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File: 38cb9f418d1cd5f⋯.jpg (202.27 KB, 720x957, 240:319, IMG_20190521_203019.jpg)


Previous thread >>16481


File: 2980be27d6f57ed⋯.gif (31.88 KB, 476x600, 119:150, b0f90c39d9b4cad210a50b377f….gif)


Really I can

Nice pic OP


>be fucking beautiful

>be fucking talented

how does she do it bros?



And she's still humble and down to earth.

She's one in a billion that's why she's our waifu.



Even a little bit of cleavage show from her makes my dick throbs.



there are thousand things that could have gone wrong with her but none of that happened






beautiful and talented but arrogant

talented but greedy

beautiful but not talented at all

shitty/annoying personality

et cetera



I see. Her parents raised her extremely well



I'm grateful to them


Do her mom and dad know about the asmr?



Yes. She mentioned in one of the livestream that her father has no idea what is asmr, but he supports her and watches her videos. She seems more close to her father just like most daughters.



funny because I got the impression that she's more close to her mother



You could even hear his voice in one of the patreon video where she was filming foley sound in a forest. I think he helped her in filming the outdoor footages for her roleplays.




Neat. I can't imagine it being awkward since her videos are so artistic. gf simulation must be a weird thanksgiving topic but that's not what Erin does.



she can also be proud of that work. would be pretty awkward to explain something like mic-licking at the thanksgiving table



Her mother would be overly possessive about her keeping track of her activities both irl and on social media. And Erin would be annoyed with her for this behavior.


Yeah, he would be proud of her. And he would have supported her decision to drop out of college seeing her work and passion.



>She seems more close to her father just like most daughters.

It's funny af that you think most daughters are closer to their dads.

< mother-daughter relationships are the strongest of all parent-child bonds when it comes to the common ways their brains process emotion, according to a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience. (https://www.mother.ly/news/its-science-why-mother-daughter-bonds-are-so-strong)


sexist, how nice :3c

Dads are way more possessive about what their daughters do btw. Look to Saudi~


I want to watch a movie with Erin and then discuss about it afterwards!


File: 10545488a95ab5f⋯.jpg (13.56 KB, 236x236, 1:1, cut.jpg)


What kind of movies do you think she likes? I'm guessing Wes Anderson movies, Pulp Fiction, Ghibli. Fantasy movies maybe but I do not watch those.



I stand corrected. I'm not sexist btw



Ah, just have bad ideas about moms?

Don't worry, I'm biased too. I think dads are fucking creeps kek.



What kind of movies do you like? mad max? She loved that movie.


File: f84635ab9f793ef⋯.jpg (101.76 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, m.jpg)


Mad max was great but I don't really know why it was so praised by the left like the girl character wasn't even that revolutionary and the characters weren't that great imo. I think that the movie really shone with its action scenes, my heart rate was above normal for like 2 hours straight. Really fun.

I like watching anime movies (pretty obv) and thrillers but I think she'd prefer more soft movies. What do you gois watch?



The Thing, Exorcist, Lotr, Pulp Fiction, No Country For Old Men, There Will Be Blood, Ballad of the buster scruggs. I like tons of shit warying from drama to horror.

I wonder if she likes Love, Death & Robots from netflix because I thought that was fucking good too.



Thriller, full hardcore action and horror(favorite genre). But watch dramas as well if the movie is received well. A Big NO to romantic movies.

>anime movies (pretty obv)

Why obviously?




Do you guys only watch Hollywood movies or something? Your country don't produce movies worth watching?



I like Asian martial art movies too. And spanish/french horror.

>Your country don't produce movies worth watching?

not really. some gems, but mostly shit


File: 6a8d97b0b28e559⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1600x1200, 4:3, gn.png)


>Why obviously?

well unless a new girl has joined who will police people about being sexist (even if they're not oops) I think I'm still the only one.


German movies aren't very good. Most Hollywood movies aren't that good either. I have turned to S. Korean horror/thriller movies lately like Oldboy and The Wailing. >>17087 You might like them too with your proclivities.



Forgot to mention I 'loved' I saw the devil. So distressing and gruesome.

Yeah I have seen Oldboy, but I need to check out this Wailing.

I love good horror but it's so rare to find one. Still kinda waiting something to top The Thing on body horror department



Sorry if I interpreted it wrong, but are you saying you're girl? My English is poor so it's difficult for me to understand sometimes.




lmao you're the most obnoxious poster on this board




South Korean movies are also my favorite and have watched all the movies you guys have mentioned.



Yes but it doesn't matter


Thanks sweetcheeks, glad I beat that grapefruit guy. Someone has to balance out the Christian posting that goes on.


S. Korean movies have been surprisingly great these past few years. I loved The Handmaiden (for…reasons) and The Chaser as well.

Glad you guys like them too.



Enjoy a conversation for a hot minute without accusing people of sexist racist homophobe bigot reeeee



I only mention it when I think someone might be acting in a racist/sexist way and if they aren't actually then that's fine as well and I take it back.

Otherwise I just partake in the fine conversations that go on here.

I'm sorry if I offended you



>Yes but it doesn't matter

And I'm Putin. Lol how do you expect people to believe you're a girl. Girls don't use boards where fellow girls are treated as fucktoy.


File: bdd5dea3361f413⋯.jpeg (191.99 KB, 675x1000, 27:40, 1 IcUv5vHQ0rlGqHZ5o3HFTw.jpeg)

File: 23716f95a3cdbfa⋯.jpeg (32.11 KB, 700x300, 7:3, papillon-remake-700x300.jpeg)

I was gonna ask if anyone's seen Papillon, and google says they remade it a few years back. Has anyone seen either?


They're pretty heavy accusations, that's all.



Putin! for real?



Yes, my lady.



Do you believe the other person to be a girl?


File: c16573ed0e3169e⋯.jpeg (12.1 KB, 183x245, 183:245, x.jpeg)


>Girls don't use boards where fellow girls are treated as fucktoy

They were on /asmr/ but it's actually pretty civil here usually but you saying that this is a board about treating girls like fucktoys is just backing up how I saw something was sexist…(squints)

You know something is wrong when just being a gender is such a big deal…kek. 50% of people are female.

Hello Mr. Putin.


> pretty heavy accusations

On 8ch they're just expected. It's normal for people to be sexist and racist here and that's just how it is.

I haven't seen Papillon but I like the plot excerpt.


File: 9d7ff934d78627d⋯.jpg (125.33 KB, 1024x654, 512:327, merlin_154687377_b4f83cea-….jpg)


Have you recovered from those 8 goals the other night?


I've always been the most gullible person I know…if she says she's a girl, I don't have any reason doubt her



Wait…are you saying everyone here isn't a girl??!? Dick pics or we won't know for sure.



You should be orbiting some male asmrtist. What are you doing here?



Ah, sorry. This might shock you so you might want to take a seat but some people are lesbians



Not everyone likes men…..for reasons.



We're strangers who all monitor a youtuber's social media to varying degrees of obsession, and ofttimes our conversations delve past lewd into disgusting.

We're already bad people, so why do you care if an anon secretly hates Guatemalans




got any AAA lesbian porn to recommend?




Because if anon secretly hates Guatemalans and he takes it too far he could get trapped in a cycle where people here just reward his thinking and make him think it's completely normal. He then thinks he's justified in killing people in the real world. It's very rare but could happen.

Plus, everyone has freedom of speech. If he wants to hate Guatemalans he can but I can say that I don't hate them and disagree with him.


Sorry I just listen to GoneWildAudio from girls and let my mind do the rest so I don't have any videos off the top of my head.


I don't think I can lewd Erin in the presence of a girl in this board.




Plus you've already been doing it so I don't see what's changed


File: 9ad3ac9212d900b⋯.webm (3.81 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, call me.webm)


There's no girls on the internet uwu


File: 95ef2d4f018c26f⋯.jpg (78.99 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ??.jpg)





File: 3b21ffd3d462562⋯.jpg (184.79 KB, 1024x684, 256:171, office-space-red-stapler.jpg)


Counterpoint: 8ch is a release valve, not school shooter training grounds

Letting off a little bit of hate is good against the backdrop of the corporate world we live in.

More maniacs and murderers come from outside the chans


Why the fuck all these pastel cutie fags started posting in Erin's thread?


Anybody preorder Three Kingdoms total war?



Very interesting point but at the same time if you collect lots of people with the same mindset they're just going to hype/goad each other on.

I think letting off steam is healthy and it's what everyone does on the internet. I think it's what we do here but having some people disagree with you isn't really bad.


We're just talking besides !Pastelpu0M is a stand-up fella who is basically a Erin orbiter show some respect



You're too intelligent for a girl.



I can dumb it down for you if you like. Homg, are you a girl too??!?!?! :D No wonder you're so stupid.



You're certainly free to criticize anything we're saying. Just remember that bigot racist homophobes are people too <3


File: dd9d17b2b74ec91⋯.jpeg (112.65 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, bai.jpeg)


I'll be sure to keep that in mind my friend.

I don't want to rub anyone the wrong way here I'm just giving my 79 cents kek ;]

Anywho gotta get back to watching anime have a great day though. Erin is looking gorgeous as always in the thread pic.



You love fighting, don't you? You find negativite in everything. Smh


File: 37595f7675fd61d⋯.jpg (28.42 KB, 400x400, 1:1, hm.jpg)




It's been a good day for the /tingles/ debate team

Maybe next year we'll take state


File: dc079dc902111d9⋯.png (205.32 KB, 715x1101, 715:1101, Screenshot_2019-05-22-01-4….png)

He's not alone. Most people share the same feelings watching her videos. Her videos are so immersive, She makes the viewers feel like they are actually there with her.

We should invite him in here.



I'm 100% convinced that asmr is for the heart what porn is for the dick



I'm with you on this. Mostly lonely people watches asmr and its bound to feel depressed especially if the video is so well made.



This might sound stupid, but she should try to make her videos less immersive so that people don't get to attached to them.

And the reason these hangout videos of her feel so real is because she doesn't use script for it. She narrates things from her life.



It's like saying she should wear hijab so less people doubletake in the streets.

She's such a complete woman, so why not let it shine.

Matthew 5:15-16 Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.


File: 65b6b57afb88e31⋯.jpg (71.09 KB, 720x960, 3:4, juu.jpg)


I felt like this man before I came here where I could let off some steam


File: c612cd4d6f34a1c⋯.jpg (46.29 KB, 785x644, 785:644, 35963629.jpg)


It's the viewers problem if they get too attached tbh. At first I thought they were mostly scripted but later on realized they were from her life and it felt adorable. It made me feel good




What makes you guys think she doesn't write a script?



I honestly don't have any proof. I just know it in my heart! some parts may well be scripted though



to me, as long as their her own words, i don't care if they're premeditated



yep. I once had a dream that she did some really sad and depressing art 'asmr' videos on her channel

that would be something.. interesting


What's everyone up to?



coding my shitty discord bot

"yall fuckin" comments get deleted but gay things stay from her instagram ;O



What's your discord server for?

Also, y'll fuckin comment is still there.



It's just for me and a couple of friends of mine.

oops, it was there. but I couldn't seem to find the newest one though


Made some really shitty pasta too. I don't usually want to throw food in the bin but holy shit now I'm about to do it.



It's so simple to make pasta. What went wrong?



tried to make bolognese but the taste just isn't there.. maybe it was the wine I used, or the tomatoes. I don't know. Fuck



Just pick up a pack, 15 slices for 4.50

Bit of mustard, maybe some bread, you're good to go.



I'll just use my old recipe in the future


File: 1ecf430b5a3ee72⋯.gif (365.22 KB, 500x275, 20:11, 1ecf430b5a3ee72b0d589aa679….gif)


File: 6659b0885ecd4d7⋯.jpeg (48.8 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, thumbnail-01.jpeg)


File: 04c4d777b78c87e⋯.mp4 (833.55 KB, 640x480, 4:3, UWUUU.mp4)

Good morning anons, one day until mermaid video


File: 40c2a0f9d0db578⋯.png (1013.68 KB, 485x862, 485:862, 76959fc25ea79d21d155d0f2eb….png)



Just few days ago one of you were saying you want to see her in straight hair, and today she delivered.



Ofc, she reads everything on here



It was me. She looks so cute~


File: f7e57ce54a5229e⋯.jpg (96.37 KB, 720x973, 720:973, IMG_20190523_132520.jpg)


She's wearing this t shirt which is a merch from the band the coat hangers.



Lighting just makes it look like she has brown hair. Someone said she doesnt bother with str8ning because it makes her face look round but I dont think so tbh



I said that and I still stick with what I said. Her face looks more wide in straight hair. Btw she doesn't look bad in straight hair, it's just that I prefer her in wavy hair style.



Fair enough

We all have preferences, now she pleases mine 🙂



I think its a mix between sun bleach and lighting. Straight, wavy, bun, I dont care, she looks hella cute always


File: 650c384c4727bbd⋯.jpg (103.25 KB, 800x800, 1:1, ShortHair-1[1].jpg)

Okay, what's next? Short hair? 8)



Wouldnt mind, she looks good with short hair aswell. I prefer long hair though


File: b0caff9b7e93885⋯.jpg (185.59 KB, 717x970, 717:970, IMG_20190523_153859.jpg)


Please don't give her idea. I want her to grow her hair even longer.



She doesn’t want to go to hairdresser because they ask annoying questions there



She tilts her head like that because of her uneven eyes. Nobody judges her for those. Or if someone does, they're cunts



Agreed! Cunts of the highest order.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

hehe ;p



I'm not one to lewd too much, but this is intensely erotic



>I'm not one to lewd too much, but this is intensely erotic

intensely cute* I mean it got the blood flowing but erotic? idk


File: 27f927ad941dea0⋯.png (724.25 KB, 709x832, 709:832, yikes.png)




That first "ouch" wasn't a pain ouch, it was a nipple pinch ouch



don't pinch her nipple plz


File: b88d6a15ec7e137⋯.png (34.76 KB, 382x402, 191:201, Screenshot_2019-05-23-19-3….png)


It didn't feel erotic to me. It's just that she's looking really attractive in that. I'd say that's the prettiest she has ever looked. The straight Hair and the makeup are on point.

The camera upgrade could be another reason why she's looking so pretty.




Different strokes, I guess. For me, the sexiest she's appeared on camera is the mermaid video



Completely agree


File: 27ddedd2f977da1⋯.png (665.74 KB, 720x701, 720:701, judge.png)

she's for handholding



I want to brush her hair



I would hold the shit out of her hand





get in line



I'm not one into lewding, but I need a sloppy blowjob from her. Imagine fucking that pretty face. I'm getting a hard on.



It's a casual video as per her standard, but it's another unique concept.

And so many new videos are in the pipeline. Beside this, there's that penumbra video, haberdashery, the mermaid collab video, and craftty kitten next episode. Who knows what else she's has planned.



kek. my innocent fantasies sometimes take a compeletely new turn and they become really lewd :/



Stop it man I cant take it 🥒



Innocent fantasies are the best fantasy. Don't change.



I'm unironically waiting for penumbra the most and then habadasdfhery



Same, but I'm also super interested into seeing the mermaid collab video. I want to see what's so special in that that they decided to put it behind paywall. But I don't know how I'll get access to it as I'm poor af. If you guys will get access to it in anyway please share it here as well.


File: 0c486c89309e007⋯.gif (1.7 MB, 333x500, 333:500, 93d1f6c888a649821024d90236….gif)

File: 926af6536d4a4d0⋯.jpg (93.92 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


Just imagine coming back to her after being away for months, seeing the desperation behind her eyes. She can barely contain herself, thighs squirming as she searches for an excuse to bow away from polite company and be alone with you.

Everybody is glad to see you, to be sure, but being alone for so long, with naught but her needlework and art have left her so horny. She needs you.


File: bcab88407ba43f1⋯.png (1.21 MB, 766x1200, 383:600, heheh.png)


This reminds me I have tried to find someone who could look like Erin naked on Gone Wild for research purposes



>coming back to her after being away for months,

Sorry, but this made me think of his and Erin's situation.


File: 4e8108ed5e8d15d⋯.jpg (73.3 KB, 600x902, 300:451, 4e8108ed5e8d15d220f1386435….jpg)


What's the closest you've found?


File: 9707cd715eb9e26⋯.gif (2.72 MB, 500x222, 250:111, 39c9c86c-2c67-42e0-8c71-d5….gif)

Haters will say she's not Erin.



haven't been very lucky with my findings and if I have I have forgot to save them



That's a great bum, anon.


File: bc76af9964798f1⋯.jpg (184.15 KB, 928x570, 464:285, IMG_20190523_205838.jpg)


That's Erin. Don't believe me? Match it for yourself.


File: 9f2c20740736ed8⋯.jpg (128.77 KB, 958x1274, 479:637, dLKb3LF.jpg)


File: 3b584b39a975759⋯.gif (1.42 MB, 416x247, 32:19, 6a260035-3d06-4fbf-8b63-9d….gif)


Nah, she's tattoos. How about this?



pretty good


Enough guys otherwise she'll stop lurking and fulfilling our wishes.



here must be something she likes too but sure



There could be two reasons why she lurks here. 1. She is scared of us(you know 8ch has bad reputation because of /asmr) and she's fulfiing our wishes to keep us happy.

2. She likes the fact that we do constructive criticism of her work which she appreciates because elsewhere like yt, patreon reddit, people just do ass kissing of her. And to return the favor she fulfills our wishes.

What's your take on this shit post of mine?




she also loves gossiping, so we gossip about her and she comes to read what we gossip about her

kthx it's getting pretty meta



Eh, if it was gonna scare her away it would have already

We're just posting cute redheads



>she comes to read what we gossip about her

This is the main reason tbh. No matter how hard she tries to keep herself away from this place, she couldn't help herself coming here again and again to read what we are talking about her. It's a natural thing I don't blame her at all.

And when reads some of our wishes which are not too over the top, she does them.

For example, posting full body pic in the black outfit, doing personal attention video, dying the hair red, straight hair, etc.

BTW, tho she did these things just after 2-3 of expressing our wishes here, it still can't be said with certainty that she lurks here. They could all be coincidence. Do you get what I mean?



Could be coincidence, but as you say its natural to fiend, or extremely hard not to. And I always got the impression she was somewhat of a fiend



Hope she'll upload this in EU time I.e 5-6 hours from now. I'm really craving for some content from her. I want to admire her beauty.


File: c992d432f8f71f9⋯.jpg (14.12 KB, 325x260, 5:4, 0420b4f7.jpg)


all of those have been my wishes, except personal attention video, muahaha

yeah Idk, not gonna say anything but I've been pretty happy about those things. also that night dress, I was thinking about it, but didn't mention, and she provided




>Hope she'll upload this in EU time I.e 5-6 hours from now. I'm really craving for some content from her. I want to admire her beauty.

Same. We will get the mermaid video tommorw at the least



I was the one to make a wish for some personal attention video from her since she doesn't have any apart from in few of her roleplays. And jus after 2-3 days she uploaded that my dude video. we also talked about her not doing videos for men. And That my dude video fulfilled both the wishes.

And that personal attention video was the main reason why I believe she actually lurks here. Because that video was totally different from what she usually does.


Is there a way to know if she actually lurks here or not?



If we all come togheter to use some unusual phrase she will eventually pick it up and use it in a video, give it a few weeks. Masterplan


File: e32e540cbfc8161⋯.jpg (426.17 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, e32e540cbfc81615d16bfebea4….jpg)

there's no way she'll ever reference us directly. It would rob her of her plausible deniability.

Just enjoy the dog-whistling, guys.




Do u guys know Elise ASMR actually chatted with anons on /asmr a year ago?



I know



this was on my mind too when the first suspicions arise



or some goddamn codeword she embeds on her video(s) which doesn't mean anything to outsiders, but we would know.



What would be the exact reaction of you guys if she actually does that in one of her videos? Tell in detail.



If you read a word enough times it will eventually pop into your brain unconciously, this is basic marketing brainwash



Slightly surprised, scared and impressed



Then you would also aware of the fact that she posted a picture of herself holding a placard with "this is me 8chan" written on it to prove the anons there that it's actually her? Btw it was me who asked her to give a proof by holding a placard. Lol



Wish Erin too have a chat session with us worth few threads on here. So many things to ask from her.

Elise was so frank, she answered each and every question thrown at her.



yeah I remember that. sadly that fun didn't last long


I would be surprised but somehow feel proud lol

then again I don't think I could talk like I used to here



She will never have direct contact with us here, she is too passive for that



I have million things on my mind but deeply down i know it's for the best that she doesn't


Tbh i know those instances were just Coincidence. She's so sensitive she never dares to visit this place. seeing all the lewd comments about her would make her puke. She's so sensitive that she even blocks girls account on insta for making lewd-ish comments. So it's hilarious to even think that she will fulfill our wishes.

Maybe at gun point she will visit this place.

BTW I wish you guys have read what's her thought on people who pass lewd comments on girls. She expressed her views on those people on reddit when she almost quit asmr because of threats.

So guys we should not have our hopes high. Even if you'll send her the direct link to her threads then also she won't click on it because she's aware what happen on 8ch. So let's continue our regular posting.


Where is that "female" anon?





I miss Elise.



No particular reason. Lol

>miss Elise.

But she's still uploading frequently.


File: 45aeb8740a88f1a⋯.jpg (111.73 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, hi.jpg)


lol okay, well I've just kind of been hanging around in here chatting so it's not like you have to summon me


Elise is a treasure and I think she and Erin and people like her are really creative and nice people. Elise also had serious guts coming here and even when she got a lot of racism/hate thrown her way she didn't get too upset. I don't like RPs that much or I think I would watch her videos more.



>uploading frequently.

Also yes but I miss her being on 8ch. There was a major mood change when she was on here. It was kind of refreshing.


Elise would fit this place way better.



That is true, we should find some of her orbiters and bring them here. It'd be fun to talk with an ASMRtist.



So you used to hangout on /asmr as well? Do you still visit that board? Also, Did you disclose your gender identity there?



Another question - Are you the same anon who made doodles of Erin?



I used to visit /asmr/ and I still do sometimes to make sure nobody is saying anything too bad about my waifu. On /asmr/ I don't recall disclosing my gender but it might have happened. It's not that big of a deal and it's not like anybody really takes it seriously

Nowadays /asmr/ is just horny guys hating on ASMRtists that turn them on and provide them with fapmaterial. I don't really understand it I guess.


That would be me but I've stopped tagging since the disappearance of one of my internet friends. No point to if there's not a community. no offense 3D but 3 people is a party and 2 is a well..slow party kek



Even if Erin used an uncommon word like Squonk or lackadaisical or cheeseballs, you'd have to remember that it's Erin; she uses uncommon words all the time, emphasizes them even. You'd never truly know.



Even if she did visit here I doubt she would let it be known so she'd only say the word if it was somewhat believable that she had just said it by coincidence. 8ch doesn't have the best reputation these days and most asmrtists only know about /asmr/ so it would not be that smart to publicly let it be know that you want to communicate with 8ch people.

Most asmrtists probably check /asmr/ just to make sure nobody has doxxed them. Setting the bar a bit low.


I want to hear her say this :3



she would never ever post anyway, that's what I know for sure



>she uses uncommon words all the time, emphasizes them even. You'd never truly know.

Sometimes you just gotta squonk it yaknow



>so it would not be that smart to publicly let it be know that you want to communicate with 8ch people.

I'd trust you anons to not sperg out on her "public domain" in that hypothetical situation though ;3


Okay, Erin, if you're real and want to prove it, say squonk sometime soon.

We can't promise we won't immediately sperg, but we'll do our best.



Doesn't even need to be very soon. The North remembers.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Also https://vimeo.com/renegadedancer/about apparantly they are a production company



>Our team consists of Raven Krystal, Autumn Moon, and Ruby Netherwood

>Autumn Moon




Another video. She's on fire.



>production company

Man, I fear this ruby and her giant girlfriend are gonna involve Erin in further more videos in the future. They have spotted a soft target to milk money.

She is gonna ruin her image because of them who she thinks are her friends.



How did you find this vimeo account tho?



where did she post that video? nothing new on my patreon



nvm it's $5



Even if Natureflight is your favorite creator, compare their numbers.

44 patrons for NF, 1510 for Erin

NF's most watched video has 1.4m views, 3.5m for Erin

These kind of business relationships can end good friendships.


who the fuck is Raven Krystal? is that Ruby's gf?



That's the big one


File: d4004ee2741f150⋯.mp4 (483.13 KB, 640x480, 4:3, leeeewd.mp4)

Your welcome anons



Oh boy oh boy oh boy


File: 475df428891dfb0⋯.png (256.98 KB, 483x344, 483:344, uuuuh.png)



it was on Rubys instagram



I honestly wish all the best for them. That's all I can wish for now.



JFC, she's getting hotter and hotter. My dick will explode. Just a simple hairstyle change has made such a huge difference in her beauty.

BTW, does she wears the same cloth twice?


File: 7b0a803287451d4⋯.png (253.64 KB, 494x534, 247:267, 7b0a803287451d42016aee3df5….png)

I'll do my tactic of fapping before watching



Why not just watch her and fap like me?



My sincere wish is that the collab videos mean more content, and not the same amount–but less solo videos.


File: ca31007c5362971⋯.jpg (33.62 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 49204931_2001687713200447_….jpg)


they are not meant for lewding



Good work, fellow Christanon



You earned my respect, goodlad



But they'll all be behind paywall. I think for each video you have to pay separately.


why is it even called 'Renegade Dancers'? wtf?


File: 422a4a61e7f1d9a⋯.jpg (53.62 KB, 255x252, 85:84, erin_heatenings.jpg)


If she did typical youtube thumbnails


File: 2c33bbef1e890c5⋯.jpg (34.94 KB, 190x220, 19:22, Heatenings.jpg)



Even more so. Let's say Erin puts out 2 videos a month on average. 24 a year. If that increases to 30 a year but 6 of those are behind a paywall, collab videos which I don't prefer… Fine. But if this collaboration stuff cuts into the content I like, and we only get 18 videos of classic Erin a year, I'll be bummed out.



Renegade dancer, singular. I think it's because Natureflight has gotten into ballet over the last half year



Haha. True




>Renegade dancer, singular. I think it's because Natureflight has gotten into ballet over the last half year

Feels like Erin is just kinda going with the flow on this, im sceptical about the thing but we'll see



You're right. She has a insta account with that name as well having over 1000 followers.



I'm completely with them

not that I expect anything overly excellent content, but just to see where this is going to go


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I'm gonna keep my asscheeks clenched the whole time. Very worrying. It would be like salami rose joe louis, featuring Katy Perry. There's too much of an imbalance.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



how goddamn many videos is she pushing out now


and someone said 6 hours ago hope she uploads something within 5-6 hours, kek


Thank you based Dollar shave club


lots of feels rising up from this video

also I was right about the vidcon, she kinda hesitated but in the end knew it would be better to just go there :)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Meet and greet, too.

Do your best, Erin!!!!


File: 707ed5c73299ed2⋯.jpg (126.7 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, ed47773d918f39977c0bafde46….jpg)


<That would be me but I've stopped tagging since the disappearance of one of my internet friends. No point to if there's not a community.

Um wow, and what am I Pasta? Chopped liver?



File: 2c7d24f84bbe6d7⋯.jpg (128.37 KB, 746x982, 373:491, flat,1000x1000,075,f.jpg)

I think she got deeply moved when she told that story. Fuck man.


So who do you think was the friend who spoke to the bodyguard

It's gotta be either the giant or somebody new entirely, right?



wow mister you're still around! I somewhat assumed that you'd just fucked off and become a loyal little sexpuppy for a beneficent, gay, and caring furry master. Nice to see you're still kicking though.


Glad she's besting her fears and I hope that it's a rewarding experience because of it. I wonder if anyone here is actually going?



I'll say with gut feeling it's the giant but what do I know



I wonder who would win in a fight, the bouncer or the giant



I have sinned. I imagined Erin having an orgasm and having this very same expression as she came.



hard to say but probably bouncer in the end



3… i think? Just checked her patreon: the penumbra one, the needle outtakes and one about a sci-fi/fantasy type of magazine.



now I realize why since she's going to NY for days


again realized her personality is atleast twice as beautiful as her appearance

taking these feels to bed now cy@



Goodnight pal


File: 04735bf6656f170⋯.gif (508.55 KB, 700x827, 700:827, LF1IjMt.gif)



A lovely assumption but I've not been so fortunate. How is your game with Pastel going? Why don't you post in the Pastel thread anymore? I know your bestest internet pal an hero'd without saying goodbye, but a new pal could be lurking if only they realized there was another pastel orbiter.



Wonder who she'll be going with to new york. Are you thinking the same as I am?

I know you are. Don't lie.



She was gonna visit her aunt and uncle so probably with her family



you are thinking of him way too much

give it a rest


what, does she play fucking FFXIV or did she just take a random screenshot from it? I don’t get it

from her story



Don't know man. But what I feel is, If the content of that screenshot is special like it's funny or something, like worth sharing, then I think it's just a random screenshot, but if there's nothing special about it, then i think she plays the game and she's letting her fans know that.

I have no idea about the game so don't know what's going on in the screenshot. What do you reckon?



what I feel is she got a random guild invite whisper and genuinely liked it because there is nothing else going on, but I have a hard time believing she actually plays the game



Just checked a gameplay of that game. It has a medieval setting, so I won't be surprised if she actually plays it. Btw, didn't know she had a pc/ps4



>guild invite whisper

What's that? Sorry I've no knowledge about this game.



well some clan/guild is looking for more people and they randomly whisper to players and advertise it to them. I guess that’s what happened to her. The game also has tons of ”cute” characters in it and is pretty popular among females out of any other mmorpg I think



Is miranda her character name?



nvm the caption must be meant for that miranda who gained a level but now I dont get it

I seriously dont LOL


dont know what I expected when I asked her if she plays it or not lol


File: 4d85ef2533177a3⋯.webm (461.03 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, owo.webm)



File: e2887e4f5360c28⋯.png (59.13 KB, 500x306, 250:153, 7b1355cf.png)


waht is she doing



Thanks, anon. You're genius.


I can't really sexualize her at all atm, I have massive betafag feels on



What happened?



nothing major, I just got the same feeling that I had when I first discovered her, that crush you know? It'l pass though ":D"


File: d1686f3fab3363c⋯.jpg (37.69 KB, 530x325, 106:65, bebeyst.jpg)

Anyone from NY? Did you recommend her places to visit?



As far as I know, there's no American Erin orbiter here.




how does this work? how do you pay? do they send the link individually to everyone?



<Kids + family

I was expecting some sort of sensual content.



which is kinda funny imo. I wonder how many of her fans are outside of US



Looks like it's a monthly subscription thing, like youtube red or whatever they're calling it now.



>more monthly subscriptions

yikes, no thanks



It has both monthly subscription feature as well as paying everytime for a new content. It depends on them what they gonna opt for.

There vimeo account name suggests that it will be the second case i.e we will be paying for that video only.



I sincerely hope they do the second one



What's the problem with monthly subscription?



She called this outtakes, but includes all of it in the actual video.

Same with the painting collab video with NF.

What's the point of posting these outtakes on patreon? Don't understand her thinking.



some of them she doesn't include like when she curses or similar


File: 549fabcf9be4d44⋯.png (736.83 KB, 1002x792, 167:132, ebin.png)


well there you go, you whiny baby >:3

penumbra intensifies



I have tendency to forgot to cancel these things until it has already taken another payment, so it's just my problem



Damn, it looks like it's going to be one of the best videos she has done so far.

One can use that pic as wallpaper. It's so beautiful and unique.



>it was supposed to be black and white

I'm glad she didn't!


5 bucks to own, 2 bucks to rent. So how to download and share?

I won't buy it on principle



if Erin gave you a handjob would you buy it?






man of principle then

you shall be rewarded with thousand pussies



I will reject this too, so that I may enjoy Erin a thousand times

more like my hand ten thousand times


File: 27ddedd2f977da1⋯.png (665.74 KB, 720x701, 720:701, judge.png)


I would enjoy her lips thousand times with my mouth



I just watched it, underwhelming to say the least. Production value was lower than her Babblebrook videos, it was just weird. Dont know what I expected though



Was there any dialogue?




As fucking expected.


File: d1ed8b7b01ae324⋯.jpg (26.99 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 5a079a0e56db0.jpg)


voi vittu



voi kyrpä



olin ihan vitun liekeissä



They lowered the price. Must not be received well. If only those lesbos had let Erin choose a topic and film it her way with script involved, then the outcome would have been so much different.


tomorrow russia will fall



how much it is now=


She had posted a clip with a lamb in it on insta story an hour or so ago. Do you have it?




too busy playing cs

did she delete it or what?



Yes. It was removed as soon as I watched it few minutes ago.


$3 to buy and $1 to rent.



People still play cs. I thought games like pubg and fortnight have replaced it







I play that and escape from tarkov


File: 28bd486af34a693⋯.png (178.08 KB, 708x732, 59:61, Screenshot_2019-05-25-08-0….png)


Will we get to see any cleavage from Erin?

BTW this is just the beginning.



it's nice but I want to see her ass too so bad



So you are saying her cleavage was visible?



Maybe in the future collabs we will get to see her ass too. Those lesbos gonna exploit her every way possible to make money.




I'm drunken horny I'd fuck a telephone pole


tbh if you were with Erin I don't think you would think of her ass and tits so bad



You are right, anon. That's the last thing I'd think of while being with. I'd just listen to her talk, hold hands, keep her safe and travel to places.



nah tbh I don't think you would hold her hand the first time you see her kek. but you would have fun time traveling anyway



after the third date I would dare to wrap my arms around her back and try to kiss her, how about you? :)


and imagine the dopamine rush :3 you have never experienced anything like that before~


File: c13c789e0b1a360⋯.png (426.83 KB, 570x434, 285:217, It-Never-Entered-My-Mind.PNG)

This is futile, all of it.

This bittersweet intoxication should cease at once.

What kind of immaculate radiance must a lady possess to drive mere mortal men into such madness?


Pretty bummed out about that new video. This is what drops after months of hype

Btw do you suppose erin gave us 2 videos Thursday to offset our disappointment?



>new video


Are you talking about the collab video? If yes, then I totally agree with you. It feels like I totally wasted $1. The video was just about ruby showing off her foley skills and nothing else. It was neither visually nor auditory relaxing. The constant wind chime and wave sound was annoying as fuck. The only thing I liked was Erin's unintelligible echo whispering, but that too was there for 2 minutes only.

Her mermaid video is 1000 times better than that collab video imo.


Erin is off to New York and it seems that she gonna post lots of pics from there.



As I said earlier if Erin would have been given the charge to direct the video in her style it could have been so much better. Those two dykes ruined the experience for me.



>be gentle, kind, have something you are passionate about

>also be kind of a mysterious and interesting person

all it takes to charm me



so it wasn’t… very good? well atleast it’s cheap



new york is far away from her home 😬

I’ll take a wild guess that she will visit atleast five different shops


It's memorial day toady and Vidcon is giving 15% off on the ticket price so grab your tickets.



Can you also move the event to EU while you're at it?


what questions would you ask her in meet n greet?



Tbh I'll forget the question. I'll freeze.

Also, there's 2 options to choose from for the creators

1.meet and greet

2. Creator Chat

You all know about meet and greet, but in creator chats, 12–15 attendees(chosen by lottery) will sit around a table with a Featured Creator and have the opportunity to ask them questions about anything they like related to online video for an hour.

Erin and Taylor opted meet and greet

Angelica and fatty tingles opted creator chat.



Meet and greet is the better option for the creators with social anxiety issue because they don't have to spend too much time talking to the fans that's why I think Erin chose option.



I'd have thousand questions prepared butt in the actual situation I'd just freeze too prolly. Imagine the awkwardness. I'd love to make her laugh though :3




File: 23b7f664d3c3010⋯.jpg (57.86 KB, 390x390, 1:1, cheeseburger.jpg)


I'd ask her if she likes cheeseburgers then take her on a dope fly date to Shake Shack.



Is that you in the left?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


frig off with the questions



Knock knock



Who's there?


File: c18b87d3c330843⋯.png (245.35 KB, 274x407, 274:407, 3d96f9ba206afe55b9290a0bf6….png)


An oversized cheeseburger with a $5 watch who will never touch my waifu

Fuck off Randy



> she likes people who can make her laugh. That's how that wightpants is grabbing her attention.

Up your humor quotient, guys



He's grabbing her attention through his sheer dedication

none of his posts are very funny imo, but that might be just me



File: ee5af876622ce25⋯.png (109.12 KB, 718x955, 718:955, Screenshot_2019-05-25-19-2….png)

Just in case if you're interested



Does she do a makeup of somesort in that first one?



His comments on patreon and on her YouTube videos are completely different. On patreon he generally posts long ass comments mostly about him giving her ideas and suggestions and giving compliments on her work, but on her yt videos, he exclusively makes funny comments pointing to some specific part in the video and he gets hearts in them.



he's an oldfag of a sort to her channel. can't compete with him :(



No idea tbh. There's no detail given in the site. Maybe she will talk about make up giving some tips and maybe she would do a live demonstration on an actual person.

Her fellow contestant from NYX face awards, Mykie will also be in that panel. Mykie is one of the top makeup artist on YT rn.

BTW, isn't it funny that Erin has totally abandoned her channel also removed all her content and yet still she is invited by vidcon to represent makeup panel?



i just dont understand why she did that


File: bdb6a9313fb0008⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1343x759, 1343:759, erinsmirk.png)



>erin's face when she watches TPB for the first time




What's that?



Erin is a much better makeup artist than asmrtist and abandoning makeup was the worst decision of her career


File: f5e1533a643a053⋯.jpg (17.57 KB, 182x268, 91:134, MV5BOTA0NTAwMTc1MF5BMl5Ban….jpg)



I don't think she would understand that kind of humor tbh :/

imo it's the best kind



one question for her would be why she deleted everything from that channel



She would summon security and delete you from the meet and greet



that bad huh


File: 8490f66193726d8⋯.jpg (51.08 KB, 879x519, 293:173, snm.jpg)

now I'll take a nap



lol, or she'd just get awkward and not answer then get sad. Mama moon needs some therapy for her ambivalent anxiety. I propose an intense course of self esteem building cuddles and positive affirmations.





File: fc3ed008158b920⋯.jpg (69.46 KB, 596x452, 149:113, 894b.jpg)


Scratch that question then. I approve of this cuddling therapy for Mama ear though




Disagree. You'd have to approach it with tact: say you were a huge fan of her freshblush content, ask if she ever plans to return to making those type of videos, and then ask where the old ones went.



Of course, you'd probably be painting yourself into a corner where she thinks you're a gay



Good point. You have to approach the subject gently instead of just throwing the question to her out of the blue

Could work with other questions aswell


Let’s play Will-She-Archive-That-Instagram-Post bingo. I say the newest one(s) from NY stay, but Nightdress with ruby gets archived as soon as she posts another pic with her.



Yep, she'll do exactly that only.


File: dcd96ebcdd905a8⋯.jpg (191.66 KB, 1024x1820, 256:455, fresh.blush~1558898861~205….jpg)



File: 475df428891dfb0⋯.png (256.98 KB, 483x344, 483:344, uuuuh.png)


that was fast



me behind the camera


File: fa88c864b131201⋯.png (335.47 KB, 453x604, 3:4, 1930793_54756264376_9003_n.png)


Liar, twas me



Damn, Those child bearing hips. No wonder why she tends to hide it. Men would be drawn to it like hounds on the trail of heat.



Even the statue in the back couldn't control his boner



I need those hips



Thank god, the wavy hair is back


I will make her my wife

I will give her scarves and kingdoms

She will give me children and handknit socks



Sometimes I wish I was the only one in the world who thinks she’s that attractive



Get in line


Its her personality that makes her extremely attractive. Shes cute, but if you didnt know her and walked past her on the street you wouldnt react much I bet



This. Hate to say it but I don’t think she’s that hot sex bomb in traditional sense to people but we know what she’s like and that’s what makes her so wanted



except I would react even if I didn't know her because of my personal preferency to redheads with certain eh facial characteristics



She does have a nice face and smile. I didnt care much for redheads and freckles before her, now I love it t.t



Her smile can cure cancer. I hope she never stops smiling.

I have always cared about reddies I think this backtracks to X-Files and Scully so Erin was an obvious choice. Though I must say personality is more important than looks. If hers was horrible I couldn't stand it.

come to think of it I wonder if there are asrmtists who are actually really shitty people




my nigger.



>come to think of it I wonder if there are asrmtists who are actually really shitty people

Its hard to picture, since I think theres only a certain type of people who enjoy asmr, more so create it. But there is always gonna be shitty people where ever you go, cant really think of an asmrtist who would seems so though.


Have you ever seen Erin commenting on some other asmrtist channel?



I saw her commenting on one of Victoria Sponges videos some time ago, I believe it was one of the outdoors ones.



Thing just popped in my mind because I saw our old friend Jeepy commenting again, but he's not Jeepy anymore and doesn't want to interview everyone constantly.



Who the fuck is Jeepy



Someone must have his spergings saved, I don't have them at the moment. You aware of that Harry Potter collab guy who pestered Erin for months about his collab. Jeepy was kinda like him but he wanted to interview ASMRtists, and he was really persistent too. Can't remember exactly what he did to get all the hate on him from different asmrtists rn though.



>You aware of that Harry Potter collab guy who pestered Erin for months about his collab

The creepy CGI guy? I know of him, actually I have a slight recollection of this Jeepy guy if he is who I think he is



JeepyASMR was his name I think. He had some videos with like 50 views on them. He did some controversial shit like 4 months ago which made him 'quit'


File: f8e06a5be0a5ce7⋯.jpg (62.2 KB, 632x476, 158:119, Emperador.jpg)

Brothers, I'm back for the night. My bosses in the US said there's no work today since it's Memorial Day over there so I'm chillin with mah good ol brandy and some of that sweet Erin whom I miss so much.


I see we have some new friends over here, too.

How are you guys doing?



sup m8? how's the work?

yes, seems like we have some new faces which is always welcome ;)



dont worry our white devil isn't going anywhere except NY unless she has returned already



It's mentally and psychologically exhausting man, but I try to get by. how bout you, how's life bro?


hmmmm my little white she-devil is what keeps me going. arrgh!



Welcome back, enjoy Erin my man.

>I see we have some new friends over here, too.

Ive been lurking here for a while actually

>How are you guys doing?

Doing alright, cant complain, lewding Erin abit less which is good


I remember the time when all I did see here was lewd shit 24/7. What caused that?



Some Erin paired with a good brandy is always the best. Here, have a shot.



umm? we're boys?



>It's mentally and psychologically exhausting man, but I try to get by. how bout you, how's life bro?

that sucks. I'm weak willed faggot so I wouldn't probably last in that kind of environment for long.

>hows life

pretty rough atm, didn't get the job I applied to. it was already pretty much confirmed but shit happened. glad I have some savings though.



>we have some new friends over here

Those "new friends" are actually pastelfags. For some reason they are hovering around Erin's thread for past few days instead of their waifu thread.



bro, just apply and apply til you land the job man, for sure that's what I did. It's easy to get disheartened after the 3rd or 4th rejection but there will be a company that will give you a chance, trust me.

> I'm weak willed faggot

stop being that.



This. Keep trying



yeah mang, I noticed that the pastelthread just died. I assumed they found themselves together a new platform to communicate more openly without the dread of being associated with the chan culture.

that girl who made the banners, is she still here? she was nice.



I would need the job only for over the summer, but it was my fault for putting all the eggs in the same basket

maybe I could apply to a job shoveling shit or something



shrug it off then move to the next application. if your savings have dried up, crash in your mom's house for a while. I'm sure she'll understand.


File: 46b79afaaaead9c⋯.mp4 (4.68 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, d2b93c42.mp4)


Nah, I got plenty. I'll manage

I'll keep applying tho


File: b97d4be41bdd2d7⋯.jpeg (84.38 KB, 814x757, 814:757, hm.jpeg)


File: c5b9a541be4fdd5⋯.png (693.91 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, c5b9a541be4fdd5a1389b59b55….png)


I was horny 24/7 like some teenage boy back then and I let it show. Now it has toned down a bit but I still get the urge occassionally. Also I have started to respect her as a person way more



that's fine tho. absolutely nothing to be worried about.


File: 3faf17ce0cec0b6⋯.webm (369.22 KB, 720x404, 180:101, MatureFlatEnglishpointer.webm)


Hey bud, good to see you.


File: fc0a720b6c7685f⋯.png (296.83 KB, 483x523, 483:523, lol.png)


I must admit I've almost posted something tasteless couple times but I've refrained myself from doing so


File: 40c2a0f9d0db578⋯.png (1013.68 KB, 485x862, 485:862, 40c2a0f9d0db578e43895bd7c0….png)


Good to see you too man. Deus Vult!


Good thing Erin never lurks here…or does she?






there was talk about it due to coincidences but I don't think so, she's too fragile for places like this




Any one of us could be Erin.


File: b45b117b5b2d36b⋯.jpg (27.37 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 94ca1b52.jpg)


I'm her cat




amber-eyed beauty :3



has pj broken up with her yet?



idk I don't really follow or care about that guy


File: 27f927ad941dea0⋯.png (724.25 KB, 709x832, 709:832, yikes.png)

let's create a discord and invite her in, what could go wrong?


File: 5cc9ddb9af34c17⋯.jpg (25.87 KB, 800x450, 16:9, thanos.jpg)


File: d2e17b3e1b5b133⋯.mp4 (3.09 MB, 480x480, 1:1, 61359774_332903807392531_4….mp4)


She won't join. People have already tried their best but failed. There's already two well made dead fan servers of channel floating around.

Also, I don't like this discord idea tbh. People like wightpants will do ass kissing of her there all the time which I'm sure you also won't like to see.

So it's better she use only instagram where people like wightpants don't have much scope.



We would start giving them shit for kissing ass so much and ridicule them. We'd also be brutally honest about all the new content from her. She wouldn't say it but she would like us.

okay sarcasm off


File: 48def974fdac543⋯.jpg (8.36 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


She won't join some random fan discord to be honest. But where she would join? Fellow artist's discord.



Not a fan of this tactic. It's too Jeepy.

>h-hey, i have something in common with you! let's talk!



I'm not saying it's something desirable at all. It's just the only way to get her in discord. Besides, not any kind of artist would do. It would have to be someone she likes and respects like Angelica or similar.

btw what's the other fan discord of hers?



Who's this guy? He's looking like pj



Corey Feldman



He who must not be named, be careful, some degenerates cant handle it


why does she unfollow people every few days?



She's been on insta for long and Maybe she's not into some of the people she followed a few years back.


File: 2fab65236cfa3d8⋯.jpg (161.12 KB, 720x884, 180:221, IMG_20190528_002047.jpg)

Would you be interested in licking that armpit?



it's still kinda fun witnessing her go from 670+ back to 660 like every 3 days lol


yes, and some Netflix & Yarr after


File: 6a664a567e51d82⋯.jpg (714.62 KB, 1051x1327, 1051:1327, ribbit.jpg)



This is so hot I can't begin to describe. The great thing about having an armpit fetish is that in summer time, women flash their gorgeous armpits all day long and don't even realize what they're doing! For me, it's as wonderful as seeing a beautiful pussy.

I still need to meet a girl who will let me eat out her armpits. I want that wonderful slightly stinky musk in my mouth.

The skin there is so sensitive. If you do it wrong she'll probably feel ticklish and laugh, but if it's done right… it's extra sensitive and feels great or so I hear


File: bf7e18995e6a5b3⋯.png (4.91 KB, 247x204, 247:204, 1545063041467.png)


Wait a sec are you trying to grow me a new fetish?


File: 5d9c0c48672320f⋯.jpg (79.97 KB, 894x1067, 894:1067, 43984667_1385274378273535_….jpg)


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



Anyhow I'd love to lick Erin's whole body like a cat.

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