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/bbc/ keeps getting claimed due to incompetent board owners so fuck it

File: 5a04959f245945b⋯.gif (4.99 MB, 400x300, 4:3, 19437728.gif)


I want to make PMVs and BBC propaganda videos to spread the good word in my language.

I have very little experience in video editing. The most I have done is put video and a few transitions. I'm gonna use Vegas 15 pro. Any tips for a beginner like me, or a few easy to follow tutorials?

Is it easy to pick up? Should I go for it? Or will it take too long to learn to make a decent video?



fairly easy and straight forward, you have a timeline and you can edit it, you can cut parts of the video, add other video clips, add audio only etc. etc.

takes a while to get used to the program but the actual editing isn't too complex, it's just time consuming


Only use the biggest bbcs

Only use the hottest white girls

Try to use professional looking texts effects and transitions

finish strong with the hottest clips


Don't, there's already enough cringe. What people want is better raw footage



OP, don't listen to this guy, it's not like a white cuck like yourself can do anything about what he said anyway. I appreciate well made BBC PMVs probably more than anything, and so do a lot of other people here.

Even if your first attempts aren't too good, watch them back, see where you could improve, and just try to make them to the same quality as some of the other greats out there.

Some to look up to imo "nothing that hasn't been on this board yet I think":

anything by impolivuy

anything by melanie





And I like the white girl twerk bbc mixes:





I'm with you. These compilations are pathetic shit anyway.


none of those beat this one




no matter what software you have, youtube likely has people posting tutorials for it

that should help you get started







Yes OP listen to me. Stop making gay compilation shit and instead try and find actual good videos. Listen nigger, anyone can just get a video editor and make their own shit, no one wants to see your pile of cringe. These faggot videos and picture captions and all that are annoying as fuck considering this genre has so little good content to begin with. Quit flooding and spamming places with this garbage



not bad



Would be hot if you had some humiliating captions telling the guys watching to cum somewhere near the end

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