite being 6 years away from 30. I definitely prefer my current situation to that. Wageslavery, never again.



Because you got a crappy job.

Get a shit tier office job where you can finish your workload before 11:00am and then just browse the internet for the rest of the day.


I'm moving into a nice new office for work next month. A massive upgrade to our current one.

Sounds wageslaveish, but it's been rewarding watching and being part of a growing business that was operating in a storage container with only 3 employees just last year and now seeing how far we've come.



Or I could just not do that, still get 1/2 the money anyway thanks to our based welfare system (even more if I ever needed to live alone), and have 100% free time to spend as I please. Wageslavery simply can't compete with that. If I absolutely have to, I'll go back to it, but until then I'm alright. Really I'd prefer to be self-employed.



Do you really do anything that productive from 9-5?



I don't work around a schedule or anything, but I'm always making music or doing various other little projects. Here's a taste of a WIP track I've been working on since yesterday: https://files.catbox.moe/xk2nzs.mp3


I dreamt I discovered an artificial/alien intelligence that had enslaved humanity. I confronted it but face to face with this godlike being all I could do was sigh, turn around and walk out the door.



I like that a lot, not a big fan of the sample(?) that comes at 0:44 though.


I had a dream last night, the only thing I can remember from it is that I kept cooking things in the oven, then when I opened the oven to take them out I realised I had forgotten that I had put cartons of milk in there for storage and they had melted.

What did my subconscious mean by this?



Sounds like something that would be the soundtrack of a modern Theme Hospital reboot. And I don't mean that in a bad way.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Cheers lad. It's a tenor saxophone patch from a 90s ROMpler, I played it in with my keyboard. Yeah, sax is often one of those "love it or hate it" instruments, and I'm not a massive fan of sax in general myself, bar a few exceptions. Last time I put sax on a track was about 12 years ago, so I thought I'd give it another go. Definitely hard to get right.


Thanks lad, not thought about that game in a long time. I didn't have it, but I remember playing it round my cousin's house, along with the "Petz" games (vid related) and C&C Red Alert.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Ziggy's dead.



Update: she actually brought her mongrel kids into work. I wish I was just memeing. How can a woman truly love these creatures when they look so alien to her?



>tall and decent looking

<cripilingly shy


Enjoying the RE2 remake. Did any of you lads ever play Dead rising? (the original couple not the shit nu-frank stuff). Capcom are the Kings of zombie kino


>acid dick a 2nd night in a row

Lads, in concerned I might actually have a UTI or something. I drinks a shit load of water though so I'd be surprised.



I never got into the whole zombie fad, although I did enjoy the original RE and RE2. No intention of playing the remake, doesn't appeal to me at all.


Saw a chav buying broccoli today.


If things go according to plan, I should finally be moving out of my mum's house this year (hopefully before my 30th birthday at the end of the year).

Really looking forward to the freedom and independence, but I'm a bit apprehensive about the responsibilities that I may not be prepared for.

Any /livealone/ lads here who can give me advice on what to look out for when moving out for the first time, or any things that caught you unaware?



How can you afford to live alone lad? I want to move out but it's just so expensive


File: e1d22c964212831⋯.webm (2.15 MB, 640x360, 16:9, owen antisemitism.webm)

Owen is are lad.



>single person council tax discount

>research optimal energy providers and tariffs for your area

>shower at the gym

>shop at lidl

If anything I was surprised by just how easy it was, and how much I'm still able to save, though my rent is only £85 a week because my area has some of the lowest rents in the country. It's a nice place and my neighbours all keep to themselves.

I started a 24 hour fast last night at 10pm, so I'm looking forward to breaking it later on with a home made curry followed by a Gü cheesecake. For me it's the lemon drizzle.



You seem like a great lad.




I wish lad. Rent here would be around £475 a month, which isn't really doable in a comfortable situation on £1200 a month income.



I've got a large amount of money coming in soon, plus I have enough savings from 5 years of work for a deposit.

I live in an area with very low housing prices.


Cheers lad, I've actually been shopping around at different supermarkets recently and was surprised just how much cheaper some things are in some of them due to deals and whatnot.



It is tbh.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This stretch is really good. My back was hurting so I did it for a few minutes and the pain is virtually gone.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



she's cute, I want to marry her and have many children with her

probably a whore like all women though


File: 515f3fee79e655b⋯.jpg (17.3 KB, 256x363, 256:363, gt4.jpg)

Who here used to play the Gran Turismo games? I remember I once accidentally wiped my older brother's 97% save on this one. He was furious.



I only had the one on PSP and the "HD Concept" PS3 demo. I played 1 and 3 round friends' houses but I could never get the hang of it, and I wasn't an autist for cars like they were. I preferred arcade and kart racers.



I always found racing games really boring.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Can I get some recommendations for music to listen to at the gym?



Dungeon Synth.


Reminder: Fuck Ron



Dance with the Dead


I have finally reached Outland.



Same here.

The only one I ever enjoyed was Need For Speed Underground for the PS2, and that was more to do with the car customization than the racing.


File: ed8be75001d30df⋯.jpg (15.29 KB, 200x236, 50:59, Hercposter.jpg)

>perfect games don't exi-



That game was pretty good, but far from perfect. A flawed gem, I'd say.



I had the demo on PC as a lad, it was the 3D segment with the cyclops. I played the shit out of that one level. Always wanted the full game, didn't realise until years later that it was actually a 2D platformer for the most part.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I'm back at work now after breaking my penis. Lots of people have asked where I've been, I just told them I was in a canoeing accident which I can't discuss for legal reasons.

>that feeling of joy and fulfillment when putting stock out on the shelf after almost two months

This evening's theme.



>I just told them I was in a canoeing accident which I can't discuss for legal reasons.

Couldn't you have come up with a less weird and convoluted excuse? Or did you want to sound like an autist?


File: c97184d9590907d⋯.png (260.79 KB, 2271x2380, 2271:2380, 186374368738.png)


File: e8834e59c6647f1⋯.jpg (8.49 KB, 402x462, 67:77, 1549747844955.jpg)


>tfw clean because I'm a based netherlad



I don't have to come up with anything for anyone. I tell them what I want.



It's a good feel, when will non-VPN fags learn?



Right, the autism was not intentional, got it.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



This young man has a good head on his shoulders.


After careful consideration I have reached the conclusion that all women should be enslaved (in Minecraft).



Can women in Minecraft still cook me my lunch though ?

Also, howdy Brits, hope all is decent with you guys.


How are we all finding this summery winter?


I'm off to a heavy metal gig on Sunday, and I'm a bit nervous. What are you supposed to do at a gig? What do you do with your arms while they're playing?



Don't worry. It's a heavy metal gig so you can't possibly be the most autistic one there.


File: 89a2c69d7c5fde0⋯.webm (5.07 MB, 1090x450, 109:45, hard times.webm)

I am posting this from the year 103 [2048 CE] through a newly hacker-discovered internet backend made by the CIA during the early-era net, code named GOATSE, that allows retroactive internet interfacing which they have used to great effect for rewriting 21st century herstory.

Currently, ~85% of the male population of United Earth are registered incels; according to ultra-reaxxtionaries hiding in the deepest of datastreams that number is closer to 95%, if you don't count trannies as getting laid. This coagulation of XY chromosomes, faced with the living nightmare of ontological obsolescence, are only breathing unthanks to the efforts of █████. █████, a secret government organisation founded in 54 with the goal of producing and perfecting waifus to keep these pathetic workdrones off the metaphysical Mapo bridge in the current gynotopia. While many hope to pass the annual government interrogations to prove their suitability for the copulation licence, nobody has been known to escape.

Please spread this information and ignite a beta uprising before sub8manity is doomed to perpetual enslavement.



>able to get a message to the past

>sends it to one of the quietest and slowest boards in existence


I have one small spot on my foot that is incredibly itchy, and it's impossible to get to whilst wearing shoes. It is maddening.



You get in a the moshpit lad


Pizza definitely gets better when aged at room temperature for a few days.


Sometimes I think I'm shit, and sometimes I think I'm a top lad.

How's your self-image? What are some things you do to improve it?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I really, really like his channel.


I've just had an absolutely phenomenal driving lesson. I'm getting really good at it.



Driving lads. Has it improved your life? What do you like most about having a car?


File: 7f92e260348d8e5⋯.png (62.07 KB, 300x300, 1:1, visibly perturbed wojak.png)

All out in the sun with our mates and gfs are we?



I was lying down on the living room floor in the sun with my cat because I need vitamin d.



I was out gardening but once that was done it was back inside.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What are the chords?



I've been playing Minecraft. I always ignored it back in the day, I kind of regret that now since it's kind of *fun*


File: 3dae50d940578ba⋯.jpg (168.35 KB, 640x640, 1:1, circle-of-fifths--15230162….jpg)


It uses a staple jazz progression, going anti-clockwise around the circle of fifths, which is essentially a series of "ii-V-I"s. The core of the progression for the most part is: Em7, A7, DM7, GM7, C#m7b5 (minor 7th with a flat fifth), F#7, Bm (sometimes he does Bm7 into a B7, which resolves nicely back to the E).


I've been playing it on and off recently as well. Who's making the /craftfeel/ server then?



I'd be well up for that.



File: f37f96f62f00121⋯.gif (1.76 KB, 225x300, 3:4, Gm7.11.gif)


Lad, are you sure that's a GM7? It doesn't sound like him when I play it. The rest is fine.



Your picture shows minor 7th, not Major 7th. He does pedal a 6th in there as well at times, but that's just ornamentation, functionally it's an M7 chord.



Let's do it.


Did any of you 'tismcraft lads play it in 2009?

I remember the /v/ threads about it when it first came out, and all the enthusiasm about what it could become when the very first survival mode news started coming out.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I played it in alpha, maybe around 2010-12. I'd consider it a great game for kids if you exclude the internet culture around it.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>become anemic soyboy that can't cum from years of (((veganism)))

>involuntarily ejaculate on day one of eating meat



Right then. Who's going to make it happen? I don't know how to do it.



Neither do I



I nominate this lad.




I first played it in early 2011 just before they added beds, and I stopped playing it regularly around the time of the "adventure update". Since then I've dipped into it a handful of times, but not substantially until the last year or so. There's still a lot of stuff in survival that I've never seen or done.


I nominate one of our resident wageslaves with disposable income, because servers aren't free, and I am but a lowly NEET.


I'm only joining craftfeel if it's a comfy cooperative server with good lads only.


*griefs your 6-man server*

pshht…nuthin personnel lad



Just had a look at the versions released to see what version I would have first played, and as such the date. 0.0.19a would have been when I first downloaded the game, as this was the version before they added cloth and I remember that being added in. I also don't remember the game not having a hotbar, which was added in 0.0.19a.

Interestingly they were both released on the same day, so I may have literally downloaded it without wool in the morning and seen the update that evening.

I was playing alongside some people I knew from a Pokemon forum at the time, this was back on June 20 2009. We played a bunch in creative mode but had no real interest in survival.


I was paid today so I'm going to buy a new mattress for the first time in my life.

Thinking about it, my current mattress is just disgusting since it has been pissed on, puked on and bled all over multiple times.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>ywn live in the England that exists in the minds of Japanese people




Always cracks me up in anime/manga whenever they visit London, Paris, etc. and it's exclusively 18th century architecture, huge palaces, grand ballrooms, four-poster beds, and blonde-haired, blue-eyed people. I feel very sorry for any westaboo Japs that make the mistake of actually visiting those places.


What's everyone having for breakfast? For me, it's a bacon sandwich.


File: bc3212df7f488e6⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1125x1555, 225:311, royal poz.png)


File: c74f5941c714d2b⋯.jpg (18.66 KB, 660x371, 660:371, Lord Ahmed.jpg)

Lord Ahmed charged with attempted rape of girl

>A member of the House of Lords has been charged with two counts of attempting to rape a girl.

>Former Labour peer Lord Ahmed of Rotherham, 61, is also charged with indecent assault of a boy under 13.




>I feel very sorry for any westaboo Japs that make the mistake of actually visiting those places.

Isn't that actually a thing? Paris Syndrome or something.



Supposedly, I think it was mostly just media making much ado about nothing for the sake of clicks, but I can imagine the reality of those places does slap naive tourists pretty hard. It's their own fault really, you can't expect a major city to be anything other than a shithole with a few token historical bits dotted around a soulless concrete jungle. With a small bit of research, they could have had a lovely time in the countless actual idyllic towns and villages that the UK and Europe as a whole has to offer, where the air is cleaner, the people are nicer, and things aren't nearly as expensive.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2019 Arnold Strongman Classic



File: cd6c639f053d0a5⋯.png (871.38 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


>Lord Ahmed of Rotherham


Do any of you lads listen to podcasts?



I went to Mayfair for a work trip in December. It wasn't anywhere near as bad as everyone here made it out to be.

It was painfully expensive but fortunately I paid for nothing but a tube ticket.


Lads, what disgusting things do you like eating?

There's a gross takeaway round here that sells a "Mexican Wrap". Basically it's chips, jalapeno peppers, chilli, garlic sauce, chicken kebab all put in a 1ft long wrap. It's vile but I love them.





what podcasts?



>actually trying to engage with someone after such an autistic response


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This has to be the most attractive chav couple I've ever seen. Usually they look so skanky but these are both 8/10s.



This post changed my life >>49905



For the better I hope, if so I'm glad to have been of assistance.



I listen to a bunch of TRS podcasts



For the better. Thankyou for your assistance.



honestly I was tempted to call him out for that awful response but I figured I'd give him the benefit of the doubt in case he was a massive autist and not just an asshole.


I'm going to a gig later. Goodbye,


Just got back from the gym lads.

Today was the first time I stopped my running on the treadmill because I was too tired to keep going, instead of because my legs were hurting. I guess they're finally used to running.

Been doing 1-1 interval so far, and it's going quite well. Hit 6 speed on the treadmill towards the end of the session, although did most of it at 5.

Knees are hurting a bit now mind, may have gone a bit too hard on it.



This is a great video.



what shithole are you from where those are 8/10s?


What are you all up to today? I'll be getting stock from the backups, and putting it out on the shelf.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Miss him so much.



He was the last person we had to fight for us in the intellectual space. Given the autistic state of the current and young far right in this country I doubt we'll have another like him. Welcome to a future of endless NA clones and brit/pol/ shitposting.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I enjoyed watching them last night. I didn't like some of the harder martial industrial stuff but their Sound of Music covers were absolutely fantastic. Everyone in the crowd just stood and watched like zombies, which I thought was a bit autistic. Aren't you supposed to dance to music? There were about three people who were actually moving.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Laibach (German pronunciation: [ˈlaɪbax]) is a Slovenian avant-garde music group associated with the industrial, martial, and neo-classical genres

Doesn't exactly sound like a dance act to me lad. That said, todays average music-goers range between image-obsessed normalcunts and painfully uptight autists, neither of whom are particularly concerned with dancing or going mental at a music event. You'll be lucky to see them half-heartedly put their hands in the air once or twice.




They're definitely above 6 without any doubt.

They're possibly a 7 but could be considered higher.

They both have pleasant facial features and would look beautiful/handsome if not so scummy.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

He's absolutely right isn't he lads.


I often have the feeling that I have been somewhere else, even far away, though I haven't left my room.


How do you host a minecraft server?



As far as I researched, you can pay monthly to a service that specialises in minecraft servers, and they'll set it all up for you and give you an interface to work with, otherwise you have to pay for server space some other way and set it all up yourself. The main factor to take into account seemed to be the allotment of RAM they give you, which will dictate how many people you can host at once and how many server-based mods you can run. Mojang have their own "realms" thing, but apparently it's more expensive and not as good as using a third party service.


File: 2e7e2209c1141c6⋯.png (517.44 KB, 696x747, 232:249, 2e7e2209c1141c6bc53288fb14….png)







YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



File: ff6dc30ec70ec48⋯.png (199.68 KB, 570x275, 114:55, 1551767237602.png)


You are correct.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'm jealous, I like Laibach a lot. This is my favourite from their latest album, the video is kino too.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

More excellent music. This is the cheeky bald bloke from Laibach's other band.


Do you think humans are naturally monogamous?


File: 95a424de281ef4d⋯.jpg (17.36 KB, 262x335, 262:335, 6908589028597.JPG)




Anyone still practicing meditation?

I've been at it for a few months now, admittedly not as frequently or consistently as I'd like, but I still feel like I'm experiencing some benefits. My headspace seems less chaotic, and I'm more aware of my thoughts (I'm getting especially better at not latching onto the negative/distorted ones, this can be partially attributed to CBT). It also makes getting to sleep easier.



No, this is why pretty much every civilization has had to enforce it by law.



Do you consider civilisation to be our natural structure?



My colleague told me quite an amusing story.

When he moved into his new house, it was just a standard terraced house with no back garden and just a concrete yard. In the middle of it was a rectangular brick structure about 3ft high. He wanted it gone because it was weird, but he was mostly curious about what was inside, he was hoping it was going to be some kind of time capsule or just something interesting.

Inside were two dead dogs. It was a pet grave. He had to call the council to remove the two decomposing dogs from this weird brick shrine.



There is nothing strange about this.



How many dogs do you have entombed in your back garden, lad?



One is buried with a few bricks and chimes on top of the spot. Feels good to not be a nigger.


I started an archery course today, it was good.



Buried, yes.

Entombed in bricks on a concrete yard? No.


I think I've become a normie.



Oh, that is strange.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

It's fucking kicking off



Maybe read the post properly next time, idiot.




>no I refuse to stop being a complete retard!

Suit yourself.


Mum is taking far too long with dinner. What the hell is she playing at?



So it turns out, after saying she was putting dinner on, she didn't actually even start for another hour. I'll be noting this in her performance review.


What the Jews are doing to Michael Jackson is disgusting.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Eric was on JF's show.



I'm a few minutes in and I've already given up. Are any of you actually smart enough to understand this?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Lads, try this and post your results. I just finished it and I feel incredibly relaxed, and was able to hold my breath for significantly longer than I normally can.



Do you think be because of the bleached skin they forgot he's actually a nigger and not their intended target?


What is the BEST chocolate bar and why is it boost bar?



Peanut butter KitKat Chunky



>not 1st gen blades


I like a picnic bar, I like the chew and the raisins



For me, it's the Kinder Bueno.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




>found naked, face-down and with visible blows to her body

>"foul play was probably not involved"



Reads like a dark comedy sketch.



>"Catherine just loved mountains and sunrises," they said. "She died doing what she loved."

yeah, experiencing nonwhite culture


Every time I hear some cretin with an exaggeratedly loud exhaust driving around town I wish they would die violently.





>Link to forum with one post by one member and it's literally this.

>Links on forum to some rabbi's teachings to Africans.

I am NOT falling for this.



>used to have citroen saxo vts with no muffler

>always used to stay in low gears just to make more noise

>every night when driving home from work at 10:00pm I used to drive down all the streets and bump the rev limit

>used to laugh whilst small children would cover their ears and dogs would bark at me

Feels good to be loud.



Drive off a bridge.


File: b41142f6e4232e3⋯.jpeg (30.9 KB, 800x448, 25:14, gday mate.jpeg)

The age of extreme irl shitposting has begun.


File: d8c2867b68b3dab⋯.mp4 (1.6 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 300 confirmed kills.mp4)


File: bf0ad886cc0bbcf⋯.png (77.99 KB, 240x228, 20:19, bf0ad886cc0bbcfec9762db281….png)


File: f566aaeede13a47⋯.webm (1.47 MB, 1920x804, 160:67, what a lovely day.webm)

File: 48dd6964ca26f8d⋯.gif (756.24 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 17346187.gif)



File: 246e07d5ca46df7⋯.jpg (117.56 KB, 719x761, 719:761, 1552647054914.jpg)

Imagine having a politician who doesn't hate white people. How novel.



This might seem like wishy-washy mystical bollocks to you lads but I've been doing it for 4 days now and I really like it, and of course the man's achievements speak for themselves so there must be something to it. I like doing it lying down with my eyes closed, while also practicing mindfulness, especially during the breath-holding periods. It makes me feel very deeply relaxed. Would music lad care to weigh in?–I've enjoyed reading your posts on meditation in the past.



I don't really have anything to add, that technique doesn't appeal to me personally but if it works for you then keep it up.



I find it quite useful for giving me energy. I definitely fall victim to the pitfall that is shallow breathing, and any chance to get more oxygen in me can't be scoffed at. If I do it before a set of push ups, I don't feel out of breath at the end of them at all.


File: 3f3d31a921e159f⋯.png (8.74 KB, 437x115, 19:5, oldpost1.PNG)

I don't think I've been here in over a year maybe, the christchurch shooting reminded me that this place exists and I wanted to stop by and say hello. How are you lads doing? I see the wibblescromp guy and music lad are still here, it's nice to see the community surviving! I found I had an old post saved in one of my image folders. Good times, good times. I wish you all the best, lads!



Did you get the job at the chip shop?


File: 6eb77bd33c75222⋯.jpg (184.99 KB, 1083x720, 361:240, 1445536210910.jpg)


I didn't, would you believe? I've worked a few odd jobs since then and spent a year in university too, but I'm currently NEET, have been for just over a year now maybe? Maybe I should check in at the chip shop again, they're sure to take me this time!

Also how was your day lad? I've been playing Dark Souls. Great game.



Ah well, life goes on.

Finished work at 10 and now I'm just winding down before bed.



Nice lad, what is it you work as? I think the only wagie I remember from here in the past was the one who moved to Scotland to work as a games tester or something like that, but that was so long ago now. Does this place sitll get new posters for that matter, or is it thriving off the same old stock?



I work in a warehouse. It feels like we're dwindling away tbh, haven't really seen any new posters in a while and the board regulars post less often.

Even the whibblescromper doesn't post much any more.



Well, I'm just happy to see the place hasn't been claimed by some rogue board owner or whatever. I'm gonna head off to bed too, but I reckon I'll come around and post a bit more often. Night mate.


File: 28407d729d3bb1b⋯.png (5.86 KB, 320x256, 5:4, ENDITALL.png)


I'm still here lad (dolequest guy). It's snowing sideways in Scotland right now.

I find myself coming back less and less and life is starting to take over my free time. It's a sad state of affairs to leave a community but we're dying, and I am happy to have grown up and tackled the depressed guy I was in 2015 at the start of britfeel

Hope you are all doing ok


File: 13c734a64d076f2⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 3000x1791, 1000:597, 13493286.jpg)


We're only "dying" in the sense that we've not been posting much recently for whatever reason, but we still have the same number of people visiting here as we did two years ago. You can see this by looking at the recent minecraft poll, which got 8 votes. Assuming nobody voted twice, that's consistent with almost every non-manipulated and non-crossposted poll we've done for the last 2 and a half years.


>Asked Sep 21, 2016

>Hope you are all doing ok

I'm alright lad. I bought myself an analogue synthesizer about 3 weeks ago, Behringer Neutron for £260 (and that's new, not second hand), so I've mainly been playing around with that. It really is a quality bit of kit, all metal chassis, solid metal shaft pots, and it sounds excellent. You couldn't get anything like this from anyone else without at least adding another 0 onto the price, the price-hiking bastards.



Nice to hear from you mate, I'm glad you got over the shit that was bothering you back then. I'm slowly getting better too, my depression is getting less severe, and I don't drink much at all anymore. Things kind of came to a head in late 2017 when I was drinking a litre of gin a day and when I stopped I got delirium tremens and had to spend four or five days in hospital, gave me some much needed perspective. The plan now is to go back to uni this year only to actually study instead of drinking and doing drugs alone in my room all day and going weeks without eating, looking forward to it.


That is a seriously nice looking bit of kit. As an aside though, it kind of triggers me that anything that uses a particle for it's naming always fucks up the image. Like seriously, this thing is called a neutron yet it's using some mystery atom with one proton and three electrons for its logo, has anyone ever heard of something like this existing? Protonmail also does a similar thing, where their loading screen logo is an electron whizzing around a single nucleic particle, presumably proton, which is a lot more forgiveable because it's a depiction of protium, the most common hydrogen isotope. Electron, the software development tool, also does the same shit. One proton orbitted by three electrons. I'll never understand.


File: bc088b2acea9db7⋯.png (211.96 KB, 612x329, 612:329, 5cf6d0132f0d302ca597ec01e1….png)

Today I walked past some teenage girls who were sitting on some grass and their bikes were on the side of the pavement, not in the way. One of them shouted at me "sorry about the bikes.. person" and they laughed at me. Obviously a female cannot let a beta male walk by without fucking with him; still it was too much for them to acknowledge me as a male, just 'person'. The bus driver gave me a child ticket too, even though I'm 21.



I'm 22 and still get child tickets. Also one time quite recently when I went to buy beer, the young girl behind the counter ID'd me and when she looked at it she gasped and said "fucking hell, you're older than me". My consolation is that I'll be grateful for my slow ageing when I reach middle age. Enjoy it lad, it may seem like a curse, but in the long run it's a blessing.



I don't think looking young will matter if we start balding.



well I'd rather look like a bald 30 year old at 40 than a bald thirty year old at 20, my hairline's fine as it stands, anyways.


Went the extra mile for the customers today lads. What's everyone up to?



>if we start balding




I'm still here lad. Despite having a bit of a drinking problem back in Uni, and being unable to leave bed some days I'm doing quite well now.

I gave up getting drunk completely on December 1st last year, I've had a few pints since but I haven't been drunk. No more than 3 pints in a day. I've also taken a healthier approach to life, and it's going well for me, all I'm drinking is water now.

I don't feel anxious anymore, and while my job isn't something that inspires passion in me, I don't feel hopeless. I could honestly say I'm the happiest I've ever been.



I'm glad to hear it! I've been borderline drunk one time this year, and other than that I've been more or less doing the same as you, usually 1-2 pints no more than once or twice a week, this month it's been even less. I'm inclined to pretty drastic fluctuations in mood, but when I take a depressive dive it usually only lasts a day or even less, when it used to last for months before. I'm not satisfied with my current station in life and have ambitions and goals that I want to realise, but I think it's fair to say I too am at the happiest I've been since I was a child.



>I'm inclined to pretty drastic fluctuations in mood, but when I take a depressive dive it usually only lasts a day or even less, when it used to last for months before.

I know that feeling lad. I've only felt super down once this year, and it was nowhere near as bad as it was before. I still fear hitting a patch that puts me out of commission mind.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Music expert, I want to become an unsuccessful folk punk musician. Please tell me how I sing like this, play guitar like this and write this kind of music please.





Good job lad.

I used to drink a 70cl bottle of vodka every night. Now I've been drunk maybe 2-3 times since January 2018.



Buy an acoustic guitar and a microphone, learn 4 chords, then shout into the microphone. I'm not sure you'll be able to write lyrics like that without being an edgy "fuck u mum, drugs r cool" teenager.



But what chords? Tell me the chords.

I'll help write some lyrics.

Want to be in my band?



Any group of I, IV, V, and vi will give you the infamous "four chords", so if you're playing in the key of C Major for example, that'd be:

>C Major, F Major, G Major, A minor

or in G major:

>G Major, C Major, D Major, E minor

Remember to limit yourself to only playing them as power chords and/or bar chords, otherwise it won't be shit punk.



Okay, thanks.

Will buying a cheaper acoustic guitar make me sound more punk?

And how do I get my voice to sound more run down and angry?

And whats the best way to record my new music?

And finally, how do I start to build my name up and get a fanbase?

Thinking about calling my new band "fuck you Mom".



>Will buying a cheaper acoustic guitar make me sound more punk?

No, you just have to play more sloppily.

>how do I get my voice to sound more run down and angry?

Cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, and lots of shouting.

>whats the best way to record my new music?

Doesn't matter, punk fans don't care if it sounds awful so neither should you.

>how do I start to build my name up and get a fanbase?

That's considered selling out in punk world.



Thanks for your help, anon. I'm hoping this time next year I'll be an unsuccessful punk musician (because I don't want to be a sellout).

I'm set on the name "fuck you mom", but how do I build an image? I want to make myself more punk.




A cheap acoustic guitar is probably too much, just steal one off a homeless man, or stick some elastic bands around a tissue box.

Your voice needs to be really fucked, what id suggest is holding some whiskey in your throat for as long as you can, swallow it but not all the way. It helps to start the day with some.

My suggestion for recording would be to buy a old Sony Erikson phone. Since the company is now defunct, you can't be accused of selling out, you can use that to record some music.


There's one key difference between fake punks and real punks, and real punks have seen black flag live.



Also lad, do you have an accent that you can take advantage of to sound even more authentically punk?



I want this kind of voice transformation

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYxNJbCvCdQ 1980

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tlazt_MODvc 1993

It will take time, but with enough shouting and drinking I can hopefully do it.


I'm from Newcastle. I don't think there's much of a punk scene but maybe the lack of punk scene would make me even more punk if you get me?



where has >>>/brit/ gone>



We're not associated with that board or that community in any way.



fuck off


Just spent 12 hours having really vivid dreams in a deep sleep and now my neck and back are stiff as fuck lads. I really need a new mattress.


Spent the last 8 hours sorting my room out with my mum, we've cleared loads of space and I can now easily get to my decks again, as well as see the floor.



That's nice to hear. Any particular reason you wanted a clean up lad?

Find anything unexpected?



Well, I couldn't access a large portion of my room because there was so much stuff stacked up, and a lot of dust had built up over the years. I've been planning to replace my desks, but couldn't do so with all the stuff in the way. The way the desks are now leaves me too cramped in my little PC corner, and the small desk with my PC on it is currently only held up by a small block of industrial foam wedged between this desk and my other one. If I removed the foam, the desk would collapse, because I had to remove the central supports to fit my monster PC down there.

>Find anything unexpected?

Nothing amazing, just things I'd not seen in a while or had forgotten about.



My new mattress arrives on Saturday.

I can finally get rid of my old petri dish of a mattress.


lads does anyone know where to watch the christchurch shooting? liveleak took it down a few hours after it happened and I haven't been able to find anything yet beyond one short meme edit with pewdiepie in it.



nevermind lads, I found a dedicated board for it, /christchurch/. wonder if I'm going to jail now.



Should be on bestgore.


Anyone got a recommendation for a good mouse?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I'm going to give this a go. I'll report back in a week.



I've been using the razer deathadder for about 5 years now.

Gay name aside, it's a good mouse.


My $12 rubber dome keyboard is far better than my stupid $150 mechanical waste of money keyboard.



And I don't get why "good keyboards". Are a thing, it's just 1 input 1 output for each key, it's just a series of buttons. How the fuck can you make them good?




Microsoft Optical Mouse 500



>Microsoft Optical Mouse 500

Amazon has it rated at a 3.8, I sharnt be buying that.



I use a Corsair Sabre, I feel it has a really good handfeel and just the right weight for me.


Going to try reducing my nightly sleep to 7 hours down from 8.



You said this a month ago, but like everything, you'll never get round to it.


Contingency plan required in case 8ch gets blocked in the UK on account of our governments reactionary way with the internet



I did it a month ago, then I went back.


If you're not already using a VPN, you're an idiot.



We have Plan G, which stands for GET A VPN.

That said, some of us made backup boards on other imageboards a few years ago in case 8chan got taken down, I don't know how many of them are still up though.


My friend has just discovered that he works this this fine chap at santander, how does he get him fired?




Lmao fuck off with that /g/ hipster shit. Put that back in the highschool ICT room where it belongs.



I think you'll find its the Microsoft Optical Mouse 500 that belongs in the highschool ICT room actually.



I've been looking for a mouse for a while as well, one that's a "normal" shape and size (like generic late 90s / early 00s ball mice), but also has an extra button to toggle the dpi.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Owen Jones meets Akala | ‘The black-on-black violence narrative is rooted in empire’


Who here watches Game of Thrones?


What's your favourite type of brain wave? I'm a big fan of delta waves myself.



Haven't watched anything past S3.


Stew, yorkshire puddings, mash and roast potatoes, and veg for dinner tonight.



Shan't be giving this race baiting cunt a view.


logitech g400 IS the best mouse ever made.



Fuck off with your microshaft product shills.



Nice, we had similar but with gammon.


Looks tiny.


I am such a fantastic person.


Do you lads regularly engage in philosophical thought?


I know there's a few anons here who used to have a drinking problem but no longer do. Do any of you still get intense cravings to drink sometimes? I feel like this even 1 year since I stopped drinking. I don't ever cave in, but it's a bit shit realizing that I may have to deal with cravings the rest of my life.

Whenever it happens, I just imagine the process that I'd have to go through to get drunk. I'd have to get my keys, get my wallet, get in my car, drive to some shop, buy my drink, drive back home, put all my keys back and then I'd have my drink. After I think about all that I just have to remind myself that I'll be fine if I don't get my keys. It's stupid but it makes me feel better.


Lad, I've just picked up my acoustic. Post me a nice chilled out chord progression to play.




I agree.

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