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File: 1469482728715.jpg (629.7 KB, 700x700, 1:1, mapmapmap.jpg)


Admin can be reached at cuteboysmap@gmail.com

VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE: https://cuteboy.world/ ←- New map managed by someone that isn't me. Don't yell at me if the anon running it doesn't add your marker.

Use the map to make friends or find another cute boy to be lewd with. Don't be shy! If you make a marker, the rest of the cute boys will make markers too.


NOTICE #1: Report people if they say they're under 18 or if they look underage. I can check their post history to see if they've ever said how old they are.

NOTICE #2: Report something if you don't like it. This doesn't mean I'm going to delete the post or the ban the person in question, but I will see it and do what I do. I get like one report a day so I just wanna make sure you're all comfy.

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btw check your email ! >.>

File: 1451293946379.jpeg (514.36 KB, 661x920, 661:920, Fuck Me.jpeg)


This thread is for posting pictures of yourself, asking for ratings, and trying to find people to have sex with. Don't make threads for this kind of stuff, you dummies.

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some time ago there was a thread with webms or gifs of cuties cumming

where is it? did it disappear?

I just love to cum at the same time as the cutie on the webm

File: 1453882730072.jpeg (49.92 KB, 249x501, 83:167, Sad.jpeg)


Lots of anons post about how they're feeling sad or how they don't have a boyfriend. So you can post about that kind of stuff here if you want! You should also try to cheer everyone in this thread up. That'd be nice.

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Everyone I meet on dating apps is either:

1. Too old and unattractive

2. Around my age but obsessed by sex and not nice

3. Already in a relationship

Where, oh where can I find a boyfriend my age that will appreciate my shy personality? ;_;

File: 4fa87e4bb1ffe9f⋯.png (471.8 KB, 795x1100, 159:220, Sweat.png)


Here we can try this since we have lots of these kinds of threads all the time.

If you need help becoming cute in any sorta way, you can ask questions in this thread and our resident qts will help you out probably.

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I honestly envy you. Try drinking a bit beforehand, it makes me last a bit longer. Weed may also help mostly for you to enjoy the after-orgasm sex. Also adderall but that shit's poison so no no dont do that actually it's a terrible idea holy shit


Old finnthread has been dead for ages and the scandinavia thread is dominated by swedes, so let us häve an suomalainen lanka for us suomalaisille pojuille

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Jösses :3






Manscape that crack!


File: 28951701db0c6a6⋯.jpg (35.48 KB, 950x535, 190:107, 27751588_186339735456808_8….jpg)

Discord-serveri suomalaisille femboylle! (Mukana myös muutama tytyilijä)

Juuri vähän aikaa sitten avattu ja erittäin rento ilmapiiri. Tervetuloa!

Linkki: /3zBY6w



Linkki ei toimi

File: 478380306f6d823⋯.jpg (128.12 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 1400927288527.jpg)


Post your ass / dick / body and I'll draw it.

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File: f81abce422dd826⋯.png (672.88 KB, 498x869, 498:869, draw7.PNG)


File: 30088f2f5a2ae63⋯.jpg (1.82 MB, 1944x2592, 3:4, butt.jpg)




mm I love it


File: d5ded0c4a6b957a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.63 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, DSCN2387.JPG)

File: a511a26ffcc2458⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.65 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, DSCN2388.JPG)

Pick whichever you wanna draw, OP


File: 21787d4edd2823e⋯.png (764.56 KB, 637x855, 637:855, draw8.PNG)

File: 81af14e2ee5fe8b⋯.jpg (511.26 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 1549833342840.jpg)


I have too many male features and its too much hassle for me to change my entire life around it, but I really wish I could just become like pic related in an instant

Ive only ever been attracted to girls IRL but I did actually get fucked by a tranny once, she was very dominant and it was one of the best experiences ive had,

How the fuck do I deal with this? Im not a tranny, but definitely have a sissy side

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The chastity cage helps with one of them for sure.



Care to post any pics on femboy aesthetics?



>ywn break a muscly chad and turn him into your personal sissy slut

Why even live






I'm actually talking to someone online about that exact thing… but it's basically my dream to be made into a sissy. Not a slut, but rather someone's personal sissy.

I'm only afraid that I won't be taken seriously though. I don't want to look like I shouldn't be wearing girls clothes.

File: 2938952f115d252⋯.jpg (43.69 KB, 735x701, 735:701, zbxvmjh0okb21.jpg)


I'm a feminine, gender nonconforming guy and I've been struggling with dating ever since I came out. Either guys just aren't attracted to me because I'm feminine (or look androgynous non-conforming) or they are closeted men who only want sex and bail the moment I try to get to know them.

The biggest thing I realized is that I've never had gay men interested in me. I was on POF (Plenty of Fish) about a month or two ago and I remember messaging about 15 or 20 gay men (or at least men who put Man Seeking Man) and not one replied back.

> How do you know it was because you're feminine?

Well on my profile, I have my pics and my look is well, feminine and androgynous but I also put in my profile that I'm more on the feminine side as I just feel it's better to be honest about that as to not waste anyone's time.

A lot of these closeted guys who expressed interest in me my whole dating life were bisexual and I never have had any gay guys into me before. But that experience of not having even one gay guy respond back just totally cemented it.

Sometimes I wonder if feminine guys can ever find love but I don't like generalizing because while dating is the pits for me, it could be different for another Feminine guy and I'd just like to hear from you guys and how the dating life has been for you.

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>I'm a feminine, gender nonconforming guy

>gender nonconforming

I think I found your problem



>my thoughts on this is to slowly fade to a more mature version of the same aesthetic. ditch the slim, femmy frame for a more toned, well built one. wear more shirts, wear smarter shoes, and most of all work on my mind so i can at least say i have something i didnt have at age 20 when i was at my cutest, a bit of wisdom and insight into the world around me.

My style is very darkly-inclined and it's going to stay that way when I get into my older age. I've seen enough examples from older women who manage to keep a dark look while looking prim and mature and I'm going to be following their examples and adapting their stuff into my own look.

As for my body, I already workout and I'm going to continue when I get older. Working at a gym and seeing older people come in who manage to retain a nice figure just makes me know it's possible to keep things up so I'll be continuing my regimen.


Uh yeah, I already acknowledged that it's most likely my sense of personal style that is detracting but I like what I like and I'm not going to dress in a way I don't like (in masculine fashion) and if it means that I'll most likely never find a guy so be it. Because changing myself drastically like that just to get a guy is not worth it and the relationship will only combust when I've had enough of suppressing my true likeness and if he can't accept me for who I truly am, it's just not a recipe for a good relationship.



honestly i've seen some fems in their mid/late 30s that still look incredible & it sounds like you take pretty good care of yourself already so unless you get really into meth over the next decade you're probably gonna stay cute for a good while.

>I'll be continuing my regimen.

could you share it?



Lol Yeah I'm not into drugs and I only drink Alcohol once in a blue moon so I'm not worried about following into drugs or alcoholic addictions.

As for my regimen well I mostly just focus on my lower body. I've been doing these workouts since 2013 and it's always been changing. Back in 2013-2014 I would workout Tuesday-Thursday but when I hit my plateau around 2016, I kicked back and now only do it Wednesday & Thursday.

I mostly do Squats, Sumo Squats, Pulse Squats, Donkey Kicks, Raised Donkey Kicks, Side Squats, Fire Hydrants, back lunges (Front lunges are just too uncomfortable so I do the back variation), Back Lunge Kicks, and Bridges

However I started working out at the gym using weight equipment towards the end of last year and I use the Seated Leg Press, Hip Abductors, Leg Extension, and sometimes the kickback machine.

For eating, I don't really follow a diet but what I do try is not to drink things like Soda until the weekend and don't go overboard and I learned how to cook some simple things like Sushi for example. But most importantly I try not to overeat, only eat when I feel really hungry and stop when I'm close to full. I've always been a thin guy and it's not easy for me to put weight on and I like this because I like being thin (though now stacked in the back lol) but I know that if I don't monitor my eating habits, I can probably balloon up so that's why I try my best to keep a handle on this.




Got any tips for a masc guy who leans older (26) but would love to be a sissy? I already lift (I haven't targeted any sort of aesthetic, it's making me more masc of course).

I watched this


And all I could imagine was being in his place.

File: 3e87ab7ecb44ba8⋯.jpg (9.45 KB, 224x225, 224:225, Z3ET.jpg)


How does /cuteboys/ feel about the idea of a white ethnostate?



Asia is a continent of ethnostates

Africa is a continent of ethnostates

South America is a continent of ethnostates

Why are North America and Europe not allowed to be ethnostates? Why are whites now allowed a right to their homelands? Why do we have to allow our demographic genocide as if its some eventuality and progress. Stop white genocide. Preserve white society and white homelands. Remember the 14 words.



Fucking this, it would be so much easier to find a bf in an /cuteboys/ ethnostate

fuck niggers and fuck women

File: 35c091b0b43273d⋯.jpg (248.19 KB, 1765x1200, 353:240, 1547513712964.jpg)


>no bf who will sit on my face

>no bf who will let me sit on his face

What does it feel like

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Yeah, I get what you mean. I'm not a very dominant person by nature either so that kind of thing is hard for me to do sometimes, but even though you're technically on top of him when he does that, I'd still consider you on the bottom since he's the one doing most of the work, so you could look at yourself as submissive in that particular situation.



i think i might get him to tie me up first so i cant escape, see if that makes it more fun



Mm, definitely sounds like it. Go for it, anon.


File: 1eefda0fdcea5e4⋯.mp4 (14.34 MB, 426x240, 71:40, Kingdom_Hearts_3_(Ending_C….mp4)

It smells like shit and AIDS stink, kind of like Kingdom Hearts 3's ending where everyone's favorite underage boyslut Sora seals away Xenahort and fucking dies after finding Kairi.



>people take this series seriously

File: 7d42efe8cc90cc3⋯.png (230.02 KB, 381x418, 381:418, 07839a67fc289022530b738fc0….png)


Tfw you're a cuteboy and you want to fuck other cute boys and you're married and your wife wants to fuck cuteboys with you but there are no cute boys who want to fuck cuteboys and their cute wives.

why god… shoutout to cuteboys who would want to get spitroasted by a cutecouple in texas

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Hey anon, I'm into it. kik- anonanon_2020




I wish I had even remembered this thread even existed until today then someone used my contact, if any of you are still real uh… hey



I'm interested, anon! Just be weary that i'm a little shy on the topic, but still interested! Just post something or some contact info so i'll know if you're still active or not!




Crap, forgot to reply to OP




we look at cuteboys every few months so you just caught us! my disord is already in the thread but its vegatables#1020 and my kik is thevegs. but reall y use discord cuz i have that on all my computers and tablets and ect. but yeah we're still alive and we're still into finding cuties cuz we've found very few over the years lol. hope you reply!

File: b1f98f1bf4a996b⋯.png (891.79 KB, 676x783, 676:783, Hooni2.png)


You'd think with how sexual faggots are, more of us would be into this kind of thing.

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Do you have kik? Or discord?


File: 33ef5de7bbbfab9⋯.jpg (26.73 KB, 392x600, 49:75, 1546585867500.jpg)



i'll give you discord here


File: 9f4fbbcc59091f7⋯.png (152.35 KB, 500x600, 5:6, 5f4c70b0b1e46dc92491ce622b….png)


I'm in Texas too, Anon. Houston by any chance?



get the pet on gibs, use his gibs to pay for your apartment, feed your pet nothing but your spunk and dogfood



File: ff21a4883f50a9d⋯.png (3.37 KB, 300x300, 1:1, neutrosis.png)


Anyone else feels like they don't belong to any gender? Or experience mild or severe genital dysphoria where they just want a flat front, without any features?

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What, do you think there’s a prescribed, sacred genital layout for agender people?



What, do you think there’s a prescribed, sacred genital layout for agender people and that anyone who doesn’t want it just “doesn’t count”?


As long as I’ve already accidentally posted twice I might as well add:


Nice slur, by the way.



which other boards, this is on the only active lgbt related board i could find on 8ch. (i cant post to 4chan in my country)



It is 4chan I was talking about, actually. I don't regularly use that site, but I have just ended up lurking /trash/ a bit lately. I might as well link my posts: https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/20460371/#20540014

>turns out I've used the exact same image here that I used a month ago there

How 'bout that.

File: 43cfc5c8596b3d4⋯.jpg (426.18 KB, 540x879, 180:293, 1544518211557.jpg)


I've always had a fetish for seeing twinks shirtless. Obesity and body/facial hair is just a turn off for me though.

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File: a8f69d7c6de2731⋯.jpg (50.35 KB, 753x638, 753:638, Capture.JPG)



beautiful tummy anon


File: d386724250d283f⋯.jpg (266.49 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, captrue.jpg)


thanks fren


File: 73917ff717afeab⋯.png (340.2 KB, 499x583, 499:583, 1341522090135.png)




File: 15f2db94af6d25f⋯.jpg (26.08 KB, 808x606, 4:3, ttpj.jpg)

I can share.

File: b1d9f1b78443039⋯.jpg (426.69 KB, 1358x905, 1358:905, San-Francisco-Silicon-Vall….jpg)


Because the old one seems to be borked since the hack.

nth for Bay Area cuties.

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Back Again


Anybody near Sunnyvale, Cali? kik is: Marinaexe





Also 714! If anyone here is looking for a top or some group action I'm down! Not a cuteboy but I met one here about a year ago and fucked his brains out, was a real good experience.


Anybody in Altadena? Bored and looking for fun.

Kik me R0land_D3schain



Yes! Email me pls

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