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File: 687b5a1f263ab20⋯.jpg (1.8 MB, 6010x979, 6010:979, High Scores.jpg)


Since old one has managed to hit the bump limit in just over a year, not sure how I feel about that.


File: 042d44f2046a7fe⋯.webm (3.93 MB, 640x360, 16:9, remove-kebab_sitcom.webm)

File: ed7a77a711fdaf3⋯.webm (922.1 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, remove-kebab_navy-seal.webm)

File: b5a8b1777ce60e2⋯.webm (3.77 MB, 400x226, 200:113, remove-kebab_land-downund….webm)

Huh, didn't notice the old one hit bump limit when I posted. Gonna paste my reply here to continue the conversation I was having with the other anon in that thread, then. Also a couple webms.


>you don't make yourself subservient to a state

You do if it's your state, and if it protects and uplifts the people. The only time it's wrong to do so is if the particular state is corrupt - in which case it should be replaced with another, or fixed if possible.

>you don't make yourself subservient to a race, that's tribalism

There's nothing wrong with tribalism. Everyone should prefer and help their own race over all others. Nonwhites have no place being anywhere in Aryan nations, and they should be expelled with violence if they refuse to leave.

Tribalism and racism are positive and healthy things - it's anti-tribalism and antiracism that are unnatural and unhealthy.

And of course values are adhered to - but those values aren't always agreed upon by everyone. A state-apparatus exists as a vessel to contain the organism of the race. Both are needed, or else the race just drifts apart into the abominations that we have today, where different countries might as well be different shopping malls with slightly different products for all the fucking difference it makes. Some values should be enforced, and those who refuse to adhere to them expelled.

All law and all socalled 'rights' in this world are only existent as long as physical force exists to uphold them. Without force there are no laws and no rights, only each individual doing what he thinks is best in his own mind.

The individual personality is what has always been the center around which civilization progresses. Never has any country become great by numbers or by mass decisions, but only by the forceful adherence to the goals of a single personality. How much of a failure for the West it would've been if Charles Martel had no state-apparatus to enforce his will, if everyone just did whatever they wanted and consequently chose to not fight - since only a minority ever are courageous enough to voluntarily face death, but most require forceful persuasion. Europe would've fallen to shitskin Muslims ages ago had the great leaders of the past not utilized the power of the state and physical force to ensure that the will of their personality was achieved by the masses who themselves mostly only see greatness after it has been achieved and, thus, would only in the rarest of cases support great men before visible success confirmed their greatness.

If there was no state-apparatus and no physical enforcement of law and values, then it would be up to individuals to "work towards a meaningful purpose, peaceful co-operation, personal responsibility, etc" as you say, all on their own - yet again, among the masses only a minority will ever do this things on their own, but the majority always and only operate on emotion and the desire to conform. This is why the force of a state is required in the first place.


File: 59a3f42351452da⋯.jpeg (56.93 KB, 1023x576, 341:192, serveimage.jpeg)


>breivik only a+

dude deserves to be nr.1 just for the fact that he had a motive beyond his own desires and killed high profile targets and not just random people where you basically have an unlimited pool of victims to pick from


A lot of those don't guys don't match their boards.


File: 0885438c15c69fb⋯.jpg (2.62 MB, 6800x1000, 34:5, 0885438c15c69fb02b1f2dd529….jpg)


>Not posting the updated one



there's an updated one every other week, it's hard to keep track of

also where would the shitposter fit in? /bant/?



>/co/ shooter

> C+

Actually how


With the Feds requesting info and logs and that one kid getting arrested for making an edgy Christchurch meme this thread may invite unwanted attention from the .gov.



Fuck the glowniggers. Don't be a coward. Absolutely nothing they can do over a thread like this.



We'll be in touch soon.



That's reserved for people in Oceania who have no rights to free expression.



Too bad shooters can't share the same board, I would have gave him /pol/

Perhaps we could give him >>>/islam/


File: b24a8fb2bd2b983⋯.jpg (84.67 KB, 960x734, 480:367, children_and_firearms.jpg)

The no kids bonus is retarded.


File: 990fb60c76162dc⋯.jpg (2.39 MB, 3388x2268, 121:81, 55613.jpg)

McVeigh and Nichols had a fucking bomb, weapons and method should be accounted for as well, Woo Bum-Kon should have the highest score especially for his psychology.

>Elliot Rodger is /r9k/

More like should be Reddit, Michael Ryan deserves that spot.


some fag on the board wrote a goddamn poem, if he shoots something up like his poem says he will then its going to be the second attack out of here WE DONT NEED ATTENTION ON THIS PLACE KEEP IT HIDDEN



Then report it



i did as soon as i saw it



Is there a way to shut down all outsider traffic to a board?

Because I'm actually starting to fear this Tarrant fiasco might lead to someone here getting "inspired" into action. This would absolutely destroy our board and I don't think there would be any way to recover from that. We just got lucky that this time /pol/ is taking all the flak for this.



Tyrone could unlist the board, I beliee then it wouldn't even show up on the top boards list and wouldn't show up on searches through the homepage, you'd have to put in the url yourseelf or be linked to the board specifically.


Hypothetically speaking, if any of you on here go for the high score, dump all your stuff on another forum, preferably all across Reddit, and write two manifestos.

Your first manifesto would actually be serious and lay out your worldviews.

Your second manifesto would imply that Donald Trump and r/The_Donald radicalized you into carrying out an action.

Make sure to wear a MAGA hat or a Stahlhelm with MAGA carved in to trigger the fuck out of everyone. Wear an NRA, Reddit, or 4chan t-shirt.

Make your suicide note read, "I pledge allegiance to Samir al-Hyeed of the Islamic State of World Peace. Allahu akbar!!!"

I'm not responsible for what you do and am not encouraging violence.



Elliot fucking put us on the map and this is how you treat him?



My plan is, if I ever make terrorist attempts, is to threat a local board that is located here with it's shutdown or regional blockade, or keep killing. Since my country isn't part of the first world and my targets wouldn't be minorities the world wouldn't be making headlines about this place. It will all be fine, no fireworks, just fire



board passwords sound like a nice idea in this situation, where only those with the PW can view the board at all. too bad this site is dead in terms of new features


File: ea2f91bcfbdd291⋯.jpg (8.4 KB, 200x290, 20:29, 7804215250.jpg)


>Elliot fucking put us on the map and this is how you treat him?

<grrrr I don't want anyone to find this board

Failed normalfag who only wanted pussy. Even Jolly George was better than Rodger.



They said that to kiwifarms too, admin there didnt bend, temporarily removed all data retention (whatever that means, and why is that there in the first place), and added a warrant canary (dont have the thread link but it should be easy to find). The only Gooberment doing anything is nz apparently, and they cant to anything to americans.



To be a failed normalfag one has to be a normalfag to begin with. If you read Elliot's manifesto (which you obviously never have) you would know he wasn't



I saw your reply in the previous thread. I have nothing to reply to it.

If you are advocating the shooting of unarmed civilians, please start by first shooting yourself.

This is a shit thread and truly serves no purpose. This belongs on /pol/ and not on /r9k/.

Most likely this is a bait thread so that alphabet organizations can collect ips of idiots who unironically agree with shooting unarmed civilizations.

This board is primarily for neets, hikis, virgins and social outcasts. Stop spamming this mass shooting shit.

Most people here just want to be left alone and have a place that they can post where people understand how they feel.

Go fuck yourself. Incels and mass shooters are non synonymous.


File: e3668e4841c8863⋯.jpg (123.98 KB, 647x545, 647:545, 7b3d4a181bbc70fb6f207f6c8f….jpg)


Also you are a fucking attention whore. Your response in the other thread was on the front page of the board for a very long time.

You need not copy and paste it here again.

You obviously have an undeserved sense of self importance if you think your shitposts deserve to be seen by everyone.



I'll start this off by saying that I'm not the /pol/tard you responded to, and I don't hold his exact beliefs.

Now, threads like this one have been around since this board was relatively new. They serve the purposes of discussion and covering current events.

If you check back through the old threads like this one, you will see that even though a large amount of the posts are glorification, there are plenty that aren't and are more objectively oriented.


>unarmed civilizations


And you keep bashing how the /pol/tard advocates the murder of unarmed civilians. Would you be far more content if Brenton Tarrant massacred armed New Zealand police officers instead?

I understand the direction you're coming from, but I want you to clarify more.


File: 56ad001e1d3e776⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.96 MB, 3704x2626, 1852:1313, d4536bf82514eba666acb907f8….jpg)


>Serve discussion of current events

Sure. I've been on this board since early 2015. And shooter threads always existed. But this fucker had an autistic tirade how the shooter was this really wise man and the reasons why it was done in First Person was so that we would an awakening in 'White Men'(TM) to rise up and follow Brenton's example.

The shooter is a low IQ mongoloid with no education. And yes I've read his manifesto.

This /pol/tard went on how the shooter was brave. Bravery is not shooting unarmed people.

My final issue with the poster is that he is an obvious attention whore. His previous reply was on the front page for a whole day, but the cunt deemed it necessary to copy that exact same reply in a new thread. So attention whore and a spammer. Wonderful.

>Would you be far more content if Brenton Tarrant massacred armed New Zealand police officers instead?

Take the dick out of your mouth before posting here.

There was a near infinite amount of different actions he could have taken. Go read the old thread if you want.

There is a concerted effort by (((media houses))) to paint incels as dangerous terrorists in waiting.

I've lurked this board for enough years to know that most here will shoot themselves before trying to drag other people into the abyss they feel every day.

Which is why I object to this shit:

>a large amount of the posts (in past shooting threads) are glorification

I've noticed this too. But it a lot of it was obvious edgeposting/ shitposting. Even then, the style of the posting is far different than what you'll see in most other threads.

You and your friend obviously don't care about the robots here. You all are either:

1. /pol/shits hoping to convince a depressed and hopeless robot to suicide in the name of your politics

2. Alphabet cunts

3. (((They))) that would be happy to see 'the others' kill themselves

4. Low IQ shitposters



I reject your distinction of unarmed and armed invaders. Invaders all deserve to die regardless of whether they're armed at the moment or not, or whether they're old or young.


>muh glowniggers collecting our IPs

A nonissue. First, VPNs exist and most people don't bareback this site. Second, even if they did, there's nothing wrong with agreeing with the motives and actions of a shooter. If you think this is the first shooter who has posted before shooting up a place, then you're obviously a newfag who has no business being here - he's not the first and he won't be the last, either.


>incels and mass shooters are not synonymous

Why are you even bringing up incels? If you're trying to imply that incels and robots are the same, then you really are a newfag. Either way, get the fuck out you crybaby pussy.

>waaaah muh poor shitskins

I hope a thousand times as many die as did the other day.


The thread was already on the second page when I copypasted it here, which is reasonable since it was at the bump limit and thus would not be bumped again. Cry more you whiny nigger.


Again, my previous reply wasn't on the frontpage for a day. I thought that the person (you, I suppose) might not notice that I had replied and so I posted it in the new thread too. Stop crying about it, faggot.

You're the only one who doesn't care about robots, since you're under the false impression that 'robot' is defined by 'rejection of all violence' when that's nowhere near what being a robot means, you fucking niggerkike.

Brenton did nothing wrong, every shitskin he killed deserved to die whether armed or not, and pacifist cunts like you deserve it right along with them.



>The thread was already on the second page when I copypasted it here

Self important faggot thinks his wise words is worth clogging up the board

>trying to imply that incels and robots are the same, then you really are a newfag

I am not. But outsiders, (which 8ch is going to get a lot of because of your hero boy) don't make that distinction, and threads like this only serve to fuel (((their narrative))). So you could very well be a shill working for (((them))).

>'robot' is defined by 'rejection of all violence

I never said that, but if you have been here for long, most people who discuss suicide, discuss it in terms of how to do it to cause the least amount of harm to others.

>pacifist cunts like you deserve it right along with them

No u


File: 57ae5d8c81e7a8a⋯.jpg (80.5 KB, 634x709, 634:709, unnamed.jpg)

>tfw no one has gone on a rampage with a blade since the swedish samurai



>clogging up the board

>by posting in the new thread since the old one was bumplocked

Cry. More. Nigger.

>it fuelds the kike's narrative

Fuck their narrative and fuck you. If you seriously think that it makes any difference whether some people here praise him or not, then good for you, but I don't really give a shit. If I see something as praiseworthy, I'll praise it, whereas you seem to care more about what some kikes will think, rather than solely thinking about whether or not it's worth praising.

Who cares what some kikes are gonna think? They already hate us.

>most people who discuss suicide discuss in blah blah…

Some people do, but so what? Killing yourself due to being done with the world isn't the same as killing invaders. It's false-equivalency to suggest that because many here would kill themselves without harming others, that therefore because of that they wouldn't support someone who strike back physically against a bunch of shitskins ruining his country and race.

Gass yourself.


File: 212ae02fece9cce⋯.jpg (72.94 KB, 700x473, 700:473, 3800b6c8d51c1c763ebda8ad9d….jpg)


>Hikkis and neets will take up arms to go shoot the nonwhite invaders

I am sorry for replying to your shitposts. I clearly do not understand the board that I've been part of since 2015. Good luck evangelizing robots to fight your righteous war.




I never said that anyone here should do what he did. I said there's nothing wrong with recognizing that his actions were in the right.


File: b09ecdcd75f8446⋯.png (85.83 KB, 214x242, 107:121, 1440549576759.png)


>Shooter's actions in the right

>I never said that anyone here should do what he did



>it's impossible to recognize someone as being in the right without wanting to emulate exactly what they did

>j-just incriminate yourself already


File: d6a1790a5274b72⋯.mp4 (3.29 MB, 540x960, 9:16, 0766904c8e14f7541620ab6b28….mp4)


condoning someone's actions=/=encouraging others in our community to commit similar illegal acts by inciting them on a public forum

You must be seriously lacking in reading comprehenesion, genuinely retarded or just FBI



I don’t care if it’s a joke edit, get this tiktok roast the fuck out of here.


File: 5eefa026186591c⋯.jpg (183.4 KB, 1850x1600, 37:32, 238d5dcdbd7a6b05a51eb621fd….jpg)



Nope. I just think that you two are fucking retarded, hypocrites or cowards.

You can use speech to oppose mass migration and fucked up policy. You have a lot of support for fortification of borders right now. There is a conservative resurgence, especially among young people. The shooter was a low IQ mongrel, and you two are the same.

I have infinitesimally more respect for Tommy Robinson, Faith Goldy, Lauren Southern and others who use their speech.

If you really believe that the shooter was right, follow your convictions, instead of extolling how great a man that mongoloid was. All I see are two cowards trying to evangelize robots to do what you both are too cowardly to do. Go fuck yourselves you fucking cowardly shites.



>Tommy Robinson


>Lauren Southern

A self-admitted kike who dated a nigger.

>Faith Goldy

Doesn't name the jew.

Typical that the ones you have respect for are lukewarm faggots who are scared to call out the jew, and in one case, an actual kike herself.


>just keep talking, don't do any actual action

Lukewarm faggot. Brenton did a good thing, and even though I'm not stupid enough to incriminate myself here, I'm still able to say that he's a hero.

If you actually expect people to incriminate themselves publically, then you're even more of a dumb nigger than I thought.

People who have the courage to fight are worth more than a million talkers.



>There is a conservative resurgence

Conservatism has failed to conserve a single thing and it's been a joy to see the republicunt party slowly dying.

>All I see are two cowards trying to evangelize robots to do what you both are too cowardly to do.

And all I see is some mad as hell alt-lite glownigger.


File: 9ab5dc48f9ae866⋯.jpg (806.07 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 9d75c041c7cff4a5618375b21b….jpg)


>People who have the courage to fight are worth more than a million talkers.

Yet you are here talking. I await your attempt to be a hero. Good luck and I hope you get killed with a low score.



If you think so. I look forward to your attempts to be a hero as well.



>You can use speech to oppose mass migration and fucked up policy.

Nah. Speech doesn't do jack crap. It implies that we live in a democracy where our opinions matter and that congressmen don't vote based on how their lobbyists tell them to vote. Proof in point, Trump can't even throw up a wall on the terms he platformed for despite holding the most "powerful" office in the country and with the republicans seizing house and senate.

>I have infinitesimally more respect for Tommy Robinson, Faith Goldy, Lauren Southern and others who use their speech.

How come? The only talking heads I have any respect for are the ones I'm sure don't get paid for their viewpoints. They're shills pure and simple, and they know that if they didn't regurgitate the same comfortable talking points over and over again they might keep their audience, but they'd sure become de-platformed and lose their income. So, the majority of them will never breach taboo territory and risk their money. If they ever do, that's when I lend them my ear because now I know they actually believe what they're saying enough to sacrifice something for it.

>f you really believe that the shooter was right, follow your convictions, instead of extolling how great a man that mongoloid was. All I see are two cowards trying to evangelize robots to do what you both are too cowardly to do. Go fuck yourselves you fucking cowardly shites.

That would imply they have Tarrant's physique or Tarrant's skill with a rifle or Tarrant's craftsmanship. They probably do what they can until their skills elsewhere improve enough so they don't embarrass themselves in action.



>Tommy Robinson

He's a literal zionist agent who's single purpose is to discredit any right wing movement that he's attached to.

Just look at the public reaction to Rotherham and how focus was shifted from the actual scandal to TOMMEH



>said that I don't agree with him

>implying that I'm his friend

>implying that I browse /pol/

>not actually responding straightforward and directly to my question about armed police

you deceptive straw man craving cunt

"You and your friend obviously don't care about the robots here. You all are either:

1. /pol/shits hoping to convince a depressed and hopeless robot to suicide in the name of your politics

2. Alphabet cunts

3. (((They))) that would be happy to see 'the others' kill themselves

4. Low IQ shitposters"

I'm none of these, so stop trying to group me in with him and go fuck yourself you colossal retard.


File: 76a7dd398c993b6⋯.png (389.41 KB, 500x629, 500:629, Prophet of Homosexual Goat….png)

File: 682fedec75528f0⋯.webm (3.06 MB, 640x480, 4:3, 682fedec75528f0cb837ba1b6….webm)


Look at this faggot getting ass blasted over the newest mass shooter in particular in the thread about mass shooters. What makes this one in particular upset you? Was it the fact that it was Muslims that got shot? There are probably some glow in the dark niggers advocating for more of the same, but you yourself are a transparent goat fucker upset that his people got massacred. Go sit in a corner waiting for a bullet or something Muhammad.


File: b71857799753776⋯.gif (497.64 KB, 298x205, 298:205, 1-6-2015.gif)


Words don't do shit anymore and never did with subversive forces, the ones who've taken over the backbone of government. I'm tired of all the talking and brickwall debates, violence is the only answer and I'm glad someone took action for once whether he was a cowardly peanut brain or not.

>Laura Southern

Die, faggot.


File: 501a7f8b28a68b7⋯.gif (476.32 KB, 500x310, 50:31, 1382188852217.gif)


How do you know where this woman comes from mr.anon?

Care to explain?



Upper left corner.


File: 197f6b233becea6⋯.jpg (40.83 KB, 320x240, 4:3, 1294987602437.jpg)

File: 830eb37b8e49924⋯.png (2.91 MB, 1296x5390, 648:2695, based and redpilled.png)







>I have nothing to reply to it.

<replies anyway

>My final issue with the poster is that he is an obvious attention whore. His previous reply was on the front page for a whole day, but the cunt deemed it necessary to copy that exact same reply in a new thread.

So the conversation can continue, no one will give a shit about a thread past the bump limit.

>threads like this only serve to fuel (((their narrative)))

You're such a wimp they've always been antagonistic and have an inherent dislike towards the gentiles, boo fucking hoo.

>I clearly do not understand the board that I've been part of since 2015.

Wow you sure showed everyone here, all hail and heed to this oldfag's experience of four years. And you mock other people for being full of themselves.

>>Shooter's actions in the right

>>I never said that anyone here should do what he did

Agreeing with someone doesn't equate to doing the same or telling other to do the same.

>You can use speech to oppose mass migration and fucked up policy.

What world have you been living in for the past decade, if democracy worked we wouldn't have entered WW1 and be living in a much different world. The entire system is a sham and mob rule by the retarded masses who gallop at the heels of the chosen golem.

>There is a conservative resurgence, especially among young people.

No there isn't it's faggot teenagers who share epic frog memes, think nigger is a funny word to say, and want to be babyboomers. They have no real morals or philosophy just another passing phase in youth.

>Tommy Robinson, Faith Goldy, Lauren Southern

Controlled opposition or milquetoast shit-eaters such as yourself.

Most of you lolbergs are such loathesome faggots with a "humble" sense of superiority.


File: 73bb3d4a4298feb⋯.png (606.09 KB, 946x833, 946:833, 1439908628562.png)


>why oppose this mass shooter

I'm not Muslim. I oppose all of them. I could understand how someone would think it's a righteous action, but I don't think it is. Just as you'll have the right to fawn over the newest shooter, I have the right to autistically disagree.

But I'm not wrong in saying that this, at best is mental masturbation. Maybe one in a thousand posters will actually try to prepare to do something. Considering that this is board is populated by neets and hikkis I'll bet that no one here has any intention to follow in the footsteps of their hero boy.


File: 8bc619b51051706⋯.png (360.69 KB, 1888x1008, 118:63, psyop.png)

This attack is a psyop, and it has been incredibly successful. The majority of this website has taken the bait, /pol/ is totally unusable. 8chan is now at the same point 4chan was in 2016. The fact that it was this easy to cripple 8chan probably means a more resilient website needs to be found.

Pic is some posts i grabbed from /pol/ in 5 minutes, this is the narrative they are pushing. MUSLIMS are your primary enemy and focus. The jews, bankers, & politicians, are a secondary concern.



I don't think you understand that /pol/ has been unusable shit since 2016 at least. I seriously doubt the government decided to shoot up a mosque in a country nobody cares about just for the sake of shitting up an irrelevant Donald Trump hugbox.



But where do you actually get the password from?



It could be stickied on the board a day prior to it being protected, that way only a small number of people know what it is. People who actually want to join the board will know where to look to find the PW.



>'if you are against Jews you must support Muslims' narrative

>'we must act like shivering cowards and never do anything offense' narrative

Nice try. Both kikes and mudskins will hang.



Oh, didnt know social media platforms watermark videos now, how jewy



I don't think that's the only reason they coordinated this attack, but it's a nice bonus to co-opt one of the most popular anti-zog websites. Of course they also get an excuse to ban guns and increase internet censorship on mainstream social media platforms. And promoting the "whites vs. golems" narrative has been a part of almost every staged terrorist attack.



>opposes anyone who does anything physical to resist the destruction of the Aryan race

>cuckchan filename

>thinks Chaika was anything other than a dogshit-tier show

Checks out.


Most of the posts in your cap are right - only the ones saying "ignore the kikes" are wrong. Nonwhite Muslims have historically acted as the sword of the kikes, and the two groups worked together to invade Europe time and time again. They're both nonwhites, thus both enemies. What's hard to understand?

That being said, the attack might've been a psyop based on some oddities in the video - for example, one of the 'dead' people having no socks on when he gets shot as the shooter walks inside, but suddenly has socks on when the shooter leaves. Plus the bitch outside the mosque screaming for help, why are her shoes just randomly on the sidewalk a few feet away from her outside? Also, how come there are multiple people who see him walk from his car (where he leaves the trunk open) to the mosque, gun-in-hand, and they don't seem scared or run away at all? Odd.


File: e07aaf61f840ea5⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, judging chaikas.png)


fuck you nigger chaika was good.



Muslims are not a signifigant threat, muslims are not working with jews, muslims are nothing more than a distraction. Every "muslim" terror attack was carried out by CIA/mossad agents.



>things can only be a problem when they're directly related to jews

This is what poltards actually believe.



Replace jews with elites, it's the same thing. And if i were a /pol/tard i'd be shilling for the zionist shooter.


File: 7f67c735b6f0c1f⋯.jpg (22.19 KB, 276x413, 276:413, Communist Manifesto.jpg)

Has anyone considered writing/already written a manifesto? Not even if you're planning to attack anything, just a place to write down what you believe and why.



No drive too, it'd be non-chronological and I'd probably look like a fag.


how many more lives will Sam Hyde destroy?!?!



>getting a bonus for not shooting kids

This chart is fucking broken and belongs in the trash.


File: beb2d08e5ebd714⋯.png (1.84 MB, 1070x2098, 535:1049, 2894567.png)

This just in. So from a technical standpoint, do we credit Cruz with this kill or not? On the one hand I want to give it to him because getting someone to kill themselves because you didn't kill them (survivors guilt) seems pretty elegant and clever on the other hand I feel that this could open up a can of worms. I mean we would have to look at what happened after all the shootings and assess if any deaths afterwards are related to the shootings or not. Sounds pointless and very subjective.

Well, no matter how we score it, score one for the robots.



I'd give it indirect credit, depending on how you look at it it'd either be credited with more or less points than a regular kill.



Her suicide was the direct result of Cruz's actions. So he gets the kill.


File: 5e12afb59277329⋯.png (42.12 KB, 1184x242, 592:121, yeah, no shit.png)


>implying it was really survivors guilt and not just a roastie trying to get attention

Don't discard this possibility. I can't find how she offed herself. Perhaps she just wanted attention and the attempt went better than she had planned.



Translation: crisis actor was saying things she wasn't supposed to say and so she (((killed herself))).



Half credit. It's obviously an assisted suicide


She's very clearly only 56% human in any case, so I agree with the others saying to just give him a half.



Some Columbine kids and their parents have killed themselves I'm fairly sure. Do we credit Eric and Dylan for those?



I think for it to count, it has to be someone who was at the shooting when it happened. Like, when some bitch who survived the V-Tech shooting ended up dying a year later because some pipe or gas leak or something at the same school killed her, so that one gets credited to Cho's ghost.


File: b8d6c8f87eed8d3⋯.jpg (467.45 KB, 1491x605, 1491:605, DrConspiracy.jpg)


Usually crisis actors are given everything to not make them talk. A new life, new identity, a new house, new job, buckets of money and more.



I say no it is too many factors.


File: 415f77d59e87a8a⋯.mp4 (15.04 MB, 640x360, 16:9, y2mate.com_-_what_they_don….mp4)

I'm tired of hearing about the NZ attack and reluctant to bring this up, but this is the first false flag/not as it seems-type evidence that actually makes a little sense.


>man in red appears in the video several times in different locations

>at one point the driveway to the mosque is blocked with a traffic cone

>at one point Tarrant's car is moved

>when BT comes back to his car there's someone inside (although this is blurry)

>you can see his license plate number in one frame

What I think happened is that Tarrant was a legitimate /pol/ack shooter (and many people really died), but the authorities got wind of it and decided to help him, either undercover with his knowledge (ie the other 3 people arrested) or totally without his knowledge…probably for the typical reasons of gun control and creating sympathy for muslims. This makes sense when you realize the CIA/FBI has a history of grooming shooters and providing material support.

The most compelling evidence to me is the fact that people are getting 10 years in prison for viewing/sharing the video. It seems to suggest there's something in it they don't want people to see other than encouraging other attacks. It also makes sense given the long response time, the known mossad ring in christchurch, and the drill happening at the same time and place.


File: c5725f96b232d8b⋯.mp4 (12.06 MB, 1048x584, 131:73, remove-kebab.mp4)


I'm still undecided as to it being a false-flag or not, but there's other parts that don't make sense either. One being the extremely long police response time, the second being in vid related; the guy he shoots in the hallway on the way in has no socks on. But when Brenton comes back out, the guy (who's either dead or in the process of dying, either way comatose) suddenly has some blue socks on. It's extremely fucking odd.

The third thing that doesn't fit is the lady outside who yells for help before getting blasted. Why is she walking outside barefoot with her shoes? If she ran away from the mosque and that's why she didn't have shoes on, okay, fair enough, but someone running for their lives wouldn't take the time to grab their shoes to just carry them around, and then set them dow on the sidewalk near where they planned to get shot again. The whole thing is odd.

Something is definitely off about it.



The fact police took almost a decade to arrive at the scene is the only evidence required to prove it was a false flag.



They didn't take that long to arrive at all, Brenton passed by them shortly after taking off, the cops just had no idea who are they going after. The 36 minutes "response" time was the time since they got the first call to the time they crashed Brenton's car and captured him, they were chasing him across entire city. Lots of people also seem to assume that police was called the moment he entered the mosque. It's a suburb in early afternoon when all normalfags are at work. And the muds wouldn't call immediately when panic sets in either. They probably made the call when Brenton went out to grab another gun.



Call apparently came in after he shot the guys at the entry, but if they dispatched a car from Sydenham Police Station, 154-158 Colombo St, Sydenham, Christchurch 8023, New Zealand, it would take 13mins with normal traffic.

So 5-9 mins as Police.

From Papanui Police Station it takes also normally 13-16 Mins. So say 7-10 here for Cops.

Also one shouldn't forget, most Country's outside of the USA don't operate with full stacked cars 24/7. There is usually a certain amount on the road, lets say 10 cars in total are available, all around the city doing patrol, so no car is manned at the station.

Its cheaper this way, cops get paid for actual work and not waiting for emergencies.



Are you just being lazy with your terms or do you really think he was Mossad or someone else? I think it was a "false flag" in that the manifesto's references to Eco-Fascism, Chinese Communism, and Candace Owens and the absence of any mention of jews was designed to divert attention from /pol/ or other "white supremacists".


The biggest red flag to me is how ready the media was to rail against "8chan as a terrorist breeding ground" in concert. In that sense, I could see him falseflagging as a /pol/ack to get this site shut down. It's ironic that the media for years went out of their way to never mention this board, but now that it's gotten all this attention it's become (even more) unusable.



Even if that's true and the police being as late as they were is normal, that still doesn't explain the other anomalies.


Well 8chan got namedropped in the mainstream media back when the Qlarp shit went mainstream, so this isn't the first time by any means.


Also Branton changed the guns because the other one clearly had problems, I dont think if he had problems reloading he would have gone outside to change.

Or perhaps he wanted to burn the place.

You folk shouldnt think like its Call of Duty, playing online bs.

During combat situations (or rampage for this matter) you have an incredible high adrenaline rush that makes you having bad decision making based upon emotional feelings and not logic. Yes one can train that, but if he never been to the Armed Forces, that is impossible to learn within a 2 weeks crashcourse in some east european training facility for rich guys.



People in panic and afraid for their lives make complete irrational decisions.



Such as spending the very last moments of their life finding a pair of socks to put on, after they've already been shot?



The guy with the Blue "Socks": his feet are not blue when Branton enters a 2nd time. Its likely just a "visual deception" from the angle.

The guy wears blue pants, if these are long enough you will only see the sole of his feet when entering.

As for the woman, she could have been inside the mosque (womans area) as it started, then ran out.

Then maybe was on the phone calling the police, while peaking the corner.

Gets shot, loses phone, yells for help.



Doesn't explain why the woman was just carrying her shoes around, and then just set them down on the sidewalk. If she was in a panic to run away she would've dropped them, not set them down neatly.

Also, the guy clearly had socks on when Brenton was leaving. It wasn't a visual artifact or anything, it was very clear. He had no socks when Brenton shot him, then when Brenton left he had socks on all of a sudden.

Seems like a B-movie fuck-up to me.



Ok just for you I will make a full analytic tomorrow, frame by frame. You nuts lol.


Guy wears Sneakers, no Socks. lel



>you nuts lol

In addition to being gullible, you type like a nigger.



Where do the socks change?



Common law says 1 year and 1 day is the limit for DOT kills. So no, it's too long after the act.



When Brenton first enters the building, one of the guys he shoots in the hallway is barefoot. When he leaves to exit the building, the same guy has socks on.






I think you’re too confident in the police’s effectiveness



Cops in real life don't work like they do in GTA.






But seriously would (((they))) operate this audaciously in broad daylight?



Nigger they assassinated Kennedy in broad daylight, of course they'd off some crisis actor (or their parent) who talked too much.



Fishy. Perhaps those two were about to come clean and tell the truth.



Can you post screenshots? I don't see it.



jesus christ that image is embarrassingly grasping at straws


File: 5874dcefeae495f⋯.png (217.24 KB, 477x347, 477:347, firmly grasp them.png)


>grasping at straws


Wait, 16 kids for that last guy gave him only 16 xp?


File: d55bb3a581b0da5⋯.jpg (179.26 KB, 800x450, 16:9, excusemebutwtf.jpg)

File: 008dfaeea7f7b9b⋯.png (259.1 KB, 1200x627, 400:209, Wellington Menezes.png)

File: 22c75542665b857⋯.jpg (33.3 KB, 1040x585, 16:9, Wellington liked Islam.jpg)

File: 342cdefa25fdab6⋯.jpg (44.57 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Realengo loadout.jpg)

>Open previous thread

>Ctrl-f "Wellington Menezes"


>Ctrl-f "Realengo"


>Open this thread

>0/0 for both searches

Excuse me fellow huebots but what the fuck? How could you ever forget such a based man who was a robot like us? Well I'm bored, got nothing else to do and this board could use a little activity so it looks like its up to me to tell the tale of this unsung hero's revenge against bullying and roasties that ended in 12 deaths (not counting his own) and 13 wounded. Make yourselves comfortable and brace for heavy feels, its storytime.

Our hero, Wellington Menezes de Oliveira; was born in July 13, 1987, In Rio de Janeiro; he was taken away from his mother as a baby and put up for adoption because his mother was mentally ill and tried to kill herself, he ended up being adopted by a mature woman. As a kid, Wellington displayed typical robot behavior such as being very introverted, quiet, shy and tried his best to stay out of trouble. He was a target of serious bullying at school, being bullied boys as well as girls who instigated the boys and laughed at the things they did to Wellington; he received insults and assaults by groups of boys on a regular basis, who once even shoved him headfirst into a toiled bowl. On September 11, 2001, the World Trade Center was (((attacked and destroyed by a terrorist attack carried out by al-Qaeda))), Wellington was very impressed by this event and became fascinated by terror attacks and Islamic insurgency, he would later develop the habit of reading the Qur'an 4 hours per day and stopped shaving his beard. Aside from reading the Islamic holy book, he spent most of his day on the internet, reading about terrorism and learning about weapons.

The anti-bullying jihadist started planning his revenge in 2010, he took shooting lessons, worked out and recorded a video of himself reading a short message, describing what would be done in the future https://invidio.us/watch?v=ekNgYWlsy7E

>Most people disrespect me, they think I'm an idiot, taking advantage of my kindness, judging me in advance. They are false and disloyal.

>They will discover who I am in the most radical way in an action that I will do for those who are similar to me, who are humiliated, assaulted and disrespected in various places, especially in schools and colleges, for the fact that they are different, for not being part of the group of infidels, the disloyal, the false and the corrupt, the evil ones.

>They are humiliated for being kind.

He illegally bought two revolvers, a Taurus Model 73 snub-nose chambered in .32 and a Rossi Model 971 chambered in .38, along with some speedloaders, a bandolier and plenty of ammo. He also recorded another 3 videos prior to the jihad, which I will link and post a translated transcript.


File: 2936e569f8786d5⋯.jpg (17.39 KB, 480x270, 16:9, Realengo Weapons.jpg)

File: c6fa74fa4ad57d7⋯.jpg (23.78 KB, 652x408, 163:102, Wellington with blood in h….jpg)



>I want to make it very clear that I'm against wars or any act of violence with out a just cause,I also want to make it very clear that I'm not responsible for all the deaths that will occur, although my fingers will be responsible for pulling the trigger.

>Each time you see someone ridiculing a person for their physical appearance, clothing or whatever may be the reason; each time you see someone being humiliated and assaulted unjustly; each time you see someone suffering prejudice or being discriminated; each time you see someone being taken advantage of their kindness or their innocence; remember that this kind of person was responsible for all those deaths, including my own.

>Many of them try to occult themselves, but deep down most people are like that, they either assault or mock those who are assaulted. I was often assaulted by a group and all of those who were nearby mocked me, they were amused by the humiliations which I suffered without caring about my feelings.

>They like taking advantage of the weak and the helpless; they like taking advantage of the innocent, ridiculing the faithful ones. When I say "faithful" I don't mean those who practice religions, because many fornicators, adulterers, sinners, aggressors and infidels in general practice religions even regularly. When I say "faithful" I mean those who follow the laws of god and preserve themselves by staying away from everything that would stain their dignity.

>The type of people who have the quality of not judging or cherrypicking who they respect by appearance, practicing or not. Jesus din't preach religion, but the sacred scriptures; religion isn't something sacred, most religions fool people with false teachings, like teaching that there is something inside the human being that survives the afterlife, divine teaching of the false followers of god who spread their false doctrines through the world fooling millions of people, distorting the sacred scriptures, only the word of god is sacred.

>The ones I repudiate the most are those who give in to the pressure of the infidels; becoming like them while thinking they are being clever, or even because of fear, become like them; giving in to their pressure, doing their will and giving up their own values.

>I should keep living, breathing, seeing and hearing, feeling; but because of the infidel, I will no longer be able to live, hear, feel nor breathe. Because of them, my living conditions will cease; I will be dead very soon because of them.

>But I give up my life for you, faithful ones; if god finds me worthy, when the great Jesus returns, God will restore me and put a portion of his spirit within me, so that I could relive and finally have eternal life. Who knows, maybe I will turn from a mortal being into a spiritual being, to live eternally in the heavens.

>But if god finds me unworthy, if he judges what I have done as unnecessary; I'm aware that I will remain asleep in death for all eternity, but at least I died for the faithful ones and I will never regret that.

>I had a job, had a house, everything a person needs to live well; but I couldn't live well knowing you suffer everyday at the hands of the infidels, that's why I preferred to do something to balance this cruel scenario, died for those who are incapable of defending themselves, who are ridiculed, assaulted and humiliated; those who suffer at the hands of cruel people, cowards; who take advantage of their naivety and their weakness.


File: be0c93fb4c58768⋯.jpg (22.97 KB, 550x413, 550:413, Wellington posing like Cho.jpg)


>I died to inspire you, brothers, to defend yourselves and strengthen yourselves. My wish is to establish an union between you, my strongest and bravest brothers; pay attention and defend weaker brothers, together you will be much stronger. I want you to fight and make sure justice is always done. Never give yourselves up, never give up, don't let my death be in vain; many of you can be strong, becoming combatants in the battle against the wicked, preparing yourselves to kill and to die; watching over weaker brothers with zeal, inspiring them to be like you, inspire the new generation of brothers.

>These days we have the internet, there are websites where you can create communities where brothers can find themselves. Other websites contain instructions on how to make bombs, for example. Together we can plan strikes much larger against the infidels. Together you could put together funds to buy weapons, ammo and material for the construction of explosives. My wish is for the creation of a combat network against the infidels made by the brothers; obviously being very careful, because there will probably be many infidels who will try to infiltrate, you must be very careful when accepting new members.

>Well brothers, I want to congratulate brother (I don't know how to spell that name or who that person is) for his excellent attitude that helped in the combat against the evil ones, having my total approval and satisfaction, I'm very proud of this brother; I want to remind you of the brothers Cho Hui and Edmar Aparecido Freitas; although they are already sleeping, I congratulate them, and I would like to ask you brothers and sisters to never forget those brothers, you should consider them icons in the fight against the infidels.

>United you can wait for something we all wish for: For the evil ones to be extinct. May god bless you.


>Well brothers I still remember all the humiliations I went through at the hands of these cowards; I was assaulted, humiliated, ridiculed, and sometimes what hurts the most is when they did all of these cowardices against me and everyone around me just laughed, mocked, they were amused without caring about my feelings; but what irritates me the most today is knowing this scenario has been repeating itself and nothing is being done against those cowards and cruel people, and analyzing this scenario; I realized that something must be done against those cowards; they need to know, everybody must know that there are brothers, that you have brothers prepared to kill and prepared to die in your defense.

>So that they may know, so that everybody may know, that are brothers willing to give their lives for you, inspiring you to defend yourselves up to the final consequences, brothers.



File: d11a2a07dbd50ca⋯.jpg (40.73 KB, 500x375, 4:3, Rest in peace, brother Wel….jpg)


>First of all you should know that the impure ones shall not touch me without gloves, only the chaste ones or those who lost their chastity after wedlock and were not involved in adultery shall touch me without gloves, in other words, no fornicator or adulterer shall have direct contact with me, nor should anything that is impure touch my blood, no impure person shall have contact with a virgin without their permission, those who prepare my burial shall remove all my garments, bathe me, dry me and drape me completely undressed in a white sheet which is in this building, in a bag that I have left in the primary room of the first floor, after wrapping me in this sheet they shall put me in my coffin. If possible, I want to be buried alongside the grave where my mother lies.

>My mother is called Dicéa Menezes de Oliveira and she is buried in Murundu cemetery. I need a visit from a faithful follower of the Lord to my grave at least once, I need him to pray in front of my grave asking for God's forgiveness for what I have done imploring that Jesus on his return wake me from the sleep of death for eternal life.

>I have left a house in Sepetiba of which none of my family members need, there are poor institutions, financed by generous people who take care of abandoned animals, I want this space where I spent my last months to be donated to one of these institutions, because animals are very unappreciated beings and need much more protection and affection than human beings who have the advantage of being able to communicate, work to feed themselves, therefore, those who take my house, I please ask to have good sense and fulfill my request, by fulfilling my request, you will fulfill the will of the parents who wished to pass this estate onto me and everybody knows this, if you do not fulfill my request, automatically you will be disrespecting the will of my parents, which will prove that you have no consideration for them, I believe that you all have respect for our parents, prove this by doing what I asked.

skip to 6:28, video recorded the night before the jihad

>Today is Wednesday, day 6 of October of 2011 (pretty sure he meant to say April, tho), its almost 7PM, I will soon be leaving here from Sepetiba, I'm still in Sepetiba; I will soon be heading to Realengo, nearby Realengo, where I will be lodged in the Shelton Hotel, to prepare myself, and despite everything I passed on to you, what I suffered; you probably still can't imagine other things I went through. Remember that I was just like you, suffered a lot, but became this strong person, courageous, and this is my last speech that I'm passing to you guys; and I want you to stick with god, each day of your lives, god will illuminate your lives, and I hope that no more evil ones will have to die so that the weaker brothers can be in peace.

>Have a life perspective, of respect, dignity, and don't suffer at the hand of these cruel cowards. Stay with god, brothers, faith in god, Amen.


2 days before the jihad

>The fight which others brothers in the past have died, and in which I will die, isn't exclusively for what is known bullying; our fight is against cruel people, cowards, who take advantage of the kindness, of the innocence, of the weakness of people who are incapable of defending themselves.

>Have you brothers noticed that I shaved my beard? It was necessary, because I was already planning to go to the location, to study, look for a form of infiltration, and already had gone before many months ago, I still din't had a beard (I wonder if meant "I still had"). I went to analyze it, today is Tuesday by the way, I went yesterday, Monday; today is Tuesday, day 5; today is day 5, and that was a tactic to avoid attracting attention, despite me being alone, virtually not having a family, I live alone and don't have any one to give explanations, but since I was checking the location , and interacting with people to avoid getting attracting attention I decided to shave the beard.


File: c4501e4c72f1ed2⋯.png (309.8 KB, 1200x627, 400:209, Wellington aiming down sig….png)

File: 262f2db5f887641⋯.png (15.21 KB, 406x102, 203:51, See you Space Cowboy.PNG)

File: 8054e4a6851ad3b⋯.gif (937.86 KB, 350x200, 7:4, big boss tears.gif)

File: 2e94be02ab21863⋯.gif (3.88 MB, 300x170, 30:17, a terrible day for rain.gif)


Wellington arrived at the school at 8AM, well dressed; he identified himself as a former student who returned as a speaker and that he was going to have a talk with the morning students.Once inside, he went up to the first floor and entered an eighth grade classroom; the survivors said that at first Wellington was very polite, he greeted the students then put his bag on a table, then pulled his weapons out and held the class at gunpoint. Our hero started to shoot roasties in the head and boys in the arms and legs, survivors also said that during the killings, Wellington referred to the girls as "impure beings" and put the barrel right on their foreheads before pulling the trigger. Panic and mayhem ensued after the first couple of gunshots as the students run out of their classrooms and head towards the exit, the anti bully jihadist entered the opposing classroom and continued purging infidels, still targeting the roasts specifically. In this opposing classroom, he actually spared a fat boy who was pleading for his life

<I asked him for the love of god don't kill me and he just said

>Chill out fatty, I'm not going to do anything to you.

Unfortunately, its time for the villains of the story to show up, 2 cops from the traffic police who were performing a inspection nearby were called by a wounded student who escaped the school, military policemen (gendarmerie) who were working with the traffic cops ran to the school as fast as they could and when one of the pigs encountered our hero, he shot him in the leg and in the abdomen, Wellington fell down the stairs and shot himself in the head.

F O O T A G E=



This man alone got more kills than the Suzano boys. He fought for people like us, promise me you will never forget him.


File: db17f1202b8a020⋯.png (272.93 KB, 399x312, 133:104, Smug Orangutan.png)


>caring about some hue-turned-sandnigger in a country with gun violence every 2.6 seconds


File: cce467e7dad92f2⋯.jpg (213.59 KB, 1415x704, 1415:704, Wellington hailed as a her….jpg)


>hue-turned-sandnigger in a country with gun violence every 2.6 seconds

You're not wrong, but you seem to ignore his motives and everything he went through in his childhood and teenagehood. He is the only shooter that I'm aware of that flat out said he was fighting against bullying and that he gave up everything he had to stand up for the helpless and the meek. I honestly did not expect this kind of response, I guess you're a white robot who's too pissed off at non-whites and mudslimes shitting all over white countries, I can understand why you would feel that way since I'm very aware of what's happening to the white race and disapprove white genocide.



Islam is based. If Muslims stayed where they belong I'm sure people would realize this.

>keeps roasties in line

>bans degeneracy such as alcohol

>kills fags

>hate kikes

Why aren't you a chad Wahabbi?


File: 1065b869a64b4ad⋯.png (440.43 KB, 567x549, 63:61, CBS Denver 111854957472815….png)

File: f17025bf28e6b54⋯.png (442.27 KB, 565x555, 113:111, Anica Padilla 111854963596….png)

do we have a thread about Sol Pais yet? Apparently they arrested her for making a Columbine joke and buying a shotgun to go hunting in the forest with some friends



Islam says a man can fuck all the whores he wants as long as he "marries" them and then says divorce 3 times. It tolerates literal bestiality, as long as you kill the animal afterwards. Pedophilia and inbreeding run rampant in islamic countries, to the point that their stillbirths and miscarriages are reaching equal levels to their birthrates.

Islam is everything wrong with normalfags magnified through a lens of caveman era barbarism.


File: 075069d44280407⋯.png (848.06 KB, 1156x856, 289:214, 0504270816.PNG)

File: 94fbb40ee2d433a⋯.jpg (8.34 KB, 465x311, 465:311, Wellington aiming down sig….jpg)


It seems Sol was just being edgy and got shafted for a columbine joke, I was expecting Nasim 2.0 but got a nothingburger instead. No need to create a thread for her.



>Islam is everything wrong with normalfags magnified through a lens of caveman era barbarism.

I absolutely agree with this, the only good things about Islam is that they hate homosexualism. While they have a tight leash around their roasties and some groups of muslims do hate kikes, not all muslims loathe jews and they even have lived and fought side by side in the past. They are slowly giving roasties some freedoms too, like when Saudi Arabia allowed them to drive and even vote. One thing I want to point out about Wellington is that while he was very fond of Islam, he had Christian beliefs. He used to attend Jehovah Witness's churches together with his adoptive mother when she was still alive, he stopped going to church after she died but as you can see in the speech where he mentions Jesus, he still had some Christianity in him.







Thanks a lot for translating all of that man. I already knew him, but since i dont speak portuguese i never really got to know him well. The first time i watched his video manifesto i just thougth he was completely nuts and schizophrenic, Cho-tier. But, now that i have watched all of the videos and their transcript, i can relate to him. He wasn't that nuts. He just made up his own interpretation of religion (as general Cho) and just got mad bullied.

>When I say "faithful" I don't mean those who practice religions, because many fornicators, adulterers, sinners, aggressors and infidels in general practice religions even regularly. When I say "faithful" I mean those who follow the laws of god and preserve themselves by staying away from everything that would stain their dignity.

I like how he clarifies the religion aspect of his manifesto, it makes it clear that he's not a fundamentalist or a jihadist or whatever. Usually the media cherrypicks things or sentences and make them look like they're absolutely nuts, but most of the times it's actually quite more complex than that, they have their reasoning and usually aren't that mad crazy, sometimes not even mentally ill.

I don't think you need to be mentally ill to do something like this. All you need is to push a man over the edge. Thanks for redpilling me on Wellington.

I'd like to learn about non-american/brit shootings but the language barrier is a thing.

Is there any german robro that could redpill me on Tim Kretschmer/Robert Steinhauser/Ali David Sonboly?


File: e7b9fa90dca0b2f⋯.jpg (103.78 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, battles-muslims-vs-crusade….jpg)


Islam is shit.

>only hate kikes for religious reasons, don't actually oppose them racially

>allow kikes who convert to islam to become regular, fully-accepted muslims

>turns a blind-eye to grown men fucking young boys

>kills open fags but is okay with trannies

>have no racial law whatsoever, racism is haram

>primary proponents are arabs, a race with a large amount of nigger blood through centuries of mixing

>allowed to lie

>overly-sexualized religion (just read the Koran if you doubt me; for example, it describes the holy ghost entering Mary as "slipping past the folds of her vagina")

>tried to invade Europe countless times in the past (at the initial behest of the kikes, mind you, but at this point the golem is no longer controlled by the master)

>regularly rape White little girls (ie prepubescent)

Reminder that sandniggers, and their religion, are just as bad as the kikes, and both are the enemy.



Your problem with Islam seems to be almost entirely from a racial perspective. There is no religion which includes opposition to ethnic jews as part of its inherent dogma.



That doesn't make islam good, it makes the others negligent in that aspect as well.


File: 99bec175ff7ecad⋯.jpg (5.32 KB, 140x233, 140:233, Edmar Aparecido Freitas.jpg)

File: 4e0be57da98e980⋯.jpg (56.32 KB, 652x408, 163:102, Coronel Benedito Ortiz Pub….jpg)

File: 5dddb17524f6247⋯.jpg (88.57 KB, 627x478, 627:478, Bullet hole.jpg)


>Thanks a lot for translating all of that man

You're welcome! Since Wellington mentioned a brother named "Edmar Aparecido Freitas", I decided to investigate who he was and what he did; what I found is yet another school shooting caused by bullying, its storytime again but this one won't be as long and also won't have any videos.

Born and raised in the little town of Taiúva, located in São Paulo's countryside; Edmar Aparecido Freitas was the only child of a farmer and a housewife, he studied in the Coronel Benedito Ortiz public school, where he was frequently bullied for being obese despite being a completely normal kid. According to parents, former teachers and classmates, Edmar was a calm kid, a polite and disciplined student who never caused any trouble. Tired of being mocked because of his weight, he decided to go on a diet and started exercising at gyms, however he continued being bullied even after getting fit. Somewhen before graduating high school in 2002, Edmar bought a .38 revolver and 105 rounds. In January 27, 2003, at 14:40, he jumped over the school's wall and headed for the courtyard carrying a bag containing his gun, it was recess and there were about 50 students in the courtyard, he pulled the gun from his bag and started opening fire on the normalniggers, hitting 5 of them. He reloaded his gun then went inside the school building, where he shot a teacher and another student. Edmar went back outside and headed for the janitorial house, shot a janitor and put the barrel of his gun right against the chest of his wife but when she started pleading for her life, he turned the gun against the side of his own head and pulled the trigger. Unfortunately Edmar was the only one who died in this shooting and everyone else who got shot ended up surviving, although one student became paraplegic. He fired 15 shots and still had 85 rounds in his pockets, he seriously could have done a better job.

Police investigators searched Edmar's home and there they found a .22 Revolver along with magazines promoting National Socialism and Adolf Hitler, one was called "The Apocalypse Has Already Begun"; the chief of police in charge of the investigation claimed that he might have been planning the shooting for about 2 months. When his family was questioned by police, they said Edmar din't use drugs, din't had a girlfriend, wasn't part of a gang and rarely went out at night; however, recently he wasn't letting his parents go into his room. When students were questioned by the police, a couple of them said Edmar sometimes joked about blowing up the school and killing some students.



https://dissolvedgirl.neocities.org/, she's got a pretty cool website, she committed suicide or something though.



Cowbo jihad NOW



I identify with this guy

It is always the normalshits who exploit your kindness and innocence

And whe worst thing is they don't even feel bad for doing it, it is fun to them

Interesting thing, he had muslim background but grew up with a local woman as mother. Seems like you can not take the wildness out of the middle eastern



>And the worst thing is they don't even feel bad for doing it, it is fun to them

Yep, normalniggers are monsters. They may call mass shooters "psychos" but in my opinion, they are fucking projecting, they are the real psychopaths.

>he had muslim background but grew up with a local woman as mother. Seems like you can not take the wildness out of the middle eastern

No no no, he was 100% Brazilian, he wasn't middle eastern at all. He was taken away from his real mother because she was too mentally ill and got put up for adoption. He ended up being adopted by a mature woman who was a Jehovah Witness, she also used to take him to church. After (((9/11))) happened Wellington became fascinated with Islamic terrorism and when his adoptive mother died he stopped going to church, started reading the Qur'an, grew a beard and started dressing in a Muslim-like fashion. As I said in a previous post, he wasn't a real Muslim and still had some Christian beliefs, it was like he was LARPing as a muslim.



>a country with gun violence every 2.6 seconds

You mean like the US?


File: adc3662f3f0c919⋯.jpg (18.19 KB, 300x225, 4:3, gangs-in-black-america-300….jpg)


In the US it's constant

t. amerimutt who speaks from experience



200+ dead in Sri Lanka attacks

Whenever I hear something like this, I initially expect it to be a city-wide attack like Mumbai or Paris, but it isn't in this case.



Muslims are the terror-attack kings. Would-be Breiviks should take notes



apparently they were bombing a church/christians, i dont keep up with the news. im surprised that missionaries dont respect the fact that they arent welcome there, and that trying to change a countries culture like this has always been grounds for war/violence (probably), and that maybe some actual resistance/protection would be a good thing. not too much so that it looks like a staging ground for a holy war, but enough for deterrent, or to at least defend themselves when they get the persecution


File: 4a04c6ed4f61490⋯.jpeg (39.36 KB, 534x890, 3:5, Guilherme.jpeg)






Thanks for this. It's interesting to see into the mind of a guy like this, since he actually had a cause to kill for instead of just vengeance. I'm surprised he isn't brought up more.

Would you happen to know anything more about the Suzano shooters? There was some brief coverage and hubub after but got overshadowed in the media since the mosque attack happened just two days after. I'm aware they were columbine copycats and regulars on dogolachan and 55chan but I don't know much about them other than that.



Are you retarded? There have been Christian Sri Lankans for centuries. And it has nothing to do with the natives not wanting Christians there (in spite of those Christians being Sri Lankans themselves), because a vast majority of the country is Hindu. Muslims are a minority there, and are the ones who carried out the attack.



I like that this was already memory holed while Tarrant was ingrained in the mind for a week at least


File: 73b9ffc35741c14⋯.png (227.36 KB, 1888x898, 944:449, 26249937c6891709a72c67c5f3….png)

File: e79ce27ef00b9b4⋯.jpg (277 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, blue shirt.jpg)

Failed BT copycat in San Diego today. 4 wounded, 0 fatal injuries.


File: ba8109b1f369871⋯.jpg (40.13 KB, 649x481, 649:481, GG_ALLIN_DEAD.jpg)


>4 injured

>0 killed

Fucking morons, they're supposed to boil their anger for the exact moment, not to chimp out so easily


File: 44aef93b4cfcb42⋯.gif (1.86 MB, 300x296, 75:74, 44aef93b4cfcb42c0565e71393….gif)


>been lurking for a year and a half



background on that one?


File: 5968de0b62e1984⋯.jpg (105.49 KB, 900x900, 1:1, condescending druid.jpg)

File: 7c6c388df86e162⋯.png (92.89 KB, 450x188, 225:94, ClipboardImage.png)


Probably a retard that fell for the DOTR meme without even thinking why he should aspire for it.

Even Alek Minnassian was less stupid than this one


File: c624d1ef495082b⋯.pdf (110.51 KB, Open Letter.pdf)


Here's his manifesto. Seems he was mostly just a bored zoomer wanting the same recognition that Tarrant got


File: f33838c8bdfaa52⋯.png (56.47 KB, 554x439, 554:439, 1442965459245.png)

File: 69d6bfcfd6da8ab⋯.png (17.94 KB, 1299x225, 433:75, Pianoboy.PNG)


I don't know much about the Suzano boys any more than you do and I never felt like digging into this shooting because it happened when I was in a really bad mood and I couldn't give less of a shit to what happened in this

nigger of a world. I'm still not interested in them because I have seen the footage of one of them dropping colossal amounts of spaghetti and almost getting trampled by escaping normalniggers, that kind of incompetence just pisses me off. Just to make things clear: I don't hate them, I still appreciate their effort.

>regulars on dogolachan and 55chan

I rarely go into hue imageboards so I have no idea if this is true but I have seen rumors claiming the media lied and that dogolachan's owner played along with this bullshit for the lulz.


Exactly what >>309473 said, just a failed Tarrant copycat. He had a decent manifesto though https://pastebin.com/raw/VXXFQMTW . He will be forever known as "Pianoboy".


File: abd032702bdf680⋯.jpg (24.48 KB, 396x233, 396:233, whatalovelyday 12421534623….jpg)


>he accidentally set the livestream privacy to 'private' so no one could watch it


>tfw the normal trend in the early 20's will be failed attempts of terrorism in the name of shitposters and astroturfers on the internet.


File: 6a9d32be2135287⋯.webm (211.19 KB, 640x360, 16:9, What a Time to Be Alive.webm)


>tfw the normal trend in the early 20's will be failed attempts of terrorism in the name of shitposters and astroturfers on the internet.


File: 74a3354d18f7de1⋯.gif (150.54 KB, 372x369, 124:123, 1466651671925.gif)



This is the redpilled generation that's going to start fires around the world? How lame and embarrassing can these kids get?


You need to be capable of anger in the first place, and this kid was too young if he had any anger above a spergout at all. They larp around talking about volk after going on /pol/ for a few months, and think listening to classical music and reading books will instantly grant them enlightenment.


File: 657e1097bdcc813⋯.png (389.47 KB, 614x743, 614:743, screenshot-twitter.com-201….png)

Update: looks like pianoboy got one kill


File: f98f399ee7093d6⋯.webm (718.62 KB, 640x360, 16:9, clap.webm)


I'm willing to forgive his massive incompetence since at least the single kill he got happened to be a roastie.



>memeboi wants to go on killing spree to get internet fame like tarrant

>writes gay manifesto with tons of smileys like teenage girl

>writes walls of text with unnecessary shit

>even gives excuses and justifications why he is going on a spree

what happened to just being a psychopath and doing it for the lulz?

Please dear zoomers, when you go on killing sprees, do it right

Not this faggot shit and please don't mention 8chan like a fucking attention whore

we don't need more FBI spyware in this shitty site. The images and videos already take eternity to load



I'm starting to think these threads before mass shootings are CIA/MKULTRA shit. 8/pol/ is a hollow, retarded shell of its former self.



Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity



>writes walls of text with unnecessary shit

This would be acceptable if he had good things to say



Minnassian was such a fucking mess of dumb bullshit that they literally had nothing to work with and latched onto the "incel" part of a facebook post that was never even confirmed real. The memory holed his entire social media presence and ran with the incel story for weeks instead, which is why feminists are now so obsessed with the term and the dumb reddit faggots who adopt that label.


What do you think this guy did wrong?

>didn't train and research

>didn't write a good, motivating manifesto


File: 57097ab270cf63c⋯.png (559.31 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, d2ea141906b1a0ee59286499b5….png)


>What do you think this guy did wrong?

Almost everything, he even called the cops on himself before starting the shooting. Some witnesses are claiming he froze up on the spot so maybe he wasn't emotionally and mentally ready for this at all.

>>didn't write a good, motivating manifesto

I disagree. While it was formatted really badly and did felt like a ripoff of Tarrant's, it did made me feel like molotov'ing a synagogue. Some of the jokes and memes were pretty good too but that Skyrim reference was just awful.


File: 09421667dbc8320⋯.jpg (41.39 KB, 371x348, 371:348, 1414741368802.jpg)


If you're going to do these things primarily for political reasons don't even bother writing a manifesto, everyone knows why you did it. Kaczynski's are the only quality ones, the rest are insufferably narcissistic or cringy political LARP.


File: 1715a7f3c0eab57⋯.jpg (40.22 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, Earnest.jpg)

File: 2fd0799f2e9682b⋯.mp4 (6.41 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, jy0rOopR1Oq_ulqo.mp4)

File: 4271f2e8200e5dd⋯.jpg (21.41 KB, 588x250, 294:125, pence.jpg)


Far too overzealous in wanting to be like St. Tarrant. Had he actually put a little more time into training with a gun or even thinking out his plan maybe he wouldn't have pussied out and called the cops on himself when shit got real. Maybe he wasn't even the type of kid who should have done something like this.


>good future prospects

But if his goal was recognition (every fucking talking head on twitter is prattling on about it) and further accelerationism of gun control then he got his wish.



This world is so twisted. American politicians are defending kikes publicly. Using this pathetic incident to bash on antisemitism. What a twisted world. Everybody is so evil and stupid.



The way Pence and his neocon ilk stick up for jewry is especially gross. It's a special type of boomer groveling that incites in me equal parts utter disgust and absolute hatred.


File: cdce158dd69b3ef⋯.jpg (64.56 KB, 604x340, 151:85, 1445802469939.jpg)


Hahaha, /pol/ claims yet another victim. Too bad this time the goofball is a complete fucking retard. He couldnt do anything right to earn a bit of respect from any side. On another note, this is evidence that normalfaggots are very easy to drive around like a dulled dear.





And yet theres idiots out there who think, in a positive perspective, that Trump is the second coming of Hitler.



Pretty sure the last of those deluded faggots stopped believing that after the Syria airstrikes



America is the seat of world Jewry if we look at the situation from a purely numerical perspective. If they didn’t pay homage to their masters they’d never get elected again since the Jewish-run press would manipulate the rabble against them and pull their funding. All politicians are slaves to Zion, even if unwillingly, it’s how democracy works






>>good future prospects

If he couldn't salvage his life at fucking 19, he's a pussy coward who just gave up. Could have been slamming thots, and then found a qt waifu to breed. Even if they divorce and she takes half his shit, he'd still have been able to make it if he'd been investing properly.

Guy is a delusional zoomer cuck, took no personal responsibility. Dumber than the rodge for him to throw such good times away to kill strangers.

<Maybe Lost everything on crypto and then wanted to ragequit life?



>Antisemitism isn't just wrong - it's evil.

disregarding the muh kike hate bit I've always hated when people say this sort of thing. In my mind anyways (regarding morals) wrong = evil. Maybe it's because normalfaggots are always talking about "moral ambiguity" to the point that things don't fucking make sense. If something is wrong then it's wrong, no circumstances can make a wrong thing right, and doing something wrong is evil. One can incorrectly believe something right is wrong and vice versa, but never can a thing be "kind of" right or "kind of" wrong.

If he really wanted to use the word "evil" then he should have just said it plainly.



I take no issue with moral ambiguity or moral relativism. My issue stems with the misuse of it. Even if it's relative, it must be consistent if it is to be adhered to. However, we all know that most people who tout such things have an inconsistent world-view. Separately, if one accepts relativism, one must accept the multitudes of moral standards that are all "equally" as good as long as they're consistent.


File: 6da81dbad07443b⋯.jpg (42.46 KB, 400x371, 400:371, 3dpd.jpg)



>qt waifu to breed

Shoo normalfag! Shoo! Leave this place at once.



been a robot longer than you, but you've internalized your inadequacy.

You can't get and keep a qtgf, so you've tricked yourself into thinking you don't want one.

Ultimate sour grapes

congratulations, you've cucked yourself

Obviously 2D is superior, but we have to be realistic.



Congratulations, you played yourself.


File: 7e5596b30aa5ba7⋯.png (204.59 KB, 334x402, 167:201, a24cebb4ad580efaa95bcd2d96….png)


t. projection



I guess that's what I mean rather than "ambiguity". Inconsistency is fucking enraging to me.


>You can't get and keep a qtgf, so you've tricked yourself into thinking you don't want one.



Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


A couple of the things in his retarded manifesto seem to be huge misconceptions, but the one that most enrages me is this:

>I did not choose to be a Christian. The Father chose me.

This is fucking gay, clearly he didn't actually read the Bible much. Also when he quotes Matthew 27, he's not using it correctly. Pilate was killing Jesus (ordering his death, rather) because he was forced to by the people shouting at him. Not because he wanted to save anything or because Jesus deserved to die, to him all he was doing was executing an innocent man that everyone wanted dead for some reason. The other verses (and the one that he "can't remember" the reference to) seem to be misused too, except for the ones from Revelation. At least his understanding of salvation seems to be right:

>Know that you are saved in Christ and nothind-not death, or torture, or sin-can steal your soul away from God.

And he's not a bad piano player.



yes that is the meemee I was referring to. VerGoodJob

>mosque arsonist

Absolute retard


I wish we could have gotten the livestream of him killing one Jew, his gun jamming and him running away to call the cops on himself. Toppest kek



It's so fucking embarassing. Even spending just a few more weeks preparing would've resulted in being able to get some kills beyond the first, and to have a backup gun.



Pilot executed Jesus because the kikes threatened an uprising if he didn't, which would probably put his job (and life) on the line because Rome



Didn't know that, all i hear regarding missionaries is either "its great look at all the people who believe" or "pray for the prosecuted church". Either way they should have guns to counter attack the local mosque



Didn't he wash his hands (literally) and let the jews settle their bickering themselves? Church always painted pilot as a bad guy, but all he did was say "yah sure whatever". I guess the romans who mocked jesus were pretty bad, they had no stake in his death yet acted sadistically, but pilot seemed neutral. Also why hate a man when his actions were prophesized? Jesus had to die to beat up satan so everyone could get a way into heaven right? Why antagonize the people who were tools to this end


File: c4e7f03593e8f5e⋯.gif (515.87 KB, 496x498, 248:249, honk.gif)



>when four of the last mass shootings in the past six months were by imageboard posters


>when four of the last mass shootings in the past six months

Anon, I only know about Suzano, Tarrant, and Earnest. What's the fourth?



The Thousand Oaks shooter posted on /tv/ about a happening a few hours before the shooting.



And we get closer to image boards being banned, users of image boards getting put on a list, etc.



Probably Bowers counts too.



we will just move onto the pedoweb tor


File: 4897416462c7118⋯.png (304.16 KB, 492x362, 246:181, ClipboardImage.png)


.onion is synonymous with that.



I rather have 2D banned tbh.


El Goblino just shot up UNCC


File: 2c2ad0b537258b6⋯.jpg (45.62 KB, 662x868, 331:434, 2c2ad0b537258b6e04336e45bc….jpg)


Well look at who has your cancer meme fucked up. Fucking retards


File: 44a2bba7c1dbea8⋯.mp4 (1.33 MB, 640x360, 16:9, lel.mp4)


which came first, the reality or the memes?



I think aids came first than everything tbh

What does he even say?


Also where the fuck is the "manifesto" of this kike? It seems like everyone is failing miserably to pull of a Brenton and they are all coming up with retarded blogspots. Everyone is claiming that he wrote something about trump and inmigration but nobody has fucking evidence about it, everyone is just spouting a possible lie. A possible lie that will bite these places in the butt even more, when everytime a shooting happens niggers can say that "he wrote sumthin on da ebil h8 machin", giving attention to these places, and filling them with even more newfags. This is frustrating.


File: 345fcf4e6e56772⋯.jpg (55.33 KB, 529x630, 529:630, social.jpg)

I think Afro faggot is a dud tbh

>tons of people claim that the shooter wrote a manifesto

>but it so luckily hot deleted by mods in the span of a minute

>and the anons that claim such don't have the original text on the archives

It all just reeks of a false narrative to drag imageboards to the news again. I hate this.



What did he say? I couldn't make it out.



He just spit at him




>I just went into his classroom and shot the guy


There was no manifesto posted on 4channel. Closest thing was some tumblr post


Also the faggot was a confirmed autist



Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>a bad thing


File: e5a2f29d58f6ec5⋯.jpg (575.49 KB, 627x833, 627:833, screen.jpg)


I think it's funny. It's even popping up in headlines.


Post your most effective and lethal ways of mass shooting/school shooting/mass murder in general

I think the best way is something as easy as blowing up a metro train that isn't in a inner city. There are times when the metro has to go innawoods or somewhere a bit far away from the big city, away from people and buildings. Just learn when the metro passes by, when it reaches its peak of people, and the night before, dig a hole next to the rails, plant a homemade anti vehicle bomb (just some hundreds of explosives literally), a remote detonator, and when the metro passes by it goes kaboom. Plus, if no one saw you placing the bombs, it will be very, very hard for cops to know who did it.

If you dont want to use explosives, then literally just cut up the rails and some people will die for sure, plus less clues for cops to know who did it.

Now post yours.

(ofc we don't want this to happen nor we do support mass murder, this is just fiction)



>nigger who shot up the school is mentally ill victim

>white bois who shoot up mosques and synagogues are purely entirely ebil white supremacists

dat double standards



>blowing up a train

>instead of just manipulating the railroads at night

daily reminder that buying lots of fetrtilizer for use in explosives will get you on an FBI watch list. and yes, timmy vee is still the king of mentally ill mass murderers. One bomb, 170 dead, 600+ wounded



>daily reminder that buying lots of fetrtilizer for use in explosives will get you on an FBI watch list

Even McVeigh managed to avoid that by not being a retard about it

<paid with cash

>bought in small quantities at a time

>bought from multiple sources


File: 885ec79dcd8c9f8⋯.jpg (198.51 KB, 1068x1077, 356:359, death in june.jpg)


My mind has been deviating lately on who should truly be destroyed.

On one hand you have the spics, that just breed like rats and behave like the lowest scum of the earth. These spics then go each weekend to a Satanic ritual that let's call it "nightclubbing". These spics also end up eating up the shit that national news networks end up shitting out. And also end up the shit music that ends up being shat out.

Since killing spics individually would take too much time for a null effort, we have to think whether to shoot fish in a bucket (ie poison a nightclub, if it's possible; most of the very little research I did only got me to mustard gas, which is not stealthy at all. Someone also rec'd me about radiation from security cameras, but I wouldn't know how this would work), or if the major networks should be the victims. (Music labels, news networks, old Timmy stile).

I originally thought that the news networks should be the ones culled since they instill fear constantly, but then in cowardice I started to deviate from the plan and think that the record labels are guilty for creating such disgusting music and trying to keep it as a trend for many decades. But then the tv networks are also at fault for this, for shilling for this stench of music, so the shitlist goes back and forth and gets me distracted.


File: 77829e186ad38dd⋯.jpg (31.65 KB, 720x646, 360:323, spongebob shoots up the Kr….jpg)

File: b3234ed375f1634⋯.png (95.36 KB, 500x419, 500:419, recommended for you.png)

File: cbdde2e0b59e987⋯.png (553.56 KB, 1000x558, 500:279, flint water crisis.png)


>mass shooting/school shooting

Detonating an explosive or starting a fire just before the shooting in order to confuse and disorientate the targets feels like a good tactic, especially if you destroy or block main entrances and exits with the damage.

>mass murder in general

poison or tamper with water storage plants, but try to do it in a way the targets won't notice it immediately.



If you don't take Zuckerberg's dick up your ass daily, you're already on a list, anon. (probably several).







Set off some bullshit smoke or small explosion to get everyone running towards a choke point, open up when the crowd gets close. Theoretically also have another more lethal explosive near the choke point.



>not realizing that electricity runs through subway rails

No wonder you're on here,alongside my retarded ass. Anyways the most effective way is to go out into a crowded,public area like a small park during a holiday and just open up. People will be too disoriented to realize where to flee to,before you cut down a vast amount of them. Also having a car and looking unassuming may allow you to switch locations quickly,before the cops get onto your ass. Another good way is to shoot up a secluded school building that is in the city outskirts. Also,shooting up a convention hall would both be a great way to rack up a high kill count,but also to kill the vilest of normalniggers.



How would a NEET with no job and no car (ATM) get a gun and hide it?



I mean, you need money. If you can't legally get one, then just order of the derpnet, but it still requires money.


>>310086 Ive got a little just need consolable gun that could blow my head off or 2


File: 25219da81926b53⋯.png (282.72 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, saf CIGAR.png)


>just order of the derpnet

Has anybody ever got successful doing this? I can just imagine the sheer amount of frauds that could've happened, and even then you should technically lose your anonymity to receive your ordered weapon, which would make you an easy target for extortion later.



There are various places to check vendor reviews. Many will exit-scam eventually but are still reliable up to that point. It's just like buying used computer parts or refurbished stuff, you check reviews and make sure the vendor is legit first.



Sell some crack for Jamal and steal his gun.



>just order of the derpnet

good way to just get scammed or even meet an undercover fed



>being this new and naive

>hurr the feds are all-knowing and all-powerful, there is nothing in this entire world you can do to escape their grasp

It's no more risky than ordering used products online. The same precautions are necessary, such as checking the reviews of vendors for awhile and shopping around.



Because you're a naive nigger who has no idea how things actually work.



If in theory you faggots use derpnet, encrypt your fucking messages no, market encryption doesn't count you lazy niggers

still won't stop exit scams or vendors trying to extort you, as always YMMV



>encrypt your fucking messages

How? I use tutanota and used protonmail once but dropped it after a while.



so? you're gonna blow up the rails along with the train, who cares

if you wanna cut it just stick a cable to both ends of the cut rail so the circuit is closed



>the guy doesnt know about spray painting derailers

Just find out train schedules (train hoppers do it), look at a map for a good bend thats near civilians (or a straightaway if you want the train to hit it at speed, since theres rules about slowing down a set distance before a turn i believe).

I dont think itll do much damage, but it'll wreck cargo. It might be a good scenario to put in your fictional piece



I remember a post on instructions on how to make ricin or whatever that stealthy poison is called. There no symptoms till its too late, the cure is rare, and it kills in a week so it'll be harder to trace where they first got poisoned



Heck, if you got a chunk of metal and the time to weld it to the tracks at an angle then that would work as well


File: e5aa43e5b356a88⋯.png (470.81 KB, 431x427, 431:427, casuals.PNG)

File: 1277a7f8c48b4b8⋯.jpg (84.65 KB, 453x439, 453:439, 1538210907873.jpg)

There has been another failed shooting, this time it was 2 guys shooting up a school in Colorado, apparently armed with handguns and knives, they only managed to kill 1 normalfag and injure 7 before being caught. Fucking hell man, first Earnest and now this, can no one do proper shootings nowadays? Was Tarrant the last great mass shooter?





I miss Cho. That crazy gook knew how to aim a gun.


File: cdf0ddcbf020cda⋯.png (127.34 KB, 304x378, 152:189, what the fuck.png)



Do these people even practise gun firing? They're supposedly living in the land of the free, which would mean that there is no issue with practising in gun ranges, or even somewhere in a ghetto.

Which brings me to another question: where do you fags that don't have the fortune of living in the US would practise shooting/test IDEs? I would love to pull off explosives in my garden but I also think it would be too obvious and parents could report me to the police if they felt about it.



Young and stupid and blinded with rage. Only a few have the mental capacity to endure and aim for something higher. Some people are born to be retarded.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

It's odd that the feds have tried their hardest to memoryhole the writings/videos of most shooters (see: Eric and Dylan's basement tapes, Harper-Mercer's manifesto, Tarrant's essay, Lanza's radio calls, etc) meanwhile Randy Stair's videos were all publicly released by his town's police department. Wonder what the rationale is behind that selective censorship.



I get why they want to eliminate any trace of the thoughts and motivations of people Lanza and Tarrant, what I don't get is why they made the tranny emo nutcase and his entire life story so well documented and widespread.


File: bb2c0337f8f6faa⋯.jpeg (34.24 KB, 584x436, 146:109, lookathimandlaugh.jpeg)


Probably because they don't see people like Randy as a threat, most people see him as just a random weirdo. Hell, they might even be doing it on purpose to show everyone how much of a "loser" he was.



I thought he released them himself on all of his twitter accounts and such.



My guess would be innawoods, maybe somewhere kinda close to a loud highway, but far away from houses and the like



Needs to be updated for BT


File: 1c228e2c23d3ac4⋯.png (114.05 KB, 1920x240, 8:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Since they use cuckchan legacy boards for these shooters, I think there will be many shoestringed in places where they don't make sense

>BT on /fit/

>when he could take the spot on /int/

It just doesn't fit


File: d5dacad95bcf545⋯.jpeg (54.75 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 5694bc49f3f22ff6a2b1a46aa….jpeg)


where even is my boy Nicolas Cruz? Shit list



Because airplaines cant collapse buildings silly. And where are you gonna get one big enough to cause a good enough boom?


File: e3ce8dc4f329c0b⋯.jpg (73.4 KB, 750x468, 125:78, NO SURVIVORS.jpg)


>why doesn't anyone do a 9-11 anymore? seems easy to crash into a place like the hoover dam and outdo ((ISIS))




>Because airplanes cant collapse buildings silly


In 1945 a B-25 crashed into the Empire State Building caused by low visibility. One engine pierced through the building and plummeted onto another roof on the other side but it barely did any damage to the building's inner structure. Well, the B-25 is way smaller than a commercial airliner but in general it just doesn't do enough damage to collapse a building. Planes are made of fairly thin metal which will twist and bend, so the building absorbs most of the impact. The fuel can do some serious damage though


>becoming a pilot

Remember the Germanwings Flight? Co-pilot Lubitz locked himself in the cockpit and deliberately crashed the plane into the Alps in 2015 after the captain went for a toilet break. Took out 150 people including himself, no single survivor. Pulling off something similar would be tough now because as a result of that most airlines introduced new policies to ensure that more than one crew member is in the cockpit at any time of the flight.

>crashing a small lane into walmart is like 500 guaranteed kills

Planes can be very effective K/D devices but you have to make it count since you only have one shot. 500 kills seems like way over the top for an ordinary Walmart. Maybe if you crash into a concert hall, stadium or festival.



Can pilots bypass some of the airport scanning security? Sneak something sharp onto the plane, could be as simple as a sanded down metal pen casing.

Lets say 3 people are in the cockpit. One leaves to go pee or something, you get up to stretch or look out the door because you want to go pee as well and dont want to wait for the other guy. Lock door, kill the third guy whos probably sitting down strapped to his chair, and crash plane.

I dont like in fiction how many events just happen because the authors wanted it to and it "looks cool". Plotholes and plot armor/incompetence always rustles me. Hope this sounds realistic


File: d26f2eb3553ddec⋯.png (976.89 KB, 992x744, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7be027caaeb3e5d⋯.png (1.11 MB, 850x954, 425:477, ClipboardImage.png)

Alright so I have noticed a recent trend in school shootings, at least in America that has interested me and I feel the need to share. In the last two school shootings, there have been reports of people that have fought back and tackled the shooter/tried to wrestle the gun out of the shooter's hand (pic related are two such people that have died doing so). Not only that, but there are also reports that kids are starting to bring guns to school to defend themselves against school shooters, if a shooting was to ever happen (source: https://www.clickondetroit.com/news/national/ohio-police-8-year-old-brought-gun-to-school-to-defend-himself-from-another-student).

So here is what I think: I believe that in a couple of years, school shootings will become obsolete and that school shootouts will start to become an issue. Not only that but if things escalate further, there is a small possibility we may begin to see mass scale school riots. Thoughts?


File: 1f4fac2fdc1b2e9⋯.jpg (43.79 KB, 780x520, 3:2, 22.jpg)

On May 28 the student, 15-years-old Daniil Pul’kin, attacked his school in Vol’sk, Russia.

>Daniil Pulkin, a pupil of the 7th grade of school #4

named after the Hero of the Soviet Union V.P. Trubachenko located in Saratov region’s Volsk, came to school with an ice axe and cans of gasoline and attacked a 6th grader girl.

>According to preliminary data, the 15-year-old teenager managed to hit the girl only once. The girl was taken to a hospital with a brain injury. Doctors say her condition is moderately severe.

>After the attack on the school, the student went outside, recorded another video, in which he admitted that he “could not do it”, and went home. An hour after the attack, police detained him at home.

Daniil Pulkin was a fan of Vladislav Roslyakov, Columbine, and The True Crime Community


File: bbc1ec2ccaafca1⋯.jpg (71.58 KB, 477x358, 477:358, e7e955be57dc8db8a278ffae6c….jpg)


>there have been reports of people that have fought back and tackled the shooter/tried to wrestle the gun out of the shooter's hand (pic related are two such people that have died doing so). Not only that, but there are also reports that kids are starting to bring guns to school to defend themselves against school shooters

That is fucking hilarious. The United States of Amerimutts transition to a 3rd world shithole will finally be complete.


File: b620dfd88237bc5⋯.webm (1.4 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Pilot.webm)

original webm baby



I think school shootings would probably have to be planed like hit and runs. So whenever theres a group of people gathered, like at lunch, instead of going postal and just walking through the halls spraying everyone, youd have to blend in with the chaos a bit, or maneuver more without shooting, to avoid any defenders from getting a sense of where you're at



Poor guy didnt live up to his name



>people using guns to defend themselves is the definition of third-world country

Fuck off, britfag


File: 2c15898fc1eff4b⋯.jpg (18.26 KB, 252x255, 84:85, 1443111528409.jpg)


>when you've gotta come packing to algebra class just so you don't get shot



Imagine living in a country so kiked that you justify your own oppressive laws with nigger tier comments like "i bet you're scared to die at school AMERICUNT HA xd".

leftypol fags are honestly a cancer, please leave and go back to your containment.


File: 4c6f9a3d7fa96cb⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1199x630, 1199:630, 12b74a578259c40da3d34aecdb….png)


>if you think it's funny that kids are bringing guns to school in case there's a shooting YER ANT TIE GUHN COMMIE

I never brought up my own country or its laws, you did. It is only in your small burger brain and its us vs. them mentality that no one can laugh at columbine wannabes and dead mutts while still liking guns.


these people think small, if youre going to throw away your life, go big or go home. killing a couple civilians is like might as well shoot yourself/ hang yourself while jerking off instead

if it was me, id melt the fucking ice caps and kill the entire fucking world, set it back to stone age , billions would die

but i get nothing from it, dont hate myself enough for that just yet. you can be 70 years old and do it as the big F U to the world before you go


Some guy went postal yesterday and killed a dozen people. Didn't even know about it until I jewgled 'mass shootings/terrorist attacks' for this week



>if it was me, id melt the fucking ice caps and kill the entire fucking world, set it back to stone age , billions would die

And how exactly would you accomplish that Dr.Doom?



Brainwash the human torch



And you don't bring any information about it? Not even an article or an image?

By this logic my dad works at nintendo.



I saw some videos on youtube about it, didn't watch them they were just on the front page. Made me chuckle. I don't know the guy's reasoning but I bet it'll be pinned on racism and gun laws.



Go look it up yourself you faggot.



How about I don't, and you tell me about it?


File: 9033dfbe331ea49⋯.jpg (169.18 KB, 1149x1026, 383:342, dewayne-craddock.jpg)

File: 8c6b179846975b0⋯.jpg (17.35 KB, 459x405, 17:15, DeWayne-Craddock-459x405.jpg)


Not really much to tell about it honestly. 40 year old, I think mulatto, has a meme job at the public works department (tour guide giver.) Bureaucracy finally recognizes it's a meme job and cans him. He then comes back and shoots workplace up, taking out 12 and wounding three others.

The really fun part is most news places are scared as crap to show actual pictures of him, so far they've only used this extremely whitewashed low res yearbook picture rather than the based hiphop deeply philosophical nigger pictures from his various social media accounts.




you dont need to be dr doom just be creative and not emotional when it comes to mass slaughter , most these shootings are lame ducks, easy and convenient murders. some idiot walking into a public place and opening fire with some 15 round mag he bought at a convenient place to buy



Did he seppuku'd?

Also if you wanna read about more black mass shooters try the DC Snipers. Anyone remember when that shit went down? We should compile a chart of nig shooters.


File: fc53b7cd70338af⋯.png (134.29 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)


>We should compile a chart of nig shooters.

Hell I'd be down for that, so far I only know Chris Dorner though. It must be exclusively nig shooters though, since islamabad niggers are a different kind of subspecies.

And it also shouldn't be involved with some crime story before, it should be about "black men" that turned into niggers due to some common folk circumstance



Somewhere in this thread there was a collection of various killings throughout various countries. Last i looked they didn't organize by killcount or race, but only by name, sex, and country


File: d7ef32e0d319f74⋯.jpg (42.36 KB, 920x711, 920:711, 920x920.jpg)

Woo Bum Kon is damn based. Killed 56 and injured 35 before blowing himself up with his hostages


File: a6889acf11edc8d⋯.jpg (34.2 KB, 416x512, 13:16, Woo_Bum-kon.jpg)


Ops! Wrong pic

Doesn't matter. Both were Koreans



Cho was pretty legit as well, though. Plus, McBeef is clearly a masterpiece of literature.



It's fine, they all look the same.


File: dfe0c8d09ed210b⋯.jpg (44.78 KB, 500x500, 1:1, artworks-000201294478-9ul5….jpg)


But god damn can they kill or what? Asians always score high at spree killings. Mutsuo Toi slaughtered 30 people and wiped out half of his village in less than a hour or so with his Katana and a Browning shotgun





For once, I am proud of my rice genetic.



Story time, tell us about the man who set fire to his local gene pool.


File: d2171d3067d982a⋯.jpg (50.32 KB, 331x479, 331:479, 0c5938b5a3d9256af76abe9482….jpg)


He was angry that roasties rejected him because of tuberculosis. So he cut off the electricity line to the village of Kamo and then strapped two electric torches on his head and armed with a Katana, axe, and shotgun he went full samurai and sliced and shot 30 people to death before killing himself.

Killscore: 30

Injured: 3

Weapons used : Katana, Handaxe, Browning Semiautomatic Shotgun

Rampage lasted: One hour and a half

Motive: Rejection

Outcome: Suicide and half of Kamos inhabitants wiped out

Efficiency: 95% Effective

Brutality: Extreme (He slaughtered them like cattle)

Grade: A-

Comment: The Japanese Supreme Gentleman of the 1930s. Effective and cruel. Natural born killer.


File: bf81a51903413eb⋯.jpg (22.45 KB, 300x417, 100:139, mclendon_001.jpg)

Michael McLendon

Killscore: 10

Injured: 6

Weapons used: Bushmaster X-M15, SKS Carbine, and a .38 caliber handgun

Shots fired: More than 200

Rampage lasted: 3:30 p.m.-4:17 p.m.

Motive: Family drama

Outcome: Suicide and 10 people dead including his own family members. Worst mass shooting in Alabama's history

Efficiency: 65% Effective

Brutality: Gunned down his own family members and civilians without even blinking.

Grade: C

Comment: Redneck Rampage in Geneva County and creating a lot of butthurt in his community. Classic


File: 9a0fdc8f8e7b0bb⋯.jpg (51.68 KB, 880x550, 8:5, 181027144159-robert-bowers….jpg)

Robert Bowers

Killscore: 11

Injured: 6

Weapons used: Colt AR-15 and three Glock handguns

Shots fired: Unknown

Rampage lasted: 9:54 a.m.-11:08 a.m.

Motive: Kike Extermination

Outcome: Got arrested and jews went apeshit after his rampage

Efficiency: 67% Effective

Brutality: Gunned down kikes like a Gestapo officer

Grade: B

Comment: Despite his mediocre killscore he caused kike butthurt everywhere. Bravo


File: 838b899dae7168b⋯.jpg (139.4 KB, 1200x1593, 400:531, 4127.jpg)

James Holmes

Killscore: 12

Injured: 70

Weapons used: Smith & Wesson M&P15 Semiautomatic Rifle, Remington Model 870 Shotgun, Glock 22 Handgun and two tear gas grenades

Shots fired: 76

Rampage lasted: 12:38 a.m.-12:45 a.m.

Motive: Schizophrenia

Outcome: Got arrested and gun law debates started to become mainstream

Efficiency: 15% Effective(Injured more people mostly because his Rifle jammed)

Brutality: Shooting up a Cinema filled with families is cold as fuck

Grade: C+

Comment: Shooting up a cinema is pure kek. He could have killed more if his Smith and Wesson M&P15 did'n jam. Hilarious nonetheless


File: f7202e2b61b289d⋯.jpg (53.01 KB, 260x423, 260:423, Howard_Unruh.jpg)

Howard Unruh

Killscore: 13

Injured: 3

Weapons used: Luger P08 Pistol

Shots fired: 33

Rampage lasted: 9:20 a.m. it began

Motive:Paranoid Schizophrenia

Outcome: Got arrested and got to spend his entire life locked in an asylum

Efficiency: 75% Effective

Brutality: Shot people for fun. Wished he had a thousand bullets so he could kill a thousand more. No remorse whatsoever

Grade: C+

Comment: One of America's first highscore player before Whitman.


File: 0d340d83a4bf119⋯.jpg (23.53 KB, 182x230, 91:115, Patrick_Sherrill.jpg)

Patrick Henry Sherill

Killscore: 14

Injured: 6

Weapons used: Two M1911 Handguns

Shots fired: Unknown

Rampage lasted: 7:00 a.m.-8:00 a.m.

Motive: Revenge for bullying by his co workers at his post office

Outcome: Suicide

Efficiency: 70% Effective

Brutality: Wanted to kill everyone at his work

Grade: C+

Comment: Going Postal


File: 618283fe2e67d2f⋯.jpg (79.15 KB, 537x781, 537:781, 149018946.jpg)

Robert Bales

Killscore: 16

Injured: 6

Weapons used: M4 Carbine equipped with M203 grenade launcher, M9 Pistol,and a knife.

Shots fired: Unknown

Rampage lasted: Around an hour

Motive: Head injury caused him to go apeshit

Outcome: Got Arrested

Efficiency: 78% Effective

Brutality: Slaughtered Afghan civilians with zero remorse. Majority of his victims were children.

Grade: B

Comment: One of America's worst war criminal. Caused plenty of butthurt in Afghanistan and made Obama butthurt as well. American Patriot killing sand monkies in Afghanistan


File: f8f3213ba2d9db4⋯.jpg (42.95 KB, 600x592, 75:74, 180115-nikolas-kruz-mn-ins….jpg)

Nikolas Cruz

Killscore: 17

Injured: 17

Weapons used: Smith & Wesson M&P15 Semiautomatic Rifle and tracer rounds

Shots fired: Over 34 shots fired

Rampage lasted: 2:21 p.m.- 2:27 p.m.

Motive: Seeking infamy and getting revenge for being expelled by his school

Outcome: Got Arrested

Efficiency: 50% Effective

Brutality: Wanting to kill atleast 20 so he could get some infamy. Bodies everywhere in Stoneman Douglas High School. Made two other students who went there kill themselves after the shooting

Grade: B+

Comment: Made liberals go insane and managed to beat Harris and Klebolds highscore with no problem. Deadliest High School shooting in Us history(for now).


are you just going to copypaste shooting's scores from ed?


File: 0e727523e552bf8⋯.jpg (65.56 KB, 442x423, 442:423, James_Oliver_Huberty_2.jpg)

James Oliver Huberty

Killscore: 21

Injured: 19

Weapons used: Uzi Submachine gun, Winchester Model 1200 Shotgun and a Browning Hi-Power Handgun

Shots fired: 257

Rampage lasted: 78 Minutes

Motive: Anger towards society and mankind

Outcome: Got killed by a Swat sniper

Efficiency: 53% Effective

Brutality: Shot everything that moved. Slaughtered Families at McDonald's. Men, women, children and old people. Did'n give a shit.

Grade: B+

Comment: 80s deadliest mass shooting. And it took place at fucking McDonald's. Not to mention the majority of his victims were spics. The 80s was never the same again after James Huberty's carnage



No. This one's i made myself


File: 60ad9f170bad8d9⋯.jpg (9.75 KB, 220x140, 11:7, 220px-George_Hennard.jpg)

George Hennard

Killscore: 23

Injured: 20

Weapons used : Glock 17 and a Ruger P89

Shots fired: Over 50 shots fired

Rampage lasted: 12:39 p.m.-12:52 p.m.

Motive: Hated roasties

Outcome : Suicide

Efficiency : 48% Effective

Brutality: 14 of his 23 victims were roasties. And he told the pigs that he wanted to kill many more during a gun fight

Grade: B+

Comment: The Texan Supreme Gentleman of the 90s. Was Champion for 16 years until General Cho beat his highscore.


File: 90b4ed614884a1e⋯.jpg (38.12 KB, 709x920, 709:920, 920x920-1.jpg)

Devin Patrick Kelley

Killscore: 26

Injured: 20

Weapons used : Ruger Ar-556 Semiautomatic Rifle and two handguns

Shots fired : 450

Rampage lasted: It began 11:20 a.m.

Motive: Family drama

Outcome: Suicide after being engaged in a gun fight and a car chase

Efficiency: 55% Effective

Brutality: Gunned down men,women, and children without having second thought. Slaughtered almost an entire family. Shot up a church

Grade: B+

Comment: Great score and it ended with a gun fight and a car chase. Should make a movie out of it


File: 6b1befd579de133⋯.jpg (45.75 KB, 768x576, 4:3, kzt8jyuycvr21.jpg)

Adam Lanza

Killscore: 27

Injured: 2

Weapons used: Bushmaster X-M15 and Glock handgun

Shots fired: Over hundreds

Rampage lasted: 9:35 a.m.-9:45 a.m

Motive : Obsessed with mass shootings

Outcome: Suicide

Efficiency: 99% Effective

Brutality: It speaks for itself

Grade: A

Comment: Pedophilic spree killer obsessed with mass shootings went high score on his old elementary school. Caused butthurt everywhere. Became one of the most hated spree killers in US history. Outstanding


File: fd45dacccf3274b⋯.jpg (29.1 KB, 510x510, 1:1, fd45dacccf3274b409e8247afb….jpg)

>>313511 (checked)

Nice posts anon, you are the kind of person this board needs and deserves.



Shame he only stopped halfway

On a separate note, that picture. Even though his face, and the face of the women are painted the same way and have the same lips. His looks masculine and the females look feminine. Its confusing me. Why do similar faces look masculine or feminine depending on the pose and mouth opening



Thanks anon. It's an autistic obsession of mine. I like to grade them and give my own personal thoughts about them and their rampage. Like you grade a movie or a video game, you can also grade spree killers and add some dark humor between.

My list is far from perfect but i try my best to make the details as accurate as possible based on the sources i got about them.


File: df9c03ef3b30406⋯.jpg (110.97 KB, 1200x742, 600:371, Gal-chogunman-8-jpg.jpg)

Seung Hui Cho

Killscore: 32

Injured: 23

Weapons used: Glock 19 Pistol and Walther P22 Pistol

Shots fired: Over 170

Rampage lasted: The Norris Hall shooting were Cho gunned down 30 students and staff members lasted 9 minutes.

Motive: Bullying and hatred for everyone at Virginia Tech University

Outcome: Suicide and a high body count left after the carnage

Efficiency: 65% Effective

Brutality: 28 of the 32 of his victims were executed with headshots. Filled them with hollow bullets. Students described him as emotionless and cold when he shot people.

His facial expression was empty and he was trying to kill as many as he could without showing any signs of mercy for his victims.

Grade: A

Comment: General Cho outdid both his idols Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold at Virginia Tech. Virgina Tech is the better sequel of the Columbine shooting. Higher body count, more brutality, and more butthurt. Deadliest mass shooting in Us history for nine years until Omar Mateen's faggot extermination beat his killscore. The true and superior sequel to Columbine.


File: 2ff60a8e1a83a0e⋯.jpeg (103.67 KB, 750x563, 750:563, omar-mateen-x750.jpeg)

Omar Mateen

Killscore: 49

Injured: 53

Weapons used: SIG MCX Semiautomatic Rifle

and a Glock 17 handgun

Shots fired : Over hundreds

Rampage lasted: 2:02 a.m.- 5:14 a.m.

Motive: Snackbar

Outcome: Shot by pigs and 49 fudgepackers left dead

Efficiency: 46% Effective

Brutality: Slaughtered faggots in cold blood. Shot everything that moved at Pulse nightclub.

Grade: A+

Comment: Caused both liberal and faggot butthurt. Got a good killscore and since his victims were all fags nothing of value was lost. Destroyer of degeneracy. May he recive 72 virgins from Allah for his extermination. Isis did something really good this time


Stephen Craig Paddock

Killscore: 58

Injured: 851(422 by gunfire)

Weapons used: 14 Ar-15 Rifles, 8 Ar-10 Rifles, Ruger Bolt Action Rifle and a S&W Revolver.

Shots fired: 1,100

Rampage lasted: 10:05 p.m.-10:15 p.m.

Motive: Unknown, maybe was bored and had nothing better to do

Outcome: Suicide

Efficiency: 10% effective (Injured more than he could kill)

Brutality: Shot a bunch of civilians at a concert and killed over 50 of them. Not to mention attempted murder of 422 civilians. Paddock really wanted to kill as many as possible

Grade: A+

Comment: The Las Vegas Reaper himself. American Champion and the man behind the worst mass shooting



>I would love to pull off explosives in my garden but I also think it would be too obvious and parents could report me to the police if they felt about it.

dude just go outside the city and set it off at night.

More importantly, do you know how to get the materials to make explosives without being put on a list?

just for doing it as a hobby, of course


File: c72aa51db613177⋯.webm (4.67 MB, 480x360, 4:3, 49-faggots-and-1-dune-coo….webm)


Don't forget about the Pulse Theme Song.


File: 865f79e6d5d1889⋯.jpg (75.5 KB, 750x895, 150:179, 1508947576.jpg)


I have to say that out of all of the massacres in the US this one was the most glowy

>one bloke supposedly operating a dozen different rifles simultaneously (muh bump stocks was a bullshit excuse for the rate of fire you could hear in the shooting footage)

>apparently meticulously planned for over years but still no motivation has been found

>that guy who was seen at several other mass shootings (and a few since) who said that he "just has bad luck"

>deadliest massacre by a single man in American history, completely ghosted by the media and memoryholed a few weeks afterwards

>despite being in the middle of a city in a regular hotel highrise it took SWAT over an hour to get in his room

Just watch the body cam footage, it's a fucking joke. Either these cops are the biggest amateurs to ever lay hands on tacticool shit, or they were informed of what was really going on and knew there was no threat. youtube com/watch?v=94IRiJjURn0

The whole thing reeked of the boomer being taken as a patsy and the whole thing being orchestrated so that bump stocks were the next attachment to be banned.

at least the sushi memes were funny tbh



Sandy Hook and the sandnigger-shooting-the-gay-bar shooting were just as sketchy. All three of have tons of holes. Nowadays, fucking everyone has a smartphone almost, and to think that for some reason not a single video of people actually being shot at, or atleast of some bodies after the fact, was taken at any of them is absurd.


File: be0dee7204b0cdf⋯.jpg (28.93 KB, 480x303, 160:101, all memes are wrong.jpg)


>dude just go outside the city and set it off at night.

I live near a ghetto, so I could probably throw something there but I have my doubts

>More importantly, do you know how to get the materials to make explosives without being put on a list?

Yeah, just buying stuff face to face, nothing online, always paying with cash. The issue is that nowadays e-markets are almost like a monopoly to what one wants to get, so it kinda gets hard to get raw materials. I could also get regular stuff that happens to have the chemicals to work with, but that would also mean getting lab equipment and making shit up with my parents about it


Omar Mateen's shooting at least has the image of the fag sucking himself before getting killed so at least he provided some interesting content.



>I could also get regular stuff that happens to have the chemicals to work with, but that would also mean getting lab equipment

nah m8 you don't need that


if you were only buying shit offline you'd probably use a nitrate salt instead of nitric acid here, but the procedure is pretty much the same.

Problem is that it most likely gets very expensive to make large amounts


Whens that website archive anon


File: 53fe26bbb572305⋯.jpg (45.27 KB, 908x961, 908:961, dewayne-craddock-bayougal-….jpg)

File: 47ab41b0b7a03af⋯.jpg (100.86 KB, 878x661, 878:661, virginia_beach_shooting_vi….jpg)


>has a meme job at the public works department (tour guide giver.) Bureaucracy finally recognizes it's a meme job and cans him.

I've heard since then that apparently he resigned mere hours before he went full bix nood on dem niggaz. Doesn't much make sense to me why he'd do that, so I'm not sure which story to believe atm

>so far they've only used this extremely whitewashed low res yearbook picture rather than the based hiphop deeply philosophical nigger pictures from his various social media accounts

Pic related is the actual photo. Anytime I see a news report or article about this massacre, all of the victims photos are in full color so you can clearly see what race each of them were. Meanwhile the police department and media don't dare utter this guy's very clearly recognizably creole negro name or show his face. And when they do it's this photo with a B&W filter.

Ain't that just goofy?


File: da93966156717f8⋯.jpg (4.79 KB, 194x259, 194:259, 2019-06-08-02-27-50-213634….jpg)

William Atchison aka Couch Cuck

Killscore: 2

Injured: 0

Weapons used: Glock 19 Handgun

Shots fired: 50

Rampage lasted: 5 minutes

Motive: Wanted to go highscore

Outcome: Killed himself after getting cucked by a Sofa

Efficiency: 100% (He only killed two and injured no one)

Brutality: Shot some wetbacks. Nothing special

Grade: F

Comment: Pathetic. Was shit at being a spree killer despite his obssession with spree killers, killed less than Randy Stair and got defeated by a couch who put his killing spree to an end. Two wetbacks were killed but Billy was a retard who fucked up bad his own genocide crusade. A loser in life, a loser in death


File: 9403f71891a4bcb⋯.jpg (5.54 KB, 309x163, 309:163, 2019-06-08-02-48-30-100291….jpg)

Scott Paul Beierle aka St Yogacel

Killscore: 2

Injured: 4

Weapons used: Glock handgun

Shots fired: 30

Rampage lasted: 4 minutes

Motive: Hated roasties

Outcome: Suicide

Efficiency: 30% Effective

Brutality: Killed and injured roasties. Pistol whipped a white knight cuck

Grade: D+

Comment: Fought against roasties and killed two spandex wearing yoga whores in Hot Yoga Studio Tallahassee. Got attacked by a White knight with a vacuum cleaner. Pathetic killscore but liberal butthurt was hilarious afterwards.



kids are easier than adults though anon, it's kind of cheating



Tarrant certainly belongs on /int/, he was blasting Serbian Turbofolk from his car as he went in


File: 604776988b3a9b3⋯.png (14.39 KB, 500x500, 1:1, brid.png)


>people shouldn't do the right thing



>being illiterate

>people should incriminate themselves online



nawt really


File: 57295f87f791386⋯.png (27.49 KB, 473x461, 473:461, anti 8chan.PNG)

8Chan is the direct cause of the Christchurch shooting.



You sure it wasn't the jews



burn in hell, u probably are a communist who doesn't appreciate the good things in life



I agree with you, 8chan is the best



I agree! This website is completely insane.


File: fda3891d7590183⋯.png (346.76 KB, 1080x439, 1080:439, fda3891d7590183605d1d3d639….png)

File: fd201000e470ffa⋯.png (215.32 KB, 700x694, 350:347, fd201000e470ffa54eb314e76b….png)

File: 71e0f48ca3000b7⋯.png (411.26 KB, 838x434, 419:217, c164a245108e7c3b3d95faf2ab….png)

File: 8445eb398f7c47d⋯.png (164.76 KB, 424x573, 424:573, 0723643737a36255bb8a36bb80….png)


And your point is?



Such radical ideas should be banned from 8chan, to prevent shootings and other radical actions.



will you stop your radical importation of foreigners? If no then bugger off.


File: b72ee9fd792f05b⋯.webm (3.16 MB, 480x270, 16:9, remove-kebab_beautiful-da….webm)


Cry more, niggerkike.


File: 3d4aa9c943fdbaa⋯.jpg (38.77 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 299657_1.jpg)


Brenton Tarrant was a Mossad job. Video looked fake as hell



>Whites can't ever fight back, any incident that seems like White resistance is just a psyop!

There were a couple discrepencies in the video, but not nearly enough to brush it off as 'faked'.




How do people like you even get here? Cry more faggot maybe one day your whining might get the scary nazis banned.



No stupid, its the amplifier. If Tarrant hadnt found this website, he wouldnt have been redpilled as much about the state of the world. 8chan helped turning him into a real man fighting the evil of the world the only way possible, with violence. Praise Tarrant, praise 8chan.


File: 36d622fb699e001⋯.jpg (29.14 KB, 634x683, 634:683, 44D8BCD100000578-4943070-i….jpg)


>A couple

All i saw was shitty actors trying too hard. This is a Uwe Boll style movie. A Mossad operation was it. In order to ban firearms

New Zealand and the Kikes staged a lame version of New Zealands 9/11 so they could blame whites for "muh racism" and ban firearms for civilian use. Smells like Port Arthur 1996 all over again with all this

firearms ban………….



Provide evidence for your claim or fuck off.

>hurr Tarrant was just an actor

isn't an argument unless you have evidence to support your claim. What, specifically, is wrong with the video that you think makes it a psyop?

Dumb niggers like you are ridiculously annoying. Also


Go back.



No faggot, can you prove it were just shitty actors?


51 not guilty, smirked at cunts




>I am a loner. A destroyed woman. A woman destroyed by people

And how many of those people stuck their penis into her?


File: 953bd251e2df588⋯.png (631.96 KB, 594x711, 66:79, ClipboardImage.png)


>blackball people do a tournament

>toronto team wins

>not that the team was from Toronto (some were traded in but i wouldn't know the details), but cattle eat up sports

>cattle were flooding downtown toronjew

>someone decides to take this opportunity to shoot up some cattle

>only 4 injured

Canada, the land of wasted opportunities


File: b6ec531a934a4d0⋯.jpg (69.24 KB, 736x736, 1:1, b6ec531a934a4d0a08bb05f836….jpg)


>American champion

sweetie, aren't you forgetting lil timmy?


File: ed349de8674748e⋯.jpg (277.28 KB, 2048x1388, 512:347, D9RrmD7WwAYqG0a.jpg)

Alright so I just got finished catching up on the Texas court thing. Notice I'm not calling him a 'shooter' because he didn't shoot anybody, or the event itself a 'shooting' because the only one that got shot was him

Truly this is one for the history books lads.

>spaghetti/magazines look ready to fall out

>his fucking laces are untied

>tf is he even doing with that gun? who reloads an AR like that?

>posted on his social media about lvl 4 body armor but wears a fucking surplus flak jacket

>shot through windows then ran across the street into a parking lot and immediately died

Still wondering how someone could be this retarded.

You would think that three years in infrantry in the best-funded and equipped military in all history would make one somewhat knowledgeable about how to not immediately die in a combat situation, or why it's not a good idea to show up in a major urban area in broad daylight and go Rambo on a heavily guarded federal building with no plan, but I guess not.

From looking at his social media posts this guy was very clearly a friendless sperg (pictures of an empty apartment, empty fridge, none of his pictures look like someone else took them except for a few family photos and one pistol range pic) but not the robot kind of friendless sperg. More of the secondary school anime club type of loser with zero self-awareness. I can't tell if that makes this all the more hillarious or depressing tbh

There was a very stupid couple in Ohio that got arrested earlier this year for planning a bomb/shooting plot. Like most downie tards they had made cryptic but still threatening messages on social media and incriminated themselves to undercover glowniggers. Only reason this guy didn't get v& beforehand like them and all the other retarded wannabe Columbiners/McVeighs is that this guy likely knew no one irl that he could blab his retarded plans off to.

Not to mention the legacy this poor idiot will leave behind.

>right wing will say it's an example of why they need more militarization of police/alphabet soup to respond quickly to active shooters

>left wing will say that he should have been preemptively v& for being a very obviously unhinged weirdo loser incel anime lover

Supported by no one and forgotten in a couple weeks max


splitting my post up because now I'm going off on a bit of a tangent on a different topic.

This guy is really just par for the course of a rising trend in massively incompetent minecraft activists in the US

>one failed wannabe Tarrant (though I will give the kid credit for actually making a significant impact despite the pathetic performance)

>pianoboy's botched mosque arson

>the guy who tried it the other day and fared slightly beter

>nog tries a car ramming against muslims (supposedly), fails to score at all

>one redneck burned down a bunch of wog churches in the south, probably didn't even have any racial motive behind it since he was a Varg worshiping pagan

>and then this guy

Europe hasn't scored much better

>bunch of failed knoife and bomb attacks by shitskins

>a few German far-right activists killed a low level politician

Only significant happenings of this year seem to have been those in Sri Lanka and New Zealand. Fucking hell this is just depressing. I need a drink


File: c5982093ac67e2c⋯.jpg (19.01 KB, 400x559, 400:559, Timothy_McVeigh.jpg)


Timothy McVeigh (And Terry Nichols)

Killscore: 168

Injured: 680

Weapons used : ANNM Fertilizer Truck Bomb 4 800 pounds (2.200 kg) of ammonium nitrat fertilizer used

Blast radius: 324 Buildings destroyed within 4-block radius, 86 cars were destroyed nearby and hundreds of people were left homeless. 652$ Million Dollars worth of damage after the explosion

Bomb detonated : 9:02 a.m. April 19 1995 Motive : Revenge against Us Government for Ruby Ridge and Waco

Outcome: Got arrested and was executed with lethal injection in 2001

Efficiency: 20-25% Effective(More injured than killed)

Brutality: A huge explosion that killed 168 and injured 680 is pretty damn vicious. Not to mention 19 Children were blown up to smithereens as well. No fucks were given by McVeigh either.

Grade: A+++

Comment: Deadliest terror attack on American soil before 9/11. Caused government butthurt and shitton of dead people after the explosion. What can i say? Bombs away Timothy McVeigh!



Hmm. What if we look at this from an rpg standpoint? So champion would be a class. I don't think timmy boy would count as a champion as he wasnt as direct as one would expect from a champion/tank class



>laces are untied

Holy shit I never noticed that. I hope I never embarass myself in a similar way due to my inexperience with combat boots and guns.



Notice he’s carrying the “sword” he bought too



>those nervous/fearful eyes

Its pitiful. Even in his final throws of rage he was an autistic loser who never reached anything of value



You forgot that leg they found that they could not find out whom it belonged to. But yes, for he he is the king of mass killings

And most important thing was he did not do it because he was some incel fagget, he did it to stand up against the government

So to any of you PSS potential school shooter fags out there, take some inspiration from this guy. Also, how the fuck could he buy 2 fucking tons of fertillizer without getting recognized. Did he learn to build explosives in the army or what?


Toronto incel finally getting a trial. jews only, no jury, final destination


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

anyone watch this yet?

james holmes aurora, pysch eval in prison.

its long but good

talks abt prior psych tests, value scoring, and internet


File: 77f65116cc098bd⋯.jpg (105.88 KB, 615x807, 205:269, dunblanee.jpg)


Yeah. He wished he could kill again. The bloodthirst is strong in this one. He also listened to Techno(I think it was Skrillex) while he gunned down people at the cinema so he did'n have to hear them scream. Something like that


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You also forgot to mention that he literally pissed his pants. (vid related, you can see it clear as day around 1:33)



That’s because he was dead


File: 39993bb36ebe0eb⋯.jpg (27.99 KB, 300x370, 30:37, 5ec79560a078457aaa58cefef2….jpg)


>headphones, Skrillex

He said he didn't want it to be "personal", it had to be detached. That's also why he claims he didn't go out of way to execute them. He also said that the only difference between him and James Bond was that Bond's kills were fictional. Wasn't sure what to think abt him b4 but now that he's a total nut I kinda like im>>314583

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