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game devving

File: 4f6b2341ad91773⋯.jpg (41.77 KB, 720x886, 360:443, large (1).jpg)


this board will remain like a true doomer - dead and empty inside

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I'm in the same position man. I initially applied for jobs that I was qualified for, but had to keep on lowering my standards when no one wanted me. I have no idea what to do either and am currently just relying on my savings to get by.


The job market in aus is over-saturated, especially for medium and entry level positions. Reason being is that college is very affordable and boomers have lots of wealth so university is a option for almost everyone. The result of this being that the market is flooded with kids with useless degrees. My city has tens of thousands of unemployed psychology majors. The average age children leave the home in my city is currently 26. Once I get a stable job I'll have to pick up some trade that is actually in demand.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


we have one for books and movies

I'll start. can't get anymore bleak than this:

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YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I think dreampop and shoegazing are the most depressing genres in a perverse way.

File: 5af1d8d018166ed⋯.jpg (11.38 KB, 279x181, 279:181, nedlasting.jpg)



Let's make a thread about video games with /doomer/ themes for example:






-Mental illness

-Drug use


-Fucked up kinks

-Inner conflicts

I'll start off with Drakengard Part Un:

>MC is a psychopath, devoid of any feelings except for anger and bloodlust

>Goddess is being hunted down by greedy humans

>Party member has his entire village destroyed and family murdered, just to be mocked by local fairies

>Goddess' childhood friend is deeply obsessed with her but completely ashamed to accept it, gets psychologically tortured by his inner self

>Federation's religious leader is a closeted pedophile

>Every warrior has to sacrifice something to astral demons in order to keep fighting for what they believe in (Be it your vision or ability to speak)

>Dragon wifey deeply hates humans and is forced to go along with MC's psycho party

>MC does not really care about his sister despite he desperately tries to convince himself that he does, he just sees her survival as a justification for his murderous fetishism


File: 8cf02d0ad3f4ca5⋯.jpeg (55.55 KB, 616x353, 616:353, 70db8ee6787d5220426afdc5d….jpeg)

Hotline Miami (1 & 2)

>basically every characters story has a bad ending

>the fans get killed during a raid

>The son kills himself during a drug fueled rampage

>Richter gets killed by jacket

>the fans beat the henchman to death with a pipe in a club

>Jake gets used and later killed by a secret organisation

>Martin brown gets accidentally killed by a gun while on a movie set

>Beard, Manny pardo, Evan and the rest of the Vietnam crew and people i forgot to mention all end up dying in a nuclear holocaust at the end of the second game

The entire game is like a build up of hope that the characters will eventually achieve what they've been working for through out the entire story, but in the end its just all a miserable compilation of failure and death, for every single character in the series.

File: 079c8f873367bf1⋯.jpg (236.41 KB, 990x1404, 55:78, winona rfioufbhf.jpg)


greentext a typical day in the life. i'll do yesterday

>up at 430am

>cold outside, warm up van, scrape ice off windshield

>go to gym, full body weight session, alone, /comfy/ thank God no spics or niggers

>tired when i get home

>skip shower and watch tv on couch. show about police chases

>make mac&cheese broccoli and ground turkey


>go on computer till 730pm, same cycle of websites over and over

>avoid reading, writing or anything meaningful

>neighbor moving out, please God dont let spics or niggers move in next door

>try to start call with group of friends, no one answers

>finally get 1 person on the line

>good because i really didnt want to drink tonight

>get tired

>watch the same old movie to go to sleep

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Oh God, I remember *reading* about that dog and getting my eyes teary already. I have downloaded Hachiko Monogatari but I'm afraid I'll end up crying like a little bitch if I watch it.


I'm getting really sick and tired of this and I don't know why is my only reaction anger

>talked to a friend, we haven't seen each other in maybe 1 year or so, same age as me

>we talked about random bullshit but then I asked her how's life

>this lovely girl brutally told me how she is nothing but getting more and more disappointed and depressed

>has a job she hates

>her only joy is to visit family once in a month

>no real purpose, no vision to life, no goals, no hobbies

>I can't really help her since, fuck, I'm in the same shit

>worst part: nothing changed for both of us since we spoke last time

I really don't know how I could encourage her while all I had back in my head at that moment was this mental spreadsheet of blackpills. I remember how she told me last time we talked together that she wants to have family but yet she seems like she has no willpower to actually pursue this goal, and she is pretty, like that's not the issue here. So that was my day. Yet another day where I got mad at the niggerlicious existence, and this hate became the only thing which is pushing me from day to day. I'm starting to have enough of it.



>wake up



>have coffee



>go on computer





>take a bath









>coffee again


>vape maybe












>go to sleep




You really in syria or just a cheap vpn?



Can we see Barsik?

File: 5af1d8d018166ed⋯.jpg (11.38 KB, 279x181, 279:181, nedlasting.jpg)


Let's make a thread about video games with /doomer/ themes for example:






-Mental illness

-Drug use


-Fucked up kinks

-Inner conflicts

I'll start off with Drakengard Part Un:

>MC is a psychopath, devoid of any feelings except for anger and bloodlust

>Goddess is being hunted down by greedy humans

>Party member has his entire village destroyed and family murdered, just to be mocked by local fairies

>Goddess' childhood friend is deeply obsessed with her but completely ashamed to accept it, gets psychologically tortured by his inner self

>Federation's religious leader is a closeted pedophile

>Every warrior has to sacrifice something to astral demons in order to keep fighting for what they believe in (Be it your vision or ability to speak)

>Dragon wifey deeply hates humans and is forced to go along with MC's psycho party

>MC does not really care about his sister despite he desperately tries to convince himself that he does, he just sees her survival as a justification for his murderous fetishism

File: d030538bdcb44a3⋯.jpg (42.79 KB, 720x720, 1:1, d030538bdcb44a3ecbca1817b2….jpg)

File: 38c47d85f0b69e1⋯.jpg (25.95 KB, 960x771, 320:257, 22089800_817667408413563_1….jpg)

File: 4217c5ec943a26a⋯.jpg (36.5 KB, 500x625, 4:5, tumblr_oo61iqyaLH1tsszw2o1….jpg)

File: 37c37116e1b7c44⋯.jpg (24.19 KB, 564x564, 1:1, 9635fd4facf2edf71bdc065ae8….jpg)


This is a thread for patricians to share and discuss goth bitches and other related shit (art, dark photography, cool music, cringy poetry, edgy fashion, anime and waifus, film, etc…)

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also, trap knowers: notice the hands of giant


File: 9534c9c145d152f⋯.jpg (10.51 KB, 235x235, 1:1, 35f4bf463c2a0bf454f7c8d1aa….jpg)

File: a2709d38f768e94⋯.jpg (125.72 KB, 720x960, 3:4, fdc069397e86590cbdfccd79ae….jpg)


File: 13d4615f6c5142c⋯.jpg (59.95 KB, 640x791, 640:791, 9ec8751da982aac1d926bbeda2….jpg)

File: aee910b0679daff⋯.jpg (48.99 KB, 640x634, 320:317, 9e3a6f074dbe0b3b1c9bc593a3….jpg)


Here's the thing:

1) Goth is an extremely White/European style, sure you have a few token muds but they're basically reverse wiggers.

2) Ghostly pale skin, light eyes and raven black hair is an incredibly attractive combination.

3) Slightly less degenerate than other more popular urban styles like hiphop, raver, etc. Although doesn't hold a candle to country girls (kind of, lately meth is really fucking up the community… but meth is less common in the west than in the east so I don't see it as much where I live).


File: 1d0f7339f7d73df⋯.jpg (78.1 KB, 717x889, 717:889, 6c7601b26133029458ff6a15b0….jpg)

File: 6b21b5377a37ece⋯.jpg (67.81 KB, 736x981, 736:981, bad54a4762dd23fdbcaa99ea74….jpg)

File: bd28dc0f8b39c3e⋯.png (344.17 KB, 503x2420, 503:2420, 1552738022164.png)


I've been single for 7 years. Once I fell into depression I could no longer be around peoe, let alone get a girlfriend. I'm approaching 30 now and things aren't looking any better.

What's going to happen to me? Do people really die alone?

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Well, if you had an average social life up until 23, you're probably not that far off from average in your socialization. All you need to do in that case is starting to go places (ideally with friends if you have them) and talk to girls.

If you didn't have an average social development during your teens though, you're probably fucked for life since you can't really replace the socialization of every day being in the same room with 30 people, all of whom are in the exact same stage of life as you, and later starting to learn how to make friends outside of that in college when everyone was doing that.

If the latter applies, PUA may help in getting pussy. Establishing relationships is probably not going to happen though, unless you happen to find a girl that has similar problems.


File: cd5fd18ddada3fd⋯.png (56.87 KB, 1126x400, 563:200, vipqualitygraph.png)


nearly every girl (woman) that I've interacted with from 4ch or other image boards has been very weird in some way. I've learned to avoid them because they usually have a plethora of problems and personality issues.

reason why is pic related. there is a normal spread of "societal/moral divergence" among the sexes, with men being on average less "moral" (can't think of the word for it rn) than women. different websites/interests have thresholds for attraction (consider porn and politics; most people watch porn yet only the most extreme are into scat and many people are conservatives yet only the most extreme are die hard stormfags). for a girl to be on 4ch they have to be pretty divergent from the average female population, and thus more likely to have personality issues. because of the shape of the bell curve, the more autism required for an interest/site, the fewer the users and lower the ratio of males:females. this is why the most autistic boards never see female posters (1chan.net, wizchan(if rules allowed it))



>nearly every girl (woman) that I've interacted with from 4ch or other image boards

Okay, let me get this straight. Girls on imageboards are actually girls (male), so no wonder they were weird in some way and personality issues.



again not sure if I used the right words for the horizontal axis, but you guys should get the idea. most shut in otaku are male, most school shooters are male and in general people on the extremes of society (on most regards) are male. whatever allows for this phenomenon is what I'm trying to measure by horizontal axis



If you've ever been with a blonde as fuck girl, it can be pretty cool. Waking up in the morning and the sunbeams are reflecting off the hairs on her stomach and eyelashes and they glow like they're made of gold is really frigging cute. How their faces get all red when they orgasm.

File: 99589c6f1d9e78a⋯.png (74.11 KB, 960x720, 4:3, single mother.png)


any fellow fuckups raised by single mother here? Im seeing this shit celebrated in the media as female bravery and it absolutely pisses me off.

It's guaranteed that your child will end up as either doomer or some violent druggie or in case of women, as a loose thot with daddy issues.

My father left us when he was 3 for some old ass cunt, and my mother began drinking after that and developed severe mental issues. It fucked me up for life and seeing this shit on the rise makes me feel bad for all these potential normal lifes that are being ruined for selfish reasons. Western world deserves nothing but Nuclear Holocaust.

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>Reality is as usual, somewhere around the middle

I used to think like that until I saw the statistics: most of the time is the woman who initiates divorce, 80% they get the kids (or higher depending of the country) and not only you have to pay child support but also alimony even if she has a job. Reasons like those is why I'm not getting hitched, not mgtow I simply cant afford to go through that shit and at this point idgaf about marriage anyway, and so do most women apparently.

But at least I'm not canadian: over there just cohabitation for say 2 weeks can be considered as marriage by the courts so you end up paying alimony to some cunt you let crash in your sofa. Reminds me of that yank who had to pay child support for fucking sperm he donated, or the frenchies who can't get a fucking paternity test or else they go to jail.

A few cases of asshole dads does not change the fact that the odds are against men.

>there might be strong connection with fatherless families and children having gender/sexuality issues. Not just that but also sexual deviancy, etc.

Theres a huge Munchhausen-by-proxy thing there, lots of single moms who want to win social media points by saying their kids are whatever-sexual and forcing them into HRT in the vain hope that they'll get an interview in the local TV station or some other little pointless shit thats nothing compared to ruining the life of their children.

>Girls have it more complicated

Not really, most actually regret not having a father so actually value marriage more so their kids wont go through the same shit. Others are more fucked up and date older guys, so ymmv. But boys get it worse, specially if the single mom wanted a girl………..

>Unfortunately we are lacking this.

Indeed, Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



>I used to think like that until I saw the statistics

You know what my problem is? I personally really don't care that much because I think this problem goes higher than just about if man or woman is to blame. Makes great sense though, since if f.e. children are involved, they go to mother and she instantly gets more money and/or house. I don't know the legislative in US thought.

>vain hope that they'll get an interview in the local TV station

Is this the real thing? I know they are pushing hormones into children but only because they want attention? I thought they are maybe fucked up in head and really believe their child is intersex or some shit. This is probably the most disgusting thing I've ever read.

>most actually regret not having a father so actually value marriage more so their kids wont go through the same shit.

This is also case in some men but I guess it's also rare. Like, I had drunk father who wasn't hesitating to beat the crap out of all of us and to be honest I would be maybe good husband just because of seeing the bad example on daily basis. But like you said, mother then plays big role. If she holds grudge and shittalk her husband all the time, I wouldn't expect the daughter to have great deal of love for men either. Isn't that the case why a lot women in west started to hate masculinity or is it something else?



>I don't know the legislative in US thought.

Not a yank but its the same in most of the hemisphere and even many developing countries that copypasted these shit laws. Ironically the only ones asking for a change are rich woman who dont want to lose their shit in a divorce.

Irony is a bitch huh?

>This is probably the most disgusting thing I've ever read.

The level of attention that trans-kid parents get is off the charts, there are pics from private facebook groups where they brag about getting 2yr olds to "decide" they are a different gender and how to get likes on instagram and set a gofundme to get free money

Never underestimate the power of narcissism specially in this era

>This is also case in some men

Maybe but in men what I see is a generation or two of dudes who dont want to marry because they saw how fucked up their fathers ended up because of it and they dont want to make the same mistake.

>Isn't that the case why a lot women in west started to hate masculinity or is it something else?

Cant say, but a lot of the hate is just peer pressure, you see it when some chick goes against the current and gets shitstormed on twitter



Finally! Someone who gets it, unlinke these crybaby r9k niggerlords who paint women as literal devilspawn. The right just wants to see a penis-slinger in power. Notice how the right never talks about abusive dads and their effects on boys? It goes to show that the biological gender-binary system and inter-dependence were mistakes.

Another problem is that the west pushes marriage as a spiritual elixir. People think that marriage is an instant cure-all for personal vices, forcing people to finally "grow up", hence any junkie, whore, jock, autist, nigger, jailbird is can marry and fuck hoping to get it right but end up making new chapters of misery. Marriage is merely a contract to provide a stable home for species propagation. Marriages are usually akin to sibling rivalry or failed parent-child relations anyway. Singlehood is good, contrary to NPC reactionaries. Your marital status shouldn't be a moral compass for ypur character otherwise your just a philistine.


File: 66e7be2ef239e14⋯.jpg (216.02 KB, 600x640, 15:16, kuri3.jpg)

>There are people who STILL waste brainpower thinking about 3DPD

Lmao, get a waifu. When you die, she will greet you in the afterlife.

File: 2fc14cea8932880⋯.jpg (142.36 KB, 700x933, 700:933, 2018-08-14_goth-girl.jpg)


and how can I contact them?

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Well if you can't post the link and tell which photo it is then it's really hard to help you, don't you think? If you refuse to be cooperative, you are not really helping to solve this fast so we can actually move to something we care about more than your photo - you call copyrighted. We don't know who you are nor we care about who you are. Your request can't be solved if you refuse to provide valid information. Also moderators of boards have no access to DMCA requests on that e-mail address, so your best bet is to provide as much information as you can. You can also try to use report button on that post where is your information located, so only mod will see it. Additional information which will definitely help you solve this quickly might be - who is the copyright holder (legal address, name, telephone and/or e-mail contact, copy of some valid identification document), what/where is the source of that picture information and reason why it should be deleted. All information can be posted in this thread, at least please try and provide that link because you can't get removed anything unless you even try to show about what picture are you talking about.

FIY: It took you 6 days and still you haven't provided any valid information except that you have some DMCA request and you are refusing to tell which content is related to that request. 6 days. Considering this time period, it seems very bureaucratic and if you are fed, just say so, so we can go back to discussion about music and movies. Anyone can play this game and we all are just automated replies :-). If you decide to delay this process and cause further obstructions, anyone who is reliable for running this board (which is literally just automated robot pushing buttons from mom's basement of one guy in Ethiopia) will automatically decline your request.

Good luck.



he obviously doesn't want to draw attention to the photo by telling us which one it is.


come the fuck on, dude

he probably assumes you have some sort of backend communications channel where you can see all the PMs and DMCAs and shit

if you don't want to streisand yourself, the best approach is to try and do everything behind the scenes. even a socially maladroit guy like this knows that



Then you can only report it and then reply to verify the request in thread. I had one instance of dude asking me to delete thread but because he refused to verify that request (because I won't delete thread based on random requests) in that thread, I got no answer, and it was declined. I don't even know what it means "archived" because he keeps telling about how we keep bringing it up which makes me think that is some active thread. If it's literally in archive it can't be deleted by BO nor mods and all there is to be done is to disable archive. It's not like this board is fanclub of some random instagram chick so there are private photos circulating around. Other way doesn't exist except going again through DMCA claim again. If he posted some information himself, there is clear rule that it is his responsibility. I'm not new in this shit, I won't fall on my knees just because some guy is using the "copyright card" for 229292928th time again. Provide valid information or you are out of luck, it's how it works.

Keep in mind: you are responsible for your security and keeping your information private. Nobody will take request seriously if said photo is available for download on 100 other websites and your twitter. Got it? I'm not responsible for people sharing their nudes.



Anyway, there is pretty good chance the claim will be on /delete/ with all additional information and links. I don't know mate how you avoid that, you will have to provide very good information in order to get DMCA claim passed, we are getting into legalities. Posting a link vs. providing some more detailed info which might appear public is pretty damn hard decision.



Alright, let's solve this once for all. If thread is active (means you can post in that thread), report it and write to description/reason what you want to have removed and why. Also write if it was posted by you or some other user. If it's only photo and it's valid claim then that photo will be removed, if it's information, whole post will be deleted, again, only if you provide enough information. If thread is in archive (8ch.net/doomer/archive/index.html) then you have to write back to that e-mail address and solve it there as DMCA claim and provide them all information needed. Write here how you decided to solve this issue, if you have questions then feel free to ask them but 1 week is enough time so don't make it longer process than it should be.

File: 7bf6224a578b1bf⋯.jpg (210.39 KB, 768x727, 768:727, 1539861696443.jpg)


Do you guys ever thought about going on a killing spree? Not the copy out mindset of killing because it's "fun" or because "oh, they are all idiots, i've to destroy all humans, grr." No. I'm curious if you got into so much despair that you would willingful take other lives just because nothing matters anyway. I mean, murder is an extraverted suicide afteral. Let's tell the story of our worst rockbottons and how that made us give up on our morals for a moment.

45 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 43e2c9a985d65fe⋯.jpg (743.15 KB, 983x1280, 983:1280, 1552815060994.jpg)


>is because they know people will not forget.

I will tell you why

Because all of us who were disappointed about movements and ideologies with people just running their mouths over decades and never actually doing anything, which made us give up on everything and continue in our destruction, he now showed us everything is possible. I know why many people think this is mossad false flag, because it was so perfect (soundtrack and timing included). And maybe it was, but it's not important since at this point anything is better than nothing. The most horrible part about it was that it has the same essence of Hitler waking up ethnic Germans all around Europe. Now it's obvious, all you need is good symbolism and actions to wake up the sleeping monster capable of genocides and mass shootings even in regular white daypeople (also I believe why they fear our symbols is because there is something magic about them which connects us together, not because they were used by nazis). This is why they are trying to take it down, because it wakes up the feared beast known from many wars. Yes, they are all right, we are really most harmless people until you charge this energy inside of us, then we are capable of wiping entire ethnic groups. No, not blacks, nor asians are capable of being so effective in mass murders, wars and genocides. Blacks (I know black israelites and similar groups love to say this) are correct when they say whites are the devil. It seems they succeeded at keeping us sleeping while they took everything from us, while they stole our hopes and future, while they could harm our women and children, make from our culture one big forbidden joke and make us give up everything. They are right, this video is the most dangerous thing because it shows us how is killing possible and that finally someone has done it. White dayniggers in comment sections on public websites giving support to him and making genocidal jokes about this event is what they were afraid to happen and that's why they tried to take it down, because we are monsters and we have nothing to lose. (Innocent?) targets or morality is not important anymore because there is nothing left for us and many people even subconsciously realiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 599a3bfd7d74423⋯.jpg (119.57 KB, 1097x1039, 1097:1039, 1553169952320.jpg)


I don't know why Whites haven't been pushing the idea of wealth creation for these past few decades? Always has been larping nazi skinhead faggots who scared off decent potential. I have a bit of money now and my stress levels drop off and I can focus on the cause more. If everyone in this got their act together and put money towards freeing up time we wouldn't be here now. We still have time to make money and sort housing out between 20 something year old millennial Whites but no one wants to know.

It's all good killing, but you should be playing the game and Whites have been too prideful to do that.



Housing is very big problem and it's not that simple. Actually for many people it's incredibly difficult if not impossible without going into debt - if only banks would give you a loan in the first place, right? But you are not wrong though, at least some financial security can help you a lot. For example you can get drivers license because who the fuck knows when you are going to need it, you can pay for better food, maybe for a gym if you want to or you can start doing some sport like swimming just for the fuck of it. You can get some basic medical training. you can buy books, you can visit shooting range and get a bit familiar with weapons if you are into it for various reasons - even if just for pure hobby factor or hunting or whatever you want. Even if that hobby serves no real purpose, like f.e. making models of airplanes, people need free time and their activities anyway as form of breaking the stereotype and "recharge", which means more quality of life - more people with focus. Now the problem is that getting even a good job that will allow you to have free time for your activities might be hard, a lot of people just wagecuck, sleep and repeat. That has very big impact on every aspect of your health. Because of lack of sleep and stress your hormone balances fuck up and you won't have will to do anything even if you have a free weekend, etc.

From what I gathered, modern ideas of "nazis" (hate that term because it has no meaning but whatever), is that you should go completely broke and have money only for the things you need while trying to get your own house. It seems very similar to me as what those ancoms do, that having some financial security means paying taxes and that is not helping to starve the system or whatever. What really disappointed me though and why I moved quickly away from these traps is that those people who preach you about how you should live a simpler life and healthier lifestyle, muh aryan ideal, are fat and spend most of their time in pub drinking beer, running their mouths since 80s about how those fucking gypsies and immigrants are roots of all problems. Same with leftists though, they complain about how capitalism is ruining their lives while 5 of them have to get money together just to buy 1g of weed and box of Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



What makes me sad is that I will probably never see a shooting this funny ever again, this guy set the bar so high nothing short of a live execution by a guy yeeting cucks and cunts off a building while wearing a quake tshirt will top this.

>I don't want our next generations to go through the same things I/we did

See, I have some mixed feelings about this because I seen WWII allied veterans saying they fought for nothing because the new generations became pieces of shit and ruined the world. Not saying I don't want to see a massive uprising happen just that I dont really give a fuck about the upcoming idiots and if anything I would do them a favor if I leave them a world slightly less fucked up but still broken enough that they have to get their shit together and don't have the time to become degenerates thanks to the sacrifice of their predecessors.

>doesn't mean you can't even as a doomer wish them to be better.

I know I could but I dont, it would just repeat history.

>because a lot normalniggers would stop supporting them but if they would

I didn't mean elites as in the tribe guys, they are actually becoming unpopular as the left starts hating israel and muslims in the west outnumber jews. And besides those guys arent famous so their deaths wont make a dent, you have to go far and wide, targeted assassinations of anyone criticizing your movement that way they will be too chickenshit to say anything. Like right now saying some shit about sandniggers is a death sentence, you'll have to live the rest of your days under police protection to avoid getting killed, reverse house arrest. Nobody has that problem if they piss off christians which is why christianity has become the cuck religion. Neither is dangerous to talk shit about even the most extremist whites since nothing happens, how many journalists got killed by nazis lately? how many artists? politicians? oh right, ZERO, just a bunch of irrelevant towelheads.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



You can't remove the struggle from life unless you eliminate possibility of death, I'm not scared about that. Future is long and there will be a lot of issues people will be fighting for but for now I think I've seen enough broken people and we need to unfuck something.

>it would just repeat history.

Life is all about cycles. That's it. If people are so dumb right now that we have to repeat the history, so be it.

>How old are you know?

Reaching 30 fairly soon, at least I'm not a woman so no clocks are ticking.

File: df7bb955ecba26d⋯.jpg (666.23 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, roadside_trees-wallpaper-1….jpg)


i always want what i can't have, should i just die?

i'm in my early 40's now

when i was young i wanted to see the world

when i became a young man i saw the world but i wanted roots

when i came into my prime i had a wife and a kid but i wanted the soul back i traded to support that family.

when i was a grown adult i had cancer and wanted to die but i survived.

i will never know myself as well as i once did, i will never again walk where my feet take me, i will have to live knowing my life will never be as good as it once was and when i am finally on my death bed as a old old man the sum total of my life will be degraded as i lived long enough to see myself become hollow.

i could do what i wanted but i can't do that to my family.

fuck my fucking life. fuck.

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Epicurus was wise.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Anons, I would like your insight on a personal matter. Don't want to make another thread, fuck it.

There was this guy that was my best friend since childhood, I have know him from so long I don't even remember when I met him. We were both kinda fucked, but I far outpaced him in that regard. We even lived together for some time, but because we were both hard to deal it didn't worked out well, so I stepped away for the sake of our friendship. But we were still in good terms.

Of course, my life was going full downhill, while he was getting his shit together finding a good job, losing his virginity, and becoming a full Chad. On top of that he was trying to shove his nose in my life way more than I would like trying to help me, forcing me to see a psychologist and shit, and as I am a very reserved person, I wasn't very fond of his intromission, and also I was feeling we were starting to belong to different words.

One day I arrived drunk at his house, puked in his floor, told him I had lost my scholarship something I didn't told anyone and cried in front of the girl he was banging she was actually naked when I barged into his house, but I didn't see much as I was drunk as hell. After that he went full on "family intervention" on me, ordering me to go back to live with him, and told his mom about it. His mom knew mine, and because of it I felt like he actually damaged my family relations by telling his mother about it, as the news would travel fast. With the culmination of feelings of anger, guilt, and shame, I just stopped going into his house, ghosted him hard, and never saw him again. No discussion or anything, I just told him I would go there in the next day and never did. And it wasn't just him I ghosted, I did it to three different social circles, former work, nerds, and college I was determined to cut ties and fucking end it. That was three years ago.

Well, I tought I would be miserable and in the void I would find the strenght to kill myself, but… I wasn't. I like being a doomer, to do /nightwalks/, that people never know what I'm up to, to never give answers I don't Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



i'm back.

i made all the right choices in life, i'm lucky enough to have always been athletic and fairly attractive…like literately i've had a pretty crazy life but everything i have planned for myself i've been able to execute, almost every aspect of my life is about as good as it can get…. i waited to get married until i was 30, i was married for several years before we had our kid, professionally i've worked my way up to upper management in a prestigious aerospace firm that affords me a great quality of life with travel and comfort…my wife and kid are out of a fucking story book, like not a single thing i can think of that is negative about either one of them, my son is naturally a good kid, has drive, is both kind but not a pussy, it blows my fucking mind how perfect my family and life actually is at this point….and again it's not like i haven't been through shit, but since i've always made good choices and had things going for me i've always come out on top with flying colors….

deep down, i know i'm not going anywhere,my pride and honor would never allow me to do such things, what i am bitching about here is i've always had this thing inside of me that makes me want to push further and deeper, and what really resonates with me is exploring, finding new shit, whether that be new ways of building rockets or new places deep in the back country, i was huge into mountain climbing in my late teens,20's and early 30's, as i got more involved with my wife i got less involved with climbing as the sort of things i was doing were pretty dangerous and not a lot of people could do it in the first place, but the main reason i was into that was just because i was able to go where maybe only a few hundred people have ever stood before and i really got off on that thought….

men have been leaving their families to go explore and push themselves since the dawn of time, i think there is something inside some of us where we have this sort of drive to constantly be moving….

i can't move any further in my professional career without saPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



hey brazil anon:

you do you man, i'm the same way, i prefer to be alone,not because i don't like people, i just enjoy myself more and is kind of what i am talking about in my op about being free and having freedom to just go, it is selfish to want to do what you want to do when you want to do it but it's probably the most natural type of selfishness and probably isn't a bad thing on a certain level, you only get one life man, and as someone who has faced their own death i can tell you that the only thing that matters when your laying there not knowing if your going to die in the next hour is if you personally feel like you've done the things you wanted to do while you were here….and trust me, these people you are concerned with won't be there with you in those moments when you are looking back on your life….

for me, it was like this, i had stage III ass cancer and they told me that i had a 50/50 chance of surviving the surgery, i had something like 6-8 weeks to "heal" from the chemo and rad treatments before the surgery date, in that time i took a solo trip across the western US and went to a bunch of national parks and shit, i had about two months on the road by myself with my wife and kid back at home waiting on me, i did a lot of self reflection and looking back on my life during that time, not once did i ever feel sorry for myself or feel like there was something that i hadn't quite finished with yet, barring my family obviously, my only regret was not being able to be around to see my son grow into a man..and honestly, i'm just as fearful as i am hopeful of that just due to the world we live in…but on a personal level i had done everything in this life i felt like i wanted to do….i want you to have that anon, i can't explain how it feels to be satisfied with your life and feeling like it was a life lived well…you're not going to have that if you're not doing the things you want to do with yourself while you still can, once you have a family your life is no longer yours really…. that's both a good thing and a bad thing and what i am struggling wiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



You know, the whole point is to not sacrifice the family for the other thing you want and I guess you understand that. But from that yours previous post it seemed to me as you are just ready to ruin everything because you want to do something else, which sounded very selfish. It's all matter of values. Now we live through times when it is very important to have home, to have loving family, all great treasures in life. Of course having this need for exploration and adventure is normal but you can still do it without abandoning everyone. Go to woods or take yourself for a few days and go hiking, climb some shit but your family needs you man, without them you will have no real home you can go back to.


You feel bad because you didn't made any progress, don't you? You are not scared about the questions, you are scared about not having any positive answer to them, right? That sucks big time because only thing you can do to speak to him and not feel like a complete failure is to improve things in your life and that is up to you. Speaking from my own experience - I never talked to these people ever since, what a shame.

File: 1833f911ccb6a60⋯.jpg (151.51 KB, 728x915, 728:915, pointless.jpg)


I am irrationally depressed by Valve's cucking. I already knew it and it is inconsequential in the end, but it still hurts, because as pathetic as it is that was among the last institutions I thought in any way shared any of my values or concerns. Now I can't deny the truth anymore. Like having your one shitty friend who constantly screws you over stop talking to you.

Anybody else experience this?

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>having faith in anyone or anything to begin with

this is what cucks do. you have been cucked, not Valve.



>having faith in anyone or anything to begin with

exactly, you should stop expecting anything from anyone, because in the end it usually doesn't end well anyway



no, there are lots of cool chinese people- I am specifically sticking up for some of them right now

it's just the PRC has decided to focus on its own survival as-is to the detriment of literally everything else



I doubt this is matter of survival anymore. They are expanding in every aspect, not just as military and imperial force but also their people got rich and they are buying literally everything they can.



If you don't know what this is now, don't worry, you will hear about it. Prepare your toxic masculine brains.

File: a2f593cc9a6edcb⋯.jpg (44.23 KB, 575x489, 575:489, doomerdreaming.jpg)


Who here has power fantasies?

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Wrong, Wrong - we don't give a fuck about being NEET or having no gf. We don't give a fuck about most of things actually also lurk moar faggot




Oh really?


I wish I wasn't a completely brain-broken loser now so I could get shit done. AI is getting big and if I had even an ounce of the brainpower I had when younger I could get into that and probably do something big. But as it is even basic robotics are beyond me and being a poorfag I dont get to experiment around a lot let alone hire people to do it for me.

If by some accident I became a billionaire I would put all my money on fully autonomous weapons. Imagine having a self-replicating machine army at your disposal.


I have fantasies where I make it as a beloved artist or at least that would let me make a living out of by doing what I enjoy, I used to want to become a artist because I genuinely like drawing and was inspired to be like my idols, but now I feel like I only like art to give me a reason to wake up everyday.


File: 13d350f1bfd3400⋯.png (688.97 KB, 940x559, 940:559, pantyShot.png)

Dice rollRolled 1 (1d10)


See you on the battlefield, decaying little brainlet.

Anyways you should really get into it, don't be a slave to your negativity. Work with your biology (..drugs), develop a plan, execute said plan. What else are you going to do, wait until your wife's grandchildren live in some kind of dystopia? sit there sperming over this body pillow or that roastoid, playing with your dick while traditions millennium in the making like mathematics or AI are just a few moments away?

Listen though, I'm giving my machines prehensile dicks. We're shipping catgirl x killbot. You think rostoids are cucking you now? Just wait until a sapient killing machine slaps your catgirl's ass for the first time

File: f13d41a3a2fc2b3⋯.jpg (60.69 KB, 507x500, 507:500, faith in the system doomsd….jpg)


Memes that we might think is funny, even if we have no laughter left inside of us.

dont be a nigger, just post memes

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File: 27f10f5d17213c0⋯.jpeg (148.11 KB, 1242x1241, 1242:1241, doomer meme live with pai….jpeg)


File: dd30af8c510efb8⋯.jpeg (163.05 KB, 900x1101, 300:367, aoc tattoo.jpeg)



Fuck, that pic says so much with so little.

To tbh I was never in those places, went straight to doomer, and I doubt the average wizard and robot has the balls to be here. Those boards are coping mechanism, /doomer/ is the hurtbox



Got a less pixelated version burger?


File: b9df9ace52160fc⋯.gif (290.73 KB, 700x466, 350:233, xxcxcx.gif)

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Prepping might be actually good hobby and at least it's an excuse to get my shit together a bit for spooky conflicts, it's not like I have anything better to do for most time of my day. Will dump random related material I collected over the years itt.

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"but but im not antifa…"

i knew it


File: e9226e315d96c76⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 8.54 KB, 240x222, 40:37, 344def6a.jpg)


daaaang Chose, so why the fuck there are C18 and azov pictures as well? shieet nigga 2+2 not adding up? daaaaang mane, antifa looks like THAT?



>second pic

Steven Seagal sure doesn't know what to do to stay relevant.


File: 35483a49edacc99⋯.jpg (45.45 KB, 670x402, 5:3, download (70).jpg)


What is he doing now anyway? Is he already retired? Some of his old movies were pretty good though.



It's literally stuff like in that other pic. Seagal's been a goofy unironic Russia sympathizer who makes cheap flicks for Slavic countries for years now.

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