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File: 90e88923145468b⋯.png (239.45 KB, 512x320, 8:5, faggotji.png)


What are some keyboards for Android that don’t support(as in doesn't implement) lgbtp(edo) emoji shit? I’m tired of this massive faggot propaganda being everywhere and having to be present

on literally every single fucking thing. The least I could do is remove all this degeneracy from my life. I want to know if there's a keyboard or a way to remove these emojis.

I couldn't really think of any place to ask this question but here. Asking this on websites like plebbit will more than likely offend the whole jewnited states of americunts.





looked different when I was typing that, I guess 8chan can't handle that much diversity


You seem to have some deep seeded hate for homosexuals. But why? Are you afraid of your own sexuality?

I'm not trying to offend.



And you're a spider because you hate and despise them. What kind of logic is this?

There is a theory that hatred for spiders is burned into the human mind through evolution. Maybe there is a similar burned-in hatred for the evolutionary dead-end that is homosexuality, despite all the whining from politically correct faggots.



emoji in your keyboard are itself a problem already

>sent from my iPhone





Simple Keyboard is great. You'd be surprised how effectively you can type when you don't need to visually check you keyboard for different "smart" features. Just werks,




+spelling suggestions make you dumber.


File: c68fab35bebee9c⋯.jpg (529.27 KB, 2448x3264, 3:4, retard_chamber.jpg)

>/pol/ is leaking again



Objectively the best keyboard






faggots are genetically inferior and only the strong are allowed to live, natural selection needs to take place again to kill gays/furries/hipsters/non-whites/all other subhumans



Not everyone hates spiders, you know. And we humans aren't gonna evolve anytime soon, so why care?

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