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File: ba8efcf8653b6b6⋯.png (14.13 KB, 800x480, 5:3, flag_ascr_of_cornwall_by_t….png)

File: 574093a429ae86f⋯.jpg (57.94 KB, 620x413, 620:413, cornwall-nationalism-rick-….jpg)


May might be the end of May,

Lib Dems on the rise,

Alliance eats the UUP,

Only option left is to liberate Cornwall and have Juche with fish and chips characteristics.

Previous thread; 2876567



Jesus lad, learn to crosslink >>2876567

Kicking off the thread linking to my other post since old thread has hit bump limit and no-one has replied >>2883377


File: 35995b3ad068b9d⋯.png (113.84 KB, 844x1157, 844:1157, 76745678465784657843.png)



I know how too, I'm just fuckig wasted Apologies.

I need too learn to spell too tbf.


File: aeec638644e0910⋯.png (102.18 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1497383325181.png)

File: 9929fcf68c5b7bc⋯.jpg (247.14 KB, 1600x873, 1600:873, 1551690084819.jpg)

You arrive in the Cornish Autonomous Socialist Republic. .


Thoughts on the Norn locals? PBP got 5 cllrs (3 of them in Belfast) and a different trot group got another, and the biggest gains were from the Norn Lib Dems of all people.



Alliance have basically taken the UUP vote. Their approach of outrage at the DUP over Brexit and idpol issues, coupled with the political wilderness the UUP finds itself in (nevermind their bizzaro negative campaigning) basically won them the day. It does raise a few questions:

-is this alliance permanently eating the centrist unionist vote

-will their new voters be influenced by the party during any border poll

I imagine after Brexit PBP might do even better. I heard they had a lot of difficulty on pro-remain nationalist doorsteps.



PBP have an interesting party structure, officially trots but they have a lot of different types of leftists in it as it's got horizonal leadership.

Labour alt, I might be extremely biased about them due to personal experience, but they seem to still be radlibs. Their leadership is old union folks though.




Can someone explain the Cornwall meme?


File: 710768fd4855335⋯.png (1.71 MB, 800x1131, 800:1131, 78475894759483.png)


It's not a meme it's a matter of time..



>perfect figure and face

>just the right amount of pubes

>good idear/scenario that is perfomed in a way that is quite alluring

>the surroundings either compliment or enhance the fantasy.

>all is ruined by her per pusture.

>maybe it was an attempt to draw her like she was struggling desperately while she is fighting her end.

>end up looking like she is beeing pulled ip by the rope which fits poorly to the falling board that is clearly opened.

>either that or there is a drop opening.

>noose hangs to high for a slow hanging

It could have been so good.


Is Devon merely just east Cornwall?


– test –






File: 2a155c7990c1548⋯.png (124.53 KB, 500x522, 250:261, sargon-of-akkad-sargon-of-….png)


For someone so fat he really is not made for existing in meatspace.




Is the fat scott running too?



You mean Count Dankula?



"The BBC is biased towards leftis–"




God, Corbyn is the UK's only hope if those autists can be considered legitimate candidates.



>Ms Phillips told the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme she "cried in the street" after hearing a video by him.



File: c7e490e92cbe73f⋯.png (142.46 KB, 720x312, 30:13, ClipboardImage.png)




Was Wallace a sex pest too?


Tbh critically support Jess Phillips against Carlgonite Imperialism.



Redpill me on the CPGB-ML



Autistic Stalinists that might possibly be a honeypot (they are like hardcore Stalinists that appear to just be edgy fucks and also they helped break-up Scargill's Socialist Labour Party).


File: 1dab3e84cdf65bf⋯.png (796.67 KB, 750x561, 250:187, ClipboardImage.png)


Edinburgh is the root of all the world's evils. Forget that Gove is Scottish too, do any of you sassenachs recognise gove as having any kind of scottish accent?



Gove is from Aberdeen too: like they have the most distinctive of Scottish accents, not easy to lose.



Literally the only actual ML party in this country, for all their faults.


File: 6b25e4842a1f844⋯.png (150.46 KB, 322x510, 161:255, 0544d70f515f17e2dbd4aa9945….png)

What do you guys think of Johnathan Pie? He seems aware of class issues but his viewers seem more right wing than he is…



Nothing to redpill you on; they march around with their Stalin banner alienating everyone at May Day, sit there in the 'Stalin Society' wanking to Grover Furr and in other news just randomly attack trans people for no apparent reason. Avoid like the plague.



He is basically an anti-establishment populist that [correctly] realises that Corbyn is the most anti-establishment choice in British politics rn. If he were to join Labour i'd be more than happy about it.


Anyone seen this shit?


The wagie cagie song isn't hyperbole. Working under present capitalist conditions is inhumane, can you really blame NEETs?



Distribution centers of any kind are fucking horrid



>just randomly attack trans people for no apparent reason




The Spectator is a weird beast, you know Braden O'Neil used to like shill for shit like the Warrington bombing? They are stuffed to the full with Disso Republicans.



>I thought it was a safe space for insufferable Tories to be insufferable Tories like Toby Young

Oh it is.

>What's that

Dissident Republicans: aka the lot that say the GFA was unacceptable like Saoradh. For example not onl O'Neil (who has the worst takes on everything, like legit) but Claire Fox the spectator writer & Brexit Party candidate is a disso.



CPGB-ML is under very strong influence from the Brar family, who are relatively anti-LGBT, it's not surprising given how prickly certain aspects of that discourse can become.



I know that but how can that be called 'randomly attacking trans people for no reason'?



I mean if you just start spouting off about it, it's pretty random and attacking is often used to describe hostile verbal/textual comment.

Not the most unambigous phrasing but not uncommon.



I've never seen anything from the CPGB-ML that could be described as attacking trans people. Saying that gender theory is bad is not attacking trans people.

>if you just start spouting off about it

They talk about gender far less than most groups do.



I haven't seen an actually good critique or even understanding of gender theory from them personally, so it just ends up sounding like idpol bullshit to me. They don't really harp on about it that much though, I'll give you that.



Good guy who stood up for Corbyn when all the media were against him. Also a principled supporter of freedom of speech, e.g defended Count Dankula (rightfully) for the nazi pug think. >>2885662




Lol the CUKs cucked-out of the Peterbourgh by-election. If they don't win an MEP they might-as-well fuck-off and die as a political party.






>unless they pinky promise to disband and resign once Brexit happens.

They probs won't have a choice tbh.

But standing for Westminster makes a degree of sense: since MPs can amend the WA and thus impact brexit. Being in Westminster they will have far more say over a brexit deal than in Brussels that's for sure.


File: 38b1255f222d2ee⋯.png (383.16 KB, 1200x2196, 100:183, UK_European_Parliament_con….png)

How is /britleftypol/ going to vote on the 23rd?




I don't want to vote for anyone tbh. We're voting for some privileged types to get an all expenses paid trip to brussels plus an huge salary.

Talking to some people at the local Labour party when I was out delivering leaflets last week and they said that they know people who applied to be Labour MEP representatives but never heard back and suddenly the regional office has just selected the list of candidates by themselves.

I really don't want to vote labour on this, because they don't deserve it. this is the kind of thing I don't want to say at party meetings on twitter because I don't want to get expelled.



Same mate. Not voting for bxp just so they can get those sweet, sweet EU expenses and nobody really deserves my vote.

If anyone asks i'm just going to say im boycotting it as i consider it an illegitamate election.




lol what? they brought milo back?

Christ, they're either completely disconnected or just completely desperate to be rallying the absolute dregs of the burger reactionary grifter sphere to their cause.



Tbh someone should just follow them shouting "WE ARE LEEDS, WE ARE VILE, BENJAMIN IS A PAEDOPHILE" if he is gonna hang around Milo.



I forgot to register, so I'm looking forward to that £80 fine.



I swear that loads of people get away with not being on the voters' roll.



If you're a student you "have to" apparently.

But also yeah in rural areas voting is so bootleg: like my mum just had my polling card and she was able to vote for m (p sure my proxy didn't go through in time).


Is May going to go soon? There seems to be a general assumption that she will, but there is no formal mechanism for ousting her and she clearly has no intention of going gracefully. Just a lot of vague threats from Tory backbenchers.



There's an formal all-member meeting of the tories in June where a non-binding confidence vote will be held. It is expected she will lose it.



>It is expected she will lose it.

… and then carry on regardless.



Tbh if she did expect to see not only resignations but defections, especially if the tories get shagged at the Euros.



I think she would carry on even then. She knows that if she leaves now she would have no legacy or achievements to speak of, and she's desperate for her time in office not to have been totally in vain.



Well she'd crash the tory party with no survivors, can't disagree with that.



If the Tories do implode because she refuses to go, she'll blame the defectors/rebels/Brexiters and continue believing that it's not her fault. Just like how she keeps repeating that Brexit would have been sorted by now if only people had voted for her deal.



Good for her, changes fuckall. If more than 4 defections happen she has no majority.



William Wallace was a paedophile



>Tories lose majority

>Then lose the following general election

>May insists on staying on as Leader of the Opposition

Would be funny



Theresa May, the last member of the Conservative Party, still maintains that "nothing has changed".



Well that doesn't matter if May can't pass a budget



>if May can't pass a budget

I don't think that's the crucial thing any more, under the FTPA.


Meanwhile Boris Johnson is elected the first leader of the Ancient Mystical Society of No Theresas.



>I don't think that's the crucial thing any more, under the FTPA.

If she can't pass a budget, the state basically can't function.


File: 0ec442d7bc77a5d⋯.png (47.48 KB, 597x592, 597:592, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 9867686c8ecdc9d⋯.gif (2.51 MB, 500x500, 1:1, tumblr_olwvngonbQ1s57movo1….gif)





Most of them are pissed-off tories, look how if you add their vote-share up you get 43%.



*Blasts out Immigrant Song*



Not quite, the projections show Labour about 10 seats short, but Labour has the benefit of the "nationalist cushion": aka that the SNP & Plaid will likely vote-through a lot of their policies (rail renationalisation, raising taxes to end austerity, ending arms sales to the Saudis). Sure it will make things difficult; something like BDS might not pass, but the base-level anti-neoliberal stuff will get through. The election after that will be one where Labour needs a majority.



If they adopt a full policy agenda (which would basically make them the same as Farage-era UKIP) I think they could easily get 20% in a GE. The Tories briefly suppressed the threat from the right by promising Brexit but now it will come back even stronger.


>at least thats what r/ukpolitics is saying.

Why would you ever go to that place or give it credence. Also 28% and 22% are low enough that you can't say what the result would be in terms of seats.



>If they adopt a full policy agenda (which would basically make them the same as Farage-era UKIP) I think they could easily get 20% in a GE. The Tories briefly suppressed the threat from the right by promising Brexit but now it will come back even stronger.

The moment they do this they will lose a chunk of their support tho: especially if Farage's Thatcherism takes-hold (which considering his dominance of the party, it may very-well do). See one of the reasons the BXP is doing well atm is that A) it can appeal to pro-indy brexit voters in Scotland B) outside of "leaving the EU" it doesn't have to answer questions over tax or social policy or how to fix the country and C) atm it is a broad front: with communists and porkies running on the same list. The moment they have to say "this is what we should do with the economy" is one when they will start losing people. Now that might actually benefit Labour: if the BXP does lean into Thatcherism Labour saying "Nationalised trains, bitches" will be good enough for some people. That still puts Labour far short of what it got in 2017, but it may be enough to secure a majority.



I'm running off these lads, considering their model is pretty in-depth rather than just UNS.



>Of course the overall seats will vary but in general FPTP gives more advantage to Labour and Tories

Eh it depends, the current boundaries favour Labour only in that Urban areas are represented more than rural ones: but ironically enough a lot of the growing rural areas are becoming more Labour.


Dw about, although it's fair to remember you can take off about 5-9 seats depending on how Norn swings.



> Remember pre-Brexit Party UKIP only got 15ish% of the votes…

The conditions for a party like that to succeed are a lot better now.



"Success" at a Westminster election is very difficult to achieve tbf.



>Well it depends on who is defecting to who so we will see. But my bigger point about FPTP favoring the biggest party to be the majority still stands.

You're right, although we have a big problem called "The SNP" atm that have effectively locked-up about 30-40 seats from either of the two main parties: making it far harder to form a majority.



>All the other parties has to do is asking for more and more domestic policies to spilt its base

Not the point. If UKIP could get 13% in 2015 then BXP can get more in 2019.



I agree with this. One thing it is worth noting is that ote share isn't enough, you need to concentrate it. From local authority results we will see how the BXP is located geographically around the country.



If we do get a situation where Labour, Tories and Brexit are all in the 20-30% range (which is very unlikely IMO) you would expect Brexit to win dozens of seats at least.


.@ComRes - 9th May

Lab : 27%

BRX : 20%

Con : 19%

LDem : 14%

CHUK : 7%

Grn : 5%

UKIP : 3%




This is a boring one though.



>The tories being a third party is boring

u fockin wot mate?



They were the third party in 2014. They've been the third party in most polls so far. 19% is far higher than they get in most polls.



Oh wait sorry it's Westminster. Yes that is pretty wacky then.


File: b1d124d47a941c9⋯.jpg (144.43 KB, 624x823, 624:823, _106919280_sundaytimes.jpg)




Yes pls.



>Prince Harry changing nappies

As fucking if he doesn't have a servant for that.


File: 2505de073fd12a3⋯.png (761.77 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, 2505de073fd12a30ac8df88219….png)


File: 89fa319dbb29c17⋯.png (226.71 KB, 681x926, 681:926, 0b509c7780f2a6fc1f4d03718a….png)

>A TUC account liked this

what does this all mean?






Remember when the Times lied about Michael Foot being employed by the Soviets after he died.



Yes lad, we want to be out of the EU because we're all big racists and not because it's a neoliberal project with baked-in anti-socialist legislation. Fuck's sake. Don't get me wrong, there are left arguments for remaining in the EU - "if you want to leave you're just a racist" is a liberal one, however.


Here we go again lmao



>most of the people want to leave the EU for racist/nativist reasons though.

Yeah and that is why a lot of people went back to voting labour after UKIP collapsed. You don't have to be an racist to realise that immigration (and not immigrants themsevles, to be clear) has adverse effects on communities.



God you're an annoying cunt



>most of the people want to leave the EU for racist/nativist reasons though.

Mind reader left, everyone. A lot of people realised that the EU was undemocratic, an argument that leftists have been making for decades

a pity so much of the commentariat decided to turn their back on euroskepticism because of an argument that boiled down to "well no one else is, so if I support brexit, i'm worried that people might accuse me of being a racist"


change UK seems to be going all out on facebook advertising.


File: 83fdf1023d48166⋯.jpg (48.97 KB, 660x371, 660:371, _106559980_133d11b3-13f6-4….jpg)


They are absolutely shitting the bed. They were planning to use Heidi Allen's appearance on a panel show as publicity but the episode got pulled lol. They can't even decide what colour they want to symbolise them.


>all those stories about CUK being a fucking shitshow

>still somehow getting 7%

my doubt senses are tingling, especially with the lib dem surge

also anyone else now of the opinion we just should do a no deal immediately just to make the brexiters put up or shut up? either it works and brexit is accomplished or it fails miserably and they're discredited for a while. but I don't see the point of this prevaricating that accomplishes literally nothing



They only get 7% in yougov, the rest have them about 4%.




Tbf Political betting's takes tend to be shit: Mike Smithson is a nutjob remainer and David Henderson is a Pinochet shill.


File: ef77a10fce3eae4⋯.png (449.99 KB, 640x640, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1c7d807708a77e7⋯.png (440.41 KB, 640x640, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)



Our first extremely online prime minister


File: c0bb2e5c00483d7⋯.png (400.67 KB, 712x978, 356:489, SSGFs.png)

File: 418093247599d23⋯.png (842.46 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1881fbd88d2f218⋯.webm (2.72 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Jeremy Corbyn on fields o….webm)



Y'know, I'm surprised that I haven't seen any Joker edits of the 2nd pic


File: 0544d70f515f17e⋯.jpeg (161.5 KB, 322x510, 161:255, we live in a society2.jpeg)


and this one


On a real, the brexit party has 4 "former" trots all from the same party as its members. Something fishy about that.







File: f9073d79ac3e57c⋯.jpg (67.09 KB, 602x709, 602:709, 1496955420786.jpg)


>Tories in fifth place behind the fucking Greens in new Yougov poll


also that green surge god damn


File: f5378dae5574088⋯.png (348.85 KB, 1200x638, 600:319, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8b3131b216f58e6⋯.png (343.37 KB, 1200x645, 80:43, ClipboardImage.png)


>UUP lose their seat to the SDLP or Alliance

>Tories in fifth



Honestly I think we're fucked, Anne Widdecombe, ANNE FUCKING WIDDECOMBE, just got a standing ovation in a Yorkshire Workingman's Club. Brexit has fucked everything, everything…


File: 91dca284960f529⋯.jpg (249.91 KB, 1181x854, 1181:854, jeremy kyle.jpg)

>Jeremy Kyle Show suspended after guest death





I thought it was fake?


File: 5d2a6c33dd176d0⋯.jpg (242.59 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, chuks sucky bus.jpg)

what the fuck were they thinking? why is there a black stripe randomly running down the middle? it's either paint (stupid) or part of the bus (so pick a different type of bus or a rethink the paint.)

even just inverting the colours would at least make it eyecatching on the street, rather than like a particularly forgettable tour operator from 90s iraq.


File: be590af0c2def39⋯.png (452.35 KB, 634x424, 317:212, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0738d1516d97ec1⋯.png (762.12 KB, 800x450, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7932080a598f4fc⋯.png (309.87 KB, 615x411, 205:137, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 36992b89b98dd0f⋯.png (832.56 KB, 968x645, 968:645, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9b12eacd1b55388⋯.png (113.18 KB, 177x285, 59:95, ClipboardImage.png)


The black stripes make it look like a mechanical part of the bus, not a logo.

Anyways, have some election buses:



Have spent several minutes laughing at this.

>All those different fonts



A mate of mine pointed out the fuckiing flag is upside down.



I'm usually a fan of minimalist black-on-white design, but they've even fucked that up. What the fuck sort of logo even is that, anyway? Has no meaning at all, just calls barcodes to mind imo.



You just know that some dickhead consultant charged them thousands for it as well.



Tbf if I was in a position to fleece the CUKs for a few grand I'd take it and all.


something about richard branson's speech patterns reminds me of tony blair

it's like they're both tainted by some kind of root source of the cretinism that was 90s ""cool"" ""britannia"".



Wasn't Branson actually a part of "Cool Britannia"?




>Employees of 134 year-old Essex jam-maker Wilkin & Sons own almost half the company through a trust. Many staff live in company accommodation on the estate surrounding the Tiptree factory, with trading profits used to buy back shares for the trust. Profits also go to support local projects including sports and arts organisations.

critical support for £3 jars of strawberry jam



Jam is socialist, it is known.


File: 8422841ea52120f⋯.png (85.08 KB, 540x672, 45:56, ClipboardImage.png)



Opposition to the EU is actually the standard position among the Marxist-Leninist left in the UK. Believe it or not, the CPGB-ML sent a delegation to UKIP's conference last year, handing out pro-Brexit leaflets to try winning Kippers over to Marxism-Leninism. Their article also denounces the British left / antifa for protesting against UKIP events rather than trying to "educate" them.

I've read quite a lot of the CPGB-ML's literature and it is filled with scatching attacks on Trots. Its main targets are the SWP, the Socialist Party and the Stop the War Coalition, but I'm sure the RCP would have been a target if it had ever been a relevant force on the left.



RCP formally ceased to exist as a party long ago. It was destroyed by a catastrophic defamation case with ITN in the 1990s, which bankrupted it and led to its dissolution in 1997. Its remnants now gather around Spiked and the Institute of Ideas, and they have benefited from their formal emancipation from "Revolutionary Communist Party member" status — it is easier to be taken seriously when you are introduced on a TV show as a journalist (e.g. Brendan O'Neill, Claire Fox) or a professor emeritus of sociology (Frank Furedi), rather than an activist for a communist party. Their main party line is to defend free speech and complain about identity politics, which has given them a large readership of people from the anti-SJW right and the Blue Labour left, most of whom would never have paid any attention to Living Marxism, the magazine they used to converge around.



The really weird part is that they used to lean hard into identity politics:

>The rejection of all controls on immigration.[4]

>Opposition to any national economic recovery strategies, such as import controls, which aimed to pit British workers against those overseas.[5]

>Free abortion and contraception on demand.[6]

>Decriminalisation of homosexuality[7] and complete equality under the law.[8]

>Unconditional support for the struggle against British imperialism in Northern Ireland on the grounds that "British workers cannot ignore the cause of Irish liberation without renouncing their own class interests".[9]

^(That's the disso Republicanism bit)

>A claim that the police occupied Brixton: "We have to organise on the streets and housing estates to keep the police out".[10]

>The party's campaign Workers Against Racism aimed to organise physical defence against racist attacks.[11]

Like while some of those stances are pretty common sense, back in the 1980s most of that was decently out-there. Now they reject that which I find very suspect.

Regardless, Novara (who I have my own personal gripes with) interviewed Fox so I might watch that to see where her loyalties lie.


File: 423b2fd91b40c95⋯.jpg (102.96 KB, 620x411, 620:411, norf.jpg)

All stand for the /leftybritpol/ anthem




Isn’t this employee model like capitalism with an employee’s face or is it really a step torwards socialism?


Increase the stats for both and this meme is golden



>Isn’t this employee model like capitalism with an employee’s face or is it really a step towards socialism?

Depends, employee trusts are just hardcore Social Democracy, employee managed businesses are actually existing socialism. Atm most of these schemes appear to be moving towards employee trust ownership with an executive board, sometimes overseen by a worker-appointed board. It is not perfect but it is 100% dialectical.


What a fucking banger, legit. Giving me Jam feels.



File: f5e2446c5f30a75⋯.png (28.05 KB, 480x288, 5:3, ClipboardImage.png)


Here you go anon.


Also Jeremy Kyle


File: 444f67f0acfa0ba⋯.gif (144.05 KB, 466x398, 233:199, 1532805721887.gif)







Baby Boomers were still in their twenties, its music for (non-meme) Boomers.


So 4 former UKIPpers join the BXP in the Welsh Assembly.


File: 8da6d97b9d547af⋯.png (8.94 MB, 3600x2400, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)


Fuck, meant to say Jeremy Kyle got cancelled. It's honestly the end of an era.


File: 53ffed4de7a5a6b⋯.png (707.15 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

What a timeline.


Does anyone else think the Brexit vote scheduled for early June is purely about allowing May to get through the immediate aftermath of the EU elections? She can answer calls to resign by saying she needs to stay to get the vote through.


File: f0197c22d0fd61b⋯.jpeg (452.95 KB, 1373x1613, 1373:1613, f0197c22d0fd61b0401865144….jpeg)



I think a part of is that, a part is that the brexit party winning a large share (which they will do, even if it is ironically fewer seats than UKIP) thus scaring Labour backbenchers, I think another part is that the Labour talks haven't reached an agreement but lowkey Corbyn is gonna try and get his deal through amendments and maybe a second referendum too*, another part of it is that if she passes it then then MEPs don't take their seats: which denies a lot of funding to the brexit party.

*Note, a second referendum involving a Labour deal is lowkey the best position for Corbyn atm: it allows him to campaign for it


File: d07c7aa41d51867⋯.jpg (38.31 KB, 595x335, 119:67, 18814072_664843110383426_1….jpg)


>Business Secretary Greg Clark faces three choices in weighing up whether to intervene:

>hand over £75m of taxpayer's money to a private company with a chequered track record that bought the Scunthorpe works for a £1

<nationalise it

>allow British Steel to go bust with the loss of 4,000 direct jobs and 20,000 more at risk in the supply chain




The Novara interview with Claire Fox. Haven't watched it yet.



Lads I don't know what to do, I want to support Labour in the Euro elections but believe Jezzer would vote Brexit and the Communist party says vote Brexit but I don't want to egg on reactionaries.



Why does EU elections even matter? The UK going to yeet out of there eventually.



Vote Labour to dunk on the Lib dems anon. Also jez wouldn't vote Brexit, he may vote No2EU but not Brexit.


File: b48862fc85b61fa⋯.png (567.18 KB, 1200x674, 600:337, ClipboardImage.png)



Vote Corbyn to deny the remain parties the mandate that they are hounding for by limiting the Overton window



Yeah I'm going to vote Labour (even though the candidates were I live are so fucking shit) to try and not give a mandate for another chicken coup


File: 12af1274d4c2806⋯.png (408.82 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 671aded8e44681d⋯.png (130.95 KB, 226x273, 226:273, 671aded8e44681d8f6b121c2a1….png)

File: 1db5edcceae447e⋯.png (82.95 KB, 623x453, 623:453, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 9c3d7b78a77051a⋯.png (222.31 KB, 611x362, 611:362, allsmiles.png)


Labour had better not let any of those shits back in.



Nah, only let back-in Berger and let the rest hang-out-to-dry. It would be the ultimate fucking dunk.



Lads, I want to make a tier thingy for british socialists (in a very broad sense, including social democrats). Is there anyone else I should add?



ahahahahahah, imagine it….



>Lads, I want to make a tier thingy for british socialists (in a very broad sense, including social democrats). Is there anyone else I should add?


I'd add Peter Tatchell, Maxine Peake and Tilda Swinton as oddballs since they are all activists and socialists/communists.

Also Sidney & Beatrice Webb: gotta have the first Fabians & writers of Clause IV.


File: 8bd995e08f0795b⋯.png (17.89 KB, 612x121, 612:121, jonesretweet.png)


>let back-in Berger

why is this a meme today?



Because lowkey it would destroy the fantasies of not only the centrists but everyone at the jewish chronicle if she opted to rejoin. It would be a PR move not seen in British politics for a long time



she can rejoin as a regular due paying member for sure, but letting her retake her seat would be ridiculously stupid



I mean she already has that seat tbh, a deal where she stands-down at the next election could be reached: perhaps offer her a job in local politics in Liverpool or something. I normally hate that kinda thing but doing it for Berger would be worth it as a PR move alone.



sure the the CLP at Wavertree will have already organised a new candidate



I don't believe they have, i can't find anything saying they have.



Bob crow should be on there




shit he already is, looks like a pretty solid list tbh



get Aneurin Bevan and Arthur Horner on there. Perhaps two of the most high profile Welsh communist/labour politicians of the 20th century. S. O. Davies is pretty based too



>further apologies

I suspect it's because many Corbynites are so cucked over the anti-semitism thing that they will bend over backwards to appease her.


>doing it for Berger would be worth it as a PR move alone.

Absolutely not. it would send a message that you can get away with treachery. Admittedly the trainwreck that is Change UK is probably enough to dissuade any more would-be defectors, but legitimising Berger's actions in any way is stupid and feeds into the narrative that she had valid reasons for doing what she did, i.e. anti-semitism.



yeah letting Berger back as an MP would basically be encourages people to claim abuse on identity grounds as a get out of jail free card.

This is a really excellent podcast episode on the subject btw from Aufhebunga bunga, a british lefty podcast that covers global politics. They interview James Heartfield, who identifies the history of modern identity politics in the UK and how it builds into empowering management,



>Police are requesting that places that sell milkshakes near a Nigel Farage rally, don't sell milkshakes that day

Fucking kek


File: e29dea881eea71f⋯.png (495.02 KB, 640x952, 80:119, cpgbml.png)



calling the current company British Steel is a bad joke



Literally just going to raise awareness of the milkshake meme and encourage more people to do it.


Even if you disagree with that stance I don't see how you can call it 'embarrassing'.



>Even if you disagree with that stance I don't see how you can call it 'embarrassing'.

It's LARPy, performative, pretentious, pompous, ineffective, and not even fun given they're been polling well since the election was announced. That's pretty embarrassing.

Just imagine someone (or god forbid, an actual committee, lol) actually hunched over a computer actually typing out the characters that composed the post. Have that image in your mind and tell me it's not embarrassing.

(Unlike sitting in an unfashionable shirt at 4:23am making fun of weirdos, which is perfectly normal behaviour thank you very much.)


File: 2ec2c9a99fdae81⋯.jpg (144.29 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, D65-Mo7X4AAQqGB.jpg)



>It's LARPy, performative, pretentious, pompous

I don't know how simply endorsing another party can be considered any of these things. How can you be 'LARPy' and 'performative' when you're not even running?

>ineffective, and not even fun

It's in line with their principle of opposing the EU. That's all they're doing with this, endorsing the party which best fits their principles. It's either that or sit on the fence like the CPB.


Pretty funny that Adonis completely gave in to the leadership on Brexit in order to get his place on the list, but still has only 'a remote chance' of being elected.



The whole "milkshakes" thing is part of the problem with the British left and "fascists"

something like 200,000 people have died at the hands of the tory government's austerity, and yet we are still encouraged to see people like Robinson and Farage as the nasty ones, while the conservatives are "normal bad".



>Pretty funny that Adonis completely gave in to the leadership on Brexit in order to get his place on the list, but still has only 'a remote chance' of being elected.

Honestly, getting Adonis to bend the knee is perhaps the biggest dick energy move the Labour leadership has made in a long, long time.


File: 812934b836fe10a⋯.png (1.35 MB, 898x1200, 449:600, ClipboardImage.png)

Fucking hell, they're trying this grift again?



>The government was aware that he was egregiously breaching the Official Secrets Act

>They didn't do anything about it

Sounds plausible.



Sure people like Farage are completely reviled by a large majority of the public (with the rest idolising him), but im pretty sure anyone who can be said to be on the british left considers tories in general to be unambiguously evil.

Thankfully we don't have the american disease of looking for the 'good republicans' or whatever.



I mean tbf when Maggie would have found-out a sitting Labour MP was a communist spy she would have just been like "nah sod it let's not use this information to destroy the Labour party, let's instead wait for 40 years so this guy can be trashed in the far off future". Totally fits her thought patterns.


File: a8470cb00ec196c⋯.png (682.94 KB, 650x430, 65:43, ClipboardImage.png)


>Calls Liverpool a shithole to a load of locals

<Gets fucking dunked on by Scousers

'Pool is the best city in this country I swear down.



> 200,000


Look that sort of claim requires a source.




In 2017 a study about 120k deaths had been caused by austerity.


File: 1501a2983ba4567⋯.gif (1.4 MB, 300x224, 75:56, 1554218243989.gif)


>16 page glossy pullout inside you



Assuming the faggot isn't from Liverpool but still imagine being so disconnected from people. These cunts live on the internet and then step out onto british streets with their burger politics and don't even know how daft they look with shit like 'muh tolerant left' when confronted with real people.



"muh tolerant left" still looks stupid even in burgerville



yeah but at least it fits into the purview of burgerville uni campus 'politics', in a liverpool street it looks like something from another dimension


File: c0e92e19b14a278⋯.png (2.71 KB, 260x38, 130:19, ClipboardImage.png)


Also screeching about "THE LEFT" at a bunch of locals seems just weird.

Also dat ratio is fucking perfect.


Can someone explain to me like Turning Pont Greggs I don't get it: they are right-wingers taking the piss out of right-wingers or what?


File: aa27ed3a1787efc⋯.png (230.01 KB, 911x521, 911:521, ClipboardImage.png)



Thanks for this rec lad, I've been listening to ABB for a few weeks now and I was wondering which older episodes to dig through, I've noticed that it's actually pretty difficult to keep up with the UK side of the podcast sphere relative to america, the only ones I know of are ABB, TrashFuture (which is a questionable show more akin to cumtown than any leftist politics), FA2O, Labour Days, Reel Politics and obviously the Novara Radio shit but there's a distinct lack in my view.



'Alienation tax' is a hell of a flagship policy for the CUKs


File: dc5923952ad48da⋯.mp4 (11.04 MB, 450x360, 5:4, Tony.mp4)




*narrator voice*

"They got worse"




There's one called 'media democracy pod'


I've only listened to a few. closer to a podcast about the media than it is about politics but I think they have at least a strong corbyn bent, and they have had some non-media interviews etc. could give them a try.



oh hey now i can officially regard him as an irredeemable mong rather than a mildly talented bigot from a nation of pygmy journalists



>farage crying about "radicalization" of remainers over getting pelted by a milkshake and half the media carrying that shit like its newsworthy

Does the name Jo Cox ring a bell anymore? the absolute state of the right and the media honestly



Serious idea: someone should add some VCR static to this, a slight CRT style color washout, and then interpose brief flashes of crystal clear video clips alternating between modern protests vs riot police, from OWS and Greece to the Yellow Vests / articles and news interviews about the ultra wealthy bringing in more than ever. End it by asking who things got better for.



Cheers I'll have a gander



every liberal twat who whines about milkshaking people should be milkshaked tbh



liberals are the ones supporting it. They love the fact that Farage is seen as a fascist (spoiler: he's a tory), because it normalises their own reactionary politics.

Tories are more "far right" then he is. They have been murdering the disabled, but no one seems to care.


File: c501d99e8da8b55⋯.png (90.42 KB, 882x513, 98:57, ClipboardImage.png)


>Farage isn't a fascist, he's just a tory

>btw the tories are also the real bad

>but also calling farage (a tory) a fascist is bad

because it normalises tory reactionary politics somehow

>milkshakes bad

melt more


Farage is turning into biggest, fastest growing political movement seen in UK politics perhaps ever. Farage has transformed from Marmite into Folk Hero with plenty of people going "I normally don't agree with him, but…"

I mean, for god's sake he's got an old commie like Claire Fox on side agreeing with him on these key issues.

Thanks to the elite trying to kill this raging inferno it's just making people angrier and angrier and rather than express it with fruitless riots, or attacking politicians, it's far easier to wait and fuck them so hard at the ballot box their grandchildren won't want to touch politics ever again.



Claire Fox endorsed the Warrington bombing by Irish Republicans in March 1993 that killed two children.



Oh and also thinks Child Porn should be legal.

She really likes harm being done to kids.



Erhm, this isn't the first time Farage has done this you realise?


Wtf the gov is gonna let british steel fail.



I thought they are still looking at solutions to it? Also since they just re nationalised the probation service they could end up nationalising it as well?




































File: f0b6e3ec6315518⋯.jpg (159.61 KB, 869x1122, 79:102, HM.jpg)


File: e9a16ad995733bb⋯.jpg (112.86 KB, 1012x668, 253:167, miners strike.jpg)

What the hell is up with May's new Brexit proposition?

The stuff on worker's rights and the environment is good but I can't see the Thatcherites voting for it. The crap about the backstop is just political posturing and basically meaningless. But the big thing is that she is going to give the option of a second referendum on her deal. Why does she think this will work? There is no majority for a second referendum in parliament as we found out during the confirmatory votes a few months back. I just don't see how she thinks it will pass.

What do we all think? Will she manage to do it somehow? What I fear is that she does pass it (I think she won't though) and then we have a second referendum between her shitty deal and remain, in which case I'll feel obliged to vote for her deal…

(pic unrelated)



don't have to be a fascist to deserve a dash of milk tbh



She thinks she can get an amended deal through parliament with a second ref because then the libs, SNP, and labourites will vote for it.

Ironically enough, Labour's brexit deal could pass a referendum because I imagine electorally there are enough Corbyn loyalists to vote for it.



I thought the plan was that she would let parliament vote on having a second ref if they vote for her deal. So I guess its sort of a bribe to liberal Torys and maybe the odd lib-dem. The environmental and workers rights stuff is an obvious bribe to Labour who I think are going to let Mp's vote freely on it so it would let leave supporting MPs vote for her deal.

I actually think its 50/50 that she gets it this time


File: 8925a5a44aee42a⋯.jpg (50.04 KB, 730x647, 730:647, machine.jpg)

Saw this, given likes and upvotes, etc. posted by an actual Antifa supporter

"Amazing" unless you have been paying attention how quickly supposed anti-establishment Extremely Online radical-libs were praising companies' social media teams for getting in on the milkshake the FASH (fash defined as whatever we want) trend.



yeah they should be sitting at home an dposting on leftypol



Well technically Mcburgerchainrestaurant also kills fascists, at least if they eat there often enough.


File: eccf9bb87fa8a81⋯.jpg (39.09 KB, 960x502, 480:251, 1552878113161.jpg)


Going by heart disease rates in Burgerstan I'd have to say that McBurgers has probably killed as many fascists at this point as WWII


File: 05fea85b81f2f32⋯.gif (794.47 KB, 320x180, 16:9, happening.gif)



Goodness me.


So, anyone any bets on who the new PM will be?

Also did you see ChangeUK are having a leadership crisis too which is pretty fucking hilarious :L



>So, anyone any bets on who the new PM will be?

We'll get a tory after a leadership election, a general election, then Corbyn IMO. Only thing that prevents this course of events is Corbyn resigning, which would means whoever replaces him becomes PM.

>Also did you see ChangeUK are having a leadership crisis too which is pretty fucking hilarious :L

Chuka fighting Allen? Over what? Or is Grapes going full nutjob?


Back from a ban. Who are you lads voting for tomorrow?


Rumours May is resigning tonight.



Already dismissed, the Chief Whip told everyone she isn't and the 1922 committee has once again determined not to change the rules to allow them to attempt to remove her. She's meeting with Brady on friday now. She'll definitely be forced out asap after the euro election tho, probably before the withdrawal bill is brought back at this point.



BoJo is my guess but it wont happen until after the EU vote is counted.



Labour, because A) chance they will gain a seat in our region B) if Labour lose to the lib dems it will be the end of Corbynism and brexit.


File: 884bcfaa8d6c0d1⋯.jpg (50.96 KB, 634x845, 634:845, 12997944-6984377-image-a-2….jpg)


Allen threatened to quit the leadership as there's a rift forming between people like her who favour telling remainders to back the Lib Dems and people like Soubry who favour running on a new 1000year Tigger Reich

I hope Liz truss beats the odds and takes the leadership. That fucking cheese speech is one of the most Tim and Eric moments in British history. A loving meme that hasn't lived up to her full bizzare potential



FFS, can they just do it already?



Christ, that's the nightmare scenario, I don't want to live in a world where the libdems beat labour and our politics aligns itself around brexit vs libdem

true hellworld



Yeah, it needs to be avoided at all costs.


File: c26d30895a2e681⋯.png (86.64 KB, 208x243, 208:243, ClipboardImage.png)


She is a fucking walking "Hello fellow kids" meme. She is actually the British Clinton well, that title might go to Jess Phillips but still.



I was going to spoil my ballot but you've just convinced me single-handedly to vote Labour. Not even being ironic.



>Allen threatened to quit the leadership as there's a rift forming between people like her who favour telling remainders to back the Lib Dems and people like Soubry who favour running on a new 1000year Tigger Reich

Calling it now Allen will join the Lib Dems, then stand for them. She is really friendly with the local party due to having to deal with the council, and is liked in the lib dem leadership. Might actually help Labour: liberal tories might join her and it would repel Labourites from them.



Unironically, the reason to vote Labour is not about Europe but about domestic politics. If brexit win and Labour are second, it shows that Brexit must happen and Corbyn has legs. If the lib dems come second, we are all fucked.


Welp, Leadsom is gone, maybe we will get to see more tonight



She's done. Leadsom was one of the few people that May had from other factions than May loyalists.



Well everyone knows she's done, the question is when exactly is she going to go and how she's going to go, will she step down at one of her agreed deadlines or be more overtly removed, how bad/drastic will her going look for them.



Also if Labour do badly we will have chicken coup 2.0, Corbyn will almost certainly win but it will make winning a early general election harder



Wouldn't Brexit Party pose a threat to Labour?

t. non-brit



Brexit Party



Yes and no. Electorally, yes, but the only group of people that can fight the BXP party on their home turf is Labour, through left-wing economics (unless somehow by the grace of GDH Cole a Blue Labourite takes over or somet bollocks). However if Labour doesn't do well in the Euros, the soft-left and Blairites will either force him into a hard-remain position or coup him. In such a position, there is no way to fight the brexit party because A) the brexit betrayal line will be too strong and B) they won't allow for the left-wing, working class policies that are popular amongst this demographic. If Corbyn weathers this election, it puts Labour in a good position to form a majority government.



Not really, its the tories they're massacring and splitting the right-wing vote so much Labour appears ten points ahead and guaranteed to win the next GE. Besides the chances of the brexit party persevering past brexit are small and if they try they won't be as bug as they appear now, in short, this storm will pass and we can only hope it deals a fatal blow to the tories and cripples them for good leaving Labour the unchangeable hegemon of british politics. However if something like the libdems performing better than labour in the eu elections happens it will play badly in several ways, 1. it will consolidate british politics as solely comprising of the brexit issue and making the divide permanent and a dominant feature of the political landscape, setting us down the path of burgerstan and other euro countries where the overton window is limited to feckless cosmopolitan liberalism and equally vacuous reactionary populism incubating fascism, also repudiating the labour message of politics needing to go beyond brexit and the divide merely being amplified by the media establishment, 2. it will make labour look weak and provoke/justify another attempt to remove corbyn by the blairites and (eu)rophiles in the party as well as the media to have an excuse to paint him and the leadership as weak, disconnected from labour voters and destroying the party. Now while these have consistently failed in the past, im not willing to tempt fate and let jeremy take another burst of machine gun fire in the chest believing he'll survive if i can help it and even if it doesn't remove him it will reflect badly in the polls, strong performance is always good and necessary to keep suppressing the endless tide of black propaganda seeking to destroy 'corbynism', 3. it will give the right of the party a strong excuse to pressure the leadership to swerve hard towards remaining in the eu and destroy the precarious strategy corbyn and his circle have been trying to present. 4. it will make the libdems appear a credible political force again, something which should never be allowed to happen, they need to die, and once we're out of the brexit maelstrom they won't have a leg to stand on since they won't feasibly be able to call for immediate readmission to the eu, nor would that garner meaningful support, and their general policy platform has no support either.

Our main hope is to leave soon, pretty much on any terms tbh just let it be over, with the tories crippled beyond recovery, libdems chucked into the dustbin of history and a brexit party which will never have a coherent or popular platform after leaving the eu and will have far too many remainers prejudiced against voting for it at any cost that Labour will be sole party conceivable of winning a majority.



The other poster is somewhat correct as to how Labour themselves will play out but the Brexit party basically isn't a political party; it's still exclusively controlled by Farage as a single-issue grift. He outright refuses to state any policies until after the EU elections. It's a piss-poor coalition of opportunists at it's core and as soon as it has to contest anything politically will fall apart because ultimately there is practically no difference between what Farage wants to do and what a large faction of the Tory party want to do. It's a good development imo from the Communist view since it will further split the right and possibly even destroy the Tory Party whilst also giving the Communists in the Labour Party a mandate & leeway with Brexit itself.



>>2897369 (me)

This poster has it more or less on the money yeah, Libdems absolutely need to get cucked otherwise you actually do have a genuine threat of technocratic centrism being legitimized again in direct opposition to a Socialist revival.


File: 897d47c1280a42b⋯.jpg (76.16 KB, 534x474, 89:79, 1970s UK.jpg)





File: a63f6eca94c667b⋯.png (122.55 KB, 2134x1955, 2134:1955, ClipboardImage.png)


>the brexit betrayal line will be too strong and

From what I could gather, Labour lost votes to remain parties more than it did to leave parties



Basing this on 2017 votes is silly though, the votes Labour has lost since 2001 tend to be in working class communities that voted Brexit. They are the traditional Labour base it must win back, for the cause of trade unionism if anything.


On the brexit party, I think the reason Farage isn't stating what group they will enter is because he will let the MEPs/can't control what groups they individually want to go into. For example the communists like Claire Fox might actually sit in GUE-NGL, if Farage tries to join Le Pen I imagine a lot of the 'honest-business people' he's got will be like "erhm nah we're good, gonna join ECR instead". I think that's why he isn't committing atm.

This poses an interesting question on how the Brexit Party will actually function in Westminster: will it be a strict whipping operation or actually more akin to independent alliances like you find in say Ireland? You can't know, but I think Farage has worked-out that if he gives himself ABSOLUTE POWER in the party machinery but knows he won't be able to control his elected representatives. I think by giving himself control over the party machinery and membership, he thinks he can handle an unruly elected branch. Not sure it's been done in british politics before tbh.



In 2017 Corbyn was already the leader of Labour. Why wouldn't have the brexiteer working class voted for his party?



Partially because the tories in 2017 were "THE PARTY OF BREXIT", but a decent degree did: about 40% of UKIP's former base returned to Labour, which allowed the party to win various seats and ensure marginals turned back into Labour safe seats. This was done, in a decent part, to Corbyn's leftwing policies.

If a soft-left or blairite leader had been in power, they would have voted tory.



after the eu elections they'll be faced with having a policy platform and will almost certainly settle for nothing short of pre-referendum ukip, being the same farage tory-libertarian party that loves stoking fascism for political gain, all the few lefties who joined to get out of the eu will swiftly vacate the party along with most of the big names and they won't get anywhere from thereon except splitting the tory vote. I'm not seeing the brexit party become a significant political force, especially once we leave, there's no niche for them to fill on the political spectrum that will yield them more than a dozen seats in parliament at the very maximum and they are not long for this world. Farage has done this all before and he'll do it again.



Oh being an identitarian party of "The 52%" is most certainly a niché believe me, it's just that organisationally it will be difficult to hold together.

And tbh I doubt BXP will lean into Thatcherism but instead probs go for some populist M5S style shit.




Gotta love the contrarian Daily Star.





What the fuck do conservatives even want? They can't be all Boris.



>B) if Labour lose to the lib dems it will be the end of Corbynism and brexit.

What bullshit




Oh look, the Party's now so desperate they'll probably back Boris after all the polls have been giving them warnings for months on end.

It's almost like the slimey little shits are trying to save themselves and their snouts in the trough.

"A new PM won't change the parliamentary arithmetic." after all..



If the Lib Dems do better than Labour the soft left will coup and Corbynism will be finished.


File: 73797f60115e0c6⋯.png (146.5 KB, 747x919, 747:919, thats bs.png)





You're hopelessly naive if you believe that in the event of Labour performing poorly and the libdems doing better than them the hyenas won't pounce immediately with intent to kill.

The sole, uniform message of the media and the blairites will be about how awful corbyn is and how his stance on brexit has damaged the party with the only thing capable of saving it being removing corbyn and putting some soft left remain-fanatic who will talk about literally nothing but a second referendum. Its best to avoid giving them the chance.



not really, it is what will happen.



>blairites won't immediately launch a mass campaign on how Labour failed because of socialists just being too extreme



>Calling yourself a leftist and voting for an investment banker.



I wonder how much radicalisation UC has caused



as someone born and raised in edinburgh i can confirm



The media and labour cowards were even more bloodthirsty for Corbyn in 2016 and look how that went.

They're too cowardly to stand anyone of substance (they also don't have anyone of substance) against Corbyn, so you'll get another shambling embarrassment like Owen fucking Smith, a man who would be out of his depth taking a piss in the welsh assembly bathrooms.



Absolutely, but if you don't see the danger in a situation where another barrage of 'unelectable radical' gets thrown at corbyn and the possibility of a leadership challenge by some fresh-faced nobody who keeps cudgelling everyone over the head with 'corbyn can't handle brexit, second referendum and fealty to german capital NOW' that might actually swing the pro-eu labour membership away from corbyn as they've wanted to since he first became leader. Even if Corbyn survives another flood of resignations or attempt to remove him, it will weaken him and at a time when Labour should look the obvious common sense alternative to tory obliteration and splitting.



Dianne Abbott and David Lammy put me off.


File: 78c1c97e58f2ac7⋯.jpg (2.07 MB, 2160x2160, 1:1, 20190523_184542.jpg)

File: 72c75bfd356fd0c⋯.jpg (1.89 MB, 2160x2160, 1:1, 20190523_184510.jpg)

Working class northerner in a Labour stronghold. These were all the pamphlets I received. 2 Brexit. 1 UKIP. 1 Tommeh.

Have Labour just given up on the north?



In Manchester and only got Tommeh and Labour. I think it depends on the Post Office.



Hard to believe Labour are incapable of delivering pamphlets because of the post office, especially given that Brexit and UKIP managed it. I suspect the Tommeh is hand delivered since it has no address and he has a lot of supporters in the area.



who's giving robinson the money to leaflet?



Israel obviously



The overwhelming majority of leaflets at the EU election are done by the post office.



Amazed UKIP and the Brexit Party are standing against each other it's just going to further split their vote.



The opposing vote is far more split.



Not really, UKIP has imploded and is polling about 2-3%. Nothing to split at-all honestly.

also nice digits



Could be an advantage for Labour no?

Should the hardcore remain types vote for the green and the lib-dems allowing for a narrow victory for labour in some constituencies.



UKIP will be dead within a year


Talked to 5 people today about the election. 3 didn't know it was on, 1 said he supports Brexit but couldn't recall Nigel Farages name and isn't enrolled and 1 said he purposefully won't vote. The polling station was quiet around 6.30-7pm when I went. I think it's going to be a lower turnout than i'd expected before today.



I wonder if For Britain take its place. PM Morrissey would be an interesting turn of events.



I mean for starters there is nothing much to replace. Secondly, nah: UKIp still has a lot of resources. I imagine UKIP will absorb groups like that and TOMMEH after the EU elections .


Reports turnout correlates with remain vote in the election yesterday.


lol she's crying



Lmao the absolute state


Holy shit she quoted the organiser of the Kindertransport…



Dosen't have the funding unlike UKIP which get's donations from huge property developers and betting tycoons


File: 039232333aa9d96⋯.png (132.44 KB, 304x317, 304:317, 1.png)

good bye, sweet princess



Someone with Photoshop skillz please do a JUST edit.



good riddance


she is already JUSTed


File: 0e6d952874ed136⋯.gif (622.11 KB, 480x304, 30:19, 1368850277375.gif)


Are tories under the impression this makes them look good, and that nobody remembers that fucking no-one who pushed for Brexit stepped up after Cameron quit? Or that Farage the attention whore quit on the spot after "muh 350 million to ARE NHS"?


File: 998e2e31fa4822f⋯.png (108.7 KB, 303x296, 303:296, justmay.png)



>One charity worker told the Work and Pensions Committee that women were saying they “exchange sex for £2, or for laundry, or for a bottle of cider or for food”.

Why don't they have husbands to feed them?



THat's the first thing you think of? You're a bit dense aren't ya…



File: efbc2416d42351a⋯.jpg (75.5 KB, 1079x736, 1079:736, 61456775_878089442536712_3….jpg)



>Or that Farage the attention whore quit on the spot after "muh 350 million to ARE NHS"?

amerilard here, explain reference



So who is going to fall on the Brexit sword now, Boris?


File: bd3dedd57f9e788⋯.png (986.24 KB, 1260x1424, 315:356, Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at ….png)

A petition… My god thats impotent. Remind me again why we support this guy.



whats he supposed to do lol



Anything but a deceitful data gathering exercise disguised as an impotent pointless petition.



Boris will fall at the first hurdle.


!) data gathering is actually vital for electoral campaigning, 2) again, like fucking what?



He could purge his party of neoliberals. He could stop fence sitting on Brexit. He could lead calls for nationalising British Steel. Jeremy needs to be a leader and I don't see it.



>He could purge his party of neoliberals.

Already is tbh.

>He could stop fence sitting on Brexit.

You can only sit on the fence though: class unity > constitutional stance

> He could lead calls for nationalising British Steel.

He literally fucking is you idiot

>Jeremy needs to be a leader and I don't see it.

You sound like a blairite shill.


File: 367716e8b0a7d66⋯.png (766.11 KB, 1176x1078, 12:11, Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at ….png)

File: 367716e8b0a7d66⋯.png (766.11 KB, 1176x1078, 12:11, Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at ….png)


He hasn't purged the party. A handful of backbench neoliberals have left off their own accord but he hasn't expelled Tom Watson or Keir Starmer or Barry Gardiner or a host of others in his shadow cabinet.

His position on Brexit has been weak and misleading. Class unity is a rubbish excuse for inaction and fence sitting wont win him votes.

Looked through his twitter from the last week and these are the only comments he made on British steel. Not once does he call for nationalisation, only vague government intervention. I'd hardly say that is leading the call for nationalisation.

The only thing I agree with Blairites on is that Corbyn won't win the GE when it's called this year. He could if he would pull a finger out but he won't, and therefore he can't win. Not saying I think any other prominent Labour MPs can because i'm not convinced. It's pathetic that as the Torys collapse there is still no likely prospect for a Labour government.


File: f66c3e67285fe1d⋯.png (925.52 KB, 1166x1080, 583:540, Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at ….png)


The other tweet is this one, my bad.



>Barry Gardiner

You don't know what the fuck you're chatting do ya.

>His position on Brexit has been weak and misleading. Class unity is a rubbish excuse for inaction and fence sitting wont win him votes.

Tell that to the Pro-independence seats Labour won in Glasgow. You come down on on side of a constitutional issue hard and you lose the other. Fence sitting may trigger liberals on twitter but unironically it is the best choice.

>Looked through his twitter from the last week and these are the only comments he made on British steel. Not once does he call for nationalisation, only vague government intervention. I'd hardly say that is leading the call for nationalisation.


Do some basic fucking research anon.



You surely aren't suggesting Barry Gardiner is anything but a neoliberal so im not sure what you are getting at.

Having clear and concise policy on the defining issue of the era is more respectable leadership than trying to deceive both sides. I'd prefer him to come out in support of leaving however i'd respect if he came out in support of remaining. Instead I can't vote for a party with no clear message. As for triggering liberals on twitter I consider that irrelevant.

Once again in that article he doesn't explicitly say he is in favour of nationalisation. Supporters should not have to interpret his words especially when there is mixed messaging from the party on just about every issue. I've seen a lot of Labour members calling for nationalisation but Jeremy is too quiet and that is not leadership.



>You surely aren't suggesting Barry Gardiner is anything but a neoliberal so im not sure what you are getting at.

Dude literally everyone considers him a part of the hard-left I dunno what you're chatting.

>Having clear and concise policy on the defining issue of the era is more respectable leadership than trying to deceive both sides. I'd prefer him to come out in support of leaving however i'd respect if he came out in support of remaining. Instead I can't vote for a party with no clear message. As for triggering liberals on twitter I consider that irrelevant.

Except on a constitutional issue being in the middle is relevant: Labour must not be a leave or remain party, it must be a party of socialism and the working masses.

>Once again in that article he doesn't explicitly say he is in favour of nationalisation. Supporters should not have to interpret his words especially when there is mixed messaging from the party on just about every issue. I've seen a lot of Labour members calling for nationalisation but Jeremy is too quiet and that is not leadership.

Delegation is a form of leadership. This isn't the Blair era anymore, not every policy needs to be declared from the party leader.



Nice digits but I can't agree with you in regards to Gardiner. In my opinion he is Miliband centre-left. Perhaps i'm out of touch but i'd consider that more or less a neoliberal position and not genuine Socialism. I suppose I can somewhat agree with your point on constitutional issues but as far as i'm concerned on Brexit the socialist position is to leave the EU. I would also agree with your final point about delegation but for the repeated instances of mixed messaging coming out of Labour and for that Jeremy personally needs to come out stronger in favour of nationalisation.

Look I don't want Jez replaced by Watson, Lammy, Jess Phillips or whoever the other forerunners might be but he needs to be more assertive and resolute and until such a time i'm not convinced he can win a GE.


>>2899999 (oof)

>Delegation is a form of leadership

That's not what Corbyn is doing though. When he lets the likes of Starmer announce that Labour is a remain party, which is incompatible with Corbyn's own policy, that isn't delegation, it's just weakness. It mostly isn't his fault that he's in such a weak position and he has to choose his battles but at some point he's going to need to take his opponents on, otherwise we're never going to get a real left-wing government.


File: 867fdd437ba84a9⋯.jpg (14.2 KB, 480x480, 1:1, let me be blunt is there a….jpg)

>MICHAEL FOOT, the former Labour leader, had a secret mistress in the early 1970s during his marriage to Jill Craigie, the film maker.

>The left-wing politician’s official biography, to be published next month, describes the mistress, who was a “sexually highly charged black woman”.

Ahahaha what the fuck is this true?

It's from the Times though so everything has to be taken with a pinch of salt. Funny how after he died though there was so many newspapers making him out as some kind of player.





I doubt it, the one thing I've heard about Foot was that he was a loyal man: I doubt he cheated on his wife.



It's on wikipedia so it must be true.


Lowkey "The Boat that Rocked" takes on a new meaning when you realise it was Wilson in government at the time.



That flick was fictional but based on Radio Caroline. Interestingly enough in 1966 when the Marine Broadcasting Offences Act (1967) was conceived, radio broadcasting was under the administration of the Postmaster General which was none other than Tony Benn. However it was Edward Short, a hardworking and honest MP for Newcastle who actually introduced the bill designed to target pirate radio advertisers which passed with overwhelming support from both sides of the house. The ridiculous and unfair mischaracterisation of Government officials at the time was likely based on an amalgamation of Benn and Short. Radio Caroline actually stayed in operation until 1990 regardless. Terrible film.

Needless to say the Wilson government were right to try and eliminate the pirate radio stations and I only wish they had clamped down harder. The radio masts interfered with distress signals from fishing boats and emergency services and was a danger to shipping. Protecting workers lives and industry was more important than drugged up teenagers listening to rock and roll. There was also the Reginald Calvert incident, shot dead by a rival pirate in his own home. Frankly the pirate disc jockeys were thieves guilty of copyright infringement which robbed artists of the fruit of their labour and by extension was defrauding the government of much needed tax revenue. Taxes that neoliberal groups like the Beatles and Rolling Stones infamously evaded. They encouraged indecency and degeneracy that undermined the struggle for Britains socialist society of the era as well as the moral fibre of the British people. And they did it all with assistance from the yanks.



Trying to control what people could listen to was stupid and was always going to be counterproductive. No different from the war on drugs.

>They encouraged indecency and degeneracy that undermined the struggle for Britains socialist society

This attitude is partly why the USSR fell.



Indecency and degeneracy is why the Soviet Union fell, damn shame. Personally I think druggies should be locked up in labour camps and dealers executed.



Agreed it sounds like absolute nonsence in the same way the made up soviet connections were.



File: 4fb27dfae5bd0f4⋯.png (77.56 KB, 429x410, 429:410, 1313195401001.png)


>Frankly the pirate disc jockeys were thieves guilty of copyright infringement

Fuck off


>Indecency and degeneracy is why the Soviet Union fell

Read a fucking book


Dead thread. Dead ideology



>Frankly the pirate disc jockeys were thieves guilty of copyright infringement which robbed artists of the fruit of their labour

nah. i'll defend anything the Wilson government did, but piracy is fundamentally good. copyright gives artists an artificial monopoly over ideas. very middle class.

>Taxes that neoliberal groups like the Beatles and Rolling Stones infamously evaded

a good justification for piracy, surely?


Cultural management is a perfectly legitimate technique tbh, though censorship is stupid. What you really have to do is alter how much effort various choices take and the social perceptions of those choices.

Cultural conservatism would be the wrong use of such techniques, however. Socialism is about the future and the new if it is about anything.


File: 4f389bfc8b13f6e⋯.png (46.61 KB, 1244x260, 311:65, Screenshot_22.png)

Lads I'm really worried that the Tory leadership election will result in the government falling and a Labour government being elected on a People's Vote manifesto which completely fucks up Corbyn's project.



Round here we've had 1 Lab, 1 Con, 1 UKIP and 1 TBP. All by postman, not delivered by activists.

Local parties have taken (unofficial) strike action in sympathy to the Derbyshire Cons who refused to campaign. That includes a rather livid bunch of working class Labour blokes who are party members alongside the (currently) more sizable local Tory Association who are spread out among Rural East Pillockshire's more…. rural areas.

The local TBP branch is smallish but has had posters out in Pillockville and out in the various -tons and -hams that make up the wider district and nominally Tory Turf. They also had a stand out nearly every market day in the run up to the election. A lot of TBP branded merch, badges etc were taken.



No don't worry about it Jeremy can't beat Boris in an election.



I got 1 Tommy and 1 Labour before the vote. The Brexit party and UKIP ones were both delivered the day after the vote, apparently this was not in common but the media seem to be totally ignoring this and running with "muh EU citizens". I wonder why they picked one but not the other to report.




We just need to hope Tory's do Brexit, once its done the calls for a second ref will die down. It doesn't matter if its shit or good brexit a future Labour government can always renegotiate. Hopefully Labour really realise a second ref is a shit position once the EU elections results come out with Brexit party on 30%, Then again your going to have the twitter types who will claim that the Lib-dems getting 15% means no one wants Brexit any more.

Boris probably wont even win Tory leadership, he is fairly popular but those who don't wont him, who are the majority will vote for anyone but him. I think his isn't as popular with the public as he used to be so idk if he would ever win an election.


Dreamed I was standing at the back door at work and Sargon showed up and beat me up. Terrifying.



Sounds hot



>Boris probably wont even win Tory leadership

It's not just Boris though. Any no-deal Brexiter would potentially not have majority support in the Commons. I don't even know what would happen then as the Queen isn't supposed to appoint a PM who doesn't have the confidence of the House. Maybe May would have to stay as PM until a general election could be held?



File: bbb80a3c0fbada3⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1200x898, 600:449, ClipboardImage.png)


Fuck me if the Liberal Democrats beat Labour we are all fucked.


Is there a chat with a stream for the results tonight?


At-least I managed to convince my ultra-remainer dad to vote Green instead of Lib Dem, that's a win I guess.



Yes: it is called this thread.

If you want results, britain elects should cover it.



Live and Let Live



>Zero seats for ChUK

Fingers crossed



>Lib Dems beating lab

Still shit result. Tbh I am hoping enough Labour→ Lib Dem switches actually voted Green.




Not surprising. Labour has pissed off its traditional vote in the north by talking about a second referendum, wile its middle class voters will go green/lib dem because "muh stop Brexit". If these were the results there probably be another coup


The prediction map was before the Tories polling collapsed yet further. It's highly doubtful they will return anyone at all tonight. Most of that map had predictions from polls issued 2 weeks ago, with some fieldwork done a whole month ago when the party was only a week old.

Tory MEPS are likely an extinct species.

Europe Elects however, is predicting 10 Tory MEPs are still out there, and TBP has failed to break through and will simply have the 24 seats held by UKIP last time around.


Le Pen beating Macron in the EU Elections another win for enlightened centrism



Honestly the real surprise is that Macron and En Marche got into power to start with. They offer absolutely nothing.



That's why they're in power


We can now publish postal votes from final @ComRes poll (before T May's speech) based on 20% of total voting sample:

BRX 34%

Lab 22%

Con 12%

LD 11%


Other (inc Grn) 12%



way better than I was expecting tbh



That's just off postal votes though.



This would be pretty much the perfect result IMO. BRX way out in first, LAB in a healthy second place, pro-Brexit parties overall getting a higher voteshare than anti-Brexit parties.


Corby (East Midlands) result:

Brex: 40.2% (+40.2)

Lab: 23.1% (-15.5)

LDem: 11.7% (+9.0)

Grn: 7.6% (+4.1)

Con: 7.3% (-8.9)

UKIP: 5.3% (-29.7)


File: 00b3ed279666c38⋯.jpg (53.61 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 89912192_1_1537490461_w640.jpg)


Rugby (West Midlands) result:

Brex: 42.6% (+42.6)

LDem: 24.2% (+16.8)

Con: 12.9% (-17.4)

Lab: 11.4% (-9.7)

UKIP: 4.7% (-24.6)

ChUK: 4.2% (+4.2)

Telford & Wrekin (West Midlands) result:

Brex: 41.0% (+41.0)

Lab: 16.5% (-8.4)

LDem: 13.7% (+9.9)

Con: 10.8% (-13.7)

Grn: 8.4% (+4.3)

UKIP: 5.7% (-30.5)

Folkestone & Hythe (South East) result:

Brex: 48.4% (+48.4)

LDem: 15.6% (+10.6)

Grn: 15.4% (+6.2)

Con: 8.0% (-18.8)

Lab: 6.0% (-4.1)


Southend (East of England) result:

Brex: 42.1% (+42.1)

LDem: 18.9% (+12.8)

Grn: 12.2% (+4.3)

Lab: 9.9% (-5.7)

Con: 9.0% (-17.8)

UKIP: 3.7% (-33.4)


can someone explain the Brexit party to a burger? is it basically UKIP 2.0?



It is basically The Farage party, wider ideological base but tighter control for Nigel.


Sheffield (Yorkshire & the Humber) result:

Brex: 28.1% (+28.1)

Grn: 24.8% (+12.6)

LDem: 18.1% (+8.0)

Lab: 17.0% (-16.6)

UKIP: 3.9% (-23.8)

Con: 3.4% (-7.4)



that's disappointing


Wrexham (Wales) result:

Brex: 37.0% (+37.0)

Lab: 15.3% (-12.0)

PC: 14.0% (+3.1)

LDem: 13.3% (+9.5)

Con: 7.6% (-10.8)

Grn: 5.5% (+1.7)


Cardiff (Wales) result:

Brex: 21.2% (+21.2)

LDem: 20.9% (+14.2)

PC: 20.2% (+9.4)

Lab: 17.4% (-13.5)

Grn: 8.5% (+1.2)

Con: 6.4% (-12.5)




Pembrokeshire (Wales) result:

Brex: 38.1% (+38.1)

PC: 15.6% (+3.6)

LDem: 12.2% (+9.4)

Lab: 11.2% (-10.1)

Con: 10.0% (-18.9)

Grn: 7.0% (+2.5)

Sandwell (West Midlands) result:

Brex: 36.5% (+36.5)

Lab: 35.5% (-9.3)

LDem: 7.2% (+5.3)

Grn: 6.7% (+3.5)

UKIP: 5.9% (-24.2)

Con: 5.9% (-5.8)

ChUK: 2.3% (+2.3)


lmao, Brexit really is happening


Mate, please stop spamming the thread. We all have access to Twitter.


Alister Campbell voted Lib Dem: we get to kick the fucker out now.



nah you will be surprised how the Blairites and the lib-dems will try and spin this a clear sign that "Brexit needs to be stopped"


North East, result:

Brex: 2 MEPs (+2)

Lab: 1 (-1)



Absolutely cannot wait for the regional pro-EU feeds.


Bath & North East Somerset (South West) result:

LDem: 35.0% (+20.9)

Brex: 26.5% (+26.5)

Grn: 20.6% (+4.3)

Con: 6.8% (-20.5)

Lab: 5.4% (-9.6)

ChUK: 2.9% (+2.9)

UKIP: 2.3% (-22.5)



File: 413b6a5f8376b58⋯.jpg (35.85 KB, 1125x264, 375:88, D7g9q0cXsAA90iK.jpg)


Given tonight's results this is beyond inappropriate



Looking at this, perhaps the only way to recover from this coup (since Corbyn will fall if he loses to the lib dems) is if a left-wing pro-brexit leader is elected. I don't know of anyone that fits that role.


File: 53d6f338ba87bca⋯.jpg (72.6 KB, 640x473, 640:473, 1552709818313.jpg)


It's over. It's all fucking over. We were so close, Jerusalem was on our fingertips.


File: 806286f9d1cc524⋯.png (20.35 KB, 648x141, 216:47, Screenshot_23.png)


Corbyn needs to dare them to another leadership contest. He will win and it will buttress his authority like it did in 2016.



Nah if that is gonna happen, it needs to be someone that isn't Corbyn. Problem is that the leader needs to be pro-brexit or they won't get support. Such a person does not exist who isn't a fucking 60-year-old dolt. We're fucked.



> it needs to be someone that isn't Corbyn



CHUK's suck and fuck = 0 seats



Because Corbyn winning again means nothing: a Benninite winning means that Benninism is here to stay.


East of England, vote share:

Brex: 37.8% (+37.8)

LDem: 22.6% (+15.7)

Grn: 12.7% (+4.2)

Con: 10.2% (-18.2)

Lab: 8.7% (-8.6)

ChUK: 3.7% (+3.7)

UKIP: 3.4% (-31.1)

Dunno what that means seat-wise.



There's no need for that to happen now. Corbyn just needs to ride out this Brexit period and then we can think about who his successor will be in the long term.


3 Brexit Party seats

2 Lib Dem seats

1 Tory seat

1 Green seat



In East Of England



You can't "ride out" brexit though, just as SLab can't "ride out" scottish independence. What Labour needs is a left-wing, pro-brexit leader. There is no figure I can think of worth their salt that is that.



Brexit is not like Scottish independence. Once we're out, most likely in the autumn, that's it and the People's Voters will have to suck it up.



No they fucking won't, they have both now radicalised into camps. Labour needs a blitz offensive into the working masses of this country, Corbyn; the hero of socialism he is, cannot deliver that now.


Bye Bye Jeremy he is fucked



B-bros it's not fair



The Remainers can bitch all they want but Remain will no longer be an option when Brexit happens. The only thing to do will be to make the best of the next stage of negotiations.



Now the professional middle class will vote Lib Dem so we rejoin the EU. They won't get it but it is what will happen.





London result: Lib Dems win 3 MEPs, Labour 2 MEPs, Brexit Party 2 MEPs, Green Party 1 MEP



Emily Thornberry knifing Jez in the back on the BBC lol


And if they do? That school of thought will not be strong enough in the Labour Party to depose the hard-left leadership on those grounds.


Thornberry losing her shit. According to her Labour is now a second referendum Remain party. That Jeremy even allowed her to be their representative tonight is evidence he has to go.



>And if they do? That school of thought will not be strong enough in the Labour Party to depose the hard-left leadership on those grounds.

And if they do it will splint the vote enough for the tories to get it. It's how they did in 2010.


>Change UK beat Tommy Robinson by just 210 votes in Manchester

That's fucking something.



OK maybe but I don't see what that has to do with Bennism surviving.



Because Benninism under one leader is a fad, under two leaders it is an unstoppable current.



What are the North-West results looking like? Might be a last stronghold for Labour



Not quite known yet.


ChUK women is a retard. Dead party



The party was a stillbirth.



The next Labour leader will be hard-left. The membership voted 60% for Corbyn in 2016 when the electoral forecast was dire. They won't abandon the project just because of one lost election, especially now that we have 2017 to show that it is viable.



Ofc, the risk is that an ultra europhile hard-left leader is picked tho. That will lose Sunderland and other places too hard.



I can't see Labour electing a leader who will try to rejoin the EU. Any level of Europhilia short of that is basically fine and manageable in a post-Brexit world and places like Sunderland will not reject them based on that.



Labour lost several councils in the north based on brexit.





Yeah, that's while Brexit is a live issue. When we've left people won't care.



Again, look at fucking Scotland. Lanarkshire used to be Labour Heartland just like Sunderland is/was. Now look at it.


Wales, vote share:

Brex: 32.5% (+32.5)

PC: 19.6% (+4.3)

Lab: 15.3% (-12.8)

LDem: 13.6% (+9.7)

Con: 6.5% (-10.9)

Grn: 6.3% (+1.8)

UKIP: 3.3% (-24.3)


Well one thing is clear Jeremy can stop calling for a GE. Bad locals and slaughtered at EU. Labour need to allow the Tories to push through no deal Brexit and sweep the issue away before they stand a chance of winning.



Fam, Scottish independence is still a huge issue and it probably will remain so until independence actually happens. Brexit will not be an issue after it has happened.



If you look at the crowds Farage cna get in Coventry and still say that, you're a bit thick.


West Midlands, vote share:

Brex: 37.7% (+37.7)

Lab: 16.9% (-9.8)

LDem: 16.3% (+10.7)

Grn: 10.7% (+5.4)

Con: 10.0% (-14.3)

UKIP: 5.0% (-26.5)

ChUK: 3.4% (+3.4)



Brexit has not happened yet though. It will keep on being an issue while there is still a possibility of it being stopped.


the more I think about it, the more angry it makes me.

We had a vote. who are these people saying we should just tell half the country that "sorry you are stupid your vote doesn't count, you didn't know what you were voting for"??

And so many labour party members too! What the fuck is going on, They are literally calling for democracy to be overturned.








File: 38927781b1937f3⋯.jpg (41.68 KB, 717x717, 1:1, D7huKUBW0AArUQh.jpg)



they had left wingers in the party, but the media never interviewed them


>2027 election

>Prime Minister David Davidson, Liberal Democrat dissolves the house over failure to finally introduce an insurance system to the NHS to fund UK military operations in occupied Don-Kuban

>Opposition Leader Annunziata Rees-mogg, UK National Party, votes in favour of dissolution

>The Green Party and kill the muslim party are both expected to make gains and be kingmakers

>The UK is still in the EU, in the article 50 process. .



The "left-wingers" are from one small trot sect and rant about transgender bathrooms & snowflake millennials.


Yorkshire & Humber, vote share:

Brex: 36.5% (+36.5)

Lab: 16.3% (-13.0)

LDem: 15.5% (+9.2)

Grn: 13.0% (+5.1)

Con: 7.2% (-12.0)

UKIP: 4.4% (-26.7)

York: 3.9% (+2.4)

ChUK: 2.3% (+2.3)



They're literally examples of the Trot-to-neocon pipeline that /leftypol/ warned us about.



They're worse than neocons: neocons don't pretend to be leftists. They are brown trots.


Manchester (North West) result:

Lab: 37.2% (-14.2)

LDem: 19.5% (+12.6)

Grn: 18.5% (+6.1)

Brex: 13.9% (+13.9)

Con: 3.2% (-5.0)

UKIP: 2.4% (-13.5)

The north-west might just save us.


Liverpool (North West) result:

Lab: 41.4% (-10.4)

Brex: 18.9% (+18.9)

LDem: 17.2% (+12.2)

Grn: 15.7% (+5.4)

UKIP: 2.3% (-18.6)

Con: 2.1% (-5.0)

Fucking love Scousers always have always will.



I mean I heard James Heartfield on the "woke neoliberalism" episode of Aufabungabunga and he seemed pretty astute.


How the fuck is Alastair Campbell somehow a respected figure in 2019, 17 years after the dodgy dossier and David Kelly? Seriously one of the most detestable figures in British politics. Now he's sperging out about muh Russia backing the Brexit Party.


Nah the referendum was 3 years ago m8, it doesn't count any more (t. Emily Thornberry)


That doesn't even make sense.You think Brexit will stop being an issue before it even takes place?



>That doesn't even make sense.You think Brexit will stop being an issue before it even takes place?

Oh I think it will, it was the other bloke saying "brexiteers will vote labour again next election".


South West, vote share:

Brex: 36.7% (+36.7)

LDem: 23.1% (+12.4)

Grn: 18.1% (+7.0)

Con: 8.7% (-20.2)

Lab: 6.5% (-7.2)

UKIP: 3.2% (-29.1)

ChUK: 2.8% (+2.8)


Leave vote has won in a landslide. If Labour back a 2nd referendum it will sink them.



Results so far:

BXP: 21 (+21)

LDM: 10 (+10)

LAB: 7 (-6)

GRN: 5 (+2)

CON: 2 (-12)

PLC: 1 (=)

UKIP: 0 (-15)



>won in a landslide

>UK: 60% counted. Remain parties: 40.5% Hard Brexit parties: 35.1% Conservatives/Labour: 23.1%

either side implying this is a victory is nonsense, and the idea this is a proxy referendum is doubly retarded


Honestly I'd take Lisa fucking Nandy rn if McDonnell was still chancellor.



Which part of the country was he representing again?






What were the voting share for that area?

And is there footage of the results being called out?



God he looks like a human Pepe



Here: >>2901066

And doubtful, the votes declare by council.


Welp. Corbyn is probably fucked. Good luck dealing with your shit Bingbongs.



The Tories are definitely a Brexit party, with Labour the only ambiguous one. So that makes the Leave parties the overall winners.

>the idea this is a proxy referendum is doubly retarded

The Remainers were always going to try to paint it that way (and they will still try to claim these elections as another reason to ignore the actual referendum) so it's important that Leave parties have won.


Lurk moar you spaz.



McDonnells fate lies with Jez who is fucked.



>Didn't even read my obviously pro-Brexit post


Leicester (East Midlands) result:

Lab: 47.0% (-5.9)

Brex: 16.1% (+16.1)

LDem: 14.5% (+10.8)

Grn: 9.1% (+2.9)

Con: 7.4% (-7.2)

UKIP: 3.1% (-15.1)

Jamie Vardy is a lad it is known.


Lowkey McDonnell is kinda popular in Westminster and the City because he doesn't chat shit and is friendly.


that's not what tranny means you fucking dumb yank



If you can't handle the banter fuck off, cunt.






It shouldn't even be a case of cynically calculating votes. Respect the result.



says the zionist






I agree but let's be realistic, politics is cynical calculation of votes.


Lad were Leave voters and most here are opposed to the LGBT shite.



>Farage is my friend because he also dislikes gay people :)


File: 02f4e8be5abb023⋯.png (164.91 KB, 300x438, 50:73, 6% health.png)

so will the Corbyn project survive this, or will they actually have to pull their dicks out and make a solid policy position on Brexit now


You know HItchens is right, this country is fucked and nothing can save it.



The project may survive, but Corbyn himself won't.


File: 9417c1f95bfeec3⋯.png (50.38 KB, 1919x931, 101:49, 14126126348455.png)


why contain it. it's accelerationist time.


North West, vote share:

Brex: 31.2% (+31.2)

Lab: 21.9% (-12.0)

LDem: 17.1% (+11.1)

Grn: 12.5% (+5.5)

Con: 7.6% (-12.5)

UKIP: 3.6% (-23.9)



dumb yank



Disagree but I would advise you to put some money on Corbyn going if you think that - you can get better than 2/1 for him to go in 2019.


File: 9af909ea31f173a⋯.jpeg (48.12 KB, 500x446, 250:223, wallace wells.jpeg)

Would be rather funny if we took a no deal Brexit a few weeks from now.

This whole election would mean nothing just like that.



Go away retard this is a pro-brexit board



Eh I had a "Corbyn's gonna resign" hunch before and it failed so I'm gonna turn that down.



That literally can't happen.



>They are literally calling for democracy to be overturned

Bourgeois democracy isn't.

(Not advocating for remain, I just don't take a principled position.)


The Thick of It rendered it hard not to see him as a likeable caricature of himself.

Plus he's still the most normal of Blair's circle.



Bah! When has reality ever got in the way of politics?


>State of parties after 10 constituency results out of 12, with Scotland and Northern Ireland still to report.

>The Brexit party won in every region besides London, while the Lib Dems recorded their best ever EU election result, with the Greens registering their most successful election ever.

>Brexit 28 seats (+28), 5,244,893, 31.6% (+31.6)

>Lib Dems 15 seats (+14); 3,366,673, 20.3% (+13.4)

>Labour 10 seats (-8); 2,346,441, 14.1% (− 11.3)

>Green 7 seats (+4); 2,010,328, 12.1% (+4.2)

>Conservative 3 seats (-15); 1,510,874, (−14.9)

>Plaid Cymru 1 seats (-); 163,928, 1.0% (+0.3)

>SNP 0 seats (-); 590,947, 3.6% (+1.1)

>Change UK 0 seats (-); 571,716, 3.4% (+3.4)

>Ukip 0 seats (-23); 549,159, 3.3% (−24.2)

Not a Brit nor an expert in British politics but the Lib Dems will most likely be ahead Labour. Does that mean Corbyn is greatly weakened? Will he be able to resist another coup?


>Worst night for the Tories since 1832.


File: b06c117aa7ea8ac⋯.png (372.92 KB, 1120x690, 112:69, Capture.PNG)




>Will he be able to resist another coup?

I think he will. If some soft-left shitter tries to oust him using Brexit as a pretext for destroying his whole project, people will see through it. It's important to remember that Corbyn has actually been extremely accommodating to the general anti-Brexit mood in the membership so it's not even like it's that much of a wedge issue. He hasn't exactly been asserting himself recently to say the least.



Corbyn is kill. Keir Starmer will replace him


> Radio Caroline lobbied against the Labour Party, for the Conservative Party and for the introduction of licensed commercial radio in the United Kingdom.

Pirate Radio was reactionary.



Yeah tbh, nothing to do with SLab constantly and very visibly shitting the bed for the last half a decade.


File: 75565b0b485f129⋯.png (724.38 KB, 734x1200, 367:600, ClipboardImage.png)

BXP: 29 (+29)

LDM: 16 (+15)

LAB: 10 (-9)

GRN: 7 (+4)

SNP: 3 (+1)

CON: 4 (-16)

PLC: 1 (=)

UKIP: 0 (-24)



It will be the most political opportunism they ever did. This Brexit position isn't his signature policy


Op here. Someone make a new thread and crosslink properly. I gotta catch a flight and don't have time, plus after the fiasco of this one… Yanno :L



Remain-supporting (mainland) parties got 40% of the vote, Brexit supporting parties only got 35% of the vote.

The only reason the Brexit party stands out is that Brexit supporters don't care who represents them in the European Parliament, they want UK representatives in the European Parliament to cease to exist, so they can all just vote for the same party which has the right name, but Remain supporters actually care who represents them, so some of them will vote Liberal, some will vote Green etc.

Also, more people signed the petition to revoke Article 50 than voted for the Brexit party.

The majority of people in the UK clearly want to remain now. As the opinion polls had been telling us for some time. The 52% result relied on deception*, enough people have now realised they were lied to that it can't be repeated. That's why Brexiteers are so scared of another referendum. They know they will lose it. They know they don't really represent the will of the people.

* It also relied on 'Brexit' being undefined and so something that both the softest and the hardest of Brexiteers could support, which obviously won't continue to be the case once it starts getting defined. Theresa May's deal isn't really 'bad'. It's almost universally hated because it's a concrete thing which actually exists, rather than a Brexiteer fantasy.

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