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File: 6ce22615a549ac9⋯.png (7.55 KB, 652x100, 163:25, af91fd1666d90a4fc20784ae58….png)


Text-based sandbox HRPG (Slowly and irregularly updated)

-Takes place in an alternate dimension

-Includes Furries/Futa/Shemale/Trap/Dolls/Demons (can be disabled)

-Turn based combat


-Forced and/or optional body Transformations

-Unique sex mechanics that give player "choice" (heh)

-Too much clothes

-Will be entering beta in Valve Time™

Thread creation version:

Newest version always available to build on github, or wait until it's posted on blog (on a full release week).

Maven instrutions (the tutorial on git is hot garbage)

1. Get a proper command line environment set up, and install maven and git.

2: Clone the repo.

3: Make sure you have master and dev branches on your machine, both tracking their counterparts on origin.

4: checkout the repo you need (dev now), and pull.

5: run maven with the "package" command.

6: don't forget to copy ./res into target, it was still mandatory before I wrote a script to do this all for me.

Pull to update, mvn clean package to recompile, remember to recopy res.

Blog: https://lilithsthrone.blogspot.com/

Github: https://github.com/Innoxia/liliths-throne-public

Latest (built) Version: 0.3, https://mega.nz/#!D99wSQxQ!4sNe78TenCa0tol_D9er_vZw4e-tyw8bVbVcqztbSY8

Wiki: https://www.lilithsthrone.com/wiki

8chan Mod:

https://gitgud.io/LilthsThrone/code-base (updated to v0.2.6 ) (outdated)

Adds Bee race, subspecies, and honey related fluids

Latest Mod Version: https://mega.nz/#F!rPImETaT!YcGWICLKbSbmjUDizBNcjA (outdated)



but "another week" = 365 days



"my successor"

Fenoxo fuck off and go add something thats not a fucking futa for once.



Why the fuck does she even bother with the 'another week' part? Jesus tap-dancing Christ, every announced date is just the release of a new delay. How about just saying "I'm going to delay it until it's ready." Is that so fucking hard?


File: 5e21c113a5907ef⋯.png (15.67 KB, 247x255, 247:255, a50bef5153a4ea0dcbc855c57b….png)

Hey I have a weird question. Are Angels like programmed to NOT have vagina sex willingly? I've made like 2 angel slaves and they will jump through so many hoops to not have sex in the vagoo. I've tried literally making her HATE every fetish in the game and she will go right ahead and do anal anyway. What the actual FUCK dude?!



No. Sex A.I. is just still retarded in this game.



Pretty much.

Femboy submissive anal slut with an extremely tiny cock paired with a gynophilic dominant demon futa… And the futa always tries to be on the receiving end when they are in control.




You can give them fetishes to circumnavigate this problem.


Where do you even find angels? Never seen any.



You don't. They're only available through cheating/debugging.



Either that or drinking enhanced Biojuice to change body into slime, after that transforming into angel-slime and then finally drinking second enhanced Biojuice to change body into flesh again.



That's cheating though




Slime can take any form legitimately, if ever the fact that angel transformation is available to them already is a bug, not a cheat



At least some states of being are more metaphysical than physical. Something shouldn't count as an angel just because it took the shape of an angel.



A slime turning into an angel slime is nothing more than shifting around the slimy goop into something that resembles an angel; it's purely a physical change. Thus, then turning to flesh after only outwardly appearing to be an angel should NOT turn you into an actual, bonafide angel; this makes zero fucking sense.

Going from flesh to slime and vice versa should only return you to the species you were before taking it, anything else is stupid. In fact right now trying to do the same trick to turn yourself into a Demon just reverts you back to being a human, so the same thing should happen when you try to do the same with an angel form.



> she

who? afaik there's only one developer on lilith's throne and it's innoxia



>le innoxia is le man roflamo



seek help


File: 1ba7aeb6186c770⋯.png (95.77 KB, 204x474, 34:79, incestfags on suicide watc….PNG)


...Those are complete opposite positions. Did I mind break you?



I know these feels. Seems not much has changed from jumping to 10.2 to 3.0.


>innoxia disables anon comments

>now there's 50 new accounts shitting even harder



File: 8071e9c9a95f9eb⋯.png (119.67 KB, 1623x685, 1623:685, 2jFquSCmnwBtDj5TryESZb5bhK….png)

File: e0775f85bec79d4⋯.png (87.36 KB, 1625x554, 1625:554, 3sIrTDwbt83LSlRMdFaQwktWxn….png)


The comment section is a fucking joke.



He is a man obviously baiting the autistic tranny retards into giving him pity money. Only literal trannies or discordtards disagree.



Not the same anon, but if she wants to say she's female, I'll call her a female. I could care less what she actually is, as it doesn't change anything as far as I'm concerned.


File: 9a817d1f3e74118⋯.png (44.21 KB, 731x541, 731:541, 6b662b0d50d5782ede5ee16a98….png)



Even Ben Shapiro has joined the shitfest.



Expect to be disparaged for disregarding rules 28 - 30, then.



Mind giving sources to images you posted?



ok this is epic



Anonymously disparaged on the internet? Good heavens, what shall I do?



Libtard blown the fuck out



Same. In the end it hardly matters to me what Innoxia is, he/she/it/whatever hasn't produced anything I care much for now for several months by this point while much of the core game that does exist continues to be left half-assed and in sore need of reiteration.


File: 98ff1f4822f311e⋯.jpg (235.42 KB, 1366x998, 683:499, gay5.jpg)

fellas when in the actual FUCK will there be a handholding option for every npc in the game? i wanna hold hands with every single slave i own instead of some dumb autistic catgirl



I partially agree

Rose is supposed to be dominated with a hard pounding, not handheld. But I think the handholding scene should be done with another specific NPC, not any rando, an actual cutie like Nyan, but not a furry


So what maps would you guys like improved or made bigger?

Bat Caves?


The mansion?




Damn near all of it to be quite honest. Only thing that's more than fine right now is clothing. After that there are so many small thing here and there that should have some attention and several larger issues as well.

However, we all know that these things are simply not going to happen. Innoxia is a lone developer who would rather make new cardboard cutouts than improve upon what is already there.




literally resize draw in mspaint

but why bother, things like time, movement speed don't mean anything, encounters are boring

the amount of button presses needed to get something literally doesn't change anything, there is still nothing to do


File: 2d1b13d1c2adaef⋯.jpg (46.83 KB, 487x589, 487:589, a87b6a2.jpg)

I have too many daughters and ran out of tiles so now I can't impregnate them all. What do?



Export then import into a new save?


So I finally got around to finishing the first part of the main quest and it's revealed that the story takes place on Earth. How is it possible to fuck up a fantasy game this badly? The chuuni-on-chuuni dialogue was great and then the lore shits the bed like this. We're going to need story mods.



Save edit yourself more titles

I recommend the shed or whatever it was from Nyan's quest



Want my own house



We're gonna need a ton of mods of all varieties and we're gonna have to wait a few decades because modding support progress is travelling at a snail's pace



I want to be able to build a cabin in the woods or buy apartments/ houses.

can we expect an update or "update" tonight?



>can we expect an update or "update" tonight?

This is usually when she does her 'incremental' delays. Rather than delay it for another week, she'll say it'll be out tomorrow. Then tomorrow turns into Wednesday, and then Saturday. By the time the release (and hotfix that makes it actually playable) comes out, another week has passed.



I get that, but I'm curious how long the cycle will continue.



(C92) [Xration (mil)] Record Love Hack (Reco Love)


File: 072b38721872651⋯.png (16.99 KB, 710x203, 710:203, Untitled.png)



This feel like he did it out of spite after all the shit he got for restricting comments.



It's just the 17th one html edited. But probably will happen anyway, considering it's more than that week now.



We aren't Innoxia, but one can make a very good guess based on Innoxia's terrible track record and reputation of neverending delays to say the cycle will never end and if you thought this was the worst you haven't seen anything yet because it'll only continue to worsen.


File: 69bb4ae16149d4d⋯.png (4.66 KB, 429x66, 13:2, 237nmUphdA52oE7YRf9bYsamPb….png)


>it'll only continue to worsen.

Can it ever get worse than last September/October though?


File: f069cc7c36a1b11⋯.jpg (331 KB, 517x768, 517:768, 1522790499756.jpg)






File: 7ee9e07c441b8d9⋯.jpg (31.1 KB, 608x241, 608:241, 265fa963072affc87f6c5f15c6….jpg)



Just like anon said >>319404

The blog doesn't report any further delay, yet, check your sources before whining, even when we all know that this will probably happen anyway



<implying I even still play it when the only thing that's been added in years is cuckshit

that's a hard yikes from me


File: 009541dc2affb62⋯.jpg (915.91 KB, 1150x1550, 23:31, f45346858568.jpg)

>Another week without an update


File: 3d1781df6b245eb⋯.png (570.1 KB, 720x720, 1:1, oSv7yIO.png)


That's last week's update on delays. You just changed the date.

Why do that when we surely have actual disappointment to look forward to?



Hello? Update?

I was promised an update weeks ago



Are you fucking retarded?



I'm not grasping what people actually want here.


Are you doing anything in the code or just adjusting the pngs?



cycle them through administration


Why can't I let a slave fuck a defeated NPC in the sewers? Seems like that option is only available in Dominion for some reason.


Can't believe you losers are still anticipating updates. It's a never ending cycle of delays.



We want what we can't have. We also want what isn't ours. We also want what you want so we can take it from you just because we can.

Except NTR. You can keep that.



this game perfectly caters to my fetishes, I have no choice but to wait.


File: 6b8b5bc27bfbe23⋯.jpg (40.81 KB, 500x500, 1:1, no jwes.jpg)


>We also want what you want so we can take it from you just because we can.

>Except NTR. You can keep that.

You're literally describing NTR, anon.


Spoke to Innoxia this evening, boys. Update has been pushed back until February 29th. We won't have to wait much longer.



What game is this from?


File: ef167ab83a579e8⋯.png (174.12 KB, 416x396, 104:99, image.png)



We're denial fetishists

Stop judging


File: 8fe727709ec5592⋯.jpg (261.27 KB, 1035x1027, 1035:1027, 1437793009375.jpg)

Every time an extremely young character is generated in the age mod it's a surreal feeling. They're often like 5'10" too, so imagine being accosted by a chubby-faced baby with a supermodel's body in a back alley.


File: 4ec8f5d4ca2d50e⋯.jpg (51.97 KB, 384x384, 1:1, 1475004966915.jpg)

Honestly I don't even care about the shitty game any more. I just love the never-ending cycle of content in the form of Innoxia being a useless fuck.

Are they still posting on the Discord?


File: f07650114ef5fab⋯.jpg (65.13 KB, 1068x601, 1068:601, 1549857966410.jpg)


I was 5'10 at age 12. Not everyone is a manlet like you.



For future reference it helps if you mention their age and racial morph.



theres an age mod? maybe im blind but i didnt see anything like that in the op link



It got left out again? For fucks sake. The age mod is essentially up to date.

As I said last thread.

I'm not sure why people making the thread opener posts keep leaving out all the links related to the age mod content while including pretty much everything else.

Pedy's Public source:


My compiled jar and res folder:


The link will stay the same but the online folder contents will change after the update.

Glad to see more interest, feedback and pull requests are always welcome.



preciate it



what LT version is the mod based on?



v0.3.0.5 if I'm not mistaken.



I believe that one is 3.0.5dev (from the dev branch.)

I think I finished 3.0.7dev but it was already partly rebranded 3.1 so I didn't push that as I was waiting on the release, and then it has taken two weeks for that to happen so now I look like the idiot for trying to save a few minutes and a little data. I'll check what I have next time I'm at the computer I do the compiling from.



Understandable given how much more of a coin flip Inno's releases have gotten now.


File: 0fa74c9e2372c8e⋯.jpg (40.85 KB, 365x375, 73:75, 0fa74c9e2372c8e8804d6e65c5….jpg)


Just remember, they're not asskissers for telling her to take her time every slow down.




Yeah, you're right. They've gone way past kissing and gone straight for the deepthroatin'.



Honestly, I think faggots making new threads about this game are doing this on purpose.





Yeah sorry, i'm not interested in the mod and just forgot that it existed when i made this thread.

I will try to remember if i make the next one.



Bros what's our status?

Update soon?



Our status is Master Caution. Pretty sure the mod dev is waiting for the next official to push out another build because he made the grieves error of thinking Inno would actually fucking come through with an update for once. Beyond that, it's just the usual political/bullshit arguments and people speculating Inno's gender.



5 bucks says its a tranny



Anything other than number age difference yet? I offered to write some NPC dialog for /ss/ and loli for the modder but I didn't get a response.



10 says whateverthefuckitit is a virgin.


Nope, just that so far. Scene writing would be much 'preciated and totally dope, though.



When will this game be complete?



This is a total Jacksepticeye "laugh" moment, right here!



Anon… really? Just… really?



If Innoxia hunkered down and actual works on the game…. not before 2022



I must have missed that, all help is appreciated.


Looking like the update could happen any minute now as another github activity was noticed or it could be another two weeks as those are the same activities I expected to happen two weeks ago.

Starting to think we need to make our own progress and upgrades.



it doesnt need to be complete, this is a live service



Then why the fuck aren't we getting serviced, you ugly faggot?



We know you’re frustrated and angry at the state of things right now, whether it’s the issues you’re running into in the game, or the lack of communication about fixes, updates, or news.


3.1 uploaded on github.


File: f8823472c55a376⋯.png (11.05 KB, 1463x110, 133:10, eaad8c8dc7699e7eae28dbb776….png)

Fuck. Yes.


File: f0c2097d5e59124⋯.png (2.86 KB, 586x66, 293:33, wew.png)

That was quick



I didn't even get through the first sex scene. When you reach orgasm, you get stuck in a 'prepare' loop. I swear to God, this game's development process makes the service at my local McNiggers look flawless.



Same. Did you import your char or was it a fresh start?



Fresh start.



Shit. I cant even think of a work around.


File: c46cc0f7f301792⋯.png (25.6 KB, 1207x157, 1207:157, 4QytUjQI8PXXCbrV8RteyjLYUU….png)


It's related to that new 'NPCs will react to you preparing to orgasm' change. But Innoxia doesn't know how to use git well, and I'm not going to sort through dozens of "Merged…" commits until I find the one that deals with that change.

I guess we'll have to wait for the hotfix 'later this week.'



Update, getting a bug where I can cum unless the partner cums as well. Glad they took 2 days extra can really see the polish on this release.


Wait, you have to suck someone's cock to get into a nightclub?



No, you can either just wait or be a faggot


Hotfix is out. Guess we'll see what happens now.



Are you fucking kidding, I literally JUST setup my options and made a char.



I can't remember the last time a release was posted that didn't require an immediate hotfix.


File: 32fd7b5de1953d0⋯.png (49.22 KB, 2509x344, 2509:344, 6Jq9OXip3aEkKxZ1LbYJonLfZL….png)

>New imperial measurements




This is a good quality unintentional bantz on what a meme the imperial measurement system is.


File: d2fbc90df30bf0f⋯.jpg (187.65 KB, 1462x1462, 1:1, 1447100075727.jpg)




The fuck does this even mean.



+2" is pretty easy (but it seems more logical to use 1 inch increments). I have never in my entire life had to calculate my height to fractions of an inch before though.

Also, cum storage is measured in fractions of an ounce.


I could swear I remember reading a few threads back about an easter egg in the mall involving typing a certain phrase in one of the empty shops - but I can't for the life of me remember what that phrase was.

Anyone know what I'm talking about?



Why is Innoxia even supporting imperial measurements

This system has no advantages over metric


File: f9b8722f3179e5b⋯.png (14.6 KB, 724x276, 181:69, lol.png)

Quality rape code there Innoxia

Honestly speaking I preferred when it was possible to mess with their clothes and force them to drink potions

It's just silly right now



Enjoy raping Innoxia's self insert



Excellent, thanks a ton!


File: de550a00c85abaa⋯.jpg (14 KB, 277x277, 1:1, 1503272869134.jpg)

Two weeks and three days with a delay on top for fucking nothing. Oh but at least fast travel is in, a world map you can't do shit with, you can invite your kids home and Lilaya can be a nigger if you care!



>Lilaya can be a nigger if you care!

Couldn't she already be one if you started as one?



Yes. He might be referring to the new Lilaya artwork, but the older artwork for her also had variations for darker skin, so i have no idea what the fuck he's talking about.


So I did some checking

Jam's images are nearly all under 100KB

Chatyneko is a bit heavier but still under 300KB most of the time

The ones made by friendlyalien are not only the worst but also heaviest too

Thankfully they are the rarest too

Also Innoxia, art folder constitutes for over 11 MB

Optimize your fucking images

Have a link even! https://tinypng.com/


File: 08f32ecefdca48d⋯.gif (497.75 KB, 400x210, 40:21, Disagree.gif)



>worse than "brock eyes" jam


Does age preferences actually work?

milf-only not but no christmas cakes to be found


File: f2c99f64a6c6823⋯.png (737.28 KB, 1253x1600, 1253:1600, nude.png)


Tbh the new ones are probably the best in the game.

Lilaya actually looks like a young adults aunt, instead of a woman in her late twenties.



>"brock eyes" jam

Glad I wasn't the only one thinking that.


>The art can have separate colors for the tails/wings from the skin.

Would be nice if the game had the option.


>(I'll add encounters and exploration for v0.3.4.)

holy fucking fuck

we were promised grasslands and shit in 0.3

nice fucking versioning


how to you complete troublesome slime quest? I'm at the slime lake but can't do anything



Take nice boat to slime tower.



>world encounters and exploration pushed even further back

>centaurs pushed a week back once again

Why are we still here? Just to suffer?


was kinda excited for the world map encounters, but oh well


Retard here

Why would you do any of that github and maven stuff? Modding/cheating purposes?



>Why would you do any of that github and maven stuff? Modding/cheating purposes?


That and some anons prefer to not wait for Innox comps.


I am just here for cheap laughs.


While there seems to have been a lot of engine work, from what I understand, gameplay-wise however the only new thing that you can invite sons/daughter to live with ya without having to enslave 'em?

Or am I missing something?


Displaying height in inches instead of feet & inches is fucking weird (and inconvenient). Ounces displayed as tsp/tbsp/cups when?



>While there seems to have been a lot of engine work



Switch to superior metric


So can you encounter centaurs in Dominion? I modded my PC for it, then self-pregged but can't seem to find any offspring. I want to build my horse pussy incest harem



>switch to metric

As much as I try I just can't visualize metric.





>worse than "collarbone titties" chattyneko


So there was nothing significant to gameplay in this update then other than the ability to run around an empty field after you finish the story?


What's clothing transformation and how does it happen?

Never seen it before.



Aren't succubi all young looking regardless of age though?


File: 170a3971c0e92fb⋯.png (5.75 KB, 848x144, 53:9, Poor.png)

Lads, I'm having this issue

It says I should be getting thousands but It generates only a few hundreds per day

What am I doing wrong? Or is it another bug?



>It says I should be getting thousands

That's before tax


Does anyone else have problems with icons not resizing and appearing all over the place?



But in glorious freedom units you can spew gallons of fluids everywhere, as opposed to liters.

 No.320519 agemod when




The PC confuses demon Lilaya with her aunt, so it stands to reason to assume that she looks the same agewise as her real world counterpart.

Plus i do remember Lyssieth's ingame description mentioning that she looks like she's in her forties.



Working on it now, despite keeping up with the dev branch Inno still released a bunch of code I had not seen yet and then my day job happened.






Yeah, but you get to spew MORE litres.



Fuck yes.




The link is still


There is an update live now but as previously it is untested as I finished it just before time forces me to sleep for work.



Meh. That art does nothing for me.



Considering nether does the game, that's not surprising to me at all. In fact, I'm kind of surprised the game has art to begin with at this point.



Best art so far, but it's a damn shame she's still stuck with glasses.



I would honestly prefer literal stick figures to this

At least they don't induce disgust in me



You always could just turn off images.


File: d39d15153eb886b⋯.jpg (41.93 KB, 288x467, 288:467, what.jpg)



>it's just worse than before

why though? why an increase and decrease of 3/8ths?



It is probably using 1cm measures and calling it 3/8th fractional inch.




>worse than "babby's first deviant art OC" chattyneko


File: 36469c93cfab7de⋯.jpg (18.08 KB, 351x351, 1:1, 74953396531ff1ea95afa42eb5….jpg)


>>it's just worse than before

It really is Was there even a reason to change it up? Seems completely arbitrary when he could work on something else instead.

>instead of just abbreviating to cm like before uses "centimetre"

>"metre" instead of "meter"

He really knows how to trigger my autism.



according to discord the old system is coming back with the hotfix



You need to register for a profit license at the nick.



chattynekos art is so fug i cant believe it got into the game

jams isnt perfect and has a brock eyes problem but at least its unique and charming with a solid grasp on stylization

chattynekos shit is just a preteen who watched too much anime who just got their first drawing tablet and can only draw 3/4ths view facing to the left, shoulders and up- which means they cant fit tits into view so they just slap malformed breasts directly onto the collarbone



She's drawn full bodies in the past outside of LT, and you'd be glad she stopped if you ever saw them.



On one hand chattyneko is painfully generic

On the other it's not actively evoking disgust



speak for yourself

chattyneko is the only 'official' LT artist whos "art" makes me nauseated


>Mmm, nice cock, I guess

oof my pride



>Before pressing down and tying to stimulate her cock

How did i miss that I made a mistake


File: 1ff7b74e65a11bb⋯.png (206.11 KB, 300x365, 60:73, ClipboardImage.png)

>World map update

Does that mean I can actually fuckin' go somewhere!?



>>"metre" instead of "meter"

It's the metric system, not the metirc system.


How do I enslave an npc in the overworld? I have a slaver's liscense and a collar but I have no idea how to enslave an npc I talked to.



Kick ass of some appealing lookinbg sucker

Equip item with enchantment onto them

If I think about it, every slave starting with maxed negative obedience and relations not only doesn't make much sense but is also pretty boring and makes everyone even more generic than they were otherwise

Why would some homeless dude with fetish for being submissive detest someone that got them home with food and shit?



Thank god.



No, innoxia might put in the centaur combat encounter in the overworld next update though




what's this?


custom units when, I want all fluid measurement in buckets



Ctrl+F and type "age mod".


I can't stop duping items. Every time I enchant a piece of clothing it'll be permanently stuck in my inventory. Can't drop or sell them but If I choose to equip it then it dupes itself and trying to unequip it ends with just another copy in my inventory so I can't take shit off either




At the moment it mainly just removes various ranges' "floors" so that

PC can be younger

PC can be a short human

NPC age preference can be set lower

There is some content for young npcs to spawn looking younger but generally we need more feed back on that.


I would suggest that could be a thing in funny mode but funny mod already annoys me from what little of it i see in the code.



>I would suggest that could be a thing in funny mode but funny mod already annoys me from what little of it i see in the code.




dont forget the "awoo" morph uwu


>How to do silly mode right


>How to make silly mode shit

Lilith's Throne


innoxia is currently on the discord in the channels #bug_reports and #lilith_chat taking bug reports for tonights hotfix



>tonights hotfix

Looking forward to Monday's hotfix.



do you expect me to work for free or something



damn do you get like this for bug report options for other games

a bug report form in overwatch? blizzard expecting me to do their job for them smh



I would assume he's not a faggot and doesn't play overwatch.



try not to get scorched by those sick burns



Stop pouring that cooking oil on yourself then.



>please do my job for me




File: 48b3f6fcdac2ec8⋯.jpg (15.53 KB, 425x495, 85:99, 41YTJDPJ8GL._SX425_.jpg)


shit nobody said

damn i was just pointing it out in case anybody wanted to say anything, i wasnt saying anyone should do anything they didnt want to

try to project on other people a little less



I'm mainly concerned with age mod related bugs but I can make an attempt at hammering out other bugs.



how is that at all projecting

you just throwing out buzzwords?


>New hotfix is up

>'You can no longer enslave demons found in dark alleyways'




Yeah it's like… um ok… fuck you that's dumb.

>demons being almost never enslaved

Ok, "almost never" doesn't mean make it impossible jfc


Anyway to permanantly increase Virility and Fertility? I remember slime quencher used to but inno nerfed that shit.


File: cf42c888b9fead8⋯.png (85.5 KB, 1490x690, 149:69, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7d033bb18fead43⋯.gif (1.92 MB, 500x282, 250:141, giphy.gif)

Man I wonder what the harder difficulties are li-


File: 25376241d9279f5⋯.png (95.88 KB, 1153x590, 1153:590, ClipboardImage.png)

nvm found it



>no more demon slaves

Yea fuck that shit



This reminds me. In addition to criminals we're also supposed to be able to enslave the willing. Is that actually implemented? Can you fuck someone into submission and have them beg to become your slave?



Can you still give tats enchantments? If so then I'm sure the ability to raise and lower those stats are still possible that way.





You can still befriend them, invite them to move in, then give them an enchanted slavery item.


I usually make my own agemods so I don't have to surf this hellsite. here's one for the hotfix that shrinks them with age and shit. enjoy.




Scratch that, only works for non-demons.




What about the hybrids with the really low spawn rate?


File: 0eb215cc23c82e3⋯.jpg (34.31 KB, 250x298, 125:149, 0eb215cc23c82e3e350c10f545….jpg)

When will we be able to let a slave get fucked by other enslaved NPCs? Right now it only happens off screen and even then it's a bitch to get them to do anything on top of the only way you can tell they fucked is when you disable after-sex clean-up, which is pretty lame. I want to be able to throw a slut in a double room with slaves who haven't gotten their rocks off for days.



Well guess that's the end of playing this then. Why would you remove one of the best parts of the game?

How does this actually get worse every patch lately?


God only knows what the fuck Innoxia's reasoning is.



Yeah, I don't know what the hell that's supposed to add to the "story". I just went back to an earlier version and enslaved a bunch of demons that way.

Good luck if you want to start fresh from now on without going back a bunch of versions just to get some demon slaves though.



Oh, I guess there's an option in the latest version where you can add one to your party and then join a threesome, which is at least better than before I suppose.


File: 8485c9e0da8f7c8⋯.png (38.85 KB, 199x200, 199:200, 1452866876091.png)


>dialog beforehand states sub slave has no choice

>the button calls it spitroast rape

>once sub slave enters resisting state they just end the sex like they're in a position to do so

God fucking damn it. How do you miss this shit when you implement these features?


File: f30b54435f2498c⋯.jpg (1.44 MB, 903x960, 301:320, doometh.jpg)





I swear inno has gone full retard on us

<Cannot slaughter every demon i see

<Cannot use their powers against them without becoming an hyperfaggot

<Cannot enslave them any more

What the fuck is going on on shitcord?


File: 5bb61c35add5ff8⋯.gif (7.6 KB, 645x773, 645:773, 1445830257136.gif)

>Can't enslave demons anymore

Why? For what purpose was this implemented?

I don't understand….

Someone explain. And a proper explanation thank you, not the shit one given by Fennoxia:

<demons being almost never enslaved

When the fucking incubus from the main storyline (who i can't remember the name of, alongside all of the other npc's names because they're all so god awful generic and forgettable except Lilaya) has 3 slave maids willy nilly in his mansion like its nothing.



I think someone spent too much patreonbux on drugs.


>Not just adding 20 to physique, arcane and 50 to all resistances with exception for lust.

So it would be just slightly harder and make sense lore-wise too.



>Cannot slaughter every demon i see

>surrounded by furries yet worried about demons

Anyone know a word that describes the middle ground between schadenfreude and pity?



>Anyone know a word that describes the middle ground between schadenfreude and pity?

Those two are pretty much opposites, so i guess the middle ground would be apathy since they cancel eachother out?



Furry can be disabled if you don't like them, but demons are closely tied to the lore and you can't simply disable them, in comparison furry is not even remotely a problem




I think the middle ground would basically be patronizing. Superiority mixed with a bit of care.



Well there goes the easiest source of income


I don't get it. Imps seem to be a real problem according to lore. Enslaving imps and demons that breeds them, would be a service to the community? So removing that goes against the lore. Or at least logic.



Wait can you not enslave imps anymore either? They're my favorite cocksleeves


No idea. Haven't played the non demon enslaving thing yet. But imps are demons. And if demons are hard to impossible to enslave, would stand to reason, that imps are included in that. But who knows, my mod guy haven't produced an update to the hotfix yet. So I guess I'll see eventually. Maybe someone else can answer?



Actually he said they are contractual workers, not slaves, so in theory it dosen't break the lore




Apathetic patronizing, maybe? Could be described as smugness, but both schadenfreude and pity are externally focused.


>Furry can be disabled if you don't like them, but demons are closely tied to the lore and you can't simply disable them

Only random encounters can be disabled which excludes unique NPCs and ignores crowd populations. Also, certain body size transformations are locked to specific anthro types such as giant hips and horse-morphs.


Since you guys apparently have problems understanding simple lore

Demons = nobility

They can do whatever the fuck they want with no consequence

I understand it might have been a bit subtle with the whole "descendants of their god" thing but I am sure you all will manage

We aren't going to be enslaving them without doing it the hard way or setting up our own magical slavery system



Demons that aren't recognized by their lilin parent ain't worth shit.



Still capturable.

Collecting a group of half demons for field companions.



Being in the nobility doesn't free one from having a rank within the nobility. There's even a fucking chart in the library explaining the social ranking, including multiple tiers of nobility. Recognition is just a sort of buff on the intrinsic ranking.

It's half-humans who aren't worth shit in the lore.

Innoxia's lore may be stupid, but making the game more consistent with it at least shows some semblance of still caring.

I'm still hoping for an endgame where the player subverts the whole thing for fun and profit, but I doubt any of us will live long enough for development to get that far unless one of the unemployed autists here takes up modding as the thing that gives their life meaning.



Ignoring the fact that as already mentioned a Demon has a ton of demon slave maids.



>It's half-humans who aren't worth shit in the lore.

<A half-human literally outranks a full demon in the game

Hmmmmm, so i guess it IS the recognition of the parent that counts, not what demonic race they are? Also, the reason many demons are seen as "above" the others, is because they can do more magic/are more powerful overall, not because of some "muh nobility" autism.

A bastard is a bastard, and is no better than the rabble.


File: a9dc2f0a71376b1⋯.png (13.51 KB, 493x414, 493:414, whowould have though.png)


Not every maid is a slave, you know?


File: 977b19f5dd2437c⋯.png (4.21 KB, 489x111, 163:37, Heh.png)


Man, Innoxia really tried when copypasting them



Wow, you proved that Katherine isn't mechanically a slave, what's your point?

A person who is paid by another person to do work, doesn't call their boss "master". Also the twin maids desperately want to fuck you because neither of them has had sex in a while, implying that they can't go outside of the property and do whatever (or whomever) they want. They are definitely slaves.


This just further proves that them not being classified as slaves was likely just an oversight, not intentional.



>A person who is paid by another person to do work, doesn't call their boss "master".

I guess I'll call Batman and inform him Bruce Wayne's a slaver.



Oh fuck, Katherine and Kelly are a reference to fucking Alfred the butler.

I should have seen this.



socially yeah but theyre also basically above the law



read the lore, despite being of demon descent, imps are considered the lowest of the low, even lower than half-human demons. basically shameful, useless, waste of sperm genetic trash



this dude acting condescending about patreon porn game lore LMAO


File: d60d1edc6a4f43b⋯.jpg (24.86 KB, 540x283, 540:283, dont trust like that.jpg)


i want a new agemod as much as the next pervert but that file looks shady as fuck



I am so sorry

I know that reading in text game can be challenging but I believe you will manage one day!



>caring about the "story"

lmao bro just lmao


File: e7838e4b6a7ba2c⋯.png (2.29 MB, 1440x1787, 1440:1787, ClipboardImage.png)


Its pretty tough to get a grasp on this next level Shin Megami tier writting with all the placeholders. Maybe Innoxo will manage one day!




If "lore" takes away a previously accessible NPC, especially one of the more fun ones, from the main focus of this game (Fucking things), then it's shit lore and should be reconsidered.

Also, stop trying to act smug about knowing the "lore" for a porn game. It's pathetic.



wheres the rest of it? the download is just the jar. LT usually comes with the res and jre folders



>wheres the rest of it?

You can figure this out anon, I believe in you.



i dont believe in me tho



If you just want the hotfix I just pushed one to the folder from before.


If you are still around do you have any interest in modding or just compiling?



danke you fren



Hopefully Modders can fix this when it passes the point of no return, because I don't care for this direction with the game. It's already difficult to mix demonic traits with other ones now.



Literally this Gameplay>Lore.

Removing a feature that has been in for literally well over a year because of some silly lore reason is retarded.



It's unfixable without a rewrite. The code is insanely obtuse, and all the emoji comments in the world aren't going to clarify things.



Imps are no enslaveable, but that's because as of right now it would literally break scenes.


Are you an idiot? Of course Lilaya outranks most demons, she was recognized by an Elder Lilin. You know, the seven highest sources of authority right below the physical god of the setting? Being mommy's favorite to that kind of person would get you ranked pretty high up there, no matter what your normal standing would be. She's purely an exception to the rule, half-demons are seemingly on the very bottom of the demon social ladder.


>secret society that controls most of the world creates a subhuman overpopulation problem, has said subhumans migrate to other parts of the world, all to weaken and then openly take over the world proper

deep and redpilled lore…



>Of course Lilaya outranks most demons, she was recognized by an Elder Lilin

So you agree that being recognized by the lilin parent trumps being an average demon?



I dunno man

Meraxis seems to be on bottom of the pole from the look of the things after all



Seeing as how your aunt has a "mansion" the size of Buckingham palace in the middle of fucking London I would've thought that was obvious.


File: 2f92ae2e52ac5ab⋯.png (32.95 KB, 898x411, 898:411, 4AfO0RcKRDphB0mjABD5GtmMNw….png)

I don't get it.



Yes? Seeing as there's only about four ranks below the 7 Elders, that much should've been obvious. Just being a demon puts you two steps below practical godhood.

That's not what's being argued here though. Half-demons and below are the joke of demonkin. The Incubus mentions that he still had to work his way up due to not being recognized, but he still has the apparent legal immunity simply due to being a demon. There are definite perks to being a full demon, but none so far seem to exist for the half-demons,



Unrecognized demons are below the recognized kin, correct. But in the social hierarchy they are far above the non-demonic kin.

With the Lilin being akin to kings in traditional hierarchy, recognized kin are like dukes/barons unrecognized being like baronets or knights. Low nobles, but nobles nonetheless. Human half demons are looked down upon and are like the lowest of nobles.



Meraxis also defied her mother, who is a lilin.


>I would've thought that was obvious

Apparently not for some.


>in the social hierarchy they are far above the non-demonic kin

How? Why? The only reason i can see for this, is that because they are demons, they can harness the arcane, making them waaayyy more powerful than the vast majority of the population. Not because they are a demon, but the power that carries with it.

>unrecognized being like baronets or knights. Low nobles, but nobles nonetheless

No, they are treated as bastards, AKA non nobles. The only good example we have (that i know of) of a non enslaved demon that isn't recognized by their parent is that incubus that enslaved Arthur. He didn't just do it, no, he had to follow the law and do it legally. He had one of his slaves stalk him, untill Arthur was caught doing some illegal shit, after which he was enslaved. Then, he had to bully Scarlett with legal technicalities untill she handed Arthur over to him.

That doesn't sound like a noble, but a commoner to me.

THEN, you have some fucking random literal who human break into his own private property, beat up is maids, and then demand that Arthur be handed over, a slave that he owns and acquired 100% legally. And as soon as he finds out that this human is working with a half-demon that is recognized by their lilin parent, he just hands him over.

He has no authority to do what he wishes with a human, he has to be on the legal side of things all the time, and he pisses his pants when confronted with demands by a recognized demon.

Amber and the twins, who are slave maids.

Then you have Kate, who works in a beauty salon.

Truly the elites of society.



So what about the 10 demons I have enslaved already?


File: 3f96d92a87da604⋯.png (10.65 KB, 754x107, 754:107, Screenshot (46).png)


By canon" unacceptable", but since you are associated with a recognized kin and housed within their premises, it is probable considered acceptable but probably just barely.



Do you have non-con enabled?


Also, clearly there should be no problem owning Demon Slaves if you are a Demon yourself according to lore right? Since that is what Zaranix does.



Zaranix's maids are contractual employees, not slaves.



I'm sure thats just a setting error on Innoxias part. Why would a demon who are apparently nobility willingly serve another as a servant? Especially to a minor demon like Zaranix? The only way it makes any sense and actually fits into the Lore that Inno is touting is if they are slaves.



It's a sex thing and he's cute

Also free place to live in is nice too



But he only has sex with one of the three, Amber constantly has to disciplin the twins, they are desperate for sex, they can't leave the house for too long, and Amber states that she rarely gets free time.

It's pretty clear that they're slaves, dude.



Thats a pretty shit reason and explanation lol. It also doesn't make any sense. All demons are attractive, they can shape themselves as they will. All demons are able to earn money as well from selling their arcane essences, so a "free" place to live isn't a reason either. Basically Zaranix is a massive plot hole for the lore Inno just used to explain away Demon slaves.



Also Zaranix is such a huge push over if you fight him, Amber was ten times the fight he was



>All demons are able to earn money as well from selling their arcane essences

They can work essence, but only Lilin(and the PC who is probably on the road to becoming a Lilin) can generate it I think.


where is the Rental mommy event?



>Why would a demon who are apparently nobility willingly serve another as a servant

Because they're not? Not ALL demons are going to be loaded and powerful.

>Especially to a minor demon like Zaranix

He became successful enough to afford a whole mansion, pretty sure he doesn't count as "minor" anymore.

The way I see it (and the way it's seemingly supposed to be) is that Amber and the twins are career maids, just troublesome ones that naturally have a hard time gaining employment. They don't have to be slaves to call him Master, they probably just get into their roles because they enjoy it.


Zaranix is basically a total nerd for a living, Amber is the head maid tasked with keeping the estate in order (and that includes fending off thieves and intruders). Wonder why she's the tougher fight.



the game timer has to be set to mothers day, she should appear on the city paths somewhere.


>Someone is defending the removal of gameplay features because muh lore on a furry text-based porn game created by a tranny



Why can't we add penis removal to our clothing? It would be convenient to have clothes we can use to switch from male to female without an extra potion.



Because she would have to code logic that handles situations like the player/npc wearing an insertable dildo or chastity cage when their genitals disappear, and I don't see that happening ever.


File: f77aacb8d305c9f⋯.jpg (119.65 KB, 791x1024, 791:1024, yu0Ea.jpg)



Don't worry guys i'm sure we will get the options to destroy or enslave all the demons with the angels

If innoxia won't give us that option i'm sure some anon will mod it in



Does she permanently stay there? I've got her on a tile and don't want her to fucking vanish


Time limited events are gay



Unfortunately, it seems that half-succubi and such don't actually shrink, so you still have 6-foot tall 2 year olds running around.



You're assuming we don't want to enslave the angels too?



Has inno gone full retard? I swear this has got to be the stupidest thing i have heard all day.



heh…dont tell me u dont read the lore….



If the lore makes the game worse, then it should be amended or thrown out.



You can always change your save files date.


File: fa02be0ff42b9a3⋯.jpg (585.4 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, Only for 0% MC.jpg)


If it wasn't for the angels and their sacrifices humanity would be extinct…so enslaving them feels…wrong no?

If by enslave you mean marry one(which innox said marriage would be a thing)then that's different



I know what I said. And meant. Besides. What have they done me lately?



There was talk of adding in symbiotic genitals – a form of living or biological strapon for instance. Then again, that discussion was by now over a year back. No telling if that's even something Inno even remembers let alone if it's still on the table.



Literally this. Gameplay and enjoyment trumps "lore" in a porn game every single time.



So probably not a good possibility, then? Shame. Game had potential in the beginning. Then again, that's how a lot of them fall, isn't? History has a nasty habit of repeating itself.


File: 8d0b61bc2b8380d⋯.jpg (24.61 KB, 640x360, 16:9, ded.jpg)

waiting for lilaya to hurry up and give birth already after shes been ready for birthing for an ingame week



I think that's a bug


Why is everyone behaving that enslaving demons was actually anything relevant or important?

It's not like we aren't getting way to enslave them once we will start open conflict in the next zone(ETA: 2 years)


for the agemod, i have early childhood disabled for spawns, but i just ran into a two year old



>Why is everyone behaving that enslaving demons was actually anything relevant or important?

Gee boss if people are complaining about it then maybe it was relevant or important to them?


It wouldn't be a problem if it meant there was alternative ways of enslaving them later on. They were stupid easy money once you can beat one



Was it your kid?



or if they weren't all weak jobbers

Could make them actual rare encounters and not visible tiles that you can farm along with making them tough or always scale with you. Or make it so you need an extra strong enslavement enchantment that costs a lot of essence create. Literally anything other than just removing the ability to.


Anyone else having an issue with a slave's lust lowering during sex if they hate you and all their fetishes are neutral and have the right orientation? I don't remember this being a thing.



Kinda sucks that Inno threw angels under the bus powerwise. "They are weak" so now we instantly know that all angels are weak jobbers. Sucks to suck.



Why are there even angels in the game? They're irrelevant, with only 1 of the seven actually doing anything of note.

It's not even like the demons were smart and caught the angels off guard or something, no, they just went over and beat them up because they're plain stronger. This is like basic shit that you should avoid while writing any story of good vs evil.

The only reason we the PC have any hope of defeating the vastly more powerful demons in the story is because……… Some of those very demons are letting us defeat them? Like why even have the angels in the story at all? It's just demons vs demons at this point.

This is why you need to write a summary on the entirety of a story before you start writing it, folks.



Which agemod?

also any more details about the npc could help me narrow it down.



she stays I think, easy way to test is to start a game on mothers day and advance time.




If memory serves, she's there for a span of time and then fucks off for the rest of the in-game year.


File: 7ad909b41b64393⋯.png (38.53 KB, 560x399, 80:57, ClipboardImage.png)

So uh why are toeless socks harpy exclusive items now?


Demons should have just been super powerful encounters that appear in any tiles instead of exclusively being in dark alleyways.

I mean, it's kinda silly that they all hang out in one particular spot in deep in an alleyway that the average person has no reason to enter. It would be a lot spookier if they could appear in the single tile alleys with a 1% chance or something.


File: 2d718d3731aa10a⋯.jpg (59.19 KB, 453x439, 453:439, Disgust.jpg)


>socks without toes for anyone but a harpy

I bet you wear sandals with socks too.



>Rental mommy event?

I keep hearing about this event,so how do you trigger it?



Something with Mothers Day date. Not quite sure which countrys date is used though.



Probably Britannia's seeing as that is the "dev's" home country.



Could very well be. Or US as that seems to be default in most titles. Only one way to find out though.



Yup, Innos background lore is utter trash. AS is his work ethics

Fuck him and all of his work.

We should just just start a separate fork and do what the incompetent fuck can't.



Believe in me who believes in you!



If Inno hasn't made anything of value and we have people with the skill and will to make something worthwhile ourselves then why are we here in the first place?



>This is like basic shit that you should avoid while writing any story of good vs evil.

Is this good vs evil? I hope not. Sounds like some completely boring shit. I say let's stick with lewd faction vs lewder faction doing lewd things.



5700 a month



>Fuck him and all of his work.




shit yeah but i wouldve thought my kid spawns would still obey my age spawn settings

i want kid incest but i dont want to fuck toddlers



Anon we've been over this.



oops missed this

most recent agemod for 3.1.1, npc is my kid, but ive never had issues with my kids spawning outside my age spawn limits before



>Is this good vs evil?

Yes, did you miss the whole "Angels/humans vs demons and furries" theme?


File: 6efb027fbac9e42⋯.png (5.98 MB, 2600x3500, 26:35, ClipboardImage.png)


>Socks with sandals vs Toeless socks

You are a crazy persona anon!



Hmm, not sure if it was ever working with the age range setting or if it just happened to be a less obvious fixed number. I wonder if there is a method to find the lowest enabled age or if I'll have to write one.



Like I said faction vs faction. None of those four (or the others such as slimes) are inherently good or evil. If there is any theme to be scraped out of the angel-on-demon conflict it's asceticism vs hedonism and that hardly counts as good vs evil.



>Demons wants to rule over humans (which they deem inferior and discriminate against) with a totalitarian iron fist

<Angels want the humans to be free and live their lives peacefully, protecting them

>If there is any theme to be scraped out of the angel-on-demon conflict it's asceticism vs hedonism and that hardly counts as good vs evil.

Are you being stupid on purpose?



luckily, for now ive found a slightly annoying but functional solution

i find the child in question in my save file, find the line

<ageAppearanceDifference value="#"/>

and edit the number until i get the age i want

in the case of the two year old, making the number 5 made the kid 7

the annoying part is that ill have to do this for every kid that comes out the wrong age, but hey, it works and it only takes a couple minutes



>Angels want the humans to be free and live their lives peacefully, protecting them

The only goals attributed to angels are that they oppose Lilith's faction's involvement with humanity and place high value in chastity and innocence. Nothing is known of their origins or what their intentions would be should they gain any power.



>Nothing is known of their origins or what their intentions would be should they gain any power.

The leader of the angels locked away the demons, but remained himself. And what did he do? He let humans do their own thing.



He locked away the Elder Lilin, but the rest of the Lilin took over the world, shadow government style. He's been leading angels in a secret war against demons the whole time. Though, presumably, he is fighting to keep demons from messing with humans, but we don't know for sure.



>Believing that the angels did not push their agenda though the new world order


I just want my chaste, pure, kindhearted angel waifu, away with all these overarching jewish conspiracies.


Am I mistaken in thinking that with the latest quest thing, Siren's Call, you can complete all the other segments by just fucking everybody silly - but when it gets to whatserface herself you're railroaded into combat, with no alternatives, with enemies that are vastly overleveled compared to the normal pace? If so, that's some Deus Ex level boss idiocy right there.



realized i fucked up, this post was meant to be a reply to >>322385




Do it then

Oh, wait, you meant someone else do it and you act like you were part of it



They used to be a random spawn, but it got changed most likely because there was a chance you'd get one right at the start and get fucked



Could just make it not spawn till you're a certain level. A one tile of dark alley spawn is just dumb


Anyone figured out how to use the outfit generator thing yet


Also holy fuck the new measurement system is fucking retarded



It was the royal "we," where I say something, someone else does it, then I take the credit.


Does a penile virginity stat exist for NPCs or does it only exist for the MC? I've never seen it happen.



Use Zweihander. Enchant most gear to have 5 phys dmg, 5 phy res, 5 cold res, 5 fire res, 5 poison res. 2 fully upgraded tatoos with 5x+5 phys dmg. Imp castles thrones rooms takes 4-5 swings.



With a perk, you can avoid the fight against three enemies at a time.



It may not show up in the character description, but I still get deflowering experience for it during the act.



With the siren herself, all you need is to create a potion that maxes poison resistance and physique temporary. You should have no problem with that if you slut around as much as you say you do.


Is there any way to change a character's sexual preference in current version? I would have expected it on the mystery kinks but it doesn't seem to be there



Last year the watch from Arthur's quest does just that, not sure if it changed since then



You have to save arthur first and do his sidequest so you get his watch.



It's actually possible to have problems with combat in this game?

Are you playing on Lilith or something?



> use debug menu to give yourself a scythe

> just click reap once to kill every enemy


File: dd32c39ae070565⋯.jpg (78.26 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1a63dd2a1924bde6397716412b….jpg)


Who are you quoting?



Why does that catgirl have both human and cat ears?




Katanas and wakazashis have 10 enchantment slots zweis have 5. Also 5 physique,15 physical damage set bonus from having both equipped. Damage tier might be lower, but a full 15 enchantment points as well as some free stats from a set bonus is a good tradeoff. Especially as that can be translated into more critical damage if you so desire.



Get same bonus if you use 2 katanas, but since I'm not a weeb…..



Well time to wield a fire and physical katana to deal with both normal enemies and slimes.



Her fox spirit likes messing with her hair.


Is there any way to make sure that a character is only interested in acting out their kink instead of defaulting to hotdogging and handjobs and other foreplay? There doesn't seem to be a way to force it, even with potions or cursed items.



When all your stats are maxed only the base damage of the weapon is important.



A few version ago i tried to give a slave hate on all but vaginal sex, rarely still used her tights

I short, unless npc behaviour have been fixed since then, no



If you use the behavioral fetish section when enchanting crap, you can give NPCs fetishes. I've never tried removing any, but I assume you can do that too. It's still pretty hit or miss though.



I'll try to look into it this week, threw too many hours into staring at the code recently and am losing efficiency.


Reminder that Innoxia is a girl, *please* don't be an incel that criticizes her, you would not do the same to a guy



>Reminder that Innoxia has a small penis. *please* don't be an incel that criticizes him, you would not do the same to a gal



It makes sense, but it would be nice to have a way to find out before letting it penetrate you.



Why do you feel the need to shitpost across multiple thread simultaneously, every single time?

Go somewhere else. A more active board will give you more of that attention you crave.



fucking dropped



Zweihamders are seriously underpowered, as some retard forgot about different enchantment slots for different sized items - two-handed and one-handed weapons have the exact same number of slots.

In other words, you can enchant any sword to have the same stats as a zweihander, making it utterly pointless.



No, I mean we as in we.

I'm quite willing to pitch in, as I did it before on may other projects, including FC.

But a fork first has to exist for people to contribute.



Max lust is the answer to everything.

The siren is no danger when she's too hot and bothered to even lift her scythe.



Aye. Very underpowered. But dev is not interested in weapons, so we get pink dildos instead. I still use the Zweihander.



You can't add to base damage through enchants, and you can easily hit stat caps even without 10+ enchants on all equipment slots. Hell, you can max out all stats naked if you're so inclined.

So in the end the only stat of a weapon that matters is the base damage.



>Hell, you can max out all stats naked

Not quite, there aren't enough tattoo slots to do ALL stats. You could easily max out either resists or a specific mode of damage (eg physical+melee+crit)



I meant you can do permanent statups through enchanted potions. It just takes a good deal more essence.



you mean she has autism


File: a91e6307bf62af1⋯.png (410.79 KB, 450x449, 450:449, ClipboardImage.png)

After stacking fertility 10k Essense worth of permanent Fertility boosts I can conclude that if the "Will Certainly become pregnant" thing is still in the game, it requires a retarded amount of fertility that wouldn't even be possible for a player. Leads me to believe that Inno either removed it or set it to such number so that people couldn't reach it.

tl;dr: 100% preg chance ain't possible by normal means but you can get it pretty damn high. Rip dreams of fertility goddess.


File: 58a5f6f5d802d14⋯.png (58.56 KB, 1203x649, 1203:649, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 49201695dd1afb4⋯.png (51.49 KB, 485x706, 485:706, ClipboardImage.png)

Actually because I am bored I will take it to the next level


File: b6c540f2af701eb⋯.png (23.01 KB, 1106x217, 158:31, ClipboardImage.png)

Nvm I was right. shit's capped.



Can you get around it with Cheat Engine?



All stats are capped. Almost all of them cap at 100 "points" which as you can see calculates to something lower than 100%. Critical Damage caps at 500 points, and Energy/Aura caps at 1000 total.



Looks like you would need to have a net value of 300 total for Fertility, cum production and Virility in order to guarantee a pregnancy. I'm assuming they use the values of mother plus father, and that you can't fudge it by boosting your own personal fertility, virility and cum production all in tandem.


File: 43fc9f07a0ac31f⋯.jpg (147.44 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, serveimage.jpg)


>give scythe to companion

>free reaps


File: 3f00bdfcab04035⋯.png (22.63 KB, 1174x223, 1174:223, ClipboardImage.png)

Will these actually be in game?



You mean fallen angels? Probably as soon as angels are properly implemented for natural encounters, given they're a demon/angel crossbreed.



We really should have the option to keep the children of our slaves as slaves since the moment they're born, rather than have them run off to go whore on the streets.



meme arrows aren't just for quoting



Is there a better way to find your kids other than just walking around in alleys hoping one will turn up?



If you mean "will these children be encounterable". Yes. I have a couple of Fallen Angel children myself after I fucked Lyssieth with a fully Angel body, already encountered them and moved them into the house.



>Making someone a slave the moment they're born

That's fucked up, yo. Screw that, you go spend ten minutes trying to find a child in a back alley somewhere.



Fucked up? Maybe. Done in real life and in tons of games? Yes.



Fucked up? It's common chattel practice.




I still have enough faith in people to believe anon was being sarcastic.



I believe so too. But how else to get this thread going? We could back to Zweihanders being underpowered and katanas are for dirty weebs?



How about the "angel, kitsune, unicorn etc. is more than just a shape" argument?



Or the lack of Valkyries are Norse-phobic?



Elves too. Well, Norse or Irish. Haven't the latter been discriminated against enough?



Well…. petite pale redheads with green eyes are still a major export in Ireland, right? If so, NO BULLY the Irish!



git bisect is the tool you want to quickly ID the problem.


File: 303d78d9a4f432d⋯.jpg (254.29 KB, 700x560, 5:4, SWAT hand.jpg)

I think I read on another Lilith thread that there was a mod that adds SWAT gear and stuff, but I can't find it. Is this true or have I been playing too much R6V2?



Jam at least drew some SWAT-esque Enforcer busts, and the last post on the blog said that Inno intends to add more Enforcer content, so it's a possibility that it might get into the game, eventually.



They should just make angel features+no wings=Elf. Ears mandatory, other features might be optional. Angel Wings+No other features=Valkyrie, although the latter is kind of niche and not necessary.

Of course, since Angel features aren't officially available at all outside of slime transformations, it's something for later.



didnt inno say that there were never going to be elves and orcs in lt



Yep, no white fantasy races. Races from minority fantasy settings (eg; kitsunes) are fine.



> white fantasy races

Greek mythology is explicitly referenced.



Are you implying that Greeks are white?


File: f6c69ef5de350be⋯.jpg (226.44 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, cute kitsune.jpg)


>(eg; kitsunes) are fine.

They really are



Not only are they white, they are the founding civilization of western culture.



>Not only are they white

Whatever you say, rabbi.



>Yep, no white fantasy races.

Yeah, like demons, angels, slimes, imps, harpies and centaurs…..

Why are white people so oppressed, bros?


File: 7bef637bf68f4c7⋯.jpg (203.01 KB, 715x402, 715:402, 8afeb3417343e42fc1d9d4df3c….jpg)


Demons and angels originate from Kwanzite mythology, hence the names Demonisha and La'Angeliqua.


File: a622e2983e99d34⋯.png (1.68 MB, 2248x4494, 1124:2247, promo_full_65.png)


There was a link posted before but I didn't save and it's in the discord if you want to brave that shithole



https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cynocephaly#Medieval_West Educate yourself fool. Furries are western culture.


Is there a good way to get a steady supply of biojuice containers or do I need to just cheat them in?



find slime, equip weapon with non-physical damage in Main hand, rapidly press 1 to search/kill/ignore until you have desired amount.



Ah, non-physical, that was the problem. Thanks!




Actually, I'm still only getting Slime Quencher and not Biojuice. Only biojuice I've ever found was in the Slime Queen's keep



Try several more times.

Probability to get Biojuice drop was nerfed by huge amount.

It's rarest consumable item right now.



Oh, they can't drop it unless they have transform others fetish. Checked the code on drops to see if there was any special cases and there it is.




Thanks for the info, I'll give them the fetish and beat them up for a while.



Gave a slime that fetish and got almost 100 biojuice containers already.



Not yet, really annoying when the lore has no better reason than it is akward to hang around as an 18yo at your own birth, despite the fact they will willingly move back in a week later.


There is on discord, I can't recall if i saw all the content in >>323290 in what I had tested.

Agemod updates from me may be delayed a while. A road crew destroyed the fibreoptic feed to my neighborhood.



IDK about orcs, but I assumed the reason there was a problem with elves is because the entire race is literally just a pair of ears. By making it into an angel sub-race that problem is nullified. It also makes an excuse for why there aren't any wandering around naturally.


File: 23760069562f54b⋯.jpg (19.47 KB, 427x245, 61:35, 1387079995560.jpg)

When did they make it that i can't fuck who i want after they lost the fight

why do i care if they only like females or males

>Use the rape

i don't want to have to rape them just to fuck them



At this point I just set 100% ambiphilic in the settings and forgot about that mechanic. Also annoying is when they randomly decide to make it rape mid-fuck by switching to the "resisting" pace.



i had the rape thing on for a while because why not

and i was doing one of my normal slaves and mid was she randomly went "OH HELL NO" and started to freak out when i didn't do anything she didn't have a hate for.

The AI is something else but dammit don't do me dirt with updates



It's 2019+3

I can withdraw my consent at any time and retroactively declare you a rapist.

-200 affection.


File: c7fb7352b7e014a⋯.jpg (30.76 KB, 430x250, 43:25, 128.jpg)


>i can't fuck who i want after they lost the fight

>why do i care if they only like females or males

>i don't want to have to rape them just to fuck them

I hope you are not serious. But in case you are, did you consider that maybe not everyone wants to fuck you and that's what rape is for?


File: e41a02c652189a7⋯.png (9.38 KB, 358x285, 358:285, HELP.png)

I have massive balls it says i can make a huge amount of cum.

Yet i have this going on.

This never happened in any other run what did i do and how do i fix this shit.



iirc, the original flavour of the victory scenes was that the PC's aura literally forces the enemy to be horny as shit, to the point where they don't give a fuck about gender, they just want to get their rocks off.



The absolute state of burger measurements.



except that's not how imperial measurements are used, whatever fucking retarded added that PR is braindead and innoxia should remove it immediately because it's literally broken and doesn't even add the right amounts to things that it says it should



>Your balls produce cum at a rate of 1/4oz per minute. They currently store 1/4oz out of a maximum of 4oz. How long will they take to fill?

We meet again, elementary school word problems.



File: e7edfb064e58fbc⋯.jpg (271.88 KB, 734x950, 367:475, Warhammer40k-Big E.jpg)


File: 29b220a50d090f6⋯.jpg (179.7 KB, 464x919, 464:919, 2532232-1ezkiel.jpg)


But brother did you also add in the patch for the tactical helmet and gasmask ?

because together they where bugged


File: efc836dd52d9cae⋯.jpg (244.45 KB, 980x577, 980:577, Golden_Throne-Imperial_Web….jpg)


Didn't notice that, here you go anon. I'll stop now before the mods ban me for avatar fagging




PC has gotten nerfed to fuck lately.


File: 52d0ecda5126f92⋯.png (129.87 KB, 914x751, 914:751, ClipboardImage.png)

So I found a bug that if I try to unequip these thigh-highs that instead of unequipping they dupe. I would report this but I've been banned from the shitcord for saying the admin was hurting my feelings.

Wat do?


File: 549380f40981176⋯.png (33.16 KB, 941x188, 941:188, Screenshot_7.png)



>no more furfag patreonbux

Game is officially over boys, pack it up



It was inevitable.


File: eafce72e57a7cc0⋯.png (36.2 KB, 707x192, 707:192, Screenshot_2019-03-08 The ….png)


Shit on Inno all you like, but a real shitty dev would have just cut the rape and incest.







So LT is just moving from one site to the other?

A non issue, really.


>To censor my game would not only be a reprehensible betrayal of your trust

Yeah, you definitely haven't shit all over your supporter's trust before.






>mixing up burger and britbong measurements

Anons burger is US Customary, it's Britbong that's Imperial.

This is relevant to this game because a US gallon is ~760 mL smaller than a UK gallon.


>Patreon actually has competition in the field of do-it-yourself paywall machines.

The only way there could be a bigger surprise in this thread is if the next update was actually on time.



How the fuck does Fenoxo's Patreon survive while this doesn't? I guess it's time to make an LT rewrite and not monetize it.



Guess without looking is that it is a patreon for a 'studio' rather than a 'game' with how many irons fenoxo has had in the fire at times.




See >>323624 and >>323627

, so breaking one's "artistic vision" (implying that jew's can ever have such a thing) to comply with their "rules".

>I guess it's time to make an LT rewrite and not monetize it.

That may or may not save you from a DMCA or Inno taking it without much credit.



Just wait until the combat rebalance



Should have done what the Stationmaster dev did and lock the "bad" content behind a separately downloadable file. Funding is going to be a fraction of what it was on Patreon… Never even heard of SubscribeStar before.



>That may or may not save you from a DMCA or Inno taking it without much credit.

If I were to do it, it would just be a GitGud repo and compiled builds dumped on 8ch when they become playable. I'd be surprised if she DMCAs 8ch.


File: 3ebbeca05adeef4⋯.png (146.54 KB, 1814x901, 1814:901, 2XI83BPVcv1RhFG4mRrhC7Ygus….png)

The shitposting begins anew.



shoulda leave them disabled.



This legitimately gave me a nice chuckle. So, who's up for a bowl of popcorn?


File: f876d3d3b35d2f3⋯.png (161.37 KB, 500x361, 500:361, 1434042981559.png)

>minimal is just ears and tails

>but lesser is full on animalistic genitalia and digigrade legs

It's just furry with a thin veneer to try and suggest otherwise, isn't it?


File: 2efd23d09bbf6c5⋯.png (446.46 KB, 728x2248, 91:281, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 46e9e5c2ee50342⋯.jpg (159.78 KB, 760x430, 76:43, this.jpg)


>patreon shutdown

>If I am unable to get onto an alternative support platform in that time, development will still continue, but at a slower pace due to inevitable new work commitments

>at a slower pace






If LT goes any slower it'll break spacetime and start regressing



That's not necessarily a bad thing. Maybe that way it'll back up and be able to continue with a less awful story.



As much as I appreciate Fenoxo 2.0 being shoved off the gravy train I don't understand Patreon's endgame for pushing off the content creators that bring in revenue. Won't they just go to an alternative donation-dole "service" and let Patreon rot on the fence?



The payment processors are the ones who demanded the change, IIRC.




The game uses an open license which means you can modify it however you want so long as you don't try to monetize your modification


File: d201ad922b4431a⋯.png (25.29 KB, 632x199, 632:199, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 48d9acc7f206c94⋯.png (10.33 KB, 633x83, 633:83, ClipboardImage.png)


Apparently Patreon support forbid her from doing that




Although I do find it odd that stationmaster is somehow able to get away with it despite outright stating the game contains rape in the patreon description



The licence also state that innoxia can take whatever 'it' want from your modified code an use it in the main game, earning 'it' shekels at your expense, the development of this game is way too similar to tits as it is, i rather not add the last piece to engage in full on fenoxification if possible



The retards would have to prove it's her doing the mod tough, if they can't there is little they can do, and because the game is open source she could just say >>323779



It's not so much about the content that it is about the success. LT is a pretty successful patreon project, especially when comparing to the rest in the hentai game market, so it will get hit with the censor hammer much earlier than a game like Station Master. It will happen though, always, as a game with "forbidden" fetishes continues to grow in popularity, it's chances of getting axed grow exponentially.

I have been doing nothing but slinging shit towards Innoxia for her(I will finally chose to use her, only in this message) slow ass, unreliable development, but I have to respect her for this. The large majority of successful patreon games would have just opted to censor their games, in fact I think all of the big ones have done this? LT will take a big hit to donations if it moves to subscribestar, because not nearly as many people know about, or use that platform. Innoxia is choosing to stand up to censorship instead of bowing to the far left, moral police and I respect her for it. She also re-enabled comments to allow us to continue the hate train and quite honestly, regardless of the awful delivery times on updates, the deliveries continued to come for years now.

If you still read this thread on occasion, thanks for sticking to your principles instead of choosing money like the large majority of Patreon creators do.



Add tribbing Inno, how many years has it been already?



Same. Was pretty surprised – and a little impressed – she gave Patreon the bird and walked out the door instead of falling inline like other platforms have.



Modern greeks have been browned after turkish conquests, rape and genocide.

You must be a special kind of stupid to think that demographic doesn't change over thousand of years.


Frotting when?

n0 h0m0



even slover?

just kys


can i rape rose yet?



Did you actually want Frotting without Tribbing also being in or are you being funny?


Tribbing is the weird case where actors could have too many parts as some of the acts don't work well when one or both actors has a penis as well as a vagina.



Pretty sure that's only during an arcane storrm. I may be wrong but that's the only time i've noticed enemies acting like that.



Pleasantly surprised she's that kind of person, let's hope the new funding works out because slower updates don't sound good at all.







Basically Patreon has decided that its your mum is the problem.



Innoxia's problem always was one of incompetence than that of malice, and I am happy to see evidences of it being right in this case as well.

Not to excuse the ridiculous development process that's been going on thus far. All these delays and shit are not the signs of a healthy lifestyle, nevermind work ethic. Innoxia still needs to go read some self-help books or some shit. Fuck, maybe go and even meet Jesus, or something.



>Fuck, maybe go and even meet Jesus, or something

I doubt suicide would help in developing this game



Have you seen her schedule, the one on the blog? Not healthy at all.


>To censor my game would not only be a reprehensible betrayal of your trust, but it would also send a message that I support the concept of censorship, the suppression of literary artistic expression, and the belief that adults must be protected from their own thoughts.

>My code is so spaghettish and convoluted that I couldn't fix it even if I wanted to.



If there's someone who could help you develop a porn game it's Jesus.



she said in the fagcord that rose fucking will be coming.



He already got toggles for noncon and incest, so he could easily just lock the switch and be done with it. I don't doubt that the code might be spaghetti, but he as done a damn fine job with categorising the content.



yeah. Paypal(or whoever pulls the strings there) really dislikes some specific fetishes for some reason. These things always trickle down and fuck over consumers.



minimal is kemenomimi

lesser is "monstergirl" (furries for furfags in the closet)


I'm saddened to hear that but at least paypigs won't pressure inno anymore


What is Patreon's end game with this?

Surely they realize that if people can't put their incest and non-con stuff on patreon, they'll just put it somewhere else?

I'm also confused as to why the payment processors even care. Is it a European law or something? Because as long as it's not outright real porn the US law enforcement won't give a fuck.



it's nothing to do about legality, it's someone somewhere along the line having some weird moral issues and way too much power.



adhering to Vatican law, because corporations are technically also people they risk being excommunicated and put separate from god's light. No one will use your service if it is damned by god.





tl;dr the government pressured banks on certain industries so the banks just said "fuck it, we won't even bother with the industry anymore." The program ended in 2017 but no one has updated the EULA probably because they don't want to be the guy who fights for animal fucking in games.


File: b105eee707ad61f⋯.jpg (56.17 KB, 481x448, 481:448, 1508895444770.jpg)


this is even dumber than I thought holy shit



It's not patreon directly, payment processors are the one giving directories to Patreon. They have no choice but to follow their orders.



Presure Inno to what? Take a break?



Obama is the ultimate normie president in that your opinion of him is going to be in direct relation to how much you actually look into what he did during his presidency.



>Her paypig surely didn't request Inno to add 6 billion races and cosmetics.

It was convenient to follow their requests.



Obama was a fucking shit president whose reputation is only salvaged by the fact that he is surrounded by idiot Bush and fucking Trump. He contined the same increasingly authoriatrian and dangerously intelligence-favouring style of government inherited from Papa Bush, including the renewal of the Patriot Act, fucking over whistleblowers, and going pewpew on all the Arabs who hadn't shot anyone. Yet.

He had shit leadership skills, bent over to the rich, bent over to the republicans, did nothing actually good of note. The nigger's magnum opus was fucking Obamacare, AKA fucking failure whose only saving grace is that America is enough of a turd that it manages to look good in comparison.

Let's not forget the fact that he empowered the SJW retards too. Witch-hunts, witch-hunts everywhere.

I literally don't see how any retard whose kept up with American news in the slightest would have even the slightest favourable view of him. Even "progressives" would have no reason to like him unless they were the SJW kind.



like I said, the normie president. If you don't look at him at all he is a great president because he's not bush! Then you look at all the scum fuck shit he did like operation fast and furious and operation choke hold and you realize that he is probably one of the most authoritarian presidents since nixon and all that neolib glimmer starts to rub off


File: 272c8482ca64fdf⋯.png (69.2 KB, 1949x332, 1949:332, 22rUjqU73n2HV9QobvA23FUlVg….png)

It took two years, but it's finally happening.






Holy shit my dudes only 2 and a half more years and you'll be able to add elves to the game! I can hardly wait.





What races would modders even add? Elves, orcs, dwarfs, and….?


File: 299a9e64f0d20aa⋯.png (435.03 KB, 770x442, 385:221, ClipboardImage.png)






Why do people even want these literal green niggers in any game?

Elves i can understand but orcs?

They are gross and disgusting as fuck.



Savage, dumb, muscled, primal.

Good for gangbangs as is, and not bad for civilizing an amazonian orc waifu.



Maybe it just self inserting?


File: b67d2197338415d⋯.png (307.03 KB, 715x1024, 715:1024, Orc Maid 3.png)


>not wanting a maid that can clean and fuck shit up if need be

What is this faggotry?



Angels ripoff with special that turns opponents into salt

Hopefully custom skills will be in by then



Isn't there a non green version of this in game already ?


File: d4b96e29b0ce734⋯.png (1.34 MB, 708x936, 59:78, Orc Cyber.png)


Probably. Have a Cyber Orc instead.


so what kind of content was "bad"?

rape? incest? knotty dicks?



>rape? incest?




just play it off as consensual play

in fenoxo games you can sex up everything after beating it into submission, pretty sure not everything there is consensual

what exacly is wrong about incest in a fantasy world of debauchery?

if it wasn't called "incest", there would be no problem, right?

is it incest when you fuck your clone?



Non-con and incest. Basically Patreon doing what quite a few other groups are doing to pornographic content creators, especially those providing certain types of content, and told Inno to cut any such content completely out now or fuck-off. Inno choose to fuck-off. Unofortunately, while I actually applaud Inno for taking the high road and walking out the door, I have some serious doubts now more than ever the game will get much better despite how much he's claiming the game isn't dead yet.


Preaching to the choir. Sadly we live in a world where laws are still in place to cater heavily to overly-sensitive self-righteous retards who cry evil at the first sign of something they don't like. "We can't permit this because it's against the law, and it's against the law because it's wrong." Says fucking who?


File: e11104f92248b01⋯.png (348.45 KB, 1874x997, 1874:997, 463a9fa8812d47bfcfae6c1e52….png)


>what exacly is wrong about incest in a fantasy world of debauchery?

According to Patreon, procreative sex between married couples is basically incest unless you don't consider your wife to be family.


>These fictitious words in this fantasy game are making me uncomfortable!

I will never understand how people can be such monumental faggots that they have to ban this shit.



It's even more ridiculous when you consider how everything and its warning label has a warning label these days. "I was cautioned that the content within would offend me and would you believe that it actually offended me?!"





This one you can actually blame Obama for.

see >>323940



Is there anything I can't blame that watermelon seller for?




That one was all Bush.




>not kikes


Is there any way to turn this into a game? No matter what settings or self-imposed restrictions I try, I either end up with a trivially easy, impossible to lose game or something unplayable.



JIDF detected



I don't know why you'd even want to. The game is just a vehicle to masturbatory material, there's no gem of a game hidden underneath.




Bush is obviously in league with the jews himself.



Not 100% sure. I enjoy the jank, odd and experimental nature of many H games. Many are just plain ol' fun, like Lulu Farea, Kurovadis and many more. I'm not really in it for the porn. I can't for the life of me find a JRPG or JRPG-like, and this seemed pretty close except that the combat and economy are broken.


>eat animals daily

>b-but bestiality is bad because they can't consent!

really gets my neuron matter flare up



Cannibalism is legal in the UK, so feel free to start getting ideas about the philosophical justifications of the legislation.


Now if could enslave demons again and not make unique NPCs furry shit.



>Cannibalism is legal in the UK

wait what



I bet some nigger complained of racism.



Being a historical maritime nation, eating people in emergency situations has a long tradition among Brits. You obviously need to get the meat some way else than killing your prospective meal, though.



I wonder what he tasted like



I can hear the remains of Jonathan Swift madly cackling.



It's settled then, Jonathan Swift and his crew did nothing wrong.



Wait fuck i meant John Franklin



Welp, I know what my next bodyguard in FC is going to be now.


File: b8ffd2f36e07bde⋯.png (348.41 KB, 580x358, 290:179, At it again.png)

File: 1938e01419514b1⋯.png (490.99 KB, 1274x683, 1274:683, A win for the humans.png)


Isn't that part of the fun though? It combines the best parts of Amazonians and raceplay with none of the real world baggage, and mixes in an age old rivalry from various different fantasy realms.


So did someone make a mod that allows you to enslave demons again or am I going to have to patiently wait for it.



Just cheat in that demon making item and make them yourself

Demons aren't even good for anything


>That amazing lag when clicking on world map

Innoxia sure is someone else



No. You… you will do it for them.

Bitch and whine, until it is done.


File: c743919450c1b08⋯.jpg (56.63 KB, 804x864, 67:72, 1530119397326.jpg)


>Innoxia sure is someone else



I don't understand.

Why even do something like this?

Just say yeah boss whatever you say to Patreon and then "leak" a mod which restores all the forbidden shit.

All Inno had to do was lock the forbidden content away and then release the key somewhere else, preferably under a different name.

Then maybe make a blogpost about it or something.



They sent Inno a pre-emptive warning that said if you try that shit we'll shut you down anyways.





LT sourcecode is open, anyone could add a mod or make a modded version of the game that restore the locked content, all she had to do is isolating the forbidden content in separate files and comment out the option to access it, then the modded version just uncomment those lines and compile the files with the removed content, that's it

Patron will not be able to do anything regardless of warnings, they cannot prove it's her that did it, nor they can demand she make the game closed source, in short, just say "sure, i remove the content right away", and then mod it back in with another name, this trick is used in the videogame industry since forever, to add in copyrighted content without suffering any repercussion

Game like starpoint gemini for example have a mod to add in various star trek ship, but the timing and the implementation always made me suspect that it was the developer who made that particular mod, but no one will ever bother to prove it, nor anyone want to


File: ddf4c73652f421c⋯.jpg (185.51 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 4qzFz8P.jpg)


Isn't this kind of rampant censorship literally illegal in the US?



Doesn't matter to Patreon. You are responsible in their eyes for the actions of each and every one of your fans, so even the possibility of your fans distributing a patch that adds in removed content will get you banned.



>Patron will not be able to do anything regardless of warnings

>We've decided you're kissing the ring sincerely enough, so you're off our platform. Fuck off.

They can't sue her, but that doesn't mean they can't do anything.


File: 8adcd951e01d296⋯.jpg (179.93 KB, 517x768, 517:768, superlative laugh.jpg)


>anything asshole corporations want to do

>illegal in the US



Illegal doesn't mean enforced. Hell, 90% of EULAs blatantly break the law but nobody ever takes them to court so there's no consequences.



I think generally bad EULAs are just discarded and don't really allow you to take them to court over it. iirc at some point Steam's EULA had a clause saying "You agree to never sue us over anything." and when that was brought up in court over something else they just went "Ok, that's obviously retarded, lets go through this as normal, but Valve should remove that clause later".



Why would it be illegal? Freedom of speech means the government can't take you on for it, private companies are still allowed to pick and choose what they allow on their platform. Even when feminists make a shitstorm over something, that's not literally illegal, though it's still considered to be a dick move.

I do think that credit card operators have gotten far too much power and that maybe they shouldn't be allowed to discriminate that often. Cards are essentially a synonym to money right now, the operators should not be able to decide to starve someone on a whim.


Did it happen? Did the patreon bubble burst? Was it all KaguraGames fault for bringing attention to h-games being a thing that exists?


File: 2bf7daac558411f⋯.jpg (32.37 KB, 603x721, 603:721, 12312312.JPG)


>Patron will not be able to do anything regardless of warnings, they cannot prove it's her that did it,

Yeah but this is the era of faggots being faggots, do you really think, in the current state that Patreon is in, that they would care enough to try and prove that it's her, and not just outright ban it anyway?



>Freedom of speech means the government can't take you on for it

You are conflating the Freedom of Speed with the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. If I go to Belgium, I still have the Freedom of Speech, but the United States Constitution no longer applies to me.

The Freedom of Speech is a philosophical idea, while the First Amendment of the United States Constitution is merely a protection of that Freedom because the framers believed in it.

God, I hate that Americans always spout this dumb belief. It would be like saying that slavery is wrong because of the Thirteenth Amendment. Regardless of your opinions on slavery, you shouldn't use the US Constitution as your only metric for what is right and wrong. They're called "amendments" for a reason, because people fucked up when writing the original document and needed to change it over time.



Nah, PayPal started fucking everything up even before Kagura.



You're replying to someone who was replying to a question specifically about legality in the US. They are 100% correct in talking about the first amendment.



Ban her on what ground?

That someone have modified an open source program in a third party site not affiliated with them in any way, and that this mod add things prohibited on their platform?

Because that sound exactly like 3rd party modding


Jewtron would not be able to do anything legally speaking, it just add content they prohibit on their platform, if such content is removed from the original iteration of the game offered on jewtron, then innoxia cannot be held responsible for what a 3rd party do with it, this kind of things happen all the time with modding and while the original owner of some copyrighted content could demand the mod to be taken down in some countries, they cannot sue the original developer that have no proven affiliation whatsoever with the modder



All it takes is one tranny to start a twitter mob, and that'll be proof enough for the general public.


Couldn't Inno just make a Patreon for herself, rather than any particular product she's making?



That has been tried before and shut down by Patreon.



>Ban her on what ground?

It actually doesn't matter. Have you seen the bans going around on these platforms? People are getting banned for all kinds of shit they did or didn't do.


They'll still ban it. There's no trying to loophole your way into getting what you want, even if your Patreon is for something completely different and you've done or said something that they find offensive, you're gone. See Sargon of Akkad.



Not any more, jewtron are a little more then a bunch of retards, but even they are not That stupid, also that would have required to obfuscate what she was doing, aka the game, which is against what inno wanted


Do the imp fortresses "respawn" after clearing them when you've beating the Chuuni demon? I want to keep beating that goth slut.



They do. Give it a few days, keep spamming rest until evening/morning if you want to do it asap.



Yes they do, with new copies of their gear and everything.

Still can't believe there's no option to fuck her one on one, though. Can't even fuck her face or whale on her ass.




Got it, thanks.



>whale on her ass

uh anon

i'm pretty sure it's wail



>not putting your whale dick on her ass



He's going to beach himself on her ass.



It's not, actually. Wail is a distressed noise.



Look it up, anons.



and whale is a gigantic marine mammal. idioms rarely make sense by dictionary definitions.



>Fucking something disgusting is part of the fun?

I don't get it.

It's like fucking a sheboon, why would you ever want to stick your dick in it when there's 100 times better out there?



Huh, guess you're right. Seems like it comes from "Wale". Not sure how that turned into "whale".

The more you know.



Story says she's supposed to be a virgin up until getting demoned. Maybe after?



What's that got with lack of option to fuck her one-on-one? Being virging is not excuse.



>a virgin

Oh, I was talking about the "goth slut", and the other two fortress leaders.


It actually somewhat is, because Mera's such a mega faglord

that she's somehow still a virgin despite literally being half sex-demon. It's such an epic fail that it makes her mom less hesitant to reap her soul, purely because of how bad of a fuckup it is. It's that significant. So I'd say that her getting a romance quest to make her stop being a dumb cunt and give her your first time would be pretty great.

Plus, who doesn't like getting to take a nerd's first time? It's especially fun in a game like this where casual sex is so prevalent.



I thought you were talking about the chuuni.

>make her stop being a dumb cunt

Fuck no. Embrace the dork side.



>romance quest

That might be interesting.

I am just not a fan of group sex where you are not only one with a dick, so any alternative would be nice.


>your slaves that literally hate you, can initiate sex with you

>your consensual, nymphomaniac, addicted-to-your-cum lovers that worship you will never initiate sex with you


I just want a nice, clingy gf that likes me enough to get out of her way to spend time with me



Oh thank fucking god. I've been harping on this for so fucking long.


Bees! All the Bees!


Make the mod anon! We believe in you! Wait is it a mod if you most likely only have to remove code? I bet it's just a ifstatement, or knowing this code base, a switch statement.




It's actually one variable.


Change this.setEnslavementDialogue(SlaveDialogue.DEFAULT_ENSLAVEMENT_DIALOGUE, false);

to this.setEnslavementDialogue(SlaveDialogue.DEFAULT_ENSLAVEMENT_DIALOGUE, true);



>Isn't this kind of rampant censorship literally illegal in the US?

No! Who's(Whom?) speech is being censored? Innoxia's or Patreon's? The correct answer is Patreon's. Even if you could make the argument censorship by a company is illegal, then their still not in the wrong. Innoxia is asking them to use their speech for her project. They've just decided they don't want to use their personal free speech for such things. Also, porn isn't protected under free speech except for when it is. My suggestion is, support companies that do support Free speech of their clients.


I cloned your repo. I got a bunch of conflicts right off the bat! What did you do?!

I want a good base to readd Bees to the game.

Shame on you!


What was Innoxia thinking when he wrote PC with actual dialogue?



Conflicts are that someone cleaned up all the whitespace issues in the files but not on Inno's side, I have no clue what that actually does for size and performance but it seems a lot of work to just discard it but likewise a lot of work to resolve the conflicts to add Inno stuff. I think we are due an Inno update soon after which I could push my version that doesn't have all the space fixes to a branch you can reference or I can push what i have for 3.1.1 if you don't want to wait for 3.1.5 considering delays seem a certainty with the patreon issue taking up Inno time.

>BEES / Racemodding

I don't recall us having actually done anything to make race modding better than the base game; as far as I know that stuff was all on bee anon's branch and is notable conflicty thanks to all the time that has passed. Also I would be interested in helping if needed.



Finally we can breed and milk those elven sluts like they deserve.


Why the fuck they are not enslaveable anymore?



According to the lore, demons can only legally be enslaved by other demons, and even then it's difficult paperwork-wise to do. If you think of demons as nobility, it's basically that the bureaucracy is afraid some slave might turn out to be connected to someone powerful and bring down their wrath.



They were correct in referencing the First Amendment, but that does not change the fact that the First Amendment is not the Freedom of Speech. Anon was conflating the two, which is very dumb.

Additionally, there are more laws than just the Constitution.



Thanks, that's all I needed to make donutsteel no touchy plz Lumi to be enslaveable. Some of you anons have been waiting a long time on this one.

Directions: Type buggy, go to misc, Encounter Lumi in a blank alley tile, beat down, take advantage, and slap on a slave collar.



File: 9334a6fe2e543c9⋯.png (678 KB, 750x1190, 75:119, ClipboardImage.png)

Do Knuckle Dusters scale on Unarmed damage enchantments?


File: 0ce9fcd4b904bd2⋯.png (149.43 KB, 1012x865, 1012:865, ClipboardImage.png)

Yo Inno if you are actually reading the thread I found a bug for ya.

If you enchant Stripped Thigh High socks they are stuck to you forever and any attempt to remove them will dupe them.


File: b20c9a1d8d2f0c8⋯.png (177.19 KB, 1226x880, 613:440, ClipboardImage.png)


Nvm it's literally any item. Big bugs.



Probably not since they're coded as a weapon but doesn't hurt to try



You were never truely a PC, anon, you are just an NPC with special privileges and the isPlayer boolean attached.



I think that's not true currently but it's on the to-do list.



It is at least generic enough to be tolerable. It could be way worse. It could be fucking Itadakimasu~ -tier like newlife's intro.



Just tried her encounter. Holy shit who writes this stuff. Why can't you just instantly slap a slave collar on her in the first place? She's an obvious criminal.




Stop immediately, Nnxx will revoke their extremely generous funding if you continue to bully Lumi and that will notably slow down development.


Surely 3.1.5 will be release tonight Surely.


File: 464da03e5c94a55⋯.gif (2.37 MB, 311x263, 311:263, Big Sigh.gif)


Blame Fenoxo. He went from CoC "tell the intent not their words" to TiTS "haha, fuck you, we Mass Effect now". Everyone follows his bullshit trend.




Not like she'd go to heaven.









There was a whole thread about that, but everything can be summed up in ocdonutsteal special privilege, as her creator diden't wanna, that's it

In fact considering that particular character i am somewhat surprised that inno has gone down the 'cannot enslave demon because lore' excuse, when that oc was obviously an exception to both the lore and the game rules, supposedly that's why in not possible to find her outside debug menu as of yet

It is reputed as one of the reason why inno dosen't post here any more



Released on dev branch


>You can now enslave the demons in Dominion's dark alleyway tiles again

Wow, she listened.



good, one step backwards, one step forwards



And only a day off schedule! Progress!


someone should tell inno about newproject2 which is dick masterson's patreon clone he made after he got kicked off



Isn't dick still on patreon?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>>You can now enslave the demons in Dominion's dark alleyway tiles again



is it possible to get enslaved yourself, or is the "you are not a slave, you have free will" text when you take a selfie a red herring for content that hasn't been implemented yet?



That's one heck of feature if you can get enslaved. How does the story even work if you're a slave ?




It'll probably be some brief quest, where some high ranking demon has manipulated politics to have you labeled as a criminal, and then enslaves you.



As if PC should care about having some random demon's wrath, especially if they're criminals hiding in dark alleys, nobody would care about them.

Now if we could turn the table and try to attack random npcs in the streets and rape them (rapist\criminal route) that would be great




>life as a slave

>wake up

>start cleaning your masters/mistress' mansion for 8 hours

>after work, go back into your room, since you are not allowed to freeroam the mansion

>go to bed in the evening






From the hint inno given over the months, it should be a willing choice somewhere down the line, maybe an option for a main quest branch that extend from there, problem is to play the game you need to act freely, so unless the npc that should be your master, leave you to do mostly whatever you want, which would make the enslavement path somewhat pointless, it would require to build nearly an entire new game and a linear one as fuck too when specific order are given

The alternative is that this npc would give you task to accomplish from time to time and change the available ending, but leave you mostly free to act

In short do not expect anything like that to be implemented until the game is mostly finished, i seriously doubt it's even remotely a priority, in fact i won't be surprised if inno decide to drop it entirely, in favour of a more extensive slavery management for the player, including unique content for enslaved unique npc



Probably just a bad end


If you're reading this Inno, tigers have been broken forever. I disable furries entirely, yet those things still manage to pop up about 1% of the time. They're the only ones too.



But the tigers come at night.



I can't think of the way of shitty coding that would allow something like this. It must be an absolute mess.



I still get anthro slimes after disabling furries, but unfortunately that may be intentional.


disabling furries doesn't stop cat girls right ?


File: 9c2c3afefbcc724⋯.jpg (14.32 KB, 205x255, 41:51, f528332630737e5cd4108439aa….jpg)

What does Pix even do if you don't overpowerer her and fuck her? Stops you from masturbating and kisses you? What kinda pussy shit is this?


File: 1d1dd36a16c4d4f⋯.png (49.36 KB, 1331x661, 1331:661, innoxia_knows_subspecies_c….png)



You could story rationalize it away with your master forbids you from revealing their identity.So the main story proceeds normally, but the player will quietly set up the cards for the master. Fast forward to the ending, big bad defeated, the reveal happens, everyone and their mom loses their shit.


File: d343c82ec8110f5⋯.png (160.86 KB, 288x450, 16:25, ClipboardImage.png)

>Having sex with some thot from the club

>Really laying a pounding on her

>Girl is max arousal

>Girl fingers her own asshole

>Don't notice arousal dropping

>Girl gets to 0 and starts screaming I'm raping her

>She and I both cum

>+200 Hatred Rebecca now Loathes you




>and starts screaming I'm raping her

It's her body, she can revoke consent whenever she wants.



Dumb bitch shoved her OWN fingers into her ass.



Quit mansuggesting her to do these things and you won't have that problem.


>New version uploaded on blog

Version patch notes:


Added support for defining patterns in modded clothing. Reference the 'res/mods/innoxia/items/clothing/rentalMommy/rental_mommy.xml' for an example (line 179).

Added support for author attribution in modded clothing and weapons. As above, reference the rental_mommy.xml file to see how it works in clothing (line 11), or the 'res/weapons/innoxia/dagger/dagger.xml' for weapons (line 5).

Updated Weapon xml loading to use BlazingMagpie's xmlParsing Element structure.

Did some more optimisation of save files, cutting file size by about 10% on larger saves.

Added support for new clothingAuthorTag and weaponAuthorTag elements in modded clothing/weapons to be simply 'authorTag'. (Change from initial implementation in


Reverted: You can now enslave the demons in Dominion's dark alleyway tiles again. Finch's explanation when you first get a slaver license has also been updated, as well as the lore in the 'Dominion's History' book in Lilaya's library.

Added a 'Thorough wash' action to your room, which cleans out all of the fluids in your orifices.

Clothing which plugs or seals orifices no longer gets dirty from creampies which it is keeping sealed/plugged in. (This clothing can still get dirty if someone cums on it.)

Half-demon harpies (furies) can now spawn in the harpy nests, and Submission attackers can also now be half-demons. Both are at a chance of 5% per encounter, and the chance for Dominion half-demon attackers has similarly been increased to 5% (from 2.5%).

By default, half-demons now need two orgasms to be satisfied in sex, while demons, lilin, and elder lilin need 3.

Added ability to use the milking room's equipment to manually milk your companions or slaves assigned to it. You can also use the 'pump' actions on them.

There is now a 5% chance for alleyway attackers to be a taur.

Offspring will now correctly be generated as a taur if the parent which they take after is a taur themselves.

You can now meet taur offspring in Dominion's alleyways.


Added: 'Polka dots' pattern for clothing, in sizes 'tiny', 'small', and 'big'. (PR#1097 by Phlarx)

Added: 'Ballgown' (feminine, torso slot, sold by Nyan). (PR#1097 by Phlarx)

Added: 'Evening gown' (feminine, torso slot, sold by Nyan). (PR#1097 by Phlarx)

Added: 'Rockabilly dress' (feminine, torso slot, sold by Nyan). (PR#1097 by Phlarx)

Added: 'Vintage dress' (feminine, torso slot, sold by Nyan). (PR#1097 by Phlarx)

Fixed a few issues with the new metric & imperial units support. (PR#1102 by DJ Addi)


Moved all shoe clothing into the external res folder, tidied up some of the svg files, and added more colouring options to those which only had one.

Added 'jet black' as an available clothing colour.


Greatly reduced the occurrence of '~Hic!~' inserts in drunk speech.

Slaves given permission to wash their bodies will now clean all fluids out of their orifices.

Improved orgasm's targeted cum area detections and descriptions, so, for example, cumming on someone's stomach will now dirty not only their stomach, but also clothing in their torso and over-torso slots.

Split up Vicky's trade action into weapons, items, and clothing. Due to this change, Vicky's shop inventory will be reset once you load into this version.

Newly spawned clothing now treats colours and pattern colours for different primary, secondary, and tertiary areas as mutually-exclusive, where possible.

Amber's walkies scene now ends with you being returned to the lounge, instead of the entrance hall.

Added separate icon colours for demons and half-demons.

Added variations to the 'pregnancy chance' descriptions for if characters impregnate themselves.

Save game info on main menu when starting up the game should now correctly display your character's race name, as based on femininity value.

Increased demons' default wing size from tiny to large. (Also increased Lilaya's wing size from average to large, and set Meraxis to having small wings.)

Added 'breast size' and 'penis size' preference modifiers to the 'Content options' screen (at the very bottom).

Increased chance of friendly occupants finding a job each day from 10% to 20%.

Miscellaneous code cleanup.

A slave's value now takes into account the clothing they are wearing, as well as all items in their inventory.

The value of slaves is no longer increased by a fixed amount per fetish they have, and is instead multiplicative based on number of owned fetishes (+5% value per fetish).

Changed Rose's special scene to be unlocked after gifting her a rose.



Changed 'Twintail pull'/'Twin braids pull' from being exclusive to the kneeling-oral position, to any position in which the character receiving a blowjob has at least two hands free.

Both types of rabbit ears, as well as floppy dog ears, can now be used in an 'ear pull' action in sex, which is functionally similar to the 'Twintail pull' action when receiving a blowjob from the targeted character, and similar to the 'Pull hair' action when fucking the character doggy-style. (Both require at least two hands to be free.)

Did some more improvements to sex AI, removing yet more instances where NPCs would start/stop actions in sex.

Fixed crotch nipples being incorrectly treated as penetrable in some instances.

Fixed nipple penetration content setting not applying to crotch nipples.

Rose will no longer penetrate herself on your cock in her dominant scene.

Added 'Restrict control' & 'Unrestrict control' actions in sex, for when you are the dom and you want to limit a sub's ability to start non-self penetrative actions.

NPCs who have foot fetishes now correctly have a weighted chance to want to prioritise using their (or others') feet in sex.

NPCs who have a positive desire towards the sadist fetish will no longer bother to remove their footwear before giving their partner a footjob.

NPCs who use their mouth/tongue in any sex actions will now have their mouth stats revealed to you. (This can be seen in their description page, in the third paragraph under 'Appearance'.)

Restricting/permitting self-actions should now be working correctly.


Fixed: Major issue which has been present for several versions, where clothing in all shopkeepers' inventories was disappearing at random.

Fixed issue with Brax not being at the reception desk after defeating him.

Fixed coverings which were set to 'glow' losing their glow upon loading.

Fixed issue where forbidding NPCs from managing clothing during sex would have no effect.

Fixed issue with NPCs sometimes choosing to perform actions that they disliked or hated.

Fixed striped toeless socks only being able to be equipped by harpies.

Fixed issue with incorrect character being described as unable to equip clothing when body parts were incompatible with clothing type (such as trying to equip normal shoes onto hoofed feet).

Fixed issue where in some cases Lilaya's pregnancy would never end.

Fixed some parsing and grammatical issues.

Fixed issue where NPCs birthed as a result of two NPCs having sex were being saved and stored in your save file, but never used.

Fixed the character view 'Relationships' section displaying relationships towards characters you have not yet met (most noticeable with Lilaya having an affection towards 'the dark siren' from the start of the game).

Fixed illogical instances of clothing being concealed, such as a full-length dress being completely concealed when wearing a leather jacket over the top.

Fixed incorrect description in the hypno-watch inventory use tooltip.

Fixed incorrect instance of Kelly being referred to as Katherine (Zaranix's maids).

Demonic harpies (furies) no longer spawn with back wings in addition to arm wings.

Fixed bug in Alexa's dialogue, where some code was displayed instead of the intended result.

Fixed issue in the main quest where you first meet Alexa, where her intial dialogue would repeat after selecting the action 'Scarlett's woe'.


Slaves owned by you, the player, can no longer choose to end sex if you are both in a dominant slot and are able to end sex yourself.

Fixed incorrect description in Lilaya's TF orgasm scene, in which Lyssieth was fucking her pussy.

Fixed slightly odd orgasm descriptions when tail-fucking or fingering yourself.

Fixed parsing errors when summoning your elemental to intimidate the imp guards at Submission's fortresses.

Post-sex checks for all partners satisfied (in order to increase lusty maiden fetish experience) now correctly check against the number of orgasms that partner wanted, not just 1 or greater.

Fixed issue with the glowing teleport indication showing up at the same coordinates as your current location when clicking to view different maps.

Fixed issue with NPC map icons running out of bounds when there were more than four or so on a tile.

Fixed some incorrect descriptions related to ear transformations.

The 'Pull hair' sex action for the doggy-style position is now correctly only available if the target has hair (of at least 8cm in length).

Fixed bug where setting futanari testicles to off would end up making all characters have internal testicles. This fix should retroactively apply to any of your saved games that were affected.

Fixed incorrect size being shown for crotch-boobs in the character overview tooltip.

Crotch-boob milk with the modifier 'mineral oil' will now correctly melt condoms.

Fixed issue with parsing engine crashing when using a combination of IF with brackets and THEN statements.

Fixed parsing error in the 'Lustful Suggestion' sex action.

Fixed v0.3.1.2 issue where anal options were never available.

Fixed v0.3.1.2 issue where dominant NPCs were treating your 'orgasms until satisfied' as though you were an NPC as well.

Fixed issue where NPCs would sometimes not change position when it was necessary in order to fulfill their preferences.

Fixed some issues with NPCs not responding to positioning requests properly.

Fixed issue with both all 'request position' as well as the normal 'enter position' actions being available to you as a sub in sex.

Fixed issue with your character always being named as a full demon, even if you transformed your parts into human ones.

Fixed dialogue in the imp citadel's 'ring trick' scene being missing if you had a companion with you.

Fixed issue with NPCs not performing their expected actions in sex. (This was occurring when their preferences in main sex were classified as 'foreplay' actions, such as oral.)

Fixed issue with modded weapons not displaying hit or miss descriptions.

Fixed issue with random attackers during an arcane storm not disappearing after their attack if you had companions with you.

Fixed issue with 'betrayed' NPCs in alleyways, harpy nests, and submission not disappearing after the fight & any resulting sex with them. ('Betrayed' meaning after you increase their affection by talking to them, and then choosing to attack them once they're friendly towards you.)

Fixed 'arcane precision' perk having a red connecting line in the perk tree view.

Fixed alleyway attackers spawning wearing the new dresses contributed by Phlarx.

Fixed issue with the clothing enchantment screen's 'Limit–' and 'Limit++' sometimes not working.

Added a cleanup check for Dominion's arcane storm attackers who were stuck on tiles due to a bug in the previous version.

Fixed broken descriptions when getting a cultist to equip a condom.

Fixed description of all clothing management in sex being 'Clothing removal', even if it was a displacement, equip, or unjinxing action.

Fixed incorrect item use descriptions for the rose and rose bouquet.

Fixed issues with NPCs' self actions, where the NPC performing the action would sometimes not be described nor treated as the correct NPC.

Fixed incorrect reference to Jhortrax impregnating you with imps.

Fixed some incorrect unit references, such as penis length always being displayed in inches in the leg configuration transformation description.

Penis and vagina virginities are no longer reset when you change your leg configuration.

Squirting orgasms no longer dirties 'plugs vagina' or 'seals vagina' clothing.

Fixed issue where even if you had all furry subspecies disabled, slimes could still spawn as a furry subspecies.

Fixed the 'Command' action at the entrance to the imp fortresses not working correctly.




Happened to me as well, but on a random npc, she hated masturbation but started doing it while having sex, her arousal plummeted from 60 to 0 and it became rape

The problem is that npc's should not do action assigned to fetish they hate, but they do because the random action available choice to them do not check what they hate or like, probably to not have a recall to like and dislike every time an action is chosen and avoid generic npc's to always choose the first thing available to them, in short more adjusting of sexual behaviour are needed



Too realistic.

Also what the fuck, is that an on-time update with some pretty decent work and more mod support?



It CAN be well done, but it needs a tedious amount of work and pickable dialogue option based on some personality presets.

TiTS had a pretty pathetic execution of this: there's 3 such presets if I remember correctly that influence variables during scenes but barely any writing uses them.



>Split up Vicky's trade action into weapons, items, and clothing. Due to this change, Vicky's shop inventory will be reset once you load into this version.

Honestly speaking she shouldn't even have weapons outside of crystals in stock

Buying shit like bows and swords in magic shop is just silly


File: 74c1db39007bf31⋯.gif (456.02 KB, 350x196, 25:14, Magic.gif)


But they're magical bows and swords.


File: 94ca6cd026ef287⋯.jpg (44.13 KB, 635x473, 635:473, 94ca6cd026ef287e235f160a60….jpg)

has the game any content yet and is it playable?



wait another year for race modding



What about race warring?



Soon Satan, soon.



It's a denial/control thing. Kinda hot because it makes it much sweeter when you can flip the tables and fuck her pregnant as revenge while denying her orgasms.



I just had a nice long convo with Inno about that yesterday. There's hope it'll end up fixed in this next patch.


File: f4e9597574533d0⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Asked for it.png)



>Buying shit like bows and swords in magic shop is just silly

>Using bows and swords at all when magic is available.

Let me know when the game lets you use telekinesis to wield weapons instead having to lug them back and forth just for melee.



>By default, half-demons now need two orgasms to be satisfied in sex, while demons, lilin, and elder lilin need 3.

>Slaves owned by you, the player, can no longer choose to end sex if you are both in a dominant slot and are able to end sex yourself.

Quality update.



I updated from 3.1.1 to 3.1.6 and I'm getting a bug that's causing my pre-existing children to not be attracted to me. They were attracted on the same save in 3.1.1. I've tried removing and re-adding their incest fetish but that didn't work.

I don't have enough children to test whether this bug only applies to specific races and I haven't yet tried for new ones.


File: d3200bbff5925b9⋯.png (115.04 KB, 330x309, 110:103, wipGLsW.png)

bros. Inno corrected the bugs I was bitchin' about. I-I don't know how to feel! HELP ME BROS!!!!



Are you able to have actual sex with Rose yet?



Whatis the pic from? I too want to know what that is.




the pic scares me



>I too want to know what that is

No you dont, trust me.

atleast it's not as bad as the first one with those carnivorous vagoo eating sea-bugs



now I really want to know .



Which scene with Rose is it referring to, the handholding one, or the strap-on scene?



How about a demon war form, like in DMC, where you get a conjured blade or claw scaling with your core stats


File: cb9a74e492a0c4a⋯.jpg (101.35 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1408197291594.jpg)


>Reverted: You can now enslave the demons in Dominion's dark alleyway tiles again.



Hand hold

Wish we could just fuck and impregnate her like the "Aunt"


Hey Innox if by change you can read this can you change the poison vapours to actually deal damage?

Every spell school has a damage spell except the poison one



Poison Vapors DOES do damage though. Not very much damage, and I don't think it scales with anything, but damage nonetheless. It's a damage over time spell that is supposed to do 10 damage per turn.

It does seem to have some bugs though. It does not scale with poison damage or spell damage stats. However, it does 11 damage (not 10) and does not scale with difficulty either, meaning it still does 11 damage on Lilith instead of being reduced to about 2.525


So now you can't fuck Lilaya while she's pregnant anymore?


File: 8cbbc26d1e029c6⋯.jpg (40.45 KB, 443x249, 443:249, Poison_Nova.jpg)


>Poison Vapors DOES do damage though

Not really,it's more of a debuff than a attack spell and like you said it doesn't even scale with poison damage at all so it's next to useless

>10 dmg per turn

That's nothing compared to fireball,stone shower,acrance arousal or ice splinters.

As it stands now Poison Vapors is useless which is a shame since i love to use poison spells in most games that allow me,hopefully innox fixes that or reverts it back like in the old versions where Poison Vapors was Poison Nova and was a actual attack spell



It's pretty good early game before you have any decent scaling stats. Much cheaper than telekinetic Shower. Especially on Lilin and Lilith difficulties because DOT spells do not scale with the difficulty damage mod either meaning they effectively do 2x-4x damage.

I don't think that Poison Vapors should do damage on cast. I like that it's a DOT since that's what best fits with "poison" damage anyway. I think it should scale though, and it probably deserves a damage increase perk like Telekinetic has.


Poison Vapors could easily be amazing supprt spell if it had few more upgrades and was AoE instead of single target

Sadly it's neither AoE nor does it have any particularly good effects


File: 649b00f77567430⋯.gif (225.41 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Thinking Spongebob.gif)


Honestly, now that Patreon is out of the way anyways, do you think Inno will revert that back to being your aunt?



What are you talking about? When you meet Lilaya's mommy you learn that she isn't an alternate aunt, but your actual aunt whos been made into a half demon and has had a memory wipe.



Please don't remind me of that retard plot



Shit's worse than Star Ocean 3.



How Innoxia managed to notget an aneurysm while writing that utter retarded bullshit is beyond me.


File: 68786d0cba9660e⋯.gif (407.35 KB, 500x224, 125:56, Thinking House.gif)


Hm, I read it as aunt erased and replaced. Maybe I was mistaken.


New age mod up at the download link.


I've also pushed the branch if you still wanted to start race modding from there rather than the base game.



Why are we the only person with a phone if this is earth now….



Just ignore the text and pretend you are character on quest to kill all the demons or something



Thanks age modder


So since the succubi change was reverted, how do you think they're going to cut out the money cheesing now?




> carnivorous vagoo eating sea-bugs

you can't mention that and not share that shit with the class. Sauce plz.



People actually use something as slow as selling slaves to get income in this game?



I like that "plottwist"



Thankyou. I cloned the other branch since it didn't have conflict errors.

Now all i got to do is fix the 700+ errors from using unconfigured eclipse and openJava. The joys of changing OS.



Is eclipse with openjfx just 100% fucked if you're not using gnome? GTK3+ is trying to crucify me with insufficent handlers issues every time I try to open eclipse and using maven directly just doesn't fucking work with javafx and the plugin used to fix it hasn't been maintained for ~3 years.

I admit I'm a codelet and have 0 experience when it comes to java but I've never had this many problems trying to get something to compile before



expert on getting nailed, at least the subfags will be happy with what he adds



>Is eclipse with openjfx just 100% fucked if you're not using gnome?

So….. Even on Windows, with a oracle version of java, there is some black magic you have to do to get Eclipse to compile. I think you basically have to tell it that JavaFX is okay to compile with. Not that it exist, mind you.

Honestly it a couple thing. The fact that JavaFX(Which is not a criticism) is used adds an entire new layer of complexity. I have little or no experience with OpenJava, but i assume my problem is mostly tied to JavaFX and i'm sure eclipse needs to be configured correctly. I just don't know how to do it right this second.

Well worst case, i either use Oracles Java, or switch to Windows for this project.



>Is eclipse just 100% fucked

Yes, it takes a real masochist to use that shit over IntelliJ.



Thanks man



Not early in the game.

Later on I think you can.



Seconded. Morbid curiosity is a bitch.



It's not one of those brain eater doujins is it?



That's what I do for most video game plots these days.



Worst damage for worst element



Selling a couple succubi early game gives you all the money you'll need for a long while. What do you do?



Not him, but you get a billion cash from quickkilling enemies with lust damage during storms. Going outside with anywhere between morph-lillin damage during a storm and hitting tease once instantly beats a level appropriate enemy, giving you wbl cash and encounter xp.

Just the speedrun up to level 50 gives you more money then you'll ever spend in the game, actually grinding for arcane essences to max all your stats (which still only takes 0.5-2 hours anyway) gives you so much more then you can ever spend.

Also slaves produce comically high amounts of cash, you can very quickly acquire huge numbers, they break automatically from time passing with a huge number of room/job setups, and you can pass time instantly in your bedroom to get cash from them.

This isn't even mentioning actually going out of your way to make money with optimized cum/milk harvesting, which is really totally pointless.


File: 05ed9ce54fcfecb⋯.jpg (221.36 KB, 900x1600, 9:16, 6786478.jpg)


I want the secondary relations bar on pregnancy stats to list your daughters with Lilaya as also being your nieces.




This sounds like a bug? Which is annoying to me, because how am I supposed to have my harem of subby traps that have never felt anything from the front if I can't tell if they're virgins or not?



To clarify, I have seen it before on very rare occasion, but it seems to me that it should be more common than it is.

On another note, does agemod change virginity chance based on age? I can't imagine there should be as many non-virgin "early childhood" characters as… well anyone else



>Why are we the only person with a phone if this is earth now….

We're the only person in the UK with a phone because we weren't hit by the reality-rewriting super-spell that turned the UK into demon-fantasy-UK.



I don't think I've addressed the viriginities but it is on the list.


Is it possible to edit or mod sex dialog yet? Kind of killing my interests in this game that absolutely EVERYONE sounds like copy/pasta retards besides maybe named NPCs.



As far as I can tell it has been possible for quite a while if anyone were compelled to write any.

Even if you can't write it in the syntax language someone else could do the conversion.



That's the problem with sex "gameplay" vs pre-written scenes. When it's mechanical like this game, every character is virtually identical. When you have pre-written sex like CoC every scene is unique. On the other hand CoC has sever limitations when it comes to PC body part integration and getting the kind of scene you want. If you want a girl to suck your dick and she doesn't have a dick sucking scene written, you are SOL, same if you want to have tauric or lamia-style sex and she doesn't have a scene to support it.

Pros and cons to both but I personally prefer the CoC style. That's not an endorsement of the quality or choice of material, just the method of delivery.



>That's the problem with sex "gameplay" vs pre-written scenes

Not really, that's more of a problem with poorly fleshed out sex gameplay. We could technically have a huge variety of dialog that's influenced by personality, fetishes, age, their enthusiasm for whatever's happening, etc. But all of that requires work that hasn't been done. The system is there, but it's an inch deep, and that leads to pre-written scenes being more desirable for now. But I would still argue that this system will be better in the long run, should Inno actually put time into it.


File: 06006e7cf2d7c0e⋯.jpg (106.64 KB, 1006x491, 1006:491, Somewhere a flag was misse….jpg)

>decide to check in on Bree for reasons

>turns out that somewhere between 3.0 and 3.1.7 shit broke and he reverted

>option to girlify him is not there, but the bimbo option is since I never took it (because bimbos are lame and dumb)

Is this just because I'm carrying a save over from further back?



>When you have pre-written sex like CoC every scene is unique.

The first time you read it. Every other after that will be the exact same text with the variation being the many different ways to spell pussy, cock and tits.

There's some extra variation depending on body parts and size too, noticed that in a few scenes, but it's honestly not that big a deal and pretty much decided before the scene even starts anyway.

Companions that have written scenes will spam them ad nauseam until you advance the story so you can read something different. Regular encounters you get into will likely have no such option or it's only a few variations at best.

Sandbox characters always take a lot more work by the player to actually be fleshed out because it's never going to be their unique dialogue, name or backstory that will set them apart but rather their emergent behaviour as the AI uses the gameplay available to it. You'll end up recognizing an NPC not by his name but by what he usually does.

There's also player interaction and customization, considering you can often mess around with NPCs in sandbox games.

If you want a herd of cowgirls to milk everyday in CoC, someone will have to write such a scene for you and you're stuck with whatever text and variations they made.

In LT however, you can go out and pick the girls you like, change their clothing, mutate their bodies, put them in any room you want, as many as you desire and do pretty much everything with them besides just milking them.


change log for has mineral oil as a new cum transformation that breaks condoms. Do the other transformations, other than alcohol, psychoactive and addictive, actually have a gameplay effect? ive never actually seen if they do anything



Yes. Psychoactive causes a debuff on the receiver with major stat penalties. I'm pretty sure it works no matter which orifice you cum into. It also unlocks two "hypnotic suggestion" options during sex while they have the debuff. Long term is no impact, and I doubt there's any situation where you would actually need to fight someone who's inflicted with the debuff, so its really no practical effect other than some extra sex options.

Addictive causes a different kind of debuff. The withdrawal effects persist INDEFINITELY until cured, so if you come back to fight the same NPC later you can actually benefit from this. I don't think it causes any dialog or sex changes unfortunately

Alcoholic causes a more minor stat debuff. Like with Psychoactive it serves no practical purpose, but it does change all dialog to add random "Hic…"s to the NPC (or player) speech.

All of the above can affect the player, if you ever encountered (or created) an NPC with one of the effects. The debuffs become a bit more impactful in that case.



I know, I meant the other transformations, like musky, bubbly and the like.


Someone needs to write in an effect that converts "Pure Virgin" into "Empowered Trad Wife" if they lose their virginity to the person they love in an act of consensual intercourse in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation



Sorry I missed the "other than". No effects as far as I can tell, not even so much as a mention during sex. It's possible they could have mechanical impact on things like how potent, how long it takes to clean/empty etc, but seeing as there's no mention anywhere I can find I doubt that.



I dunno man

Era games manage it well enough

LT is just unfinished


So what would you guys like mod support for next?


Perk trees?







Not sure if it's been reported yet, but in agemod the "forced tf" / "forced fetish" options are completely broken. Setting the options to 100% doesn't give anyone those attributes (this was working previously as of "agetest3005xc.jar") but even back when it was working it didn't actually make them TF/Fetish-ize you after combat.



Races, 100%



Races, first and foremost.



race mod support needed to be in 3 centuries ago.



wtf is wrong with the outer corner of this chicks lower eyelid? its like its folding on itself



She just painted eyeliner on her skin to make her eyes look larger. Common thotty trick.



well she failed because it just looks like her eyelid is hanging off her eyeball



We need possibility of NPC modding, custom items and races



>Brax Volkov



"Johnny Uzumaki" level of name/surname combination.


>want to make a party of lolis

>find 3 good candidates, get them all back to the house

>can only have one person in your party and one elemental at any time




Your follower can actually summon their own elemental too

But party limit could use expanding to three companions

Preferably with some form of distance management too



We should get an option to beat the fucker up with hand in hand combat though so he doesn't ask every goddamn time


File: 1687b3a1210c985⋯.jpg (199.76 KB, 720x774, 40:43, 1490696040667.jpg)


Better sex mechanics.


File: a2d873b59831e1a⋯.png (11.15 KB, 248x227, 248:227, Shite.png)

Rate my grind partner



H-how is this possible?


File: 92775e4bf4747ca⋯.png (7.62 KB, 355x199, 355:199, Secret.png)


She's on the title directly above mall too

Also Innoxia, when will we be able to enchant roses into single use weapons?



The command spell should certainly open a few "force persuade" option, after all you are not the faggot he is looking for


File: 912fd2bfeff21f4⋯.png (113.33 KB, 259x259, 1:1, 912fd2bfeff21f4ad6f95d293f….png)

Teleport into the nightclub.


>Can make alcohol into super potions that max out HP and Aura

>Can't make super alcohol


>Rape character into -100 affection

>Talk to them

>Suddenly they are friendly to me



Just like a hentai






Not the anon who asked but aside from the bee-mrohps which another anon has a soft reservation on did we have any other creature morphs in mind? I'm not quite ready to try to make elves, trolls, or orcs.


File: 70fdec321113c44⋯.png (61.18 KB, 744x643, 744:643, hmmmm.png)



What's so hard to understand? She doesn't like you as a person.



You can enslave amber ? or is that another amber



I forgot to add the part where he loses 200 affection at the end of sex since it was rape



Unfortunately you can't even access the companion elementals inventory.


File: b5d586d3dfc3716⋯.png (21.22 KB, 303x301, 303:301, Cosplay.png)

I know this might be difficult to figure out but I am sure one of you will mange


getting a lot of 'Exception in thread "JavaFX Application Thread"' on Powershell. Which I have to use to run the game because for some stupid reason no jar file will run unless I run it manually after I tried to get Maven to work (it never did). Sometimes it's merely a console log annoyance, other times it entirely prevents me from doing anything until I restart the jar.



One common place is Nyan's shop. With clothing mods (from previous versions), it causes the game to get stuck entirely when I click on 'specials'. Without them, it just refuses to enter the specials menu but doesn't prevent me from doing anything else.



We're doing this again?




Too bad, it's literally who for me this time.



I like the idea of raccoon, pig and fish/aqua mammal morphs, and lizard/snake morphs seem like a good stepping stone towards dragon morphs. Hell, a society ruled by dragon-morphs sounds like a good idea for a society that is opposed to Lilith while still being hypersexed. Lets the angels stay chaste too, if they ever get implemented.



I still think Elves should simply be an angel sub-species. No need to add elf parts, just any creature with Angel ears (angels have pointy ears in most fiction where they aren't fully human) and no wings automatically gets the "elf" species description, which just has stats that are half way between human and angel. It's the laziest possible implementation but it does everything it needs to, including making sure they don't naturally appear

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