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File: d3cedf8e0b387ce⋯.jpg (54.56 KB, 828x779, 828:779, Glassing of Notre Dame.jpg)


Events since last thread

>Notre Dame goes through the fire and flames, we all know damn well who did it but they're not going to admit to it

>Sri Lanka gets kebab'd, but MSM doesn't care because it was against ebil Christians

>Tarrant 2: Electric Boogaloo fails miserably in San Diego, yet gives even more reasons for (((them))) to shut this place down

>Sonic the Hedgehog trailer is released, God help us

Post feels, regrets, good times, etc.


File: bc4b075c4f41489⋯.jpg (32.23 KB, 500x446, 250:223, c483fbc08e5e05fc47f6c843ca….jpg)

>Notre Dame goes through the fire and flames, we all know damn well who did it but they're not going to admit to it

>Sri Lanka gets kebab'd, but MSM doesn't care because it was against ebil Christians

>Tarrant 2: Electric Boogaloo fails miserably in San Diego, yet gives even more reasons for (((them))) to shut this place down

>Sonic the Hedgehog trailer is released, God help us

What do any of these things have to do with our board or the FTDDTOT


>putting irrelevant news in OP for second thread in a row

delete this thread right now you christcuck faggot.




>being this new

Go back to cuckchan if it bothers you, fucking retard. Both of (((you))).



I don't particularly mind the OP, but accusing somebody of being a newfag for having a different opinion on a mundane issue like this makes you look like a massive faggot who can't actually defend his positions.



There have been plenty of FTDDTOT threads, besides the last one, which had random bits of information in the OP. The very nature of the thread ,'feels that don't deserve their own thread', should be enough to realize that it's fine to share random shit since that's what the fucking thread is for in the first place.



I just asked why you felt any of that was relevant to include in the OP you easily perturbed faggot.



I'm not OP, just saw you being a dumb nigger whining about

>waaah, don't put random information in the OP of a thread centered around random information

Neck yourself.



I didn't object, I just asked why. If you can't take a simple question except as criticism then you probably suffer from a persecution complex. The prescription is to not be such a bitch nigger.


File: 7eef3846214a154⋯.jpg (21.27 KB, 480x910, 48:91, 7eef3846214a1545061e6188c9….jpg)

>tfw everyone is arguing again



Nice deflection cuck, you're admitting you know you were wrong. Don't ever defend the posting of current events in the OP again, faggot face.


File: 3997234a7f4f266⋯.mp4 (294.53 KB, 480x480, 1:1, abbachio hates giorno.mp4)


Why does everyone have to be so aggressive on this board?



Come back when you have an argument, currenteventsfag.




>sperging this much

Go back to cuckchan, retarded niggerkike. No one likes you.



I won't let you bastards get away with posting current events in the OP of the feels thread do you fucking understand me cuntfaggot



Today, April 30th, at various points in history:

>Roman persecution of Christians ends

>Emperor Licinius unites the Eastern Roman Empire

>Christopher Columbus gets his permission to explore from the crown

>Louisiana becomes a state

>Hawaii comes under US control

And today, in this year of 2019. Emperor Akihito of Japan abdicates in favor of his son Naruhito.

Try and stop me, niggerfaggot.



>Nice deflection cuck, you're admitting you know you were wrong. Don't ever defend the posting of current events in the OP again, faggot face.



File: fa2f71ffd5448b5⋯.png (671.01 KB, 728x1110, 364:555, click_click_click.png)

>more shootings

Well, I guess it's time to truly find out if accelerationism actually works, or if we're just going to see things get a lot shittier a lot faster.


File: 6573ea72a39cc2d⋯.png (219.66 KB, 630x352, 315:176, D1uZ2F5X4AMZqBM.png)


Accelerationism doesn't work, people are just more aware of these things now.



I don't think so. People who advocate for accelerationism don't seem to understand how apathetic normalfaggots truly are about the world. Many of them see that another shooting/bombing happened on the other side of the world and just go back to their jewbook accounts posting pictures of their food. Even when these terrorist attacks are used to justify increased censorship and tyranny, usually the new laws don't disrupt the normalcattle's way of life in any way that they care about. Just look at how much censorship and poz media these people tolerate just so they don't get left out of the social machine. Anyone who has a strong belief in true freedom will be targeted as an extremist. Normalfags will be trained to point at people who support gun ownership and say "Wow man you're like an extremist. Just turn in your guns like the rest of us sensible people lol". As long as the average normalfaggot can get high and watch game of thrones, the creeping tyranny will increase. It's entirely possible that all uncensored forms of mass communication are only a few school shooters away from being disrupted. I hope I'm wrong though.



Accelerationism may work, though shooters have to be at least as effiicient as Cho. The recent mass shootings are fucking pathetic in the numbers of casualties. These moronic faggots cant even do anything right. A bunch of hot headed immature retards without a sense of logic. Take some time and learn the required skill, will ya?



Based gen Z got an E for effort to restore humanity. Too bad they are too stupid and weak to get the job done.


File: 555f3b2d6776d85⋯.jpg (34.13 KB, 395x395, 1:1, 1549625770898.jpg)


because someone pissed everyone off and now they're letting off steam by bullying random anons



Stop posting current events in the OP, i'm avoiding the news like the plague. Also Trumpenstein is the most zionist president in US history and a jew ass kisser cuck.


File: 5cedd0b582ccec3⋯.jpg (25.63 KB, 708x472, 3:2, captain-america-suit-aveng….JPG)

Please stop posting current events in the OP. I can get my news elsewhere and I would rather it not be brought up unless the plan is to discuss it, which isn't what these threads are traditionally about.

Anyways, I just watched Infinity War (family made me). I'd feel like a dick if I spoiled it on the off chance that someone here was avoiding spoilers (it is a pretty good superhero movie, there's a lot of "heroic speeches" that don't matter though, not as good as Infinity War but my family says I'm wrong and they like these films much more than I do so I guess take what I say with a grain of salt. I just feel that you shouldn't need to see Infinity War to understand this one Also you didn't need to see Captain Marvel to understand it, you needed to see fucking Ant-Man 2 of all things.) Anyways I just wanted to say that near the end of the movie there's a part of the last fight where all of the female characters group around Captain Roastie and say "We've got your back" like it was a fucking Disney movie. Also the white suits look gay. At least Captain America's suit finally has a scale pattern on it (his normal one, not the white one).



>I just watched Infinity War

Meant Endgame. I'm retarded.


I'm okay with op posting current news in the op.

Or rather I'm indifferent to it



>Christcuck faggot

You delete yourself first,fagnolia.





Well,you can get one by just existing. Not hard. Anyways,you came to the wrong fucking board and you should fuck off back to plebchan or cuckkit.





>not embedding



File: 981286da1efaf06⋯.jpg (35.24 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1556632248667.jpg)

I was on /b/ a few days ago and I started to notice that there was an influx of female posters. One was talking about how she was a lesbian who fantasized about a character from an anime, the other was in an escort thread talking about how she charges men to go on dates with her. There was also other posts where multiple anons said that they were women. Are these people just larping or is 8ch finally breached ?



Saw it last week, it was good but a lot of the political bullshit (holding a gay support group when repopulation should be priority #1 is fucking stupid, STRONK WOMYN) was just annoying and obviously put in to make a message, also the time travel cliche that is impossible to pull off without creating more questions (how can they return the stones to the proper timeline if each time they go back they make a new one? Wouldn't that just doom more timelines and create an even bigger clusterfuck?)

Basically I would've done it a lot different, been working on a revised script to post to /tv/ or some shit, see how they like it. Basically Captain Marvel dies early on from an enraged Thanos



/b/ is dead because of shit mods, >>>/b2/ is the new /b/, it's already the #3 board last I checked


What's the matter with the hysterical faggots in this thread ?



/b2/ is dead now too, since due to the lax board rules it's been flooded with nigger dicks, furry scat, "u mad wh*te boi"-posting, and more.

Activity alone doesn't determine if it's living or dead. If all the content is unironic cuckoldry, then it's just as dead as if it had 0PPH.

Blame remedy and dysnigger for fucking up /b/ so bad in the first place.



dysnomia also posted that he was going to abdicate his BO position, not sure if it's true or not but we'll just have to see in two weeks



Nah, if you read further in the thread you see it was omlet impersonating dysnigger who said he would resign. Dysnigger called him out on it a few posts down, then hex called remedy a stupid nigger, and remedy then proceeded to resign for real.

Assuming remedy isn't a sockpuppet, of course, since I wouldn't put it past that obese spic.


File: 9970b633569f470⋯.jpg (88.22 KB, 1024x956, 256:239, 9970b633569f47012ae9cbe405….jpg)


8ch has gotten progressively shittier and shittier since mid 2016. I'm still here only because Leftcucks and feminists essentially control the entire internet and this board is the only non-retarded male-only place i know of.


I have decided to quit all pornography, 2D and 3D both. I was reading a wikihow article on it, and others, most of which say "just get gf lmao." This is something I refuse to do. I'm sure it would work, but for a reason I can't really explain, although I'll try, is that I want my withdrawal to be as painful as possible, and so I desire to suffer through it with no easy workarounds. The reason is that I want to see if some kind of "third eye" from suffering actually does open. I can't imagine one does though, I kind of figure that I'll just end up wanting to throw up blood (metaphorically speaking, I've tried to do this before and it hurts a lot) and suffering for nothing. Either way, I'm tired of waking up tired because of what I did the night before, and especially tired of having to sift through mountains of garbage to find something decently "fappable."



Make sure to fill your freetime with stuff that occupies your mind. Learn shit, build stuff, play vidya. Something. If you sit around bored, it's going to be 100x harder to put it behind you.


Remember that Steinbeck quote inb4 hu hu communist author, there's a point coming about Americans viewing themselves as temporarily embarrassed millionaires? I think modern women must think of themselves as temporarily embarrassed trophy wives. All of their screeching about slut shaming harming them or something why is slut shaming supposed to be bad? is just cover for what they think they want, the ability to dump a man at any time and trade up. Unfortunately for them the sexual revolution was just a way for the guys on top to concentrate more pussy, they thought they were becoming free free as in beer, more like but now they're a commodity for the winners. How many casting couches are these retards going to do before they realize, the cunts running this shit, lie. Only at 40 do they realize they're not Grace Kelly.


File: e7bc951d788220e⋯.jpg (30.71 KB, 500x500, 1:1, why are you like this.jpg)

Any robots care to share their experience with antidepressants?

I'm currently taking olanzapine, sertraline(zoloft) and Lamotrigine. Feeling tired throughout the whole day.


File: e07d7dbf3addf5d⋯.jpg (56.91 KB, 987x601, 987:601, Annotation 2019-04-28 2100….jpg)



I developed "mild" akathisia (made me want to rip apart my rib cage to get the vibrating feeling out), mania (which was considered an improvement by the moronic staff at that ward) and the withdrawal was pretty Hellish, with severe difficulties concentrating and brain zaps that almost drove me insane.


That's an atypical antipsychotic, not an antidepressant, it makes you tired and dumb and best of all it will lead to neurodegeneration and can cause tardive dyskinesia. Great, right? also withdrawing from that shit will be totally not cash money, people have to ween off over years to get off the stuff.


Enjoy your limb dick, no seriously, you lose all feeling and won't be able to ejaculate. I hope you weren't looking forward to having a wank every now and then. Also, they can severely increase suicidal ideation and the withdrawal will be a huge bitch.


Antiepileptic, mood deadener, enjoy being a lifeless zombie. Also causes severe dependence.




My own experience and what I saw in the psych ward. Good fucking luck. You'll God damn need it.


File: b2ee84142e3cda1⋯.jpg (89.73 KB, 816x612, 4:3, staring at a sunset.jpg)


Well i am already planning to kill myself before summer. If these meds prevent that idc about side effects. If they make it worse and I kill myself

I was going to do that anyways



>im just asking why put random tidbits of information in an op of a thread dedicated to random information and thoughts of the boards users

Im not that other guy, but i can understand why hes being insultive, Theres nothing to further elaborate. Those were the few pieces of information that was going through ops head as he made this thread, thats it.




The thread is not centered around random information. What are you talking about?



I must ask, since i haven't seen the film nor do i think im going to pay for it, do they undo everything that happened in infinity war? What i liked about infinity war was how the emotions of the characters is what caused them to fail in the first place. Magic man gave thanos the time crystal just to save tonys life, while thanos had the stomach to kill his daughter for a stone, because he truely believed in what he was doing, and it was worth making personal sacrifices for. The only other person to do that was the cyborg ai guy, but he heroed too late because muh gf. Do undo the nuking of the universe leaves no reason for those characters to grow out of their flaws, as everything returns to normal and more movies can be pumped out. At the end thanos retired everything and went hermit mode. He didn't need a galatic empire/army anymore, he didnt want the power, or notoriety, he achieved his goal and wished to live the rest of his life in humble peace in a shack on some planet. To undo that feels cheap and a way to milk out more movies as they dont have to replace half the cast, as well as enforcing the goyim idea of "living life through shallow emotions has no consequence and everything just works (tm)".



Its not, just post whats on your mind and how you're feeling, and this time op has news on the mind, the last few threads op was paranoid about someone stealing his "role" as new thread maker, so he talked about it in the op of his threads. I do hope this news thing doesn't become a trend though, makes the thread feel a bit soulless, so to say


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The fact that people are arguing about putting unrelated shit in the OP means that it simply shouldn't be done. No one's going to miss it.


Unfortunately yes, which make Infinity War a lesser movie in my opinion. I figured that the possibility would be that they'd go back in time and end up creating another timeline so they could redo characters, sort of like what the ultimate comics were like but with time travel, but I guess not. maybe that'll happen in a decade or two.Also I forgot to mention that the Falcon nigger is Captain America now, so they're almost caught up with the comics. Eventually they're going to make completely original characters which will likely be shit.

With all this diversity shit I'm still wondering why they haven't remade my nigga Blade. On the one hand I don't want the to ruin him and turn him into a pg-13 faggot, but it seems odd that there's no plans for him, considering his nigger-ness. Maybe it's just too recent to remake or something.




fuck, forgot I was screwing with that schizo.


This thread isn’t for news, faggot stop shitting up the OP



Blade movies were odd in that they were good movies with a nigger hero. The marxists have spent years complaining about how there were literally no nigger heroes and we need more diversity in capeshit, and thus Blade, which disproves their narrative, is forgotten about.



>planning to kill myself before summer

Could you maybe hold out until after summer just in case happenings really start to pile up? I get not wanting to put it off indefinitely, but I still hate the idea of dying right before the most interesting part.


File: f5c3f6da9827bc5⋯.jpg (101.82 KB, 400x257, 400:257, 1374989037224.jpg)


It's wishful thinking to believe that anything will make normalfags stop what they're doing, interrupt their daily schedules, really, really fucking think on the sin they've helped society commit, and then dedicate themselves to taking any kind of meaningful action. Even as France and Germany go into yet another month of constant protests and violence in the streets, people are still pausing their fucking civil upheaval to go to work and carry on with life as usual, only to go back to protesting later on, when they have free time.

It would take some massive act of catastrophic interruption to set something in motion, and even then, the first move would be to panic and put all effort towards restoring normalcy. Take out the power grid? Slight panic and rioting while people hide in their houses and wait for the power to come back on. Violent riots in the streets, burning buildings, attacking cops, taking out federal buildings and so on? Everyone hides in their houses and waits for it to blow over. Mass shootings? Thoughts and prayers, a bit of virtue signalling, and running to twitter to demands more hyper-authoritarian government.

Best I can figure, it would take nothing short of a state seceding or maybe hundreds of thousands of people just outright checking out of society to cause some concern. Like if 500,000 people just up and quit everything. Quit their jobs. Closed their bank accounts. Sold their houses. Shut down every fucking thing in their lives, packed up, and moved to the middle of nowhere to declare themselves a sovereign nation to protest the abhorrent state of modern society, that might turn some heads and raise some concerns, but I doubt it would affect anything at all. Normalfags would be too cowardly to do that any everyone else would be too dedicated to swooping in to replace them to keep normalfag life rolling along.



I see what you mean. But the fact that throughout history other societies have collapsed makes me skeptical that the existence of normalfag apathy and inertia in itself means that the metaphorical termite-infested foundation will never give way to the weight resting upon it.


File: 61d62a127eb9fa5⋯.png (152.69 KB, 400x400, 1:1, sefsefa.png)








>mfw /r9k/ is apparently /pol/ now

Don't you people have some larping to do? Why do you insist on coming to a board for stressed out losers and making even their one board a shitfest of petty arguments?


File: 583a37dc1e4ff3d⋯.jpg (256.24 KB, 1557x1600, 1557:1600, Power Man.jpg)


I guess Blade isn't nigg-ey enough like Black Panther wuz. (((They))) also don't like to talk about the black Nazis or how the American Nazi party was run by a Jew until the 1970s, and started promoting the idea that nazis hated blacks iirc. I'm no expert though I could be getting shit mixed up.

I think there's a Power man tv show but I haven't heard if it's any good. Doubt it compares to Blade but at least it isn't about kangz.


If the next OP does it again then he'll be doing something which he knows will antagonize some robots, and he'll be doing it for no reason. At this point if he wrote "FTDDTOT 100chars100chars100chars etc." it would be better than the recent event shit. We can get our news elsewhere, where it would be fleshed out. Talking about da noos here shouldn't be done unless the goal is to discuss said stories, which isn't the purpose of the FTDDTOT unless an anon brings something up in conversation, otherwise it would be more suited for its own thread. If OP wants he can make a current events thread and see how that goes.



>waaah muh /pol/

If words like 'nigger' and 'kike' bother you even in the slightest degree, then I suggest you go back to cuckchan where you belong, niggerkike.

That being said, there's no real need for current events in the OP, but I don't see why so many people got buttblasted about it.



>I don't see why so many people got buttblasted about it.

Because instead of being understanding when multiple robots said they wouldn't want it he called them newfags and instigated a nigger-tier argument in which people stated their concerns and he responded with "niggerkike" instead off a reason that justifies the current event OP. He's just being antagonistic. See these:




The only one that is anything reasonable is >>309767 but the argument isn't appropriate because the random information wasn't presented in a soulless list of "xd funny maymay events".

Can we stop arguing and just hope that it doesn't happen again? I swear there are kikes on this board that are trying to be divisive and get us arguing with one another.



I knew they were gonna make some of the characters black, as soon as i heard there was a black spiderman comic, and saw the "i dont feel so good" clip, i knew someones getting blacked. Also did you know theres a continuation of the watchmen comics still going on? I didnt, but its still going, i forget the name though


File: 8b3e653a5d23dac⋯.jpg (205.57 KB, 656x788, 164:197, 1411061017208.jpg)


Before summer begins is when a happening will come, that will probably crush the last pieces of my soul. After it Ill be at rock bottom and if i considered killing myself even now, i have no hope for later

Unless pills really help

And if you're the same guy replying to me first, what are brain zaps



No, I was saying that I don't know why you insist on coming to a board for losers and diluting the board culture by dragging /pol/ tier squabbles into the even the smallest of things. If you think my problem is that you said the no no words, then I suggest that instead you should be the one to go back to cuckchan until your reading comprehension is good enough to follow a conversation among adults.


File: de4185e975eab67⋯.jpg (79.85 KB, 360x553, 360:553, cool.jpg)

File: e37577a280a3916⋯.jpg (86.36 KB, 468x720, 13:20, shit.jpg)

File: bf9d52acb6d97ba⋯.png (156.72 KB, 800x451, 800:451, roastie.png)


Falcon works well as Captain America's sidekick, but he looks gay as Captain America himself. At least Thor is still a dude in the movies, I hope that lasts. They don't even call her "Thorette" or something, she's just "Thor".

The nigger Spidey isn't the same guy, even though they call him "Spider-man" just the same and the original Spider-man is still around. I wouldn't have had as much of a problem with it if it was "Spider-boy" or something. I've also heard that it wasn't too bad but I never read it. I don't really like Bendis's pseudo-deep writing where characters are out of their costumes for most of the book, at least he isn't as bad as others.

>continuation of the watchmen comics

Yeah, it's called "Before Watchmen".Alan Moore hates it, haven't picked it up but at least from the covers it looks like garbage. The original had very saturated comic book imagery and the modern stuff is lame-looking. Same problem I had with the visuals of the movie.

Moral of the story is comics are shit.


File: dfba72d48c2906f⋯.jpg (81.1 KB, 468x636, 39:53, bd.jpg)

Just had the first debate with an actuall feminist (girlfriend of a relative) she is not ugly, however her looks are rather traditional (long hair, no tatoos, proper clothing) her head however is a mess. I didn't even try to get into the idiological debate of feminism, I tried to avoid it because that was a bomb about to go of. I just tried to convince her that woman have it way better now than ever before and that feminsm isn't an importand issue at all in todays world. She always tried to lure me into an idiological debate about why I dislike feminism but I doged that bomb.



Everyone's favorite form of mine detection, lying on the ground and poking around. How did she try and lure you into an ideological debate? Why would she do that? To villianize you? I'll never converse to anyone about this subject so it'll be interesting to hear what they do


File: 1ef19d198875cdc⋯.png (225.92 KB, 337x337, 1:1, autistic italian gangster.png)

There seems to be an increasing number of people using 'schizoid' to mean 'like a schizophrenic' when it's already a completely seperate thing.



Stupid fuck, you shouldn't have argued, never argue. No one will ever change their mind that way, everyone thinks they are hot shit possessing the knowledge of divinity. Never argue.



It went something like this

>really don't see how feminism is an problem that can have any significance today

<b-but what about body standarts? bla bla todays standart skiny girls its not healthy

>okay I didn't say anything about that you may be right but that doesn't change the fact that feminism, especially in the first world is a subject without any real siginificance the world is allready pretty fucked, there are actuall problems to tackle.

>but when I go outside I have to be frightenet because ebil males…

It went on like this for a while. This is clearly a indocritnated opinion by propaganda, a typical leftist. I could have tried to challenge her on the idiological ground because feminsim is pretty stupid but no one can change anotherones opinion that quick, it would have probably just ended in screeches and tears and that all for very litte success.

>Why would she do that?

It's obvious, because she knows a lot about this subject, it really is important to her, like any leftist for that matter. Again leftists are after all entwined in these benine and lured into things like feminism racism etc so they don't think about real problems (for example (((them))) ).


>never argue. No one will ever change their mind that way, everyone thinks they are hot shit possessing the knowledge of divinity. Never argue.

You probably right, but when it is someone related to me I don't like to see cancer like that growing I guess I haven't lost all hope in this world yet. If you are carefull and don't humiliate your oponent, best in private you can plant some seeds in their head and if they have a bit of reason they will think about it, especially when they have huge logical fallacies like that, so I don't think it is in vain.


File: 2b96006f6a15bde⋯.jpg (87.27 KB, 640x484, 160:121, feminism explained.jpg)


Pic related

>however her looks are rather traditional (long hair, no tatoos, proper clothing)

Yeah, the reality here is that the average feminist isn't the stereotypical man-hating lardass with colored hair. The average feminist is the average female, looking to get as much privilege as possible without any of the responsibility.


File: 0d19e7d727eb351⋯.png (600.83 KB, 400x559, 400:559, ClipboardImage.png)



where do we go once this place finally goes down the drain?

i really don´t want to lose contact with anons, i have learned and laughed a lot with you fucks i dont want to lose this place



Do not take, I took an SNRI after SSRIs and all they did was make my anxiety worse, it took me 10 minutes to open a fucking door at my quiet and secluded lab. Plus I had involuntary hand grabbing motions and general hand shaking which is super fun. Oh and inorgasmia. Get a new psych because that guy is going to fucking kill you with three damn drugs Unless its for something more unusual than depression. Designer drugs like SSRIs are barely more effective than a placebo but the side effects are fucking real. They're probably designed off of a model of the brain that includes the "human" experiments on niggers in the 70s, that is, they're about as valid as using the China study to tell White people what to eat. Protip 80% of Chinese have 2 good copies of the PEMT gene, meaning all that rice starch they eat doesn't do shit to them or their liver so it keeps chugging along and they get lots of Seratonin. 80% of White people have 1 or no good copies of the PEMT gene because it didn't matter to us because we all ate fucking mammoth back in the day. Eat some liver and/or some eggs for the choline and you should feel better


>A quiet death achieving nothing

I don't understand you.



Schizo is being spammed into the zeitgeist as part of the medicalization of dissent, the term in (((Bolshevik Russia))) was sluggish schizophrenia. It's almost as obnoxious as "globohomo", sounds like a boomer trying to be funny.


Only in my family would calling the cops to do a wellness check on someone who is being antagonized (me) by another person in the family be considered normal. Needless to say, I just cut ties with what was left of my family. Rumormongers and antagonists, all of them. That person knows we're not on good terms, yet they still seek me out.


File: 9ac34b5c8dd3ae7⋯.jpg (45.08 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 1411091008141.jpg)


It's been a few days and I can honestly say i feel better. Small inconveniences are not causing panic attacks and i have good control over my mood. Its partly true about dick. Its not limp though, i can get extra hard, just finishing is harder but that can be a good thing. If I had a gf that is

>I don't understand you

I dont understand it either, there is close to logic to feeling suicidal. I understand it but when an episode hits every month or so, for a week theres nothing else on my mind but that.

This might sound super edgy but the only thing im afraid of is myself. That I will commit suicide on impulse and not live to be happy



Bi-yearly reminder that Falcon in the original Avengers comic was a literal diversity hire that caused Hawkeye to be kicked out of the team because in the comics there could only be a fixed number of Avengers.



To add, because they are a government body and as such must adhere to their regulations. Load a shit, am I right?



>>It's been a few days

Placebo effect is literally an effect, none of those drugs should do a damn thing in a few days, it's a couple of weeks at least. I used to get it from talking to some roastie psych, but really I was just enjoying the feeling of "feeling like I'm doing something". But really you should ignore me so I don't ruin your placebo. Spontaneous recovery rate for Depression is 20% annually, with or without the pills you're going to be fine



Well ive been slowly degrading over past 4/5 years. And she said its gonna take like 2 weeks for full effect so it shouldnt be too surprising that almost a week in im starting to feel better



I'm assuming you're acting in good faith here and that we're dancing around each other because you don't want to feel weak for taking pills. I took pills, you're no worse than me, I'm just trying to save you some time.




It’s a good term. It calls attention to both the globalizing and homogenizing goals of world Jewry




I don't think that's the first thing that comes to most people's minds when you say homo. Most likely its inception was someone mashing homo onto globalization to make globalization sound rightfully bad. It's primitive rhetoric and make us sound like Terry, who is able to ignored by the normalfag lel, ironic I use that term now because they can label him as mental when he won't shut up about niggerfaggots. Food for though is that it came along about the same time a schizo as an insult.



Oh no I dont really care if its real effect ofrplacebo, as long as I feel better im fine with it

And im in no way ashamed, im actually really glad i went and finally reached out


Threadly reminder, the board rules state that this is a board for male virgins.


File: c83847e14525af0⋯.mp4 (201.93 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Dr- Evil - Yes thats true.mp4)


very original oregano god fuck this filter



I'm not that anon.

>im in no way ashamed

This means you are no longer a robot. You would feel like this was defeat if you were still in a robotic state of mind. Now you are slowly becoming more normal. I hope you're happy (I don't mean that sarcastically) and I hope you leave this place in good faith.



The "through out history" thing always bothers me. The industrial revolution and modern technology have changed things in such a way that it is difficult to use history as a way to predict the future. Sure the future will be created by humans whose nature hasn't changed much, but the circumstances of the world have changed so much because of technology.



What the hell are you talking about? Feeling ashamed over taking pills or not has no bearing on whether someone is a robot. Fuck off. You're the one who should leave.

If he does decide to take the jewpills he's a retard, certainly, but it doesn't make him less of a robot.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


It's a woman you idiot >>310065 She sounds like an ad for a feminine hygiene product. Or this, she sounds like this.



Really? What happened to hawkeye?


>Mozilla destroyed Firefox's ability to use whatever add-on you want to use because muh signature muh security, ie an excuse to centralize everything and only allow you to use good goyim extensions

I'm so mad right now holy shit, why the fuck do these niggers don't even allow me to have a working browser to comfortably browse imageboards. Holy shit I'm so mad I can barely write something coherent.



1. Find the xpi file of the extension.

2. SAVE THE FILE, don't install

3. type in about:debugging in a new tab

4. Click "Load a temporary addon"

5. Click the file of the extension

You have it back till the bug's fixed.



Or use a fork. Waterfox, palemoon, uhh i think that brave browser is chromium. Also dont auto update your firefox



Step 2 is pointless. You already have a local copy of your extensions in your profile.


Sitting here in the dark with a little bottle of pineapple liquor I got from Europe, contemplating drinking it but then what? Won't make me feel any better.


My 19 year old cousin died today, car wreck. Nobody else involved, literally just him. I feel absolutely nothing over it, but I feel absolutely nothing over most everything so that's par for the course. I actually always thought the kid was a faggot on account of these selfies he'd take with him wearing makeup and painting his hair like women do, turns out he was dating some 16 year old grill though. Starting to feel a bit like our whole bloodline is cursed to become involved in car wrecks, I had an uncle and his kid involved in one too no less than two months prior, albeit they both survived. Just have to say I'm more than happy using public transit, those buses are built like tanks compared to anything else on the road aside from rigs.



The fix is already rolled out. Go into Firefox options, click 'enable studies', go to the 'studies' page to make sure the study is active (says something like 'xpi signature fix' or similar), then disable studies again.


When it happened I downloaded Pale Moon to try it, slow as shit. The meta thread here took about 15 seconds just to load.



>Pale Moon

Been using it for 2 years and while it isn't as fast as the mainstream browsers it works just fine for me even with my normal 60~ or so tabs open.

I think I'm just be used to it being slow and personally I don't mind since the customizability makes up for that and I don't really have any other complaints.


>mom gets into arguement with grandma about not doing something

>usual roast "you dont do anything around here" arguments

>day later mom feels invigorated to put forward her plans to get grandma her own place and to get more money for investing into the house

>that involves importing chinese students

>into the small space that is this house and bathroom

>she expects me to just go into the basement if i feel uncomfortable about it

How do i minimize my suffering here lads. Shes open to the option of getting only females, that way those dirty yellow roasts will feel disgusted by my presence and avoid going out of their rooms to lounge around in the living room, and they might go out and do roast things, minimizing their presence. Also i think they will provide the least strain on bandwidth, as i doubt they will be playing league 24/7, and maybe i can do some modem jewery to limit them as well. I cant stand the thought of outsiders going through the house, what if they try to take things from the drawers? Touch my router?


File: 1a541b55f24b636⋯.jpg (235.81 KB, 727x1026, 727:1026, 4.jpg)


I failed my fast again today. Over the last two months i have lost over 7 kg. I am not fat to begin with, rather skinny but with a bloated stomach. Some days Id go without eating, some days Id eat nothing but shit foods that cancel out any progress I made before. My goal now is to see my abs for the first time and be rather fit for my upcoming conscription. For training I have only have been doing some variations of calisthenics though i don't really know how to train my biceps rather than filling my bag full of books and water bottles. A lot of my motivation is lost when you are drained out of the usual energy. Do you have any tips that might come in handy for me?


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Follow vid related, except not for the purpose of bedding the slit-eyed roasts.


I've only ever fasted once for a week so I'm not sure how to help. It only worked because I told my family I was doing it so I felt obligated to do it. I didn't work out much, just my usual 20 or 30 push-ups. Surprisingly I didn't get lethargic as much as when I tried becoming vegetarian. I think chin-ups would be best for biceps if you don't have weights, maybe get one of those hanging bar things if there's nowhere you can do it in your house.

I don't work out or diet at all anymore, I've given up my everlasting battle with my gut.



Asian roasts watch asian sope operas 24/7 so I guess league would be better in that aspect. But honestly you can't win either way.


Try adding a pinch of salt when it gets though and if that doesn't help a litte sip (about 10ml) apple cider vinegar deluded in water. This should curb the hunger. And once you made it past the 3rd day all hunger fades completely except when smelling food making the rest of the fast very easy.

And once you start to feel hunger without any outside trigger you should break your fast.



Will consume when i have the time


I do wonder what issues their streaming can cause. I guess ill have to pull out the ol QoS router and fiddle with it. I hope they dont bring a lot of electronics. Maybe male students would be better, i think they might have more respect when it comes to the house, but i dunno. Plus both options sound like they'd be lax on the cleaning the room department.

Do you guys know if its ok to connect your own router to an internet companies modem? That wouldn't hinder anything right? Would it bottleneck the people using the router?



i must apologize for my comment on auto updating, this was one of the jews forced updates. why do they do this?


File: a59b19954e680e4⋯.png (534.62 KB, 960x485, 192:97, 1556850298.png)

>mother thinks I'm suicidal because quiet, withdrawn, no friends, the usual

>know it pains her to see her youngest son like this so one day I tell her I got a job in retail (I didn't)

>over time the ruse evolves

>now at the point where she thinks that I'm employed, attending university, and regularly talk to friends

>has gotten so bad that I'm making up stories about hanging out with my co-workers and how interesting my professors lectures are

I feel exceptionally bad lying to her but I just don't have the heart to tell her that her son is actually a depressed NEET with no social life



That's a crap ton of stories to keep straight, and I don't doubt it's incredibly exhausting for you to do but I don't see how you can reverse it all at this point. One of you'll just have to kick the bucket i guess.


File: 82a2e0f285677dd⋯.jpg (6.75 KB, 204x247, 204:247, me in dublin.jpg)

>mother is crying that I don't study enough for college

>thinks that if I don't study for college I'll be stuck doing physical labour

>wants that I do ANY college career, doesn't even matter if it's profitable she just wants ANY career to be finished by me

How do you call these people? That they want the best for you but still don't know that institutions are quite pozzed, and what you want to do is something they completely discouraged so you don't attempt again? And that you don't have the consistency to sit down and practise but you can't tell that because that would be a big no-no and equates you to the lowest of the low?


>fell asleep on the crouch in living room

>woke up to the sound of fox news which boomer step dad turned on

>"and it might be hard to see why we need to go war with Iran but just trust the (((experts))) on this"

This is the kind of bullshit he listens to all day long. How the fuck can boomers listen to such blatant zog propaganda with a straight face?


File: 5ad260fde32a3e2⋯.jpg (74.91 KB, 645x716, 645:716, Feel_Eyes_Closed.jpg)

>IT internship

>got assigned to a local agrochemistry company (they sell (((Pesticides))) and (((Fertilizers))) to local farmers)

>small office only 2 co-workers besides me i spent most of the time at my desk minding my own business completley silent so its like if i wasn´t even there

>they are both boomers (one male the other female) in their 30s-40s

>the boomer guy is actually pretty nice guy

>boomer gal is a dumb roastie she is constantly complaining about things, speaks obnoxiously loud and yells through the phone, when boomer gal and to top it all off she wont shut the fuck up wether complaining gossiping or talking through the phone

>can´t even block it with music because of how loud she speaks

>after many weeks of enduring her bullshit politely ask her to please lower her voice a bit

>she gets mad at me to the point she no longer even greets me not like i give a fuck

to this day i am still triying to figure out how such dumb thin-skinned annoying worthless sacks of meat exist

do any of you have similar situations with retarded coworkers that deserve death?



*and to top it all off she just wont shut the fuck up wether complaining, gossiping or talking through the phone


File: 7506aba0e0f36e0⋯.jpg (105.61 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, Paris_Tuileries_Garden_Fac….jpg)


You are the thin-skinned pussboy to be honest. Anyone with slightly more testosterone will insult her and get physical if the bitch does not stop her shit after a few mins of arguing. You make the mistake of being a pushover then the whore will start to get the idea that this is normal.



if i got physical i would get fired retard, and i need to finish the internship in order to get my apprenticeship and get an actual job, you think i wouldn´t have already smashed her head in if that wasn´t the case?


File: 2d06d2d0d8ea80f⋯.jpg (74.29 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Short_Heda.jpg)


Keep beating around the bush you fucking push over, a little bit of shouting and insult is enough to put her into her place. Yet you couldnt even do that. Now enjoy the reality you've set for yourself, pussboy.



Don't respond to 310244, he's just bullshitting for a response. He wouldn't do shit either if it meant being shitcanned and blacklisted from other jobs for hitting a roast.



Whatever, I dont give a fuck about your dumb life.



I'm not even the guy who you were responding to initially, you're just an annoying nigger who shits on people for no reason.


File: 5b2b51a04b485dd⋯.gif (432.46 KB, 500x394, 250:197, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.gif)



I just use some nice earplugs when unwanted guests appear, the TV which old people can't live without is spouting ZOG-propaganda (at 50decibels+ because DEAF), or in general when I feel irritated and distracted.


I once pointed my finger at a nigress with a cheeky response to her poor attempts at trying to shift the blame of her own fuck up at our workplace onto me. She chimped out when everyone gave her that "wow he's right, you are a moron" look and immediately called the owner of said workplace with complaints of harassment and racism. I would have been fired if the owner had been present and not completely fucking drunk on his "business trip." Basically any (((diverse))) McJob in almost any field is pozzed and have it out for men especially whites. Don't act like a faggot.



Samey same, insects like you deserve to be harassed.



Go back to cuckchan, whiney nigger. Retards like you who shit on other robots for no reason would fit in more on reddit or cuckchan, so again, go back there.



Can you explain fertilizer jewery? I vaguely know of pesticide jewery, that thing monsantos did where they made a pesticide so strong that only their seeds could withstand it or something, and chemical residue being bad, but i know nothing about fertilizer besides them maybe being too strong. Are fertilizers based on animal waste/compost any good?


File: 4884b0a1db808c1⋯.jpg (50.44 KB, 704x400, 44:25, Nhk01-15.jpg)

I have to get a job now and I'm so scared about the job interview process. The jobs that I'm thinking of doing are all retail. What am I supposed to say ? I'm 19 and never had a job before. I was mostly a NEET but now my parents want me to find a job for the summer while also going to a college. What do I do ?


File: 54248da9897ef96⋯.jpg (59.78 KB, 814x500, 407:250, MV5BN2ViMmU4NDAtOTZmZi00ZG….jpg)


>I'm 19

>I was mostly a NEET

Not even a little NEET.



Well, I suppose I should've worded things differently


File: 8a8879c364ff44b⋯.png (29.2 KB, 300x250, 6:5, 0284935.png)

>just was at the store

>notice negro shopping there

>he loiters around the alcoholic beverages section

>he looks left and right all the time, very suspicious

>I follow him but keep my distance

>whenever he looks at me I quickly turn and grab something off a shelf

>don't put anything in my basket, don't have anything in there

>he moves around a bit but I follow and keep an eye on him

>after about 5 minutes he leaves without buying anything

I think I prevented a petty theft. Not gonna lie, but feel a bit like a big guy. Maybe law enforcement is the right career path. Could see myself as some kind of neet cop. Letting robots off the hook and being harsh to normalniggers.



>they are both boomers in their 30s-40s



Why do you do this.


>The jobs that I'm thinking of doing are all retail

There's work out there that requires a lot less interaction with other people that you should consider first.


God damn I'm such a social retard. I begrudgingly got a job and it's painful when I have to talk to my superiors I stumble, I stutter and sometimes I just don't make sense and I cannot joke or banter irl or online. Everyone has slowly figured I'm a retard or they just don't talk to me. I tried talking to this one girl and I just can't do it I have nothing in common with normalfags and I generally don't even know what to say. Even online I don't know how to talk to people, I'm willing to bet my life I'm the most socially retarded person on this board


File: 5b5d75647575f4f⋯.jpg (34.37 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ufg.jpg)

>have something that's been on my mind for a while

>find the perfect opportunity to post it in a thread

>do so

>5 replies conveniently come out of nowhere pushing it just out of view on the front page


Drugs are for degenerate normalniggers. You might as well be a non-virgin at that point. Just wanted to throw that out there.



Link to your post?



>you might as well be a non-virgin at that point

Nope. Cry more, faggot-kun.


File: 745c43accbe21f8⋯.jpg (118.34 KB, 1300x1300, 1:1, 68987098.jpg)


Sorry you can't have any grapes mister fox, I'm actually capable of enjoying video games again thanks to weed so I guess that decides whether I'm a robot and the fruit flies milling around the trash filled room that I spend 7 nights a week in are just there so I can try to fit in, at the end of the day I'm still a normalfag because I have something you don't.

Right? Or I can just summarize your point with a pic.



>muh sour grapes

The same response we receive from normalfags when we say we don't want girlfriends. You proved his point by acting exactly like a normalfag. Good job.



>why do you do this?

well they do behave like the Baby-boomer generation (inability to see through lies, disconnected with reality, apathetic towards any issue that does not affect them or their living standard directly etc…)

and they are in the 30-40 year range so what fucking terminology am i supposed to use high inquisitor torquemados?

genuine question because many fags get really pissy about what words to use and since im not a nigger i want to actually learn why and how should i word stuff in a certain way



>sour grapes

Go back to wizchan you fucking faggot.




>Everyone that doesnt behave exactly like me or doesnt share my points of view is X

Peak normalfaggotry, you are infected.



Except that I've seen the sour grapes meme used by normalfags, if you aren't one you're certainly acting like one.


File: 59587144be22125⋯.jpg (416.62 KB, 1126x1600, 563:800, 11 (1).jpg)


Oh boy, its another night of drinking lots of coffee and doing push up at 3 am because i have terrible control over my body.


File: 19ed10c6667c847⋯.jpg (67.55 KB, 1114x847, 1114:847, fuck your grapes.JPG)


>hey, those old fucks are called 'boomers'

>whoa these people are 30-40 but similar sort of

>let's not bother to research anything, just call them boomers, too

Same redditor mindset that melted a range of content types down into simply "memes."



>>Everyone that doesnt behave exactly like me or doesnt share my points of view is X

That isn't what I said, I said that sour grapes is a fucking pozchan tier phrase and you should go back there.



I want you to know that I spent the time to setup my VPN and encryption just to log onto it so that could call you a faggot.



>hey these people look and act like a certain group of people, i will proceed to use a well known term that is associated with their behaviour so i dont have to spend unnecessary time explaining aforementioned behaviour and get to the point faster

< you are a uncultured swine and a plebeian for not adjusting to strict autistic generational terminology (ie calling them gen X instead of boomers because they tecnically are gen ex despite the fact that they do act like boomers and there are exceptions to the rules)

i get what you mean tho



gas yourself eunuch



How many damn times do I have to say that the eunuch doesn't capitalize?


File: 4f823ff0b656bbc⋯.jpg (34.25 KB, 431x431, 1:1, disdain.jpg)

>everything is mossad

Why is everyone posting this every time someone wants to research on a subject? Or not even that, just glorifying some spree killer would get you dozens of these posts. It has been getting way more pronounced lately.



>everyone who isn't me is eunuch

>even though I'm the one who didn't capitalize

Kill yourself, nigger-kun.



I assume you're talking about /pol/. Filter TORpedos, they literally have nothing of any value to post ever. Or better yet don't even bother with CY+4 /pol/ since it's the equivalent of Breitbart comments section


File: e5d5087160f72c1⋯.png (306.4 KB, 640x460, 32:23, e5d5087160f72c1ba3fbb8c65f….png)


Allow me to sum up every /pol/ thread for the past year or so.

>a thread is created aout (x) social issue

>it's da joos

>how is it the joos?


>shut up you're the joo, Moshe

>no you're the joo Rabbi

>can we get back to the topic?


And then they will proceed to pretend to be great revolutionaries, while the western world at large continues to laugh at them and use them as an excuse to push for even greater anti-white measures. But it's alright because a whole 3 or so people out of their 1000s of users did a thing once. Tarrant was a pretty cool dude though.

>inb4 ur just Mossad attempting to "demoralize" us

Yep, that's me Mr. Moshe Schlomo Goldsteinberg, here to detain the world ending threat of a bunch of depressed shut-in autists.




/pol/ is shit 99% of the time, except for in major happenings and stuff like when someone like Tarrant or Breivik comes along. /pol/ redpilled me the Jewish question, race, authoritarianism and anti-degeneracy, but it’s never going to bring any real change. That type of stuff only happens IRL, something retards on /pol/ condemn as LARPing



Yeah, any RL activism gets condemned as either a LARP or controlled opposition by a majority of people there.

A week ago, NMR held their annual May 1st marches in Ludvika and Kungalv, in Sweden. Some anon made a thread about it, and over half of the replies were screeching about how

>it's all controlled opposition, you can't do anything IRL ever!

Dumpster fire of a board, has been for awhile now.



Kek NRM is one of the best movements on the planet right now


File: a61a531365fbfa5⋯.jpg (65.35 KB, 800x240, 10:3, white.jpg)

I made a promise to God that if couldn't find a job or find some way to not be a burden to my family by June that I would just kill myself for being such a failure. So far I haven't had a call back from any place and the disappointment from my parents is getting to me. Almost 26, but nothing has changed.

Yes, I know it's stupid. But it's a promise I intend to keep if things keep going this way. I don't want to die, but I don't want to break another promise again.



I mean, do you really think that that's the type of promise that God would expect or hold anyone to? If the disappointment from your parents is too much, leave. Being in a shelter would be better than being around such people. They have no idea how much things have changed since they were your age, and as such, they have no business being disappointed in you for not having a job.

There are plenty of deaths which God honors. Martyrdom, death in battle, accidents which occur (so long as they don't occur while doing evil), illness, etc. But given that suicide isn't honored anywhere in the bible, even if you do decide to do it, you're not really doing it for him since he doesn't want you to. .


File: 2faac2dbf1d69d2⋯.jpg (136.05 KB, 1015x809, 1015:809, cc8228ecacfcacb0ee227dea10….jpg)



Here's a fun drinking game

>open any /pol/ thread, wait for it to get >50 replies

>ctrl-f "shill"

>take a shot for every instance

>die of alcohol poisoning

/pol/ used to be a fun place back in the day. Ever since Trump and the boomer element moved in things have gone to shit. I still check in every once a while but it's mostly to lurk. It's never worth the time actually engaging any of the posters in discussion.


File: d2beb7c0d90b9c8⋯.gif (221.31 KB, 245x180, 49:36, u really suck.gif)


It's especially frustrating when you want to make research on a topic that has been long way gone since it happened. I was reading about Charlie Hebdo and thought about making a thread there to ask some questions, only got "It was mossad" spam without any justifications. Sure, Netanyahoo went in and tried to meddle as he always does, but that doesn't mean this event was staged, kikes see EVERY opportunity to make a dime, as small as it is.

It gets frustrating, at times they come to dindu nuffin-tiers of defense for muslims, one does not delete the other, muslims are savages that should leave their continent for all the violence they've showcased in yurop, jews are parasites that bringed them in and by proxy they also need to be culled. If this attack was made up by kikes or not, it still brings to the same equation, both demons need to die.

and yes, my desire to know more made me crosspost like a faggot, but I was really interested at the moment, since it seems Charlie Hebdo takes a shit from right niggers for being anti-capitalst, while leftyniggers should hate it for shitting on muslims. Though I've never found out if those faggots were shilling for the LGBT, feminism or something else, it's just too much of a weird target, a magazine defended by normalfags that shat on muslims. It's just too weird


File: c9eb7f6cf951399⋯.gif (1.9 MB, 500x500, 1:1, c9eb7f6cf95139962db0d04e35….gif)

File: b920e0ad7a034c3⋯.png (227.9 KB, 562x316, 281:158, b920e0ad7a034c34676be4fc12….png)


>still bothering with /pol/ after Trumpsteinberg's election


File: dfc8a68c8d715b1⋯.jpg (233.42 KB, 880x1042, 440:521, bugman.jpg)


The abs are coming in any day now. Fuck i look like a fucking stick now. Didnt even realize how skinny I am until recently. Yet I still have a bloated fucking stomach. Family thinks I am anorexia or something, haha good joke guys. The last thing I want is to be some stick man without a pound of muscle.


File: b630cca61efc97e⋯.png (469.2 KB, 707x464, 707:464, ClipboardImage.png)

When I finally reach a state of being fully awake the tiredness has already begun to take hold. Then it is "too late" to do anything for the day.



>that lack of trigger discipline

Women shouldn't handle weapons, only kitchen utensils


File: 0114741d8026d34⋯.jpg (526.51 KB, 2000x1324, 500:331, 0114741d8026d342dea6fce985….jpg)

I wanted to get into literature but I feel like a brainlet. The book club thread seems interesting and I like the discussions that they have there but I'm not sure how to truly make my own inferences about the books that I read. Is there some way I can get better ? I used to be good at this in high school but since graduating it has been years since I picked up a book.


>in bathroom

<knock knock

>thinking it's my brother come for a surprise visit

>still have to go for a while

<knock-knocking intensifies

>finally get out

>look through peephole

>it's not my brother

>eyes widen for multiple reasons:

<apartment is still a giant mess

<I'm playing girly-girl animusic loud enough to wake the dead

>but these guys are the repair crew for my leaky ceiling

>let 'em in, trying to hide the shamefur dishpray on my face

>they go to work

>turn down music, shut off radio in the bedroom (I have several junk-tier radios from Goodwill in every room of my apartment that pick up sound from my computer via FM transmitter; cheaper than a bunch of bluetooth speakers or Chromecast something-or-others) where they're working, joking about not making them listen to fruity anime shit

>but still keep it playing everywhere else because, well, the jig was already up that I'm a girly-girl-music-loving candyass

>furthermore, far more importantly, this has lit a fire under my ass to finally pick up the empty remnants of at least $300 of junk food from my living room (pizza boxes, ice cream quarts, bags of chips and cookies and candy bars…)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

For the no one who cares, here's the kind of poppy "junk food for the ears" I was playing…



>Is there some way I can get better ?

Read more and possible discuss the stuff. The book club is perfect for that, since it's the only way most robots have to discuss without going out there, but it's rather death at this point it can use every anon even if he is a brainlet.


File: 797ac68289afee5⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1141x1075, 1141:1075, 797ac68289afee54f6f455ad5c….png)

Tyrone barely here these days, only stopping by to clear the report queue. Been that way for a while now. Most new posts are by a cuckchanner or two, nonsensically replying to old shit because Tyrone didn't ban them at the first sign of faggotry. Time to declare /r9k/ officially dead?



I was wondering why all of these old threads are popping back up. I also noticed a few threads that lacked any real quality


I just let down my family again, made promises I couldn't keep. Why do I do this? Fuck me. Fuck everything. Think I'm going crazy. Dammit.


File: 72c350a69ecd56c⋯.jpg (43.61 KB, 604x453, 4:3, 1385862771353.jpg)


>Time to declare /r9k/ officially dead?

We've been slowly dropping down in unique ISPs for a while now. And now that there's an official failed normalfag board (/doomer/) where those failed normalfags can bitch about their ex-gf and how they're not like the other NPCs just because they're drunkards, we've bled a significant amount of posters and dropped down in the top 50. So much for the pure robot bastion of imageboards.

If this board dies it'll be from lack of activity rather than halfchan crossposters. I give us another two years.



The dropping number of unique IPs is a good thing. A slower board is fine, and just because something is slow doesn't make it dead.


File: 8934602b03a7a02⋯.jpg (4.22 KB, 200x200, 1:1, sierratall-v2-28972-153192….jpg)


>Our board is bleeding users, and that's a good thing



If you had been here for longer than a month or so, you'd know why. Because previously, this board was very slow, and had a comfortable community of posters. This past year, though, several waves of normalfags (of which you were undoubtedly part of) came. When the QLarp shit went mainstream was one, the THQNordic AMA was another, and recently the crusade of Saint Brenton was the third. All three events resulted in an increased number of unique posters, but a majority of them were normalfags making shit-tier low-effort threads or blatantly admitting to being non-virgins, and other such horseshit .

So yes, a return of the posting level to the speed it was before all the normalfags like (You) came along is indeed a good thing. Feel free to leave if the board not being as fast as cuckchan bothers you.



The current ISP count has not been the norm since early 2017 when it was still half dead, recovering from Pantsu and in competition with /v9k/. A more reasonable average for the board in a stable state has always been 150-180. That was the case when Pantsu owned the board and it has been the case for most of the current administration. You can celebrate the board losing users all you want, but don't try to pretend that it's somehow a return to normality.



105 unique ISPs, which is where it's at as of a few minutes ago, is still perfectly reasonable. If it starts dipping into 70-80 or below, then I'll worry, but I do not see the issue with the current posting level. It's better than retards making trash threads regularly like they did a month or two ago.



>If you had been here for longer than a month or so

Oh please senpai, fuck off with your projecting bullshit

>When the QLarp shit went mainstream

Which had near zero effect on this board. I saw maybe 2-3 boomer posters who ousted themselves and were quickly told to fuck off and their posts deleted.

>THQNordic AMA

Also negligible and limited to /v/ and /pol/ once again as GG is a dead movement and the only people who give a hoot anymore are kotaku journos.

The only thing you listed that's actually brought in a site-wide invasion of newfags was Tarrant and Earnest.

You can act like having the same 8 threads continually bumped to the first page with one line posts and losing ~50 ISPs in the past 8 months alone is 'a good thing' all you want. That's coping.



>that's coping

Nigger it's been slower than that and we got along just fine.

Also, if you really didn't notice a trend of shitty posts following the AMA then you're blind and stupid.


File: e0a1a155061a5bc⋯.gif (11.93 KB, 666x460, 333:230, face.gif)

Internet causes nothing but fatigue these days. I'm already fatigued enough without it, only it's hard to do anything else.


I think it was 80 earlier, or maybe it was 90. May have been the time of the day though. I'm not always awake at that time and I never paid very close attention to the stats.



It's a bit down atm but that's just how it is. It's always up and down.



>If it starts dipping into 70-80 or below, then I'll worry

This. I might be wrong but I remember /v9k/ having around 50 to 80 ISPs in late 2016-early 2017 and still being fairly comfy but the 100+ we have now is perfect in my opinion.


>May have been the time of the day though

Doubt it since the active ISPs 8chan shows is based on unique IPs in the last 72 hours. Don't remember it being less than 100 for a while but I don't exactly check the front page very often so I might be wrong.



>Doubt it since the active ISPs 8chan shows is based on unique IPs in the last 72 hours.

I know, "the time of the day" was referring to my witnessing the drop, because I'm not always awake at that time I couldn't say if that drop is a regular/semi-regular occurrence that we always rebound from or if it's a sign of trouble.


File: 18d34597b75f5e3⋯.jpg (24.59 KB, 424x366, 212:183, ff1b2923b888b25a9e0c753686….jpg)

>have a earworm for a certain song

>earworms are pretty common for me since I kept having them at least for 15 years

>but this is one is not so common

>it keeps haunting me for weeks

>every time I forget about listening to it when I have the chance it only gets worse

>makes me really anxious and depressed in general

>finally find the time today to listen to it

>as the music starts my stomach vibrates and does it multiple times (possibly a microspasm from subconscious fear and stress)

What in the fuck was that?



>Also, if you really didn't notice a trend of shitty posts following the AMA then you're blind and stupid.

No worse than the usual. The THQ thing was way overblown.


File: 40ff3a2c8d5d971⋯.mp4 (911.36 KB, 480x480, 1:1, Frustrated Disappointment.mp4)

Parents are pressuring me to get a summer job

Food service is hell, retail even more so

Give suggestions



Find a fair or amusement park, they're usually pretty fun if you can find a game counter to work at. Otherwise, I'd suggest something that involves a lot of driving like delivery or being an uber driver. That way you barely need to talk to people.



>can't Uber or Lyft because they require a 4-door car (I have a 2-door)

>friend did Postmates for a month and made only $40 off it, probably spent more than that on gas

>said he delivered to one house where he almost got shot/stabbed



Try working for a pizza place instead. Postmates is all custom stuff and done online, so postmates couldn't care less what happens to the delivery person. At least pizza joints have a company car that they'd rather not get shot up or stolen. You could also try to get graveyard shifts at retail if you really must, cause then no one will be around.



Try fedex or ups. They're always hiring.


I have failed this semester. 4 years in not first time I've failed a semester. Hate my major going to college was my biggest regret. Tried charcoal burning suicide twice this semester, first time failed because not enough ppm, second time failed because although sufficient ppm couldn't overcome survival instinct (no access to drugs to help). Don't want to have to go home and tell my family I failed, don't want to lie about it. I just don't want to be alive. Less than $2 in bank account, just have some rice carrots and tomato sauce to survive on. Afraid to look up how much student debt I have. May attempt charcoal again tonight since I don't have access to a gun. Don't want to jump don't want last moments to be panic, maybe rope is fine. Any thoughts?

Only romantic idea I have left for clinging to life is that I have ~$400 tax return check waiting at parents' place I could spend on a ticket to france and join foreign legion, but it seems impractical. Don't wanna spend the next 40 years working at a pizza joint in suffocating debt, looked down upon as a loser. Sorry for blogpost


File: 17752405595a20d⋯.jpg (131 KB, 928x677, 928:677, uff.jpg)

>muh missed opportunities

>implying you miss something when you deliberately don't seek out for it

I hate children, they have this belief that they can do anything, and that every time that they do something that is not "productive" it's time wasted. So instead of blaming their bad choices on themselves they will blame it on whatever they use to get entertained, to escape the hardships of the world. After all, you can never be wrong if the one's at fault are others that actually give a shit about you.

They probably are faggots that are on the rat race thinking that the ones that get to the score goal first gets a medal and an interview with VICE. Pricks.



>only romantic idea I have left for clinging to life is that I have ~$400 tax return check waiting at parents' place I could spend on a ticket to france and join foreign legion

This may sound very odd, but have you considered homelessness/living off the land? As it sounds like you're all out of options anyways, there is, I imagine, a certain joy you could obtain from raw survival, and if you're going to die anyways, it would strike me as more peaceful to die out in nature than to die in some city.



This is certainly an option, I have dumpster dived before and have had some success. You mention being out in nature though, and I'm not sure how I would feed myself consistently living away from the city. I could imagine setting up in a state/national forest somewhere and just hammock camping, building small fires to stay warm at night. I'd just be afraid I'd starve to death, which seems like a painful way to die. Urban homelessness sounds more practical since you could dumpster dive for food but then finding a safe place to sleep would be more awkward. I do own an old pickup truck that I could sleep in the back of, stay in the cab if it rains, maybe park it in the country at night. I'd run out of gas money eventually though. Just seems tricky to practically execute without great survivalist knowledge


File: 5883d4eadf204e2⋯.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, 1:1, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7….jpg)

Today was a bad day. Coincidentally, I heard a female utter the word "normie" irl and I got the inexplicable urge to vomit, beat the shit out of her, and beat my head into a wall all at the same time. I cannot understate the levels of absolute visceral disgust that experience made me feel. Reading females using that language online is already enough to make want to facedesk but hearing it with my own ears was a nauseating experience.

Fucking christ.


tfw it's friday and you should be happy because 2 off days but then you remember that you have to work weekend too


File: fae63d44640c6d2⋯.jpg (259.46 KB, 530x1000, 53:100, 1441915095642.jpg)

>finishing a long movie

>look at the time and realize it's almost midnight

>missed a subtitle in credits so rewind

>look at the clock and see that I won't finish it before then

>turn off the movie 5 seconds early

>I cheated so open it to the same spot and finish it properly

>start beating on my thighs and punching myself in the jaw

>feel myself getting stupider again

>watch another movie

>finish it one minute after the start of a new hour



you could always collect a shitton of bottles and cans and trade them in


File: 99e63b70c7e6207⋯.jpg (79.07 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, snap_cring_compilation.jpg)


>caring this much about m-muh cliques and subkulchuz

Underage get out.



straight outta cuckchan.




And this one's straight outta wizchan. Do you have a point with your crying or are you just throwing an autistic tantrum like every other millennial bitch nigger?


File: 95d81707510918c⋯.gif (577.24 KB, 540x540, 1:1, 95d81707510918c89902704b03….gif)


Although he's very late to be complaining about internet lingo seeping into real life, it doesn't mean he's underage. An underage wouldn't be getting upset about that because for most of their lives internet lingo and memes have been part of mainstream culture. Television networks have used "feels" and "that feel when" in bumpers. Cartoon Network even made their own image macros for their bumpers.


Do you get all your images from youtube thumbnails?


Trying too hard.


File: ccc4bce0166ccb5⋯.jpg (7.39 KB, 291x173, 291:173, 1413836785691.jpg)


Nice, I have frequent and long lasting earworms too. I don't know what that song means to you but it's probably just giving you feels by speaking to you on a deeper level than other media. I get high on JUSTed music all the time, it's a substitute of infatuation for me.


File: 7cfa0f1a9c09add⋯.jpg (62.51 KB, 416x416, 1:1, Time-Wizard.jpg)

Just noticed I lost 3 hours of time. Never happened to me before. Feels really fucking weird.


File: ddf312eb8ad016c⋯.jpg (18.83 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1529590633513.jpg)

Good feels today

>mom bringing pork chops home for dinner

>finished this semester with mostly A's

>teachers in my classes said that they are going to miss me because I was their best student

>get to lounge around for the rest of my days until August

>finally downloaded the amnesia collection to play

>mom has a fresh batch of coffee ready

>Actually don't feel exhausted and depressed today

I-is everything finally going to be alright or is this just one of those temporary moments of happiness ?


File: b71c9638508f96e⋯.jpg (28.16 KB, 460x460, 1:1, b71c9638508f96e070f632de17….jpg)


>is this just one of those temporary moments of happiness ?

Even if they are temporary, be sure to make them count, because you never know whether you will live until the next such moment or not.




Until now I thought an earworm was some kind of bug. Do any of you also get a weird song-like gibberish like it's in another language? Or am I haunted by singing demons as I have often feared?


My brother uses it constantly to describe me not liking my hero shitdemia. It's come full circle. The fact that my own language has become what is used to taunt me is fucking sickening.

He also uses "normie" when he's talking with his friend's girlfriend (who he's had sex with) over discord and watching reddit meme videos with her. Makes me want to fucking gag.


File: 2fd38eb987809b3⋯.jpg (43.96 KB, 257x293, 257:293, 1502976429319.jpg)

>play katawa shoujo for the first time don't know why I haven't before come to think of it

>get on the Emi route without trying to

>she's an insufferable bitch up until the very end

Please tell me the other girls aren't this bad.


Could you be more specific?



I don't think you get the problem I had with the things I heard. I could give less of a fuck about normalfaggots using memes, what ticked me off was the fact that when speaking of "normies" she was obviosly not including herself in that label, and she was using it for a rather self-serving and disgusting purpose. My anger and disgust could probably best be compared to the anger I feel when I hear about "fembots". My anger doesn't come from the fact that they "stole my ebin meme label" my problem comes from the fact that these people bastardized the definition of what a robot is to fit them so that they could feel nice and special; because they too suffered like a robot amirite. The same applies to this situation. I don't give a fuck if she showed some faggot a gondola meme, what I do care about is when a female bastardizes the words that we use here and then goes on to use that bastardized word to make herself feel cool and edgy, trying to show of how hip she is with the 4chan maymays.

Maybe my original post wasn't clear enough, but I just assumed everyone here knew the disgust of seeing a woman call herself a fembot and then relate knowledge that to my post.


File: d0a3d4559c4933e⋯.jpg (154.59 KB, 473x355, 473:355, d0a3d4559c4933eadc810b9ace….jpg)


Kenji is literally the best character in the "game". As for the rest it's overrated garbage ngl. Never got why it got so popular.


File: 3dd2e39d167ebed⋯.jpg (87.35 KB, 760x1079, 760:1079, 1.jpg)


Can i die from drinking coffee and masturbating excessively???????



Let's hope we both can.


File: 6adab21634d1fdb⋯.jpg (57.39 KB, 362x447, 362:447, Smile and optimism restore….jpg)

>its friday, i can stay up as late as i want because i dont have to work tomorrow

>already having summer-tier nocturnal breeze so its pretty comfy during nights on top of being a night owl

>managed to mod roasties and niggers out of Open X-cum so i can finally genocide ayy´s with all-aryan death squads

>got a deck of tarot cards for my birthday, learning to do card readings

>i have improved my reading enough now that i can confidently read the illiad and understand poetic english anglo aint my mother tongue

i hope you lads are doing fine, specially the fucker who tried to kill himself with coals, i hope you either finally find sweet relief from this world, or find meaning and salvation through other means

i know this is a bit of a blogpost but i get the feeling people are getting more agressive and arrogant around here so i guess a bit of positive waves never hurt´s



It wasn't time flying by, when you don't realize how late it is until you look at a clock. You know what time it is and then suddenly it's not that time. Time skipped. A day is 24 hours long. This day is only 21 hours long. I've given myself a headache thinking about it.



That sounds messed-up man. I used to be like that when I didn't get enough sleep and would zone out half-asleep. Try getting a full 10hr/night.




You only need 8-hours a night, really.



>I used to be like that when I didn't get enough sleep and would zone out half-asleep.

If you're referring to microsleep I've experienced it enough times to know that wasn't the culprit. It's very brief and easily noticed when it happens.


File: 0b284eafb0cd392⋯.jpg (51.37 KB, 412x571, 412:571, 61dd27596d999199ed16f388aa….jpg)

Do you guys think a drawfag could survive in prison? He could draw pornography in exchange for not getting raped, or could he?



I thik that the raping is more about the mental control than the sex but they'd be lying if they said it wasn't a little about the sex. I doubt you'd be able to avoid it unless you were a lot more muscular than most robots are. Why? You get snitched on?



>Why? You get snitched on?

No I just started wondering about the idea, you know, having a skill that could be useful in a dangerous environment.


File: c330a0a371ff6be⋯.jpg (15.06 KB, 380x266, 10:7, nigger.jpg)



>I wuz gon rape dat guy's cute bootyhole but muhfuggahs be drawin anime tiddies 'n sheeeiiit



Yes OP's post is content of which is found on /pol/. That being said, in a feels thread any topic can be lamented over.



Natis_01 or Natas_01, also known as Rule34Rox and Bhawk, was in prison. I think he survived without being raped. Looks like he might be kind of a big guy though.


>roaming /b2/

>see image of cute character

>wonder what it's from

>do everything possible: reverse image search, search Chinese forums, etc.

>ultimately determine it's from idolm@ster

>more specifically, Shiny Colors

>make account

>get fucked since I had to set my region to JP

>make another account

>play, enjoy

>fucking kill myself because I didn't know I could've kept re-rolling the starter roll.

>Don't know about events, and miss doing the latest fes event which I could've beaten

>End up getting confused due to the 5/12 it has–thinking I can still do it and waste stamina trying things out

>also miss some some of those anniversary free 10 gacha pulls since I didn't know they existed

>get good RNG anyways with my later gacha rolls

>fuck up, can at most make it to season 3

>fuck up, can always make it to first wings battle

>fuck up. No matter how hard I try I just can't beat the first wings battle

>try SR producers/supports. Can't do it.

>try SSR producers/supports. Can't do it.

>have S-rank stats, still can't do it.

>do it today with a low-level silver producer–Osaki Amana, only a couple of SSRs, and SRs support.

And it was glorious.

>tfw it's only been lses than a week since I've started playing.

I've sort of gotten tired of Sennen Aigis since I've basically reached end-game, and the most left for me to do is collect units. I also tried to get into Kancolle a few years back, but the curve at the beginning made it difficult for me to know how to progress, so I gave up.


I was thinking of buying a hair razor or whatever they're called so i wouldn't have to go to the barber anymore. However i dont know what to look for in one, or how to cut my own hair. I usually get a uniform cut, so special technique isn't necessary, but i dont know anything about brands/good quality kits, and I dont want to buy some cheap chinese tool from jew amazon. Does anyone have any experience with self barber-ism?



Enlighten me on krm and their marches, it sounds like pol wont be able to



She looks like shes putting pressure on that trigger. I hope she is



If you have money, then build vegetable boxes (specifically potato and onion), maybe even buy some chickens and let them live innawoods with you. Also water filters and some survival books wouldn't hurt. Im no expert but im sure you can make 400 work for you. The only issue would be winter survival, but you can buy clothes and jackets



What genre is that



Ive only played one route, accidentally was emi. I concluded she was a degenerate roast that you're supposed to love because muh legs muh pity. Saw her story arc from miles away, and the sex scenes added nothing to the substance/story of the game and felt forced because "sexing girls is nice". Also >trusting a homosexual with sex advice. Never bothered with the rest of the game or other vns, although i heard one called euphoria was shocking or something.

Guess vns arent for me but I probably wouldn't bother with the game. Theres different "no girl" endings iirc, and bad endings, but with savescrubbing and the choices only being dialogue options and the rewards being a sex scene and a smily anime girl, it doesn't seem worth the time. I believe you can get a full story tree from 4chans ksg thread on /vg/. They obviously love the game and will be biased, as expected, but apparently the person who wrote emi loves to shill his other projects and is just an all around trash game dev.



I accidentally get 10 to 12 and i still feel uncomfortable waking up



How are anime girl mmos? They aways seemed basic to me, just using girls as a way to get bugmen to keep playing. Like that gun girl game, where all do is grind and collect anime girls claiming to be guns or something



Sennen Aigis is a pretty good one tbh. As a tower defence game, there actually exists strategy and cool tech. In truth, I don't even pay much attention to the sex scenes and just skip through them to increase the affection such that the unit can awaken to the next level.

As for idolm@ster, it's probably more in line with what you said. However, when you've run out of things to play, it actually feels rather nice. Of course, I've never spent money on these games.

My prime issue is finding a game I enjoy. Club Penguin was OK (especially with free chat), same with runescape early on since so many real people actually played, then TinierMe was fun for the same reason (and it had a real notion of an in-group), and lastly Grand Chase where it wasn't really an MMO. You had rooms where you would talk with people and, then, to pass the time you'd do missions.

Such games really don't exist anymore or have a bunch of faggots I'd rather not associate with. E.g. discord, etc.

These games, although not like that at all, give a small feeling of accomplishing something. It also serves as a good replacement for other entertainment considering I don't watch TV at all (since it's all garbage) and Youtube has been pretty shit the last few years (I've already rewatched all the good shit until I've memorized it).

tl;dr Sennen is deeper, but idolm@ster is what I've played in the last week and enjoyed in the short-term.

To understand my mindset, consider someone who has accomplished everything in life that he wants to (but is feasible. After all, there are many other dreams I have, but have given up on due to their impossibility), and all that's left is the boredom of entertainment.

>watch all anime of my genre

>read all manga of my genre

>read all VNs/LNs of my genre

>slowly but surely run out of things I enjoy

>more frequent bursts of feeling purposelessness occurring



I understand the feeling of droning on carnal mediums, i do it too sometimes, out of boredom as well. I know i shouldn't but my brain just feels like wasting time on it. Same goes for grinding games. I recently got back into playing world of tanks and war thunder, those russian jew mmos, and i dont feel like its a good use of time, but i find the in the moment action/thoughts to be tolerable, for lack of a better term.

My situation is different from yours, as i have accomplished very little, but have you tried emulation? Id figure the games would have more substance and less "womanbait". Ive recently went through downloading various snes games (if you want to look into it theres some reddit thread that should pop up when you search "best snes games" that ripped a "most downloaded" list off of an emulator site before the nintendo purges), maybe doing something similar would keep your mind off the purposelessness.



Too much sleep is bad since it induces lethargy.


File: 27f57e7aa631387⋯.png (357.67 KB, 500x500, 1:1, a62a7c76823b4a480a89498cbd….png)


You know that saying that goes "most Americans see themselves as temporarily embarrassed millionaires"? I think most normalfaggots see themselves as temporarily embarrassed Chads. Whenever they start talking about their shortcomings they always preface it with "I could do (X) but…" because the idea that they simply can't do it just doesn't occur to them. They've been told they're smart their whole lives, so they get the impression that their inner genius is simply sleeping and whenever they're ready to apply the effort, that's when everyone will be blown away by how smart/charismatic/disciplined they truly are. Nevermind the fact that they've never once succeeded in this before, those times were all because they were tired or just didn't apply the correct amount of gumption.

>pic definitely related

Take a moment to realize this is how normalcattle actually see themselves.



Earworms are chunks of actual songs without any significant distortion. You're hallucinating.


It's not a genre, just songs made by JUSTed songwriters, usually at some of their lowest points in life. Happy people don't make truly inspired music.



It's tolerable because you get absorbed into it–sort of like posting on imageboards. Next thing you know, it's been 5-7 hours, and the day has passed you by. It feels like waste, but what else was there to truly do? Thus, you've at least managed to get by another day of without having to be consumed by the feeling of purposelessness. At minimum, that's my perspective on it.

I think you misunderstood what accomplishment means. It's just a goal set and achieved, it need not be grand. I.e., I said I'd do x, y, and z in high school, and I did so. I said I'd do x, y, and z in university, and I did so. Nevertheless, they're merely badges that hold no substance, for they are not things wherein I've achieved something great or changed the world to my will. Better put, since I know my limits, both in intelligence, social ability, and overall influence after considering a myriad of possible futures, I know what I can and can't achieve. Therefore, when I say I've accomplished most if not all I've desired to, it's taking into account that I've accepted that I cannot accomplish many of the things I might wish to. E.g., have kids, become a professor (with actual creativity, not a lecturer), impart all my knowledge unto a son, spoil and make a most beautiful daughter, conquer a land for my own, or be an advisor for one who does.

As for emulation. Certainly. I've played stuff on MAME (Galaga 88, Burger Time, TGM, TGM2), stand alone games TG3, Curse of the Moon, Insaniquarium, Zuma's Revenge, NES (Mario, Mario: Lost Levels, CastleVania I, II, III, tried Ghosts n' Goblins but get stuck on level 3–although I can get to the boss even with the torch, Burger Time again, tried Zelda but I hate that the sword pokes and doesn't slash, and a few other random ones), SNES (Scooby Doo, E.D.F., Zelda: LttP, DKC1/2/3, Bizyland, Frogger, Super Bomberman 1/2/4, Super Mario World 1/2, CastleVania IV), N64 (Banjo-Kazooie, Zelda: OoT–played with a PSP as a controller), GBA (all the CastleVanias), DS (CastleVania mainly. I tried Pokemon, but it's lost all flare it did for me as a child. It's more so an experience where you'd play with people, go to Toys R Us for a mystery gift, etc.), the X86000 and pc-engine CastleVania, and online games such as World Builder 1/2. Oh, and the Rythme Heaven games.

The issue with these games is once I've beaten them, I can't play them too much again because, sort of like with anime, my memory knows what happens after, so I stop caring. Exceptions are games like TGM3 which are made for people who only want something short and a quick "high".

To truly keep my mind off of purposelessness, I try to do that which I truly wished to do. I.e., I read upper-level math books. Enjoyable, but also depressing, because many a time I can't solve a proof, of am incapable of obtaining the necessary intuition in order to proceed.


File: 8f23d977b9b128a⋯.jpg (27.62 KB, 425x414, 425:414, 8f23d977b9b128a9fd147fcecf….jpg)




I have earworms for all of my favourite OSTs, and they are not some unfinished chunks but 90% correct tracks. My head is pretty much like a radio station for me. Sometimes I can't make myself play a certain song, unless I loudly and correctly produce the rhythm, lyrics or pattern in some way.

But it have been malfunctioning as of late and now I have to listen to that one fucking track. It is still haunting me right now. Thank goodness it's not that bad itself. But I really had fucking enough of it. Listening to it only makes everything worse, because it roots even deeper into my memory and soul.

Listening to other music blocks the earworm, but it makes me very tired and mentally exhausted.

I really have to come up with a solution for this before I give up and go to doctor (((Schlomberg))) for prescribed lobotomy pills.


File: 7b79fd948ea0fc6⋯.png (83.29 KB, 1136x648, 142:81, 1364572081248.png)


Mine vary, they can be full and near 100% accurate songs or only fragments. Soundtracks usually don't do that much for me, they go away in a day or two. It's when a man pours out his innermost pains instead of creating a stage character or performing commissioned music for some franchise that the earworms stick for weeks. But I don't mind that, they stick because they resonate with how I feel anyway. I might as well embrace the feels, since I'm never going to experience anything like that first hand.


File: e33f6a3f379c87b⋯.jpg (88.81 KB, 960x540, 16:9, bears.jpg)

>mother getting on me for my "bad smoking habit" because I like to smoke one pack of menthols a month

>says I should quit like she did in her 20s

>can see a pack sticking out of her purse while she's telling me this



Interesting. I too have an issue with replaying games, but i find my waning memory has helped me go into games with a "faux blind" mindset. Trying not to think too much on the specific story elements and playing through the game to enjoy the atmosphere. I feel like my attention span/endurance is failing, so its harder to push myself to do other things. Maybe i should try doing some outside projects or something, something that can't just be easily clicked off of like with computer stuff. The mere act of walking to an area i find is time consuming and mind numbing enough to make a few hours pass.


>see that someone half clogged the toilet (where the water slowly goes down)

>its up to me to flush repeatedly because no one else in this house bothered

>short term memory fails me again and i forget to do some clean flushes before i use the toliet

At least it didn't fully clog the toliet, but its a shame my memory has degraded like this


There is no movement I hate more than the LGBT movement. I hate them for many of the same reasons I hate drug users. Like drug users, members of the LGBT movement are not stupid. They realize that the behaviors they partake in and support are not natural. They know that members of the same sex engaging in sexual intercourse is not natural. They know that wishing to change one's sex through the use of drugs is not natural. They know that killing one's own unborn child is not natural. But instead of trying to teach themselves to reject these unnatural and disgusting behaviors, they try to get society to accept these behaviors. In a similar fashion to how drug users encourage others to do drugs in an attempt to convince themselves that drug use is fine, the LGBT movement tries to make their actions appear normal to the average person to try to convince themselves that their behaviors are perfectly fine. But deep down, they know that the stuff that they are doing is not natural, and that normal people rightfully despise them. I think that's why so many of those fags commit suicide.


File: c7a12ceb032363a⋯.gif (1.9 MB, 275x205, 55:41, Head Lag.gif)

Sent my resume to a computer repair shop, I need this fucking job. How long until I call them back? I usually wait a week but I'm starting to think I should try something else.



Do you hate the jews?


Im seriously the biggest stupid fucking loser of all time and i should kill myself.

>just got fired from my job

> stole some shit and hot caught

>lie to my mom and say i got fired for being racist

> now im just laying in bed high on dxm and chugging whisky

Ive fucked up my life ao bad and i do t even have the will power to kill myself. They are all prob laughing at how much of a pathetic loser i am. I fucked up so bad. FUCK.



Im seriously the biggest stupid fucking loser of all time and i should kill myself.

>just got fired from my job

> stole some shit and hot caught

>lie to my mom and say i got fired for being racist

> now im just laying in bed high on dxm and chugging whisky

Ive fucked up my life ao bad and i do t even have the will power to kill myself. They are all prob laughing at how much of a pathetic loser i am. I fucked up so bad. FUCK.

Just remember robots atleast youre not as dumb and pathetic as me. Im the biggest fucking loser and all i have is myself to blame.


File: f0b2618a294a099⋯.webm (5.23 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, meme.webm)

>suffering diarrhea all morning

>enter shower

>fearlessly fart

>is a shart

>turn around intending to rinse and stomp semi-solid bits down drain

>none of it hit the bottom of the tub

>instead mostly collected in the corner to the right of the faucet, and my shower head doesn't detach


>spend roughly 10 minutes, before even cleaning myself, to use a mixing bowl to splash shit off the wall and down the drain followed by liberally spraying bleach cleaning solution everywhere the mostly liquid brown goop had touched

>liberally spray everywhere behind my shower curtain with cinnamon-apple stink spray

>add Drain-o to my shopping list


File: fbc6e84fa3ad9d2⋯.jpg (29.49 KB, 500x362, 250:181, tom.jpg)

>met a qt awkward girl at one of the businesses my company does work for

>daydreams come flooding in

>oh god not again why

>try to push them out and snap myself out of them but they keep coming back

>know that something will shoot me down if I tried to get closer to her but it's not enough to quell the thoughts of her

>just want peace of mind but that 1.0e^-1000% possibility of finally having gf won't let me



What did you decide to steal that would be worth losing your job over?


The solution is to go talk with her which will dispel the fantasy you've built up in your head by listening to that dumb slut talk about herself so you can see she's not the qt3.14 shy pure waifu uguu you want to think she is It will work I promise you.


All I have read on pol about the jews and their mongrelization plans is fucking true. I live in Ukraine, in the West. Study in a university in a relatively small city. There is this kike I know who works at the univesity. Young, a several years older than me. He always engaged in some shitty events like student concerts and liberal circlejerk about cultural and ethnical diversity. That thing along should have made realize that the jews are the same even in my poorass country. But no. Today he hold one of liberal brainwashing event about the european values. There they have praised guess what? PAN-EUROPA organization founded by Kalergi himself, which, as it said in the leaflet, promotes the idea of european PATRIOTISM and it's UNITY against all threats and what a good thing it is - united Europe and how we must all hop onto the train of being UNITED. What are the chances that all these brainwashing events are not connected with the jewisness of the men, but rather with his believes? ZERO!

God damn it. The naive goyim dont event know about Kalergi true plans. It hurts to be right.



You might be pushed to enter the EU then. The same kind of shit was happening in all schools across Poland in 2002-2003. Little kids in elementaries had to put up with monthly pro-EU events and were told that if their parents vote for joining, they will all be able to go on student exchanges and spend some time in the cool and rich western countries.



I don't think a united Europe would ever be able to function as it's supposed to

But with that being said, you guys really need to work on not killing each other for retarded reasons


File: 93b886b66cabb61⋯.jpg (65.95 KB, 800x838, 400:419, fargoth very close.jpg)

>$ittting on lot$ of ca$h (thanks, tax return!)

>drop majority into paying off CC debt

>the rest I'm keeping in reserve to pay rent and other bills


Are all normalfags this retarded with finances?

>sold my winter beater a couple years ago

>mom out of nowhere buys me an almost new car for $12k

>tell her I don't need it but she ignores me

>now the car sits in the driveway for all but 2 months of the year, with her paying insurance on it the whole time

>keep telling her I'd be much more grateful if she sold it and used the money to pay off my student loans that are accruing interest because I have no money to make payments

>to this she says "but then you wouldn't have a nice car to drive in the winter"

>meanwhile she spends every waking hour at work, using the few days she has off to go on expensive trips abroad

And everyone else in my family seems to be the same way.


File: 0987de8eb371bf7⋯.gif (73.62 KB, 500x530, 50:53, 628db0e1132c8167f17d130b28….gif)


Ukraine got fucked hard by the amerimutts back in 2014. I'm sorry anon.



Ukraine (and pretty much all of Eastern Europe) is a battleground between American Jews and Russian Jews. The revolution then was just switching rulers from pro-Russian oligarchs to pro-American oligarchs. In reality it makes no difference, even in Russia you will find the social justice garbage festering in the universities, because Jews are in control.


File: b01d9a2c3dea0df⋯.jpeg (55.98 KB, 722x349, 722:349, nideare blyadd.jpeg)


Thank goodness, I thought redpilled fellow Ukrops are so rare that I would never meet one even on the net, or 8/r9k/, of all places.

I don't know what kind of future this country has, it's like it have been getting only worse since the 19th century, with rare miniscule improvements. The current president is a filthy kike, the government is full of criminals that got into it in the 90's and full of kikes, the future president (that doesn't even know well the language of the country he is supposed to govern) is a clown puppet of a (((banker))).

Niggers, pajeets, chinks, mudslims and other majorities of Earth's population are flooding the country thanks to some ((("peoples'"))) internationalisation programmes every ruling faggot pretends to be "anti-communist" (because that's what popular in "woke" normalfaggot circles of this country) but encourages the concepts and principles of communism, guess why? Because globalization. They want to achieve it by whatever means possible.

Talented natives are encouraged to emigrate to other countries (usually Poland, sometimes Germany) that give them "more possibilities" (actually they actually just assign those talented ones to nigger-tier wageslaving, paying less than they are supposed to do, but the immigrated East Europeans don't notice that because they come from a shithole where they never been paid this much).

I am amazed how the revisionism of Holohoax and nationalist organizations are still legal in this country (maybe the latter are honeypots? Not being optimistic, but it doesn't seems that way. They don't do shit to unfuck their motherland, though), considering it has been infested by merchants for a few centuries.

I hate to sound the way I sound now, but I wish I saw any kind of hope or future for this country. The only way things could get straight (in every fucking way) would be if /pol/'s Day Of The Rope affected this country, or some undercover Ukrainian organization with national-socialistic beliefs decided to fix this country. I sincerely hope there is one, though I wouldn't know, I'd need connections for that and I don't talk to normalniggers.

Stay strong and stay covert. You may already know this, but don't reveal your power level unless you 100% know there won't be any sort of repercussions.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

i am SO fucking tired of eating

it is some of the most egregious shit in the world that there doesn't just exist some comprehensive paste

if you're fat, i hope you eat a bullet


File: abeafa6732a260c⋯.png (348.07 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Boy anon, have I got the thing for you.



Dxm products… yeah im that pathetic in my impulse to escape reality. Plus other stuff like zoplicone. Basically im just a low iq impulse monkey. A bad joke. Lost everything for something so stupid. Lost my friends becuase the worked at that job. They will never forgive me. And the worst part is is that im pretty indifferent almsot in relief and i cant explain why. Perhaps finally i can push myself towards the end.



Not that guy, but I can understand him all too well. I have only partial sense of smell, apparently it's genetic because my grandpa is like this too. Going by what other people tell me, I think I have only around a quarter of healthy human range and majority of the things I can smell are just chemicals and other inedible things. Food just doesn't taste the way it's supposed to. It gets tiresome.


>No talents

>No creative talents

>No way to expressing any kind of creativity I have

How do I stop having ideas? How do I crush my creativity and imagine nothing? I'd rather castrate myself of the ability to be creative than continue having these thoughts and no way of expressing it.




Not needed, spend everyday drawing for 30-45 minutes and after a year you can draw everything you can imagine. Also stop being a whiny faggot.



I recommend ceasing the DXM use. If not, enjoy some long-term effects that I can personally attest do in fact occur:


>short-term memory loss

>bad teeth and gum infection if you go the route of chugging the tussin

>inability to drink a single glass of soda without your kidneys aching

and more.

I know how seemingly good it can feel to take some and forget about your problems, but the whole "it's not as addictive as Real Drugs (tm) is bullshit. It's not worth destroying your body and mind over.

If you fill your day up with other shit to do, whether it's vidya or anime or whatever, after a few weeks of not using it it does start to get easier. The main thing is to not sit around being bored, because that's the main reason people relapse on that shit.


File: 4083b61cf7777bf⋯.gif (2.37 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 4083b61cf7777bff6793e9fc7a….gif)


My abdominal muscles are clearer by the days bro. Fasting and training are giving me more and more progress.



I never thought id sink this low. but I did. im doing what you said playing games and watching anime but it all is mixed up in my head. just that fact that i stole and lied to my mom is enough to make me consider suicide. that place i worked at gave me a second chance too after i had a mental breakdown trying to join the military. they let me come back. fuck man i am an evil twisted stupid nigger. suicide is a serious option at this point.



also my only friend is the one who got me that job in the first place. im too ashamed to even speak to him again or any of the friends i made there. i knew him since kindergarten. what the fuck have i done to myself.




You did some dumb shit, yeah, but it's not like you fucking killed someone. You shoplifted. It's not the end of the world. It's not even a barrier to employment, although obviously you won't be able to list the place you worked at as a reference.

The first few days without thet tussin will leave you feeling emotionally anxious and retarded, but I promise you it does get easier. The temptation doesn't really go away ever, but that inward desire and compulsion goes away after awhile.

Just get some sleep. If your friend is a true friend at all, he'll either not see it as a big deal, or if he does, forgive you. Your mom will forgive you too, I bet, although there are some wacko parents out there and I don't know your mom.

There are some reasons why people would legitimately have grounds for necking themselves, but getting caught stealing some tussin from a store you worked at isn't one of them. It was fucking retarded, but not worth killing yourself over.

Just chill, enjoy some shows or vidya to take your mind off it, and it'll blow over.

Regarding employment, most low-level employers such as retail, fast-food, etc, won't bother looking at your criminal record, or if they do it's only to confirm you don't have a felony (assuming your shoplifting was a misdemeanor). Higher level employment will, but if you need a job and can't NEET it up for awhile, just apply at some other grocery stores/pharmacies/food places in your area.

t. has 30-something trespass charges and 15-or-so shoplifting charges and employers never even bother checking


File: ddd7815bd5ab055⋯.png (77.91 KB, 337x329, 337:329, ddd7815bd5ab055f0424e240cd….png)

>drug addicts


>estimated 45 criminal charges

Hard to believe you low inhibition niggers didn't lose your virginity by 16.



Saw a cardinal, up close, perched on a power line outside my window.


Water in telephone lines. Suffering repeated disconnects since yesterday.


Do you celebrate your birthday somehow? Does it affect your mood in a way knowing that today is the day you were born? I just feel nothing and hollow, doesn`t matter which day it is.



Usually my family makes cake, which is nice. I don't like being the center of attention though. It does put me in a good mood I suppose, mostly because I think about the way I used to feel about birthdays when I was a kid. Sort of bittersweet though since I'm not that kid anymore.


>decide to reinstall Guild Wars and see what's going on in it

>last time I played it, random arena was full of bots and unplayable, FA was dead and JQ was only active a few games a day

>get on, check out random arena

>no bots, tons of people playing

>tons of people in Kamadan

Can't believe those useless faggots at Arenanet actually did something useful and started banning bot accounts.

And then, if that wasn't good enough.

>decide to download A Hat in Time because cute hat loli

>graphics card isn't good enough according to the minimum requirements, but just planning on deleting it if it doesn't run

>it ends up running smoothly at low-medium settings

Good day.


File: 9f0539dee13af05⋯.jpg (2.08 MB, 2000x1346, 1000:673, 61714088_p0.jpg)

>Got a message back form a place I want to work at

>They want a video interview

I don't know about this, but I'm not getting much of a choice since I need to a find a job soon. Though I'm willing to bet I won't get hired anyway for whatever reasons.


Either my family gets me a cake or we go out to eat together somewhere. Which is completely fine by me since we all prefer small outings rather than something large and noisy.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I woke up, today.


I used to become quite belligerent on my birthday so that people knew to leave me the hell alone. I stopped celebrating it when I was like fifteen. Other than that, I've missed my own birthday three or so years in a row.>>311031


File: cc0eefab75dcc1c⋯.jpg (77.27 KB, 860x637, 860:637, cc0eefab75dcc1c5e031a5dbc5….jpg)


>decide to download A Hat in Time because cute hat loli

Yeah, about that. Devs added trans flags on the game later

>tfw attempted to make napalm but the foam didn't disintegrate and became goop

>tfw mum saw what I was doing but I told her I was doing an "experiment" and she thought I was attempting to do varnish

>tfw nobody thinks I want to burn the houses of the voodoo niggers that ruin the streets with their garbage

All in all I think stuff could have gone way worse.


File: 04862af6fd65eeb⋯.jpg (1.33 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 04862af6fd65eebbffdcec4518….jpg)


I'm so fucking buttmad about that.




Yeah I heard about the faggot flag. Gonna let it slide and play it anyway, considering it's just a single decal. It still shouldn't be there, but oh well. Just means I'll never monetarily support him by buying it.

As far as pandering goes, could've been alot worse and affected gameplay, like when Toady shoehorned in tranny dorfs in DF.



Dammit. I was thinking I might get that game for my brother on his birthday since he's been showing interest in it, now I might reconsider. I would've felt like a nigger if I found out about that after the fact though, so thanks for pointing it out.



>watch a fuck ton of movies in the last few days

>probably can't remember all of them



I'm the one who just downloaded it a day ago. So far, it's extremely easy. There are also no consequences for dying or any sort of 'lives' like in Mario or anything, and checkpoints are very often. The environments are really nifty looking, and the characters are cute, and it is fun somewhat, atleast enough to keep me playing.

But it's so fucking easy. I don't see why he released a PC platformer, which itself excludes a ton of kiddies who would normally play platformers, and then made it kiddie-level easy anyway.



I was going to get it for the ps4 actually, because he doesn't have his own pc and it's embarrassing to watch him play video games on the family computer.


File: 6a52bf58170b494⋯.jpg (38.29 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1554402089360.jpg)

>last night

>everyone is asleep

>laying in darkness

>can't sleep

>grab phone

>find some shitty hentai to do a quick one before going to sleep

>keep hearing noises outside my room

>Oh well

>climax and put phone away

>mom was outside my room the entire time

Not exactly sure if she saw me or even cared but every time she thinks I'm on my phone at night she thinks I'm looking at porn mostly am if I can't sleep. She always makes me feel ashamed. I know this post sounds underage but I come from a highly religious family who thinks that we should live in abstinence until marriage.


File: 327a6c2cc5baad6⋯.jpg (406.62 KB, 1257x1528, 1257:1528, 1366236047001.jpg)


What movies? I haven't punched myself or anything else for a few years. Still have a hole in one of the doors though, been there for maybe 10 years.


What movies? I can't remember 99% of the movies I watch after a day or two, and I've watched a lot. Makes me think what's the point of even watching them. I probably should've had an IMDb account or something to keep track, but it's late to start doing that now.



If you can get it for cheap I'd recommend it still. The $30 price seems a bit high, and I can't really condone monetarily supporting him after the tranny flag insertion, but for what it's worth it is actually fun.


Got bored of every music artist I usually listen to and of music in general. Wanted something new. Started listening to Dr. William Pierce's broadcasts. Hearing him ranting about Clintonistas and the kikes is very comfy. Really makes my boring train rides rather interesting. Does anyone know something that could come close to his speeches?


File: e4ef76d611af8c7⋯.jpg (125.15 KB, 601x583, 601:583, smug424.jpg)


>mfw still botting in PvE and no ban



The old Radio Free Northwest radio shows, when Covington was still alive, are pretty good.


File: 85c78a95651d46f⋯.jpg (43.4 KB, 720x720, 1:1, c71f7b745dcb3e6e777dc958ac….jpg)

>in line at mall food court

>group of young teenage girls appear out of nowhere

>one starts talking to me

<Hey, how old are you?

>tell her I'm in my early 20s

<Oh wow you look like you're 17

>giggles about this with her friends

<Hey I like your shades, they look fresh. Doesn't he look fresh?

>more giggling

>awkward half smile at them and leave immediately after getting my burger

What the fuck was that boys?



They're just poking fun at you.


File: 79f22c67e708116⋯.jpg (26.99 KB, 375x523, 375:523, 1539531572106.jpg)


They were mocking you. I absolutely fucking hate the way roasties bully people, they always use these fake ass compliments then they laugh with their friends. Atleast male bullies have the honesty of just walking up to you and saying "You're one ugly son of a bitch" at your face instead of beating around the bush like roasties do.



In my mind, the best course of action he could've taken would've been something flirtatious back (assuming he just seems submissive as opposed to ugly as sin). Do you agree? Either flirtatious, outlandish, or both.



And get accused of sexually harassing a minor later if her parents catch wind/she changes her mind? Anon took a good route, just ignore it and walk away.


File: d9704da3b6f57ab⋯.png (465.16 KB, 490x648, 245:324, twinkgame.PNG)


They were flirting with you breh. JBs love young twink guys.


File: c8d16b4b72ad6aa⋯.jpg (148.99 KB, 1366x732, 683:366, 1447084390156.jpg)

My sister is the only reason that I'm still living. She makes me see things in life that are worth living not to sound like incest but we both having depression and we helped each other when our parents wouldn't listen… or so she thinks. Each day I feel like ending it still but I cannot tell her that because things have been working out well. She found a job and is a top student at college. Now that I'm starting to notice, she is becoming like the normalfags that we promised to never become. We were both outcasts but now she is different.She wants the ideal normalfag life and she is starting to act just as they are.

I feel alone again, or rather that…. she is leaving me now.



>walking up to you and saying "You're one ugly son of a bitch"

I had a guy tell me I was a dumb-looking son of a bitch once, completely out of the blue. I think he was high though so I don't know if he meant it. I do't think I'm particularly dumb-looking but I might be, I don't know.


I hope you're glad for the time that you had together. I think that for many (especially women obviously) getting less depressed is just becoming a normalfag. I doubt things could have turned out differently, but try to be happy for her rather than jealous. At least that's what I'd be telling myself in your situation.



this doesn't belong here though. fine if anon can get himself some pussy, but I doubt he should be posting here if he did


File: 099aaec9905ef2d⋯.png (984.33 KB, 1100x1192, 275:298, 099aaec9905ef2dd99368ec9d0….png)


>trusting a female

Oh anon… shouldn't you know better by now? Trusting people, much MUCH less a female is a recipe for disaster.

Your sister was never a non-normalfag, she was just a failed one.

Maybe you should try to covertly guilt her? Since, making a woman a non-normalfag is basically impossible might as well make her life worse for betraying you (though it was likely inevitable). It seems like you were close so I'd wager that this guilting combined with her "depression" would really throw a wrench in her whole normalfag life. Or maybe you can find some alternative forms of revenge? It may be hard to do but she isn't the sister you thought you knew she's just another roastie normalfag like the rest of them.

Honestly, your situation reminds me a lot of one that I went through before and the first thing you need to realize is that you were being used. You weren't her friend or her companion, you were her coping mechanism. A tool. If she could have left you to become popular sooner she most definitely would have. And now here we are you, the tool that has lost its purpose, will soon be discarded.

But getting some revenge may be too much for a soft-hearted normalfag though, so if you are on then I guess you can ignore my suggestion.

Also is she your older or younger sister? It would be useful information as being an older brother gives you an edge since you'd be higher on the ingrained familial power structure.



How do I find spic porn of this type? Where it's this kind of brown wearing sports wear.


File: 55c4bf8431ef78c⋯.jpg (70.96 KB, 485x333, 485:333, lemon.jpg)


><Hey, how old are you?

>>tell her I'm in my early 20s

That's where you made your mistake, if you knew that they were going to toy with you, you should have asked them what for, or told them you were middle aged.


I tried being playful with mommy and pulled a small jape on her. I got yelled at and she victimized herself by saying i don't have any love or respect for her and that i have a "bad true nature"

Honestly i should kept put and played videogames, and kept interaction to a minimum.

It didn't even last 2 minutes. She half heartedly looked around this small house and is complaining that i just wanted to watch her suffer for hours



I too find eating to be a chore/boring/dull. Maybe by brain is dying so food doesnt taste notable (for lack of a better word) like its supposed to. How do neurotypicals do it? Squeal about how good food is. At least drinking water and juice when thirsty provides some satisfaction



If they knew you had a breakdown and let you back into the workforce before then im sure your friends could understand you relapsing and shoplifting. Although clearing up the explanation with mom might be hard. Just dont let your friends near her and the stories wont collide



Cardinals are nice birds. Poor males are paranoid and timid because they were born with red "look at me predators" feathers purely for roast birds. I remember this house i had to do a job in had this nice flower fence and bird feeder setup. You could watch the juvenile birds fight with each other and sometimes an adult would spook them away for his share of the grub



Its odd how these devs are soft to these things. Id never expect someone talented enough to make df, or some tf2 modders to embrace soy. I think it might be because of the wordage of "rights". I remember watching some guy play on a minecraft anarchy server (it was 2b2t). I've never heard of the concept in my years of knowing minecraft so it was interesting. The server was slow, and this guy was fine with the lag, plus he was pretty well endowed with his hax knowledge and items. I never expected someone like him to blast cattle music or care about "X rights" or complain about the "bad things" others say on the server.

I think its a manipulation of powerful words that has got these people hooked up on embracing soy. By saying your movement is about gaining rights, you signal to the cattle that this is a morally positive thing, even though it isnt, and such word manipulation should indicate malicious intent. Maybe its more orwellian wordplay i dunno



She is my older sister and I actually would get revenge but she is also my twin(born a minute older). I think I posted about her in a different thread but I'm not sure, however I'm a boy and she is a girl.



Its a nice kind of cute. I personally find the anime faces i see to be meh to me, just a bunch of big eyes and smiles. But hat lolis art has that childish smug cuteness look. It might just be because of it being a simple 3d model, but it doesnt exhaust me like seeing all the pixel and big eyed face indie game art.



Just sleep dude. The succubi strike at night, dont let them steal your mana


File: cff414005e91284⋯.jpg (179.22 KB, 1900x1425, 4:3, 63667311-1900px.jpg)



I've always liked cardinals, I think it's because my grandmother liked them and would have a lot of birdfeeders to get pictures of the two cardinals that had a nest near her house when I was younger.

The widow life is lonely for a non-whore.




When I graduated high school I remember thinking to myself 'I'm so glad I can leave all of this bullshit behind, this is the greatest day of my life' how fucking wrong I was. Seems no matter where I go doesn't matter if it's the workplace or just out to eat I'm an easy target.



They have a nice poof to em. I find that some birds, like cockatiels, when they are somewhat relaxed, they make a nice poof. Poof as in letting their feathers air out a bit, i dont know if theres a formal term to it



No one ever leaves high school anon.


>spend YEARS fapping daily if not twice daily

>every time I try to nofap I fail after a day

>learn about the kikes and porn, along with sex as a control of political control

>lose all interest in fapping, find myself suddenly on day eight

Feels good. I didn’t even try, I just kind of stumbled into it. I just didn’t feel like jerking off and I’ve been riding the wave. I hope I can keep it up. My fetishes are still following me into my dreams but it’s more of an annoyance than something that arouses me. Never downplay the power of figuring out that (((they))) want you to do XYZ and that you have to stop.



Twins huh. Well you have my condolences. You two must've been close so I get why you're hesitant to take revenge.For now my suggestion is to wait it out.

Eventually she's going to leave you behind for the normalfag life (sorry but thats the harsh truth) so once she's completely converted, then you'll likely be motivated enough to take revenge.

It's really a shame that you had this kind of relationship with your sister though. She's a woman and your a man so this situation you're in right now was only inevitable. Being so close to your sister will only make the betrayal hurt even more. So again my condolances.

I went through a similar situation so I'll tell you what I learned from it.

Never have complete faith in anybody. Trust and faith are by definition suspensions of logic and only serve to get you hurt or make you ignorant of reality.

Eventually the initial pain and sadness of your sister's betrayal will wash away and you'll be left with realization that you were conned. Used by somebody you cared about and then thrown away. Once you go through the motions and the sadness goes away the realization should motivate you to action rather than demoralize you.

For now though my reccomendation is to tough through it until then


I want heaven to exist. Not because i want sone comfy eternal life, but because i want to see, or at least rest assured, that the cattle degenerates and their architects will fail in getting in, and will suffer for it


File: ec0608de332553a⋯.png (252.72 KB, 500x544, 125:136, Tumblr_nwl6lm6RRi1r6dvv7o1….png)

Pederasty is gonna be completely 100% normal by 2030. Maybe 2025. I guess in the 90s being a gay pedophile was the worst thing you could be, but from what Ive observed these past few years being attracted to men who look 13 is all the rage. Probably a mixture of widespread inceldom, hypergamy, porn addiction and smartphones bringing everyone together. 8chan has its own board dedicated entirely to pederasty. The gay rights movement started with NAMBLA and looks like its coming full circle. I cant be the only one whos noticed this.



>from what Ive observed these past few years being attracted to men who look 13 is all the rage

At first I read that as you being attracted to men who look 13 and I got really mad that you'd have the audacity to post here. Now I'm mad and I don't have an anonymous post to take it out on.



In ancient Greek, the word 'pederasty' didn't imply anything sexual. It referred to a platonic teacher/student relationship. Modern faggots can't fathom how two men could be close to eachother and love eachother without wanting to fuck eachother, and thus, attempt to rewrite history to paint faggotry as 'normal' in ancient Greece, rather than the truth that it was considered shameful and wicked. Most Greek city-states disallowed it entirely; the few that didn't, most notably Athens, nonetheless forbid faggots from owning land, and by extension, voting.

Some faggots say

>b-but what about the handful of sculptures/pottery art depicting faggotry?

That proves nothing other than the fact that it did exist, which no one denies. It was never accepted as normal. Just because a few pornographic images exist of a perversion doesn't mean that perversion was ever accepted as anything other than perversion.



Please post some political control graphics if you have them, I could use the help.


File: c1b3002772e04f0⋯.jpeg (299.77 KB, 1600x800, 2:1, 12EFE219-84E6-4D31-97AF-6….jpeg)

File: 4aca731ce10b94f⋯.jpeg (955.08 KB, 808x2798, 404:1399, C7BBAC3A-0F17-4208-8AB0-E….jpeg)

File: 19ad0eb56c8fa5b⋯.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1474x4354, 737:2177, 582B3942-6690-4D49-AFF8-5….jpeg)


I don’t have any graphics related to political control per se but check out Libido Dominandi (pdf can be found online) and these interviews below, the first one helped me more than one can imagine:







Jaime,my bud stop posting and get back to guarding the bloody king.



The same. I have been beating my meat for as long as I can remember. But after I had watched Der Ewige Jude I have lost all interest in something the jews want me and other whites to do. Day 24 now. I used to not belive in nofap but I have become much more confident and can speak whatever I want to whomever I want. I even can do some autistic shit with confidence. Today I argued with a feminist and a roastie on feminism and child-free hedonism. Just because I felt confident enough to say shit I believe in.



>after I had watched Der Ewige Jude I have lost all interest in something the jews want me and other whites to do.

Is it really that good? I have a copy of it saved on my computer but I've never gotten around to watching it. I'll have to watch it today.

>I used to not belive in nofap but I have become much more confident and can speak whatever I want to whomever I want.

Although I'm only on day eight, I think I'm feeling some small changes already. Overall, so far I've felt cleaner, less sluggish, more motivated to read and more confident about how I look when I look into the mirror. It definitely can't be a placebo effect since I had no idea what to anticipate when I started. I'm interested in seeing what other benefits there will be. I hope both of us can keeping going strong. It really is an addiction. The Jews want us to be hooked on this, complacent and depraved.



For me the major benefit is weening oneself off the vaginal jew. I find some folks are disappointed that they dont get superpowers, and i think its because they believe it will trade one hedonism (the seggs) for another (instant gratification through "superpowers"), when the true goal i feel is to get away from hedonism in general. Letting ones brain consider/think about other aspects/qualities of things besides simple feminine aesthetics and peepee in hole


Rate (I know this is not /pol/ but I want some INTELLIGENT people to comment on this rather than the trumptards)


Tier list


Anglo (high)





Chinese (high)

North Italian


Low Countries





West Slavs






Iberian (high)


Anglo (low)



East Slavic




Christian Balkan

Iberian (low)

Mestizo (high)


Chinese (low)





South Italian

Muslim Balkan

North Indian


American (mixed)









Mestizo (low)




Central Indian










File: a8811cdc44430af⋯.jpeg (43.69 KB, 312x342, 52:57, 460C196E-9238-4172-A9AB-E….jpeg)



Fuck off philosemite



The short answer is that if you asked me of all the races on Earth that exist which one I think might still be around in any real capacity a thousand years from now I would have to say the Japanese, and even then that's just the race I'd say is most likely and even then I would be surprised. Ashkenazic Jews are the purported 'smart Jews', but they're less than 40% of all the Jews in Israel nor does that account for absolute ethnic purity. That number has also done nothing but go down. Even smart Jews have no principles. They're a very coddled people even just by their own teachings. Jews are taught to be like an old kvetching woman, caring in the way one might be for a small pet, always wearing big hats, and always trying to manipulate something/gossiping.

I've wargamed the future several times and needless to say I have no faith in the world. /pol/ is now consumed with just the biggest fucking faggots that won't even entertain thoughts to the contrary of there will be a White Utopia. Look to the past, when has 'Progressivism' EVER failed in the long-term? Most people simply don't care beyond their own pleasure, and those that do are very often incompetent. You would think anyone who studies philosophy even a little bit would understand that the more intellectual ideas simply will never work because most people are just too fucking stupid to grasp the concepts presented to them or to even make them work in practice because man is a fallen creature.

Ramble, ramble, ramble. Time for breakfast. I'd go on for hours.


File: 50f2f942577fe31⋯.png (215.62 KB, 344x315, 344:315, bugs.png)

>explain something over the phone that takes more than 5 words






File: 631747a739f4b99⋯.jpg (125.88 KB, 1229x1639, 1229:1639, 1336087921001.jpg)

>browsing dead boards again



Your list is shit and so are you, kike.


Posting here because no one reads the blogpost thread.

I'm "mentally ill" and fucking fat. My granddad will die very soon and all I think about is myself. I'm terrified because I'm going to pussy out of going to his funeral. I don't want my extended family to see the state I'm in.

>inb4 not a real robot if you care what normalfags think

I know I should go and I'm aware how selfish it is to be more concerned with other people seeing I'm a fat balding shutin than the fact that my granddad's on his death bed. I'm terrified of the big decision that's coming up.

Any advice? I have an awful sinking feeling in my chest.



I'd say just go, it's not like you have some image to keep up for your family right? Or have you been lying and trying to look like a chad? And if you go you don't really even have to talk to anyone, it's not like it's a party where everyone is having a good time, they expect people to be sad and quiet.



What philosophy books are good to read? Something to waste the day on as im feeling more bored with vidya



Can you go visit the grave after everyone has left? Ive been to one small funeral, and they dont do much when looking at the body before burial. A speech or two, some songs,maybe some socializing, then a drive to the plot and burial. I personally don't think that pre burial stuff is super important, so if you really dont want to be seen you could just skip that part and wait around the graveyard. Since they're so big you can stand a fair distance away from the burial and people wont notice you/assume youre visiting a grave. Also most people leave before the burial is fully done, they just want to see the first few piles of dirt go in and then they spend some time talking to each other, then they leave. After they leave you could walk up to the grave and watch the complete burial, acting like a curious bystander, and once the workers leave you can pay condolences and all that.

At least thats what i imagine



I picked up Libido Dominandi few days ago and it's awful. Constantly defending the jews and claiming that goyim and some apparently anti-semitic jews created the "false" theories that jews controlled the academia and many secret societies. The whole book is padded with desperate affirmations of christcuckery allegedly being the only thing that can keep people from falling to vices, and I hate reading that kind of filler. You could condense factual information to a tenth of the book's volume.



Philosophy philosophy, mathematical philosophy, or mathematical logic. Any particular preference?



They already know you exist? If they notice you aren't at the funeral their opinion of you will be worse than if you do attend. Since you care about their opinion and you care about you grandfather, go. Just clean yourself up a bit and wear a suit, it's a lot easier than you think. It would be maybe a half hour to an hour of discomfort. Weigh that against the years of regret from not attending his funeral. I would go. I say that as a balding mess of a NEET, who avoids his extended family and rarely leaves his house. Funerals are heavenly compared to the hell of weddings.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I would recommended the embeded video on what is the Doomer meme first because it helps as an introduction to Nietzsche and Schopenhauer, Nihilism and Asceticism, and I believe Existentialism and Stoicism to a point.

>What philosophy books are good to read?

To be honest, I prefer to listen to audio books and or watch other forms of media because they tend to be easier to penetrate. One though off the top of my head, Studies in Pessimism by Arthur Schopenhauer.

Below is the audio book.


And below here is the e-book in case you wanted to follow along chapter by chapter as that's how it's split up there, and that should also make it easier to take a break from. The buttons to navigate the chapters might require you to resize the window in order for you to see them. They're on the top left.


I know some people don't like her, especially because she is slated as something of a hypocrite due to relying on government assistance later in her life (and /pol/ hates her because she's a Russian Jew), but I don't have the seething hatred most have for Ayn Rand because I believe she had some good points. I'd recommenced watching videos about her ideas rather than reading her books or listening to them because they're sometimes said to not be right to the point. Anthem, The Fountainhead, and Atlas Shrugged are often said to be her best books, and they were released in that order.


Slavoj Žižek is quite the phenomenon. Funny to watch and or listen to, or unlistenable depending on the person. Not my cup of tea per se, but I'll recommend him anyways because he offers a fresh and intellectual perspective. He's smarter than most give him credit for, but he is something of a Communist. That's not quite his economic views, but I honestly don't know how to describe them as he would. He's like a Communist-Capitalist. I don't necessarily agree with all that, but so on and so forth. I'm also not terribly familiar with his books, and I would be being dishonest if I said that I was. A lot of his lectures are on YouTube, and most of them are very open.


Here's a video from Jan Švankmajer's Faust (1994) on the nature of man I personally find very often relevant. I would recommend the full thing if you can stumble across it.


Another movie, Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot (2001). I believe it perfectly explores Existentialism, Nihilism, and dread at least in the artistic sense.


If you go through all this and want more, I would recommenced looking into some of the core tenants of Hinduism/Buddhism, particularly the lives of Siddhartha Gautama (who became the Buddha), but be warned that Hinduism is notoriously difficult to penetrate.

Hopefully that's not too overwhelming.



Fuck. I had also meant to mention looking into some of the theories of John von Neumann. He was a literal savant and his theories in science and life on other planets is incredibly interesting stuff. A lot of his theories are science fiction-esque, but it's all based in reality and with plenty of merit.



File: 1721f80b9cf397c⋯.png (151.15 KB, 329x426, 329:426, ClipboardImage.png)


>youtube video about a cuckchan meme



>Ayn Rand

Proto-ancap kike. Individualist. Whenever you uphold individualism as more important than the collective good of the race, the collapse is soon to follow.


>something of a communist

What do you mean 'something of a communist'? He's an open marxist. He props up the false dichotomy of capitalism and communism being the only choices. The only positive thing to be said about him is that he doesn't always support the degeneracy that most commies support, but that isn't necessarily unique to him; Stalin-era USSR opposed certain degeneracy, and the Greek Communist Party does so today as well. That doesn't justify their marxist belief, though.

Schopenhauer and Nietzsche are worth reading, but Neitzsche gets just as much wrong as he does right.



It's a video about a concept that explains information in a clear and concise manner. It doesn't matter what it is otherwise. What if any association that exists parallel to it is functionally irrelevant because you are not suppose to process information with a bias to the best of your abilities. Can you even begin to understand you've been literally retarded? Can you understand that your presupposition stops you from otherwise viewing the whole body of a topic? That you are now literally stunted in your capacity to learn? Is the base hedonism of feeling superior for a short moment really so preferable to not being able to understand a topic neutrally, let alone the things related or in association to it? The ONLY thing that should matter is if the information checks out.

It's blind arrogance, and it's disgusting.


I am not saying that ANY of these people are sacrosanct, I am saying that they all have nuggets of wisdom which are important to gather from rather than being a rabid ideologue who throws shit just at their mention. Lo and behold, courtesy starts to slip..

>He's an open marxist.

Who has expressed some ideas that are otherwise contradictory. Like I said, you'd need to watch some of his lectures. The last time I had a debate with someone about Zizek was like seven years ago, I cannot remember everything I have seen about the guy.

>Whenever you uphold individualism as more important than the collective good of the race, the collapse is soon to follow.

Why do you even have to say this? Surely you read my first post which promoted all of this where I all-but said this by saying, "The short answer is that if you asked me of all the races on Earth that exist which one I think might still be around in any real capacity a thousand years from now I would have to say the Japanese".

The simple fact of the matter is that most people are not willing to change their ideas, so rather than give some random person one set of ideas I may be biased towards I gave them two sets of ideas that contradict each other but both sets of which contain some good information.


File: bfb6f73d524dcc3⋯.jpg (24.56 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, NakfHv4.jpg)


You need to kill yourself faggot, and your diarrhea typing really reminds me of a certain someone.



I am so glad we are reminding each other of people because you remind me of every single person I've ever talked to, ever. Just completely devoid of even a single original thought. Completely incapable of internalizing anything without first smothering it emotions.





I'm impressed with your diarrheaing out multiple opposing views because you can't decide a single belief that you stand by (probably none of which you fully understand). The only thing you really allied yourself with is existentialism and stoicism but even then you don't specify what "to a point" means or why you believe those things.

I especially think that it's impressive how you have the audacity to claim that others are arrogant

I think it's possible that you're sharing multiple opposing views because it's important to understand others' positions as well, but your niggerlike response to simple criticism and the absence of actual support for any single thing besides "everyone but me is dumb" is making me doubt that.


File: 682fd02788dba7c⋯.webm (1.35 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGHHHH….webm)






YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>because you

Because I do not truly hold any of the above. Now, how is that for your presumption?

>The only thing you really allied yourself with is existentialism and stoicism

I absolutely did no such thing. I said, "because it helps as an introduction to Nietzsche and Schopenhauer, Nihilism and Asceticism, and I believe Existentialism and Stoicism to a point". "I believe", because all those topics relate to each other in one way or another. You could go from one of those topics to another and be familiar at least on some level to the next.

>but your niggerlike response to simple criticism

The one guy did not even read my other post, and then proceeded to go on as if I took these peoples' ideas word-for-word which is ridiculous given how opposed some of them are and including what I had previously said. The other rudely Pavlovian response'd me like in the NPC meme. So, you don't get to act indignant, and neither do they.

>and the absence of actual support for any single thing besides

They are not mine to defend. To begin with, that's not how or why this started. I was not asked to defend a list of philosophies. I was asked "What philosophy books are good to read", to which I listed varied sources to look into.

You want to know MY position? What "I" adhere to? There is no proper name for it, but it touches a lot of schools of thought. Many I mentioned, Imagine that.

You start with questioning, Existentialism. You go to Nihilism, everything is in fact apparently nothing due in large part to the eventual heat death of the universe. Things typically devolve here or right before as it's where most people turn to meaningless emotional responses. Having become extremely disparaged but also annoyed with suicide being the most logical choice in such a world, I decided more information was required to be sure and that if I must live while I figure things out I will do so while removing myself from life in as many ways that I can. This is partly representative, at least in the latter half of that revelation, in Asceticism/Hinduistic Natural Asceticism. I thought to myself after a period of time that if things can be measured then they are at least on some level objective, and that seemed like a sufficient answer to the emotion issue for a time. On the immediate scale, it also meant that it might be possible to continue things being measurable in some way, and from there the creation of a system you could actually assign or derive literal, measurable meaning from. But you now skip ahead to the heat death of the universe and now your work is for naught. It wasn't sufficient. I needed something else. Reading about possible multiple dimensions and the multitude of possibilities therein, artificial intelligences, the Fermi Paradox along with how realistic a scenario of self-replicating machines actually is (thank you, John von Neumann), and potential Utopianism (there are potential relations here between Asceticism/Individualism/being your own worth, and even Communism). Where I truly diverge from other defined philosophies is that I am not humanistic, at all. All I care about is the creation of a system or set of systems that will be or eventually will be immutable. I don't care if humans exist in it, and in fact it would probably be best if they did not due to our nature.

So, in short, the only meaning life has is the creation of a John von Neumann scenario, otherwise self-replicating machines and or advanced AI that could be sufficiently called God. It doesn't necessarily have to be wise but it does have to be infinite. I truly am not concerned with what comes after, but the creation of such a thing should be the only goal of sentient life up until then.

I've become quite the little Ascetic shut-in, even if by pure function and not philosophy. I own a bed on the floor, resources to make food, my laptop, and little else. Trying to make myself as machine-like as possible. No opinions, just information. The most godly thing in the world is to be technically correct but without an opinion and while continuing to do so.


You are but a thought, and poorly constructed one at that. If you cannot take information from something for its own sake, you are worth less than worthless.




>it helps as an introduction to Nietzsche and Schopenhauer

If you want to know about nietzsche and Schopenhauer you go fucking read em not to some fucking jewtube video about a cuckchan meme based around normalniggers pretending to be depressed

now fuck off with your pseudo-intellectualism



You need to be deposed of if you are so unable to see past the concept for the information tangentially related to it. You are like the people who say anyone who reads Mein Kampf is a Nazis or those that read the Communist Manifesto are a Communist. You are literally retarded. People are stupid, so make it easy for them to learn. Only works if they have the capacity in the first place.



I'm sorry anon that must hurt.



Retarded and highly materialistic worldview. Read Evola instead.



Whats math philosophy?


File: 808bd09ed1765c0⋯.jpg (63.19 KB, 337x362, 337:362, 808bd09ed1765c056c9e86ade5….jpg)

File: d338b463903c2ba⋯.png (5.14 KB, 634x171, 634:171, ClipboardImage.png)

>some discord nigger is very mad on /fur/

>spent 2 hours ban evading

>vol permabanned him 18 times

Good show.


File: 4bbc442180f34b4⋯.jpg (48.38 KB, 268x433, 268:433, do you have a death wish.jpg)


>going on /fur/

>tainting tamamo with /fur/

You deserve painful execution.



But I've never posted her on /fur/.

Someone has though.

If I really wanted to taint her I would go post her on /furi/.

I won't.


File: 1839b800c29347e⋯.jpg (37.27 KB, 204x265, 204:265, 1839b800c29347eaa643f4c250….jpg)


>I believe Existentialism and Stoicism to a point

That's exactly what I fucking said you said you dolt. The rest of your post is pseudo-intellectualism. Read a book nigger. listening to audiobooks and watching kikeniggertube videos doesn't count

>They are not mine to defend

You admit yourself that you hold some arts of their views, what parts? Why do you hold them? don't actually answer this you've proven yourself to be a dumb self-important nigger.

>paragraph of more diarrhea

>possible multiple dimensions


They're not just a possibility you know. Unless you mean a multiverse and not actual dimensions wherein a multiverse could lie.

No doubt you've fallen victim to the "mother told me I'm a genius" syndrome infecting many aspiring youtube junkies. The only thing you have going for you is a good vocabulary.


>You are like the people who say anyone who reads Mein Kampf is a Nazis or those that read the Communist Manifesto are a Communist

Anon said nothing of the sort you nigger.


File: b638ce2a7e536bd⋯.png (146.14 KB, 652x573, 652:573, b638ce2a7e536bd2f3bf5f9c00….png)



parts, I mean.



>That's exactly what I fucking said you said you dolt.

And still you're literally too unintelligent to see the distinction in what I wrote even after I wrote it clear as day for you. Your are completely conflating things needlessly.

>listening to audiobooks and watching kikeniggertube videos doesn't count

Information is information. An audio format potentially allows one to do other things, and listening to an audio while following the words in another format has been proven to increase retention. You're objectively wrong.

>paragraph of more diarrhea

You people have said this and then unironically go on about reading 18th and 19th century literature. It's stupefying how absurd the statement is in this context.

>They're not just a possibility you know.

I did not say otherwise. It was a list of revaluations on how realistic the topics were and in the order I had them.

>Anon said nothing of the sort you nigger.

It is not that they said the exact thing, it is that they conflate things just the same as someone who would say something like that. How are you actually literally so stupid as to not be able to see that?

Your affirmations are neither needed or required, and you've proven yourself to be so lacking I doubt that you actually have the capacity to really understand philosophy. You're literally getting tripped up in simple conversation let alone the larger topics at hand. I don't know if you're Dyslexic, but you're so ridiculous I don't even have any recommendations I could give you to make you no longer the way that you are. So, no more. We're done. Call me whatever you'd like, but I can't help you.


File: 9609e463601f60c⋯.jpg (20.9 KB, 350x350, 1:1, ed-gein-people-in-tv-photo….jpg)


>cuckjak poster tells me that I'm worth nothing

Shiet mane, don't you have some prostitute you have to cry yourself over because she dumped you?



>You people have said this and then unironically go on about reading 18th and 19th century literature. It's stupefying how absurd the statement is in this context.

Vernacular changes and most people understand that when they read old books so they don't find it odd that the language is overly "fancy". The problem starts when people like you try (and fail) to emulate the "fanciness" of an oldschool professional novel on a casual image board. By the end of it, you just start looking like a retard who doesn't know how to get to the fucking point.

Fluffing up your arguments with flowery bullshit doesn't make you smart, it doesn't help your points, and it doesn't fit the tone of this board. So yes your posts do have a lot of diarrhea in them

(not the person you replied to)



Things related to the existence of numbers, what they represent. I take it a step further and consider it along with mathematical logic, i.e. taking a highly logical approach in defining a worldview and analyzing its consequences.


File: b87b8c55f461055⋯.jpg (13.08 KB, 214x317, 214:317, hothead.jpg)


>Information is information

Yes but different ways of processing said information are not equal at all.

>An audio format potentially allows one to do other things

Ah, therein lies the rub. No wonder you have such a poor understanding of this shit. You're playing videogames while these talks and audiobooks are in the background aren't you? You're not going to be able to digest information if you can't take time to digest it. Had you been intently listening to your audiobooks and lectures, maybe taking notes, then you'd probably be better off understanding-wise. But people's brains are incredibly stubborn when it comes to multitasking and dividing attention, so either you'll focus your attention on one or do a shit job at both things, I wager you're doing the former.

>You people have said this and then unironically go on about reading 18th and 19th century literature

So it's fine to watch a niggerkike video on them but not to read the source material? What a dumb fucking gorilla nigger. I wasn't saying your paragraph was diarrhea because you used a couple'a four-syllable words, I was saying it was diarrhea because it was fucking mouthbreather-tier.

>It is not that they said the exact thing, it is that they conflate things just the same as someone who would say something like that. How are you actually literally so stupid as to not be able to see that?

You're the one that's conflating shit. Anon said nothing of the sort. Nothing he said was related to people saying that you must be X because you read X.

<"Your affirmations are neither needed or required" he typed, unaware that his response was neither needed nor required.


File: a3080805a7dc087⋯.jpg (590.28 KB, 1280x954, 640:477, Wizards.jpg)

hey anons, i hope you are having a nice weekend

i have been practicing with my tarot deck by doing some readings to myself and i am starting to get the hang of it i still have to check the manual for the meaning of each card but i am already developing the intuition to put those meanings into context

i think in a couple weeks or a month i will be able to go full hierophant and do reliable card readings

would you guys like to have a tarot reading thread like the ones on /x/? who knows the cards may put some light in the darkness of this place they worked for me quite well at least



Sounds kinda interesting, what have you learned from it?



Isn't tarot card reading kind of like astrology in that it's almost entirely meaningless and mostly for overly superstitious women?



Nothing really. It's more so just a means to an end in determing my perspective on the world. I.e., use mathematics to represent things, then use consequences of mathematics to see where things lead. E.g., it's lead me down the path of complete relativism and the disgust of the majority who supposedly subscribe to relativism since each viewpoint can be considered a logical system. These systems may be consistent or inconsistent. From a relative perspective, none of these are superior or inferior unless one defines a metric to compare with, however, what makes this metric any better than the other? Etc.



i can only talk about my experience with them since i dont really know anybody else in my life who had any interest on the subject and i can tell you that 100% of the time the cards are right

then again just like everything metaphysic it isnt deterministic and it all relies on intuition and your interpretation

so you aren´t gonna get a clear "Yes" or "No" answer but rather clues on what you should do or what is going to happen



Around 10 years ago I requested a tarot reading on 4/x/, not expecting anything to come out of it. The answer spooks me with its accuracy. Concerning the past and present, it was that I should just forget about all the teenage hopes and idealism because none of it will work out and it's just a waste of energy and emotional health. Advice for the future was to lay low and grow a thick shell. I didn't get it then but years later this is exactly what happened and things have improved since. I just don't give a fuck anymore and shrug off nearly everything. As far as I remember, other people in that thread got far more optimistic readings.




Barnum effect.


File: 111a582fbfe7d9b⋯.jpeg (275.65 KB, 1600x857, 1600:857, 99024380.jpeg)

>had an argument with my parents again

>punched my father


>locked myself up in my room

>my mother has been ill for 3 weeks now

>she's hurting a lot and has to take meds for the pain

>writes me a long text message

>she writes me she doesn't know where all this grudge and violence come from

>asks what have they done wrong

>that I'm always distant, angry, aggressive

>that I stopped studying

>that even if they did mistakes it was in good faith

>that we're never togheter

>that we're a sad family

>that she doesn't want to be afraid of her own son

>that she doesn't want to cry herself to sleep and on her way to work again

>that my father is a broken man and their marriage has become unhappy because they're always worried

>that they don't deserve this

For the first time in my life I realized I don't actually know what I'm gonna do next. In fact, I'm not sure there's a way out of this hole. I don't even know what I'm gonna do tomorrow morning. I own them an explanation, but the only words that come to mind are: "If only you knew how bad things really are.". For some reason I really feel like going to church tomorrow, even though I'm not christian and I haven't been in there in ages.

This feel has been a long time coming, really.



>punching someone who is not being violent

Congrats on chimping out.

>how bad things really are

Explain and expound this line of thought.


File: 6286b2d62cd162b⋯.jpg (48.72 KB, 640x481, 640:481, qsTGKap.jpg)

File: 3996f1011b3fa1a⋯.jpg (114.37 KB, 654x410, 327:205, c2af18154d12d1f4e2e909a84f….jpg)

File: 1bb8ea733944dfa⋯.png (87.32 KB, 1130x393, 1130:393, 1bb8ea733944dfa3743ea00cfe….png)


>punching someone who is not being violent

He hit my first if that's what you mean, but I'm not sure going full nigger and punching him in the face was the smartest move.

>how bad things really are

Let's start with

>the economy

Getting absolutely wrecked, which makes it hard for me to care about anything since if the signals being given recently are anything to go by I'm going to starve in the streets no matter what fancy degree I get.

>the divide and conquer on gender

Which negatively affects societal stability.

>the racial composition of the population getting increasingly mixed

Which fosters instability and ethnic conflict.

>increasingly polarized and extreme political beliefs among lemmings

I cannot bring myself to participate in a society that's cannibalizing itself, but at the same time I can't ignore the fact that the consequences of the current situation will show within my lifetime, which brings me to the aforementioned feels.



Is your mother being typical dramatic roastie or do you actually seclude yourself from your family?



i dont know anything about your situation or how your family is so take the advice with a healthy does of salt

if i am being completely honest i think it would be best to get the fuck out of there wether it is by getting a job and saving enough to rent yourself an apartment or going full hobo and living on your car/street i am triying to go offgrid myself

it would be best for both parts, you wont have to keep taking their bullshit/ hurting them and they wont have to deal with the pain you apparentley give em


making an accusation without knowing anything about the context makes you the nigger here



I do seclude myself from my family but I must say they never do anything other than watching talmudvision or their phones when they're at home, so it's not like there's much effort on their part either.


I might do that eventually but I would like to try and fix the problem before cutting bridges. I may sound overly optimistic, but I can't just leave them to rot after them making the effort of dragging my sorry ass into adulthood.



>making an accusation without knowing anything about the context makes you the nigger here

The anon never said he was hit. Seem like that would have been a reasonable thing to include. I could relate to his situation because I also have a shitty, violent, abusive old man. I live alone now and am self sufficient. My old man stopped hitting me around the time I hit 18, mostly because I was now the same size as him. We had several rage induced arguments in my adult years but he never raised his fist or hand at me and thus I never did the same. But I guarantee you, had he did, I would have planted his face into the ground.


>not sure going full nigger and punching him in the face was the smartest move

Don't beat yourself up on that. See the preceding paragraph. Your reaction is understandable as I would have done the same.

>societal decay

I figured this is what you were referring to. Things might also be better than you think. Technology is increasing, absolute poverty is falling and you have near infinite access to information.

Traditional values are declining and thus the foundational pillars of society is crumbling. But it need not be this way. You who know the truth must work harder than the blind sheep who march towards the cliff. If you don't participate in society things will only get worse. All systems decay naturally over time due to entropy, and thus work has to be carried out to maintain the structures that be.

I understand your despair but there is a path forward. But that path requires heroic courage. So be that hero.


I want to believe that this is not necessarily true. It can be false but a false condition requires an intelligent populace and a shared set of values which can unify everyone regardless of race. But my experience of most people would indicate that a false condition is very unlikely.


I failed after 9 days of nofap after browsing /loli/ after seeing it trending last night. It was totally preventable but once I started it was too late. I’m not even mad, 9 days is great for me. Time to start again


File: 8e03b2541e2fc6c⋯.jpg (3.14 MB, 4315x3919, 4315:3919, Edvard_Munch_-_Self-Portra….jpg)

This spam is really dampening my spirit.


File: 42f4405dccb1092⋯.gif (896.98 KB, 224x233, 224:233, 1553064449534.gif)

>Jim is getting persecuted by journos


There are people that don't believe that the news and entertainment networks (all of them) are the biggest terrorists on earth. Even worse, there are people that see them as a family relative



I used to be more angry at Jimbo for jewing a cripple out of his website, and for spending all his money on child hookers and cocaine rather than on better servers. However, with how hotwheels recently started cucking out and saying he doesn't care if this place gets shutdown, maybe it's for the best.



It's a shame what happened to /loli/. Classic example of hotpockets ruining everything for literally no reason.


File: 69e77343bb38d70⋯.jpg (50.05 KB, 1000x800, 5:4, 69e77343bb38d70d2a22abe30d….jpg)


If it makes you feel better I report it as fast as I see it, fren



What happened? It wasn't purged was it? It's not /hebe/ damn it. Also, despite this site not being too popular now, there are boards with OC, so if the destruction of boards were to spread, that would suck.



Some retard got a hold of it and immediately started banning content he personally disliked, fracturing an already small userbase and killing the board.



Ok. Not too bad. Most /loli/ will exist on pixiv or exh for years to come. As long as it's not this whole site turning anti-loli or anti-ss, a new board can always be created.




Are there any good loli boards on here or should I just go to the normal places to find it where it isn't plagued by modcuckery?



I don't really understand why anyone would go to a fetish board and not just a booru/exhentai/pixiv. There's only one I go to and that's just to keep current on when doujin sales and the like happen.


File: 764efc35e02959f⋯.jpg (475.86 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 24012072_p0.jpg)

AC is finally in the window with all the cracks sealed by tape. I suffer the heat no more.


File: 0dcab8480190ffe⋯.png (138.52 KB, 480x269, 480:269, ClipboardImage.png)

Thunder a nigger. Scares my cat and she won't cuddle with me.


Saw one of my high school teachers at the store. He asked what I've been doing in the years since graduating so I bullshitted something about uni and having a job. I get extremely anxious whenever I run into people from high school. Living in my small(ish) hometown means there's always the possibility that I'll run into someone from high school when I'm out, which is terrifying.


File: 9d84d8447496b3d⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 2403x1659, 801:553, spazzatrice.jpg)


My dog doesn't give a fuck instead. He hates pic related tho.


I fucking messaged a goddamn girl again like I do every year on my shitty birthday.

Bitch knows better than to even respond to my dumb ass by now.

25 and still acting like a retarded kid.

Here's to me.


File: 8fa75b07c15121d⋯.png (63.73 KB, 328x316, 82:79, b2b706dde241ad6f29bcbcd34d….png)


>even having a girl's contact information



File: 7be235f3f126096⋯.gif (1.61 MB, 280x296, 35:37, disgustingg.gif)




No anon


I'm paranoid about lead. I live with my parents and siblings in an old house. The front door is stained glass with lead came that's corroding, fresh corroded lead spreading in a dust. No one cares and I am mentally ill and do care.

This is all boiling over because a few terrifying things are coming together so perfectly in the next few days, one being my dad will be working on the lead came and won't care about it spreading everywhere. I'm in the process of having a mental breakdown because I am a terrified and retarded shutin with nowhere else to go. I just want to be teleported to a clean place where I can be alone. Lying down with my eyes closed I can imagine my problems aren't there and be in a warm bliss, but the hours keep ticking away and in a few days the won't be possible.



shit sorry thought this was the feels thread


Does anyone here watch Game of Thrones or at least know what's going on with it? My family won't shut the hell up about it.



Just get a big-guy filter mask.



Supposedly the story came crashing down into an ultimately unsatisfying, predictable, and rushed ending in the last season. From what we've heard the show writers decided to deviate from the books, although I personally feel like George RR is a hack who wrote the series into a corner with too many loose ends and story beats to resolve in the course of a single book or season and that the book will ultimately resemble the show to a good degree.

I'm at uni right now so I can't torrent shit, thus I'm not caught up.



The kenji route 10/10


File: cdfb3b46d7afe97⋯.png (916.66 KB, 777x586, 777:586, cdfb3b46d7afe9753701fa1c58….png)

God fucking damn, it why does it always have to be that, to achieve something you need or want, you need to interact with others? I never rely on others and always do my things myself, all to avoid interacting with anyone, so why is it so fucking difficult to get what you want without having to deal with normalniggers and spergs?

Damned subhumans already waste my tine with their bullshit, why do I have to waste my time on my fucking behalf? Fucking fucktardlets couldn't even process the 1% of proper info I could give to them, why the fuck do they assume that they are on the sane level as me? Who the fuck gave you permission to talk to me, you disgusting, stinking cunt?

>inb4 lower your life standards so you don't have to deal with this

I already life in shit, and only creating content brings me any sort of happiness or satisfaction. So if it comes to lowering my standards, I may as well kill myself, because I don't have any.

That's not the true sentiment I have, though.

Fuck interaction, fuck discussions, fuck wasting effort, even beating your meat to absolute degeneracy is better than mindlessly exchanging information that was reprocessed hundreds of times before getting out, what is the fucking point of getting the info from anyone if:

1 - the info is fucking useless in 99.9999% of cases

2 - even getting the useful info wouldn't mean that it will become useful for you

3 - the info you get is not the same info that you were intended to receive, so even subjective/personal info you get is false to the original that was in the speaker's mind

You think that poorly-known boards are the real safe havens among the stinking swamps of normalfaggotry? Think again you fucktard, as long as those boards are active they are the normalfaggotry.

Because interaction is a normalnigger phenomenon.

Why do robots suffer? Because we are social outcasts. You can't have society without interactions.

<ew you are an anti-IB shill, kys

Go ahead and continue your shitposting to spite this "shill' if you think that it will help you to bring down the (((system))), just don't think that it will actually work on anything that's not always terrified leftist mass media.

Ascend beyond the normalniggerry and live without interaction. Don't even imagine interaction or interact with your imaginary friends. If can you control your unconscious self then you will open

But if you want to remain a lowkey normalfaggot then continue this charade parade you call "interaction"

You can't erase the strive for interaction from a human, because it's natural. But natural doesn't always means "good" or "moral". Niggers' chimp behaviour is natural, but that doesn't means they shouldn't be shot on sight or detained on a separate hot continent. Same for homo sapiens' normalnigger tendencies.

I can't wait for every "homo sapiens" (or whatever the fuck the monkeys are calling themselves) to die so I won't get sick from talking with you niggers.

Fucking gorilla niggeroids always bite the hand that's helping them. What do they do next? Complain about being unhappy sinking in a swamp, complain about lack of help.

<oh look i have a problem, i am so unique. what? no, *insert local boogeyman name here, suggestion: "kike"/"shill"/"normalnigger"*, i don't want to deal with the problem, i want to whine about it and feel unique

You know why Jesus Christ never came back? He's too ashamed of his choices, because it appears that none of the "people" were worth being saved.

<ha ha this edgy anon is sperging out

Kill yourself, nigger

you fucking mentally challenged faggots, I regret every second I tried to get any sort of good conversation with you for a fucking change

imageboards are better to be perceived as anonymous threads for blogs because no human could bring out the full potential of interaction anyway



>can't torrent shit at uni

Shouldn't a VPN resolve that?


File: 5becbebf30a49a8⋯.png (760.31 KB, 617x616, 617:616, 6116a73658686035317ba9262f….png)


>talking to a woman

Please end your life


File: 71cd5977979cdd9⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 2048x1362, 1024:681, 1499283747840.jpg)

How do I improve empathy and sympathy ? I don't know how to put others needs before my own. My parents are starting to say that I'm becoming a very selfish and isolated person. I don't know how to fix it. Are there books for it ?

I'm not saying I want to start feeling for normalfags but I just want to get better at feeling things toward some of my family.



What happened? What are you mad about?

Also you're being pretty hypocritical posting anything at all if interaction at any level is normalfaggotry.



For the selfish part, a trick that I use to help myself in this is when someone else does something that irritates me, I mentally note what that is and try to avoid doing so in the future. Example being, when I ask my brother for help holding an engine block while I tighten a nut on it and he refuses or is terrible reluctant I hate it. It would take little time and effort for him to help me but he doesn't. So I now try to do the little things people ask of me.

When it comes to being isolated from my family, I like to just talk one on one with them. I'll tell my father what is on my mind regarding my hobbies, he doesn't care all to much but he listens, and that is good enough for me. Join in on family events. Dinner time, if your family had one, is good to sit and listen to what everyone has to say about their day. Listen, and if you have any ideas to interject, do it in a non-aggressive fashion.

It is not easy to know what others are thinking, if anything, so "Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself" is a good way to go about being empathetic towards people you have little feelings for.


File: 53821050faf5519⋯.png (88.75 KB, 386x450, 193:225, c02afa90c5acf43514e244c463….png)


Self-talk has always been my biggest obsession. In fact, i self-talk so much that my English accent pretty much matches that of a native speaker despite the fact that I have never interacted with a foreigner before. This is coincidentally beneficial for me since im studying English as my major. I dont even think in my mother tongue anymore. I actively ignore my mother tongue and replace it with English. Every thought process that i have had since third grade has always been in English. I hate my mother tongue, I dont want anyone to know how I think, they are not allowed to know how I think. I am sure that many robots here experience the same thing as I do.



What is your mother tongue? And why do you hate it so much?


File: 7926ae9fb8b0155⋯.jpg (108.81 KB, 882x706, 441:353, Clone_wants_you_to_delet_t….jpg)


Take a guess, I'm from a commie faggot country.


File: a46671ee89f9e88⋯.jpg (80.02 KB, 680x953, 680:953, a46671ee89f9e88c13563380f1….jpg)


>I am sure that many robots here experience the same thing as I do.

Kinda. I love my mother tongue (italian) but it reminds me of my shitty irl life so i try to avoid italian internet content as much as possible.



You asian?




Something tells me anon is a spic, but I would understand that since I'm also a spic and think the same things about the language. Thinking in something that others cannot understand helps a lot


File: 49b1d0fb48f3016⋯.png (193.56 KB, 495x306, 55:34, smug demon.png)

Is Zoroastrianism a cool thing to convert to? Sounds like christianity but less cucked since it wants us to go for "the truth" rather than just falling onto a concept of what is right and what is wrong



I think that's the one that lets you marry your sister so I can't imagine it's that bad as far as religions go.


File: 77bae6ad0b5e44b⋯.png (81.08 KB, 332x431, 332:431, i feel it.png)


I thought that was islam, but nevermind it's also cucked to hell

>In 2011 the Tehran Mobeds Anjuman announced that for the first time in the history of Iran and of the Zoroastrian communities worldwide, women had been ordained in Iran and North America as mobedyars, meaning women mobeds (Zoroastrian priests). The women hold official certificates and can perform the lower-rung religious functions and can initiate people into the religion.

>survive as a religion for three thousand years just to end up getting cursed by the fem virus

This is definitely the end of times, is it?



>fell for CK2 memes

That whole incest thing was cultural and did not stem from Zoroastrianism itself.



At this point there are no "pure" religions, it would be better to create your own cult/religion.


File: c61a041c790df78⋯.png (121.67 KB, 483x361, 483:361, ClipboardImage.png)


>it would be better to create your own cult/religion.

This reminds me of what just happened to me a few hours ago. I haven't slept in over forty eight hours, but I decided to, before going to sleep, visit my Hitler shrine for quick contemplation before bed. I usually meditate before it while thinking of the Fuhrer. While meditating, I must have drifted on or off, or more likely entered into a trance. This was the most vivid dream or vision I have ever seen. I saw our ancestors descending from the heavens, purer and more noble than today, almost divine, subjugating the beast-men of the Earth. Time accelerated, and then Earth was ruled by a theocratic state of Aryan priest-kings worshiping nature. A group of priests gathered on a hill and faced North. They were silent, then slowly, on the northern horizon rose a black sun (roughly like pic related)The priests stood and gave it a straight armed salute. After that I woke up or returned and was in front of my shrine, groggy, my picture of the Fuhrer staring back as stoic as ever. I don't think it was a dream, it was a journey to the past


File: fc29efdcb049258⋯.png (810.58 KB, 3992x2160, 499:270, ClipboardImage.png)

I'm severely mentally ill and can't get access to my computer so I can't play games. I have my laptop which can handle anything beyond videos (Baldur's Gate won't even play properly).

What can I do to fill the emptiness in my chest? I feel terrified. I tried watching Twitch but they're all tryhard normalfags who throw around the word "sperg" all the time, like a newfag on /v/. I like the thought of having a friend I can watch play something but these people make me feel bitter and depressed.



Why can't you get your computer back? If you're over 18, I don't see how they could do anything to stop you if it's your property.

In the meantime, GBA and GBC emulation has insanely low system requirements. mGBA can emulate gba and gbc ROMs, so give it a shot. There's tons of good games out there to play via that.



>Hitler shrine



If you want a good twitch channel I'd recommend Jim Lee, who's one of the only people worth watching draw out of these shitty internet artists since he has years of experience in comics, unless you just want vidya-playing e-celebs with no talent like some normienigger. Also do this >>311845


File: 26c12ffa7b22be2⋯.jpeg (49.9 KB, 630x408, 105:68, B72A9FA7-B5AF-4073-85CB-6….jpeg)

Just bought my first meme drink, just because they started stocking it at the convenience store at work. Tastes okay, like Gatorade or something. Might buy again 6.5/10.



I can't get at my computer because I'm essentially bedridden with fear, can't move because I'm too afraid.

>GBA emulation

Good idea, I'm retarded.



What games would you guys recommend?



Metroid Fusion was one of my favorites, played that one on emulation. Also Link to the Past and Yoshi's Island.


File: 55bfe28dad56ccf⋯.mp4 (3.99 MB, 404x288, 101:72, allt_kommer_att_ordna_sig.mp4)

The only hobby I seem to really enjoy is tabletop, but, more specifically, writing bios for tabletop characters. Everything else pales in comparison, makes vidya feel like garbage. I also enjoy reading a tremendous amount. I feel crazy for even considering such, but I think I may be able to channel all of my frustrations into both reading and writing as a creative outlet. All of it feels like a work of love. I got very lucky, in that I acquired a decent job that is a steady 40 year around and has good insurance, even if the pay isn't fantastic. I also don't have a college degree of any sort though, so the pay may actually be fantastic for what few credentials (h.s diploma) I have. I always thought of myself as more of a STEM guy, but at the end of the day it's just boring to me versus the reading and the writing.


File: eb90ee0a46a7971⋯.png (391.73 KB, 628x553, 628:553, DIE ..png)


Fellate a shotgun fucking retard, I fled from cuckchan to avoid retards like you. If you're going to keep on spamming telemarketers propaganda then do so on your fucking shithole.

Goddamit is 3:30 AM, the last thing I want to do is get mad in the middle of the midnight.


File: 7b723f33a811a65⋯.jpg (132.82 KB, 1692x816, 141:68, 7b723f33a811a6586fb537707c….jpg)

>Active ISPs





momiji a cute


I thought I reported >>311855, but I don't even see it dismissed in the board log. I don't care if this fag is a virgin, just fucking look at him.


Peak normalnigger brain. He needs to trip and fall dick-first into a pussy because that's the only thing separating him from the rest of the cattle.


>tfw officially friendless after denying it for so long

Why does everyone have to turn into a massive fucking faggot in one way or another



What's your fucking point, nigger? Unless you're straight off the boat from cuckchan, you'd be aware that it's been as low as 100 before and the board was just fine. Fuck off already.



Calm down, nigger. Stop looking for fights and learn how to spot cuckchanners.


File: 155f46744eedf72⋯.jpg (195.22 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1545987072634.jpg)

i fucking hate my flesh desires and i wish i had better ones, faggots and twinks disturb me,


more and more i am into twinks and femboys and i want to stop. i want to be my old self and like girls even thought they're pieces of shit. has anybody successfully destroy their attraction for males and start enjoying female bodies again?

i fucking hate myself every single day for this. also sorry my english lads, im so sorry but im close to be derranged for this.


I'm living day to day in dread. I've gone through similar times before and made it through with different copes. For example I went a couple weeks one time watching a collection of poor resolution English-dubbed Hong Kong action movies I had torrented. I could just play them endlessly and switch between watching them, listening to them, or having them as background noise to drown out my thoughts while I try to sleep the whole day, acting like a barrier against the constant terror I was feeling.

I don't have anything like that anymore. I've wasted days in fear with no coping mechanisms and it makes me feel like I've wasted most of the precious time I have left. Trying to find youtube videos doesn't work for me, I hate youtube, it just makes me more anxious. Can't find whatever torrent I picked up all those years ago either, and I've long since deleted it.


File: 6428c685684d88e⋯.jpg (288.54 KB, 1452x1458, 242:243, 6428c685684d88e9f149b1f59e….jpg)

File: 6402f57d7d1c60a⋯.pdf (1.89 MB, YBOP-27-August-Commonwealt….pdf)


stop watching porn

Seriously it will help. You have likely become overdosed with dopamine from so much fapping, thus you have to reach higher and higher heights of perverted ecstasy just to achieve orgasm. It does not stop with shemales and femboys, trust me.



I used to be a degenerate like you, but I got so disgusted in myself, a flip switched in my brain and I couldn’t fap to degenerate porn anymore.



I wish I could say I'm past it like others have but I'm not. Working on it though. I've cut porn for a few days now, I'm not keeping track because I've found that I get a feeling of dread when I think about it. It fucking hurts when I'm lying in bed though, I've trained myself to whack off before bed. If I fail I might force myself to start jacking it sitting somewhere other than my room, so I don't have the instinct as bad. After years of pulling my meat in the same spot on my bed in the same position every night I think I've grown to expect it whenever I lie on my bed.



I assumed he was complaining about it being too high, but it is possible hes whining that his catalog isnt constantly changing like a slot machine



You must show self control and be aware of these feelings of disgust you have. For example, pressing the enter key once. Show restraint against your ingrained habits.

Like this

Try it

Be free


File: becbb91bf27583b⋯.jpg (144.45 KB, 500x484, 125:121, 1439083143637.jpg)

>Find this one musician that makes amazing instrumental music that are top tier comfy

<Found out he died in a car crash in 2010

>Find a writer that made a few good books that actually made me interested enough to read through

<Found out he killed himself by jumping off a building

Shit man this is tiring. I'm just lamenting in the idea what kind of pieces these faggots could be making right now, but instead went on and died on me. Next will probably be yoko taro for how my luck is with finding good creators






Yeah, can't stop listening to imaginary folklore and thinking what other perfect songs he could've made if he were sill alive


After certain spiritual revelations i have given up filth like porn, fapping and in general trying to lead my life as a true man would. For month and a half things have been going smoothly - i have reached serenity and peace with myself.

However several days ago I have realized fully what a walking garbage I was. All those fetishes that used to make my meat go up and which were 'fun' to explor' flashed before my eyes and I cringed in disgust for myself.

That reawokened my OCD that has been in slumber for three monts or so. Theme changed but the shit it makes me go through each day didn't.

I am really tired.



Now that I think about it, it's probably just the spamming bot propping the IPs up.



<girl: "im such a nerd XD"


<nerd: "im such a girl XD"

Don't know which one's worse


File: de43a1ccc906db7⋯.png (136.45 KB, 571x427, 571:427, smug.png)

>masturbate to 3d porn

>no longer have any extreme desire to fuck any woman that I see

>masturbate to 2d

>end up even more horny




What about the author? Who was he?



I hear the tiredness/boredom that comes with cutting off the porn will eventually fade, keep at it guy



Ned Vizzini with The Other Normals being one of the best book I've ever read.



I'm going to assume you're fapping to 3d

Your faggotry stems from your hatred of women but your love of the feminine physique. However your hatred only comes from 3dpd women, while 2d women are objectively perfect in every way

There's no way to unhate 3d women, and your faggotry fetish will most likely persist for time immemorial unless you transition to 2d


File: a5eb6dfe433490a⋯.jpg (123.57 KB, 1024x743, 1024:743, Cato.jpg)

>suck ass at Chess

>suck ass at Droughts/Checkeres

>suck ass at Go

>suck ass at reversi

>suck ass at majhong

>suck ass at hneftafl

>suck ass at "Insert popular abstract-strategy game"

>actually pretty good at oldschool "hex and counter" wargames (Avalon hill, Victory games etc…) because my brain has less trouble harnessing the synergy between unit placement, terrain and supply lines than memorizing a bunch of arbitrary moving patterns and thinking 7 turns ahead

>nobody will play those because they are way too autistic and drives the normalfags away

>either i play normalfag games and get laughed at or play wargames alone

just end my suffering



Apparently theres panzer general tournaments going on, you could try those



Have you tried card games? Even the poker-type ones are fun and simple if you read the rules.

Also unironically try shogi. It may be even more abstract than chess and the pieces will look alike for you if you don't know Japanese, but it's still possible you could get good at it.


File: 65748c46419198c⋯.gif (2.16 MB, 320x240, 4:3, WoW_RAGE.gif)


Being a manlet is fucking hell. Is there any possible way to gain height after puberty? Depression happens when you are obsessed after things that you cannot change.


File: 1f4785e32e220a2⋯.jpg (55.95 KB, 400x597, 400:597, 1481891092563.jpg)

>my parents are fighting again



You seem to be new so pro tip: post less/don't post wojak. You'll get a lot of shit for posting cuckjak. All it does is just put a target on your head saying

>please make fun of me I'm new!!!



I'll make fun of you because it sounds like you were hamblasted for using wojak. Nerd



Wojak can still be good for feels-posting.



It's not a nuwojak. Learn the difference, it could save your life.


>mommy puts on tv

>news channel

>its shilling the new alladdin movie

When did news channels become glorified commercials?

And will smith as the genie? Whats he gonna add? The sassy black hip hop trope? And why is jasmine white and everyone else arab (except blacky smith)? They said Jasmine is gonna be more feely, more "help the people" and more "i wanna be the first female sultan". You know what that means? The plot is going to be the exact same trash that every other movie and tv show is written as. Think of the children pity tropes, stronk woman defies man because girl power, oh look at the sad disenfranchised arab people, how deep and emotional, good thing we stopped the plot to show this off.

Why even bother, all these modern writers know how to do is write these plebian pity/emotional stories that they then consider deep an nuanced


>1800 hours in TF2

>still can't hit my shots as any class to save my life

Are some people just doomed to be bad at vidya?


Haven't there been a ton of Di$ney live action remakes of their old movies? What for? Are normalcattle dumb enough to go see them?


File: 334eb7df0047fcd⋯.jpg (36.61 KB, 456x620, 114:155, 1211082754_740215_00000000….jpg)

>listening to FM radio

>it's some jazz station that has occasional political talk section interludes

>during the call-in section eventually the discussion turns towards terrorism and proper conduct in war (i.e. when it's justifiable to fire on civilian targets)

>millennial(I think) caller goes full muh poor Palestinian babies

>boomer host goes full muh based Israel greatest ally dindu nuffin

>starts out civil enough but eventually they both lose their cool and start shouting over each other for like a minute straight

>eventually the caller just hangs up

>immediately cuts to commercial break


File: ea3e51b38506516⋯.jpg (21.96 KB, 450x338, 225:169, wdadsfes.jpg)


>Jewgle that thing Aristotle said about philia

>click on the first 5 results



>no results


>no results

Classic Jewgle.


My dopamine is completely fried. Music isnt catchy anymore, video games are boring. I cant appreciate art or aethstics anymore. I dont get (((comfy))) anymore, I cant enjoy nature or the rain, ASMR type stuff does nothing. All I enjoy anymore is food/drink and incredibly repetitive EBM music.

I have no sex drive whatsoever but my dick still gets hard so Im sure its a mental thing. The female form (and male form by the way) does nothing for me. Im constantly stuck in a state of kenjataimu because I cant get horny anymore. Ive been this way for a few years now, it really sucks when you cant even enjoy a good fap anymore.

I know its not a porn or a fapping thing because as my sex drive went so did my fetishes. Porn does nothing for me by the way. No porn/Nofap is just broscience for guys who are insecure with their sexuality. I am involuntarily no porning and nofapping and my life hasnt improved at all.






This made me lol. I have the exact opposite problem and people are trying to exorcise away the wicked twink demons LOL.


File: 15cf4216c222a15⋯.jpg (16.32 KB, 326x326, 1:1, cat_reeeeee.jpg)


I used to be crazy good at spy in TF2 (I would repeatedly get into extreme close encounters and I just intuitively knew how to escape unharmed. I would have the entire enemy team chasing after me and trying to kill me and I would just barely survive). Now I can't even get a backstab. What happened to me?


File: 348ac7e29af7c68⋯.jpg (96.97 KB, 550x512, 275:256, 1520608077668.jpg)

I lost my best friend and the girl I love in the same day

Im drinking right now

Give me power not to kill myself tonight anons

Not sure I even want to live



What happened? Elaborate a bit.


File: d5b6f9b9e5dede1⋯.jpg (17.42 KB, 720x405, 16:9, 1526680669163.jpg)


Just give me your life energy anon, i need at least 3/4 people to give theirs for me to feel alright though i feel so bad its probably gonna take like 8/9, universe is fucky that way

The rates off chart


File: 766d6e25f629541⋯.jpg (24.24 KB, 480x480, 1:1, cat_french_fry_fries.jpg)


What you drinking? I like hard ciders, they taste good and they're pretty good on calories.


File: 2a2f125881db11b⋯.jpg (135.66 KB, 423x750, 141:250, MD-Geist-armor-mecha-desig….jpg)



Oh boo hoo you normie.


File: d65655e62c37882⋯.jpg (33.33 KB, 583x583, 1:1, 1524391703525.jpg)



Planning my suicide right now


File: a8494de8259ad56⋯.png (312.26 KB, 458x485, 458:485, 1543925172912.png)


>muh poor palestinian babies

but they are fucked, what the fuck you mean by MUH


File: e922ab53228a74b⋯.jpg (81.14 KB, 500x301, 500:301, out.jpg)


>falling in love with a 3D female




Don't get me wrong, Israel is oppressing the fuck out of the Palestinians. I'm just making fun of the soyfaggot that cares more about random sandnigs 5,000 miles away than his own people.


File: 57d72c3bd9bea88⋯.png (12.06 KB, 1267x82, 1267:82, ClipboardImage.png)



Embrace the pain anon



I hope they both die. Jews and Muzzies.


File: d86a3fa4c1163ab⋯.jpg (7.37 KB, 201x255, 67:85, Rocket Thumb.jpg)

I got an IT job yesterday, it's close to what I do in my free time, better than retail or food service, and pays $9.25/hour. We're gonna make it guys


File: 16f52c6d2b34b35⋯.png (60.87 KB, 300x100, 3:1, 1521581863569.png)


Got any advice for a total noob?? Im about to start my cs course after summer. We are supposed to spend mostly on java. My math and physics are all weak and i have forgot most of the basic. However my english is pretty good.



No, your parents are shit testing you. You are a complete fucking loser unable to bring lots of money to save your ass, and your parents are disappoint in you. They dont care if you are social recluse or a degenerate, as long as you are "successful" in their eyes then those conversations wouldnt exist in the first place.


File: bfe59292baa5d16⋯.jpg (36.11 KB, 384x384, 1:1, Necromancer.jpg)


Go to the park for the first time in months and start doing pull up only to be verbally humiliated by some random old fuck. Fuck im pissed. If only i have some in built pull up bar at home then this shouldnt have happened. I can do 50 push up but only bring my ass up the bar for 3 reps.



>start up tf2 on bedstation after a year or so

>slow reaction time, trash aim, and i feel like my fov is too small and i cant remember how to change it

>also settings menu is bugged and every slider shoots up to infinity if i move it a pixel

The past is always better bros, none of this existed back then



You know what ive noticed with this new casual mode? Getting pubstomped doesnt feel as nice. I'm at blue medal level (why is there a levelling system?) And i keep seeing teams of purples. Its not getting pubstomped anymore, but trashy matchmaker. I was fine with pubstomping, i was never able to do it, but at least i didnt feel like i was completely useless and outclassed by the majority of the team. Why did people want an official competition mode again? When you could just play community comp? Why did people clamor for "official" versions when the community already covered all of that?



Nit him but i heard a good first step is to not learn java, but expand into less babby friendly languages



Maybe look for a suitable tree branch in some isolated woods? The reason i never go out to exercise is precisely because of cattle looking at me


File: 74cea56b1c34f49⋯.jpg (61.21 KB, 645x659, 645:659, 74cea56b1c34f49c6c19030c5b….jpg)

>Summer is here and post quality has already decreased significantly

I hate this.


Have you considered one of those pull up bars that mounts on a door opening? The only other option is see if there is a local community college gym that has one. These are typically dead most of the time by me.

Please tell me you told that old ass to die instead of heckling people who dare to improve themselves



>verbally humiliated

What the hell did he say?



>best friend

>girl you love

Fuck off normalfaggot, you don't belong here.


>order package yesterday with two-day shipping from Amazon

>shipped today, says it will arrive Monday

>Monday is memorial day

>probably won't get my package until Tuesday because of holidays

It's the little things that piss me off the most


File: 944a7f2c5fa43cd⋯.webm (2.94 MB, 640x360, 16:9, scatman.webm)

>tfw I bitchslapped a nu-male cuck faggot that made college torture previous year just by staring at him

Sometimes the anger just can't be accumulated anymore.



What did that numale do?


File: 07f1f74b86aed2a⋯.webm (2.29 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, star wars.webm)


Whenever I stared at the teachers, the corner of my retin would always see him distracted by bullshit. Either he was checking twitter 24/7, or eating his nails out, or removing the flowers from carb-filled snacks from his teeth. Sometimes doing both of those, completely showing disinterest for the class. It doesn't help that he talked like a fag on a superiority complex, his head looked like shit, and felt like doing activism by tying some political action scarf on his backpack. I just couldn't bear it, I made a hit and run nigger-tier thing and when he ended up in front of me I bitchslapped the back of his head and crossed the eight lane highway when the possibility was up.

I was never this happy, though as much as I hate the fag, he still ends up getting better grades and scores than me. It's just a thing that keeps happening, whoever makes me grow hate towards them just end up being superior in some tasks I should be good. But at least the anger was out for that night.




I'm glad I'm a NEET so I don't have to deal with the type of person you described. I'd blow my fucking brains out if I had to see niggers like that every day.


File: 409926597acc83a⋯.jpg (811.21 KB, 987x1656, 329:552, pic that's totally relevan….jpg)


It's impossible to not be a hypocrite in my case. Not that I fucking care how do I appear to other anons, it's not like it's anyhow likely to have a quality conversation with anyone at all.

>What happened? What are you mad about?

To put it short, most of the anons here prefer to shitpost, whine, pointlessly argue or insult instead of making fine posts. They don't care about the board quality, they are not interested in good discussion, they don't want to invest a tiny fraction on effort on something they waste a lot of time on.

I realized it too late for my own good.

I'm not talking about it now just because it's Summer and "everyone here must be a stupid summerfaggot", it's because I am really fucking tired of this shit, and I have been trying to deal with low-IQ behaviours for years, and I still can't get used to the fact that you have to manipulate anons to increase the chances of them reading your posts, like typing properly without grammatical mistakes or typos (pretty essential, but 90% posters neglect this), posting pics of animu grills (manipulating anons' lust and sexual instincts like the fucking jews do it), paragraphing your text for readability (adds bonus replies from faggots that call it "reddit spacing"), making them think that whatever you say could be useful or important, preaching to the choir could be useful, too (just miss some obvious points to make them follow up your post so they can feel smart and satisfied about being a part of a contrarian community).

I've posted in the FTDDTOT threads before about being unable to always quickly make big and good posts when I want to, now all I want is to fistfight every faggot that floods the board with his one-liner "smartass" shitposts, making my good posts not visible to anyone who could have read them and respond to them.

Laconisms are cool? Less is more? That's only true if you have the brains to type anything original and meaningful, fucking biodrones.

The people that I understand are all here, but they don't want to talk to me, and if they do, it's about pointing out something they misunderstood or don't agree with, all to call me a *boogeyman name* and feel superior.

I understand the anons, but they don't understand me. I want them good, but they get defensive and tell me to fuck off. I want to talk, analyze and discuss, but they ignore me. Not just they, that includes you, though whoever could read this far (actually not far at all) may be an exception.

I don't care if I sound like a pretentious attention-whore faggot with his ego inflated like a spic burrito gobbler, it's even better if anyone who reads this will antagonize me, it means I could get more replies from my posts that they could recognize from the size. More replies means more possibility of receiving a quality reply that could be followed up to a dialogue.

If I wanted simple replies, I'd made shitposts like these >312313 (no (you) for that piece of a raging pederast). See how many retards took the bait and replied instead of ignoring and reporting?

But I don't want just some shitty gaynigger high-estrogen hostile (you)s because those are impossible to acoid if you are posting on an IB, I'd like some proper discussion instead. Something I managed to get only a few times from a decade of posting on imageboards.

Tyrone should set a block for posts with fewer than 150 words and a filter bot for a lot of repeating "filler" words. That would weed out the lazy normalniggers and increase the average post quality at least a little.



None of what you're complaining about is unique to this board or even this entire site. The nature of anonymous discussion is that no poster has to worry about keeping up false pretenses. In some circumstances this is good since it encourages those who are maligned and too timid on other forums/irl to join the discussion often with a gusto you don't see from people used to the stimulation of constant socializing. But on the other hand you have the already over-socialized people who have their own 'real' discussions where they actually care about the content of their posts happening usually on their primary imageboard or discord. They don't care that for many this board is their only truthful outlet.

This dichotomy of imageboard users is becoming more pronounced as anime and imageboard memes become more mainstream, and so the latter camp of normalfags are finding their way here in droves.

>Tyrone should set a block for posts with fewer than 150 words and a filter bot for a lot of repeating "filler" words. That would weed out the lazy normalniggers and increase the average post quality at least a little.

God no. This board needs to find a middle-ground between one-line shitposts and rambling autistic essays, not have the balance shifted entirely one direction or the other.


File: 0761884692ef718⋯.png (523.37 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, mandatory chink toon gal.png)


>None of what you're complaining about is unique to this board or even this entire site.

That is true and I forgot to point it out, it's just that you'd not expect this kind of behaviour on this board, where normalfaggot tendencies are not welcome and certain kinds of autisms are praised. Incidentally, the most of my quality dialogues happened on /b/. I guess sometimes you also need to be lucky to find someone as autistic as you to respond to you.

>The nature of anonymous discussion is that no poster has to worry about keeping up false pretenses

I believe that anonymous posters are not entirely free from the natural superiority complex, the not-so-rare virtual signalling and "do I fit in yet fellow pals" posts are proof for this. I thought about it before in my posts than got 1.5 reply, but if you wan't to guide people to quality posting you'd need to help improve each one as a person (through a text guide or some advice, maybe?), you'd need to show them that petty normalnigger behaviour is pathetic, useless and self-destructive.

>This board needs to find a middle-ground between one-line shitposts and rambling autistic essays, not have the balance shifted entirely one direction or the other.

There is also an option to set the 150 limit for a week (and do it again whenever there is an influx of cuckchanners/normalniggers/discordniggers) to scare the low-effort posters away, and then set the limit to minimum of 45-75 words for the convenience of proper anons. Changing the default CSS to an eye-raping one will give some more of a barrier from retards. Maybe make the captcha to be filled before each post, because why the fuck not, if you are going to make a place for actual discussion then you don't need to make it possible to post several times in a row.

There is something else I realized. Things may get awkward in a dialogue if you agree with the opposing side not meaning as an "antagonist", more like the another participant and have nothing to add. You either can start an echo chamber and repeat what he said but in a different way (something that works only in verbal conversation) or you can not respond, probably making at least one side to be dissatisfied with the soon arrival of the communication end.



>See how many retards took the bait and replied instead of ignoring and reporting?

This, i have seen it a dozen times now

to use an example look at >>311268 on this very thread

look how many replies it got and how it actually devolved into a discussion with the end result being the dumb nigger getting his juicy (you)

it added nothing to the thread and it almost derailed when it could have been avoided by simply reporting the nigger and ignoring him



Do you really need to bait bots into reading your posts? If anything i think double/reddit spacing makes you look like that euro degenerate or the enuch, making your posts more likely to be dismissed



anon is just formatting his posts in a way that each paragraph has a different subject, it's basic linguistics fag


File: fe82c074190b298⋯.jpg (60.07 KB, 550x550, 1:1, one may growl.jpg)


<cuckchan filename

<too much of a nigger to start his sentences with an uppercase letter

>im not reading your wall post because its a boring pile of shit

<implying you are not just some faggot with ADHD who came here for the le ebin memes

<implying you could even read and comprehend that little piece of text you call a "wall post"

>you sounds like a insufferable bitch

<judging posts by "feelings" or how someone sounds, exactly just like a normalnigger would

"Insufferable bitch?" The feeling is mutual.

Nice bait by the way, made me respond, 3.25/10. I almost thought for a second that you were a Down syndrome specimen, but nobody this retarded could possibly find their way here, right?


Have you ever been here before the eunuch tard came up with his castration thread? Lots of anons spaced big chunks of text for easier reading, and some few who type lot of stuff still do it.

I guess doing this is quite fucking useless, because there are cretins like >>312416 who see posts with paragraphing as "wall posts" anyway, or because there are people like you who will associate common formatting with unrelated newest cancer.



You can't set a character requirement for reply posts in the way you keep suggesting.



Can't you set a bot to delete the small posts, though? F/a/ggots' Hoihoi bot is capable of far more than that.


File: 0f3ed8c5a05c6f8⋯.png (24.64 KB, 228x239, 228:239, tired_of_your_shit.png)


>Changing the default CSS to an eye-raping one



Trolling's a lost art. Every bait gets fallen for no matter how dumb it is, 'cuz on The Internet Nowadays™ everyone's either ironic-memester or serious-business with nothing in between. I wish the seriousfags could be more relaxed and the ironyfags could be more genuine.



The problem comes from the incessant intermingling of the internet now. Which isn't to say it didn't happen before, 4chan, newgrounds, youtube, SA, all crossposted. But that's because they had similar cultures anyway. But now everyone is worried about crossposters because they aren't like the resident posters. So everyone is very serious when people pretend to be retarded, cause they think they need to defend their website from these invaders.



It could be done, but I don't know how to do it. Deleting posts after they're made is a far less elegant solution anyway, and it's bound to cause frustration as a fairly large amount of posts simply do not benefit from being over 150 characters. For example, your post that I am responding to now is just over 100, yet gets across what it's trying to say perfectly fine. Nobody wants to have to tack on some random shit or worry that their post is going to get deleted because it was 148 characters instead of 150.




could you not


File: 4896243dd2a50da⋯.png (564.7 KB, 662x1200, 331:600, oh no my gel.png)


>Trolling's a lost art. Every bait gets fallen for no matter how dumb it is

I believe it's because the ones who got trolled got used with dealing with trolls, the ones who keep feeding them retreat to heavily moderated hugboxes. The net got used to trolls like an organism gets used to a weak virus.

>everyone's either ironic-memester or serious-business with nothing in between. I wish the seriousfags could be more relaxed and the ironyfags could be more genuine.

Because ironic+serious posts are mostly seen as: pretentious eyesore, autistic sperging or a shitpost. You may have the intention of making a "gray" post, but it won't be received the way you want it to be because everyone else are used to think strictly in "black and white". It takes effort to make a good post that can do both, a post that can deliver a point, be fun to write and be amusing to read. The effort you'd have to put into one is not worth it at all, though. From my personal experience inb4 anecdotic bullshit, you won't get a good response, if any.


Impressive, not only you so professionaly redirected my statement that your shitpost could be a bait made by a mentally challenged gorilla, you also renamed your file from a cuckchanesque one to a "random" set of numbers. Keep up at it, champ, maybe you will assimilate into 8/r9k/ so much that you will improve your smarts to be that of an average poster's. I hope your normalnigger brain will make you fuck up hard enough to get permabanned long before that happens, though.



Yeah, nevermind, you are too retarded for assimilation, I shouldn't even worry.


For example, your post that I am responding to now is just over 100, yet gets across what it's trying to say perfectly fine

True, but it was a rough idea, not a complete proposal to be made to BO.

I guess it should be 50 word limit + simple grammar and punctuation check. True, that is something fags from /a/ do, but it should be okay as long as you don't overexert your power and delete "problematic" posts like the f/a/ggot volunteers do.



>For example…

Messed up my greentext here a little.



I have no previous programming experience and i am going to spend three years at college to code in java. Why would I want to learn anything else in the beginning process?


File: 156a8bb8838dcaa⋯.png (258.35 KB, 922x457, 922:457, Bring_it_on!.png)


Got any song request? I can play it on the guitar for you.


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


How about this one, tripsman?



I'll be honest I was expecting a real nigger-tier spergout in response but this spergout isn't too bad.

I'm too tired to care much right now but I just wanted to say that I agree with what you've said in your post here (and your subsequent ones). I think that the board is constantly devolving into 4/r9k/ tier and I'm not quite sure what to do about it. A rule like "all images should be related to your post" might help with what you said but that'd be a lot of work for Tyrone. Also the one-line shitposts should be discouraged, but I guess they've become accepted by anons. Not really much that could be done about that in terms of moderation because I don't think that a character minimum or anything would help much. A distracting css would be awful though, I wouldn't want that at all, especially since you could just change it anyways so it would help nothing. I've given thought to making another board and trying to get a dedicated but small userbase but I don't think I have the time to moderate it like I'd want.

Maybe I should just stop caring about online interaction completely.


File: 2e3caac47b16998⋯.jpg (87.73 KB, 434x574, 31:41, colonized.jpg)

File: 86b12de899bdd4b⋯.jpg (211.09 KB, 712x1024, 89:128, reddit.jpg)

I deleted my reddit account. I know I'm a normalnigger for having a reddit account in the first place but I can't stand the reddit administration anymore. They quarantined the r/waterniggas subreddit for having "nigga" in the name. Not nigger, nigga. Apparently, the word "nigga" is "shockingly offensive." I fucking hate reddit and I fucking hate redditors.

Where do I get my fix for niche interests now?



>Where do I get my fix for niche interests now?

Any board but this one.



How often do robots here sperg out? Like exploding in anger or revealing your powerlevel, etc. Recently I kept doing this sort of shit and always felt regret later. I told myself multiple times to never open my mouth and only observe everything from a distant carefully.


File: c3e5f1128fe35e4⋯.jpg (95.57 KB, 883x883, 1:1, cb6d96f3-bdad-4c19-8785-63….jpg)


I wonder how many robots have anhero-ed and is there any way to keep track of them? Can mod sort through the different ips and see if there is a sudden disappearance for a long period of time. If someone spent a lot of his time here and suddenly disappeared, its possible to say that he has put his own ass down.



Having moderators keep track of every user's post history is generally the kind of thing you want to avoid.



Doesnt disregard the fact that mods do the ability to do so.


File: f5d90123a784d4e⋯.jpg (96.57 KB, 540x799, 540:799, f5d90123a784d4ecd3c309a1b3….jpg)


This whole nigga vs nigger thing is retarded. It's like niggers are so brain damaged they think different inflections of the same word changes the meaning.


File: b06f271de7ae662⋯.mp4 (4.26 MB, 240x160, 3:2, garaj.mp4)

My mother got an associate's degree in college. She always pressed on me how important college is and how much smarter it made her blah blah blah. I did a few semesters, but I never went into debt for it, refused too, based entirely on parents' opinions and not because I had any personal interest in it. Eventually I just buggered off entirely, preferred working to college. Today I learned that the associate's degree she has is secretarial. I always assumed it was a general degree. I guess you need a degree to answer a phone and write down an appointment. On one hand I'm laughing my head off and any lingering concerns that I didn't get a degree have entirely vanished. On the other hand I spent thousands of dollars based on the opinion of someone who paid money and time to get a piece of paper that says they're qualified to answer a phone now.

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