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File: 83491877e8f45c1⋯.png (256.21 KB, 450x399, 150:133, TAD.png)


Welcome to /tech/ - ∞chan's technology board.

Please check the rules before you post:


Looking for hardware or software recommendations? Check out the InstallGentoo Wiki:


/tech/ is for the discussion of technology and related topics.

/tech/ is NOT your personal tech support team or personal consumer review site. We have stickies for that. Keep those kinds of posts in there.

For tech support, software recommendations, and other questions that don't warrant their own thread, please use the '/tech/ Questions and Support' sticky.

For consumer advice, please use the consumer advice sticky located below.

For meta discussion, please go to >>>/metatech/.

For desktop threads, homescreen threads and ricing, please go to >>>/rice/.

For tech support/issues with computers:

https://startpage.com/ or https://ixquick.com (i.e., fucking Google it)



If you can't find what you're looking for and still need help, post in the tech questions sticky.

Looking to switch over to GNU/Linux? Don't know where to start?

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File: 53eac902e05dd53⋯.png (2.82 KB, 200x200, 1:1, questionmark.png)


Bring all your hardware, software and other troubles here.

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Looks like you're not going to get that porn of your mom your dad had stashed away, apparently

File: 9cd31551fedf586⋯.png (4.65 KB, 200x200, 1:1, dollarsign.png)


Looking to buy something but aren't sure what to get? Ask here.

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Get the Ryzen laptop with RX 580X GPU.

File: b069c24c557f6fa⋯.png (84.11 KB, 1046x290, 523:145, AUScuckTRALIA.png)


right boys, what are we gonna do?

what can we do?

how can we really get under their skin?

>I'm on a contract

i honestly feel like saying fuck off, finding a new provider and not paying them a single cent more. why should they have my money when i don't agree one bit with what they're doing

>inb4 get a vpn

imagine connecting to 8chan without a vpn, are you retarded?

i am barely stopped by this, but instead pissed that legitimate websites are being banned because of a minority of snuff brainlets

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Daily reminder you are everyday using UNIX and C. I think mods could ban your spam because the shit that you post is copy pasta which has nothing to do with the thread topic.



Download russian botnet implant bundled with software from torrent sites and let them do the work for you. But seriously don't, it would make no impact at all. Even if you would download redundant stuff 24/7 the electricity cost for you would be higher than the ISP's costs.


File: 066a27a8855ea1f⋯.jpg (57.22 KB, 750x600, 5:4, Corm.jpg)


It takes 5 minutes to setup your own resolver (within vpn. If you don't have VPN, use external ip for <ip within vpn> and for <vpn net>. But then you will have open resolver, which will get infested by chinese bots and script kiddies).

apt-get install unbound
cat > /etc/unbound/unbound.conf.d/resolve.conf <<EOF
interface: <ip within vpn>
access-control: <vpn net>/ <netmask>alllow
root-hints: /usr/share/dns/root.hints
systemctl restart unbound

Then on client machine

echo 'nameserver <ip within vpn>' | resolvconf -a wg0.manual



>what happens if a DNS server goes down, how often do they go down?

They almost never do, you can choose multiple servers

>packet sniffing, or collecting a list of websites i frequent

Your ISP's does both already, use dns server from vpn provider or privacy focused one, read the terms

>if i dont use my ISP's server, dont i stick out like a sore thumb?

No. It's actually more common to do than you think.

There is no excuse to use DNS server from your ISP, changing takes less than 15 mins and only gives benefits.


File: 3ad24b02b21f04a⋯.webm (2.2 MB, 854x480, 427:240, BOOM_HEADSHOT!!!.webm)


>blatant racism

Get out, nigger.

File: 80f6cb70f01a60f⋯.png (180.62 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20190317-122535.png)

File: 2669cdd93d3c734⋯.png (630.25 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20190317-122528.png)


/pol/ here. Genuinely concerned about the future of this place.

Can any of you make sense of this autistic screeching? Is this a viable idea or just incoherent pseudo technical mumblings of a crippled kike?


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> a way to transport IPFS data through the Tor Network

Please consult the tor team before doing this.



>4MB flash

hahaha lol

>not mt76xx with 128MB RAM

Your device won't even handle up to 8 mesh clients.



Based and blackedpilled



I wonder is there way to tunnel it using i2p I think you should be able to It probably will be slow as fuck though Even if you could I mean as long as you know the port numbers at you need to open through your fire wall in order to get IPFS to work i mean i2p Will Tunnel anything you pretty much point it at



This is why perhaps upgrading it with some kinda usb connection I thought may be a better idea. You can literally plug and play an imageboard. Or, alternatively, the board can be a program, and the router can simply be upgraded with security firmware. Some..serpent cipher or sumn.. I dunno. If it's possible, why not?

that ham radio internet works using firmware on linksys and ubiquity devices, it's possible to..do something. That said, I hope such a project is used for good.

File: 57b9e213064c365⋯.jpg (13.85 KB, 253x253, 1:1, 1193101385046.jpg)


Anyone remember that news about Firefox changing their privacy policy back in 2018/2017. Said that newer versions would start keeping data or something, being the casual ass I am, I just downgraded to like version 51 something and stopped updating. I'm 90% sure the archived website reporting it somewhere on my harddrive, but can't organize for shit, and I can't find any news online. Il keep looking and If I can't find shit Il call it quits here.

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They've been getting worse over the years. I think Pale Moon is your best bet these days.



Its been two days, no relies to my email to the address, I can safely say that if he has abandoned it completely, its free real estate for anyone interested in working on it.



Would be nice if someone took it up. We have ungoogled-chromium and FF needs an equivalent.




>we need to wait

Someone get on mozilla's ass. It looks like they're doing sneaky shit.



Looking at all the shit mozilla has done over the years, it would be abnormal if they didn't do sneaky shit. As long as the guy doesn't delete everything before someone picks it up, but even then its probably saved on someone's harddrive. So anyone wanting to work on this should be good as long as mozilla doesn't try doxxing and suing them on public platforms.

File: 4d733b958b6b4de⋯.png (94.65 KB, 630x747, 70:83, 1551091701456.png)


The internet as you know it is about to end.

Soon it will be worse than your worst nightmares.

The old 90s internet will NEVER be back.

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you don't know freedom faggot, you're really sad that you aren't gonna get to waste all your time being racist on imageboards anymore? the current state of affairs is already not worth retaining



I see it now, the solution. If we capture blackpill anon and offer him up as the holy messiah and sacrifice we can escape. It's all so clear now.

We will find you



>still wanting to function in society




>This is every hopefag in a nutshell. They can't accept that our enemies have won eternally.

I will accept that there is no hope when you killed yourself.




The question is relevant and still stands - if the only way out is to kill ourselves, why haven't you done this to yourself yet? And don't give me a bullshit answer like "because I want to warn you first".

File: 674e909c80bf823⋯.jpeg (433.28 KB, 1093x1600, 1093:1600, download.jpeg)


So I have been thinking about doing a sega genesis back port of undertale and have come to a crossroad of programming it in asm or C. The only arguments I hear are

>The compiler knows better than you, use C

>you can do better low level optimizations on low power platforms, use asm

Which one should I go for, I already know C and I don't have much interest in learning 68k asm

40 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>Which is the same kind of argument.

Protip: there's a difference between compilation and runtime.

If garbage collection somehow managed to do its work only running at compile time (say, by adding allocation and deallocation calls to your code), it would be a lot more welcome: of course, that's not going to happen anytime soon as it's a terribly difficult problem.



>that's not going to happen anytime soon as it's a terribly difficult problem

Rust can do it.



can you stop posting on /tech/ and go write a garbage collector to understand how you know nothing about memory management?





Are you just mad that your language does not support doing GC at compile time?

File: d3d7a532f726309⋯.jpg (193.42 KB, 802x854, 401:427, 5c18017a71aefbfcc6c022ed90….jpg)



I think the 3letter agencies might be trying to spy on me.

This or my VPN provider is actively collaborating with them to spy on me.

Here a description what I mean:

>be anon

>connect to internet always via VPN

>it has been like this since 2011

>year 2015 or 2016

>have strange occurence where my tower pc turned itself on

>it went to the passwords page of my encrypted debian partition

>turn on screen and just look at it

>maybe someone is remoting my machine and will type passwords now

>nothing happens

>turn off after 10 minutes

>shrug it off as nothing

>FF March 16th 2019

>Christchurch happening

>8gag slows down for me

>government agencies are lurking this site

>Jim even confirmed he is collaborating their research

>nobody knows what that means

>today my internet connection gets weird

>after I make a posting on /pol/ my internet dies

>need to restart cable modem

>reconnect another VPN server, everything works

>get back to /pol/

>connection dead again

>reconnect router

>works again

So now I want to ask what the odds are that I am on some govt watchlist.

I never thought I am interesting enough for govts but maybe they now just want to have everyone who ever posted on /pol/ in a govt database and spy on them for life. Or am I just paranoid and this was all coincidence?

My VPN provider has a warrant canary and they statPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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>Nah im retarded dont listen to me

That's what I was looking for.



>Obscurity isn't security.

Pajeet, don't you have a stack overflow post to answer?



>Obscurity isn't security

Yeah that's why nobody uses passwords. Fucking retard



Chain a VPN with tor and l2p daemon running on external machines which act as routers, remove wifi from the workstation machine and only connect it via ethernet to the router machine which is configured to allow only connections via tor/vpn/l2p. Sort of like a matryoshka doll of anonymization networks. Even if your workstation gets owned you are still gucci my dude. CIA BTFO.



Also, don't keep files with identifying info on the workstation machine, of course.

File: db9826fbce0aebd⋯.png (428.94 KB, 3495x912, 1165:304, Screenshot from 2019-02-06….png)

File: 89de8e24eb86451⋯.jpg (34.36 KB, 668x179, 668:179, see this is how.jpg)

File: 09474d68b76a022⋯.png (14.39 KB, 668x179, 668:179, Screenshot from 2019-02-06….png)


All jpg cucks will hang.

All the time I see these stupid jpg thumbnails that 8chan is using and they are bigger filesize than if they were just png while looking like shit.

Worse yet random anons keep thinking jpg is always smaller and so they save their screencaps as these shitty jpg fuzz ridden higher filesize images.

67 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Your showing your age grampa. These days, kids like to take a video of the image on someone elses phone, then add a caption to it with snapchat.



Is it just me or is everybody getting dumber and dumber I'm a millennial and I feel pretty stupid I can only imagine what's going to happen the next generation



I can also imagine that the quality would probably suck ass


File: 208f65d833bc17c⋯.jpg (75.95 KB, 900x507, 300:169, 208f65d833bc17c9c41428be5e….jpg)


>what is lepton

Shitposting aside, it gives around 20% of lossless compression (compress-decompress cycle returns identical jpeg data) on my multiterabyte corpus of hentai and chan images.



You do realize that JPEG does not use indexed color and 'more colors are added to compensate' makes zero sense?

File: a6b1a327f659e2b⋯.jpg (104.96 KB, 838x720, 419:360, 1529959884175.jpg)

File: 88887aa11c35f48⋯.mp4 (4.11 MB, 480x360, 4:3, 88887aa11c35f486f37523cdae….mp4)


The old thread passed the bump limit so I figured I'd make a fresh one. Discuss your old hardware. Are you fixing anything?

I have an IDE to mSATA adapter and an mSATA SSD coming in the mail to fix my thinkpad.

160 posts and 48 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



You should always start with the basics before digging into anything complicated, otherwise it will seem like a monolithic task, rather than a set of specific tasks with a specific structure. Burnout is far too easy to reach of you dive headfirst into something, and do nothing else but that. Seems to be why people tend to abandon fitness training, learning a new language, or going to college after years of being out of school.



I figured as much but what is something more simple that I can do? what would you recommend?



Well, if you're just building from a kit, reading an online electronics primer and watching some soldering videos should suffice. If you're trying to reinvent the wheel and design a Z80 computer, that's a whole other kettle of fish. It will require serious electronic engineering study, and computer logic study as well, since you'd be having to worry about gates, latches, race conditions, debounce circuits, and a bunch of other annoying shit I can barely remember from college. Just a case of "use it or lose it", for me.

That DIY book sounds like something meant for a person in a digital electronics class, after having completed several lab projects. Doing something like that will give you another feather for your cap (and resume), but it's rooting around in the past. You can get the same credits for future employment by putting together an SJW-Pi kit or something. Sorry if it sounds like I'm pushing you away from something you're interested in; I'm just completely burned out and bitter.




what do you think about this? http://cpuville.com/Kits/Single-board-kit.html

I guess it's more "pleb" than doing it all yourself but I think it would still be a nice project. maybe I could save money by finding the components myself as well.

>design a Z80 computer,

yeah I guess not. at least not now anyway.

>(and resume)... credits for future employment

? I'm not doing this to be employed. I'm going to be a mechanical engineer, this has nothing to do with a resume. I just want to do it, if I could have a computer running CP/M it would be really cool.

>I'm just completely burned out and bitter.

shitty jpb or what? what happened?



>what do you think about this? ... I guess it's more "pleb" than doing it all yourself but I think it would still be a nice project.

Seems neat, and you will still have built it when it's done. I don't say I carved an AR-15 from a block of aluminum when I say I built one, and I don't say I used Mjolnir as a forge hammer to build my 1911 from a cube of iron and charcoal, but I built each of those guns one piece at a time. I don't recommend doing that with an AR-15 unless you have a proper workshop, as I nearly lost an eye when my bench vise exploded into pieces and went through my safety glasses while I was torquing the barrel down.

> I'm not doing this to be employed.

It's handy to have a personal portfolio of accomplishments. I resurrected a computer some fucking retard worked on, by using a carpet ripper to straighten the processor's pins which had been mashed flat by the retard who last "fixed" the computer. I got paid all of four fucking dollars for that effort, and my boss charged the customer $200 for a new processor. Most jewish thing I have ever witnessed in person, from a black woman of all abominations.

>shitty jpb or what? what happened?

Never work in a call center. Every negative stereotype about various types of people will be proven true so often that you won't ever doubt any others you hear, even if you know that Latvians don't really use the potato as a form of currency.

File: aae9acb71ef8622⋯.png (346.75 KB, 799x600, 799:600, ReactOS_0.4.7_with_Lautus_….png)

File: 7a1962800906635⋯.png (419.98 KB, 1019x767, 1019:767, 0_4_0.png)

File: 7a208ff15ac932f⋯.png (364.5 KB, 1200x662, 600:331, 1200px-ReactOS_logo.svg.png)


Is it the closest thing we get to Linux imitating Windows down to detail? Or is it just as, if not more, broken than WINE?

Have you tried it, have you tested it, and have you experimented with it? All questions I want to know.

If I were to run any Windows program on it now, what are the chances it won't work?

132 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



RetractOS in in prealpha. Never used it myself but doesn't it use wine libraries?



but linux or bsd cant run windows drivers. sometimes those are needed and then reactos could be useful



This doesn't contradict what I said. To run Userspace windows programs you do not need to emulate the NT Kernel Architecture.



You do if they don't use the Windows API or if they depend on certain edge cases that would be extremely difficult to emulate in something like Wineserver.



Not necessarily, since that would mean companies would have to spend money to get new computers. They just slap Chrome on a computer from 2010 and call it a day.

File: 979d93ac9fd4963⋯.png (28.59 KB, 510x350, 51:35, dnscrypt.cd47d19.png)


is it even possible for me to leave my ISP's contract over the shit thats happening?

i have a VPN but it slows my speeds to a crawl and a few sites i use straight up block access to my ip range (mainly vidya forums and music/film review sites)

im on a 12 month contract with belong, and just spent my afternoon arguing with the poo on the phone and listening to the brown cunt try to rationalize censorship to me

i then proceeded to spend the rest of my night trying to figure out pic related to no avail, im fucking hopeless with internet technology

also my fucking router has telstras DNS hard coded into it.

are we just gonna let this happen?


File: dbc8fbdccf78bf0⋯.jpg (96.76 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, nignogs in enclosure.jpg)


Can racist attitudes make you a worse programmer/mathematician/physicist?

The more I learn about the aforementioned topics, I cannot help but marvel at the power of my own intellect, juxtaposed against the vacuous expanse of the nigger mind, for which antithesis begs to be defined. Every theorem I prove, every language construct I discover, every universal truth I discover about the nature of the universe, is yet one more point of differentiation demarcating the ever growing gulf, beyond that which pity can afford, one finds between my awesome abilities and those of the lowly negroid. I worry that time spent pondering superiority over the enfeebled negro mind might distract one from the destiny of their great work. I would hate to deprive humanity from even one iota of my talent which might for worse be spent holding contempt for niggers.

40 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>Certainly as a scientist they can. So yes, for a physicist. Spooks of all sorts bias you to unempirical thinking and lead you to erroneous models or predictions. In more general programming and the philosophical world of mathematicians, it's perhaps not as big a deal.

Just a heads up, physicists never model systems as complex as a human being. Your opinion on race/class/whatever will probably not cause you to erroneously model the hydrogen atom unless you have some kind of bizzare metaphysics like minorities are dumber because they are made of minority atoms, or sum such non-sense. Racism could inhibit an anthropologist, or a biologist.

Generally though, science is an international field, and requires reading the work of peers, and working abroad. Its by nature cosmopolitan globalist.


Go back to Pol



>Its by nature cosmopolitan

No, since there's only one culture of right and wrong in real science; which means no "melting pot" and other jewry.


It isn't against globalism, but since IQ repartition isn't geographically homogenous, I'd say no. Basically, globalism isn't compatible with meritocracy.


File: 098d33658437d45⋯.jpg (21.03 KB, 472x472, 1:1, im cia.jpg)

>>1043600 (checked)

remember to sage



>No, since there's only one culture of right and wrong in real science;

Nah, its more than this by far. There is no national science. Science often has more than one formalism, so does mathematics. Yet, largely, the scientific community shares the same formalisms because it is a global culture. It has its own publications, awards, its own multi-national history. It didn't have to be that way either - there could have been disparate national sciences or mathematics with there own formalisms, own histories etc.

>Basically, globalism isn't compatible with meritocracy.

Non-sense. What do you think globalism is? Globalism isn't a "every country gets to nominate a scientific truth" because thats fair. Obviously some countries publish less, others more.

I used to think that I was probably smarter than everyone in North Korea as a college educated physicist in a OCED democracy. NK was full of starving enslaved peasants. Except, NK has its own Missile Program, and its own military engineering. Clearly, there are people in NK smarter than the average westerner - just not the average North Korean.

File: 76693d8ffb53e34⋯.jpg (136.35 KB, 650x901, 650:901, 9ab0b8c5b3d8e18fb2e8cd9e51….jpg)


I want to connect an off the shelf phone or a custom radio to one and only one cell tower using a directional antenna. If only one tower can see the phone, I think the only location information that could be learned from the signal is the direction. This isn't a new idea, but I don't see evidence that anyone has attempted to build this. I know very little about radios. Help?

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



You could take the antennea out of a cellphone, and replace it with a high gain, unidirectional antenna. You would have to sweep the sky to find a line of sigh to a cell tower, and you would have shittier service.

The also would probably not prevent your phone from being geolocated, because as you crosscell towers, your direction of travel, and your path will probably become clear - but it will make your service shittier.



>You could take the antennea out of a cellphone

How do you take the antenna out of a phone though? I've been playing with an old phone and I think the traces on the board are part of the atenna and have enough output to ping a tower. Maybe it could be shielded or grounded somewhow while allowing for the directional antenna to be used?

>your direction of travel, and your path will probably become clear - but it will make your service shittier.

I'm not talking about a mobile set up.



>How do you take the antenna out of a phone though? I've been playing with an old phone and I think the traces on the board are part of the atenna and have enough output to ping a tower. Maybe it could be shielded or grounded somewhow while allowing for the directional antenna to be used?

Obviously phone dependent. If you can find the terminals for it, you can place phone in faraday cage, and connect a parallel antenna. (I think?)

>I'm not talking about a mobile set up.

Then what is the point? If you are always using the same tower, you are obviously located near it.



>This isn't a new idea, but I don't see evidence that anyone has attempted to build this. I know very little about radios. Help?

Tried it but I'll have to lurk a little more. You can use balong/huawei toolbox but it doesn't have the capability to tell the sekrit hardware to do that. Don't know if anything that can lock to one cellid exist right now but there is the possibility. Maybe try a femtocell with cellid lock, don't know if that exists.

You could do so before with Wimax by locking to one basestation and frequency but I doubt you can do that to mobile radios without the right firmware. Maybe if you understand AT commands but I don't know a single thing about it.

You can lock yourself into one mobile frequency band (B1) but still it should exist in several cell towers so handovers still happen. I have a directional antenna but it still gets handed over to some cell or possibly even imsi catcher.

This means you can't escape mossad stingray van triangulation or fake bts from either gov or hacker but like I've said it's just that there's no known hardware that can do that or maybe it exist but it's just not popular.

So far, I've not found a way to doing that aside from if the topology is right:

>map all towers and place yourself at the edge of only one cell tower in vicinity and use directional antenna, verify if it works or is too strong (lower your dbm if your hardware can)


>To lock modem at previously used tower at-chat can be used:

>/interface lte at-chat lte1 input="AT*Cell=2,3,,1300,384"

Though AT commands may brick your device or SIM, just experiment with it if you have plenty resources.


If you're concerned about not being located, how about you just use fucking burner phones, you mong? Using a cell phone for extended periods will get you located, but if you're not a damned idiot, the NSA isn't going to have cause to dig up your travel records from the phone company's archives.

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