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File: f2c4933b276b00a⋯.png (82.24 KB, 486x643, 486:643, ClipboardImage.png)


Wtf is this group and why am I in it? I've been to the land maybe twice, it's always empty. I got the group invite years ago off some literal who but i saw a few familiar names in there so i accepted. Yet to this day i still don't know what the fuck is the point of this group and why so many of us vg familiars are / have been in it.


If you'd read the group description you'd realize it's an access group for a sim called Darwinia.



for what fucking reason is literally every furry in it along with a bunch of redditors 4channers and griefers?



to be honest i dont recognise a single name in that list


File: 6825feef2f17630⋯.png (362.72 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Snapshot_001.png)

Sorry to necro this thread, it only just caught my attention. Darwinia admin here. Nothing to see. Just a regular old private-access sim. No cults, no conspiracy, no egotistical asshats (Okay, maybe a few). Seriously though it's just a boring, quiet sim. Since you're in the Research Project group you were added many, many years ago. Congrats. You have permanent rez rights until you do something stupid. There is another group which is used for guests because people kept leaving shit behind. The administration is not your mother/father/maid service. Clean up after yourselves. The place has a stargate now. IM an admin for an IDC code or whatever so you can unlock the iris remotely.


File: 9c2816bd4ffa02c⋯.png (422.25 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Snapshot_003.png)

I guess this is Darwinia General now. Gate area is coming along nicely. Still a lot of work to do. If anyone has access to Darwinia dial Darwinia Research from an ASN gate. You'll need an IDC for the iris to open so you can talk to an admin there as mentioned above. If you want into Darwinia for whatever reason and aren't in one of the groups or the estate allowed list, IM someone who is in one of the groups and maybe they'll get you an invite. (You don't want this. There's lots to explore and do but there's never really anyone there.)


File: 53ca99ded8c527f⋯.png (346.48 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Snapshot_004.png)

File: 36aed1055b48e5e⋯.png (237.54 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Snapshot_006.png)

There's a lot of shit in the 'underground' area. There's going to be a lot more very soon. They've got some stupid story about all of it too. It's fucking dumb. The whole place is built by a few people. The asshole who runs the place is very selective about who they let build there. It's a shame really. It'd be a lot more filled out if they weren't. People can rent there. Some do in fact. The rental system changed hands from that asshole to the person who actually owns the place and since then they haven't bothered to look at the rental database so I bet there's people who haven't paid rent in months or even like... a year. Nobody there really gives a fuck about anything. Nobody but the weasel. They've got their head up their ass. If you can deal with someone who is high on their own supply but mostly keeps to themselves, and likes people who do the same then Darwinia is the place for you. Word of warning though. Spam gestures and shit near the weasel and they'll snap at you. They won't boot you. They won't boot anyone for anything really. You could bomb the sim and as long as it doesn't stay offline for long they don't care. If a renter complains you might get a slap on the wrist but that's about it. When it comes to lewd shit... It's an A-rated sim. People do whatever the fuck that want wherever the fuck they want. Some people ERP in open chat but that's rare. People keep it in IMs for the most part. Lots of poseballing though. There isn't a piece of furniture or anything really that isn't loaded with stupid animations. If the place was public it'd probably be packed if the weasel didn't scare everyone off. I don't know why people are afraid of them. They're a weasel. They may have really sharp teeth but they're fucking tiny. They make lots of noise but they'll never actually do anything.


File: c6f8bac489b1b9a⋯.png (962.24 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Snapshot_007.png)

File: 74925344a23f58a⋯.png (682.86 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Snapshot_008.png)

The weasel is apparently working on some silly game thing where some shit happens in their weird lab and then their old soviet reactor melts down and you either have to stop it all or escape to topside and get the fuck out before the whole place goes nuclear. Who knows if they'll ever finish it. It's a lot of scripting that needs done and the person who actually owns the sim is one hell of a scripter but they're busy as fuck. They make the vendors that everyone uses. By everyone I mean KZK and PsiCorp and all that. I think PsiCorp still uses Naverous. Who knows. Shit's cool. The weasel's got access to all of Naverous though so watch the fuck out if you use it. They probably won't steal any money from you but they might send a few people products through the system without your being aware. They consider it free promotion because the people they send shit to are the people who will use it everywhere and will tell people where it came from. I think that's thievery but it's up to you what you want to believe. Your mind is the only thing that's really yours. Use it.





ur pretty cool



Your mom's pretty cool.


File: 5d5efe2edb27bb7⋯.gif (2.49 MB, 498x345, 166:115, tenor.gif)


uhh wait

you send your fuckbuddies your customers products via essentially a backdoor in your vendor system?

and call it free promotion?



It's not my vendor system, nor am I the one doing it. As I understand it there are no back doors being used. They have accounts which have been created for them by the business owners because they do maintenance or some such. I don't actually know which businesses they have logins for. Naverous isn't like Caspervend, which has one giant backend system. Each business hosts their own Naverous server in the cloud or wherever they please and can grant access as they see fit.



It should also be noted that Naverous is about to be made obsolete by Naverous 2, which the individual in question is not involved with.





Bruh, Really?

1. There's like 10 admins. It's not hard to figure out who's who, maybe don't talk smack about your lead admin on a public image board? (Appreciate that you like my crap work tho)

2. I have access to ONE Naverous system. It's KZK's. I used to co-own that group. I have used their system to send out Ferret avatars. To my alts. I once received items from PsiCorp because they were testing distribution. That's it.

Fact check before you talk shit.


>using programs written by furries

whoever uses that shit deserves it



That's some really weird criteria ya got there. Even if you don't like their aesthetic some furries have really good programming skills as far as I've seen. The two things are mostly unrelated.



furry man bad tho!



all programming furries i know inevitably end up as complete autists that i would want nothing to do with in a professional environment

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