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At the risk of dignifying obvious faggotry and retardation with a response, I'm going to point out that OP is a fag.


File: 4d9b8dfa4a77f24⋯.webm (1.41 MB, 640x360, 16:9, awful.webm)

>haha, going to church is work xD

>free market has improved standard of living and productivity so much that employees can slack off and businesses can still remain competitive

>leftists blame capitalism for this

>in the same breath, leftists blame capitalism for working employees too hard


You're not just a fag OP, you're an m-to-m, gloryhole-servicing, trannyfag.


File: 7e9420e2240b63b⋯.mp4 (238.07 KB, 624x352, 39:22, gay_and_stupid.mp4)



>conflating white-collar and industrial job statistics and applying them interchangeably

Even though you're a fag OP, you should kill yourself on the offchance you have a moment of weakness and accidentally breed some day.



Why are unions a scam?



There is no difference in Practice between the conditions of a man in a coal pit and a man in an office block as the Nature of their Labor and the System they toil under is the same


Unions are Literally an expression of Individuals coming together Voluntarily to fight for their collective and self-Interest

There is no logical reason for /liberty/arians to object to Unions



I couldn't care about watching the video, but since everyone is calling OP a fag, I might as well do it too. You're a big flaming faggot OP.



Unions are literally instrument of political lobbyism and shilling for d*mocracy won't change it. There's no voluntarism in robbing a store, you leftist shitter.



Because without the state giving them privileges over business they most likely wouldn't exist. They increase costs, reduce efficiency, and just drive businesses to either hire a new set of laborers or leave the region entirely.



As long as they exercise no physical violence I'm fine with it. Lobbying the Government, however, is an absolute no.



I have no objections that a good deal of businesses have very poor schedule management. It's also why a good deal of businesses don't stand at the top. They tend to suck a lot harder than the best. What though, is the point that is supposed to be made? It seems like the video is conflating time spent working efficiently and time spent in general. If all of the current work that needs to be done can be done by less people for a shorter amount of time it's downsizing time. That still leaves me with active time of day and money to be invested. I could either diversify elsewhere, or if I find others that want to work those hours out of their own volition, employ those. It would be great if no union steps in to lobby the State to restrict me and the other workers from going about our business while they're being outcompeted

Where is the BTFO in all this? I don't mind the question, that we have to guess, is being raised and am in the mood to be civil about it, because it has merit, but please, never make another post without explaining yourself. Dropping someone else's text or media with nothing to add of your own is a post without a topic, and those (don't) get deleted. You don't want to be a faggot now, do you?

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