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File: b9f07b5f7ef974a⋯.png (19.32 KB, 550x150, 11:3, roll20-logo.png)


So I signed up and started playing the D&D 5e module Rise of Tiamat online using roll20 and discord with a bunch of rando's I never met before, is sometimes fun and get to meet new people. The party consists of a Tabaxi warlock, Kobold Barbarian, Human Cleric of Death, Half-Orc Fighter (my main gripe) and myself a Dwarven paladin.

I'm thinking of leaving because It has gotten to the stage where the Half-Orc even speaking annoys me, the GM seems to have unintentionally made him more of a focus over the party. With the most recent event making me feel like leaving despite enjoying the rest of the party.

To start of on the list of shit that this guy does that annoys me we go back to the first 5 mins of the campaign. The party arrives at a town being attacked by a cult and a dragon, we fly into action and help save the family. After combat the half-orc goes first and starts looting and then instantly engages in conversation with the family without letting anyone else speak, after which tabaxi looks over the town by getting a vantage point and me and the cleric patch everyone up while talking about our best options. Now the half-orc spent around 4 mins looting and talking with the family while no more than 2 mins had past for everyone else talking about what they where doing, the half-orc interrupts us saying how we can't waste time talking and most move forward. I scoff the guy off and continue talking till we make our plan and move.

Fast forward, half-orc is more of a cunt at other opportunities but nothing note worthy. The party is at the mill and needs to clear out of cultists for the guards to protect else wise the village will have no food and die within a few days, if they survive the attack. Tabaxi and Cleric guard the entrance while myself and the kobold head inside, the Half-orc without telling anyone sneaks off by himself around the back. Conflict quickly kicks off and the kobold gets turned into a pin cushion, I toss her out the door for the cleric to attend to and hold the door way. The fight goes on, me, the cleric and Tabaxi are doing work while our kobold is mostly mauling one guy due to bad rolls. The Half-orc gets caught, dies and bleeds out as we have no clue where he is. The GM after a few turns announces that he is alive again, with a pillar of flame surrounding him and at full health. We finish of the guy, Half-Orc wants attention for coming back from the dead, none of us saw it, none of us cared.

Fast forward to confrontation with the dragon in the keep, Half-Orc tries to get into a one on one conversation but the dragon gets bored of him and acknowledges the rest of the party to the half-orcs dismay. Shit goes down, dragon flies away, nothing too bad except the player wants to move forward while me, the Tabaxi and the Kobold are having a funny bit about the kobold robbing a little girl of her bike as it was on the ground.

Fast forward one of the generals from the cults is willing to release some prisoners if any one person can beat him on a one on one fight, should note there is a large number of other cultists gathered about, we all are in agreement but as you guessed the Half-orc goes first. The general does a breath attack that nearly one shots from full health the Tabaxi and also knocks out the cleric, I was out of the way and healed them back up. The half-orc went down but got back up again in a pillar of flame with a level of exhaustion. Single level. He continues to fight, goes down again and comes back up with 3 levels of exhaustion. Half-Orc convinces general to fist fight, which he agrees to but just before punching him down a third time says that was good, lets the prisoners go and have him and his cultist buddies leave.


More shit happens but the main things to note is that the Half-Orc got a level in warlock half a session before the rest of us levelled up. He became even more edgy and wasn't happy when I called him a cunt for being evil. He also ended up by always going for loot first picking up magic items before everyone else. He had a magic necklace, armor and weapon just as everyone else got there first magic item. Should be noted he tried to take plate first but after being halted by the party it was passed to myself where he tried to argue with the GM that it shouldn't fit me because I am a dwarf, GM backed me up since I am medium sized and if toke in to account race sizes rather than categories he also couldn't wear it because the original wielder was a dragonkin.

We end up fighting the demon that was trapped within the half orc but the demon got away, the half-orc killed a random traveller for no reason other than he ran away from us, which makes sense since we have a scaryish looking group.

The final nail for myself is that the half-orc was gifted by a golden divine stag a belt of stone giant strength. I kinda hate those belts personally as what it did was mean despite my own character having 18 str and him having 14 he now had a lot more than me and I would need to get almost lucky to reach his strength.

I really like the rest of the party and the GM is alright, the GM isn't personal friends with the half-orc and he met him just like the rest of us. I have mentioned to the GM my concerns before about the half-orc because he would do this thing where he would roll twice for his initiative, first by not clicking to token then second by clicking it and try and convince the GM to let him take the higher roll, he did this 4 times. I don't see the GM being harsh enough to deal with the player, any advice?



Maybe You could try to rally other players against him? It wouldn't be really metagaming, if a member of the team acts like a daft evil cunt, then why should others tolerate his behaviour if he is mostly causing problems for them? If everyone would try to persuade him (in game) into getting his shit together, then maybe he would change? Or at least he would become so unbearable, that the party would just ditch him, or he could attack others, giving you the reason to kill his character.




Easiest drop of my life.


>I did everything wrong

>things are bad

The fate itself was against you.




You're a dwarf.

Dwarves hate orcs.

You got IC reasons to rally everyone against him.



Also, I want to add, talk about this with the players to.

In roleplaying groups majority rules, if the DM isn't being strict enough or the half orc is a cunt just have a talk about it.

OR... try to do the same to him.

Rush for the loot, try to put the guy to the side, challenge him everytime, give ultimatums and whatnot: likely he cannot take what he is giving.


>So I signed up and started playing the D&D...

Stopped right here. Found your problem OP.



Sounds like a shitty DM backing up a shitty player who isn't willing to accept that a tabletop RPG isn't a videogame where he's the only character that matters and death is only a minor punishment, instead of serious threat. Even if the Half-Orc player was reigned in, you'd still be stuck with a DM who is willing to let some faggot get away with this shit even when he's not playing favorites. And unfortunately, it's one of those situations where trying to speak up and point out unfairness is going to make you look like a whiny bitch, even if you are justified.

Maybe try talking to the DM and tell him that you do enjoy the game, but you're on the verge of walking away because you can't stand this nonsense.


File: 34c526aa593858f⋯.jpg (46.44 KB, 340x565, 68:113, 1479351199631.jpg)

OP you should know better than to use discord, roll20 and to play 5e. I am ashamed of you.





I'm ashamed of you /tg/. This is such a lazy, low-effort response that it's a wonder you even bothered posting. Clearly, OP should have known better, but the mistake was already made and now the question is how to have him smack the shit out of the half-orc player, or how to get his DM to do something right for once and help put the half-orc in his place.


File: 6fed605a4ef398e⋯.mp4 (2.71 MB, 640x360, 16:9, HERETICAL AS FUCK.mp4)


>Glorified be me posting

>5th edition

>roll 20

This is the best help we can give him, go do something decent with your time instead of fagging it up with the other niggerfaggots at roll20 like some kinda cum guzzling wunderkid.


File: 9126849421221ee⋯.jpg (277.55 KB, 1485x1170, 33:26, 1332244129802.jpg)


>Talk about it with the group

>Come to a diplomatic solution, put up with his shit, or leave

Good luck OP



You are doing the same thing you are complaining about.



>you're mission should you choose to accept it

you know what you have to do OP, get the entire party killed. plant the seeds and wait for the right moment. you know that crucial moment where an entire campaign can turn. then party wipe.

or break the game.


File: df69be6efe7e977⋯.jpg (361.17 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, TWWH_Dwarf_High_King_Thorg….jpg)


As both Dwarf and Paladin, it makes no sense for you to work with an Orc and Warlock. As soon as you see this cunt use his evil demon magics, kill him. Don't just kill him; take his body and burn it as an example to those npcs that would be foolish to make pacts with devils. Then say your character, embarrassed to have been working alongside such a reprobate will ride off into the distance to find a way to redeem himself, not so much for his god, but to ease his heavy dwarf heart. Then post in the game finder here, so it's not as likely you'll end up with faggots.


File: f6add89624ae576⋯.jpg (468.04 KB, 1135x800, 227:160, AG129_27_0007.jpg)


Alternative, if you suspect your DM will side with the half orc (it sounds from your story that they seem to have a 'special connection') bide your time. When you enter a shop look for something that can explode, saying that you have received a vision from your god if anyone asks. Then, when nobody is expecting it light the explosives that you've wrapped around yourself. Especially if you have a roof to drop on their fag asses.



Just tell your DM that you're not having fun anymore and you're going to look for a table where you think you'll fit better. Don't vent negative emotions at him, just tell him you don't want to be a side character in the half-orc's story.




This is the only mature option boss. Guy sounds like he's underage or just an autist sperg who can't separate his character from his power fantasy. If your group prefers the faggot then drop them like hotcakes and be amazed when your decision not to put up with retardation motivates other members of your party to act.

Either they get rid of the idiot, hit you up in a week looking for their decent PC back or the whole game falls apart. Any way you win.



I'm naturally loud and demonstrative and it comes out at the table. Sometime this leads me to overshadow other people at the table. I don't do it on purpose and I want other people to have fun too. If I notice that someone is quiet or withdrawn I try to talk to them directly to see if there is something I can do to help. Other times I'm not aware if I am making it harder on the other players and I need to be told. As long as there is an attempt to bring the table together, I am not offended. I sometimes find myself at a table where I'm just not a good fit and I move on.

Try talking to the table first. If it doens't work, move on. It's a game meant to be fun for the participants, not a job.



>14 strength before getting the belt

The hell kind of ability score is that for not just a fighter, but a HALF ORC fighter? This guy a complete newfag to D&D? Would probably explain your issues with him anyway.


> 5e

> module Rise of Tiamat

> The party consists of a Tabaxi warlock, Kobold Barbarian, Human Cleric of Death, Half-Orc Fighter (my main gripe) and myself a Dwarven paladin.

All signs point to "this was going to be great".


>As both Dwarf and Paladin, it makes no sense for you to work with an Orc and Warlock.

True, but unfortunately, ill-suited characters seem more common than the rest of this mess.

But OP's problem remains important in less hopeless conditions. Here's a contradiction:

A. to play something with a group that isn't retarded, you'll have to first run a test module with the new people and see who is That Guy or moron;

B. the worst That Guy or retard or loonie will be very visible, in process of fucking up the module so hard and fast, but that's why you can't be sure about the rest at this point.

How would you solve it? How to delay the inevitable crash and burn stage when the group is random? Railroading may help, but not everyone responds well to this, which distorts the results.



>D&D 5e



>rando's over current year internet

Holy shit. I haven't played anything /tg/ in years and I know better.


>feeling shame for anything chan related

/tg/ isn't what it used to be. Lurk more?

Assassinate the character with some Illusion magic and get away with it. Come back here and greentext it. Call it, "Annoying Halforcslayer Chronicles."

Or be lazy and have a friendly fire mishap. Magic is dangerous, ye know?



99% of the time, the answer to the question "should I quit this aggravating game" is yes. Normally I advise e-mailing the GM to politely let him know your reasons why. IF everything is as you have described the GM is complicit, and I would even consider a short, calm and matter of fact statement to the other players "here's why I'm out, good luck with the game, but if you're not having fun either you don't have to put up with it."



If a game is boring, run incompetently, and everyone at the table is infuriating to be around, then the best answer is to bail out. However, if it's really not that bad, but has the potential to go catastrophically wrong, sometimes hanging around is worth it, if only for the story you can tell later. Most people just make the excuse that any game is better than no game, but that feels like the faggot's way of justifying that you should be grateful that you are trapped in a bullshit situation where you can't even enjoy the activity that they're telling you is total worth your personal sacrifice to obtain.

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