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File: 3f87d9bb9c0ae5d⋯.gif (2.79 MB, 498x280, 249:140, tenor.gif)

0472fd  No.33175

Is it possible to reach trap mode without hrt? I did some research but some say yes and some say nope.

a0e1fe  No.33177

Yes, if you are blessed with the right genetics

fd125c  No.33178

Lots of people can do it in their late teens & even early 20s, but only a tiny percentage can go past that.

HRT is fine, but it's a huge life choice. You should only do it if you want to go trans.

000000  No.33284


Yeah, if you have good genetics and wax. But the diet and exercise part is the most important, and you're posting on 8ch so you probably don't have the willpower and dedication to follow through.

3265df  No.33604


depends on your standards, Breasts and tiny dick obviously not without HRT. you can get a decent lookin ass without HRT if you exercise and keep a thin waist (to help it look bigger). You can use lotion and other goods for your skin, Hair grows long no matter what gender you are (hopefully your bloodline doesn't bald). Idk about your perineum. Of course HRT will help almost everything I mentioned and more.

fd125c  No.33615


>tiny dick

HRT does not actually affect penis size. Over time, it can make the balls smaller to some degree.

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