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File: 65b28f7ffd696f9⋯.png (405.39 KB, 648x1109, 648:1109, UdDY93q.png)

d25611  No.16145657[Reply]

For countless years these commie faggots have been attacking our Vidya and people who make them. It's time we bit back. Basically the plan right now is to compile information, look into potential advertisers and expose the skeletons in the closet.


Previous thread:


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843deb  No.16148512


>Judaism and Islam do not believe there are only 2 sexes

Proof for that?

File: 92cb6aa2678f24b⋯.png (453.37 KB, 700x497, 100:71, what's wrong with showdown.png)

f271fe  No.16142520[Reply]

What's this all about?

Fullderp is a game where one of us declares himself the champ and takes a ragtag team of six Pokemon assembled by anons into an online competitive Pokemon battling simulator.

To quote one of Showdown's mods…

>@MacChaeger: None of these people are youtubers

>@MacChaeger: They impersonate verlis to to gain notoriety and attract new members

>@MacChaeger: These people regularly trick others into getting locked

>@MacChaeger: this is the single most toxic group of players on PS

Can I give the champ something?

Of course. If we've got a champ, feel free to come in and watch and give him something when he calls for a new team. No experience necessary, and everything's done in-browser.

How does it work?

When the current champ calls "new champ", the first poster to claim it is our champ. The first six legal Pokemon suggested once champ has been claimed or "new team" has been called will be the team our champ uses to battle.

Suggesters are not to make multiple suggestions for a team unless 15 minutes have passed since their last request, or unless the champ specifically asks for resuggests.

The champ will be battling in Smogon OU unless he specifies otherwise.


The Rules:

Failure to follow the rules will result in IMPEACHMENT and/or BULLYING.

1. The champ cannot forfeit or intentionally throw a match.

2. The champ may not edit a set without the suggester's permission.

3. All Pokemon must be nicknamed.

4. The champ is not allowed to timer stall.

5. If someone resuggests before 15 minutes have passed since their last suggest, the champ must ignore it.

6. The champ should replace resPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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246268  No.16148469


It's 4am and I have lost control of my life


5874e3  No.16148472


gain control of your life by using a metronome mon

29833c  No.16148479


Rampardos @ Choice Scarf

Ability: Sheer Force

EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe

Jolly Nature

- Fire Punch

- Earthquake

- Superpower

- Rock Slide

13f022  No.16148516

File: 3676432b74e438b⋯.png (14.1 KB, 512x448, 8:7, what the fuck.png)


What the fuck is this even supposed to be? Also this was utter hell to solve, it's basically all trial and error. In the end I just abused the completely obvious symmetries when it became clear the author just doodled something and added numbers. It's like whoever made it doesn't understand even remotely what is fun about these things.

13f022  No.16148519

As for the sugg, take a mon that looks like whatever the fuck the turd in >>16148516 is. No, I can't help you with picking.

File: ea6ffb93a843992⋯.png (5.29 KB, 366x77, 366:77, ClipboardImage.png)

70740a  No.16121264[Reply]


>for an ugly cryengine game

Rage being 20GB was unreasonable a few years ago but this shit? How embarrassing.

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3067d4  No.16148355

File: cf88decec8bfc3b⋯.png (514.81 KB, 543x417, 181:139, jews.png)

a2069b  No.16148408

>their associations

Also known as Sony. Not that Nintendo was better, they were charging $30 per cart.

6ab6f5  No.16148418


>I don't even bother

But don't you want uncompressed sound files for 8 other languages you'll never use and can't opt out of? What's wrong with you?

8c9707  No.16148452

File: c04bfd2f6b39bfa⋯.png (392.4 KB, 1325x839, 1325:839, Awfuldeveloper.png)

I know uncompressed development assets but damn why party for this?

23dee7  No.16148518


If it is it's pure incompetence. Much like how not having DRM is a good reason to pirate, being able to play a properly compressed version is. I'm honestly baffled that game companies are this lazy for digital distribution when Youtube for example is investing heavily in codec development that allow them to push more data through their tubes.


This should not ever be a problem for the game developers. The only valid instance I've seen is with the rePatch mod on Vita where you have mods that need to override a massive data file but aren't able to hack the game's executable to split it off into its own like Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus does. So you end up with a whole lot of crappy nude mods that consume 1-2GB on the system (you can delete the original files if you want but that's a bad idea). Even worse than that though is people don't even distribute them as patches, and usually the modifications amount to a couple MB. It's harder to actually apply them since you need decrypted assets to do it, but for filesize reductions that massive, worth it.


And yet they put up with it.

File: 2cbda5aa1f22d64⋯.jpeg (179.79 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 1_UE06munlFpbgZQdH75I1hA.jpeg)

File: 467d2e1827de939⋯.jpg (175.91 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, DsiAnQxXoAArT-x.jpg)

File: b4e119f38ac9c47⋯.jpg (193.72 KB, 1152x1200, 24:25, Dsod34KUwAAbPg7.jpg)

File: 35593a55634d970⋯.jpg (169.74 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, DtPvftJWkAAOJe_.jpg)

File: a83a5b4bd42f66f⋯.jpg (140.48 KB, 1024x703, 1024:703, Yakuza laugh.jpg)

3844c6  No.16146866[Reply]

And he only hired 4 WYMINZ while the rest are a bunch of cucks.

So much for diversity.

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0b87df  No.16148477


>is that true?

Do you need to even ask retard

c5cee7  No.16148478


They look normal to you if you live in some urbanite hellhole like Sanfran.

000000  No.16148491

I don't see a problem with them. That's how game devs and game journos always looked, at least in my country, Czech republic.

You are just acting like a faggot, op. Just because everyone isn't macho soycuck like Vávra doesn't mean everyone not sucking cocks is bad.

I hate sidecuts and shit, but I don't judge people by that at all; if someone is familiar with czech game journo scene, he knows Grygar - while he's a poz lot of time and may seem somewhat cucked the first time you see him, he's very knowledgable and generally, when he's not pozing, has a very good taste. Of course I despise him, but he's still good and is a very good journo.


pretty much this

Sage for awesomly shit op.

f57754  No.16148492

File: 08dfb6f444ec259⋯.jpg (45.21 KB, 480x457, 480:457, dawkins.jpg)


Of course my friend

ddbd9b  No.16148517


How much they're paying you to defend their honor, TORfaggot?

File: c3bed9950ea98ff⋯.jpg (180.73 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, MORTAL-KOMBAT-11-BAYONETTA.jpg)

File: 83846be7f88bc90⋯.png (821.37 KB, 1023x580, 1023:580, 140be2cc979b746c77ff3d180e….png)

File: bfbbf3b8766636f⋯.jpg (174.44 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 98mc2l5q9a521.jpg)

621398  No.16147449[Reply]

>Mortal Kombat 11

Jade, Kano, Kabal and D'vorah are konfirmed for the game. Kano will feature an exclusive cangaceiro skin for the Brazilian version. Jade trailer: https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=0fMX6h2LvMY

They will join Scorpion, Raiden, Sub-Zero, Scarlet, Sonya, Baraka and brand new Geras. Shao Kahn is a pre-order bonus.

The game will feature a custom variation system(but 3 default ones) changing not only moves and cosmetic but intros, outros, taunts and Brutalities available for the character. New type of cooldown meter, Krushing Blows and Fatal Blows along with other new mechanics.

The game will be released on April 23.

>Dead or Alive 6

Raidou is confirmed as character for the base game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOcglaO5Lsg

Core Features trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jiZOGlcpsi0

Core Values gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_pktWHtuc8

Game will be released in March 1st 2019. Arcade released confirmed for Japan.

Nyotengu will be available as a pre-order purchase. Phase-4 will be available in the Digital Deluxe Edition along with 25 more costumes and 3 BGM tracks for the game. Mai will also return, with another SNK character coming after: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBv0-72Ew3M

>Dragon Ball FighterZ

Jiren and Videl(w/ GrPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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870226  No.16148443

File: 7ad2536144b1334⋯.jpg (196.31 KB, 485x722, 485:722, Xu_Huang_Portrait.jpg)


徐晃, really? Resemblance is canny

64378c  No.16148445

File: 570f5f25f0aaf78⋯.png (582.78 KB, 883x718, 883:718, yamazaki25.png)

>not "Core Values Edition"

One job, OP. One job.

Also fuck Kazuya. Yamazaki is the FG character most deserving of a appearance in the Yakuza series.


Shimbori's lemming-tier stupidity got saved by FGC celebs bending over to corporations but this doesn't redeem DOA6. This is a very favorable turn of events for KT but don't forget they still happily denied their core fanbase for a fistful of esports dollars.



It's SC6 all over again. Wanting to buy something because they think any act of contrarianism is cool even if you're being a goy shelling 60-70 shekels for a game.

027d24  No.16148483

File: 3509c5c5dd7644d⋯.jpg (261.32 KB, 1200x1157, 1200:1157, 20190303.jpg)


Next thread better be Core Values Edition…

Is SFV dead? RIP 2016-2019

ffc9b2  No.16148504

What the hell is the Core values shit?

865852  No.16148515


EVO cut a DOA stream because it conflicted withe the FGCs core values

File: 0ea04a1309940c5⋯.png (913.44 KB, 1000x800, 5:4, dbv_logo11.png)

File: 2bd20e8843b4ca9⋯.png (14.78 KB, 600x600, 1:1, guide(addressoutdated.png)

File: 37e9a0c134ee2a5⋯.jpg (178.83 KB, 1763x455, 1763:455, ClimaxStateoftheUnion.JPG)

File: b3277e0b8054ef6⋯.png (463.72 KB, 736x736, 1:1, HarambeJoinstheSaiyans.png)

File: d0ae4ebfdba36b2⋯.png (39.02 KB, 203x149, 203:149, TheChadAnalDeathRay.png)

0d3883  No.16017572[Reply]


>previous thread somehow manages to last two whole months

>upon the conclusion of the Lore Saga the prior wipe, a good ending was secured for the warriors of the galaxy

>not-Megaman becomes a human thanks to the Dragon Balls, plows the shit out of not-Lyn and has three kids out of wedlock

>Gold Baram attempts to make the universe open source, accidentally summons forth Spideroly and a black hole to devour the universe

>heroes and villains team up to stop the threat once and for all

>in a new timeline, a new saga begins!

>Saiyan Elite tears apart castle so often that its workers form a union, thus leading to the first ever Worker's Party of Vegeta

>local demigod disguises himself so well that no one, not even himself, knows his true identity

>Namekian gamers rise up and take over Namek

>Earth becomes overrun with catgirls, one brave pink-haired soul named Jeff rises to purge the degenerates

>green gamers manage to piss off Saiyan Elite, attempt to subvert an invasion by challenging her to children's trading card games

>Icer who insists he did nothing wrong forms an empire of his own to counter the mean Saiyan Elite

>the Elite, suffice to say, does not take this well

>Kami dies but he's back so its okay tho


<all hands on deck needed for bugfixing and gameplay improvements

>can't code? Luckily for you, BYOND is easy as shit to code with

>new coders, feel free to ask for help from anyone else working on it

>find source code from other BYOND games? Shit nigger apply it to Climax if its any good

>link tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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390486  No.16148473

File: 1d211212a647ca1⋯.jpg (6.69 KB, 317x159, 317:159, images (21).jpg)



that being said that morrigan girl seems..easy to…conquer

035c70  No.16148487

File: be3168901ca74a7⋯.png (165.63 KB, 361x373, 361:373, fixed.png)

1a48cd  No.16148495

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

1a48cd  No.16148497

File: 460115d4378c243⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.03 KB, 257x31, 257:31, mfmssp.PNG)

e58c47  No.16148513

File: f440c369c477aa7⋯.jpg (9.74 KB, 299x168, 299:168, images (28).jpg)


yup canon no matter what

File: c955a39d7efc60f⋯.mp4 (7.36 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Metal Gear.mp4)

06ea66  No.16146435[Reply]


309 posts and 298 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

0b80ff  No.16148488

File: 3057d44ee495723⋯.png (2 MB, 1468x1080, 367:270, 72fd986da7ad62c1de96807b3b….png)


yeah sure

d01f4b  No.16148489


Hi, Skippy.

70202d  No.16148494

File: 955c164481a6d5f⋯.webm (14.27 MB, 480x360, 4:3, hitmen for hire.webm)



>files deleted


4152be  No.16148500

File: 87f6a4c075bc008⋯.jpg (106.06 KB, 603x707, 603:707, 1470253836993-0.jpg)



>I missed both posts


70202d  No.16148510

File: 12283f9d3945dcd⋯.mp4 (11.93 MB, 478x360, 239:180, How to Become A cult Leade….mp4)


Wasnt anything special :^)

File: ab4f4aee943ee93⋯.jpg (110.49 KB, 846x768, 141:128, 810a4010c01698794dfe21a19e….jpg)

File: b835a71e229b225⋯.gif (242.99 KB, 200x200, 1:1, image1.gif)

File: c166bb06d09616a⋯.jpg (179.08 KB, 1200x839, 1200:839, a40200e793e31ff0adf84350dd….jpg)

20f7a9  No.16095193[Reply]



>Nvidia is facing the end of yet another troubled week as SoftBank's Vision Fund announced the sale of its entire $3.6 Billion stake in the company.

>The Vision Fund is a $100 Billion fund established in 2016 and has invested in companies such as Uber , with its stake in Nvidia acquired in 2017 when the chip maker's share prices were on the rise in part thanks to cryptocurrency mining, while also on the verge of significant AI tech and deep learning announcements - an area the Vision Fund is particularly keen on.

>Citing the deterioration of Nvidia's share price as the primary reason for the sale (worth just under $290 in October and currently trading at $146), the blow comes following Nvidia itself citing the Chinese slow down for its recent poor performance.

>Other issues have blighted the company in recent months, with the cryptocurrency market flagging for most of 2018 and miners of currencies such as Ethereum ending their mass purchasing of Nvidia graphics cards, with models such as the GeForce GTX 1060 a particular favorite thanks to its efficiency. AMD has been in the same boat, however, and the result of this is often a flood of second-hand graphics cards hitting auction sites with a knock-on effect on sales of new cards.

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1d6f22  No.16142946


Now you just sound jewish.

3bb45c  No.16142980

6fc636  No.16143004

File: 079037377c4d99c⋯.jpg (550.02 KB, 800x827, 800:827, 079037377c4d99ce7be211bcb5….jpg)



000000  No.16148409


>14 minute video

This is why I hate videos. If they transcribed that shit I'd probably be done reading everything he said in half the time (or less considering how much of it is probably just filler). Just tell me what the point of this video is.

accbe8  No.16148509


>t. make over 100k/year

>buy ikea furniture

A spiritual Jew through and through. Buy some woodworking equipment and make your own furniture. Subhumans make shit furniture and professional craftsmen do not deserve the amount of money they charge for something anybody with a functioning brain can produce.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

216cfd  No.16118008[Reply]

So an art style mixing link Between Worlds and the clay model promo art for Pikmin and the same dedication to the original map as Pokemon Lets Go!

As a fan of the original who played it on release i think it looks cute and charming and have no problem with the "we were into twin peaks at the time and wanted to experiment" zelda being experimental in some fashion, but boy is it funny to see millenials from the 'im such a nerd' crowd going "UHHHH WHY ARE THEIR CHOMPS AND GUMBOS IN ZELDA????"

I'm not usually a big remake guy, but boy would it be neat to see Oracle of seasons in this kind of art style.

336 posts and 109 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c9b3f3  No.16143900

File: 66c603686fd6734⋯.png (8.54 KB, 160x128, 5:4, ClipboardImage.png)


I'm thinking that they would implement a "large" dungeon (a dungeon built around how the game can have a scrolling screen) just like how they have the color dungeon in the GBC remake. However, what would be the unique item?

9cf525  No.16146702

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>take the cel shading effect off BotW

>It looks like the LA remake

Seriously. Put a filter on the game.

edf545  No.16147780


Couldn't Paper Peach just escape easily by turning to the side and sliding through the bars?


The ability to zoom the camera back further and use the Switch Hook pun unintended from OoA and some item exclusive to OoS to foreshadow a remake of them?

Or full game co-op (with joy cons) and a entirely new co-op dungeon that could still be completed by one player controlling two separate characters?

3dc7f2  No.16148361


Its been a while since i've seen another 'yoshis egg' tier 'anons dying of thirst for his fetish' like this post.

f10ef7  No.16148508


Find the Japanese rom and play it. Post screen shots. I'll translate.

File: 7d25956c6bf4c1a⋯.jpg (368.3 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20181224142754_1.jpg)

a09158  No.16018007[Reply]

>I'm completely new, where do I start?

Learn the Kana. Start with Hiragana and then move on to Katakana. Yes, you need both, and yes stroke order is important. Use Realkana or Kana Invaders for spaced repetition. Alternatively, you can use the Anki deck, but I'd recommend the first two. Tae Kim has a Kana diagram on his website, and you can use KanjiVG for pretty much any character.

>Alright, I know the Kana. Now what?

You have to learn vocabulary and grammar in order to speak and understand the language. Some will tell you to grind the Core2k/6k deck until you're blue in the face, others will tell you that grammar is more important. Truth is, you need both, but it doesn't really matter which one you decide to do first. You're teaching yourself here, so you move at your own pace and do what you're most receptive to. If you want grammar first, then Tae Kim has a great introductory grammar guide, there are numerous grammar related videos in Anon's all-in-one-Anki-package, IMABI has an active forums and an abundance of information on grammar, and there's always YouTube if you're lazy. On the other hand, if you want to learn vocab first, then grab the Core2k/6k and grind until you're blue in the face. For mnemonics, see Kanji Damage.

>Well this is great and everything, but I still need more help

Ask in this thread.

Threadly reminder:


Don't come to tell us about Duolingo, we know that it exists and it is generally frowned upon for using a contrascientific new-aged hippie didactic philosophy, and is designed feel as effortless as possible, even at the expense of actually learning anything.


DJT guide: https://djtguide.neocities.org/


>Alternate DJT Site thaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

320 posts and 91 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

fa6765  No.16144694

On my PC with W7 I have only JP and my native language set. For some reason EN keeps reappearing by itself. Does anyone else experience the same problem? Any ideas how to fix it?

34994e  No.16144900


Are you such an imbecile that you can't even understand what we were arguing about in the first place, or are you just trolling? What sparked this whole debate is you vehemently objecting to the fact that moving a part of a sentence to the end adds emphasis. You just admitted it does. Whether you pull some pet theory out of your own ass and go through mental gymnastics to justify it instead of just plain accepting 倒置法 for what it is according to the Japanese themselves is irrelevant. The conclusion was ultimately the same. You effectively agreed that yes, it adds emphasis.



Here's something to think about. Virtually every Japanese source including 国語辞典, grammar guides, writing guides, etc., says that 倒置法 is the deliberate inversion of the standard word order to emphasize the phrase/word that is moved to the end, but surely, they must have been informed that THE INCONTROVERTIBLE LAW SAYS that a Japanese sentence must end in a verb. Is it that they have a better theoretical explanation that accounts for this and fits in with other aspects of Japanese grammar, or is it that all of them have no idea what they're doing, and you're better at their job than them? Of course, maybe you are; that isn't an appeal to authority, just something to consider.


Your understanding of 主題 (topic) in Japanese is completely flawed. Japanese has both 主題 (topic) and 主体 (subject). Sometimes the topic coincides with the subject, sometimes it doesn't. Some sentences have no topic. Some sentences have no subject. Some have both, and they are distinct from each other. You might want to review the fundamentals again.

bf7cfc  No.16148022

anyone have experience with the kodansha kanji guide book? or should i just stick with the free anki decks to learn kanji?

225ff2  No.16148073


>what we were arguing about

I was primarily concerned about verb final word order, which was the primary topic of all my replies. As far as I'm concerned, what "sparked this whole debate" was you saying

>This is gonna blow your tiny mind, but [any part of speech including the verb] can go almost anywhere.

That was the primary thing I was concerned with. My first comment about emphasis at the end of a sentence was really a footnote to me, but if you want to focus on that instead, I'm fine with that too.

To reiterate, here's what my first comment on the emphasis said (emphasis and brackets added)

>Also, it seems dubious to describe that behavior [in your first source, https://kakikata.dkrht.com/kaizen/kaizen00600.html] in terms of "emphasis". All the examples your source gives can be better described in terms of topic comment. The "emphasized" parts are being put "at the end" because they're being put into finite verbal constructions in order [to] be used as comments on the topic, which are closer to the front. The tendency to put topics forward and comments later is common to English.

That source only listed examples where verb or complement of だ changed, and that was the only case that comment is about. I'm happy to admit that a tail clause can be used for emphasis, because I never said that it couldn't. This is only a problem if you think every instance of 倒置法 has to be the same, even though that term obviously covers at least two different syntactic structures.

You keep confusing sentences and clauses, and thinking that every source written by any native speaker must contain rigorous unquestionable linguistic knowledge, so it seems that you've read a lot about what is the Japanese equivalent of being an English major, but not on actual linguistics.

P.S. I never confused the topic and the subject; you did when you assumed that the 「俺は」 at the end of the sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

a09158  No.16148506


I have it and think it's one of the best kanji resources I've tried. There are pdfs of it at the DJT sites in the OP if you want to check it out.

File: 39abd92de5c1fbf⋯.jpg (111.37 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, UwU.jpg)

File: 7213d522e589375⋯.jpg (552.23 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, japanese super onis vs per….jpg)

File: e36d99cb753c3bb⋯.jpg (477.35 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, i honestly have no idea wh….jpg)

File: 074c03401a02a82⋯.jpg (300.04 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, legions of skeletons.jpg)

File: afcc185aabda603⋯.jpg (157.43 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, your average late game of ….jpg)

877c6b  No.16137983[Reply]

Not a regular poster here but dominions (in general) which is surprising considering all the shenanigans you can do to everyone in a game.

>create a second sun

>steal the sun

>summon lubed-up muscle-bound poojets in your army of possibly demonic monkeys

>have crazed men, whose only use fish as weapons, join your legions

>summon a legion of skeletons

>give your generals a set of copper arms so they can wield 4 weapons

>summon demons to rape your virgins and have them give birth to deformed children with the occasional chimera

>make crossbows and shields that can only poke out eyes

>make astral mages tupla force enemy leaders to death

>summon a succubus to seduce enemy commanders, only to find that the commander is gay

>become a literal KANG with an army of manlet negroe archers

>summon biblical demons that eat your population

>have a friendly hurricane that occasionally throws hurricanes at everyone else

>permanently shrink an enemy army

>give people leprosy

>give your generals two hearts

>summon literal gods that slaughter entire armies with one spell

>have a race of semi-aquatic baby-eating literal jew giants that practice blood magic

>poison the world's magic so that any one casting magic is attacked by the void

>remove your an eye off your god, so he can hit things with a bow that shoots disease

>send plagues to your enemies, only to have that very same plague come back to you

>recruit immortal pigs

>create volcanoes

>summon eldritch gods to do your bidding and later have them break free from your control

How come i dont see morPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

32 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

877c6b  No.16144540

File: 1281e8ea58177dc⋯.png (300.56 KB, 641x720, 641:720, 1281e8ea58177dc2551c51cddf….png)


>MA Alantis

maybe you should pick a better nation of bird people tbh famalamadingdong

also nice quads



all it is is just reading nigga, like lmao just read what each spell does and what each nation excels in



what gave it away?

04881a  No.16144643


And here's why you shouldn't

>singleplayer is just dumb AI cheating chaff doomstacks and casting random spells

>multiplayer requires 40 hours studying the meta to excel at

>vaunted magic system is actually gay as fuck because 2/3 of the spells are dogshit, including most of the evocations aka the cool shit you wish you could use

>multiplayer games take days or weeks to get rolling and months to complete, and multiple assholes will drop out over the course of it so whoever's lucky enough to be their neighbor can eat the dumb AI that takes over for them and get a disproportionate advantage

>largest and most active hub for discussion and finding games is run by a tranny and his clique, who is also one of the primary liaisons to the devs

>every incarnation of the game (see: major patch marketed as a sequel) costs $40 and only receives any kind of content update once every six months or so; game is perpetually buggy and imbalanced, with at least half of the nations in the game being shit-tier

>90% of the shit you look at and think is cool will either be bad or is only good in retarded, Tzeentchian schemes that have nothing to do with what drew you to the faction, like the frost giants' actual frost giants being crap and their main strength being to use their frost giant werewolf shamans as magic batteries for your old grannies to plug into so they can summon infinite skellies

I spent a long time learning the game and playing a few multi matches before I was entirely burnt out. The nations draw from a wide variety and mixture of historical, mythological and popular culture sources, which is quite cool, but that's the only truly good thing about Dominions.

Pirating it and playing its lobotomized single player in between learning faction lore off of unit cards is honestly the best way to go about experiencing it. Its gameness is designed with MP in mind, but the commitment and disagreeable autism involved makes that MP just not worth it.

327365  No.16144731

File: 73f66b079fd33e1⋯.png (260.72 KB, 936x515, 936:515, Vaynar-FULL.png)

I'm not a big fan of most stock factions, so I use a lot of downlaoded ones.

My favorite:


372065  No.16145623


Make the game DRM-free, shillman.

04d7a3  No.16148503


>not a game about space empire ruled by shape shifter


File: 0731662761f3a6b⋯.jpg (839.02 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, splashhrafd.jpg)

50b224  No.16139742[Reply]

Let's talk about Half Life mods, both for the first and second game, and about Half Life in general. What is your favourite Half Life 1 mod? What is your favourite Half Life 2 mod? What have you been playing recently connected to those mods? Any recommendations?

I have been playing Half-Rats just a while ago and it kind of sucks dick, being mostly frustrating. The sound design was kind of creepy at first, but the wails got annoying after a while and not very scary. I would say that the main character is annoying as well with how overly verbose he is but seeing that going through the levels just isn't too fun, I prefer to listen to his babbling than to deal with randomly placed reskinned enemies. I'm still going to try and beat the mod in hopes that the sequel is better.

22 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

b3f296  No.16144658

By the way, there is this madman recreating hl2 in gldsrc


b55764  No.16144718


Go replay Azure Sheep. It's fucking garbage. It's The Citizen of Half-Life mods: everyone loves it because they don't remember it.

b3f296  No.16144809


garbage in what way. design is pretty simplistic which is normal for this period.

7a4e18  No.16144827


SMod, and Source modding in general, has gotten fucked so hard by Valve so many times. Plus side of it, though, is that there's a cracked copy of Half-Life 2 that's out there specifically to save mods (including the new SMod-based Half-Life 2: Substance) from being broken for good like that: http://bsnooch.com/forums/index.php?topic=1360.0

dfe7c3  No.16148502

My brother recommended Half Life: Echoes the other day. Looks pretty neato. Is it worth a playthrough? Is it a long campaign or just a quick playthrough?

File: 9dbf993331cddea⋯.jpg (333.32 KB, 1086x485, 1086:485, as03.jpg)

File: 9b85cfa3e3ecae4⋯.gif (1012.33 KB, 350x245, 10:7, Alien_Soldier_1995_Sega_EU….gif)

8032aa  No.16147667[Reply]

Alien Soldier is a Mega Drive game created by Treasure in 1995. In the game you control a bird man in a suit or something and get your shit pushed in by relentless enemy confrontations. With 4 weapon slots and 6 weapons to choose from, you must race through short levels to confront and defeat numerous bosses. At your disposal is the ability to dash, hover in place, double jump, stand/run on the ceiling, and switch between locked in place shooting or shooting while running.

The fast paced action running at 60 fps pushes the Mega Power of your Mega Drive and has captivated many through the years to prove that they are, in fact, not a casual faggot.

Recently, a game called Cup Head has been created based off of the Alien Soldier formula of short levels, creative boss design, and fast paced action.

This thread is dedicated to Alien Soldier. Enjoy.

13 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

870480  No.16148253


Alien Solider is “Best Game Most People Will Never Hear About” tier. There needs to be more games based around boss rushing, like those two SNES light gun games with the mechs.

Only thing I didn’t like about Alien Soldier is hard mode locking your weapon choices. I never got good enough to figure out the right combination of weapons to defeat the game on hard mode.

407854  No.16148267

>mega drive

>the shittiest pooD bweep boop games

Go get a 486.

b2d57d  No.16148332


Eh? Hard Mode doesn't lock your weapon choices. You can still swap out weapons using the boxes on Superhard. Besides, Superhard is disappointingly barely a step up from Supereasy despite what the names imply, so it shouldn't be a massive bother either way. The winning combo is Flamer/Flamer/Lancer/Lancer, and then switching out a Flamer for another Lancer before the Seven Force fight. They're the best weapons for each damage type, but they require more finesse and skill to use than others, so it kind of balances it out.

Also, being in Fixed Shot mode drains less ammo when firing continuous-fire weapons than when you are in Free Shot mode, which adds a bit of optimization for ammo management.

70c637  No.16148484


I don't remember

153f8a  No.16148501

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Ooh yes, I own this one. Best mega drive soundtrack of all-time imo. Kill all the terrolist!

File: 54a0182b129d08d⋯.png (22.53 KB, 573x1645, 573:1645, 3502e464a62faf738034edb5d8….png)

9a6afa  No.16146499[Reply]

Metro Exodus was cracked

88 posts and 20 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

424a0e  No.16147890


Seven years, only gotten worse.

880ded  No.16148048


I thought he was already dead?

36490e  No.16148051

DENOVU is dead.

Thank the gods.


cc547a  No.16148467

Do we really need individual threads for every game that gets cracked? When Far Cry gets cracked tomorrow will you make another one, even though there are 2 denuvo threads up to page 5 right now?

36e267  No.16148499


Yes, using nouveau wouldn't work in all likelyhood

File: e1e76186d2f22d9⋯.jpg (25.98 KB, 530x284, 265:142, dims.jpg)

bc10ee  No.16126146[Reply]

Is it worth trying?

Long time ago I played it when I was a kid. I really want to give it another shot. I have a vague memory of the game. My keen interest is it is a sandbox MMORPG. The problem is I'm really disillusioned with most MMOs lately. They get boring and repetitive.

13 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

74c167  No.16127374

>NGE emulators

Not worth it

d8bb92  No.16127413


we might have someone still doing ace of aces as rebel pilot, if not you can always be reverse engineered some better stuff to help push you through.

af194a  No.16131782

34ab75  No.16134378

File: a5ef61b0ccf2ce5⋯.jpg (12.88 KB, 300x168, 25:14, WGDFG.jpg)

6096f1  No.16148498


I'm pretty sure SWEGMU is still alive and running

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