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File: aaec5abe11da51a⋯.jpg (106.1 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Internet Bloodsports.jpg)

File: 20275c7d7aefa4a⋯.jpg (112.01 KB, 640x320, 2:1, bloodsport-vs-bloodsport-1….jpg)

8f6540  No.390723


Alternate names include

Jewtube™ Rationalist™ Skeptic™ Thread™ #∞

Internet Bloodsports Megathread

We've had about a gajillion "Jewtube Skeptic Thread #9" threads at this point that all appear and disappear at the speed of light and nobody really gives a shit about delicately archiving the posts in them or anything, and they're beginning to clutter up the board pretty bad, so this is a compromise everyone can be happy with for the time being.

Discuss all things "Internet Bloodsports" that don't necessitate their own thread here. Krautgate, skeptic drama, all the shit that fall under that umbrella.

Get your raincoats on, kids! Because we're about to see some guts go flying! This thread will be cycled.

Links, Information and Lore:

Full Timeline


http://archive.is/dM1kQ (Backup from April 2nd 2018)

Archived Threads:


http://archive.is/MtOiZ (Backup from April 2nd 2018)

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911668  No.904482

File: 9dcceb0f7479c21⋯.png (7.88 KB, 677x351, 677:351, yellow fever - rice mixing.png)

File: a44d896a7bb3285⋯.webm (5.23 MB, 854x474, 427:237, louis le vau yellow fever.webm)


It's quite an odd obsession.

ffaa13  No.904483


I thought le ebin spic took her down for the betterhelp shit you mean to tell me these useless fucks cant even take down a legitimate scam?

dd40e7  No.904484


is that the betterhelp woman?

ffaa13  No.904485

7f0cd6  No.904486


Guess not. Looks like Kati wins again.



a1662f  No.904488

File: 5288f2c5e5538e2⋯.png (311.4 KB, 1212x1589, 1212:1589, 5288f2c5e5538e21fdae3fd4e2….png)


i can't imagine why this guy wouldn't find white women feminine enough for him.

1a98fe  No.904489

does louis not realise that tweeting while posting here shows simultaneous activity?

ffaa13  No.904490


At this point I think everyones just accepted the fact that at least half the eceleb faggots shill their own shit here for views and attention and probably actually post under the guise of being anons.

What can you do? you've probably had a somewhat pleasant conversation with kraut and the gunt on here in the same day.

911668  No.904491


What a disturbing thought.

9a26c6  No.904492

File: 54d204eb9e8bcd0⋯.webm (1.35 MB, 540x960, 9:16, wsg.webm)


I kinda wonder if he buys JAV and Japanese idol magazines just to collect on them.

be5942  No.904495

File: 2910eb99c0b8a1b⋯.gif (338.16 KB, 500x381, 500:381, 470591c8cb714f7b909d810813….gif)


>you've probably had a somewhat pleasant conversation with kraut and the gunt on here in the same day

This bothers be deeply.

1a98fe  No.904496


>you've probably had a somewhat pleasant conversation with kraut and the gunt on here in the same day.

Yeah, I can see that. When the julay is plentiful, we can all be merry. The problem is when the topic of interest shifts away to something funnier, and that given e-celeb gets frustrated that their enemy isn't being made of of and/or one of their friends & themselves is next.

c117f2  No.904497

File: 656f32cdf7d8433⋯.mp4 (1.02 MB, 540x960, 9:16, p28VtSxMHZLk9f49.mp4)


Holy shit dude

a1662f  No.904498

File: de314ffb10ebf56⋯.png (41.47 KB, 600x358, 300:179, 3XK7lY6.png)


>you've probably had a somewhat pleasant conversation with kraut and the gunt on here in the same day.

2821d9  No.904500


No. Inbreeding is genetically detrimental. You are already a hybrid of Homo sapiens, Homo neanderthalensis, Homo denisovan, and more. Race mixing has occurred since hominids have existed. That doesn't mean you should go mate with Sub Saharan Africans though.

f04575  No.904501

Twitch embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Wtf, how low Josh running on funds? He did a dLive stream a few hours ago, now he's on Twitch playing LoL.

7f0cd6  No.904502


Are you telling me Styx and Nick the Spic aren't here every single day?!

9a26c6  No.904503

File: e75bce726f52e6c⋯.webm (3.96 MB, 360x202, 180:101, shootingstars.webm)


there is only one vid of this chick so she is not even on the top tier standards of Nyan.

a1662f  No.904504


Idk about that. I just doubt I've had a nice conversation with them.

7f0cd6  No.904505


I still can't believe people will drink the kool-aid and let that site mine linos. Until there's an option to turn that shit off, no thanks.

c117f2  No.904506


Both Nyan and Bonbi have only one that's worth a fuck so it evens out.

be5942  No.904507


Playing LoL and have to be a follower to chat. Yeah no thanks.

9a26c6  No.904508

File: 9b07fed5f4f7ae6⋯.webm (1.7 MB, 540x960, 9:16, IMG_3993.webm)


nope, pure waifu material unlike that whore you posted.

7f0cd6  No.904509


And he's got 3-4 Andy's for now. Yikes. Then again he has far more tranny cocksuckers so no surprise.

f04575  No.904510

File: 8872e3bf27a59e2⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1112x634, 556:317, styxx queen.png)


Has Styxx name dropped /cow/? He name drops 4/pol/ all of the time and there's used to be Styxx threads there every night, I haven't check 4/pol/ for awhile though.

Wouldn't surprise me if he's branching out, seeing that he's channel doesn't have much growth.

476659  No.904512

File: 5b7e97402d0f6ea⋯.jpg (5.14 KB, 197x256, 197:256, joachim.jpg)

Jewcum is back streaming on his backup channel whining about shit while praising spree killers.


f04575  No.904513


I thought the follower only thing was pretty gay, thinking he's a big name or something.

8ceb0c  No.904515

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Obnoxious, attention grabbing text

Would any kind /cow/boys of remarkable skill be willing to slap the gunt lord's doughy face into this scene from Society? It perfectly matches his unyielding flesh's desire to subsume and absorb all into itself.

be5942  No.904516


Its really gay, hugbox level gay.

1f2f04  No.904518

File: 7c4dd970cb09671⋯.webm (3.83 MB, 540x960, 9:16, 7c4dd970cb096712563352639….webm)


No. I would call a truce with Nyan posters before I let some generic thot run amok in a Bonbi thread.

9a26c6  No.904519

File: 3f3ed0ece70d6c4⋯.jpg (805.49 KB, 1189x1070, 1189:1070, pwnd_incel_by_a_twitch_hoo….jpg)

File: de263ca36218e17⋯.png (97.09 KB, 1180x590, 2:1, degenerate.png)


Ain't twitch and discord all about creating a hugbox?

The twitch hookers needs it to survive!

2821d9  No.904520

File: 03efdb7707091d0⋯.mp4 (8.65 MB, 426x240, 71:40, Styx Venti love sad FF7-1 ….mp4)


Brittany, why'd you break mine skeletal heart?

We streamed the elections together, with you at my side. Breaking youtube records, soaring through the internet waves like fearless eagles flying over mountain tops. Can't you see the stars aligned and our energies crossed for a reason? 'Twas not s'posed to be this way! For you broke my heart and left me crestfallen like rotting, yellow Birch trees in cold Vermont air. I want to leave my channel and forget it all, perhaps just to let you know that you hurt me deeply and that I'm suffering enormously, though I am ostensibly stoic. 'Tis times like these I wish I had overdosed on tainted drugs, never to wake again and lost forever to the cold, empty, nothingness of oblivion and nonexistence. Perhaps I should take a long walk through the fields and never return…



9a26c6  No.904524

File: b4f59a65d077873⋯.webm (1.25 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, Caption_this(I’ll_comment….webm)


damn fam, that is supposed to be a secret

a1662f  No.904525

File: c84bfd33bb8fb56⋯.png (387.17 KB, 649x328, 649:328, Thomas_Nelson.PNG)


Is this why you defend hapa men so vehemently and defend whites racemixing with asians?


9ba82a  No.904526



just a heads up ;)

d08b97  No.904527

File: ae2953d78ceb223⋯.jpg (119.88 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, ae2953d78ceb223195e8867f81….jpg)


I wonder what the hell is wrong with hapas that makes them the worst kind of racemixed abominations, entitlement, dysgenics?

be5942  No.904528


Sauce on this?

07e324  No.904529

File: 5aac7345b2b68ad⋯.jpg (332.84 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 6327f389ff14c75317da814ba1….jpg)

d08b97  No.904530

File: 5a9100bcddb1f1b⋯.jpg (136.86 KB, 1600x840, 40:21, average hapa.jpg)


Sauce my dude?

54002b  No.904531

File: a35838f3a26ce08⋯.png (60.12 KB, 484x368, 121:92, SweetieSquad(tm).png)


I'll give you my opinion after Jim gives it to me.

07e324  No.904532


I dont follow tik thot but the bonbi videos that get posted here are always enjoyable

8ceb0c  No.904533


It's that they are pulled, mentally, in two different directions. The bugman half thells them to conform and go with the flow at all costs, where as the white half implores them to think for themselves, take risks, explore life to it's fullest, etc. Being a hapa is having in-born schizophrenia.

T, a guy who works in little korea.

1320d1  No.904534


Please, sir, more memes about Alan.

a1662f  No.904535

File: a57611f258d9ea5⋯.png (293.37 KB, 976x692, 244:173, 75624acf26b79e3b4a83518772….png)


>Metokur is jealous of Carl what with his demonitization, his name being rightly dragged through the mud, etc.

be5942  No.904536

File: a6f18952e8ceb24⋯.png (972.52 KB, 729x1200, 243:400, Drallnasty_pre_op.png)

File: b99a61e0d4c934c⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1074x1200, 179:200, Drallnasty_post_op.png)

File: 45c8aaa62addbb5⋯.jpg (229.54 KB, 754x618, 377:309, drallasta1.jpg)

File: 9f8db5b023b4202⋯.png (134.37 KB, 341x350, 341:350, Drallasta_Gunted.png)

911668  No.904537


>got cuck knight reference

it's perfect.

3f865e  No.904538

File: 911101344fdf9d8⋯.jpg (573.14 KB, 913x1100, 83:100, hashtag_pozzed_andy.jpg)



Sounds made up, the Andy I know is more powerful than you can imagine.

476659  No.904539

File: 16364cc007a709a⋯.mp4 (862.12 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 21228423_111259399570403_6….mp4)


911668  No.904540

File: 5f39461c67e19f9⋯.png (418.76 KB, 580x631, 580:631, drallasta bf.png)

File: 547fd7f1458ecae⋯.png (103.06 KB, 480x607, 480:607, drallasta rejects sherratt.png)

File: c612fb363501fa5⋯.jpg (517.12 KB, 963x780, 321:260, drallasta archive 2.jpg)

File: 88088c1c9e2ad4e⋯.png (63.1 KB, 545x550, 109:110, drallasta operation.png)

d08b97  No.904541



So when are Kraut and David following Discordia's steps and deciding to start HRT?

07e324  No.904542

File: 4e5e7c93f0e9bef⋯.png (46.21 KB, 615x436, 615:436, 3d398b2ccdcfcc6d1b2a62cc36….png)



6ae692  No.904543

File: 3abbe4a0eb3bbf4⋯.png (472.3 KB, 838x722, 419:361, potato.png)



d8f3af  No.904544

File: 8fc02fb553d1cc9⋯.png (11.28 KB, 686x417, 686:417, warskigames.PNG)

Andy's other Twitch channel just got banned.

Those reports worked.

f04575  No.904545

File: bc36d3d52da8c59⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1112x634, 556:317, styxx alt kwayn.png)

911668  No.904546


Sounds like he's joined a cult or something.

3f865e  No.904547

File: 3c0d18c1eaccce2⋯.mp4 (5.35 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, mom.mp4)


There it is!


>Andy's other Twitch channel just got banned.

One less thing for his mom to worry about. Maybe he'll get a job before committing suicide.

c4ba99  No.904548

File: df32967d2940514⋯.png (258.63 KB, 941x690, 941:690, lmao.png)


d08b97  No.904549




Here's a (you)

a1662f  No.904550

1320d1  No.904551

9a26c6  No.904552

File: d2a4b4968ccb696⋯.webm (1.66 MB, 540x960, 9:16, This_audio_edit_is_so_fun….webm)


Is this not like the 20th time he finds one of these quotes?

d08b97  No.904553


You will need at least three $100 superchats for that.

1320d1  No.904554

File: a1405bec2783989⋯.jpg (159.51 KB, 600x709, 600:709, Absolutely Barbaric.jpg)


>drallasta rejects sherratt

Holy shit, this is pure nectar.

2dbc61  No.904555



>those reports worked

You know what to do anon.

48f0a7  No.904556


Do you work for UKIP PR?

61f60d  No.904557

File: 6e42bfd24ed3a33⋯.jpg (136.12 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 6e42bfd24ed3a33f164efbc46d….jpg)


how can one girl be so cute?

f04575  No.904558

File: 83ff23391c1ea08⋯.png (887.58 KB, 500x868, 125:217, blacked racket.png)


Are we talking Jim or Nick Rekieta?

48f0a7  No.904559


Did Sargon disagree with the race realist?

1372ee  No.904560


The funny part is the terrified look is not from embarrassment, but the fear screencaps of his mom will get the CRP cum tribute treatment.

8401e4  No.904561


there is literally some cuck who every time Rackets talk about Vic Lasagna, donates 1-3 superchats that all are 100 dollars each and he just say something pointless

9a26c6  No.904562

File: 5934efff163d253⋯.mp4 (3.18 MB, 540x960, 9:16, nyan doing a nyan.mp4)


Dunno, fam. I started to spam Nyan early and it has just sorta stuck.

Also she has such a cute smile.

48f0a7  No.904563


>kraut and the gunt

Those two are the easiest ones to fish out because of typing patterns.

d08b97  No.904564

f741a2  No.904565


Do you really need me to answer that, you collectivist white nigger?

d08b97  No.904566


>Also he has such a cute smile.


9a26c6  No.904567

File: dd00ca91dcef9b2⋯.jpg (5.89 KB, 255x143, 255:143, shootingstar.jpg)


Don't be a transphobe and Nyan is a girl unlike nyanjcaesar187.

be5942  No.904568

File: ab0a5d94f09768b⋯.gif (702.09 KB, 477x252, 53:28, 1471665346539.gif)

48f0a7  No.904569


I just thought the 6 months of continuous beatings he took on the issue would have changed his outlook.

7f0cd6  No.904570


It's not new that David's been rejected by whores, trannies and made up muslims.

48f0a7  No.904571

File: d5b92d8c1cfbb2c⋯.png (28.44 KB, 627x229, 627:229, UKIP PR.png)

File: 9e4fdbd3e209e3b⋯.jpg (310.92 KB, 2048x1513, 2048:1513, UKIP Optics.jpg)

Isn't this one of their official accounts? https://archive.li/eCcZw

b3969c  No.904572


Andy is the kid out of The Omen. Think about.

ae8b71  No.904573



Don't c-come in. D-d-d- M- D-don't c-c-come in!

f741a2  No.904574


Ofcourse not, his entire UKIP run has been one massive cope with Spencer deconstructing his ego. The last thing he is capable of is agreeing with someone who shares Spencers general views.

be5942  No.904575

File: 040b624c18abf5b⋯.png (776.9 KB, 1280x1256, 160:157, lewd_pony_nyanRalph_2d.png)


>Don't be a transphobe and Nyan is a boy unlike nyanjcaesar187.

FTFY go ahead and thank me now

1a98fe  No.904577

File: 375f8456a76a427⋯.png (518.7 KB, 624x752, 39:47, drallasta_poketranny.png)


Is it dead naming if your powerword is your actual namefag handle? He really shouldn't call himself Dr if he doesn't have a PhD

7f0cd6  No.904578


Do they get paid for any of this shit?

7f0cd6  No.904579


In all fairness Milo could have put him up to this.

9a26c6  No.904580

File: 1d6159f87e222dc⋯.jpg (37.44 KB, 422x680, 211:340, 1546327547870.jpg)


Take that back you fucking duck fucking nigger


No, it's just a downtime thing to post nyans before it was Rage.

2ee311  No.904581

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

*cisco callmanager music plays in the distance*

61f60d  No.904584

File: 25bc87581a7274e⋯.png (402.69 KB, 380x608, 5:8, 9ad79658ef3bddcd4ebab51c28….png)

2ee311  No.904585

File: dfc14d78797b9c8⋯.png (61.14 KB, 350x452, 175:226, ClipboardImage.png)

7f0cd6  No.904586


I mean't does Nyan get paid, but yeah, that works too.

be5942  No.904587

File: 836bace27be218c⋯.png (309.14 KB, 380x608, 5:8, masked_nyanRalph.png)



911668  No.904588


they get attention, which for a teenage girl is like being paid i guess.

7f0cd6  No.904589


Jesus, terrible grammar. You know what, I'll just show myself out from this one.

1a98fe  No.904590


Yep. Looks like Carl has taken over again. Jonny Wong mostly does retweets, with maybe one line commentary.

9a26c6  No.904592

File: 55cc61509a801a4⋯.webm (822.08 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, A_bop(Strobe_lights⚠️)___….webm)


I will make you motherfuckker you corrupted nyan since January

65a700  No.904593

File: 97babb61bc44019⋯.gif (929.84 KB, 270x254, 135:127, SmartSelect_20190314-03422….gif)


I wonder who could be behind this?


d08b97  No.904594

Be honest /cow/

Who is the hottest tranny of all IBS? Discordia? Vamp? David Shitrat? Soph?

2ee311  No.904595

File: 48abaa81aaf4fca⋯.png (73.93 KB, 418x534, 209:267, ClipboardImage.png)

07e324  No.904596

File: a97f5dc2e5ed665⋯.png (3.03 MB, 1000x1147, 1000:1147, a97f5dc2e5ed665fdb55fcaf08….png)


>teenage girl

Nyan is like 37 lmao

be5942  No.904597

File: 34352ae976a684e⋯.png (4.09 MB, 4326x4431, 206:211, tictoc_ralph.png)


I can't corrupt which that is already corrupted

dd40e7  No.904598


hit or yiff?

9a26c6  No.904600



They are fags in drag, it's a difference between trannies and literal homosexual faggots.


That is also a fag in drag

>David Shitrat?

more hormones are needed


I ain't touching jcaesar187's candy.

48f0a7  No.904601


Oh well more fun to come then.

>At least I stood in an election Richard.

1320d1  No.904602


Tranks for that one too

7f0cd6  No.904603


Pedo car sellers.

9a26c6  No.904604

File: c57f158eeeb42cd⋯.webm (1.7 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, C3_trying_to_dance_with_P….webm)


it was pure until you corrupted it with twisted sexual fantasy

48f0a7  No.904605


This tweet is rather dark.

2ee311  No.904606

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

the gunt is LIVE but set up a startup clock to 5 minutes LATE gentlemen aauuuggghhh

8001f2  No.904607

File: 53c56be668f82e3⋯.jpg (376.35 KB, 744x1052, 186:263, 48ad386a8bd8a869128e5b606a….jpg)


7f0cd6  No.904608


Mama Lancaster.

1320d1  No.904609


Is it true that Diogenes is still coming to /cow/ trying to get the board to turn against Jim?

be5942  No.904610

File: b6c76b7bdf4ee9d⋯.png (289.04 KB, 616x608, 77:76, 2D_NyanRalph.png)



I see you are finally coming to terms with the reality of what Nyan really is

2821d9  No.904611

File: adabc933e8bff4f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 212.23 KB, 1280x1826, 640:913, 013.jpg)


NYANderthals and BONBOphiles are garbage.

2ee311  No.904612


I am Diogenes. Didn't you already know that?

9a26c6  No.904613

File: b3d6eebd748d8fc⋯.jpg (106.43 KB, 859x1024, 859:1024, 1549230226097.jpg)


She was always a woman you transphobe

9a26c6  No.904614

File: 13f9dce75f564ca⋯.webm (417.37 KB, 540x960, 9:16, IMG_4008.webm)


I was thinking more of the wider idea of Nyan so referring to her as; it was rather to make her more idealistic rather than your strange corruption that I cannot comprehend.

5ffab5  No.904615

File: 4cff295c98e092d⋯.webm (1.57 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, Wearing_your_soul_____vam….webm)


>Footfags thinking they aren't furfag tier

You are bottom of the barrel

1a98fe  No.904616



It's true. He downvoted Jim's stream once, the madman.

84045d  No.904617



jimjim is an egrifter like the rest of them why would he have to try to turn anyone against one of those shekel grubbing ekikes?

7f0cd6  No.904619


I would have gone with "Bonbobos" but idk.

d08b97  No.904620


>implying foot fetishists aren't patricians and schoolars

The Nyan orbiter cries out in pain as he attacks you, it seems.

61f60d  No.904621

File: 49b238c8ba03462⋯.jpg (299.18 KB, 500x729, 500:729, u-dont-know-my-power.jpg)


>those thighs

I want to lick them

1320d1  No.904622

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>The Stepfather join into UKIP

>the party is taken by trannies

The coincidence is hilarious in my opinion. This is the kind of person Sargon attracted to UKIP

7f0cd6  No.904623


People who tell the truth are often hated. Like Jesus.

07e324  No.904624

File: bc9e78715246c46⋯.jpg (64.7 KB, 1080x935, 216:187, IMG_1557264722116.jpg)

d08b97  No.904625


Is there anything that is not taken by trannies?

They only make the 0'3% of the population, yet they manage to get so much attention and get so many resources spent on them.

1320d1  No.904626

File: c98b22c2aab1f19⋯.gif (1.4 MB, 800x600, 4:3, liberalist couple.gif)

7f0cd6  No.904627


Do the FtMs have male privilege?

3f865e  No.904628

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This is vile video is on Nora's channel, the Guntfather is circumventing technology again and if that makes you feel unsafe you might want to report it. I of course disavow such actions.

48f0a7  No.904629

File: 058b8e197f042e9⋯.jpg (68.53 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, sargon discusses age of co….jpg)


There's valid criticisms of Jim like his stuff being really by the numbers these days unless he is gunning for the Skeptics, also let's face it jumping on every run of the mill internet pedo story but ignoring the Warski CP stream is kind of shitty. However a lot of the really vitriolic anti-Jim stuff usually comes from Skeptics or orbiters, I know Dio is still around and he tried to make a comeback when LeoPirate did some streams with Godwinson but not much came out of it. Pic unrelated, it's just funny.

1320d1  No.904630

File: 3906577689ff052⋯.png (306.93 KB, 800x950, 16:19, nazbol trannies btfo.png)


Trannies are crypto-jews, anon.

be5942  No.904631

File: bef416ce4074471⋯.png (452.38 KB, 928x960, 29:30, nyanralph2D.png)


Wew anon its dude in a wig but that's ok. You do you and whatever makes you happy and helps you sleep at night.

a1662f  No.904632


84045d  No.904633

File: d5e6a53e14b1e3d⋯.png (9.26 KB, 201x255, 67:85, 75cc20699bd3c6f600bc3019cf….png)


>first post of the day

be5942  No.904634

File: eb99bba64cd8760⋯.png (8.47 KB, 951x126, 317:42, 36456547675.png)


Your retarded

d8f3af  No.904635

This is Zidan's phone number.


7f0cd6  No.904636

Quick question, is there any particular reason Toxic Male Clips is still up by everything else got shitcanned? Did we get an answer for that?

ff0778  No.904637


>Carl is hero that we need

>Bringing the truth the normies

61f60d  No.904638

File: 6e572ec23418185⋯.png (190.57 KB, 381x482, 381:482, it is what it is.png)


'tis what it 'tis

be5942  No.904639

File: 7ec5f23110a61eb⋯.png (261.14 KB, 999x1455, 333:485, 67573434765426.png)


post your id with zidans number to your twitter z-celeb larper

f46771  No.904640


there any status on the tagging of the Gunt Mobile from last night?

1372ee  No.904641


Fun fact: Toxic Male clips is owned by AG Luck

3f865e  No.904642


>'tis what it 'tis

<It is what it it is


dc0395  No.904643


No, that's Tonka's old number.

7f0cd6  No.904644


Is MetokurFembot clipping his shit shows anymore? I can't be bothered to listen to 5 hours of his shit even when there is nothing better to do.

f04575  No.904645

File: 2e9fe1e01d65515⋯.png (33.23 KB, 640x291, 640:291, age to twitter.png)

File: 1e5b578764d85cc⋯.png (205.48 KB, 400x400, 1:1, jewcaesar187 400px.png)

8001f2  No.904646

File: a3010347ef455d2⋯.png (189.23 KB, 505x626, 505:626, 4a7eeb8a4517ddee299a737884….png)

File: 078f4657e2406ff⋯.jpg (85.03 KB, 567x463, 567:463, Screenshot_20190314-224939….jpg)


My wife has the cutest feets!!!

Bonbi is a nigger faggot though.

07e324  No.904647

File: 77d1b4c9f2c6a19⋯.png (8.75 KB, 165x27, 55:9, Capture _2019-05-22-22-05-….png)

File: dec1e66d34af985⋯.png (17.75 KB, 500x103, 500:103, Capture _2019-05-22-22-05-….png)


079215  No.904648

File: 35e8f456b693b2e⋯.png (33.67 KB, 944x680, 118:85, OH NO NO NO NO.png)

DAMN! Zoom's credit score looks like THAT!?!?

d08b97  No.904649

File: eb71217bb19b0b5⋯.jpeg (117.12 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, Sargoy.jpeg)

This man singlehandely managed to destroy thousands of memes, subscribe star, the skeptic community and a whole political party, how does he even do it lads?

2821d9  No.904650

File: b66a6e7d71ceffe⋯.jpg (162.56 KB, 619x636, 619:636, Sargon lighthouse top.jpg)


Because he is the great wrecking ball, the tip of the spear, the lighthouse in which thousands of waves crash, yet he is unmoved.

48f0a7  No.904651


Are you trying to ruin making fun of Sargon, Louis?

dc0395  No.904652



1320d1  No.904653



Spot liberalist 1# and liberalist 2#

1320d1  No.904654


He always remove superchats when mirror Jim

7f0cd6  No.904655


But doesn't Metokurist do that?

d08b97  No.904656

File: b3196f84aa86f14⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1140x600, 19:10, behold collectivists.png)




I am starting to notice dangerously high levels of collectivism in this thread.

Don't you know that collectivists are thoughtcriminals by definition?


e6401e  No.904657


1320d1  No.904658


I don't think so, people in the comments complained that he should leave Superchats untouched because they are part of the show or they may be important…

2ee311  No.904659


0fbd45  No.904660

u know ur show is in the gutter when mr redditkur is the only one capable of saving it

84045d  No.904661

File: 9f6fe1ea70e11c2⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 189.42 KB, 984x518, 492:259, metoo of akkad - Copy.png)


heres the latest liberalist oc cocks ive been working on ps dont tell the neon nazis im undercover

e6401e  No.904662


c38ea0  No.904663

File: 0f48cf0dc46bf0d⋯.jpg (9.77 KB, 400x400, 1:1, dark caesar.jpg)

Gentlemen…. Jim Watkins… Owner and editor-in-chief of 8chan dot com… has entered the program…

650072  No.904664


Collectivists thoroughly and completely #pwned, fellow traveler. #GamerGate

be5942  No.904665

File: eb9a2a76c405375⋯.gif (2.29 MB, 480x262, 240:131, 2663cd7158f6ccd68bbb913051….gif)


dd40e7  No.904666



911668  No.904668

File: 2c732a8fdb939eb⋯.png (8.42 KB, 1020x125, 204:25, pol is a pretty cool guy t….png)

File: f6bf7cccc2da0e0⋯.jpg (2.06 MB, 2576x1932, 4:3, jim watkins kids.jpg)

>they got into his house in a gated community


61f60d  No.904669


what's the link to the stream? I haven't even been listening to this jewish garbage

d08b97  No.904670


dd40e7  No.904671

I thought this killstream might be interesting because they got Jim Watkins on, but holy shit jcaesar187 manages to making even this boring.

b3969c  No.904672


I love this guy lmao

61f60d  No.904673

File: 59845dba6c23b37⋯.jpg (2.17 MB, 1920x3500, 96:175, 1464281688041.jpg)

File: 20071780eb94644⋯.jpg (13.78 KB, 319x212, 319:212, 1471492470284.jpg)

File: 44c8a8f9bc27dca⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1300x1200, 13:12, 1464809722847-1.png)

File: 563406b4acab54f⋯.jpg (37.14 KB, 512x512, 1:1, jimbo.jpg)

c38ea0  No.904674

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



be5942  No.904675

File: cd599daf377c3c6⋯.png (17.27 KB, 488x225, 488:225, trout2.png)

e6401e  No.904676

I know you're reading this Jim, call out Josh and bring up the gunt + /baph/

d08b97  No.904677


fbb87f  No.904678

File: fb0f0182e58735a⋯.png (123.06 KB, 629x359, 629:359, digusted_plain.PNG)


>pricetag still attached

poorfag thot was probably thinking of returning it after doing that video. Tik Tok is a den of attention whores.

e6401e  No.904679

File: 6b30a5529705311⋯.webm (2.55 MB, 540x960, 9:16, 6b30a5529705311fd901d8a71….webm)


None of them put the love and care into their 15 second movies like bonbi

c38ea0  No.904680

Aaugghhhhh jcaesar187 paypiggies directly thank Jim Watkins in the chat for his services

fbb87f  No.904681


bonbi a whore.

d08b97  No.904682


911668  No.904683

File: 41377b307cba2e8⋯.jpg (49.17 KB, 788x1024, 197:256, 1465693345550.jpg)

i wonder will fetal alcohol syndrome case #0 call in

be5942  No.904684

File: 2b87393a1c1ce6d⋯.png (636.48 KB, 578x624, 289:312, 1d9c04164e906cbde4bb19e0d9….png)



dd40e7  No.904685

suspiciously any talk of Jim Watkins being on the killstream is abstent from foxdickfarms

c38ea0  No.904686

File: 60b3eaa64172790⋯.png (503.48 KB, 419x900, 419:900, jewsh.png)

Jim Watkins says he doesn't hire drunkies like Joshua Conner Moon

fbb87f  No.904687



7c8999  No.904688

Jim won't answer the pig question!

be5942  No.904689

File: eb77d16067bb22c⋯.png (728.5 KB, 960x540, 16:9, Josh JUST.png)


c38ea0  No.904690


2821d9  No.904691


Bonbi isn't fit to even clean the feces from a McDonald's toilet. Talent-less trash, same with Nyan.

e6401e  No.904692

File: c31e2dc9620ac6b⋯.webm (1.43 MB, 540x960, 9:16, c31e2dc9620ac6be0d4095df6….webm)

ffffb0  No.904693


Non-burger here. Can you explain to me this credit system?

e6401e  No.904694


If you're a good goy you get a higher score and can take out loans and buy things. Bad goys starve and die

ffffb0  No.904695


What determines good or bad credit? How do you go on getting good credit to the bad?

3e7d32  No.904696


isnt this shit just like chinese social score but with banks?

d08b97  No.904697


Collectivism is when the collective does stuff, the more stuff the collective does, the collectivister it is.

911668  No.904698

1a98fe  No.904699

File: 8952e3c82727815⋯.png (229.18 KB, 598x785, 598:785, kraut_censorship.png)

d08b97  No.904700


>Bad goys starve and die

Nothing wrong with that, eugenics at their peak performance.

91f025  No.904701


>Good credit:

Buying things with your credit card or pay off loans

>Bad credit:

Buying things with your credit card or taking out a loan and not paying it off. Also, you can get fucked pretty hard if you visit a doctor or hospital and don't pay off your medical bills.

The credit system is bullshit. It's way easier to lose credit than build it and one minor slip up can set you back for years.

e6401e  No.904702


Paying your bills on time, paying off student loans, car payments etc. If you don't ever take out any loans you just have a neutral score which still isn't considered good enough some places.

f04575  No.904703

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

7f0cd6  No.904705


It'd be funny to think that Kraut is doing this as a flip-flop on purpose but I think he's that mentally deranged. Granted he couldn't even last several days of not chain smoking and looking like an Austrian Oscar the Grouch.

c38ea0  No.904706

"I was going to bring up to Jim our David Stay appearance on Monday"

Oh Flamenco..

e6401e  No.904707

Whats jcaesar187s view count

e6401e  No.904708


Jim hasnt even acknowledged the appearance

d08b97  No.904709

>implying satanism is bad

Cringe and christpilled

c38ea0  No.904710

Gunt rants about Michael Avenatti getting away scottfree with all the shit he's been charged with while he gets arrested for sleeping on a hotel couch

b05495  No.904711

Did fat GUNT hit that sweet diabetic 600 viewer mark today? Or did he fuck up again?

Warski's twitter """"hacked"""", twitch both channels banned, scared to stream on youtube.

All is left is gaycord. Hope some shitlords in there can get it removed.

f04575  No.904712


77fc53  No.904713

File: ff62675aa3d993e⋯.mp4 (1.71 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Louis Age of Consent.mp4)

1a98fe  No.904714

File: d1198a0c55951eb⋯.png (326.17 KB, 624x2328, 26:97, kraut_censorship2.png)


I guess you could interpret it as being ok that censorship exists, but still be spiteful of it. I mean, forget media platforms, I'd like it we could keep data neutral infrastructure, but that boat is going further over the horizon.

It's mostly funny that it was right before the Rage saga and he jumped into his doxcord battle stations.

4bb96c  No.904715


Toxic Male Clips is that AGluck guy.

f04575  No.904716

File: 1ac796b4f0435f6⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.45 MB, 500x375, 4:3, loli-con.gif)

Can spamming lolicon end a discord server?

354b44  No.904717


Yes. I was in a server that got nuked because of it and even had my account nuked.

dc0395  No.904718

b3969c  No.904719


Is Rage back yet?

be5942  No.904720

File: f3b1ad71f3dd23c⋯.jpg (61.92 KB, 1003x878, 1003:878, 4Xnde1G.jpg)


No and it still hurts.

f511f9  No.904721

File: 8461b168d1ecccf⋯.jpg (1.77 MB, 1000x1400, 5:7, 280875.jpg)

So let me get this straight.

>andys twitter got "hacked"

>the hacker didn't make a single tweet

>didn't leak anything

>just blocked a bunch of people at random

>he didn't change the bio, header or profile picture

>sent two safe for work selfies to unnamed people

>the only source of these messages is one random person and the screencaps were both taken on the same phone as evidenced by the ui in the shot so where they even came from is unclear

>andy has been radio silent all day despite both of his twitch accounts also being suspended

So obviously this was faked by Andy. Either because he went on one of his angry blocking sprees in a fit of tard rage after his twitch got banned and he needed an excuse as to why after he regretted it later or because he wanted people to have a reason to talk about him because obviously he isn't going to actually produce anything worth talking about or crank up his now legacy account out of fear of losing more subs. Once he saw how quickly people were catching on and how many followers he lost he probably went into hiding because he didn't know how to address it and didn't want to deal with the mess he created.

I don't know. This is all I can think of. Any other theories?

c38ea0  No.904722


It's a bad look because we already know what Andy being hacked legitimately looks like and it's 90lbs of pussy and ass being livestreamed on youtube.

f511f9  No.904723

File: 113a4d90a25f7b2⋯.jpg (55.42 KB, 576x1024, 9:16, 113a4d90a25f7b2f139dc4b618….jpg)

File: 4d4ace154f32151⋯.jpg (49.26 KB, 576x1024, 9:16, 4d4ace154f32151c09ec359cb0….jpg)

Where the fuck did these supposedly come from, and if they were sent to different people, why is the UI from the phone that took the screenshots the same? Also the time on the phone is 5 minutes after the messages were sent in all of the screenshots. Fucking hell this is sloppy.

b05495  No.904724


if you saw those twitter convos and pictures you know it's warski, he's done this literal shit before, ALLEGEDLY sexting with ALLEGEDLY underage girls, flirting with his mods, always talking retarded shit to women trying to impress them.

f511f9  No.904725


No if it were Warski, it would have been straight up dick pics begging for nudes in return. Really embarrassing shit. Not the silly shit with sfw selfies like above

f511f9  No.904726


Err what I mean is, if his account was hacked and we were seeing real leaks it would be way worse than what was posted. I'm sure those convos are warski

dc0395  No.904727

File: 3c57f9becfc40db⋯.png (386.85 KB, 575x1023, 575:1023, ClipboardImage.png)


They came from this guy. There's another screenshot that lines up with the 2nd image.


b05495  No.904728


so he just took those retarded photos himself and stored it for later, you know, just in case he gets hacked and someone has to fake a convo embarrassing as the above.

what the fuck are you even on about

fd8e04  No.904729


Why is the b lower case? credit karma doesn't fuck up like that. Looks like a modified PDF.

ffffb0  No.904730

Did Ralf sperged out when Jim Watkins mocked him being demonetized and deplatformed off YT?

f741a2  No.904731



Did anyone figure out where the pictures are from?

If they where publicly available before those shots where taken, that's obviously a red flag.

ec2e4c  No.904732


i was blocked but iv never interacted with andy, let alone anyone on twitter actually, but i do follow him so i think they just went down the list at random

i think its faked, why wouldnt he have gone live or somethin

be5942  No.904733

File: 09981ddc4f03983⋯.png (50.44 KB, 494x598, 19:23, trout3.png)

File: 61c55419ec7c4ee⋯.png (25.62 KB, 467x406, 467:406, trout4.png)

File: 4326cc6d140abec⋯.png (36.02 KB, 489x344, 489:344, trout5.png)

File: 414de257b520fbb⋯.png (239.75 KB, 487x641, 487:641, trout6.png)

Trout was celebrating his twitch being shoad as well the hack of his account makes sense since he hates warski so much but could be a septic op. On the other hand Warski is so retarded I could see him sending thses messages and end up getting hacked.

ffffb0  No.904734


Joseph Lancaster, I know you're in this thread. Why don't you do me a favor and kill yourself already, you pompous, pseudo-intellectual e-grifter!

f511f9  No.904735


I'm saying that if it were a real hack then we would get more leaks than the tame shit we got

b05495  No.904736


Here is how warski's brain works - i'll leak some embarrassing shit i got hacked, stir drama, get sympathy energy boost, BUT it won't be literal dick pics and nudes because that would backfire.

The fact there aren't any nudes and dick pics leaked as of yet makes it forged in itself.

f511f9  No.904737


Yeah thats what I meant but I worded it like a real Warski

8d4272  No.904738


I think I've seen that black and white one somewhere, but I think the color ones are new, unless he posted them in some discord server.

c38ea0  No.904739

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Quick Vic Updates Followed by Ace Attorney

Lawyer rants about loose interpretations of Japanese courtroom law in an overly-Americanized video game

84045d  No.904740

>guys i got hacked

literal infant tier egrifter documented self promotion

f511f9  No.904741


The only thing that's more boring than Nick posting is Styx posting

b05495  No.904742


ah, yeah lad didn't see that one above

anyway he's in dire straits, both twitch channels fucked over, not that he was getting anything on them anyway, it's either back to jewtube or dlive next, e-bums like him never give up

he banned over 1k people because he thought himself a big shitlord and that it would be a joke, well that fucking backfired spectacularly, shit like this isn't above warski level of cognitive ability

8d4272  No.904743


His instagram is deleted. Is this new?

f511f9  No.904745


Yep. He was just recently talking about his strategy for growing his instagram.

Now I think something else is going on

f46771  No.904746


lol maybe Andy is going to delete everything and go dark

ae8b71  No.904747


That's one of Andy's nigger buddies Sinead's bull from the "Two Black Guys" stream he did after the split with JF

f04575  No.904748


Leaf feds get him for the CP?

f511f9  No.904749


Now I'm wondering if he deleted his twitch channels rather than them getting banned.

Does anyone know if the page for a banned stream looks different than a self deleted one?

b1d627  No.904750

File: 64aa73985fd5008⋯.jpg (90.11 KB, 1200x874, 600:437, 64aa73985fd50080c5cc03a72b….jpg)


2821d9  No.904751

File: 298cd78a16591d7⋯.mp4 (261.36 KB, 426x240, 71:40, Styx describes the true pu….mp4)

Half of the anons in this thread carry water for Kraut by doing his bidding. Kraut, Donga, IMC, and more are here and post against their enemies like Warski. Anons hate anything with 2 legs so they mass report, unaware they're being used as foot-soldiers in Kraut's op. It's sad but true. They kiss RageAfterStorm's butt and then start mass-reporting Warski in the next breath, unaware they're being used in a Skeptic op. That is why so many e-grifters are here: they want to slip their fingers into the ring of power.



b05495  No.904752

Can't wait for him to say his instagram was mass reported for porn again.

d08b97  No.904753

> Anons hate anything with 2 legs so they mass report

That's not a bad thing

Blood for the blood god

c914d3  No.904754

File: 7a62f86cba1db65⋯.jpg (283.49 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 7a62f86cba1db657b63720b371….jpg)


>kiss RageAfterStorms butt

I would love to

ffffb0  No.904755


Those buttcheeks would be great when she gets banged from behind.

715c1e  No.904756

File: 997e4452ac78a0d⋯.png (23.15 KB, 918x378, 17:7, D7MbxIzXkAMHNbC.png)

Jewsh and the foxdicks say reporting is gay, but i guess it's redpilled and baste when Dear Feeder does it.

42a1f7  No.904757


But you wouldn't be able to pull her hair if you bang it from behind. The wig would fall off.

be5942  No.904758

File: c92a429e4832730⋯.gif (108.47 KB, 205x260, 41:52, 6c34d25b9786b06891315ea2e1….gif)


post moar rage

d08b97  No.904759



Why are hapas like Styxx so permanently passive-aggresive and butthurt about absolutely everything? Do they envy their white fathers?

2821d9  No.904760

File: 6da7a06c2e76b2b⋯.jpg (90.01 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, soyboynintendo.jpg)

f04575  No.904761


Sounds like Styxx and his spooner squad owe Hillary Clinton an apology.

42a1f7  No.904762


Small Asian dick and mediocre white intelligence. Worst of both.

f04575  No.904763

File: 7c1e630678283d1⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 36.6 KB, 736x414, 16:9, 3c35d37869948da137f6e4059f….jpg)

File: 5a4a22a099e77e3⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 293.51 KB, 737x422, 737:422, 5a4a22a099e77e33cb13696f57….jpg)

File: 6ce22da28d5a6b8⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 722.17 KB, 960x661, 960:661, 6ce22da28d5a6b8acb6a0ab6df….png)

File: 71f4b2d2dd1644d⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 68.24 KB, 184x274, 92:137, 71f4b2d2dd1644de380e76f4f1….png)

42a1f7  No.904765


Third pic isn't real right? It's a shop no one can be that cringe.

ffffb0  No.904766


That's a wig? I thought it's a natural long, beautiful black hair! I was lied to!

de44c1  No.904768

File: 68bea173c6f3527⋯.png (396.12 KB, 500x538, 250:269, 1501959646231.png)

File: c7162d819675e41⋯.jpg (50.84 KB, 540x297, 20:11, 2da5012a383afc53332edebe9d….jpg)

File: 5e438502bacdd47⋯.png (455.98 KB, 559x560, 559:560, 1493829035936.png)

File: c9852421fdee6c3⋯.jpeg (53.51 KB, 500x500, 1:1, b7e0e37677dbe5876a295ca1c….jpeg)

File: 3bf2ccb824d7358⋯.jpeg (170.28 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 92c588acb427c4e61a890b726….jpeg)

d08b97  No.904769

File: c41825f8c6041a2⋯.jpg (91.87 KB, 750x420, 25:14, rage after the storm.jpg)


Soyboys might be disgusting, but soygirls are the best kind of girls.

f04575  No.904770

File: a9de83f7267da6f⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.8 MB, 1283x722, 1283:722, dirty sanchez styx.png)

b3969c  No.904771


What about extortion?

7aed86  No.904772


because you're not buying his occult pamphlets

de44c1  No.904773


What the hell does Andy have that anyone would want to extort?

d08b97  No.904774


The only schoolarship of the occult that I need is the one that allows me to master Esoteric Sargonism.

b3969c  No.904776


Daddy's money? idk man

88a514  No.904777

File: fa5a5c290811da4⋯.png (164.99 KB, 384x323, 384:323, D21z76_XgAAi3a1.png)










9a26c6  No.904778

File: 1ad9b747e9fdae8⋯.jpg (62.98 KB, 350x350, 1:1, 1ad9b747e9fdae885311c937b3….jpg)


probably thinks that he saved money when he was popular but as most would know, Andy is a dopamine fiend so he has probably spent most of it, if not all of it.

That is assuming he has been hacked, I doubt it he wants some attention but does not know how to get it.

99bc19  No.904779

File: a11cd5202b04273⋯.png (44.81 KB, 546x320, 273:160, Capture _2019-05-23-00-39-….png)


f04575  No.904780

File: e1af10bd46ff15a⋯.jpg (192.53 KB, 369x489, 123:163, ralph --4.jpg)


ffffb0  No.904781



8eac00  No.904782

File: 6d27808aa0c2513⋯.gif (1.15 MB, 500x518, 250:259, You_cannot_grasp_the_true_….gif)




f04575  No.904783

File: e2c842039aca0be⋯.jpg (785.51 KB, 1806x1230, 301:205, Las_Vegas.jpg)



Sin City trips confirm

267f32  No.904784

File: a7e803bedd7d0eb⋯.png (526.43 KB, 780x435, 52:29, 1513466222755.png)

Dead thread Zoom won

Rleased audio that proves he is a pedo.

Find out his GF is a camwhore form Sweden.

His credit score is shit and a online lawyer is going after him.

Give up /cow/boys. Install Discord aand go on his channel!

d08b97  No.904785

File: 5405beafcf7e3d0⋯.png (46.61 KB, 546x320, 273:160, Capture__2019-05-23-02-39-….png)


Get on my level nerd

267f32  No.904786


Did i scare off the shitposters?

267f32  No.904790


Is it just me?

99bc19  No.904791

File: 41597160b093c2b⋯.jpg (98.3 KB, 800x680, 20:17, 41597160b093c2bee324cdfccb….jpg)

ded thred ded hobi

16d9cd  No.904792


go to fucking sleep

e2a9ec  No.904793


Only ded if you let it die.

267f32  No.904794

c38ea0  No.904795


DONGA LOST SLIGHTLY LESS THAN WARSKI 595030949031904091032030-0

267f32  No.904796

267f32  No.904797


sad thing is Tonka beat Andy in the end.

4ed2b3  No.904798

047438  No.904799


Warski was the one who organized and hosted the stream where they all shit on Rage to begin with. Fuck off EdgySphinx.

267f32  No.904800

I never thought Andy could lose to tonka.

He did it.

267f32  No.904801


True, Why bring styxx into it?

86d5ba  No.904802



267f32  No.904803

File: 43b2b1d0134880b⋯.gif (1.21 MB, 348x261, 4:3, Yea.gif)


54002b  No.904804

File: d18d69a01c0890e⋯.png (1.22 MB, 938x734, 469:367, ThisSargon'sGoneToHeaven.png)

86d5ba  No.904805


stop posting Venti

267f32  No.904807

File: b4e37fa94fc3921⋯.jpg (37.56 KB, 500x385, 100:77, monk.jpg)

07a598  No.904809

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


86d5ba  No.904810

File: 029dc9c7e154738⋯.jpg (205.34 KB, 705x640, 141:128, Untitled 0.jpg)

File: eb55baf76f25e8c⋯.jpg (59.71 KB, 848x183, 848:183, Untitled 1.jpg)

>Imagine being MundaneFatt

>bleeding subs every day for a year despite making 3 videos per day

267f32  No.904811


Damnit i don have venti to spaam.

Guess I dont give 2 shits about the thot.

f04575  No.904812

File: 5917ca6d917af83⋯.jpg (1.03 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1454592331302.jpg)

File: 74471b5dcd03feb⋯.jpg (106.57 KB, 447x443, 447:443, 74471b5dcd03feb90b92894bee….jpg)


267f32  No.904813

File: e5c8dd949be78ff⋯.jpg (27.56 KB, 497x662, 497:662, e5c8dd949be78fff17b72fb573….jpg)


Who bout a nintendo thot?

c38ea0  No.904814

File: 57a999c12d0a69f⋯.png (43.31 KB, 613x522, 613:522, Untitled.png)


4ed2b3  No.904815


What the hell kind of brag is that?

520681  No.904816

File: 41b5de0b17d92ee⋯.jpg (239.08 KB, 909x1200, 303:400, D4P1rt7XoAAjr9R.jpg)

File: d004247d2f6b8ae⋯.jpeg (142.48 KB, 577x764, 577:764, 5a7ad31d327a3.jpeg)

File: bfd938b2217a119⋯.jpg (159.01 KB, 844x1052, 211:263, goblin peeks.jpg)


Don't worry mate, I got you covered

91f44f  No.904817


>academic papers and books about a shitty tv show


3b1126  No.904818


Which Kraut dick rider are you and how asshurt are you over that guy to still bring him up literal years after he exposed Kraut for the retarded fraud that he is?

57f6fb  No.904819


I bet he feels good knowing he's not the bitch boy this time.

When Kraut fucks up again people will know.

c38ea0  No.904820


The Southern Kraut

Gunt and Tears

ea913a  No.904821

File: b9c2b873bf24c04⋯.png (13.51 KB, 255x250, 51:50, 040b624c18abf5b3721d840c5f….png)

267f32  No.904822


Fuck you nigger

f04575  No.904823

File: 655fa7ee4dc8963⋯.gif (373.66 KB, 189x150, 63:50, 869dc421.200x.gif)


Does PozzedBlogger know that kikes produced All in the Family? Does the Gunt know that no one care?

e2a9ec  No.904824


eat shit you racemixing piece of shit.

267f32  No.904825


/cow/ cares faggot

86d5ba  No.904826


267f32  No.904827


e2a9ec  No.904828


267f32  No.904829


cow is Satan

e2a9ec  No.904830



f04575  No.904831

File: 1e5b578764d85cc⋯.png (205.48 KB, 400x400, 1:1, jewcaesar187 400px.png)


Das rite

267f32  No.904832


Yea /cow/ isnt Bapht

61f60d  No.904833

File: 91d9fee1ee7ecbd⋯.png (93.09 KB, 210x259, 30:37, 1438664103976-0.png)


/cow is /intl/

be5942  No.904834

File: 054271e78af7947⋯.gif (1.94 MB, 500x333, 500:333, 054271e78af7947695e04bd073….gif)





you both need to leave

267f32  No.904835

86d5ba  No.904836

File: bbf4e504fccbf6f⋯.jpg (146.76 KB, 896x429, 896:429, Untitled 1.jpg)




267f32  No.904837



61f60d  No.904838


im jew

e2a9ec  No.904839


And you need to do what Benji did.

be5942  No.904840

File: c658320a30f3eca⋯.gif (2.42 MB, 425x256, 425:256, 42279ac384300e698be8e19aeb….gif)

e2a9ec  No.904841


How about I tell ya to eat shit and fucking die.

Are you listening tho? Im talking about benji.

07a598  No.904842

File: 5564ca07727caed⋯.jpg (43.79 KB, 800x600, 4:3, archie-bunker-all-in-the-f….jpg)


Mr. Bunker would have called the Gunt a meathead and wouldn't have allowed him in his home once he caught sight of jcaesar187's wife.

The only reason this faggot has seen every episode is he didn't have a job in the early 2000s and probably watched reruns all day on TV Land while his poor mother slaved away to put a roof over his head

267f32  No.904843

File: 0ce0cc84ba3551f⋯.png (967.58 KB, 906x859, 906:859, You.png)

I see.

911668  No.904844

File: dc1e194705280d2⋯.jpg (244.44 KB, 636x378, 106:63, ironyventi.jpg)


why is venti being courted by the spic brigade? are they creating a mutt faction of le internet memelords?

e2a9ec  No.904845


Im just hoping hes ok in taiwan or whatever. the guy was an honest human

267f32  No.904846



f04575  No.904847

File: 977e75fc653014e⋯.jpg (21.42 KB, 414x414, 1:1, ralph 99.jpg)


B-but Archie's son- in- law was a Jew, who was an unemployed, hippy, liberal arts student , and lived with him. My fetching Paki wife is getting a STEM degree and she doesn't live with me.

deabf5  No.904849


267f32  No.904850


destiny is here

51e645  No.904851

Why is the Gunt such a fucking loser? The Mandarr stream was nice surprise. Everyone expected Jim to have some dumb z celeb interview and instead we got photon pills. A good ending to something people didnt give a shit about besides Jim, and now the Gunt will find a way to fuck it up.

deabf5  No.904852


>and now the Gunt will find a way to fuck it up

what do you mean?

267f32  No.904853



07a598  No.904855


>Why is the Gunt such a fucking loser?

He cares only about money and his own popularity. Remember that fat kid in middle school that constantly attempted to hang around with the cool kids? Remember that fat white kid that used to listen to rap music and pretend to be a nigger? Remember how you could get the fat kid to embarrass himself in exchange for being his friend? That's jcaesar187.

d4dc44  No.904856


Same with Retardski. They are two sides of the same coin. Would probably kill a person if it meant Djimm mentioning them in a positive light.

a1662f  No.904857

File: d67b6e09a078765⋯.jpg (267.75 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, d67b6e09a07876574dbe75d0eb….jpg)



b39545  No.904858


Matt Forney?

520681  No.904861


I'm sure she's been in contact with Nick for a long time. They were in Charlottesville together with James Allsup.

ffffb0  No.904864


Can someone get this bitch acid attacked?

98f6f6  No.904865


Go choke on shit Goku

bd66bd  No.904866



520681  No.904867

File: 3799798382ae6be⋯.jpg (114.63 KB, 480x267, 160:89, sargen.jpg)


Woah, settle down bong. Shouldn't you be out voting?

17effe  No.904868

File: 44188a8279ac7bc⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1558238417308.png)

Very excited to see Sargon get PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD today, when do the election results come in?

2821d9  No.904869

File: 4b887cdc66d945b⋯.jpg (105.46 KB, 757x359, 757:359, Pepe Yummy symbol.jpg)

What is our boy Pepe so excited about, lads? Find out in the coming days…

ffffb0  No.904870


I'm from Flipland, but since NYC is infested with kebabs anyways, they should be notified. LOL

f04575  No.904871

File: eabb8a6f20bbcf9⋯.jpg (173.46 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Stardew-Valley_1.jpg)

File: 3b02acd5005d574⋯.png (388 B, 48x48, 1:1, .png)

9aeadf  No.904873


It's the /cow/ video game right?

Don't tease us like this anon

6430db  No.904875


>newfags can't write ВТFО


(((blue text either)))

2821d9  No.904877


Hehe. Good effort. That teardrop shape is kind of close. I'm a little worried…


Wrong anon. But Pepe's eyes are watering and he's grinning ear-to-ear.

f04575  No.904879


It's sap. but I'm assuming your's is n_.

ec2e4c  No.904880

File: 1b8cabf46277013⋯.jpg (174.39 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 1234321.jpg)

File: 1b8cabf46277013⋯.jpg (174.39 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 213554421.jpg)

File: 6020ebcdb9a00da⋯.jpg (176.07 KB, 1024x1820, 256:455, 231444321.jpg)

File: 76c1e5753b92409⋯.jpg (255.58 KB, 1242x1852, 621:926, 12311112333.jpg)

Would you, /cow/?

9aeadf  No.904881


>But Pepe's eyes are watering and he's grinning ear-to-ear.

It's flesh colored. So either the gunt, PPP's asshole, or Godwinsons ear

bb0755  No.904882

File: 7cf7b5e4eede232⋯.png (214.48 KB, 449x397, 449:397, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4dc6d52ca205886⋯.png (784.38 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, pedophile_gunt_colors.png)

f04575  No.904884

File: 6fbeb282ae52830⋯.jpeg (294.89 KB, 800x500, 8:5, vietgirl28.jpeg)


No, she looks Malay, the azn niggers.

6430db  No.904885


>not jap

disgusting and subhuman

9aeadf  No.904887

File: 38b5cee4fc5e073⋯.jpg (40.19 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 61324af419362ab87ccd54b893….jpg)



>cosplay thot

>apple products


>eyebrows to thicc

131987  No.904888

File: 549da9c8c9c4564⋯.png (453.13 KB, 756x533, 756:533, ClipboardImage.png)


Bavarian? what

2821d9  No.904889

File: a31eedf0858332e⋯.jpg (301.62 KB, 1163x706, 1163:706, gunt colored shirt.jpg)


Interesting. But would any of those excite Pepe?


Of course. But she looks Filipino or mixed asian of some sort. 3rd pic. Imagine putting in all that effort to make the costume and then taking a blurry picture of your cosplay.


Gunt colors.

6430db  No.904890


>Of course

>But she looks Filipino or mixed asian of some sort


ec2e4c  No.904891

6430db  No.904892


this changes everything, now I would!

f04575  No.904893

File: 7d6fe9de7a81947⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 275.49 KB, 358x388, 179:194, 1514439149481.png)


No legit wahmen are ever posted here.


bb0755  No.904894

Any anons have that tweet by Sargon where he said he'd pay Nora a visit while he was in town?

c962c9  No.904895

File: f7e4ab3d3c94da6⋯.jpg (27.63 KB, 483x396, 161:132, HUUUUUUUUUUAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA….jpg)


>/cow/ is the trenches on the frontline of the eceleb PR war

Pretty much, but they're too retarded to succeed in saving themselves.

911668  No.904896

File: fcc0692a37ab69e⋯.jpg (19 KB, 340x251, 340:251, sargon looking up ralph's ….jpg)

deabf5  No.904897


>you've probably had a somewhat pleasant conversation with kraut and the gunt on here in the same day.

Trout can barely speak english and Gunt posts like an absolute retard, all his visits here are well documented. So no.

9aeadf  No.904898

File: 5af73b9fa347dbb⋯.png (2.18 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, initial focus on the D.png)


>tranny btw

baa0a2  No.904899

File: 1af4abc6ef6b568⋯.png (314.42 KB, 398x600, 199:300, beardless Sargon.png)

Tomorrow, Sargon enters the MP's

4ed2b3  No.904900


I think I’m just gonna start shilling random unrelated e-celebs. Let’s see how many we can get sucked in here.

ec2e4c  No.904901


>What can you do?

simply bully everyone, no sacred cows etc etc

aa80ed  No.904902


Anyone have The Gunt flag?

ec2e4c  No.904903

File: f8651ddf8580678⋯.jpg (51.46 KB, 594x530, 297:265, 213333333333.JPG)

Noras new channel used to be Failure Accomplished

Is that interesting?


f04575  No.904904

File: 95182d12c4ca30b⋯.jpg (6.38 KB, 255x131, 255:131, gunt flag 001.jpg)

File: cf4c682bf346d0e⋯.jpg (335.81 KB, 1758x900, 293:150, gunt flag 002.jpg)

File: 8e92f3cf32881b0⋯.png (896 B, 1200x900, 4:3, gunt flag basic.png)

File: 827aa0cbda7f2b0⋯.png (492.56 KB, 960x720, 4:3, gunt flag.png)


There were a few.

bb0755  No.904906

File: 59d22bd053949ef⋯.png (590.45 KB, 859x624, 859:624, the_rapeman_of_the_uk2.png)

4ed2b3  No.904908

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


07a598  No.904909

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

6430db  No.904910

So is Carl Prime Minister of Britain already or what?

4ed2b3  No.904911


Sargon is king of the Western World you silly alt right collectivist

f04575  No.904912

File: e307a916faf41eb⋯.jpg (30.28 KB, 400x400, 1:1, D2UoG0cUgAAKDM3.jpg)



Salty Spencer the Montanan dandy on suicide watch.

911668  No.904913

File: e831a74413bffb7⋯.jpg (128.16 KB, 960x799, 960:799, RAPE SURGE.jpg)



6430db  No.904914

What will you do if he gets the queen to tweet about gamergate?

2ee311  No.904915

634738th for horsefuckery

48f0a7  No.904916


>isnt this shit just like chinese social score but with banks?

Sort of, keep in mind that America is run by bankers so that's where the priority lies.

97948b  No.904917

File: 7c0aee5c90fc7de⋯.jpg (17.36 KB, 391x323, 23:19, Nora Malik.jpg)


Strange how she uses her maiden name for a new email address in 2019….

48f0a7  No.904918


Louis le Vau aka 2821d9 just loves to bring him up to deflect from Sargon. Notice how he never mentions Sargon although it's the fucking Skeptic thread, even when Sargon is getting bent over and railed on live tv daily.

8eac00  No.904920

File: c07c8554c391069⋯.jpg (55.81 KB, 384x462, 64:77, Twitter.jpg)


037d35  No.904921

File: c298c23c58ebdb7⋯.png (101.66 KB, 320x298, 160:149, shortfatotaku DEVON DEL VE….png)


I knew it was the gypsy and his paypigs but i didn't know he deployed omega-list wannabe ecelebs too.

I wonder if "0 views" SFO is also running damage control for rapeman.

8401e4  No.904922

File: c01459e74af621b⋯.gif (48.66 KB, 531x325, 531:325, uh-oh.gif)

2ee311  No.904923

Did the European Elections start yet? Is there a livestream?

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