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May 2019 - 8chan Transparency Report
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File: 806cc98a652a4f5⋯.jpg (86.05 KB, 700x850, 14:17, 7109788fa9a93d64aebc36c02b….jpg)


1. Obey 8chan's global rules.

2. You must be a male virgin to post on this board. Exceptions to the second part may apply in very unique circumstances, such as in cases of rape, child abuse, etc.

3. You must be at least 18 years old to post on this board. If you admit to being underage you're retarded enough to deserve a ban.

4. Refrain from posting low quality threads. Spam, roll threads, obvious bait, normalfag/cyborg shit, etc. will be deleted.

5. Posts made with the intention of derailing a rule abiding thread will be deleted.

6. Check the catalog for similar topics before posting a new thread. Repetitive threads will be deleted.

7. Keep blogposts in the FTDDTOT thread unless they're interesting enough to stand on their own and generate real discussion.

8. Keep meta discussion and feedback in the sticky. This is for convenience more than anything.

9. Namefagging, tripfagging, and avatarfagging is prohibited unless necessary for a specific thread. This also applies to moderator capcodes, which shouldn't be used outside of meta discussions.

Kindly report any posts that seem to violate these rules.

Contact info: tyronemuhdick@cock.li

Now cyclical because I don't want to make any more of these threads.


File: 6544bef9a5039b5⋯.jpg (62.11 KB, 250x331, 250:331, 1454824955384.jpg)

File: 2013cf94fd8a2fa⋯.gif (360.47 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1445780605800.gif)

Rest in peace 8ch.


File: bc8a9718d24b221⋯.jpg (98.54 KB, 921x716, 921:716, Feeling Blue.jpg)


I'm afraid you're two years too late. The election really did a number on the site when cancer infiltrated /pol/ and subsequently metastasized across the boards. It opened us up to other infections and although took a solid two years, it's finally fucked. The eternal normalfag can't be bargained with, they can't be reasoned with, they don't feel pity, or remorse, or fear, and they absolutely will not stop… ever, until all our boards are dead.




w-what happened?

Is it related to the spergout niggers on /pol/ have with their mods thinking everyone is out to get them?



In Russia we have this Protector of the Fatherland day on February 23. It basically a man's day and women give

simple cheap present to men very much alike when men give presents to women on March 8. It applies to workspace as well.



I think he's referring to the fact that the US election brought both media attention and (more) paid shills to this site. /pol/ itself used to be one of the most interesting boards on the site, with discussion always being of high-quality and people trying to come off as polite as they could on an imageboard, look at the place now. Every discussion derails into another shitflinging thread with either American and European infighting or another religious conflict.


Tyrone, can you delete the shitty blog threads?


Can we report cuckchan prose? Im seeing a bit of BASED and ebonics and even a phone autocorrect halfchan to half Chan. Just give em a slap on the wrist, a day or so ban, to let em learn not to speak like the scum they hated enough to leave






The board's going to hell already. It's not just the whole SFW/NSFW divide that cuckchan's dealing with, it seems to be mainly the IRS stuff that's attracting them to this place currently. I mean, I am all for destroying roasties for making money by being whores but they could try to change their writing style to something less niggerish.

I've also seen lots of people advocate having sex or worship 3DPD, I know that's not against the rules like on wiz but I question if the type of people to post that kind of stuff would be fellow virgins. Just look at the "thot" thread, there's a lot of shitposting and people shilling for not reporting roasties to the IRS with weak arguments.


The feels thread is now full of retards typing like niggers. Can we survive this shit ?



The entire board is now full of retards typing like niggers. The infestation is real, and serious.



>Can we survive this shit ?

No, the board has already gone to shit. The BO is going too soft on newfags. If this goes on, this place soon won't be more than a slower version of cuckchan.




Report them.

Dismissed reports:































Why would blatant self-admitting faggotry not be deleted?





I'm just slowly paying less attention to this board and moving to more obscure imageboards. I feel that this is the way that it should go for any real robot, and eventually there will be nowhere to flee but to the rope. Regardless of whether or not Tyrone deletes them, newfags and normalniggers will always be visiting and making a few posts before they realize that this place isn't for them (or start to antagonize the current users because they're mad that there's a place for people unlike them to congregate). This place will unfortunately always have a steady influx of newfags because of it sharing a name with 4/r9k/.


Some of these seem fine though. The dream thread for example.



Because it's only against the rules in your mind.



The point with posting those dismissed reports is that if you report someone for breaking the rules, then they will probably be dealt with, only leaving the dismissed reports that can be somewhat investigated by posting them here. Some of those posts are fine, some of them are kind of shitty but not deserving of being deleted, and some were likely just reported because the reporter just disagreed with the poster. >>291569 was saying

>The BO is going too soft on newfags

And from the dismissed reports, we can see if this is true or not.



Considering allowing faggotry to stay and not banning it on sight is one of the things that let to the ruination of cuckchan's /r9k/, then it should be explicitly against the rules the same way that "males only" is.



What led to the ruination of cuckchan /r9k/ is that the mods refuse to do anything about blatant spam threads. An occasional one off post from a faggot mentioning that they are a faggot is not the same thing.



They never stay as one-off posts mentioning their faggotry. It starts that way, and then more faggots see it and how it's not deleted, banned, or called out much, and go "hey, looks like we're welcome here", and then a skip and a jump later and you have

>have you taken the pink pill yet?

threads every fucking day, filled with unironic faggots and no one calling them out.



You've been saying this shit for fucking years now and nothing has happened.

>have you taken the pink pill yet?

>threads every fucking day, filled with unironic faggots and no one calling them out.

Why exactly would we need special rules to remove spam?



What do you mean nothing has happened?

That exact thing I described happened on cuckchan, and it began with one or two faggots here and there.

And there should be a separate rule to remove faggotry even if it doesn't qualify as spam in other respects.



>That exact thing I described happened on cuckchan, and it began with one or two faggots here and there.

We have always had the occasional faggot, and people like you have always taken the bait and used their posts to claim that the sky is falling and that we need immediate rule changes to save the board, yet no rules are ever added and no faggot invasion ever materializes. You can look through previous meta threads and see that this cycle has played out dozens of times with no lasting effects. The shit that ruined cuckchan /r9k/ is already more than covered by our existing rules and there is no reason to add more except to cater to hypersensitive cunts who think imageboards need to be free of muh degeneracy.



>I'm just slowly paying less attention to this board and moving to more obscure imageboards

The same goes for me. There's just no point in staying here if the old userbase's voices are going to be drowned by one-line shitposts and ebonics. I kind of feel bad about leaving this place but if it's going to be like this I'd receive no enjoyment or fulfillment from staying here. I've been going on imageboards less and less altogether, I don't want to feel attached to communities like these anymore if cuckchanners and redditors are going to show up and ruin everything in the end anyway.



I question if a virgin would really say that he'd fuck the shit out of some faggot, it sounds more like something that someone with a lot of sexual experience would say. Especially since it's a generally well-known fact that faggots are very "easy" when it comes to sex as in that they don't play hard-to-get like roasties do. The problem with faggots is not so much that they are attracted to men (although that is also a problem of its own) but the fact that they're overly-sexualised degenerates who live hedonistic lifestyles and are much less likely to remain celibate, thus they don't really match the robot identity.



>supports faggotry

>a faggot here and there is no big deal, goy

At last, I truly see.



He was banned, it's just that the posts were not removed.



I stand corrected then


Looks like we're getting raided again.



It's more like a mass immigration at this point.



It's not the cuckchan faggots occasionally being retards in any active threads that bothers me. It's the occasional burst of shitty b8 threads and meaningless spam messages across the board.



>waaah how dare the BO remove shitty posts that do nothing but lower the quality of the board



He deleted my post about not needing social skills for sex what a fag.



For me, it's the opposite. Shitty threads will often just end up being sagebombed and/or ignored even if they aren't deleted. But the individual shitposts can ruin formerly good threads.


You do need social skills for sex though, otherwise incels wouldn't exist. Yeah sure, you could hire a hooker but even that requires at least a bit of confidence and being able to be intimate with a person.



What thread?




It's right here though.


Can you get rid of the faggot who keeps making threads with that retarded cuckchan edit of Pepe attached? He doesn't do more than ask questions with obvious answers either.



I second that.


File: bb2c1e15aef0010⋯.jpg (7.99 KB, 249x249, 1:1, 1506368847286.jpg)


Which one? This one?







File: d7d2dfbecb195ad⋯.jpg (42.31 KB, 640x633, 640:633, f18753408.jpg)


>Apu apujasta is a 4chan meme

>He doesn't know what Ylilauta is

Boy oh boy are they not even hiding it anymore.



It's Apu Apustaja and Ylilauta is a shitty normalfag site with actual gold accounts and with badges you get from giving the (((administration))) shekels.



Just because it didn't originate on cuckchan, doesn't mean it's not a cuckchan meme. Rage comics have its origin on imageboards as well but no one except redditors find that shit funny now. "Apu" is just a degenerated version of a meme that was pretty amusing on its own, just like with pink wojak and the boomer thing so it fits with the cuckchan style of meme-making.

>they not even hiding it anymore

I've been posting here for 3 years and I have never seen that shit on this board until now after we experienced the cuckchan migration.



>I've been posting here for 3 years and I have never seen that shit on this board until now after we experienced the cuckchan migration.

Could be because this meme is only two years old



Those are two threads made half a year apart from eachother. I'm not sure why you assume they were both made by the same guy.


File: e2394129139202b⋯.jpg (43.62 KB, 600x718, 300:359, Massacres.jpg)

Could we pin and cycle the FTDDTOT? It serves as a good general discussion thread.



I recommend it being pinned but not cycled; there's some good content in the threads to go back and read later on that would be lost if it cycled. Just unbump and make a new one to stickty after it hits limit.



>discussion thread

More of a complaining thread if you don't count the meta.


/r9k/ is a conglomerate of self-loathing retards who caress each other in an echo chamber, it's dragging down on me and it's insane to stay when nothing changes. I've been spending my time on /jp/, /film/ and other slow boards and have started to enjoy imageboards again, there are self-help threads and how to escape the cycle but you know that can't happen on a board that's explicitly nothing but a hurt locker. This is how /r9k/ recycles users, they eventually realize how stagnate it is to dwell on their mediocre life and evolve out of it because it's a march to death and simply not in human nature to accept defeat.



okay you too



>no u

Nice argument faggot.


File: ce1e62c983bc9f7⋯.gif (826.03 KB, 280x170, 28:17, 009gtfo.gif)


>and it's insand to stay when nothing changes.

Nobody said you had to you whiney bitch. The board will be better off without people who suck their own dicks like you.



>self help faggot and his attempt to boss around people

How about you stop being such a pretentious cunt and just kill yourself already??



>/r9k/ is a conglomerate of self-loathing retards who caress each other in an echo chamber

You know, the only faggots who keep saying this are the newfags who migrated here recently. You shouldn't run your mouth like you know what this board and its userbase is like if you've been here for a week or so. Most people here don't actually self-loathe or ask for pity in the slightest, genuine robots are the people who have already accepted and moved beyond their suffering and the temptations of the normalfag world. It's only when the whole cuckchan fiasco started that self-hating teenagers (and people pretending to be them) like >>280156 and >>292855 started making low-effort threads about minor problems here but they are just a vocal minority.

>and it's insane to stay when nothing changes

Like the other guy said: fuck off if you don't like it here. No one is forcing you to stay. There are specific boards for specific interests and hobbies, if the stuff that is discussed here isn't to your liking then just go to another one.


>three shit threads within thirty minutes

Are we being raided or is this the pickle? Who mentioned us?



Probably just some rapefugees who were late the party. Just report em and Tyrone will get it when he wakes up. Well, besides >>293437

I can't tell if it's a Qlarper or a bot.

It's harder to tell the difference than you might think.


why was my thread deleted it broke none of these rules



Was it the incest thread or the gorilla thread? Because those are the only two that were deleted recently.



the gorilla one



I'm not the BO, but your thread was low-effort dogshit and deserved to be deleted.



No it wasn't, it was thoughtful. I was hoping other would share their stories. You're a stupid bootlicker.



Not to mention I thought we could have a break from all the self hate threads on this board.



It seemed to me like a low-effort, one or two liner shitpost, because it just told a brief blurb "hahaa 2 roasties came up to me and I told them to fuck off".

An OP should usually have more effort than that; maybe just repost it in the FTDDTOT thread, or make a new thread with a more detailed OP, I dunno. Not sure when BO will be back online or if he still is.




Any thread that starts off with a one sentence OP is treading thin waters, but you'd know that if you weren't an insufferable newfaggot.



Sex with someone other than yourself, unless you were raped or something.

Oral/anal etc fucking counts, none of that 'technical virginity' shit



What did you do that you think might break the rules by you posting here?


File: 7e72b3dbc8780fa⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1386x781, 126:71, dont-want-help.png)





Stop letting the feels thread get derailed by retarded shitposters you useless faggot.


Where are you Tyrone? There are too many normalfags in the current ftddtot redditspacing and derailing the thread.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>Reiko and his minions made a thread today


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Tyrone, are you or the mods aware that there is a tranny post on here? Might want to do something about that before Reiko and his underage harem turn this board into a degenerate homo circle jerk.


There's zero reason why trannyposts should be acceptable here. Hopefully he deletes the thread.




Ray Romano (I think) used to compare people to background characters in a movie. He would always spot reused extras.



The whole NPC meme is nothing new. I had a friend in highschool that compared the popular kids in our school to NPCs in a video game. And if I remember correctly, people on the old 4/r9k/ would also use the term on occasion. It's just that your average normalfag is not original or creative in any way, so they steal Imageboard memes and beat them to death until they get tired of it and move on to another meme to ruin. Ironically, this behavior they have only reinforces the NPC meme.


Either our resident pickle and cuckime-annihilator is acting up again, or something happened at cuckchan to bring some spamming retard over here.



Just keep being a hostile prick and he will fuck right off. That's one thing that differs 8/r9k/ and 4/r9k/; we have a strong sense of community but we also have a strong sense of hostility.


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Well fuck, just checked what >>294289 said, got this video. Looks like we'll have to deal with these niggers for a while.




I couldn't finish that video, it was too painful. So these are the people using 4chan now huh? put them out of their misery


File: f1e07d9e285a1dc⋯.png (29.36 KB, 580x477, 580:477, f1e07d9e285a1dcf89759a82bb….png)


We have 200+ active ISPs. Iirc that is like 50 more than we had around 1 and half months ago. Basically just fuck our shit up.



>These newfags can't into opsec.

Oh please spare us from this nightmare.



If being mean to discord spambots did anything we'd have solved the problem years ago.



It's back up. Thank fuck.


File: 50784c945e8437c⋯.jpg (19.83 KB, 306x306, 1:1, Annoyed.jpg)

Add a rule against shilling Discord servers? There have been lots of them over the past couple of weeks.



I feel that doing so would entice them to do it more, it's not like these niggers care about the rules anyways.



Mods do a pretty good job of keeping the board clean though. They might do it out of spite for a while, but they'll eventually stop.



Spam is already against the rules. I doubt it's actual human beings manually making the threads anyway.



Pretty sure we're not too big of an audience for bots to shill trap discords, compared to cuckchan r9k and other boards here.



I'm glad I wasn't around to see cuckchan turn into Facebook.


I'm starting to see some social media tier memes being posted here. Is it over or should we wait for the cuckchan fags to leave before calling it quits?



The 4channel and tumblr events have hit 8ch as a whole pretty hard.



We are back to less than 150 ISPs so i'm hopeful about the future. At least for now…



Why does it say "ISP"s when clearly it should say "IP"s? When you mouse over it it says "unique IPs to post in the last 72 hours" this is extremely triggering to the autisism and needs to be addressed immediately imo


File: a2e7215e0e404f1⋯.png (137.1 KB, 1258x816, 37:24, active_isps.png)


Did you not hit the question mark bubble beside "Active ISPs"? Not really a /tech/ guy when it comes to networking so I'm not sure what else you'd want out of the explanation they give.


File: 87869e36bdc3079⋯.jpg (40.06 KB, 628x420, 157:105, straight into hell.jpg)

>getting so BTFO in a friendly debate that you report a thread

G*d haters, when will they learn?


File: db33cf50697dc15⋯.png (80.66 KB, 341x289, 341:289, you fuckin niggers should ….png)


>censoring god

Are you jewish?



If you're talking to me, as I was debating the dude who posted pictures with filenames like yours, I didn't report anything; I went to sleep after my last post, and haven't been on until just now.


File: 05e547b71a3fbb9⋯.jpg (67.97 KB, 643x542, 643:542, Fatal Damage.jpg)


How will /r9k/ ever recover?



Decent comic, but I do not see how it relates to /r9k/ or this meta thread. Maybe if there more failed normalfags whining about how much they want pussy but are unwilling to try to change their situations. Some of the worst of the faggpts posting in FTDDTOT could maybe learn from this, however.



No, I think every thread requires this friendly reminder that everything in life is your responsibility, except the things you can't change, which don't matter.


Can you make a rule that states you can't post here if you don't have testicles?



What if you have one?


File: c14ebbdd4e05a2f⋯.png (791.43 KB, 1344x2492, 48:89, c14ebbdd4e05a2f52fceebeafa….png)


How many more months before tripfagging and linking to facebook on 4channel becomes mandatory?


Dismissed reports originall:




































Why the fuck were the following dismissed? What the hell Tyrone? You let these stay up?


This one was intentionally shitting up a thread and insulting every poster as well as the BO.


This is the same blackpill-spamming nigger who has shat up /v/ and /tech/ for over a year. He posts the same shit in various forms over and over. What possible reason would this post stay up for?


This one all but admitted to being a normalfag and promoted casual sex. Again, why did this report get dismissed? It's a post mocking robots and saying "lel just sleep around who cares"

These three should've been deleted, and I can't fathom why Tyrone thought they should stay up.



The last one is too obvious. Tyrone probably banned them but didnt remove the post. Something similar happened with a report I submitted not long ago


File: 1226c50328685a8⋯.mp4 (2.79 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Tale Of The Eunuch.mp4)


The eunuch has even made an appearance on /tv/. He's directly responsible for the flood of cuckchan posters onto our board, and types like a fucking retard. He's done more damage to this board than any pickle poster or school shooter could hope to achieve. He must be stopped, before it's too late.


At this point why is being a virgin a requirement to be here? Can losing your virginity really affect your outlook on life, it feels superficial and out of tradition to judge a person on, no different from being judged if you are a virgin to normalfags. It seemed to be the biggest problem of robots when /r9k/ was rooted in tfw no gf but I guess it's still a requisite because if you want to have sex just to stick your dick into someone then it is normalfaggotry because you want sex for the sake of it or social pressure and/or that being a virgin is the most objective requirement of being dropped from the mainstream as you will not get passed on. I was indifferent on losing my virginity but after thinking about how women are energy drains no matter how well intentioned and good they're, and people doing 180s in disposition after losing their virginity I'm wary of it.



>state of /r9k/ in 2019



If you want an /r9k/ allowing nonvirgins, then 4chan is always an option for you. A nonvirgin robot could possibly exist in the same way a female robot could exist. If this should safely remain a robot board, then they should not be allowed.



Reminder that the slippery slope isn't a fallacy and cuck/r9k/ is exhibit A regarding that.



>Can losing your virginity really affect your outlook on life?




>Did they avoid and chastise you all of a sudden after learning you were a virgin

It's not something you can hide, you can hide non-virginity (at least among normalfags) but if you haven't gone on a date or something or if you're a certain type of person, they'll ostracize you for being a loser virgin. It isn't that it's the only qualifier, every robot worth his salt knows this, it's just that it's the easiest way to tell immediately. I don't think that nonvirgin robots are an impossibility Hitler for example but they're few enough that they don't need to be explicitly allowed by the rules. If they really care then they could post here without bringing it up, and if they were actually robots then they would be able to post without being detected.

>as a kid, teen or adult

It isn't an exact moment, but it starts as a teenager and gets worse by the time you're an adult.

>and it's on the bottom of the list in comparison with things such as small consciousness, low intellect, herd mentality, vanity, materialism, blind devotion to social quotas, etc.

Even if it was, it's the most black-and-white way to put it in the first place. If we started using those things as qualifiers before virginity, then there would be more wiggle-room for normalfags to squirm their way into our ranks.

>I suspect many of the incels/failed normalfags who did though were just failed normalfags satisfied at their hot ejaculation or felt empty after doing so but it can't be that having sex didn't solve their problems!

That doesn't mean that someone who is able to get to the point of sticking their dick in someone's roast beef is a robot. Far from it, they were able to be tricked by the world's kike lies that sex will solve everything for them. But we're not even talking about incels or failed normalfags (and failed normalfags are already against the rules), we're talking about genuine normalfags, the real deal. A normalfag doesn't have problems (not because nothing bad happens to them, but because they take it in stride, don't think about the bad things, and move on to the next thing). The key difference between robots and normalfags I feel, isn't virginity I agree with you there, but a level of thoughtfulness, self-awareness, and reflection that's lacking in the normalfag. This self-awareness causes a split between the robot and the rest of society, either the robot overthinks everything or misunderstands/overinterprets everything (not that you have to be smart to do this but rather socially stupid, taking every detail of simple conversations into consideration while the normalfag simply glides through it). The most common side effect of this is virginity.

There are few situations in which someone could get to that point of being in bed naked with a girl and actually be a robot, but it does no one any good to go on about hypotheticals.

>A differing opinion that questions this place's own rules nothing to be afraid of

No, but challenging the rules is different. It's one thing to ask the reasoning behind a rule to understand it (although I can't imagine you wouldn't understand the reasoning behind such a basic and long-standing rule), it's another thing entirely to try to strut on in and act as though the rules have no bearing.

I'm concluding that you're either a cuckchan non-virgin fag or you're a failed normalfag that still is holding out hope that you might be able to get that qt gf (based on your distinction between sex for the sake of "social pressure" and whatever else you think "robot sex" would be) but you still want to be called a robot. If that's the case, leave us, you don't belong. A slave cannot serve two masters as it says in the Bible. You have no obligation to us. Go and be happy with some random girl from tinder, it'll be good for you to be with your own kind, just as it's bad for you to be with us.


Why was my thread on cyborgs deleted? It's a genuine question.



Just like "why don't we allow non-virgins" is?



>Can losing your virginity really affect your outlook on life,

>it feels superficial and out of tradition to judge a person

You just answered your own question



>I don't think that nonvirgin robots are an impossibility Hitler for example


The guy was a politician being a neetsoc aside how can you seriously justify that. He was even voted the most popular person in the world.



I was joking. I meant to put a :^) in there but it slipped my mind because I'm retarded.

>He was even voted the most popular person in the world.

Where? I understand "most important" or "most influential" but popular seems like a stretch. Unless you're referring to some internet poll in which le epic trolls screwed with the results.



Cyborgs are virgins more often than not dumbass



In my mind, "cyborg" is just a way of saying "failed normalfag" that makes them feel like they fit in.




The implication is that a robot can't hide his robot nature, but a cyborg can blend in with moderate success. Not to the extent that they can happily and effectively live a normalfag lifestyle, but enough to get by. It's important to remember that a failed normalfag is someone who hates that they can't be a normalfag. They are people who are angry and depressed because they can't have roastie meat and be a part of the cancerous lifestyle that normalfags perpetuate. A robot, generally speaking, has many problems because they hate and cannot abide normalfaggotry.


I'm so lonely. All the people I met are either at college, work, or live way too far away. I'm scared to text or call them because they'll think I'm being needy. I don't want to be seen as a manipulative person, so I never ask someone to hang out. I tried asking my sister to hang out, but I think she hates me. She doesn't want anything to do with me. I asked her if she wants to watch anime or play video games together but she's not into my stuff. So I just sit down here alone, all day. Most of the time staring at walls, feeling a big empty void in the middle of my body because I'm so fucking lonely and I just want to hang out with someone. Nearly every night I wake up from dreams about girls - hugging girls, lying down near girls, kissing them. Sometimes they are naked, sometimes clothed. Sometimes they're people I've met, sometimes not. It would be really nice if I could have a real girlfriend, but that will never ever happen for so many reasons I can't begin to count them. It would also be nice if I could have friends to play video games and watch anime with. I would do things that they wanted to do too. As long as it's not stupid boring shit like stare at TV and get drunk which is all my fucking family does. Sometimes I get to see my cousin and we play board games or I watch him play a video game. He lives too far away though and he's in college now like every other fucking person. Not like I can do a real social interaction anyway. I am just a loser freak who doesn't understand society or how to behave like a normal human. When I went to college I had to switch schools because I couldn't handle dorm life. My roommates made fun of me and were very obnoxious, loud, and stupid. It's funny how much I crave social interaction even though I hate most people and I'm so terrible at handling social situations. I really want a girl to hug tightly and lie down with on my bed. Not even have sex (though that would be nice too) but just to touch and hold and be next to each other. But all the fucking girls hate me because I'm a creepy loser. They just want to fuck handsome well-adjusted men with strong jawlines and good flirtation skills. Even if I was good-looking it wouldn't change anything though. I just fail too hard at everything. I'm deathly scared of rejection or being seen as needy, so I never put myself out there even if I get a chance. With friends or girls, it doesn't matter, I'm scared of them. I'd really like if I lived next door to some cool bros and our families were on good terms and we would just stay over with each other and play games and watch anime and spend the night together whenever we felt like hanging out. Ever since I was a kid this has been a dream of mine but I never had friends to hang out with. At most there were people I would see at school, but my parents chose to live in fucking old-person nowhere-ville where every fucking person in the neighborhood is retired. I can't drive either so I'm even more limited. The most I could hope for is online friendship but I can't even pull that off. Not to mention it wouldn't fill the void, just distract me for a while. I'm too fucking psycho to have an online friend though, I would just block them from everything on a whim one day, this is how I do everything. I would freak out at them and screw with them because I am so fucking unstable. I don't really get like that with real people though. Mostly because I'm scared to show my true feelings at any time. I think making a tulpa would solve some of my problems but I lack the required willpower to force consistently, if it's even possible for me at all. I tried a few times but always lost the willpower. I just don't have it in me, if I was a character in an RPG you just used willpower as a dump stat. And strength and luk and every other fucking stat, they're all dump stats because I fucking just suck as a person. There's nothing good or redeeming or interesting about me.


I drive away anyone who tries to get close to me and I constantly watchdog myself from getting close to anybody else. On the inside I'm scared and vulnerable and unstable so I can't let anybody see my true feelings. Everyone just thinks I'm creepy and distant and unfriendly, and I don't have any choice in how they perceive me because I have no control even over my own actions. Being around girls I like is impossible, I just can't look at them and start shaking, can't speak. I tried to ask out a girl on two occasions in my life and it was probably the most difficult thing I did. I barely managed to force out the words and then I immediately ran away. The looks on their faces was awful, like I'm a slug that they would want to step on. They fucking hated me because I'm a pussy bitch loser faggot piece of shit who doesn't deserve to be called a man. Anyway I'm never going back to work at my last job because that's exactly what happened there. Now I'm a NEET and my parents want to kick me out. They're gonna try to find me another job but I can't do it. The only reason I got my last job was due to nepotism, if I had to do a real interview for a real job, I would fail every fucking time. The only thing consistent about my life is how much of a loser I am. I can't talk to people. I can't talk to girls. I can't live on my own. I can't handle school. I can't handle work. My family wants me to fuck off already. I smell like shit and piss and sweat and cum. I live in my own trash, literally surrounded by dirty clothes and garbage and moldy food everywhere. I have dried cum on my legs. I don't shave or shower for months at a time. I don't have any real hobbies or interests that I can devote myself to. I just spend all day on the internet, staring at the same five threads over and over, hitting F5 all day. It's such a fucking shit existence. I don't even have the courage for suicide. Everything I try ends in failure. I just pretend to like things so that I can talk about them online and pretend like I'm one of you guys, but you know what? I'm fucking not and if you ever see my posts (you'll be able to distinguish them by how poorly thought out and amateurish they are) you should just fucking ignore and report them because I'm just trying to fit in and I don't really have any interest in that thing. For example I might watch an anime that everyone really likes and pretend I'm a big fan, but probably it was just OK at best and I lie to myself and you guys so that I can get a temporary dopamine hit off posting about it and pretending like I fit in somewhere. The truth is I never fit in anywhere, in real life or online, I've always been lonely and alone, hating other people and wishing for their contact, dreaming of some girlfriend I'll never have, failing school, failing college, failing work. I can't handle the responsibilities of the adult life. I can't reach anything meaningful or deep. I can never acquire a true understanding of anything or anyone because my brain just has a big fucking block, not a fog like when I was younger, but now it's a big concrete BLOCK that prevents me from learning anything at all. My emotions switch and shift on the drop of a dime. There's no true personality or self hidden under all my masks. It's just an empty void where my soul should be. I'm gonna go jerk off now.


File: b48754af6f0c13e⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1884x1064, 471:266, in_box.png)



What you said resonates with me, anon, particularly the parts about walling yourself internally off from everyone and suddenly ghosting whatever semblance of "online friends" you stumble upon out of fear and vulnerability. It's why I've mostly shifted from irc to imageboards, the anonymity is comforting and the only way I can socialize.

I don't know if you would we willing to take unsolicited advice, but I think at least you might be able to make life less miserable by not having to:

> pretend to like things so that I can talk about them online and pretend like I'm one of you guys, but you know what?

There's no point in watching stuff out of some need to "go with the crowd." If you can shift the dopamine hits from "faking enjoyment of an anime" to "genuinely enjoying an anime you like" that'd probably be good. Or if not anime, some other thing. I don't know if you have any other defined interests. Maybe try to make the daily routine less stale by finding and browsing other imageboards. Or start up your own.

At the very least I can tell you that your posts are definitely not "poorly thought and amateurish." It's very vividly written and captures your emotions and feelings well. Compared to other drivel on this board I'd much rather read more posts of yours, if only to reify my own suppressed emotions and feelings.



I don't see the need for the term cyborg. Seems like an excuse to feel special or above a robot. Your description just seems to describe a robot who can act well enough that he remains unbothered.



Only reason the distinction matters is because cyborgs are likely going to be dealing with wageslaving, handling normalfags directly, and having to spend their days not acting like a robot.


Seems like we've got another raid of rapefugees.

Active ISPs are near 200 now




Stop making things up on the internet just for the sake of having something to complain about.




171 is close enough to consider it close to 200 in my mind. It's 176 now, so it's slowly getting worse.



I will try to take your advice. I don't know what sort of interests I can pursue but I am capable of attempting to browse other imageboards. I don't think I am skilled or dedicated enough to start my own.

>Compared to other drivel on this board I'd much rather read more posts of yours, if only to reify my own suppressed emotions and feelings.

I appreciate the compliment. Unfortunately posts like that only come out of me a few times a year. Personally I am not proud of the quality of my post but I'm glad to hear that you got something out of it regardless.



Which boards do you currently browse? Just /r9k/?



Mostly /r9k/. Occasionally /a/, /v/, /tech/, or /suicide/ depending on my mood. I also look at wizchan from time to time. I am not particularly fond of any of these though. I just use them along with Youtube to stave off complete loneliness. I would be interested to hear your recommendations, but I am doubtful that I will ever feel part of a community. I'm just too fucked in the head to have real human bonds. To be honest I've been browsing imageboards since I was 13 or 14. Now I'm in my mid-20s. Yet I never felt like I fit in on any site or board. I've tried some other shit: a number of forums, twitter, various discords, even twitch chat. They're all just even worse. And I wouldn't touch reddit with a 20-foot pole, from what I've seen of it. I've heard some subreddits are alright, but eh. I rely too much on my anonymity nowadays. And I doubt there's any subreddit that I would like better than 8/r9k/, which I don't even like that much. Hell I even tried that incel forum, lurked it for a few weeks, then got sick of it. I don't know what's wrong with me, that I don't have a personality that can relate to a group. It seems like an essential human dynamic, I hear that people are called "social animals." I feel that instinct, a base urge to be social, but everywhere I go I find myself unable to participate or relate in any meaningful way. Even this interaction right now, with no personal offense intended to you, feels forced and fake on my part. I don't know what would be "real." I just constantly find myself alienated and wonder why I am even alive on this planet, with these people claiming to be of my species, yet I can't relate to them. I can imagine that this all sounds very narcissistic, solipsistic, and self-absorbed - that's the context of my thinking for as long as I can remember. I have never been able to "get out of my head" or break free of these ideas that nobody else is real and I am trapped in a dream. It's just so horribly lonely. The most I can do is pretend and lie to myself, which never lasts for long. I'm sorry this turned into such a ramble. I'm feeling in a strange mood tonight.



>Yet I never felt like I fit in on any site or board. I've tried some other shit:

To me part of the comfort of imageboards is that there's no compulsion to interact. Whereas if you join an irc server or discord there's an implicit expectation that you need to participate and it's impossible to just silently slip out (unless the servers are really large and in that case it's probably shit anyway) imageboards allow you to drift back and forth freely.

You can find lists of other imageboards online: About half of the ones you'll find there are dead but the other half are somewhat alive and may at least provide more content.



I guess he is complaining about that schizo schizo faggot?



I'm glad the BO shares my sentiments that a robot who gets by in the real world doesn't need a distinction and the majority of us who don't get by don't have to look at you trying to distinguish yourself for a reason that none of us care about.


Something is happening with 8ch apparently. Jim lost a lawsuit with hiro over something and has to pay up 1.5 mil plus interest. And has to give back 2ch to the jew. Apparently jim is gonna burn everything and file for bankruptcy. Does anyone have any more information on this? Does /meta/ know anything?


Tyrone, are files required again to create a thread? I tried to and got a popup saying Tor users aren't allowed to upload files (even though I hadn't attached one).


Probably fucking nothing. From what I heard, source for that is Josh anyway who is an unreliable faggot and cares as much about le trolling as informing 8ch users. If you wake up and 8ch is down one day and won't come up, Just move over to endchan. We should have done it when HW first left but retards stay here so it's too slow to use.


>there have been multiple posts about having had sex and being a """cyborg"""

At least based nigger tyrone deletes them pretty promptly, but the steady stream of newniggers from cuckchan(nel) is very discouraging.


I'd rather not immigrate to an imageboard that advertises a discord on the front page. This place having a twatter is bad as it is. There are better places to be sure.



I guess the discord is pretty bad, but at least in terms of features and tor support it's pretty nice. And I don't remember this place's IRC being much better.

>There are better places to be sure.

Such as?



I think I decided to temporarily enable that option once because we were getting a lot of tor spam threads and then never remembered to disable it. I'll do it now.



Thank you, your dedication is greatly appreciated.


Shitcels are invading again.

It's all so tiresome.


Why the fuck did you delete the thread on the cancer that are femdomfags?



It got out of hand and irreversibly derailed (I'm not tyrone)


Hey BO, I would appreciate it if you could delete the (you) whoring fluff from the waifu thread it's a stain that might attract people to derail it further.



Why are so many cuckchanners coming in? They've absolutely destroyed /k/ in the span of a week, and their stink is permeating here too but not to the same extent. Why the sudden influx?



Yesterday Active ISPs hit 180 something. Hopefully the beginning of the end isn't near



Even in last threads and replies, i can smell the shitcels and normalniggers.


BO why did you delete the nofap thread but not all of the other low quality threads on this board?




muh tor tho

t. not him



The person complaining clearly isn't using Tor. Also sage on a sticky makes you look silly.



>clearly isn't


>makes you look silly

Oh no! Now I'll never live it down!



>saging a sticky

>using sage as a downboat

Found the redditkike.



>sperging out over a two decade old imageboard custom

Have you considered seeking professional help?



>doubling down

It's not a custom when the thread is stickied, dumb nigger.



>announcing your action



Rapefugees and Raids are here. Active ISPs are over 200. It's the beginning of the end



>It's the beginning of the end

Raids aren't out of the ordinary when fickle prick is around, i guarantee you majority of the activity is from him so tyrone should be able to solve the problem whenever he gets on.



Why does the end seem to begin every other week on this board now?


BO, why did you delete my thread about robot endgame? Did you get confused and think my referencing incels was endorsing them? It didn't seem like I broke any rules.



Because tyrone is based and redpilled.



The quads don't lie.




Guess it's off to the ovens with me, fugg

Seriously though, what was so bad about my thread? I'd like to know.




I don't really remember. It was probably for the reason you guessed.


Posts with dismissed reports

























Well, can I like, remake it or something? Come on man, don't just delete shit if it doesn't even break the rules.


File: 81c98f90741b18d⋯.webm (97.86 KB, 480x360, 4:3, JC.webm)


>Well, can I like, remake it or something?



It was just one thread I'd say to just let it go at this rate. Post it on the FDDTOTT if you really want to express your opinion that badly



I thought it was a significant issue that warranted discussion.



At this point I doubt your thread is going to come back up. Instead of crying over spilt milk just post it on the FDDTOTT since you want to express this opinion so much.


File: 49120e3f9779f90⋯.jpg (910.38 KB, 1672x1281, 1672:1281, 66655948_p0.jpg)

>some faggot has turned a shitty post into copypasta that they are now spamming in every goddamned thread

Why? What the fuck is wrong with cuckchannel subhumans that drives them to do such stupid things?




Disliking post for autistically analyzing things in depth is both a key normalfaggot trait, and a staple of baiting niggers like the pickle.



>if you dislike a shitty, badly-formatted copypasta being spammed across multiple threads, then you're the pickle

Imagine being this much of a faggot nigger.




Saying that in any capacity is normalniggy you fucking nigger. Philosophizing over simple stuff actually gives us quite a bit of insight.



>using the word 'shitty' makes someone a normalnigger

>spamming the same shitty copypasta all over the board is somehow okay

Go kill yourself.



Pretty sure he was saying there's nothing wrong with the original post, nothing was mentioned about what he thought of the spamming. The forced copypasta is pretty annoying and petty, though.



Then he would still be wrong, as it was a poorly formatted shitpost to begin with.



At least Pickle spammer has the courtesy to mix things up and post different things. Replying to numerous threads with stale pasta is just being obnoxious for the sake of being obnoxious. It serves no purpose outside of being annoying.




Someone hasn't seen the original posts that pickle rick is copying.



It's the

>allow me, as an autist, to interject, but stop using the word 'cute' because I say so


Kill yourself too.



I'm talking about his responses, taken from these posts here, that were made in response to some anti-autism nigger.




No need to get defensive over obvious pickle trolling.



>stop using the word 'cute' because I say so

That's not what he said at all you retard.



I wasn't trying to whine it back into existence, I was just hoping to get some clear input from BO on whether it was against the rules or not. I can remake it, but there's no point doing so if it's going to be frowned upon by the BO. So I'm asking for clarification on rules here, not appealing the decision.



Shut yo bitch azz up fo i smack the shit outta you nigga.



Rereading my post and i see that it foes sound a bit aggressive at the start, which might have drawn the anger of a few (or one) robots, causing them to post the post in multiple threads where the word cute is used. I'll take it as banter, or at trying to force it as a meme or something


I swear theres an op to kill old threads with blogposts, this cant just be nufriends, its always an anime pic for the op as well. Its spooking me



Archive threads near the bottom of the catalog that you believe are worth saving. At the very least when it comes time to jump ship it will be good material to seed discussion in a better place.


Did I made a thread today? I used a different IP. I just want to know if I did and what was the thread about. My memory suck ass and I just want to know.



there was a thread about where are all the robots, but BO deleted it for some weird reason. apparently discussing the death of this board or of the internet is a no-no here. it's like communist china banning discussions of communism ever failing



Maybe you should try reading the rules before whining about censorship.



Your thread was shit and so are you.

Again, if you dislike the speed of this board, go back to cuckchan where (You) obviously belong.



>there was a thread about where are all the robots, but BO deleted it for some weird reason. apparently discussing the death of this board or of the internet is a no-no here

How does a thread about where robots are fit into either of those categories? Discussion of the death of this board can go in this thread, and there are already plenty of threads about the Internet going to shit.

>it's like communist china banning discussions of communism ever failing

That is what this thread is for.


File: 450c40b0c5d9a7f⋯.png (20.27 KB, 800x300, 8:3, Grab.png)



>pic originally related

>being that retarded

Even if that's just a le epic joke echsdee, that statement is just plain dumb.



If you are here, please come back home

Your parents are worried sick

We all love you



File: 42e3b79263a5e4e⋯.jpg (23.68 KB, 301x267, 301:267, 42e3b79263a5e4e41b6786dc6d….jpg)

>deleted Pewdiepie garbage

>deleting discord shilling threads

>deleting cuckchan threads

Wanted to say thank you to BO and vols for keeping this place clean and booting out the normalscum. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.



>and vols

Don't come around here often?



2/10 an actual grandfather-aged person wouldn't know how to redtext.



Not the person you replied to, but I see vols and jannies both used here. A lot of boards seem to favor one or the other. In the board owner settings it does refer to them as board volunteers.



Lurk before posting next time.



The point was this board doesn't have any vols, it's just tyrone.



Got ya.


Can we get a round of applause for the impotent little gate keeper?




I'll admit I wasn't sure whether or not we had volunteers here, so including vols in my post was a sort of 'just in case.' I will also admit that I don't come here quite as often as I used to, though I am trying to browse more since I have a bit more free time. At any rate, the point of my post was merely to show gratitude to Tyrone for giving enough of a shit to keep this place clean. A lot of board owners give up quickly and their boards go to shit, I'm glad that isn't the case here.



>Can we get a round of applause for the impotent little gate keeper?

I'm neither of the fellows you were responding to. This is exactly the smug way to talk if you do not want to be welcomed here.



t. impotent little gate keeper


File: 9a2157eee53a1ad⋯.png (17.27 KB, 147x200, 147:200, Screenshot-2019-02-03-0909….png)







>gate keeper

If you know the first thing about this board it's that everyone here is on the defensive about cuckchan rapefugees flooding this board so if he's a gatekeeper so is everyone on this board.

(I'm neither of the 3 people who have replied to you)



Feel free to stop posting anytime, cuckchanner.

>b-but I'm not from cuckchan!

Then stop behaving like one.



>replying to imaginary posts

take your meds schizo


no, you're just paranoid. take your meds as well

(I'm neither of the 2 people who have replied to you)


File: febe03401edeaad⋯.jpg (88.52 KB, 717x719, 717:719, 1489517734476.jpg)


What's with all the posts using schizo and paranoid as an insult lately? Is it just one guy or what?



>take your meds



Are the go-to insults used by leftykikes. Most likely he's some butthurt /leftypol/ tranny/kike who somehow wandered over to this board.



You can also add shit like



>who hurt you

Usually with a few "lmao"s and "lol"s tacked on, because they're so used to shitty twitter niggerspeak.



Oof, that post is gonna get a yikes from me, famalam. kill me



(The person you're replying to isn't the person the other three people were replying to.) Tyrone can see post histories he can sort it out if he deems it necessary.


Why are there so many impotent gatekeepers itt?



>if you want to stop your community from being overrun with redditniggers and other such filth, you're a gatekeeper

Go back.


File: 884bbf8da163e82⋯.jpg (49.44 KB, 605x800, 121:160, pigglerig.jpg)


It's likely you know who baiting.



>saging a sticky

Meant to spoiler the image, I'm not quite that retarded.


File: 5edb4a358967e50⋯.jpg (12.73 KB, 474x267, 158:89, doubt.jpg)


>I'm not quite that retarded



Haha, i get it



A bunch of torontos i guess


File: 6606b793aa6f556⋯.png (758.13 KB, 768x432, 16:9, carpetbagger.png)

Tyrone, we need a cleanup. You'd better be banning these niggers soon. I want to see some conflargaranation in this bitch.










Seconded. All of those posts are most likely the same assmad nigger who got banned for admitting he had sex many times.


File: 978e5b9c9050543⋯.png (366.06 KB, 413x457, 413:457, is_this_the_so_called_fren….png)


Put some context at least nigger, I don't see the issue in self improving, the DOTR is not gonna come up if everyone is still a hambeast



Thanks friend. I'm glad you enjoyed it!



If you want to self-improve there are plenty of resources that are not here. Anyone shilling nofap and the like can go preach somewhere else, and anyone who would like to listen to their sermons can go there. Places like reddit, 4chan, facebook and other boards. And at the very least they could refrain from becoming defensive the moment someone says they don't belong.

>if everyone is still a hambeast

This is a perfect example. If anons want to lose weight they can go on /fit/. Anyone coming here and telling others that they ''need' to lose weight "just because" can fuck off back to kikebook.

But besides that the issue is that they want to come here and change the way that things are so that they can keep their enamorment with 3DPD and the like and still call themselves a robot. And these retards (if it is multiple people and not just one nigger) are clearly normalfags if they have to "walk on eggshells around here".




The issue isn't people improving themselves as such, but people shoving their "you must do this in this way in order to improve how I think you should" bullshit down anon's throats. In this particular instance, if it's who I think it is doing it, then it's one nigger who's assblasted that he got banned after admitting to having had sex multiple times - which is why he criticizes the 'virgins only' rule in his posts as well.

There's nothing wrong with anons improving themselves in various ways, and there's also nothing wrong with sharing experiences on that. However, that's not what this asshole is doing.



>ban people who disagree with me

>here are posts calling kikes like me out for repeating this tactic for years to prove how they are the real danger to /r9k/

at least you managed to post an accurate image of yourself, yid



>it's okay to break the rules, admit to having had lots of sex, and still post here

Kill yourself. You're the only kike here.



>it's okay to change the rules to protect the feelings of a vocal (((minority))) that perceives itself as oppressed

you kikes lack subtlety



The rules haven't been changed. They've been what they are now for a long time now.

The fact that you're just now sperging out about rules that have been here for years is proof that you're a newfag fresh off the boat from cuckchan. If you were actually from here, you would've had this shitfit you're having now a long time ago.

Again, it's against the rules here to not be a virgin. Get the fuck out and go back to cuckchan where you belong.



You're right, we are a minority. On facebook, twitter, reddit, 4chan, and other such social media programs. Perhaps you should go there where the rules do not cater to us, and let us have what few places we can. We definitely will not go out of our way to disturb you in those places.



Self-improvement gets talked about all the time without bans. We just get the occasional faggot who admits he's just lifting because he thinks it will get him pussy and gets assblasted when banned.



Where the fuck have I heard that term before. Was it /lolcow/ or kiwifarms or similar roastie-filled shithole?


File: b16775bec0243d4⋯.png (18.12 KB, 422x333, 422:333, wizchan2018.png)


crab is from some feminist roasty zones, so of course it was coincidentally picked up and forced by the wizardchan admin. All the feminists and their beta minions use that to shame anyone who disagrees with them or badmouths women/""minorities""".


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Crabposting is too powerful. They'll never take it from us.


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Based sticky-sager. I actually kind of like the term "crab", if someone made a crabchan I'd definitely use it, even if only for shitposting.



There's always self-loathing faggots on these boards who regard this place as a prison rather than a community. They think that they could totally get lots of pussy and have cool friends if other anons just stopped holding them back. Hence the crab bucket analogy.



Shit, you're on to something anon. Fund it!


File: 1a319737ad9b589⋯.jpg (60.7 KB, 500x306, 250:153, 500_F_2033821_mBYEOYRSc0tH….jpg)


As if a humble crab would have the cash or the skills.



>There's always self-loathing faggots on these boards who regard this place as a prison rather than a community. They think that they could totally get lots of pussy and have cool friends if other anons just stopped holding them back.

These people exist her,e but that ideology is predominantly a cuck9k one that leaked inn here from cuckchan refuggees storming this place. Most people here are of the "fuck 3dpd" type rather than the incel type who complains about the lack of pussy surrounding them.



That's what I was thinking of; I had seen it when we had the Wizchan thread a while back.


I was composing a reply to a thread that just got deleted, and I don't really want to waste what I wrote. But I don't want to make a thread about it because it would possibly look like preaching at people on this board for being mentally ill, and I really only decided to speak up because bipolar disorder was the topic. I enjoy sharing information I find when it is somehow on topic—not pestering people unprompted with how I think they should live. I'm going to paste it somewhere in case that anon or another bipolar person ends up reading it. May as well be here.


Bipolar disorder can be treated through thyroid hormone administration:

Kelly, Tammas, and Daniel Z. Lieberman. The use of triiodothyronine as an augmentation agent in treatment-resistant bipolar II and bipolar disorder NOS. Journal of Affective Disorders 116.3 (2009): 222-226.


>A high percentage of bipolar II and bipolar NOS patients with treatment resistant depression improved on T3. Despite the use of higher than usual doses in many of the patients, the medication was well tolerated. Augmentation with supraphysiologic doses of T3 should be considered in cases of treatment resistant bipolar depression.

And pregnenolone administration:

Brown, E. Sherwood, et al. A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of pregnenolone for bipolar depression. Neuropsychopharmacology 39.12 (2014): 2867.


>Depression remission rates were greater in the pregnenolone group (61%) compared with the placebo group (37%),[…]Pregnenolone was well tolerated. The results suggest that pregnenolone may improve depressive symptoms in patients with BPD and can be safely administered.

Increased serotonergic activity is one trait associated with bipolar disorder:

Kato, Tomoaki M., et al. Ant1 mutant mice bridge the mitochondrial and serotonergic dysfunctions in bipolar disorder. Molecular psychiatry 23.10 (2018): 2039.


>A family of BD and chronic progressive external ophthalmoplegia (CPEO) caused by a mutation of the mitochondrial adenine nucleotide translocator 1 (ANT1, SLC25A4) implicated that ANT1 mutations confer a risk of BD. Here, we sequenced ANT1 in 324 probands of NIMH bipolar disorder pedigrees and identified two BD patients carrying heterozygous loss-of-function mutations. Behavioral analysis of brain specific Ant1 heterozygous conditional knockout (cKO) mice using lntelliCage showed a selective diminution in delay discounting. Delay discounting is the choice of smaller but immediate reward than larger but delayed reward and an index of impulsivity. Diminution of delay discounting suggests an increase in serotonergic activity.

Berk, Michael, et al. The platelet intracellular calcium response to serotonin is augmented in bipolar manic and depressed patients. Human Psychopharmacology: Clinical and Experimental 10.3 (1995): 189-193.


>This suggests that an enhanced serotonin mediated mobilization of intracellular calcium occurs in patients in both the manic and depressive phases of bipolar disorder, and may be an index of second messenger dysregulation secondary to hypersensitivity of the platelet 5HT2 receptor. In addition, the results suggest that this is a state marker of bipolar disorder.

Sternbach, Harvey. The serotonin syndrome. Am J Psychiatry 148.6 (1991): 705-713.



>Increasingly since the 1960s, a condition of serotonergic hyperstimulation called the “serotonin syndrome” has been described in animals and human beings.

>The serotonin syndrome has been reported inpatients with unipolar and bipolar depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, eating disorders with depression, and Parkinson’s disease.



And increased lactate production is another feature:

Hagihara, Hideo, et al. Decreased brain pH as a shared Endophenotype of psychiatric disorders. Neuropsychopharmacology 43.3 (2018): 459.


>Our findings suggest that lower pH associated with increased lactate levels is not a mere artifact, but rather implicated in the underlying pathophysiology of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

>These findings suggest that elevated glycolysis underlies increases in lactate and pyruvate levels in the brains of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and ASD model mice.

This is highly suggestive of the idea that enhancing the activities of pyruvate dehydrogenase could perhaps be therapeutic.


>Malfunction of the citric acid cycle due to PDH deficiency deprives the body of energy and leads to an abnormal buildup of lactate.

And also that many mental disorders are syndromes of decreased or malfunctioning energy production—or a weak, low energy brain. Thiamine (vitamin B1) and magnesium (an essential mineral) are involved, so it is important to not be deficient:


>E1 has two catalytic sites, each providing thiamine pyrophosphate (TPP) and magnesium ion as cofactors.

It is also important to have adequate dietary calcium:


>Calcium is also used as a regulator in the citric acid cycle. Calcium levels in the mitochondrial matrix can reach up to the tens of micromolar levels during cellular activation.[32] [Calcium] activates pyruvate dehydrogenase phosphatase which in turn activates the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex. Calcium also activates isocitrate dehydrogenase and α-ketoglutarate dehydrogenase.[33] This increases the reaction rate of many of the steps in the cycle, and therefore increases flux throughout the pathway.

Murck, H. Magnesium and affective disorders. Nutritional neuroscience 5.6 (2002): 375-389.


>There are several findings on the action of magnesium ions supporting their possible therapeutic potential in affective disorders.

Chouinard, Guy, et al. A pilot study of magnesium aspartate hydrochloride (Magnesiocard®) as a mood stabilizer for rapid cycling bipolar affective disorder patients. Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry 14.2 (1990): 171-180.


>[Magnesium aspartate hydrochloride] was found to have clinical results at least equivalent to those of lithium in about 50% of these patients.

Serefko, Anna, Aleksandra Szopa, and Ewa Poleszak. Magnesium and depression. Magnesium research 29.3 (2016): 112-119.


Benton, David, Rebecca Griffiths, and Jurg Haller. Thiamine supplementation mood and cognitive functioning. Psychopharmacology 129.1 (1997): 66-71.


>An improvement in thiamine status was associated with reports of being more clearheaded, composed and energetic. The taking of thiamine had no influence on memory but reaction times were faster following supplementation. These influences took place in subjects whose thiamine status, according to the traditional criterion, was adequate.

After decreasing lactate buildup and creating efficiency in Acetyl-CoA production to feed the citric acid cycle, eventually an important rate limiting point in energy production becomes the availability of glucose to feed glycolysis, meaning that after restoring metabolic efficiency you may require more fuel (from food) or energy levels will eventually drop.



Would've been better if you made it rhyme.


File: 8d83a73604e8714⋯.jpg (282.56 KB, 819x1008, 13:16, Portrait_of_Dr._Gachet.jpg)

I've said it before and I'll say it again: start giving short bans to everyone who replies to obvious bait.



The problem is that others see the shit (like the /r9kgay/ thread that faggot just started) get no negative responses at all, and assume that it's at the very least tolerated.

There's nothing wrong with saging a shit thread with an insult. It lets those who view it that it isn't welcome.

>but just wait for it to get deleted

Tyrone isn't omnipresent. He has other shit to do sometimes and isn't here 24/7, so there will be plenty of times when it stays up for awhile.



Anyone who comes here without bad intentions would lurk before posting and be able to discern our attitude about gays or any other subject from conversations in regular threads. Replying to bait threads only encourages the OP to bump his thread without needing to samefag (as seen with the /r9gay/ thread) and encourages him or others to make more of the same bait later on. I don't buy that fag's claim of ignorance or that he won't do it again.



You underestimate the kikery of cuckchan. Cuckchan is basically facebook 2.0 at this point and same for it's userbase. The concept of lurking and learning the culture of a board is completely benign to them. And then what happens is they carry that lack of awareness and that entitlement here, thinking it's okay to just show up and be all buddy buddy with their (((fellow robots)))



The amount of cuckchan fags coming here is insignificant. As it is now, every bait thread is guaranteed replies, and maybe 1 out of 100 will be an actual cuckchan fag. It would be better if everyone who usually sages a bad thread would instead bump a good thread or two. "But OP will just bump his thread." Already happens with sage replies and sage does nothing, at least bumping good threads will sink bad threads.




Here's an idea: having some sort of simple template to post as the only post that would be necessary for a bait thread to discourage it (along with a random string to not be muted). Example:

In case you just came from 4chan, these kinds of threads are not

allowed here, and this one will be deleted shortly. Plenty of other

boards will accept this such as >>>/b/. Consider going there.



So many normalfags lately, I wonder why they come here.

It's such a strange behaviour. They got friends, gfs, all the damn internet and yet they still infest this board. A board designed for fucking outcasts, the lowest of society who nobody wants to associate with.

Why ?



What is normalfag anymore? Can robot has friends? A job? Can he talk to women? Can robot be handsome? If anon is a wizard but he kissed a girl once does it mean he is not a robot, but shy 18 y.o. kid is?

I mean, just look at feels thread right now. Borders are blurred by perception.

Maybe the board must me for hikki neets only.




It's fine, but more than a few would mean your likely extroverted/ a failed normalfaggot, therefore not a robot


Also fine, wage-slavery is sometimes a must for quite a few robots

>talk to women

No. Talking to women at any points other than when necessary, yet coming here proclaiming to be a robot is a patent symptom of a failed normalfaggot


Highly unlikely due to certain circumstances but possible


We have an influx of new shitty threads. I wonder if they are all done by the same faggot.



Agreed, there's been quite a few new threads, mostly low quality too.







new wave


File: c6fe1aa9ddc75bc⋯.jpg (69.14 KB, 460x456, 115:114, image0-168.jpg)

>majority of feels thread is anons talking about how they long for female interaction/get obsessed with thinking about when girls brush by them



Its not hard to discern who is robotic. It isn't cut and dry of course, but it isn't immensely hard. For example, the feels thread is currently filled with posts regarding the longing/idealizing female touch. This in itself does not discount them from being robots, but just shows they are probably still young/4channelers, and thus still influenced by the world around them telling them how great being with a woman is (think oneitis threads on 4r9k, how there was no point to them but remorsing over muh girl that wouldn't date me). However it could also be a sign that they are failed norms and must die




Half of those should've been deleted and the poster banned, while half had nothing wrong with them.

At the very fucking least, the "pink-pill"-tier posts like >>299566 and >>299175 . Cmon Tyrone.




>long for female interaction/get obsessed with thinking about when girls brush by them

>regarding the longing/idealizing female touch

Can't speak for anyone else, but I was just remarking about how it feels nice and nothing more. I think of it in the same way that I think of petting a dog with soft fur or holding a chick (the chicken kind, not a human female). Although I am otherwise starved for meaningful human contact and that's probably not very healthy. I don't know how that works though, if isolation is unhealthy or not.

Sorry if I came across as wanting a gf or some shit. I certainly didn't mean to make anyone think I was obsessed.







Are all in this thread, and he has said

>I'm less concerned about the quality of this thread than I am any other.

when referring to the last meta thread.





This double report was because of a global report.


They will get bored or perhaps banned eventually. As long as it is does not derail the thread, they are not breaking the rules.



Talking about how you wanna get fucked up the ass, or how we need more 'boypussy', is derailing regardless of thread topic. All pinkpill-tier posts should be ban on sight.


File: c243aa7000d9ab2⋯.jpg (18.14 KB, 210x240, 7:8, c243aa7000d9ab225844d1c53d….jpg)


I agree. The "boypussy" shit is completely unacceptable. Hell, just mentioning they're gay should be ban on sight. There's no context where that information is necessary. It's equivalent to "btw femanon here" posting, done in hopes of attracting attention and orbiters. The only reason they don't receive the attention and orbiters they seek is because there's not a lot of fags here. However, if they're allowed to continue making such posts that could easily change and the homo horde could really shit up the board.


File: 4646fca3e42e830⋯.jpg (66.7 KB, 1008x768, 21:16, 4646fca3e42e8306a35fa3d706….jpg)


>When I am home I do something called "looksmaxxing"

/r9k/ - REDDIT∞

Don't forget to change the default name from Robot to Incel to make the transformation complete.


File: a8bb30de63c8756⋯.jpg (33.92 KB, 676x575, 676:575, a8bb30de63c8756478f3d88114….jpg)

What's the deal with the sharp dip in thread quality this month? Just look at these low-effort threads:






>no OP pic

>OP consists of only a few sentences

>looks like it's been posted from a phone

What's more is many of the responses in those threads are just as lacking in effort. I think these threads ought to be nuked, before people get the idea that this kind of trash is now commonplace.



Only a matter of time, I fear.


I figure it's one guy that's new here. I think that low-quality OPs garner low-quality replies so it likely isn't the fault of any of the anons responding.

That being said this anon >>302797 makes me wonder if it isn't our friendly neighborhood pickle copying threads again, especially with "schizophrenic" being used to insult him.


All these newfags using the word normie associated with low quality replies.

I wonder where do they come from.



>Are you still technically a virgin if you've only ever fucked prostitutes?

Jesus Christ, the same retarded mental gymnastics as those dumb cunts that take miles of dick and then become "born-again virgins". It shouldn't need to be said that the very unique circumstances exception to rule 2 does not include paying prostitutes for sex. Nigger-brained faggot. Maybe just get rid of that exception to rule 2, or at least make it an unwritten exception so failed normalfags don't think they're welcome here.


File: 40e4bfd8f20f5f3⋯.jpg (18.73 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 40e4bfd8f20f5f370f1125dbea….jpg)

>Deleted post #303528

I know you believe bans are pointless, but since he's dumb enough to pay for sex he probably wouldn't be able to evade a permaban.



So there are two sexbot threads at the top of the catalogue, should they be merged?


File: 6b0c5e30f24a265⋯.jpg (63.94 KB, 480x610, 48:61, orthodox-jew-by-issachar-b….jpg)

Some fag featured a thread on King of the Shekel.

>As a Board Owner, you are given the option to disable featured threads on your board. Just go to Settings and check the Disable thread featuring box.

Gonna disable that, Tyrone?





The thread isn't doing so good right now.


File: bbdfe3554b54f61⋯.png (11.63 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


>The thread isn't doing so good right now.

Sorry, I was having fun with the boomer. Tyrone can delete my posts if he decides to clean it up.



Mandatory image. Mandatory captcha. Mandatory post length. Mandatory deletion if the OP attempts to do any blatant shit to get around these limits, like posting a blank image or unrelated screencap, or lines of meaningless spam text.



I don't understand why anybody would pay money for this of all threads. It is disabled now in any case.


File: c5bac21569e9e61⋯.png (752.68 KB, 882x960, 147:160, 1551510537661.png)

Why is every fucking thread turning into christfag vs fedora shitflinging?



So far it's only been the FTDDTOT thread and the 'Why Live?' thread. Judging the grammar and punctuation, though, I'm fairly certain that the Christ-anon in the former thread isn't the same way to dropped the drive-by one-liner "just repent bruh" in the latter thread.



the same one who dropped* Apparently I'm also illiterate.


Tyrone's eternal vigilance is forever inspiring.


Thanks bo for making this place okay. Have a peaceful Friday everyone



You do have to give it up to Tyrone. Almost all shitty threads get deleted with decent punctuality. Hopefully this'll help normalfags get the point.

But, for some reason they say that Tyrone is power tripping and that we're somehow on their side about this.

I just don't understand it? Why do normalfags feel so entitled to our communities? They think that they can just waltz in here and claim they're one of us, but as soon as the get reported to death and eventually get their thread(or posts) deleted/get banned they throw a fucking bitch-fit about le ebin oppressive BO and "muh ekochamber tho".



It's because they're nigger-brained. Normalfags come here expecting it to have the 'standard' rules of online conduct like most normalfag places, and when it doesn't they assume that it's just the BO's fault since no one could possibly genuinely want something different to what they consider normal.

Pure nigger-brain.






















Is this the return of the all mighty pickle?



Report it for flooding.



>samefagging your own posts just to build up your ebin shitposter persona

Absolutely desperate for attention


May i ask whats the just of the loli thread? I am under the assumption that its just 4channers complaining about why countries have laws they don't like, and the usual arguments of "its not pedo" and "i want to be allowed my fetish".

I do not have any qualms against the lolicons, my worry is the " cuckchan tier" kind of discussion the thread might bring, the kind of discussion that is just circlejerking. Op says "why is this like this? Its stupid", then everyone in the thread has their own way of saying "yes i agree, here is my personal rant on the subject". I do not know if the loli thread is like this, but i think that if it is, it should be deleted, as the 4channelers do not deserve a place of familiarity (of that kind) on this board


I want to know if there is one anon who keeps "reddit spacing" or if there are more of them crawling about


File: b87b8c55f461055⋯.jpg (13.08 KB, 214x317, 214:317, hothead.jpg)


You "rang"?

Unoriginal content! You have been muted for 0 seconds.



It does not break any rules.



Lolis will always be welcome here. If you think that there is any conceivable way that they would be unwelcome, then the only cuckchanner here is you. Your use of the term '4channeler' rather than 'cuckchanner' or 'cuckchanneler' outs you, as well.



>doesnt read my post

>resorts to the cuckchan tradition of "any discussion critical of the quality my thread means they don't like this"

Its just like with the anime discussion threads of old



It wasn't my thread, and I haven't posted a single time in it. Nice try, though.


We're going to be invaded by cuckchanners and normalfags in the extreme because of what Brenton Tarrant did.



/pol/, /b/, and /v/ got hit very hard, but this board so far seems to hvae only gotten a few stragglers; doubt it'll affect us overly-much, although there will undoubtedly be a few here and there, such as the niggerlover who posted the MLK quote in one of the threads.


Where are you Tyrone?



>the year is 2019

>reading comprehension is still at minimal levels

>hes complaining about posts he doesn't understand, about threads hes never posted in





These should be deleted


Thanks for the hard work Tyrone. This might be the only legacy board to not get shat on en masse by the rapefugees, since you actually delete their shit.


Just delete the text threads already. Waste of fucking space on the catalog.




Thread got derailed by political shenanigans.



The thread topic itself is inherently political since the reason cuckchan is as bad as it is, and why it was taken over in the first place, are political topics themselves.



The shill(s?) from /pol/ are apparently coming here now too to post their "Hitler was a kike" copypasta over and over the instant the topic is brought up anywhere. It's the same spam that's been hitting /pol/ for weeks now.



Fuck. That massive faggot is back, but the other anon must ignore him or else he will continue to come here.



I've stopped responding to him for awhile now, just reporting and ignoring. Hopefully other anons follow suit.


File: 4f292c6c9c8b6bf⋯.jpg (1.41 MB, 1040x1310, 104:131, regret.jpg)

With all the knowledge you have in life, assuming you've learned and progressed as a person, how far back would you have to go to change things for the better? What would you do?



Does it matter? You still will know that it is all lies and you need to adapt to society's shit and trick your way through life.

Nothing can redeem an outcast. Not even some hypothetical omnipotent possibility.


What's with all the bickering over grammar lately? I don't like dumb niggers misspelling things either but there's no need to harp on one error for three fucking posts and cause an argument over who is and isn't a robot because some anon hit the wrong key when typing.



It's been a go-to argumentative tactic of under-age and aspie fucks for years.



Autists who should be ignored


>>303963 really needs to die already. Like the first 10 replies are sages. This shit doesn't belong on this board and I can't believe BO has fucked up this bad. At least anchor the thread to contain the faggotry.

This board is explicitly anti-women. I come here because I can have interesting, deep conversations with like minded autists that don't revolve around vaginas. This is the main value of this board. Why would we destroy it with shit like pining for women, fantasizing about relationships with women, self-delusion about finding the one "pure" woman (whether by going for young ones or some other "trick"), posting porn for the sole purpose of imagining sex with the woman? Who cares? If you must share porn, are there not countless other avenues for it? What value do these smut threads bring to our community? What kind of user do they attract, and who do they repel?

Fucking end that shit already and start banning for unspoilered smut in OP while you're at it.



I'd have to agree, a lot of faggots posting photos 3d pigs, salivating over them, thinking that its okay and they're still robots just because said pig is under the age of 14.


Wizchan is down atm, just announcing this.


It is believed that eunuch has come back from wizchan or wherever he went. He has started to ruin the ftddtot, and has been posting in his reddit spacing fashion in other threads



Isn't there like a standard tour of these sites that everybody does, pretty much? I feel like we're all fellow travelers on the same pilgrimage sometimes. Fuck that guy though, he's cancer.



Possibly. I know i have a few chans/recommended boards saved, but I never really look into them. I dont know what u do with my days, but theyre going by and i end up just posting here




We need some cleanup.

I honestly wonder how they end up here, these people



Looks like the /hikki/ BO still hasn't learned to fix his typing style. It almost puts the eunuch to shame.



Tyrone has said

>I'm less concerned about the quality of this thread than I am any other.

when referring to the last meta thread, so I doubt whoever that is will get deleted unless there all of his posts by IP get deleted.



>i bet most of the posters on here have had sex or have a gf and just live normal lives and are just normalfags being ironic /r9k/

You're a shithead asshole but this is a legitimate fear that I have that causes me to not open up on this board the way that I used to.


Has anybody else noticed a small influx of people who don't use proper capitalization and grammar (along with some reddit spacing) when posting? Its quite odd, Is this some sort of op by eunuch and his compatriots to muddy the waters by disseminating his god-awful posting style?




There is definitely a correlation between a lazy faux-apathetic nocaps typing style and/or distinct typing quirks and being an attention-seeking scumbag who insists they are the One True Hikki/Wizard/Robot/(insert outcast identity here). Also the /hikki/ BO admitted he wasn't a virgin on /b/ in his middle-aged hikki thread and if that post is him he's having a tantrum over someone noticing, ironically complains that this place is 'toxic' while probably sitting in a disgord with his trap/tranny buddies shitting on anyone slightly worse off than they and running his own failed normalfag hugbox.



Why are they so confident in their ignorance when they post


What is this guy ?







I think these are the same person, why did he make blog threads? I dunno



So you think its the same autist?


Is typing like a nigger a thing on wizchan? Or is it just one nigger who's doing this shit?


>137 active isps




Boom and bust. We had a decent period of 90-110 and now we have to deal some more. Hopefully it doesnt get to 200 like that time a few months agobut only time will tell.


File: 3c67968f2f9f69d⋯.gif (87.46 KB, 550x400, 11:8, 3c67968f2f9f69db982db78a6d….gif)

>What do reddit filenames look like? Never been on the god forsaken website and it'd be good to know who to report in the future.

I don't know exactly how their filenames are generated. I just saw a gay OP with a weird filename and used jewgle to find the source. Looking at more examples I think number of characters increases over time, based on number of uploads. A reddit filename appears to be 13+/- characters consisting of random letters (possibly lowercase only) and numbers. There's also imgur, its filename appears to be 7+/- characters consisting of random letters and numbers. An imgur filename doesn't guarantee it's from reddit, although it very likely is.















Let the bullying begin.



Impressive. >>308747

Unoriginal content! You have been muted for 0 seconds.



Its just 2 sentences why do they space like this


Dismissed report posts:







Another month of an oddly very low number of dismissed report posts. Either nobody is reporting or Tyrone is deleting more.



Essentially a blogpost. "Please reaffirm my fantasy"


Discord thread. I do wonder if people do join from here, as in how many tourists they've taken away


Can you please get rid of the "Eunuch 2: he's a vegan now" thread. It's just everybody versus eunuch and at this point it's just going to be a never ending shit thread of people telling eunuch he's a fucking idiot and then him responding with a fucking essay. i think the thread is low quality enough to justify removal.



It's not really hurting anything to let him get laughed at in his own thread. If he starts spamming links to it everywhere like he did with the AI thread then he deserves to be banned though.



It's also a direct copy-paste from his wizchan thread (which got basically the same responses) and recycling even the same images too. He's the living equivalent of a deviantart gallery full of the exact same poorly drawn ms paint fetish pictures.


I get not banning the eunuch because he is a roach who'll just crop back up anyways, but come on tyrone letting somebody who's said stupid shit like this >>283316 have such prominence on the catalog is just a bit much. If we can't delete his posts at least we should delete his stupid attention-whoring threads.



It's a containment thread.


Thanks Tyrone. You're my favorite BO.



Imagine sucking up to a nigger.



>being this new



wouldn't be a bad idea to anchor the eunuch's thread



>wouldn't be a bad idea to anchor the eunuch's thread


That's an interesting way to spell 'delete'.



Honsetly. The thread should've been nuked as soon as it was learned that, that insane testicless bastard was the one who made it



I don't know, I find his insane ramblings hilarious.



They're entertaining to an extent but it starts becoming a problem when people actually try to reason with an insane man. When you see a homeless clown acting up on the street you don't go up to him and argue the validity of what he's doing. You point, laugh, and call him a retard.

I'm all for a thread of the eunuch losing his shit while people rag on him for being scum but, seeing the eunuch get on his high horse about how much on an "intelekshual' he is, is extremely annoying.


File: 0d538717e1fefca⋯.png (773.47 KB, 700x700, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)




If Tyrone did that he'd just go somewhere else and ramble about how awful this board is, bringing unwanted attention. He's a hard one to deal with but I think that letting him have his own containment thread is probably for the best. And really, when do you think will be the next opportunity to interact with someone like this?



If you don't want him to bring unwanted attention to this board, that ship sailed a long time ago. Someone used the archives to find his posts about AI and he mentioned this board cuckchan /pol/. I don't remember exactly how long ago that was, maybe many months, maybe even a year. I didn't save them, I wonder if anyone still has them. He has no control over himself, he definitely mentioned this board on cuckchan more than just that one time. He's worse than a tripfag, at least they're easily filtered. He's the embodiment of the worst possible anonymous imageboard user. There's not one redeeming quality about him.

>And really, when do you think will be the next opportunity to interact with someone like this?

Hopefully fucking never.


>>310000 (checked)

Stolen from /cow/:

>If someone is posting bait because they're an attention whore, just delete all their shit and take their dopamine away. The other lesson is if someone has autism, they'll keep doing the same weird, stupid shit their brain keeps screaming at them to do, unable to resist the impulse or even understand it. Brain says

The more you talk about attention whores the more they thrive, if you want eunuch out just delete his bullshit and stop replying and he will get tired eventualy. If he decides to namedrop this board everywhere who cares? We're the most vitriolic board on 8ch, theyll go away after the mandatory high cadence insults.


once my vegan thread will be over im outie. the general populace on this website disgusts me, but i felt strongly inclined to speak about veganism for the small userbase of legit virgins. i actually dont enjoy posting here simply because so many people do infact hate me, as funny as it is. and i dont have any compatriots or anything of the sort believe it or not, as >>307515 suggested. i actually largely have been avoiding this website out of disgust of its userbase, and im sure you feel the same way towards me. just the general rat behavior of these people wanting to get me banned on the basis of not liking me, snitching and sucking up to the non-virgin power abusing board owner, etc, puts me off, but thats kinda the standard for imageboards these days

either way, if you dont like my thread just hide it, ill be gone in due time



You are strange. If you want to not eat meat that's fine. But why do you think you need to convince others to do the same?

You are more obnoxious than a Jehovah's witness.

>non virgin BO

The BO is an alphabet agent that led the mutiny against pantsu.


File: ee251112ee29abd⋯.jpg (159.33 KB, 700x609, 100:87, ee251112ee29abd195de10932a….jpg)


You could have avoided the hate if you changed your posting style, as was suggested to you repeatedly. You have only yourself to blame.


File: 5ec5bce8e825895⋯.jpg (585 KB, 780x879, 260:293, 1513862759054.jpg)


No matter what you do or believe in, do not kill yourself, ok? Dont bring in faggots and cuckchan over here. Stay safe ball-less anon.


File: f20daa973e86f56⋯.jpg (178.13 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, thumb-1920-486177.jpg)


We may be kind of mean of sometimes, but deep inside we all wish you the best of luck anon. Just dont hurt yourself anymore, Ok? :3


File: e1d93ec45d501ba⋯.jpg (585.21 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 486177.jpg)

Don't everyone start turning into pansies just because he has decided to leave.



Notice how your filename says "thumb"? That's a preview image generated by the site you downloaded it from, meaning the original image underwent further compression, thereby gaining more compression artifacts. It's most noticeable in the red character outline and maroon in the logo. The "1920" denotes the maximum resolution of their preview images, meaning any image that exceeds it will be downscaled. In this instance your image wasn't downscaled because its resolution is only 1280x1024, but it still is an inferior version due to the extra compression.




>deep inside we all wish you the best of luck

Deep inside I hope he shoots himself in the face with a shotgun.


Pantsu was a faggot.



>former BO was a faggot


He was an moe loving shitposter that liked to shill his twitter account. But I think he genuinely cared for the robots on his board. To his credit, he didn't hold on to his position as BO and he let new robot blood to take over.


File: f65a7f6528e6ca2⋯.jpg (258.05 KB, 818x543, 818:543, f65a7f6528e6ca205494d92b67….jpg)


I was in the original ballcutting thread actually trying to defend you, trying to stop people from making fun of you because I believed you'd gone through plenty, but you've made it clear that you deserved the mockery. I don't participate in it myself but I would reccomend you keep >>310042 in mind. You did this to yourself, losing your balls likely changed your brain chemistry and in doing so you lost the possibility of having a good relationship with this board's userbase. Unfortunately I share your paranoia of the possible sex-haver posters on here, if it gets much worse I'll end up leaving as well. I hope that the few places I have left don't get corrupted. This place is certainly better than most, and I'm glad to have it, but it's constantly getting worse.



He would never change his posting style because he wants the attention. He thought that all he has to do is mutilate his dick like a tranny, and that automatically gets you e-celeb alpha virgin status on this board. Fortunately he was wrong. If he wasn't an attention whore, he would have changed it, but in that case he wouldn't need to change it because the reason he's disliked is his attention whoring.

Nice pic btw. I like Kreia.



>Pantsu was a faggot.

Holy wew that was ages ago. I remember finding the board at almost exactly the time pantsu was becoming dethroned. Feels like a lifetime ago.


oh mr administrator, can you please do something about all the disgusting furry porn being spammed in my thread? oh kind and fair administrator, dont you think its a little bit inconsistent of you to allow such behavior in my threads but disallow it in other threads?

oh merciful and just administrator, why do you arbitrarily allow such behavior in my thread, yet not allow it in other threads? dont you think that spamming furry porn is derailing my thread?

not that im accusing you of hypocrisy or power tripping or anything… you are so perfect and wise, you would NEVER degenerate to something as unkempt as that



He should ban you on sight.


File: 26fa0a05469361e⋯.jpg (31.73 KB, 271x289, 271:289, 26fa0a05469361ecdd45fbd454….jpg)


I doubt being a passive-aggressive faggot will convince him to do your bidding.

>dont you think that spamming furry porn is derailing my thread?

I haven't even come close to spamming. My humble furry pornography hasn't derailed your thread, it was derailed by you defending jews. Thank you, for honoring me with a second sperging. And those sloppy joes were fucking delicious, almost as delicious as this butthurt.



Whatever It was, you fully deserved it.

Whatever is happening to you irl, you fully deserve it too


File: 92ebe803d65890c⋯.png (273.44 KB, 636x350, 318:175, ClipboardImage.png)



lol… theres a animal rights thread in /pol/ im shitposting in, come spam ur garbage furry diarrhea there and piss off stupid nazis


File: 8f1e7d647281a7e⋯.jpg (837.25 KB, 1225x1071, 175:153, laughing pokemon sluts.jpg)


fukken saved. original



No one wants to randomly piss off /pol/, though. It's you, specifically, who gets on everyone's nerves. I hope you get murdered.



Its like the eunuch doesn't realize that nobody cares about his bullshit, not even tyrone. Newsflash eunuch kike you're the only one who gets this treatment. Maybe just maybe this is his way of telling you to get the fuck out? Who knows…


File: 8984a9e9a41db3d⋯.gif (645.25 KB, 700x625, 28:25, 8984a9e9a41db3d5963683909d….gif)


Will you finally delete >>244374? That thread will never die naturally. Every time a nigger-brained rapefugee comes here from cuckchan he bumps it. The discord icon attracts cuckchanners like shit attracts flies.


File: 832af9d36bee68a⋯.jpg (57.47 KB, 415x595, 83:119, 832af9d36bee68aafaa1793821….jpg)

>You have filed too many reports in short succession. Please try again later.



>If someone is posting bait because they're an attention whore, just delete all their shit and take their dopamine away.

In many cases, denying someone their precious (you)s and outright ignoring them, not even starting a conversation in their thread or talking over their shitposting entirely will discourage and drive them away. In some very rare situations, allowing a thread to sit and giving everyone a chance to mock an idiot for their behavior is the more desirable option. But those situations are rare and our vegan psycho is not one such case. He needs to be starved.



Obviously a majority of the userbase doesn't want the eunuch-kike here, but Tyrone isn't deleting it for whatever reason.


Maybe this is a bit paranoid, but what if we got the eunuch so mad that he now is creating tons of shit threads, even abondoning his uncapitalized style, and is sliding the board just to "get back" at the meanie anti-semetic robots, that actually only pick on him because they hate him and not because they call him out on his irrational histeric bullshit


File: b03c3c96086ecfa⋯.png (442.92 KB, 1291x681, 1291:681, faggot1.png)

File: 255cff0fe56d548⋯.png (392.21 KB, 1287x675, 143:75, faggot2.png)

File: a109f0f31a12e87⋯.png (313.2 KB, 1286x630, 643:315, ThisFuknGuy.png)


I just got the idea to go back and check the catalog for uncapitalised OPs.

The results weren't any great surprise.

Look for the red mark.

His first thread is an unwarranted blog thread, which he had the decency to label as such back then.

Next two are also unwarranted blog threads that he posted outside of his own goddamn designated blog thread.

Then the attention-whoring thread about how he totally wants to kill his brother.

A thread where he asks us how to become NEET because of course he's a fucking blow-in who just found out what a NEET was in the last year.

A thread about Terry Davis that reeks of desperation to fit in.

A sorry thread about "avoiding normals" because he didn't know what else to make a thread about but he needed someone to acknowledge something he said.

An art thread that I don't really have a problem with and of course, the vegan coup de grâce.

I would consider this faggot a blight, an annoyance, certainly not someone who deserves to have that many active threads. I guess Big Daddy Tyrone either knows the guy or is just laughing at us.


File: a22fff71988b8bd⋯.png (188.89 KB, 846x846, 1:1, slowkang.png)


At a cursory glance I'm skeptical all those threads, if any, are him. The NEET thread with the Breaking Bad image lists an age of 20 and in a reply OP says lives in a third world with the implication that guns are easy to acquire. I think eunuch kike is mid or late 20s, without wasting my time finding archives to check, and he definitely lives in Canada. One of the reasons Tyrone was against appointing any volunteers was because he didn't want someone stalking his post history and collecting information about him. I like to believe he extends the same courtesy to us. If Tyrone is laughing at anyone, he's laughing at eunuch kike, because no one needs access to post history to spot him. Tyrone was a NEET when he gained control of the board, unknown if he still is. I really doubt he's a normalfag controlling this board just to laugh at us, but I could be wrong.

>Congratulations! Your TYRONE evolved into SLOWKANG!


File: 7aed8c1109f15ca⋯.jpg (86.42 KB, 738x800, 369:400, blaze1.jpg)

File: 382e8d146bf678c⋯.jpg (100.89 KB, 608x800, 19:25, blaze2.jpg)

File: 9898cae88c1d3ef⋯.jpg (65.33 KB, 640x800, 4:5, blaze3.jpg)

File: 28d148095f95184⋯.jpg (74.47 KB, 800x568, 100:71, blaze4.jpg)

File: b1dddd9c8586291⋯.jpg (108.51 KB, 800x760, 20:19, blaze5.jpg)


u no liek blaziken?


I'm leaving the eunuch's thread up for now solely because it's fun to laugh at him, although I'm increasingly tempted to anchor it as he is the only one bumping it. My main concern with the eunuch was always that he would derail unrelated threads with his presence while spamming links to his thread everywhere, and if that becomes a problem I'm banning him again.


The eunuch is hardly the only one to not capitalize shit on an imageboard, especially in greentext.


I haven't even come close to escaping the neet life in the time I've owned the board. If I'm inactive during the day it's because being awake during the day is a massive pain in the ass.



Assuming every single post that doesn't use capitalization is him is fucking retarded, anon.



>I haven't even come close to escaping the neet life in the time I've owned the board.

Good to hear, unless you hate it. To me it sucks being a NEET, but it would also suck being a wageslave. No winning in life. Are you still active anonymously, making normal posts? It feels like you haven't been, but I can't help always imagining the worst.



I can't really say I enjoy my lifestyle at this point but I don't see any way of changing the situation and if I did I'd probably end up regretting it anyway. I still post on the board, albeit probably less than most active posters, and I barely go on other boards due to a growing disinterest in 8chan as a whole. I think the site has gone downhill in a lot of ways since 2016 and I don't really have any hope for something better coming along. I'm still going to keep this board going until I either become unable to do so or it becomes clear that nobody wants me around anymore.


File: 0d3ed607a8c9b61⋯.png (123.79 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 4dda169c7a2bcec6f63adea968….png)


Nice to know you still post sometimes. I haven't been very active either, until recently. For some reason I had the urge to make an effort, despite saying I should quit communicating online in that email I sent you apologizing for shitting up the FTDDTOT thread that one time, and then deleting my account out of shame. Trying to reignite the fun of imageboards by creating some OC, instead of coming here only to get sucked into arguments. It definitely has gone downhill, but that's the nature of everything. I don't have any hope for something better to come along either, no hope for anything really. It's a cause for concern when a BO becomes bored of his board, but it's very admirable that you will try to keep it going. Not something I would be able to do. I'm a born quitter, I even quit quitting by coming back here. Good luck.


File: a908206275e6870⋯.jpg (111.9 KB, 640x576, 10:9, 1556414882988.jpg)


You've been doing a helluva job, tyrone. This board could be so much shitter if it weren't for you, just look at 4/r9k/. Maybe it's an inevitability that things will get worse, but in the meantime you've kept this place clean for us. That's worth something in my book.



>due to a growing disinterest in 8chan as a whole

I really feel you deeply on that matter. As much as I want to love 8chan and support it, it feels like a lot of the life of this site has been drained out of it and replaced by some really aggressive faggotry. Tryhard newfags, subversive shills, and even some oldfags who just can't be bothered to act like they care if these boards live or die.

Naturally, you want to try hard to keep things alive, but it feels like it's not worth it sometimes when the only people who have the perseverance to stay active don't care about keeping any of the legacy boards healthy and active. You do a fine job, but it really shows that other boards are run by and taken over by incompetent dipshits.



I'd have to agree. Though other boards probably see us as one of the most isolationist and "gatekeepy" boards out there, I'd say that it's because of this attitude that we haven't been overun by the waves of normalfaggots. Other boards will just continue to be complacent in their own replacements until the board that was once their home is now overun by, not by the people who have been there through it all and built up that board, but by the largely normalfaggot newcomers.

A lot of other boards are just trying to get more people so I'm glad that tyrone never went for that approach. No amount of new blood is worth losing your board identity or quality over.

But like >>310651 said hopefully we do get some more fun back onto the board. Things should start going uphill though if 8chan ever falls out of public awareness. I think that the only reason the people here are so easily agitated is due to all this exposure 8chan has been getting we're starting to lose trust that our boardmates are really one of us so we're more likely to lash out against them as a potential outsider. If this exposure were to change then we'd likely see a fall in this paranoia and therefore a drop in agitation and and arguments.


Heavy spam. Tyrone wake up soon


File: 9bab62abdea7465⋯.png (4.9 KB, 400x300, 4:3, hx.png)

Watch out. He's gonna get ya.


File: 82a40fedce1619f⋯.png (7.87 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


squashed it


File: f8b9de541038439⋯.png (5.82 KB, 400x300, 4:3, hx-rip.png)


>Those who scurry righteously enter into peace; they find rest as they lie in death.


File: af592ecc956d1ac⋯.png (14.58 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)




File: 861e9f93f6f2391⋯.png (2.83 KB, 400x300, 4:3, hx-zap.png)

File: 8c798bbe91ca1ea⋯.png (7.23 KB, 400x300, 4:3, hx-undead.png)


Watch out. He's back from the dead. This time he's sure to get ya.


File: 5ef317c9f949f13⋯.png (17.91 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)


Not this time, nigger. I came prepared.


File: 11885fa6d64c870⋯.png (7.57 KB, 400x300, 4:3, hx-splat.png)

File: 32795f5e731a1f5⋯.png (12.08 KB, 400x300, 4:3, hx-close.png)


>I… I just wanted… to tickle you. Just wanted to–

So ends the life of The Tickler (Scutigera coleoptrata).


Whos this new reddit poster who talks like a woman from facebook? Is it eunuch trying to look different?



Heh, reminds me of the new blood port/remake coming out


File: 7a25fb5f2c16ea0⋯.png (2.37 MB, 1152x2048, 9:16, 05.16 Robotchan and 9k 1.png)

File: 967d9ac45e74e39⋯.png (2.51 MB, 2048x1152, 16:9, 05.16 Robotchan and 9k 2.png)

I tried to do some designs for a board-tan like was discussed in that thread that got deleted because the topic was similar to another thread but I only had like an hour and a half and I can't do a loli body to save my life, so they're pretty shit. Ended up only liking these two designs, thought they worked well together. the reason their outfits are really plain-looking is because I wasn't able to spend much time on them.

I'm sure there are better artists here that can expand on the idea (or just completely redo it which would probably be better)



Nice drawings, but we've gone this far w/o a board-tan I don't think it's needed at this point



You were right, she's not at all what I had in mind. She's cute though. I didn't imagine her with a screen for a face, but it would allow for integrating the infinity logo into her design by displaying it sometimes, perhaps when she's confused. I like Calvin and Hobbes too, it was my childhood, but I've got to be honest, that's a very cliche reference. I might try polishing the drawing of her at the computer. Based on the first reply you've received it seems I was right that it would be wasted time/effort for me to try drawing my concept. If you have anywhere you upload your art, maybe I could show you what I had in mind several years from now, if I ever learn to drawn.


>but we've gone this far w/o a board-tan I don't think it's needed at this point

<we don't need fun

<we don't need anything that's actually original to our board

<we don't need to to cultivate any board culture other than "go back to cuckchan"

The most activity we get is when there's a discord shill, obvious cuckchan thread, eunuch thread, or any argument between two robots. New things are dismissed out of hand. It's all so tiresome. Are you not tired?



I forgot to mention again the basic concept behind the board-tan, as it was off-topic discussion lost in a deleted thread. Maybe it will help warm others up to the idea of creating a board-tan. What is this board? It's small, retarded at times, and needs to be protected. So I thought what better representation than a mildly retarded (malfunctioning), little, gynoid that needs to be protected from herself and others. Imagine her yelling "CUCKCHAN" at any random noise or thing, just as a dog barks at anything. Imagine her first discovering swimming pools, so excited, midway through doing a cannonball as you look on in shock/terror because she's not watertight. Many cute and humorous scenarios can be created around such a concept.



I like them. Didn't see the other thread but if other people like them as well I'm all for them being our board-tan.



He said he was from Europe, & is probably a newfag.



I like both of the designs but I think that robotchan needs a bit of a redesign. right now she looks to much like that one robot from Wall-E. I do like the male robot though, feel it captures the more cynical attitudes of the board pretty well.

Also should there be a thread for discussing a possible board-tan or are we going to keep this in the meta thread?


File: e1a9e366f67beee⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1152x1152, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


I don't think she looks like Eve. She looks more like a Grey (alien) than anything else. Greys are cool. Maybe her face could be redesigned, but I can't think of how other than a regular face. For now I'll work on fixing her body, especially the shoulders. It will take me a few days though. Using the paths tool in GIMP, I'm a lot slower than him. But there's always the possibility of a completely new design by someone else. I'll be trying to think of other designs while working on her. Keeping this in the meta thread seems fine to me.


File: 012d63b1b980404⋯.jpg (57.53 KB, 574x680, 287:340, loli1.jpg)

File: 93e1221df5502ac⋯.jpg (63.62 KB, 474x705, 158:235, loli2.jpg)


It'd be nice to get other designs from robots. It'd finally be something to do around here other than yelling at normalfags to get out. It could be fun. I'm technically a drawfag (haven't drawn in a while hence technically) so I would contribute but, highly stylized art was never my strong suit so I doubt I'd produce anything worthwhile.

When it comes to his design of robot-chan I'd say that the proportions should be reversed some. The hips should be wider and the shoulders narrower. The height might have to change depending on what "age" loli we'd be going for here.

i.e pic related


File: 942175a19979f9a⋯.jpg (299.82 KB, 1549x1109, 1549:1109, 05.18 Robotchan black and ….jpg)

File: d03fd8af740ed7a⋯.png (2.62 MB, 2048x1152, 16:9, 05.18 Robotchan.png)

File: 8e08fbdecaec6bf⋯.png (1.13 MB, 3308x1305, 3308:1305, 05.18 Robotchan anything o….png)

I added some robot-y bits to make her more robot-y. If anyone knows how to do animation it might be fun to do one with her booting up and it shows an infinity logo on her face for the loading screen.


> she looks to much like that one robot from Wall-E

Not surprised since that's what I based the face off of. I can't really think of any better way to get a loli face other than a normal loli with lines on her face or something, I'm sure there's a way but it eludes me, all of the "robot lolis" that I've found online are just normal looking lolis with a gun or funny hat.


Looking forward to it anon.


Thanks for posting this, I'm not used to drawing lolis so I've still got the shoulders wider than the head like on a normal person, I think that's what I couldn't get right mostly. I'd like to think I did better here but since it only shows her shoulders you can't really tell.


Doubleposter is spamming out threads



Well i guess its 2, the euthanasia thread seems cuckchan tier, its not hard ti understand why the normals dont like thinking about death so they are against suicide



A calvin and hobbes style board tan might be nice, it think it would work better for this board than the standard wide eyed smiling lolis. For lack of a better term, it could add more "grit" to it, making it more r9k. I feel like essentially cloning tomoko (or whatever her name is) is a bit uncreative/shallow/effortless


File: 6592fdeeb65a6b1⋯.png (3.09 KB, 292x292, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

Quick mockup of glass dome head inspired by Robby the Robot, using the infinity logo as one of the parts of her computer brain. Could be greatly improved with more, better designed parts, so her head doesn't look as empty.


Really, really fucking good. Makes me feel like fixing the other drawing is a waste of time.


I was only commenting on the choice of reference for the scene. It's a reference that's been done to death. No offense to the artist intended, it's still a really good drawing. Outside of that image the board-tan has no connection to Calvin and Hobbes. And what I suggested for her basic concept isn't a clone of Tomoko.



>a reference that's been done to death

Admittedly I did it because a Calvin and Hobbes book was sitting on the floor next to my desk.


File: 4ff220e6fb9d48c⋯.jpg (295.06 KB, 1280x1010, 128:101, 4ff.jpg)

Maybe some other designs on different parts of this spectrum could be made?



1. I do like such characters, but I think it would be too generic. I think it's better if a board-tan for /r9k/ has a definite robotic appearance.

2-5. All good options. Love the RAcaseal. Wasted a lot of my life on PSO Ep. I & II.

6. I think giant robot doesn't fit with the characteristic of being a small board, but maybe someone could think of a reason that would make sense.

7. Maybe. I think something in the vein of Eve or Winbee could work well. I think something in the vein of Navi-ko or Personal Frame would not.

Whichever part of the spectrum we definitely need more feedback, more ideas, more designs from other users if this is to be a collaboration. If you think something doesn't work well, instead of just saying "not that" or "redesign it" (e.g. her face looking too much like Eve) try to think of an alternative and describe/draw it. Even if you can't draw well, maybe a doodle with a description will inspire someone else. I'd be happy with >>311405 as our board-tan, but it would be nice to have a board-tan that's influenced by more than 1.2 users (I'm .2 because my contribution was only a very basic concept). We could also collaborate on the male robot's design if anyone has other ideas, but better to focus on one thing at a time. When I had imagined different scenarios for the board-tan it was with a male human, but he would work just as well. He could be /r9k/'s replacement for anon. I never cared very much for 8chan's anon because he's a deviantart tier recolor of cuckchan's.


File: 3e59b40df5f3dc9⋯.jpg (20.71 KB, 376x365, 376:365, 3e59b40df5f3dc92e7622376dd….jpg)


I like red anon. I don't think there's anything wrong with continuing to use him as our collective avatar when applicable. Especially seems stupid using a female to represent /r9k/, but that's a minor gripe with it considering I don't much care for having a board-tan forced in the first place.



I believe that a true /r9k/-tan should either be 5 or 7 on your /clang/ scale.

It is better to keep in mind that the mascot of this board is to be made based on an average true robot, also implementing the ideas about how normalniggers perceive us if you've ever been called a robot/zombie/creepy because you don't act like an overreacting monkey then you should know what I talk about, all to make sort of a satire/parody in a form of a NEET shut-in gynoid.

I am still not sure whether making the board-tan a gynoid is a good idea because, well, it's female, yet I guess it also would be a good hint that the only female companions we could accept are the artificial ones, and a drawing of a mechanical girl is as artificial as it could get.

But I guess not having a board-tan is not bad for this board. Should show other boards that we don't care about this donutsteel socializing shit.

I'll try to make and post my own concepts later.



>Especially seems stupid using a female to represent /r9k/

Tans are usually female. It's not a literal representation of the userbase, nor is it a welcome sign for females to come here. You could even claim a male "tan" would attract fags and fujoshits if you wanted to.

>I don't much care for having a board-tan forced in the first place.

Forced would coming here, posting a character, and insisting it's the board-tan. You seem to be a typical no fun nigger.

Red anon is barely even posted on here. I don't remember seeing him in a long time. Wouldn't surprise me if yours is the only one currently on /r9k/.


File: f590f2deed19273⋯.gif (499.78 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 1.gif)

File: a0e8955b758bf46⋯.png (120.02 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 2.png)

File: f6c6c97da4475cf⋯.png (88.13 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 3.png)

File: 9b7178cdcf480f3⋯.png (120.02 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 4.png)

File: 84f77d4ef3fbb4a⋯.png (88.13 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 5.png)

1000000 hours in photoshit



Pepe and wojak are sullied cuckchan garbage.



>the moment normalfags begin using anything, we must cease using it

>letting normgroids dictate what you can and cannot use and find humorous




At least he didn't post a cuckchan variation like a pink wojak or clown world pepe. Besides we have banners with them already. It'd only be a problem if all the banners were nothing more than "look at the funny frog xd".


File: ba6ffa405f5a7f4⋯.png (136.64 KB, 349x490, 349:490, ba6ffa405f5a7f4de1b2c13288….png)

The bot spam (x LOVES this site!) can be reported globally, if you aren't doing that already, instead of waiting for Tyrone.



I don't even understand it either. What is it advertising? What is the goal?


File: 0be6b9497f02a33⋯.gif (645.6 KB, 512x481, 512:481, 0be6b9497f02a33c18790bdb68….gif)


I don't know. May be IP harvesting. Tyrone can and should disable hyperlinking with a word filter, so no one accidentally clicks it.




I'm pretty sure I could just filter links to the site being spammed without inconveniencing anyone who ever wants to click a link. I'll do it the next time it pops up as I don't remember what it is right now.



The url is being changed periodically. Disabling hyperlinking with an italicized colon isn't a major inconvenience, the links can still be easily copy/pasted.





Maybe it would be better to scrap the large oval eyes?I recall seeing those on a lot of feminine robot designs. It would make board-tan feel a lot less "ours", in my opinion


Would the spam still get to us if the board was unlisted? If it works then we could leave it that way until the spam is over, although making the board unlisted might lower the amount of nuwojak-posting newfags as well.



>Would the spam still get to us if the board was unlisted?

The spam is active even on dead boards that have 1 post a week at best.



I only know one unlisted board that has consistent posters and it hasn't been affected. Not sure how other than that.


File: 3ff96c86162deb5⋯.jpg (23.48 KB, 347x299, 347:299, 3ff96c86162deb52f9cafbad6b….jpg)



>Active ISPs


Think this is the summer /r9k/ finally dies?



Are you new? That's about average for us.



No, it's not. Fuck off, newfag.




It should be fairly obvious to you that at least 20 of those are from the ongoing bot spam, but it's not as though 160 is actually unusual in and of itself. You niggers really need to stop acting like the world's ending every time the IP count returns to normal after a period of lower activity. It fluctuates constantly and I'm sure at least half are VPN duplicates at any given time anyway.



The only newfag here is you. That's not particularly low for us. It's been 1-2PPH at various times and it was fine. This isn't cuckchan you fucking nigger.



If the bot was responsible for that many active ISPs I'd expect a lot more spam and we haven't been close to 160 since it began a week ago. It went from "average" to "not unusual". What will be next? Normal is the lower activity, not the higher activity. But I'm sure the bot spam coupled with summer, and an apathetic BO is nothing to worry about.


I'm not complaining that the board is too slow, faggot.



You're arguing about shit that can be readily verified by checking a few random archive.org snapshots of the front page from the last several years. 150-180 has always been normal, and if you think it's unusual just because we were around 100-120 for a few months then you're either painfully new or desperate for something to complain about.

>muh summer

Nobody is coming to this half dead site just because it's summer. Go back to cuckchan if you want that particular boogeyman to make any sense at all.



Actually it's less than what it was earlier this year, when it was around 200, sticky-saging newnigger.



It happens occasionally, but it isn't normal or average. I don't know why you're this mad about a pessimistic opinion that you know accompanies the high activity. What earns being called a cuckchanner this time? The board is definitely in its poorest health yet.


I've been waiting for a faggot to call out my sage. I don't even know why sage was back in my email field. Please forgive me, newfag-san. I will never accidentally sageru a sticky again, I will only ageru. Yeah, active ISPs have been higher, but we didn't have bot spam and we didn't know Tyrone was apathetic. Was that around the time you first came here, faggot?


File: f2464ffb0a985ef⋯.png (496.11 KB, 435x600, 29:40, CIA nigger.png)


>Was that around the time you first came here, faggot?

Actually I made it up, out of thin air. Normally the active ISPs were only 1, being yourself. All of these posts you see here are just your own schizophrenic ramblings with yourself, it's only today, now that it's summer, that us underage children are able to enter your personal abode.

>Tyrone was apathetic

Actually that's pretty rude, Tyrone is the best BO of any board on the top 50 page of this shitty site. It's unfair to expect him to be on for 24 hours a day and it's better than having power-tripping mod niggers.



It's only less than it was earlier this year because this year showed a huge jump in activity earlier. It's still about the same as it's been before that, and for the past two years or so. The fact that you think it's particularly low is proof that you're the only newfag here, and should go back to cuckchan where your ADD faggot brain will be satisfied with a super fast board.

Next, Tyrone is far from apathetic. He deletes shit that needs deleted everytime he gets on. Seriously, crying about PPH even though it's average for us, then crying about the BO when he's leagues better than most of the shitskins who hold BO positions on this site, just stop. Stop embarassing yourself, faggot.



I'm not insulting Tyrone. He does a good job.


>The fact that you think it's particularly low is proof that you're the only newfag here

I never said PPH was low. 14 is fucking high.

Tyrone said he was apathetic (disinterested) almost two weeks ago in this fucking thread.



Nigger, I remember his post. It's right here: >>310641

He said he's growing disinterested to the site as a whole, but nonetheless continues to come to this specific board still. His coming here is clearly the exception to his apathy to the site as a whole, or else it wouldn't have been brought up. He says

>I barely go on OTHER boards due to a growing disinterest in 8chan as a whole

immediately after saying he still posts on this particular board.




Jan 02 2017: 148 IPs


February 01 2017: 101 IPs


March 02 2017: 124 IPs


April 01 2017: 120 IPs


May 01 2017: 86 IPs


June 01 2017: 150 IPs


July 01 2017: 131 IPs


August 01 2017: 148 IPs


September 01 2017: 225 IPs


October 04 2017: 181 IPs


November 02 2017: 171 IPs


December 01 2017: 230 IPs

>Average 151


January 02 2018: 261 IPs


February 03 2018: 231 IPs


March 01 2018: 228 IPs


April 01 2018: 178 IPs


May 01 2018: 300 IPs


June 01 2018: 203 IPs


July 02 2018: 164 IPs


August 02 2018: 195 IPs


September 01 2018: 157 IPs


October 01 2018: 113 IPs


November 01 2018: 103 IPs


December 02 2018: 152 IPs

>Average 190


January 01 2019: 142 IPs


February 03 2019: 129 IPs


March 01 2019: 110 IPs


April 01 2019: 105 IPs


May 01 2019: 96 IPs

>Average 116



He's not mad that it's low, he's mad that it's high, assuming that it's a bunch of summerfags, unless I misunderstood. It's still average if memory serves.


Ah fuck, I was thinking of a different word. Apathetic is appropriate. For some reason I was thinking it meant lazy, or something like that.

The summerfag argument doesn't work anymore, myself, I've phoneposted online during school back in 2016 when I was still in highschool. The idea that summer/lack thereof has any bearing on whether or not a kid posts here is fucking imagination land shit.


File: defa852a0f7e969⋯.jpeg (268.06 KB, 922x691, 922:691, 1415913854699.jpeg)


You think /r9k/ doesn't fall under his disinterest of 8chan as a whole? He's not very active outside of clearing the report queue, but that's understandable. You're the one who needs to learn how to read, it took me saying it twice for you to finally realize I was complaining about high activity. Do you only come here to make pointless arguments?


It fluctuates so often that if more archives from different times exist I could "prove" the average was lower.


If the current circumstances happened during the approach of winter I would've said "Think this winter /r9k/ finally dies?"



>He's not very active outside of clearing the report queue

He's never been very vocal, tripsman. But when you say:

>but that's understandable

So what's the problem with it then?

>It fluctuates so often

Then what's the fucking problem?



>He's never been very vocal, tripsman.

If you paid attention you might've noticed that reports used to be taken care of more swiftly when he was more active in general.

>So what's the problem with it then?

It can be understandable, but still not a good sign.

>Then what's the fucking problem?

The poor health of the board, or what I perceive it to be. You certainly haven't done anything to convince me otherwise, you've done the opposite. What's your fucking problem?



>you've done the opposite

Actually I'm not the anon you were responding to.



Taking 8 snapshots from each month of 2017, as evenly spaced as the snapshot dates will allow, we get the following monthly averages.

























This gives a yearly average of 144, 5 lower than the previous result. The lowest month here by far is April, where every board has low traffic after the earliest snapshot because of the hack and subsequent outage. If we disregard April then we get an average of 150, almost exactly the same as the first result. Using the same process for 2018 we get the following results.

























This gives an average IP count of 194, 4 higher than the previous result. I think this shows that while the IP count of this board does fluctuate, it does not usually do so significantly on a day to day basis and it is possible to come up with consistent averages. It also shows that 160 is in fact quite normal for this board.



Forgive me if I'm a little confused after multiple fags were set off by such a generic post and one misinterpreted it so badly that it seemed intentional. I don't see the point of inserting yourself into it as it will only add more bullshit to the pile of bullshit that it became. I certainly don't need more fags against me over nothing. What a fucking headache.



>This gives a yearly average of 144, 5 lower than the previous result.

It's actually 7 lower I'm retarded.


File: 52268f080e23373⋯.jpg (43.71 KB, 900x708, 75:59, 52268f080e233733b8a343cd8f….jpg)


I've seen lower numbers more often than higher numbers. Maybe it fluctuates more than we thought. But why hasn't this been presented during any of the other times anyone complained about high active ISPs? I'm really confused why this raised such a stink. Something that is basically a tradition at this point is met with "cuckchan" and "newfag", and no one seems to care about such try-hard behavior.



Because I'm sick of seeing people bitch and declare the board dead on a weekly basis because they saw the ISP count go up by a marginal amount. I finally bit the bullet and wasted half an hour typing that out so now I have a nice post that I can link whenever this comes up.

>Something that is basically a tradition at this point is met with "cuckchan" and "newfag", and no one seems to care about such try-hard behavior.

Because every time I've tried to point this out in the past I've been called a newfag for not listening and believing when somebody talks out their ass about the board's history.



I wouldn't label an exact knowledge of active ISPs as board history. But good job finally proving yourself correct and all us pessimistic fags wrong. Hopefully you can forgive us our pessimism, it won't kill the board. Overly hostile newfags who label everything "cuckchan" probably will though.




Could someone make a graph of this that could be updated as time goes on? It'd be good to have something like that for anytime in the future when people get their titties in a twist.



>don't call out my niggerpill-like behavior as cuckchan or else you're killing the board

Retards who whine that the board is dying even after being told otherwise by people who've actually been here for more than five minutes are annoying faggots and should be called as such.

It's nice that an anon finally went through and proved you wrong, but it should've been enough, if you're new to a community, for people in that community to tell you to shut the fuck up and that it's not dying at all.



Yet another fag who calls something that's not new behavior as new. I swear most of you are cuckchanners yourselves, hiding your insecurity by joining in on attacking others. Now robots can't even be pessimistic? Go fuck yourself. I've been here since before Tyrone had control of this board.



Maybe I was overly harsh. Sorry. It's just annoying how every few months we get another round of


and it never fucking happens, the board always ends up being fine, and bouncing back if it was low.


Thank you. I'm sorry too. If everyone who claimed it was the behavior of a newfag instead said their abnormal reaction was because they were finally tired of such posts, I would've understood. I guess it's time for another break since I'm now getting myself into pointless arguments again. There are too many robots who get into pointless arguments, one less will be good. I should've quit imageboards a long time ago, when they stopped being fun for me. There's still good times, but they're fewer and farther between. I've only tortured myself and created more bad memories to outweigh the good.

The doomsayers might be wrong hundreds or thousands of times, but they will be right eventually.



Why does this fluctuation happen though? It's really been bugging me recently. Is the fluctuation caused by a bunch of newfags who come only to be lambasted of the board? Or is it because we have some oldies who just don't go on the board daily?

I guess a better question would be how many daily posters/browsers are there here on /r9k/? And who are the extras who cause the fluctuation? Normalfags or infrequently visiting robot.

This information could be pretty important. It'd help the people here realistically adjust their normalfag awareness to a more realistic level. We don't want to be overly sensitive and accidentally ward of an actual robot but we also don't want to loosen up so much that normalfags feel welcome to post.

Knowing the reason behind the fluctuations matters a lot more



…than the size of the fluctuation itself.

forgot to add that



He didnt janny here loser, now stop posting and enjoy the board instead of trying to make cheap spam gags


File: edf957251014c0c⋯.jpeg (23.69 KB, 300x457, 300:457, b4b33c01f5dd1045b28d7a880….jpeg)


>I guess it's time for another break

uh huh

see you tomorrow faggot






>waaah, I got banned, but instead of just leaving I'll sperg out like a nigger, thus further justifying any previous decision to ban me

Go back.



>How am I supposed to enjoy this board when even with serious posts tycuck bans me?

Judging by your sperginess and spam faggotry, he did us all a favor.


>missed a spergout

Shame. Did it have to do with the furry shit earlier?



Seems like it.


Could Tyrone add a rule that pictures have to be related to your post? It could be enforced very loosely to allow for memes and such but it would give an easy reason to delete obvious discord-tier bait like these that don't technically fall under rule 5



That way at the very least when someone puts an anime girl on their post to get attention the file could be deleted and there could be a bit of text that says:

(File deleted for bait)

or something like that.



Your idea sounds like complete shit. First off, you're assuming that both of those posts were bait, which is a faulty assumption. Next, you're trying to override how imageboards have worked since their inception.



I think your autism might be kicking in but those reaction images are supposed to show the emotions of the person who posted them. The first image is supposed to represent the poster's mocking and smug attitude towards the "people who believe in the Holohoax" while the second image is supposed to be mocking in a disappointed/disgusted sort of way.

Even if you weren't an autist and those images really did have nothing to do with the post the rule is still fucking stupid. It's too vague and extremely unnecessary.


File: 953800a4b7150dd⋯.png (116.52 KB, 296x472, 37:59, 888.png)


>ban reaction images


File: 3e352b6e719886f⋯.jpg (81.09 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1444760911985.jpg)

I propose a new rule: you must post an image that is completely unrelated to the content of your post. Any relevant pictures/reaction images of any kind would be a bannable offense.



Reported for your pic being relevant to your post’s topic of irrelevance.


Although I find it sad that I won't see the normalcuck reply to his thread about his dead slut, thanks again Tyrone for banning normalniggers on sight. Or at least deleting their bullshit.



Can somebody post the archive?




Ban your face



>birthday cocaine



File: bda044ec4b5c126⋯.jpg (64.25 KB, 500x364, 125:91, workers3a.jpg)


There should some new rules added to this site

>All /sig/ faggots need to be banned on sight

There is not much to talk about when it comes to self-improvement, and only a few sentences are all it takes to do the required work. Do moderate exercise, dont eat and drink like a subhuman, consume only animal products and never go vegan. Hone some useful skills to earn money and thats it. There is nothing else to discuss, there is no reason to go far as making endless threads after threads pandering about the same shit over and over again to feel superior than some other faggots. /fit/ can go fuck themselves, a bunch of retards thinking eating raw onions will unlock them inhuman hypertrophy(aka i can finally be worthy of some used up holes).


File: 2692c6766856543⋯.gif (762.91 KB, 540x540, 1:1, tumblr_pk0xl0iNSW1w1kerio1….gif)

Tyrone, please ban using the letter L on Tuesdays. It's ruining the board.



>Banning the letter L

What's the matter anon? Could it be you are killing people with a mysterious notebook?


File: 3fe248e23c728e8⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 22.25 KB, 350x350, 1:1, __l_luigi_mario_and_yagami….png)


Can't pronounce the L letter, nip?





>someone bumps the vegetarian out of poorness thread

>its the vegan shill/eunuch sameposting

>posting in a low cost food vegetarian thread



New rule, veganism is not allowed and should be humiliated relentlessly before deletion. Kill yourself you stupid, balless bitch.


File: 6e508a7a351188f⋯.jpg (464.05 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 6e508a7a351188fe918b7e34f5….jpg)


New rule: All posts must have anime girls to get attention so everyone will get attention




actually anime should be banned entirely, its basically lordosis behaviour for homosexuals at this point


>80% of the most recent posts on the board are low-effort trash, such as the post directly above mine

Feels bad.



Been that way for a while now, I don't know what there could be done to change it, just a few months ago this board was so much better. I specifically moved here from 4/r9k/ because that place was filled with shitty one-sentence replies no matter the subject, and now this place is becoming that. I guess if it continues I'll leave this place, I hope that doesn't happen though.

Nothing lasts forever anons.



Seeing a lot of cuckchannel crossposters leaking in with their 'based n <x>pilled xDDDDDDD' 'soy xDDDDDDDD' 'yikes oof cringe XD XD' trash but it feels like it's pointless to report.



If you mean >>313768 I just needed text to post the embed and did't want to put some variation of "original" because I hate doing that.


File: 0d86a5247cb53c4⋯.jpg (12.5 KB, 480x360, 4:3, elliotchildhood07.jpg)

There's been a lot of trolling lately, probably by the same guy. Just remember to not respond to it, anons. It only validates them when you do. Report and move on.


There's a lot of shit in a lot of threads right now.


Sage not intended (again).


Dismissed reports:









Report it.


>but it feels like it's pointless to report

Why? Report shit and it probably will be dealt with. The dismissed reports are the only exceptions to that. If there is shit that is not dismissed, it was not reported, and there is partial fault to the users.


You guys are my friends



Love you no homo


File: a8a27ac7b75252f⋯.jpg (29.14 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 1444354141845.jpg)


I'll take it a step further and say family. You've been better to me than my blood relatives, I'll tell you that much.

Thanks guys, here's to you.



Fuck you retard

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