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File: 14c3bb50a3356e0⋯.jpg (35.29 KB, 400x400, 1:1, risten.jpg)

90b7d4  No.12657149

>>Fertility rates for white women were low in every US state in 2017, but up in 12 states for black women and up in 29 states for Hispanic women

>>The total fertility rate for the US was 16 percent below the level of a population to replace itself

>>It was only higher than what is needed in two states: South Dakota and Utah

>>Experts say the reasons are likely due to South Dakota's growth in the energy sector and Utah's large Mormon population



bab0fa  No.12657156


Awful, i'nnit?

ee2c9d  No.12657170

Yes, we know, and we have known. Go out and fuck a white woman (if you're white, obviously). Make as many as you can. Consequences to you personally be damned.

047d09  No.12657258

>weekly blackwomb thread

434ef8  No.12657337

We've been below replacement rate for a while now. We are literally growing the population faster through immigration than through white births. The solution is to stop shitposting here and go start a family.

c0502c  No.12657349

We should give more to Africa.

b61f07  No.12657350

>promote faggotry, trannyism, pet ownership, material wealth with low paying jobs over reproduction

>reproduction rates fall

>oy vey better import shitskins to fix that goy


a7a227  No.12657380

File: 00c10d29b407c54⋯.jpg (25.87 KB, 558x286, 279:143, nslf-revolution.JPG)

File: 238ff2b58602a38⋯.jpg (89.56 KB, 1156x872, 289:218, dissident-nationalism11.jpg)

File: 094e6ee4fbefaf0⋯.jpg (135.61 KB, 1173x877, 1173:877, dissident-nationalism13.jpg)

File: 86ee8dc5d491ed3⋯.jpg (136.89 KB, 1155x846, 385:282, dissident-nationalism8.jpg)

File: b92bb7141b1efad⋯.jpg (138.4 KB, 1164x872, 291:218, dissident-nationalism12.jpg)

126322  No.12657408


>The solution is to stop shitposting here and go start a family.

What a fucking useless endeavor. Even if you have 20 kids, most whites still won't, so you can't outcompete the combination of high shitskin birthrates and shitskin invasion. It's a war of attrition that we will lose.

The management of the country needs to change, and quickly.

5e58d6  No.12657412


There isn't enough of us for that to work. We need to red pill the normie. We need to wake up as many white people as we possibly can.

a7a227  No.12657427

File: 2a4151d76a9d9c9⋯.png (477.22 KB, 1434x1318, 717:659, On-Guerilla-Warfare1.png)

File: 3dd99dfa065f6ed⋯.jpg (122.3 KB, 1171x884, 1171:884, dissident-nationalism10.jpg)


Enough whites have been woken up, you need to focus on the 10% of whites who arent lemmings and are prepared to take action now. Once action is being taken, large numbers of normies will be open for recruitment into the auxiliary.

047d09  No.12657433

As long as there is a white man and woman breathing, we will never lose. They know it which is why they are so terrified of white births.

126322  No.12657435


>We need to red pill the normie.


>We need to wake up as many white people as we possibly can.

Yes, but because within the masses are high agency, action oriented people that will lead us to success.

047d09  No.12657437


>doesn't realize he's fucking a jew rodent

ee3ec4  No.12657466

Whites and Asians are the lowest, but all races are producing below replacement rate right now. This means the only increase in population is due to immigration. But it also means this issue can be corrected mostly by making major changes to our immigration policy. This is why there is so much backlash against anything immigration-wise. If the US closed its borders and started sending DACApedes back, whites would outlast the other races if everything continued as it is now. I'm really interested in the results of the 2020 census as that will have us see how true these rates are, especially with the black population which should be slowly dropping, not increasing as it has historically.

a7a227  No.12657469


Whites are the only ones below replacement, shitskins have like 12 kids each.

ee3ec4  No.12657486


Not true


563be2  No.12657515


Fuck race traitors. The future has always belonged to the redpilled. Let the eternal boomers and their nigger-loving fucktard offspring die out. How many weak tribes were erased from the history of Europe? When the only whites left are true volk with no traitors in their midst, one unhindered white man will subdue ten thousand niggers.

a7a227  No.12657519

File: 47703dbc3288fa8⋯.png (783.62 KB, 663x632, 663:632, White-Genocide-Germoney.png)

File: 1151b2b7c1d9837⋯.jpg (200.09 KB, 1599x896, 1599:896, dissident-nationalism6.jpg)

File: 955069b3b45cbd4⋯.png (979.98 KB, 756x599, 756:599, dissident-nationalism2.png)


Thats by the mothers ethnicity only, what a crock of shit. All those nigger fathers with jungle ape kids arent listed, if its a white mother black father they lump it on whites for example.

Thats also outdated, the OPs article says those niggers and beaners went UP.

The shitskins they bring in have 12 kids and make up for the citizens who are normalized and only have 3 kids. There is no white immigration. Canada was 97% white in 1971 and it had 20 million people. Today its got 37 million but still only 20 million whites. The white population stays the same, by 2060 Canada is going to have 100 million people and still only 20 million whites, for the braindead that means 20% white. South Africa, violent genocide, land confiscation by law etc, forced mixing laws.

Dont try to downplay this shit, what are you even doing.

4b647e  No.12657556


>As long as there is a white man and woman breathing, we will never lose. They know it which is why they are so terrified of white births.

Dubs of truth. Y'all whiny blackpilled faggots watch ZULU ffs.

ee3ec4  No.12657562

File: b439fb134b1d304⋯.jpg (183.04 KB, 797x807, 797:807, cnn article.jpg)


OP's article and the countless ones (((mysteriously))) having the same content and headlines all posted on the same day is reusing talking points from a months old study that used the same data from 2017.




ee3ec4  No.12657568


I'm not downplaying anything. I'm saying the hispanic increases are mostly from immigration and if we can control that, everything else is not as dire. Changing birthrates is very difficult and fluctuate based on a variety of things, but we can affect immigration policy from the top down.

000000  No.12657572

The scarier statistic is that most of the white women who are having kids are doing it with ebt monkeys.

a7a227  No.12657573

File: 83c44f02120e97d⋯.jpg (106.11 KB, 680x583, 680:583, well shilled.jpg)


You really should go back to cuckchan with your white genocide consensus cracking bullshit. Were on the edge of a white minority, we have one in some places and retards like you are carrying water for kikes trying to sugar coat it with bullshit, that you wont drop even after its been btfo.

f94bf5  No.12657591

You're all fucking wrong.

What we need to do is

>take women's rights away.

ee3ec4  No.12657594


No you are just illiterate. I'm trying to show how the mass media works by recycling the same data over and over and turning it into articles designed to scare the masses into thinking we need more immigration to offset the declining population. You are too blind to their methods to even inspect the articles.

a7a227  No.12657610


Thats not what it shows, thats what youre trying to demonstrate. That shitskins dont already have a high birth rate which they do. Youre as shit of a propagandist as they are, because those articles are waking whites up to their coming minority status.

a7a227  No.12657617

File: bc8458a3643e850⋯.gif (1.81 MB, 602x680, 301:340, white genocide-gif.gif)

File: ba774cc91d7a9ff⋯.jpg (375.32 KB, 900x900, 1:1, white genocide29.jpg)

File: cb4485c2de8f302⋯.png (617.41 KB, 982x1605, 982:1605, white genocide24.png)

File: f2d90b38744bc56⋯.jpg (265.74 KB, 1200x889, 1200:889, White genocide11.jpg)

File: 812a8b4b91e4ce2⋯.png (328.86 KB, 636x887, 636:887, White-Genocide2.PNG)

>dont worry goy, population figures arent changing, non-whites dont have more kids than whites

ee3ec4  No.12657622


Completely misrepresenting me. Stay illiterate.

000000  No.12657626

I could see on public transportation white people disappearing. It's very eerie. The jews stole too much too fast and are busy dumping brown people to hide the mess they created so the U.S. can seem like a sane place worthy of being the world's police.

a7a227  No.12657628

File: db484cc7139437f⋯.jpg (29.26 KB, 364x394, 182:197, retard.jpg)


I said exactly what you were attempting to say, youre just so braindead when it comes to propaganda that you think you were making a good argument.

471e8f  No.12657631


As seen on cuckchan. Shills officially lazier than niggers.






5ea026  No.12657637

And its going to keep getting worse as white men continue emasculating. The masculine whites will continue seeking acceptance from “real” niggers instead of forming groups with their own. They’d rather be seen as the solid white boi than anything else. Maybe then the nigs will smoke blunts with them. If you don’t know what I’m talking about you don’t live in a diverse area. Even the trailer park and farm whites worship nigger culture. You can thank the internet for destroying all local community cultures and creating one single niggerized one.

e4a558  No.12657654


>Texas is less than 50% white.

If there was any hope for saving this state, it's long gone by now.

810412  No.12657660

It's been declining for the entire 20th century so it was inevitable it was going to happen. Reminds me of that mice experiment where they gave them unlimited food and why Evola was right in stating that a nation should have a war every 20 years to keep the population hard and to thin the weak from society to give room for the healthy.

More then enough people have the warriors spirit to sacrifice themselves on the playfield of battle so long as the cause is just and there is something to gain from it. Problem with that is the pussies always stay behind and breed like rabbits preaching their tears and pacificism to future generations.

1434c1  No.12657677


>American whites possibly in for some rough times.

Behold! The power of the ubermensch.

9940a3  No.12657746


Are you a bacteria or a virus?

9940a3  No.12657762

File: a635bfa3ea22a20⋯.webm (1.75 MB, 198x360, 11:20, 1547078073083.webm)

471e8f  No.12657821

File: e960e777f7a017a⋯.png (9.51 KB, 526x56, 263:28, goyvey4chancuckchan.png)


>recoiling in horror after getting called out on a shill thread

We know what you are.

9940a3  No.12657910

File: ffde07d5899630a⋯.webm (9.94 MB, 320x240, 4:3, bravo.webm)


And what am I in your fucking useless opinion?

563be2  No.12657933


>When you finally understand it was never evolution, it was always degradation.

8397ef  No.12657940

Hurray! Thank G-d. Today I shall dance.

c92dc4  No.12657945


What are you going to do about it, subhuman?

c92dc4  No.12657946


>oy vey goyim you're weak

>you can't do it

>you have to do things that won't work

>you have to talk to brainwashed people who can't comprehend truth

>oy veyyyyyyyyyy never fight back

471e8f  No.12657949


>And what am I

it doesn't know. lel

9940a3  No.12657951

File: 2b496cafbf519e5⋯.webm (6.65 MB, 352x268, 88:67, Staphylococcus_oy_vey_gev….webm)

8907b4  No.12657954

File: ed2f3e4abc99a11⋯.jpg (47.24 KB, 400x516, 100:129, newsweek kill granny.jpg)



But Dr Cohen says he doesn't want people to be alarmed by the report

Please tell more DR COHEN

471e8f  No.12657956


All for record in so faggot you intend haahahha!

8907b4  No.12657963

File: 0db38f22d89ffc6⋯.png (32.03 KB, 670x276, 335:138, Firefox_Screenshot_2019-01….png)

8397ef  No.12657970


Whites should not fear if they become Japan. Lower manpower will drive innovation and technology.

0055dc  No.12657982


Nobody drives in New York because theres too much traffic

8907b4  No.12657992


The robot revolution is happening in the next 10-15 years, so we really do not need immigrants, they will just be used to suck up all the gibs that could be going to white families.

e9ab73  No.12657997


what do you want us to do with this information?

4fe34f  No.12658007

File: 4a4d0f0f26f87e5⋯.jpg (201.82 KB, 1200x812, 300:203, Airworthy-Republic-P-47D-T….jpg)


No it's not, just like in the next 20 years they won't make fusion produce electricity at a profit.

The most advanced robots can't do anything outside of a closed environment. NO breakthroughs in real a.i. that is actually useful have been made.

We don't even have a humanoid robot that can walk around your house and do the dishes or fix a simple meal,things a actual retard can do.

I don't know why sop many people believe human like robots are on the way when we have zero evidence of that happening maybe in 100 years probably not even then.

04ede8  No.12658033


>outside of a closed environment

Like a factory, a warehouse, etc.? Very location specific tasks that require unique dexterity, like doing the dishes or swapping out a furnace in a residential home, are not good fits for robotics. Other things are, though.

126322  No.12658060



>hate women, goy

Fuck off, Nosestein.

adf9ba  No.12658200


>I don't know why sop many people believe human like robots are on the way

Because robots operate on magic

a544f2  No.12658203


It's not "hatred", dumbass, it's for their own good. Giving women rights makes them miserable and destroys the society they live in.

9ad8a8  No.12658261

File: 442fbed7c7ff158⋯.jpg (186.45 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 6298a35eb1b135ac88a0e11f07….jpg)



Welp…. it just took 50 years from WW2 to destroy European civilisation nigh completely and permanently… only violent revolution NOW has a chance… what are the odds nya~

2ed3a9  No.12658276

It varies greatly between shitlib and cuckservative type whites. Cucks are still maintaining the 2-3 while shitlibs are almost at zero. Shitlibs are exterminating themselves.

af57b7  No.12658285

The sad part is /pol/ack thinks that the only solution is to fuck their way out. Won't happen. Immigration reform and mass deportation would be the only way to turn it around now, after all theres more white people now than theres ever been in history. It's just they're been shit-tided. Whites won't understand until a good 30 years from now just what they've lost when nigs run the justice system and lynch white kids for lmao's.

3bed70  No.12658315

I have been doing.my part. Impregnating whitw women whom their significant others won't seem to do.

9ad8a8  No.12658320

File: 91919304ac2880c⋯.png (10.16 KB, 600x313, 600:313, Ussr_usa.png)


>The sad part is /pol/ack thinks that the only solution is to fuck their way out.

Yeah not going to happen. /pol/ has this decade to have their armed revolution or doom.

b07e90  No.12658329


Women are being replaced by artificial wombs.

>muh we need to make more children

Not just that. We need to kill more non-whites. Even better: genocide non-whites.

This whole falacy of endless struggle must end. Kill all non-whites first, before anything else can be implemented.

c74c77  No.12658331

The need to constantly double our population is nothing more than a scheme to keep the pension system going.

0d34cb  No.12658341

US wasn't white until loiks, frogmunchers and espanos invaded, why would I care?

EVROPA on the other hand…

Also "muh whiteness" is caused only by how your body adjusted to the climate, therefore even if blacks were to be a majority, they will "white-out" over idk decades, centuries, whatever, stfu go get a job

f8fed7  No.12658343


Not really, because that statistic doesn't exist. Kike.

dcf0cb  No.12658497

The good part is that boomers no longer have any sway in politics.

c0646c  No.12658504


We need to not only have the kids that our generation would normally have (2-3), but the kids that the boomers didnt have (an additional 2-3)

>But its expensive!

It is going to be difficult, but this is a monumental effort to save our race from extinction. It will have to involve every generation, every family member, every friend to support each other to keep our race, cultures, creeds, faiths and families alive.

Bearing the biggest burden will be the women, who will have to set aside material dreams to carry the physical continuance of our kind's future. it is too expensive and degenerate to have strangers raise your own children, and the failures of the youthful generations can be directly tied to the laziness and lack of instruction from the older generations; so new mothers must be full-time homemakers.But it is not all loss; once the kids have been taught the proper skills and grown old enough to care for themselves, the mother can then pursue the career of her dreams.

But the Fathers will too have a hard time. To provide and sustain for the families, the men must work extra hard to obtain enough to provide healthy food, adequate living space and advanced educational material for their families. He will have to be disciplined, shunning expensive excesses and instead build himself into a role model for his children to emulate.

But if one has family to rely on, they should be called upon to assist in the rearing and nuturing of children. It would be fairly economical for Whites to return to the system of "generational housing", since it is very difficult for young folk to obtain houses of their own, and for most, it is financially impossible to have a family of four children without both parents working. Therefore the grandparents will have to be called upon to watch over, and teach children the skills they, in their greatest error, ignored to pass on to their own kids. With four incomes, (working mother and father, retired grandparents drawing on social security), a family of 4+ children should be very well obtainable.

dcf0cb  No.12658537


It's not that it's expensive, it's that the state will take them away from us and put them in communist schools then communist colleges.

23b779  No.12658557


This. Not to mention the current generation has already been indoctrinated so your idea of "redpilling le normies" will never work. There will never be real change without full takeover of the government that would allow a new generation to be re-educated. And no, Blumpf getting elected was not a takeover of the government by fascists, as leftist media would like you to believe.

e90cbf  No.12658562



It boosts fertility to the point that they've given it to post-menopausal mice who were then almost immediately able to get pregnant again, and did.

e90cbf  No.12658566


My granparents had eight, as did their parents.

c62ecc  No.12658575

e90cbf  No.12658577

File: 0cd2b6007845f61⋯.jpg (102.87 KB, 800x1233, 800:1233, 0cd2b6007845f615fd139615a4….jpg)


Forgot to mention

>expecting the generations that learned nothing from their parents, and taught nothing to their children… to teach our generation's children.

You need to rethink this part, anon.

4ea2d9  No.12658579

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Natural selection will eventually cause white fertility rates to rise again. The problem is that it will create a theocratic idiocracy in the process.













4ea2d9  No.12658583

File: 88cfc7b42a56645⋯.jpg (183.37 KB, 800x869, 800:869, jewsaredyingout.jpg)


Jewesses have a fertility rate that is below replacement rate.

126322  No.12658611


I'm not falling for you feigned stupidity, kike. I know damn well what you're doing, and you can't deflect by saying I'm for women having rights. You are the enemy, not our women.

666e0d  No.12658635


>Churn out more babies than the third world.

Voternigger tier tactic. Doesn't matter, they'll be blocked out of every institution and discriminated against, and by the time they are old enough to care, they will be in the minority, anyway.

f4aad9  No.12658733


The problem with this is that they are taking us down with them. The best analogy for a kike is the frog and the scorpion. Or, in a similar water related theme, a kike will force its way on to a crowded life boat, steal the rations, jewelery and wallets, then tip the boat in the dead of night and drown as it tries to swim away incumbered. It is in their nature to destroy their host and themselves in the process. Hence them being kicked out of every country repeatedly throughout history.

33f527  No.12658744


We will never out breed the mut races in a straight boot filling competition. We have to actively hunt them down while pumping out white babies as fast as possible.

I'm not a blackpill faggot but this shit is about as close as I get to losing hope. The numbers just seem impossible to get around

33f527  No.12658746


Oh fuck me to tears, I swear I never added a line break.

dce771  No.12658761


(((growth in the energy sector)))

e90cbf  No.12659122


Go back to reddit you blackpilled faggot. You're not welcome here.

870f2a  No.12659377


Will catgirls do their duty to save the white race by being birthslaves of white and asian cocks?

870f2a  No.12659383


…million years?

870f2a  No.12659387


Use catgirls like I mentioned.

c8e53d  No.12659400


You can't evolve a soul, retard.

a310a9  No.12659437


>Get a jawb goy!

18a205  No.12659635


he just means voting rights, dumbfuck

d481fe  No.12660025


lolnope, I'm killing myself after I become a wizard

982465  No.12660035


If that's your only response, then you've already lost.

bec94f  No.12660042


>as if you fags would know what to do with a vagina.

ae82af  No.12660181



No. There's a billion white people, that's already more than enough. We don't need more white people, we need fewer non-white people. White people (and nips) are the only race that slowed our breeding when we reached population saturation. Overpopulating and destroying ourselves is not a solution to being destroyed by subhumans. The problem is subhumans, the solution is less subhumans. Simple.

d80b31  No.12660201


Who cares? Humanity is what matters, not some specific subgroup.

8e9ffb  No.12660207


But that's wrong you fucking retard. If you can perpetuate your family-making behaviour in your kids, you can swell in ranks in the next generation, upping your ranks from 20 to 400. It's called evolution.

It's what my family has done, and what I will do, and it's why the future belongs to me, and mine, and not myopic fucksticks like you and the floundering sea of normies.

ca60d9  No.12660267

File: f6f08af2db8c178⋯.jpg (10.71 KB, 255x255, 1:1, f6f08af2db8c1781a48739bf98….jpg)

I look white, but I regressive Jap genes…. 1/6th.

Do I stick with my current happa girl or do I find a desperate white woman?

c8e93f  No.12660301

Have 10 kids, and teach your kids to have 10 kids, and before you die, you will have 1,000 great grandchildren.

Meanwhile, cucks who only have 2-4 children will only have 6-64 great grandchildren.

1aba51  No.12660326



I wish.

ee3c35  No.12660634

File: 6b6f7926d26abe5⋯.jpg (17.69 KB, 480x360, 4:3, laughing anglo.jpg)


Just a reminder that israel was caught covertly injecting undesirable demographics with birth control.

de57c5  No.12660646

The world doesn't need more white people, it needs less non-white people.

f4b02b  No.12660779


If the white race wasn't at risk, I'd tell you to get with a white woman. But right now thinks look grim. So go for an asian/hapa girl.

3fa3eb  No.12660786


>shits not even possible you brainlet

948230  No.12660827



126322  No.12660845




98c726  No.12660983

9ac8f4  No.12660987


The "majority culture" or trend culture is completely manufactured and weeds out the fake humans. The only real downside to this is that it will be harder for the real people to fight back.

61490e  No.12661070

File: 7d3442c8dd8a1de⋯.jpg (202.79 KB, 836x1080, 209:270, beaner no.jpg)


This theres still more White people now ever then before we are not as out numbered as we use to be still with declining birth rates. Also the fact is the shitskin uprise population is from a lack of a border and bringing them here as rapeugees.

714ddc  No.12661096


what the fuck is that?

8cf5fa  No.12661314



8cf5fa  No.12661326


>Torstein pretending to be pro-Drumpf

846f4e  No.12664104

File: 9a3a3d2e342a4bc⋯.jpg (74.47 KB, 585x450, 13:10, download.jpg)


We should only fight a war if we know we're going to win. Getting violent will be used against us by the MSM. They'll spin it.



It's not impossible and that sounds like something a black pill shill would say. Our main problem is our lack of reach.

White nationalist youtube channels (and websites) always get Shoah'd before they get too big. The most popular youtube channels reach

the tens of millions while the skeptic cucks and ours reach the hundreds and tens of thousands at best, respectively.

We just need to be able to disseminate our message and information to the hundreds of millions (at least).


>oy vey goyim you're weak

>you can't do it

I didn't say we can't do it. I said we're not ready yet.

>you have to do things that won't work = >oy vey goyim you're weak

>you have to talk to brainwashed people who can't comprehend truth = >you can't do it

>oy veyyyyyyyyyy never fight back

We're fighting back by growing our numbers.

f38e60  No.12664288

File: a6b6dc701ae5c76⋯.jpg (158.87 KB, 700x799, 700:799, a6b6dc701ae5c769bc2ee5b793….jpg)


>The solution is to stop shitposting here and go start a family.

as much as I would love to do that, it is simply unattainable for myself and a great many other anons, younger anons/newfags especially. a few reasons why

1. there is a very real possibility that many anons here have some form of social anxiety or other mental disorder not the "bad" kind and that makes it very tricky, if not outright impossible to even woo a female.

2. (this one is especially true for younger anons) there are no jobs which pay anywhere near enough to fully support yourself without cutting your funds close each month, let alone feed, clothe, and house a family of (x) amount of children. and any job that MAY provide those means is well beyond our reach, in that it will likely take several years to attain, by which point any "good" women will likely be A) a single mother B) a full roastie whore or C) already "taken".

I hate to be a black-pill but they are denying us any sort of means to do anything which could help our race, or making it very difficult to do so for measly returns.

plus with the addition of working a wage slave job, they often work you to the bone and wear you out constantly, to the point where you won't even have time/want to go out and meet women (whom if you met you likely wouldn't have the time to keep up with and would likely cheat on you due to it)

it simply isn't a reasonable thing to do in the current state of affairs. there are no breaks and everything is stacked against us if we "play the game", because it was rigged from the start.

it is an option that we have been denied, and will continue to be denied until a change is made.

a1d2c5  No.12664300


A living fossil, take that creationists.

a00602  No.12664302

File: fa53c65f689e35d⋯.jpg (15.52 KB, 358x358, 1:1, deicide.jpg)


>high Mormom population

This is the power of religion, /pol/acks. I know Christianity is semitic, I know it's all fake and there is no sky fairy, I know it's about social control. That's exactly why it's helping (except the semitic part that is just an awkward truth)

If we really want to upend Christiandom and start a new age of European dominance, we need a new faith. A people without a religion is like a dog without a bark. It's a lack of culture. We can see the strength Mormonism is giving our people in Utah and South Dakota. What do you all think about this?

01eb48  No.12664306


>You need to focus on the 10% who aren't lemmings

No we need to waste all our time trying to convince a bunch of fluoridated retards who worship niggers and pop culture.

2b32bd  No.12664315


We have a religion already and it'a called Christianity and Jesus will return and he will kick the evil of this world back to hell.

322725  No.12664318

File: c0653e7882c5fa6⋯.jpg (33.72 KB, 584x584, 1:1, 3c1a9a0d7ffc2ddb985e77ec3a….jpg)

>>12664288 (kek'd)

Well written. Another problem is that for high-IQ anons, you've priced yourself out of the dating pool as far as finding a mate within a standard deviation or two. This obviously doesn't make it impossible to reproduce, but staying with someone whose responses are as NPC as a 1991-era videogame isn't the most enjoyable thing. I swear to Kek I really mean this, but having sex with ANY woman feels a bit like pedophilia. Sure I can run the script, do some negging and value building, some takeaways and kino and fuck girls that make guys walk into street signs when they walk by, but is that going to create a stable family for my children? Since I've tried and failed I can tell you the answer is usually no. And going for 6-7's is actually even WORSE, because they're not so hot that they intimidate guys so they get hit on like 10x more than a legit 9. Straightforwardly, my advice is to shoot for the stars, because those super hot girls tend to have better genetics and are usually more intelligent as well.


>We have a religion already and it'a called Christianity

<We have a religion already and it'a called Kekism

Fixed that for you

2b32bd  No.12664321


Kek is just a joke bro. Nobody actually takes that seriously.

322725  No.12664327

File: e183a136d711d26⋯.jpg (111.34 KB, 564x729, 188:243, 4fc8d90f2c03667e3c43066c20….jpg)


You're right, I'm Nobody.

Nobody cares.

Nobody is watching you this very moment.

f38e60  No.12664336


>chaos god is a joke

>not realizing that the chaos gad has re-entered this realm

>not seeing the impending chaos all around

the funny thing about jokes, is that the best ones are true

69f427  No.12664345

File: 8a224af3b63de16⋯.jpg (112.9 KB, 612x612, 1:1, Eris 040.jpg)


>Nobody actually takes that seriously.

Just according to keikaku.

2b32bd  No.12664347


It's fun for laughs. Ill give you that. Honestly though Christianity is the only true religion. Christ prove this by sending an angel to Daniel and John the Baptist and he gave them both the vision of the End Times that we are basically experiencing now. The mark of the beast is real. It was predicted long ago. Prophecy is playing out.

2b32bd  No.12664364


Revelation 16:13

And I saw coming out of the mouth of the dragon and out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet, three unclean spirits like frogs;

f38e60  No.12664366


what is the mark(s) of the beast? i've heard mention of the head and hand, only things I can think of are rfid chip in hand and circumcision (as in the head of the penis), but nothing on the actual forehead, save for hindu and catholic ash/colored dots

what else could it be?

31f672  No.12664367

File: 73d9df807365356⋯.jpg (19.52 KB, 540x360, 3:2, QT_73.jpg)


Not even heiling this. Fuck you and I'll explain why:

>1. there is a very real possibility that many anons here have some form of social anxiety or other mental disorder

Womp womp. Get over this. If you're white, you're the son of the cathedral builders. You offer a white woman the thing she wants more than anything else: white children.

>very tricky, if not outright impossible to even woo a female

There's your problem, incel. You "woo" a female today the same way men always have – by improving yourself until women can't stay away from you. Get out of the house, walk in nature, lift, practice fighting, build something, work your way through civil aviation school and fly a plane. . . there are a million ways to craft a desirable man out of the heap you are now. Those (((mental disorders))) melt away for the most part when you don't live like a fag.

>there are no jobs which pay anywhere near enough to fully support yourself

Every loser I've ever met sounds like this. Go to McDonald's and beg for a job. Then, go next door and ask the nigger running Popeye's if he's hiring. Knock on the door of a spic landscaping company and tell them you've got a strong back and never call out sick. Nobody starts at $100,000 a year, dipshit. You get one, then another job, then move up into another. Eventually, you find a niche and start your own business to fill it, even if it's mowing lawns for suburban baby boomers.

The key is to reach for something you can definitely get – and there are millions of these jobs out there; you've walked past a dozen today without noticing – then use the breathing room that gives you to plot your next move. Meanwhile, learn from the job you have, however humble it is, and rise above to take control of your own destiny.

> working a wage slave job, they often work you to the bone and wear you out constantly, to the point where you won't even have time/want to go out and meet women

"It's somebody else's fault." "I can't muh-dick widdout no money." You sound like a nigger. Take fucking charge of yourself and do a single thing positive. Anything. Even if it's just going to the park with a plastic bag and picking up litter. Then, next day, plan and accomplish something harder to do. In a month, you're taking piano lessons. In six months, you're organizing a whites-only community garden. In a year, you're traveling across the country to host meetings of politically active young people. In five years, the House of Representatives is refusing to swear you in because you're a racist. In 20 years, those same kikes are sending you bribes to let them live. Along the way, someone who looks like Melania Trump, but isn't a degenerate softcore porn model, will pull a gun on you and rape your brains out for that DNA. It happens naturally when you're the best thing going.

You've only got one life, loser-anon. You build up like a white man, suicide a synagogue like a mudshit, or dye something pink and post your complaints on tumblr.

Cap this and laugh when you finally do what I've said and realize how easy it gets.

2b32bd  No.12664372


It's a chip that will be part of the monetary system and that will be the only way to can buy goods.

322725  No.12664383

File: f386656e8a9180d⋯.png (772.56 KB, 1665x835, 333:167, e1922a9fcd43d7198ed24e21dd….png)


Eh, believe what you want. But while Christianity is making big gains among niggers, Kekism is growing in the hearts of White men. Chaos is Nature's order, ancient mistranslated human-imposed order is man's chaos.


Enough you double-nigger, we've probably all read more of the Bible and the various ancient writings than you, assuming you're not a bot. This is evidenced by the fact that we analyze meta-meaning instead of regurgitating sentences. Stop wasting time trying to initiate religious D+C or converting your intellectual superiors. You're barking up the wrong tree.


Now here's an Anon with his head screwed on straight.

2b32bd  No.12664387


King James Version

For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.

322725  No.12664391


$0 it's a b0+ then, got it

69f427  No.12664395

File: 034c5df1c86f458⋯.jpg (43.78 KB, 736x639, 736:639, 1432275205393.jpg)


Despite popular judeo-occult belief, bible verses are not magic spells. You are supposed to read and digest the content of the scriptures, not use them as harry potter style incantations to subjugate your perceived enemies.

2b32bd  No.12664398


Jesus foretold it all bro and he sent an angel to warn us. Christianity is real.

c825d3  No.12664405

What good does it do anybody to keep a healthy population? There is no winning anything in this game everybody loses and nobody is getting a trophy to take home either them.

69f427  No.12664407

File: 8d5d4b71d486715⋯.jpg (118.92 KB, 736x1158, 368:579, 8d5d4b71d486715050dfc081b9….jpg)


>asses and elbows

Sing me another sad song, faggot.

f38e60  No.12664412


you better Heil my dubs faggot!

that entire post is the reality of the zoomers and late millenials.

> by improving yourself until women can't stay away from you.

>"I can't muh-dick widdout no money."

show me one instance in this era where one can Muh-Dik without money. your gonna have a hard time because the only ones who do muh dik without money are literal niggers, and that is ONLY because of gibs and running away from responsibility. white men do not have that privilege, if you get a woman pregnant, you have a more and legal obligation to help her and raise the child (not saying you shouldn't) but if you are unable to afford to do so then you are in deep shit as you have not only failed on the moral part, but the law is gonna come after your ass for being a "dead beat" and taking everything you have, and she will side with them.

everything costs money faggot, sure working out is free, but to actually gain anything from it takes the ability to recover (lots of protein) which if your a poorfag, you may have limited access to the required protein.

this shit isn't objective, sure maybe there is an anon who can do as you stated and go from wetback shit shoveler to chad god emporer, but for the majority that is an unlikely scenario, mostly due to the fact that 1.jews will do everything that can to keep you down, and 2. if yo get too uppity mr lawman comes and shoots you in the face.

and those (((mental disorders))) are a side effect of the warfare the jews have waged againts out minds and bodies with endless conditioning and poisoning.

c825d3  No.12664424


Ok well this also proves the "law of diminishing returns" also applies to the human population. If you're trying to hard to increase your productivity you'll only be harming it in the long run. No tears here only laughter!

10501e  No.12664426


>Christianity is real

Nah. Jesus was a cool dude, maybe even among the coolest and certainly a powerful mage, but that don't mean (((YHWH))) is good or that Christianity is even close to what Jesus taught.

2b32bd  No.12664430


Christianity is the teachings of Jesus. You must be referring to the Churches of Christianity failing.

69f427  No.12664438

File: 7a3f26891014765⋯.jpg (40.1 KB, 438x284, 219:142, GTFO.jpg)


>Not the RSV

>Not the NABRE

>But the fucking (((King James Version)))

Welp, see you in hell I guess.

c825d3  No.12664439


Fuck a ton and the population dies young. No time to learn anything just keep fucking were running out of time!! Lol

f38e60  No.12664441


>and nobody is getting a trophy to take home

>what are ear-necklaces

000000  No.12664463

Another thread taken over by Christniggers and schizo's.

2b32bd  No.12664467


What are you? Athiest? A Torah Jew? A satanic Jew? A dumbass Paganist that follows a religion just because it's not from Jews from the bible.

c825d3  No.12664483


I'm taking an informally educated guess here. Since people who have sex solely for the purpose to have more kids are lowering their lifespan, like mice. Then people who only have sex once to procreate are "specializing" their lifespan. What I mean by special is those people who never have recreational sex and only have sex once to reproduce are like insects. They fuck once to reproduce and then die. Very unreliable, as opposed to people who fuck constantly without reproducing might live longer lives because they have more to live for without reducing the lifespan of their offspring.

My hypothesis is… White womens fertility rates must be low because white people haven't had any natural predators for a very long time. Not only have they had no natural predators but they've had lots of offspring with no natural predators. The law of diminishing returns states competition among white people must be too high and fertility rated lower to prevent inbreeding and inside conflict for resources.

694d32  No.12664637

Alright anons so I have a well paying job and am in shape, how do I meet a suitable white woman to start a family?

Just to pre-empt a couple America-specific pieces of advice (which I'm sure work well in the US), around here churches are the domain of mudskins and very old whites, and it's considered very untoward in our culture (Anglo-Saxon Canadian) to engage strangers in conversation in random public situations.

88676c  No.12664670

The eternal white woman strikes again.

c825d3  No.12664732


Find one who is not a trophy hunter. You want to have a family not a display case. Less competition is better.

31f672  No.12664743

File: 766c70f4d046ed9⋯.jpg (17.19 KB, 255x226, 255:226, Three_Impure_Spirits.jpg)


>And I saw coming out of the mouth of the dragon and out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet, three unclean spirits like frogs;

Just think how cool it would be if you were literate, and you could understand holy writ, rather than smear yourself with it like an African medicine man.

To a white man, the Bible ranges between lovely (mostly bullshit) poetry with some nice-sounding phrases in it, to a sacred document with encoded wisdom he must parse for himself. Unfortunately, it's work with a kike book club, and there are a thousand ten thousands of niggers who treat it like a book of spells, but there's stuff in there you're supposed to ponder and internalize, rather than ooga-booga at shadows.

694d32  No.12664783


Alright, but, where do I meet them? My workplace is all-male.

31f672  No.12664785

File: 46d1c3109b66896⋯.jpg (17.15 KB, 255x186, 85:62, crusader.jpg)


Good. Do untoward things. Women like that because it shows you're independent and brave. Find a likely-looking girl and chat her up. Tell her a joke, do a magic trick from across the room so that only she sees it, sketch a naturalistic charcoal of her beautiful eyes and give it to her "because you deserve to know what I see when I look at you." Above all, never show the white feather because cowardice in a man is worse than being short.

Women evolved to desire men who would A) give them strong, healthy children B) feather their nest with the spoils of good hunts aplenty, so they never run out of milk and C) defend their children (your children) from interlopers and barbarians. Women in the past who didn't crave this went extinct. Every non-Jewish woman in the world today is descended from an unbroken line of women who responded sexually to this kind of man. A good hunter-gatherer man will be:

Brave, so that he defends her, her children, the tribe, and your lands.

Smart, so he can effectively plan ahead and see dangers women and children never think about.

Bold, so that he will rise in his fellows' esteem and get the first cut of meat for his mate and offspring.

Kind, so he won't give into the temptation to beat her too much

Patient, so he won't hurt her the first time, and so he will tolerate the children and teach them well.

Hard, so he will do what must be done, from killing an enemy warrior to sticking up for her in a tribal fight to snapping the neck of their own defective and malformed baby, God forbid.

Women must have this from their men, or they will die out and they know it. They know it in their genes. Be that man, and you will have your pick of young wives. Then, continue being that man to hold her love and affection, and stay steadfast – women always conform to your leadership, not the other way around. Redpill her as much as she needs, but never give in to her opinions. Even if she's right and you're wrong ha! she'll never forgive you for letting her take charge.

Also, be upfront with her from the start. Tell her from the beginning that you're looking for a wife and mother, and that you will very definitely be in charge of the traditional family. That screens out the feminists, and it really works on the good ones. It's so unlike the other men, she'll obsess about you at night when you're not there, especially if you insist on chastity until marriage (or at least engagement).

Trust me here. The horniest I've ever seen a woman get was after I told my then-new girlfriend that, if we married, she would absolutely take my name, and that's final. The firm confidence of that statement gave her a boundary she knew she couldn't breach, no matter what her lesbian gender professors told her about (((empowerment))). That night, she enthusiastically swallowed. I'm sorry to get graphic there, but it illustrates what I'm talking about – women want a boss who loves and cares for them. Be strong, be firm, and rule as a benevolent head of household. You will die surrounded by grandchildren and the bones of the enemies they've killed for you.

694d32  No.12664804


>behave like a nigger

I would like to find a white woman to marry, not a nigger or some sort of 56%er mongrel. A woman who reacts positively to niggercoon behavior has shitty genes and isn't a suitable partner to continue the Anglo-Saxon race.

c825d3  No.12664818


You can meet them anywhere you just have to watch how they behave around other women and men. They doing it for fun if they doing it to win? That's up to you also if you like high stress and racing then you might want a competition. Maybe you want a break from your own habits find one who wants a break from theirs. Have to talk to them.

31f672  No.12664831

File: 51d4269dc9e1d64⋯.jpg (143.63 KB, 535x800, 107:160, Martin_Bormann.jpg)


>acting like a white man is acting like a nigger

>no idea where modern people come from; doesn't evolution at all


694d32  No.12664876


Well, you certainly aren't describing a white man's behaviour.

31f672  No.12664879


You're Jewish, and you're paid by the (you). Broken link, filtered, and sage for off-topic.

286730  No.12665217


medfag here looks like a nigger with microcephaly

31f672  No.12665222


My guess was a proud Latino or inbred Paki. You're right about microcephaly though.

1cee2a  No.12665225


Simply having many children will redpill people for two reasons.

One; people are sheep. They do what they are told and copy others. You have lots of children - you're shifting the Overton window slightly to allow it to be seen as more "normal". This will encourage others to do the same.

Two; unable to comprehend your actions they will ask you what you think you're doing having so many children/being irresponsible to the planet/not being a good goy and just going extinct already. Make sure you have your answers prepared.

Go forth and multiply Pol.

9ac215  No.12665270

File: 467512df41a594f⋯.png (235.31 KB, 1860x423, 620:141, single mother blame the fa….png)

File: ab565655822da1e⋯.jpg (373.29 KB, 1040x1000, 26:25, single motherhood destroy ….jpg)


my white grandparents had 7 kids.

my mom had 6 kids from 4 different men.

two of my sisters are single mothers, one regularly mudsharking, one sister a childless post menopausal spinster, and one sister with a stable looking family.

and of course, me and my brother are familial and societal pariahs. I was born into a completely dysfunctional family with no dad because he was legally ejected from my life before my first memory. we are all white. we live in middle class suburbs.

you are fooling yourself if you think raw numbers are going to somehow fix the problems with western civilization.

9ac215  No.12665278


677dd1  No.12665483


>(((you must outbreed shitskins)))

>this is the rule of the game we set, goy

Why not deport them all, kike?

d691df  No.12665493


nice post anon

fbd47f  No.12665616

File: 32ed4315d0210c1⋯.jpg (192.72 KB, 1502x1068, 751:534, ravsunImage10.jpg)


During the winter solstice the sun is at it's lowest point in the sky, and for three days it doesn't move, until it starts rising back up again. The constellation that forms behind the sun during this time? The southern cross.

So, once again in other words: On Christmas, the son dies on the cross for three days.

Now tell me who the three wise men were.

f4b538  No.12665627

File: 2b78ee3284b179b⋯.png (56.78 KB, 1000x800, 5:4, lib-cons-tfr-30-43-iq.png)


Reminder that it's below replacement level because leftist whites aren't reproducing.

93ac24  No.12665671


>They'll spin it.

>never defend your country, goy

>what is yellow vest

9605bc  No.12666773


The problem with the first picture is that the poster is most likely projecting, you need to be the loving chad, not the loving faggot, you have to find balance between acting like an ape and an actual human, i think it's a skill best observed and acquired by yourself.

03fbdb  No.12667668


The yellow vests aren't killing people. I was talking about a bloody civil war which should only be attempted if we know we would win or if we absolutely have to. I just think that we shouldn't abandon trying to red pill the normies in favour for solely growing our numbers through our own reproduction.

accd69  No.12667873


Looks like a morrocan "bassou". It would fit with the background.


"Bassou lives in the Valley of Dades, near the town of Skoura, in Morocco. He sleeps in the trees there and subsists on dates, berries, and insects. . . . [He] uses no tools, and speaks only in grunts. . . . He displays both ape-like and manlike characteristics. . . . [He may be] the product of a mating between a human being – Negro or Berber – and an anthropoid ape, all three of which Morocco has an abundance. . . . With arms so long his fingers hang below his knees when he stands upright; with massive, bony ridges above his eyes and a sharply receding forehead; with jaws, teeth, chin, and cheekbones all showing pronounced ape-like characteristics, he is a true ape-man. . . ."

A less exciting alternative is that bassou is some kind of microcephalic human.

accd69  No.12667902


Oh, btw, http://archive.is/hxlgD

Sorry, forgot.

0b4bad  No.12668013

File: f2e0c88d47354eb⋯.jpg (24.29 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 5hge694td2py.jpg)

File: 699721cbae1c55b⋯.jpg (25.65 KB, 309x387, 103:129, gg.jpg)

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