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File: ffef057d8fb62a0⋯.jpg (612.89 KB, 1438x1559, 1438:1559, neetpledge.jpg)

967cdf  No.25626

It's time for some real talk, this break from my usual funnyman shitposting.

I need some advice.

I'm in my early 20s, never been to college (Honestly I don't see any point in college right now except networking, and even that can be done elsewhere without racking up 100k in loan debt.)

but might consider a trade welding, I have extensive experience in programming and scripting from making mods and Unity games all the time, but as a hobby it isn't currently bringing any money in, meaning I can't entirely support those projects beyond dumping them on GameJolt or something, so I'm thinking about going into welding or something part time that brings in enough money to register trademarks for my game and brand, get past Steam's $100 submission fee, buy a bunch of computer parts, etc.

I've been trying to work on a game but the jist is I have ran into financial obstacles, where there's no real point in continuing unless I want to stay broke.

I'm also doing the music, artwork, sound design, trailer video editing, promo art, logos, shirt designs, story, and a touch of voice acting all on my own. It's been fun, but I'm getting tired of living with my parents, even though my situation is more common than I otherwise thought, even that knitcapped Tim Pool guy was doing a video on a demographic showing a majority of young men in America are living at home, unemployed or out of work, and unmarried.

NEET memes are a coping strategy, but I have useful skills, I just don't have the funds I need right now for an independent startup. I don't want to get a job working for a large game development company because they abuse their employees and my skills would be used to make freemium mobile trash.

I'm a one man studio and I'd like to keep it that way, but I'll eventually like to hire voice actors and testers, and obtain the necessary hardware and equipment. >Why not just make the game text-based?

Right now it's Fallout talking heads style, with specific plot characters doing voices, and the NPCs being only text.

I wont go into too much detail as this isn't a pathetic attempt at advertising, not here to shill muh indie game, but it's more than that. I am a total neet and the only friends I have are post-op trannies of the buffalo bill variety, and internet gaming trolls with YouTube channels reaching a staggering 100 subscribers.

I have to get out of this town, I have to get out of Jew York and stay far from it. Should I move down south where it rarely snows or is it true that everyone down south chugs Dr. Pepper and is a fat stupid frenpede? I also did research on where there's the least bitchy (((interracial))) couples and I'm looking into affordable housing.

You guys remember B&E Cribs? How much money was saved cleaning out that shitden? Not the cleanest fixer-upper but the grass is greener where you water it, right? I'm betting that was a decent bargain. I go to the gym 2-3 times a week so I could even move all that around, not sure where I'd find a CraigslistCrackDen™ though.

I'm trying to get off my feet here, I might be able to make money selling the game and soundtrack, but I don't have the money to trademark a title and get through Steam's $100 submission, so I'm working on that, moving to a different state comes later obviously.

What do you guys think?

The goytoys on /mde/ are total bros, I hope you can be as helpful as you've always been thus far. Thank you for all the good times.

3c92c5  No.25628

File: 7a6b1bf02e36b51⋯.jpg (324.48 KB, 1386x1848, 3:4, 12217851.jpg)

the lack of self awareness in this is haunting

>The goytoys on /mde/ are total bros, I hope you can be as helpful as you've always been thus far. Thank you for all the good times.

what the fuck are you talking about lmao

this board is like ~40 ppl and the demographics are either "hardcore mental problems" or "adults who use groyper images and words like goy unironically" and im never sure which is worse but one things for sure, and that's that whenever i lurk this board, my brain is constantly scanning for the closest object to kill myself with. if you think this is "total bros" you are so fucked its insane

I'm going to write a serious reply and shoot some pearls before swine even though I know this is a waste of time because you are an adult man writing multiple paragraphs for serious life advice on a pink child porn website occupied entirely by mentally ill trannies and e-nazis. Why?

Because maybe im a fuckin hero..,.

I am so high. I can hear heaven

I am so high. I can hear heaven

Oh but heaven, no heaven don't hear me.

And they say that a hero can save us

I'm not gonna stand here and wait

I'll hold on to the wings of the eagles

Watch as we all fly away

Someone told me love would all save us

But how can that be, look what love gave us

A world full of killing, and blood-spilling

that world never came

And they say that a hero can save us

I'm not gonna stand here and wait

I'll hold on to the wings of the eagles

Watch as we all fly away, Hi-ii-igh!

Now that the world isn't ending, it's love that I'm sending to you

It isn't the love of a hero, and that's why I fear it won't do

And they say that a hero can save us

I'm not gonna stand here and wait

I'll hold on to the wings of the eagles

Watch as we all fly away

And they're watching us

(Watching Us)

and they're watching us

(Watching Us)

as we all fly away!

And they're watching us

(Watching Us)

and they're watching us

(Watching Us)

as we all fly away!

And they're watching us

(Watching Us)

and they're watching us

(Watching Us)

as we all fly away!

> I am a total neet and the only friends I have are post-op trannies

hello this is a more important problem than your financial woes. the people you talk to literally become your world. stop being extremely online and get friends from places which select for normal well adjusted people. church, gym/sport's people… just fucking find something that isnt online jesus christ man… your point of reference for what is "normal" is so irreparably fucked, you are lost at sea without a compass.

otherwise regarding financials… why the fuck would you want to do welding… you already know a skill that pays higher (software dev) and allows for a better quality of life (do you want to be half blind with multiple musculoskeletal issues by the time you're 30? do welding) so just do that unless you're just larping as a "game dev" because your insane toddler brain has misconstrued "i like video games" as a career and you wanted to play out a fantasy of being a starving artist… like if you actually have skills then just apply them why is this even a fucking question

god man you need to like… just throw out absolutely everything you think is cool and good, especially anything related to imageboards, and start over entirely. you fucked up the chargen so bad and ended up with the dumbest character possible and following your current path will result only in eternal humiliation

42f50e  No.25629


go to uni and get a useful degree, like computer science, or engineering. or, you can try to bootstrap yourself into web development. that's a field where that kind of dumb shit is actually possible

i wouldn't do a trade unless you know you'll enjoy it. skill set is too specialize to change easily

gtfo new york and find somewhere you can save money. do your hobby shit on the side. don't waste time online on youtube. lift more and wake up early

42f50e  No.25630


>fucked up the chargen

that's good advice. but if you make the goal of your life to earn money, you will pay the price of doing that. it will eat you alive. you have to do something you like otherwise you are literally someone's fag toy that earns them money

967cdf  No.25632


Wow man thank you for the advice. I'm going to start reading more books.

The thing about my tranny friend is ive hung out at their house on numerous occasions, nothing online about it, walking in on a racist trump-basher talking about how their SynthClit hurts while using a blowtorch to light a cigar is otherworldly.

I haven't interacted with these tubby shitstains in over a year, I'm re-doing the "chargen", that is actually a really excellent way to describe it, but what are better lifelong "stats" other than strength and intelligence?

You are my bros because all I've known up to this point is tranzoids and e-nazis, its sad but true.

And you're right, software development pays more, wtf was I even thinking? Might be celiacs disease.

I'll stick to software development and replace welding with coloring books to sooth my nazi toddler brain.

Again thank you so much for having me on, Dr. Phil.


967cdf  No.25634



Thanks again everyone, it's okay to roast me a tad, I honestly don't know what the fuck I'm doing.

I could try Uni but again, not sure if I can afford it at the moment, worried I'll re-learn everything I got from indian accent YouTube tutorials and open courseware, I'm assuming that's what you mean by "bootstrap" web development, it's about being an autodidact right?

42f50e  No.25635


yeah, basically with web development you literally just make a portfolio, github etc and then not be some kind of obvious red flag factory in interview and you'll get a job. won't matter if you are in a fuckscape like new york where you can't save money, though

bcd860  No.25636

File: 765bcce9a2f7216⋯.png (198.18 KB, 394x911, 394:911, 0253.png)


If you're posting on this board, its a sign that your life is fucked and will be fucked for some time. It's like a 4th wall breaking thing.

Basically we don't have free will, and that's an empowering thing to feel and realize once you understand it.

6370be  No.25640


if you want to make money with games, you don't have to go on steam, but you have to distance yourself from "doing what you love" and do it for the money.

That means, a mobile game

Entry fee is 25$ for play-store, dunno how much for apple.

Android gets you little cash, Apple can get you quite good money. But the best thing is - if you ever can release a full game - it is a constant source of money.

My advice would be to stay in your mom's basement as long as you can and if you have money problems, get a part-time job.

d96ff5  No.25643

just buy a gun go in the woods and chop wood and shit

0cba00  No.25658


If you room with someone or have double income it's OK working tech in a large city and you can save enough money to not be ruined at 60.

967cdf  No.25662

Guys, I'm not in Jew York City, close though

000000  No.25846


Hey if you're interested I'm a pretty decent artist and I'll team up with you on your game. Tell me what you're looking for style/subject matter wise and I'll draw you some example work

967cdf  No.25859


Show us what you got, 000000. Coolest id ever. board owner?

42f50e  No.25864


yeach except you have to deal with nigger tier room mates unless you get lucky. fuck that. like cattle that doesn't "deserve" its own housing while goldstein sucks you dry

3c92c5  No.25910

File: 2165a377000b49b⋯.jpg (5.93 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images.jpg)

i have delayed somewhat but i feel as if it is my moral duty to effortpost in this area because helping others is one of the few things that redeems the suffering of life, so here is dr. phil textwall #2


>reading books

read the Dao de Ching to learn a “middle path” (not succumbing to the pitfalls of extremes, and neither right-hand nor left-hand path) spiritual/philosophy of how to conduct yourself. this applies to literally everything you do…

read classical philosophy (Plato) because it's a good starting point for philosophy… read Meditations by Marcus Aurelius because although it is what Niezche would define as slave morality, it is nonetheless immediately applicable, the tl;dr is you must embrace suffering (because life is suffering and avoiding it only makes you weak) in order to transmute suffering into glory. this is the metaphysical power of working out, is is embracing suffering in order to strengthen yourself. read Yukio Mishima… he spoke about how he never regretted a single moment spent training. because every single drop of sweat was worth it… now you already go to the gym, what the fuck is stopping you from applying this to other areas of your life… it is retarded to keep minmaxing which brings me to:

>what are better lifelong "stats" other than strength and intelligence?

wisdom, charisma are SO much more widely applicable. how many daily challenges do you really solve by being smart, or moving heavy objects around?

ok sure IQ helps in almost every activity but it’s far more common that high-IQ people fuck themselves up with smugness than anything else and unless you're IQ >145 which statistically you're not, the benefits do not outweigh the drawbacks. get over yourself. you are not fucking special because you are IQ 120. blacks can be IQ 120.


3c92c5  No.25911

File: e4f9611529529ae⋯.jpg (31.78 KB, 500x463, 500:463, dr-phil-lulz.jpg)


dr phil effortpost textwall installment #3, CHARISMA - the long awaited sequel. btw fuck the char limit on this board and fuck the faggot admins that ban everyone who isn't a c h @ po anti-sam sycophant. but anyways

holy shit charisma is so much more important man. do you REALLY think your big ass brain is going to smart you into a job with no connections? holy fuck man, if you had any WIS you would have known by now that the ONLY way newcomers to an industry get jobs is if they KNOW SOMEONE. you could get a 4.0 perfect GPA, know every possible autist programming trick won’t fucking matter at all to the obese female HR manager skimming over your resume before throwing it in the trash. do you really think the dumb bitch hiring people is going to care about your actual skills rather than something retardedly subjective like your “vibe” in the interview? if so you don’t have a true grasp for how (exploitable) subjectivist most people are…

anyway INT is absolutely worthless without CHA. it should go without saying that pretending to be dumber than you actually are - “code-switching” as it were - is an essential skill for dealing with those below your INT score. (this bluff doesn’t work on those smarter than you, so don’t even try, but be ready to convincingly fake-laugh about sport’sball and shitty comedy when you talk to normies… you can fuck this up by looking too jaded.. literally practice this)

do NOT minmax build. The current meta does not reward using CHA as a dump stat, especially because CHA can be used to gather information so raw INT is less necessary (the best position to be in to gather both sociocultural and opportunity information is one that is trusted by many social groups, one whom hears many rumors) this cannot be understated! #1 lifehack game-breaking trick used by many speedrunners is to cultivate many friendships in diverse social groups…

3c92c5  No.25912

File: bc35c02dba848cb⋯.jpg (68.77 KB, 2400x1201, 2400:1201, 1tye5v.jpg)


dr phil the final chapter

let’s move onto the bigger issue here, which requires more elaborate explanation… you have a WISDOM stat of like 3/10 and a high enough INT to convince yourself you're doing the right thing while you're actually fucking up wicked bad… the most dangerous thing smart people do is post-hoc rationalize their dumb ass decisions as an excuse… never allow yourself to do this, listen to your intuition, gut feeling, your visceral body sensation. wisdom is much harder to explain because by nature it is esoteric (for the few) but I will try my best to give you what is needed to survive…

step #1: absolutely fully give up on whatever dumbass pet ideology you ascribe to, whether it's far right or far left or literally political shit. political shit is just intellectual masturbation unless you pursue it as a career. giving up on whatever stupid ass beliefs you have will enable you the humility to “start over”… it’s not actually bad to admit you fucked up… but c’mon now. you are a fucking child, you lack the life experience and clearly the wisdom to substantiate your beliefs, you do not have it "figured out". any political or philosophical system you ascribe to, is most likely done for emotional reasons. many such cases, where people will become e-nazi's out of displaced anger at the "unfairness" of life and blame it on The Jews (or The Bourgeois, if you are part of the cabal of C H @ p 0 z Who Must Not Be Named, Upon Penalty of Ban (because the best way to dispel the rumor of agenda-driven outside interference from another board is to ban any mention of it, right? wow real fucking subtle mods did you take lessons from the KGB? suck my cock btw))

the power of Wisdom over Knowledge, the lock and key, is understanding that *it doesn't matter if it's true or not - that's never the point*. It does not matter whether - for example - God is real, whether Jews run the world, whether whatever - is materially, objectively true - what matters is *how a belief makes you behave*. this is Nietzsche's prized master morality; the morality of evaluating a belief by it’s utility. so… for example, does believing in God bring you faith (which is a virtue, if only in utility for removing anxiety) a sense of community and belonging? then do it… but does it make you feel bad, give you a reason to beat yourself up as an evil sinner whenever you crank your hog? then don't do it… critics will claim this is subjectivism, or sentimentality or abstraction but it is actually the final and inescapable conclusion of objectivism and materialism: it is acknowledging that the only tangible, real thing is that which is manifested in our behaviors, and the abstract thought/beliefs that triggered our behavior are ultimately moot in the face of how they make us behave. what does this mean? it means that your pet ideology, your belief system, your identity, are all *choices* that MUST be made based on HOW THEY INFLUENCE YOUR FUTURE DECISIONS, not whether they are “true or not” because your INT will come up for a reason for why they are true AFTER THE FACT. try this and you will find this is actually a much more applicable and useful test of the value of a belief than reddit athiest logic.

retards will scream “horseshoe theory” at this, which is Missing The Point. going to have to drop some occult shit here to demonstrate my WIS score. any time someone makes you decide and gives you only two extreme options it is because they are controlling you/lying to you. the wise choice is the Middle Pillar, the unseen third way. this is metaphysically true, on a larger layer than most people are aware of. the black checkerboard patterns on the floor of masonic lodges represent the “world of dualism and opposites”, which is the material world…. and it is only by realizing that this is a false dichotomy that one can see the bars of the prison and in doing so escape it - and thereafter exist beyond antithesis or trouble. Hegelian dialectic is an echo of this, and a roadmap to self-actualization.

now this isn’t to say that the answer is “having no opinion” or being a fence-sitter. i only suggest that all beliefs should be arrived at dialectically rather than emotionally. whatever you believe, stop being a nazi or a commie or whatever stupid gay shit you believe and just try being normal and boring for a second… not to *stay there* but to adopt a camouflage that will benefit you in literally anything you choose to pursue whilst utilizing it. this “camouflage of ideology” is the cure to having an INT that is higher than your CHA.

3c92c5  No.25913

File: 3771b77e04aea6d⋯.jpg (6.82 KB, 197x256, 197:256, images.jpg)


dr phil: the denouner

to summarize… your INT score is fucked up in proportion to your WIS but the way to fix this is just by using a trick of the subconscious mind that you probably know of as “irony”. just “pretend as if you believe” something, using doublethink, because you know that believing in that thing yields benefit. keep doing this, earnestly devote your intention to it and after a few months you’ll forget you were ever pretending and you will actually believe it. this like many other exercises in chaos magick etc. are just tools to prove that the observable conscious mind is a dumb ass idiot that totally pales in comparison to the glory of the unseen, the unconscious.

to put it in terms you would understand…


watch this video, from 1:00 till about 5:00, watch several times, play the words back in your head until you can hear them echoing in the subconscious… this is something that is deliberately “obfuscated, or unseen except by a sideways glance”, that is to say, unobservable by the conscious mind and understood by the subconscious, as is the way of occult philosophy - this piece just happens to be packaged in the hilarious trojan horse of a playstation game about an extremely tactical dude shooting the bullet's out of the gun

3c92c5  No.25914

File: 8eefeb3db50e454⋯.jpg (7.8 KB, 267x189, 89:63, images.jpg)


reading this post made me want to end up on the national news by brringing my dads gun to a federal building again and setting a new record… motherfucker how can you be so stupid. i pity you nigga… that a bitch ass cop out.

the predeterminism argument is a cope. it is a cope that failures use to justify their failure. ask yourself: why would a successful man, one who has achieved all his desires, tell himself "my success was simply fated to happen, I earned none of this through my own conscious action” he would never do any such thing, because he would have no reason to. the only reason for predeterminism to ever exist is as a COPE. predeterminism is ONLY ever used as a post-hoc sour grapes argument to explain away the manifold failures of losers who have failed at life and want an excuse.

even if none of the above is true, the greater argument is that predeterminism is unfalsifiable, thus falling within the realm of subjectivity; thus it is a statement not of fact, but of “what the speaker wishes to believe”; thus a self-fulfilling prophecy. so yeah, believe in predeterminism if you want your life to be a foregone conclusion… but don’t delude yourself that you will EVER amount to anything but a literal NPC if you select this bitch ass cop out answer.

it's like you saw nihilism 101 on reddit and said "oh wow that sounds cool sign me up hehe my choices dont matter im just an autonomous body system surrounded by 10-30% bodyfat carrying out my fate, guess ill smoke weed and jack off because the universe decided that was my path in life"

predeterminism is literally something they advocate in kaballah. that should give you an idea of how retarded it is

faggot ass nigga lol

3c92c5  No.25915

File: 8df5a1f8cfc9ef2⋯.jpg (5.28 KB, 299x168, 299:168, images.jpg)


some more immediately applicable dr phil advice because the rest of this shit will take a while to manifest

-stop talking to people online cold turkey. including this board. especially this board. being extremely online has literally ruined your life. why would you keep doing that. you can't get away with doing something, without it becoming a part of you. the more you do Extremely Online shit, the more it becomes part of you. it becomes your fate. there is a chink proverb about this. the only way towards stability and wisdom is to embrace normalcy

-wake up at the same time every day. ideally just before the sun rises. get 7 hrs sleep (studies back this up as being good for your brain)

-do not drink alcohol or use any substances whatsoever for any reason jesus christ. this includes nicotine

-start going to local places to meet normal people to become more normal by osmosis. pick up basketball games, church, college clubs if yr in college, meetup.com if your desperate… like anything else doing this will take like 2 months for people to trust you, to be accepted, to see profit you just gotta keep doing it

-if you are a pussy or have problems with self esteem (which im guessing you are because you post on 8chan and program games) just do martial arts, go to a boxing gym and you'll never be afraid of anyone again. plus you will make great friends who are pre-selected to be disciplined, motivated and high-test - you can learn from them, subtly. jiu jitsu is safer because you wont get concussed sparring but it's less applicable and has a steeper learning curve. getting your ass kicked over and over (inevitable) and still getting up to keep fighting is incredibly character building and will prove to you that you can succeed at anything no matter how difficult or scary

-decide on your future (especially career) and set clear, well-defined goals for where you want to be in 5 years (longer than 5 is too unpredictable) people underestimate how much they can do in a year, overestimate how much they can do in a day. WITHOUT DEFINING AND MOVING TOWARDS GOALS YOUR SEROTONIN SYSTEM DOES NOT FUNCTION CORRECTLY

-for career… dude if you are good at programming just do IT work it pays way better than programming… fuck video games fuck your stupid dream of being a video game maker, that's something your 12 year old brain came up with while playing PS2 "wow i wanna be like the guys who made halo" dude who gives a fuck…. video game developer is literally the worst fucking job, see citation 1:


just do literally anything else. programmer is a shit ass job. you can make 100k/yr doing IT EZ if you are as smart as you say you are

good luck

i was where you were at one time

we are signing a suicide pact right now. if one year from now you are still a useless piece of shit, i will have wasted like, literally almost two hours writing this, and i make almost $30/hr. if you do not fucking follow through on the advice i've given you i will find you and fucking kill you with street fighter moves. i have tracked your IP through the NSA database, i have photos of your dick, i have cameras in your food. if you let me down i will come to your house at 3 am with a JFrame revolver and make sandy hook look like candy canes and rainbows. the cops at the crime scene will be throwing up, they'll quit and be in therapy for 3 years. dont make me fucking regret this you piece of shit.


8ead66  No.25920


you seem like a p cool guy. this is good stuff

a51cca  No.25921


Legit because I've trained some em em ay and sparred and it really do be like that, you walk around feeling safe. However the schizo voices in your head don't go away until you find friends and a group to be with. Something I don't got.

>-decide on your future (especially career) and set clear, well-defined goals for where you want to be in 5 years (longer than 5 is too unpredictable) people underestimate how much they can do in a year, overestimate how much they can do in a day. WITHOUT DEFINING AND MOVING TOWARDS GOALS YOUR SEROTONIN SYSTEM DOES NOT FUNCTION CORRECTLY

What if I told you I never really defined a goal in my life, only during my childhood which was over 10 years ago. Maybe this is the key to unlocking my full potential.

a51cca  No.25940


Reporting back, served some customers today but this time I took the advice of trusting my gut and sort of dumbing myself down to smiling and laughing with the normies about sportsball and drumpf. Conclusion: Profit. Actually seeing someone smiling to my face and vice versa made me feel good. I also hide inside me dark sided matrix man, neo beam me up.

Goal setting and understanding things I've completed on a micro and macro level is something that's hardwired in me, looks like all I needed to do was unhide the daemon.

bcd860  No.25943

File: 884467151139708⋯.jpeg (103.63 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, download.jpeg)


update #2

Went to the bank for some bank shit. Really talked it up this time, trusted my gut. I managed to Jew the Jew out of 128 dollars because of my autistic financial wolf on wallstreet brain. When they were closing my old account to a new one they tried pulling a fast one on me but I saw through it. When they closed my old account I went in for the kill and questioned why they wrote the amount they were going to charge me on a piece of paper. Nani!? The bank teller went to get his manager. When she came she told me some lies but then said she was going to drop the charges.

>tfw 8chan mde board user gives me the key to charisma and wisdom

441920  No.25947


hell yeah. never surrender

3c92c5  No.26029

File: 03eb94afb059d1d⋯.jpg (7.43 KB, 300x168, 25:14, index.jpg)



very good keep poasting these… not even for my benefit although it's good to see that my effort was not in vain. but also because it benefits you as well. journaling is well established to develop introspection. something you desperately need, clearly, lacking a good WIS score. also poasting your fuckups as well as your triumphs will keep you honest.

if you literally applied this shit for two days and boasted about how cool it was just to appease me or yourself and then forgot about the wisdom keys and the effort i put in to write up all this shit for you, i'm going to come to your house with an AR-15 and end up on the national news. your going to be fucking red mist on a killcam nigger.

also i want to keep this going because honestly this board is a cesspit of fucking negativity and we need a "rags to riches" story, our only hope of defeating the archons is to generate uplifting inspiring energy here, this is a mission above all others and if you turn back now you are only proving that you are worthless

now that youve seen the power of yellow i expect results and commitment so as reward i will furnish you, my kinsman, with another exploit used in many 100% irl speedruns

you have to hack your autistic brain to see true results… so back to what i said earlier about the serotonin system not functioning correctly unless you set goals… you need to do this in a way that "game-ifies" it. you need like, objective measures of progress, milestones as it were, so you can't trick yourself into thinking "actually everything is cool and good even though i'm homeless, gay and retarded"

take like a day or two to just isolate yourself from all distractions and come up with several goals, weight them so they are treated with value proportional to the value you ascribe to them relative to your own values - draw it out like a DND character, pros and cons, +2 WIS -2 STR whatever… look up weighted arithmetic mean and apply this

once you have decided which goals you have set (just focus on the next year for now because your in hell rn and dont even have the wisdom to set long-term goals yet) and weighted them, create like a spreadsheet and track your daily progress. so like if your goal is "hours spent working out every day" or "hours spent something useful every day" put those in a spreadsheet file and create a bar graph from them, use this to track your progress. you can look back at this data and quantify your life, "oh saturday was a shitty day I got nothing good done, what are the reasons for this? perhaps it was X Y Z" also helps you diagnose, like you're troubleshooting a program. also learning to master excel is a skill in of itself if you're going into basically any office job which you should because computer job's requires this proficiency

i've laid my cards on the table already, and they're all aces bitch, ive dropped epic gear for u, its up to you to equip them, u basically have gameshark codes for IRL all at you're finger tips… ur move nigga

3c92c5  No.26031

File: 3d21f74bb7d1634⋯.jpg (21.36 KB, 425x425, 1:1, 61QoaBuoyCL._SX425_.jpg)


further, although academic, knowledge:

"daemons" (not in the occult sense of a spirit that gives advice although those are very useful too, but in the programming sense of a background process on linux that largely determines the function of the entire OS) run your entire life. your habits, predispositions, natural patterns, your unconscious, rule you - accept that you are a slave to the unconscious and embrace it, game it.

this is why, you can never do something "just once or twice" without it becoming a part of you. if you do something stupid for short term dopamine you will keep doing it and it will become your destiny. this is why the bible says "any action not taken in faith is sin"; anything you do because you fail to believe that doing the "smart thing" (long-term reward seeking vs short term) will be a trap that is inherently harmful to your character and your joy in life

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