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91e6d9  No.12993050[Reply]

Europe On The Chopping Block

Christian Europeans will be soon islamized thanks to the Tikkun Olam of the Jewish People.

It is Chuptzah !

What will you do about it my fellow polack ?

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9ba21b  No.12995890


Don't care.

a88891  No.12995892


Or they are just afraid to accept the fact that Muslims are falling

a88891  No.12995900


> Brenton " Help Me ? Fuck off you pathetic bitch" Tarrant.

075a90  No.13006892


>Brenton "one man crusade" Tarrant

921880  No.13006922


>Brenton "Kristchurch Kleaner Krew" Tarrant

File: af4a46d9420babb⋯.png (111.35 KB, 1080x1213, 1080:1213, Screenshot_20190322-100008….png)

File: 9584d574922354d⋯.jpg (36.9 KB, 620x349, 620:349, montreal-s-saint-joseph-s-….jpg)

File: 83a27f6843fce6a⋯.jpg (24.95 KB, 620x349, 620:349, l-oratoire-saint-joseph-du….jpg)

c234b3  No.13001398[Reply]


>An individual has been arrested and Father Claude Grou was taken away by ambulance, according to Céline Barbeau, director of communications for the oratory.

>The suspect ran at the priest from the back of the rectory and attacked him with a sharp weapon, she said.

>The attack was captured on a live stream, which is also televised, and witnessed by viewers, Barbeau said.



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26e8c5  No.13006662


Nigger, what he was saying was basically practice what you preach despite the edge. This is what most religious adherents always fail to understand when le edgy atheists mock them in this regard. Both Islam and Christianity have a few teachings which basically boil down to "dying in the name of your religion, or because of your religion, is something to be proud of and you will be deemed worthy of heaven". If you actually believe in the Semitic concepts of heaven then you will know that it is almost guaranteed to go there if you are killed because of your faith, at least from the way rabbis, priests and imams universally interpret those aspects of your holy texts. Christianity and Islam are very specific about this, going so far to calling such a death as a benefit, which explains the origins of beatification and martyr-ism.

It always cracks me up when burgers whine about religious freedom being attacked by (((government))) but whine about Muslims being Muslims the very next second. You burgers should have just called it "freedom to express Christianity" and nothing else, which would be much more accurate and also gives you a moral high ground against the degenerate Islamic religious-cultural practices. But then again it's too late to do anything about that now.

inb4 muh leddit spacing

1b6424  No.13006697


When wombs become weapons.

7c81ab  No.13006710


If you make a meme, for the love of Christ, spell degeneracy correctly.

a916f4  No.13006802

FYI: I have turned the manifesto of Brenton Tarrant into an audiobook. (1:36)


218aa6  No.13006864


Don’t worry Bataclan style attack will happen soon

File: 395febfb12c4076⋯.jpg (34.39 KB, 720x619, 720:619, FB_IMG_1552932346043.jpg)

067f56  No.12983324[Reply]

I have found myself supporting Brenton and being kind of in favour of more terrorist attacks if it helps save our race, but I kind help feel a bit dissapointed in myself for becoming somebody that can not be devastated by such an attack. I'm Australian btw and everyone I know is upset by the attack. I hate that I can't share this extreme side with my family or my friends, they would be so disappointed if they knew my true feelings. I don't regret taking the red pill as saving our race comes before everything but I'm wondering if anybody here has gone through a similar transformation.

How do you cope with think that you may of become kind of evil? Or do you feel you are still a good guy?

How do you deal with not being able to show your power level to the people you love? I feel alienated.

244 posts and 64 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

ab76de  No.13006658


Still NPCs who invited them in.

0dcff7  No.13006668


>moral absolutism

Y'all better read up if you're delving into that area and justifying yourselves with shit that isn't defensible in the long run. Read Aristotle's Nichomachean Ethics to start.


As others have pointed out, condemning the attack while airing your frustrations very lightly to see where people's position lie is the best option for you (unless you intend to do something… else). The normies will attack you if they notice that you're a true Tarrant apologist though, so proceeding with caution and dipping the toes for support is how I'd do it. Redpilling them without sounding like a conspiracy lunatic is also a bonus. Too much info in one sitting usually give these vibes. Also show examples based on what they know to be true, which allows them to connect the dots themselves. This is more powerful than merely stating a bunch of stuff (which they are conditioned not to believe to begin with). Godspeed, anon.

ab76de  No.13006692


It's more like Law vs Chaos than Good vs Evil

SMT had it right.

e79122  No.13006859


Not really, they don't make the laws. Most of them never even think about anything past TV and sports or whatever. Why the fuck would I shoot people who will immediately come to our side once we're in power?

5ba4df  No.13007005


> believing in universal morality

It seems you still have a long way to go. Morality is moot and only self-limiting. And self-defeating. The only thing that matters in the end, are results and long-term consequences and in regards to that, morality is actually a negative. You abiding your short-sighted morality only enables more immoral acts than it prevents. You could say, that in the long run, morality is immoral. To put it in a simple way, I'm going to assume you consider war, rape and cannibalism to be morally bad things (even though more aptly, they are things that you're naturally appalled by). So if you let morals get in the way of winning the ethnic struggle, let yourself be killed and replaced by sandniggers and niggers, who are all about war, rape and in the latter's case, cannibalism, leading to them spreading to and replacing the population of the entire fucking world. Guess what, there is going to be a whole lot more rape, war and cannibalism than there would have been, if you hadn't been a fucking moralfag and just killed them all, back when you still existed. It's all about thinking ahead. A little violence now to prevent much, much, much more violence in the distant future. Then again, can't expect normalfags and christians to be able to think ahead can I now?

As for the mudskins that were killed, remember that they were muslims. Each and every one of them is not only okay with people like you, including children, getting killed in similar terrorist attacks, it makes them happy. That includes their children. They are not innocent, by a mile. When it comes to murderous intent, none of them was free of sin. And no, not even the children. Killing them is a-okay.

File: a432ac1062e8000⋯.png (24 KB, 274x434, 137:217, Logo_of_the_Lehi_movement.….png)

File: 086eb399649b162⋯.jpg (47.45 KB, 412x599, 412:599, Avraham_Stern.jpg)

File: 957d927f7012e75⋯.jpg (63.76 KB, 800x650, 16:13, Yakov_Sverdlov.jpg)

File: f75b0ec39fa6ce0⋯.jpg (33.39 KB, 506x362, 253:181, baruchgoldstein.jpg)

1ca719  No.12980107[Reply]

Jewish Massacres

Reminder to all the retards visiting this place for the first time that by listening to the shills advocating for simian-tier violence and fixating on Muslims that you are playing right into their hands.


<According to Irgun sources, the village guards felt surprised by "the Jews" entering their village at night and opened fire on the Irgun force. The village fell after fierce house-to-house fighting. During and after the battle for the village, at least 107 Palestinians were killed, including women and children—some were shot, while others died when hand grenades were thrown into their homes. Despite an original boast by the victors that 254 had been killed, Aref al-Aref counted 117 victims, 7 in combat and the rest in their homes.


<The King David Hotel bombing was a terrorist attack carried out on Monday, July 22, 1946, by the militant right-wing Zionist underground organization the Irgun on the British administrative headquarters for Palestine, which was housed in the southern wing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. 91 people of various nationalities were killed, and 46 were injured.


<The Cave of the Patriarchs massacre, also known as the Ibrahimi Mosque massacre or Hebron massacre, was a shooting massacre carried out by American-Israeli Baruch Goldstein. Goldstein was a member of the far-right Israeli Kach movement. On February 25, 1994, during the overlapping religious holidays of both Jewish Purim and Muslim Ramadan, Goldstein opened fire on a large number of Palestinian Muslims who had gathered to pray inside the Ibrahimi Mosque at the Cave of the Patriarchs compound in Hebron, West Bank. The attack left 29 people dead, several as young as twelve, and 125 wounded.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
51 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

52206f  No.13005800

02e987  No.13006015

File: c3519c96cb7cafe⋯.png (577.83 KB, 866x535, 866:535, communism (2).png)













b022aa  No.13006244

File: 99e1ec001c21d36⋯.jpg (107.4 KB, 840x960, 7:8, 14021622_1447824548564887_….jpg)

>post is just a list of good things Jews have done


000000  No.13006247


he could be both

9aa525  No.13006857

File: e499f6192fa0d3b⋯.png (2.33 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, Screenshot_2019-03-17-19-1….png)

284ccd  No.12959318[Reply]

The Mainfesto of Brenton Harrison Tarrant Part 2

The Great Replacement

Read by The Kommandant


Pic Related

152 posts and 36 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

0915d5  No.13003485


fe9b29  No.13003587

>video no longer available.

One of you better give me a link when I get home tonight. I've wanted to watch this for a while but the links never work because they keep getting taken down.

482116  No.13004623

Upload it to https://archive.org

486c89  No.13006845



39739c  No.13006849

I have just finally completed the manifesto of Brenton Tarrant and turned it into an audiobook. (1:36)


File: 2a32bf54f9f1f43⋯.jpg (88.9 KB, 634x456, 317:228, 616a158593df4af5dfde339c37….jpg)

f55209  No.12836677[Reply]

Let's have a thread that angers up the blood.

Post your Allied atrocities during and post WWII. Anons need to know what school forgot to tell them. Anger is a motivator.

>"In one Sudetenland village all the German women were seized, and their Achillies tendons were cut. As they lay on the ground screaming, the Czech men raped them. […] Frau X.'s eighteen year old daughter was raped about fifteen times every day for weeks."

From: Crimes and Mercies, by James Bacque.

136 posts and 57 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

03ebdf  No.13004396

File: d556ead91148769⋯.jpg (318.59 KB, 845x609, 845:609, jude.jpg)

Honorary Aryan here, fixed that image with the doggo for you OP

944898  No.13004570


You won't do anything you nigger.

d1986d  No.13005673

File: 5c07107eee5f0e4⋯.png (658.79 KB, 1219x676, 1219:676, b303dae28cefb1efe7676f16ba….png)

d1986d  No.13006803


That was a hard read. Those fucking kikes died happy in warm houses.

4209c4  No.13006817


Typical jew behaviour

Get 'saved' in media 60 years ago, bitch about atrocities today

File: 41fc20997248a7a⋯.jpg (8.03 KB, 200x150, 4:3, 3230825807_8eb727f1ea_o.jpg)

d75375  No.12983956[Reply]

>Australia cuts annual immigrant cap, puts key cities off-limits to some

>SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australia on Wednesday cut its annual intake of immigrants by nearly 15 percent, and barred some new arrivals from living in its largest cities for three years, in a bid to ease urban congestion.


Australia being based all over the place.

80 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c58f5d  No.12997916


Yeah, lets make Australia a third world nation way immigrants will stop wanting to come here.

c58f5d  No.12997932


Estimate of illegal immigrants since 1788… 25


5a6cdd  No.12998001

Better but not good.

Apparently we weren't even reaching our cap annual migration, and this has just reduced it to about how many we were getting anyway.

Also there are new visa rules to promote immigrants working rural for an amount of time to extend their visas. Great.

Now the accelerating burden of immigrants is going to be spread out and diluted, meanwhile white rural enclaves will be mixed out.

a23589  No.12998045


Bullshit you have motherfucker. Duplicitous lies straight from a Yiddish gob.

4339f4  No.13006811

File: 45ae1722a2878b2⋯.png (31.29 KB, 847x846, 847:846, fbe306aa33eb4269421913da03….png)


No, it's deceleration.

Slowing down the white genocide so it's easier for the spergs to accept the change.

File: 3a34f16c73fb64a⋯.jpg (32.37 KB, 475x315, 95:63, Audiobooks.jpg)

618490  No.12758086[Reply]

I'm wondering if anyone has a list to audiobooks of various books that everyone on /pol/ should read.

I don't have a lot time to sit and read while at work and during exercise and chores.

So I'm willing to fund the production of various audiobook for the ones which don't have any existing recordings. But in general I humble request a list of maybe the top 100 books every /pol/ack needs to read besides our "Uncle's Struggle."

We can hopefully get to 10000 books eventually. I will gather what I currently have later and upload a link…I have go to work now.

219 posts and 40 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

4f6b4d  No.13005768

bump for based.jim's new audio.books website

>tfw you can now listen to jim's soothing voice reading BASED books 24/7 365

99cf16  No.13005873


Who is Jim?

4f6b4d  No.13005960


we're all jim here

70ba86  No.13005980


He's Hotwheel's dad.

3ca43f  No.13006809

I have finally completed the manifesto of Brenton Tarrant and turned it into an audiobook. (1:36)


File: 593157694abb6e5⋯.jpg (33.06 KB, 525x524, 525:524, MFW.jpg)

1f8027  No.12999909[Reply]

>Whole country on lockdown

>Secret hearings

>Total confusion

>"The Manifesto Faggots"

Meanwhile we are one step closer to being disarmed and the Jews will kill the shit out of us.

Are you "accelerators" fucking retarded or you just trying to frame shit on us?

122 posts and 21 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

000f89  No.13006676

>false flag happens

>guns stolen

>whites do nothing

Rinse and repeat dozens of times across the West.

000f89  No.13006685


Way to prove me right.

50a405  No.13006695

File: 623f29fc3c5a0a0⋯.jpg (68.6 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 1492186986699.jpg)

Shame. I was hoping to do some feral goat shooting in NZ with an SVD. I guess I'll have to join Al-Qaeda to do that now.

2b83e7  No.13006750



















2d7c44  No.13006804

Hey everyone, I have turned the manifesto of Brenton Tarrant into an audiobook. (1:36)


File: 50446c3091313ce⋯.jpeg (448.25 KB, 1242x574, 621:287, 48326170-6773-4BB6-920A-D….jpeg)

File: 33a8bcdcb79db44⋯.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1242x1726, 621:863, 02FD517F-0CD3-4A49-9DB8-2….jpeg)

File: 806b39b49be5b64⋯.jpeg (607.96 KB, 1215x841, 1215:841, 07C591E6-B52D-4FD9-AA0A-5….jpeg)

File: ed3785fd3b1aefe⋯.jpeg (391.21 KB, 1213x551, 1213:551, CDFAAFA8-29A5-4B88-95E0-C….jpeg)

031c2b  No.12934751[Reply]

As we honor Tarrant’s deeds tonight, remember that just clicks away there are multiple boards full of apoplectic Judeo-Marxist degenerates screaming in rage over muh dead subhumans and calling Brenton a LARPer. Is this fear I smell?



Is there anything more pathetic than the trio of /marx/, /leftypol/ and /leftpol/?

316 posts and 95 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c2988c  No.13006647


Why wait for it to grow until it puts it's interest above your own?

With collectivist ideals you can just skip to that part right away…

97ace7  No.13006698

File: 3e0271c4fb33882⋯.png (364.95 KB, 440x670, 44:67, Bogk Lesnar.png)


>i also have gore you fag because i like to shit up nazi faggot cuck threads

Keep telling yourself that, Its okay, a nazi fetish is normally prevalent in most jewish populations. Thankfully they made a place just for your kind.

b6c672  No.13006733

File: 135e4d6666eced6⋯.jpg (83.88 KB, 600x450, 4:3, OVERLOADED.jpg)



did you learn those comebacks in kintergarten?

you literally want to be controlled by another man.. gay dudes find that hawt af lol u med?


>Why wait for it to grow until it puts it's interest above your own?

>With collectivist ideals you can just skip to that part right away…

literally leftism

>i dont want to work i just want some billionaire to create something for me

7ae102  No.13006777

File: 42910dc5941a289⋯.jpg (79.02 KB, 818x580, 409:290, (((frank cohen))).jpg)


(((Frank Cohen))) pls go

8b2716  No.13006798

I have converted the manifesto of Brenton Tarrant into an audiobook. (1:36)


File: ba0af6a1d8fe7dc⋯.jpg (90.2 KB, 640x427, 640:427, crabsinabucket.jpg)

d31f29  No.12960923[Reply]

>something, somewhere happens

>go to /pol/


Pathetic. Many of you are so cucked that you literally cannot believe that anything different can ever happen. Like, you're so cucked, so completely conquered, so wholly in awe of the illusion of the all-powerful Jew, that you simply cannot believe something in your favor is real.

I'm not even sure what the proper medical terminology for this pathology is, but it's really sad. So sad seeing /pol/tards go through footage frame by frame, DESPERATE to prove that the white man can't accomplish anything, that anything that even appears slightly pro-/pol/ CAN'T be real.

The FBI/CIA/Mossad/IDF/etc. is living in your collective heads rent free on an incredible scale. They've demoralized you to the point that you can't even watch video evidence and believe it. They've succeeded in forcememing your weakness so thoroughly that you WON'T believe anything that seems to show pro-white stuff, and attack anyone who does something as a Jew/shill/plant/etc.

No wonder /pol/ never accomplishes anything. Crabs in a bucket.

359 posts and 70 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

39891e  No.13002589


> Also the fact that it took an eternity for police to respond was pretty finish.

The shooting took like 6 minutes, and when Tarrant left, we could hear police sirens.

39891e  No.13002600



They are not interested in looking at real stuff, and that makes them skidzo or shills.

39891e  No.13002656


>>He didn't name the jew in his manifesto.

>Yes, he does.

It doesn't matter to them what Tarrant wrote, because nothing will ever be good enough.

f34953  No.13006787

kill niggers

c28113  No.13006797

I have turned the complete manifesto of Brenton Tarrant into an audiobook. (1:36)


File: d9f5fdf264a52b4⋯.png (106.42 KB, 270x320, 27:32, 0.50-shekels.png)

d1948a  No.12998387[Reply]


They'll pipe in hundreds of thousands of violent jihadi sandniggers though. The UK is next on the list of European states to be swamped by Musscum. Just call the place Britbongistan already.

125 posts and 20 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

99bb89  No.13005918



42bc9f  No.13005931


Who said i was a white nationalist? I'm a Nordic Nationalist, i care about the Germanic nations' well-being. I couldn't care less about what happens to slavic subhumans, meds and americans

febf26  No.13006275

State of Sweden too. Christians not allowed only Muslims. Nice to see UK only allows Muslims too. Feels more comradely.

febf26  No.13006304

Hey you DUmb FUcks that talk about White shit. There is no such thing. Only culture exist and the people who lived in those cultures for thousand years or so which evolved certain traits due those environments. Sure the ones with white skin tonned indeed seem to evolved higher and easier way to be creative due to the DNA passing on. But nothing about skin color thats just fucked up. A damn skin color? Its about DNA and genes you fucks.

Sure a baby prefers and goes to its own race. But its still about genetics since that other baby it goes too looks similar in trait facial etc not just skin. You weird fucks talking about white skin only.

I have white skin, its tough as hell. Can't go out in sun really. Talk shit.

bb1958  No.13006729

File: 51d5256e5a9b6b7⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1056x816, 22:17, Vampire Cannibals.png)

File: c10e53d96d012fa⋯.jpg (178.84 KB, 1060x1060, 1:1, SHOOTER-art_2_530x@2x.jpg)

381fd0  No.13001632[Reply]

After the "assault rifle" ban in NZ after just six days someone with wizard-like internet search abilities needs to do an accurate report on how Islamic terrorists are actively sneaking in military grade weapons. I KNOW that they are sneaking them into Europe as we speak through the Balkans and also from North Africa into Spain/Portugal/Greece, etc… But I'm sure they're sneaking them in from Indonesia/PH and other SEA countries into places like AUS & NZ… Someone needs to do an accurate report, because I'm afraid all these whiteys are going to be gunless and nutless when these motherfuckers start spraying their AK's. Surely there's still some men in these countries who can hide and are accurate with their dad's 1960's 30'06 or .308.

I know I'm not speaking for everyone, but there's a shit ton of people turning their guns in, and it sickens me. They must not know shit about history, or how a populace or empire will send its weak, its women and children first, before the strong men invade. I'm not saying this is going to happen per se, but this is what's happened in the past - we just have a horde of tech to hide it or make it seem like it's something it's not.

14 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c264bc  No.13006560

File: 42215b4b1bd446d⋯.jpg (126.86 KB, 946x960, 473:480, 1374814770982.jpg)

This is exactly what I feared would happen. John Smith gets his nice custom rig taken by the Feds and called a babykiller, while Abdulaziz gets his contacts in Pakistan to smuggle in AK's by the crateload to local insurgent groups. Cheap Russian steel core is coming in on ships as we speak.

c264bc  No.13006598

File: 69d10cc1ef14f88⋯.png (56.84 KB, 192x196, 48:49, 1435012603870.png)


A state agent supporting the will of the state. Color me surprised.

66d3ba  No.13006649


You just described jews and the muslim brotherhood.

48f6c3  No.13006656

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Fuck the state and fuck the moonGod worshipping pedo invasion force

Giving away your guns you are from warrior stock act like it

Islam KEK Crom Laughs at your four winds

48f6c3  No.13006669


This video is Great i feel like lifting weights now Muh new fit Music

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

55fad2  No.12943181[Reply]

Propaganda video of Jews admitting to being behind third world immigration to White countries

Religious Jews literally believe that European countries being completely destroyed by non-White immigration is going to cause their """messiah""" to appear.

Another Jew named (((Eric Kaufmann))) is also going around talking about how White countries are going to race mix into a "mixed raced majority". He claims that "brown people" will "whiteshift" into being the new "White people" in a couple decades.

The video will probably get shoahd, here's a download link:



120 posts and 29 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

1e1b1c  No.12982109




You're failing to account for the fact that the vast majority of these Jews are simply servants to the Rothschild-class Jews. These elite have deeper plans, and have the methods to mostly erase the vast majority of humanity when they see fit.

It's the reason why so many endocrine disruptors are being pumped into products, eventually the masses will gorge themselves into infertility and the top class rulers can feel morally secure because they put out all the information that eating that shit will eventually end your bloodline. They went through the work of teaching the masses to read, and gave them search engines to find all the information. Yet still the people gorged themselves on poison. So it's their own fault, or so at least their reasoning goes.

1e1b1c  No.12982128


Man, Jewish+Chinese is really an evil mix.

4b1779  No.12982200

File: 5c4112ac8dd9593⋯.png (3.09 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, cracked Earth.png)


>…the vast majority of these Jews are simply servants to the Rothschild-class Jews. These elite have deeper plans…

Too true. Humanity won't progress with those sociopathic wackos steering a ship of fools.

15fa60  No.12982507


Israel will be destroyed.. but not by some god. It will happen when the Untied States stops supporting them and their neighbors seek revenge.

You can help make this happen by promoting a boycott and sanctions against "racist, fascist apartheid zionism among the normies.

000000  No.13006638



>Black people hate each other over differences in skin tone. This belief race mixing everyone will fix that is a load of shit.

That is really not what this is all about.

The useful idiots, their shabbos goyim will get this explanation to motivate them. I think, I’m convinced that after the second World War the elites of Europe was fed a narrative that “nationalism” was to blame for bloodshed and economic looses. That the “stupid small minded little people” that can not look beyond their limited horizon “are at fault for falling for populist demagogues”, that created all the trouble. As a consequence they were made to believe that the cause of nationalism, the nation and their people had to disappear.

If you look at Europe's post war history you have to concede that this explanation makes most sense. Europes Elites believe in great humanitarian experiment “to make war impossible”. Well, that did, do not probably had no chance but to howl with the wolves, considering the power relationships.

For the jews, that is of course only the very elite, that was never their grand design and they sure have no love for Europes goyshe elites. I think ordinary jews, professionals with good education understand that very well, without being explicit be introduced in it. There is the cultural background, the understanding that the goyim are their enemy, to be fought, clandestine without open declaration of war for obvious reasons. A background that most non-jews don’t know, are not willing to believe so outrageous is that.

The action pushed by the jews, large scale immigration of cultural incompatible aliens to Europe and the USA are unlikely to lessen conflict and do not inter community relations. This imports are also not economical benefiting, in contrast what Marxist might try to “analyse”. There were several studies that clearly showed that this immigrants are an economic net loss, they consume more collective resources than they are able to contribute (for exaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: cff938bd507efba⋯.jpg (49.55 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, photo.jpg)

f6b0af  No.12991848[Reply]

These invaders exploited my land for 100s of years. Yes, humans first appeared in Apefrica but my land is the home of the first ever civilization. We were so progressive but then the invasion happened. They exploited us, they completely destroyed us. And then, taking advantage of our condition, the British colonized us from there on.

I'm a right wing atheist and a Hindu by lifestyle.

Here's how my life goes from here on:

>get through the National Law Entrance Test and take admission into a prestigious law university


>take Russian citizenship

>build a huge underground lab

>make automated lethal weapons

>kill the enemy

Wish me luck anons

31 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

e9fa79  No.13005948


Post yfw poos are a superpower in 2020 and obtain nuclear capability, which they mishandle and nuke their entire country sending a shitcloud into the air as massive as any volcano does, which blocks out the sun, turns the sky brown, and causes shit-pellet hailstorms globally turning all icecaps into browncaps, in what are no longer described as ash clouds but radioactive ass clouds.

Shoulda shown more bobs and vagena

f44fcf  No.13005976


Poos got nuclear in '74 though. Then fucking Deng gave it to the mudslimes.

f44fcf  No.13005982


The top 10% or so of India still reflect this spirit. The country needs eugenic depopulation but it can work out.

326882  No.13006594

Hey based poo, if you can kill all niggers, kikes, and muslims more power to you.

0fa35e  No.13006615



First they need to remove shit.

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