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File: 72bd9a179b9471f⋯.jpg (89.39 KB, 460x215, 92:43, DBD.jpg)

File: cb4e86b99908124⋯.jpg (101.1 KB, 460x215, 92:43, F13.jpg)

File: 949233bfb497af4⋯.jpg (21.1 KB, 400x400, 1:1, last year.jpg)

dbb4c5  No.15939921

How do these square up against each other? Which one is the best of the lot according to you? Which one can I play with you fags?

b1565a  No.15939933


fundamentally kinda fun, but the community is the worst I have ever fucking seen and I mean that with zero exaggeration

>Friday the 13th

looked interesting but they just recently lost a lawsuit against the IP's holder or whatever, which means they can't ever make new content for the game. It's only a matter of time

>Last Year

haven't played it, but Discord store exclusive

>playing with /v/

are you retarded

dd1ab0  No.15939938

>One has SJW devs that actively shit on their community

>The other is just meh with at least some effort put into it

Tough choice, was it time already for the weekly thread about this?

b6aa5e  No.15939987

They are all pretty meh to be honest. I wish there would be an actual good slasher multiplayer game, but the best one I´ve ever seen is probably White Noise 2 and that´s pretty much dead.

99d080  No.15940158


One of the worst balanced games I have ever played, and the devs have basically openly admitted they have zero intention of fixing it.

Lots of absurdly overpowered shit thats been around since beta still not nerfed, lots of useless shit not buffed, ect.


SJW devs, bad, clunky gameplay, ridiculously low amount of content

>Last Year

Gameplay looks just as poorly balanced as DBD, with any team of semi-competent human players being able to just shit all over the killer player.

Havent actually played it myself because >discord exclusive

0a4757  No.15941208

I only played Friday the 13th, but the only way I can say it is fun is if you have friends who also play it. Because you will spend hours laughing at just how stupidly broken, not unplayable broken but funny broken, the game is.

399aab  No.15941286

File: 5c583b754ee5584⋯.jpg (25.55 KB, 325x375, 13:15, mandy.jpg)

DbD has way too much paid DLC locking many characters behind paywalls in a game you already bought, F13s days are limited with no new content, gonna have to wait 3 months for Last Year to not be discord exclusive, so it'll probably fall out of style by then and we'll forget about it anyway

e66015  No.15941426


I'd say that Dead by Daylight is extremely unbalanced, but in a pretty funny way: depending on what you and your oponent has equipped, either it's massively balanced in your favour, or in theirs. From the matches I've played, either the Survivors steamroll the Killer and escape all 4, or the killer snipes everyone in 5 minutes. Occasionally, there's that one match where by some miriacle shit is balanced, the killer is a serious threat but the survivors aren't push overs. Maybe 2 or 3 guys get away, hurt and injured, and they had to work for their generators, but it was a fun match.

I'd prefer they balanced the game more so I'd have this sort of match more times, but looking at the other matches as the game currently is… it's not bad either. This kind of crappy balance is like two blind guys playing rock paper scissors, it makes the game unpredictable and I guess that's all I wanted from it.

Feels great shitting on people that DEMAND to win every game though.

238596  No.15941434

We have this thread once a month every month.

>Dead By Daylight: Actual good game but suffers from some balance issues. This is the best game in this asymmetrical genre without question. Not a jaw dropingly good game. Everything else is just shit at best and a ironic nightmare at worst.

>Friday the 13th: Literal dead game that shuts down when the server hosting package expires due to losing the license, beyond that the devs are the worse tier of sjw that ban people that beat their gal pals and try to paint their paying customers as psycho rapist pedophiles until they get caught doing it to someone recording the footage and destroy their reputation and the soylent gentry dont play horror games to support them. Fuck them and the one shill the game has on here

>Last Year: looks good, great cheesy tone but its literally a left 4 dead mod with reskins of the special infected. It has one map, one mode and killer is pointless since players can make stunlock items and shockguns out of thin air because early access survival crafting. Announced discord exclusive and no console version ever. Prepurchases so low they pulled a new console port direction out their ass. Just play Left 4 Dead 2's versus mode for a better version of the same experience.

a2d1de  No.15941489


Have you played World of Tanks, by any chance? Sounds like the game for you.

cb4385  No.15941495


>fundamentally kinda fun, but the community is the worst I have ever fucking seen and I mean that with zero exaggeration

Oh? Care to explain?

7ad482  No.15941639


Not him, but.

Think of your average group of survivors in any given horror movie.

Now put them in the real world. That's who you're always playing with. And killers tend to be the most egotistical motherfuckers out there

ab51a5  No.15941892


Dead by Daylight is super fucking simple. I don't think there is a game that required less effort to make. It might as well just be a mod for some other game.

Dunno about the rest.

d64175  No.15942107

File: c582b90804d0ad4⋯.jpg (10.48 KB, 160x255, 32:51, 6b6a6a00dc3de1a261125c75b4….jpg)


>way too much paid DLC locking many characters behind paywalls

You don't have to pay money. Players collect iridescent shards based on performance in-game. These can be used to unlock characters, customization, and perks. Do you even play the games you complain about?

DbD is nothing to write home about, but it's a fun game. That's more than most can offer these days.

dbb4c5  No.15942718


>And killers tend to be the most egotistical motherfuckers out there

Got any funny anecdotes?

b1565a  No.15942771


I mainly play Killer and see some truly shameful, embarrassing conduct from the Survivors. Broadly they just bitch about everything and I do mean literally everything - perks, items, characters, playstyle, everything. Let me give you an example:

>play as Killer

>playing as Leatherface, widely regarded as one of the worst killers there is

>find a group of two, choose one and chase him

>he starts looping around an obstacle

>looping is a meta strategy where if you run in circles around an item, the killer - who is mechanically designed to be very slightly faster than you no matter what - will waste tons of time trying to get you while your teammates do shit

>this guy knows his loops so i peel off and ignore him, he's clearly above my skill level

>he's teabagging, spamming a flashlight at me, this clearly annoys him

>find his teammates, down one, there's that first guy again, trying to body-block me

>body-blocking is another meta technique where survivors can actually physically block a killer from completing an objective, in this case hanging up the first guy on a sacrificial hook

>drop my victim, cave in second guy's head

>hang him up, hang up the first, kill the other two guys eventually, the game is over

>say "good game" in post-game chat

>that first guy calls me a noskill scrublord faggot shitbag

>other player says "camping lol"

>exit game, the first guy has made a Steam discussion thread demanding that I get banned for "camping"

>he gets banned

This was one round, where nobody cheated or did anything wrong. The amount of people who actively accept teabagging, spamming flashlights at people, bodyblocking or the gay meta shit like running in circles around stuff and just trying to annoy the player whose entire role is to kill everyone else is shocking and it's totally widespread. The lower levels of play were really fun, but if you're even remotely good you'll be matched above them within hours and you'll end up with the angry tryhard metafaggots.

d64175  No.15942943

File: a41c0eb8342b58e⋯.png (779.63 KB, 800x450, 16:9, a41c0eb8342b58e907ffd2190d….png)


>gay meta shit like running in circles around stuff

Using the terrain against you? How dare they!

>spamming flashlights

The only effective way to use a flashlight? Make them stop!

What are you complaining about? You got a double hook because none of that stupid shit actually works. The community is not really all that bad, that's just humans man. You can't even talk shit in-game anyway until after the match.

8cbe54  No.15942973

Dead by daylight has a progression system and a core gameplay which encourage people to dumb thousands of hours into it. Every game is something new and theres lots of things to get better at. It strikes the right balance between horror game and arcade game, even though it's a buggy unbalanced shitshow. The other 2 games are kind of fun, but more in a partygame kind of way. The gameplay gets stale extremly fast, and people who have figured out how to exploit the mechanics of the game bully everyone else away.

64f11a  No.15946616


You know you can't use those shardw to unlock licensed killers, right? Of course you don't. After all that would mean you don't immediately drop your 7 bucks on a dlc the moment they position their ass above your mouth, DbD shill.

042cab  No.15946638

File: 98eccb25771c057⋯.png (681.81 KB, 652x869, 652:869, 98eccb25771c057fe4b6ef5946….png)


>the community isn't hostile, you stupid fucking no-skill faggot nigger

7ad482  No.15946651


I can comnfirm this

I have as The Pig

Once when it was just two survivors who were both wounded I just had fun with it letting one guy take down another and "make progress" before killing them and then putting them back on the hooks. and when one died I just put the other on the hook and stared them down as they died and one guy called me "a sociopath"

it was funny.

3a0906  No.15946777


>looping is a meta strategy where if you run in circles around an item, the killer - who is mechanically designed to be very slightly faster than you no matter what - will waste tons of time trying to get you while your teammates do shit

Couldn't this be undone by simply doing a 180 and smacking the dude in the face as he comes behind you?

8cbe54  No.15946794


sure, if you are playing against a literal potatoe who lets you do that.

238596  No.15946795


>main ole' Kenny

>hook 3rd survivor

>entity starts struggle phase

>look at claudette trying to sneak up

>shake head in a no and start slowly walking to her

>she runs

>stand next to hooked victim and just nod yes as they struggle

>claudette is teabagging at open gate

>hit them with extreme status effect specced piss jug

>fogged up vision they turn to run but hit one of the two pillars and run in place

>down the fucker

>pick them up

>they aren't struggling


>carry them around the map, drop them near open hatch

>they crawl to it

>just before pick them up


>walk to hook and it all seems over

>had my fun

>take her to open gate and drop her on the floor and nod

>they spin on the spot and snail their way out as i slow walk away

>clown laugh.mkw

A good multiplayer game lets you make your own fun.

8cbe54  No.15946999


I have the most fun in dbd when I play killer and get to make the life of my enemies as miserable as possible. When people start to flame and berate me for playing in a way they didn't like then thats even better. For some reason many people like to believe that they are entitled to playing against certain styles. Sure, sometimes I get outplayed by survivors and lose pretty badly but that's fine by me. The salt i get to farm every other game makes up for it.

08add8  No.15947524



If you run backwards as the killer the survivor won't see your red stain. As you come to the corner of the wall you spin around and smack him. Takes some practice, but it works constantly.

40a9b8  No.15947745


It's a shame to admit the most fun I have with this game is the least interactive.

Iron Grasp, Agitation, Insidious, and BBQ+C/Territorial Imperiative/Monsterous Shrine on Leatherface.

Just saw somebody down and haul them to the basement. Then just stand in a corner stairing at them amd fire up that saw when their buddy comes. If you feel lile pushing buttons more then a couple times Imperative really lets you up your camp game.

The salt is the reward, and it is glorious.

dbb4c5  No.15957819


>mfw moonwalking survivors to death

Michael Jackson new killer DLC when?

238596  No.15958381

File: a27fd4fce42921c⋯.jpg (65.99 KB, 675x900, 3:4, lil hans sweater.jpg)


I think i enjoy the ambush. Ambling around as Clown and seeing a lax survivor doing a gen or just crabwalking around not looking behind them and throwing a piss jug in front of them. Either they know im behind and they run into the cloud or turn in a panic and run into my knife. Clown on the asylum or cornfield is a fucking riot. Only thing better than throwing a bottle into the corn and hearing a screen is throwing a hatchett through 3 windows as huntress with downing someone.

21235e  No.15959838


Identity V > Dead By Daylight > Friday the 13th

Last Year: The Nightmare > Left 4 Dead 2


dbb4c5  No.15968026


>Identity V

Sell it to me. What makes it better than the others?

>/threading yourself


59ed6d  No.15968474

File: d54a6b084d002df⋯.jpg (64.56 KB, 537x400, 537:400, Cfm91QoWcAA7h5w.jpg)

I think this is an opportune time to complain about The Legion. The Legion is one person and this not only makes my OCD flare up, but several polyps as well. This killer character was advertised as four people, a legion of sorts. But it's not four people. It's one person.

You can choose one of four people, but it's one person. And not even a scary person, it's a teenager in a generic creepylolxd mask and a pocket knife. Not only is this backwards in a game where the killers are monsters, ghosts, movie characters, and deranged murders, but The Legion Who is Not a Legion is literally just some punk kid. It would make sense if the design was made to be simple and unimposing because the imposing aspect would come from there being four of them. But there's not four of them. There's one of them.

Am I supposed to believe that a character like David Park, who was a promising rugby player, debt collector, and street fighter, would be scared of a 19 year old with a pocket knife? Bill Overbeck, the actual character from Left4Dead, the grizzled war vet? David Tapp, a literal police officer? All running scared of a teenager? The Non-Legion is younger, shorter, and smaller than every survivor. Every game should start and end with four adults beating up a teenager in a hoodie. It would make sense if the survivors were scared by The Legion if The Legion was a legion. But there is no legion.

Why did they make a character to be unimposing unless in a group of four, advertise a group of four, name them after a group, if there's no group?

167f53  No.15969431


Right behind you bro.

Not to mention that the trailer made it seem like you wouldn't know who is and who isn't the killer.

I very nearly bought The legion because of the idea that ANYONE could be the killer, but no. that wasn't it. it's just a bunch of shitty teenagers.

238596  No.15969476


I think many were expecting multiple bodies you swap control between like some kind of zapping system.

Meanwhile i'm still waiting on a mockingbird killer dressed like a mannequin that can hide in groups of them that spawn with them on the map.

59ed6d  No.15969570

File: dc9125295c1593c⋯.jpg (94.46 KB, 461x352, 461:352, DCs4AVmXcAApyiU.jpg)


How cool would that be? Maybe a story of a survivor who went nuts and now torments the others. Maybe a mechanic that's disguising as one of the survivors or some feature where you look like one if you're far away enough. And going back to the four person thing, what if you actually did control all four? Maybe you can only move one at a time and you have to jump to each one, with some obvious downsides. Four weaker killers work together to create a sense of fear and omnipresence. Or what if it's just a big group that you just move at once and they can hop on each other's shoulders to see real high and throw rocks? Literally anything we could come up with is better than "he runs fast."

What's worse is that apparently, you can only choose between two out of the four legioneses. The other two have to be bought via cosmetic. And I think they all have the same voice. It really bothers me because the four person concept, the unimposing design, the advertising, it all points to this killer being interesting in some way shape or form, and the actuality is that the four person concept is null, the unimposing design means just that, and the advertising's a red herring and you're left with a teenager with a box cutter.

It just begs the question of why not just deck him. And I don't want people misconstruing what I'm saying here–I'm not saying 'Oh, he's a person just punch him'. Most of the killers are people, but they're designed in a way where the question to punch them never comes up. Like, The Trapper, The Hillbilly, The Clown, or famous movie slasher Jason Vorhees, they're all just guys, for the most part, but they're tall and scary looking, so no one ever thinks to just punch Jason. And no one ever thinks about punching The Spirit or The Hag even though they are short and women because they have a supernatural design element to them that immediately suggests conventional means wouldn't work.

But this is a 19 year old with a pocket knife. Just suplex him.

Saying a ball was dropped is a bit of understatement because it felt like it was never picked up. If I was the devs, I think the only way to smooth this over is to completely revamp and redo The Legion to do some sort of legion thing and then take the running fast thing and give that to a new killer, named The Runfaster.

238596  No.15969608


I think it just proves the same thing about character based games you saw with everything from overwatch to street fighter: make it a waifu and people will pay for it.

Reminder: Huntress and Clown are the top tier fuckers because they throw poison and axes at you motherfucker.

6ed7ed  No.15970336


Yeah but.

The pig is so much more fun

72e75c  No.15970860

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

943ba9  No.15973307

>discord exclusive

You mean, like, the chatting service?

5e2a93  No.15974084


Yes. Discord started its own game store for devs to sell their games through.

6616ca  No.15974100


this tbh, Friday the 13th is alright. But it's not worth the money that's for sure.

Last year isn't a discord exclusive iirc, but it's only there for now. Eventually it'll be available on steam and shit. hopefully with a multiplayer crack


White noise 2 and damned are the only good multiplayer 1v5 monster games. Which is sad because Damned can be fucking terrifying, white noise not so much but it's fun at least. Shame you can't get more people into a damned game, it'd be unbalanced but it'd be funny too see 50 people all in one game

4e9510  No.15974196

DBD is good but there's almost no point in playing as a killer because it usually takes a minimum of 10 minutes to get into a match that way, hopefully that will somehow be fixed when they add dedicated servers.

the only major downside is that the devs are literally retarded, for example they limit the in game settings because they're scared of people using specific settings to benefit them gameplay wise.

also DLC doesn't really matter, survivors are all essentially same/just reskins

the DLC killers aren't even that good, they're mainly there to appeal to fans of popular horror movies and only 1 person plays as the killer so it's not like having no DLC will give you any disadvantages. also if it really matters to you the DLC constantly goes on sale for around $5.

I played F13 it was pretty gay and is pretty dead now.

can't comment on the school game, it looks interesting but I won't shill out to discord until I see the game has a growing/lasting playerbase and the game gets a discount, otherwise I'll wait till it's on steam with a discount. from what I've heard though it's more comparable to L4D

211117  No.15974221


simply ebin leddit tier post

7d6b86  No.15977202


>Saying a ball was dropped is a bit of understatement because it felt like it was never picked up. If I was the devs, I think the only way to smooth this over is to completely revamp and redo The Legion to do some sort of legion thing and then take the running fast thing and give that to a new killer, named The Runfaster.

We already have the Hillbilly.

d64175  No.15988308

File: 21c9d9b29f4c945⋯.jpg (222.59 KB, 1645x1668, 1645:1668, 1be680befe4ada7f3209ca5536….jpg)


>no argument

>just REEEEE instead

238596  No.15988357


>clown isn't even that good

nigger i will fight you with my piss bottles and wheeze while i do it!

bb2b80  No.15992111


I mean, you really have no reason to buy anyone besides Michael and Piggy. Leatherface is terrible except for BBQ (which you can get out of Shrine) and Freddy is all around awful so you won't miss anything.

b1565a  No.16004467


This. Playing as Michael is legitimately some of the most fun I have ever had in multiplayer, and the Piggy is fun for placing bear traps on peoples' heads and making cute squeals if you hit her with a pallet

fa3c65  No.16004484


I wish freddy was more fun.

99d080  No.16004607

File: 21c6151e1cde7d8⋯.png (445.31 KB, 704x428, 176:107, retard.png)


Freddy is planned to get a rework sometime this year, so maybe he wont be the worst killer in the game anymore.

But knowing BHVR I doubt he will be made viable against competent players.

Wraith, Doctor, and Trapper all got pretty substantial reworks that majorly buffed them, but they are all still low-tier and get curbstomped by any competent survivor group just because their powers are still inherently weak even after all the buffs they were given.

1d93ac  No.16012128

File: 3a53e32a9351cdd⋯.jpg (134.05 KB, 825x1024, 825:1024, A43v9aOh.jpg)


Imagine if he was like the mirror knight, where he can go to certain areas and summon more people to play as killers

The survivors can destroy the summon points to remove the extra summons or weaken the killers

92e97b  No.16012299


The Doctor got nerfed into the ground, what the fuck are you smoking?

>Doctor's builds rely on Add-on and perk combinations.

>All of his bread and butter perks got reworked and are no longer effective.

>All of his add-ons got changed, therefore no longer combo with each other.

>But they extended the range of his lunge huehuehuehuehuehue.


>Still needs add-ons to be effective.

>Perk changes rendered the good ol fashioned slap and trap pointless.

>Borrowed Time still glitches out on Trapped Survivors.


>Gave him a speed boost to counter Sprint Burst

>Now shits on people who don't use Sprint Burst

>New add-ons are still trash.


10 Minutes? Christ where do you live? I still get 30 minute wait times at high ranks. Then when I intentionally tank my rank, I'm still treated to the same shitty SWF squads AND 30 minute wait times.

69c8fb  No.16012424


Sadly bbq and chilli is the best perk in the game and mandatory in every killer build just for the bloodpoint gains. And good luck waiting for it in the shrine. Throught this games history it was in the shrine only once

99d080  No.16012621

File: e483d1a3bf0bc0b⋯.jpg (30.26 KB, 600x600, 1:1, fatguyccc.jpg)


>The Doctor got nerfed into the ground, what the fuck are you smoking?

What are YOU smoking? From his original release he has received the following improvements:

-Removed the slowdown when switching stances

-Added a disabling effect to his shock

-Made the skillcheck randomized addon part of his base kit

-Made snap out of it take longer

-Increased base shock range

-Decreased the charge speed penalties from his range extenders

-Reduced the speed penalty for treatment mode

-Made snap out of it trigger skillchecks

Lots of big buffs, but he still remained trash because his power is just inherently weak and they refuse to change the things that actually make his power bad.

Same deal with Trapper and Wraith, both got a bunch of buffs but none that actually fixed the core issues with them.

>But they extended the range of his lunge huehuehuehuehuehu

Never happened. Doctor has always had the standard lunge range.

Nurse, Hag, Huntress, and Tier 1 Shape were the only Killers to ever have below normal lunge range.


>Gave him a speed boost to counter Sprint Burst

>Now shits on people who don't use Sprint Burst

He always had that speed boost, in the form of the Windstorm addon.

They made it part of his base kit and changed the Windstorm addons to do something else.

And no, its not enough to counter SB. Survivors have plenty of time to dash away to a safe spot.

Wraith is still hot garbage, better than he was back in beta, but still just a noob stomper that gets shit on by competent Survivors.

Basically the problems with those 3 killers are as such:


-Shock doesnt disable long enough and takes too long to charge up to actually do its job as an anti-loop tool

-Putting Survivors into Madness 3 wastes far, far, far more of the Doctor's time that it does the Survivor's, as it only takes like 12 seconds to get out of

-Madness isnt even worth raising as all of its effects are just cheap little tricks that only work agains noobs and no competent player ever falls for them

-Static field slows you down, making it counterproductive as a searching tool


-As you said, way too dependent on addons, needs v.rare/u.rare addons just to be mediocre

-Traps are too easy to see, avoid, and disarm

-Even in the event you do get somebody retarded enough to walk into one they can get out of it right away if they get lucky with RNG

-Traps take way too fucking long to set up for way too little reward


-Cloak is still not even remotely invisible, you would have to be blind not to see him tottering towards you from a mile away

-Decloaking's duration and slowdown gives Survivors more than enough time to make distance, making sneaking up on Survivors pointless in the first place

-Power is effectively unusable in chases unless you get a retard who will just sit there as you cloak/decloak for the speed boost


7d6b86  No.16018400


>Freddy is planned to get a rework sometime this year, so maybe he wont be the worst killer in the game anymore.

Why is he the worst one of the lot?

dbbb96  No.16018414


Much longer setup time. You need to find players, start to send them to sleep and just hope they dont find each other to slap themselves or intentionally fuck a genny to wake themselves up. Only when they hear the 'one, two freddys coming for you' and the level gets foggy are they in the dream version where you actually exist and can attack them.

Or you just go Hillybilly and fucking retard screech your way across the map, downing survivors in seconds and ending the game in 2 minutes, GG, no re.

291b32  No.16018417


In DBD Freddy is just a guy with a knife glove… except he cant touch you while youre awake. He doesnt get canonical reality warping powers while youre asleep, just stabby.

7d6b86  No.16024254


To be fair, it'd be hard as fuck to actually port his canonical powerset (i.e. whatever he wants) into a limited format such as a videogame.

331a9a  No.16024335


Why do japs love this game so much?

4858fb  No.16024535

File: 550d5dd6a7b89a2⋯.jpg (87.39 KB, 576x768, 3:4, lil han on the run.jpg)



>enables teamwork OR the solo autist

>american 70's horror movie [A E S T H E T I C]


>can be played with gaijin without needing to know a lot of english while all the people around you are addicted to gatcha.

Didn't you read Chios school road? poor japs take whatever escape from mobage hell they can get and most of it without knowing english is shooters.

64f11a  No.16024812


They should have just made him have tangibility in this world because they are already in some weird nightmare-hell-dimension. Should have just gave us a giant fucked up boiler room map and gave freddy something funky like stretchy arms or a glove that crawls along the ground and let him loose without the stupid sandman gimmick.

7d6b86  No.16033194


>They should have just made him have tangibility in this world because they are already in some weird nightmare-hell-dimension.

That's just a discount Wraith.

>gave freddy something funky like stretchy arms or a glove that crawls along the ground and let him loose without the stupid sandman gimmick.

Eh, doesn't feel very nightmare-y.

5ae6f1  No.16033196

i've only watched these streaming, but friday 13th looks way more fun

e7b070  No.16033249


Being the kiddie diddling sandman is his entire character, and all of your suggestions are lame compared to what he actually does to his victims in the movies. If he was given the things he has done as his moveset and when nobody is asleep he can just terrorize you with hallucinations then he'd be way more fun to play.

c988d3  No.16033282

DBD is fun but unbalanced at higher levels.

The Jason game is literally dead.

No idea about the last one

1e9bc3  No.16033337

Perhaps they could help Freddy by making gens only workable while awake, that would make it harder to get awake as survivors

4e9510  No.16033350

File: 0fbfe55720cd235⋯.jpg (37.19 KB, 400x524, 100:131, IMG_20181212_021401.jpg)

out of curiosity with it being online only, is Last Year piratable?

I'm keen to try it but I don't want to shill out $30 to discord since I'm not familiar with their store.

ec233c  No.16033382


If it has LAN and no/cracked drm it's playable online through hamachi

4a7a74  No.16047198


Then a game could be rendered unwinnable if everyone is asleep and no one is hurt.

0c5eb8  No.16047231

File: 1106c476946825e⋯.jpg (24.79 KB, 410x396, 205:198, 1465969784897.jpg)


>These characters are bad so it's ok they charge money for it

This faggotry is so fucking tiring.

ef956b  No.16047342


Yeah, and they're basically "We didn't get the Scream license so here, have the generic brand", so you should at least get to play as two in a match in a nod to the original movie.

Killer Coop is something that could lead to big laffs and it just seems like so much missed potential.

0ec569  No.16063718


>Killer Coop is something that could lead to big laffs

That would be unbalanced as all fuck though, just in the Killers' favor.

ef956b  No.16065086


Well, Behaviour can't really balance the game

if their collective lives depended on it, but adding one or two survivors or turning down the killer's speed until they're forced to do pincer attacks to be effective might work. Maybe that'd even help out queue times.

4a7a74  No.16076133


A year or so ago there was a bug in the game that allowed multiple survivors and killers in a single game, and the generators automatically increased accordingly.

I'm talking 10-15+ survivors in a single game, with 12 generators to complete.

cb1d44  No.16082966


That'd be a neat idea, especially if the gens are always somewhere within these groups so you can't just avoid the flocks

44ba42  No.16083023


mmmmm its DBD on mobile? thats as far as i can go with selling it

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