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File: 04e5cfb99efbbce⋯.gif (13.28 KB, 300x216, 25:18, Scientists Expose China - ….gif)


It's been exactly one year since US scientists reported a mysterious surge in ozone-destroying chemicals, known as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).

Banned in 1987 under the globally signed Montreal Protocol, there was only one explanation: somewhere out there, in an unknown location, someone must have gone rogue, setting back progress on the ozone hole by a decade or more.

After much speculation, the whereabouts and magnitude of these harmful emissions has been confirmed in scientific research. As earlier reporting in The New York Times had already suggested, they seem to be coming from the northeast coast of mainland China.

Since the Montreal Protocol was declared a success in 2013, this highly industrial region has continued to emit, whether accidentally or not, CFC-11: the second most abundant chlorofluorocarbon in the atmosphere. Between the periods of 2008-2012 and 2014-2017, in fact, CFC-11 emissions increased here by roughly 110 percent.

"This increase accounts for a substantial fraction (at least 40 to 60 per cent) of the global rise in CFC-11 emissions," an international team of researchers writes in a new report.

"We find no evidence for a significant increase in CFC-11 emissions from any other eastern Asian countries or other regions of the world where there are available data for the detection of regional emissions."

These violations are likely going unreported because even though CFC-11 is illegal, it is also one of the cheapest ways to produce new foam insulation in refrigerators and buildings.

After tracking down documents and international sources, journalists at The New York Times and independent investigators discovered that in some factories in China, illegal CFC use has been slipping through the cracks for years.

The examples given are based in Xingfu, a rural industrial town in China's Shandong province, and incidentally, that is the very same province that the scientists landed on too.

One wonders why China is exempt from the environmental push torwards carbon taxation?




We need to invade China to save the World.



If we can't even win most wars in the Middle East, there is no way we'll win a hot war against China which has a million+ gook army. And considering their alliance with Russia, which has been catching up militarily the last decade it would truly turn into a MAD scenario. This isn't the late 80s or early 90s anymore. Times have changed.


The USA isn't even remotely close to the top, it's near the bottom.


It’s obvious why:

The world has shifted dirty manufacturing and therefore emissions to China.

It’s easy to lower the US emissions of most dirty industries are shifted to China. This is what has happened.

Per capita (per person) the US is still the highest emitter or negatively impacting emissions thus creating accelerated climate change when we account for items or services purchased that originated in China - primarily because we exported our industries there.



>china is the worlds biggest polluter

Woah that is some serious mindblowing news there anon.



Maybe its China who should be paying the carbon taxes then, not the US and Europe?


The article is about releasing ozone-destroying CFCs, not CO2 btw.



True but its definitely worth remembering that China produces the most CO2 as well.

And they dump the most plastic waste in to the oceans.



Why was gross polluter number 2, India, omitted from that graph?



And recently Trump signed into law legislation that would force the US to recycle all plastics before being dumped into land fills, and it will now be illegal to dump plastics in landfills or in the oceans. So companies in the US are popping up to clean up and recycle all the plastics from massive heaps of trash. Ironically, Trump is doing more good for the environment than other presidents have.


File: e0802e526e07346⋯.png (123.5 KB, 475x475, 1:1, 874152-14.png)





>all the factories are in China

>no-one cares about environment in China

you really don't need to be a scientiest to realize the truth..



The whole reason for the taxes is to move money from the west to India, China and Africa. They are not going to pay anything.

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