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File: 87d123b10eb928d⋯.png (411.74 KB, 656x386, 328:193, vlcsnap-00396.png)

3bc18a  No.12933834[Reply]

Full livestream & Manifesto : https://archive.org/details/BrentonTarrantFiles

If anyone's got any other shit, dump them here for everyone else.

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87f88e  No.12996661



Guess I should have clarified that this is the uncensored version of the magazines. You can clearly see 'For Rotheram' is now present and explained.

9c83a7  No.12997006


Yes, as well as games, paintings and sculptures. He will not be forgotten.

9c83a7  No.12997046


No he's man hating on a cuckold. Jump off a bridge faggot. We're genociding all the mudslimes and nothing will stop us.

68b06b  No.12997167


mudslime is a vocab upgrade i like it

ebc3ba  No.13000683

File: ddc061dccb407ab⋯.jpg (15.43 KB, 380x236, 95:59, chaim.jpg)


Jews always lie. They know exactly why he did it.

File: 8ff4f36e9b162a9⋯.jpg (114.97 KB, 1000x600, 5:3, 8ff4f36e9b162a9a122f21829a….jpg)

4d2678  No.12977049[Reply]

The Quran contains at least 109 verses that speak of war with nonbelievers, usually on the basis of their status as non-Muslims. Some are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding. Muslims who do not join the fight are called 'hypocrites' and warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join the slaughter.

Quran (2:244) - "Then fight in the cause of Allah, and know that Allah Heareth and knoweth all things."

Quran (2:216) - "Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not." Not only does this verse establish that violence can be virtuous, but it also contradicts the myth that fighting is intended only in self-defense, since the audience was obviously not under attack at the time. From the Hadith, we know that this verse was narrated at a time that Muhammad was actually trying to motivate his people into raiding merchant caravans for loot.

Quran (3:56) - "As to those who reject faith, I will punish them with terrible agony in this world and in the Hereafter, nor will they have anyone to help."

Quran (3:151) - "Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers, for that they joined companions with Allah, for which He had sent no authority". This speaks directly of polytheists, yet it also includes Christians, since they believe in the Trinity (ie. what Muhammad incorrectly believed to be 'joining companions to Allah').

Quran (4:74) - "Let those fight in the way of Allah who sell the life of this world for the other. Whoso fighteth in the way of Allah, be he slain or be he victorious, on him We shall bestow a vast reward." The martyrs of Islam are unlike thePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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ccd9c8  No.12996420


ccd9c8  No.12998862


a83161  No.12999353

File: c188a4b8b358bc0⋯.gif (709.96 KB, 357x206, 357:206, gentleman.gif)

Bump amazing thread.

5a7fab  No.13000509


Nice try (((OP))). Not your personal goyim army.

ccd9c8  No.13000665

File: 889331f9aa40afa⋯.jpg (34.78 KB, 402x402, 1:1, FMX3JWc.jpg)

File: 16c00275709387e⋯.jpg (41.44 KB, 585x300, 39:20, Bitchute-Blocked.jpg)

d72edd  No.12967053[Reply]

>Even though Bitchute.com has been removing videos of the massacre that took place in Christchurch, New Zealand, the site is still reportedly being blocked from access by New Zealand residents, along with sites such as Kiwifarms, Liveleak, 8chan, Dissenter, and Archive.is.

>Bleeping Computer is also reporting that 8chan, 4chan, Liveleak, and similar sites are also being blocked by New Zealand internet service providers at the behest of authorities.

kiwi anons - hope you find your way back to us.



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e0840f  No.12976207


Way too late for that, all their mass censorship was like putting a sign up to every user on the internet saying "Look over here".

Neutral and passive coverage followed by quick memory-holing and no attempt of censorship would have mitigated impact. But nope they blew it big time and played right into Brenton's hands.

956271  No.12976284


Exactly what I was thinking. The response the establishment SHOULD have had was a short 5 minute mention on the nightly news on the day it happened, and nothing else. Maybe a brief follow-up report a week later, but that's it. They 'censor' part of the information about it (Brenton's video, manifesto), but leave the crux of what he was hoping for intact (wall-to-wall media coverage for a week).

Our opponents are pretty fucking dumb sometimes.

672ba9  No.12976285


Is this the end of /ausneets/?

6dd89c  No.12976473


Seems pretty active atm

c930fb  No.13000659


File: 69bffa60dc5c2c5⋯.jpg (154.25 KB, 1000x541, 1000:541, 1061373288.jpg)

459803  No.12993857[Reply]

Masonic Lodge Branch Reportedly BUSTED by Police in Sicily, Italy

Numerous local politicians, officials and even police officers turned out to be connected to the lodge's illegal activities, which included corruption, bribery, drug trafficking, embezzlement, and interfering with the work of the judicial system.

Police from the commune of Trapani, Sicily have arrested 27 people during a raid on a local "masonic lodge" involved in illegal activities, the newspaper Giornale di Sicilia reported. Among those arrested in the course of the operation named "Artemisia" were former and present politicians, officials, including a former federal lawmaker and a former mayor of Castelvetrano commune, and even police officers.

They now face charges of committing crimes against the local administration, justice system, and for organising a crime syndicate. The lodge reportedly had great influence over the local government and influenced the distribution of its budget. Its members also allegedly managed to obtain secret information about ongoing investigations and influence them by tampering with evidence.

The group was reportedly also involved in a number of other illegal undertakings, including drug trafficking, bribery, fraud, and embezzlement. Apart from the 27, that have already been arrested, police are interviewing 10 others, whom they suspect of helping the lodge's activities.

Notably, the lodge itself was based in Castelvetrano — the hometown of one of the Cosa Nostra's leaders, Matteo Messina Denaro, who is considered to be one of the world's most dangerous criminals and who has long been wanted under an international arrest warrant.


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5af60a  No.12995337


Look at him as a stepping stone.

75385f  No.12999050


…. Why…..



f7d555  No.12999532


So a modern P2, and they're going to blame the group they were abusing and hiding in.


>t. Stephen Knight

5bb314  No.12999593




feels good man

58e395  No.13000517

Freemasons are zionists and they killed JFK because he wanted AIPAC to register as a foreign agent and was dead set against Israel having nukes. So no shock here with the dago chapter of Freemasons. Those crimes are pale by comparison to presidential assassination.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

27f465  No.12939523[Reply]

Its ogre /pol/, CBC which is Canadian government owned media and the national news broadcaster said 8chan on national news when covering New Zealand. Prepare for an influx of socialists, potheads and niggerdick aficionados.

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6288fc  No.12998134


I see that your so dumb and lazy that you don't seem to grasp what reading is for.

6288fc  No.12998235

File: 153da2f4cc98010⋯.jpg (18.83 KB, 255x242, 255:242, 153da2f4cc98010edff892b33e….jpg)


Surething faggot

bd1b5e  No.12999681

File: 6e5c433f8fd5f74⋯.png (758.36 KB, 1217x766, 1217:766, I_GOTTA_ASK_U..png)

aa939f  No.12999725


You know, the kikes and the arabs specifically bred niggers for stupidity. Same effect with NPCs today.

73a122  No.13000483


Thomas Jefferson was right; that island should sink into the ocean and be forgotten.

File: 6cb1fcb38f24585⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, nz tactical cuckoldry.png)

d49dd5  No.12995992[Reply]

Isis threat 'real': Why the show of solidarity from New Zealanders is critical, according to Paul Buchanan

A security expert says New Zealand's strong show of solidarity and support for its Muslim community after Friday's attacks is key to keeping the country safe from any revenge attacks.

A high-ranking member of Isis called for revenge after Friday's attacks at Christchurch mosques that killed 50 people and injured 50 more. A 28-year-old Australian national has been charged with murder, with more serious charges highly likely.

The New York Times reported the terror organisation's spokesman, Abu Hassan al-Muhajir, broke six months of silence to make the call for retaliation.

Security expert Dr Paul Buchanan, director of 36th Parallel Assessments, said with Isis fighters returning to their home countries after defeat in Syria "the threat is real".

However, the level of threat depended on how New Zealand responded as a nation and rallied around its Muslim community.

"Defeat in Syria is sending Isis fighters back to their home countries to resume decentralised, small-unit and lone-wolf operations against soft targets.

"Massacre gives them a recruiting tool and incentive [revenge]. The threat is real.

"But New Zealand may be safe if the non-Muslim population rallies around the Muslim community.

"How we respond as a nation will determine the level of threat."

The aftermath of the unprecedented massacre has been marked by the near-absence of anger within the local Muslim community.

There have been some frustrated voices - most noticeably from the Islamic Women's Council, who said they had warned again and again of the growing potential for racist attacks on New Zealand soil. But the overwhelming reaction from Muslims has been one of shock, closely fPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

58 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

000000  No.12999521


Everyone: utter silence


751da4  No.12999551


Exactly and they will attack soon. Because NZ doesn't understand how it actually works. The Islamists aren't going to look at the news and be convinced they're submitting and leave it alone. If anything, they'll attack just because they're not submitting hard enough and see weakness in NZ's capitulation.

be27ce  No.12999575


should do in theory, guess we'll find out how pozzed NZ is in that scenario. Mind you the lack of guns actually being turned in is encouraging

79754b  No.13000288

File: edcea679d3c2a06⋯.gif (1.29 MB, 195x229, 195:229, 256824675246825768912.gif)


> Image renamed with random numbers

Kek, what are you trying to prove newfag when all the images have random numbers when uploaded to 8chan.

000000  No.13000367


<being this new

File: 1849f9aa68be58f⋯.webm (10.96 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, The National Movie Traile….webm)

fc8802  No.12807378[Reply]

pol The Documentary

I've been shitposting with you gents since circa 2010, and have worked on many other things you've been interested in since 2003. You may remember some of my work and videos from cuck pol, particularly, the pedowood threads, and my SandyHoax research and information threads. Anyway, I've come to drop this on you. After our banning and censorship fiasco, the Alt-Cuck collapse, and a general malaise in our movement I've decided to finally do a project to end all projects. I'm making a documentary. This is going to be a full on professional production (my background is in film and sound design). I've been collecting footage for 9 years, and essentially forming the ideas for this film my entire adult life.

Nothing is off limits for this project, but I will tell you up front its not going to be a Jew obsessed Hitler documentary. We already have a few of those such as the "Greatest Story Never Told." I'm not looking to redo that. This film is specifically going to be a movie or DVD red pill you can hand a normie, and get them up to speed on where we are at, and where we are going. Like our version of Bowling for Columbine, or 911 Rise of the Police State. We need material like this to continue to red-pill people and spread our ideas.

Vid related is a faux trailer I cut for this purpose:

The National - Documentary Movie Fundraising Trailer (2021): https://www.bitchute.com/video/2E9j6bJ2DkL7/

The National - Documentary Movie Fundraising Trailer (2021): https://youtu.be/xG2g7h3Bcjw

I've seen many people ask for this kind of material, and we have a good talent pool in our community so I will attempt to draw from that to help make this happen. You can can probably guess the people I'm talking about, but nothing is confirmed yet. I'm going to be fund raising, so please, if you believe in this project, consider donating. Check the following social media for info on how to do that:

Gab: https://gab.ai/TheNationalMovie

BiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

192 posts and 35 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

531361  No.12989263


Oscar Turner/Omniphi Media did all his stuff in after effects didn't he? And he can also narrate it. And last I heard he was building a professional media company for bad goyim.


5e38eb  No.12990141


Good video dude

a8d6ac  No.12990213




look up zachary k hubbard and http://freetofindtruth.blogspot.com/

get the book and read it. this is VERY VERY important to your movie.

excellent webm in the OP btw. godbless you and goodluck.

1c03c2  No.12990923

I don't fully understand the concept, is this more of a 2000 and on redpills or is it just redpilling lefties in general,

If repill-ing normies is the motive then I think looking into the jewish controle USA since early 1900s. Some of the common ones like USA companies supporting nazi/facist regimes and breaking war laws. Or the nukes dropped on Japan at the end of WW2 had nothing to do with the war, rather showing power to the russians to start and arms race. Or the planes full of heroin and opioid products that were labled as empty.

Of you look into Oliver Stone's "Untold History of the US' he does a very good job at pointing out the shorfalls of the US government and that history repeats itself

Now I am aware in that series is a lot of socialist or even communist appeasement or even repeating core commie sayings and beleifs, however the way they were able to put this information out there in an interesting manner makes it digestible for a normie.

tl;dr Oliver stone's "Untold History of US" does a great job of arguing against the indoctrinated narrative of US government through picture, music and voice. So id suggest incorporating some of those same ideas into this documentary( WHICH IS NEEDED ) to make it easier to watch and redpill normies.

b71742  No.13000086

Back from the dead

File: 5191b7bf4d1552e⋯.jpg (165.88 KB, 640x684, 160:171, 212049_original.jpg)

File: 14ab502e94a250e⋯.png (224.9 KB, 670x930, 67:93, Screenshot_20190320-093010….png)

a68ab3  No.12987430[Reply]

The Left has tried this before. They wanted to accelerate the masses towards a proletarian revolution through terrorist violence, and instead got utterly BTFO. The reason is because, rather than following their example, the normies ran into Big Brother's arms for protection. Even if the lefties were bombing corporate offices and killing corrupt officials, the average American is so mindfucked on capitalism that it seemed they were target ordinary people like them. Remember, your typical person probably thinks that Jews are white.

The difference now, with our side, is that there's nowhere to hide. As Saint Tarrant correctly said, we live in a target rich environment. Only the most cucked consider shitskins "one of them", even moreso when they practice an alien religion. On top of that, when we attack them there is almost assured to be a violent reaction. Nigs chimping out are good for this too, but they're rarely organized into trained militant cells.

Why is this good? Because while their mosques are breeding grounds for Salafism, there is no Natsoc Headquarters they can hit us back at. Their only recourse is to go shoot up a church full of normal Christcucks or a shopping mall full of whites. This inevitably brings more and more people to our side. The reason the Left failed here is because the only violent backlash was by the State. There was no UDF equivalent going door-to-door icing cop killers. The Left were seen as antisocial psychopaths, while we must endeavor to be cast as folk heros.

You've all seen the people labelling Tarrant as Mossad for "not naming the Jew". Personally, the very thing I'd expect Mossad to do is publish a list of high value targets, thus giving those assets time to beef up security or leave the country. I'm not saying that the Jew's day isn't coming, or may even be here with how fast things are accelerating now. The same problem remains though, that most normies consider Jews to be fundamentally American (based Stan Lee!!1!1) while a lot of magapedes probably even sympathize with us for this shooting. To be honest, Jews cranking up the immigration to import even more soldiers might benefit us in the short term, because violence will escalate that much quicker.

RPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

96 posts and 24 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

91b799  No.12998684


> Nigger most ultraleftards from that era that were killing people back then got away with it, served only nominal jail sentences, and are now part of many westcuck governments.


000000  No.12998736


I'm reserving judgement for a few more weeks. Let's see what the mudslime blow back looks like.

91b799  No.12998768


> Let me fucking say this once, ALL nonwhites are our enemy yet jews outclass all of them in terms of priority

Split em. The international bankers are bringing in Hamas and laundering their money. The Rothschilds are responsible for the leftist support for the PLO. The small number of decision makers consider normal jews to be disposable goyim, and when the normies find out that their leaders backstabbed them and put Hamas in Congress they will be pissed.

https://capitalresearch.org/article/rashida-tlaib-follows-anti-semitic-instagram-page/ ← Send this to Jews and say the ADL, the Rothschilds, and George Soros put this person in Congress, and we've been warning you

Priority 1 is saying fuck no we don't have to respect Islam and it is TREASON for someone to insist that we have to while taking money from state sponsors of Al Qaeda. If we give on this, everything else is lost. You won't have the chance to have any other kind of long term strategy.

91b799  No.12998845


> Jews "flourished" in the vast and long lived Ottoman Empire, never expelled and rarely disciplined.

That's not really true. The successful Jews were the criminals who could provide alcohol and whores to the Muslim lords. This did not make Jews popular among the Muslim public that was forbidden these things. Most Jews were dhimmis who forced to live in humiliation. In some towns they were not permitted to have a house that looked better than the house owned by the poorest Muslim, in some towns they were not allowed to wear shoes, things like that. The Jewish communities were periodically destroyed by riots whenever the Muslims felt like getting rid of them, and the Muslims would later tell travelers that the missing Jews all converted to Islam voluntarily. Islam never admits to doing anything that people might think is wrong. It's part of the psychology of the religion.

a68ab3  No.12999913

File: 4543ad4cc3359c4⋯.png (59.4 KB, 684x710, 342:355, 1379630255598.png)


Let ME say this once, faggot, and then I'll leave this thread for dead. If whites aren't willing to fight the shitskins, they sure as hell won't fight the Jews. If they're not willing to raise a rifle for their sister getting raped down the street, you're not gonna redpill them on Treblinka. Muslims are the key enemy because they are immediately at hand and fighting them separates the wheat from the chaff.

<Focusing on eliminating only islam from europe is focusing on only a small fraction of our enemies.

I never said that. In fact, it's the opposite of what I said. You really can't read a few paragraphs in a row can you, nigger? It's also retarded, because Muslims outnumber Jews demographically by an absurd percentage. Keep planning your raid on the Rothschild estate that will never happen while Middle Eastern families move into every house on your block. See how it works out.

<Whatever happened to keeping shitskins in the middle east and let them fight jews aswell?

THEY'RE. ALREADY. HERE. Votecucking isn't gonna send them back, only lead.


>If anything its proof that using violence it works

No shit. I'm advocating violence here in Minecraft. Was that lost on you or something?

I'll admit it would have been more accurate to write "_a_ key enemy of our struggle" but it was worth it to flush out the shills, and I stand by my assertion that Islam is the white man's most immediate, pressing concern in this current moment.

File: 99ec969c42db5c6⋯.jpeg (47.67 KB, 780x439, 780:439, 4851286A-AEC6-482B-B6D9-D….jpeg)

3e1283  No.12982211[Reply]

A tenth grade girl at Pennsylvania’s Honesdale High School was changing in the locker room when she heard a man’s voice. She turned around to discover a biological boy wearing female underpants staring at her.

When the child complained to school officials she was told that the boy who identifies as a girl had a right to be in the girls locker room. And if she had a problem changing in front of a boy, she was told to wait outside the locker room until the transgender child had changed.

The young lady (we are protecting her identity) has filed a civil rights complaint alleging the school district has violated her right to privacy.


19 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c420f7  No.12984261


Did anyone ever pinpoint where exactly that compound was at?

9aa4a0  No.12984331

they're not even hiding the fact that they're kiddie fuckers anymore. Jesus….

37183b  No.12985929



59cc21  No.12999583

God fucking dammit I was like 5'2 and 100 lbs in the 10th grade, I should have done this to try and /ss/

107678  No.12999816

File: 4e1e847b3a252b2⋯.jpg (15.91 KB, 301x273, 43:39, hitler could've prevented ….jpg)

File: 61933ab36dd0e4d⋯.png (701.03 KB, 942x9450, 157:1575, reddit-com-r-youtube-comme….png)

d19fe4  No.12997877[Reply]

Apparently searching and sorting by date is turned off everywhere, because of "graphic, violative content" according to YouTube representative:






27 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

620bbf  No.12998790



>youre really still pushing this

0547d4  No.12998794


>show the clip materializing in an unnatural manner

and you really believe that something so trivially explained by "the video compression in the hardware of a cheap camera is crappy" would be the proof of "a false-flag that would be at risk of being debunked because they couldn't be bothered to apply a few seconds of video processing on free software to make a hyperrealist scenery where the charger wouldn't be there"

instead of "the video was too low resolution and audio too bad to hear the charger fall on the rug and see it bounce on the side before he stabilized the camera on it long enough for the cam to process it"?

aa4b99  No.12998918


FFS anons, magazine fell off his person during clearing hallway and recoil.

The original video is not hq and you can see the fucking fps. Grow some fucking iq and stop posting fake shit..

e800a1  No.12999649

File: 4dbff5e51fa7998⋯.jpg (12.22 KB, 352x352, 1:1, fuck this gay earth.jpg)


>unprofitable propaganda

Hollywood, et al aren't in it primarily for profits. Obviously it's a bonus, but they would gladly pay the population to accept their propaganda. People paying to be programmed is maddening.

On the topic of

>social media censorship

"Instagram to block anti-vaccine hashtags amid misinformation crackdown"

>Instagram said Thursday it plans to block a slew of anti-vaccine hashtags amid an ongoing crackdown on medical misinformation on the platform. The company, which is owned by Facebook, shared its plans after media outlets inquired about anti-vaccine misinformation continuing to spread on the social media giant's platforms. Facebook three weeks ago unveiled plans to combat anti-vaccine content, including a pledge that it would no longer promote anti-vaccine posts on Instagram's search and "explore" features.



If I still had any hope left for humanity, this would be encouraging:

"Devin Nunes Sues Twitter for Allowing Accounts to Insult Him"



(Of course the Jew York Times misconstrues the case in the headline…typical tricks.)

Not a lawfag and I only skimmed the complaint (I wish they had a TOC btw), but I would hope a Congressman/lawyer knows he has standing and a promising case. Key terms appear to be

>"content provider"

>“modern public square”


I disappointingly don't see a thread on this in the catalog Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

000000  No.12999806



(CEO of YouTube)

D.O.B. 7/5/1968

446 Van Buren St

Los Altos, CA 94022-1139


Address confirmed on her Patent for Allocating and monetizing advertising space in offline media through online usage and pricing model:


Application Number:



A.K.A Susan W Wojcicki, Susan W Troper, Susan Diane Wojcicki, Susan Sanchez and Susan D Wojcicki


She owns an organization called:


EIN: 20-2777268

>A private foundation that is focused in the Bay area. Tax filings suggest that the foundation prioritizes grant making to education and Jewish causes.

It also earmarks funds for the arts.

>In a recent year the foundation gave around $1.6 million. Grantees have included Menlo School, Oshman Family JCC, Gideon Houser Jewish Day School, Computer History Museam, and Room to Read- which works to improve literacy and gender equality in education in the developing world."

(This organization conveniently remains publicly inaccessible)

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 90034e70dd076e0⋯.jpg (62.15 KB, 900x900, 1:1, our logo.jpg)

e8cb75  No.12936518[Reply]


I think someone needs to remind the MSM that 99% of eco-fascists are peaceful and not terrorists. We want to save the planet and create sustainable power sources, protect the environment and live in harmony with nature. This man was simply misusing our ideas. He is NOT a true eco-fascist. This was an isolated incident. We totally condemn his vile acts. Nature will reject him, but the victims of this attack will be embraced by nature as they decompose in the soil of the sacred earth. #compostforNZ

Anyone who uses the term "eco-fascist" to describe this man is a hateful eco-fascitophobe and only trying to divide us! We need to spread the word of love and stop the hate!

Post this to social media to spread the love of eco-fascism!




90 posts and 53 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

1d79b6  No.12999442


Cunt, steal from jewgle.

36a1d6  No.12999466

File: 28333faa7432952⋯.jpg (39.89 KB, 768x512, 3:2, Plastic-bags.jpg)

File: 647ad54ce70568d⋯.jpg (32.75 KB, 624x416, 3:2, BBNw4AQ.jpg)

File: d746e33111a14bf⋯.jpg (62.43 KB, 450x300, 3:2, 2160322.jpg)



36a1d6  No.12999501

File: 8476d5abaa53058⋯.jpg (21.73 KB, 852x480, 71:40, 1.jpg)

File: c087d90337f9538⋯.jpg (367.05 KB, 1500x844, 375:211, DeforestationIndonesia_CIF….jpg)

File: 6ab5b86d3cef59b⋯.jpg (115.18 KB, 768x432, 16:9, nature-pollution.jpg)


36a1d6  No.12999545

File: 9190d3c8ad61eef⋯.jpg (69.76 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, based cows.jpg)

File: fb4fcad93539767⋯.jpg (44.99 KB, 600x346, 300:173, dairy-cow_800-600x346.jpg)

File: 8be40f48e8a9225⋯.jpg (66.57 KB, 700x350, 2:1, dairycowfacts6.jpg)


9d9c13  No.12999731

Can someone give some examples of environmentally-conscious anime waifus? Can't think of any.

File: 126d103860bf8e6⋯.png (322.39 KB, 1000x1430, 100:143, N-copy.png)

988d81  No.12992135[Reply]

Not gonna lie: I felt pretty bad for the muslim old men getting shot and moaning on the ground. But then I remember that those same old men most likely cheer on muslim terrorist attacks and even if they didn't they came to New Zealand to spread their own culture, and demonize and replace whites. But I still can't stop seeing them as human beings. I guess this is why we've been losing. Because we're raised to be weak and they're raised to be strong. How do we make whites less weak?

96 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ff2a57  No.12999612


I was ecstatic watching the vid for the first time. It's inspiring seeing how much one person can do.

000000  No.12999624

The bigger problem is capitalism causing lack of empathy in their own race. Relentless competition means whites on heroin or dying from nigger crimes means one less fucker to compete with in the marketplace. Jewish media desensitizing whites to whites dying with daily stories of nigger crimes also didn't help. The jew is why we're losing. Even now, after watching the religion of peace go down like bitches, you say muslims instead of jews in muslim attire. No empathy for whites and unlimited empathy for holohoaux creators is why we lost.

96a9d1  No.12999629

1a96ab  No.12999675


Sounds like it’s time to repost this lecture

<Actually watch it, don’t bookmark it for later and tell yourself you will eventually, because you won’t

Kevin B. MacDonald - The Pyschological Mechanisms of White Dispossession


8793e3  No.12999695


>Always remember; to take away mans right to kill is to take away mans right to self determination, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Truer words have never been spoken on this board.

File: 8349971ecca0274⋯.png (40.9 KB, 612x594, 34:33, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 72686888a7f14fa⋯.png (22.99 KB, 612x594, 34:33, turn in.png)

752535  No.12996795[Reply]

To turn in your kebab removers boys


10 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

5d4c51  No.12996963


oops, sage

4e7d58  No.12996969



fuck now I posted in the wrong thread, good job

a152e6  No.12997821

Use realistic names and addresses (nz) its fine to joke but put some kikey ones in to waste the zogbot's time

a152e6  No.12997830

It would also be great to put info of fellow officers. The names of the pigs wont be hard to find.

85da67  No.12999598

At this point the ability to submit forms from overseas is not enabled.

We are working on a method for you to communicate to us to hand in your firearms.

File: bbe181cfcaf64a4⋯.jpg (750.39 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, IMG_3375.JPG)

File: e6d895cdcfc7c2c⋯.jpg (182.14 KB, 1207x952, 71:56, 1553015096963.jpg)

6f79e2  No.12979193[Reply]

I see a lot of people call Brenton Tarrant a Mossad Agent/Zonist for pic related.

I am just asking what I would have to say to still be strategic about not revealing my power level, but to not be called a Zionist by our more shizoid demographic.

Richard Spencer gets called a Zionist, just for admiring how Israeli Jews act. To analyze Israeli methods and wishing the same for white european countries.

Brenton gets seriously called a Zionist with absolutely no benefit of doubt in favour of him.


Uh hello? How much more obvious does Brenton have to say it? It's pretty obvious that Jews constantly subvert and harm our people.

But the creator of this image turned that into the opposite.

So I am asking /pol/, because I am a semi-public figure on the internet and have to sometimes make strategic statements like that too, where I don't reveal my powerlevel.

How can I appease the more sceptical of /pol/acks and is it worth it to appease them?

What can I say to not have my words turned in my mouth to mean I am a Zionist Shill? What would you want me to say?

93 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

703e23  No.12999481



Only one side of the discussion is sanctioned by the (((mods))).

When questions are raised, the thread is shut down.

Look at the anchored threads in the catalog.

Notice anything?

703e23  No.12999496





Really though, keep asking questions anon. Those of us who do it for free are still here.

3d3bd1  No.12999502

File: c5e61d29881f2d4⋯.mp4 (3.96 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Dicky Cucks for Zionism.mp4)

File: 3807732969cdbe7⋯.png (160.48 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


>Richard Spencer gets called a Zionist, just for admiring how Israeli Jews act.

Its a bit more than that.

That said, I've asked this a thousand times and not gotten a response…

Show me a jew who meets those criteria.

You can't do it. That's the joke. Sick son of a bitch had a dingo's humor.

3d3bd1  No.12999528

File: cc084c22cdb9403⋯.png (74 KB, 1802x389, 1802:389, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8d39e23eac7e1df⋯.png (2.76 MB, 1640x1517, 40:37, ClipboardImage.png)



Normalfags don't know that jews are an enemy, but they realize muzzies are an enemy.

And its just a hope, skip and a jump to "How do muzzies get to New Zealand?" and suddenly the bagel is revealed.

You guys are dumb.

08fec5  No.12999548


Interesting idea, the motive could work.

>Want to secure GF? It’s as easy as killing off the shitskin competition. If they’re dead they can’t have children. Women love powerful men and nothing is more powerful than ending the lives of enemies. Besides even if you go to jail you can have all your female admirers come for conjugal visits and breed your own children, until you’re freed from prison after we take back the country through partisan action.

File: 44af1a8b0529671⋯.jpg (20.42 KB, 425x363, 425:363, 81XqMq2-fIL._SX425_.jpg)

2f9830  No.12964739[Reply]

Let's get this perfectly straight:

An Australian, decides to attack an unknown mosque, in New Zealand, to trigger a civil war in America.

Guy makes a supposed fortune on BitConnect of all things, visits various terrorist states throughout the world including Pakistan, North Korea, and Israel. Then, he decides to commit what the vast, vast majority of the world would consider to be a senseless act of violence, all while weakly referencing right wing memes.

The days following the attack, hundreds of shills advocating violence swarm 8 and 4, despite pol being a relatively non-violent board since forever.

None of this makes any sense. If you still don't see this as an intelligence operation, you've been duped.

506 posts and 83 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

925f8e  No.12998713


I'm pretty sure NZ gun owners give a big fuck

3b5039  No.12998726


This. It's kind of odd how people either can't read or didn't read his manifesto or are just outright lying and omitting important details.

In the manifesto Tarrant states that he started out on the left in his youth, that this epiphany of what has to be done for his people came recently (within the last couple of years, that it was taught and persuaded to him through what he saw and experienced.

He atleast was smart, he studied the enemy and remained cordial to be able to do so.

925f8e  No.12998744


>>probably blew daddy's money

He came from a low income family. He supposedly got his money from crypto trading. Black money

>>All of his points in his ridiculous manifesto are very easily refuted

Didn't even know where his money came from, so obviously has no idea what's even in the manifesto

Why do you faggots do this?

You obviously do not have grasp of the facts in the case, so kindly shut the fuck up.

Or admit where your knowledge is lacking and read more.

c79464  No.12998765

The OP premise doesn't make sense.

If you keep killing immigrants, no matter how much you bring, they will run of immigrants.

So OP is not here for a honest discussion but to shill for a certain (((narrative))).

b55825  No.12999411

File: 1484d4c833ff3e7⋯.jpg (70.42 KB, 785x629, 785:629, 73998091886289328613978371….jpg)


OP, let me assure you that there is absolutely no shilling or kikery happening on the chan boards…

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