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File: 4d0a2aa22cb1bb7⋯.jpg (784.31 KB, 3809x1727, 3809:1727, 45q7negdwg821.jpg)

3f6f9b  No.32774

Does anyone have access to her onlyfans page? I'd fucking kill to see her dick.




9e4f3e  No.32899

This needs a bump

11d00c  No.32961

File: 218d5e1223f9b6b⋯.jpeg (18.14 KB, 150x150, 1:1, F07A3313-656C-49BE-804D-9….jpeg)

Her recent two Reddit posts reference her cock but link to Onlyfans, not even a way to see a thumbnail?

Onlyfans definitely has cock win

Wish I could support her right now since I really dig her not being yet another trans-lesbian trender buzzkill or one who won't let anyone touch/suck them. She actually wants it.

"Since my hormones have been wearing off I’ve been pre Cumming so much whenever I fap, and I like it "


1b1d74  No.32966

Love the mommy dom attitude she has, but only 2 vids on her onlyfans when she charges $20 per month? I’ll join once she puts out more content.

4798ab  No.33074

BOO there you go

11d00c  No.33080


Thank youuuu. beautiful feminine phimosis with secretions still inside…shameless and hot. and big hormone tits. love this girl. hope full nudity sometime.

definitely subscribing now.

981603  No.33114


Her dick looks a lot like mine especially from when I was like 15 lol. That's kinda hot to me.

36699e  No.33117


Traps with cute phimotic cocks are the best.

db1c98  No.33118


Bless you friend



I see you're men of taste as well

f6f47b  No.33121

Anyone have any of the videos?

Also, people, delete the stufff after some time…she's just starting out and should be supported.


Yup, phimosis or even tight-but-retractable phimosis on a trans/trap can be extremely feminine if it's aesthetic like this one.

Problem is the normie scare about the whole thing and most tend to pull too much over the years and get short foreskins or cut like cracked heads…it's really hot when one preserves their stuff and goes against the norms like Elune. She also seems to love this which makes her even hotter.

981603  No.33172

Anyone know if she escorts and where she lives? Also, it's really hot to me that she's only 19 and I'm only 20. She looks pretty "mature" and it's really hot.

0eb54b  No.33194


Ireland >>33172

>Anyone know if she escorts and where she lives?

Know she lives in Ireland, I'm sure she'd be down to escort for the right price, already going full Jew with her nudes

0f3a69  No.33196

She is now my new fetish, im dying for more

d67ffa  No.33205

Anyone have any more nudes?? Wanna see her body…and penis more.

486633  No.33216


Well, if someone has 20 dollars they don't need, according to her onlyfans page she has 9 photos and 2 videos.

868a74  No.33249

She posted on Twitter fairly recently that her nudes leaked on some site but she didn’t give a name. So they’re out there, free for the world to see. We just need to look harder

e1a92c  No.33252


I think she meant this thread my dude.

0f3a69  No.33253


Yo, what part of ireland i want to make her my wife?

981603  No.33254



Yeah let's be careful posting too many nudes here, we don't wanna spoil the whole thing before she even gets it going.

c5ecad  No.33258


lmao she definitely means this thread

88ba42  No.33259

File: ad645f4e9f8bb8d⋯.jpeg (1.64 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, D57CB058-9D6F-4A88-938B-1….jpeg)

I think since people posted her tits on here she might’ve gave up on keeping those secret.

9f2f82  No.33269


Those hormone tits look massive! Does she do full frontal or at least show them on her Onlyfans?

Agreed with above, >>33074 maybe best to delete those pics now…she needs support still.

her openly sexual attitude especially regarding her genitals (unlike so many deluded trans) should be commended.

443a07  No.33272

she posted on her twitter an hour ago about this thread so clearly someone ratted. She said thank you for being sweet about her cock and she loves you still,but stop leaking please. I can’t tell whether she’s being serious or not. But >>33074 should probably delete. She seems genuinely sane and not a money hungry delusional tranner so give her a break

9f2f82  No.33274

File: 266c7a7f0b20abe⋯.jpg (141.14 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 35i5ee7chgu21.jpg)

If anything this has driven more subscriptions, I know I will very soon. But those should be deleted yeah.

9f2f82  No.33275


I see nothing about that recently on the Twitter in OP. Are you on her private one? Would be hot to see some confirmation she likes her lewd cock.

Saw some bs about wanting implants and srs on the shen twitter though, kind of a turnoff if she was serious. Here I thought this was one who didn't want those memes…

443a07  No.33276


Private one, and she said she’s never going to get SRS, she just likes to troll about it

981603  No.33278


Would she probably accept anyone who tries to follow her on Twitter? I'm tempted to make a fake account to see but she might just not let me and I wouldn't blame her.

443a07  No.33279


She accepts everyone

0f3a69  No.33282



Now i gotta pay for it

000000  No.33290


This is a grave injustice. I'm glad I saved them. In the words of Patrick Henry, "Give me cute phimotic trap cock or give me death! Actually, forget the death part, just give me cute phimotic trap cock plz k thx."

20815c  No.33306


Share please if you do, I wanna know what the two videos are

443a07  No.33307


Not cool

486633  No.33308


What's not cool?

f16c46  No.33317


Can you repost?

068398  No.33318



idiot lmao>>33317

2258ba  No.33319


Please someone repost

e651cb  No.33320


No go support her

f43dde  No.33321


Sorry Elunestear, you're hot as fuck but you're charging too much for two videos and a few pics.

a2d559  No.33323


>go pay someone a monthly fee for a couple dick pics

No, maybe if she actually made more content, and also gave a preview to what we can expect instead of locking any and all lewdity behind the paywall. I get more value buying a porn sub to a site like transangels.

f43dde  No.33326


Is that 225 fans at the top of her page her subscribers? If so she's making $4,500 a month on 10 pics and 4 videos. The absolute state of paypigs. Why do people give whores so much money in return for nothing?

Someone repost the god damn pics again please ffs.

Does anyone know any other trannies that have a similar thick build?

1fff35  No.33327


>Is that 225 fans at the top of her page her subscribers?

Yes, being a fan means subscribing to their content, just like Patreon calls the subs patrons.

>The absolute state of paypigs. Why do people give whores so much money in return for nothing?

Not only that, but also attacking people for not paying, wtf. If I'm paying cash I better be getting at least a porn length video a month, not the little 90 second vids everyone does. If I'm paying for porn, I may as well go for an actual production company. 20 dollars a month for some pics, or a sub to transangels and tsseduction.

f43dde  No.33329


I'm unsure if this is a whiteknight or elunestear herself but either way they can go fuck themselves

6e263a  No.33330


Did you read it? They're agreeing with you.

1bd1ea  No.33338


yeah! how dare she be irritated that people steal and reupload the stuff she sells!

486633  No.33341


>yeah! how dare she be irritated that people steal and reupload the stuff she sells!

Lmao, I really doubt it was her considering it was written in 3rd person. It's just another white Knight faggot, like you.

66e7ea  No.33355

These were the pics.

Deleting if she gives me a free onlyfans subscribtion to her onlyfans :)

4189b6  No.33356


Doing God's work before these thirsty, pathetic whiteknights.

5b1073  No.33357



daea6c  No.33359


good lad

whoever has more, post em

4170a1  No.33360

File: 15d0997ba233db2⋯.png (469.63 KB, 512x512, 1:1, [twitter.com][88]KYDshhKP.png)

If you want to see what I have to offer ;), send me a kik message. Love to be abused too.


481c8b  No.33366


She posted about it on twitter, idiot.

7dde2e  No.33368


And did I reply to her twitter, you retard? Or did I reply to the people in this thread? Are you purposely being this dense, or were you dropped on the head one too any times?

981603  No.33376

File: 072ec653304302a⋯.jpg (1.24 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, sat6yw31kk631.jpg)

This was on her reddit for free.

2258ba  No.33380


Lol this is better than her paid ones

981603  No.33382


The title of one post that linked to her onlyfans page said something like "Mommy is getting more comfortable with full body pics" really curious about what those look like.

1f234e  No.33386


I'd like to see that too. She really does have an incredibly full, voluptuous feminine body. I guess it's due to her starting hrt at the age of seventeen.

I really wish she had a steady stream of content on her onlyfans and charged less. I would happily support her because she fills a really rare niche with her mommydom persona and she has the perfect body for it.

fbb36e  No.33438

File: 03bd6f7868c4961⋯.jpg (758.63 KB, 1439x1041, 1439:1041, Screenshot_20190630-104803….jpg)

File: 965e3a4e6528498⋯.jpg (2 MB, 1439x1846, 1439:1846, Screenshot_20190630-104820….jpg)

Same guy that reposted the pics here.

Have fun :)

458053  No.33439


Much appreciated

981603  No.33514


Does she have have any full body mirror pics that you can post? I wanna see her cock and boobs in the same shot

1b1d74  No.33515


Cock, boobs, and face in the same pic would be ideal. If someone could get on that they’d be a saint.

f1d24b  No.33546


Traps are gay, but so is OP

77ba1e  No.33575

Can someone repost her dick pics. I missed them.

bb992a  No.33720



090d1d  No.33735


use waybackmachine

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