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File: cea8227b4edd795⋯.jpg (2.17 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 20181024_183705.jpg)

File: f09556a0cd4aa2f⋯.jpg (311.35 KB, 1080x2004, 90:167, scv_1541929437014295401191….jpg)

File: c08881a7f4ae60d⋯.jpg (210.25 KB, 779x1498, 779:1498, Snapchat-109065409 c.jpg)

File: 5da4380163532fa⋯.jpg (852.95 KB, 664x1280, 83:160, InkedSnapchat-794400508_LI….jpg)

706cdd  No.29221

So, I've never really posted much but was wondering a few things.

First off:

Am I passable? I dont have girl clothes other than panties right now due to lack of money and privacy. I'm hoping to learn how to use makeup and whatnot but again, no money. I've been debating if I should try and start HRT as well.


Is there a (relatively easy) way to make money as a trap/ am I good enough that people would pay me? A few people have suggested I try camming, or finding a sugar daddy, but I dont think I have the charisma/confidence for either.

Appreciate any feedback,help,critiques,etc.

P.S. The photos are very casual, minimal effort. I think I can look much better if I try harder.

706cdd  No.29222

Also, if you wanna hit me up, my Kik is also LostSole301

a7bfb8  No.29224


>Is there a (relatively easy) way to make money as a trap/ am I good enough that people would pay me? A few people have suggested I try camming, or finding a sugar daddy

This is beyond sad. At this point, I think that guys start trapping only for the easy money.

Oh btw, you look cute.

08a988  No.29225

>This is beyond sad.

Any particular reason for that? I think the digital age's opening up of webcam opportunities has been great so far, when people can make double the money off camming a few hours a day instead of a full time day job that's gotta be good right?

And yes OP is cute indeed.

a7bfb8  No.29228


>I think the digital age's opening up of webcam opportunities has been great so far,

>With a few clicks every girl can become a whore now.

I don't even give a fuck about any religion at all, but (((you))) are creating a rotten society based on your excessive need of jacking off and overindulging in your fetishes. The funny thing is that the inevitable collapse of that rotten society will lead to even darker ages (compared to the past). All that because some of (((you))) couldn't survive a day without porn.

But nevermind that, OP go ahead and become a whore. Remember, if you are cheap enough you'll get more clients. Think about the "opportunities".

5bdfe0  No.29229


You are easily the most beautiful person i've ever seen in my whole life.

706cdd  No.29230




Thank you very much for the compliments :3

Also, don't do it for the money, I just realize that if there is a possibility of actually making money from becoming even girlier (which is my goal), why not let people enjoy/help along the way?

5fd7c1  No.29231


>Am I passable?

yes you do pass your petite smooth body and long hair

> I think I can look much better if I try harder


how tall are you?

>easy) way to make money as a trap

if you want to make money u gonna have to put that ass to work

pics of that sweet ass?

d17718  No.29234

File: d4e31924fe8670b⋯.jpg (13.98 KB, 477x357, 159:119, arnold-frozen.jpg)

In b4

d17718  No.29235

My oh my Arnold, you have changed since our last field trip together. Rawr.

08a988  No.29236


Haha! Oh wow, yeah I'm sure society is gonna collapse and turn all "rotten" from people watching cams any day now xD

706cdd  No.29237


Ehh, I'm…6'2" >n< 140lbs

5bdfe0  No.29240

File: 213b4a59f06690d⋯.png (869.75 KB, 749x1181, 749:1181, 1504449805261.png)


>tfw we have the same weight but im 5'1"

i guess there is no excuses for me to not diet right now

1db060  No.29252


I need to throat fuck you

how many men have you been with?

706cdd  No.29259


Zero… I wanna try, but there've only gross old hairy dudes that've shown interest around me

5bdfe0  No.29260


How old are you?

0a1507  No.29268

>Am I passable?

Body-wise, fuck yes. It's incredibly feminine. Face-wise, your jaw is a bit rigid, but you see that sometimes in females, so you pass reasonably well there too. If those are minimal-effort pics, I can only wonder what more effort would do for you.

>Is there a (relatively easy) way to make money as a trap/ am I good enough that people would pay me? A few people have suggested I try camming, or finding a sugar daddy, but I dont think I have the charisma/confidence for either.

You could probably pretty easily make money off of camming. You definitely have the looks for it, and judging by Chaturbate's view numbers, that's more important than dick size which going by your pics, seems to be "pretty small". I think in your case, the following you get would help build your confidence over time.

3b424a  No.29273


>the apocalypse will happen because you’re jerking off too much!

t. Westboro Baptist Church

706cdd  No.29279



I'll be 21 in February, Thank you :3 and also I'm a grower not a shower, but I'm only about 6.5inches

a7bfb8  No.29282



>Teach women (and therefore traps, trannies or whatever most straight working men are attracted) to be lazy fucks who are entitled of easy money just because they exist.

>What could possibly go wrong?

This has nothing to do with religion, you stupid normalniggers. Sociologists have said it long ago about large parts of society living a parasitic lifestyle.

Don't come crying on the internet about whores next time a slut gets a job/promotion/more money instead of you.

3b424a  No.29286


>nothing to do with religion, stupid normalniggers!!!

It’s called a joke, autist. I was just saying that your slippery slope of society falling into collapse over “muh degeneracy” is similar to westboro Baptist churches threat that fags “doomed” nations.


More like, people you made up.

9c82cf  No.29290

File: ca4668e299db273⋯.jpg (631.38 KB, 1600x1067, 1600:1067, Galore_Mag_Tess_Holliday_4.jpg)

File: b5dde8f42f41355⋯.gif (449.66 KB, 497x288, 497:288, obesity-map-gif-jh.gif)

File: d3a21d39737306a⋯.jpg (1.42 MB, 2560x2050, 256:205, 150512-beach-fashion-01[1].jpg)

File: 809416edc0ed543⋯.jpg (275.68 KB, 1810x1227, 1810:1227, PAY-UK-Seaside-Nostalgia[1….jpg)

File: a47af30db0f0f47⋯.jpg (226.36 KB, 1280x1223, 1280:1223, 78dd30c7942b01a5e10d0df8dd….jpg)


>are creating a rotten society based on your excessive need of jacking off and overindulging in your fetishes.

Even if you consider traps a fetish, that is a separate issue, and applies just as much to females in general.

Partly due to feminism and partly due to the obesity crisis in the West, there is a massive shortage of women. Most men, especially most white and Asian men, would rather jerk off than be in a relationship with an obese woman. Obesity alone takes a lot of women out of the game, but then add entitled attitudes, empty lives on social media, being slathered in tattoos, and laws that make marriage and to a much lesser extent even relationships hazardous.

People complain about porn, or traps for that matter, when the issue of whores, cam whores, sugar babies, rinsers, men jerking off at home instead of pursuing women, and everything else of that type is due to special social conditions. Put men in a situation where they have lots of attractive women and everyone can find a girl without that bullshit, and the problem disappears.

000000  No.29302


>Am I passable?

Hard to tell from a handful of blurry stills. There's a lot more to passing than we can tell from what you've shared. How's your voice? How do you carry yourself?

Your shoulders are wide, but there's nothing you can do about that except choose flattering clothing. Apart from that, your body looks like that of a slender woman.

Face looks reasonably passable. It's hard to get a good look at your brow behind those glasses, but that's a problem area for a lot of traps. Face shape is pretty good.

>A few people have suggested I try camming, or finding a sugar daddy, but I dont think I have the charisma/confidence for either.

Channel your inner woman. Women are creatures finely tuned by evolution to extract things of value from men. Claim your destiny.

>P.S. The photos are very casual, minimal effort. I think I can look much better if I try harder.

I get the psychological reasons behind this, but it's weak. "If they say mean shit about my pics, I can chalk it up to the pics being 'very casual, minimal effort'." It lets you vacuum up the positive comments and gives you an out for any negative comments. I know you have privacy/money issues right now, but when you're ready for honest criticism, come back dressed to the nines, fully made up, with more (and sharper) pics. You have potential.

a7bfb8  No.29303


>More like, people you made up.

>Science is fake because it doesn't support my compulsive masturbation.

Normalniggery logic at it's best.


>Channel your inner woman. Women are creatures finely tuned by evolution to extract things of value from men. Claim your destiny.

Of course, torfag Grandpa would be pro-prostitution.

OP these are going to be your clients, some low-life beaners and fag grandpas.

d00588  No.29304




Dude, this is beyond embarrassing. Go start a blog, you master spaz.

3b424a  No.29318


>science is fake

And I said that when??? Listen, autist: I said “people you made up” because you specific which sociologists you were talking about.

3b424a  No.29319


*didnt specify

e2def8  No.29345


I have seen much less believable "traps" camming, so based off your pics I think you'd do fine.

Makeup can do wonders, and I wouldn't worry about your body provided you can maintain this appearance. I would discourage HRT as it can cause irreversible changes that you may not want when you hit your 30's. Also (to be blunt) if you can't really generate much of a load on cam you're limiting your income potential.

Just my two cents.

4d69fe  No.29380

Maybe I can save a life by throwing this put there: skip HRT, and don't get castrated.

As for passing, there aren't a whole lot of 6'2" girls out there. But you would look in girl clothes, for sure.

0a1507  No.29382


I don't think height is a huge issue, since "tall, skinny girl" is kind of a trope, for lack of a better term, at this point.

9c82cf  No.29383


>I don't think height is a huge issue, since "tall, skinny girl" is kind of a trope, for lack of a better term, at this point.

Agreed. There are a lot of guys into taller girls. The important thing is that everything else lines up, which it does with her. Skinny, shoulders aren't broad, hands aren't huge, and so on.

Obviously, never wear heels, but that is no loss.


>skip HRT,

The reality is that you will always get more masculine looking without HRT.

>and don't get castrated.

Good advice. Nobody should ever do it unless you have major psychological issues around having a penis.

eb9180  No.29393

File: f6774e8f8e1f584⋯.jpg (56.41 KB, 665x675, 133:135, septum-rings-trend-11.jpg)

File: 2205c8ea861d75b⋯.png (154.66 KB, 825x464, 825:464, deadpool-2-who-is-domino.png)

File: 189f4714287a917⋯.png (355.5 KB, 500x499, 500:499, tumblr_nk1trtuoXE1u2tjgxo1….png)

File: e38f6ff7b7256d7⋯.jpg (1.35 MB, 4608x3456, 4:3, 9eXPYnE.jpg)


Obviously biased by participating in this board, but I think traps could be differentiated from other leftist forces. Traps pursue beauty the same way the women of past eras did, whereas femninsts go against the grain.

They don't pursue perfection in beauty, but take it upon themselves to change culture by choosing to make themselves ugly en masse. And judging by movies, tv, and video games they're winning battles.Tattoos, the deaded septum ring, and pubes for hair (sorry OP, straight hair is supreme). And normally not associated with the left, the fucking new movement of girls lifting heavy weights. God, this frustrates me.

3527d5  No.29395


Seconded. Serious traps want to look beautiful and feminine; everything SJWs and radical feminists are against. They also want a man who is not a complete soyboy.

Sadly a lot of people can’t even fathom traps who do not identify with the left and their agenda.

0a1507  No.29398


This feels like more of an idealized version of a trap, rather than the reality. All in all, it feels like traps are left-leaning, although the ones that come to this board are less likely to do so, for obvious reasons. I've seen plenty of traps/trannies covered in tats/piercings, although me conflating the two could be a factor.

3b424a  No.29402


>girls lifting heavy weights

And this is a problem because?

9c82cf  No.29406

File: 07e13de29e31872⋯.mp4 (2 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, sasha.mp4)


>This feels like more of an idealized version of a trap, rather than the reality.

Yes and no. The social decay has definitely caught up with many if not most traps. But some of them still do try to emulate a deep femininity that seems rare in modern culture. Women have become so toxic in this new millennium that men are keeping their distance, and the ones that remain feminine are now so sought after that with social media it is hard for a regular guy to get a quality gf.

5bdfe0  No.29412

File: 086395ef9090fd8⋯.png (79.25 KB, 405x443, 405:443, 1490229166671.png)


i don't agree with the straight hair statement. I have very thin and straight natural hair, yet i found OP's to be very original and feminine in its own way. He could definitely try something else, maybe a haircut or something, but trying to look like everyone else's instead of he being himself could lead up to him looking pretty boring and mundane. Just because it works for others, does'nt mean it works for him.

If i were you, i would be telling him to give it a try instead of telling him to change right off the bat.

eb9180  No.29433


because weight lifting and mass gaining is masculine? Dunno how to describe it better, but I believe that raw physical strength is not feminine at all. it may be indicative of the growing soyification of males? weightlifting was a rare thing for women to get into back in the day (iono 90's?), now at least on what I see on facebook every girl and their aunt are getting into crossfit. I take it you're an assman?

on a last note, trying telling any of the traps on this board to start lifting heavy. get some spinal loading and activate the growth hormones in their quads, think they'll be game? it's not feminine. >:(


well, I think OP looks feminine with that hair. I wasn't paying any attention at all to this threads original prompt and I feel bad for derailing OP's thread. got sucked into the society discussion.

ab031a  No.29442




OP's hair looks amazing. I love it. Don't change it for the world OP, you look really great.

e15a5b  No.29459


her threesome fuck was great

ce37f1  No.29477


who is it? sasha doesn't narrow it down much

8a944a  No.29480

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Sasha Shatalova

ce37f1  No.29482


I like it, she has that dumb bimbo look, reminds me of Holly Sweet

5936f8  No.29484



what type of guys do u like?

706cdd  No.29723

Again thank you for the advice and Support/criticism. I kinda figured the thread would get derailed a little especially into political stuff, but what can ya do.

Sorry I haven't been on in a bit, holidays and all, plus the thread seems to have died anyways.

I guess if you still have anything post it, I'll try to answer any questions.

d62b0d  No.29742


Dont be a trap, they age like shit

go for the cuteboy route. get a short haircut

9c82cf  No.29743


>Dont be a trap, they age like shit

>go for the cuteboy route. get a short haircut

You have it backwards, man.

0a1507  No.29750


Threads like this where the OP doesn't show up for a while do tend to die. Honestly thought you had abandoned the thread completely due to said derailing, plus not hearing from you elsewhere.


Going to disagree, current hairstyle looks just fine.

706cdd  No.29755


Yeah sorry about that, I'm not the best at responding to things and this is my first thread. But I'm here, and I'll try to check back more frequently.

d2a083  No.29763



can you post more pictures?

it will keep the boys interested…

252358  No.29778



last selfie- your body is beautiful

do you dress like that when you go out too?

252358  No.29779



if you started camming on website like chaturbate or other cam sites you will make money- I dont know if this will be enough to make it full time, but you are pretty enough to make money. The camtraps here can give you better advice on this.

Most camgirls start off very nervous and get comfortable over time.

are you in college? is that why you have no money? you could get a 9-5 job easily rn before making the jump to camgirling.

Dont start hrt until you are certain. Right now you can be a femboy/twink with ease.

if you have any more question just ask, keep posting hot pictures tho!

clean your room! <3

41f41d  No.29780

File: a90bb8f4cf6dff6⋯.jpg (23.5 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 12219543_1192766860739044_….jpg)

you're a cutie.

9e9df5  No.29788


Keep the pics coming please! Especially ones like the 4th which shows off your really nice body well.

706cdd  No.29802


Thank you :D I'm not out full time yet sadly, live in a kind of homo/transphobic small town


I'm trying to start college, I didnt have money right after highschool for college so I worked my 9-5s then. After being wrongfully fired from my last job I realized I'm tired of the "rat race" kinda lifestyle. Not trying to brag, but I am a good worker, and every job I've had I get used and mistreated and then tossed to the side if I try and stand for myself.


Thanks :3

6c9eee  No.29817

You have a very unique, androgynous look. It's very appealing, fits certain pleasing aesthetic.

Actually gave me mixed feelings - first I thought you're very pretty and that I'd love to get closer to you. Then I realized I probably wouldn't really fuck you - you probably don't look THAT sexual to me, you're rather a symbol of delicacy and emasculation. Something much more rare and interesting. I could look at you for hours. I guess I'd just keep you, or something, lol.

I'm wondering - are you into this purely cause of sexual interest, or do you actually feel feminine, etc. ?

Do you plan to 'man up' some day and ditch it when you'll be too old for being a trap, or you're confident you want to actually keep yourself in this state for the rest of your life?

Are you thinking on full transition, or just want to taint yourself a bit more with estrogen?

I don't know what kind of person you are, but personally, judging on my impression, I'd advise you to not go HRT if you have any perspectives in life that miss taking hormones. You have a beautiful body and you should use it while you can, but trying to preserve it with all the chems probably won't serve you right at the end of the day.

As for the money - I think I understand you. It'd be very dope to just get some money out of this, there's nothing wrong with getting "sponsors" to buy you clothes if they want to see you in them, etc. If you want the money don't be shy to ask for it. Never take the passive agressive approach - that's the thing for masters of charisma, you're probably not on this level. I'd just suggest you do what casual e-thots do. Make a twitter account, perhaps a pornhub account, make a paypal account. Put some pretty pics of yourself on twitter with the paypal link in the description, make sure to make people know you'll buy cd stuff with the money. Do some heavier stuff on PornHub, if you're daring enough. Link it to your tt, idk - you have the options. To earn you have to put yourself out there and play alluring instead of pity.

It's quite personal I guess, I'd prefer to tell you all of this privately, but I just can't be bothered to get kik. I probably won't even check out this thread anymore despite asking questions - I'm not a regular here, just came here and noticed you. You know, a random passing traveler. I might check though. If not, have fun with your life.

09ca56  No.29825


> sadly, live in a kind of homo/transphobic small town

u will be fine

just vote trump next time

88893b  No.29848


what sexual experiences have you had?

what are your fetishes and fantasies?

what can you offer a sugar daddy interested in you and what would you need in return?

88893b  No.29849


meant to reply to this >>29802

354988  No.29856

Op, youre cute.


66225e  No.30044


I wouldn't kick you out of bed. I would, however, roll you over and stuff my dick in your ass. I'm a gentlemen so expect a reach around.

a23c14  No.30048

you're plenty cute even if you never transitioned. Definitely would do fine with HRT, have no fear. good luck

95c304  No.30075


holy shit your face, you look like ccbunz, who is a girl with massive fucking tits, holy shit, wanna go on a date? flowers, dinner, walk on the beach and everything?

7522ce  No.30081


no lostsole301 is much sexier

706cdd  No.30191

So, would nudes be too distasteful? Sorry I kinda disappeared again, I've been in a bit of a reclusive state lately. On a side-note: does anyone happen to know how colleges would handle me as a student if I was openly trans? I've been debating on if I'm just a feminine guy or if I "don't belong" in my own body. But how would like housing and stuff work?

000000  No.30192


Nudes would be most welcome, qt3.14

I don't think there's necessarily a standard set of policies about housing and otherwise working with transgender students that apply across colleges and universities in general. I suspect it would depend a lot on the part of the country you're in, and the general political climate there. There is also a lot of practical considerations that might affect how a university handles that kind of thing. For example, if a university has all mixed-sex dorms and unisex bathrooms, they probably wouldn't have to do anything special to accommodate you. After all, whether male or female, everyone gets stuck in the same housing. But if there's an all-female dorm, yeah, they might want more than you saying "I'm female" or "I'm transitioning" to let you in, like a therapist's letter, or you having gone through the process of getting your sex on your driver's license changed. A lot of universities are moving to having "suites" in dorms where a small group of rooms (sometimes 2) share a common, unisex bathroom, so it's more like apartment living. Every place is different, though.

Unless universities have started putting their policies for working with transgender students on their website–I don't think they have–you'll probably have to call around or email around different places to get the information you want. If there's a college or university you're interested in, check out their website and look for an office that handles that sort of thing. It might be called a diversity and inclusion office, for example. If they don't have anything like that, you could try either the Affirmative Action office or, failing that, the main Student Affairs office. If they're not the ones who handle that kind of thing, they'll know where to direct you. If you're shy on the phone, or don't like to be put on the spot, you can just email.

9c82cf  No.30193


>So, would nudes be too distasteful?

Absolutely not, they would be very welcome.

>On a side-note: does anyone happen to know how colleges would handle me as a student if I was openly trans? I've been debating on if I'm just a feminine guy or if I "don't belong" in my own body. But how would like housing and stuff work?

One thing that's really nice nowadays is that there are so many trans groups out there. So many universities today have some type of active LGBT group that you could get in touch with, and they can give you additional input beyond what the university themselves will say, like speaking informally with you as to what your best options are.

>>30192 gave great feedback, the above is a supplement to that.

017cf1  No.30194


>how colleges would handle me as a student if I was openly trans?

they would treat you better than no trans students

they would help you to be more trans

if you are going to college in america you will be welcomed if you are trans because the staff are all forced to be or programmed to be happy with lgbt

we would love nudes, and you promised us more pics like this >>29769 : (

c6adc4  No.30203


Not to be rude or "that guy" but I dont believe I "promised" anything

9c82cf  No.30204


you didn't, we're happy to get anything you want to share

9e9df5  No.30205


If you're comfortable enough to do post nudes then by all means please do! Appreciate the pics you've posted so far and welcome any others you share here, you look great.

706cdd  No.30207

PS in the face pic, sorry i've been fighting the flu and strep throat these past few days so not feeling the hottest

000000  No.30208



9e9df5  No.30211


Awesome pics, wow! Hope you feel better as well.

950e5d  No.30213



Wow you got such a beautiful hole

006cd9  No.30224


i luv u lostsole301 UwU

beautiful cock and ass

48051c  No.30225

holy smoley marry me already <3

9e9df5  No.30340


Hopefully you've been getting better since your last post, you look great in the 2 pics with your face included and can't even really tell you're under the weather. Would love to see more pics (as I'm sure most of the other folks here would) when you're feeling well or up to it if you still have interest in sharing more or just posting here in general!

8c2f25  No.30349


dat ass needs to be bred now.

6cce35  No.30641

You are a goddamn work of art and I'd buy anything you made.

Thank you for gracing these internets with your beauty.

ec2345  No.30690


This line of rhetoric is the most insane thing I consistently see out of this board.

I don't know what cities you live in where girls aren't trying to look feminine and cute. Fringe dipshits from tumblr aren't most people, go to a bar sometime, jesus christ.

You can like traps without it being some broader deficiency in women or the phenomenon of your dick getting hard being related to some broader cultural criticism. Get a fucking grip.

d927bb  No.30699

Any gifs?

c68726  No.30715

damn, you need to post more of you :)

5fd7c1  No.30717


everytime I cum on this thread im always ending up rock hard

ami i gay now?

538eb9  No.30719


call the doctor mate.

you should go soft after cumming. :I

9e9df5  No.30724


agreed, the pics are too good and it would be a shame if there aren't any more posted

537c72  No.30743


i'd love to get to know you, beautiful! bestcaringdaddy at gmail!

cf58db  No.30782

File: eca8ad0e4a7b3ed⋯.jpg (132.24 KB, 664x1280, 83:160, Snapchat-271665316.jpg)


ca36b2  No.30784

3387a1  No.30785



I just blew the hardest load in my life, thank you

9e9df5  No.30790


yay! more please =D

be832c  No.30829

So, probably not the best place to be looking for any kind of support in this but, I'm a bit excited and wanted to tell SOMEone. I made my appointment today to go and possibly start HRT :D

b97b63  No.30833

File: b63d3a0a3b5b02e⋯.jpg (108.34 KB, 1032x774, 4:3, 0632739981c95884f49a8fb799….jpg)




Sent you a message on kik. Look forward to chatting with you, happy to hear you've made progress on the HRT.

706cdd  No.30946

File: 65a22f459e038f5⋯.jpg (231.79 KB, 664x1280, 83:160, Snapchat-393260019.jpg)

Bought an actual "dress" today :D

000000  No.30947


Pretty cute! Your lips look soft and kissable in this pic.

9c82cf  No.30949


Congratulations, that's great news.

7af394  No.30952

Can we get an asmr in the future?

c7642c  No.30956

An ASMR? Of what? My voice isnt very trained right now, I have a little practice because I wanted to do voice overs when I was a kid, but "passing female" wasnt a character on my list 😅

3bf313  No.31017

My God you look great n.n.

706cdd  No.31031

I started HRT today :D

f02fbe  No.31032


y-youll keep us up to speed, won't you?

08a988  No.31037

>I started HRT today

A sad day :(

9c82cf  No.31041


Well, you have my positive encouragement. Good luck!

706cdd  No.31172

So, it's been a little over a week and I'm noticing some subtle changes already. My skin is a little bit softer already, without the use of lotions or scrubs or anything. (Sorry if it's too much info) but also my erections arent as strong, like physically not as hard, and my testicles have noticeably shrunken (by about 1/3 of their original size.) also, arousal doesn't seem to originate in quite the same spots as before, still figuring that one out. A little bit of development on the mood frontier as well. I've always been a very "emotionless,cold, heartless,logical, robotic,etc." person, I still am but I have been noticing slight emotional pop-ups.

0a1507  No.31183


All of this sounds like about what one would expect to happen. Although I'm surprised it's happened over the course of only a week.

13393a  No.31185


Don't ever talk to my wife like that again nigger.

66225e  No.31186


Back to 4chan

1df064  No.31202

you dont pass but if ur desperate for some kind of validation i can say that i would still fuck you

d927bb  No.31262



Though I would place him among the most passable looking compared to the rest of the catalog.

334020  No.31322

You're adorable I'd love to give you a hug.

Also what is Kik and what makes that better then telegram?

706cdd  No.31326


Kik is just a messaging app, and I've never tried Telegram, I guess I could check it out. I just did Kik because that seems to be what a bit of people use.

49a0ff  No.31348


I prefer to use telegram because it's more secure than something like discord and I've never even used Kik before.

If you do make a telegram lemme know the username I'd like to talk to you there.

c68726  No.31366

very nice babby keep it up like that

myb post some more pictures of you people are hungry for that body you got

post some nude photos.

0a1507  No.31369


You're a bit late to the party. OP had nudes ITT a while ago, but deleted them like a week or two ago.

706cdd  No.31370


Yeah, sorry about that. went through a bad drop in confidence and felt kinda gross having my nudes and face out in the open. I realize that they could've easily been saved already but, I dunno, I just felt weird about it. Maybe in a while if I get more confidence or encouragement I'll post new one.

9f1ba1  No.31385


Your eyes, your lips, your body… simply amazing and very very cute *-* Post come more picture please

4b45fd  No.31387


I hope that you know what you are doing.

000000  No.31399


Nobody knows what they're doing. The President of the US doesn't know what he's doing. Your parents didn't know what they were doing. I don't know what I'm doing. She doesn't know what she's doing. And (you) don't know what you're doing, either.

The world is a cauldron of chaos, sloshing over its edges at a rolling boil. Nobody can understand it. Our primate brains didn't evolve to understand the mess we've somehow created.

Just relax. It will all be over sooner than you think.

6cce35  No.31404


I saw them on pornhub the other day you can probably find them id you look hard enough.

706cdd  No.31420


Wait, someone put them on PornHub?

6cce35  No.31430


Yeah, I saw them the other day. Not surprising, really. Lots of accounts on pornhub and imagefap penly archive selfies from image boards.

706cdd  No.31432


I guess I'm just gonna have to get used to it. I really am considering camming though. Do any of you have any advice?

6cce35  No.31433


Look and see what others are doing, get an idea of what's popular. Then do what feels comfortable.

I see more and more people requesting specific fetish type material, due to the lack of any/actually good content.

706cdd  No.31446

File: 3fe92eb07caccb8⋯.jpg (1.68 MB, 1592x3060, 398:765, Snapchat-1501928332.jpg)

File: 68998494507964d⋯.jpg (728.74 KB, 3264x1592, 408:199, 20190404_170005.jpg)

1eaea8  No.31457


How big is the cock? Can you suck yourself?

Some Columbia trans in chaturbate make over 1k tokens daily by sucking their own dicks. If you can Do it and add to it the fact that you are white you can make even more.

Mint makes 3k per show, imagine getting paid to suck yourself or jam your dick up into your own ass till you cum from fucking yourself.

bf1763  No.31466



Lost Soul you are Smoking Hott🔥

How about a closeup (((Clit Pic)))🍒 :-)~~💦⭕

erect of course

& legg pic in skyscraper high heels

if your not to busy😎_/| _/|

d927bb  No.31471



You are right though.

adca34  No.31473

Cute and sexy. But please smile, you look much better when you smile :D

706cdd  No.31659

File: 7acbd3b9c0667dc⋯.jpg (668.47 KB, 3264x1592, 408:199, 20190418_140651.jpg)

File: 19518bec09f1524⋯.jpg (824.9 KB, 3264x1592, 408:199, 20190418_140718.jpg)

So one of you gents sent these to me. I've never really recieved gifts or anything like this so it was kinda weird. But, I do appreciate the compliments and critique very much. You can also see a little progress on my chest. (PLEASE ignore the hair, I wasnt really planning to take pictures but felt cute. I have to shave so much -n-)

706cdd  No.31660

If any of you are even around :/ been awhile

740bd1  No.31663

File: ab739deecf7dee9⋯.jpg (29.43 KB, 426x341, 426:341, 9c0.jpg)


Oh my! Never seen panties like this before.

You are a true godsend, OP.

1b05de  No.31677


Have you looked into trying blockers? I think they would really help speed up the feminization process for you tbh.

706cdd  No.31683


I'm actually on blockers and estrogen. Small doses as I only started about a month ago

6a983b  No.31685


Good luck!

77a08a  No.31701


Honestly that picture on the left just gives me so much life. You're so stunning I can't quite believe my eyes..

A-are you interested in giving out your s-snapchat?

c68726  No.31703

very nice bb keep up the good work :)

a32750  No.31709

If I wanted to gift or message you, how would I do that? Not a stalker creep but I guess saying that instantly throws up the suspicion flag.

706cdd  No.31710


I dont have a Snapchat :/ is that something you guys would want?


I have Kik, it's also LostSole301

625639  No.31726


I love the way you did on your hair on the left, very hot.

36e6cc  No.31729



7db176  No.31735



Lost Sole 301 You are Smoking Hott🔥

How about a closeup (((Clit Pic)))🍒 :-)~~💦⭕

erect of course

& legg pic in skyscraper high heels

if your not to busy😎_/| _/|

5b2de4  No.31744

706cdd  No.32022

SO, I know this thread is probably beyond dead, but just in case there's anyone around to stumble on this, I actually did make a Chaturbate account, It's not fully set up yet need a free day in the week and the courage to start. But, if anyone would possibly be interested or has any tips please, by all means, join in. I'll probably try and start doing a steady schedule depending on how it goes, I typically have Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. I'll come back and post more details when I get them. Hope to see some people there :D

2172a0  No.32023


I check this thread from time to time to see what you've been up to, try to record those streams if you can.

acabf4  No.32030


The moar you post

the moar alive your thread is

many follow you

looking forward to your next pics

33ee42  No.32051



I think most people here would love to see more of you whenever your up for sharing. Also, would help your new channel grow if you linked your Chaturbate.

706cdd  No.32092


Thanks that could be cool :D I'll link it when I actually get it set up and whatnot. Gotta clean up my room and do more research, just to help me get idea, is there anything you guys would want to see me try in specific?

33ee42  No.32101


Masturbation stuff would be cool, but that's up to what you're comfortable showing and doing on cam.

I like feet, could probably do something with that. Lots of footfags will pay for sole shots and it's minimal work to produce.

ASMR is all the rage too.

33ee42  No.32102


If you like games, look into plexstorm. It's basically the twitch version of chaturbate.

76f727  No.32455



76f727  No.32456



4d21b0  No.32549


Alot of people say it's the mindset, but its appearances that truly make the public believe one is feminine. Your body shape and skin pigmentation allows you appear so, a gift not everyone unfortunately starts with, but there's still some work to be done.

I'd suggest making an appointment at salon with a hairstylist, letting the professional figuring out which hairstyle(s) is best for you. I wouldn't rush, as good things should never be rushed. Then, based on that, I'd suggest figuring out which glasses and makeup palette is goes great with that haircut.

Other than that, if you just stick with what you currently have, based on the last pics, I don't see you having a hard problem in public.

33c2ea  No.32950

you are not passable IMO. you should try some make up and being more "open". your body expression is pretty closed.

1c5201  No.32951

post some gifs

c68726  No.33179

Any new updates love ?

c961ae  No.33181


Where can I get these undies

9e9df5  No.33192

how's the cam prep going if you're still interested in doing that?

706cdd  No.33195

Hey guys, sorry again for disappearing, just dont really know what to say/do and all that. I think im finally building up the courage to maybe come out to family and stuff, and with that, the courage to start camming. I realize that motivation wont just fall into my lap, im gonna have to make myself start doing things. And, heck i usually stay locked in my room playing games or touching myself anyway, so why not open up and use to to try and get some benefits. Anyways, just updating but also asking for advice, do you guys have any tips or things you'd wanna suggest? Also also, I usually have Wednesdays, Tbhursdays and fridays to myself, though Thursdays may be booked for a while because of family stuff

c68726  No.33201


you should start to go on cam i think you would get very much support from viewers, start on Chatrubate..

About the Family thing if you feel comfortable to tell them do it, you will myb get support from them.

Anyway GL with everything !

c68726  No.33298

any new pictures babby ?

9e9df5  No.33407


i would suggest to start camming as well to build up your confidence even further which might help when it comes to coming out to family and other things, but focus on that when the right time comes. and i agree that you would get support from the viewers if you were to cam on chaturbate. give it a shot to try and see what happens

43e03e  No.33430

I feel like I recognise you, the game you play doesn't start with an M does it?

706cdd  No.33529


An M? A lotta games fit that description XD

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