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File: 261e9c440f85e40⋯.png (769.28 KB, 968x689, 968:689, Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at ….png)


A 7 January deadline for warring factions to withdraw from >Yemen’s main port city has passed, dashing hopes of a prompt delivery of food and medical supplies to the hardest hit in the country

The United Nations has urged Yemen’s warring factions to immediately withdraw troops from the lifeline port of Hodeidah and save a vital truce, as rights groups warned aid was not getting through to thousands who could starve to death.

The stark warning came as the UN confirmed that eight civilians had been killed and 30 wounded when a camp for displaced people in the northwestern province of Hajjah was shelled this week.



The US is supporting this by its constant state of fellating Suadi Arabia as they help their murederous citizens escape the US, murder journalists, sell US military tech, and clearly have for decades supported terrorism. Why would Trump choose to battle Canada over logging and a host of dumb shit like that but not do a damn thing against terrorists?



In case you haven't noticed, there hasn't been a single act of muslim terrorism on American soil since Trump took over.

Who cares what happens in some turd world shithole? Fuck them.





Agreed. Who gives a shit about other nations?



STFU Killcen, or I'll bump 5 crab threads to the top.



Cut all food aid to africa for 6 months and the Problem will go away.

Its time to make Hating niggers a thing again.

We can sell that food to them and give the Proceeds to Whites within our own country's.

Lets treat Africa like a zoo and Help ourselves.



why can't we have crab, propane, and news? this is my main news source.



End all aid to Niggers and watch them die out like they eventually will.

It is not the Muslims jews or White Rich who invade the Ethnostate of Europe.

It was the Niggers who fund the Millitaristic invasion of Europe. they Openly show their desire to Cleanse this earth of Whites. people based on skin color.

Cut all aid to Africa.



>why can't we have crab, propane, and news?

We can.

REAL News is still happening:


It's just being censored.


The real problem has always been that American foreign policy is drafted on Binyamin Netanyahu's kitchen table. Iran does not participate in terrorism yet is demonized, and Sunni "Allies" all fund islamic terror worldwide and are not only given preferential economic treatment but top of the line military aid as well.


File: 5397add6a3c5401⋯.jpeg (125.87 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 123146.jpeg)


Why Wont the UN release true statistics and numbers regarding the six gorillion.

The bullshit that is called the Halacaust is 100% a lie.

Jews Counting ashes is all it is. dead Christians is all that has bin haptening at the Hands of the Kike this whole time.

Death to Jews, Death to Israel. Solidarity with Muslims against the Jew Kike.

The Kike Treats Us Whites Like it treats Palastinians Wake Up!

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