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File: 8d0695540ab9e2a⋯.png (107.57 KB, 276x276, 1:1, eris.png)


Anyone have a download for the latest Paetron version? The public release is an old version.



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I wanna fug the robot ;_;




Jesus christ, where are these cuckchan faggots coming from?






>call me a faggot

And you'd probably like it you sickfuck.

what about just douse you and that thing in gasoline and then set you ablaze instead?


femdom is borderline faggotry.

but not already quite in.

nevertheless it should burn, just to be safe, but not at the expense of actual faggots getting the torch.


Anyone have whatever was posted for valentines?

File: 1468556135341.jpg (304.52 KB, 1151x865, 1151:865, 14579766783522514681.jpg)


Anyone got the patreon build of this one ?https://www.patreon.com/balsamique

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this, so much.

a good porn game you can fap to and keep playing post fap clarity




>get game over for exploring character interactions

Nice "gameplay" guys. Really adds a whole new level of skill and playability to the game.






use the 'scenes' menu.



Scenes menu doesn't allow you to change followers. You'd only get the default two follower reactions.


File: d2701ff7f43e815⋯.jpg (63.83 KB, 324x720, 9:20, provguild.jpg)

Hello! It's been a while.

I read everything. Even the recent longtext. Thank you for the feedbacks.Longtext-anonymous, I can't react to everything but It seems you understood I could not do all the scenes I would like to do. I have to end the game at a point: some scenes I did 2 or 3 years ago seem so old now! Like the Harkonnen end.


I like your game concept for Dunwich. You obviously like to write and create. I hope you find a way to do that in real life.

When I receive the first version of the scenario for my Dunwich project, I will tell more about the path I/we have chosen for that game.


I know my english writing is bad, not natural. For the incoming project, I'll have an author and french/english translator to help. For BehindTheDune, I coded it badly and spreaded the texts in the code, not in a separated Excel file!!!! so I have hard time make an english speaker correcting it. It's my first coded game so it has some architecture defaults.


For the death by being bitten after raping your mother 8 times o_O', the limitation disappears in the post-credits moment.


Hahah! So true.

File: a4a8c3c9ea7bc51⋯.jpg (212.74 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, a4a8c3c9ea7bc51c86871a07eb….jpg)


Latest release and news can always be found here:



Creator streams most days here:


Video archive of all streams is here:


Wiki with game info is here:


Old threads are full here if anyone wants:

Thread #10


Thread #9


Thread #8


Thread #7


Thread #6

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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don't worry you will get it in version 0.24 which will come out in 2045



i don't believe DC will live to that age



2025? At the rate it takes now, and the amount of content in each update? Look at all the stuff not even started yet.

If he still updated at his old pace then *maybe* it would be done by then.>>65948



>Mom Fucker 2049


File: 5aabf86a4f7d932⋯.jpg (96.75 KB, 592x900, 148:225, St-john.jpg)

I believe that the apocalypse will come sooner then Summertime saga end

File: a9b5c9fc1eb395b⋯.jpg (196.16 KB, 1005x753, 335:251, X23.jpg)



File: 3282cf4ff15a30c⋯.jpg (719.04 KB, 615x1000, 123:200, soc.jpg)


Hi Guys. I was wondering if anyone of you tried the game " Seed of Chaos "? You can find it here : https://www.patreon.com/LordArioch. It's been ages the Patreon didn't make any public releases on his blog : http://seeds-of-chaos.com/. If possible, could someone upload the latest version please? The drawings are just awesome.

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That's because no matter what shills try to tell you otherwise, it's an absolute cuck game. The game doesn't even stay true to it's own fucking premise. On top of that it's a garbage game mechanically that relies on RNG.



It really is an awful game. Not sure why erodevs always want to show off their shitty game design skills. Just make a VN or pseudo-VN and allow us to fap in peace without having to reload a million times to get the scenes we want.

That's not even to mention the guy started off with an actual male corruption themed game, which there are precious few of, and turned it into nonstop cuckoldry.

Like, it is so offensive to me.


but, you play as the bad guy or nah.



nah you are a hero that gets enslaved by the bad guy and forced to do his bidding while he literally cucks you


File: 46a014813eea9f0⋯.png (768.19 KB, 752x988, 188:247, Alexia Corruption Event.PNG)


On paper yes but in reality it's more like this: >>66048

The guy you're playing as is a lot like Gríma Wormtongue from Lord of the Rings.

Also, cuckpost.

File: 53eabe647166349⋯.png (138.7 KB, 1000x721, 1000:721, CuteTophWalk.png)


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fuck off



Aku would be a fucking boss hentai trainer protag unfortunately that show isn't exactly brimming with waifus.



it has waifus problem is waifus that arent hot background characters. Gotta have a good writer that can make something out of nothing like giving a character to qt black rave girl.



I think the real problem is what the fuck are you gonna do with Ikra? Have her split from Aku and become an independent personality?


How to get Jin and Joodee anal scenes

File: 0e6cdfcacd0ccce⋯.jpg (491.99 KB, 850x1127, 850:1127, sample_23e5e34a45f8ba3e777….jpg)


Stolen from /tg/.

Have an idea for a game but hate all that "work" and "effort"?

Would you want it to materialize somehow, even though it's a slim chance?

Post your /htg/ game ideas here. Maybe others will build upon that idea and someone will pick it up. Or, exercise your idea here to work out the issues. It's a place to trade & evolve ideas.

Bare in mind 2 things (most of you know this, but it's for the few who don't).

Once you post it here, you waive the guarantee of being the project lead and of "owning" the project in any form.

If someone else makes Pateron bux off "your" idea, don't come crying to us.

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So here's this fucking ungodly abomination of an idea that I'm never going to make happen, and probably nobody is, and I'm OK with that.

Your father died recently under strange circumstances. His last will was for all his riches to go to his brother and the ownership of his most profitable mine to go to you. Unfortunately, and for a few months now, the mine has become overrun with monsters and feral beasts. Thankfully, your uncle is willing to give you a lifeline. He'll use his contacts with a number of slave traders to be able to offer you "explorers" to send into the mines and exploit its riches. Or to be your own personal fuckpets, it hardly matters either way.

Setting-wise, it'd be fantasy, specifically around the Cinqueccento or XVI century. Mechanics-wise, there'd be 4 main stats: Physique, governing melee (Strength and Resistance). Sensitivity, governing magic (Affinity and Aura). Mobility, governing agility (Accuracy and Evasion). Charm, governing Eloquence and Fertility/Virility. All these stats can be enhanced through the use of potions, but using them will warp the user's body in specific ways (EG: Boosting Phys. can result in a character gaining muscle mass or becoming taller. Boosting Sens. can result in localized or general body expansion). Using too many potions to enhance a stat will, however, end up affecting all the other stats negatively.

Health, Mana and skills are dependant on level and race. A slave can pass their skills and Stat (growth) Rates onto their children.

Gameplay would be instanced. On the one hand, you'd have the settlement around the mine, where your slaves can be assigned to a number of tasks that'll yield more or less results (EG: Cash, resources, more slaves) depending on their stats. You'll also be able to change the race of any of your slaves by fusing them with monsters caught in the mines as well as fucking your slaves, either for your enjoyment or to impregnate them, which will result in you getting a free slave sooner or later depending on the impregnated slave's race.

On the other hand, you got the mines, which would play out as short combat gauntlets. An X number of fights in a row with brief events inbetween, which would reward you with cash, resources, healing, etc… Once Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 0d996e10f832858⋯.jpg (157.13 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, School-Of-Rock-school-of-r….jpg)

School of Rock, but you fuck or corrupt the students.



>overrun with monsters and feral beasts.

Can you fuck them?



I ain't partial to bestiality'n all, and if it was to be added, it'd be your slaves getting fucked to birth half-bloods. Based on your gender, I guess it could be ammended so that you could fuck and get fucked by the right kind of creature to get the same result.

That said, I personally wouldn't add it and probably would get modded in either way.


Setting is a famous border city on the edge of a magical frontier full of monsters, magic, and lost treasure, set in a fantasy late-renaissance era time period (So melee weapons, formation fighting, and early musketeers). It used to be a staging area for expeditions into the frontier and the first line of defense when the locals got uppity, but after a 2 generation long lull is the monster attacks, the residence have gotten fat and lazy. This is made worse by the comforts of life introduced by magic, the study of which is the most advanced in this city as its on the border with the magical source of the setting. Think magical smartphones and such.

You play as the teenage son of a soldier of some renown, who made solo expeditions into the frontier for months on end before eventually disappearing entirely. Your mom's dead so your uncle basically raised you. You live in one of the farming towns that exist on the city's outskirts and one day all your town's garrisoned guardsmen get pulled into the city for some kind of massive construction project. Shortly after, your village is attacked by goblins and you, along with your uncle who's taught you how to use a sword and shield rally a desperate defense.

This kicks off a gameplay loop of having to recruit and train fighters from the city, men who start as the city's downtrodden but eventually include nobles and such, managing resources and your relationship to the city's power structure, defending what's yours potentially from both sides if you fuck up the last bit, and taking the fight to the monsters.

Managing resources and interacting with people plays out like a visual novel while combat works like a turn based strategy rpg like Fire Emblem.

You can take monster girls captive which you can either keep for yourself, use to staff various installations, or handed out as rewards to your soldiers. Once you completely dominate a race, you take their princess/head priestess/chief's daughter/etc. captive and she becomes a unique npc you can either break or romance. Once your town is completely safe from monsters, you're forced to fight the city and more or less are thrust into the position of leading a revolution against the duchess who, as it turns out, was behind trying to wipe out the border towns on purpose.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1466612510022.jpg (1.15 MB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 1466610631187.jpg)


Game to look forward to:

Innocent Witches


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Somebody has a new version 0.2a?



>thread created 2 years ago

>new version 0.000002 pre-pre-alpha

Jesus fucking Christ, stop eating shit


File: d485c2a07ca4e53⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1387x1043, 1387:1043, d485c2a07ca4e53178987b0619….png)


i should make a promising looking game and rake in some easy rent money


File: 88e5f40dbd9ca7c⋯.jpg (23.92 KB, 421x260, 421:260, q125w dr4fthyu7jiko.jpg)


The perfect scam indeed.


File: d8896ae3bc55c39⋯.pdf (135.5 KB, 0.1B Walkthrough Innocent ….pdf)


1. Continuation of waifu branches (for all the heroines)(10 new types of swimsuits!)

2. Finished the 4th chapter.

3. Added significant number of clothes for Sonya.

4. Added level mechanic for Sonya.

5. Added hints for the swimsuit quest.

6. Added a small quest for Filch access.

7. Added secondary objectives tracking in the journal.

8. Added continuation of Ginny.

9. Added a mini game in Ginny branch.

10. Continuation of the quest with Nola.

11. Rework of the body and clothes for Daphne.

12. Updates to the Luna dream branch.

13. Updated first encounter with Helena.

14. Added new achievements.

15. Added Hagrid encounter.

16. Added emotions for Helena and Auriel.

17. Mistakes fixed in dead end for swimsuits.

18. Bugs fixed.

19. Another pile of smaller polishing touches.

20. Bugs added.

21. Further text editing.







CGRIP (some older version)

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 80054cdf2e01771⋯.png (918.04 KB, 809x618, 809:618, ToP Intro.png)


New game/dev. Looks like it might have some potential but it's still early


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Well, looks like ya fucked it. Got an untouched version? They SHOULD all reset to a symmetrical design. If not, then hope you have multiple saves, cause that one is boned.



It gets reset when you leave and return to the cave. I need to solve the puzzle so I can get the shopkeepers pussy.



All right, then your game isn't bugged and you just stink at passage puzzles. It's a simple matter of making it so either the right or left side has an extra space so you can push the middle towards it. If you are still struggling from there, post a pic of the untouched puzzle. Warning, you will probably be mocked for needing help (And not looking at the walkthrough that is just a few posts above this. Hint hint.)


Is this the last ss game now that IA is ending?



Supposedly, Nergal is still working on Urban Demons.

File: 9244993164c2c20⋯.png (584.67 KB, 1440x360, 4:1, 132512_banner0.png)


You've inherited the "Harem Hotel", a hotel where beautiful women stay! Upgrade your hotel, grind brownie points with girls, fast forward through their stories, and pork them.



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ironically when things starts with lots of cuckshit it gets less and less cucky with time like tafy tales. it started out as pure cuck shit yet now at least according to fag95 it is "cuck free" so it went from 90% cuckshit to 50% cuckshit



I've finished every storyline, the thing is still greyed out

might be a bug



When everything is cuckshit, everything is cuckshit.

Let them make themselves mad. Cuckposters are the lowest common denominator of the chans.



Enter the code "truestory" into the computer.





>loli content is abundant

I feel vindicated for bullying runey.

File: 5748987d4098b92⋯.jpg (109.29 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Belle.jpg)


Set in a fantasy setting, you play a horny young man who is suddenly taught spells that will let him control the thoughts and actions of the women in his town and told that he has roughly a month to become proficient enough in the spell to seduce the Princess, for reasons unknown. Things are looking good…


Current version is 0.1 and can be downloaded here:


This game is being made by a professional software developer with over 10 years experience in delivering successful projects, so don't let the 0.10 number scare you (too much). Everyone has to start somewhere.

607 posts and 67 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>Implying it's not a troll post.



I'm happy you like it. Lots more to come. :)



>No lolis

Will we at least get some more Nell in the near future, or a chance to fuck Belle?

I get why no lolis, even if I don't like it, but I need more petite girls.



Stop samefagging.


This post doesn't surprise me from a reddit spacing faggot.



>Will we at least get some more Nell in the near future, or a chance to fuck Belle?

Nell just had an update all to herself, so she'll get a little break. Belle could pop up at any time because of the way she works in the story, so stay tuned for more of her in the near future.

File: 0655c5499bc554d⋯.jpeg (113.49 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 2.jpeg)



He has a few games on his blog that includes training. They're decent but keep in mind that he's notorious for abandoning stuff, look at his blog.

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Open the save with notepad++ the bath scene can only be activiated once, and there broken code that prevents it from movingforward


any news on this dude, is he still MIA?


where is the save file location?



He got caught in the Blogspot purge and hasn't been heard from since.



Its just K17/3DSexVilla/Whatever the fuck they call it now with a skeleton mod for the shota.

File: 58b9f7fbec39795⋯.png (999.49 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Megamom_1.png)


Original Thread: >>27976

Thread 2 >>45191

Last build: https://mega.nz/#!JldzwIhZ!bz0LvlDOY_iqtINeoQ8lDOSV68Ga87PytFXci2Tj_BY

New build "soon?"

497 posts and 143 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


sucks that OP was only using it to get free art

so is this project going to continue regardless or has everyone with talent been burnt too bad to want to continue, because there seems to have been plenty of work done regardless but could understand either way really.


File: b67c9b383ff674e⋯.jpg (108.56 KB, 1080x1158, 180:193, Fun involved.jpg)


Artfag died, from what I've been told everyone else is still doing work. From what NoClass has said it seems like a ball of autism between him and tropic, but other than that shits going good.


File: a06fef9fdcef9ec⋯.png (133.71 KB, 947x598, 947:598, t r o p ic.PNG)


The artists will do as much as they can but the majority of the work has been transferred to tropic

That being said tropic was already doing the majority of the work that wasn't art for about the past 4 months now so it's not like anything has changed

But at the same time that's not necessarily a good thing because tropic is an autist and will continually feature creep into infinity and will throw out shit the moment he thinks of something new



Is he still working on that stupid ass ai system for your companions?


File: 35bbbed76d41e82⋯.jpg (692.37 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1550517991615.jpg)


I don't have enough time to add companion stuff since I would have to draw battle sprites and effects in Toonboom.

I already have my hands full with doing the basic sprite/effect work of the other couple of battles, so protag is by himself in this one

That being said there's always going to be Ai in the game since even just the base stuff in the treehouse requires a base Ai to follow where all the characters are going to be, what happens if they interact with each other in the same room, and an if/then system for what events show up

+ the enemies already have something akin to base ai where they react to what you do instead of following a base script that encompasses all enemies. So adding in a more detailed version of that into a partner/companion system isn't that particularly time consuming or challenging, albeit it will be more bug ridden.

With all that being said I don't know how well it works yet since I have too many other bugs toppled on another in order to launch and actually check if it's good or fun.

File: cf816259b70d040⋯.jpg (158 KB, 1307x975, 1307:975, 4.jpg)


258 posts and 27 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Well, there’s three different walkthroughs I’ve found so far, listed in descending order of completeness:






>why jump in to the more hardcore stuff right away making every vanilla act less and less interesting.

Because then you'll have games full of "teases" and crap:


big brother

dreams of desire

something unlimited




feel free to expand on the list


Anyone know how to get the minotaur scene?



It's literally impossible to miss. It's an after chapter scene. I think there's two variants so just save choose one then reload to see the other. I think the scene is after the feast or the arena.



The bandit camp Minotaur with Sabia dumbass.

File: 28479ba6fd3c0f2⋯.jpg (140.75 KB, 952x714, 4:3, Witch Hunter.jpg)


So has anyone heard of this game being made by Somka108 that is based on W.I.T.C.H cartoon and comic? Art looks pretty good.

299 posts and 41 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Then everything you've played is shit. Play BISHOP games if you want the true experience of how training should be without all the cuckshit. Anyone who have played cuckmanin or black lilith in general and praise it should hang themselves.


File: 7e688ee2d2689ba⋯.png (449.88 KB, 1920x480, 4:1, W.I.T.C.H HUNTER 1ST BANNE….PNG)


File: 35ff4a2c25a9a0c⋯.png (443.16 KB, 1920x480, 4:1, W.I.T.C.H HUNTER 2ND BANNE….PNG)


File: 77e44ff0a57f07d⋯.png (339.66 KB, 1920x960, 2:1, W.I.T.C.H HUNTER 1ST AND 2….PNG)



I must admit, playing Taimanin Yukikaze did make me want to kill myself unironically since on top of the cucking, both Yukikaze and her partner who was also being trained end up being executed… i think that in all of the endings "just because", that's the second most common thing i've seen, also, not only Black Lilith focus on cucking, some Miel/Norn tend to have cucking… although i can't call them trainers per se, since is more like a powertrip suddenly every girl falls for your dick and i think there are also other companies that develop VN or even games which focus on cucking in one way or another in their works.

Polite sage due offtopic

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