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File: c07129001bffa12⋯.png (131.39 KB, 651x825, 217:275, ClipboardImage.png)

4cdd26  No.12919900

>"White people will be shooting up Asian churches within a generation"

>muh whitey owns all the guns, that makes them all mass shooters

Ah, but muh baste yang gang, right? I guess repeating the "all whitey crackaz iz school shootas an shieeeeeeet" nigger meme is just 4D chess, right? Based Richard Spencer!

b4a37d  No.12919931

>Trumpniggers are too autistic to realize Yang Gang is ironic

3668a4  No.12920045




000000  No.12920066


Link, you faggot. I want to see the rest of the thread.

881e87  No.12920084


>it's math

>race crime statics

wonder if he would still consider it math

f9ff0c  No.12920114


Hate maths.

3f130e  No.12920117


Just Yangbangers looking for their Yangbucks

000000  No.12920132



487f72  No.12920196


I wonder if he's taking into consideration that those 300 million are coming from registered gun owners since it's the the only way for him to do the "math". If he's implying that white people are the majority when it comes to being legal gun owners while accusing them of being "minority church shooters" then he just shot himself on both of his feet.



000000  No.12920600


Thanks. From the looks of it, he got completely smashed in response by people calling out racial crime stats. Beautiful.

4cdd26  No.12920629


>anyone I don't like is a (((trump))) supporter

c8126f  No.12920651


Checked for

The Yang Gang shit was a TRS op.

b17bde  No.12920767

File: 1c40676607571e9⋯.png (127.95 KB, 628x967, 628:967, 1.png)

File: 015773c1df5ba6b⋯.png (122.64 KB, 627x888, 209:296, 2.png)

88d069  No.12920839

File: ad96d73d978e0fa⋯.jpg (75.49 KB, 349x368, 349:368, RAGE v.jpg)


>hurr I was pretending to be ironic

Take a deep fucking hit of Zyklon B and die.

c8126f  No.12920854


> some ISIS tier thinking

Note the narratives folks.

This is a big one they've been running with.


f0e1e9  No.12920929

All Yang did was say that White people are going to inevitably lash out violently as they become a minority in their own country. He made an accurate prediction that many others have been warning about for quite a long time

f0e1e9  No.12920952


Furthermore, Yang's math that white alienation an dispossession could boil over into outright violence if not intelligently addressed, seems to be checking out

f0c210  No.12920959

File: 7aa367a757e9c25⋯.jpg (76.36 KB, 546x800, 273:400, 1552222368897.jpg)

This is my 2 cents.

f0c210  No.12920963


4474a9  No.12920975

Do you dumb niggers not realize he's basically giving white people compensation for chinks stealing their jobs? He's smart as fuck

c8126f  No.12921007



Yeah, that's great and all bro, but the issue is that he's claiming that Whites are doing this NOW in significant number… And they simply are not.

The rare White shooters is exactly that - rare, by the numbers. Thing is, the masses don't understand math!

>"Proportionality? What is that, some kinda pizza topping?"

Its a joke.

c8126f  No.12921016


He's not though, we've been over this you stupid twat.

He's taking more money from White people to give more free shit to muds, or he'd like to - thankfully, he hasn't got an ice cubes chance in hell of winning anything, given how utterly fucking corrupt the DNC is…. Not that the RNC is much better, mind you.

f0e1e9  No.12921112


Yang is saying that White people have become so angry that they could become a destabilizing force and his response to this is to extract money from ZOG to give to White people. I fail to see how this negatively impacts us.

e118e4  No.12921147


82a0b7  No.12921157


Regardless of his political views, if you vote for him and you just sold America over to China like Australia.

c8126f  No.12921165


>Yang is saying that White people have become so angry that they could become

No, he's not, he's saying that they HAVE become, and that's simply not true. That's how it negatively impacts us, by making something out to be true that isn't true - that's called lying.

And White people generally don't like liars.

3e8eac  No.12921180


Isn't he Taiwanese?

56ed01  No.12921204


Yang comes from Actblue financing, thread >>12916952

He is just a democrat pretending to be "alt-lite"

88d069  No.12921247


Quote the crime stats.

6d5c91  No.12921274

The tripfag Moody from >>>/4chon/ is from new zealand and did the shooting.















































d3dc28  No.12921290

LOL well I guess he was proven right…bunch of white people literally just shot yo 2 mosques…so yeah white people like to shoot up places

f0e1e9  No.12921324


White people are increasingly turning to illegal violent actions as a way to lash out against their minorization. This is a fact that cannot be denied. Make no mistake, Yang's $1000 promise is targeted at Whites. Whites are the only group that are net payers in to the system vs what they take out of it. He sees how unstable that is and how Whites are getting stirred up and wants Whites to have a larger slice. This is how politics works.

>inb4 the $1000 is just gonna make White people complacent

I question the conventional wisdom that getting a state benefit for a particular group pacifies that group and makes them complacent. Do the other groups that receive benefits from the govt simply sit back, or are they constantly pressuring for more? Revolutions happen in history when elites are on the back foot and granting concessions, not when they are the most strong and the boot is coming down on the neck the hardest. The conventional wisdom here is false. Get one thing from the state and demand 10 more. Put $1000 in your pocket. Are you less pro white? Are you less angry? No. None of that changes, except now you see that it's actually possible to extract concessions from this system. This is an exercise in power. If we can exercise power, we'll get a taste for it

39f815  No.12921333


>Yang Calling Whitey Evil School Shooters

I don't see it.

He's making a stats-based argument. If you have a better one (NIGGER GUN VIOLENCE STATS FOR INSTANCE) then present it to him and he'll listen.

Dude is 100% driven by data.

f2622b  No.12921350

File: adfbd764e140f08⋯.png (43.54 KB, 747x686, 747:686, 1515666564502.png)


>White people will be shooting up Asian churches within a generation

wait is this part of his platform?

Yang Gang definitely got my vote now. Gibs $1000 noaw ZOG

c8126f  No.12921388


>White people are increasingly turning to

Irrelevant. Yang is saying that Whites are doing this NOW, and its just not reality. This is a fact that cannot be denied.

>Make no mistake, Yang's $1000 promise is targeted at Whites.

Yeah, it targets Whites money, to give to non-Whites, to combat racism. We've been over this.

>He sees how unstable that is and how Whites are getting stirred up and wants Whites to have a larger slice.

He doesn't though, he wants to TAKE MORE from Whites to give it to non-Whites. This isn't a debate. Its a fact.

>This is how politics works.

No, this is how subversion works.

>I question the conventional wisdom

I don't give a shit what you question you subversive fucking rat.

Giving Whites AND non-Whites $1,000 a month CREATED FROM TAXATION OF WHITES is not helping Whites. Its helping non-Whites while HURTING Whites and tricking them into thinking they're "winning".

Fucking Trump shit all over again.

c8126f  No.12921405

File: 958e27948586054⋯.jpg (252.79 KB, 1056x1502, 528:751, Yang Gang Bang.jpg)

File: 09080f09c58cb02⋯.jpg (784.74 KB, 2512x2912, 157:182, Yang Gang in One Image MkI….jpg)

File: 59021633d605b46⋯.jpg (148.53 KB, 908x852, 227:213, Yang Gang in One Image.jpg)


>then present it to him and he'll listen.

No he fucking won't.

>100% driven by data

AHAHAHAHHA fucking no.

39f815  No.12921411

File: efaea37fe4df325⋯.jpg (21.62 KB, 360x240, 3:2, 1221434.jpg)


>JeFf BeZoS & MaRk ZuCkErBeRg ArE wHiTe

c8126f  No.12921424


No, but Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg also DON'T PAY THEIR TAXES YOU SIMP.

39f815  No.12921452


>still this butthurt about turd burglars getting fag-married

Dude seriously who even gives a shit about that? You sound like a Statist cuck.

39f815  No.12921462


Yang would MAKE THEM you blithering nincompoop.

934f36  No.12921463

Blacks caused an Exodus of Korean business in LA.

f0e1e9  No.12921467


You fail to grasp the fact that non Whites already get defacto UBI through programs such as section 8, foodstamps, medicaid, disability, etc. All this does is extend the welfare to Whites

c8126f  No.12921518


>why do you care about degeneracy bro? just get on the yang gang bro!

You sound like a jew.


No, he wouldn't. Not gonna be rused again my man, and I have ZERO faith in your slant to do the job.


>All this does is extend the welfare to Whites

No, you imbecile, it takes the money for the extension to EVERYONE from the pockets of Whites, who are the only ones who pay their fucking taxes.

This is so fucking stupid.

f0e1e9  No.12921585


You clearly don't know what you're talking about or you're just arguing dishonestly. Either way, I'm done talking to you.

Yang isn't even going to be our president. Even if he did become our president, Congress would never allow UBI to get passed. If we got lucky enough so that Yang could win, the system would be further deligitimized as the people who voted for $1000 will realize that the govt only serves the interests of rich kikes, thus radicalizing millions of more Americans

5b0714  No.12921639

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


/tv/ made a video about it!

How are they so fast with OC?

c8126f  No.12921669


>You clearly don't know what you're talking about or you're just arguing dishonestly. Either way, I'm done talking to you.

Jesus Christ, could you be more of a fucking kike?

>Yang isn't even going to be our president.

I know, its great.

>Even if he did become our president, Congress would never allow UBI to get passed.

No they probably would, but the big move would be to take out the bit about niggers and spics having to give up their Whitey-gibs.

>If we got lucky enough so that Yang could win, the system would be further deligitimized as the people who voted for $1000 will realize that the govt only serves the interests of rich kikes

Bro, you're fucking delusional.

Granted, I know this is just TRS LARP, but still.

f0e1e9  No.12921731


TRS is for lolberg fags

c8126f  No.12921739


Yeah, no shit, now go back and never come here again.

ab79e7  No.12921740


it's a reach. seems more like a way out for yanggang shills to divert course now that the discord link got passed around and all the pawns to say "hur hur man that joke was funny but now seems like a great time to say i was just joking #yanggang #ironic #acceleration"

also checked

000000  No.12921810


Based /tv/. Rerry shows what this yerrow snake thinks of us… what, he thinks he can buy us off with $1k in the hand, like that will make our displacement somehow more palatable? Fuck this chink cunt.

c7c139  No.12921872

File: 4269c0fd91bfc70⋯.jpg (241.4 KB, 589x800, 589:800, 47670f61891a7de1e749d34cde….jpg)


Based NEET does it again. This Anon's channel is great.

b2afbe  No.12921945

File: bd622c0299ad3ad⋯.jpg (2.24 KB, 125x97, 125:97, jiggle.jpg)


chinks are going to be breaking into our yards and cooking our dogs within 10 years

f9ff0c  No.12922186


There's a yang fag to wreck in the comment section.

934f36  No.12922303

it was a Asian anti-gun who was running guns.


cfd313  No.12922344



Has someone told this chink 13 do 50?

000000  No.12922379

e47a4a  No.12922418

File: 51465b87434ba29⋯.jpg (256.3 KB, 387x1200, 129:400, crime_statistics_01.jpg)

>its math

The yellow dog eater would never say that about niggers.

c7c139  No.12922430


Based Nobody already slapped the bug man down.

cfd313  No.12922439

121490  No.12922578

<w-we were just being edgy. Didn't you guys realized it?


c0e96b  No.12922796

File: 0667704b909330a⋯.png (259.42 KB, 609x1821, 203:607, yang.png)

09c6c5  No.12922938

Fuck this gun grabbing faggot. If he feels unsafe because they native population of this country expresses their rights then maybe he should leave.

b718bc  No.12923066


You get your info about white gun-owners from stereotypes written by Jews for their comedy shows.

fae06c  No.12923314


Holy shit he is ugly. No wonder he's so fucking mad.

1b3ff9  No.12923765

Niggers make up 12% of the population but commit over half of all violent crimes. It’s not racism, it’s math.

fb641b  No.12923968

File: 29986831eac069e⋯.png (455.76 KB, 782x888, 391:444, STFU.png)


Why did you screencap my whole post instead of just saving the image?

8ff3b6  No.12924075

File: 031c85ea666f28c⋯.jpg (83.05 KB, 513x516, 171:172, 031c85ea666f28c9b1c11b9d41….jpg)

File: 742f6a03631ef0a⋯.jpg (52.33 KB, 750x938, 375:469, 717a9d224874afd75189a7d3c0….jpg)

I'm voting Yang in the name of Accelarationism

fb641b  No.12925022

File: 0c2fbaf83c0ad46⋯.png (299.27 KB, 966x565, 966:565, dti103.png)

000000  No.12925310


Y-you corring me… ugry?

000000  No.12925319


This is the best way to leverage this bugman.

cf8b90  No.12925375

>white people have all the legal, registered guns

>black and brown people commit all the gun crime


cf8b90  No.12925396


>voting lenin and the bolsheviks into power accelerated russians to victory

>it didn't do the opposite and accelerate their own oppression and genocide

Accelerationism is an anti-white meme that seeks to coax whites into surrendering.

6e37fb  No.12925470


I have a feeling that if we looked up the perpetrators of the tens of thousands of murders in the United states we know where the majority of them would be both absolutely and proportionally. This is not racism. It's math. :^)

They keep feeding us ammo to shoot them with.

fb641b  No.12925510

File: 7d8af17cd1e045d⋯.png (225.89 KB, 960x675, 64:45, FBI.png)


fucking white people

0643a1  No.12926633


>being ironically retarded

0a5c20  No.12926961


Unfortunately it is working.

People are stupid, unthinking and will fall for whatever sounds like a quick fix, especially when there is a lot of advertising.

Killing off all the politicians would do something, but no one does it.

7b06a8  No.12930366


Push memes about him that will redpill people on the JQ race realism. Do that will all of the candidates. Wake as many people up as possible.

f8fa05  No.12930441

File: c1038550118e381⋯.jpg (83.07 KB, 506x507, 506:507, c1038550118e381ca2125b963f….jpg)


You've got to accelerate the collapse to wake normalfaggots up. If this doesn't do it, nothing will.

000000  No.12932740


On one hand he's right: arab countries that used to be christian and jews didnt get replaced, they got converted, ethnically they are still the same (arabs) not some other race, tho a lot of mongol DNA from all the rape they got

On the other hand the muhazn part is bullshit, asians in general behave and are a tiny minority of which only a part are chinese and the rest are other ethnicity. The replacement is happening by amerindians (mostly mexicans) and also black people who are increasingly violent as if they want white people to become aggressive against them. Overall I say the asians actually got more to win from this since they could actually get rid of the competition from other minorities, and they are getting fucked by the "privilege" bullshit in work and college admissions just like the whites

TLDR: yang is a retard trying to play both sides

87c35a  No.12963460

File: bc9309fe6521cf7⋯.jpg (203.34 KB, 618x800, 309:400, YangYukioMishima.jpg)


I like Yang

His ideas are cool.

His supporters are a bag of mongoloid fucktards.

Am I also mongoloid?

Missing something fundamental?

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