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File: e444e061e2a5d0a⋯.png (72.11 KB, 386x250, 193:125, Stefan-Molyneux-Angel-Clar….png)


what does liberty think about molymeme?


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

He's riding the edgy e-celeb gravytrain, but keeping just far enough away from the real bad stuff that his videos don't get shoa'd. Even before then his content was very normie-tier, and I understand his authorship (namely UPB) especially is very mediocre. All that being said, some of his work is put together competently enough that you can use it to redpill normies, vidrelated.


Don't watch him, but I assume we've gotta have someone like he seems, if we wanna reach normandie



>Even before then his content was very normie-tier



He seems to me to think that he is smarter than he really is and I heard his books were not very good, but this is knee jerk. If I had started watching his stuff ten years ago I might have found it very enthralling, I'm sure.


I miss his the truth of series where he covered historical topics and figures. His brutal shutdowns on Lincoln and Washington were the best IMO.


I liked him back before he was popular. Say some gay shit about hipsters if you like, but it's true. He did a lot of talking about philosophy and logic in general, the greek masters in particular, and I was very into that. Right before his popularity he started getting into history and politics and I was into that too. Then he got real into giving out those "PAY ME!" type messages, talking to random niggers and all kinds of dumb populist schlock. A waste of a perspective since arguing or talking to people is generally without interesting or meaningful content. Because of all that I haven't listened to him or kept up with him in years, I reckon. Since before the presidential election for sure.


File: b6932c959983ed8⋯.png (7.79 KB, 255x249, 85:83, b6932c959983ed8f5ec088f8b8….png)


He might be an asshole or some kind of psychopath or something, but Molymeme is great for redpilling normalfags. As far as I'm concerned, that's all that really matters. I became ancap partly because of his videos too and I still recommend him to everyone who's interested.



Let us also not forget the dozens of relationship therapy videos he posted.

As for me, I used to listen to his videos, but kinda lost interest when he became A hardcore Trump supported, nowadays I listen to Tom Woods, Peter Schiff and JFG.



the one with the male stripper kinda changed me forever

>male stripper phones in

>says all the brides to be want to bang him without condom

i hate the modern world.



>He might be an asshole or some kind of psychopath or something



He's horrifically fucking inconsistent and I definitely don't agree with him 100 percent by a long shot but he's not the worst person ever



-→ >>93335

What he said.



where is he inconsistent?



Sometimes he insists that he is le enlightened rational philosopher, free of labels. Other times, he will make ancap-ish arguments. Other times, especially when he covers elections/politics, he becomes an undying conservative and rants and raves about the left's tactics.



>He seems to me to think that he is smarter than he really is


>He's horrifically fucking inconsistent


He's ok. He has biases that can get in the way of his reasoning, and he attempts to exert a lot of control on the direction of his interviews and debates. I remember watching him talking with someone about the future of AI and he outright refused to accept the possibility that AI could possibly surpass humans in technical and creative fields and kept trying to steer the discussion away from that premise.

Presumably he thinks he has some credibility in that field because he used to be some kind of a programmer. I think he fell for the "AI is just a bunch of if statements" meme. Also ever since Trump has been elected he and the rest of the eceleb crowd have been pulling off some wild 4D chess shit to justify things like having Bolton on.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

stefan in pooland


Didn't he get like zero views when he was all peace loving but when he started becoming a Nazi he got a fuckton of views?


File: 75afc36cd341527⋯.mp4 (747.98 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, shocking truth.mp4)


>using clickbait means you get clicks


He is basically a retard, just another irrelevant youtube loudmouth.


He can express some arguments really well. He's really bad with data, I remember a video about South Africa having the wrong data. It's bad enough being on the bashed side, we don't need famous people getting the data wrong.

Also he's too obsessed with IQ. I still listen sometimes, he's decent for current events and a good entertainer. Also I really like the episode about western civilization with Tom Woods (but mostly because I love Tom Woods).


File: 8cddde83859b7eb⋯.jpg (213.17 KB, 1076x750, 538:375, DfBLajrXUvAIy4Y5.jpg)


>It's bad enough being on the bashed side, we don't need famous people getting the data wrong.

Holy fuck, this.



he said nazi's were right wing, nuff said



Good enough for complete newbs, very accessible. His anarchocapitalist works are mostly worse versions of those of Rothbard and David Friedman, and Universally Preferable Behavior is one of the most terrible philosophical treatises I ever had the pleasure to read.


I prefer mememolly.

fox lemons






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