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File: 364a1b3aaee3f30⋯.jpg (417.19 KB, 1280x719, 1280:719, 20190322_001620.jpg)

a26713  No.16277721[Reply]

They are many youtubers who are better honest than him like RadenGuy, a small YouTube who does not give a flying fuck, Joe is not the voice of gamers around the world's no sir

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a9eaae  No.16277971

File: c5fdf90e1cade03⋯.png (428.16 KB, 480x572, 120:143, big trouble in little chin….png)

25a2f7  No.16278146


Where do you ESL faggots keep coming here from? Fuck off.

0d7d8f  No.16278292

File: 929b1f49239ae9f⋯.gif (65.48 KB, 800x800, 1:1, a1fc356d179efce73fc4712df8….gif)


Hahaha I just noticed he's gotten so fat he can't wear his jacket zipped up anymore anymore.

be5b17  No.16278682

File: dcacfe8faf51ca9⋯.png (319.33 KB, 600x305, 120:61, 5f3a28e9cc60c2031decef8abe….png)

416bd0  No.16279258

File: 21b2edf96efb6a6⋯.webm (8.75 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Call of Duty WWII Angry J….webm)

File: 7db143be089853b⋯.webm (7 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, EA's Battlefield V Pre-Or….webm)

reminder that angry joe was 100% wrong on battlefield 5 and had to backpedal

File: c3bf3b3aaf78276⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Crystar western screenshot.jpg)

File: 39da5e1e91f681c⋯.jpg (2.67 MB, 1920x2160, 8:9, Crystar western release.jpg)

File: 5a6a04b349280fd⋯.jpg (6.5 MB, 1920x6480, 8:27, Crystar western screenshot….jpg)

File: 70e4192076b7e39⋯.jpg (2.67 MB, 1920x3240, 16:27, Crystar _western screensho….jpg)

7534b4  No.16277433[Reply]

Sadly, the game is probably getting some censorship, judging by the cut intro. But on the bright side, it's coming to the PC. I don't know what engine this game uses, so I'm not sure about mod support, but fingers crossed.


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4c7a33  No.16277591

File: f426e0510ed0492⋯.webm (14.21 MB, 400x267, 400:267, Quality_Caligula remake.webm)


>cry star

>literal emo crybaby loli

This has to be a joke.

But considering what they did to the one game I really liked from them they can


4c7a33  No.16277604

File: 2a6d47e3bc0019b⋯.png (168.14 KB, 400x352, 25:22, huskie ruskie.png)



but why was it in there to begin with? Not that I condone censorship but what's the point? The whole game looks like its going for an excessively emotional and somber feel. This isn't Obachanbara where sex and crazy is the whole theme. Just seems dumb to me.

edd9ab  No.16277649


Probably just some humor to throw around here and there so the mood isn't always damp. Just how they have some light comedy in horror to try and make the characters or the viewer feel a little better before they drag them through the mud again.

f8d59f  No.16277660


What’s up with the words starbursting out of the character? I don’t understand.

7534b4  No.16277729

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This is the Japanese promotional trailer from last year that originally caught my interest in the game. Embed related, but I recommend watching the hi-res 1440p version as well.

Indeed, it's going for a pretty emotionally heavy tone and I agree the fanservice shot feels forced, but it should be up to the art directors what gets in and stays in. If they catch criticism for it, that's fair and welcome. Criticising art is a lot more productive than censoring it.

One can also argue that the shot in question isn't too out of place because it's part of the magical girl transformation trope.


Crying to power up is a pretty interesting idea. The last game I remember to have it was Super Princess Peach.


It's the sad thoughts in her head (as well as from the enemies she kills) that fuel her super emo powers or something.

File: 6eddf49b27a6d17⋯.png (3.62 MB, 1840x1311, 80:57, Mosiac.png)

d0f48b  No.16249974[Reply]

For those who have fallen for the Steam meme, lets rate your tastes in an aesthetically nice looking format.


Save the resulting image and post your awful taste.

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712e38  No.16276842

File: e9dcf75282cd6e6⋯.jpg (1.72 MB, 1840x2139, 80:93, 76561198025367332.jpg)

Feel free to roast me.

3240ec  No.16276900

File: 381edbb223b7fe5⋯.jpg (20.94 KB, 236x358, 118:179, 0c582ecf76adf3ba6166e2c7a7….jpg)

>make shitty datamining thread

>get told to fuck off

>IP hop like the bitch you are

>still nobody bitting

>let a week pass

>last post calling out your faggotry 3 days ago

<maybe now's the time


Stop trying to make your shitty dataminining thread happen OP,it won't happen

9c6147  No.16277586

friendly reminder that TF2 is a shit tier game and you should feel bad for playing it.

0d1704  No.16277617

File: 783fe5a0a1f05d0⋯.jpg (350.51 KB, 1032x1145, 1032:1145, ikadubs.jpg)


Check em

0afa4b  No.16277657

File: 11534ab548c2e64⋯.jpg (2.5 MB, 1840x3105, 16:27, 76561198029640791.jpg)

File: 6fce71ff0cf5cc4⋯.jpg (18.13 KB, 220x276, 55:69, 220px-EvolvaBox.jpg)

File: 6defa70e97d8e6d⋯.jpg (64.69 KB, 639x361, 639:361, 66580bf05b16bd9881d4e6aff8….jpg)

File: 9a96dada3be247c⋯.jpg (87.16 KB, 800x600, 4:3, artofmagic_002.jpg)

File: 8e977ec66e2faa3⋯.jpg (156.57 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: 63c3a78b7e383fc⋯.jpg (23.19 KB, 244x300, 61:75, s-l300.jpg)

a05840  No.16140961[Reply]

Games nobody talks about and games only a small group of people know about.

1. Evolva

2. Big Mutha Truckers

3. Battle Realms

4. Magic & Mayhem 2 : Art of Magic

5. Command & Conquer : Renegade

6. Zanzarah (no picture)

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f110df  No.16276945



f110df  No.16276964

File: 2f0b46ae70ced72⋯.png (960.82 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Phobia III is very obscure.


Disciples 2 was great, preferred it to Heroes tbh.


I do remember playing Incoming, but not if it was any good. IIRC you had several different vehicles to use to defend against invading aliens.

f110df  No.16276965


Not sure what you mean by that. Shiny is obscure, yeah, but they still made great games.

fafba7  No.16277509


>Earthworm Jim



03088f  No.16277623

File: fc1c6d395723372⋯.png (248.55 KB, 524x432, 131:108, Capture.PNG)


You're right, people gave up on translating it a decade ago. It really is a Fallout clone, first area looks like a final boss dungeon. Ran without a hitch when I first installed it, but now it's acting up like a little bitch.

The music is fucking weird, it falls sort of between stock soundscape and some really quality stuff.

File: f6978e4e7e22996⋯.jpeg (12.94 KB, 1240x744, 5:3, bb7f32367a73ea9b4c611b1c4….jpeg)

aa1304  No.16220992[Reply]

>A group of games industry insiders has launched a new initiative to tackle the problem of poor diversity in the UK video game development sector. POC in Play is described by the group as a racial equity and inclusion movement with an aim to improve representation and to provide events and initiatives for people of colour either working in the industry or thinking of joining.

>“The only statistics we do have are really old – that’s part of the problem,” said Chella Ramanan, a journalist and games writer, who along with developer Adam Campbell is a founder of POC in Play. “The newest figure is from a 2015 Creative Skillset report and it shows that just 4% of the UK games industry is from ethnic minority groups. If you compare that with film and TV in the UK, it’s 30% in London and 15% nationally. There’s a big disparity between games and other creative sectors.”

>Other founding members of POC in Play include Moo Yu, co-founder of developer Foam Sword Games, and award-winning technical artist Jodie Azhar, CEO of Teazelcat Games. Ramanan sees the problem of representation in games as self-perpetuating: children of colour don’t see different ethnic groups working in the industry, so may not think of it as a viable career. The lack of diversity is also reflected in the games the industry produces. The situation has improved recently, with leading roles for people of colour in blockbuster games such as Far Cry New Dawn and Apex Legends. Ramanan sees the fact that it is difficult to agree on good examples of representation as part of the problem in an industry where representations of white male heroes are so widespread.

>“There’s a problem of visibility, both of people working in the industry and in the games themselves,” said Ramanan. “The representation is often stereotypical – a black man will often be, say, an LA gang member, but that’s not representing the experience of people in Leeds or Birmingham, or the Caribbean. South Asian people are rarely represented at all. There’s a lack of seeing your own stories being portrayed so young people of colour aren’t being encouraged to think: ‘I could make a game like that.’”

>The organisation, which is being supPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

132 posts and 65 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

4ae7cd  No.16270405


>Pieces Of Crap In Play

0e8bb7  No.16270710

Is this shit really just to cement brand loyalty through identity politics? This shit is everywhere and it is pretty fucking annoying. My mom was watching shark tank the other day and it goes on a "we need more women in business" tangent. They always say diversity is needed. For what? Capitalism doesn't care who you are, only if you are capable of rising above your competition. That is really all it boils down to. I can't wrap my head around why they think diversity of sex or race can improve technology or society.

>hey Pauline! You provided the world with limitless energy! Please tell us how you came up with it!


>Mgunta you achieved diplomatic world peace! Please tell us how!



ca1d86  No.16276933


>If your game is good, then people will play it like Japanese, Korean, and Chinese games.

Name one good chinese game.

14b6b4  No.16277482

File: 4907348507cc489⋯.jpg (61.01 KB, 410x468, 205:234, 1549508904972.jpg)

031c25  No.16277537

File: 0abbe76c1ec6c03⋯.jpeg (23.64 KB, 360x360, 1:1, 0abbe76c1ec6c030e58ee4b7c….jpeg)


>Calls the Kongs black.

>Even though they have white skin.

Don't you dare call DK a nigger.

File: 1e01407e666e4e1⋯.png (189.14 KB, 578x510, 17:15, shining forced.png)

cc22db  No.16188431[Reply]

As far as allowing you to control centaur characters I know the original shining force had Mae among others. They appear in a few other games from the shining series but you don't really get to play with them for the most part. Personally, I'd like to see a game feature a centaur you could ride into battle. A dragon's dogma pawn system where you can train them to fight with a particular style would be rad as fuck but I'd settle for them being a ridable battle buddy.

>Stay on their back and both of you attack in tandem with blades and hoofs going wild

>Dismount early and have them gallop around to flank foes while you engage them from the front.

>have them learn magic and kite foes with spells.

>They'd have different styles of support depending on which weapons they use with lances, bows, swords and more. Also hoove stomping.

>romance options if you're some kind of degenerate maybe?

215 posts and 114 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

124eae  No.16256516

File: d6a5f6720b9b9ad⋯.jpg (608.13 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, centaur tank.jpg)


>not riding a centaur that is driving a tank

i like this

5bfcc2  No.16275761


But unlike being a furry, there's absolutely no stigma to liking robots. Hell, the word "clangfag" is extremely rare outside of /v/.

30f851  No.16275775

File: f10620d8754232a⋯.jpg (155.03 KB, 334x334, 1:1, 1551808610269.jpg)


Oh hey barneyfag. You know neo-MLP was made by the makers of the powerpuff girls and used DnD monsters right?

There's absolutely nothing confusing about it. It's just fun to hate on, I should know.

af0778  No.16277494

File: b33215616d48c75⋯.jpg (141.98 KB, 858x931, 858:931, blowoutsoon.jpg)


Blowout when?

9cbe98  No.16277516

File: f13337f3754a6d8⋯.jpg (70.02 KB, 626x885, 626:885, 1468687047963.jpg)


Really? Cause my friends find it strange that I find the warframes hot.

File: c89e581b4e386ac⋯.jpg (19.85 KB, 1160x760, 29:19, epic-games-store.jpg)

1da903  No.16272036[Reply]

I thank the chinks for blackpilling all the gaymers and encourage piracy.

Now with every new games are released exclusively on chink botnet, the only alternative is to pirate.

129 posts and 25 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f367e5  No.16275289

File: 05451f1a2ab8356⋯.webm (1.03 MB, 480x360, 4:3, 2 pirates.webm)





sorry that i told the truth and moralfags from cuckchan came out of the woodwork

ff636c  No.16275294


>friend buys new game

>tell him I pirated it for free and show him how

>gets mad and all the argument boils down to is "I bought it, it's unfair!"

>deletes me

Glad to be rid of that faggot.

6cbb21  No.16277078


It's a problem when literally anyone does it.

8a9cd3  No.16277388


A copy of a copy is not theft, its piracy. The original copy stays intact. Piracy isnt a money, moral or product problem, its a service problem. If you want scream and kick about it is theft due to an appeal to populacr/authority go for it, I am sure it will work out for you in the long run.

8a9cd3  No.16277397

excuse my spelling and grammer

File: cd0a401eebc0c9e⋯.mp4 (7.28 MB, 600x360, 5:3, Dragon Quest VIII - Rememb….mp4)

File: 4e650059a4ed4d4⋯.mp4 (6.85 MB, 600x416, 75:52, [Now Healing] 02 Melodies ….mp4)

831dc5  No.16139094[Reply]

A few years ago I made a comfy videogame music collection using songs posted in these threads. I think it's a good time to make a new one. I'm uploading the old list I made with /v/ years back at the moment but it's over 1000 songs and 5+ GBs so it's taking a while to upload (though it needs some cleaning/quality control).

Anything vidya and comfy is fine. Even upbeat music, jazz, and easy listening tunes that relax you. This includes arranged music and fan arrangements/doujin music. If you can, then include a download link to the song or an Invidious link. If you can't do any of those then include the whole song's name and the game it came from in the file name. That way I can try to find it and add it to the list.

Starting off with Dragon Quest and a arranged version of an already comfy FFIX tune.

194 posts and 123 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

831dc5  No.16271808

File: e439117c69231bf⋯.mp4 (11.27 MB, 482x600, 241:300, Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Sy….mp4)


Late reply but I think you might like this.

831dc5  No.16271816

File: 9ad176aafcf9d71⋯.mp4 (4.78 MB, 528x600, 22:25, After Wars Gundam X - 08 F….mp4)

File: bd0d11d2569f78d⋯.mp4 (5.26 MB, 418x600, 209:300, Wolf's_Rain_-_Paradiso.mp4)

2ebc12  No.16271825

File: 979b0a0f6b39606⋯.webm (4.12 MB, 474x454, 237:227, Celeste B-Sides (Mirror T….webm)


8ba85a  No.16275472

File: 802e81698031f25⋯.jpg (34.03 KB, 575x615, 115:123, glare kaiji.jpg)


No metadata on any of these songs, gotta go through and manually add metadata for all this shit so I can organise my music library somewhat. Fuck sake. How do you fags live like this?

831dc5  No.16277295

File: e9037f44db53fec⋯.jpg (70.68 KB, 574x960, 287:480, I will try harder.jpg)


I made that years ago when I was much more sloppy. I'll make sure this one turns out better.

File: e30e77625803c60⋯.jpg (130.82 KB, 574x579, 574:579, screenshot.1022.jpg)

File: 602360a3d863ac9⋯.png (224.13 KB, 670x580, 67:58, EA Protect The Gays.png)

8c636a  No.16222418[Reply]


For this month, EA dusted off their "Protect the Gays" placard and refurbished it into "Protect the women." And they did it too on International Women's Day, how convenient.

49 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

394ebe  No.16263285


Yes, womyn are weaker and more precious than children and must be protected from them, but also womyn stronk and can do everything men can do but better, they just need to be coddled and given all sorts of special treatment and advantages to balance out their incompetence.

f22113  No.16263316


Meanwhile EA did absolutely nothing to a pedo in their Game Changer program who was trying to fuck with some underage boys, up to asking for their nudes since December 2018. Ironically it was this pedo himself who came out to the public and decided to leave EA's program out of shame. Funny how the The Sims community, which mostly consist from family people, didn't let this shit fly under the radar despite barely anyone gave any shit to report this, not a single "big outlet" reported about this for sure which is also quite ironic since they were desperately trying to create shitstorm about a supposedly pedo site 8ch at the same time.

Too bad the pedo deleted his twatter account, I don't think anyone archived the tweets related to the incident, but some of the things are still left there.


This one is a better summary with important part that the guy is a pedo, not just some harasser.


f22113  No.16263373



Seems like EA audience is truly dead, assuming this shit is genuine it's pretty clear that even the dumbest of normalfags stopped buying their games or they just don't take their surveys at least which is obvious since only dumbest niggers give a shit about sports games and those retards play on consoles where you don't need to take surveys.


>they can live indefinitely off of sports game sales alone

And besides that with The Sims they have nothing else left. The Sims which maybe has a all this women demographics may die out before sports shit and thus they going to lose dumb women who waste the money of their husbands, but EA can't rely on sports shit forever either and it seems to be slowly declining. Besides, I wouldn't want to have such unstable userbase as niggers with dumbest retards who don't even play games aside from sport shit, they are the most disloyal costumers and thus provide a huge risk of losing money if something go wrong. This something isn't depended exclusively from EA alone.

2fffda  No.16277046


>The Sims which maybe has a all this women demographics may die out before sports shit and thus they going to lose dumb women who waste the money of their husbands, but EA can't rely on sports shit forever either and it seems to be slowly declining.

I don't think the Sims 4 sold very well actually. They went almost completely silent on marketing it post release because of the flop.

8c9329  No.16277293



>male player

>female player

They aren't even pretending that these people don't exist


>8% of females want to limit microtransactions

The largest demographic of literal consumerist whores wants more shit to throw money at. What a surprise


Considering Edward Bernays successfully doubled the market audience of cigarette companies doing this, it's not surprising.


>what is couch co-op and multiplayer

File: 65f434b0fd9c34e⋯.jpg (192.55 KB, 1200x1465, 240:293, Kids television programmin….jpg)

b92fd4  No.16235589[Reply]

God damn this game

I go supposing you all know about MUDs and MOOs and maybe know about HellMOO

This MOO looks quite fantastic, some post-apocalyptic game like fallout but without restrains.

I found out about it recently and it's quite the blast, the first things and last in my first life was tearing open stuffed animals to find beers, crack and weed ad my ripe old age of 10 in an orphanage, I then sniffed some and went up to punch Billy or whatever in the face and ended killing him, or her since the appraisal shown that it was a girl.

I then went to the hall where some other orphans lived and pissed on that one that said i'm a fat that sucked dicks.

I then went to the heating room and died while going inside the furnace

There's some room for fun shit

111 posts and 20 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

efd5b5  No.16273431

File: 647ebf3b859cb6c⋯.png (68.03 KB, 796x1229, 796:1229, svu.png)

000000  No.16274565


Any time I hear "Unity" I think "bug-prone disaster." Unity feels like a crutch for bad devs tbh.

fd422a  No.16274796


This is great.

000000  No.16277233


HellMOO has a butt-ugly map display, I see.

b5e1f3  No.16277344

File: 3dd14cd3fc606a1⋯.jpg (107.09 KB, 553x400, 553:400, lmap.jpg)

File: 4196923d1d05c33⋯.gif (18.55 KB, 632x388, 158:97, map.gif)


It's functional and compact enough for a quick overview when moving around.

There are two other map commands to use.

File: fb211f2243b3505⋯.jpg (857.47 KB, 1600x1036, 400:259, Neg Geo games.jpg)

530948  No.16266747[Reply]

I would like to welcome all of the new FBI agents monitoring this board. I have just one question for you glowboys: What is the best Metal Slug game and why it is Metal Slug X?

Neo Geo thread. Post your favorite Neo Geo games

30 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

b16fa2  No.16269928


>being so retarded to not know MAME has emulated Neogeo for over a decade


>there are posters now so obviously underage they don't know Neogeo games were infamous for always being expensive arcade carts for the home consumer market

Please do your research before asking basic ass questions.

b16fa2  No.16269954


It's kind of hard to convince kids to beg their parents to drop 200 fucking dollars on an arcade perfect port of Fatal Fury Special when a downgraded but similar-looking-to-arcade port of Super Street Fighter II costs 1/3rd of that.

957c89  No.16270483


Is 7 really that good? I stopped playing after 5.

b2b7e8  No.16270496


Yes, it really is. 7 solid levels, an array of fantastic bosses, and missing a lot of broken aspects of scoring found in other games in the series.

bc1e1e  No.16277192


>Literally where? The pic mentions 2, but not X

Dear god anon…

Anyway, I need to play me some Samurai Showdown again. That game was fucking ace.

File: 830c93ebad69899⋯.jpg (42.08 KB, 460x215, 92:43, header.jpg)

File: 0f444b1270aa12d⋯.webm (14.19 MB, 854x480, 427:240, lern2play2.webm)

5b220c  No.16276350[Reply]



Mindnight is a game of deception and lying. At the start of the round, players are randomly selected to be either Agents or Hackers. The Agents' goal is to secure 3 of the 5 nodes in the game, while the Hackers' goal is to hack 3 of the 5 nodes. Players can vote on who will go into each node to secure (or hack) it. Nobody knows who is an Agent or a Hacker, so you will have to rely on voting patterns, text chat, and node history.

>I don't get it

see WebM related

Also this guide should help you out as well



Steam is the only place you can get it, but it's free.


Anyone is able to host a game, and you can choose between having it be text-only or voice and text (currently only custom games support voice chat, and individual players cannot be muted)

See you in the grid, faggots. Will be posting more info

91 posts and 24 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

5b220c  No.16277313

looks like dewrito is going to win so here's a magnet


also apparently there's a patch that fixes a chat exploit

https://cdn. discordapp .com/attachments/287361838767800320/459847345526407178/dist_0.6.0_to_0.6.1_changeset_r2_2.7z

13b681  No.16277316

File: a993b7dac7a52b4⋯.png (216.78 KB, 645x470, 129:94, a993b7dac7a52b4f1f368680a4….png)

651188  No.16277339


>chat exploit


1e9286  No.16278635

People playing this?

52b8af  No.16278967

File: 3434c5cc0b367d1⋯.png (152.97 KB, 666x1059, 222:353, ClipboardImage.png)




File: 725ec23ce83fc96⋯.gif (2.87 MB, 352x198, 16:9, piracy time.gif)

File: 54a7cfa91347333⋯.png (349.59 KB, 683x1972, 683:1972, steam reviews 2.png)

cb73d0  No.16249655[Reply]



>Vavle removes review-bombs

>automatic tool will be used to identify them and a "team" will look deeper into it to decide if it's to be revmoved or not

>EULA/DRM negative reviews are off-topic and to be removed

Oh well, pirating was always the right way.

125 posts and 29 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

e58b49  No.16268904


>some reviewbombs are pretty retarded (like when they target other games of the same company that have nothing to do with it).

Oy vey, don't shoah us!

2d4877  No.16277025


>Who cares? You shouldn't trust reviews anyway. And yes, some reviewbombs are pretty retarded (like when they target other games of the same company that have nothing to do with it).

If you can't trust reviews then how do you find out about games?

4dbc15  No.16277096


It will happen after every Jew is killed off.

I'd say by 2050.

f646be  No.16277135


Crash your skull open against a brick wall, Discord tranny rat.

Don't hold back.

5243a6  No.16277160


my favourite youtubers xDD

File: 9db14e0f20d3ec8⋯.jpg (665.83 KB, 747x1502, 747:1502, ....jpg)

File: 725ec23ce83fc96⋯.gif (2.87 MB, 352x198, 16:9, piracy time.gif)

585970  No.16267534[Reply]

They've learned nothing from Metro Exodus.


>The Outer Worlds will apparently be coming out as yet another Epic Games Store exclusive, even though it already has a Steam page and all.

>The Outer Worlds Epic Games Exclusive was leaked by a website which seemingly prepared the information to release at a set time on Twitter, but the tweet somehow got pushed ahead, and now everyone knows ahead of time.

>To reiterate what we know from before - Epic Games have revenue guarantees which are seemingly steep enough for Obsidian and Take-Two to go with making The Outer Worlds exclusive to Epic for at least one-year post-launch

214 posts and 35 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

7e571b  No.16273143

>all the shit devs pick fucking EBIN STORE EXCLUSIVITY

The absolute state of them, couldn't happen to worse devs. Then again I don't expect PC gamers to use any amount of restraint like the consumer whores they are Zoomers seem to unironically enjoy Cuckerlands, jesus Christ Zoomers. They did enable Steam after all.


Absolutely criminal if true.

dee6be  No.16273252

The only winners are pirates.

b85157  No.16273321


Tencent is a chinese company. It has to follow chinese law. Chinese law requires spying on users for political reasons.

The Epic store is a front for the chinese government. It sounds stupid, but it's that simple.

670094  No.16273715


well, time to pirate it, I guess.

b7986f  No.16277080


Until they push games as streaming only.

File: 5470c16c672aeff⋯.jpg (320.27 KB, 2365x2365, 1:1, germx.jpg)

793b91  No.16233833[Reply]

What are some of your weird, autistic or OCD hangups about things especially relating to video games, video game accessories, or the handling thereof? I'll start with mine:

>be especially OCD about touching controllers, mice, and keyboards with oily hands or hands that recently touched food so have to wash hands before handling these

>if I turn in a certain direction (clockwise or counter-clockwise) I have to then turn the opposite way to balance out

>character stats have to be even points

>have to have mouse sensitivity set to the very exact point I'm comfortable with

90 posts and 28 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

19fb76  No.16247457


not wanting to touch things with greasy hands is more of a good habit then anything spergy anon.

although I do have a problem with the number 7 and 14 I've been trying to overcome for years now. I lose my fucking mind when times, items objects ect are left on that exact number/s

9adb34  No.16259913

>All these faggot obsessing over hygenine

Gay. Just buy a new mouse every few years.

384e0d  No.16259986

File: 24478018c002828⋯.gif (263.7 KB, 538x302, 269:151, e21.gif)

I have mentioned this terrible trait of mine a few times in those threads but in the real life when I touch a crack or something like that with one of my feet, I have to touch it with the other because otherwise I feel something akin of pressure on one of the feet and not the other which is irritating, that or I feel the pressure on one side of my brain instead. The same thing applies to vidya, if my character foot has an animation that makes him put his feet onto something that is a different color than the rest of the environment, I often start jumping around to apply the pressure correctly, but it will never, ever feel right.


Why did you tell me this Anon, now I will feel the same way and suffer just like you.

6e57cb  No.16260075


I tried doing that, it didn't work for some reason.

8b1f24  No.16276941


I do this as well. Fucking one-way doors are the worst shit.

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