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To get the most out of this board, use these links to get where you want to go.

Please do not use this board for advertising!

Use the suggestion thread to ask for a board being added: we have >>>/boards/ for board advertising!

>>88 - Suggest a board

>>214 - Board Reviews

>>632 - /dir/ meta thread

>>160 - Anime, Manga, and Japanese/Otaku Culture

>>89 - Arts, Sciences, and Libraries/Filesharing

>>78 - Gaming

>>73 - General Discussion and Miscellaneous

>>72 - Hobbies

>>71 - Lifestyles

>>650 - Meta/Site Discussion and Imageboard Culture

>>70 - Non-English, Multilingual, Region-Specific

>>69 - Politics, News, Religion, and Activism

>>653 - Pornography - General

>>696 - Pornography - Sexual Interests and Niches

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General Discussion

>>>/a/ - Animu and Mango

>>>/animu/ - Anime & Otaku Culture

Topical Discussion

>>>/2hu/ - Touhou

>>>/ausneets/ - Aus NEETs (Australian NEETs board)

>>>/cute/ - Cute/2D

>>>/desu/ - Desu

>>>/hikki/ - Hikikomori (Hikikomori-only discussion)

>>>/imas/ - 2D idols

>>>/jp/ - The Last Bastion of VIP

>>>/lovelive/ - School Idol Appreciation and Discussion (bilingual - English/Spanish)

>>>/m/ - Mecha and Toku

>>>/maka/ - Maka (various mangas chapters dump/discussion - see >>>/maka/3765 for a full list)

>>>/miku/ - Miku (and all other Vocaloids, UTAUs, etc.)

>>>/otomad/ - OtoMADs and YTPMVs

>>>/rec/ - Weeb Help & Recommendations

>>>/scenic/ - anime /c/ute in landscape

>>>/teto/ - Teto and Friends

>>>/u/ - Yuri

>>>/w/ - Anime Wallpapers

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Arts and Humanities

>>>/art/ - Art & Creative

>>>/film/ - ▶️ F I L M ᴴᴰ

>>>/his/ - History

>>>/lang/ - Languages

>>>/lit/ - Literature

>>>/loomis/ - Art Gains

>>>/philosophy/ - Philosophy


>>>/biz/ - Business and Finance

>>>/g/ - Technology

>>>/hover/ - Hovercraft and Advanced Technology

>>>/poltech/ - Political technology

>>>/prog/ - Programming

>>>/sci/ - Science and Mathematics

>>>/tech/ - Technology

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Archives, Libraries and Filesharing

>>>/file/ - Files

>>>/freedu/ - Free Education

>>>/fs/ - FileSharing

>>>/pdf/ - Books

>>>/pdfs/ - 8chan's largest library

>>>/polarchive/ - polarchive

>>>/t/ - Torrents and Trackers

>>>/tdt/ - Now Under /pdfs/ control…again

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General Video Game Discussion

>>>/games/ - Vidya, Tabletops, Games of All Kinds (/tg/+/v/)

>>>/svidya/ - Strictly Vidya Games

>>>/v/ - Video Games

>>>/v8/ - Vidya Gaems + Cutting Edge News!

>>>/vg/ - Actual Vidya Games

Game Servers, Guilds, and Clans

>>>/civ/ - Political Minecraft Autism (Minecraft server)

>>>/polandcraft/ - Political Experiments Autismcraft (Minecraft server)

>>>/radcorp/ - Radical HQ (/v/'s weekend vidya planning)

Topical Video Game Discussion/Development

>>>/1cc/ - Arcade and Doujin (Arcade hardware and Arcade games discussion)

>>>/agdg/ - Amateur Game Development General

>>>/fast/ - Sonic the Hedgehog

>>>/fighters/ - Fighting games

>>>/hgg/ - Hentai Games General

>>>/htg/ - Harlot Trainer General (Discuss and Develop Porn Games)

>>>/imas/ - 2D idols

>>>/liru/ - The Liru Project

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>>>/mtt/ - MTT Inc. (Undertale)

>>>/nep/ - Hyperdimension Neptunia

>>>/poke/ - Pokémon

>>>/scurv/ - Vidya Piratin'

>>>/senran/ - Senran Kagura

>>>/sl/ - Second Life

>>>/tes/ - The Elder Scrolls Discussion

>>>/tg/ - Traditional Games

>>>/ttgg/ - TellTale Games

>>>/underground/ - The Underground (Undertale)

>>>/vm/ - Video Game Modding

>>>/vir/ - Virtual Reality

>>>/vr/ - Retro Games

>>>/xivlg/ - Final Fantasy XIV Lewdposting (circlejerk)

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>>>/1/ - Random

>>>/b/ - Random

>>>/bunker/ - ₮ⱧɆ ฿Ʉ₦₭ɆⱤ


>>>/general/ - Cancer General

>>>/int/ - International (International-centered general discussion)

>>>/nothingness/ - The Void

>>>/r9k/ - ROBOT∞

>>>/s8s/ - Sh*t 8chan Says

Not shitpost-friendly

>>>/4am/ - Losing control

>>>/girltalk/ - Girl Talk

>>>/kind/ - Random Acts of Kindness

>>>/late/ - Late Nights

>>>/v9k/ - Virgin9000


>>>/soc/ - Social

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>>>/4chon/ - the Famous Dead Neo-Nazi Imageboard

>>>/animus/ - Avatarfag Circlejerk

>>>/imouto/ - Discussion (circlejerk)

>>>/lewd/ - Circlejerks (circlejerk, lewds allowed)

>>>/lounge/ - Lounge (avatars, tripcodes friendly community)

>>>/tripfriend/ - tripfriend (trip-friendly circlejerk)

>>>/v4c/ - Vidya4Chan (CyTube community)

>>>/xivlg/ - Final Fantasy XIV Lewdposting (circlejerk)


>>>/f/ - flash

>>>/fanfic/ - Fan Fiction

>>>/r/ - Request

>>>/test/ - Test Board

>>>/sauce/ - Sauce Finder

>>>/w/ - Anime Wallpapers

>>>/webm/ - WebM

>>>/wg/ - Wallpapers/General

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General Discussion

>>>/biz/ - Business and Finance

>>>/ck/ - Food & Cooking

>>>/co/ - Comics & Cartoons

>>>/fa/ - Fashion

>>>/hamradio/ - Electronics (electronics, tinkering, radio, amateur radio, and related electromagnetic phenomena discussion)

>>>/k/ - Weapons

>>>/mu/ - Music

>>>/o/ - Auto

>>>/t/ - Torrents and Trackers

>>>/tv/ - Television and Movies

Web Games and Roleplaying

>>>/builders/ - Hero and Nation Builders!

>>>/fapioh/ - Fapioh!

>>>/secretrule/ - Certified Autism

General Roleplaying

>>>/123456789012345678901234567890/ - Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3 (MLP Roleplaying)

>>>/cyoa/ - Choose Your Own Adventure

>>>/erp/ - Erotic Roleplay

>>>/gtpone/ - Greentext Pone

>>>/pretend/ - Pretending to be a girl

>>>/quests/ - Quests & Forum Games

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Shows, Movies, and Series

>>>/doctorwho/ - Doctor Who

>>>/fluffy/ - Fluffy Shitpost Central

>>>/frz/ - Frozen General


>>>/pone/ - My Little Pony

>>>/rwby/ - RWBY

>>>/sugen/ - Steven Universe General

>>>/startrek/ - Star Trek

>>>/strek/ - Star Trek

>>>/sw/ - Star Wars

Topical Discussion

>>>/agatha2/ - ORBITER GAS CHAMBER

>>>/awyattmann/ -

>>>/bmn/ - Bad Movie Night

>>>/cyber/ - Cyberpunk & Science Fiction

>>>/f1/ - Formula One

>>>/film/ - ▶️ F I L M ᴴᴰ

>>>/hydrus/ - Hydrus Network

>>>/kpop/ - KPOP

>>>/out/ - Outdoors

>>>/scifi/ - Science Fiction & Fantasy

>>>/swc/ - shittywebcomics

>>>/tulpa/ - Tulpa

>>>/wooo/ - Pro Wrestling

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Web Culture and Memes

>>>/bane/ - Big Guys

>>>/baphomet/ - Raids and lulz

>>>/cow/ - Lolcows (Four years on 8chan!)

>>>/cure/ - Save us Cure-Chan!

>>>/ebola/ - Ebola (Ebola-chan)

>>>/hwndu/ - He Will Not Divide Us

>>>/just/ - FUCK MY SHIT UP

>>>/kkkmoon/ - WhiteTopia

>>>/vivian/ - Vivian James

Health and Self-Improvement

>>>/adv/ - Advice

>>>/doomer/ - Doomers Club

>>>/fit/ - Fitness, Health, Exercise, Dieting, etc

>>>/improve/ - Self Improvement

>>>/mental/ - Mental Health, Illnesses and Disorders

>>>/nofap/ - Fappers Anonymous

>>>/suicide/ - Suicide Tips & Tricks


>>>/agatha/ - Agatha Discussion and Shitposting

>>>/anita/ - Anita Sarkeesian

>>>/ashleyj/ - Ashley Jones Discussion and More

>>>/boxxy/ - Boxxy/Catie Wayne

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>>>/jenny/ - Jenny Nicholson

>>>/joosten/ - Stefanie Joosten

>>>/mai/ - Waifu (2D only waifus)

>>>/robowaifu/ - DIY Robotic Wives (Robot waifu making discussion)

>>>/roze/ - randytaylor69

Gender and Sexuality/Fetishes Discussion

>>>/abdl/ - Adult Baby - Diaper Lover

>>>/asmr/ - Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

>>>/brains/ - Neurophilia

>>>/cuckquean/ - Women Sharing Their Men

>>>/femdom/ - Femdom

>>>/sapphic/ - Sapphic Dreams

>>>/slob/ - Slob Fetish

>>>/tingles/ - ASMR & gf simulation

>>>/xmeta/ - Pornography Discussion

Legal Activities Discussion

>>>/drugs/ - Drug use and discussion

Fringe Movements/Thinking/Occultism

>>>/fringe/ - Fringe

>>>/occult/ - Occult

>>>/wrol/ - Without Rule of Law - SHTF

>>>/x/ - Paranormal

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Site Discussion/Board Advertising

>>>/boards/ - 8chan Boards

>>>/dir/ - 8chan's Board Directory

>>>/infinity/ - Infinity Never (board associated with the public mod account)

>>>/sudo/ - 8chan Tech Support (official meta board, owned by Codemonkey, 8chan's Admin)

Important: don't ask or complain for non-global mods/BOs behaviour on /sudo/!

Unless they break the Global Rule, Codemonkey won't help you. See the FAQ - http://oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onion/faq.html#help-the-owner-of-x-board-is-doing-something-i-dont-like-remove-him

Remember: all boards on 8chan are operated independently by individual board owners and mods; 8chan's administration has nothing to do with the single boards moderation.

Imageboard Culture/News

>>>/irc/ - 4chan Janitor Logs (leaked 4chan janitor logs from 2011 to early 2015)

>>>/newspaper/ - 8chan Newspaper Bunbunmaru (chans culture/news)

Board-specific Discussion

>>>/ameta/ - /a/ Meta Discussion

>>>/metav/ - /v /Meta Discussion

>>>/polmeta/ - /pol/ Meta Discussion

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Non-English/Multilingual Boards

>>>/27ch/ - 27chan (Brazilian Portuguese)

>>>/arepa/ - Venezuela ★ (Spanish, Venezuela)

>>>/argentina/ - Observatorio del INADI (Spanish, Argentina)

>>>/avatarchan20/ - Avatar Chan (English/Portuguese, tripcode only)

>>>/balt/ - Baltics (English/Estonian/Latvian/Lithuanian)

>>>/dempart/ - Blabla général (French)

>>>/cafechan/ - Кафе (Russian)

>>>/choroy/ - Choroy Pride (Spanish, Chile)

>>>/egy/ - Edgyptians (Arabic, Egypt)

>>>/esperanto/ - Verda-Chan (Esperanto)

>>>/espichan/ - (Spanish)

>>>/heilvasky/ - nech sa páčí do plynu (Slovak)

>>>/israel/ - Israel

>>>/ita/ - Sezione Italiana - Boia Chi Molla (Italian)

>>>/kocsog/ - KÖCSÖG (Hungarian)

>>>/magali/ - Magalichan (Portuguese)

>>>/misr/ - /مصر/ (Arabic, Egypt)

>>>/pinoy/ - The Most Powerful Race in the World (English/Tagalog)

>>>/rzabczan/ - Rzabczan (Polish)

>>>/russian/ - russian

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English, but Region- or Country-specific Boards

>>>/aus/ - Australia

>>>/canada/ - Canada

>>>/britfeel/ - Feel Britannia

Non-English/Multilingual/Country-like Niche Boards

>>>/1825/ - Blabla 18-25 ans (French)

>>>/55ch/ - 55ch (Spanish, bunker of 55chan.org)

>>>/cicachan/ - Cica chan (Spanish anime board)

>>>/dcaco/ - dcinside aco (Korean, japanese/western animation pornography)

>>>/feri/ - /cica/ (Hungarian kemono art/furry board)

>>>/flutter/ - A board for polish MLP fans (Polish)

>>>/had/ - HädD 2.0 (Slovak /pol/ discussion board)

>>>/hkpol/ - 香港政治版 Hong Kong politics (Chinese)

>>>/kc/ - Krautchan (English, but with Krautchan personality)

>>>/lippe/ - GIDF HQ (German /pol/ discussion board)

>>>/lovelive/ - School Idol Appreciation and Discussion (English/Spanish)

>>>/mascot/ - DC Mascot / Monster Gallery (Korean mascot/monster porn)

>>>/sonyeon/ - 소년 8챈 (Korean shotacon board)

>>>/turul/ - turul 8 (Hungarian anime board)

>>>/vichan/ - Śmieszne obrazki (Polish, bunker of vichan.net)

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General News and Politics

>>>/midpol/ - Politically (Mis)Informed (Centrist)

>>>/n/ - News

>>>/new/ - News, Politics, and Current Events

>>>/newspaper/ - 8chan Newspaper Bunbunmaru (8chan/imageboards-related news)

>>>/newsplus/ - News +

>>>/pol/ - Politically Incorrect

>>>/realnews/ - REAL NEWS


>>>/asatru/ - Asatru / Heathenry / Paganism

>>>/christ/ - Christian Discussion and Fellowship

>>>/christian/ - Christian Discussion and Fellowship

>>>/islam/ - 8ch Masjid

>>>/lds/ - Latter-day Saints

>>>/rel/ - Religion

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Activist Movements and Topical Boards

>>>/32/ - Psychopolitics

>>>/ancap/ - Anarcho-Capitalism

>>>/anarcho/ - Anarchism Board

>>>/bmw/ - The Bureau of Memetic Warfare

>>>/brit/ - /Brit/pol

>>>/gamergatehq/ - The GamerGate Headquarters

>>>/leftpol/ - Left Politics

>>>/leftypol/ - Leftist Politically Incorrect

>>>/leftyweebpol/ - 2D/Leftist

>>>/liberty/ - Liberty

>>>/marx/ - Marxism

>>>/meadhall/ - Hall of the Ancestors

>>>/mgtow/ - Men Going Their Own Way

>>>/monarchy/ - Past, Present, and Future

>>>/newbrit/ - /brit//politics/

>>>/rolo/ - Codename: R O L O D E X

>>>/zenpol/ - Stopping the Cuckwagon, Saving the West

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>>>/s/ - Sexy Beautiful Women

>>>/wx/ - Degenerate Central


>>>/hentai/ - Hentai

>>>/hentaiporn/ - HentaiPorn (Hentai or Cartoon Porn)

>>>/kaatyuun/ - kaatyuun

Gay-Centered Porn

>>>/cuteboys/ - Boypussy

>>>/gachi/ - Gachihomo | Gachimuchi | Bara

>>>/y/ - Yaoi

Lesbian-Centered Porn

>>>/u/ - Yuri

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General Discussion

>>>/d/ - Hentai/Alternative

>>>/rule34/ - Rule34 (If it exists, there's porn of it.)

Topical Discussion

>>>/abdl/ - Adult Baby - Diaper Lover

>>>/ara/ - 2D MILFs & Mature Women

>>>/bbw/ - Big Beautiful Women

>>>/beast/ - Bestiality & Zoophilia Art

>>>/chaos/ - Monster Alternative

>>>/clang/ - Robo/Mech/Cyborg Porn

>>>/delicious/ - Cake (Western lolis only)

>>>/feet/ - Feet

>>>/fukemo/ - Straight Furry Board

>>>/fur/ - Furry

>>>/gfd/ - Role Reversal and Gentle Femdom

>>>/gts/ - Giantess

>>>/hnt/ - Huge Natural Tits

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>>>/horse/ - Horse Appreciation

>>>/hypno/ - Hypnochan

>>>/in/ - Incest

>>>/inflation/ - Inflation Fetishes

>>>/interracial/ - Interracial

>>>/jewess/ - Jewish Girls

>>>/kemono/ - Kemono Art

>>>/loli/ - Lolis (Japanese anime/video game lolis only)

>>>/milf/ - MILFs

>>>/monster/ - The Last Bastion of Romance

>>>/pee/ - Peeing

>>>/pussyenvy/ - Pussy Envy/Ballbusting

>>>/spank/ - Spanking

>>>/ss/ - Straight Shotacon

>>>/stockings/ - GARTERBELTS suspenders & stockings xxx

>>>/tf/ - Transformation & Transgender

>>>/tk/ - Tickling

>>>/trap/ - Traps

>>>/vore/ - Vore Board

>>>/vp/ - Vidya Gaem Porn

>>>/wmafsex/ - White Male Asian Female sex

>>>/zoo/ - Zoophilia

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Ask in this thread for a board to be added to the list.

Remember the general rule: boards generally should have more that 800 posts and show activity in within the last week to be added. I can make exceptions, though.

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New board for the Sexual Interests and Niches thread.


It's for demon porn, unsurprisingly.


/b2/ should be listed as another random board considering it overtook /b/ a week ago.




>>>/christianity/ is a top 10 worksafe board



>How do you all think I should handle slow/abandoned boards?

slow boards can still have good stuff in them


>>>/b2/ is missing


8 posts omitted. Click reply to view.







Brand new meta thread.

If you want any changes to the board itself or have any questions, talk about it here.

Board updates are listed at >>177 if you wanna see them.

36 posts omitted. Click reply to view.
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Finally got around adding all the boards that needed it.

If I missed something, point it out either here or in the boards suggestion thread.



Hi. Please, add to http://oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onion/dir/res/70.html#70 this:

>>>/russia/ - Россия (Russian)

Thanks. Bye.


Owner of /lounge/

I would like /lounge/ to be added on /dir/, please.

The category is

General Discussion




Forgot to add a link



pleas add >>>/pol02/

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