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File: 5435cecec1aecad⋯.jpg (271.67 KB, 1500x938, 750:469, windows7.jpg)


I'm thinking to just keep using Windows 7.

Also what problems did Windows 7 had always?

I never seem to had a Virus/Worm/Trojan/Ransomware for almost more than 8 years.

The only reason why I'm not switching is because of VSTs. I use alot of them & have collections of it.



Can't you use those with wine?

I wanna run synth1on linux, but I dunno if I can yet.



I tried a few VST's with wine before and they don't work very well..

I used LMMS with Lynx its pretty broken.


Why not just dual boot, and keep the windows 7 OS internet free.



u will get rekt online with no patches anon



Haven't updated in close to 10 years, never had a problem.



i don't know the validity of this, obviously older OS are blatantly vulnerable to security threats because people write viruses for them, but couldn't you protect an unsupported windows 7 with virus programs?



Raw dog her in the ass, you can always take meds for the burning sensation for the rest of your life.



You are either lying or oblivious. Windows 7 had hundreds of security issues, many of them critical over the last few years. An unpatched Windows 7 system is a botnet node.





Most attacks seem to be through the browser these days since its guaranteed to be there and on multiple platforms as well. With custom settings and good addons you can do a little to mitigate that. Or just a hosts file and JS off/canvas crap blocked, but you won't be able to use the majority of webpages without JS.

As an alternative, GNU/Linux can mostly work for most use cases, with some caveats regarding hardware/peripheral drivers and DEs/GUI toolkits being a big joke (cough cough GTK). There is a laser focus on tiling WM environments despite their limited use case, a good lightweight floating WM with tile gestures, some key chords, and single click would inevitably be superior but these people don't have a mouse or something. Package management still isn't quite perfect, Lignunerds have just reinvented static binaries as some horrible image format because they have been busy navel gazing, but at least it exists. There is a universal package manager or two now but at least one of them works. X11 to Wayland transition will take forever and nobody is even sure if it matters or not. The kernel does support a lot of hardware compared to more than 5 years ago, and despite what these /tech/turds will attempt to tell you, systemd is doing a better job than sysvinit or upstart ever did. If you've got a problem with systemd, just use runit or OpenRC or something.

I recommend you grab a terminal that isn't glued to some desktop environment and doesn't have horrible defaults, like st and use a multiplexer with it, and maybe use Emacs or something, that will be the majority of what you use to do real stuff beyond the browser/basic DE stuff. DEs are not complete and cannot give you a full interface to the system, and they sometimes shit themselves anyway.

Only thing that's probably a real pain in the dick is professional A/V stuff (there is OBS, Blender VSE, and Ardour though plus tracker stuff and Audacity) and proprietary software, as well as Wine for anything remotely modern. Windows 7 is still useful for the legacy stuff/games.


File: 0dce9145baa1071⋯.jpg (146.33 KB, 600x644, 150:161, rpb.jpg)



You're both right, the system itself is probably backdoored and everything you do online is hoovered up



Says the faggot

Win 7 sp1, never updated, Everything works fine




Yes shit is but any updated stuff is worse, unless you go gentoo or something like that


File: 02baa9935e53e86⋯.jpeg (120.05 KB, 1600x1064, 200:133, blackbird.jpeg)


>Win 7 sp1, never updated

The same on my gaming/htpc rig - just nuke services you don't need and block IE


File: f85e7b1bccdcb2d⋯.png (102.42 KB, 200x254, 100:127, 143877.png)




If you must, your only option will be in qemu+pci passthrough to use your obsolete gui applications. Don't let anything other than FTP touch it post 2020, for your own sake.



i still use win2000 sometimes and its connected to the internet. no bad things have happened.


I still use Windows 95 without security updates and haven't experienced any problems so far.



>I still use Windows 95

It's neither usable in itself when running in a VM, nor installable on usable physical hardware.



Well, you probably did something wrong. As i said everything works like a charm. Internet explorer 4.0 is spiffy as always. I love those toolbars.



> "Haven't used a condom in close to 10 years, haven't gotten a single std."

> stds are a lie created by the government.





>unironically using legacy versions of windows because you can't let go

Imagine living this existence


File: 062dc8a8cd37e2d⋯.jpg (35.72 KB, 340x565, 68:113, 1372977241181.jpg)


>not having legacy versions installed just to hear those god-tier start up themes


OP here.

I'm planning to just move out of god damn Windows 7 and just use a VM to run VST's & stuff I like. I also been distro hopping for 3 fucking years. I learned that my Wireless USB is propriety.. TP-Link is a crap driver for linux. 500kb/s-1.2mb/s that shit runs slow as fuck, but on Windows 7 it runs about 30mb/s which is insane to compare.

I might soon in the future move to use a wired lan cable since its easy.

thanks for your opinions /tech/ gonna run GNU/Linux.

also using VSTs to make some Jazz fusion.


I like old start ups alot than Windows 7


File: 0190bb721131f01⋯.png (355.37 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, ClipboardImage.png)


Windows 7 is just laggy bloatware my ThinkPad T420 came with when I first got it.

Don't regret switchin' away from Windows when Gentoo Linux started trending on halfchan back when it was uncucked and based.



Gentoo is still based and redpilled you trend-following faggot.


Get SuRun and have linux type security on windows. No need for anti virus or anti spyware. SuRun is free, comes from Germany in english and works on all versions of windows.


How many times do we have to go through this?

It doesn't fucking matter, either install linux or keep using 7 for your gaymes, literally nothing changes other than microsoft dying more.


I'm friends with a guy who still uses XP, so he can't use messengers other than telegram, because they don't support XP anymore, so I don't talk to him



>"literally nothing changes other than microsoft dying more."

uhhh they are a 1 trillion dollar company worth more than most neets.



He meant halfchan, not gentoo



How is XP in $CURRENT_YEAR? Are there any updates which are known to have undesirable effects (besides the obvious one which enables end of support messages)?



Why would he cling to such an ancient system? Hardcore autism?



>I'm thinking to just keep using Windows 7.


>Also what problems did Windows 7 had always?

Being nonfree software, having spyware and backdoors as a feature.

>I never seem to had a Virus/Worm/Trojan/Ransomware for almost more than 8 years.


A trojan is a program that pretends to be useful software, but contains malware, so you're using one just now - Windows.

>virus, worm

A good virus/worm isn't a shit showing second cursor and removing things - that kind of malware is written by amateurs, who just want to play and laugh at idiots. You are never going to see a master tier rootkit on your computer, until police comes to your house, because someone stole some money, DDoS'ed something. You're probably a small part of a botnet.

Also implying Microsoft won't push a special update, that'll fuck up everything.

>b-bbut I can disable updates!

No, you can't unless you use a hardware firewall or disconnect the computer from the Internet. Even after that, Windows probably contains a time bomb that'll make the system work improperly.

Better install Guix GNU/Linux.



There are people on /tech/ who unironically uses windows 2000 on a regular basis. I think it's just stockholm syndrome



updates dont cause problems (even the one where it complains about end of life, just click the okay button).

you will be stuck using chrome or firefox as window's xp ssl is very out of date and will not be able to make ssl connections. also if you are on an actual old pc be prepared to disable js or upgrade your ram.

security compromises will always be possible (especially if connected to the internet) but if you are good you should be ok (clamwin might be able to help).

the only software you will be able to use is outdated or your old software.

all in all if you dont have a reason to, dont. you will just make yourself very vulnurable.



Are you using Guix right now?


File: 234ba7cdd1082f1⋯.jpg (75.8 KB, 800x555, 160:111, windows 10 update.jpg)

File: 8cca0d6d1caee80⋯.png (181.69 KB, 619x573, 619:573, windows 10 watching you.png)

File: 9b54dfaf68043dd⋯.jpg (82.87 KB, 482x424, 241:212, windows 10 no escape.jpg)



I was one of those faggots until the machine in question broke down. I didn't bother since I was growing out of that nostalgia autism phase. It was also around 2007-08 when major pc games stopped supporting Windows 2000 as well.



>Are you using Guix right now?

No, because I don't have a libre computer yet and I don't have time to switch from the other distribution I'm using now.

But that was just "install gentoo" guix version meme, because I don't like gentoo.


File: a9cfbf8dbbcd2fc⋯.jpg (18.88 KB, 476x315, 68:45, win10_upgrade.jpg)



Windows 2000 was never properly supported by most games, they were made for either Win98SE (until about 2002-2003) or XP (later).



OP here.

I'm on Void Linux now I'm gonna try to make music by using Windows 7 on a emulator.



>windows 7 is ending

No. It's not like it would just uninstall itself in 2020. You'll be fine.



Void is fun. I like it.


>tfw on the newest version of Windows Server 2019 Datacenter


File: 8705779eecc5caa⋯.jpg (31.65 KB, 480x360, 4:3, cirno is pretty sure that'….jpg)



What he meant is that official MS support will end. This means no more official security patches. Of course this is the norm for the case of non-free software. This is the future that OP chose for himself.



It's not. I'm posting from it right now.


File: ad8ded4fddc7a59⋯.png (115 KB, 1597x1057, 1597:1057, netscape tech.png)

Windows 3.1 Netscape Navigator master race reporting in.




CloudFlare still supports these ancient cypher suites?

>What problems did Windows 7 had always?

The NT monolithic kernel and drivers having access to everything.

No USB 3 support.

No offline activation for regular users.

A huge amount of users who turned off auto-updates and never updated manually.





Windows Server 2019 is unironically the best option if you must use Windows 10. It's literally Windows 10 with all the bloat and most of the botnet removed. In fact, if you pirate there's no reason to use Windows 10 instead of 2019, since it's a much better and more effective alternative to the LTSB/LTSC meme editions.


File: e03ab78516bfe83⋯.webm (514.9 KB, 720x720, 1:1, WaifuAge.webm)


>Madobe Nanami theme



I can't tell if this is supposed to be ironic or not.



>don't bareback women of questionable virtue

>remain aids-free

What a surprises.




How is it better than the LT versions and why are they memes?



>No USB 3 support.

Wat? Even XP can easily support USB3 with proper drivers.

>No offline activation for regular users.

You can activate offline with a SLIC2.1 BIOS.



>XP can easily support USB3 with proper drivers.

XP could also support AMD Navi, Nvidia Turing, NVMe, and VR headsets with proper drivers.



Except USB3 drivers for XP exist (at least for certain USB3 chipsets).


Does no one else do this? Do a fresh install of your favorite ancient OS, install your favourite software, clonezilla backup to external drive. If any problems arise, restore the backup. Holy sheeit I'm a genious.


I'm never going to use a Windows newer than 7, but I understand that eventually backwards compatibility will run out and I'll be left without options. I've thought about trying Linux, but I also heard about Windows 9, a heavily modded version of Windows 8 that supposedly strips out the bullshit and makes it behave like 7 with 8's additional infrastructure. Does anyone know anything about it?




>uncucked and based.

Le paste and lead pilled xd


File: 1643d9a1103f988⋯.jpg (494.42 KB, 1300x867, 1300:867, chernobyl.jpg)


>Windows 9

Sounds like the 8.1 embedded industry pro spin made by some guy



If I wanted to put in a backdoor dedicated to the guys who are woke with the older versions of Windows, I'd do it by modifying the older versions of Windows under the guise of extending the life of old Windows versions.


File: a870ec11ce89df9⋯.png (16.51 KB, 244x255, 244:255, f7c.png)








Never heard of this, will try, thanks.


If you're already using windows you may as well just embrace the botnet. use windows 10 on one partition for your proprietary shit and quarantine anything of value to you on a linux install.



How the fuck was windows 8 so bad even normalfags evade it like the plague while windows 10 cancer is widely accepted?



>embrace the botnet

That OS is so bad I'd rather use gentoo for the rest of my life rather than deal with the huge fucking shitpile that is the Windows 10 Spyware Botnet Service.


>all the anons still using decade old windows for no particular reason

God damn I love /tech/

I do question if Windows 7 is actually faster/better at gaming than just using some distros with wine/virtual machine. And if it really is better, will windows 7 really be gone for good after 2020? Is it just the support for it stopping? Or is it OS wide forced windows 10 update with the only way to get windows 7 afterwards through old torrents? Kind of worried I might only be able to use distros to game after 2020 since I don't have a dedicated gaming pc yet, and I could theoretically just use windows 7 without connecting to wi-fi ever and just using another pc to download everything onto an external harddrive and transfer manually.


File: 0ecd5892402036e⋯.gif (353.98 KB, 384x239, 384:239, [laughs_in_my_boy].gif)




This. You would have to be a boomer grandma to get infected with a virus in this day and age. It's almost as if people browse with Javascript enabled or something. I bet they don't even disable services either.



Is there a better alternative to disable javascript other than using noscript? And how to disable services???

t.I have no idea what I am doing


lol, if some shit like Wannacry 2 will pop up some day, without updates you will switch to 10 in no time. M$ will take care of this.



To disable services, type msconfig.exe into the search bar on your start menu and disable everything that is not necessary. Especially look for anything to do with "remote desktop" and such, that is a common vector for infecting your computer. Javascript can be disabled in most browsers in the settings menu. Don't use Firefox or Chrome. Also, you should disable internet access for most of your software that doesn't need internet. Windows firewall is surprisingly good. You can block all executables and .dll files in a folder and it's subfolders by using this batch script.

@ setlocal enableextensions
@ cd /d "%~dp0"

for /R %%a in (*.exe) do (

netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="Blocked with Batchfile %%a" dir=out program="%%a" action=block
netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="Blocked with Batchfile %%a" dir=in program="%%a" action=block


for /R %%a in (*.dll) do (

netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="Blocked with Batchfile %%a" dir=out program="%%a" action=block
netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="Blocked with Batchfile %%a" dir=in program="%%a" action=block


I would block your video card drivers and only update manually because that shit is nasty. You'll have to boot up in safe mode to disable many of these programs that run in the background.



What about using the >>1063239

solution of just using it to game, closing the ports and never using wi-fi?



Dude, you are a life saver, I'm guessing there are a good amount of ways to do that on distros, but I never learned how to disable services on windows until now. Thanks a ton anon!



both ways are good, closing all unnacessary ports should make it a bit safer after 2019, but its a lot of system stuff that you can not control, and its gonna be more and more vulnerable


>Don't use Firefox



If you are too poor to buy a new computer you probably should keep the end-of-life OS. I'm sure somebody can use your ten year old POS for a zombie.



Its a 2 year old laptop that came with windows 10, only just got pissed off enough at the horrible speed, constant bugs and inability to stop updates no matter what I do to get a backup and try gnu/linux.



Damn. It's ridiculous that a brand-new machine will perform so badly because the OS included is shit.


If you hate Windows so much just use Linux. These half measures of "installing 10 but removing the botnet" or "using 7 but disabling the updates that make it pleasant to use" is just retarded.



The difference is they have to infect my clean computer with malware first. With Windows 10 it comes as a zombie out of the box.



This is the reason why I switched to Linux. It's certainly possible to remove the botnets from Windows but that's a matter of fighting against tools that are specifically designed to work to the interest of Microsoft rather than the user. You can do that but it makes far better sense to me to invest my effort into learning about Linux and how to configure it to work for me.


File: 523807a524b2e4d⋯.jpg (246.21 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, 1515777891048-g.jpg)

Protip: Set up Deep Freeze or Reboot Restore RX on your Windows gaming disk. Never install updates, store saves on external USB stick. Every time you reboot it gets wiped clean like a public PC at the library.


File: b06946c8448f9df⋯.jpg (18.94 KB, 600x369, 200:123, 3e32c6351019178cb81cdbe5dc….jpg)

win7 has bad performance, it's graphic ui slows the shit;

has not much more then xp but x2 more shit to slow



Then what OS would be good for gaming then? And only a real OS so shit like the windows 10 service doesn't count.




Actually the same anon who asked what distro would be good for gaming, was planning on using distro on my main pc, then a windows 7 pc for gaming. But if wine works better on certain distros I might as well game on my main pc. Always thought wine was slower than just windows though.


Windows 7


File: d92f1ee0fe47ef3⋯.jpg (223.33 KB, 1080x703, 1080:703, Boomer couple.jpg)


Windows 10 was (((free))), what a bargain!



Just buy a switch or learn to play native linux games like Dwarf Fortress. God damn, 99% of modern video games are trash anyways.



Reddit gaymers love Windows 10

They LOVE Steam



And there is an OCZ NVMe drive with XP drivers too. So what.


just learn how to run shit in a VM and pass a graphics card through, then you can play all the windows games you want on one computer. I had a setup like that for a while, a weak power-saving graphics card for linux, and the usual gamer crap for the windows VM. There's also enough software where you can share keyboard and mice between two and more systems seamlessly. Got rid of it when I realized I barely play any games anymore, and the few I do play run in Linux just fine.

Otherwise, just don't browse the internet with the non-patched systems. It's pretty much the only attack vector these days. You don't offer network services on them, do you?


File: d29255d17229147⋯.jpg (4.8 KB, 109x145, 109:145, tired of your shit cat.JPG)

i use winxd cuz poorfag neet,

win10 is best for gayming

<2post discared cuz error, not catpcha - winxd yes


>I'm thinking to just keep using Windows 7.

Even before the support ends, why would someone be using Windows in 2019?


This is a wndows board now


I don't get people who claims Win7 is slow. This W520 on win7 and 8gb of RAM gets everything done faster than a modern Asus I7 with 16 gigs of RAM.

The reason I won't let it upgrade to Win10 is that it is pointless, and don't forget, if you read and agree to the EULA, that states you no longer have the right to protect and secure yourself from breing spied, you are a cuck.



Windows 8 is slower, haven't tried 10 (and never will)



Just wanted to build on this.

For professional A/V, I recommend:



DaVinci Resolve (minimum 16gb RAM if you are doing 4K. Lightworks 8gb RAM).


Resolve is my preferred choice but Lightworks is a close second.


Audacity and LMMS with plug-ins. Audacity has excellent clean-up tools and effects. LMMS is essentially a stripped down version of FruityLoops (FL Studio).



> if Windows 7 is actually faster/better at gaming than just using some distros with wine/virtual machine.

It is





Are you joking? Does LMMS even have VST support?


tru is as long u have win 7 with supp and supp of almost all games there is not reason to change



Use a fucking search engine, retard




w10 fw is basically cucked at the source by MS.


File: e2926ae4df0f04c⋯.gif (350.19 KB, 197x236, 197:236, cc46da1aa2ecc36b347d2cc972….gif)



>bunch of question marks

lmao another LARPer



>d-doesn't support VSTs

it does

>b-but q-question marks, LARPer BTFO

nice goal post moving

>inb4 doesn't support x, n-not professional

>implying x is professional because (((everyone))) use it

>implying a "pro" can only use (((pro))) software



This is hilarious. What the hell did you even make? It's like hearing someone say they 'programmed' using notepad. I mean gee I wonder what they think programming is.




>not vim

time to go back



You can program using notepad. You don't need a super dooper syntax highlighting editor to enter your programs into the computer. The programming IDEs exist for the purpose of convenience and efficiency for the programmer




Except dual booting, which is complete shit. Use vm, unless you hw specifics stop you from that, in which case assemble separate pc.




There is no reason for audio workstation to have internet connection.


Open sores is for commies, trannies, pedos and furfags



>How the fuck was windows 8 so bad

muh start menu. Thats really all it was.



lol. I use XP daily. suck my dick bro



win7 is just fine. No real noticeable difference when compared to a similarly equipped linux.

it is definitely slower and more bloated than XP though.



Enjoy your wannacry 2.



Hmm lets see what youve got ;)


File: 2fffe8fe64423b0⋯.jpg (570.12 KB, 1200x901, 1200:901, gateway_drug.jpg)



just disable SMB bro



K but whats a good alternative to 7 since 10 is a botnet for microshaft?



It really depends on your usecase. If you still want to use Windows, your best bet is to look for alternatives or solutions to get it running on Linux. Else, if you use windows for shitposting here and nothing else, just install openbsd without wireless drivers.



synth1 works well on wine. sylenth1 however, is a complete pile of garbage



Windows 8.1 with all its Metro shit removed. Or you can try and get the Win7 updates (will be released to select versions up until 2023).



Windows 7 is literally faster just by having the classic Windows 9x UI built-in.



>all the anons still using decade old windows for no particular reason

Not getting cancer is a reason. Today my USB drivers fucked up and couldn't use my keyboard and mouse. I prefer dealing with that than using Linux.




I still use XP for ripping media and DVDs (DVD Shrink).

I also have Windows 98 and 2000 on discs too.

It doesn't "end" for me unless I want it to.



>I still use XP for ripping media and DVDs (DVD Shrink).

MakeMKV is where its at




I just did a brand new install of Windows 7 SP1 64 bit and shit was a mess, tons of programs flat out wouldn't run without installing updates first.



Like what?




A friend of mine uses fl stuido on wine and works pretty well.


File: 15d8c6044d12b6e⋯.jpg (67.8 KB, 528x565, 528:565, 46b0934708e02f7f2e29243eda….jpg)



take your meds


Still have XP on my second laptop. Works well af.




probably .NET 4.X, which requires a windows update before you can install it on Windows 7




Same here. never allow updates win7 sp1 works great. What is Micro gonna do? come in and take my win7? I do have IE blocked n use other brand browsers. More then one.



2nd tower XP with no drivers except video n sound. works like a cadillac running downhill.


File: ee6b4d91e892ce3⋯.png (522.13 KB, 771x678, 257:226, ClipboardImage.png)


I work at a best western and when it was announced that they would be shuttering windows 7 BW central office sent out messages that all Best Westerns had to be running Windows 10 machines.

I just finished upgrading all of the computers that ran win7 to win10 this weekend, 4 in all with one of the servers being the trickiest as all the older machines were Dell Optiplex 3020s, however all it amounted to was finding a good time to install an extra 4GB of ram and have the computer down for 4 hours without interfering with business for each computer. I'm using my linux laptops for other stuff.



>Windows 10 was (((free)))

still is, and in a legal way if you know the one weird trick, like I did for the 4 machines



Thats a good idea, also you can use Process Explorer to see in-depth details of EVERYTHING running on your system, and simply stall/disable certain unneeded nefarious processes running in the background. I use Process Explorer and only allow the basic needed processes to run, as well anything I am manually running, everything else I disable from running. My older Windows still works like a charm, very fast for only 512MB of RAM.

As for remote desktop you can disable that permanently by using regedit.exe and nullifying its registry. Be careful using regedit.exe though.


Just built a PC using AMD 2950x processor, nvidia 2080 graphics card, ROG extreme alpha motherboard, 64gb ram. Haven't turned it on yet. What is the best OS to use that isn't going to fuck me over?



Care to share your secret





REMOVE IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Turn off auto update


Windows 7 rocks


>another proprietary OS does a something that is crappy


What you get for using a botnet.

In Linux (or BSD) land, no one cares.



Just use Linux for all your important sensitive shit and continue to run Windows 7 in a VM. Then it won't matter if it gets pwned by malware, since nothing important will be affected, and you can just roll the VM back to a clean snapshot in minutes. It's also way more convenient than trying to get shit to work with WINE.


File: c9440a651060732⋯.jpg (46.46 KB, 800x794, 400:397, 1438036314466.jpg)

switched to ubuntu don't bully

>can tweak basically everything on my computer

>terminal is piss easy to use and faster than having to search for files online all day

>updates are easy

>shit just plugs in and plays

<if it doesn't work immediately then it's a fucking bitch to fix

>valve's proton shit makes windows games work perfectly

>just got finished playing rising storm 2 with better performance than I got on windows

I have no reason to go back. I don't even really care that much about the privacy shit, though it does bother me don't get me wrong, I just like linux because I have so many fucking options. Don't like the DE? find another one. Don't like the distro? Find another one. I haven't found a single component I can't tinker with or replace outright. It's a pretty good feeling honestly.


>Windows 7 is ending in 2020

and that's a good thing



Always good to see another satisfied user.


What does it mean when support ends? That new updates will stop being made or that windows updates will be completely unavailable for windows 7 (as in shut down)?



No more official Microsoft updates for free. If you're a company, you can hire a support service from Microsoft to continue getting updates.



You fucked up. Threadripper requires Linux or Win10. I would suggest Linux, but you bought an Nvidia card, and Nvidia has shit Linux drivers. So your best option is Win10 LTSC tbh. If you got an AMD card I'd recommend Linux. If you got an Intel or AM4 Ryzen CPU, I'd recommend Win7/8.1. But you fucked up and got mismatched CPU and GPU. Sorry.



With such a powerful PC, he could just pass through his GPU to a VM without suffering any noticeable performance hit. Put some of that 64 gigs of RAM to good use, for fuck's sake.



a cpu does not require a specific os. they can artifically restrict the usability by using proprietary drivers but it wont make the os unbootable.


I'm so tired of wangblows. The only time I ever use it is to play newer games, but practically every time I install a different game dll errors will pop up somehow. I can't count the number of times I've reinstalled redist and directx. Wine is more functional with less effort 90% of the time. Why doesn't it JUST WERK?


File: e39535a93f3800a⋯.jpg (820.21 KB, 3177x2955, 1059:985, obsolete.jpg)




There are win7 compatible Ryzen motherboards out there, you just need to do the actual OS install with a PS/2 keyboard and mouse



why? usb worked just fine for me when i installed it years ago. now i just have a dedicated machine with win2000 for the few things that i need it for and run linux on everything else but idk why it would suddenly stop working.


File: 5b4f0dc9e82832a⋯.jpg (34.35 KB, 500x386, 250:193, dongle_hell.jpg)



Something to do with xHCI/USB3 only chipsets? I reckon it's the same as having to slipstream AHCI drivers into 2k/XP discs back in the day




Brings a tear to the eye.



>There are win7 compatible Ryzen motherboards out there

AM4 boards support Win7. TR4 do not. Maybe TR4 will work if you slipstream some drivers, or maybe not. If your motherboard doesn't have Compatibility Support Module then you are shit outta luck. Win7 only has partial UEFI support.


>a cpu does not require a specific os

If Threadrippers require an X399 motherboard, and X399 motherboards require Linux or Win10, then my Intro to Logic class tells me Threadripper requires Linux/Win 10. It's called transitive law. You can argue the premises if you want, but the conclusion follows.


File: 4787984c03ad162⋯.png (61.32 KB, 500x300, 5:3, 97453F59-9963-49A0-8704-EA….png)


You’re a full fledged retard that doesn’t know about Eternalblue. Good luck disabling your services.



> I reckon it's the same as having to slipstream AHCI drivers into 2k/XP discs back in the day

Yep, it works for now, but we are at Intel and AMD's mercy here. Tell me how well slipstreaming Intel XHCI drivers works for Windows XP. That is almost certainly the future for USB4 and Win7.



No, you just need to inject the appropriate keyboard/mouse drivers into the install iso



Would installing a vanilla copy of Windows 7 keep it vanilla forever? Or will Windows Update give you all of the last supported updates?



update will eventually stop working but that usually takes a long time. in win2000 it does not work but it think that xp is actually still supported so it does


File: 4420da7cf52de39⋯.jpg (113.07 KB, 1076x1073, 1076:1073, Turn-off.jpg)


>Eternalblue mitigation

>disable NetBIOS/SMBv1 on your Windows machines

It's like you can't even read.


File: e209fb3ac70394c⋯.png (6.96 KB, 688x199, 688:199, D7NM0syWkAE3IHA.png)


Simple reminder.


File: c7de924229ab427⋯.png (13.11 KB, 444x228, 37:19, REEEEEE.png)


>microsoft dying more

Linux is king amirite guise.



on everything thats not a gaming pc



>90% of PCs are gaming PCs

Call an undertaker because you're clinically brain dead.



>ChromeOS 0.32%

That's huge for a browser OS running Linux.

I mean those 0.32% are fucking retards to stupid to install a real distro.


MS-DOS and Windows 9x are better than Windows NT.

t. too geriatric to be alive now.



nt4 was comfy


I have Windows 10 LTSC tweaked the shit out of and it runs better than win8 or 7 ever did



Next time install Server.



One day you'll restart your PC and all your little "tweaks" will be reset. Windows Update *will* re-enable itself eventually. Your registry and group policy settings don't mean shit



Keeping Windows 7 with me until they "fix" that Windows 10 abomination. Win7 has its own bugs, but it is not intrusive and gets the job done.


File: 8b8077c12e8db90⋯.gif (4.43 MB, 360x188, 90:47, 8b8077c12e8db90ebe3a48dcb3….gif)


The 0.32% that have UNKNOWN installed have everything figured out in life


Win10 LTSC with lobotomized telemetry and degunked shell & classic start


I'm kind of glad windows 7 is ending - it's given me an opportunity to show a few family members that win10 is a pile of shit and to use a Linux distro instead.


You all should finally switch to GNU/Linux.


>Keeping Windows 7 with me until they "fix" that Windows 10 abomination.

So like forever?


>use a Linux distro instead.

Sorry anon, but it is wrong to say just 'Linux' when talking about OS, because Linux it is just a kernel. GNU/Linux is the system





I hope those paid updates will be available somehow, so it will prolong my use of it, and then until critical vulnerabilities, and knowing MS patched XP recently, I hope we have room until 2025 at least.




No need to disable updates for W7, wtf... Even retartded W10 now has better controls over updates (yet still can't bypass shit-updates)



Windows is slaggish as fuck on HDD, SSD is mandatory these days for a system drive, I've learned this hard way. Or run gnu/linux distrib.



There are patches for XP available, btw



> (yet still can't bypass shit-updates)

That's the whole appeal of win7, no shit updates to deal with.


i am dual booting Windows 7 and Windows 10 again, i am tired of dealing with win10 countless issues and background bullshit, mysterious slowdowns for no reason, tons of compatibility issues with everything before 2015, fuck it

Windows 7 is now the main

Windows 10 for only latest games that REQUIRE IT TO RUN SMOOTH

other than that win7 24/7, already so much better experience


Problem (in Microsoft's PoV) is that winxp sp2 and up & win7 sp1 and up are pretty much legendary.

They've raised the bar and set the benchmark so MS can't halfass when making a worthy successor, which is why they're forcing win10 down everyone's throats while having those stupid update cycles and limiting user freedom in the hopes that the users will get used to being treated like schmucks.

Because then Redmond & Co. won't have to put effort (and money) into it again, significantly boosting revenue.


File: 04a29feaf237015⋯.jpg (561.33 KB, 945x1476, 105:164, 75308678_p0.jpg)

planning to switch to windows 7 since it doesn't have that much updates like win10, I don't know the problem but I'm having fps issues on it cortana eats up my CPU usage and some crap apps that you cant forcefully stop.


>win2k had 4 service packs

>winxp had 3 service packs

>winvista had 2 service packs

>win7 had 1 service packs

>win8 had 0 service packs (the 8.1 release doesn't count, it's more similar to win98se type of updated re-release in that regard)

>win10 has negative service packs which break more than they "fix"

some nifty pattern right there



>switching to a version of Windows half a year before its EoL




It'll still need some additional end-user work so it isn't complete ass, and not all UWP system crap can be nuked, but it's showing that win10 can easily be less retarded and the stupid shit is executive manglement influence.



>planning to switch to windows 7 since it doesn't have that much updates like win10

After the end of support for w7 there is going to be none even security updates, you shouldn't use it. It is going to be more buggy and insecure. Better try Mint GNU/Linux, it is easy to use for newfags.

But did you know you can disable cortana on Windows 10? Just uninstall it with Remove-Appx-Package in powershell (if they didn't remove this option yet) or disable it in process manager, by turning on the service? Same with updates, but if you don't update your system is going to be less secure.

And anyway, Windows is nonfree software, you shouldn't use it.

Read about free software


And Mint's website




Mint=Systemdick. KYS glownigger.




These kinds of people are absolutely retarded, most likely blue haired 'infosec' twitter user or chubby soyboy so called hacker who REALLY cares about security! there is absolutely no reason to update win7 past service pack 1 and. NO REASON to install win 10 updates past your initial install. These retards want you to live under the impression that a computer without an update just sitting connected to the internet is somehow able to be 'hacked' without any user interaction. Win xp is STILL GREAT! Win 7 will still be great 10 years from now! I can browse this thread on a windows 95 computer via wifi, you are never gonna not be able to use windows 7 unless hardware manufacturers just stop making windows drivers


Why is Windows Server 2019 better than Windows 10 LTSC?



>Mint=Systemdick. KYS glownigger.

Sorry, but I don't think useds of Windows 7 even know what systemd is and even a systemdick distribution is better than Wangblows, if you think differently, you should better check if you don't glow in the dark. I could say "Install Guix System", but windowsfags are not going to switch to this first. KYS you overreactive piece of shit.


>blue haired 'infosec' twitter user or chubby soyboy

I've never had a twatter account, sorry, not this time.

>there is absolutely no reason to update win7 past service pack 1 and. NO REASON to install win 10 updates past your initial install.

Have you ever wrote a program once? Do you know why do people maintain software? Do you know what meltdown or spectre are? It was discovered in 2018 (so about 25 years since the first processor affected), imagine someone discovered a vulnerability, a severe bug in Windows 7 after end of support. Software as BIG as Windows will always contain some bugs, without removing them constantly, crackers have more doors open. Do you have a botnet, so you spread misinformation, encouraging people to use old, buggy software?

>These retards want you to live under the impression that a computer without an update just sitting connected to the internet is somehow able to be 'hacked' without any user interaction.

Have you ever used Windows Vista? And are you literally retarded piece of LARPing shit? Do you know what remote exploits are?



You make sense glownigger, because to really hate windows you need to be a lazy as shit hacker.

And most *nix people are lazy as shit. Problem is, we have 30 years of excellent software written by autistic boomers (retired or dead from agent orange by now) who were not lazy as shit. Thats why all the distros are meme distros right now. You fuckers are lazy. Occasionally, Mint and a couple others have some non-lazy fucks, and it shows. But they are dumb enough to go with systemd.

Then we get mercury-addled fucks like you who couldn't block the ports on a paper bag defending eunuchs. Because you ARE eunuchs.



Your post doesn't make sense at all. It's just a bunch of buzzwords and accusations.

>Problem is, we have 30 years of excellent software written by autistic boomers

You mean sysv init, X shit, or monolithic Linux kernel?

>Thats why all the distros are meme distros right now.

Install Gentoo or Guix System idiot. Post your 30 years old excellent not a meme distro you're using.

>You fuckers are lazy. Occasionally, Mint and a couple others have some non-lazy fucks, and it shows.

I'm not using systemd or Mint myself, you dumb fucker. If you weren't so lazy, you could read my and know that.

>But they are dumb enough to go with systemd.

Yes they are, but give me one distribution without systemd, people using Windows will want to switch to.

>Then we get mercury-addled fucks like you who couldn't block the ports on a paper bag defending eunuchs. Because you ARE eunuchs.

Baseless accusations. Your testosterone level is too high, so you can't think clearly. Why didn't you post your dick yet, to show how MANLY you are?



>I can browse this thread on a windows 95 computer

B-but can you post?

>you are never gonna not be able to use windows 7 unless hardware manufacturers just stop making windows drivers

Latest hardware hasn't had Windows 7 drivers anymore for a year or two I think. It's common for hardware vendors to cease support for a Windows version about two years before its EoL (for example, Win98 and WinXP drivers stopped being supplied around after 2004 and 2012, respectively).



Pirates will apply new patches, but then there's the issue of them adding their own botnet.




Lol, proprietary faggot get fucked when it ends.

>Have collections of it

They'll go like Adobe one day



They changed up the start menu which was annoying, but not that bad once you got used to it. You could still disable DWM on some earlier versions of 8 and you didn't have 3 different control panels like you do in Windows 10. Normies are just retarded and feed off mass hysteria spread on (((news))) and faggit.


What is the current state of Windows 7 updates? Are all security updates safe to install, or has the Win10 botnet or other unwanted shit been inserted in to Win7 disguised as "security updates" in the past years? Is there any up-to-date guide about patching Win7 safely?



not sure how updated this is, but http://oxwugzccvk3dk6tj.onion/tech/w7tele.html

also probably qddtot


I’m getting a new laptop in a month. Should I bite the bullet and install Windows 7 despite future security risks and its short lifespan? Is Windows 8 a better alternative to Windows 10?

Help me I’m scared.


File: 8af322e2c1e8f03⋯.jpg (60.98 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1.jpg)

File: 78e135dab5db498⋯.jpg (235.97 KB, 2560x1600, 8:5, 12.jpg)

File: b3322df672feb81⋯.jpg (653.08 KB, 1180x842, 590:421, 55.jpg)


INSTALL WINDOWS 10 FAST win7 gets hundreds of viruses and malware and phishing bugs, every day gets you closer to your computer being bricked and all of your data erased and passwords stolen and bitcoin miners installed it's impossible to be SAFE if you use 7 if you want to be secure and comfortable you NEED windows 10 guaranteed


File: 1fca06442f58e61⋯.jpg (214.91 KB, 609x439, 609:439, GRID-AIDS.jpg)



Windows 10 truly is the gift that never stops giving.



Good riddance



Nice try Redmond.

Too bad the most appealing one is LTSC, and even that's fucked up and requiring user applied fixes.



>One day you'll restart your PC and all your little "tweaks" will be reset. Windows Update *will* re-enable itself eventually. Your registry and group policy settings don't mean shit

Not on LTSC, that happens only on normal editions, LTSC gets security updates only, they don't reset your settings.



these "updates" are really new oss, they use the mechanism that win7 to win8 etc used



>Your testosterone level is too high





>your testosterone levels are too high

okay retard


File: d2918e750d08229⋯.webm (2.39 MB, 900x506, 450:253, world laughter.webm)


> Your testosterone level is too high

hahahahahaha is this ironic



The problem with your entire roastie diatribe is that nobody on /tech/ is a "user". We are all in the engineer/developer/enthusiast/hacker category, and at the very least, the bottom 10% are fangirls or useless soycucks like yourself.

The nice thing about winblows (below 10) is a someone with a brain, not you, can go in and plug all the holes in the registry, the ports, the services, etc etc, in a way that unics still has yet to match unless you pour over source and chance breaking dependencies. Sure, the hardware might be backdoored, and absolutely is if you have an intel chip number higher than 486, or an odd chinese mousepad controller, but still, it shrinks the attack surface to the point of only allowing govt/mafia into ones machine.

Everyone and their mother sees through your lack of giving a shit about writing good software, and the boasting that such unics software is "OMG SO MUCH BETTER" does not help your cause... unless you are all doing it on purpose.

And we ALL see you soycuck lesbiatrans doing it on purpose. What took you so long to get to GIMP btw? Too busy sucking potterings clit? Once you go after the last couple good people, the slackware guy comes to mind, once you do that, people are ready to burn your git repositorys down, and run you all back to deadhat where you belong.

See you in 2021 when debian is a meme distro soytrans! Namaste!



You mean the shit that got disabled by everyone but normies?

LOL ok



Install proper linux distro.



Do you have a place where you explain your hate for unix without trying to sound edgy?



Install LMMS then get gud with ZynAddSubFx. If you're making traditional (i.e. not electronic) I've heard Ardour is pretty good.

LMMS is just a tad nicer on Windows because it has native VST support instead of running it through WINE.



>Your testosterone level is too high

*squeaky mouse voice*

LMAO UR fag.

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