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File: 28bb07c80890b06⋯.jpg (24.96 KB, 377x364, 29:28, 1461465166385.jpg)



>Bi - Female Preference


File: 268eba991be6191⋯.jpg (44.12 KB, 329x399, 47:57, 268.jpg)





If a female with shemales in fave/yes is considered gay. Is a male fucking purples considered straight?


Sucking girlcock isn't gay if you're a guy, right?



If you're a male is fucking cuntboys straight?



They're male so no.

Also what even is this thread?



Yes, they're females with dicks, just like cuntboys are males with cunts.


F-List has really expanded my mind in understanding what is gay and what isn't. I always thought that guys liking dick and girls liking pussy were gay, but now I know it's not about their genitallia but whatever the holder identify as.

So if you're a guy you can suck plenty of dicks without being gay because they're from chicks.


I don't get why other blues are always so pissed about purples. When I look for a partner I never look for anything that doesn't have the sex I'm interested in playing as in their favs sometimes I'll risk it just being on their yes kinks but that can get complicated, for example it could men they only want femboys instead of men, or tomboys instead of girls

Do you all really care what some shitter prefers?


>I always thought that guys liking dick and girls liking pussy were gay

I do that as well, when I see a purple I don't feel the slightest urge to approach them with my straight blue, however if it's a cuntboy, while not as preferred as a normal pink, I'd still go for and approach them with that same blue and I wouldn't consider it gay. It's either because I love orientation play or due to reproduction; if it has female genitalia which can give birth (provided they're not sterile) then it's a female, for example.


File: 586393e471603f7⋯.jpg (8.92 KB, 250x244, 125:122, sailor shiggy.jpg)

sexuality a fuck

if your dick makes a happy face when it sees something it likes then that's all that matters

if anything we should be blaming f-list's shitty "orientation" system



This. What the fuck is stopping them from fixing this problem aside from them just being lazy cunts?


File: 08a16015aae91ad⋯.jpg (12.31 KB, 403x395, 403:395, 1463418867661.jpg)

>Fave/Yes: Male Pregnancy

>No: Males




Yes: Shemales.


Orientation: Pansexual

No: Any gender


This is why I don't bother putting my orientation on any of my profiles. If you just put on the genders you're into, that solves the problem right there, doesn't it?



And what would fix the problem? Having a dropdown of 30 options for orientation?



I think that getting rid of it should fix it. The gender options from the regular kinks are descriptive enough about which kind of characters you want to fuck.


File: 53a763fe6b889dc⋯.png (234.34 KB, 500x340, 25:17, shekels acquired.png)


Yes, good goy, sexuality is just a social construct! It totally doesn't matter what's in your pants! It's all obviously in your head!

F-list's sexuality system is fucking shit. I just needs a separate dropdown with all the gender preferences instead of "straight" or "gay" because neither of them really apply when there are more than two choices.



I'll agree to that.



Probably because changing it in any serious way would break searching and comparing for all profiles and force everyone on the site to update to fix. That could cause some rage.

Oh and also they would need to edit search systems themselves, separately in both chat clients and the site itself.



>F-List has really expanded my mind in understanding what is gay and what isn't. I always thought that guys liking dick and girls liking pussy were gay, but now I know it's not about their genitallia but whatever the holder identify as.

bruh you're gay just admit it



go back to your /pol/



gb2 /leftypol/ niggerkike


File: af970ce9e78da6f⋯.jpg (17.85 KB, 285x214, 285:214, hitler senpai d-doushio.jpg)



Usually means:

Females, Shemales, Maybe Herms, and Femboys that aren't shit.

It's very rare to find a Femboy that isn't shit though.



I asked the admin team why the orientation system can't just be a checkbox but they said nobody on their team will code it.



Aren't all femboys shit?



That's basically all of f-list. Everyone is too fucking lazy to do something about it.

Fuck, I'd do it if I could, and I don't know shit about PHP or SQL or whatever the fuck they're programming that abomination in. What I've seen in the source code it's just a bunch of drop-in components anyway, and they've managed to fuck even that up.



No there are some good ones, just not very many.

It seems most people that play femboys have either no will to apply themselves on their profiles, or are princesses that think doing hardly any work on being attractive to potential RP partners is beneath them.

The worst are the maids that keep on wanting to serve, but at the same time cant' even pretend to think for themselves on things like settings or even character personality.




To be completely fair, a gender checklist already exists in the kinklist. I like the vagueness of the sexuality info because it allows me to make characters who are sexually unsure / unaware, but still be able to indicate the genitals I wanna be fucked by.



Let's be real, people are way too autistic to use it right.


File: 87cb51d99365385⋯.jpg (58.6 KB, 251x587, 251:587, 1899884-loves_dick.jpg)



>No: Females

Well okay then




>pretending either of you have a leg to stand on when you waste your life going uggu desu fuck me harder senpai!!! all day long

God ideologues are so fucking retarded and so obnoxiously hypocritical these days. It's like you can't even look in the mirror anymore. H



There needs to be a Not option for regular kinks to filter anyone who has males in No. It's not horribly needed though. Using Not to filter out "bi"-female preference and gay dykes really thins the herd.


File: 30dbf8184c94d39⋯.png (479.3 KB, 639x998, 639:998, 1391798916185.png)




Cuntboys are tomboys, shemales are abominations.





>still get female approaches



You can do an Advanced search.


I am more than willing to donate money to the website if they made a feature that banned certain genders from PMing you.



Make it a fucking textbox like it should be?



They're all gay. I'm sorry, it doesn't matter how much you try to put it, if you want the sexual organs of your own gender up against your face so you can worship it for hours, you are a faggot.



both are abominations.


File: 80653d3f78fd472⋯.jpg (35.16 KB, 702x478, 351:239, 1433859167883.jpg)

>Amazoness character

>No: Breeding, Pregnancy

What's the fucking point.


File: a6e8a7b275bd852⋯.png (16.08 KB, 712x235, 712:235, is it gay.png)



>shemale x shemale is cancer

>female x shemale isn't




Bitchbreakers are the Apex cancer. You might think that you can be more cancerous and toxic than them, but at the end of the day you aren't shit, you look like a fucking crack addict with a micropenis that gets mocked the second it slips out of your tighty-whities. The fact that you even think that a pink could possibly be as good as a shemale just goes to show fucking stupid you are, you should just suck my dick, buy me games on steam and kill yourself.


File: b7f1d45edfd7b64⋯.png (423.91 KB, 529x346, 529:346, n.png)

>no gender

>bi - male preference



Simple and intuitive version, regardless of positions.

Male looking thing with female thing = not gay.

Same looking things together = gay.



That is like some Chaotic Evil Alignment shit right there. Or at least it would be if there were more than 2 genders. Clearly the player is playing a genderless being that is interested in Males and Females but prefers Males.


Orientation isn't the problem. The problem is the shifting demographics from the constant cycle of shitty and/or desperate male players (going from blue to pink or purple).


File: eab39c49c16b09c⋯.jpg (55.37 KB, 1083x720, 361:240, 1387893931441.jpg)

>everyone is bitching about female preference shemales

>yet my female char looking for those can only draw in other female chars

Life is not fair



Content standards when?



The shitters are a nessary evil for adding some speed to rooms, giving us all something to laugh at and for making average roleplayers feel OK about themselves.



Fuck off, retard.



who shat in your porridge, anon?



Yeah, but all the giga shitters are under 18 which is against the site rules.



Fuck off, retard.


File: 6bcca72da90b9a1⋯.png (1.52 MB, 894x894, 1:1, 11017309.png)


>Any pink

>No: Breeding, Pregnancy

What's the fucking point.



Impregnation isn't too bad of a kink, but roleplaying out the actual pregnancy is fucking retarded.

Unless you're turned on by babies.




You don't deserve to pass down your shit genes



>round belly and big swollen milky tits


this nigga



I did this on my token shameful purple because I can't tell what "gay" or "straight" would mean on a shemale/herm. I have a custom explaining that I'm not actually into guys but there didn't seem to be a way to get "female preference" across unambiguously otherwise.



Just use gay. When there’s potential for mismatched genitals your best bet is going for outward appearance/binary gender and ignoring the junk altogether. Cuntboys into women are straight, purples into women are gay, etc. Or you could use “unsure” if you’re using customs anyways and avoid the headache of illiterate people.



They said retarded, not pointless. Either way it comes down to personal preference. Personally I love the implications of risky sex/impregnation, but something about distended pregnant abdomens repulses me sexually. Post-birth with stretch marks, and still-enlarged breasts full of milk to steal is good though



Reading comprehension machine broke

When I say I like a pregnant belly I only mean in the sense of "yeah, I did that, it was me." I definitely get being offput by it otherwise, specifically the implications. I've also got strongly monogamous tendencies too, so it's a double edged sword.


File: 05416ab6e1ef711⋯.png (147.63 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 35615139_p0.png)


>Purples into women are gay

>Putting a penis in a vagina is gay

No, that's pretty much the exact opposite of gay.



>Being attracted to fetuses



>Implying women attracted only to women, regardless of either party’s bits, aren’t gay

So is a bara cuntboy getting screwed by an equally masculine male straight because it’s vaginal sex?



It's generally accepted that Purples are defects, basically. They're supposed to be women, despite the fact they've got a cock. Estrogen, feminine shape, the voice– everything but the poose. They're expected (though it's hardly fucking done) to still be feminine and act as such. Bitchbreakers and thirsty blues desperate for play just bolt tits and a wig on their boilerplate 'character' and go to town despite that.

So being attracted to other women, which the purple is supposed to be, is gay.

There's some mental gymnastics in there, can't deny that. Still hot af though.



that is the most manly kind of heterosexual sex



You're an idiot. It is clearly an attraction to fertility, you moron.



Your character isn't a penis. It's a woman.



shemales literally cannot understand this fact, they just get confused and go "muh dick"



holy shit this, so many of them can't handle breast/nipple play

at this point i'd say herms are generally better because they aren't tend to be just thirsty blues


It's almost as if purples are awful.








Imagine liking men in 2019.



It's a complaint thread disguised as a smug thread.


I'm a purple name that almost exclusively fucks purples. We're out there dudes. Stop hatin'


Purple here. I only fuck blues. Where my blues at?


Straight is strictly male on female sex. Anything outside of that is inherently gay in one way or another.



nigga u gay



it's not a real thing, tho, he's not sucking a man off in real life


I'd probably be more willing to play lesbians if they weren't all played by men.

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