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File: d90ac60957e5253⋯.jpg (82.3 KB, 2048x1024, 2:1, 2f73e9f8f8c5582a4e15a035cf….jpg)


Happy St. Elliot's Day!

On this day 5 years ago, Elliot Roger, the Supreme Gentleman, carried out his Retribution


File: 2e32f83028f24be⋯.jpg (66.55 KB, 1024x724, 256:181, 6f91db647d35eb7c816f75bd4a….jpg)

I don't give a fuck about

<muh failed normalfag

any man willing to terminate some roasties on his way out of this gay Earth is a hero to me.


File: 1f9f2474be4a20c⋯.png (494.53 KB, 473x704, 43:64, W67UYWTGRH.png)

>That's today

Holy hell, I forgot. I might do some art later tonight but don't hold me to it.


File: e075bc4d5f19f9b⋯.jpg (63.68 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 1465776870963.jpg)

>it's been 5 years

>when I still remember it being 3

>and then it will be 6

>then a decade

>then 15


Elliot doing his massacre was what awoke me to the reality of my plight so I shall eternally remember him.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Too bad he got stopped by a fucking door…


My gosh it's already been a year I just barely saw this thread for 2018

What have I done in a year, nothing that's what


if Elliot only saw how much worse it can get in just 5 years


File: d7aa928b74d1c48⋯.jpg (65.46 KB, 586x879, 2:3, Elliot_Movie_5.jpg)

What separates the robot from the supreme gentleman?


>average looking

>has money

Imagine having the potential but waisting it.


>you were just out of high school when the shooting happened

>tfw you're now older than he was


File: 0f80c767e16365a⋯.png (602.28 KB, 870x852, 145:142, elliot profile.png)


>average looking

He had a weak chin, small frame, was turbo manlet, giant ooga booga nigger lips, and worst of all was asian. In what world is he average looking?



>average looking, has money, Imagine having the potential but waisting it.

His looks are debatable but being average looking isn't much. He was unemployed 22 year old with no higher education and his father declared bankruptcy before. All he had was a used BMW and a few thousand $ in cash. His father wouldn't give him money anyways. His "Potential" was to lead an average or below average male life which isn't great.



> His "Potential" was to lead an average or below average male life which isn't great.

I wish i could have the same chance.


File: 2fd05718704c776⋯.jpg (118.48 KB, 625x1003, 625:1003, average american.jpg)


Elliot was 5'9 with decent facial features.

If i was him i would manage to get some pussy.


The inability to keep a consistent track of time is great fun. I dont even remember what living through last month was like, let alone last year.

Happy lets put 4cuck9k on the map day


File: 7555a0df286ac6d⋯.png (358.19 KB, 991x387, 991:387, 1476885567400.png)

>giving a fuck about a low-scoring failed normie who managed to kill robots while trying to deal with roasties


>Stabs 3 men

>Shoots 2 women and one guy

>Injures 14 others

So ughhhh why is this failure of a murderer looked up to again?




newfags who don't remember the significance of elliot and the roasthurt he caused

you're the ones who need to be going back to reddit


He's with Zyzz, Aniki, and Terry Davis now.



Pretty sure it's a mental thing. I'm 5'12 with I'd like to think decent facial features and (even if I wanted to) I couldn't get laid.


You type like a woman.




That would be 6’0” dingus.



That's the joke, dingus.


Never forget robots, there is hope for you yet.




Can you failed normalfaggots stop shilling your incel shit here? I don't understand why you come here, there's numerous boards for this kind of discussion. Why must you pollute every corner of the internet with your "muh dik" level of wannabe normalfaggotry? Fuck off back to halfchan.



That is a man. Even if it wasn't a girlfriend would be the worst possible thing for a robot, due to our lack of ability to make any meaningful connection to others.


This whole thread reeks of normalfaggotry fuck you all.


File: a02ea7d63ed772f⋯.png (253.92 KB, 1200x415, 240:83, The Supreme Gentleman.png)

It's true he was a failed normalfag, fantasizing about normalnigger parties and popularity. It's true he obsessed far too much over roasites, dreaming of marrying some uncanny valley whore. Though all in all, I have a fair amount of respect for Elliot. He wasn't too far off from a robot, and he faced many of the same challenges that many of us did growing up. In fact his childhood was very similar to mine in many ways:

>moved from our place of birth at a very early age

>grew up with Pokemon Red Version

>tried to be skateboarders and failed miserably (in fact, just like me, Elliot never got passed the basic 'ollie')

>changed schools often throughout our childhood

>very shy throughout our childhood and adolescence

>buried ourselves in video games to escape our pitiful lives

>got made fun of in school, by girls and boys alike

>had a retarded father (his was a failed director, mine is a pro-israel puppet, both are frighteningly out of touch with reality)

I cut Elliot a lot of slack for this. Also, you must consider the fact that he spent the majority of his life in Commiefornia of all places, the worst state in the union. A place where the people are so ignorant and depraved that I'm convinced that prolonged exposure to the area can bypass the body and mind, and directly corrupt the soul. Considering he was forced to reside in that cesspit for so long and didn't become a communist, a tranny, a DUDEWEEDLMAO, or some other form of soulless husk, is a triumph in and of itself. No doubt he made plenty of mistakes and let things go to his head too much, but I can never be convinced that he was all bad. Plus he did kill raosties and chinks, and that has to count for something.

Also, here's some shitty OC I made last year.



>didn't become a communist, a tranny, a DUDEWEEDLMAO, or some other form of soulless husk, is a triumph in and of itself.

California is so fucking insidious that I'd be afraid to even commit suicide in it outside upstate because my soul would probably get automatically sucked right into hell, the state really feels fucking evil in the classic sense of the word.




Just surrender to the gay



I will when I'm dead.


Praise be St.Elliot. He stood up for us all and went out like a hero.


File: e8032a5b7242f59⋯.jpg (71.23 KB, 393x490, 393:490, o8haiwhiwhi.jpg)

Saint Elliot is proof that even failed normalfags can be heroes. He fought for us robots even when he didn't know we existed.

>muh score

The score isn't the point. What matters is what it represents. The Supreme Gentleman is a figure that robots around the world look up to. The only public figure who said what we all thought. I hope he has a blonde roastie fuckhole in heaven.


File: c0e13c40fe3a478⋯.png (38.79 KB, 771x366, 257:122, 1554699916812.png)


>The score isn't the point

No, the score is all the point.



The score is the point. Also he unironically killed more men than women. His day of retribution or whatever he would call it went like a disaster.


What I gathered from his manifesto was that he never even tried to get a gf, I don't remember once where he asked one out(I read the manifesto years ago). He just got mad when he saw another guy with a 10/10 gf and sperged out. He wouldn't settle for any girl who was average looking (his videos show that). He was a normie sociopath.



Your soul gets sucked right into hell regardless of where you commit suicide though.



Not me personally, no. I am a fucking god and i will reincarnate into the ultimate being after i leave this physical body.




>the score is the point

It was the point to Elliot, but that's not why he's celebrated. Even if he was a failed murderer, the fact that he did anything at all made him a rallying cry for a certain subsection of disenfranchised robots.



It would be more logical to talk about Alek Minassian then. Did a better score, went for roasties only.



Why does our society look down on failure so much? He didn't kill 6 gorillion femgroids. So what? He got 2. That's 2 more than anyone here has. He went out of his comfort zone and did it. That alone demands respect.



>That's 2 more than anyone here has

You assume that everyone here has zero.



>Why does our society look down on failure so much?

This probably sounded less retarded in your head.





It's true that his "Day of Retribution" wasn't anywhere near what he originally intended, but like >>312386 >>312388 said, he should still get some credit for trying at all. Besides, dropping 3 chinks, 2 roasties, and a chad isn't a complete failure.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Alek Minsassian wasnt a diva with good music taste, he didnt leave any legacy or lore.

St.Elliot will live on forever in our hearts.



You sound like his mom defending her son "success".



Can we get this little bitch out of the board? Everytime i browse /r9k/ i have to look at this smug retard. His face pisses me off. His desire and score are fucking pathetic, definitely not a good model for a robot. People like Cho and Adam should be reminded more instead of this mouthful tard.



Why don't you promote them yourself? It's going to take quite an effort to get Elliot out of /r9k/ lore, but perhaps you could get more robots familiar with more robotic alternatives.



>promote them yourself

I dont need to promote shit. Just look them up yourself.



I mean generate discussion about them on the board instead of lazily making others give you what you want. Fucking dumbass.



>imagine being this low iq


Anybody able to go on a pilgrimage to where his grave is?



He was cremated to my knowledge. I'd love to visit but I don't know where the ashes are.



Between the fact that nobody mourns a robot so they aren't hurting anyone but themselves, and the fact that robots' lives are already basically purgatory, I think we actually get a free pass.

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