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File: 26e5c5c368e98d0⋯.jpg (234.04 KB, 862x1132, 431:566, gan (2).jpg)


Original ancapball content created by you thread. Let's see how dead this board is.


File: dda0faeac621290⋯.jpg (71.16 KB, 547x402, 547:402, 2m1dsq.jpg)

am I doin it rite



File: 0515ee30e806c44⋯.jpg (185.13 KB, 943x1080, 943:1080, Untitled.jpg)



the fractional reserve isn't itself a violation (doing it extracontractually is), but they're violating it in tons of other ways through their cronyism, so yes. Robbing a central bank is even more not-a-crimified, tho.


File: 00be1749ab0b137⋯.png (456.26 KB, 900x1115, 180:223, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6e8e9daad2c29f9⋯.png (493.6 KB, 1368x1128, 57:47, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 860cab4365232f2⋯.png (473.61 KB, 1280x1092, 320:273, ClipboardImage.png)




Apologize for the mispelling, it's 4 am.




Even as a shitpost, it's 2/10. Your scenarios are very uninspired compared to what people usually come up with, and are just socialist arguments with "when you're in ancap" appended to the front. Speaking of which, constantly putting "when ancap becomes real" or some variation thereof into your text is redundant, as it's already implied by the picture, and kills the pacing of an already-wordy caption.



<i am ultra ass mad because it's spot on

ah, so it's a 8/10


What the fuck is happening with the board? It feels like we've got a continuous influx of really dumb leftists along few newfaggot neetsocs. Is /leftypol/ raiding boards or something? They shit up every thread with the stupidest low effort gotcha shit there is.


Really 2/10 at most, the left can't meme.



last one is too realistic


Do any of you have the one where they homestead the whole world by building a house inside-out?



To be fair it's because 8chan is dogshit and attracts the absolute bottom of the barrel from 4chins and leddit.while I've always liked this bort it's fairly niche probably the reason it's not completely garbage.

8chan is undoubtedly dying the original user base on a lot of the highly populated borts seems to have been replaced with try hard newfags rping as old fags. Considering who owns this site nowadays and what that means I'm absolutely comfortable with watching it burn to the ground.



>and are just socialist arguments

>ancap = "the jews."

Words… really don't mean anything to you at all, do they?


File: 79768840e34d8ca⋯.png (148.72 KB, 437x420, 437:420, Безымянный.png)


>the government!!!

>the government!!!

Jesus Christ, what a fucking cuck.



see >>93321





>*insults leftist*

<hurr the left can't meme

In what world anarchists/capitalists are not leftist? In your imagination?



amerimutt detected



Capitalists have never been leftists, not in any place and any time, unlike neetsocs. You /pol/faggots are indistinguishable from /leftypol/ in your bootlicking strawmans these days.


File: 2739bfbf1e9663e⋯.png (239.25 KB, 399x493, 399:493, 1504643458825.png)

File: 046ba26f7404f55⋯.jpg (64.42 KB, 538x482, 269:241, 1459994183063.jpg)

File: 6965da50276576c⋯.jpg (21.46 KB, 273x252, 13:12, 1453610019968.jpg)


>I-I'm not a brainlet! It's just really late, that's all!

Yes, it's permanently 4 AM with you.



>waaah gobbermint stops us from killing each other

>waaah gobbermin stops me from getting raped

>waaah muh minimum wage

They are exactly socialist arguments, replace "kike" with "piggy" and they'd be indistinguishable.


>the free market is leftist

Imagine being this person.


File: f15401c44d1f335⋯.png (253.33 KB, 1800x456, 75:19, f741acba64f8bb7dd2bdf55471….png)



Neet-socs get their definition of left and right from liberal media. In other words, they think that being an edgy racist and disrespecter of women is all that it takes to be right-wing, no matter how much of a commie you are when it comes to economics. (By this definition, even the USSR and North Korea are fascist, they just don't include racial purity into their feels > realz rhetoric).

If you challenge them on this, a switch gets flipped in their mind and like some drooling zombie they repeat some shit they heard about fascism not being left and right or something, and that it's actually some special snowflake bullshit that's above anyone's understanding.



TIL that the total abolition of the state (along with all other masters) and the state are the exact same thing!



>By this definition, even the USSR and North Korea are fascist

Umm, yeah?

"Nothing outside the State" - Mussolini. Marx was booted from the International for fascism (NazCap), Lenin entered russia after the SRs won to attack a socialist revolution and implement, in his words, capitalism (but, NazCap), Mussolini was a Marxist who implemented… NazCap lite, etc. Why, exactly, would this be a surprise?

Of them, I respect Mussolini the most; he actually went third position rather than plaguing the left with entryism and groupjacking. But… when you get booted for it, and end up inventing it when one of your descendants finally comes out and decides to be honest, why is it a fucking surprise, exactly?

Dunno about NK. No one, in fact, knows WTF they do there if we're being honest.



I just assume that NK is run by the generals and they just do whatever they want.




>(By this definition, even the USSR and North Korea are fascist,

Stopped reading there. You spergs seem to think Totalitarian gov = Fascism. No, you are dumber, you said

>are fascist, they just don't include racial purity

But them again you also said

> into their feels > realz rhetoric)

So 'im the sperg for replying bait.



By the origins of the terms, ancaps are definitely lefties. By the modern meaning of the terms, ancaps are to the right.


File: b988705b1095b52⋯.jpg (67.53 KB, 680x512, 85:64, 14-capture_23082007_015046.jpg)



>By this definition

It's not what we think fascism is, it's what YOU think fascism is. Fascism is a fuckton of things to all kinds of different people, and you wiggers at /pol/ have gotten so unironically leftist that even the USSR and North Korea are being praised for being "fascist".


>capitalists are leftists




>By the origins of the terms

The origins of the term was the French Revolution, in which the ones who sat on the left side of the President wanted to guillotine anyone wealthier than they were and the ones who sat on the right were traditionalists favoring order and productivity. Ancap far closer to the latter than to the former, especially when one considers Hoppe's arguments for why any natural order society is necessarily a traditionalist one.


File: 45840e558f2d6ac⋯.jpg (142.65 KB, 1000x666, 500:333, Untitled3.jpg)



I'll be damned, ancap is monarchism confirmed…



Well, if the king owns his country then yes, subjects are just tenants.



With the exception of what >>93861 said, ancap is actually more right-wing than monarchy, since there is more respect for property in ancap.



That depends what you mean by monarchy. Monarchy does not equal absolutist Louis XIVth or Frederick IInd or any given despotic Tsar, though these were also monarchies. We can have Portugese style contract monarchy, Polish or any other non-modern monarchy with decentralisation. Even strong centralised monarchies such as Burgundy had respect for property rights more than contemporary states. Another question is what do you consider to be right wing, but if the sole criterium is low taxes than AnCap is most right wing as there are no taxes. (provided tax is not understood as rent, which it bloody well doesn't have to because kings did not acquire that land in the normal way, unless protecting it is considered a form of mixing labour with nature, therefore considering populations to be nature, a very egoist view…)



Come on over to /monarchy/.



Aye, we could use more posters.


File: 0f8658eda5a7abe⋯.jpg (122.01 KB, 505x621, 505:621, stirner.jpg)


C'mon, get to work you lazy bitches



>moves threw time

It's "through" lad



No, it’s not, and Yes, you can.



If a King is not sovereign, the last word on matters, then in what sense is he a king? If he is sovereign and has the last word on matters, then in what sense are the rights of the individual protected?



shieeet, why doesn't paint have a spellcheck



First option. The king has the last word on matters as the land owners etc. feel the need to have an impartial arbiter who in times of crisis would act as a leader of the joint private armies acting in the common interest. The king is a cultural institution that has real world benefits for the people who respect the king.

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