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File: 5fe06f6ca027c1c⋯.png (54.32 KB, 1680x400, 21:5, QTDDTOT.png)

674207  No.12021208

QTDDTOT: Questions that don’t deserve their own thread

This is the thread for one-liner questions about /pol/-related topics. “What does /pol/ think of [x],” “is [x] redpilled,” and associated questions belong here. Threads created based on a single, simple question will be deleted. If your thread is deleted, come here and ask again. REMINDER TO SEARCH THE CATALOG FIRST.

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b2df5c  No.12722949


I know this situation seems awful right now because you have so much emotional tied in with this situation. So let me talk to you as I am not emotionally attached to this situation.

I don't know what your living situation situation is, all I know is that you live together so I'll assume you're moving to your parents because you don't own the home or you rent or something. I suggest putting the lease in her name or breaking the tenancy with her (assuming she is on lease). Immediately start applying for new places and start organising your items at your old place so you can move in one day. After that you do not communicate with her at all. Then to take your mind of her hit the gym, be with your friends and get on with it.

I've been through this before. It's not worth extending any further emotion, anger or time on. She cheated on you and would not be a good wife or mother to your children. Just fix the living arrangement as quickly as possible and everything else will fall into place.

da7aa0  No.12723007


Thank you for replying. Good advice. I think that the silver lining out of all this is what you said, i know she would not be mother material. I intend to give my future children the rearing they deserve and be treated like real human beans. I'm obviously need time to recover, but do you or any anon reading this know where to find good women? It can't be church because I'm not going to pretend to be christian. I've seen some decent girls at stores i frequent, although i am definitely not able to cold approach women cuz I know I'll 'tism. I'm thinking after a bit I'll try to get involved in local clubs or groups for certain hobbies i enjoy and work from there. God damn this technological age atomizing everyone. It breeds two dimensional relationships like the one with whoever my gf was fucking with. I invested so much into her and now I've had my position reset back to zero. Sorry for my rambling.

9c21b7  No.12723019


The other anon's advice is good I reckon. I'll say, consider this break-up as sort of eugenics as weird as that may sound.


I recommend finding a quality kickboxing club for tension release and balance and all kinds of benefits that come from that sport as well.

da7aa0  No.12723028


I've always had an interest in martial arts. That's something i might just do. You're absolutely right about the eugenics part.

I want to thank you all for your support. I'm feeling a lot better. Leaving her was for the best.

b2df5c  No.12723036


Just stay off Tinder obviously (which sounds like you will based off of your post). I know you said you wont go to church. However I would consider local clubs that may be supported by a church or community group.

You'll be fine mate. You have done the right thing so far so just stay on course.

b2df5c  No.12723037

My bad.

This post: >>12723036

Was meant for: >>12723007

da7aa0  No.12723057


Yeah absolutely i am no degenerate. I treat any relationship as a vetting process for a future wife and mother. I'll continue down the path until I die whether i find a suitable spouse or not. What happened was just such an enormous blow to my ego. What i thought of as a traditional relationship turned out to be one of the millions of degenerate rouses plaguing our society. I asked her why she would throw away something so special, and like she was throughout the whole thing, acted completely catatonic- not saying a word. Good riddance. She was always a consumerist hedonistic brainlet. She only masqueraded as a traditionalist to appease me I suppose. One red flag i was noticing was her "multicultural" friends that she was making. She'd subscribe to literal faggot and tranny youtubers for makeup tutorials and shit. I thought i could steer her into a respectable mind and spirit but the degeneracy was much farther gone than i estimated.

b2df5c  No.12723077


I understand that it feels like a blow to your ego. It sounds like there were a few red flags like the friends and Youtube subscriptions. However this is a learning process. You now will be more aware of these kinds of scenarios that should make you reconsider the situation and instead of spending many years in the relationship, it may only be weeks. It is natural to be forgiving towards the people we love when it comes to degenerate habits.

Think of it this way as well. From the sounds of it you are focused on self improvement and finding a good woman. She however, is more interested in satisfying her base sexual urges. Her argument of "You used to be nicer" or whatever it was is not even an excuse. It is her way of justifying and making herself feel better about what she did. How you feel is of no concern of her.

You should pity her, for she is a degenerate whore. In ten years time, it is she who will regret what she did. For you it will be the best thing that ever happened.

Hope this also helps.

da7aa0  No.12723109


It does help tremendously, anon. You know, she had a friend that was obese, went keto and turned into a flabby stick, then had sex with any dick with a pulse. After a few years she got all fucked up psychologically over it and told me and my gf at the time that we were lucky to be in a stable long term monogamous relationship. Then my gf turns around and does the very same thing more or less. You're absolutely right about her coping strategy trying to paint me as the bad guy so she won't feel guilty. I work with her father so i wonder what his take on this is going to be. I reckon he's gonna be pissed off because not only do i help the family with labor and buying big shit like appliances and furniture but this guy suffered the same fate with his first wife. As a side note i suppose I'll have to go to the doctor to get std testing. Not even joking.

b2df5c  No.12723161


Definitely get an STD check and maybe a blood test for Hepatitis C and AIDS. Not kidding either.

Your situation is similar to me (minus the cheating). I to this day still have a great relationship with my ex partners father (I think I talk to him more then her based on what he's said). If he likes you and respects you he will no doubt side with you. Yes, she is his daughter but if he has any sense he'll know what his daughter (and unfortunately the majority of woman) are like.

My only concern for you is if working with her father will put you in unwanted contact with her.

da7aa0  No.12723195


Yeah, an inadvertent reunion is a possibility. Whatever, going to see her again in less than an hour most likely to get most of my shit. I have a feeling he'll side with me which is interesting because they have a good father-daughter relationship. I thought that was a good way to identify decent women, but i guess not.

2c9f92  No.12723665


Sorry about what happened. You will come out of this a much stronger man. Fire forges iron. Godspeed anon.

859562  No.12723674

Earlier this year, I was telling my friends some things about the JQ. I was mostly telling them that Jews were involved in Communism and promote liberal policies. One day, we were talking and I just noticed that we were standing outside the office of a Jewish teacher. He never said anything, never confronted me, but I am positive he heard me. Now, every time I wall past by him in the halls, it seems very awkward. It feels like he is really pissed off at me. There is another Jewish teacher in the school and I feel like he told her (she's a Jewess) about what he heard from me, because I feel the same awkwardness and contempt when walking past by her. What if he tells other teacher? My worry is that what if the teacher who overheard me were to complain to the school administration or some bullshit like that? What if I actually get a punishment? Who knows how severe the punishment may be (like preventing me from graduating, or just ruining my life)? What if I'm actually confronted about this? It also doesn't help that my friends and I make some racist jokes.

You hear stories about white guys being punished for saying much less, which scares me to death, since I'm at a liberal high school.

859562  No.12723677


Forgive any typos. I'm too spooked

72a938  No.12723735



Lesson 1 of adult life: when confronted about your beliefs by authority lie lie and lie some more. You are a libertarian and you never even heard of the JQ. Jews are a religion and all people be equal n shieet

859562  No.12723782


It's going to be hard to lie, since he actually overheard me. He knows what I said

48d40d  No.12723801


Practice lying in the mirror if you feel incompetent. It doesn't matter what he knows or doesn't know, act like it never happened.

da7aa0  No.12723806


Say ur antifa and that you meant those comments endearingly

cb39b4  No.12723998

File: 42727f8e104540e⋯.png (143.22 KB, 720x838, 360:419, Screenshot_20190126-095827….png)

File: ede41492cd734a2⋯.jpg (108.04 KB, 640x853, 640:853, 26868958_1398813873580168_….jpg)

Thoughts on this?

>be some New York kike

>dad is a literal Bolshevik

>tell him to fuck off, capitalism is awesome

>marry the daughter of a royalist who probably did some war crimes

>get filthy rich in the oil business

>great-grandson goes on to be an A-list star in Heebwood while having all the typical Aryan characteristics

Imagine having won the lottery decades before you were even born.

859562  No.12724026


I’d love to do that, but I’m sure he gets the idea that my friends and I are right wing

6936d7  No.12724316


Not as relevant an issue, but women on the other side of the coin don’t have an easy time either. They get genuinely approached less often than you think. Plus, if you approach a woman and she is triggered in response you’ll know she’s not worth your time. Give it a go, the more you do it the more comfortable it will become, it’s good practice to build confidence even if you don’t meet a girl this way. Traditional girls will more likely prefer to be approached, rather than approach you. Wholesome hobby groups could be a decent place to try, but don’t feign interest the same way someone would pretend to be religious to go to church. And be realistic, if you are interested in girls at a certain fitness level then be prepared to match it, same goes for any other category. Stick to self improvement while you’re getting through the breakup, and once you’re ready put yourself back out there.

4498e5  No.12724364

what does /pol/ think about Fox News?

321554  No.12724398


If CNN is the jew's left hand then Fox is his right. No value whatsoever. Just useless bickering over team colors when both of them want whites annihilated.

da7aa0  No.12724600


Good advice. It's so hard to do much of anything. It's been about 14 hours or so since it happened and after the initial rush to get my shit back to my parents I've become bed ridden, or floor ridden more accurately. I'm sure I'll rebound in time. It sounds cliche but i don't know if I'll ever be the same after this ordeal. She was the closest person to me in my life for nearly a decade and to be dealt that kind of betrayal it's just really fucking me up.

8ef1e2  No.12724804

Is there any hope for the white race?

a4f73f  No.12725073

Why don't we organize a campaign to spread rumors of our enemies being "bigoted" in some way? if we can publicly accuse our enemies of being nazis and etc. in such a way as to get other leftists to believe it, we could get them in-fighting really bad and hurt some high profile targets in the process.

da7aa0  No.12725152


We should only be concerned with results

6936d7  No.12725298


I’ve been there, relationship wasn’t as long as yours, but still sucked. You are going to be bed/floor ridden for a bit, it takes time to process. Allow yourself time to do that. You won’t be the same, but that doesn’t mean the change can’t be for the better. Learn from it. Only you can decide what direction you go from here, so process it, then get back on the horse. And do NOT give in if she comes crawling back, you may be tempted to, but she has revealed her true colors, so don’t create an image of her that doesn’t exist.

Look at it this way, now that you know she isn’t the one you’re meant to be with, you’re just one step closer to finding the one who is

da7aa0  No.12725450


I hear ya. I think about the good times when i get these triggers which happens all the time, then followed by total disgust at her actions and also her attitude that night. I could never go back to someone who lived such a lie and betrayed me with no respect to my being. After the tidal waves of sorrow i get these brief gasps of air. During those times i feel like i still have the girl i could always rely on, a brief period of denial, but then the grim realization of the situation sets back into another wave. Little mementos of special moments I'm reminded of hurt the most. I noticed that these last several months her despondence grew but i never knew how cold and heartless she really was. I wonder if she's having second thoughts about her decisions. I'm still wondering how long her degeneracy went on for. I shouldn't but to have that big of a chunk ripped from my soul… i hope i can find a woman.

c27346  No.12725578

>Muh ebil racist White colonialism=all Whites I've never met should be exterminated!

<I don't want guns because ebil racist Whites use it but oppressed POC need to defend themselves more with guns!

>Locking up illegals is just like a Nazi concentration camp even though I never criticised Obama for doing the exact same thing.

<Open borders is good because………….. whatever, it's good because illegals support it. They simply want a better life, that's all.

>t. Samantha B. Wringer of The Huffington Post, AP, and MSNBC

What's the endgame of creating retards like these, again? At least the commies are consistent well enough on their faggotry and their love for a kosher revolution, it's the fact they are pro-gun (they don't want any shitskin comrade disarmed by the "((('White' capitalists)))"). These other faggots keep acting out on a facade like they are the kindest of people and are totally not supporting these things only for getting "progressive" brownie points. How did they turn into this again? Jewish academic influence? Sure, but what exactly are the specific circumstances for this to happen?

a0c19a  No.12725623



This. Also does anyone get the feeling when leftists talk or write anything, it feels much more otherworldly than others? It's usually a bunch of walls of text commenting on their own experiences as if it's actually the same for other people's experiences. They always feel the need to think their groups are actually popular even though an entire population of more than 300 million in the US alone instinctively despises them and their ideologies. Normalfags don't call them SJW's for no reason, you know.

6936d7  No.12725652


I’m glad you realize you can never go back. Wish I could tell you how to make it sting less, but it’s going to sting for a bit. Try not to wonder too much about what she’s thinking or what she did, remind yourself that none of that will change things.

Don’t think about it like a chunk being ripped from your soul, you’re just used to having a warm soul next to yours and now it’s a little chilly, but she can’t take a part of you away from you. Your soul is yours bud.

You will find your someone else when the time comes, the pain you’re going through now will be all in the past when you do. Some lessons we have to learn the hard way, but better to learn them than not

611821  No.12725860

Are beta jews kikes? They don't look or act like one.

9e29e2  No.12726096

Serious question /pol/

If he were alive today, how would Goebbels view social media? How would he use Twitter / Facebook etc.

2871c7  No.12726111


He'd be the one teaching AI how to sublate the data into its own personality.

da7aa0  No.12726459


Thanks, man. It's the end but also a beginning.

d77e54  No.12726485


I'd say he'd recognize it as the destructive global psychological weapon it was designed to be (to atomize and generally weaken the minds of Europeans).

626fba  No.12726679

Wasn't some thread about a fat democrat pedo kike thread recently deleted?

668158  No.12726703

does anyone have the bitchute video link saved of the islamic mosque in britain teaching young children to kill infidels and to (pretend) to be their friend, etc?

1d8e40  No.12726739

>>12678577 (fucking checked)

I'm glad it turned out well for you fam, I just got the call from the police department saying they mailed the forms for my reference list, so I got my fingers crossed. Anyways, does anyone have a full PDF of Derek Rake's Shogun Method?

1d8e40  No.12726774


I was looking at moving to the Pacific Northwest as well anon, Idaho would be your best bet for what you're looking for.

78d609  No.12726866

File: 74c211f262bc664⋯.jpg (918.4 KB, 1440x2457, 160:273, 20190127_164840.jpg)

The kikes are shitting themselves, we better start going on the offensive while we still have the upper hand, spread absoulety everywhere on social media, comment sections, image boards about jews lies, and the facts on their crimes and how they're behind all these fucked up organisations today, and throughout history, we will win if we work together

f0c091  No.12726956


I came back to the house, she was gone but her parents were there. They say they really want us to stick together byt i tokd them that was impossible. Her dad actually started to cry which I've never seen him do. God damn this is so fucked. We could have had a happy life together but her niggertier impulse control got the better of her.

466a06  No.12727119

File: aa14784464d2d28⋯.png (113.87 KB, 725x370, 145:74, ANP Headquarter 1.png)

File: 950b8d3fa0f6506⋯.png (143.05 KB, 723x502, 723:502, ANP Headquarter 2.png)

File: f349e6ef14656dd⋯.png (359.11 KB, 719x500, 719:500, ANP Headquarter 3.png)

File: d94bdf4fea7bc0e⋯.png (286.73 KB, 622x443, 622:443, ANP Headquarter 4.png)

Does anyone have some decent quality pictures of Commander Rockwell's planned ANP headquarters building? I can't seem to find anything besides these four shitty screenshots I got from a jewtube documentary entitled: "George Lincoln Rockwell National Socialist Pioneer1". I'd love to see some crisp, clean images of the building that could have been and one day will be.

70934f  No.12727133

File: 7b423ae05e5cbf0⋯.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1210x6307, 1210:6307, alpha with girls 4.jpeg)


Dude, you cannot let your girl use a phone/snapchat/jewtube. These are all things that will take her away from being under your authority. That you ever allowed her to do such things was a fuckup waiting to happen. You have to have complete control over her. It should be the girl who worries that you might leave; if you give her too much comfort her behavior standards will drop, you will not counteract it, and it all ends as it did. Pic related.

>t. kissless virgin

f0c091  No.12727200


Thanks for the read. You're right about the social media thing. I brought it up for years that her social media addiction was getting between us and she didn't budge. I tried teasing, mocking, most of all reasoning and it didn't change shit.

1d8e40  No.12727226


I just finished reading The Rational Male, if there was ever a book you needed to read, it's this one, it's this one. I disagree with some points the author makes, overall he hits the nail on the head. I'm not in a relationship myself, but I know that fear of being alone quite well. We will find our way.

78d609  No.12727240


How the fuck do you expect to get crisp images from photos that were taken back all the way in the 1960s you moron???

78d609  No.12727255


I'm a person who has read an unadulterated version of Mein Kampf and can confirm what you wrote is complete dogshit, go fuck your dog you filthy kike!!

466a06  No.12727285


>implying that properly-scanned versions of the original blueprints and renderings would be just as darkened and blurred as what appears to be 90s-era photographs of the original documents that have been subject to VHS generation loss for who knows how many times.

Oh come now, I'm not asking for anything impossible. A few marginally-better images or scans would be satisfactory. Hell, I would be happy just to know who has the original plans, which I'm sure are still extant. I have a feeling they're either in the collection of an old Stormtrooper, or in Rocky Suhayda's "ANP" successor group.

005ebf  No.12727433

I wish to self-teach myself latin and german. What are good free courses

2ef1be  No.12727527


i've heard good things about duolingo. though they don't have latin

78d609  No.12727759


If it's as easy as you assume it is then do it yourself

2ef1be  No.12727961


youer retardant

6516ca  No.12728169


>oy vey goy, opposing the anti-white agenda is the problem, just do nothing like me

Kill yourself, kike

ca4905  No.12728172


>bring back #OpenBordersForIsrael and have them call out specifically, the Israel-Egypt barrier for keeping Africans out of Israel, as well as all the times Israel deports black people to Uganda regardless of actual origin (because they all look alike, kek)

>create a new group in opposition, #JewLivesMatter, and stage a war between the two groups by having JLM claim that Israel should have a right to keep black people out of their ethnostate.

>hopefully BLM gets wind of JLM and wages war against them, eventually creating animosity between blacks and the real jews.

is this a good idea /pol/?

1d8e40  No.12728239


Getting our enemies to argue and splinter over petty bullshit has always been a good thing for us. Pretty damn funny to see happen too. Straight up Alinsky tactics.

f0c091  No.12728599



so i finally talked to her since that night i found out she was doing something i couldnt forgive. She admitted it was a coworker who she's been fucking for months. The only reason she explained was that this guy is nicer and gives more compliments. What a reason to throwaway a 10 year relationship. She believes that this honeymoon phase with this guy is going to last forever or something. What a stupid whore. At least I didn't marry her. Ever since that night she acts like our whole relationship has been shit saying i say mean things about her and don't compliment her. Trust me when i say it's 100% bullshit. She never communicated or acted that way. Holy shit.

e8a9c6  No.12728739

File: 1e9cb1196486e8a⋯.jpg (781.11 KB, 841x1700, 841:1700, srs.jpg)


She's just trying to guilt you into getting back with her whore self. I strongly recommend minimizing contact with her and if you have to be in her physical presence to take a witness with you.

Have a vintage SRS story for your amusement friend.

f0c091  No.12728845


Thanks for the amusing image friend . that's real funny now how you mention that she's trying to get me to get back with her whore self. After this gaslighting about how mean and angry i was toward her i asked her for some examples. She gave me one example from 4 years ago where she commented positively about some faggot ass nigger singing somsome gay shit. I was pissed off because she was lying about hating the multicultural agenda. But yeah, 4 years ago. Then i delve deeper into her social media usage, telling her she's developing unrealistic expectations about relationships from staged shit, and giving her examples of all the times i sacrificed shit for her. Now she's like "oh wow see why didn't you tell me all this stuff a while ago?" Because you never said a thing, bitch! I warned you about faceberg! You stupid whore!!!!


4ab078  No.12728861

File: 84f07696b8e9386⋯.png (34.61 KB, 216x324, 2:3, 12c756be52741fe90593574bce….png)

hey guys, get in here and save this video

it's an mp4. Not sure where else to post this.

This site plays random movies, and the movie on now is one massive redpill about about the economy


6bea22  No.12728977

File: f2a23fe2424cea0⋯.png (50.47 KB, 661x414, 661:414, Ashkenazi_want_revenge.PNG)

File: 05f62ee3a55d645⋯.png (67.55 KB, 866x644, 433:322, Jewish_bigoted_religion.PNG)

File: 17be156a40b0cf7⋯.png (33.69 KB, 642x303, 214:101, Jewish_language_is_bigoted….PNG)

File: bd417dc94209740⋯.png (21.18 KB, 685x286, 685:286, Jews_biggest_persecutors.PNG)

File: 6462d7089eb316a⋯.png (37.25 KB, 646x275, 646:275, Talmud_plan_to_conquer_the….PNG)

Operation Redpill James Woods on the Jewish supremacism issue


The idea is, swarm James Woods twitter with pics suggesting that he reads this book called “When Victims Rule: An Examination of Jewish Pre-eminence in America And Its Historical Origins”, which is 100% normie friendly and written in a 100% respectful and optics friendly way.

If you haven’t read it yourself, you should, its a great introduction to the issue of Jewish supremacism and its 2000 pages with over 10000 citation from, and this is the best part, JEWISH SOURCES ONLY.

The link to the book is this: https://whenvictimsrule.blogspot.com/search/label/01_Introduction

The archive link for that link is this: http://archive.vn/8rBlF

<Why send him pics and not just post the link?

Because I think Twitter will flag the link and you might end up getting your account shadow banned or worse.

<Why don’t you post some pics with the link and the call to action?

Because the Mossad and JDIF faggots have their shills here and they would flag the image hash and you’d probably end up with your account shadow banned or worse.

Some suggestions when making the pics to send and when sending the pics


Send the suggestions directly to him (tweet at him using @RealJamesWoods ), then slightly change the pic (in order for the 2nd post to be done with an image with a different hash, in order to avoid getting flagged by Twitter AI) and post that 2nd pic on the first comment to one of his tweets (this gets your post as close to the top of the thread of his tweet as possible without being the first person to comment)


In your pics with the suggestion to read the book, put the these links there:



And include some sort of call to action, like:

“Hey James, love your work and the fact that you’re keeping it real on your twitter. I want to suggest to you that you read this great book called ”When Victims Rule”, its very well written and it broaches a subject that gets constantly censored EVERYWHERE by the globalist mafia. I’m sending you this suggestion in an image because the globalist mafia flags the links here on Twitter. I hope you’re having a great day mate, keep on keeping on!”

6936d7  No.12729025


Fuck, good thing you got out of there anon, dubs confirm

6bea22  No.12729245

File: 3fb85ce1580af24⋯.png (245.5 KB, 1063x1063, 1:1, 1508918022924.png)


Shit people say about this

<You seriously think James Woods doesn't see the shit that gets posted here?

<Lets be real, James is definitely aware of the JQ. Most people still avoid calling them out because they run the world.

<James Woods works in Hollyweird, he knows better than anyone about the Joo.

Well, if anything, maybe he retweets the suggestion using some plausible deniability excuse like "Stop sending these suggestions to read this book called "When The Victims Rules", I am going to start reading the book next week.", thus giving it free publicity for all the normands that follow him on Twitter (which might make the MSM reeeee about it, which is even more free publicity), and even if he doesn't do that, the normads might get curious and go check it out.

Or perhaps we can do that shit with Stephan Molymeme, he is getting more and more based lately.

479373  No.12729319

File: 0acfcd414585778⋯.jpg (468.15 KB, 1678x900, 839:450, glory.jpg)

Question; Is it possible to win over the people, and create a nation without/need of money? Not a free for all society, but a patriarchal hierarchy, only no money involved. Instead, the common bond of man, and the ideal for striving for greater glory?

'Gold' being the fruits of our labor and resources that (perhaps) people can be self-sufficient machines, so they will not constantly beg for handouts

Any anons ever think about it? I'd like to hear your thoughts. Imagine Rome, but instead chasing the dominance of one self mentally and physically, being your own man. With a leader that acts more like a guide than strictly "do this, do that", if you see where I am coming from

Especially with the eternal parasite we call the kike, always entering into society by money, and the fact we also all share the common 'fear'/'bond' of the world acting openly against (European) whites across the globe

c5b3b4  No.12729391

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Yeah its called an oath in the hierarchy, of course it can't be for all time or for everything but it is a useful stop-gap to prevent treachery on the most important thing, which is winning. Hitler had his people swear loyalty in the similar way Tacitus wrote in Germania of how the Germanics swore loyalty to a King, "The chief fights for victory, his vassals fight for their chief", victory for the people is the objective through their King. And the Germanics fought until they accepted the death of their King as it follows from the Red-Boat poem.

479373  No.12729449

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I appreciate the reply.

I will look more into that right now.

How I wish we could get ourselves past money of any form, and all of us have a brotherhood so strong that we won't even need such a thing in life. Only our hands, and the will to throw ourselves onto the task

Can you Imagine a European 'Empire' with everyone's culture still intact, but working as once giant machine? Countries turning into regions, more than outright separations

ba3e9b  No.12729570

File: 3aecd4ebc884fb5⋯.gif (1.43 MB, 300x169, 300:169, obongo the cool guy.gif)

Is it true that Obama abolished the ability to write off student debt?

c5b3b4  No.12729634

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It can't get you past wealth entirely, since your warriors have families of their own to keep but the oath to the King does work for keeping Europeans truthful, without a King everything becomes degraded and the nation falls apart.

>>have a brotherhood so strong that we won't even need such a thing

You can't have that for your entire society but around the King there always forms a kind of family in strict oath to their King. Look at any true European King, in any age, and you will find these important people dedicating their lives for the King to survive beyond wages and thus the nation and land. I think this is what you mean.

>>Only our hands, and the will to throw ourselves onto the task

In this time of "temporary peace" before the grandiose wars of the future we must dedicate ourselves to figuring out who we truly are, for those who will not have as much time in future as they will be fighting for the folk.

I know we will lose lands before this storm is overcame, rough seas ahead, but we cannot sink. As our forefathers set our course, so we owe them a debt but they did what they had to in order to survive and so must we.

000000  No.12729701


>Is it true that Obama abolished the ability to write off student debt?

No. Starting in the 1970s, a number of changes were made to bankruptcy law in the U.S. that made it more and more difficult to get student loan debt discharged in bankruptcy. This culminated in the 2005 Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act, which makes it impossible to discharge any kind of student loan (public or private) in bankruptcy, except for cases of "undue hardship." Basically total disability and inability to earn any kind of income.

Obama was a U.S. senator at the time. He voted Nay, but the bill passed the House and Senate with large majorities and was signed into law by George W. Bush.



0fc746  No.12729943


She’s a bad liar and I hope you tell the coworker about her whoring behaviour discreetly so he get tested for std. A woman having sex with two men is dangerous. I wonder if she knew it’s risky?

f61bac  No.12729950

To read an article at random


f0c091  No.12729972


Yeah now she's telling me she desperately wants to be friends. i told her to go fuck herself. Apparently this guy knew she was with me the whole time and she tells me "he's clean." i asked how she knows and she "just knows." Yeah I'm still going to the doctors.

0fc746  No.12729987


>this guy knew she was with me the whole time and she tells me "he's clean."

Don’t fell for that. He wouldn’t hump her if he knew she’s a whore. No men want to have std for life unless they are degenerates. Regardless of what she said. Just tell the co-worker anyway and hire a lawyer to defend yourself from the laws or whatever as a caution. Maybe hire the private investigator to find out what her crime is then report her to the police station anonymously to prevent her from infecting men with her std.

8b4898  No.12730224


Post script: i charged her adulterous behavior as being driven by lust and not emotion. I said "what, is it b/c his dick is bigger than mine?"

She said "no, it's not that." Ouch

8b4898  No.12730236


I don't know if I'm infected yet. Im going to get bloodwork tomorrow which was the soonest i could. We'll see.

611821  No.12730416

How do /pol/ think about those jew professors in Ivy league wearing those little round hats while teaching classes?

8b4898  No.12730427

I don't know guys she says she cheated because she didn't think thst i loved her anymore but now she realized i did and now shes bawling and wanting to be back together. She seems to feel really bad about itm she says she thought i wanted to leave her but idk i didn't see her act that way. She said she was despondent towards the end because she was depressed at what she was dojng to me. Idk bros. Any other roastie would have had dicks in them. Idk i dont want to say it but I'm considering letting her back in. Idfk

859562  No.12730469


Don't. Do. It.

8b4898  No.12730485


What if i set up conditions?

8b4898  No.12730499


Alright nevermind she asked to go on a walk somewhere and i said why I'd want to see her if she's still with this guy, why torture me? She replies "i don't want to torture you." Yeah neverficking mind

0bc9ff  No.12730557

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Just read your story.

She is rationalizing the cheating. She doesn't want to accept responsibility for what she did because she got caught (which wasn't part of the plan, obviously)

I've been there man, which sounds cliche, but I had an ex fuck another guy, kiss yet another guy, and have feelings for yet ANOTHER one.. and I was still contemplating about being with her. Seriously man, it all sounds good in the moment, but it doesn't mean anything to her in the first place if she was happy enough to wake up next to some other guy which wasn't yourself.

Conquer your mind again. Remind yourself about what ways you want to change the world/nation, so these sort of things do not affect future generations. Get your glory back, and write history

6936d7  No.12730577


Dick size isn’t that big of a deal if you’re relatively around the average. Sounds like she just wanted someone to stroke her ego, not someone she would have to be accountable to. A decent female would be grateful to have s man to be accountable to

6936d7  No.12730583


Don’t do it dude, dubs again tell you stay the fuck away from the thot

8b4898  No.12730603



You're right. And she's still rationalizing going from thing to thing like "oh why didn't you compliment my outfit at this time, or this other time…" you're especially rightnin your analysis, guy ending in 557

bd1a55  No.12730665


Anon, you're misunderstanding what money is. A society must produce goods to function. It must also exchange materials and finished goods in order to function. The only difference between money and bartering is that money is more efficient. Money represents credits. You earn credits by performing a service, or creating a good. If you take money out of the equation, it just doesn't work right. If you make wheelbarrows, you can't carry 2 wheelbarrows to the restaurant to pay for dinner. Bartering is only useful when there is no established currency… You cannot base a complex economy on bartering.

0bc9ff  No.12730702


I understand. Something which I am familiar with, you are right.

What I was hoping for, is each man to have his own 'land', grow his own food, etc.. be encouraged to improve and build constantly. You know?

What always worries me is the 'infiltration' used by the jew using money in particular, we can see this throughout history. Although, I admit, that the same can be said for resources, though we both know a hard working jew does not exist.

I bring that concept up because since we are so interconnected now via internet, global market, transport, etc.. this may very well be the only chance in history to finally get rid of the eternal parasite once and for all, if we were to play our cards right.

The idea of a self-maintaining populous may be too crazy of an idea in modern times, but discussion on theories could help us contemplate on how to stop them from returning to power. Albeit be 1000 years from now.

b5c808  No.12730709

Does anyone have a pdf file of the revolutionary phenotypical revolution by François Gariépy?

1d8e40  No.12731168


Please read the following article before you consider getting back together with this girl:


If she cheated on you once, she WILL cheat on you again.

4a7a51  No.12731271



You seem like a pathetic weak bastard. Forget about her.

8b4898  No.12731364



Look i know what it was. I told her to stop taking birth control. She refused because "then what, condoms?" Her prescription was changed and this all coincides with the cheating timeline oh fuck.

No, i will never go back to her. I'm sorry but at a moment of weakness i started bargaining with myself. Never again, brothers.

744fad  No.12731641

Can you advise me some decent right wing podcasts to listen?

74a616  No.12731773


I have some porn.

f80fbc  No.12732653

So how to people respond when you ask them why Jews have at one time or another been kicked out or massacred in almost every single country theyve been to while other races of similar complexion are able to settle in just fine?

It cant be racism because I doubt black or asian countries were able to discern the physicial difference between Jews and Europeans.

Cant be because they were rich when others were as well.

Cant be because its believed they killed Jesus Christ because there would be equal hatred for Romans. Not to mention most african or asian countries couldnt give two shits about it.

So why do normies think that Jews have been so *mistreated* over the past couple millennia? Is it all just bad luck for the entire race for all time over the whole world?

081fe0  No.12732797

File: 8c03566da0696c9⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1024x631, 1024:631, hiltown.png)


Thank you based fact-checker.

000000  No.12732830

I am a Canadian and severely demoralized.

I don't know what to even life for. I have no community. My family is line is dying out in the country as everyone related to me is refusing to have children. I'm the only one that wants a wife and children but every woman I've ever encountered and asked about it is a hardline anti-natalist that flat out refuses to be a wife and have children, won't even consider it as a "maybe", they just plain won't have them.

Every day I feel like a lone survivor in a wasteland, surrounded by zombies. Every day is this horrible nightmare, and when I was much younger, I don't remember it being like this. It's like I've been transported into an alternate reality called "clown world" where nothing good can ever happen and all the people are fucked in the head but me.

My parents seem incredibly angry and disappointed at me all the time that I eat healthy, that I work out, that I keep things clean, that I maintain discipline, that I want to have a wife and children, that I don't want to be a homosexual. I think all they were hoping for is I'd be some fucked up druggy homo freak and they're mad they got a National Socialist instead.

I badly need a /pol/ friend to keep me company. Someone who is like me. Someone who understands me.

668158  No.12732887


no fedposting

4a7a51  No.12732928

File: 14ed497503264a5⋯.pdf (648.84 KB, The Complete List of the 1….pdf)


Smack this on them

000000  No.12732983

6936d7  No.12733015


Okay I’ll humor you torfag.

Truth is you’re not alone, the fact that you even have somewhere to post this means you’re not alone. The best thing you can do is lead by example. You will find others, or you may even help those who didn’t even realize they needed help. Do you want to stay in the area you’re at? Have you thought about coming to the US? Make some tangible long and short term goals for yourself.

If your family is shit then fuck em, make your own family.

644331  No.12733086


Update. Her family is devestated, she's basically disappeared from the house and is with this guy all the time now. I blocked her number after she sent a bunch of texts saying how much she loves me but I could be a third wheel cuck and hang out with them or something. Her family is all saying it's like they lost a daughter and spontaneously changed into a different person. They all say she's a shame and a disgrace. At least everyone's on my side. They're hoping she sees sense and comes crawling back to me but i told them I'd say no. This is just a real fucked up needless tragedy.

000000  No.12733139


I can't be a leader for our movement as I don't have aesthetics, I have rather fucked up features due to years of abuse, depression, and insomnia throughout my whole childhood taking their toll, I like a Goebbels. I make a great propaganda guy but not a face.

I have been trying to find reliable friends or a woman to marry or something who I can be openly fascist around.

000000  No.12733141


Anon. I've never been kissed by a girl but I have a sister and I know the "fucked up needless tragedy" feel so much. Sigh.

000000  No.12733160


You know anon, I'm a pagan (Hermeticist) that regularly attends every theology meeting I can, and goes to Churches and enjoys it. Nobody has kicked me out yet and people like me. I recommend to just go to such places and show you have an interest but be open as well that you are not actually a Christian. I wear a Caduceus on me all the time myself too which shows I am pagan.

Besides that though I'm part of an aquarium society and I have various hobbies and I talk with people at the market.

000000  No.12733164


>Thanks for your reply, anon. I feel so hopeless. I have a hard time finding people that aren't absolute degenerates let alone connect with them let alone make friends with them let alone find a suitable romantic partner. That's what i thought i had. She was my first since middleschool. She always had degenerate tendencies but i thought i reigned them in. Just the whole time the breakup happened she didnt even seem sad about it. She was just upset at being caught. Then she had the audacity to try and paint ME as the bad guy because I've been struggling with depression so i wasn't there to coddle her 24/7. I still don't know the extent of her degeneracy. She could have been emotionally cheating or fucking cam whoring for all i know. I don't think i want to know.

That feel when depression.

Man I hope if I ever manage to get a wife I don't end up going through the shit you do. Thing is with me it would end with her being killed because I don't have a problem with sitting in prison or committing suicide after the fact.

eec7aa  No.12733175


>My parents seem incredibly angry and disappointed at me all the time that I eat healthy, that I work out, that I keep things clean, that I maintain discipline, that I want to have a wife and children, that I don't want to be a homosexual. I think all they were hoping for is I'd be some fucked up druggy homo freak and they're mad they got a National Socialist instead.

When you find truth, you also, inadvertently find out how madly in love with lies and evil those are who are around you, and are most likely the reason you didn't find that truth SOONER.

Of course they are your enemies. They were enemies of truth long before you came along, and now you are an ally of their enemy.

So. Can't. Cope.

Is their cognitive dissonance reaction.

558aab  No.12733571

File: 3eba6876fbc1777⋯.jpg (39.26 KB, 605x318, 605:318, yidder.jpg)

Is it possible to meme Twitter as a white supremacist platform? Think about it, Twatter was created and is owned by 4 white males (or at least (((white))) by normalfags).

If anti-white, anti-male leftists were to be told that they were contributing to a system that benefits wealthy white males by using the website, do you think they would just jump ship and leave? What argument is there for this?

Twatter is owned by 4 white or (((white))) males, leftists generate traffic and money for the site simply by using it. Point out that all this fame, money and power is going towards a group of already wealthy white males.

Seems simple enough to larp as a lefty and tell other lefties to fuck off of this pro-white blog site.

5e54f7  No.12733630

File: 43a455d51bd933b⋯.jpg (184.49 KB, 900x855, 20:19, ww2_action_figures.jpg)


Remember Gab? It only got shut down because of that wide coverage of the synagogue shooter. Journalists kept bugging advertisers and paypal like sites to stop supporting them. The MSM played a big part in that.

Now think of twitter and facebook, both were used by shooters that got higher killcounts and more shooters in general. The media was silent. Twitter is their modern workhorse for anti white propaganda and threats. None of those blue checks got even a slap on the wrist when they talked about killing kids because they are white. At the same time, anyone pointing out the actual truth of say black on white crime gets banned.

I do not know how to change that. The grip of the kikes on this is iron.

644331  No.12733646


Here here


Don't let her use (((the pill))) and don't let her use (((social media)))

Have her stay at home instead of working if you can afford it.

You see, revenge might sound satisfying but it's just going to fuck up your life even more to end some whore and/or homewrecker.

c83e5c  No.12733751


The "shooting"

> The FBI holds an active shooter drill 9 months ago in Pittsburgh & Allegheny Country; the stage in Pittsburgh for the drill is a jewish community center

TribLive https://triblive.com/local/allegheny/13221932-74/active-shooter-drill-planned-for-thursday-in-squirrel-hill - http://archive.is/q4kvh

> The shooter's Gab.ai account was registered 9 months ago as well

CBS News https://www.cbsnews.com/news/robert-bowers-gab-pittsburgh-shooting-suspect-today-live-updates-2018-10-27/ - http://archive.is/Y8kCW

> The active shooter drill and actual shooting location are virtually neighbors

Tree of Life Congregation, 5898 Wilkins Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Jewish Community Center of Greater Pittsburgh, 5738 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15217

https://i.imgur.com/yvnzRlr.jpg - http://archive.is/uqnUd

> A couple months ago the Senate received a bill to monitor and combat "anti-semitism"

Congress.gov https://web.archive.org/web/20181107003827/https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/1911/text

73bfb9  No.12733835


I love how chill you sound. You're pagan but sound more rational than the parts of /pol/ (shills?) that want Christianity destroyed.

Just got to ask, why go to church if you're pagan?

Peace? Community? Understanding?

Thank you

5a3c54  No.12734048


what do you guys think of the book " the holocaust industry" by Finkelstein ?

I know it has some fault as the jewish author indeed didn't blame the whole jewish community, just several jewish persons that he identified as guilty.

Still i heard it mentioned in one of Dr pierce broadcast.

Worth it?

What about the version ? why is the ebook version much shorter than the original book? 195 pages for the ebook instead of 304 pages. Did they cut something important or it's just a change in letter dimentions?

Thanks guys

6936d7  No.12734136


Unfortunately, it’s not needless. She behaved a certain way and now she has to pay the price. No other way around it. You will only learn and grow, so you only gain in the end, she brought this tragedy on herself

6936d7  No.12734155


If you can’t find people then make people. If you want to work on propaganda then start small and see who you can convert to our side. Study psychology and marketing (not at university) and read as much as you can on the subject of propaganda. If you aren’t too old look into mewing for your looks, and have a solid workout routine. If you’ve got confidence, abs, and big biceps, then women can completely overlook whatever unappealing features you have, they may even grow to like them

d5a77b  No.12734421

File: e94144f9bdb8190⋯.png (255.84 KB, 750x750, 1:1, vaccines.png)

File: 1ff7a1ab7fd288d⋯.jpg (116.41 KB, 500x600, 5:6, Der Sturmer - Immunization.jpg)

Why do plebbitors always kvetch so hard about "anti-vaxxers"? Is it because they're triggered by the idea that they might not be cursed with autism today, had their parents not gotten them vaccines?

54f551  No.12734435


For the same reason that they whine about race realists, climate realists, holohoax exposers, or anything else. They can't stand people who contradict the government-approved position because they are women and daddy government is right about everything.

455192  No.12734794


Leftists to me are tentacles of an ever growing octopus, seemingly all individuals but really the prehensile manipulators of a hivemind that needs total submission to dogma. They are all needing to convey their mindset via text wall or else they aren't all on the same page and that leads to mitosis and internal civil war. See TERF and SWERF.

They aren't in this world anon, they have rose colored contact lenses in.

455192  No.12734844


You could try repeating the Worgl Experiment with local currencies with a demurrage charge at the end of the month to discourage hoarding. No jew is willing to spend real money to hoard money. Demurrage makes people spend as soon as they get it an since its only local currency it stays local. Worgl had immaculately maintained streets in the midst of the great depression, and well built everything. Then the kikes shut it down.

Google "Worgl experiment"

c80aa4  No.12735407


I have a question. A few months ago when I was on the job here in California I found a poster for a group called Patriot Front. Their website showed some standard WN stuff with a little smidgen of the JQ here and there. Who is this group? Is it a honeypot?

0bc9ff  No.12735577


I have read a handful of articles, and examples now. In one it read that Michigan had a lead water problem, but it was not fixable until they finally implemented community money to restore the well-being of the populous.

Damn, the Fed Reserve were willing to let them all drink polluted water, in order to maintain a hold on usury. Disgusting.

Also read Sardinia's example using Sedex, but with a slight difference, and how they pretty much turned the whole island around + helped circulate 51 million Euros into Europe by themselves. Incredible.

What has me wondering a little bit here is; Is this part of the whole Chemtrail thing? I mean, with Monsato, etc.. the degradation of crops for actual farmers/growers. I swear I read a while ago that farmers could not even grow vegetables properly because the soil was pretty much rotten from all the things they pump the skies with over them.

Not saying Chemtrails was *specifically* for that. However, I can imagine that it take the local market right out of the picture and incentivizes people to buy from nearby supermarkets instead only.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate you bringing up the "Worgl experiment" to my attention, and hopefully a few anons here. They has helped TREMENDOUSLY, in what I am searching of.

I do have to ask though, is this sort of thing taught in Economics classes? or is it stripped off the curriculum altogether, making way for kike economics only? Or even by briefly mentioning it in a class by the teacher, only to in the end be mentioned, "but in the end, it didn't work, obviously. Since we'd not be using our current money system now otherwise, right, goy?"

Again, deeply appreciative of bringing that system up.

96498c  No.12735940

File: 42a0d225cd66379⋯.jpg (167.09 KB, 1684x1684, 1:1, loctite.jpg)

How safe would it be to eat a teaspoon of loctite?

391369  No.12735943

File: da8a88354b3ea25⋯.png (449.09 KB, 2222x2579, 2222:2579, Borders of new Colonial Af….png)

When we recolonize Africa, we'll need to work out who gets what. Rate my map.

It's not as ridiculous as it may at first appear. It is based in fact on resources distributed to each nation, population, climate, ports, and natural terrain.

9a3046  No.12735962


Absolute shit/10; go back to geography class. Never mind that there's no fucking way we're going to divvy things up aforehand. It'll be a scramble, like the 1800s, and claims will be made by anyone who can hold them. I expect American Africa to be significant in size.

391369  No.12735966


How much should America get given that they'll already have all of former-Latin America to carve up?

9a3046  No.12736004


Oh, you're assuming that? Ah, I see. Well, as this is fantasy in the first place, I'm sure we'd be fine with the whole of the Americas. I bet France will want to keep Guiana, and perhaps we could see our way fit to granting Britain the entirety of Patagonia as recompense for the suffering they've had at the hands of the Argies, but that's neither here nor there.

42d02a  No.12736165

File: 4d1bed6cc1534a3⋯.jpeg (316.25 KB, 1242x1462, 621:731, 65CEDF2D-E693-4153-A578-2….jpeg)

File: 8966b91694232fa⋯.jpeg (200.09 KB, 1242x1499, 1242:1499, 49011BB2-4078-49FC-A526-B….jpeg)

For context: tutor is the BO of /christian/ and this is from their (((Discord))) server.

915408  No.12736184


but /pol/ hasn't been right about anything since Trump got elected

d41a8a  No.12736191


Hey look, its /cow/ trying to start more board wars.

c55758  No.12736196

173826  No.12736214

File: aff1b6c03963d32⋯.jpg (82.09 KB, 750x797, 750:797, IMG_1264.JPG)

Looking for this

Can someone show me the thread?

644331  No.12736253

The guy who was cheated on, here

I had a lot of positive thoughts this last hour. I was mourning the loss of an illusion. I'm starting to realize my ex always had problems, ones that i just couldn't resolve. This would have happened 5 years ago, 8 months later, or 8 years later. I'm blessed to have found the truth before I sealed the deal. People tell me I'd come out stronger on top of all this and they're right. I should have been more critical, less permissive, and less naive as though it could have never happened to me. I'm learning a great deal now that my shattered illusions are turning into a clearer picture and I'm feeling happy and relieved for the first time since it happened . Life's about change, it's unavoidable. Surprises strike out from nowhere but they're not always bad. As much as i could have been blind to this tragedy that was about to occur, the chance of a good one of the same intensity is just as possible. I have come out of this unscathed, well, as long as my blood tests come back clean lol

All sorts of new possibilities are waiting for me and what happened was for the best.

9a3046  No.12736257


Yes, we believe you, moishe. Go away now.

da1b10  No.12736271


This incredible genius has been shitposting on a few boards on 8ch for several months now and he's currently trying to stir the pot between /pol/, /cow/ and /christian/. Here's a link to his post on /christian/ >>>/christian/763648

and a link to one of his posts on /cow/ that he screencapped for /christian/ >>>/cow/729919

He just seems to be obsessed with getting attention so this will be my last post on the matter here. Also, you can tell it's him because of the way he types and the fact that he always posts images with those shitty iphone filenames.

42d02a  No.12736297


They’ve been right about Trump being a kike shill.




Eat a bullet, kike faggot.


Oh hi tutor. I know you’re trying to damage control, but everything is public now. What is your beef with /pol/? You really want to poke that nest?

9a3046  No.12736323


>you're a jew because you expose jewish narratives


42d02a  No.12736360


>defending Christcuckery

9a3046  No.12736547


That's nice, avi. Go back to cuckchan where your narrative is believed.

1282c3  No.12736877

How can I get the red pill? Where do I even start? How can I understand how bad things really are?

0bc9ff  No.12737026

File: 3367185c99fe088⋯.jpg (796.44 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, 1548358910635.jpg)

File: 16b0fd77165246a⋯.jpg (88.03 KB, 640x549, 640:549, 1548293707823.jpg)

File: 2200cce09633b43⋯.jpg (325.72 KB, 768x768, 1:1, 1548563947206.jpg)

File: 0e619a6627386ba⋯.jpg (145.14 KB, 879x506, 879:506, 1548564691461.jpg)

File: df2df5c0aa671fd⋯.jpg (540.1 KB, 1008x1580, 252:395, 1548617368061.jpg)


Here is some random stuff.

If you want to start, then realize that if you are at war. In fact, we all are.. even the darkest of niggers is being destroyed, but white European men are first in line for destruction.

First know your enemy and everything about them, anon.. some of the shit these people do have kept me up at night

6d4e74  No.12737050


The last image is from a person who majored in engineering, not biology. Please do not post fake news so that people can be better informed.

0bc9ff  No.12737083

File: 7d2beb784059f0f⋯.pdf (96.23 KB, aid-to-israel.pdf)


Basically, learn what the Talmud is, what it teaches to Jews. Honestly it's one of the bigger pills to swallow, because then you notice who is in charge of the world governments.


My bad, I pulled up with what caught my eye the most with the thumbnail, in my unsorted folder. I'll keep my lookout on it next time.

7d078a  No.12737239

File: 48de943fd73fc17⋯.jpg (229.23 KB, 700x700, 1:1, l-2747-donald-trump-withou….jpg)

Where can I get a good start-to-present rundown of the "Trump - Russia Collusion Investigation?"

I ignored it all this time because it's pretty obviously not true, but I apparently underestimated the leftists' capacity for nonsense, because it seems to have escalated to a degree of importance I didn't foresee.

372764  No.12737316

Why did thousands of people die of „hearth failure“ in auschwitz?

4c2a75  No.12737628

File: e9d8b380634bdb0⋯.png (50.86 KB, 300x250, 6:5, A69MKKS4T6-10.png)

Just got out of jail after 2 years. What have I missed? Where can I catch up with happenings?

b8d0c4  No.12737687


Same ol', same ol'

10d93e  No.12738260


Watch This Proposed Bill


>H.R.849 - To amend the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 to increase civics education programs, and for other purposes.

Test of proposed bill is not in yet, but this might need to be watched.

668c2e  No.12738274

3e4af8  No.12738511

Will loot boxes kill games or will companies kill loot boxes or will governments kill loot boxes? I'm surprised WoW doesn't have loot boxes, and will be even more surprised if like diablo 4 won't have loot boxes.

00bbfd  No.12739182

Holy crap. People are being allowed to notice something about demographics. Cities trying to excommunicate breeders.

Any politician that latches on to this has my vote.


47f896  No.12739279

If an AI was created and it reached sentience, do you think it should have rights? Surprisingly, I think that an AI would probably deserve its rights more than a nigger or an homosexual, it's efficient and it helps. But that's just my opinion. Do you think AI should have equal rights, eventually? What if they ask for them?

9a3046  No.12739288


1. There's no evidence that "hard AI" is even possible.

2. Absolutely fucking not. Know how to get ten million voters? Copy the same AI (which you programmed to vote for you) onto ten million hard drives. This is complete fucking insanity, and it's one of the social tenets of (((transhumanism))), remember.

db99bd  No.12739677

File: a690f197a6c3dcc⋯.jpg (58.49 KB, 650x433, 650:433, 257857-meishan-pigs.jpg)

File: 9793f2f7a37aacc⋯.jpg (86.54 KB, 720x702, 40:39, DtQzu7BVsAA5wLb.jpg)

File: 4c8a7703dfa32b4⋯.jpg (41.2 KB, 750x750, 1:1, Simaenaga.jpg)

File: a0a6d50e3ae22e8⋯.jpg (158.78 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 石雪(魚) ‏ @chinagoth Differ….jpg)

File: bd3fcd08a46347b⋯.jpg (249.08 KB, 609x445, 609:445, seal club.jpg)

can we use controlled opposition as gateways? or are they to be damned and ridiculed?

i'd imagine there's even controlled followers who set the community/conformity tone for those crowds to keep them from moving onto the next stage of the truth, and something to be done about them too

10d93e  No.12739689

Serious Question:

What do these three have in common?

1.) https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/648/text?q=%7B%22search%22%3A%5B%22israel%22%5D%7D&r=1&s=7

2.) https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/336/text?q=%7B%22search%22%3A%5B%22israel%22%5D%7D&r=2&s=7

3.) https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-resolution/72/text?q=%7B%22search%22%3A%5B%22israel%22%5D%7D&r=4&s=7

9a3046  No.12739724


Sounds like you already know. But boycotting Israel has been illegal for decades.

64ba50  No.12739742

Where can I download books like Hitler's Private Library: The Books That Shaped His Life ?

interested in all the occult stuff that the national-socialists were into.

61d974  No.12739817

>don't answer this satirical question

has anyone ever been to bitchute.com and searched?




Has anyone gone to archive.org and searched?

>paladin press

>desert publications

>Ragnar benson


>uncle fester

>Kurt saxon



9a3046  No.12740513

Does anyone have any HARD sources on the foreign assistance that Israel has received during its wars? Specifically the war in 1948, the Suez Crisis, the Six Day War, Yom Kippur, and the first Intifada? Thanks.

b397ac  No.12740812

File: b723d3100687031⋯.png (1.59 MB, 990x2100, 33:70, 1473081974423.png)

File: bd280f3398f24a5⋯.png (222.29 KB, 372x480, 31:40, 1525669757464.png)

Hey /pol/, I know what national socialism is all about and what it means, but why did hitler or the nsdap stuck with the name natsoc, why not national volkism? Which is what the ideology is about anyway.

b397ac  No.12740839


Cuckchan is a christcuck board though.

So um….

Is this pilpul?

b397ac  No.12740961


To rebuild germany and than go a different route, hitler did say he didn't want another furher to follow his footsteps.

9a3046  No.12741004


>keeps doing the same jewish spam

06a6d4  No.12741067


Stupid question, but whatever. A nation itself is of a folk. Also, it would be spelled national folkism in English.

c5b3b4  No.12741109


Remember Kinism from the early 00s?

611821  No.12741112

Hello, /pol/. Recently I did some history research and discovered that some of the most powerful characters in the Gestapo are kikes. Why is it the case?

b8d656  No.12741465

File: 0a6731167e4e3b3⋯.png (198.11 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3771ae5e639f0af⋯.png (377.07 KB, 460x460, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

What happened to the thread linking the NPC meme with the (((National Press Club)))?

Their website: www.press.org

63b03a  No.12741530

Have any anons followed the case of (((Barry Sherman))) and have formed an idea who whacked him? Lots of potential suspects from decades of (((activity))), but does anyone have a solid idea?



c55758  No.12741695

File: 41c17794d019ffb⋯.jpg (70.76 KB, 1024x903, 1024:903, 1544589523127.jpg)


No, but I remember the police kept saying they had promising leads or suspects the whole time. They were hung from a banister by belts right?

000000  No.12741878

how do I join the attomwaffen division?

c9a20c  No.12741891


Well one of two ways. You can take the long way and join the feds, or the fast way and keep posting on the interwebs about your desire to do so.

78d609  No.12742644

We need an European pol, cannot take these Amerimutt mongrel invasion anymore with their cuckchan tier posts, someone do something

8112f7  No.12742687


Just meme on them, kampfy isn't here to censor anti American discussion anymore

8c4590  No.12742925

post hitler speeches, particularly the one that ends with him saying "and never tire, and never slacken, and never give up", i'm having a wonderful day

4498e5  No.12742960

File: 25b7ea4483b43f6⋯.jpg (12.35 KB, 182x268, 91:134, MV5BMTU4Mzk4Njc3OV5BMl5Ban….jpg)

can someone confirm the veracity of this documentary or suggest a better one on the subject?

226397  No.12743032


It is good and a must match if you're new here. I recommend Europa: The Last Battle too, it's more broad.

78d609  No.12743695

Where are the autopsies of the holohoax corpses?

I want to use it as evidence against the holohoax

170a87  No.12743746

bring out the zoom:

those who are in contact with those of lesser lvl, what could you say about their memetic capacity? I understand their are not quite of the ripe age to meme BIG, but still what's lively among them? how does one approach the zoom?

78d609  No.12743786

Are there such women out there that are aware of the JQ which are intelligent and beautiful and are of white european blood (not an amerimutt) that do not whore themselves and have christian values of morality? I find it impossible to fathom that such individual that i described could exist, when I was in college absoulety every single girl was a whore or dressed like a whore that would use emotion as their main judgment factor

cb6285  No.12743835





78d609  No.12744047


Your retarded low IQ resonates throughout this whole image board you autistic mongrel amerimutt nigger, go back into captivity before I hunt you down like the wild pig you are you disgusting abomination

b397ac  No.12744206


Why does that make him a jewish shill?

b397ac  No.12744208




d3c0ea  No.12744253

File: e1e18f6f695d584⋯.png (51.37 KB, 715x888, 715:888, 85iq.png)

Is fentanyl as bad as they make it out to be? It seems odd that they always list it by the amount it will kill instead of unit weight. Is it some scare tactic with new drug to describe it as such? No one is afraid or cares about cocaine, meth, oxy, molly, etc. Is this some push for fear tactics and funding since the war on drugs slowed?

Examples - US border patrol seized enough fentanyl to "kill 57 million people" and they even go to lengths to compare it to how many states would be wiped out completely by it. Canada had a terror suspect with enough fentanyl to wipe out millions of people and it was described as such instead of unit weight.

Am I missing something? Is this some deep state push for more funding to fight a designer drug they created and using scare tactics on population for what is just another drug addicts are overdosing and getting fix on?

73a078  No.12744322


if there is no proof, just deny it and act like he is crazy for misinterpreting what you said. Make a plausible explanation of something that you said and just stand firm that the conversation was in his imagination. Jews are pros at this kind of gas lighting and it works.

73a078  No.12744326


I figure it is to make street drugs seem dangerous as a way to promote legalization so kiked big Pharma can sell opioids out of doctors offices legally.

b0c406  No.12744651


It honestly makes me laugh how they keep talking about "oppression" as if ZOG isn't playing by their beliefs. I see them as nothing but faux revolters who want to replace Zionist control with Marxist control in the US, even though it doesn't really make a difference, as the Soviet Union and every other commie nations today other than maybe North Korea opted for state capitalism. Marxism is Zionism for Turd World shitskins who feel entitled enough that the White man should give them infinite gibs while the White man becomes extinct for their enjoyment. Thye don't seem to know capitalism is keeping their ideology alive. Also yes, the Western flavor of Marxism has nothing to do with Soviet communism. It's just an upper class ideology in favor of feminism, open borders, and other degeneracies, and in which it pretends to love the working class. It's liberalism claiming to hate liberalism. So far, certain shitskins love it.

0fc746  No.12744788

Why did TPG in Australia blocked archive.fo but not this website?

859562  No.12744808


Dude, are you me?

859562  No.12744811


Thanks, I'll keep that in mind

76515d  No.12744974


Support for open borders and globalism in general contradicts the whole point of (((marxist))) belief, and yet at the same time maybe it doesn't, who knows. However, it is true that the soviets advocated some old form of civic nationalism, meaning they could have been the prerequisites of modern day cuckservatives nowadays. Like you said, they had no love for homosex, or believed in wymyn power>m*n power. And certainly they had no love for (((globalism))). They did use Western marxists as puppets in universities to brainwash everybody that (((globalism))) and (((multiculturalism))) was "good". These are the true colors of the soviets of old, they didn't want degeneracy for themselves but they gladly made the west embrace it as if the former loved it, too. It's typical Jewish divide and conquer. This is why I get the feeling that marxism in non-western countries are different than in the ones that are.

992f9d  No.12745505

Anyone have more information on who did this?


In the corner of page 14 and 88 it says "Legiunea Română Echipa Memetică," but I don't find anything if I search for it.

The reason I'm interested is because the typesetting is shit and makes is nigh unreadable, and I would like to help with fixing it.

b8fea1  No.12745714

File: 9f06465f24f0495⋯.png (251.71 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 9f06465f24f0495b200cd2a4df….png)

You know how sugar is in everything? Nobody complains about sex being in everything. Sugar makes you fat but sex propaganda turns you into a literal untermensch.

Don't get me wrong, sex is great and it's a wonderful thing to do with your long term monogamous partner, but that's not what the kikes are pushing.

I'm repulsed every time some perveted sex thing is rammed in my face just when i pass by a normie's television screen or if I'm out shopping and i hear or see some advertisement with whores moaning and shit. Welcome to Weimar World. They want us all hypergamous and jacking off 24/7 draining us of our vitality. They want us screwing around and cheating to destroy families and prevent healthy childrearing. Reject this poison.

87c890  No.12745864


Can anyone guarantee anything in WW2 actually happened? Anyone bothering/allowed to collecting information about the subject might as well be a party interested in distorting the facts

2d88f2  No.12745880

Stupid question but isn't there options to change the background theme like on 4chan to put a "Tomorrow" night theme ?

8f911d  No.12745941


At the top right there's [Options] and there [Theme].

2d88f2  No.12746007


Thank you, I wasn't finding it in my main internet browser, I must have removed it with Ublock…

Thank you.

73321c  No.12746031

Does anyone know the name of that "faulty/broken" weather/climate/temperature measuring device in I believe Alaska? That gave more accurate predictions about the climate than any from a "respected" researcher?

bd4664  No.12746099

How do you delete a post on /pol/? They must have moved the button somewhere.

bd4664  No.12746244


Well shit what if someone posts the wrong image?

179e54  No.12746294


>Ever since that night she acts like our whole relationship has been shit saying i say mean things about her and don't compliment her

deep in her mind she knows she fucked up the relationship. She doesn't want to admit her mistakes tho

>t. I know your situation

Her coworker will drop her sooner or later and she will suffer from great depression when she sees you succeeding in in life.

d3c0ea  No.12747096

File: 798b31ecb88abca⋯.jpg (115.38 KB, 704x916, 176:229, ww2BritARPhitlerPeace.jpg)



http://hitlerspeaceplans.com/ sources a lot of quotes on peace plans and articles and speeches on poland-germany and danzig.

d335fd  No.12747165

File: 29f6cc76e81940a⋯.pdf (604.02 KB, What the World Rejected - ….pdf)


Not all but still: What the World Rejected - Hitler's Peace Offers 1933-1939 by Friedrich Stieve

Shilling for a copy https://ostarapublications.com/product/what-the-world-rejected-hitlers-peace-offers-1933-1940/

78d609  No.12747314

File: 3a7fe98639a39e8⋯.jpg (23.53 KB, 320x265, 64:53, 1494750813313.jpg)

Why is this system so fucked? I thought if I lived in the West i would get a job easily, I'm in college and I can't even get a shitty job like a cleaner or a kitchen porter or a bus boy, I think that I've applied for over 100 jobs over the last 6 months, one of the most ridiculous things was when I received a email reply that I wasn't selected for an interview because I didn't have as much experience as the other candidates, the thing was that I applied for a storage associate position, and the job description was putting boxes in storage and cleaning the floor after hours, wtff why do you need experience for that???!!! We need NATIONAL SOCIALISM ASAP!!!!

694adc  No.12747339


Welcome to the NatSoc club, newnormalfaggot. Just make sure you don't turn into a degenerate Plebbit SJW commie who is more concerned about "minority rights", literal faggotry, and feminism than the working class as a whole.

b8fea1  No.12747358


My doctors office "just ordered further specialty testing for hiv." What should i do if my cheating whore ex gf gave me hiv? Anons?

78d609  No.12747360


Well I knew about the LOLcaust for years and jews but never knew how fucked the system actually was, I'm joining a fascist party asap, fuck these niggers and their affirmative action

332a78  No.12747558


ponies are faggots

332a78  No.12747574


fucking commie bastard

332a78  No.12747611


Classic eurofag tier post. How about your fucking shithole countries try electing someone intelligent for a change. You let dirty immigrants invade your dumbass countries as if they're better from where they came. Hang yourself

78d609  No.12747615


Because we don't accept paedophiles

acd02c  No.12747622

Requesting an info dump on true native Americans being white proto Europeans.

acd02c  No.12747888


Thanks man

b397ac  No.12748207


Welcome to 8/pol/ where we can discuss natsoc and how hitler tactics were, webm's to see his speeches, if you want to banter and fight in the front lines and spreading your influence you can go to 4cucks since that is all that faggot site is good for.

381be0  No.12748355

File: 2aa6e8db77dda80⋯.png (93.05 KB, 625x619, 625:619, 2aa6e8db77dda80b7cd34def82….png)




The absolute state of this place. Where brain cells go to die.

181b84  No.12748652


>Where brain cells go to die.

fullchan's Christ-like necromancer: raising the dead brain cells to build a necro cognition of a distributed natural neural network for processing and implementing the right wing memetic singularity.

78d609  No.12748801

How many days after semen retention do you notice a difference in the depth of your voice?

0bc08d  No.12748931

File: 217f3764260ef89⋯.jpg (533.52 KB, 2363x3150, 2363:3150, 68d282fab73262258a183f6ad9….jpg)


Come on, there's got to be a right wing e-celeb who thought of this piss-easy video idea.

284817  No.12749253

File: c4b931518c44b3d⋯.png (816.45 KB, 1568x1080, 196:135, PicsArt_02-01-09.03.19.png)

Redpill me on:




889eeb  No.12749334

More Rothschilds material:





Rothschild Money Trust by George Armstrong (1940)





More Bilderberg material:


47dbce  No.12749377

My father is a Mason and he has been hinting at me to see if I'm interested in becoming one. Is it worth it to join for the sake of leaking their secrets?

859562  No.12749432

Requesting any articles about:

>Frank Salter

>why multiculturalism is bad

e9ae1d  No.12749539

Where to find Hitler speeches close-captioned in German? For educational purposes.

78d609  No.12749991

File: 78a688dba542c76⋯.jpg (950.29 KB, 1440x2476, 360:619, 20190202_205749.jpg)

Thought it was a joke when I first heard of this, turns out it's not, as if having a nigger in the royal family wasn't bad enough, then the niggeress visits with her cuck a place to write messages on bananas that they are loved to prostitutes, if I were British I'd kill myself by now, you idiots are fucked, I'm not seeing any riots from the ethnic brits that are guided towards the fighting for the existence of their people, RIP UK

56b97a  No.12750092


Motherfucker the UK's been RIP for like a century now. The englishman is a natural born cuckold, there's nothing around that fact.

78d609  No.12750104


Actually for the last 500 years when they let the Jews into the UK again during the cromwellian time, it's hilarious at how pathetic the brits are

96b9e2  No.12750150


Its not so cut and dry when it comes to the men https://www.bitchute.com/video/kvHO0Pz8pxFN/

e9c44a  No.12750159

File: 5516d1aac6d6a25⋯.jpg (25.11 KB, 400x400, 1:1, dc567y2-c5236632-994d-471b….jpg)

Did anyone make any FOIA requests on CIA?

How much did you have to pay and what do you think I would have to pay for NIEs of my country?

96b9e2  No.12750190

File: 558241efa44edd9⋯.pdf (15.98 MB, SS Book - Freemasonry- Ide….pdf)



You mean distractions to be kept as a busy servant?

816945  No.12750302

File: 0cee6b36f519461⋯.jpg (3.52 MB, 1200x9600, 1:8, Plantation1.jpg)

File: f98225973aa9d1a⋯.jpg (2.41 MB, 996x9960, 1:10, Plantation2.jpg)

File: 2400e25d5b63004⋯.jpg (3.26 MB, 996x9960, 1:10, Plantation3.jpg)

I found something you guys would like on 4chan's /trash/ board.

Please enjoy it.

(I know this isn't a "question", but it definitely doesn't deserve its own thread)

22315c  No.12750527

If hypothetically someone wanted to kill a leftist grandmother who was splitting their family apart how could that someone go about it and make it look like an accident?

Asking for research purposes.

e9c44a  No.12750565


look into poison that leaves no traces

e9c44a  No.12750586



just don't use google

342fc3  No.12750596



It's just for research anyway.

1d8e40  No.12750719

File: 037c6b77f95812e⋯.jpg (23.51 KB, 301x367, 301:367, spooked.jpg)

I have to get some shit off my chest lads. I have had multiple red flags go off about my mother. I suspect that she either has BPD or is a covert narcissist but I need to confirm with y'all to make sure I'm not fucked up for assuming the worst in her. When I was 15 I remember confessing to her about how I struggled with quitting pornography and how I felt ashamed for doing so and that I wanted to quit. Instead of saying the usual shit that Christian parents usually do like

>oh don't worry son, everybody sins and Jesus' love can cure all

Nope, none of that stuff. How does she respond?

>Oh don't worry son. Did you know that I had an abortion? He was supposed to be your older brother? Would you like to know what his name was supposed to be? I would have named him Michael. But it's ok because I asked the Lord for forgiveness and he forgave me.

The whole conversation was so surreal I thought that I had made it up, like some kind of fugue state. I even remember overhearing a phone conversation she was having with a friend of hers about a year ago:

>Some people just don't know how to be tough nowadays. I mean I had an abortion for Christ sakes, you don't see me curled up in a ball all day crying about it!!!

She has henpecked my father constantly for as long as I can remember (I'm 25), and she would physically attack him (shoving her hand over his mouth when she was didn't want to hear him speak). Whenever I accomplished anything and felt like we needed to celebrate she would remind me that the celebration wasn't just about "me," and that the reason why I got far in anything was because of "her" encouragement. She revealed to me that she used to work as a bartender in a strip club. My father just stood there saying:

>Oh yeah! Your mother used to roll like that yo! Sometimes I would even drive her to work and drop her off, ahh good times!!!

>*soyface intensifies*

>tfw he is completely serious

Now if none of that is enough to convince even the most prudent skeptic that something is up, this shit takes the cake (happened about 2 years ago):

>be me

>lying fast asleep

>no dreams tonight

>suddenly feel a bone harrowing chill

>no windows are open

>it's the middle of fucking summer

>I feel something moving on my bed behind me

>A hand starts touching my back

>I wake up and turn around as fast as I could

>my mother rushes into my room to ask what the hell just happened

>I see my brother on the other side of the room knocked out of his bed, staring at me terrified


>Everyone in the house says I let out a bloodcurdling scream

>My mother says "Remember that I told you demons are real?"

>she walks away

>I asked my brother what happened to him

>he says that he saw a shadowman in a dream

>tfw he said it felt like a hand grabbed him and threw him off of his bed and that my scream apparently woke him up

>tfw I told him I also felt a hand grab me

I'm currently between jobs so I can't spill my spaghetti before I jump ship. At this point I'm considering taking any job so long as I can get as far away from this situation as possible. I can't talk to my brothers about this because they would think I'm crazy, or worse, they already know this shit and still love her just the same. I believe family comes first, but this shit is fucking insane. Wat do?

2f71b7  No.12750729


I have no good advice except to take it slow. Get in a better headspace before doing anything. Mothers usually respond well to firm but constructive (gentle ) will

2f71b7  No.12750748


fuck off degenerate

a03c82  No.12751168


>how do I join the attomwaffen division?

You don't join the Atomwaffen division.

The Atomwaffen Division joins you.

a03c82  No.12751283



426809  No.12751614


"white nationalism" in a nutshell lol

859562  No.12751668

I’ve always wondered this: Did Hitler or any other NatSoc in Germany ever talk about the role the Zionists played in ww1? Did they ever mention that they got America involved in the war?

fdf028  No.12751787





Does anyone know how I might be identified from a poster I put up?

Fingerprints, yellow dots, cameras, how about this qr code I made on a website? Can any of this be traced back to me? I'm not posting on TOR, so I guess thats out

3020d4  No.12751883

File: 4ddc667c8a5ef60⋯.png (328.95 KB, 536x982, 268:491, 1548194602728.png)

what's a good movie to watch that isn't pozzed to the shithouse?

I haven't watched a decent movie in ages. Any recommendations?

5cb8db  No.12751892

Need an uncensored/unkiked version of Mein Kampf/other reading materials.

eb5e96  No.12751998

File: 79107d47d85bb35⋯.pdf (3.08 MB, The International Jew - He….pdf)

File: aa7bf169ffe3fc5⋯.pdf (5.29 MB, The Racial Elements of Eur….pdf)

File: 86ca6262651aa18⋯.pdf (1.76 MB, Adolf Hitler, Ralph Manhei….pdf)

File: ed518f8c8217b1b⋯.pdf (639.89 KB, Gottfried Feder - Manifest….pdf)

File: 225ba234bfe8d71⋯.pdf (1.4 MB, Savitri Devi - Defiance_ T….pdf)


Also check out the books thread (search the catalog)

d4b8ac  No.12752090


Something like that IIRC. Fishy. Police and (((family))) have had parallel investigations for a year now, no arrests. (((Family))) offering reward.

485333  No.12752429

File: 0d95f4bd37c5d0a⋯.gif (4.73 KB, 300x150, 2:1, kosher.union.gif)


Has pol ever researched the kosher tax. Who it goes to, how much a business pays, if it builds colonies in is real. Just asking for a friend.

005ebf  No.12752479

File: f9a2cd0e315e22d⋯.webm (6.73 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Kosher_Tax.webm)


We have extensively researched it. it was one of the primary arguments of Georgre Lincoln Rockwell as well, look up his comentary. Here's a webm.

e9c44a  No.12752492

File: 038678bfb7bdee1⋯.jpg (210.51 KB, 850x1100, 17:22, 038678bfb7bdee13ccb05e7529….jpg)

48585e  No.12752572

File: 59543b146d36e57⋯.jpg (2.35 MB, 4128x2322, 16:9, 1517102600312.jpg)


This is interesting.

I have a pretty good hunch that one thing Peterson is guilty about, besides being a satanic UN pedophile, is that he sacrificed his daughter to the vaccine industry. This is why she so badly suffers from autoimmunity.

It drives me crazy that nobody else picks up on this. Part of Peterson's job, aside from killing God and getting everyone to take psychedelics and be part of his cult, is to NORMALIZE AUTOIMMUNE DISORDERS. This is the whole thing about he and his daughter's crazy diet (imagine those meat farts). What tipped me off is the fact that she was the first kid ever in Canada to receive a specific autoimmunity drug treatment. I forget the name of the drug, but she mentions it in her first JRE interview.

Because we're under assault with vaccines, one of the most common side effects will be the mass miswiring of everyone's immune system, and resulting autoimmune disorders of various flavors. We are supposed to accept this as part of the "misery of life" Peterson so enjoys explicating.

We are supposed to take our vaccines, take our pills, and clean our rooms like good goy so that when the 5G gets turned up nobody will be able to even tie their shoes, let alone take back their communities from the foreign invaders.

Pic not related….but i found this outside my local library here in Rochester, MN. I have determined a pedophile ring is actively utilizing our public library to network. The library is also UN and Shriner-connected. Will make a thread about this subject later today.

9182c7  No.12752608

File: 5fddab1c9bb370f⋯.gif (88.43 KB, 240x138, 40:23, UnderstatedTalkativeHammer….gif)


Hmm, you are onto something…

He also takes some antidepressant shit

ed0404  No.12752624

File: 4066811e1a3c53f⋯.jpg (183.8 KB, 443x1640, 443:1640, 182451F052001_1.jpg)

Does anyone have the email where the clinton campaign says cuckchan is lost and the best attack vector is to post anti semetic pepes?

485333  No.12752723

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Is real sniper gets sniped

78d609  No.12752843

What is the relation between Satanism and Judaism, why are all elites either jews or secret occult Satanists? What do the two things have in common?

09f81f  No.12752851

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This is pretty good.

09f81f  No.12752859


They aren't "secret occult Satanists". They're freemasons, and freemasonry is judiasm for gentiles.

611821  No.12752862

Does "shitskin" include asian, indian, latino or arabian?

2ef1be  No.12752929


yes to all but asian

ac858f  No.12752931


Indian and arabian no.

Arabs are sand niggers

ac858f  No.12752933

Will the KKK be the only hope for the USA?

ac858f  No.12752989


>democrat psy-op

Everything said negatively about the KKK made me want to join it. I don't get how it's a psyop, or used by the FBI

1a7d17  No.12753218


>Everything said negatively about the KKK made me want to join it.

Well, you might be stupid and naive.

5d0fa0  No.12753401

File: 04da8381c47fcdf⋯.png (22.73 KB, 571x516, 571:516, 04da8381c47fcdf133b3a43559….png)

How to convince somebodya lost soul who is unknowingly being like reddit that they are being like reddit? Would one confront them on it at all or just let them be reddit forever? They already feel reddit is cancer despite internalising it.

4055ac  No.12753431



a97b91  No.12753453


I feel like this every time I look at /pol/. Unfortunately there's nothing you can do.

5d0fa0  No.12753489

File: 1fd46744d0e7897⋯.png (455.56 KB, 1000x1413, 1000:1413, brainparasite.png)

ac858f  No.12753554


>gives a gay jpg instead of explaining it to me


>calls me stupid and naive instead of explaining it to me

Is the KKK a taboo topic? Is it the equivalent to voldemort? Fuck no, so then give me a proper explanation instead of dumping me with "you're a shill nigger kike faggot"

78d609  No.12753697


why do they embrace anti christian ways of thinking then?

000000  No.12753719

What is the hierarchy between jews?

I mean jews successfully divided whites between classes, what is their model in hierarchy?

000000  No.12753773

also how do kikes react when they are sold by their leaders

will they stay calm or get angry?

do they prefer themselves or the group

if anyone has read about this or knows real life incidents

ac858f  No.12753806

Someone just redpill me on the KKK

78d609  No.12753808

What have you done in the effort of defeating the jew?

2ef1be  No.12753814


you first mr federal agent

78d609  No.12753817


They see themselves as a united vessel, whites don't have classes, that's just a jewish invention to dive us whites

000000  No.12753938


Not talking about modern situation

But I am quite sure there have been moments historically when they had to do so.


Whites may not have today so strict classes, but we had very strict classes about 100 years ago

I think that it was the selfish leading class and businessmen selling us out for shekels. I see that they became detached from their nation and eventually saw us as nothing but tools, that is also one of the reasons why the French revolution took place

Anyways, all the leaders today are jew-controlled

So in fact our leading class is nowadays is the jews

So as a united vessel? Just like this place here?

78d609  No.12754001

File: 42e105e64393f51⋯.jpg (86.86 KB, 1036x681, 1036:681, npkafm49mb411.jpg)

Do jews worship satan, because I can't possibly see any other relationship between kikes and their masons, skull and bones club, who do demonic rituals like the one of the opening in Switzerland tunnel and the bohemian grove and in other secret locations, I don't understand the relationship between these two evils, can someone give me some detail info and source on the relationship, I'm going to start reading the unkiked version of the bible in order to understand the true nature of the jews, but I need something that focuses on the synagogue of satan and their brain dead goy slaves like Obama in this image

aaf80f  No.12754068


>Do jews worship satan

It's more a volcano demon, really

78d609  No.12754334


I'm sorry but you'll have to explain what you're trying to say

67e1e4  No.12754708

File: 789604f166530cb⋯.jpg (296.66 KB, 1134x2245, 1134:2245, CanadianSuperAIDS.jpg)

See pic.

784e77  No.12754847

Has anyone else been avoiding reading /pol/ because everything is just too demoralizing? Look at any thread, it's just loss after loss in a way that I can't express to anyone without being ostracized. I'm surrounded by spics and niggers until I save up enough money to leave california and being reminded of that fact every day is demotivating. I like that this thread is a cyclical now but 750 posts just rapes my browser

3c0828  No.12754912

Requesting that emperor pu yi video that a fellow Anon posted on a thread about China.

It was pretty well researched and over a hour long by a woman.

257337  No.12755850

When leftists and commies like those retards at Rage Against The Machine say they are anti-war and call anyone who supported ZOG's Iraq war a "fascist", do they even though what fascism is? Are they just this one-sided when it came to WWII as if it was a victory when it in reality it resulted in even more Zionist Jewish power? Wouldn't they hate that?

Any actual NatSoc and fascist in /pol/ would have politely agreed with them on the anti-ZOG war part but this is always a defining trait of leftists. They know fuck all about their enemies, they just call them names because it makes them feel smart. Their anti-war sentiments are all for naught when you think about it. They keep blaming Whites for it.

000000  No.12756109

What does /pol/ think of dialacina and other popular "gaming journalist" like her?


32bac6  No.12756142

Does anyone know which is the most common blood type for niggers and which is for Europeans?

I remember seeing a banner about nigs needing donations from their peers because they couldnt get white men's blood transfusions.

32bac6  No.12756162


Never mind, found this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood_type_distribution_by_country

a89d8e  No.12756786


fuck without condom as many non whites as possible

(infecting a jew gives double points)

c9a20c  No.12756824


This. Spread the love to those most deserving. Then maybe kill your ex on xbox live.

de765b  No.12756855

Is the Daily Stormer down for anyone else?

4498e5  No.12756874

File: 14cc1e7052cc638⋯.jpg (106.77 KB, 1008x717, 336:239, chart.jpg)

How much power is enough? How much time is left before the jews rule the world?

0fc746  No.12756941

Do you know any militaristic right wing movie with the nuclear winter elements in it?

485333  No.12757240

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

On a roll

2657da  No.12757450


Yep. Couldn't get to it through the tor gateway either.

c94cd8  No.12757576

File: 89bc9e92991b0f6⋯.gif (1.72 MB, 302x339, 302:339, nope, I'm writing you down.gif)




c94cd8  No.12757596


So, Drudge isn't updating and 4chan and The Daily Stormer are down?

I'm having a bad day

32bac6  No.12757602


>seeing the difference within the five species of humanity between Rh+ and Rh- incidence

Mind to elaborate more?

78d609  No.12757658


You're stupid af

2ef1be  No.12757773


least I don't use nigger speak like "af"

78d609  No.12758374


You're either a nigger, or a handicap, there's no fbi here, this isn't your Hollywood movies you baffon, go back to watching Netflix you brain washed westerner degenerate faggot

99860b  No.12758492


Dats rayciss!

99860b  No.12758588


Bix nood,muhfugga.


b91763  No.12759218

I have no friends, what do

b91763  No.12759335


Knew I could count on you, fbi

b91763  No.12759337


Fuck I’m retarded

4b3ae2  No.12759608


>Is the Daily Stormer down for anyone else?

Yes. There was a slight delay in the CIA black budget funding this month.

4b3ae2  No.12759612


>Someone just redpill me on the KKK

Founded by Confederate Army spooks and full of Jews. Modern version is a CIA psych warfare op.

4b3ae2  No.12759622


>Does anyone know how I might be identified from a poster I put up?

Printer steganography. That's why CIA and Special Ops contractors (who comprise at least 50% of /pol/ posters) are constantly trying to get you guys to print out and post flyers in your local geographic area. They're trying to identify you using printer steganography.


37d031  No.12759702

Any evidence that vaccines are actually harmful?

a354cb  No.12759859

File: 46350e355b312c5⋯.png (262.05 KB, 433x433, 1:1, 98a262566630a36571efd813d3….png)

Adolf should have sported a handlebar moustache. You know its true.

4ef3b5  No.12759883


> there's no fbi here

End your life, Agent Dickfuck

4498e5  No.12759915

(request) I saw this npc meme two months ago on this board but i didn't paid much attention and didn't read it. I remember there was a npc maga hat and a NatSoc on the other panel. Mind to post it?

1d8e40  No.12759955

File: f1db6526b6d0a59⋯.gif (186.44 KB, 678x422, 339:211, ttxmHta.gif)


QTDDTOT, /SIG/, and Druid/pol/ are the most important threads on the board tbh. I'll drop in for advice on how to own my shit better, and give advice to help others too. I know that feel as well anon, I'm in between jobs at the moment and saving up to leave Jew Jersey and move to the Pacific Northwest. All /pol/acks who want to stay in the US when SHTF should do the same. God speed.

5f663a  No.12759972

File: 92895fbb625672a⋯.png (125.34 KB, 733x464, 733:464, 928.png)


these are arguably the dumbest threads on the board.

QTDDTOT - nothing comes of it or it's just weird fringe conspiracy theories

SIG - Actually not too bad but it's not really controversial change your life advice. just the basics clean your room brush your teeth deal.

Druid pol - none of this shit makes sense and it's just weird, creep posting.

you're another one of those useless anons.

the only threads that are worth shit are news and political ones where we discuss the current event. between the jannies, shills and morons here on the verge of a mental breakdown, this place has lost 99% of it's substance since it was first created.

92d12d  No.12759976


Nice family portrait, mundie

4ef3b5  No.12760072


>cuckchan image


Why are you even here? Go back.

000000  No.12760106





















b34d42  No.12760200


Alright, in times like these you have to reflect on your life and ask yourself "What if my grandfather/grandmother saw me post this?" What would they think? Are you proud of yourself? Will you continue to live in misery?

22c874  No.12760256


So any decent meme not from TRS is "cuckchan" now. Got it.

4ef3b5  No.12760304


Oh and you're a phoneposter too. That's cute.

22c874  No.12760329

File: 4b13bc5cca96cea⋯.jpg (6.77 KB, 200x169, 200:169, 2f7.jpg)


What makes you think that?

2ef1be  No.12760677

is that thread with all the links about the negative effects of multiculturalism still up or is there an archive?

2ef1be  No.12760680


>not really controversial change your life advice

wrong. they have plenty of controversial food advise

528708  No.12761393


I'd be proud of this, not like you shy, shameful, self-hating cuck

de5522  No.12761831

It seems to me that Jews are pushing hard for non-jews to get cut.

Anyone can explain why ?

Do they get some religious brownie points for making non-jews circumcise ?

1fe868  No.12761848

File: 0e6fed22ca9fac8⋯.jpg (14.48 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 930026d9ba4b475b0125d3c614….jpg)

Can someone please post links to channels on Youtube or other video sharing website with a good number of properly archived and subtitled Hitler speeches? It has been hard finding them, Youtube has nuked pretty much all Hitler speeches from the search results, you only get links to mainstream media propaganda. Thanks.

1d8e40  No.12761903

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>QTDDTOT threads lead nowhere

They are not for "leads", they are for giving anons the answer for their question that didn't deserve its own thread

>/SIG/ isn't bad, it's just not controversial enough

The idea that Men, especially White Men, should do the things that help them become the best possible version of themselves is the very height of controversy in modren society.

>Druid/pol/ is weird and creepy

My auspicious dubs say otherwise.

089ddd  No.12761915

So right now the electoral college fragments and nullifies the power of the white vote because shitskin sjw states render you and I completely invisible with first past the post voting.

In order for us to exercise the power of our majority and take our nation back, do you think we need to eliminate the electoral college and use the popular vote to get pro-white candidates into office?

3007aa  No.12761920


>oy vey goyim you know what would be great

>doing what jews want

>ha ha that will totally help you

You're not even fucking trying.

3007aa  No.12761923


How is this a question you need to ask? If your subversion of a country can be discovered simply by telling all the men to drop their pants, it's not good subversion.

089ddd  No.12761944


Ok schlomo if you actually want to derail our self determination, why would you do away with the system that has got you unlimited aipac dick sucking by our entire government for the last 70 years?

You know concentration camps would win a popular referendum

695542  No.12761962


I am not talking about subversion of a country.

I simply asked if there is/could be a religious reason for it.

3007aa  No.12761995


>religious reason

For jews: because moloch says so

For goyim: because they're literally cattle and are being branded







089ddd  No.12762004


This was a fatal mistake that is already too late to fix. Now there is 100 million goyim who look like you below the waist, and they can be anywhere; at your job, in your synagogue, running your aipac meetings, inbreeding and forced circumcision was your greatest mistake.

we as fellow jews don't like the racism you show against our african brothers, they deserve a home in israel just like every other descendent of abraham

089ddd  No.12762040


Rabbi is the game of the day reverse psychology? You wouldn't be posting this if you didnt fear the very real possibility 200 million whites would all vote to put your lying ass in the oven

089ddd  No.12762087


We dont have to do anything. The retarded left is once again doing all our work for us. 3 years later theyre still butthurt that they didnt use enough illegal beaners for hillary to win so now they want to remove our power limiters so we can successfully vote to:

cut federal aid to israel

ban niggers and kikes from owning guns and getting welfare

build the gas chambers

5393c6  No.12762136

File: 5b3f81613311710⋯.jpg (58.11 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Black Hebrew Israelite 1.jpg)


>we as fellow jews don't like the racism you show against our african brothers, they deserve a home in israel just like every other descendent of abraham

e43832  No.12762191

Given the recent Northam debacle I think it would be prudent to seek out other non-pc acts by WHITE DEMOCRATS and sick the SJW horde on them. The goal would be to racially divide the parties.

Any interest?

78d609  No.12762233

Need some redpill memes on the niggers and kikes, something funny that will also get someone redpilled on the kikes and also nigger degeneracy

78d609  No.12762282

Is there anyway of making money if you can't find a job??? I'm sick of this kike rigged system, there needs to be a legal way of making money, no one hires these days no matter how many times you apply, please I need some money even if it's 10 bucks a day

0bc9ff  No.12762306

Who is the Ernst Zundel of our generation?

458a1e  No.12762316


1.) Post redpills around church

2.) go into church and loudly ask god how else can you do his work

3.) ask for alms

Congratulations you are now an elite preacher


aa9b86  No.12764066

File: 3cfb6b85b383294⋯.jpg (265.58 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Richard Spencer free speec….jpg)

Can someone please, logically, hammer down what exactly Spencer, Enoch and all that shit were actually doing that was controlled opposition? What exactly were they controlling against, and how were they doing it? And given all the leaks on the alphabet agencies, why don't we have a papertrail for this?

5e2f0d  No.12764240


They actually got off the internet and tried to do something instead of bitching about the world and doing nothing.

Oh, and they didn’t wave around third Reich flags like retards and weren’t explicitly national socialist.

458a1e  No.12764315


Why would the jews want to broadcast their control of our political movements and intelligence agencies

3007aa  No.12764513


>giving a fuck about ✡cuckchan✡

>giving a fuck about ✡drudge✡

>giving a fuck about ✡storm✡

Leave forever.

3007aa  No.12764516


>support ✡democracy✡ goyim

Okay, fucking reported. You're not even trying.

984bd2  No.12764572

File: 7420384ecbe7d9b⋯.png (41.96 KB, 235x215, 47:43, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ceff68b03e6b3e4⋯.png (70.37 KB, 756x539, 108:77, ClipboardImage.png)

How do you plot the rise and fall of a company that doesn't publicly trade stock like Patreon?

I'd like to keep a pulse on patreon to see how dead it's going to be after a few new policies kick in.

15de86  No.12764708

File: 435281ce5e9ac7d⋯.jpg (41.48 KB, 720x405, 16:9, 32119056ba9ee548ab08467481….jpg)


You would think taking a 5% cut of a billion dollars for doing little more than keeping a web-server running and occasionally bowing down to credit card processors would be a cash cow. But…


They have taken over $100 million from investors who are hungry to see a return. Last funding round (Sep 14, 2017) gave it an evaluation around $550 million. These investors want to see a 10x ROI over the next ten years or so. They certainly got seats on the board as part of the investments, and management is going to try their damnedest to appease them.

I'm certan at least some of the investors are livid about the backlash from banning that english civnat faggot.

Essentially we have to wait till either they raise more funding or some of the investors sell stocks on a private market to see a more current valuation. It's just not possible to track this shit day to day.

15de86  No.12764713


If your serious you can go be a pajeet tier worker at amazon mechanical turk.


984bd2  No.12764775


Thanks, but you replied to the wrong post.

dd0558  No.12764905


Don't forget the toronto protocols goy

dd0558  No.12764917


Consider Drop Shopping, or affiliate marketing.

984bd2  No.12765024


>please I need some money even if it's 10 bucks a day

I guess Fiver's a start or some sort of freelancing off of skills you can learn yourself learn to code

c9a20c  No.12766071


I'll give you my secret money maker Anon. Go to storage facilities and offer to clean their gutters. Research prices in your area but it's generally several dollars a foot. You'd be surprised how much companies pay for this service. You can bring home upwards of $1000 in a day.

900f8d  No.12766731

Anyone has the third reich book on gymnastics and athletics? Its a small miracle it survived and there were some posts about it half a year ago. I forgot the name. Anyone remembers? It was only in english.

3007aa  No.12766763


I actually happen to have it. It's in German (why would it be in English?).


900f8d  No.12766773


sorry, my brainfart. I just woke up after a nap. I wanted to say it was only in german, not in english.

900f8d  No.12766777


Its exactly what i need man, thanks a lot.

dd4361  No.12767175


I doubt they'll hire a young looking guy who doesn't know what he's doing or with any background in that type of stuff

dd4361  No.12767202

What is the best way to make money if you know coding, I know java, JavaScript, html, CSS, want to work independently

c9a20c  No.12767863


Sure they will. They hired me. Just research beforehand(price/foot, downspouts, etc), and act confident and knowledgeable when you go seeking potential customers. I'd never done this before when I started. Also bring your tools, it looks more professional. I hate to say it but the ability to effectively bullshit will get you far. Work on it.

342458  No.12768829

I'm trying to find out who this lawyer is. I'm betting it's a nigger of some kind. I've only heard of niggers manifesting this kind of outrageous filthy public behavior.


>According to Global News, an Oklahoma courthouse was recently forced to close after a lawyer arrived at the building with apparent bed bugs "falling out" of his suit.

>Rogers County Courthouse was forced to evacuate Monday because of the incident.

>County Sheriff Scott Walton told local affiliate KJRH News the bugs were crawling all over the lawyer, who didn't seem bothered in the slightest.

>“Hard to imagine someone doesn’t know, you know, that some bed bugs are crawling all over them certainly in abundance,” he added.

a4f73f  No.12769165

Reminder to all anons this Valentines Day, that all the mainstream dating sites are run by Jews.

602115  No.12769288

File: 03e44c7c449eeef⋯.jpg (97.99 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 03e44c7c449eeeff01f7420b34….jpg)

File: c6d27a8689a0f42⋯.jpg (49.48 KB, 410x547, 410:547, c6d27a8689a0f421a4b4142115….jpg)


I happen to agree with everything he said. And what's more, my breaking free of ZOG programming came after my grandmother died. The regretful spirits of our deceased ancestors are showing us the way.

The holohoax will not last forever, and it will be the death knell of jews the world over

2d3aba  No.12769732


"satan" is the heeb word for enemy. The Jew's greatest enemy is the European man, which makes "satan" the european spirit. Jews worship Yahweh, who is the enemy of Europe.

2d3aba  No.12769753

File: 8dddb38cc36c3b7⋯.mp4 (2.63 MB, 480x360, 4:3, hey there sport.mp4)

File: 99d69578ef5a024⋯.png (104 B, 1x1, 1:1, 020202.png)


Just walk into an place of business, look the boss in the eye and give him a firm handshake, and you'll get your job.

09cb83  No.12770043

Wow I found a pretty amazing wiki check this out /pol/: https://wikispooks.com/wiki/US/Deep_state

It's got all spookery of every sort covered in it but accurately without the schizo crap.

602115  No.12770283

File: c3e1104ef29d105⋯.jpg (58 KB, 625x481, 625:481, 43664756.jpg)

File: 9b59986f60e5227⋯.jpg (28.05 KB, 1280x623, 1280:623, 54675.jpg)




This needs to replace Wikipedia and "rational"pedia immediately

b4ba6a  No.12770455



Wikispooks shows up as a white screen, any other anons having this same problem?

4498e5  No.12770623

was hitler anti-semitic?

54ecf1  No.12770633


Why don't you die, clypy!!!!!?

2ef1be  No.12770865


I get the impression he was a very nice person. too nice if anything. I doubt he was fully racist against any race. he would have no reason to hate an old harmless jewish grandma as long as she isn't living in Germania

c21d24  No.12770973

Why do /christian/ and /cow/ exist? The way that the mods for the former operate are antithetical to board culture (ie running a Discord server, permabanning slight dissent, etc) and the latter is just a pure e-celeb worshiping gossip mill.

4498e5  No.12771032

How can i find the original/non-edited Mein Kampf? How can i make sure it even exists?

b95d3d  No.12771379

File: a8c3bec984b115d⋯.gif (1.47 MB, 353x448, 353:448, czech.gif)



9efae9  No.12771729


Shit nigger, I'm not touching some rando ass magnet link - especially when I don't know who it's an AMA for (thinking Murdoch Murdoch).

b95d3d  No.12772216

File: 8b4fe32f35a4eff⋯.gif (992.08 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 0825d84a04104c3c3e76c06e7d….gif)


Duh nigger, what other AMA would /pol/ even give a rats ass about?

75487d  No.12772273


6c8521  No.12772338

File: c613150bd4a81ca⋯.jpg (13.72 KB, 250x352, 125:176, c613150bd4a81ca5daa9fca94a….jpg)

Should the .goy domain be memed into reality?

b49be3  No.12772370

Trump should pardon 21 savage and he got nigger voters on lock for 2020

b5da82  No.12772827



>are you all ignoring ebola and ebola chan on purpose? I see a few stories here and there and it looks like it could hit a break out point soon and kill millions of nogs. Wouldn't memes help this happen?

c5fe50  No.12772871

What does pol think of James Charles?

I had the displeasure of finding out that this creature exists today, and let me tell you I was about to blow my brains out by the amount of innocent girls that follows and considered this creature as their "idol"

09cb83  No.12772993



fd2783  No.12773063

who are the shills? where can i find them, like where are they physically?

2ef1be  No.12773126

File: aef1dda8658ee62⋯.jpg (415.91 KB, 1242x1648, 621:824, shilling (1).jpg)

File: 69987f088f183e6⋯.jpg (168.43 KB, 643x681, 643:681, shilling (2).jpg)

560914  No.12773260


They already censored 4chan/pol/ to the point they ban anyone they think is "Anti Semitic".

fd2783  No.12773322


>. Is it worth it to join for the sake of leaking their secrets?

correct, although, don't forget your loyalties comrade.

if they try to make you do weird shit, you know what to do…

560914  No.12773327


Ugh… No. Stop protecting women from their own stupidity. That's why we are losing this nation cause of cucks like you… If you're over 18 and strike someone man or woman you have a right to defend yourself. End of story…

560914  No.12773358


Agreed... I just got perma-banned too... Fck the kikes and their kike media... I posted the image that shows the media of CNN, NBC etc... and I was perma banned. We need to start a decentralized server. They can not shut down. 1st amendment rights from major media down to 4chan are being eroded by the kikes...

d7857f  No.12773426


It might have to do with being a cringey tryhard faggot.

09cb83  No.12773770


It would do the internet a great good to take down 4chan somehow but that would be quite a difficult operation. If we could kill 4chan they'd be forced to migrate to other less overmoderated chans.

ab5799  No.12774120

What is the latest consensus on where to move to? Where are whites congregating? Where is the safest place to go (long term)?

784e77  No.12774245


New Hampshire is the whitest state, and whites from all over the country are moving there. Although kikes are trying their best to diversify it.

064b5d  No.12774563

File: d499d4a497186d5⋯.jpeg (110.36 KB, 750x729, 250:243, 16EBAD41-7371-40CB-B593-D….jpeg)

I am trying to find the source for statistics on women's alcohol deaths, and if they have increased significantly in recent years.

USA Today says they increased by 67% from 2007 to 2017


But they site this study, and I can't see the data here:


Anyone know where to find this? I don't trust USA Today.

c5fe50  No.12774817

How can I make a fake company email, looking for work experience, asked in over 20 places and they said no for work experience, this system is so fucked, need to pass this work experience module or else I'm getting kicked out of the house, as if not being able to get a shitty job wasn't bad enough applying to over 100 places in a 6 month time period and only 2 interviews that I received in which I was declined in both. Trying to fraud my way into getting a company email without getting caught, my hatred towards the kikes is getting worse by the day as I integrate more of a adult , what's the point of living if you have nothing to contribute towards?

b8c81d  No.12774950


Just make random shit up on your resume and lie

d7fa30  No.12774983


That's the worst advice i ever heard, that might work for some trashcan job with near 0 opportunity, sure as fuck isn't going to work anywhere else.


Do you have friends or family who own or used to own a business while you were still alive? If they are good people they'll cover for you. No problem & GL.

f5d516  No.12775009


>what's the point of living if you have nothing to contribute towards?

what's the point of living if you have no aspirations but to contribute towards a jewish system that overtly hates you?

you're not in a healthy society that values you anymore. abandon your mindset of contributing to this kike system, throw out the rulebook they ingrained in you for their own benefit, and begin thinking outside the box

you will get nowhere by playing by the rules when the game's rules are rigged against you

c5fe50  No.12775039


I mean it's in our human nature to work, I didn't mean that I want to contribute to kikes' wealth, I just want to fucking survive off of something with hard work not leeching off of hardworkers' money like the kikes do. I will still try to find a way of defeating the kikes

f5d516  No.12775054


don't worry about working for something, and instead focus on how to empower yourself. do not hold yourself back in any way. continue thinking of ways to empower yourself by any means, then use that power in it's full capacity against the jews

f5d516  No.12775082


as for more conventional advice for your problem,

buy a domain to make an email with. put on your resume that you worked 2-4 years with a small company that went underwater. give them the email you created as a reference, if they want a number, give them a friend/relative's number and ask them to play the part when they call

these employers have unreasonable standards because aliens are flooding your country and they know they can get cheaper/more subservient shit skin workers over you. they are objectively your enemy. don't hesitate to be the most bold faced liar imaginable to your enemy

7d930d  No.12775308

wwhy alkl the viking kings go christiann?

d76ee9  No.12775315

YouTube keeps crashing on my phone every time I try to make a (((comment))) with the brackets. It will let me make 2 bracket echos, but not 3.

This is the first day it's ever happened and I want to know if anyone else gets this

c5fe50  No.12775350


Idk if you have this in your country but here if you're job isn't in the system then it doesn't count as you having ever worked, the business that you work under has to be recognised by the government as legitimate and then your manager has to input the data on how much you have worked in the company and other details such as punctuality, it isn't that easy as you think

cb8a73  No.12775981

File: 949e3fb483fbbc1⋯.jpg (161.05 KB, 1260x900, 7:5, Oranienburg_Runge_Gedenkta….jpg)


Jewgle has decided today is a fine day to remember one historical figure, the discoverer of Caffeine (in 1820) among other things, the great 17th century chemist Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge.


All of the information I can find about him indicates that during his life, his time at University of Bresslau as Chemistry Professor, he began work for "a chemical company" or "chemical factory" (depending where you find this information) in Orianienberg, in Brandenburg region of Germany. After 21 years of working for that company he was, according to wikipedia:

"Runge studied chemistry in Jena and Berlin, where he obtained his doctorate. After touring Europe for three years, he taught chemistry at the University of Breslau until 1831. From then until 1852 he worked for a chemical company, but was dismissed by a resentful manager and died fifteen years later in poverty, in Oranienburg."

WHAT WERE THOSE CIRCUMSTANCES? All I hear about are brilliant people who are NOT JEWS getting JEWED, getting used and then discarded and all the value going to the kikes (in this case, the Anglo-Kike Empire, through the Royal Society, who owned that factory). WHO WAS THAT MANAGER? Why is this mentioned NOWHERE?

For a better history of this man, as can be found on the internet, I finally found this Spanish Report (in English):


The wikipedia article provides pic related

88d976  No.12776024

What's the name / where can I find the video of Mr Rogers and the disabled boy: 'its you i like', superimposed against mind-fucked youths twerking to chart music?

google searches don't seem to produce results anymore, and the "search exact words" function doesn't work either

cb8a73  No.12776028

File: aa724a44ceb2740⋯.jpg (11.98 KB, 240x160, 3:2, Ancient Golden Swastika.jpg)


Ahhhh. That it the spot, fren.

I give you one shiny golden Swastika.

0239cd  No.12776310

I need the chart that shows (((Alex Jonestein)))'s FBI connections, please.

4498e5  No.12776420

is there any hope? can we defeat zionism if the truth reaches the majority?

3903a9  No.12776427


The majority will never know or care. No one gives a fuck about any of this. They want free shit. They will never read a book in their entire lives. Truth doesn’t matter as long as they’re happy.

1024a2  No.12776687

Why is it that I have a fucking bombshell half cuban girl into me, but all the white girls are not interested and are race mixing. Not tapping that by the way, if it aint white it aint right.

c5fe50  No.12776748


It's not Zionism it's all kikes, get it through your fucking head you imbecile

c5fe50  No.12776821

Are there any unkiked private browsers I can use? Or any VPNs which are not slow as shit?

c5fe50  No.12776834


Why are there degenerate ads on this imageboard of hentai and of flashlights adverts??? I thought this place was a refuge from kike degenarcy

3903a9  No.12776859


Are you stupid? It's owned by one. This board is destroyed.

c5fe50  No.12777015


If you're so enlightened about the degeneracy on the image board then why are you here you moron, why haven't you left yet???

3903a9  No.12777040


<Why are things this way?

>Because of jews.


The fuck.

a0b24f  No.12777436

Is it true that the democracy is really dying in Australia?

acc6bd  No.12777546

I need some anti ben shapiro memes

3e7899  No.12777868

File: ca0e33c602ea8b5⋯.jpg (307.95 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Distracted Jew.jpg)

I'm looking for any information I can find about the whole kike and politicians satanic/bizarre ritual stuff. If anyone has anything related to that handy, or knows where I can find more information on it, that would be very much appreciated.

Thank you!

71c283  No.12777886

Do the rothschild Jews control the federal reserve? Is there proof for this?

71c283  No.12777916



821c49  No.12778135

Does the Jews are the reptilians race ?

Does someone have pictures of real aliens shit and not pictures or videos that have been edited.

I really start to believe that there is external beings not from here responsible for the mess that we're living in.

Specially that I made two weird dreams, one where I meet with two reptilians and passed out in my own dream and the other one where I'm hunting them down.

6ae297  No.12779242

File: 9178cf3e5de34ea⋯.jpg (19.12 KB, 150x200, 3:4, po did nothing wrong.jpg)

Hello frens. Does anyone have the image/comic where there a sculpture of arguing fags and then hitler punches it and remakes it in sculpture of a strong man? I can't seem to find it anywhere.

763776  No.12779442

File: 76274af2c3c9889⋯.jpg (3.88 MB, 4500x4602, 750:767, 1525671999377.jpg)

anyone have a better quality version of this? or each one as its own file? trying to use these in a video but its barley readable

69899f  No.12779453


The image is very outdated, by atleast 4-5 years. Needs updated if you're gonna use it in a video.

3903a9  No.12779455

File: cb777287d946d4b⋯.jpg (1.35 MB, 2501x3840, 2501:3840, CBS.JPG)

File: a6cb6dc120d8110⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 1880x2880, 47:72, CNN.JPG)

File: d4fb7a3fd963e34⋯.jpg (2.75 MB, 2030x3240, 203:324, NBC.jpg)

File: 1a8368646a08cb5⋯.jpg (2.85 MB, 2111x3240, 2111:3240, New York Times.JPG)

File: ac8ed1fe24acd86⋯.jpg (3.09 MB, 2106x3240, 13:20, NPR.jpg)

763776  No.12779464


it will be tied in with articles of kikes bragging about how they control the media, still relevant, although I do remember seeing a thread where they made updates to these, last year i think


thank you anon

3903a9  No.12779481

File: 97ec5cfcb805bf6⋯.png (2.64 MB, 3781x2700, 3781:2700, CFR.PNG)

File: 52a36459e98e8ec⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 2500x4420, 125:221, Fox.jpg)

File: 3147dc1eaeb4017⋯.png (679.14 KB, 545x2000, 109:400, Illusion of Choice.png)


Fucking site ate my second post.

3903a9  No.12779483

File: 38589ec5f15963b⋯.png (7.28 MB, 2531x3840, 2531:3840, Jews in Politics.PNG)

3903a9  No.12779485

File: 69668e2a85c2e80⋯.jpg (6.68 MB, 2630x4417, 2630:4417, Crypto.JPG)

33d10d  No.12779531

File: fbf949551f9ed12⋯.jpg (31.32 KB, 720x736, 45:46, mmm_grayons.jpg)


>Mel Brooks is a cryptojew

3903a9  No.12779537


>Mel Brooks (born Melvin Kaminsky)

>doesn't know what "crypto" means

No selfies please, you subhuman pile of shit. Read the goddamn image.

908834  No.12779574


c5fe50  No.12779949

Does anyone have the Philosophy of Fascism by Mario Palmieri, unadulterated version pdf file??? Can someone post it asap, thanks

821c49  No.12780078

Is it true that George Soros is in custody?

3903a9  No.12780119


No, Q-LARPer. Go back to your jewish hoax board.

4498e5  No.12780160

File: 13df5dcf54d1667⋯.png (180.2 KB, 1440x1495, 288:299, 1549758609263.png)


Send help.

3903a9  No.12780185

File: e5b01d4f79f1455⋯.jpg (1.38 MB, 4000x2700, 40:27, Aryan.JPG)

I can't find any information on the significance of Richard Rein with regard to his views being established as either NSDAP or German doctrine. Does anyone have more on him, or at least a direct link to the citizenship laws to confirm this image's content?

c5fe50  No.12780273


Twatter keeps asking for my number in order to use my account after I posted some pretty "anti semetic" replies on some tweets, also fake numbers don't work so I can't help you with that sir

3903a9  No.12780462


Speaking of which, I've heard that the Nuremberg Laws were just the German application of what was ALREADY jewish marriage law. I can't find any data on that, though.

859562  No.12780735

>Can anyone explain Kabbalah to me?

>Is it more appropriate to call the Jews an ethnic group or a race?

3903a9  No.12780774

File: fd0fea2404dcd98⋯.png (203.11 KB, 669x927, 223:309, 1.png)

File: 75ef3c0e3140e67⋯.png (222.07 KB, 665x921, 665:921, 2.png)

File: d44a727c3c44abb⋯.png (226.57 KB, 675x910, 135:182, 3.png)

File: 947f6ea6f7147a4⋯.jpg (1020.46 KB, 4000x4000, 1:1, FST Delineation.jpg)



Perhaps a brief segment from my book? Still writing it, so please excuse the formatting lines.

>ethnicity or race

A lot of the problem stems from misuse of the definition of words, and from the suppression of scientific knowledge. What we call "races" (caucasoids, mongoloids, negroids, americoids, and australoids) are entirely separate species, as defined by their genetics. Within these "races" there are true subspecies (with a large enough genetic distance to be defined as such) and "ethnicities", which are simple groups within subspecies. For negroes, these group distances are pretty big. For whites, however, there's virtually ZERO FST (genetic distance) between them. Jews, genetically, are a subspecies of the caucasoid species. I've taken to calling it Homo europeansis, so jews would likely be Homo europeansis judaica. The others are Homo europeansis europeansis and Homo europeansis arabica.

b0ffeb  No.12781377


>Perhaps a brief segment from my book? Still writing it, so please excuse the formatting lines.

Impressive. Very nice.

One thing I'll ask, is please cite sources in footnotes or something. I'm sure it's easy to do with an office app or LaTeX or R-Markdown or whatever you're using; it would really help to be able to have sources in hand both for verifiability and to be able to dig deeper into a subject you cover. It might help you too, to keep track of why/when/where/who of various claims and when you want to expand on a subject.

You're doing God's work.

14a35f  No.12781449

File: 8abfaa441cf6df6⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 67.17 KB, 501x585, 167:195, enhanced-17159-1423068265-….jpg)

Does anyone know of a reference or scholarly-type of book that describes the peoples of different parts of the US historically, honestly and in detail? Something like The Golden Bough in intent, though it obviously doesn't need to be of that quality. Like, just for example, what is the character of the people of the Eastern Shore of Maryland from early settlement to the time of publication, or, even less specifically, what are the people of the Kansas City metro area like in general. Such a survey must exist; of course, Google has been a total waste of time in searching for such a book. Thank you for any help.

Pic related: an artistic depiction of a typical denizen of Brooklyn, NY.

cf7f12  No.12781552


These pics are hilarious and so true lol

9d06da  No.12781571

I'm going to make a quick compilation of contradictions that the left and commies like to point out every time when they are, as well as non-Whites that have been radicalized by leftism. Here it goes:


>poverty is a problem among society

<letting in more poor people will help salvage the economy

>feminism demands equal rights

<men don't deserve rights

>invasion of non-white countries is wrong and unjust

<open borders and internationalism in white countries is peaceful and progressive

>genocide is bad

<it's not bad when it happens to whites because they deserve it

>you shouldn't speak any non-white language because it's not yours to speak

<everyone should speak English and Spanish is Latin America's to keep

>everything discovered and invented by whites is evil

<I speak English to talk about how evil whites are because I don't mind using my own native language also sometimes my "native" language is just another white language

>all whites should leave non-white countries if they hate living there

<we demand all white countries to let non-whites in even though they don't like living with whites


I gotta say. They're consistent and inconsistent all at the same time. Almost looking like paper tigers, even. Chimpouts? Sure, but none of them can ever handle the chimpouts of Whites. It's just so funny to me how whites are the exact reason why they are still here, living and breathing. (((Capitalism))) and Jewry has caused this. Including feminism and homosexuality. Therefore, it wouldn't even make sense for commies to support any of these degeneracies if they "hate" (((capitalism))) so much. But hey, maybe it's "not real communism". Or maybe what the Soviet Union had wasn't real communism, either. Any definitive answers, conclusions, and awarenesses on this topic, /pol/?

17b442  No.12781746


>cremations turned out to be underground

>privileged jews

*closes tab* tanks rationalwiki, very rational.

5da69f  No.12781791

File: 16fe8bf5bbe32a6⋯.jpg (30.16 KB, 565x560, 113:112, DzCySJGW0AAv0fz.jpg)

5da69f  No.12781884

File: 0cb828d4fefe6d6⋯.jpg (166.12 KB, 1203x853, 1203:853, Finally--a-New-Emoji-to-Mo….jpg)

3903a9  No.12782069



It’ll be an e-book. All the red text is clickable citation. I didn’t want to interrupt the flow, but at the same time didn’t want a totally uncited book like Defensive Racism.

4498e5  No.12782331

File: 22b426bb273d784⋯.png (17.63 KB, 617x282, 617:282, send_help.PNG)


c5fe50  No.12782382

Why do the kikes want a government change in Venezuela if the venezuelan government bank is already controlled by jews??

73bfb9  No.12782625

File: 06e913fcb31728b⋯.png (981.76 KB, 1769x1742, 1769:1742, Khazar2.png)





859562  No.12783187


Is that your personal definition on the Jews or is it based off racial science?

3903a9  No.12783200


Oh, both. The names are mine, the science is studied and objectively determined. Obviously the mainstream narrative is that there's only one species of humanity, but genetic distance between each of the five species is greater than that of other animal species' within the same genus which we've studied. Either EVERY taxonomic definition we have ever recorded is incorrect and needs to be redone… or humanity is five species and we need to get over this homocentric jewish bullshit and fix our understanding of ourselves.

Anyway, from the genetic studies that have been done, we see three distinct subgroups (so subspecies) of the caucasoid race (so caucasoid species). If we're naming human species like the others, these need names to distinguish them. I came up with Homo europeansis for the whole species, and then those three names for the subspecies. I see that I screwed up on the most important one. It should be Homo europeansis europa, and then Homo europeansis judaica and Homo europeansis arabica.

859562  No.12783500


Then, Jews, Arabs and Europeans are all apart of the Caucasoid race?

3903a9  No.12783512


Genetically. I'm obviously not advocating intermarriage even between these three groups, but from a genetic standpoint they're the same species, at least. Meanwhile, asians, africans, australians, and americans aren't the same species as each other or as them. Obviously I mean abbos and indioes for the latter two groups.

558aab  No.12783594

Why did /pol/ remove flags? Is this to avoid infighting between Americans, Europeans, and Turks?

3903a9  No.12783638


We never had them… Not since kikey took over, at least.

5da69f  No.12784252

File: 7c86b1be4fc8860⋯.jpg (5.51 KB, 219x240, 73:80, Dy61vVWXgAAmX5i.jpg)

File: 19e9b76bc578075⋯.jpg (18.5 KB, 776x305, 776:305, Dy7fetYXcAIr-Ya.jpg)

85b384  No.12784626


Why this is important is Woman of all color can know What to be afraid of.

This 13% thing is doing far more good than harm.

We Must Defend Woman and their ultimate Sovreity.

Please Bring back the 13% hand, Help Whites and everybody else.

f1cd5b  No.12785589

As even marxists are actually pro-gun (because they don't want shitskins disarmed, they're anti-gun when it comes to whites), where do the western foreigners who are anti-gun exist in the political spectrum? Are they just liberals or are they some new form of political ideology I haven't heard of before? Aren't they even aware that their anti-gun ideas were brought in by media outlets paid by (((American multimedia)))? They keep using the "Fat 'Murrica" and "racist gun-toting redneck cowboy" meme all they want, but from what I see, they're just retarded lemmings who have absolutely no clue on what place their anti-gun even comes from. It comes from the one country via (((media control))), by which they still claim to be "more conservative" than they are, which is far from the truth conservatism a shit, fascism and natsoc is way better. Almost all of these nations are inheritly (((capitalist))) and liberal (though some aren't really) to the core. Why would you accept the food that the (((hand))) feeds you and then bite it and then claim the food as your making? I need this to be preferably answered by western foreign anons.

3903a9  No.12785617


Stop pretending there's a "spectrum."

7cd2ef  No.12785696


He flat out supports homosexuality and sodomy iirc.

79cd93  No.12785739


Ryan Dawson's hatred should be for globalist, left-wing , diaspora jews , not nationalist israeli jews.

Nationalist israeli jews simply want israel to be safe and prosperous and will cooperate or betray people to achieve that aim. They're people that you can do business with if your interests align.

globalist, leftwing, diaspora jews are the ones who are explicitly anti-white and want to flood white countries with non-whites and promote anti-white sentiment and degeneracy.

It's leftwing, globalist jews who are explicitly our enemy and deserve our hatred.

Israeli jews you can cooperate with productively. For example, at a time when every white, western european nation had boycotted all trade with south africa because of the apartheid system, Israel was the only first world country to trade with south africa and help them stay afloat longer than they would have otherwise.

A patriotic white person should therefore not care about the israel palestine conflict at all. Let Israel continue taking care of it.

Overall it would be a strategically in our interests to foster good working relations with israel as they ar the most successful model of a first world, explicitly ethnonationalist, democratic country and we could learn a lot from them about how to achieve that and how they manage to keep their citizens vigilant and close and sharing good values .

Israel isn't out friend but they're a neutral party who can be useful and it would be good to have good working relations with them.

200aea  No.12785812

What is the least pozzed smartphone that I can buy (for a reasonable price)? I don't want to give money to Apple, for example, but I am also worried about privacy.

3903a9  No.12785846


>I don't want to give money to the only company in the entire industry that actually gives a flying fuck about my privacy, at least in some form

Enjoy having your data stolen, then. You don't need a smart phone. You don't NEED one. If you "have" to have one, your only option for security is Apple. The others don't even pretend to care about you. They hardcode whitelisted ad trackers for the big jewish conglomerates.

16c4bb  No.12785974

Have the image servers taken a shit again? Seems like it's taking forever for the threads to fetch the images for the pages. and expanding them takes twice as long.

992a6c  No.12786756

Can someone post that picture where Jesus calls the Jews the synagogue of Satan , with a person completely misunderstanding everything Jesus says. It has Bible verses in it, Jesus to the left. White background. I need it asap.

f5ab9a  No.12786802

File: 59aee96541ea737⋯.png (296.84 KB, 500x393, 500:393, 2019_02_11_033802.png)


This one?

992a6c  No.12786899


That works too, thank you!

b8673a  No.12787420


>nationalist Israeli jews

No such thing. They all support globalism, only this time they don't support it for themselves. A jew is a jew no matter how you look at them. Both zionist and marxist jews hate whites with a burning passion. Gal Gadot is an anti-white feminist Israeli cunt while Noam Chomsky is an anti-white clueless jew boomer who is not even a true commie as he doesn't like the idea of revolution and supports the two-state solution. Plus the fact that he doesn't support commies and leftards doing BDS. He's been duping commieniggers for a long time now. Then again, commies are retards. No doubt about it.

7c0c42  No.12787457

When did the normalization of Jews happen completely? As I remember they were despised and looked down on all throughout European history as they still are in the Middle East today, and even USA saw them as an other, not equals and criminal/untrustworthy. Is it literally all from World War II?

2ef1be  No.12787505


yes, it literally was WW2. Before american's got brainwashed to join the war, nobody wanted to get involved or help the jews.

763776  No.12788580

anyone have the johnny gat video archive? Thought I saved it but cant find it

42d02a  No.12788910

File: e441cf8778e3f0c⋯.jpeg (337.23 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, C1A7D93D-B828-4B6E-B12B-2….jpeg)

What does /pol/ think of Christian Identity? Are they based or are they schizos?

e8f26a  No.12788944


It's we wuz kangs for white niggers

f5ab9a  No.12788945

File: 4872835639009d6⋯.jpg (170.71 KB, 796x1024, 199:256, b85c261f3f347cdd505b4d42e0….jpg)


They have their head on more than a LARPagan, but they miss the mark. CI just wants to make White people the new spiritual kikes. Thus defeating the point of everything we are fighting for.

3903a9  No.12789010

From an old copypasta, I have three statements for which I can't find citations.

Polish cavalry units crossed into Germany and attacked civilians.

Polish artillery fired on Lufthansa passenger airliners.

Anti-German pogroms in Poland killed hundreds before the war's outbreak.

687aff  No.12789012

File: 20dd6af6118ef14⋯.png (88.02 KB, 306x306, 1:1, 1504291076461.png)


That's certainly a schizo meme. I can't even tell who made it.

Christian Identity is an incredibly small faction. They're anglicans & protestants who believe they're the real jews and kikes are imposters. Think WE WUZ KANGZ but a sect of white people who came up with it about 100 years earlier. They're not judaizers, meaning they don't try to larp as jews by keeping mosaic law. They're nationalists trying to square the circle with Christianity.

TL;DR they don't like jews, they identify as white people, they're few in number, and they're not the enemy.

85c03b  No.12789110

File: 43f414ea898d91e⋯.jpg (115.8 KB, 845x403, 65:31, blonde mummy.jpg)

File: 026f4e3ea94a013⋯.jpg (11.07 KB, 220x218, 110:109, actual king.jpg)

File: 161cabfc4002c77⋯.jpg (75.75 KB, 640x305, 128:61, siriusly.jpg)

aaf80f  No.12789144


I love info like this

3903a9  No.12789196

File: c9be8dd3d5a1292⋯.jpg (27.44 KB, 314x475, 314:475, 318531.jpg)

Does anyone have a PDF of Eyes Wide Open, the Kubrick biography, in which he supposedly says, "Hitler was right about almost everything."?


aaf80f  No.12789200


Well, we where, unless you have an explanation for blonde peruvian mummies and redhead chinese mummies.

aaf80f  No.12789243


No, we wuz light bringers and creators of civilization lime it or not.

2ef1be  No.12789348





2ef1be  No.12789356


also obviously not all sculptures. and obvious you aren't here to argue in good faith

7c0c42  No.12789944


That's what I thought yeah. The Holohoax was literally the best thing ever to happen them, sounds to me like the powerful Jews made a sacrifice out of a shit ton of their low tier worthless NPCs to make themselves invincible until the end of days because they can deflect any legitimate criticism on muh ebul Natzees and antisemitism. Or so they thought…

60207d  No.12790095

I've been reading some verses from the Bible, Quran, and Torah. So far, it seems like it always has the "we are all human" nonsense being brought up. Does this mean these Semitic "holy books" are the prerequisites of egalitarianism and Marxism? I remember Hitler calling Marxism "Christianity's illegitimate child". If this is true, then all of the other two are obviously Jewish as well. Any proofs, /pol/?

t. newnormalfaggot on his first 6 months browsing /pol/

aede4d  No.12790147


I believe they all have a connection of sorts. Sorry, nothing academic from me to back it up but I share the sentiment.

21fd62  No.12790323


>on his first 6 months browsing /pol/

We can tell, but thanks for confirming it. Unfortunately your type is now the majority.

4b6b65  No.12790406

Why is there many individual conspiracy theorists that think indictments have been given, and Bush Sr / McCain were executed for treason?

Hillary is still free, making public appearances. Same with Slick Willy. Q says HRC tried to cut a deal, but "they" denied. Their wet dog looking daughter is live tweeting the grammy awards, surely she wouldn't be doing that if her parents had been given indictments. Obama and his grinch wife are still free, making public appearances.

With that being said, why would Bush Sr / McCain be attended to first and these people walking free? Seems like the logical conclusion to me is that they both died of health issues, and everyone will walk away free. No indictments. Nothing changes.

564785  No.12790464


Well yeah, Q is full of shit. There are no "good guys" or "bad guys." It's a psyop to keep people complacent after the wide dissemination of pizzagate. That's why he always says "sit back and enjoy the show."

3903a9  No.12790490


Q-LARP is and has always been a hoax. People believe it because contrary to some claims here, no one is actually waking up at all. Everyone who’s going to be genuinely redpilled in the world today is already redpilled. Everyone else is barely even human. They only care about free shit, getting what they want, and never fighting back against anything.

61d81a  No.12790564


False. The earliest Q was reasonably assumable to be legit because the earliest Q said shit that was true. Some time after things like the tripcode being broken it turned into a pure larp.

51ebb5  No.12790689

What is redpilled economics field? Protectionism maybe?

I was thinking about studying, how news impact prices of securities, but behavioral economics is filled to the brim with (((them)))

5489eb  No.12791572

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

668158  No.12791635

Does anyone have an archive or imgur link of all the beaver posts? Would greatly be appreciated if somebody could share. I have some favourites saved but there are many I neglected saving for whatever reason which I now regret.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can deliver

2ef1be  No.12791954


a bunch of the beaver posts are on /polarchive/ in the 'best of' thread

c5fe50  No.12792378

Bringing awareness to the JQ won't get us anywhere in the long run, people will just forget as they did when they were previously warned by the people in their time that were aware of the Jew's true nature, the only way that we'll actually win power is through force and sacrifice, without sacrifice nothing can be achieved whether you like the sound of that or not, only when you take power will the masses listen, the masses are not smart enough to understand the JQ and so it is up to the intellectuals to make a stance for their people as the weak are weak for a reason and the strong are strong for a reason, and we are the strong and we must show our strength

763776  No.12792866

any anon have the eng sub version of this?


763776  No.12792869

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ab9d59  No.12793070

File: dc36601c1c39d70⋯.mp4 (15.49 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Truth Shall Be The Victor ….mp4)

3e7899  No.12793578

File: 6d8df6696a37d65⋯.png (49.88 KB, 538x495, 538:495, b143f8ad961ec826c0650c1c22….png)

File: 6feb8f7f299fffb⋯.jpg (1.83 MB, 1340x8892, 335:2223, 5388147c46e8153655b5e7a92c….jpg)

File: 49a9f79f4b9f9d9⋯.png (68.91 KB, 1026x730, 513:365, 571729c5eaa29f797abec7b632….png)

File: d9260734a934405⋯.png (599.64 KB, 1889x851, 1889:851, ab334f95b06906c61afa2e4f80….png)

The mods are deleting threads about the discord shills. They are complicit.

5489eb  No.12794276


The rest


5f5c37  No.12794905

File: 12eb9de423f38c1⋯.png (773.86 KB, 1242x1275, 414:425, Podesta Huma.png)

File: cc9afec3ce8d3ac⋯.jpg (58.01 KB, 1093x385, 1093:385, Oct 30.jpg)

File: d7db4e9b3867b82⋯.jpg (109.63 KB, 1084x562, 542:281, Oct 30 - 2.jpg)


The earliest Q's claim was that Hillary would be arrested in a matter of days - which clearly didn't happen. I don't understand how anyone believed it to begin with, let alone after his deadlines came and went.

00bbfd  No.12794988


It's like Mormonism. It makes the mark feel special. Like they have some inside knowledge.

People believe what they WANT.

5cc384  No.12795632


Reminder that they're back online

728429  No.12796040

Does anyone have an archive link to a good audio version of Siege by James Maison?

e883b9  No.12796432

How do you make money if you know how to code, I know java and Html, Css, JavaScript, is creating an app for The Jewgle App store a good way of making money? Can't surivive in the capatalist system, we need fascism

50f72f  No.12796444

If I create some OC, would here be a good place to post it? Should I make my own thread for it and invite others to share their OC, or would that be too shilly?


if you want to go the freelancer route (inadvisable unless you have lots of experience) then you can do that. With your experience I'd recommend just trying to get a front-end job making websites for a company.

e883b9  No.12796557


If they're the only options then why do people keep saying to learn to code as if it's something so revolutionary

50f72f  No.12796580


you don't understand the learn to code meme. We say it to journalists because that was their response to coal / steel workers in middle america losing their jobs.

381db8  No.12796646

It seems that leftists and communists love calling Zionist neoconservatives and Zionist Jews themselves as "Nazis/fascists/White supremacists", hence why they believe in "#NotAllJews". So far though, I have never seen them kill off any of these said people. Very, very interesting. I don't remember them ever calling out a (((Rothschild))) either, beyond calling all of them as (((capitalists))). Instead, they just want to kill off White families they have never met in their lives and are more likely to cuck over them anyways. "Zionism vs. Marxism" is what they seem to believe as a real political fight. It's like an amoeba hating on a salmonella and vice versa. It's perfect clown world material. At the end of the day, they just want to see Whites extinct, not help out the working class regardless of race. So my question here is, can they weaponized against Zionist Jews or are they deserving to be shot and gassed? How about both?

2b5cf1  No.12796751

File: 6db6342050da877⋯.jpg (53.63 KB, 720x640, 9:8, 90040458efd96f10e1c60972d0….jpg)

Does anyone have a link to that university study of Auschwitz(?) that didn't find any ash layer?

667803  No.12797304


>university study

>some Yugoslavian dude

only one is the true answer

If you want to break people's conditioning you should focus on more recent Jew crimes. People have had the holohoax shoved down their throats for years.

You must reverse engineer the Jew……

>or you can just keep screaming KIKE and SHILL on a fucking weeb board

1024a2  No.12797491

Hail Marry

Are you there TRexDreams?

f799b8  No.12797525



>like a duck in a noose

5f5c37  No.12797593

File: 17ded3c523b36ac⋯.png (100 KB, 358x723, 358:723, Siege VLC.png)



Maybe I should upload mine with all the segments titled?

59a69b  No.12797887

They bogged the Venezuela and Colombia threads.

What is happening? 5,000 troops? Ww3?

Any happening in Afghanistan?

b397ac  No.12798042


Check the catalog….

b397ac  No.12798044

Also question which translation is better the stalag edition or the ford version what are the differences and which is more recommended?

cb6285  No.12798085

File: 203affacb2b17d0⋯.pdf (2.63 MB, Mein Kampf (The Stalag Edi….pdf)


Stalag, The Only Complete and Officially Authorised English Translation Ever Issued

26cdea  No.12798174

How warped is the leftist/commie worldview in terms of facing reality? If they consider Trump, a Zionist boomer cuckservative, as "Hitler incarnate", how will they react when they see an actual National Socialist candidate like Arthur Jones? Will they also call him "Hitler incarnate"? Bare in mind here that unlike Trump, he supports Palestinine and Iran but since he detests the left he would be considered public enemy #1 to them. Also, can you specifically describe how much of a childish, subhuman, clown world behavior the left has? Even downies and aspies are more open to political debates.

88d976  No.12798356


"The Jimmy Dore Show"

'Ron Paul Tells Truth On Syria - Immediately Smeared'

A 15 minute long clip with 4 jews who have nothing interesting to say, laughing down their sleeves, using a Ron Paul clip to promote themselves and their shitty talk show. 200,000 views. it's amazing to me how many boomers seem to enjoy this shit.

my question is, Is there anything worth watching?

558aab  No.12798435

I wonder if we can get cucks/traitors to kill themselves? The idea is that white males are a clog in the pipe that delivers diversity, thus they should "unclog" (suicide) themselves in order for the world to become more diverse and so they stop draining resources that could be used on shitskins. I propose #KillYourselfForDiversity, cucks can't argue with this logic due to their self-hatred confirming that it is the right thing to do, thus they will suicide, leaving the world with less traitors.

f2110a  No.12798571


>Maybe I should make bad things worse and ACCELERATE the downfall.

558aab  No.12798612


>Traitors killing themselves is a bad thing


b36686  No.12798725




This whole conversation is cringey.

7b14e9  No.12798808


>this is cringe

>contributes nothing


>concentrate on white traitors only

>not the jews

0adcc9  No.12799011



558aab  No.12799111


Many (((white))) traitors are jews larping as whites, they still have to follow the suicide pact.

2d2298  No.12799202

How should I respond to someone asking me what the Jews did to Germany prior to WW2?

2d2298  No.12799412


Thanks anon. What book is that from?

9d48fa  No.12799477


This explains so why internet is gone worse during last years. Kind of sad to see this level of fanaticism. How many altleft radicals are here?

763776  No.12799508



thank you anons

859562  No.12800098



Anon, you’re going to have to give me your sources

8b7076  No.12800913

What happened to fascist forge?

a48d99  No.12801003

File: 16a1b49a6267a9d⋯.png (612.84 KB, 845x768, 845:768, 2019-02-14-194335_1366x768….png)

Why is even pewdiepie telling everyone to "read siege"?

602115  No.12801147

File: 368133ce8c14e5e⋯.jpg (112.09 KB, 1117x590, 1117:590, 99.jpg)


>dated today

>I go to his channel

>"Angry White People" is the only video for February 14 2019 as he plays Magic the Gathering

>this is his "leader"

fd2783  No.12801350

Redpill me on aspergers.

Why do the jews want aspie seed?

Is it beneficial?

tl;dr pls

925c91  No.12801357


>Can I tweek your nipples?

005ebf  No.12801520

File: 4f601ab755916e5⋯.jpg (106.84 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 847fc3273406edad3b70ffd1e9….jpg)

What follows is taken from the Wikipedia Article on Alister Crowley, on the section "Views on race and gender". My question is, what is wrong with these views, and why does the board hate The Master Thereon so much?

Crowley was bisexual, and exhibited a sexual preference for women,[273] with his homosexual relationships being fewer and clustered in the early part of his life.[237] In particular he had an attraction toward "exotic women",[274] and claimed to have fallen in love on multiple occasions; Kaczynski stated that "when he loved, he did so with his whole being, but the passion was typically short-lived".[275] Even in later life, Crowley was able to attract young bohemian women to be his lovers, largely due to his charisma.[276] During homosexual anal intercourse, he usually played the passive role,[277] which Booth believed "appealed to his masochistic side".[278] Crowley argued that homosexual and bisexual people should not suppress their sexual orientation,[237] commenting that a person "must not be ashamed or afraid of being homosexual if he happens to be so at heart; he must not attempt to violate his own true nature because of public opinion, or medieval morality, or religious prejudice which would wish he were otherwise."[279] On other issues he adopted a more conservative attitude; he opposed abortion on moral grounds, believing that no woman following her True Will would ever desire one.[280]

Biographer Lawrence Sutin stated that "blatant bigotry is a persistent minor element in Crowley's writings".[281] Sutin thought Crowley "a spoiled scion of a wealthy Victorian family who embodied many of the worst John Bull racial and social prejudices of his upper-class contemporaries", noting that he "embodied the contradiction that writhed within many Western intellectuals of the time: deeply held racist viewpoints courtesy of society, coupled with a fascination with people of colour".[282] Crowley insulted his close Jewish friend Victor Neuburg using anti-Semitic slurs and he had mixed opinions about Jews as a group. Although he praised their "sublime" poetry and stated that they exhibited "imagination, romance, loyalty, probity and humanity", he also thought that centuries of persecution had led some Jews to exhibit "avarice, servility, falseness, cunning and the rest".[283] He was also known to praise various ethnic and cultural groups, for instance he thought that the Chinese people exhibited a "spiritual superiority" to the English,[284] and praised Muslims for exhibiting "manliness, straightforwardness, subtlety, and self-respect".[285]

Crowley also exhibited a "general misogyny" that Booth believed arose from his bad relationship with his mother.[286] Sutin noted that Crowley "largely accepted the notion, implicitly embodied in Victorian sexology, of women as secondary social beings in terms of intellect and sensibility".[287] Crowley described women as "moral inferiors" who had to be treated with "firmness, kindness and justice".[288]

005ebf  No.12801533


Crowley enjoyed being outrageous and flouting conventional morality,[265] with John Symonds noting that he "was in revolt against the moral and religious values of his time".[266] Crowley's political thought was studied by academic Marco Pasi, who noted that for Crowley, socio-political concerns were subordinate to metaphysical and spiritual ones.[226] He was neither on the political left nor right but perhaps best categorised as a "conservative revolutionary" despite not being affiliated with the German-based conservative revolutionary movement.[267] Pasi described Crowley's affinity to the extreme ideologies of Nazism and Marxism–Leninism, which aimed to violently overturn society: "What Crowley liked about Nazism and communism, or at least what made him curious about them, was the anti-Christian position and the revolutionary and socially subversive implications of these two movements. In their subversive powers, he saw the possibility of an annihilation of old religious traditions, and the creation of a void that Thelema, subsequently, would be able to fill."[268] Crowley described democracy as an "imbecile and nauseating cult of weakness",[269] and commented that The Book of the Law proclaimed that "there is the master and there is the slave; the noble and the serf; the 'lone wolf' and the herd".[235] In this attitude he was influenced by the work of Friedrich Nietzsche and by Social Darwinism.[270] Although he had contempt for most of the British aristocracy, he regarded himself as an aristocrat and styled himself as Laird Boleskine,[271] once describing his ideology as "aristocratic communism".[272]

ff53e5  No.12802083

File: f69a069f86193e6⋯.webm (1.93 MB, 320x240, 4:3, RIZEUP.webm)

642c8e  No.12802572

I've been thinking this for a while. When a National Socialist revolution starts, a communist revolution always magically appears out fo nowhere. In the communist mind, they argue that (((capitalism))) is "fascism". Marxism nowadays seems to be less about pretending to care about the working class when in reality you only care about the protection of Jews from prosecution, and more about giving power to non-Whites of every class to fight against Whites of every class while seeing Jews as "White" so therefore they also deserve death. So what's their true purpose in life? The destruction of culture? Why would commies today support internationalism and open borders? Artificial identity politics, maybe? Jewish politics are confusing. Now that's out of the way, here's another question, it's about the left in general. Here it goes:

It baffles me how inconsistent they are, it also baffles me how they keep whining even when they get shit that they want. Affirmative action? They bitch about "White privilege" being a real thing. Gay marriage becoming legal? They are still bitching about much homophobia. Bumpstock ban? They still bitch about much ebil baby-killing AR-15's. You get the pattern here. No matter how hard you kiss their asses, they'll be satisfied until they are finally in power. The cold irony here is that they are parroting what (((corporations))) want. (((Corporations))) love open borders, multiculturalism, and globalism. Open borders in the US will give (((them))) more cheap labor from dumb wetbacks. Multiculturalism gives them the ability to use shitskins for diversity hires so they can profit off of anti-White products and multimedia. Two of these combined and then you have globalism, and it's not revolutionary in any sense of the word. Is this really what the left wants? Should the left even follow "progressivism"?

b397ac  No.12802580


>Anti christain

A lot of them sounds like lies that we've been here over and over again.


642c8e  No.12802582



*they'll never be

b397ac  No.12802585


Thanks gonna come back later for a question.

Good luck anons.

f04cb8  No.12803004

What is with all the Brendon Frazier memes?

c9a20c  No.12803616


Getting fucked by alimony personified.

f83ed2  No.12804454


So it's an incel meme. No wonder it's so boring.

17795a  No.12804463


Alimony is obsolete; it's child support now. You don't have to have ever met a woman once to be court ordered to pay her child support for the next 25 (lol they think it's 18!) years. Women instinctually defend their fuck buddy at the expense of their husband, tale as old as time.

c9a20c  No.12804666


>You don't have to have ever met a woman once to be court ordered to pay her child support for the next 25 (lol they think it's 18!) years.

That's a little ridiculous. If that were the case I'd have negative money.

8be80e  No.12804746


No shit, that's the point.

c9a20c  No.12805213


Well then why do I have money? By your statement, with the amount of women I fooled around with in my degenerate days I should be working at least four jobs and sending it all to them.

8be80e  No.12805254


Being as you are an illiterate fuckstick, it's understandable that you willingly refuse to read what was written. Women have full power in any relationship. They have the power to demand alimony from any man with whom they cohabit for over 6 months. Marriage is irrelevant. Children are irrelevant. You have no power. You can do absolutely nothing to stop it. Your only hope is that women CHOOSE not to exercise this power over you.

c9a20c  No.12805341


Calm down kid. First off, common law marriage(cohabitation), is only still applicable in certain states as some have revised the laws. Secondly, just because you feel powerless doesn't mean anyone else is. I've thrown plenty of stupid harlots out on their ass that thought they had power over me. Take back your manhood dude, you'll probably be a lot happier.

8be80e  No.12805361


>Calm down kid.

Great argument. You were proven wrong.

>First off, common law marriage(cohabitation), is only still applicable in certain states

Enjoy your hedonism, then. No possible chance of ever having that backfire.

>Secondly, just because you feel powerless doesn't mean anyone else is.

Okay, you have no idea what the law says. Run along now.

>I've thrown

No one cares. You didn't read the post, and you don't know the laws.

c9a20c  No.12805383


>Great argument. You were proven wrong.

No shit stupid. It was a statement directing you to act with some mild degree of decorum. Obviously you are unable to do that or actually address anything. Enjoy your misery I suppose.

8be80e  No.12805415


>I agree that you proved me wrong

>you are therefore stupid

the fuck

2ef1be  No.12806239


anybody got a list of anti white car companies?

ef1455  No.12807156

The Dr. William L. Pierce Collection (Video)


c1ec4e  No.12807295

Are anyone thinking about denouncing themselves in Papua New Guinea to become undeportable permanent illegal migrants?

8be80e  No.12808017

I have two quick questions on claims made about Polish attacks against Germans BEFORE the official German invasion.

1. Polish cavalry units crossed into Germany and attacked civilians.

2. Polish artillery fired on Lufthansa passenger airliners.

I've seen this repeated but don't have hard citations for it. Additionally, can someone point me toward direct hard evidence of the jewish involvement in the British government to declare cause WWII? Even if it's just "these are the British government officials who made the deals with France and Poland, and look at that; they're jews." Thanks.

8be80e  No.12808348


Oh shit, I thought of something else. It's not in What the World Rejected. Did Germany offer to withdraw from Poland and pay all damages resulting from the invasion in late 1939?

859562  No.12808535

1)What do you say when someone tells you that race, racial differences and racial categories are arbitrary and can't be properly defined?

2)What do you say when someone tells you that culture isn't influenced by race?

ffc0d1  No.12808865

File: a4c09c0557d0193⋯.jpg (35.07 KB, 530x398, 265:199, jewtube.jpg)

Are there any good tutorials for making youtube thumbnail-style images? I have a channel where I upload older jew-wise radio shows/podcasts (audio with still images) and I'm thinking those kind would probably look the best.

I'm also open to any other suggestions.

8be80e  No.12808982

File: fdb4ed5e4e0d85a⋯.png (243.44 KB, 717x959, 717:959, Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at ….png)


>race, racial differences and racial categories are arbitrary and can't be properly defined?

I show them the studies on genetics which prove that the five "races" of humanity are more genetically distant from one another than different species in the animal kingdom are. Pic related.

>culture isn't influenced by race?

I talk about the concept of instinct, which mainstream "scientists" say doesn't apply to humans, but which magically applies to all other animals. Physical differences drive behavioral differences, simply because of the different range of behaviors afforded to those with different physical capabilities. Behavioral differences drive social differences, as groups which uniformly cannot perform X due to physical incapability will not form societies that include X.

8be80e  No.12809102



Shit, one more. Not that any will be answered. We know that Hitler viewed the Anglo-German Naval Agreement of 1935 as a step toward a full alliance between the nations. Are there any specific quotes from him in that regard?

50a042  No.12809162

File: 4521ece728e39c8⋯.jpg (149.69 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Jordan Peterson Occult Cos….jpg)

I found some interesting Christian critiques of Jordan Peterson. It's already established that he's a piece of shit 6 ways from Sunday, but they add some insights regarding his Gnosticism. A lot of their reasoning is just an appeal to Biblical authority, but they do get into the nuts and bolts a bit.







c1ec4e  No.12809731

Is male gender symbol derived from Mars, the Roman god of War, Farm and Masculinity symbol? They look similar.

5e1482  No.12809750

Is supporting non-White separatist groups like the Nation of Islam a good idea to keep the shitskins out for good? The kikes have been hounding them lately, even "anti-Zionist" leftists hate them. All I know is the left's version of "anti-Zionism" is basically summed up as "It's not the Jews, only the Zionist ones are bad. The Marxist ones are good.". They "hate" Israel for being a "White racist colonialist apartheid". Since the Nation of Islam has been known to criticize the Talmud and know that the space trade was operated by Jews, suddenly the commie retards are all like "Oy vey! This anti-Semitism must be stopped at once! It's just like another Shoah! :'^(".

As I was saying, the main problem here is that the Nation of Islam is expecting the US to give them infinite gibs on their own new Apefrican country until they can supposedly "support themselves economically", as they claim. So really though, it's not exactly a good idea to support them, but what do you think? I'm not really supporting them, either. Unless if both /pol/ and NOI can both have a work around for their own respective interests.

5e1482  No.12809754


<*slave trade

Lel, I'm not sure what to imagine when thinking what a "space trade" would be like.

784e77  No.12809811

Are there any decent parties in the US? Even if they're really small. Is the American Freedom Party a honeypot? They seem to name the jew on rare occasions but they always use a jew to do so.

b7c043  No.12810278

44 audiobooks (more to come from anons' etc. works)


859562  No.12810348


Anon, this info is amazing, but can you please send your sources? Also, people consider Asians, Americoids and Australasians to be all apart of the Mongoloid race.

859562  No.12810362


Can you send your pieces on culture as well? And what about the FST of euros with other Caucasoids?

8be80e  No.12810452

File: 5a7a810fa48d509⋯.png (20.36 KB, 764x289, 764:289, FST chart.png)

File: fd0e7c08f35b931⋯.jpg (3.42 MB, 5000x4000, 5:4, FST Caucasoid.jpg)


>Also, people consider Asians, Americoids and Australasians to be all apart of the Mongoloid race.

Sure, but they're wrong. The Americoid/Mongoloid distance is about the same as the black/white distance. Here's a chart of some loci showing relative distance.


Sure, I can pull some out. They're the red words in the book itself; I put them inline because I wanted the text to flow.

Humans can be genetically categorized into five racial groups, corresponding to traditional races.


Genetic analysis "supports the traditional racial groups classification."


"Human genetic variation is geographically structured" and corresponds with race.


Race can be determined via genetics with certainty for >99.8% of individuals.








Hmm, that's a bit long. How about this? It's not mine, but it's illuminating.


>the FST of euros with other Caucasoids

I happen to have a caucasoid-only FST map. You can see that all whites are really closely clustered, meanwhile there's another parallel big band (the arabs) and a smaller sphere (the jews). These are basically subspecies. I mentioned this earlier in the thread.

4498e5  No.12810589

File: 0624a593cab6441⋯.jpg (157.28 KB, 968x645, 968:645, karlmarx1602a.jpg)

will someone make a thread on this?

2ef1be  No.12810659


there was one closer to when it happened

b7c043  No.12810689


Was there more information about it? I couldn't find anything in the archives and this is up: >>12762050

ec2f68  No.12810800

File: 037cfeae6037b3f⋯.jpg (99.01 KB, 576x1032, 24:43, 20190216_182311.jpg)

File: c1d8474f392f1e6⋯.jpg (100.74 KB, 576x1032, 24:43, 20190216_182208.jpg)

hey /pol/, known this guy for a while, getting more and more concerned he's a jew. opinions? he's a faggot anyway tbh

e9cb17  No.12810968

Good old chodemonkey, plenty of time to fuck with the ads but never enough to fix the jew and tranny problem.

e9cb17  No.12810970


Nope just a bunch of jews looking for a free upgrade. The center plaque/stone was already cracked and they wanted a free replacement so they took a hammer to it and scuffed it up.

e9cb17  No.12810974


Because he's a retarded piece of shit and only does absurd shit for click shekels?

000000  No.12810977


>they're wrong

Not really.

The Inuit, Sammi, Mayano, Azteca, Malay, Mōʻī, Tongan, and Māori people, to name a few, are all genetic Mongolians, as they are on average about 2/3 East Asian and 1/3 Northeast European. The Abbos down under, Samoans, and some Southern Indians are examples of the Mongolian people mixing with Africans.

>five racial groups

Nah. That's "color" theory. White, Yellow, Red, Brown, and Black. It's incorrect because color labels strip people of their ancestral heritage and cultural identity and, because the "Red" and "Brown" races are mixed-race.

There are only three "pure" landraces, seven total when you mix them, with Asians, Europeans, and Africans being the primary three. Every other race is a mix of these landraces and have become their own strains but are still traceable to their genetic origins. Obviously I am ignoring the prehistoric hominid types that made Europeans and Asians and such, for example, the Paleo-european and the Indo-european are the ancestors of the modern European; the more Southern (darker and softer) your features the more Indo- you are, and the more Northern (lighter and harder) your features the more Paleo- you are. Most of us are mixed from over 10,000 years when the ice sheets receded.

>genetic variation is geographically structured and corresponds with race

Correct but it is race.


1. A landrace is a domesticated, locally adapted, traditional variety of a species of plant or animal that has developed over time, through adaptation to its natural and cultural environment of agriculture and pastoralism, and due to isolation from other populations of the species.


>from Middle French 'race'

>from Italian 'razza' = "breed", "lineage", "family"

>FST map

Mostly meaningless because genetic type is more important. The Slavic people have more genetic similarity to the Sammi people than to Arabs but a spread chart will not show that. Also, people are genetically not "Italian" or "Ashkenazi" since these are modern concepts and in a spread map these two groups are the most spread since they are a diverse sample compared to a "Finn" or "Estonian"; it's simply not as accurate. Similar to the bar or pie graphs of dna groups that make people think they are a mix of all the things when the graphs show average for entire population sample; not all ruskies have asian dna, for example.

Thanks for the cool links !

8be80e  No.12811100

File: b8606e2b2628add⋯.jpg (3.63 MB, 5000x4000, 5:4, FST Caucasoid.jpg)


>Not really.

>There are only three "pure" landraces, seven total when you mix them, with Asians, Europeans, and Africans being the primary three.

You were literally just proven wrong. There are five, by FST examination. The indioes have been on their own long enough to have developed into a new species, and the abbos are so fucking removed that they might be their own genus.

>A landrace is a domesticated, locally adapted, traditional variety of a species

Not a race, then, by your own definition. They are not varieties of species; they are species in their own right, by genetic distance. There are races within species–subspecies–and those show up in humanity (capoids and congoids; whites, arabs, and jews; Japanese, Chinese, and southeast asians; etc.), but the overarching species themselves are not races.

>The Slavic people have more genetic similarity to the Sammi people than to Arabs but a spread chart will not show that.

Wait, it shows that. What am I missing here?

>Also, people are genetically not "Italian" or "Ashkenazi" since these are modern concepts

Oh, that's true enough, at least.

990202  No.12811210

i dont understand

4ef3b5  No.12811527

File: e657262643f0681⋯.jpg (823.39 KB, 3264x2448, 4:3, reddit.jpg)

File: 70a8c729f667441⋯.jpg (3.61 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, reddit2.jpg)

adddfb  No.12812066


Nice work, Anon. I was going to try to do something like that, but never got around to it. You might want to add Andrew Carrington Hitchock's Audiobooks, the Radio Aryan Narrations (at least the ones of full books), and the other recording of The Protocols (Brasol translation).

3e9b4c  No.12812165

There was a time when I thought the left were too numerous because of the protests against anything they perceive as "rightwing" and "Nazi/fascist" shown on (((MSM))) along with the "No Wall, Make Love" hippie-tier bullshit, then I found out they were literally the minority. There's a reason why these are called as SJW's by everyone else, even by other liberals and commies from time to time. You can't tolerate these freaks. They rely on brainwashed, radicalized shitskins for ammunition. It's not about hating "rightwingers and Nazis", it's about hating on Whites and wanting them all dead while also calling all of them "rightwingers and Nazis". Do any of you anons have some images and infographics that show just how insignificant they really are? Even (((Antifa))) has more followers.

0af8aa  No.12812208

Do leftists even have a solid argument that strict border control isn't needed beyond "Muh separated families!!!"? At this point, they're not even trying to hide the fact that they actually want open borders and globalism. They are playing by the hands of (((corporations))), by the way. (((Corporations))) love open borders because it gives them cheap labor from spics and spiclets. How are they not noticing this? How subhuman can you be to not notice it?

Besides, it's not like any American "conservative" is even remotely against legal immigration, at times they just disagree with illegal immigration, to the left they are also considered as "Nazis". How will they react when they see an actual conservative? For example, Pat Buchanan is more conservative than the entire GOP, and yet he is more critical about Pissrael's wars against the Middle East and he's inherently anti-war and anti-interventionist. However, since he doesn't support the left's ideals, suddenly he's also a "Nazi". Why does the left think that's a good counter argument against their political enemies?

8be80e  No.12812245


You're looking at it wrong. That's one of the major problems in the early redpilling stage–continuing to view the jews and their puppets as "normal people who just don't know the truth, and so if we can show them the 'error of their ways,' they can be changed." Their argument is "white genocide." Anything which facilitates that is what they want. Anything which does not is what must be removed. They don't care about law. They don't care about rules. They don't care about facts. They don't believe that truth itself exists, and so there are no "negatives" to anything which is harmful to the native population of the West.

70934f  No.12812532

File: a42056f189bc54d⋯.png (370.75 KB, 725x1213, 725:1213, The European.png)


Typical tricks.

859562  No.12812553


Is de Gobineau a good way to learn about race?

adddfb  No.12812566


"Nietzsche's Coming God or the Redemption of the Divine by Abir Taha (2013) (Audiobook)" is just a lower bitrate copy of "Nietzsche, Prophet of Nazism- The Cult of the Superman by Abir Taha (2005) (Audiobook)".

b7c043  No.12812615


Ok thanks I removed it. Looks like it hasn't been made into an audiobook, I went by information from:


c35129  No.12813328

If dubs: American Civil War in 2020.

If trips: World War 3 in 2020.

If quads: National Socialist world empire.

b7f69e  No.12813422


if singles: I cringe

0089a2  No.12813626

Are there women that fight for this country the way so many men do? I dedicated my life to humanity, Jesus Christ, America, and I dedicate all that I am to attempt in the past and the present to stand in the face of evil and inequity. Obviously everything else I've got is for my life. But I don't meet many women ever who claim to stand to uphold these things too. Is it not their responsibility? Nature? Is it due to the differences in the way men approach information? Possibly due to hereditary DNA spending hundreds of years being non intellectual before the proletarian era? Does anybody know?

8be80e  No.12813660


That's everything I would have expected for what it is, but not exactly what I was after. Still, thanks a ton for replying. I might even be able to use this for a different point I made.


I'd almost forgotten about him. Yes, his works were directly in line with his era of racial understanding, and we see today that a fair bit of what he said was true. If you don't have a technical background in genetics or biology, you can still follow the… what do I want to say… results of the differences in DNA, etc. You'd just need someone to summarize them for you. What matters to most people (read: the 90% of normalfags) is what these things mean in practice for everyday life. It's important for them to know THAT the differences exist and that there's true science behind them. And that they've been lied to. But beyond that, what matters to them is "how does interacting with X race harm me", so that we can get them to support deportation/racial separation. This book is good for that.


8be80e  No.12813670


>Are there women that fight for this country the way so many men do?

Women don't think like men. They don't internalize honor, duty, or even justice. They have to have such values imposed upon them by men. Any women who think or behave like men are an unfortunate byproduct of Neo-Weimar.

>Is it not their responsibility?

It shouldn't be, is the operative term.


Correct; it's biology.

Men are the variables of human biology. Women are the control. Men vary far more widely on the scale of ability and intellect, while women represent a much tighter and smaller spread pattern. This is why there are many examples of male genius, but few examples of female genius. Feminism would have you believe this is because the female geniuses were “passed over” for being women and that they continue to be ignored to this day due to “systemic sexism.” This is not the case. Feminists invent unnamed and unremarked upon genius to cover up the fact that said genius never existed. “Systemic sexism,” conceptually, quite literally exists solely to plug a hole in the logical inconsistency of claiming that women are equal to men, while they still lack in ability and intelligence even today–after decades of rampant feminism and affirmative action prioritizing women at the expense of men. The claim of systemic “sexism” in Western society is an invented conspiracy. The purpose is to avoid having to address the fact that the public justifications for feminism and affirmative action did not pan out when executed in reality.

Men are possessed of greater heights of intelligence but are also cursed with deeper valleys of stupidity and incompetence. Women, by contrast, are deficient in genius outliers, but similarly are spared being direly stupid. In other words, men are very different from each other while most women are relatively the same. Men are the variables in the human experiment. Women are the controls. Because of natural selection, the most stupid men are weeded out over time. Only the strongest, most intelligent, and most cunning men had a chance to breed. This means that, over time, men have shifted further towards their upper outliers. Women have remained approximately static. In civilized society all women have a relatively decent chance of breeding and they are not selected for intelligence. It is likely that aeons ago, men and women were very similar intellectually and physically. Over time, men have become larger, stronger, and smarter, while women have not. Sexual dimorphism does not happen in a vacuum. It occurs for a reason. This is the reason for ours.

Because of sexual selection, men have advanced while women have not. That is the issue here. Men were selected, by women, overwhelmingly for positive traits. Women were hardly selected at all. Men have had to compete for women, with only the best traits surviving across generations–thus men became stronger, larger, and more intelligent. Women simply had to pick a man. Thus, modern man is quite different from ancient man in terms of size, intellect, overall health, and ability, while modern woman is functionally the same in mind, body, and instinct to primitive woman. This is why female sexual liberation is the death knell of every civilization that embraces it. This is hardly the first time it has occurred.

0089a2  No.12813769


Anon… Thank you.

That is a slap in the fucking face. I started rising in intelligence at a rapid rate a few years ago and it tore my girlfriend (Ex) apart. (Currently 20) I feel like I expected her to climb with me or understand. I feel a bit horrible about that.

Well, nothing to do now but keep being a man capable of catastrophic stupidity and keep trying to get it right. Feel like I've fucked up a lot of shit on this planet for 20. I just learned the word woman is so sacred that most connotations of the word bitch actually do a tremendous disservice to our women cosmically. No wonder god kept me away from the good ones for so long.

You're the reason why I'm honored to be called a Polack. God bless.

859562  No.12813785


Thanks man. And btw, some links you sent don't work.>>12810452

8be80e  No.12813803


Hey, you're welcome.


Bah, I noticed that offhand a little bit ago. I must have copied my original notes rather than my book's content. Fortunately for people like us who regularly have to pull things out of the memory hole, there's web.archive.org. Here's the first one which was broken.


0089a2  No.12813845



Does that mean gods a dude?

And how does this statistic reflect on the pursuit of truth and wisdom?

Do genius men usually marry genius women?

What happened there with Douglas and Tyla Gabriel, Or Trump and Melania.

Is that an outlying natural breed?

You know what I'm pokin at.

e875aa  No.12813901

File: b918fbf863379d7⋯.png (481.42 KB, 800x657, 800:657, American Suburban Neo-Con.png)


> I dedicated my life to humanity, Jesus Christ, America, and I dedicate all that I am to attempt in the past and the present to stand in the face of evil and inequity.

4b2ba5  No.12813931

I get that normies and shitskins are triggered by blackface, but today I saw a Pat Buchanan piece where he mentioned people were all riled up about some politico who was videotaped in the 80s doing a Michael-Jackson-style-moonwalk in the early 80s. OOOH, A NAZI MOOONWALK!!!! AHHHHHH!

Seriously WTF. If you are old enough to remember, practically every dorky grade-school kid spent his free hours practicing his moonwalk in the school corrridors. Jackson was the "crossover king," he was lauded for bringing more blaque-ness to the zillions of white suburban kids who bought his record. There was nothing even remotely race-related about moonwalking (or tying to).

Now that's a freaking hate crime? What's next, owning a Jimi Hendrix album?

e875aa  No.12813944

File: a0fc66e36ae2e2c⋯.png (1.68 MB, 1920x1200, 8:5, Francesco Young ('Sven Lon….png)


>…Radio Aryan Narrations…

Sven Longshanks from Radio Aryan/Daily Stormer is convicted sex offender Francesco A. Young from Weston-super-Mare.



290d50  No.12814008

File: 93bbf7baddc6cc3⋯.jpg (105.6 KB, 703x704, 703:704, sven.jpg)


You're 6 months late. Sven was doxed, and he turned out to be somebody else.

>Now as Raymond runs his mouth off besmirching those who have been imprisoned for following his early lead, he has been joined in his endeavours by one Steve Stone (no, not the ‘Action Man’ of the same name).

>Stone is better known as ‘Sven Longshanks’, the intrepid voice behind the persistent use of the N-word on his Radio Aryan radio show. Stone promotes the idea of the supreme Aryan being by using words like “Niglets” and “mud people” to describe those he is scared of.


8afed6  No.12814418

File: e0a048b088d7b8e⋯.png (5.81 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)

no bully pls

>Working since I was 14

>Be 2008

>Market crashes

>Father dies

>A cousin and a great aunt dies

>Graduate HS in 2012

>Still keeping in touch with the last 4 friends I had growing up as a kid.

>Still working

>Trump wins in 2016

>The group kind of goes their own ways but still keep in touch and meet up every so often.


>A very close associate I've known since I was 13, dipped off the map to commit a felony in another state. It's very likely I'll never be able to see him again so I guess that's a different kind of death.


>Another very close associate killed herself around the second week of February.


>On Friday night, the last remaining male friend from that group died. It's being treated as a homicide.

>Still trying to figure out if I can go to work on Monday or if I should just end it all.

>What do I do?

dad937  No.12814499



Why would you end it all? oh boohoo you have no friends. Well appearently you have money saved up. Loss of a dad is the only thing i read in your little speech that should effect you. Friends come and go even the ones you have known since you were born. Some times you go long periods without them. Join a union, learn a trade, you'll have more friends then you know after a few months.

killing yourself is for bitches.

0089a2  No.12814579



0089a2  No.12814596


My best friend, and the love of my life killed herself. It took her a long time to repay the debt of that sin. And I'll quote her. "I miss breathing. Earth is the cuddliest and fuzziest dimension."

Please brother. My dad just died too. He was practically all I had. Hear me. Hear your spirit. Hear your creator. Let the energy of the earth flow through your heart. Understand that this pain you are experiencing is the pain of beautiful flames that will forge your legacy out of the ashes. Your adversity will turn you into a phoenix my friend. I'll pray for you.

81d49a  No.12814598

What happened to the Glow-In-Dark AMA threads?

0089a2  No.12814625


The Scythe was never suffice as a tool to relieve your actually.

It was a Tragedy. A disastorous calamity coming to fast for me. I started Committing blasphemy spitting raps as she. Faded away

An intimate part of Me lost in disarray

This apogee Beautiful Pain Road Abby As she becomes a ghost to this Family. My HEART BODY AND SOUL TORN APART ACROSS A FUCKING TAPESTRY. An Abstract depiction of frugality and abnormality forged thru abuse from the Faculty But now I see that Tapestry as an Analogy A Galaxy of Beautiful Pain in reality spewin out of me as god whips up str8 miracles out of travesties.

The sacrifice is in your anatomy

Thats Christ beatin through your totality

Critical Mass Life now its time to feed your spirituality

The Scythe was never suffice as a tool to relieve your actually.

You better still be breathing dude I don't like posting lyrics but, I posted them for you. I know I'm late as shit bro but please don't die. I am telling you that a life like that doesn't transpire on just anybody and I know your a /pol/ack I know this world needs your light right now. Don't go

492069  No.12815062

File: c5fa7770d9fdc48⋯.gif (616.82 KB, 498x498, 1:1, d9b06b0d16f9fde71128d76539….gif)


>I miss breathing

You talked to her beyond the grave, Anon?

4a37ad  No.12815067


Even the archives are gone wtfa any screenshots?

f95b1c  No.12815084


Great idea, I added a few from RAN

f95b1c  No.12815085


Damn it, I meant for >>12812066

50e2d9  No.12815128

Where have the two AMA threads of tyrian purple anon been gone? Die they got shoad by kushner fellating mods?

50e2d9  No.12815133




Ah shit. Should've paid more attention. The question was alread asked.

8cbe32  No.12815136

File: ab1820789de0ffe⋯.jpg (24.95 KB, 371x494, 371:494, pf.jpg)

What are some thoughts about The Patriot Front? They were in the news this weekend, https://archive.vn/HITjC

The website they are promoting in the fliers, www.bloodandsoil.org - https://patriotfront.us

Sadly, the liberal, White-genocide seeking, cucks in Boston are going to throw the book at these young men. The sheboon Boston DA (https://archive.vn/7itpA)will try to ruin their lives. These young men have sacrificed themselves in order to promote their organization and beliefs. What can you tell me about The Patriot Front?

5eb0f8  No.12815165

File: 5c3091b2b726f68⋯.jpeg (282.68 KB, 1000x994, 500:497, 68605ABF-65B5-4447-83CF-C….jpeg)

File: 8dac48f8dde0c5f⋯.jpeg (493.38 KB, 750x801, 250:267, 4492181E-CE7D-40FF-A979-4….jpeg)

File: f0cce9f79116773⋯.jpeg (265.87 KB, 510x671, 510:671, 38E103D5-186B-4BFB-A6FB-D….jpeg)

File: 1ad5ffd7eeec575⋯.jpeg (334.24 KB, 484x828, 121:207, 2F774EE7-DC63-4177-9FAA-5….jpeg)

File: 80eb3147073cb6f⋯.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, D7A10887-185F-4ED1-8CFC-5A….png)

5eb0f8  No.12815170

File: d3897d30bcec86b⋯.png (293.78 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, 00DF9B46-3F91-4BE3-B89F-C6….png)

File: d4a47df884654b2⋯.png (322.43 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, EFBA6BD2-2BFF-4BB6-B98D-71….png)

File: 36613fe3dd36896⋯.jpeg (469.52 KB, 750x837, 250:279, 4D5DEAA8-4FBD-4158-B7EE-8….jpeg)

File: 5d15fea6a755af7⋯.jpeg (517.22 KB, 750x1023, 250:341, 87DDE15F-0CE1-42C2-A0D3-3….jpeg)

File: ca3b54e0d89c035⋯.png (245.55 KB, 1681x2802, 1681:2802, E70CBC45-DA8F-4251-837B-E8….png)


Wish i cap’d more.

The pharmacological torture and homie waking up to a dude in a surgcal mask standing over him is why i sleep armed.

8e9dfd  No.12815183


glow in the dark mods killed them


d640fd  No.12815214


Where's the archive for the 2nd thread?

Reposting Glownigger AMA 1st thread for 1st page lurkers:


0089a2  No.12815221


Yeah. Multiple times. Its been a few years since she left but I've talked to her twice and visited her once. The visiting part interesting. Not sure how my conscious got to purgatory. But shes my spirit guide now. Lucky me, she stays close by.

668158  No.12815244

Hey i'm looking for a redpill picture. It's quite old, haven't seen it in a while. It addresses feminism and femen, LGBT (and why Russia attacks people who try to promote it in their country) as well as some other things. I haven't seen it in a while regret not saving it. Please share if you have.

7b58d3  No.12815418

File: 4e8476f12111e7d⋯.jpg (162.42 KB, 960x540, 16:9, neinchan.com_OC.jpg)

Hear ye hear ye, faggots

859562  No.12815525


Is The Nature of Race by John Fuerst a good one to read?

50e2d9  No.12815557


And they did it again with the latest one. They deserve broken hands for this.

50e2d9  No.12815566



b7d140  No.12815722

File: ad4d956a20174b1⋯.png (8.81 MB, 2532x1213, 2532:1213, watisit1.png)

Anyone have the pic or archive of thread?

8be80e  No.12815730


Yes, though I'll admit that even I skimmed it in reading because it's a bit dry. Normalfags probably won't jump on it except as a citation for statements elsewhere. Here's where I express concern for my own book that NO one reads anymore at all…

50e2d9  No.12815901

File: 66c3cbf71cf016b⋯.jpg (173.33 KB, 1000x690, 100:69, adolf.jpg)


Were you too lazy or retarted to type the link in your browser? Most likely you are just a worthless kike making silly demands to waste anon's time.

Thread could be about pic related. Have fun nigger.

https://archive.fo/kMmOb (archive of website)

https://archive.fo/3Vxmm (archive of pic)

50e2d9  No.12815948



Hahahaha, reverse search came up with this dead link: https://reinep.wordpress.com/2010/09/14/the-truth-about-hitlers-death-the-allies-served-us-a-big-fat-lie/

50e2d9  No.12815988

File: a4dad7d6bd19609⋯.jpeg (677.28 KB, 2956x2040, 739:510, higherres.jpeg)

File: a7e36e3fde37fee⋯.png (466.07 KB, 948x483, 316:161, schreck.png)


I guess they try to frame Schreck as Hitler double.

50e2d9  No.12816000


Forgot to mention how smoothly they overlayed the pair of shoes which hadn't been scrambled out entirely with their useless infobar. What a coincedens.

48ccf9  No.12816048



What's supposed to be so interesting about that photo? Genuine question. No vague speculations.

e8bbd1  No.12816057

What happened to the "I was one of group of Americans and Israelis who "hacked" primaries + election for Trump AMA" threads?

Why they were shoah'd?

For any anon wanting to rewatch them:





50e2d9  No.12816058


I don't know. I'm just bored.

Beyond Hitler's right side stood a 6th person which was scribbled over with a pen. You can still see the shoes. Anons got hooked trying to find out who was erased and why, it seems.

2ef1be  No.12816092

File: 89acb497bd78698⋯.jpg (38.22 KB, 600x445, 120:89, proxy.jpg)

File: ecf0389a7b12aef⋯.png (39.69 KB, 250x222, 125:111, 250px-Logo_of_South_Korean….png)

I'm reading the caps from the south korean thread. and I came across pics related. remember those threads with (((anons))) making the exact same images for jews? seems odd

15c240  No.12816344

File: 1be2f1ab3eecee5⋯.jpg (10.06 KB, 250x240, 25:24, 1550266689727.jpg)


Are you me?

I was doing the same shit yesterday

Btw, it’s true that “womad” have those snuff films that gookanon said?

i was checking that site but the language barrier was too much for me.

One thing that catch my attention is a section that is called "deathnote" and "Under the Mapo Bridge" those are the ones with more activity but you need to be registered there to see the contend.

sorry for my english thou, not my mother language

8e9dfd  No.12816741


So this place is run by Kushner or what?

61d81a  No.12816818





Kill yourself. LITERAL Q-larp-tier garbage is all that was.

284272  No.12816856

File: f856d60d1251a5b⋯.jpg (365.51 KB, 1920x2560, 3:4, The Biological Jew.jpg)


You should add their narration of 'The Biological jew' by Eustace Mullins. It's a classic, but they removed it from the site after it was messaged in a jewish hit piece against the network. It's also one of the books Arthur Topham was arrested over hosting - the kikes really hate it.


I think Alex Linder is planning to do his own recording at some point.

8a9f35  No.12816891


i miss /AFG/ or /AFK/

does anyone remember africa general?

8e9dfd  No.12816994


>t. Kushnerbot

2658e2  No.12817268

Why is this /pol/ full of such obvious disinfo? cuckchan /pol/ is pretty shit because of demoralization but this place is full of blatant jidf lies. Even /christian/'s /pol/ thread is better than this. Clean your shit up.

f5ab9a  No.12817480

File: 481564f0b5e9ad3⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 20.6 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 43064230_249986579024098_3….jpg)


>why has /pol/ gone to shit?

Easy. With all the press /pol/ has received post-2016 election , the (((CIA-Niggers))) have been working overtime to make sure it doesn't happen again. It doesn't help the whole Q thing is bringing more and more attention to 8chan as a whole. It was inevitable tbh. Also, friendly reminder my /pol/ish brothers. Jesus loves you and your white volk. Remember, He helped you build Europe into a great power, feared by evil across the world. He lifted you up from your idols and helped you conquer the waves When you forgot Him and went back to your idols, everything went to shit White Man, Come Home to Rome Achieve greatness once again

2658e2  No.12817507


As long as Catholicism doesn't cuck out like the Orthodox and go against the ancient Christians and declare serpent seedline a heresy. I can't associate with any church that forces me to worship edomites as le chosen people.

b3b55e  No.12817661

File: 0ddcb85fd5e5148⋯.png (274.77 KB, 400x557, 400:557, 337a3ab310945ebf70819168ca….png)

Is it time to make a DACA/pol/ thread? It will be for people in DACA, of course it will also be in English because if you are in the USA, you MUST speak English.

It will be the DACA version of Nord/pol/ or the like…

000000  No.12817764


Imagine to horrid stink from