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File: 5172f033cc1b686⋯.jpg (72.08 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 5172f033cc1b686741be1092cd….jpg)


Where do you think the critical line is between being a fan of something geeky and being the GAMERGIRL type? I ask on /sw/ because I think it's probably the easiest place to identify it due to Star war's nature. You have the ultra popular movies, which is the biggest franchise on the planet every decade a trilogy comes out. Then you have the bits in between where the normalfags go into hiding while the geeks read endless EW novels and buy games. Obviously that balance is leaning heavily in the normalfag territory at the moment.

So what do you think defines the difference between a geek who likes Star wars and a normalfag who buys funkopops and spends all day on youtube watching RLM? Where is the line in the sand you draw?



Well. If your like me who spends all day playing games and watching anime then yes I do fangirl in that sense.



>Where is the line in the sand you draw?

Have you read/played any EU material that wasn't included and subsequently butchered on a Filoni show?


It's pretty simple isn't it? Are you driven by a pure love of the thing, or are you driven by wanting to fit in and look trendy?

I don't think it's necessarily a case of having to read heaps of EU material. Some people have a pure and genuine love of just the films, and they're still real fans. It's the people who buy t-shirts, but couldn't even tell you which movie had the Death Star in it who are fakers.



I agree with this. You could know everything about Star Wars but if it's because of how cool The Big Bazinga Theorem made it look, then you're a normalfag retard. I barely know much about Star Wars compared to how much material there is out there, mostly from me being only 20 and just now getting into the more "in depth" portions of the franchise unlike the surface level movies and video games. I mostly stick to Ye Olde Republic and even then I have barely an understanding of it all. I just got into the New Sith Wars because I recently read the Darth Bane trilogy but I didn't do this because of how ebin it is. The era is basically fucking dead at this point with barely anyone interested in it anymore but the idea of Medieval Star Wars is awesome and endearing. It's a passion for me to learn and Star Wars is so fantastical and amazing that I must know about it regardless of how others think.


When you lose an argument and default to "hur it's just space wizards" you're a normalfag. That's all SW really is to you, you don't really care about the universe or the lore at all.



This is the best answer. If you care how you 'look', then you are only doing it conspicuously.


Easy, if you don't brag your "geekiness" to all the people you know like some faggot in the (((Gay Pride Day))) and are capable on have interest on something that normalfags and shills weren't. Then you are a genuine guy.


To me the quick purity test is did they look in to and fall in love with something in the expanded universe or do they just go on about the films? Generally the EU is a good dividing line, true nerds will look in to it and usually find something they love in the video games/comic books/books and they'll gush about it. Fake nerds just love the films generally and don't give a shit about anything outside of them because they haven't seen any of it. This is why so many normalfags are on the side of Disney while many true loyalists were instantly turned off by Disney the second they axed the EU.


File: 5bea9dd39f95a93⋯.jpg (209.85 KB, 1368x1100, 342:275, Falcon mini main.jpg)

Maybe it's just the fa/tg/uy in me talking, but I think the easy litmus test is whether a person's involvement in a hobby requires a real investment of work on their part.

The local game shop I frequent has a lot of "LOL SO NERDY XD" clientele, but in my area of interest it's pretty easy to tell who's genuine and who's not. You don't show up every Monday to autistically detail tiny models unless you're serious. So when someone new shows up to paint night, I just treat them as I would anyone else, and I pay attention to a couple things: are they still showing up after a couple of months? Do they show up even when they don't have their friends tagging along? Do they show up with their models primed/assembled/partially painted indicating that they put in prep work on their own time? If yes to any, then that's heavily in favor of them being genuine.

In the case of Star Wars specifically, I guess this ties in with what a couple others have said about digging into the EU and actively seeking out content that interests you. I also appreciate >>33509 that it's about having a pure enthusiasm for something, but that's a lot harder gauge as an observer.


Just like hardcore porn, anon; You'll know when you see it.



Back on the days of the old board we had figured out how to tell the difference between the EU folk and the normalfags

the vong

all you simply had to do was ask their opinions on the vong. if they gave you a quick parroted answer like "oh the vong were cool" or "the vong were total shit" it was a definitive normalfag answer. but if you got something more in-depth, you knew you were in good company.

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