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A WARNING TO ALL NEW USERS IF YOU ARE NOT A HIKIKOMORI I WILL BAN YOU!! People who are going to work or school are not Hikikomori There are many people on here who can not leave their home Please choose your topic with consideration IF YOU HAVEN'T BEEN AT HOME INSIDE YOUR ROOM FOR AT LEAST 6 MONTHS OR MORE THEN DON'T POST HERE!

File: 22c72a6e93f1759⋯.jpg (176.44 KB, 577x684, 577:684, 22c72a6e93f1759e9a1a98b4cd….jpg)

0fa9ba  No.6218[Reply]

Board owner here i decided to make a brand new meta thread because the other one was old. Feel free to leave any suggestions comments complaints criticisms or concerns you may have about the board.. I will try to respond to every post as possible thank you all once again for your feedback.

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16cf5a  No.7241


>He made a thread on our /pol/ about his plan to attack and he gave a link to his facebook livestream:

Oh shit yeah he's a faggot for bringing normalfags here fuck him to be honest protip if you are gonna commit a mass shooting announce it on 4chan or reddit not 8chan.

File: 42831b3a7b864c2⋯.jpg (18.8 KB, 704x400, 44:25, satou.jpg)

52a28e  No.1[Reply]

Welcome to /hikki/ a place for reclusive adolescents or adults who withdraw from society.

What is allowed on this board? What is its purpose?

On this board you can discuss and request or give advice regarding the Hikikomori lifestyle anxieties and social or mental issues arising from these conditions of living and also post general hikikomori discussion If you're content with being a hikikomori that's ok, and you won't get in trouble for saying so.

What is not allowed on this board?.

Rule 1. Please do not encourage anyone to become a hikikomori

Rule 2. Do not bully or harass someone simply for being a hikikomori

Rule 3. Keep trolling to a minimum (No flames)

Rule 4. Do not help others to plan or commit suicide suicide threads are fine but it is better to give advice rather than to lead the person on.

Rule 5. No topics not related to this board please

Rule 6. Encouraging any kind of drug use

Rule 7. Giving or requesting advice on how to enter the Hikikomori lifestyle

Rule 8. No Shitposting please be respectful and be genuine with your post /hikki/ is a slow traffic board for true hikikomoris to have a place to talk and nothing more.

Rule 9. Always check he catalog before creating a new thread, do not create a new thread asking for things that simply don't deserve a whole new thread dedicated to them

Rule 10. You must be a hikikomori or have been a hikikomori to post here

And All 8chan global rules apply

1: Nothing illegal under US law.

2. No suggestive images of rePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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52a28e  No.10



The term Hikikomori ひきこもり or 引きこもり is a Japanese word that when translated into English it means “pulling inward, being confined”,acute social withdrawal “) in context of a person the term refers to a shut-in who stays home and does not leave their room for very long periods usually for about 6 months or more.


Hikikomori is a social condition in which the affected individual isolates themselves from society at home in their room for a period exceeding six months however contrary to popular belief some hikikomori go outside but only for necessities or emergencies. The Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare of Japan defines hikikomori as those who have lived in isolation in their bedrooms for at least 6 months do not attend school or leave to go to work have no physical injury or mental disorder as the cause of their isolation have no close friends or few friends (If any) and do not communicate with people besides the people they live with such as family members.


Most hikikomori are neets and are supported by their parents or get money from the government however if you work or take classes online at home while still not going outside you are still a hikikomori but not a neet and a neet isn’t necessarily a hikikomori nor vice versa. You could be a hikikomori neet. But if you are a neet that does spend a moderate amount of time outside your house you are still a neet but you are not a hikikomori


NO Going to your day job not socializing while out at work/school going home and staying in your room for the rest of the night is NOT AND DOES NOT MAKE YOU A Hikikomori being a hikikomori and a shy introverted person are not the same thing.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 70bb9cf628bee53⋯.jpg (79.82 KB, 1200x896, 75:56, 30mo76c.jpg)

695ce8  No.7023[Reply]

Have any hikis on here ever done the piss bottle thing or do you leave your room to use the bathroom?

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24ea18  No.7057

Yes, I had to start recently because my sister moved back in and the 1 bathroom is overused. Due to moisture damage and mold there are lots of other overpowering smells to mask the piss so I can't tell if they smell or not, but I doubt it since they are capped and the room ventilates with a window a couple times every week. I am more disgusted by the sweat that accumulates in bed at night. There is no way to contain it. Living in the tropics is hellish.

81ab86  No.7058




>I have my own bathroom.


695ce8  No.7218

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Same. That and a slot for food & water to be passed through to me & back again, along with a pneumatic chute for disposal of garbage. I'm not sure I'd ever leave my room if I had those things. If for nothing else, at least it would be convenient.

Same here

>I've never understood how can one can be a true hikikomori (as in they never, ever leave their room) unless they'd then also be willing to piss in bottles and shit in buckets and or bags to accomplish it. Which, as you already mentioned, is probably one of the most disgusting things I can imagine. I mean, god damn, just use the fucking bathroom. Is there actually reports of people doing this, or is it just a meme? If there is, then man. Hikikomori or not, people like that should be shot out of a high velocity cannon towards the sun. I don't mean to sound judgemental, it's just that I'm pretty obsessive when it comes to keeping my own space nice & clean and I absolutely can't stand or wrap my head around slobs who treat their rooms like crap. I'll never understand all those pics out there of hikikomori who are content sitting in a pile, or even a mountain, of their own trash. Personally, it's enough to make me gag just looking at it, but whatever. To each their own, I guess. I'm just tired of how associated it is with being a hikikomori.

Those kind of extreme cases of the hikikomori condition are actually extremely rare according to research and studies done in Japan on current and former hikikomori people the majority of hikikomori even though they are mostly housebound and spend all of their time in their bedrooms still go outside occasionally such as at night to the grocery store or a 24 hour convenience store to buy necessities for a walk and so on hell i am currently learning Japanese and i have had the opportunity to talk to some Japanese hikikomori people on some other sites and what most of them have told me is that even though they live with their parents and spend all of their time in their bedroom at home nearly every single day they still go outside like to the store for a walk to the dentiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

209de3  No.7243

I started doing it because I didn't want to wake my family up by flushing the toilet late at night. Plus, it's comfy. Eventually I stopped after I accidentally took a sip out of a piss bottle thinking it was carbonated water, because the plastic was tinted and I wasn't paying attention.


If you use plastic bottles and make sure you keep the cap on tight, they shouldn't smell. I found that if you keep them long enough they will shrivel up (not sure what the chemistry behind that is), which means it should be almost airtight. Dumping them out after is really disgusting though; I had to hold my breath for the whole time.

73eb54  No.7262

I live with my parents, and at times my anxiety gets so bad I just want them to forget that I exist, I don't want them to hear a door open, or a toilet flush and have something spark in them. I'll piss in empty water bottles, and then clean them out the next day, I never let them accumulate and I empty them out when night comes.

It's part of a cycle when my anxiety and sense of shame gets really really bad.

File: fe59172ee2ce885⋯.jpg (602.46 KB, 1530x1084, 765:542, The_Drunkard's_Progress_18….jpg)

d753e6  No.7256[Reply]

So I have been living at my parents house for about a year and a half now. I'm old, old compared to most hikkis here, and I have also lived a bit. I've been playing a lot of pokemon, I recently bought all the old GBA games and connectors, DS, pokemon bank etc. I wanted to get a living dex on my own, but there is a nagging internal feeling.

I'm drunk right now. I used to go to a lot of AA meetings, but honestly I wanted to see if I should live my life with alcohol or without it. I went to an AA meeting before I went to the bar. All I know is that it is very very powerful. Alcohol changes your whole way of existing. Well I got drunk. Blessings to everyone here, it's very painful to be alone, i would be surprised if there were a greater pain. I wish you all well.

c7b254  No.7258

I used to be very very against alcohol and would never even imagine drinking. To me, it only brought negatives and was one of the few negative things I could easily resist. Recently though I have started thinking maybe its not so bad. I haven't drank a whole lot but idk its not like like I really have a reason to not drink anyway. It could be just because I feel so brain dead bored but it feels kinda good to be drunk. Probably gonna do it more.

9bf49e  No.7261


>living dex

I wish you the best of luck on your endeavor, anon. I'm pretty sure you'll need to trade for some eventmons; if it's any help, I think halfchan's Pokemon board has regular trade threads.


I don't think I could ever drink. The idea of losing my judgement and self-control, even temporarily, terrifies me. I don't know what I'd do and I don't want to know.

File: 9bd04ee3dcacc88⋯.jpg (744.25 KB, 2343x3146, 213:286, DIS.jpg)

ad52e2  No.7127[Reply]

I'm not really part of the world, of society. I'm just a sort of passive viewer of life, not really engaged with any of it. At most I'll post on an imageboard or talk on IRC, but beyond that I'm nowhere except in a book. And Lately I've felt disassociated from everything. For example, I can't watch any visual media, be it a movie, show, video game, or an anime due to the fact that not only do the interactions seem contrived but they're also so absurd, they don't feel real in any sense. Everything I see seems like a parody, every person I encounter (online usually) that acts emotionally I'm so surprised by it I feel like it itself is a show, an act, and I can't possibly understand them. I'm slowly losing the ability to connect with people, be it online or in some visual media. My saving grace is books where characters feel the most real, and the subject matter interesting. Why do my books seem more real than what surrounds me?

Do you feel as detached from everything as me? It's not "everything is meaningless" as in nihilism but there's just this overwhelming sense of a loss of understanding, of people seemingly completely alien and foreign, where it's just you with your anxiety isolated from any interaction that would give you a kind of human connection, be that online discourse or visual media. I don't know if this is a problem really, or just a concluding state due to the nature of hikikomori isolation. I've been a hikki for 3 or 4 years now, but this past month something drastically changed for no apparent reason. My medication is stable, there hasn't been any life-changing events, I have money (SSI), so I don't know what happened but I'm disconnected. You?

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41e908  No.7229

File: c7b0c68f2fb6dc0⋯.jpg (148.57 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 223470_screenshots_2019020….jpg)


>My poison used to be the PS trophy system.

I am the opposite, I only care about achievements on Steam. My PS3 is never online, I never update it, and just going to the trophy list is too much of a hassle. A computer makes that stuff much more convenient. More of a PC guy anyway, for newer games (and I only own consoles that I can't emulate, or at least couldn't at the time). I only bought a PS3 because it was cheap and it has enough exclusives that it was worth it (including games that are on 360, since I don't own one). Originally I just wanted Demon's Souls, Catherine, the Yakuza games, Castlevania Harmony of Despair (I have always been obsessed with Castlevania, from the NES games to the ones on DS, and this one is basically the last legit Castlevania ever made, though it is a different kind of game… also my only digital game that didn't cost a negligible amount of money) and MGS4 (pretty decent movie), but I knew there was more. I have always been one generation behind as well, when it comes to consoles. Still, I have pretty much everything that I want, there is very little out there that I can't play. And I have a nice USB SNES controller and an arcade stick for older games. CRT TV and monitor for older games too, really nice screens and really nice colors, great for anime as well, and the ancient movies that I watch. Pretty nice, right? Actually, not that much. Computers are garbage, because every OS out there is trash. Having some major issues that happened for no reason one day and I can't access my external HDD on Windows 7 (that I use for more recent gaming and emulators, dual booting with XP, and probably always will), that I use for gaming, so all of my stuff can only be accessed from my 10 year old computer running Devuan that isn't working right now either, or some other computer that I don't use. I already have a solution, but I don't feel like being productive now, so I'm just playing games on Steam and reading manga.

>Why put yourself through needless suffering in the meantime?

I don't. The world makes me suffer, so I don't go outside. It still does, but I enjoy myself enough to make up for it.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

25c564  No.7254

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I also started eating once a day because I could play more games for longer periods of time and marathon more anime if I didn't waste time on that, and that trained my mind to not care about food anymore.

>Still eating once a day for the most part whether that's healthy or not

I also lost a ton of weight about a year ago just by eating one meal a day and removing all the sugar laden shit from my diet. Which, in my case, wasn't really that much since, even when I was a fat ass, I absolutely hated the continually recurring bothersome chore of having to eat (still do) and never had soda, or most kinds of sweets, junk food & pastries, since I hated the taste of 90% of it. The worst thing that kept me fat by far, personally speaking, was chocolate milk and, more or less, having a glass of it after every meal. Just dropping that alone made a huge difference to me and I probably would've been at a much more stable weight years prior had I just gotten rid of it sooner. The only thing I drink nowadays is water and, occasionally, some almond milk when I feel like having a bowl of oatmeal. I also dropped eating any kind of bread as well and haven't had a slice of bread or a single piece of fast food/junk food in over a year. My Mom makes me tons of healthy meals these days (really came to like brussel sprouts & broccoli funnily enough, after finally trying them for the first time) and, at this point, you honestly couldn't even pay me to eat the disgusting slop I used to pollute myself with. Modern mass produced "food" is simply poison and proper home cooked meals, like the kind I enjoy, are really the only answer. It also helps that I have an extremely weak digestive system which, more often than I'd like, made eating junk food/fast food a literal hell, since it'd be left up to a coin toss whether or not I'd then end up getting crippling gut cramps later on. The kind that have you bowled over on the floor, pretty much totally incapacitated. Increasingly visceral pain such as that, can be, as I found, a wonderful motivator for change.

The idea of Misaki also really motivated me to changPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

25c564  No.7255

File: 0a84df026c91f8b⋯.mp4 (3.46 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Everything's Shit.mp4)


(Continued from above….)

>just think about how annoying eating actually is. It's a huge waste of time, and your life would be much better if you didn't have to do it.

Yes, I agree completely and felt much the same throughout my entire life. When gaming I'd, very often, push myself to the point of starvation, since eating felt like too much of an inconvenient interruption. To this day, I still do this. Sometimes even going 6 hours after getting up before I eventually eat. It baffles me why I was ever fat at all, even when I ate like shit, since I've been doing such things for years. Hell, I remember when I was grinding out the platinum for FEAR 2 and went 10 hours without eating, just so I could keep boosting. I then repeated this every day for two weeks until I was finally finished with it. I did, more or less, the same thing with many other games all those years back. By rights, I should've been a skeleton, but I guess one should never underestimate the effect a bad diet can have, even when you barely eat. One of the main reasons I'd want to transplant my brain into a robot body is just so I'd never have to eat, drink, defecate, or get sick/sore ever again. I'm tired of being a vulnerable meatbag, but, then again, I'd much rather be a dead one.

>Sleeping is terrible as well

Out of all the body's annoying needs, sleep is the one I don't mind. For me, sleeping is the fucking best and the #1 thing I look forward to daily. If I'm not asleep, then I'm wishing I was asleep. Definitely one of the biggest perks of being a hikikomori is having the luxury to sleep for as long as I want. Only wish I could sleep more, since it's as close to death as I can get without committing suicide, which is another thing I'd love to do, if I weren't such a pussy, that is.


>I don't trust anything, and I don't believe iPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

41e908  No.7259

File: 62eda18d710ae13⋯.jpg (488.62 KB, 1031x1595, 1031:1595, 1.jpg)


>chocolate milk

I did drink it back in the day as well, just not every day. In my case I would constantly drink soda and that was the biggest problem. In fact, I was having some stomach issues because of anger, anxiety and the soda. It improved a lot after I stopped consuming so much garbage. Of course, I also realized that eating is inconvenient (having to leave my room to get food just makes me hate it even more), that sugar is cancer and then I ended up drinking only coffee and water, but consuming such a massive amount of caffeine for so long doesn't seem to have been very good for me. It might have made my brain even more damaged.

Also exercised quite a bit, and until two or three months ago I was in pretty good shape. I could do cardio for hours and it wasn't an issue. Getting drunk made me exercise even more a lot of the time because it completely eliminated my ability to get tired (it's a shame that now if I drink, I can't take my medication that day, so I'm kinda afraid of trying). Ended up not exercising for the first time in years, for that amount of time, because I was more depressed than I realized. Now I'm recovering. Still not too bad, but my legs and lungs are definitely weaker now. I can keep going for a long time, but my body can feel it now. I miss coffee, though. Not even because of the caffeine, just the bitter taste (no artificial sweeteners for me, I just enjoy the taste, and somehow it's relaxing).

>which caused my left ear to periodically plug up like crazy

That reminds me of something I had. In my case it felt like a huge bubble in my left eat that would just be there when I woke up (but not always, it seemed to be a seasonal thing), and then it would either pop or deflate over time. I had that for years, and then I realized that it was affecting my hearing (I hear some high frequency noises from a few electronics, like my 14 year old phone charger, but I noticed that I could only hear it with my right ear, and that made me realize that there was an obstruction). It took a few days, but some ear drops solved it. It was just earwax, and q-yips were the cause. Apparently you are not supposed Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

41e908  No.7260

File: 8de5b1bea9ddfdd⋯.jpg (85.72 KB, 728x1016, 91:127, 17.jpg)


>one should never underestimate the effect a bad diet can have, even when you barely eat

And never underestimate just how much sugar the shit that you consume actually has.

>Definitely one of the biggest perks of being a hikikomori is having the luxury to sleep for as long as I want.

Except if you are forced to wake up to eat. That is the one thing that prevents me from sleeping whenever I want to (make that would make things easier), and it really fucks me up. The fact that I also hate eating doesn't help.

>Only wish I could sleep more, since it's as close to death as I can get without committing suicide

I hate sleeping more than you can imagine. When my body doesn't want to let me sleep, it's a huge challenge. Sometimes in takes two hours, sometimes it's quick, but I sleep two to four hours and then just wake up for no reason. Sometimes it's both. Sometimes I wake up for no reason but can go back to sleep very quickly, but it happens like, 40 times, so it doesn't even feel like I slept. Of course, occasionally, all of this happens at once. On top of that, it's a huge waste of time, my body says that it wants it all the time and then refuses to take it. It's just the biggest pain the ass imaginable. It's not like death, it just makes me want to die more than almost anything else.

>I devoted all my waking hours to one single platform just so I could amass more trophies on my profile

It sounds like you got addicted to the achievement system itself. In my case, I only use it to keep track of what I have done in the game. It's also convenient that I don't have to keep writing everything down (for older games, I have to keep track of everything myself). Maybe I don't feel that strongly about that system because I still see it as a fancy new tool that isn't actually necessary. Never needed that to want to play games multiple times and beat every superboss and get every item back in the day, so I don't need it now either. Especially when I'm still playing old games, even the same ones a lot Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: e5f14d0abad3aa4⋯.jpg (271.85 KB, 704x400, 44:25, satou at computer.jpg)

dc2a8a  No.3913[Reply]

Since the majority of us on here are currently living as hikikomoris and most hikkis spend most of their time online i thought we could have a thread where we share any interesting links we have come across recently.

ITT Share any interesting links you have came across recently books movies music whatever Rules 3. and 8. still apply as well as all 8chan global rules.

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c93c8a  No.7140

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This is a hermit not a hikki but I think he fits.

7c7485  No.7145

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c93c8a  No.7249

Hikikomori could become a mental disorder in the DSM in western psychology in the future.


b27ec3  No.7253

File: 0589940b984dcb2⋯.png (33.64 KB, 1016x101, 1016:101, 0589940b984dcb227571d6803c….png)


To be expected with the inmates running the asylum. Sanity is a mental illness as defined by the mentally ill.

312df7  No.7257



psychology is so inefficient it's unethical.

File: 70627452aea8b6e⋯.jpg (306.44 KB, 850x1140, 85:114, __kurumizawa_satanichia_mc….jpg)

4eb7ca  No.4120[Reply]

The worst thing for me as a hikki is that I am slowing but steadily un-learning my own native language.

English isn't my native language, it's German. I have no social contacts, no friends, no one, I don't even really talk to my family (rarely only). I don't have online friends either. 90% of all "conversations" I have are posting in English on 4chan (full of fucking normies though) or 8ch.

I can't say a full sentence in German without stuttering, and fucking up the tone and stress of the words. I also struggle remembering words, and sometimes I mess up the more complicated grammatical structures.

It goes without saying that the same applies to English, since I only ever write English and never speak it out loud.

I feel like a foreigner in my own country.

78 posts and 25 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

32a117  No.6599

File: 66c91505a8c61bd⋯.jpg (1.48 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, e5568835ec99ff37e5aaf6ff0d….jpg)


Keep using the language and it should improve on its own over time. That's what I did, at least. In my case, I never had to study in the first place, it's just that as a kid, I had a lot more balls than I do now for some reason. I guess it's because I never questioned whether or not something was a waste of time, so I just ignored that I didn't know English and used it anyway. I had a dictionary, and then the translator on AltaVista, that I only used to translate single words.

I used that to understand video games and a lot of websites (a lot of GeoCities stuff, because those were still the cool days, and everything was awesome unlike today). I actually played some games in Japanese a little later as well. A few games I played didn't have English versions, but had English scripts on the internet (no idea who even made that, but I think they were on GameFAQs), so I could use that to figure out what was going on, basically using a language that I barely knew to get past another language that I especially didn't know.

I wish I could go back to being that crazy and learn Japanese using the same method (playing games that don't use kanji all that much because of hardware limitations, that would be doable), but I know how much time it takes to do that (and I did try to do it traditionally, but it just doesn't work, it takes way too much to just be able to use that mess of a language, but maybe this method would make it easier, I don't know). Sometimes kids can do some incredible shit just because they don't know what limits are and don't totally understand their own mortality. Now I always think about what would be the best way to use my time, so I don't do that kind of thing anymore. Maybe I posted this before, but it's a decent enough story, and it's relevant, so here it goes again. Basically, you learn what you use, and you don't even feel that you're doing it when you get good enough. If you don't use something, then learning it will be a chore until that changes.

4b287d  No.6738

I find myself always talking as fast as possible, and in as few words as possible, because I just want to spend as little time conversing as possible. Even online, when I chat because I want to (and do enjoy it), people always tell me I'm really unforthcoming and just say extremely little.

When I'm not playing vidya or posting online I'm reading into military history, since it's the only thing I really enjoy fully. Only problem in regards to that is that my knowledge is very expansive, and I think it's actually been bad for me, and kind of representative of all things in life as far as conversation is concerned. I could give a thousand words to describe what is being said, but I couldn't articulate it well to someone who doesn't have my brain, and they would stop listening after 50, so I just kind of dumb it down and say a tiny amount. Don't know what I'm getting at here anymore, but it just feels like my autistic tendency to say more than I need and with vocabulary that probably isn't fitting for regular conversation has just disappeared from attempts to 'fit in' and now I'm in purgatory, can't do anything right.

Certainly doesn't help my CIA nigger mummy keeps trying to push me and find out what I'm thinking, don't know what I can do to just get her to stop prying, I don't care what she has to say, she probably has nothing worthwhile to say about it either, and it's not "helping" either. Does she think I'm going to one of these days realise E=MC squared is incorrect or something

670b7f  No.6753


>t. Nippon Hikkikomori Kyokai

d61904  No.6757

I'm having an interesting, opposite effect. My prior job before my mental breakdown involved legal, business, and medical language. From not talking with, I don't know how to phrase it other than "common folk", for prolonged periods of time, it becomes difficult to communicate with them. It's like I speak perfect English but they don't digest a single word I'm saying and try to interpret it differently. As they continue to misinterpret me, I become more elaborate with my language and try to indicate that my diction is precise and I am not trying to be roundabout with them in any way, but they typically don't understand and I shy out of my discussion and leave awkwardly.

bdaee0  No.7251

I've always been criticized by normies because I have a tendency to used polysyllabic words in conversation. To the normie this makes them feel threatened because it suggests they are lower in the pecking order than you are in the pecking order. Also, I would spend a lot of time around adults and didn't care to make my self form accessible to my peers in conversation.


I'm sorry I don't know anything about un-learning German.

Paul Stamets, a mycologist, has advice about over coming his studded and what other's can do to improve their fear of speaking. Sadly Stamet's advice is shrooms, so I don't know if that would be qualify as good advice to you. (Sad because they are usually illegal and had to procure and have a negative connotation that company them.)

I've found that since being enabled by the computer, I have not had any reinforcement to remember how to spell words and have progressively lost the interest in maintaining sentence structure of writing long form. I grew up with spell check and have become alarmingly reliant on it. I even lookup words that turn out to be spelled correctly because left to my own devices I can't be sure of a correct spelling. Not all languages have the same obsessive tensing and congregation that most European and Euro-offshoot languages have. I use this statement to challenge the disapproval of caveman like and blunted expressions. I like to think that they are a product of my Hikki-isum and there for it would sit quite well that I would only need a more nuance constricted lexicon. Mostly I just drop glue words, 'in' 'to' and the like. Being alone I don't really think you need them to negotiate intent to yourself.

File: f47bdd361d0eff7⋯.jpg (83.32 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 9b9873450f6656e96e691fe4f4….jpg)

47b1e4  No.7162[Reply]

BO here decided to make an official hikikomori general discussion thread ITT you can discuss topics related to the hikikomori lifestyle that don't already have their own thread.

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578382  No.7235

File: 6a7a4d97873cc44⋯.jpeg (225.2 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, serveimage.jpeg)


i really wish the open world and mmo craze of the last decade would come back. i loved diving into new virtual worlds and explore.

185c55  No.7239

File: 6d8894d9b1eda85⋯.jpg (20.3 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 6d8894d9b1eda8587cd1371516….jpg)


>lurking and thinking of what to reply to posts but too apathetic to actually reply. i want to contribute, but i cant. im afraid of replies, afraid of this world and of the people in it. i dont want to be here anymore, there is nothing i like here for me. sleep and death are the only escape.

>i often write up huge walls of text and end up not getting a single reply and after a few times in a row i simply stop bothering with trying to contribute. especially because my OCD makes me very uncomfortable about every post i make, its just not worth the trouble and the huge amount of time i need to make my posts.

I'm the same way. Kinda thought I was the only one, given how effortless writing posts seems to be for practically everyone else, at least to my anyway. I've always felt immensely drained after writing anything, but especially so after shitting out numerous walls of text from my addled brain. Basically as if I had just ran a 100+ mile triathlon, as far as mental exhaustion is concerned. Either no one replies and I wonder why I even bothered to expend the energy in the first place, or someone does reply and then I have to feel the stress of needing to reply back, which requires even more energy I don't have. I also, almost always, procrastinate looking at any replies I've gotten out of fear it's just someone being mean to me, usually waiting a day or more before I check what it is they said. I'm also very paranoid of what other people say and look for glib insults everywhere. It's a defense mechanism, since a part of me feels as if everyone is just potentially looking to fuck with me. I feel anxious & shitty either way, so it's not like it helps. Finally even if it's a nice exchange, I still feel empty & hollow. Basically as is if I just finished talking aloud with myself in an empty room. Any catharsis or sense of empathy I feel is very short lived which, again, makes me wonder what the hell the point is in even saying anything.

Even If I choose not to post anything and just not go on message boards altogether, I just end up sitting around as all my worthless thoughts swirlPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

6ec8be  No.7240

File: 19ba8f8d3c62cc5⋯.jpeg (7.22 KB, 300x168, 25:14, serveimage.jpeg)


>bothered to expend the energy in the first place, or someone does reply and then I have to feel the stress of needing to reply back, which requires even more energy I don't have. I also, almost always, procrastinate looking at any replies I've gotten out of fear it's just someone being mean to me, usually waiting a day or more before I check what it is they said. I'm also very paranoid of what other people say and look for glib insults everywhere. It's a defense mechanism, since a part of me feels as if everyone is just potentially looking to fuck with me. I feel anxious & shitty either way, so it's not like it helps. Finally even if it's a nice exchange, I still feel empty & hollow. Basically as is if I just finished talking aloud with myself in an empty room. Any catharsis or sense of empathy I feel is very short lived which, again, makes me wonder what the hell the point is in even saying anything.

Even If I choose not to post anything and just not go on message boards altogether, I just end up sitting around as all my worthless thoughts swirl in my head like a backed-up toilet with no way to release them. There's really no winning and no matter what I do, I'm tortured by my own myriad predicaments. At least in my dreams, and in the larger bliss of sleep, I'm somewhat free from it all. I don't lurk very much here or elsewhere becuase I don't have much history with the net or message boards in general and so I just feel out of place and don't bother. By and large, I just feel tired, drained & all around shitty. Outside looking in sort of thing, basically. Despite it all, I'm still glad a place for hermits like me exists on the internet, even if I can't stop feeling anxious & lacking of energy whenever I try to engage or simply lurk.

couldnt have said it better, exactly how i feel. often after i have written something i get nervous about being misunderstood or misunderstanding because im not good at communicating, so im stressed out and then argue with myself about wether its worth checking the replies to avoid more stress or to give in to curiosity in hopes to get a positive reply, but just like you said its only a hollow joy because then im under the pressure oPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

875df4  No.7242


Sounds rough hang in there~ im ex-hikki and following intuition was a good way to make things simpler (i.e. what feels right to do.) When i didn't conscience just got tangled up in all kinds of unnecessary complexity.

b92960  No.7244


video games stop the thoughts.

File: bd174bad3bc72da⋯.png (544.78 KB, 633x758, 633:758, 1499634347487.png)

981ea1  No.1915[Reply]

What are some of the physical and mental issues that have arisen from your time spent in isolation?? for me it's the following.

>Back pain

>Weak bland muscles


>Mild agoraphobia

>Social anxiety


>Feel tired all the time (Except at night)

>Constantly masturbaiting and addicted to porn

>Bad eating habits

>Blurry vision

>Suicidal tendencies

>Lack of vitamin D

>Allergic to my own sweat

>I start itching every time i go outside for food

>Weight loss

>Anger issues

What are some of the physical and mental issues you guys deal with while being hikikomori??.

221 posts and 56 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.
Post last edited at

b33a6a  No.7091

Social anxiety

Depression/ bipolar

Chronic alcoholic

Drug abuse

Anti-social behavior

b33a6a  No.7092


Same guy^^forgot to mention physical stuff but i have chronic back, joint and knee pains.

a42852  No.7095

I passed out because I was reading about diseases and for some reason I started feeling an insane amount of terror for some reason, and my blood pressure dropped. Felt like I was dying, but as soon as I hit the floor, for some reason I was fine again. Does anyone have any idea of what that was? Also, since then, thinking about health related things has been making me feel bad very quickly, so I can't safely research anything. I tried to read about panic attacks and things like that to maybe find an answer but I had to stop. It's difficult to write about this (I tried to do it a few times but just gave up, now I'm feeling good enough to do it, I think). Something similar happened again, but I don't think it was necessarily the same thing as the first episode, it was possibly just too much caffeine.

I was really depressed, and really stressed, and something particularly pissed me off and then I started to feel like I was dying again, though I didn't pass out that time, maybe because I exercised a lot, trying to fight against it. It basically destroyed my mind, though, in a way that I can't describe. It made me constantly feel like my heart was stopping, or that I was suffocating, and a ridiculous amount of anxiety and depression.

Whether it was the cause of that or not, apparently my body finally had enough of the excessive amount of coffee that I drink. It might have been related to this last story, since all that happened after I drank a lot of coffee. I drank it again two days later and it instantly made me really sick, so my body is definitely rejecting it. Haven't consumed any caffeine since then, and I will never do it again. Even if wasn't the actual cause of what happened to me, it's definitely incompatible with whatever is going on with my mind and/or body.

3b59c3  No.7205


Holy shit I had the exact same thing you describe. Just sat playing games and then all of a sudden my heart goes like 200bpm, then felt like it stopped and i couldn't breathe. It happened once and went quickly then happened again and i passed out.

Stopped drinking any caffiene since then(about two months) and i went to the doctors and they put me on beta blockers telling me it was a panic attack. Which is so weird because I was just comfy playing games in my room like I always do so I felt like it was a heart problem or something but they couldn't find anything

a42852  No.7236


I was depressed and really stressed, the second time. Now I'm medicated and it seems to have helped quite a bit. It reduced my normal stress and anxiety enough that it can't get that out of control. In my case it seems that there was enough stress accumulation that my brain couldn't take it anymore. I don't know if both times were the same thing, though. The second one didn't make me pass out, it wasn't quite as physical as the first, but it felt like everything was attacking my mind even after sleeping and then waking up, so the effects had a much longer duration. The first time made me pass out, but then I was fine, it was like a reset happened.

My heart was fine as well. My blood tests were pretty great. Really good results except for vitamin D, apparently my supplements still weren't enough. I hope it doesn't ever happen again. That was some of the most horrible shit that ever happened to me. The second one is particularly difficult to describe, because my brain was absolutely fucked. After recovering a bit, drinking coffee really fucked with my stomach and my mind got worse as well, so even if it wasn't the cause, it probably was making things worse.

File: 596654c9fc68381⋯.png (314.21 KB, 370x370, 1:1, banana.png)

d572c6  No.7146[Reply]

hikikomori life can be very stale due to the development of a deep-seated daily routine and years can pass until you realize doing something differently could have helped you avoid a lot of discomfort and troubles.

i would like us to share some of these realizations we have made so far that significantly improved our quality of life.

9 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

a0ff4c  No.7170


>i remember some sort of meta-site with a minecraft reference that linked to a lot of different book download sites (including libgen), any chance you know that site? also where do i get those de-drm'ed amazon/overdrive epubs from, torrent sites?

No no, you de-drm them yourself with the apprenticeharper dedrm_tools from github. You'll need to read the project docs to set it up. Mobilism has some pure pre-dedrm'ed books too; those are the ones that say "version: retail" in the post. If you don't want to bother with doing it yourself Mobilism is the next best thing. Even the ones not marked retail are usually good.

I don't know anything about the Minecraft site though.

Post last edited at

64869b  No.7172

File: ccef57d2082857f⋯.png (48.03 KB, 350x350, 1:1, 1611.png)

File: 656bb1d9bf5678a⋯.jpeg (42.78 KB, 600x450, 4:3, merkur.jpeg)


i see, thanks for explaining it

unrelated, how are other hikkis dealing with growing hair? i got pic related recently which are supposed to be the best commercial haircutter and shaving savety razor (i had cheap ones before which kinda sucked) and the difference is very noticeable, especially the savety razor shaves so much better than those plastic disposable razors (especially if your beard has grown longer) and it saves you a lot of money and space since a lifetime supply of blades for it easily fits into a big mac burger box, definitely a big improvment

a0ff4c  No.7180


Recently I've just been letting mine grow. I got a similar safety razor too, it's really great for saving money. Once I discovered safety razors it was just shocking how companies can get away with selling cartridge-types for such stupid high prices.

0c44aa  No.7184

If you wear your underwear inside-out, the tag won't bother you.

df1412  No.7224

File: 7dfdb938620ef44⋯.png (15.25 KB, 220x220, 1:1, greg.png)

i know it should be obvious but i only recently realized that the lack of certain nutrients might be responsible for a lot of my hikki related health problems that keep getting worse so i ordered b12 and d3 supplements from amazon today. even dr.greger from nutritionfacts.org supplements both of these and according to recent studies like 40% of all american people should too unless you eat a lot of fortified foods (someone please produce vitamin enriched ramen for hikikomori already)

File: ae620b0f80ef637⋯.jpg (407.24 KB, 1600x1000, 8:5, maxresdefault (2).jpg)

d4dfa8  No.343[Reply]

What video games do you play /hikki/??.

246 posts and 56 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

922fc2  No.7075

It's been about a year and a half since I last had the motivation and commitment to consistently play video games. I've played some stuff in that span, every other month or so, but only for like an hour or two at most before quitting. Mostly spend my time these days mindlessly refreshing forums and watching anime.

32ce39  No.7177

File: 24ad98fc6f458db⋯.jpg (73.27 KB, 576x576, 1:1, 1467074975007.jpg)

i quit videogames when i left a gaming discord like a year ago and havent played anything since because without anyone forcing me into it i simply have no motivation to play. my daily routine is slowly becoming mind numbing stale and i really want to get back into videogames but im not sure where to start. i was thinking maybe an mmo because the level up grind is enough to motivate me to continue playing. what kind of mmos are good right now? i played wow and trying to decide between private vanilla server or retail, or maybe a totally different mmo altogether, like maybe elder scrolls online. anyone here play any mmos or should i look into other games like the witcher series? im also open to broading my horizon with types of games i never played so far, like visual novels or hidden gems.

8ce1b3  No.7185


i've played alot of wow private servers. there are a few good ones out right now, but none of them are "fresh". Which basically just means the servers have been out for a while and the populations have dwindled down. The most popular one you can play right now is netherwing TBC. Blizzard will release classic this summer, which will be a huge event.

I'd recommend playing single player RPGs until offical wow classic comes out. Divinity Original Sin 2, Witcher 3, Kingdom Come Deliverance. these are just three RPGs that have came out recently that are a blast to play and easily pirated.

53c9bc  No.7204


I'm currently playing on the most popular WoW vanilla private server Northdale and have been since its release.

It's really fun and sort of brings some structure to my hikkineet life as it forces me to have kind of normal schedule to raid twice a week.

3bfbd7  No.7216

File: ccc9db7445ea9ae⋯.jpg (100.23 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

Man, I just want an FPS that captured my interest like when I was 12 with CoD and I could play for 15+hrs straight a day. I'm on PC and I've tried Siege, Pubg, CoD, Destiny 2, Quake, tf2, Fortnite and still nothing captures my interest. Siege comes the closest but I can only play for like 8hrs a day before I get frustrated. I remember the good times I had in old cod, playing SnD for hours on end, grinding out levels/prestige. God, I wish I could just re-create those times, when grind was fun as hell. I think the only game I haven't tried on PC for FPS games is CS:GO. Guess I'll be trying that.

File: db91256bc36c80d⋯.png (94.23 KB, 313x327, 313:327, literature.png)

192cc9  No.6801[Reply]

Lets recommend fiction where there's a strong theme of social isolation, solitude, avoidant inclinations, alienation etc. So far these books, which I've yet to buy (but will have by christmas), seem to meet the criteria (feel free to openly judge):

>Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

>Child of God by Cormac McCarthy

>The Tartar Steppe by Dino Buzzati

>No Longer Human by Osamu Dazai

>Deadeye Dick: A Novel by Kurt Vonnegut

>The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

>Nausea by Jean-Paul Sartre

>Steppenwolf: A Novel by Hermann Hesse

> Hunger by Knut Hamsun

Perhaps over time we hikkis could create our own chart full of recommended books that deal with our world.

9 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f3a9eb  No.7074

File: 0617f1910504ecc⋯.jpg (267.63 KB, 800x600, 4:3, BOOKS.jpg)

Picking up reading again, especially reading Pynchon, has made me aware of just how poor my reading comprehension is. And I read abysmally slow, as I read word by word, not chunks of words or sentences, and I subvocalize. I don't think there is any way to improve besides reading a lot so I'm trying to cut out porn and IRC so that I fill most of my time up with reading but I run into the problem of sustaining my attention, which again I think the only way to improve is by just paying attention for longer and longer periods of time. I'd really like if by the end of the year I was a better reader than I currently am.

Currently reading Vineland, next will be Inherent Vice, then The Crying of Lot 49, and then V. After I'll either take a break from Pynchon or read the rest of his works.

What have you guys been reading?

1fc066  No.7132


>Currently reading Vineland, next will be Inherent Vice, then The Crying of Lot 49, and then V. After I'll either take a break from Pynchon or read the rest of his works.

>What have you guys been reading?


I'm straying from the alienation theme, but I really liked Life of a Counterfeiter. It's a short story about a painter who counterfeited the works of a more successful artist, and could never find any happiness in himself.

1fc066  No.7164


I just started reading Stoner, and I can already see his attitude of detachment right from the beginning. Hopefully I can keep myself focused on finishing it.

aa344c  No.7176

File: 1ca4b97b171609e⋯.jpg (23.22 KB, 220x305, 44:61, Woodcut_Schachnovelle_Stef….jpg)

"The Royal Game (also known as Chess Story; in the original German Schachnovelle, "Chess Novella") is a novella by Austrian author Stefan Zweig" deals with a guy who is put into an isolated prison cell with no human contact and it deals with his slow descend into madness and dealing with his boredom.

35a7b7  No.7206


Nice, I just finished reading Vineland a while back. It's definitely a good book, and Pynchon's style and technique is really entertaining. Best of luck at becoming a better reader.

File: f4cb8ea556e06d1⋯.jpg (429.15 KB, 987x724, 987:724, 20170908_031404.jpg)

e55ea3  No.208[Reply]

so what about making a thread under the topic of the day routine

can I start my fellow hikkis, the one true fact which we all share it together is that we have no sense of time or even the days all the days we live is one day repeat itself over and over for months now

my day starts with

>eat some junk filthy food or whatsoever I'm going to find in the fridge

>take a shit, and a shower only if I felt like wanting it

siting on my lap, before I sitting while I'm on the path I keep on telling myself that I will do something positive today, but eventually it turning out to be hours of surfing on image boards instead of learning a little of the language as I decided, watching anime might be the only positive thing since I watching it dubbed and subed into the language which I want to learn as well as surfing on imageboards in fact I'm able to write this thread due to my months of lurking here and there due to the language which I want and wish to start learning is English

>fabbing more than 3-4 times

>eat something

>sleep at at least 3pm and wake up again 12Am and repeat

If you want some help in your hobbies such as if you somehow want to start some thing but you struggling as me to know where and how to start you can ask about it here and wish the other hikkis help you including me as well they might give me some tips in order to help me improve this language, though since they're natives I will go fuck myself somewhere I'm pretty sure, also how can I know my level?

210 posts and 56 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

44db39  No.7089

File: cb2b67f806ee92d⋯.jpg (111.02 KB, 720x1107, 80:123, 1528005856780.jpg)

>alarm at 7:30 pm

>have trouble getting out of bed

>sometimes fall in and out of sleep for another 2-6 hours, or just lay in bed thinking about things

>sometimes can get out of bed as soon as i wake up though, depends on how shitty i'm feeling

>out of bed by 1 am at the latest

>pee, brush teeth, get water, some food if i'm feeling really hungry

>get on computer

>talk to a couple people on discord until they go to bed

>go shower once they're asleep (only shower every 3-4 days)

>mindlessly refresh various websites, maybe listen to some music, jerk off, watch some youtube, watch some anime

>pic related pretty much sums up the majority of my day

>get introspective and think about my life for a few hours sometimes

>sometimes i'll take a nap or just go back to laying in bed

>go to bed some time between 10 am and 2 pm, try to sleep before 12 pm if possible

Despite how uneventful my days are, I never feel bored anymore. Guess I've just built up an immunity to it. I kinda miss boredom though. Maybe it would motivate me to do more things.

cf6134  No.7090

.Get up around noon

.make coffee

.Browse for about 20 minutes and think about what I need to get done today (I do 2D animation so I either have to draw new keyframes in sketchbook or do in-betweens)

.Work on animations for around 1&1/2 hour

.Eat while watching something on Youtube

.Distracted animation work for another 2 hours

.Take break/eat while watching Youtube

.Either assess that I can't get any more meaningful work done today, eat and go to bed


.Last hour of work, eat and go to bed

I'm trying to make this an every day thing but there's some days where there's zero motivation whatsoever

b36fd3  No.7124


Hiki doesn't mean all sugar. There is sugar in bread and milk and most plants are basically just one big sugar. I suspect Hekki means cut out table sugar, like the kind you put in tea or coffee and some times sprinkle on cereal. Also include sugar in manufactured foods like soda and candy. Just think of how hekki feel now the same way x-smokers think about cigarettes; they really don't like them.

That said, I can recommend cutting out table sugar. It really makes a difference, even if your not overweight to start with.

Post last edited at

70caaa  No.7175

File: 57bd9aede869022⋯.jpeg (415.9 KB, 1024x687, 1024:687, no-knead-bread.jpeg)

>get up before sunrise or at noon

>eat a small hand of walnuts to get me started

>prepare a big cup of strong black assam tea

>turn on pc and put on music/movie in background

>bathroom stuff

>prepare the "no knead bread" i set up before sleep

>clean up stuff, maybe wash dishes, check the online newspapers for happenings and drink my tea

>bake the bread i prepared

>plan about what i want to eat with the bread, maybe make hummus or a soup

>waste some time on the computer until bread cooled down and food is done

>breakfast while watching something

>check my room sit down and think about what i can do today

>spend rest of the day alternating between browsing online, eating, cooking and mindless entertainment until i get tired

>prepare "no knead bread" for next day

>bathroom stuff and sleep

99ca94  No.7203

Wake up at random times, depends when i sleep

>take tablets

>get on PC browse favourite sites

>play a game if i can muster enough energy

>usually just watch videos/anime

>eat whenever hungry

>shower every day or every two days because i don't like feeling dirty

I sleep whenever im tired and sometimes when im depressed that can be sleep 8 hours, stay awake 8 hours and then sleep again. Can barely function unless i've slept a full 8 hours.

Usually spend all day watching streams of people playing games as it gives me some sense of company and I don't have the energy to play them myself

File: 6db2149112a2bfd⋯.png (86.13 KB, 484x522, 242:261, 6db2149112a2bfd06e0d8cb893….png)

223d3c  No.5370[Reply]

Where did you leave off on education before you become hikikomori? I got multiple scholarships to pay for all my schooling and still ended up this way one day I just decided not to leave my room. Are most like this where at one point you were thought of as smart.

23 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

341f58  No.7111

File: 1664f1f1ae8fbf8⋯.jpg (207.53 KB, 1920x1040, 24:13, 7l3mEH9.jpg)


>How do you all came through it? They just accepted your condition?

Yep. Fully & completely, without judgement. They're really quite understanding as far as parents go. They may have unjustly imposed existence on me without my consent, but at least they've owned up to it and I'm grateful for that. We all look out for each other here, regardless of the circumstance, which is a rarity in and of itself, I suppose.

>And how is your mother doing? She seems nice.

Truth be told, she's getting up there in years & I often worry for her health. Besides being just my mother, she's also my friend. Pretty much the only one I've ever had. She understands me far more than most do, or would. My need for isolation. The insanity of the world. The absurdity of life itself. Even my wish to eventually end my own life. That's not to say she's perfect or doesn't get on my nerves sometimes, but who doesn't?

I've always had both my parents around to keep me company, so, I suppose in some sense, I've never been that isolated, but enh. Splitting hairs. Outside of them and my brother, I literally haven't spoken to, or interacted with, anyone at all within the last 12 years. Only exceptions being rare throwaway encounters (like when I've gone to the dentist or briefly spoken with a relative over the phone, for instance). I've also never had any online acquaintances, let alone friends, and have barely said much of anything online, barring my scribblings on this website I guess. I spend all day in my room, heavy curtains permanently drawn, only leaving to use the bathroom or to get food/water. Cumulatively speaking, I'd say my time outside in these last 12 years more than likely amounts to less than 150 hours, although, naturally, I can't pinpoint the exact figure for certain (might be a little more, but not by much). We also used to have a cat I was pretty close with. He was pretty much the only living thing I've ever known whom I could've ever defined as a friend (besides my mother, that is), but, unfortunately (although not unexpectedly), he dPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

3bebc5  No.7115

File: 689bd9d910db2fd⋯.gif (626.29 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 1518574009692.gif)

Junior year of high school, very early into the first semester, I dropped out due to my debilitating social anxiety. Even if I was at school, a decent chunk of my time was spent either hiding in bathrooms, or the stairwells no one used. If I was in class, I'd just sort of disappear into my own thoughts. Never interacted with anyone. But the more I think about it, I've lived pretty reclusively my entire life, even dating back to elementary school. Almost never went outside, never had any friends, just spent all my time encapsulated in video games or the internet. I have almost no memories of going outside, just playing vidya or browsing the internet. I'd go outside for school, then directly go home, nothing else.

Fuck… I've never even really thought about it like this before, but maybe in some ways I've been a shut-in my entire life…

29e20d  No.7122


>School is a glorified daycare service designed to make you a good little wind-up toy drone.

It's another scam. That and the prisons are way to use the poor so that the government can tax private prisons.

Maybe it's daycare with wiki, but given that no one ever remembers what was on the last test or what they studied last year, it's not even that.

b0e20f  No.7134


Thank you for the answer. Your story feels close to mine and it was nice reading about it.

821867  No.7186

I excelled up through grade 10, then barely scraped by for the last 2 years of high school and dropped out my first year of college. My narcissist dad always told me for as long as I can remember that I was a genius, but he only said that because he wanted to control and exploit me. Unfortunately I was too young and stupid to know better, so I believed it. This had the consequence of making me completely unable to deal with any form of failure or adversity. I also dropped out because I hated how my parents were trying to control every facet of my life and future. And on top of that I'm autistic and didn't even get diagnosed until the ripe old age of 20.

File: b66740233239e27⋯.jpg (63.33 KB, 648x354, 108:59, 12.jpg)

d162a5  No.6834[Reply]

I'm literally losing my mind like i can't enjoy anything ever not one piece of media or anything that other hikkis enjoy and i'm just spending my days trying to find something that i can enjoy instead of enjoying something. I just literally dropped an anime half way after getting sick of it..

5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

56f774  No.6870


The computer gives access to an entire universe (the internet), but it still feels like "just the computer" after some time. Everything feels the same.

Try to do something that doesn't involve the computer, like drawing or learning an instrument.

These activities will develop a connection with your own body.

3b8e5f  No.6874

the only things I participate in are things I enjoy, and that's almost never been anime.

08a932  No.6943


I have the same problem, I can never finish anything,if I even start anything at all.

Something I've been doing recently though is trying to get myself to want to play a game or watch a movie due to someone else having enthusiasm for it.

As an example, I was watching a guy on youtube called Jordan Underneath who made a video about how he loves Abes oddysee, and by the end of the video he had me wanting to play it. so i did.

and every time I'm playing it and my mind starts to dull again i just re-watch the video and i enjoy it again.

its been a month and i still haven't got through the game though, so the tactic is a work in progress. ha

so maybe use that trick with other things, look up retrospective videos on movies and games and see if it helps you enjoy things a little more.>>6834

6a9ac7  No.7038

File: 500093a9b2ac12e⋯.jpg (247.39 KB, 1500x768, 125:64, 1478263235212-2.jpg)

I think I've watched less than 10 movies in just the last couple years. I torrented "The Wailing" a couple weeks ago (a South Korean horror that looks quite interesting) and am still trying to work up the wherewithal to watch it. I was also in the middle of watching Ergo Proxy about 6-8 months ago, but never managed to finish it. Haven't watched any anime/TV shows since. Pretty much the only thing I can still do consistently is play video games, but only because I really, really force myself to. Otherwise, I'd just sleep, browse the internet and stare off into space.


>but I pretend that I like it, or I just complete something for the sake of completing it. Sure, I'm fake, but it's better than simply always being idle and experiencing nothing.

Bingo. Literally me for the last 5 years. Sometimes I get some genuine enjoyment out of something, but very often it's exactly as you describe and I'm just playing/finishing whatever it is I'm preoccupied with just for the sake of doing it and nothing else. I'd love to live life as a statue, but the boredom/restlessness that follows as a result, in addition to being forced to sit with my shitty worthless thoughts buzzing about my head like a swarm of flies, makes it impossible. Gaming at least allows me some distraction and fleeting sense of "productiveness" from it all despite how dissatisfying it ultimately is. I also won't deny that I have some weird maladaptive urge to finish as many games as I can before I die, otherwise I feel like I'm "wasting" my time as a NEET, since there's so many classic games out there I haven't played yet. Treating the hobby like an obsessive checklist certainly doesn't do me any favors, but I can't help it. The fact is that there's just no escape. I either sit and do nothing and feel the restless pain from that, or I force myself to play games and feel the different, yet just as palpable anhedonic, joyless pain from that. What a way to go. Oh well.

86851b  No.7178

File: a56360b465fced7⋯.jpg (13.6 KB, 220x283, 220:283, 7025c4aa5e174953492dbc4647….jpg)


i frequently suffer from the same problem whe there is no videogame/anime/chan that is interesting to me and there is nothing to occupy my mind with. my solution usually is to pick up a hobby and so far i have gone trough pretty much every common hobby you can have, like drawing, collecting boardgames (i dont have anyone to play with) including warhammer and magic the gathering, photography (mostly macro since i dont go outside), reading, fitness and health, cooking and nutrition (this is what im doing right now) i think the best out of all of them was drawing since being introspective and introverted gives you a lot of ideas and i will probably return to drawing when cooking gets boring. the problem with my solution is that i usually need quite a bit of money (more than videogames) but i guess you can do cheaper if you stick to the basics.

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