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File: 5b4becf4f5de729⋯.png (203.97 KB, 297x308, 27:28, Firefox_Screenshot_2019-01….png)

54d6e8  No.12664560

Yves Cochet: to save the planet, we must limit our births and better welcome migrants

In an interview with L'Obs, former Environment Minister Yves Cochet proposes measures to encourage fewer children to reduce the ecological cost of the population and to accommodate more migrants. A shock solution for this defender of degrowth, which makes react.

"Let's reverse our policy of encouraging birth rates! In an interview noted in L'Obs magazine dated Jan. 3, Yves Cochet unveils radical solutions to save the planet from climate change . It proposes measures to "make fewer children" and "better welcome migrants who knock on our doors" in order to limit the ecological impact of an ever-increasing world population.

Specifically, the former Minister of the Environment under Lionel Jospin, proposes "to reverse the logic of family allowances" : "The more children you have, the more your allowances decrease until disappearing from the third birth. And to add: "Do not make extra children, it's the first ecological gesture."

"To quantify the effect of our activities on the planet (I), we must take into account the wealth of a population (A), the technology it uses to produce energy and goods (T), but also its size (P) … We can of course act on the factors "wealth" and "technology" , but we must also take into account the demographics. However, it is a truism to say it: to reduce the number of inhabitants on Earth, it is necessary to make fewer children. "

This follower of the theory of the collapse of our societies assumes a "political choice" , assuring that we must "stop multiplying and filling the Earth", contrary to the biblical injunction of growth of the human population.

I do not aim at the poorest countries, which make more children than the others. On the contrary. The rich countries are the first to have to decrease demographically. And adds that birth control would allow us to better accommodate migrants who knock on our doors




bd720b  No.12664581


Not subtle fella this cuck. We know this trick already. You don't have enough kids so we need import people to work. No thanks.

d906f4  No.12664588

So basically jewish tricks.

f4520a  No.12664589

File: 8c0757619ac3342⋯.jpg (14.43 KB, 228x206, 114:103, 8c0757619ac334265b4f2a853e….jpg)


>Not subtle fella this cuck.

Everytime I think they can't get more blatant they outdo themselves.

f56292  No.12664590


>I do not aim at the poorest countries, which make more children than the others.

Well there's the real rub there, '''Yves""". It's the massive number of low IQ people in shithole countries that need to Stop Shitting Out Kids. Can you not figure this out???

54d6e8  No.12664603


sometimes i wonder if this is some reverse psychology

they do this to wake up normies about niggers popping out 17 kids

f4520a  No.12664611

File: 2f53253823907a5⋯.png (247.91 KB, 594x411, 198:137, 71696620c628c681b8c1acb18a….png)


>it was just a prank goy

Yeah, nah.

19e7d9  No.12664615

Day of the rope. And I don't mean we commit suicide.

95ef66  No.12664628

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.





bd720b  No.12664638

File: da0152b389f4791⋯.jpg (717.64 KB, 933x1133, 933:1133, 65_b.jpg)


In few years they will openly call for white genocide. Look how they push pedo shit. Desmond dancing at NY strip club for gays. Kids cuting their dicks to change gender. Be gay is already normal. Satans chosen people. Hitler tried stop it. If only we could try too.



81b362  No.12664658

Yves Cockroach: I am an Illuminati Plant, now pay me money.

345c34  No.12664673

The French are burning down their fucking banks don't you think you might want to hold off on this kind of rhetoric until things calm down a little

stupid fucking kikes

ac91c8  No.12664737

Jesus fucking Christ, the nerve of these faggots. An entire nation will rise up in celebration when the guillotine falls.

1d944c  No.12664750


>Be gay is already normal

Be HOMO is already normal.

Dont use their narrative just because gay is easier to type than homosexual.

All of /pol/ is guilty of this. Soon the only definition for gay will not be happy and care free it will be homosexual.

e798cd  No.12664773


>stop having children goy, the world is over populated!!

>oy vey goyim the birthrate is too low, you need mass immigration!

49d9b3  No.12664780

>>12664560 What a fucking piece of shit. Who the fuck doesn't want to build their own people up? I hope he gets a rare disease that makes him immobile for the rest of his life or he dies of cancer. That's the only thing these fucking assholes deserve.

49d9b3  No.12664784


Hitler was a saint. He must be in Heaven right now.

49d9b3  No.12664799


Bro gay also means being unliked and a fucking faggot. It's still a diss word.

0dbd17  No.12664811


Is he related to Yves Corcos in any way?

bd720b  No.12664820

File: b17c3ff91337d20⋯.jpg (264.25 KB, 477x695, 477:695, 55.jpg)


He failed but he tried. Germany would be in much worse place without him now. Nobody can erase him from history. They can lie about him. But world will forever know about jews. Even if they try to twist everything, jews will be core of WW2 one way or another. Their dirty lies are already exposed thanks to power of internet. Jews should distance from Rotschilds, Bibi and rest of criminals. But they love this victimhood.

Hitler showed world hot to escape jewish banking bondage. Even 80 years later every word he said and wrote is timeless today.

2d9120  No.12664852


“Minorities” aren’t going to be knocking down your doors down when the white genocide comes. Muslims and Africans are. It’s fucking insane go much progress those likes made. God dammit.

3b2ba2  No.12664860


> his mother was Greek and his father was from a Sephardic Jewish family with ancestral roots in Spain

Just another cohencidence.

4ece7d  No.12664885

Jesus christ. Europe's reproduction is not the fucking problem. Innoculating third world shit against disease is the fucking problem.

ac91c8  No.12664891


Yeah except that he saw the only the top of the iceberg. Sage for daring to suggest that the problem might be bigger than Jews.

26fce1  No.12664896

<French Environment Minister.

Is there a gayer job on earth?

35450b  No.12664900

File: 69e7009d408dd82⋯.png (538.7 KB, 657x629, 657:629, 69e7009d408dd82a43953574df….png)

File: 704c48bc3710cb5⋯.jpg (368.42 KB, 1921x1082, 1921:1082, 9b785517bb358b9384f944f132….jpg)

This is the ruling class of afrance and those yellow retards wont solve shit. Their mentality is, I want more money and more freedom but I dont want to work for any of that. Look at that retarded boxer, as soon as a little pressure was put on him he betrayed the movement. The ruling class never surrenders power without a fight and the emasculated french cant and will not fight.

ac91c8  No.12664906


What would happen in the U.S. to that boxer guy if he attacked the police?

bd720b  No.12664907


My theory is jews and other goys are controled/used by forces beyond this realm. But Islam would try conquer Europe with or without jews. Greed and lust would be here without jews.

Still pretty unbelivable how much was Hitler redpilled. We can have access to almoust every information today. I was bluepilled few years back. And i was thinking how woke i am.

ac91c8  No.12664911


Second law of thermodynamics. The amount of poz in a closed system always increases.

bd720b  No.12664912


Thanks Israel.

But honestly what do you expect from Ditinger? Police told him they will come for him? Should he go full retard and die? So his 3 kids will end without father? Fucking shill. Yellow vest cost 100 millions euro already. We will see how succesful bank run will be soon. ((They)) don't like this ressistane at all.

0501c1  No.12665109

He has that look about his debauched saggy face; like one of those French elite guys that goes to Thailand to fuck 10 year old boys

badfa1  No.12665118

There is clearly a large amount of jewish DNA here. Don't forget this kike on the DOTR

badfa1  No.12665120


Yeah because he's a kike. Saggyness is a common kike trait.

35450b  No.12665123


I expect him to die yes, if it comes to that. Guess honor and bravery means nothing to your kind. We all die coward. Thats what you race traitor scum dont understand. The difference is he will die after seeing his kids murdered by shit skins, because he chose surrender.

Stop using your fucking coward larva as an excuse, you filth always find excuses to be cowards.

Daily reminded our ancestors looked for reasons to be brave, their kids, family, culture etc. They never used their kids as an excuse to be cowardly.

d90c37  No.12665236

d20fe5  No.12665243


>>Yves Cochet: to save the planet, we must limit our births and better welcome migrants

Hey - great idea goys. Reducing our own native birthrates will really save the planet despite the fact we contribute basically nothing to the problems. Also it'll really set an example for Africa, China, and India where the shitskins multiply like rabbits and just dump everything into rivers, the ground, or the sea.

And, if that isn't enough, we'll invite more of them here to do the same in our country so that we can all be equal in misery…

How can normies not see through this ?

26fce1  No.12665244

File: ed90d65157d0952⋯.jpg (215.99 KB, 1000x1250, 4:5, Ginsburg_At_Least_100_Year….jpg)


This. The more degenerate their lives, the worse they get. Pic related used to be Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

26fce1  No.12665249


Not disagreeing, but our ancestors usually had each other for backup. Whites now are in a room full of 30 strangers being held at gunpoint by a single-shot muzzle loader. They could never get us all, sure, but thanks to our conditioning, no way are we all rushing at once. Some of us will actually help the fucker reload faster because it's less racist.

75998c  No.12665418


because they're to scared being called magical words they were indoctrinated to avoid like "racist", "islamophobic", "antisemitic"

it takes someone a long time to disconnect of the social programming (social media, tv, movies, websites, magazines, socializing with normies) to see the subliminal agenda in any of them

80eea1  No.12665433

So they're outwardly admitting in public now they want an underclass of 75 IQ nigger slaves…

5ba8fc  No.12665437

Why do people like this get away with public statements like this? He's basically telling a native population to go ahead and kill themselves while speaking love for foreigners who hate said inhabitants and just see the original population as some kind of gibs / money machine for themselves. Normally if you tell people to go kill themselves you get into problems, but alas liberal thinking is one that is suicidal so it aligns with their beliefs anyway.

c6b62c  No.12665438


Honorary Jew of the month.

Does anyone live near the son of a bitch?

75998c  No.12665447


no one held subtext of explaining this to the indoctrinated normies

0aab3b  No.12665452


the police would have shot him in the USA

6b6a34  No.12665489

Just clear out Africa and use it for crops/conservation. We cull feral animals that reach plague proportions, why not niggers? But instead leftists keep feeding the niggers so they grow in numbers.

5ba8fc  No.12665506

File: c9256d790f92794⋯.png (36.49 KB, 950x490, 95:49, LGBT2017.png)


The same to the guy who got his car assaulted and drove into a crowd at that honeypot rally of unite the right in America. Basically just the harshest penalty they can possibly get away with + inspecting if they can fuck him over with anything else.



8.1% of millenials on this survey already responded as identifying as LGBT. Note a bunch of people on these surveys just say they don't really identify as it but they're homosexual / bisexual anyway just say they are not.

The percentage of youth that's gay is probably ~12-15% due to increased normalization, exposure, acceptance etc.

67b201  No.12665510


Please provide source, anon.

16d02b  No.12665673

Le fucking hell…

Gymnastique mentale medale d'oro

c1894a  No.12665794


>Everytime I think they can't get more blatant they outdo themselves.

Because you're cucks who don't kill them. Every single one of them should be afraid of facing a goy, and he shouldn't care about losing his freedom or life in defense of his people.

People who are afraid of dying cannot hope for the DOTR. It only starts when we start accepting death.

030e77  No.12665823

>openly advocates the extinction of French nationals

Some vigilante must bring justice to this traitorous poz, and with the most effective way.

b6b412  No.12665846

File: 6b7a1ca80c3896d⋯.jpg (79.8 KB, 500x756, 125:189, population_quandary.jpg)


When I can make a meme about it, it's pretty bad.

b6b412  No.12665857


Keep in mind, the average ashkanazi IQ is only about 115. Before the influx of bots, that was probably pretty pathetic even by halfchan's standards… and they're used to being smarter than the average goy.

I think you underestimate just how stupid the average normie is, just like (((they))) underestimate how smart he is.

9a4320  No.12665859


This. But lets face it, its tye same argument for polution, it does not matter how clean the west becoms its but a drop in the bufket when china and india account for most of the global population. The faggots a disgenuine prick and needs to be flayed alive. death is easy, I want to make the kikes and such scared of living anywheres near a non kike make them so scared they would chose death over living near us willingly


Go to france and lead by example then if you are such a brave anon.

ff3a16  No.12665917

File: 9e616c51f3a15ab⋯.jpg (133.54 KB, 1013x537, 1013:537, fight-climate-change-fewer….jpg)

File: 2b4f50a49d605bb⋯.png (266.9 KB, 360x480, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)

808e20  No.12666066


You claim they have some sort awesome brain power

They are only awesome about being parasite to Christian society

China and arab world are anti-Christian and they are the future

And jew are used their brain power to destroy west

Israel and jewish community financial profits come from west

So they are just prove being bunch of harmful parasite and idiot at the same time

So save your muh jewish 110 high iq meme

9a4fbb  No.12666288

File: 70f1967c576a599⋯.jpg (117.63 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 70f1967c576a5999944d7fb1e9….jpg)


Just more of the same J-EU drivel. I find it quite amusing (and useful) that they think people are still fooled by it.

d7354f  No.12666338

Yes, importing people who shit out 7 kids so they can live a decadent modern lifestyle and taking pressure off their native country to feed their own people sure is good for the planet.

e1bd75  No.12666394

File: bdd607a3491b08d⋯.jpeg (1.11 MB, 2160x3840, 9:16, BA2CCD3F-9973-457F-9EA3-A….jpeg)

0501c1  No.12666438

File: 72d061444731dd7⋯.jpg (8.72 KB, 238x178, 119:89, _40791839_kingfaisal238.jpg)


>>>12665109 (You)

>Yeah because he's a kike. Saggyness is a common kike trait.

Wayne Madsen claims the Saudi royal family were Kuwait jew merchants inserted on the throne by British military intelligence through TE Lawrence

saggy indeed

536658  No.12666466

File: d7decfa9b992d7e⋯.jpg (17.87 KB, 300x300, 1:1, gee.jpg)


>Keep in mind, the average ashkanazi IQ is only about 115.

No, rabbi. (((Your))) alleged high ashkeNAZI IQ lie has been exposed and quite thoroughly dup got btfo.

51c830  No.12666531

First, the planet is absolutely fine, let's stop believing that we are more important than we are : we are nothing, we are no threat to the fucking planet, not more than ants or giraffes or anything !

And his shit would make sense only if a migrant polutes less than a child…

We should also consider what costs the most, pay education to the kid so he becomes helpful in the future, or pay gibs to the lazy brainless useless migrant.

35450b  No.12667310

File: a1c4b23337c28f7⋯.webm (1.35 MB, 480x480, 1:1, 1536672226077.webm)


There are many cases when they had nobody and still stood their ground. Or even sacrificed themselves as an example to motivate others. Look at the bezerker at Stanford bridge or King Leonidas at Thermopylae, the people of Numantia, I am sure some one who is a bit more knowledgeable could give more examples.

Of course many of these where not for some great goal it was just their honor or their hatred(you need to be a man first to understand the nobility behind hate and the rage that creates it), our ancestors valued honor and hatred above their own life, and that is something we lost. And honestly, without that, unless we find it again we deserve to be exterminated. Cowards are nothing but scum.

Here is a case and point, an honorable man in the past would have been glad to give his life for honor, no wonder his children cherished his memory and tried to act in the same way growing up.

Modern men, they just try and survive, no different from rats or other parasites, no wonder their children dont respect them.

>Yes but I have to raise my children, even if I get stepped on and humiliated, even if my race is killed(its not happening to me after all)… right mister Goldberg ?

People this pathetic dont deserve to be treated like humans.

Some of us will actually help the fucker reload faster because it's less racist. I know sir, I know.


You always find a reason to do nothing dont you David?

Until the cancer that you represent is purged from the heart of white people we have no chance.

1da593  No.12667331

Ok, so… you have fewer children and you replace yourselves with people who more children than you're having now. The purpose of this is to reduce the amount of children. Yeah, that makes sense.

d226c1  No.12667576

File: 16dc67c8a64ddf0⋯.jpg (58.8 KB, 374x767, 374:767, 16d.jpg)

I tend to discourage the 'lets kill everyone' glownigger posting.

But this nigger needs to get pranked. A good prank is the ol' car ignition boom boom.

869848  No.12667898


Most normies literally don't even know whats happening around them, like they can't even fathom "evil" because they live sheltered lives and are programed by their phone and TV.

They are in bubble world.

869848  No.12667908


The mass LGBT brainwashing started in 2012 after Obama won his 2nd term. You can see it reflected in the numbers. People don't just turn gay like that, they are virtue signalling.

e83e8c  No.12667930


These niggers are animals, just like an animal they're only good to be told what to do, to be tamed and given a job like how a donkey would pull a cart back in the day, but once they're on their own, without a master they become wild beasts

f7b4f7  No.12667933


>what is atrazine

e83e8c  No.12667949


Yes the father will be remembered as a hero

c1894a  No.12669035


>the average ashkanazi IQ is only about 115.

Big laughs, those are cherry picked members of the tribe that work in academia. How come we can't have a University Whites subrace that's specifically made of our engineers?

018950  No.12669084

Immigrants will crank their heat up all year long.

9d5015  No.12669090

thats retarded, the people who come in will ignore and soon out birth your own nation dumbass

bd3f4d  No.12669816

These same niggers will say that we need to increase immigration to make up for a shrinking population. This fucking faggot just needs to be shot, that's all.

5a7e93  No.12678235


>our policy of encouraging birth rates

Literally where?

000000  No.12679643


i doubt he is serious, in the current climate in the EU you can only get away with saying the exact opposite of what you really want to say. i believe this is an attempt create a media climate so predatory for the normies that self preservation kicks in.

2a8588  No.12679656


You can't call yourself white, and deride my from the sidelines. Where are you at? Where were you when this all started?

9c3da8  No.12679722

Why isn't this one dead yet?

You yellow vest glowniggers. I hate you for your patheticness. This man openly calls for your genocide (the genocide of indigenous French people) and not ONE OF YOU FUCKS has dropped him in his tracks or splattered his brains on the pavement.


2a8588  No.12679729

You're all a fucking joke.

561bfb  No.12679753

Lol, you suck. More rock!!!!!!!!

0a0cb4  No.12679755

File: 2e8d421a7ba734f⋯.png (651.65 KB, 908x1452, 227:363, cdsdsds.png)

191f1e  No.12679793


Well they would have shot him, and then all the gypsy gangs would have been icing cops and their families, pretty much.

6deb23  No.12680611

This doesn't make any sense. There must be lefties understanding this. He's saying we should increase slash-and-burn agriculture and coal burning in the name of helping the environment.

000000  No.12681777

Cochet deserves GUILLOTINE

35b96a  No.12681788


I hate niggers.

1e3a30  No.12681815


Your psy-op doesn't work, faggot. It's WHITE GENOCIDE. We won't use your Hegelian dialectic.

34fd43  No.12682422



I think it may be more than that. https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2FBF02771689 shows that in September 1971 he had a paper published in the Israel Journal of Mathematics.

5b09bb  No.12682437

File: c123350dc5d8ccd⋯.jpg (250.31 KB, 1080x1530, 12:17, Screenshot_20181203-235037.jpg)

>>12681777 (checked)

dubs confirm

7866d9  No.12682456


Jewish girls can be attractive sometimes, but this typically ends once they hit their 30s. After which the nose starts to reveal itself and the full demonic entity starts to reveal itself. You don't notice too many anons posting (((Alison Brie))) anymore.

959086  No.12682841


As Uncle Adolf said, they just keep repeating the same lie over and over again, pretending they didn't hear the rebuttal the prior day.

9077e5  No.12682863

File: f434d04f56016a6⋯.png (285.91 KB, 670x640, 67:64, ClipboardImage.png)


not bad, perhaps too many words

I think mine suffers from the same issue

9077e5  No.12682873

File: f3fe18ed65fd27e⋯.png (275.24 KB, 599x555, 599:555, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ebfc3a0efed409b⋯.png (1.08 MB, 984x1488, 41:62, overpopulation climate cha….png)



Alright that's my attempt

9077e5  No.12682882


>Keep in mind, the average ashkanazi IQ is only about 115.

< hehe we're just smart, goy

Debunked, faggot.










3d56d1  No.12682889

Hey, Frenchmen… Feel free to kill this phony piece of jew-fellating trash. He is no Frenchman, as I'm sure you've already figured out. He is no human, either.

0cdcc1  No.12682904

File: 6b0dc1f57b85e70⋯.png (470.17 KB, 700x353, 700:353, 8volz79.png)

0cdcc1  No.12682906


I need to start making memes already; I could come up with at least something worthwhile once. Thanks for the effort.

3d56d1  No.12682923


Right… If you had been actually paying attention, you would actually know that Weaponized Immigration at the hands of the French "government's" jewish occupiers is one of the biggest reasons those "yellow retards", as you state, are out in force, loudly protesting. It's not primarily about money, or some gas tax, as the the phony mainstream narrative has blathered from the beginning, and which you echo.

Now, it's possible, I suppose, that you REALLY are as naive as you appear here… Or, it's possible that you're just a jew hasbarat doing its usual disgusting duty. It really doesn't matter – either way you are equally worthless. You just assume a defeatist posture, snivel, and suggest no solution, yourself. Oy gevalt!

The French seem to be the only ones with any courage these days. God bless them. At least they're galvanized and actually attempting to do something about this global jew-contrived clusterfuck that threatens to destroy them (and the rest of humanity).

d68724  No.12682931


good news

damage estimates are actually over 4 billion euros

191f1e  No.12682932


Even if it was just about money, it's plain obvious that tons more immigration isn't going to help lower taxes.

ea476a  No.12682934


Their arrogance will be their undoing.

ea476a  No.12682943


Bye glowie

d68724  No.12682950


french are aggressive civic "nationalists."

if you claim to be french you are automatically french (welcome le based black man XD)

they don't have any problem running out the bankers but if you suggested that third world immigrants aren't french, most of them would be pissed at you because they're brainwashed idiots

000000  No.12682958

>save the planet

Fuck that. Lower the retirement age for white people to 40.

cd55c7  No.12683037


jew, what would that accomplish?

e7a0d7  No.12683052

i don't understand how they are saying this shit openly

bfc6c5  No.12683111

File: 260a615745e91d4⋯.jpeg (50.25 KB, 500x387, 500:387, did he say it? yes.jpeg)


Genocide. It's called Genocide.

Genocide, what it actually is.

Loxism is the ( ( ( deliberate destruction of a race of people ) ) ), which is a little more specific.

you subversive loxist

ba1ff0  No.12683119

>to reverse the logic of family allowances" : "The more children you have, the more your allowances decrease until disappearing from the third birth

Damn we need this in the US

5db008  No.12683125

File: 309d402ef54ea51⋯.gif (519.79 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 309d402ef54ea51134b8b336e6….gif)


you know what scares me?

There was a time when i thought that people using the meme of normalised pedophilia were just going with the slipery slope as if it was a fact, now it's actually happening.

We used to joke about state enforeced homosexuality, a while ago a fucking feminist jew in israel proposed that to combat inequality in relations. So to think they will actually try to genocide us doen't sound so far fetched anymore

5db008  No.12683128


lmao very good

1e3a30  No.12683130


Because they know no one is ever going to fight back. No one has for 70 years.

7af2ac  No.12683497

File: 5f3ae37ac3ed331⋯.jpg (27.61 KB, 480x792, 20:33, 5f3ae37ac3ed331f8598ec8d8f….jpg)


>being this much a of a globohomo cucold

e0a7c2  No.12683529


Isn't France burning down as we speak EXACTLY because of this shit?

3ed234  No.12692225


Are you even trying, kike?

0a057d  No.12697029

yves (((cuckshed)))

reminder to gas them all in the racewar

f91726  No.12697096

File: b8b650131e9b241⋯.jpg (1.2 MB, 5760x3840, 3:2, w1-s2-lynching-a-20140208.jpg)

I'm actually kinda happy that Europe is getting negrified.

It essentially means there will NEVER EVER be another World War again. Shitskins aren't organized enough to fight war on that scale.

Any white army from the USA or Russia can cut them down in a week like wheat stalks.

028c98  No.12697111


>war is bad

Shut up, cowardly leftycuck.

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