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File: 5386ee18ba395c3⋯.jpeg (231.48 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, CA4067EA-A11F-449C-AD4B-A….jpeg)

File: 90384255ee7af3a⋯.png (395.64 KB, 600x556, 150:139, E5806EB4-79F1-44E3-858A-F1….png)

File: 9869be6bde32f50⋯.gif (1.12 MB, 402x213, 134:71, C142844B-DE7F-4D61-A20E-A2….gif)

File: 99e5ec1ed14c851⋯.jpeg (115.35 KB, 456x750, 76:125, F8C74C42-7172-462A-A03B-B….jpeg)

7fb6fa  No.16279701[Reply]

Been a while since we had our last comfy sports vidya thread. Ya playing anything new or sticking with the classics?

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24af7c  No.16279859

File: 6e81d2501eeb884⋯.jpeg (148.22 KB, 1271x996, 1271:996, DzGp7EXVAAAHEAh.jpeg)

File: 5fc28b1d0281837⋯.jpeg (149.45 KB, 1271x996, 1271:996, DzGpxbIUUAEmZu1.jpeg)


>only problem is that you sacrifice a lot of technical and physical ability when you watch them so after the boner wears off you’ll just be bored.

Yeah I would say it's a shame but men and women both have their own lot in life.

d1199f  No.16279898

Has there ever been a sports game that could be considered cuhrayzee?

16893f  No.16279910


>after the boner wears off

is this true or just a myth?

c0a4b0  No.16279943


I want to fuck that Japanese baseball mascot.

6e6dca  No.16279956

File: 38ed0587bb1661c⋯.jpg (865.77 KB, 800x1131, 800:1131, 45007863_p0 - べるたそ.jpg)

File: 48eb1284d83ab8b⋯.png (635.42 KB, 829x550, 829:550, Mazinger Chaika.png)

File: 8a24f9a7e7e8f72⋯.jpg (80.64 KB, 900x600, 3:2, Hitler Car.jpg)

43d9b6  No.16236194[Reply]



Previous Thread: >>16184648 ,https://archive.fo/N7Wy7

>How to Contribute

Post ITT, make a pull request (git client or gitgud IDE) or raise an issue.

If you do not have you own gitgud.io account and wish to make a pull request/raise an issue.


Username: A123

Pass: A123@486+0m

Before requesting first check:

Archives/Gitguds and that the links are up.

Wii ISO`s:Consoles/CheckingBeforePosting.

GOG:May 16th GOG dump (PC)/CheckingBeforePosting.











==UPDATE: Anons have experienced shady happenings with IGG (e.g. miners and shady extra files that served no purpose in terms of running the games), and they're from Vietnam.== Pirate Site Slammed for Meddling with DRM-Free Games, Circumvention Ensues, TorrentFreak https://archive.fo/FJp57

We prefer danknet magnets links,not that shitty clearnet shit like bittorents and IPFS.

Read a book or something if you want to catPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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8818ba  No.16278956


Is Tox still around? That's actually a good question, check >>>/tech/

12d270  No.16279554

File: b62b8dfe7327ff8⋯.png (151.24 KB, 361x385, 361:385, 23d6f237a986cb2b516c74a170….png)


Well shit. As there are files linked in the OP someone needs to get on mirroring them ASAP. Here's a list but you'd probably be better off just using Ctrl+F through the actual files.



You can technically use it for binary files but you should not be changing them much, if at all, and for large files, bad idea.


I'm still using it. qTox best, µTox a shit.

698fad  No.16279765


>You can technically

Email binaries as well, but really you shouldn't….

Not going to answer the search ready answer to >>16278821

How's Brave Neptune coming along?

7e2e63  No.16279954

I need a distraction from trying to fix my friend's laptop. First person to get dubs gets the game of their choice from Gazelle.

12d270  No.16279983

File: 65f98215ceb782b⋯.jpg (164.33 KB, 540x402, 90:67, 1446624812055.jpg)

All the console links have been checked and filtered, LewedGames/NotGames are next on the list.


No comprendo.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

ca5750  No.16276433[Reply]

What the hell happened to good movie tie in games?

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f16065  No.16278881


LEGO City Undercover on PC had few but big problems at launch, most notably is that you can't change your resolution from the main menu due to being unable to select the confirm button. It can be changed once you're in-game.

Beyond that it's pretty solid. Occasionally You might launch into a black screen instead of getting the logos; hit enter twice to exit out (hidden windows error) and relaunch

As I pirated it, I don't know how the support's been.

ff4806  No.16278883


>(((they))) are going to make JTHM

you go to hell anon, you go to hell and you die

7803fd  No.16279078

File: ab0f0c7c4295c27⋯.webm (353.15 KB, 500x375, 4:3, proof.webm)


I have the proof right here.

9cbbfc  No.16279939

they never were

1b3804  No.16279947


>jolyne the tranny killing cis scum

might go full circle and become entertaining again, in a poetic kind of way.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

a6fe1d  No.16275826[Reply]

I've just 100%'d Curse of the Moon and I'm curious if there are more Classicvania-type games that I can play, since I've played just about every Classicvania outside of the handheld ones and Adventure Rebirth.

Curse of the Moon was really nice, but why was it so easy? I expected Dracula's Curse levels of difficulty going in and what I got was something where you take very little damage and the only time I died was to getting shoved off a platform, despite playing like ass.

I do liked the Rondo of Blood type taking you down with me attack the bosses did, but they had way too little health and really easy attack patterns, especially with how much movement variety is given to you regardless if you go with a full party or upgraded katana man.

Also what was with Nightmare Mode's ending? Was that a reference to something that isn't Mega Man?

Also also, when the fuck is Ritual of the Moon coming out?

Also also also, when the fuck is Wallachia Reign of Dracula coming out? I'm sick of devs who don't update their websites and post updates on trash like Facebook, Twitter or a tumblr page instead of their own god damn websites.

12 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

a6824e  No.16279606

Circle of the Moon is a lot of fun so far. It kind of feels like if SOTN was built with Richter mode in mind rather than the other way around. My only real problem so far is how difficult it is to keep track of bosses' positions thanks to the GBA's screen resolution.

ede822  No.16279862

Check out the Ghouls n Ghosts series, it's like Castlevania with good bosses.

a6fe1d  No.16279903


Not really the same thing, but still a good series.

a6fe1d  No.16279915



You mean the whip user? Miriam I think?

I never minded the constricted movement. The game was never made to play like Ninja Gaiden or anything, and with something like Ultimate mode where you get all of these movement abilities for katanaman fuck I can't remember his name. Zandatsu? the game is an utter joke.

a8f8fc  No.16279935


How hard can it be to give her a run animation that doesn't look completely weightless? 2.5D was a fucking mistake.

File: f0df65f06425d00⋯.jpg (70.73 KB, 960x1252, 240:313, 0949319cbdbe2c04104a19f10c….jpg)

c681f0  No.16255979[Reply]

Characters will never look the same, because time passes and companies update or tweak their appearances according to new technology, or re-design them according to new trends and whatnot. Which of them would you consider good, and which of them bad? Which have stood the test of time, and which ones have aged like milk?

I really like KOF99 Athena, she looks quite cute with short hair, and that simple outfit gives her a nice combination of cute and hot. I played the REmake recently and can't believe how well those designs have aged.

197 posts and 189 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

59ecc4  No.16279890


only western artists do that.

jap artists dont care about that.

fcff88  No.16279911

File: 2a0b08556fbd0f2⋯.png (164.85 KB, 540x562, 270:281, 2a0b08556fbd0f2e6983194a0f….png)


>masculine nigress

Simply ebin

f949f6  No.16279929


The worst is the redesign of that standard beast enemy type. It looks so bad in the redux.

f949f6  No.16279931


>that bloom when he is shooting the arrow into the water

My god. Why?

3ba9fd  No.16279934

File: 057a244ad48e2cf⋯.png (428.31 KB, 540x512, 135:128, 057a244ad48e2cfc8b80e398c2….png)


>Original Shodan

>Sexy but also scary


>Goofy looking nigger, not scary or intimidating in the slightest

This is all I need to know that the game is going to be shit. The devs doing the remake of 1 seemed to snap out of their full retard phase and claim that they are staying much closer to the source material, let's hope they stay true to their word.

File: 203629390eec1c4⋯.png (4.17 KB, 240x160, 3:2, Pokemon - Fire Red Version….png)

File: 2c894f4b49a21ed⋯.png (11.41 KB, 240x160, 3:2, Pokemon - Fire Red Version….png)

f08693  No.16180207[Reply]

With the new generation coming, let's talk about romhacks! My favorites (beyond tweaks) are Vega and Orange (ongoing Crystal based on).

Are there any hacks besides Vega with good fakemon?

223 posts and 53 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

1e029c  No.16279359

romhacks are the fan-fiction of video games.

and that's gay.

66e8aa  No.16279387


Fanfiction only sucks because it's made by shitty amateurs. If a decent writer was to write fanfiction it might be worth a read. Romhacks are the same way, occasionally someone decent comes along and makes a hack that's fun.

There's also the fact that romhacks don't have to be written completely from scratch like fanfiction. Many hacks are just small tweaks and alterations to improve upon the base game. It doesn't have to be all OCs and fakemons.

c4c11f  No.16279892

i really enjoy rom hacks that increase the games difficulty without adding fakemon or completely changing the base game. right now i am playing blaze black 2, the difficulty is perfectly hard and make me actually have to use a good team instead of just blasting throu the game normally or cucking myself into not picking favorites and playing nuzlocke

a45a30  No.16279922


Got the sauce on that pic of hex by any chance?

987a18  No.16279925


jesus fucking christ that is a slobbernocker of a romhack

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

d93100  No.16236155[Reply]

Backers will not receive steam or GoG keys for a year either.

274 posts and 95 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

72cd95  No.16266959

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This sounds very sueable

9ed348  No.16267036


Projectiles I think.

81d72e  No.16267697


sounds like you're just jealous he redpilled some normalfags

dd5de1  No.16279828

File: 749f35dd179c80a⋯.png (32.46 KB, 874x247, 46:13, fanning_the_flames.png)


>Xcom: enemy unkown was one of the greatest pc games ever made

Julian Gollop didn't make X-COM: UFO Defense though. He made Laser Squad 2. Microprose stepped in and told him that his shit was gay and made him add the strategic layer. If you wanted to know what game he wanted to make, look at Rebelstar or the first Laser Squad, because that is closer to his original vision. There is a reason that, after Microprose, he went on to make games like Rebelstar: Tactical Command, or the basis of UFO: Aftermath, and a reason that none of his multiple UFO Defense successors have been good. There is also a reason that this man, despite clearly having a desire to continue working on games, and his effort to continually market himself as the father of X-COM, isn't causing companies to trip over themselves to bring him onto their teams, and why he's making some of the worst attempts at damage control while revealing he is a poor slav. It's all because Gollop is nothing but an idea guy who has a bad record that people like to overlook.

The true unsung heroes are the Microprose employees who actually created UFO Defense and have to endure watching him publicly jerk off about how he did it all.

07f595  No.16279924

I was curious as to why I even wanted Phoenix Point, so I decided to pirate Enemy Within and run long war on it again because I enjoyed that the most.

It amazes me how such a buggy piece of shit was so well recieved. It amazes me how much effort went into changing a garbage piece of shit into something much better when better bases exist.

I sincerely hope that regardless of how Phoenix Point is, it serves as an infinitely better modding base than Enemy Within or X2 ever did.

File: 0a89decc77c48c6⋯.mp4 (14.76 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, not a tranny?.mp4)

a00903  No.16276868[Reply]

She assuming it is just an ugly woman and not a tranny I really can't tell anymore apparently wrote Sunless Sea and some no-name 'interactive fiction' game called 80 days. Why she was worthy of an award in the first place is beyond me.

>“I have always found it a little strange that the year my community – this community – chose to give an IGF award to a game that was anti-colonialist, anti-racist, unabashedly feminist, pointedly diverse, and, well, written by an Indian woman, was also the same year that our audiences were engulfed by GamerGate. And it felt, at that time, as if we rejected that campaign of hatred. But it’s actually never felt closer to me right now.

>“A mutated strain of that poison that made video games its testing ground, has bubbled up in Christchurch, New Zealand. It fueled a monster who went to a mosque with murder in his heart and if we don’t utterly, and vocally, and wholly reject these people, and Nazis, and fascists, and white supremacists, then we are inviting them in.

>“If we make room for them, then there is no room for anyone else. And what we represent here tonight, must stand in opposition to them, and we have to do it together. But rejecting hate is only half the battle. The other half of the battle, in its way, much harder, it is: how do we make people feel welcome? How do we keep them safe and happy, as well as whole?”

212 posts and 67 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

4b2589  No.16279879


I get the feeling that there's groups of people that go through a list every few months and copyright / harassment strike all those old videos on youtube. It takes zero effort to keep the videos up, but if some unemployed loser keeps getting them flagged and you have to jump through the review hoops I can see why it's easier just to take them down.

I'm basing this on the amount of time some of these people spend online "fighten' dem nazis" and from a few channels that mention how old videos got pinged seemingly at random.

4b2589  No.16279885


Nah. It won a few battles but overall it came at a time where there were just too many entrenched people in the media and developer positions. It's definitely bolstered an undercurrent of people who've had their eyes opened, so that's probably as good as a result as can be expected.

e79c97  No.16279886


They keep whining about §erasing minorities" but have no problem erasing anyone and anything they don't like. They're hypocrites. Massive genocidal hypocrites. Absolute scum.

4b2589  No.16279916


The hypocrisy is what irritates me the most. It's the point where you realise you're not dealing with someone who has a logical thought or rationality.

I still believe there is good news - Bioware was riding incredibly smug after the last Dragon Age and they've burnt every bridge with the market and EA with the last 2 bombs. There was another indie game ages ago… Sunset? Something about being a maid in a rich apartment and looking through all their stuff - a month after being a media darling the lead dev melted down how she couldn't pay rent since no-one would buy something that boring.

It's obvious marketing/sales have been pushing progressiveness for the last 5 years as this massive untapped market and those numbers just haven't materialised.

c16d4f  No.16279995



There's only one solution to that, making sure our voice aren't silenced. Problem is that plenty of people were willing to silence themselves for money.

File: 0813cbce199e0fe⋯.png (48.43 KB, 700x400, 7:4, starbound.png)

20dbdc  No.16279450[Reply]

Let's say I bought into the "excitement" for this game. Let's say it's sitting there, collecting dust and unleashing a horrid rank on my Steam library. Let's say, I already know how shit it is, and it's bored me to tears the further I got with it.

Now let's say I'm metaphorically sucking Todd Howard's lying, two-timing cock by wanting to go back give it another go. This time, with mods.

I know what you're all thinking;

>Kill yourself

>Mods can't polish a turd

>I hope you deepthroat his cock and gag on it until you suffocate

All very valid points. However, I know what I'm getting myself into, which is probably just a sinkhole of disappointment. Still, they journey beats the destination in any given case. All I wanna know is, during your unfortunate waste of time playing this giant pile of dead horse puree, what mods did you have installed for Starbound? Did they improve your experience at all? Are there enough mods out there that basically fulfill every wish Chucklefuck promised at the start? Or will it just crash and burn harder than when it's running?

10 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

29c5a1  No.16279719

File: da838164d6a7946⋯.png (180.35 KB, 306x481, 306:481, DORKS.png)

I remember all the people saying this game would kill Terraria on /v/.

Where are you fuckers now? I bet you all pretend you had doubts about this game from the start.

9623e4  No.16279728

>>deluding yourself with promises

you should have known the start what this game is, what they have already released, and if you cant handle enjoying a game for what it is, you should just fuck off back to Terraria

0d607c  No.16279738


I was excited at first, but then they kept showing off just building and trying to avoid or cheat out of combat in their "gameplay" videos. I actually got into a fair few arguments with a friend about that. I ended up having the last laugh, but at the end of the day, I just wanted him to save his money and time. Yes, building is part of gameplay, but the thing that made Terraria stand out is the combat, and it got better.

9e292b  No.16279754


>killing an already dead niche 2D minecraft

The games are both god-awful and you should be embarrassed if you ever so much as consider playing either one.

00288e  No.16279913


No the Mech Mod, since all the Mods at the time were front loaded for endgame and everyone always had convenient chests full of everything you need you just slap the Mech on and have fun.

File: ec02738185e1d3d⋯.jpg (36.84 KB, 550x455, 110:91, Bonnie_Ross_at_E3_on_Halo_….jpg)

7fd2f9  No.16219418[Reply]

>As a female leader in a male-dominated industry, Microsoft's Bonnie Ross recognizes the value of cultivating a diverse staff. Ross runs 343 Industries, Microsoft's subsidiary studio that manages the Halo video game franchise. She told 60 Minutes that gamers want to immerse themselves in fictional worlds, which often means choosing avatars that look like themselves.

>"Across Xbox, we are really deliberate in making sure that we have opportunities for people to play the way they want to play," Ross tells 60 Minutes correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi. "And that does impact diversity and gender, what you look like, what your skin color is, what size body you have. And we try and make sure that you can play how you want to play."

>To achieve that range within the games, Ross says she needs to make sure her staff is also diverse. In the video above, she tells Alfonsi that it's important for women to be on the development side in gaming so they can shape diverse characters and storylines. Ross also explained how she thinks the first-person shooter game Halo has been impacted now that she runs the show. "I think diversity does attract diversity," Ross says. "So I think we have a more diverse team than in the past, which I think the team actually really appreciates. And I also think that diverse teams do kind of create a more diverse output, diverse thinking, and innovation on where you're going."


180 posts and 67 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

744171  No.16274276


>anthropomorphizing lolis

What a fucking pederast.

614693  No.16276958


>Why the hell did they ever put this woman in charge in the first place of Halo?

Cultural Marxism is one hell of a drug.

346f05  No.16278598

is that why they killed off 343 guilty spark in halo 3?

b5b573  No.16279638


Bullshit they did.

e289ce  No.16279908

I mean if you think about it this new halo trilogy is pretty woke.

>Female AI goes crazy

>Takes some kind of superpower from ancient race

>Now is going to use her newfound godlike powers to destory the universe

>Two unlikely allies join forces to stop crazy female AI from nuking the universe

File: 0b21c01c0514c11⋯.jpg (358.42 KB, 1231x1993, 1231:1993, randybobandy.jpg)

File: 031ec514c193c86⋯.gif (661.47 KB, 350x254, 175:127, kekd (2).gif)

File: 7be7e0d89e51b5f⋯.gif (172.75 KB, 281x484, 281:484, kekd.gif)

2113c1  No.16238703[Reply]

>post yfw you're not Randy Pitchford

202 posts and 81 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

bb27b2  No.16267447




5721ba  No.16267448


How is Gearbox even still in business after Stillborn, getting embezzled out of $3 dollars and Randy coming out as a pedophile?

bb27b2  No.16267449


I don't want gearbox, I just want the franchise.

As for how, I'd bet on money laundering and peacock vids on sale in the deep web.

d0b27c  No.16267453

File: 9e124210d3fbb17⋯.mp4 (4.06 MB, 576x360, 8:5, Randy Bitchford Sound.mp4)


>How is Gearbox even still in business after Stillborn

Its a front kept alive by jews for its peacock parties and magic.

262525  No.16279895

File: d6127a7efea8dd1⋯.jpg (107.99 KB, 736x1307, 736:1307, 20190318.jpg)

File: d33670806c149d2⋯.jpg (100.09 KB, 577x682, 577:682, 20190324.jpg)

Is an aussie ( >>>/aus/ ) studio going to develop it?

If not, piss off.

File: e4a83eb1760662b⋯.png (50.38 KB, 750x502, 375:251, 5c912e7a69bdec28be6bcd98-7….png)

b2bb8d  No.16268405[Reply]

I fear for the absolute state of the future of gaming which will inevitably gravitate toward streaming (Games as a Service - GaaS). And if all control input latency issues can be 100% mitigated, you will eventually be telling your children of a time when you actually owned a physical or digital copy of your game.

All the casuals will be jumping on the streaming bandwagon because that's just the kind of shit casuals do. Additionally, with the emergence of dirt-poor millennials who are lucky to have a pot to piss in (let alone an expensive gaming console or rig), the demand for streaming games will be driven even higher. As demand for consoles and $3000 gaming rigs goes down, the prices of those items will be driven up which will further decrease the demand for physical gaming hardware as more and more gamers jump ship in favor of less the less-costly streaming option. The cycle will repeat until gaming hardware is too expensive for even the most privileged richfags.

It's inevitable. Being an oldfag who's been around since the Commodore/Atari eras, I've seen our games slowly slipping from our grasp as we went from physical copies to mostly digital copies and now heading toward not even owning a digital copy at all. Soon will be gone the days of pulling out an old console or building a retro gaming rig so you can play your old games. Once the rightsholders decide they want to make a game disappear, they just remove it from the streaming service and it's gone for good.

So fuck the future basically. It's going to suck for gaming and you cannot prove me wrong.

167 posts and 58 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

7a9f05  No.16279563

File: b91f54655f9114a⋯.png (639.39 KB, 586x595, 586:595, who da phuck is dis nigger.png)


>the joke that the audience for stadia doesn't converge in the venn diagram the other anon made on the previous thread flew over everyone's head

I feel insulted that you "corrected" something that was already correct

f24b30  No.16279615


I really didn't think it would be this difficult to understand.

2eb053  No.16279849

File: ea286fa0e4ae88e⋯.jpg (133.83 KB, 960x544, 30:17, Ao_03(2).jpg)

Switched to (pedo)weeb games a few years ago. Let the mainstream industry burn. Nuke it from orbit. Its the only way to be sure.

1f052c  No.16279869

File: 8b4d896fa766327⋯.jpg (116.87 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, pop kikes anime.jpg)


>Implying that the nips won't be infected next when CY+4 industry burns.

We already see Netflix trying to poz anime and (((localizers))) fucking with nip games; you can't bury your head in the sand and pretend it isn't going to happen.

b63d2c  No.16279884


>There will still be loading screens, graphics will be the same, and frame rate will most likely vary.

He's not really wrong. Assuming games will exclusively become services and not be tied down to anyone's hardware like it is now on console or PC, your hardware limitations are practically non existent since Google has retarded amounts of servers and hardware, allowing for much prettier graphics, higher frames (which comes at the cost of higher internet demand, of course) and lower loading times if they do something as wild as having games loaded on RAM drive.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

eef7c9  No.16197373[Reply]

What happen to the real-time strategy genre?

I always like the idea of making and commanding armies. That's still a thing people like, right?

Command & Conquer, Total Annihilation and Starcraft were my faves.

203 posts and 51 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6a8875  No.16272778


So called "RTS" are failed design at their core. Trying to animate them is making corpse walk.


LoL is alive and well. And LoL players worship ranks more than everyone.

1da0df  No.16272833

File: 7cb04cfa9a4bc0f⋯.jpg (4.4 KB, 251x183, 251:183, wsdx )2_.jpg)


>It was dumb because the difference in performance between a high apm and low apm is absolutely huge

Yeah and the difference between fatal1ty and a noob is huge too, the difference between somebody who played pro fighting games and somebody who just started is huge.

It's called skill ceiling, git gud

Memorization is a skill, reflexes are a skill. Just because you suck doesn't mean these skills suddenly happen to be obsolete.

A wunderkind can learn to play piano at 3, he can't win a professional match in a videogame, first you claim skills are bad, then you complain that everybody can learn these skills.

Which is kind of the point of "easy to learn hard to master" you faggot.


Yes, chess is turn based, RTS are real time based. This means RTS are bad because if you made chess not turn based it would suck. Flawless logic 10/10

962532  No.16273123


He's right when he says memorization is boring. It's the same reason barely anyone plays fighting games competitively.

d6af3a  No.16273153


It's why ffxi is still alive.

2b109d  No.16279883


Real-time simultaneous chess time!

File: f6ff9880b8407ec⋯.gif (862.17 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 1acbf11bed656577ec24c31f8f….gif)

File: 9c7320c1a759ba1⋯.jpg (97.16 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault(2).jpg)

cbbc7e  No.16278770[Reply]

>Douring the final boss you have a unique weapon/skill available.

Wild arms 2 is possibly my favourite example of this.

56 posts and 35 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

64c6b1  No.16279353



387448  No.16279467

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Special music out of left field for special boss.

5243a1  No.16279518

File: 51d370d1c1efcc7⋯.jpg (156.63 KB, 1067x1600, 1067:1600, samus demon hunter.jpg)

File: d1704516f5a46be⋯.gif (2.8 MB, 384x216, 16:9, samus thumbs up 2.gif)

File: 6dbe48cdcf1f9e4⋯.jpg (811.23 KB, 848x1200, 53:75, zelda a linkle to the past.jpg)

File: 4d78a566c55e840⋯.jpg (75.32 KB, 640x445, 128:89, zelda oot.jpg)

File: 75fae8d5eab0d38⋯.jpeg (6.77 MB, 7967x5217, 7967:5217, zelda waiting.jpeg)

The old "final boss/escape sequence/real final boss at the end" three stage finale. Like OoT, and Super Metroid to an extent, though it has a two stage boss battle and then the final escape from a self-destructing planet.

I also love it when you can beat a game with nothing but starting/basic gear and get some kind of acknowledgement of it.

002faf  No.16279864


That's honestly one of the single worst tropes found in video games. Any game that removes all the skill you've been honing over the course of a game to replace it with something entirely different (usually an instant win button) has a shit finale. A final challenge should be an opportunity to exhibit full mastery over a game's mechanics.

8a68d7  No.16279873

File: 00e0e5dc4843614⋯.jpg (177.28 KB, 460x215, 92:43, yiikes.jpg)


The most recent example I can think of

You fight against some Japanese general then he yells the line, and transforms into a robot. It's a shit game, don't play it.

File: 59ba193c910cd75⋯.jpg (55.88 KB, 800x600, 4:3, hejwar.jpg)

8562d9  No.16277111[Reply]

I've been out of the loop and I'm sure plenty of other anons caught up in vidya politics have fallen out of the loop as well. Can some anons interested in breathing hope into the community mention projects they know of ITT?

I don't necessarily mean open-source games only, either. Things like Cave Story or Yume Nikki before the devs sold out count too.

24 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

72258c  No.16279222


>board politics are real politics

539f88  No.16279226


You did specifically say

>Things like […] before the devs sold out count too.

1d3551  No.16279233


8562d9  No.16279311

File: 607716683df0ab0⋯.png (2.2 KB, 150x250, 3:5, thonk.png)


I suppose that's true. I'm just a little salty.

544d60  No.16279872


Shame is has utter horseshit for controls.

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