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File: 53eac902e05dd53⋯.png (2.82 KB, 200x200, 1:1, questionmark.png)


Bring all your hardware, software and other troubles here.



There are also some BD discs that allegedly should last for hundreds of years, like M-disc. IMO the best bet.


What do you mean? Just do ^Bs and pick your session, ^Bn, ^Bp for next/previous window. Unless you changed your prefix. There should be no issue with this.




We had a thread about this, he's been posting for a while again.




It doesn't matter. He's unreliable and what he did was unprofessional.



> professional

> working for free

> guy could have been having sex replacement surgery

you insensitive prick



>Are you wanting a VNC client on a remote computer to tunnel using SSH?

Yeah, basically that.

>I don't think you can forward an X server.

You can, it's just that X's network protocol is unencrypted and insecure by design. But if I ssh-encrypt it then I can at least be sure it's running between a trusted server and a trusted client through an encrypted protocol. People on the old days used to forward X on a local network.

When you use the ForwardX11 thing on SSH, you can open a GUI program on the server, and the window will pop up on the client's X server's $DISPLAY. I'd like to somehow get the XDM login screen of the server to appear on a different $DISPLAY of the client, log in, and then use the computer as usual, with a remote desktop



It's pretty cool, you can even have the remote computer do OpenGL stuff with it's graphics card remotely and render the results on the local computer. VirtualGL does that. People are way too unaware about the cool stuff you can do with X, they'd understand better that Wayland is kinda crappy then.

You are kinda screwing up the terminology here though. The machine that gets all the running programs on other computers is the server, not the client. Understandable though. For what you want to do you wanna look into XDMCP. There should be quite a few search engine hits. Be aware that it's all unencrypted though, even the transmission of username and password. Just do it on your LAN, really. In days of <10$ gigabit network dongles you can set a local network up that's physically disconnected from the internet cheap and easy.


File: cde9c85e2009591⋯.jpg (56.25 KB, 673x432, 673:432, Fuck This Im Outta Here.jpg)

Built a new comp recently; but at every turn it shits out a new problem. So when I boot it, it has usb support, but once it loads the os, it drops the usb support. Which wouldn't be that much of an issue, right? Guess what, theres only one ps2 port. Adapter for usb to ps2 stopped working as well. What the hell can I do to fix this shit?


I want to make a simple command to dl mp3s with vid-dl, i.e. I want it to run "vid-dl --extract-audio --audio-format mp3 [urls]" but be ezier to type. How?



OK I learned bash and did it myself.


vid-dl --extract-audio --audio-format mp3 $@


I use Gentoo with i3wm and I need something to draw a window at commandline specified geometry, opaquness and color containing text fed by stdin and then preferably have it go away by clicking into it. Does anyone know a way to do this with the least amount of dependencies?

Think GTO scanlations.


I want to tag images to sort them. How?



>when i boot it, it has usb support

>but once it loads the os, it drops the usb support

Problem would be with your operating system, what are you using?




From what i get your trying to get something akin to dmenu working but with geometry window drawing.

That would be rofi.

However, i don't know what you mean by "go away by clicking into it"


Recommendations for a nice lightweight input method for Japanese?



Nice, now you only need to tell us your OS and hardware you absolute genius.



Well, the OS is GNU/Linux, which I thought would be implicit just by being here, and my keyboard has a standard US English QWERTY layout.



Think something like Zenity but without the toolkit styling and buttons. Just a single color window displaying some text that closes when there's a button click event inside it.



is there a way to delet every pic/gif that has dimensions below i.e. 100x100


Is there an extension for Opera that can translate web pages and NOT just bring me to Google Translate in another window?



with Imagemagick installed:

find . -type f -exec identify \{\} \; | awk '{split($3,a,"x"); if (a[1] < 151 && a[2] < 151) print $1}' | xargs rm

>will remove files smaller then 150x150 – Krzysztof Szewczyk Oct 10 '18 at 19:08


For gif files it lists dimensions for every frame so you'll have to modify the awk command a bit.


Anyone got any experience with unscrewing the tiny screws inside an old macbook? They sit so firmly that I can't unscrew them, especially since I'm worried about the screwdriver going out of the grooves and onto the sensitive hardware when applying lots of pressure. And they're too small for some tool to wrap around them to help the process, like you can do with larger screws that are stuck. This is a pain.



Ah, I think I got it, lads. I'll try using pliers on the top of the fine screwdriver when it's in the screw grooves.


b1023@devuan:~$ groups
b1023 cdrom floppy audio dip video plugdev netdev lpadmin scanner
b1023@devuan:~$ groups b1023
b1023 : b1023 cdrom floppy sudo audio dip video plugdev netdev lpadmin scanner

What the fuck.

Why isn't my user getting added to the sudo group properly?



Win7. Its supposed to be service pack 1, meaning that it should've at least had some usb drivers already. But I guess not?


>try to open xml file with graphs and shit in it

>get this

XML Parsing Error: junk after document element

Location: file:something something

Line Number 7, Column 1:

How do I fix this shit? I thought I fucked up the R install but apparently that's working fine, because it does the full computations. There's also a .js file in there. Is it because I don't have javashit installed?


What kind of /tech/ job should I get /tech/?

>absolutely minimal work most of the time

>higher education is less than a year to get into the field

>no security clearance

>pays 30k+ a year

>wont be undercut by poojeets

>wont be an ebin codemonkey getting carpal tunnel



Net admin?


>>1068800 (checked)

What does it involve doing (or lack thereof?)




It's better then anthy or ibus because it doesn't require ipc layers like dbus.

However this can also be a downside because it'll activly read input causing delays if you're someone who plays vidya alot.

It's good at being lightweight, but it's not as responsive as anthy.



Pretty much nothing else except showing up for work.



Thanks anon!


File: 72b8fd3325c016a⋯.jpg (1.14 MB, 1795x709, 1795:709, r9k - computer illiterate ….jpg)


I've never been so angry from a thumbnail before.



Depending on how new the hardware is it could be that it's simply not supported on win7.

Did you install the drivers that came with the disc that was likely included?

Maybe you also want to get a live usb version of some Linux distro to rule out any HW fuckery.


File: 17916f44de71a58⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1108x1700, 277:425, 17916f44de71a587ca2775b9d5….png)

In light of recent events, I was planning on backing up some more recent channels from Youtube, yet some stuff I cared for has been wiped.

I'd like to recover either the links' names or even their content if it's possible. I know that some times you may find stuff on WebArchive, but I distinctly remember some "Youtube Graveyard" type of site some years ago that would list all the recently deleted videos.

Anything that can help me out?


Oh yeah and while I'm on the subject, outside of Startpage and (((DuckDuckGo))), what are some good non-google search engines still available?



Not strictly speaking a separate search engine but I use serax instances and they work fine for the most part.


Where do I learn video editing? I used to post bad edits on leftypol and someone said there was a board for it but that was months ago if not years.




>I used to post...on leftypol

You’re on your own buddy





Check em


File: b55c0d73ca637ab⋯.jpg (23.83 KB, 276x268, 69:67, 1389462827696.jpg)

Hey, I have a Wordpress-related problem.

My site runs Wordpress, but since like the last week, it doesn't let me access it. The math problem, that's provided with the login is stuck, and it doesn't take the right answer. Like last week it was 2+7, now it's 0+10.

I've tried everything, deleted cookies, restarted everything, tried it on 3 different devices, tried it with a VPN, it's still stuck. Note that all devices (2 different laptops, one is Windows 7, one is Windows 8, plus a Samsung phone) used the same internet. Is this related to my provider?

There's an alternate route to access the site, because what I've told you is the Login with Username and Password. You can log into Wordpress directly, there you must only give your username/email and your password. And here the damned thing doesn't recognize my password.

Another thing to note, that a friend of mine, who lives in another country, could access the site with my username and password. I'm located in the European Unio, she's on the American continent.

What do you think this is? How do I solve it?

Oh, and one more thing: I can't contact Wordpress, because the two level identification crap was not allowed on my account. Should I ask my friend to activate it for me and then try to contact them?


Is there a concentrated spot for info on building custom android ROMs from scratch? I only seem to be able to find fragmented info.



Back when I still gave a fuck I recall different devices have different methods of getting the ROM together. The biggest pain in the ass is dealing with OEM kernel repos and source trees, and also proprietary GPU driver modules


Is Whonix still relevant? It seems like the project is going to die.



with youtube-dl you can easily backup an entire channel, the output string format will help you.

seconded on youtube graveyard.


Recommended dev tools for C/C++ programming? I know there's valgrind, make & gdb



gcc and text editor for starters






yeah obviously the gcc and vim, are there any linters or bloated things i can use?


any tool to just fucking unpack, edit and repack the android .img files?

I just want to cut out shit like (((gps))) , bloatware and in general play around to make my rom as small as possible, cool-looking and without botnet (I don't care about muh government spying as much as I do about corporate spying tbh)


File: 1ea4b9c9c93d4b9⋯.png (376.4 KB, 846x753, 282:251, 1ea.png)

What filesystems does openbsd support? I cant mount ext4 and have trouble reading ext2, it works fine on GNU.



ehh... fuck this

I'm just gonna flash stock and do entire thing from the phone



ntfs seems to work, if anyone knows how to mount an ext2 partition please tell me.



yeah, fuck it. I'll just wait for the pinephone.


Broke a wire in my 3DS L button. Possible to fix or need to buy a new one?



How do you know it's a broken wire? Did you bother taking it apart? It seems highly unlikely that a wire would break inside a protective casing.



Yeah I took it apart to fix something else and broke it then.


I frequently see webms initially named with 3 random words. Example BoldMarvelousGrouper.webm can you please tell me the name of this application?



to clarify, the name of the application that names webms in that manner



Gentoo was more burdensome to install and setup than arch the last time I did so.

Compiling everything on gentoo seems to be a major wast of system resources.

I had an arch system take a dump on me after an update and I never used it again.

Between the two I'd go with arch.


Google used an Ubuntu fork on it's workstations and switched to debian testing.

They made an announcement that they were going to release their own debian testing based distro maybe a year ago and nothing has come of it.



Been using OpenBSD for about 15 years.

OpenBSD is rigorously tested. All of the developers use it. The lead developer avoids running anything other than OpenBSD even when it's inconvenient and he could benefit from tools that don't exist in OpenBSD.


OpenBSD is fine and good as long as you have one of the three eleven year old x86 machines it actually supports somewhat more in-depth. It might cover a lot of hardware bases but none of them really well. It's quite abysmal and it's poor support more often than not means shit is slower than it would need to be. Talk about waste of resources if you are not fully using the hardware you have because your OS doesn't know how to.

Arch is a pile of shit with poor package management that might or might not break after any given update but will always break eventually. Also systemd. Gentoo is loads better because you're a lot more in control and the package maintenance while being far from perfect usually is more on the careful and sane side regarding what "stable" means. It's also very easy to whip up your own packages. Compile times haven't been a problem in ages now if you don't run it on a casio calculator. You can also set PORTAGE_NICENESS and just have the compiler get the cycles that are left over. I let Allwinner A20 SoCs compile their own updates, might take a day for very complicated packages but it simply usually doesn't matter.


Bump to get an answer >>1068915


File: 29a92c72dc2c91d⋯.png (3.71 KB, 373x254, 373:254, Screenshot from 2019-06-09….png)

How do I get flash in my ungoogled chromium?

I tried manually installing flash and installing the pepper plugin thing from apt



Soldering in a new wire should be really simple. You'll wanna get a wick to soak up the old solder. Apply some flux on the joint. They sell it in pens for easy application or you can get solder with flux in it. I wouldn't go more than 1mm, possibly lower on solder diameter. Just be careful with the iron that you don't burn the pad or hole the wire is attached to. You shouldn't be in there very long. They have plenty of videos on YouTube to watch.


gt610 decided to start shitting the bed a fuckton thanks to the called NVIDIA kernel crash, any tempfix before i get anything from radeon?


Someone tell what the FUCK is going on with audio in Linux.


How do I get ncmpcpp's tag editor to work?

I select "Save" and I get "error while writing tags to "<filename>": No such file or directory"

I have my mpd_music_dir in my ncmpcpp config file set to "/home/<username>/Music".

I have my mpd user permissions set so that running ps -aux shows mpd is has <my username> as it's user.

I have read and followed the directions given here


But to no avail.



Not an answer to your question, but I use puddletag. You can search multiple musical databases to pull all of that info. Batch renaming files and batch tagging are super easy. You can embed cover images into the files as well.


How do I learn all of this crap? I come here time to time and I can barley understand anything.



One day at a time.


Which distro? Or window manager?



Do you want an explaination on how the linux sound system works or a guide to fix a problem?



Most securityfags have since switch to QubesOS.

I do believe whonix is still worked on but it's kinda fallen behind on the vm meme.


I want a way to safely shutdown my servers during a power outage. My current thought is a script that pings my AP, and if it's down shut down everything via SSH. Is this good enough or is there a better way?



Good enough solution for me.



The better UPSes have a network option that will work with software installed on your machine to shutdown gracefully after X period of time being on battery power.


Is there something like google voice that isn't google? I just want to make and receive calls from my PC preferably with a software client rather than a browser.



skype but it sucks


does spinrite actually work (as well as people claim)?

are there any free alternatives?


I'm planning on getting a cheap laptop under $400. Can someone recommend me a decent laptop with an HDMI port?


File: d85f8a7a8bacc07⋯.png (41.44 KB, 341x277, 341:277, 789654312654789.png)

how shitty is Node-RED?


File: 34d5b8ecfda730c⋯.jpeg (59.62 KB, 550x373, 550:373, 6CC0FE1A-1854-4B85-B463-2….jpeg)

Is there a Linux distro optimized from the ground up to just be a dedicated hypervisor/KVM? As in no GUI, no unnecessary extra packages, literally just boot and immediately start a virtual machine. No unnecessary host overhead, as close to metal as possible while still being under a Linux kernel, things like GPU pass through ready to go.etc

I want this for the following;

>The ability to boot into Mac OS without having to build a hackintosh

>The ability to control guest OS writes to a temporary file system to easily revert changes if needed

>potential security benefits


File: 5420b7669dff6f2⋯.jpg (163.16 KB, 1438x808, 719:404, debugging.jpg)

I'm getting some weird behavior with an Arduino project. I have a bunch of different peripherals powered by the 5V output, to this end I've connected GND and 5V to positive and negative rails on a breadboard and have all devices attached to these rails, but I seem to be getting noise/interference from somewhere as some of my sensors are doing wacky shit. Is the setup I described likely to blame, and if it is what's the correct approach?


I've been using Linux for around 6 months and I finally want to compile something(Osu!).

I started following this dude's guide but then he wants me to download some microsoft bullshit.

Is this really necessary? Is it bloated/telemetry/closed source? Any alternatives?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSdVEKfvSgM (guide)

I'm refeering to .NET core 2.2



You don't need any guide.

Follow readme.md from the source.

Since lazer is written in C#, it depends on .NET Core. .NET core is open source, but there is telemetry.

C rewrite when?



Install Gentoo.



Wow, to think even compilers are cucked, what the fuck...

Is there a no telemetry patch or something?


As a programmer, how do you deal with burnout?



by working less

find a part time job (20h/week, tops) by an employer who understands that sweatshop software development is an efficiency hindrance and use the spare time to rest and do things you enjoy (even if it's software development, only the one you enjoy doing)

consider making the change permanent if the salary suffices


What's a good alternative for CCleaner?

I'm just looking to do occasional one-time scans for users, so I would prefer a standalone program if possible. (And not owned by Avast.) It makes deleting system logs and temp files easier, but the biggest advantage is clearing registry files that aren't needed anymore. (I'm not sure if it's placebo, but sometimes registry cleanups seem to make the computer run faster, or at least less slow than before. I still can't figure out what people do to their computers.) Any other recommendations for general Windows cleanup is welcome.

I use Linux on my own machine. I really like that my computer is still just as fast 5 years later without having to do any major cleaning or fresh installs. Don't use Mint though. I'd switch distros if I weren't lazy. Granted, my old WIndows machine never got as bad as some I have to clean.

Is Windows Defender a good anti-virus even for retards who might fall for "GameOfThrones.mp4.vbs" shit? I've always thought it was fine, but some people are paranoid and want more protection instead of common sense.


File: ae2888bdbdf58f2⋯.jpg (4.63 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20190611_112310.jpg)

What in the god damn mother of fuck?

I tried installing Nvidia drivers as you do on my fresh Devuan install. They freeze the desktop pretty much immediately on startup. Did the same thing on Debian. So I boot to recovery mode and try to poke around and this happens. What is this? It's like some characters are suddenly associated with other ones on the display. How does that even happen? Why is my computer a creepypasta?



So apparently you have to pipe it to strings? I guess that's fair enough for binary data, but why is tail even allowed to modify character set like that?


File: f970c5cbd02d66d⋯.png (67.32 KB, 317x317, 1:1, (´・ω・`).png)

I've been going to a couple of websites lately which have begun using some BlockAdblock service within their main script (so no disabling just that website's javascript) so that any time I go there with ublock origin active, they flash me with a red screen and won't let me use the website in question.

Usually when confronted with this sort of thing I'd just create custom rules to remove anti-adblockers from sight, but this time it looks like it's a bit harder than that. Anything I can do? Should I just find out how to change variables with Greasemonkey - if so, any good resource?



I don't know what are you talking about, but try uBlock Origin or/and uMatrix.


dd if=/dev/sdb of=/dev/sda bs=4M status=progress oflag=sync

Is 4M too big for cloning my install from one ssd to another?



uBlock Origin has anti-adblock settings I believe. There's also 3rd party anti-adblock stuff. (Most of the time for me anti-adblock doesn't kick in until I enable JS, which just further gives me a reason to leave it disabled.)



Any distro that's not a meme?


What distro to use for chan browsing


>must be secure

>simple install and use is preffered

>preferably a windows XP, vista, 7 style/layout

>won't take up more than 5-10gigs for the entire thing

>plenty of security conscious add ons/programs

please and thank you



Why are you using tail on a binary file? What else did you expect it to spit out but gibberish?




It's a script to see what block size is the fastest on your hard drive.



tails if you're super paranoid. tor-browser should install as it's own group and has downloads disabled by default. LXDE or XFCE are close enough to old school Windows. You can move the menu to the bottom if that makes you feel better. Most distros with LXDE or XFCE DE should fit in 10GB, but that wont give you much room for anything else.



Also I don't want to be on any "lists" for using a specific distro, I just want to into safe chan browsing so that I don't get fucko'd by spooks of some kind. 10GB is fine as I won't be using it for storing any large amounts of data save for a few memes here and there, that and any handy programs to have.


Hey, I have an issue with the suckless terminal (st), I like the configuration it allows, but I also want to use openbox rather then dwm which I used to use, (Don't use anymore because it has some issues with placing floating windows, which I really loathed, and could not find a patch for.). When I zoom in the text on openbox, the window resizes itself and becomes smaller, how can I fix this?




Toughbook CF-31, eBay sells em cheaper.


eMatrix, disable JS, disable XHR, try a screen spoofer with an AdBlocker too.

May not work, worth a try though.



Stop browsing nigger-tier websites


File: 923506f312e159a⋯.jpg (77.12 KB, 957x960, 319:320, 0aa88722b79bb6b30e1449e394….jpg)

>Relative bought a samsung laptop without consulting me

>It comes with Windows 10 because of course it does

>Nobody in this city cares about linux, much less him, so none of that

>At least try to install W7 in it

>Missing USB drivers, can't install it

>Samsung website has no drivers for the OS, or even mentions if this laptop model is compatible with 7

What now?



as in the bios can't boot off usb? I cannot fathom how samsung could possibly manage to so thoroughly fuck their hardware the linux kernel doesn't recognize a usb port. Like you might be able to contact usb standards organization about it and watch them sue the shit out of samsung. https://www.usb.org/compliance they control the implementation of usb very tightly and take a dim view of people being creative with it and claiming it's usb.

If it's the bios try turning off secure boot before attempting to boot off usb, or if it's not that maybe a pxe install.



Bait, but whatever.

As if you can't search that shit from the internet? Why do you need people to care about linux in your town to use it?

If legit, search windows reboot to advanced settings, access firmware settings, disable secure boot, plugin your live usb, install gentoo.



Windows 7 is EOL at 2020. If you're a Windows user, why even bother unless the machine is air gapped?



If you think the government monitors what Linux distributions are downloaded, you need medication not recommendations.




Not a problem or anything (at the moment anyway), I just don't understand why everything seems so all over the place. Where is per-program volume control? Why do things just stop working without warning and the solution is usually to install PulseAudio and pray?



pavucontrol is a (the?) gui mixer for pulseaudio



I already use uBlock origin, I have been using NoScript since it's a bit easier to work with but I think I'll switch to that


I know that, and I do so too, but even with disabled scripts it keeps loading this stupid red page.


Will do.




Just use cat, it'll pick the optimal block size for you. At least GNU cat under linux anyway.

>but I need to sync so I know the caches are commited

Run the command sync after then.


Is pfsense just a big giant meme that I fell for? I upgraded my box from 2.4.3 to 2.4.4 and now DNS and WAN completely shits itself every night between 11pm and 12pm. There aren't any useful logs or anything, it just randomly says "interface down" for seemingly no reason. Restarting services does nothing, I have to reboot the entire box. I had to pull it from my network because of this shit.

Are there any better alternatives? Preferably not based on this BSD shitpile?


I'm sort of stuck with a nvidia optimus laptop and having to login, run prime-select nvidia and restart to get nvidia drivers and hdmi out fully working ain't very great. I looked at ubuntu's prime-select script and it seems to just blacklist a bunch of nvidia kernel modules and aliases.

my idea: creating an extra grub entry with the blacklists, thus enabling me to select intel / nvidia modes at boot time. I guess I'll have to create my own grub.cfg instead of relying on /etc/default/grub?


File: b35c2296b8ff3e7⋯.png (46.5 KB, 202x206, 101:103, 1534130533597.png)

Guys so I tried booting Ubuntu MATE through a USB drive, after it succeeded I decided to jack off to some porn before continueing, then suddenly the computer got really slow (like 1 frame per minute) so I turned it off and on again and now the computer doesn't even read the USB for some reason

wat do



>and now the computer doesn't even read the USB for some reason

Well, it still does read it but Ubuntu won't boot



>jack off to some porn

Depending on the variety of jew flicks you watched, you may have gotten a virus of some kind, tell me anon, was your content "questionable"?


File: 43c30bf6a69ec73⋯.png (33.66 KB, 643x399, 643:399, ffmpeg stream.png)

I'm trying to clip a webm from a stream, but eventully something like pic related happens. At first, because of autism, I was clipping out a lossless sgement, and then was encoding that into the final output webm, however the final webm was incredibly buggy. MPV was dropping frames like crazy and the encoding skipped a large chunk of the middle and end too. The webm was about 8 seconds long when it should have been 22 seconds. I thought the problem was because of the lossless video and my potato just couldn't handle that high of a bitrate, but even when I skipped straight to lossy encoding from the stream directly the problem remained. It's less severe now since now only the end seems to be cut out. The webm is now about 15 seconds long, up from 8 seconds, when it should be 22 seconds.

Here's the commands I'm using.

youtube-dl -U -F https://www.twitch.tv/videos/437567278
youtube-dl -g -f 1080p60 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/437567278
ffmpeg -i https://vod-secure.twitch.tv/cbeb74b0cd3dd21df8fd_nintendo_34490084080_1224294574/chunked/index-dvr.m3u8 -c:v libvpx-vp9 -crf 28 -b:v 0 -cpu-used 0 -frame-parallel 0 -tile-columns 0 -row-mt 0 -tile-rows 0 -threads 1 -deadline good -g 60 -c:a libopus -b:a 128k -filter_complex "[0:v] trim=start=00\\:49\\:56.995:end=00\\:50\\:18.866, setpts=N/60/TB, scale=-1:540 [v]; [0:a] atrim=start=00\\:49\\:56.995:end=00\\:50\\:18.866, asetpts=N/SR/TB [a]" -metadata title="https://www.twitch.tv/videos/437567278 00:49:56.996 00:50:18.886" -map "[v]" -map "[a]" -f webm henshin_travis_no_more_heroes_iii_e3_2019.webm

My internet connection is stable, so I don't believe that could be the cause either.



My dumbass forgot to mention ffmpeg is on the 4.1.3 windows static build.


I have an old as fuck android ZTE phone that a relative had a couple years ago and forgot the password to. It's got a fucked up screen and a shit battery so

>inb4 give it back tyrone

it's an old piece of shit that not even a nigger would steal.

I'd like to unlock it for said relative but if not I am content to use it for rooting and ricing. wat do?



figure out the usb controller, then get the driver from the vendor website directly.

drivers from the manufacturer are usually outdated, shit or both.


>you may have gotten a virus of some kind, tell me anon, was your content "questionable"?

should be self-contained in the temporary linux session (unless get he to some really nasty bios shit, no idea how high the likelyhood is to get it via js driveby).

sounds more like the stick is fucking itself (easy with chinkshit) or it's a temp problem.



If you really want it for something you can check XDA for info on rooting and replace the screen/battery, but honestly just take it to one of those vending machines and get your $10 for it



I think I'm gonna go the root route, I don't get to mess around with 1337 stuff very often so maybe it will be a useful gadget after I tinker with it for a bit.



how do you expect people to help if you don't provide the fucking site, holy shit




Sorry, I should've clarified a bit better. It does boot on USB drives (with secureboot disabled), but you know when you're going to install W7 and the installer says the installation is missing USB 3.0 drivers and won't progress, so you have to "embed" said drives into the OS' installer before installing said OS in the machine itself? Well, this laptop has no driver dist (or disc drive for that matter) and I can't find shit on the Samsung's website (which sucks ass). I'll keep trying.


It's more like my relative doesn't even know what Linux is and just wants to use his laptop for some work, and his office runs on Windows so disrupting that by introducing him an OS he doesn't know is pointless effort and might result in inconveniences.


>Windows 7 is EOL at 2020.

Yeah I know, but it's the last somewhat decent OS microshit has made. Honestly, I've never actually seen an OS' EOL suddenly spell the end of all the people who're still using it with a worldwide wannacry or anything like that.



In short, my problem is that I need to "patch" W7's installer with drivers Samsung apparently doesn't want to share, so I was wondering if something like Jewtel's USB 3.0 drivers would work, rather than something straight from the manufacturer's website, since the laptop is running an i3. Retarded problem, I know.




Ok so I've managed to unlock it with the help of relatives old credential shit now I just need to find a way to root it, it's an older google phone and checking out the simple rooting things says nothing is available.

Are there any resources/tools I should check out to possibly manually root it? Could I install linux on it? If so what kind?



you still don't know which usb controller they actually put in, even when it's just an intel. unironically linux could probably tell you which one it is and then go from there. or put the installation on a cdrw so you don't need the usb driver during installation.

>it's the last somewhat decent OS microshit has made.

windows 8.1, and it's supported till 2023. it only got shit because ms went full retard with the metro start menu, but that can be fixed with via 3rd party.

> what Linux is and just wants to use his laptop for some work, and his office runs on Windows so disrupting that by introducing him an OS he doesn't know is pointless effort and might result in inconveniences.

doesn't matter, you could literally just tell people it's the newest windows (because then apparently it's ok, same with office when it switched to ribbon). if he even knows that much and not just clicks the icon that says "internet" and "office".

unless he has some enormous excel sheet or uses word for mass mailing etc openoffice will work just fine. maybe powerpoint is an issue but in the worst case stuff should still run via wine (and should keep working longer than on windows).



>Windows 8.1

I'll keep an eye on it. Know of any iso/activators for it?

>unless he has some enormous excel sheet or uses word for mass mailing

It's what he uses most, actually. I'd introduce him to mint or something but I don't think it'd work well for him.



Look up AIDA64, it gets the hardware IDs of the missing devices, then you can search for the exact ID and find drivers for it.



>Know of any iso/activators for it?

wouldn't really bother, a pro key is a few bucks on ebay (and can probably even be used for win10 if it comes to that).

>It's what he uses most, actually.

for himself or does he exchange it with his office etc? because compatibility with office is usually the biggest issue (otoh office can't even run shit consistently between different versions, so it's not really linux fault).

else install the windows version of openoffice and see what happens. prolly has to fix some formatting, maybe get him eased in that way.

also look into printer support beforehand or any other extra hardware if he needs that.




forgot to add, iso can usually be found on ms servers or one of their stores. just google for it and make sure it's legit via hash.


What is the best solution for Linux remote desktop? I want to make a lan house and I want the diskless computers boot from VMs virtualized in a server.


File: 8472a3a24891da7⋯.png (81.24 KB, 766x579, 766:579, 1559774727272.png)

im slav and i need to know this theme name desu thanks



Thin client is the term you're looking for and it would probably be cheaper to do multiseat on one box, if that's what your goal is.



Thanks anon, ur the best.


File: 720590bc856faf8⋯.png (348.72 KB, 480x478, 240:239, uncle pool.png)

how can i make file names anonymize upon upload? is there a firefox addon for this? or how do you do that? worried about tracking. thanx


File: b6bb00f6b28d512⋯.png (19.58 KB, 500x250, 2:1, 1552629505775.png)

How would you guys go around making a launcher that modifies a .dll file?



batch script





You can rename files with a dictionary txt file, mv, head, and sort with random flag. You'd need a VPN or tor to make it your not ip attached to the upload.


Fellows I need help:

I'm trying to make the move to Linux in advance of the W7 holocaust in 2020. With the help of Classic Shell, I have continued to maintain my much beloved Windows 2000 user-interface.

Here's my question - What distro and plugins do I need to do this?


Off topic, but dunno where else to post this. Check out drugs.com, seems that they'll only serve their pages to you if you agree to them spying on you. Or something like that:

"Required Terms for EU Users

Cookies - We use cookies to provide essential functionality, improve performance, and to enhance your user experience. You may opt-out of interest-based advertising at any time by clicking the AdChoices logo at the bottom of our home page. If you do choose to opt-out of interest-based advertising, you will continue to see generic advertisements.

International Data Transfer - Our servers are hosted in the USA. Under GDPR regulations, we are required to gain your consent in order to transfer information to our servers.

By clicking Agree, you accept our privacy policy, our use of cookies, and you give explicit consent for international data transfer."

pressing 'disagree' goes to https://www.drugs.com/consent/disagree/ :


Required Terms for EU Users

Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver the Drugs.com website without your consent.

Your Options

Return to Drugs.com (and try again)

Close this browser window/tab"

They're perfectly within their rights (according to my political stance) to do that, because they're not hurting anyone, merely helping people selectively. If this is a widespread behaviour, it's a business opportunity for anyone who is willing to provide equal service.

Off topic, I know, maybe you could direct me to where it would be on topic.


Which video player lets me play videos at 125% or 150% speed and without making the audio high pitched and squeaky?



Most Linux DEs can be themed easily. Distro does not mean desktop environment. Your DE/wm is the only thing that matters in UI customization. A "distro" is just a set of different default software and settings, and the only relevant difference between them is the package manager. In Android terms, distro = ROM (AOSP, Touchwiz, MIUI...), a DE = launcher.

As DEs, Xfce, Cinnamon and KDE are a good choice. Avoid GNOME, Budgie and Pantheon. GNOME is heavy, Budgie is fine but barely customizable and Pantheon is just a themed GNOME.

Linux Mint Cinnamon is generally best to use first when you come from windows, it had a built-in theme downloader/switcher last time I used it. There's also plenty of themes you can manually download on gnome-look.org.

You can also try Mint Xfce and Kubuntu. Decide which DE is the best for you.

Plugins aren't needed unless you're using GNOME.

Remember that you'll make mistakes and maybe break your system, which is normal just like it is when learning windows. So I'd recommend doing some testing on a live USB instead of installing the OS because changes aren't persistent.


mpv and VLC





Is making resolve.conf read-only the best way to change my DNS servers? I can't for the life of me prevent dhcp from writing the dreaded 'nameserver' line to it. I have no idea where it is set to write that line, I don't have it set in any configs.



you need to tell it NOT to get DNS information. Look into the manpages.


Help me out pleroma, apparently im retarded. Im trying to get my freaking partition to boot.. afaik this grub should work

/dev/nvme0n1p2 360448 1409023 1048576 512M Linux filesystem

/dev/nvme0n1p3 1409024 32866303 31457280 15G Linux filesystem

/dev/mapper/install_gentoo: UUID="99e8f8d9-6dcd-4ef7-8b94-aca836599ec1" UUID_SUB="c041176f-c601-4478-b6a0-56331506db7a" TYPE="btrfs"

^ the mapper/node

/dev/nvme0n1p3: UUID="3503b37b-9b0e-45c3-bdc1-09e8d58a7721" TYPE="crypto_LUKS" PARTLABEL="gentoo-root" PARTUUID="31933e4b-78a9-4443-b6ef-6ab8eda0e904"

^ the actual drive

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="cryptdevice=UUID=3503b37b-9b0e-45c3-bdc1-09e8d58a7721:install_gentoo root=/dev/mapper/install_gentoo"

^what i think / thought it should be

ive tried a lot of variations at this point removing label and switching around the uuids in 100 ways.. idk.. afaik this normally works on my arch installs, im using gentoo with openrc atm for this install



If you have no initrd, then you are limited to PARTUUID, as it's the only thing linux understands on its own.

And here's a really fun little tidbit: the hex needs to be upper case or it will fail, so tr '[a-f]' '[A-F]' that fucker.



Assuming you're talking about dhcpcd, add "nohook resolv.conf" to your dhcpcd.conf.



I have an initrd, but ill try the uppercasing



I already read the dhcpd, dhclient and the .conf manpages but I still cant find it. My OS is openbsd.


I run dhcpd


How could I make a commenting feature on a webpage using only javascript? and of course HTML and CSS. On one of my sites I currently use one of those external comment box things but I'd rather do it myself, but I can't seem to find anything online.

Every time I try to look for javascript comment box features or some sort of bulletin thing I can never find anything relevant.

I really just want a text box, a post button, and then a display of previous posts.

is this even doable? I know I'd need somewhere to store the post data, would a plain text file work? I've never used pajeetscript before and I'd rather not learn all about it just to implement one small thing.


File: 2071ad86d2c7726⋯.gif (3.52 MB, 640x480, 4:3, backdoors.gif)

I try running the GOG release of Hearts of Iron III in wine 4.9 staging but it dieded with

Unhandled exception: page fault on write access to 0x00000000 in 32-bit code (0x00610065).

What do?



I have an initrd, but ill try the uppercasing


hmm ya none of that really worked... i think it might be because im using an nvme



dhcpd is a dhcp server. It does not touch /etc/resolv.conf

You're running dhclient.

echo 'add_new_resolv_conf(){:}' >> /etc/dhclient-enter-hooks



I'm not very good with all this dynamic modern shit but in a scenario with no initrd you need all the drivers for your boot device statically linked into the kernel image. I believe in the initrd scenario you can get away with having all the drivers as modules as long as those modules are in your initrd. For your setup that would be nvme.ko (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_NVME), dm-mod.ko (CONFIG_BLK_DEV_DM), dm-crypt.ko (CONFIG_DM_CRYPT), btrfs.ko (CONFIG_BTRFS_FS), presumably CONFIG_EFI_PARTITION (which has to be built in) and whatever crypto algorithms you want to use.

Since you're compiling your own kernel I would definitely forego the initrd bullcrap and just statically link my entire kernel with no module support - because fuck that noise.



i noticed in rescue shell i couldnt even see my drives, that doesnt really make sense... i see no flags for genkernel involving nvme, im trying to rebuild genkernel with fewer flags and gonna try again i guess... i dont get why this is happening, ive set up encrypted root multiple times with out issues and ive never ran into it needing to be uppercase



ya i did build all of that into it and had firmware build in, idk, im trying to build it again with genkernel and fewer flags than the first pass with genkernel




if you're not seeing the drives at all then check put in




and try again. It's almost certainly just a question of [one of] those not being loaded in.



ya im thinking custom build: lack of initramfs issue

then genkernel, i just did make menu config option with it nvme totally disabled it seems /shrug hopefully after this it works

thanks for the help anon


File: b93e9cc8bdcbda4⋯.png (13.48 KB, 504x468, 14:13, v6gibe.png)

File: ae09a6750f7d7b7⋯.jpg (121 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, 611RMvJTknL._SL1500_.jpg)

I'm getting a lot of random read errors from my external drives, Windows keeps telling me to format or repair the drives, and sometimes they hang up during file transfers. I can't tell if it's the enclosure that's fucked or the actual hard drive(s) themselves. Sometimes an image file will come up as corrupted or be completely fine when I plug in the drive. CrystalDisk says everything is good condition with the two drives, so I'm guessing it's the enclosure, which would suck since I only bought it a few weeks ago. Actually, I'm pretty sure that's what's happening, has anyone had an enclosure fuck up on them before?

>First pic is a chkdsk being run, though the graph looks similar during file transfers as well, I've never seen a drive run at 100%.



Well, first have Wine produce a trace so you can see what leads up to the crash.

The crash is caused by a null pointer dereference so have a look at the return values of the functions called immediately before the crash occurs.

Finally, you might need to disassemble the binary at the point of the crash to figure out what data it expects. When you know what's going wrong you can test it on Windows and fix wine accordingly.



take the box apart and test/check the sata drive inside

buy separate quality closure and drive next time, although portable drives are often strangely cheaper with the closure



ok so i made it to the password prompt, now the problem is, it just loops, enter password, enter again, not sure what im missing now


File: 9eecf863eeb5642⋯.gif (897.27 KB, 250x376, 125:188, 5n9EIGb.gif)

Has anybody else noticed how windows will stop processes that take up a considerable amount of resources as soon as you open up the task manager? For example: disk defragmenter, security center, cortana amongst others. It's not just cpu usage, it's memory and disk usage as well.





this isn't a question but I don't wanna start a shitty thread just for this, guys, today I discovered that sometimes when some important file is missing, you can just create a dummy file and it fucking works! (sometimes)

I fucked up my live usb and then tried to install mpv, but

schlomo@xubuntu:~/# sudo apt install mpv


The following packages will be REMOVED:


0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 1 to remove and 12 not upgraded.

3 not fully installed or removed.

After this operation, 2,905 kB disk space will be freed.

Do you want to continue? [Y/n] y

[INFO] Saving package changes

(Reading database ... 116026 files and directories currently installed.)

Removing plymouth (0.9.2-4) ...

update-initramfs: deferring update (trigger activated)

ls: cannot access '/boot/initrd.img-*': No such file or directory

cp: cannot stat '/boot/vmlinuz-*': No such file or directory

dpkg: error processing package plymouth (--remove):

subprocess installed post-removal script returned error exit status 1

Errors were encountered while processing:


[INFO] Examining package changes

E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)


and i fixed this by simple

>sudo su

>touch /boot/initrd.img-124654367

>touch /boot/vmlinuz-666

and mpv installed without any problems

I fucking love GNU/Linux and computorz now, heh


Can't get raspberry pi to run i3. Anyone have any luck with that?

Lightdm doesn't seem to recognize it upon logout.




see >>1070111

install gentoo


is there a docs for windows OS's?



any advice on this, i dont know why myself




It can be many things. Maybe you're just entering the wrong password and your getty is weird about it. Maybe your account is set up with a shell that doesn't exist or isn't a shell (like /bin/true, which exits with success prompting no error). cat /etc/passwd and have a look.


newfag here needing assistance in selecting or recommendation on the best way to hide my ip address. I am currently using a bootlegged copy of Avira that is on a trial basis but with auto restarts?



I want you to imagine writing a letter to some rando who's never heard of you before. In your letter you ask for a reply. You don't tell him your address. How the fuck is he supposed to reply to you?



You would give her either a false address or none at all.

Now, your response seems to be utilizing the ancient form of writing , and not related to modern day writing where as soon as i send a letter it can be verified.

I would then attempt witholding my address by masking it with a VPN. But the VPN then retains your address, thus making it visible to anyone looking to write back to me.

The only answer to your question is to not write at all, but to relay my message within ear shot of the recipient.

The problem is i am a cripple mute retard, and i really do want to get my message sent without having to leave my moms basement. How do i do this without being traced?



So you seem to understand that no matter how you route your packets, you will be giving your address to someone. So why ask these ridiculous question? Regardless of what you do on the current client-server internet you will be traceable if someone wants it enough.

The more hops through hostile territories you add, the better and the more intolerably slow it becomes. Your best bet for privacy is to move to a dirt poor country where they can't afford to give a shit about what you do online.



Disable write caching


How do I get link hints to work in suckless surf? Dollchan works fine but pressing the link hints keybindings doesnt do anything, I have already rebound the keybindings link hints uses in config.h. Videos don't play either but I can't find if that is a "feature" not.



If anyone has some other browsers recommendations tell me.



>Your best bet for privacy is to move to a dirt poor country where they can't afford to give a shit about what you do online.

otoh that country will also give zero fucks when you get v&


Test post

Just checking if I can make posts on 8chan with a VPN after the chans getting blacklisted in Oz



still hoping for a script, mod, add on or something. anyone???


What's the browser one should use? I'm currently using Firefox with a long of about:config tweaks to try and get it to a pretty good spot, but now with this news about Soros swooping in with it idk what to use. I've heard some shit about "Ungoogled Chromium" but it concerns me because well, Google made it in the first place, there's got to be quite a bit of telemetry hard baked into the browser that even an extensive operation could not take out right?



Stay on Firefox. There's a telemetry mitigation guide. Or use Tor browser.








Fuck chromium. Install GNU Icecat. Firecuck without telemetry. Disable LibreJS if you want



why not simply use the ghacks user.js file for firefox?


>Windows 10 Home cannot be upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate. You can choose to install a new copy of Windows 7 Ultimate instead, but this is different from an upgrade, and does not keep your files, settings, and programs. You’ll need to reinstall any programs using the original installation discs or files. To save your files before installing Windows, back them up to an external location such as a CD, DVD, or external hard drive. To install a new copy of Windows 7 Ultimate, click the Back button in the upper left-hand corner, and select “Custom (advanced)”.

Goddamn, I don't know if the same thing will happen with Mint or some other linux distro. I just want to switch from windows 10 without losing all my files on this hard drive, is that too much to ask? I still have a full backup of everything, but I don't want to spend a month transferring everything from the backup. Am I fucked anons?



Palemoon is pretty good, of the few things you need to undo in about:config for full privacy, most can be turned of from the settings. Fast and has a lot of options too. The dev has done some weird stuff before like make noscript less accessible, but never anything crazy.


File: d24ceb54a351b22⋯.jpg (83.01 KB, 322x608, 161:304, mel.jpg)


Can't I just make one using lua?


I have a pretty basic bit of confusion

>looked for old series

>found old series on foreign site

>wanted to rip series

>my programs won't rip it

basically, "my programs" at the moment are just Clipgrab and I was wondering what would work for ripping the videos off of here:



File: 37279ab834b1a9b⋯.jpg (161.66 KB, 734x1024, 367:512, netwerkcablenoose.jpg)

Does anyone know how to recover files that I deleted using rm?


i deleted everything in an external hard drive

I typed in

[code] rm -r /media/user/externaldrive/ .jpg_original[code]

or something like that

and its all gone

and I cant figure out how to get all my shit back

i thought i was only deleting the files with the ".jpg_original" file extension (I was using exiftool to remove exif data and it created copies, so I was trying to get rid of the copies)

If I'm just shit out of luck, then I am

I'm just sad that 2 1/2 years of memes, (Basically everything post-election) pdf books, webms, and everything I put effort into is gone forever.



I can't even [code] right...



Make a new partition, put everything you want there, install an OS over the first partition.



>I'm in my first year of medical school. what do?

<Open heart surgery!



It depends on the file system and your actions afterwards. The most important thing to NOT DO is write to the partition after the deletion, as this may overwrite the data marked as deleted.

If it's an ext file system you can use extundelete. I would advise if it's system disk you deleted from, to remove it from the machine it's in and boot from something else where you can freely write stuff (like installing extundelete) and keep the affected disk unmounted.




Just checked, it does vk.com.



On imageboards you can use dollchan




i tried that program but it doesnt anonymize your file names upon upload, which is what im looking for. swore someone posted something about that once.



>make a new partition

Man, my computer is literally potato, is it easier to transfer files from a partition than from an external harddrive?



its the luks password, the password is right, i simplified it and even tried using a key, its just looping /shrug




I could never do shit with extundelete, try photorec. But yes, poweroff your comp first and login to another linux system.


File: 5d03094737e8755⋯.jpg (2.02 MB, 1512x2016, 3:4, obscura1560711579471.jpg)


File: 5b42c45f9f99bc7⋯.png (10.33 KB, 225x225, 1:1, sbsp.png)

Trying to establish a Tor bridge (hotspot) in a raspberry pi 3 b+.

I managed to get the traffic "active", when I type

sudo service tor status

But at some point in the installation, it seems as though the wifi is no longer recognized.

Following this instructional_


(see show notes)


I am currently running openbox with gentoo and want to use the suckless terminal for simplicity, however I have several issues with it. When I resize the text the floating window will shrink, meaning I have to manually resize it, and there seems to be some ghosting issues with how X renders it on openbox. Can anyone help me remedy these issues?



never mind.. DietPi seems like a better option


How do I install gentoo over wifi? (as in not ethernet)



Just use xterm. Seriously. Yeah, it's big and bloated but all these hacks are kinda necessary to make everything work like it's intended to and it's also fast. Every other terminal emulator just gave me shit at some point and I always ended up returning to xterm. Failing that, just use the ttys. There's usually no delay in switching with modesetting anymore. use tmux or screen to partition into several windows.



Taking into account you have a bootable USB, you should first connect to a wifi hotspot. You can do this through the command line using wpa_supplicant.

First, you need to find out what your wifi interface's name is. In the command line type:

ip addr

Your wifi interface should start with wlp*.

Now you can connect with wpa_supplicant. Type:

wpa_supplicant -B -i interface -c <(wpa_passphrase YOUR_SSID YOUR_PASS)

Using the -i flag you specify the interface, with -c the configuration file, and -B to run as daemon (in the background). You can first try without the -B flag to get prompts in case there are any errors. CTRL-c to end.

Next, acquire an ip address.

dhcpcd interface

Check if you're connected with:

ip addr



If I messed something up, try checking out Arch Linux wiki on wpa_supplicant and dhcpcd.



Plug in your phone and use USB tethering


File: 2a035cc2bdda449⋯.png (185.15 KB, 394x373, 394:373, akari_question_mark.png)

I just bought a Laptop with AMD Ryzen 7 Mobile, installed Ubuntu 16.04 with MATE on it, and it's running on 50 degrees Celsius all of the time. Is this normal?



Last LTS is 18.04. Why the hell did you install 16.04?

Also, you can try installing laptop mode tools.



Yes, 16.04 is unoptimised for that hadware, the kernel can have it's leaks patched but not gain much in the way of more modern functions.

With current AMD stuff you'll want to hit something with a more modern kernel, 18.04 being the oldest I would stretch to. If you can't maintain a rolling release distro try settle into the 6month cycle of ubuntu. If you want long term stability pickup 18.04 now but don't get too attached then move onto 20.04 when it's out. LTS is a bit of a maymay to begin with but does have it's place. Again ryzen era AMD stuff is only just now actually coming to kosher status in 19.04.




Hmm, I see. I chose to install 16.04 because it's the last LTS with MATE built against GTK2. I don't like the various changes they made when transitioning to GTK3. The interface looks much more clunky than before, they removed the resize grips from windows and the themes I use look ugly. Also, there was a Windows app that I had no problems running on Wine in 16.04 but which crashed in 18.04 on my previous PC. It doesn't work with 16.04 on this laptop though, so it doesn't matter any more. I guess I'll install Ubuntu MATE 19.04.


File: a0262c88dfdaf14⋯.png (45.01 KB, 557x354, 557:354, this.png)

So I've basically spent my entire day attempting a million ways to turn my raspberry pi 3 b+ into a hotspot, with no luck. I need to be able to do that before I can turn it into a Tor hotspot. So I got Putty out, and DietPi, I followed their instructions on the site (pic related) with no luck. And the only other method I can try is basically a bloated (30G) tor sd flashing method, which is a shit, and I wont do.



Well that sucks, thanks for the advice anon. using xterm now. Is there any way I can change the block in the prompt in xterm to a blinking underline like in tty? And how is xterm's unicode support with fonts that have the characters?



Want to set the xresource xterm.vt100.blink to true, underline is -ul as parameter, the proper resource escapes me right now. You wanna read the xterm manpages, that thing can do a lot of things but you need to figure out how to configure it. Unicode support is alright if you don't want crazy stuff like colored emojis. Most confusion about xterms unicode capabilities arise because xterm doesn't do font fallback like most applications. If your selected font doesn't have it, it won't get displayed. xterm can do font change on the fly without restarting the current terminal and you can set up a hotkey for that. xterms support is also comprehensive otherwise, even sixels (graphics in the terminal) are supported. xterm is a heap of hacks and software implenetation of dumb terminal edgecases but everything is made with xterm in mind so it's the only one that doesn't drive you nuts.




Thanks anons, much appreciated, I'll try it out.





I've figured it out lads. Managed to install W7, but now the touchpad on the damn thing isn't working. Everything else's fine. Tried installing Elan and Synaptics drivers, Fn + Function key, firmware updates but it doesn't seem to work. Any third party software that can get this thing working?




Yeah. I got all of them from that but it did find two things it couldn't find drivers for. One is SAM0426, and the other is MSFT0101, but they don't seem to be related.

The touchpad works fine on the bios screen (which has that disgusting windows 10 minimalist design), so I know it's not broken, but it stops working once the OS boots.



That is literally Salix. Though much of the included software is outdated, so if you want new stuff you'd better wait for Salix 15. For example glibc is some old version.



>Gentoo was more burdensome to install and setup

This fucking shit right here. I just stayed up all night trying to install the shit only to have it die at the exact point where it says "if your system loses power at this point you should be able to resume" the wall cord was unplugged from the ac adapter and when I tried to continue after rebooting all of the partitions were still there, but for some fucking reason the commands weren't found and it wouldn't go any further.

After deciding if it was really worth it, I decided to look up if it had systemd it does and it turns out that it more or less gives you little choice but to download it due to dependencies.

So after wasting multiple hours trying to set this shit up which shouldn't take more than an hour at most I'm fucking salty and anyone who says "install gentoo :^)" is a niggerfaggot.



>due to depenencies

this was not a problem for me anon, are you installing GNOME or something?



What's a good VPN? ExpressVPN looks fine to me, but I don't know shit. Additionally I see it advertised in a lot of places so it makes me suspicious.



They're all a snake oil scam. You don't need a VPN.

Tor browser for browsing, Tribler for torrents. There's very little chance you're in the less than 1% of users who'd genuinely need VPN.



what about one self-hosted on a server?



What's the point?


Is there any sbc that is more secure and blobfree than Olinuxino A20 Lime2?

>inb4 i.mx6

i.mx6 has out of order execution but is more free than A20. Also couldn't find any sbc with i.mx6 less than $50.


I don't know much about xorg and I am having an issue with monitor ghosting, i.e. when I move a window or move the mouse it trails. I am on gentoo using the amdgpu driver, here is my graphics card from lspci: VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Ellesmere [Radeon RX 470/480/570/570X/580/580X] (rev e7)



No, I'm just going for a basic >basic install of gentoo with hardening afterwards. I managed to get quite far in the installation before it gave out (somewhere around transfering the chroot from the livecd to the hd). I had to reboot several times due to various mishaps and fuckups. all of the partitions are still on the hd, but I think I'm gonna have to wipe them and start from square one. I've also been having a problem where I can switch from [su - user ] but I can't go back to su/root, this is while on the livecd before going into the hd so it may just be that it simply doesnt exist as a profile.


I've been trying to install phonon-mpv with no success for an hour or so now. Here's the source: https://github.com/OpenProgger/phonon-mpv

Here is the process of my install with results: https://bin.disroot.org/?15888554830818a0#d0SqtsInxiKr/c/mgMaaWxSSSCcHIS9EkrR4S8To9LM=

What am I doing wrong? What step am I following through with incorrectly, if any? Is it simply a dependency issue?


File: 0a18a4e011fc042⋯.png (19.84 KB, 1009x305, 1009:305, PingGraphWirelessNetworkCa….png)

File: 0f2cf24dec2feda⋯.png (16.68 KB, 1009x269, 1009:269, PingGraphUSBTethering.png)

For the last few months I've been having consistent lag spikes on my desktop. pics related. 30 minutes of pinging local router with Wireless Card and 10 minutes with Phone USB Tethering. There are no spikes if testing from a laptop. There are no spikes if I connect my desktop by USB tethering my phone. So it must be the Wireless Card. I updated all the drivers and the issue still persisted. I finally found a solution with WLAN Optimzer (http://www.martin-majowski.de/index.html) and using it to turn on "Streaming Mode".

>Streaming Mode

According to MSDN the WLAN driver won't "implicitly perform any self-initiated actions that may decrease packet throughput over the media stream. For example, the driver must not initiate any network scans or radio power management on its own" while streaming mode is active. (http://www.martin-majowski.de/faq.html)

I don't want to rely on some random proprietary program to have a normal experience in games but the only mention of the "Streaming Mode" I found was: (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/41564384/how-to-set-wlan-card-to-streaming-mode) Here however the guy wants to enable Streaming Mode in his C# program. Writing C# code interacting with the Wireless Card is starting to really get out of my depth. Can anyone help me set this "Streaming Mode" on the card so that I don't have to use a program constantly?

Can't use an ethernet cable because I don't have physical access to the router. Otherwise the Wireless Card wouldn't have existed in the first place.

Windows. Yes. I know.



Hey anon, it worked. Although for the [ ping ] you should really add [ -c 3 ] afterwards or it will continuously ping.

something like [ ping -c 3 ] I had to reboot because I couldn't escape the ping loop.


File: b477fbe76860619⋯.jpg (53.64 KB, 603x393, 201:131, b47.jpg)

So I installed Deus Ex and the image was dark as fuck, I have a shitty 2013 integrated graphics but enough to play this game in windows.

The image was dark as fuck and after some lurking I found that I had to change the renderer from Directx 3D to OpenGL and it worked like a charm.

After closing the game all my display was brighter. Did the reverse but it didn't work. Tinkered with the graphics manager but is like the rendered source itself is brighter.

What do I do /tech/?



Good lord, just press Ctrl+C



I build Gentoo images regularly (several this month alone) and have had Gentoo on my home server for a decade now. All of it uses openrc and I've never encountered anything that even suggested installing systemd.



It's in the install guide. Something about updating the @world set. It does make mention of GNOME, but I don't know what that is and as of now have no interest in using it. I'm just doing a minimal install.



Have you ever had to install dbus? When I installed GIMP 2.10 it had it as a dependency and just went with it.


When I try to build my program I get undefined reference errors from every other cpp file besides main like the linker can't find them. I'm using cmake as my build tool and have these settings:





Hey anons, I've just setup cock.li with claws mail however when I try to send an email I get

> Sender address rejected: gtfo

Anyone know how to fix that?



Ignore this. I figured it out, it was a super simple dependency issue. Carry on


Can someone give me some resources on reverse engineering software? I want to learn assembly but I have no goal in mind atm.



assembly language for x86 processors by kip irvine also the documentation from intel and amd.


File: e78ca081c63d8d7⋯.jpg (141.28 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, wut.jpg)

Does anyone know what is happening to my 1 year old Asus PG279Q?

I noticed today there's some dark spots near the bezel. I can't see them on white or black background.

They doesn't seem to be dead pixels. Could it be condensation?



Cameras placed under the screen.

They've 3d mapped your house, anon.



I have a similar issue on my screen as well. I thought you were shitposting until I saw that apple has a decade old patent on said idea which means a decade that (((someone))) could embed a camera in every LED panel ever. Are you shitposting? Meme responsibly anon....


Looking to send a bluetooth signal to a device, then split the audio sent to multiple headphones.

Can it be done? Anything similar would work, so long as I can get multiple (2+) wireless outputs; not too fussed about the input method.


I'm trying to uncuck firefox as much as possible and I'd like to hear if I've done enough or if there are other things I should do.

I followed this guide which I've seen posted here in the past:


I also added all the config changes suggested in the following (they seemed reasonable) which the former linked to as well:


This article suggests that it's not of great benefit to disable the safe browsing feature and could pose a security risk, whilst the configurations in the guide do disable it. Thoughts? Should I keep it disabled?

I looked at another site that was recommended by the first guide, but does its user.js provide anything of value missing from the one on spyware.neocities?


It warns users of the following:

>We disable binary checks not in Safe Browsing local lists (0402)

<If you do not understand the consequences of this, please change this setting

I don't and I'm unsure how to check if the .js config I got from the guide does this or not.

Lastly, addons.

I've used uBlock and noScript for a long time, I also added https everywhere and Decentraleyes.

I used to have an anti fingerprinting addon (sent false information I believe?) but didn't see it recommended, is it a good thing to have despite turning off all fingerprinting features?

A while back some anon posted suggestions for configuring uBlock, I recall setting it to advanced user, disabling third party scripts everywhere and blocking java and remote fonts. Then to also block CSP reports and prevent WebRTC from leaking IP (but I know this is something I changed in config).

Is this something I should do or is it superfluous?



I forgot but it also suggested using a third party password manager, one of them the site recommended is KeePass. Is this a good choice?



>Should I keep it disabled?

Yes. uBlockOrigin has malware domain filters which will keep you safe.

>used uBlock and noScript

uBlock Origin has a js blocker built in and provides a better interface. Just go into uBO settings and enable advanced mode or whatever it's called. Once you do, uBO will give you a drop down menu of what you can disable per site. The left column is global settings while the right is current domain settings.

noScript is just useless bloat.

>is it a good thing to have despite turning off all fingerprinting features?

It depends. If you want to send false information you should use addons like that, if you want to blend in (like tor users do) then you shouldn't. Check your fingerprint on browserleaks and panopticlick and compare it to Tor browser.

>Is this something I should do

Yes. Javascript is the most common way of delivering malware to browsers so you should disable it globally and the 3rd party scripts. Then enable js only on trusted sites.


I run a restaurant near an apartment and it's basically unavoinable for me to have my internet drained by the apartment's retards, even if I change my pass, they'll all be back on in 3 days.

My question is, let's say I have 35 retards cogling my wifi nonstop, if I were to set up a malicious dns or whatever that implements a browser miner on every page that they acess at around 50% cpu capacity, how much could I make from it a month?

I don't believe they'll have many people with gaming pcs.

I'm in the third world so we don't even have any laws against that kind of stuff.


Is protonmail botnet? Anyone here use it? I know it's recommended, but i've heard the former too



Use WPA2 Enterprise



"botnet". That is not the term you're looking for when you're using a foreign server.

But yeah, they don't give a shit about privacy and will volunteer to give out your personal details once they realize they can do it.

E-mails, by being fundamentally linked to clearnet adresses, are flawed.

Buuuuut if you want to use protonmail for something like a professional e-mail where you apply for jobs or send e-mails to your work peers/classmates etc, their service is pretty fine.

Their web UI is decent, too.

If you actually want something really anonymity and security with e-mail your best bet is using PGP encryption(which requires the person you're e-mailing not to be a retard) inside an e-mail provider that has an onion relay and doesn't require JS to create an account or login.

One that fits all those bills is mail2tor.com.

I've been using it for a while now and their service seems pretty reliable.

I trusted it with over 100 dollars for a few months now(meaning that if they were malicious they could easily steal it all from me), and they still didn't.

But still, the only way to be safe is not trusting anyone. If you want to be safe, I urge you to use PGP when exchanging e-mails with other people.



I can't.

ISPs have their proprietary drivers/modems here and if I called them for installing a non-isp modem with enterprise capabilities they'd probably want to change my plan and ask for way more money since their employer would be my company(restaurant) and not me as a person.


How safe is tor?

I'm under the idea that you just need to be faster than the slowest hare so extreme anonymity isn't my goal, but something that doesn't make me an easy target is a goal.



The handbook specifically targets OpenRC as init, only making mention of systemd as an option

>Optional: Using systemd as the init system

>The remainder of the Gentoo Handbook focuses on OpenRC (the traditional Gentoo init system) as the default init system. If systemd is desired or if the reader will be installing GNOME 3.8 and later (which requires systemd), please consult the systemd article. It contains instructions equivalent to the instructions in the following sections of this Handbook. Specifically, it will walk the reader through various init system commands (systemctl) and systemd-specific services (such as timedatectl, hostnamectl, etc.) needed to establish a working systemd environment.

Systemd is in no way required by gentoo, nor does it magically appear in @world unless you put it there.


I've had to in the past but Gentoo's gotten pretty good about having dbus use flags everywhere. Putting -dbus in USE in /etc/portage/make.conf has worked out well in recent years.

If you're installing Gnome, prepare for it to pull in everything that sucks more dicks than OP about linux as hard dependencies.


I'd strongly advise switching away from OpenRC too, it's a complete mess and maintained by someone who doesn't give a shit about it and is strongly in favor of systemd. As long as I have used gentoo and as much as I like it, some people involved with maintaining it are tremendous faggots and I'm pretty sure the day where it goes full retard in some way is on the horizon. Hope the *BSDs will have gotten better by then.



checking to see if tor actually works or if I just (you'd) myself on a different browser


Does anyone know how to put Windows 7 on the GPDWin2? I'm going to run Linux off of the SD slot but I want windows on the internal to use word and some other stuff.


I have what seems to be a perfectly good 586 PC and given that I just moved I'm strongly considering throwing it out because of space constraints. Is there any use for a 586 these days or would anyone appreciate one for any reason or should I just dispose of it?


Trying to reassemble my keyboard but the screws aren't going in right in some places and what's weird is some screws are shorter in length than others and like an idiot I didn't keep track of where they go. Some holes feel forced with either shorter or longer screw. The keyboards functioning right just wondering why this is, nothing is stripped as far as I can tell.


How can I fix a tablet digitizer? Mine went apeshit one day and the tablet is unusable.



Every flatscreen has hidden cameras on them, anon. Best of luck finding a CRT monitor.


File: 407ee09333633b1⋯.jpg (1.44 MB, 3200x2400, 4:3, PSO2.jpg)


What does Wireshark say? Those "lag spikes" look speciously like a pattern to me. A processing pattern.


>windows 7

>everything usb-related doesn't work except my arcade stick & ps/2 keyboard

>drivers failing to be installed

maybe i should take the kvm pill and get that up and running



I disable dbus ine make.conf when I was emerging GIMP but it pulled in gtk3 for some reason, which obviously because GNOME dev's can't even work without systemd and other redhat related tools pulls in dbus.


File: 10b0adcf6b3de19⋯.png (88.61 KB, 530x529, 530:529, 10b0adcf6b3de19f81c213f061….png)

What's a good commandline archive manager for unix systems?

libarchive's bsdtar would be perfect if it could also create files without an archive format such as tar/cpio/etc.



p7zip handles files other than tar, what unix system are you running?


File: cf75b35383a1923⋯.png (538.4 KB, 1281x427, 3:1, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 509e556383c5e23⋯.png (151.49 KB, 376x399, 376:399, ClipboardImage.png)

not sure if this is the place to ask about this. if not, please point me to where

I took the microphone from my old headset. I want to attach it to my new headphones. the issue is that the mic has a short cable so I need an extension one. I have a long enough standard 3.5mm audio cable.

now, this mic has a 2.5mm jack. can someone please tell me if its that a mono one? if I buy the adapter from second pic, will it work as expected, or will I just get one channel or something?



Yes, it's mono. You'll get a single channel, but in theory it should work.



will it be a single channel on L and R, or will it just be L or something?


Anyone knows a working Office 2010 activator?




I mean... why are you surprised that GIMP pulls in the Gimp Tool Kit?



What surprised me was that GIMP was bringing in gtk3 specifically. Because I always thought that GIMP never switched over to gtk 3.


Does anyone here know a good way I could set up a windows 7/8/10 virtual machine on linux that uses kvm and could be fast enough to run games or big applications? I have looked into gpu passthrough but I have no integrated gpu and only one pci-e slot.



your BIOS, processor, AND gpu have to support IOMMU virtualization. Otherwise it won’t work.




Okay so I have amd-v, looking for iommu with lspci brings up this device (00:00.2 IOMMU: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] Family 17h (Models 00h-0fh) I/O Memory Management Unit), can I check via the uefi bios if my motherboard supports iommu?



yes, in the bios menu there should be something like advanced -> virtualization -> AMD -> IOMMU enable

If your bios doesn’t show it, you might need to upgrade it from the vendor (I don’t know if libreboot would work.) Otherwise your motherboard might not support virtualization.


what the he'll is wrong with windows? For some reason out of the blue all my .dll files got messed up, and when I reinstall vc redist for some reason it throws 64bit dlls into system32. The only way I can see to fix this would be to manually download every files, which I'm not going to do. I've tried different installers and everything. Wondering if anyone has had this issue before. Maybe it has something to do with having a lot of crap installed on multiple drives.



Could not seem to find anything pertaining to virtualization in uefi bios. I know that I have /dev/kvm and if I grep iommu from dmesg I get this, so I am not sure if I got it to work or whatnot.

[ 0.348367] AMD-Vi: IOMMU performance counters supported
[ 0.348681] iommu: Adding device 0000:00:01.0 to group 0
[ 0.348843] iommu: Adding device 0000:00:01.3 to group 1
[ 0.348987] iommu: Adding device 0000:00:02.0 to group 2
[ 0.349142] iommu: Adding device 0000:00:03.0 to group 3
[ 0.349321] iommu: Adding device 0000:00:03.1 to group 4
[ 0.349495] iommu: Adding device 0000:00:04.0 to group 5
[ 0.349662] iommu: Adding device 0000:00:07.0 to group 6
[ 0.349846] iommu: Adding device 0000:00:07.1 to group 7
[ 0.350019] iommu: Adding device 0000:00:08.0 to group 8
[ 0.350179] iommu: Adding device 0000:00:08.1 to group 9
[ 0.350355] iommu: Adding device 0000:00:14.0 to group 10
[ 0.350370] iommu: Adding device 0000:00:14.3 to group 10
[ 0.350548] iommu: Adding device 0000:00:18.0 to group 11
[ 0.350563] iommu: Adding device 0000:00:18.1 to group 11
[ 0.350578] iommu: Adding device 0000:00:18.2 to group 11
[ 0.350593] iommu: Adding device 0000:00:18.3 to group 11
[ 0.350606] iommu: Adding device 0000:00:18.4 to group 11
[ 0.350621] iommu: Adding device 0000:00:18.5 to group 11
[ 0.350635] iommu: Adding device 0000:00:18.6 to group 11
[ 0.350652] iommu: Adding device 0000:00:18.7 to group 11
[ 0.350845] iommu: Adding device 0000:01:00.0 to group 12
[ 0.350867] iommu: Adding device 0000:01:00.1 to group 12
[ 0.350890] iommu: Adding device 0000:01:00.2 to group 12
[ 0.350903] iommu: Adding device 0000:02:00.0 to group 12
[ 0.350915] iommu: Adding device 0000:02:04.0 to group 12
[ 0.350928] iommu: Adding device 0000:02:05.0 to group 12
[ 0.350940] iommu: Adding device 0000:02:06.0 to group 12
[ 0.350953] iommu: Adding device 0000:02:07.0 to group 12
[ 0.350975] iommu: Adding device 0000:07:00.0 to group 12
[ 0.351161] iommu: Adding device 0000:08:00.0 to group 13
[ 0.351189] iommu: Using direct mapping for device 0000:08:00.0
[ 0.351214] iommu: Adding device 0000:08:00.1 to group 13
[ 0.351298] iommu: Adding device 0000:09:00.0 to group 14
[ 0.351439] iommu: Adding device 0000:09:00.2 to group 15
[ 0.351597] iommu: Adding device 0000:09:00.3 to group 16
[ 0.351788] iommu: Adding device 0000:0a:00.0 to group 17
[ 0.351961] iommu: Adding device 0000:0a:00.2 to group 18
[ 0.352141] iommu: Adding device 0000:0a:00.3 to group 19
[ 0.352388] AMD-Vi: Found IOMMU at 0000:00:00.2 cap 0x40
[ 0.353364] perf/amd_iommu: Detected AMD IOMMU #0 (2 banks, 4 counters/bank).
[ 5.766048] AMD IOMMUv2 driver by Joerg Roedel <jroedel@suse.de>



>it throws 64bit dlls into system32.

This is the correct, intended behavior. 32-bit dlls are found in WoW64.




That seems completely backwards, but alright I see. Thanks. So the problem should be the files in the other folder.



In true Microsoft fashion it's only half-backwards.

System32 remains System32 so retards who hardcoded the path can hopefully (lol) just recompile their crapware for amd64 and have it work.

WoW64 stands for Windows on Windows 64-bit, meaning that one's actually aptly named.

It just so happens that the numbers are now ass-backwards.



I've been trying to into gentoo the past few days, I almost have it down to where I can expect a smooth install (i've gotten far but it still fucks up in one way or another). On my previous attempt it booted grub and then into shell with root privledges. I chose kde desktop on the profile set but it wouldn't boot into it for some reason, it also stopped recognizing my wifi card after the first reboot.

Not only that but towards the end where I'm supposed to do



#unmount X

#unmount Y


it simply wont unmount X or Y saying something like "X is busy" "Y does not exist" "Y does exist" and shit like that and it's keeping me from rebooting. I'm really close to having it, but even at the last moment it fucks up. I think it may be something with the kernel configuration, I did it manually so maybe I should try genkernel?



gentoo but I also have a machine running netbsd and I work for an ISP which runs openbsd on everything. So I'd like to have a consistent experience across all platforms.



I know that p7zip is available on gentoo. Not sure how the support is on BSD systems though, I never looked to deep into them. It's 7zip but intended to be POSIX compliant as far as I can tell.


Ok now I have a new problem with gentoo. I completed the install and was able to reboot into the new environment, however when I try to do useradd "useradd: cannot open /etc/passwd" and "useradd: failed to unlock /etc/passwd". And to make things worse, my wifi card (wlp3s0) isn't showing up when I type "ip addr" instead "sit0NONE" shows up in it's place. Please help me. This shit is making me fucking livid. I followed the install guide close as fuck and yet it still keeps fucking up. What am I not doing?



You're probably not root and for your network card issue look at the netirfc gentoo wiki page.



It was in root though, in fact it was the only option as when i booted it only gave me the option to login as root which I did

localhost login: root

password: xxxx

localhost ~ #



File: 4a77c166f773c42⋯.jpg (9.84 KB, 229x343, 229:343, Rage of a Thousand Suns.jpg)

>install win 7 with only 1 drive connected

<so that the boot loader and manager will be on the same drive

>windows somehow moves the fucking bootloader on another drive

<I don't know about it since System Reserve still shows up on the OS drive

>Fitgirl repack goes apeshit

>pc refuses to boot

>remains stuck on loading

<disconnect the drive in question

>Windows can't find boot manager

>reinstall fresh

>still fucks up

>bios automatically puts that shit as primary boot device

>disconnect it and now everything works

I fucking hate this shit! Now I'm gonna make a live usb and format the hdd hoping it isn't dead. And then I'll reconnect it again. I fucking hate windows. And I really fucking hate FitGirl's repacks.



Don't blame FitGirl for you being retarded.


File: fa0e0bdb4898156⋯.jpg (82.64 KB, 552x530, 276:265, 140778623179.jpg)


she can get raped by a pack of mudslimes. Her repacks are always shit and slow as shit. Same game, made by codex, compressed to the same size installs in less than an hour without any problems. FitGirl repacks takes + 3 hours, this is fucking ridiculous. I go to take a shit, whole system froze and stuttered like Warsi. 30 min of a black fucking screen I plug the power cord out. After that the particular drive I chose to install it in would not open in anything. Had to format the whole thing and then it opened.

My guess is it got corrupted, because the system reserve partition was opening fine in linux but the other one would give an unknown error.




File: 3f871bd0a5120c2⋯.jpg (40.77 KB, 480x622, 240:311, baka ass mother fucker.jpg)


Check the hashes on your files. I've never had any problems with her repacks on either wine or Windows.



The repack fucked up my 2nd HDD so bad I had to format it, in order to be able to open it and put stuff in there.



Chopsticks and fish.


I need some help with the amdgpu driver. When I move my mouse when X is started up, it trails a slight bit for some reason. When I use Xterm and move it, the text seems to also trail. I have no idea why this is happening. I am on a 1920x1080 monitor with a refresh rate of 60hz, far as I can tell. I am also running Gentoo Linux.


I have a command that generates a huge multi-line file twice, one file for a new string and one file for a old string.

How do I take the file1 going




compare it to the file2 going




Then input that into a sed find and replace going

>sed -i 's/$LINE1 OF FILE1/$LINE1 OF FILE2/g' output.txt

Except that


is replaced by every line in file1 and


is replaced by every line in file2. That way I take the input from file1 and file2, insert each string individually into sed, and then replace file3 with a string compared from file1 and FILE2's string inside a new file, file3.

I can't figure it out jewgling. I am doing this to replace file3's strings with strings from file2 compared against strings in file1. So that file3 goes from

> asdfghjlk random text here string1 asdfasfasdf random text here


> asdfghjlk random text here newstring1 asdfasfasdf random text here



Except there's more then one string, theres hundreds of them but they are all in the correct order in file1 and file2. I just have to replace them inside of file3. I need someone with a mastery of sed and awk or something better for this.



Hardmode, don't use bash or zsh.

Nightmare mode, don't use bash/zsh and make it a one liner.

Pure sadism mode, don't use bash/zsh, make it a one liner, and don't use xargs.



command is what?

real data from file1 is what?

real data from file2 is what?

expected output in file3 is what?

It looks like you're asking to replace file1 with file2 which begs the question why do you need file1. Maybe someone else can make sense out of what you wrote. I cannot.



Ok I have a list of hashes in file1 that go starting at line 1




and another list of hashes in file2 that go starting at line 1




Then I have another file, file3 that has the old hashes in file1 like so

>"random text here 65cc252bf6691cb3c7014bcb2c8dc29de91e3a7e random text there"

>"random text here 343706a395b76e5ca5c7dca46a5d937b48febc74 random text there"

>"random text here 3d3fc2fb493d8d889dddd5a4524283ac2faa4732 random text there"

I want a command that takes the input from file1 compares it to file2 and then replaces the hash in file3 with a new one from file2 so that the above becomes

>"random text here 65cc252bf6691cb3c7014bcb2c8dc29de91e3a7e random text there"

>"random text here e2d15f34fcf99d5dbb871c820ec73f710fca9815 random text there"

>"random text here 3d3fc2fb493d8d889dddd5a4524283ac2faa4732 random text there"

I have hundreds of lines that need changing using a comparison of the hash in file1 against file2. Do you understand now? I want to change file3 based on the comparison between file1 and file2's contents line by line.



I don't care what commands I use as long as its scriptable in a posix shell compliant language and is libre/free and open source. Hardmode is don't use bash or zsh. Nightmare mode is don't use bash/zsh and make it a one liner. Pure sadism mode is don't use bash/zsh, make it a one liner, and don't use xargs.



If you need the actual file I can upload it somewhere to my detriment.



Bumping for this.



While I am waiting on the sed/awk challenge, here ya go. How to take the output of a application such as over bluetooth and split it between two hardware devices.

With pulseaudio https://archive.fo/aGlmt

With alsa https://archive.fo/peki7

With windows https://archive.fo/HCiQG

With OSS4 use ossxmix and find the setting you want. If you got this far with oss4 you can figure it out yourself you faggot.

If you are actually asking to take the output of a application and send the audio to two seperate bluetooth audio devices then see bluez-alsa in linux or oss-vmix in freebsd as they are your only options without expensive hardware splitters. Unless you want to port oss-vmix to something other then freebsd.



Are you aware you don't even use file1 in your example?

paste file3 file2 | awk '{ print $1 $2 $3 $NF $5 $6 $7; }'


How do I get around port 25 traffic being dropped by my ISP, tech? I need it for research purposes.


File: eefeaf6a7fa2e1c⋯.png (17.04 KB, 450x600, 3:4, network.png)

My network has 2 routers. Router 1 is the main router everything is connected to. Router 2's WAN port connects to router 1 LAN like this. Both routers set their own DNS servers, but it looks like router 1's DNS is taking priority. How would I go about having devices on router 2's LAN use its DNS in place? Is DMZ what I'm looking for, or does that just affect port forwarding? I don't want to configure DNS per device if possible.


So my PC cut out on me in the middle of use, originally I thought it was overheating, so Iet it cool for 30 minutes, opened it up and took the fans out for cleaning themselves and behind them, once everything was put back in I tried to power it on, the fans kick on for a second and then nothing.

I have checked and reseated my RAM, video card, and even the CPU. After each effort I tried to power it on again and got the same results, some fan activity then it cuts out. My motherboard LED is on showing that it is receiving steady power, so I do not know what else obvious I am missing. Unfortunately I do not have a multimeter to test the actual output of my PSU so I couldn't rule that out.

Any input would be highly appreciated.



Nevermind, there was an option to get DNS information from WAN. Disabling that fixed my issue.


I'm setting up a WEP hotspot for some old devices. The plan is to turn it on when I'm using them, then promptly turn it off when I'm done. I was considering disabling SSID broadcast as well to make it a littler harder for unauthorized devices to connect. Would this actually help, or not really?



It can be sniffed by it might help.

You could also set a mac address filter to only allow the mac of your devices can connect. Of course it could be spoofed, but it might help some.


File: ed4440444b1347f⋯.png (271.39 KB, 1011x720, 337:240, 2019-06-23-083437_1011x720….png)

How do I get Icecat to start showing numbers properly? on the address bar and most sites, numbers are just invisible and replaced with a big space. Happened while trying out GuixSD in virt-manager if it matters.



B-but didn't /tech/ say to never use any generic driverpacks, and to always explicitly get the specific drivers from the respective vendor webpages?


I'm installing FreeBSD for the first time. I tried 12.0-Release, but as soon as I select multi-user boot it goes to a black screen. Tried 11.2 and same deal. Is there something I'm doing wrong? I'm an experienced GNU/Linux user but I know almost nothing about *BSD.


What does the (h) and (u) stand for in the filename section? I forgot, and can't find information on it anywhere. I have a bad memory. Something about hash and unix? Sorry, thanks. ;_;


I've been using VLC on Linux for a while now and it's surprisingly good as something to just play media.

What are some other "viable" media players?

The snapshot feature is really lacking for me, having no option as to how the output is(quality) or to disable subs for snapshots, and even stats on the video are really... lacking too. No proper panel with info on encoding, bitrate, resolution, audio quality, etc.



All cool kids these days use mpv.

It's reasonably light, though became kinda fat after all these years IMO. No-osc is an option. As for others, mplayer is probably fine too, though I haven't used it in a while.

>having no option as to how the output is(quality) or to disable subs for snapshots

mpv can do all this shit

>panel with info on encoding, bitrate, resolution, audio quality

Dunno what exactly you're talking about, but it displays a/v codecs, resolution, fps and channel count/sampling rate for audio. Though the thing about mpv is that it's highly configurable. It's stupid how many shit you can customize, like, actual controls, not just trivial shit like screenshot format.



Everybody here is just gonna tell you to use mpv because it's the best.

>No proper panel with info on encoding, bitrate, resolution, audio quality, etc.




came across a video I downloaded using youtube-dl

downloaded as an mp4

went to convert it to webm using ffmpeg

got error

says I have to install the 'libaom-av1' codec

checked codecs

$ ffmpeg -codecs
D..... = Decoding supported
.E.... = Encoding supported
..V... = Video codec
..A... = Audio codec
..S... = Subtitle codec
...I.. = Intra frame-only codec
....L. = Lossy compression
.....S = Lossless compression
..V.L. av1 Alliance for Open Media AV1

But I need to decode so I can convert to webm

tried this:


'hash -r' took like 15 minutes to get through, but I didn't get errors

tried to convert

nope. won't work.


exiftool filename.mp4

>Handler Description : ISO Media file produced by Google Inc.

fucking jewgle

ok. I need help




>won't allow me to umount /mnt/gentoo saying that it doesnt exist

It shouldn't have been the case if you did everything according to the manual (however maybe that manual is fucked anyway, but shit like THAT you must never do, OK? Don't unmount FSes uncleanly).

Though if you did, I will tell you what happened, as I see it.

/mnt/gentoo was a mountpoint of your to-be-rootfs, meaning, everything for system boot and run is supposed to be there.

You didn't unmount it cleanly for whatever reason, turned off the system the hard way, FS caches couldn't be written to the actual FS on the HDD, leaving your system all kinds of fucked.

I may be mistaken though, given your report is almost useless.

So, to ensure that your system isn't broken, you might as well just start the whole process all over, from ground up.

Other than that, I'm curious what you can do with that system. Can you ls? Can you "echo *" at least? What does "ps" say? Are configuration files (you edited/created a lot) intact? Does emerge work? Et cetera, et cetera.

If you did set your password, do /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow files even exist (it looks like the system didn't ask you for one)?

Though TBH it's gonna be a pain in the ass to help you with that, so better just restart and make sure you make no mistakes this time. Also you could try installing Funtoo instead, I think it's easier.


Decent commandline mail client/workflow?


>support for multiple SMTP servers and picking which one and the account to send mail with as the mail is being written

>support for multiple IMAP servers and at minimum listing mail by account

>PGP integration

That I know of, The only ones that don't fail at this are GUI and the only one of all of them that is not just plain unusable is claws-mail.

I tried mutt (unusable config file scripting autism that boils down to "make your own mail client") and alpine (no pgp support, no multiple account support unless you set up rules and then you can't pick the account to use and you just hope your rule picked the right one).



Claws-mail is awesome. Like, it looks sloppy, but it works fine.

I think some old versions just might hit your outbox on the IMAP server with an unencrypted email when using PGP (the email saving feature wouldn't recognize it) or also hitting the draft folder with drafts non-stop (time interval saving), but I think they fixed it.

Mutt is nice if you take the autism to set it up. Though I actually find it unusable out of the box, mostly because of how you cannot set up inbox switch with the c button (it needs some wild overrides in behavior).

I think the next level would be to just say fuck it and roll with composing/encrypting/sending emails completely the UNIX-way. Like, you take the text editor, write the letter; then take some email composing script, feed the letter to it so it becomes a valid email that can be delivered; then you feed the letter to the sendmail (or whatever program) so it flies. Then you use some POP delivery program to fetch emails from the server and feed them to some filter script to read. It even sounds nice.

Not sure what to do with the encryption though, because, I think, PGP encryption is performed on the letter as a whole, like without the main headers, but still it should be the letter, which could be multipart. Attachments gonna be the pain too.


File: 8fdfaed5ff5c173⋯.gif (2.7 MB, 635x424, 635:424, 1439760717860.gif)

All of a sudden the thumbnails are gone on both nautilus and thunar, all I get here are failed thumbs now. I deleted the folder (.cache/thumbnails) other day to recover some space and then this shit happened. I don't get it, I already did it in the past and a new folder appeared in the place and all the thumbs were generated normally after that. why this shit is happening this time?

is that a sign that god hates me? help!

I'm using pcmanfm right now but I'm used to nautilus, I can't stand it anymore. I already checked all the dependencies and the wiki, there's nothing missing here.



fixed the thunar issue, I don't use it and I only have it installed because it's a xfce dependency. I just had to enable in the settings. kek.

I still want my nautilus back.


how much money/time/autism would it take to create a new OS to rival linux but without the pozzing and coc?





Is this what you mean?



Posting this here from another thread. I've had a hard fucking time trying to get gentoo to work for the better part of a week.

I followed the install manual as closely as possible, trying to read every detail to ensure I get it right.

I used the minimal install cd instead of a USB. I follow it closely and when I get to kernel configuration I do it manually, I compile most of everything (hardware and network drivers) as kernel and not module.

After that I install most of the reccomended tools and such. I install GRUB2 and after that I move onto the final installation step, the unmounting and reboot. However when I get to the final step it won't allow me to umount /mnt/gentoo saying that it doesnt exist and then saying that it does, but it doesn't let me do anything otherwise. The same happens with the reboot command as it won't let me reboot without first unmounting the previous /mnt/gentoo, it won't let me do poweroff either.

After I press the power button and let it power down I boot it back up and remove the cd before it starts.

Then it boots into what I assume is GRUB/shell or one of those. The command line says "localhost~#" which makes me think it's in root. But when I type "ip addr" a different name is in place where my wifi card name was and I can't change anything with nano or execute any commands outside of the most basic.

And to top it off, the hd I was using as my OS drive has another problem, it only boots into grub, even when I run the minimal install cd and after formating the drive to remove all partitions on it, it still just boots to grub.



just create your own branch off from some good distro and then forbid cuck shit and piss off everyone who tries to push it.




Hi anon :)



I must not have noticed the (you) previously. I'll check out funtoo. What are some notable differences between the two?



Oh and BTW

>The command line says "localhost~#" which makes me think it's in root.

It makes me think that maybe you're in initramfs environment, which means most probably that your root filesystem was not found (either no SATA or no FS drivers to load).

>it only boots into grub

If it is actually the case and you're not shitting me, it may mean a lot of different things. Most probably grub misconfiguration though. Tell us you filesystem layout (like, you might have made separate /boot and /) and show the file /boot/grub/grub.cfg

Also what exactly do you have on the drive? Some other loonix installation? Windows installation? Where is your gentoo installation?



I'm not entirely sure how it was setup, Ijust how the gentoo x86 handbook said. It used to have windows 8 a long time ago, then I put gentoo on it (which didnt work) and now it's just an empty drive (at least I hope it is)



We could still try to find out what happened, I guess.

Funtoo is just easier as far as you are concerned. Easier to install and easier to use.



We could try to do it slowly.

1) boot your installer system with your gentoo cd or whatever

2) run "fdisk -l" and tell me the results, preferrably pasting lol

3) if fdisk actually returns something like "/dev/sdXY" where X is like a letter "a", "b", etc and y is a number, then proceed to 4)

4) run "mount -o ro /dev/sdXY /mnt && ls /mnt && umount /mnt" for every different sdXY you got from 2) and post the results

This will give me the idea of integrity of your system.



I would like to simply for discussions sake but I've already re-formatted the hd a few days ago, plus I don't really feel like spending the next 6-8 hours trying to do a fresh install only to get smacked the fuck back down. But I might, If I do then I'll try to keep you guys posted at every input/output so you can analyze it and try to pull something from it.

I guess I'll get everything ready for it, give me roughly 15 minutes and I'll begin.



I won't be able to do a direct copy paste as I'm using my only laptop to install it using an extra hd I have.



I'll try to post using an old phone and keep you posted that way.



So, are you going to install a new system or what?


How are you posting RN then, you fuck? Jeeeez.



From the same laptop but with an unfucked hd?



In the install interface now


"livecd~# ip addr" shows no connectivity

"livecd~# net-setup wlp3s0" follow on screen prompts,

"livecd~# ifconfig" showing connectivity

now in the block devices section, previously i went with MBR format with BIOS boot (i installed GRUB2 later on in previous attempts) using fdisk to create and label partitions.

"livecd~# fdisk /dev/sda"

created partitions at reccomended size with enough size for my RAM.



The fuck are you doing? Are you reinstalling? Make sure it's gonna be the empty drive at least LMAO


>Make sure it's gonna be the empty drive at least LMAO

I mean, so you don't erase your working system



Yeah, I just switched out hd's and im using the blank one for the reinstall.



in filesystems chapter now

"livecd~# mkswap/ dev/sda3"

"mkswap: /dev/sda3: warning: wiping old swap signature"

"setting up swapspace version 1, size = 8 Gib "

"no label, UUID=xxxxxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxxxxxx"

now in mounting root partition section

"livecd~#mount /dev/sda4 /mnt/gentoo"

"livecd~#mount /dev/sda4 /mnt/gentoo"

in stage3 tarball section now

"livecd~#cd /mnt/gentoo"

"livecd~#links https://gentoo.org/downloads/"

will update once download has finished



download finished, it downloaded as tar.xz but the manual says to change it to tar.bz2

it shows no example of how to do this, only verifying and validating options (unless those work for it but idk)




You don't have to post shit here then, unless you run into problems, given you're from phone and it's mostly noise.



>download finished, it downloaded as tar.xz but the manual says to change it to tar.bz2

Don't listen to manual on such minor bullshit. xz and bz2 refer to compression methods applied to the tarball. Just extract your tarball.

Though it's kinda bad that manual doesn't catch that. Like, if they provide only xz tarball, that's a minor QA issue. Are you sure you have the right one BTW?



unpacking stage3 tarball now

"livecd /mnt/gemtoo #tar xpvf stage3-i686-20190621T503Z.tar.xz --xattrs-inculde='*.*' --numeric-owner"

now in configuring compile options

"livecd /mnt/gentoo #nano -w /mnt/gentoo/etc/portage/make.conf"

added "MAKEOPTS=-j2"

ctrl-x and save

in chrooting

"livecd /mnt/gentoo #mirrorselect -i -o >> mnt/gentoo/etc/portage/make.conf"

mirrors selected

"livecd /mnt/gentoo #mkdir --parents /mnt/gentoo/etc/portage/repos.conf"

"livevd /mnt/gentoo #cp /mnt/gentoo/usr/share/portage/config/repos.conf /mnt/gentoo/etc/portage/repos.conf/gentoo.conf"

"cp: overwrite '/mnt/gentoo/etc/portage/repos.conf/gentoo.conf'?" what do?



im just trying to make sure i dont go left when i should go right so that an anon can catch if im about to fuck up or not, but ill keep it to a minimum.


certain, i made sure that the minimal cd and the stage3 had the same release version



>cp: overwrite '/mnt/gentoo/etc/portage/repos.conf/gentoo.conf'?

Just do it, it's probably fine.



did it.

after chrooting into the new environment it says

"#mkdir /boot"

#mount /dev/sda2 /boot"

but it says

"mkdir: cannot create directory '/boot': file exists"

should I still do "#mount /dev/sda2 /boot" anyways?



ok, im at the profile list, i want to go with the kde desktop but idk if I should choose that or a different profile type



went with the desktop kde.

at kernel configuration now, really think I should use genkernel as I dont want to fuck up anything



>should I still do "#mount /dev/sda2 /boot" anyways?



I don't know shit about profiles TBH. I mean, I know what they are essentially, but I haven't looked at any particular ones to debug them or some shit.

>idk if I should choose that or a different profile type

If you want KDE and that profile is KDE-related, you probably want to enable/set/choose that.

Anyway you really SHOULD just read some docs about particular profiles if it's available.



Do whatever as long as you stick to the manual. Genkernel is fine.


now km at the filesystem information (fstab) part and im not really sure what to do with this if anything so im just not gonna fuck with it.

after that is the networking information (which is also edited with nano)

I think I need to set this up or else it may not have connection upon reboot, so ill give it a go.

in the configuring network section it saying to enter "config_eth0="dhcp" " however i think the eth0 is just a place holder for wlp3s0, is this the case?


File: eacfa3b4115a875⋯.jpeg (80.73 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, waning hope.jpeg)



I just wanna make sure it's what I'm looking for. I'm such a tech virgin.

I want the simplest ripping device to get the videos from this place, or if there is some torrent location for the series.


What OS should I go with my new pc build? I'm thinking kubuntu.



install gentoo


ive emerged grub2 via

"#emerge --ask sys-boot/grub:2"

and then i do

"#grub-install /dev/sda"

and it throws

"grub-install: error: /usr/lib/grub/i386-pc/modinfo.sh doesnt exist. please specify --target or --directory"

any idea?


What's a good audio player that lets me

- shut down the computer on a timer


- resumes playing at the last position it was in




It is one of the few files you must edit. Like, I actually tested once and my setup worked fine without it (like, I think / will get mounted anyway and if ain't got nothing else, well...), but I would bet it's just inviting trouble.

And don't be lazy you stupid nigger, manual has all the info you need to put something together.


>in the configuring network section it saying to enter "config_eth0="dhcp"

I don't usually use the initscript method of configuring the network, but it should work.

>i think the eth0 is just a place holder for wlp3s0, is this the case?

Fuck if I know, probably not. There are instructions for you to change some names.


But in that case it's the in name of the variable, so it probably doesn't matter.

And anyway, if fuck this up, you just won't get network, which is an easy fix really. Like, if you are on ethernet with a DHCP server set up (on the router or whatever), you can just run dhcpcd on your interface and be golden. Other than that, you can use "ip" utility to set up your ip address/subnet and default route.

And quick feedback on your shit. Dude, you assume too much without knowing shit and without learning anything. It's horrible, like, do you even read the manual? If you're stressed out or whatever, don't do this shit, do other stuff with your life.



ive been trying to pay attention to every detail. when I looked at the fstab file the:

"config_wlp3s0="ip netmask broadcast"

"routes_wlp3s0="default via ip address"


were already there.

its not really stressing me out, im just new to all this. id like to find a job in the tech field so i feel this may give me a leg up in addition to being secure and free from all the bloat and botnet of everything else. Ive learned a fair bit (for a tech newfag) in the time ive spent diving head first into it.



>"grub-install: error: /usr/lib/grub/i386-pc/modinfo.sh doesnt exist. please specify --target or --directory"

Looks like gentoo folks fucked up.

Try "grub-install --target=i386-pc --no-floppy /dev/sda" (make extra sure /dev/sda is your hard drive if you have more than one).

I pulled it from here BTW, not out of my ass.


Though it's kinda retarded how grub needs this bullshit.



still the same error.



>were already there.

Those are not from fstab but whatever.

Overall, you walking through the manual shows that it hasn't been updated in a while. Maybe you could be a good boy and give them errata on this, it's pretty minor, but gotta keep that shit tidy ifyaknowhatimsayin.

>its not really stressing me out, im just new to all this. id like to find a job in the tech field so i feel this may give me a leg up in addition to being secure and free from all the bloat and botnet of everything else. Ive learned a fair bit (for a tech newfag) in the time ive spent diving head first into it.

Well, OK.

Just know that it won't help you to get a job, like, per se, and that glibc systems are bloat in general LMAO

As for botnet, default gentoo is no better than any other linux distro by default.




Thanks, MPV is really great. It's nice to be able to use it for playing files from websites.



Hmm, maybe it wasn't emerged with appropriate support.

It says the files are missing, right? If they actually are, which I assume is the case, reemerge grub with

echo 'GRUB_PLATFORMS="pc"' >> /etc/portage/make.conf

emerge -auvN sys-boot/grub:2

and try to grub-install again

That's assuming you do BIOS/MBR install. First command there adds a new use flag grub_platforms_pc and the second reemerges grub.




I managed to unfuck it by emerging it a couple of times with different --[options] things. not quite sure what happened, was probably efi-64 part in the guide (im doing this on x86 btw) moving onto the configure part now, hopefully no issues



alright, no issues to report, last step is to



umount -l /mnt/gentoo/dev{/shm,/pts}

umount -R /mnt/gentoo




>I managed to unfuck it by emerging it a couple of times with different --[options] things

This right there is the ultimage nigger bullshit. To me at looks like you don't even remember what you did and just rolled with it. If you fuck this again, it's on you, because bootloader is crucial.

I order you to run those two commands from 1072943 and redo grub-install, then tell me the results.



OK, if you manage to boot, forget about 1072949



doing it now


i havent rebooted yet, doing the previous command




its not displaying anything yet, just doing

> _

with the _ blinking



>its not displaying

What is "it"? I'm not on your PC FFS



its not done anything. ctrl+c doesnt display any issues. gon a do the last part now and see what happens






Anyway, if you run emerge, it may be fairly slow. Ctrl-C is not supposed to "report issues" you absolute stupid fuck.



Oh BTW, you are not chrooted at this point you fuck. If you want to redo my commands you have to be chrooted.

Sorry I didn't notice this.


Is there a CSS-only way to read out website text? The closest I found was attr(), but that only works for attributes. Trying to make a userstyle for 8chan that colors IDs




I have to be quite honest with you

those didn't work either

maybe I'm doing something wrong


File: dd8e92f5dd47adf⋯.png (49.62 KB, 596x548, 149:137, ClipboardImage.png)

Any idea how to save non-cached media streams?

I'm trying to download a part of a Japanese wrestling video but everything I've tried fails. Link is https://njpwworldjap.blogspot.com/52a98cb8-80c5-4d61-84cf-d15d432c4642 . Youtube-dl didn't work, the video is somehow not cached and the source just links back to itself so I'm all out of ideas.


File: c7ca58f9b5dea0b⋯.png (272.94 KB, 474x474, 1:1, 1460860913404.png)



thx for nothing losers, just solved it


Why are images called ClipboardImage.png ?



Does this link work?


You can feed it to the youtube-dl, it can save m3u8 streams.

I took the link from the source page of your video.



For one, you have to at least provide the command line you used to convert the video you stupid fuck.

For the other, you could provide us a link to a video in question. If you don't want to for privacy reasons, just find another one with a same problem and link it here.

You also could use youtube-dl to download it in another format. Heck, youtube even provides webm videos under format code 43 or something else look it up with -F option.



Well, did the system die or what the fuck


File: 1f7d0ffb60138d2⋯.jpg (175.64 KB, 1410x2000, 141:200, @naju0517.jpg)

Hey mates

For reasons I can't go really much into I need some way of encrypting a bunch of old data, namely on some external drives. What are some good tools to do it?


File: b7cd1e2c7affc1e⋯.jpg (130.19 KB, 728x909, 728:909, b7cd1e2c7affc1e40b4be46333….jpg)


That works, thanks.

I didn't even think of looking in the source page.

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