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File: 3eca3e5973ff8b4⋯.jpg (49.13 KB, 474x316, 3:2, 1546597311772.jpg)

7f9a1a  No.15949768

What drives people to "collect" video game shit? What are these people like? Do you know any? Are they good at any game?

Seems insane to me. Like they must have some screws loose.

e7a1aa  No.15949777


All collectors have screws loose.

0c9d1a  No.15949778


>What drives people to "collect" video game shit?

Because they think it looks nice.

t. fag that owns every Smash Bros. amiibo in their original boxes

7f9a1a  No.15949781


who hurt you?

7830a3  No.15949795

Some people like collecting shit, I own some collector editions of games I like .

d9d78b  No.15949799


Mainly retardation and homosexuality

e51b82  No.15949810

stopped collecting stuff myself after a while

now i am about finishing as many games as i can, in reasonable amount of time, and moving on

6cf46b  No.15949820


what are the hardest games you've "finished" ?

48a6e9  No.15949835

Wow, God forbid somebody enjoys video games

db8fe7  No.15949838


Depends. Some archive, some have mental issues.

e7a1aa  No.15949843


If you enjoy video games you've got mental issues. Look at this board, everyone is perfectly fine here.

6cf46b  No.15949865

File: 70dfb09d7895636⋯.jpg (9.06 KB, 232x213, 232:213, bruh.jpg)


video games are meant to be played, not hoarded, or shown off to guests as house decorations.

you can emulate or download most any game anyway. No excuse for being a "collector"

48a6e9  No.15949878


Right, buying a game means you can't play it. Got it.

133291  No.15949882


Consider how large people's steam libraries get. People are not playing these games.

bfabe4  No.15949887

It's mostly because of autism. I too collect some useless stuff not vidya or anime related at all, but still Japanese shit even though I know I have no real use for them. What bugs me the most are when the vidya collector is a soybeard with a wife and kid, you'd have thought that having a family and a job would mean no useless shit like these. A lot of them are also surprise surprise, filthy secondaries who think they know everything about Dork Souls because they watched a 10-hour video series of autistic theoryfags talking about muh deepest lore.

5f123e  No.15949897

I wonder what these fags will think when all their discs fail.

My vidya collection is literally a HDD with .iso and GOG installers.

Fuck physical collection.

e366b4  No.15949911

File: 3947be90f7a0ddc⋯.jpg (164.46 KB, 1600x479, 1600:479, this is my autism.jpg)

It falls under two categories: dick measuring and autism. The first is where rich faggots buy fancy shit to impress people. Some buy cars, others plastic. The second one is harder to explain, hence I just call it autism. Some just have certain hoarding issues and want the precious in their possession so they can look at it and admire it. The two are fairly distinct in their reasons for why they have so much trash waiting to rot. I think most people have, so some degree, these unhealthy obsession with objects. I personally collect figurines like the ones you see in 40k meet ups, except for straight people. I dunno why I do it, but it's harmless and I like it.

6cf46b  No.15949963


collectashits are nu-males

6cf46b  No.15949989

File: f6a0275de564128⋯.jpg (81.81 KB, 1200x774, 200:129, grabs.jpg)


>old game buyers

>le retro game hipster

>spending money on free things



They probably just want attention because they like the cover art of packages and so they can display them on their shelf of sick grabs

Ask them what high score, time attack or achievement they've gotten in a hard game and they'll look at you dumbfounded

94b598  No.15949993

Because I want to and I can. A benefit of retiring young. Hard work pays off, something poor fags can never understand.

6cf46b  No.15949997

File: 88ad85cd1133b7b⋯.gif (318.32 KB, 500x427, 500:427, ohnonono.gif)


>frivolous commercial spending is good

found the jew

5bd4e1  No.15950097

rat-minded people with existential emptiness that fill their void with vapid materialistic actions

5bd4e1  No.15950098


but anon, this is an officially jewish place, Mark is the owner.

5bd4e1  No.15950102


One thing is enjoying games. Another thing is being a good goy and spending on frivolous commercial goods without moderation

e6b175  No.15950105


Look at the pic in OP (>>15949768), do you really believe that fag has played even half of that? There are people who seriously have games still shrink-wrapped that they never opened. And it's not like they have five different versions of the game already and some are just for the curiosity, I mean they own a copy of a game they never played at all.

e84b53  No.15950110


Work on your reading comprehension.

9ce0f4  No.15950128


i have the guy with the axe. 5th from the left. i bought it at a place in NY called midevil times when i was a kid and taken there on a school trip. are these from something else? i thought it was just a cool souvenir… when i was 12.,

7f9a1a  No.15950129

File: a53a05517951a60⋯.jpg (19.01 KB, 300x225, 4:3, they.jpg)

>knock knock

>would you like to purchase a video game? full price, no refunds.

adabe5  No.15950132


>What drives people to "collect" video game shit?

We evolved as hunter gathering species.

Its ingrained within us to want to collect things that we like and make us happy.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago that would be plants, grains and berries. Now its luminous plastic crap from China.

It still triggers the same response inside us all.

e47034  No.15950139


This. Collecting as a "hobby" is done by crazies, but collecting merchandise is the absolute lowest dimwit's way of finding purpose to their life. It's below even the passive consumption of mass entertainment like movies or video games.

7f9a1a  No.15950149

File: e6a8cb7eb4c3a58⋯.gif (1.12 MB, 720x404, 180:101, 1510985259706.gif)


>it's okay to be a consumerist whore because evolution or something

73ee59  No.15950160


Everything has an evolutionary purpose. Suicide too. I think suicide is probably the next step in human evolution.

fd02e8  No.15950164

File: 49c9bff1e8e90ba⋯.jpg (3.78 MB, 2911x2692, 2911:2692, the vita equivalent of a b….jpg)

It really depends how far you go into "collecting" and how many you actually play them. I admit being a bit guilty of this shit, as I bought a lot of used vidya, within my interests, which I didnt play before a couple of months later.

People who just buy crap vidya, shitty localizations or even imports they cannot even play, just for the sake of collecting (like in pic related) need to fuck off.

adabe5  No.15950167


Im said its a natural instinct from our past environment. Not that its OK.

Theres lots of things that we evolved to do back in the day that we obviously shouldnt do now. Like eating everything in sight.

2a1391  No.15950180


>eating food is immoral because all consumption is immoral


ca671c  No.15950197


If someone actually likes video games they wouldn't spend money on video game related items.

30485d  No.15950209

File: 2a5ffe2e091a55e⋯.jpg (5.59 KB, 255x198, 85:66, ccd981cfc96e21f08f6e088337….jpg)


>Collect video game shit.

>Shows a picture of a guy with just video games.

Video game shit is crap like shitty figures or special editions. That guy just has video games like the rest of us he just has more because he is not fucking poor like the rest of us.

f04c80  No.15950210

File: 20ec7f9a92e47e2⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 505.72 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, my future wife.jpg)


>Look at this board, everyone is perfectly fine here.

Yeah, I'm perfectly fine anon just as the rest of this board is. Just look at me and my fiancee here.

7dde8c  No.15950212

File: 6a61de5cab68ced⋯.jpeg (185.93 KB, 1000x676, 250:169, 09C575B1-F10C-4655-9F3E-B….jpeg)

File: 9ae33dd603cc0c3⋯.jpeg (67.12 KB, 265x370, 53:74, 0F0A7AEB-EC11-489E-A10B-F….jpeg)


I currently collect older magic cards in large part due to (((nostalgia))), but also:

>enables me to meet other collectors who enjoy the game when it was at its best during the recession.

>the artwork is interesting and has introduced me to some of my favorite artists like Paul Bonner

> I get to make my decks shiny with strange Russian cards.

I imagine these people do it for similar reasons, but I think everyone needs a hobby and it’s an excuse to casually flex on normalfags.

7830a3  No.15950213


>If someone actually likes video games they wouldn't spend money on video game related items.

Why wouldn't they spend money on video game related shit if they enjoy video games?

adabe5  No.15950228


It seems to be there is an inverse correlation between being rich and having a room full of video game junk.

9ce0f4  No.15950230


depends on how nice the video game room is… i dont know any poor people that own arcade cabinets

f2d6fe  No.15950243

I know the economy is fucked nowadays and you can't buy a house for a reasonable price and support a family on a single income anymore like in the old days but I bet all the millennials who somehow manage to have excessive disposable income and collect crap they don't even like for completion's sake don't help at all.

31f250  No.15950254

File: 0ea8d4734cf06cc⋯.jpg (22.99 KB, 205x246, 5:6, 373349.jpg)

6cf46b  No.15950256


Spending money isn't the same as collecting, genius.

If someone likes video games they play video games, not collect them. 99% of games are free anyway

9ce0f4  No.15950260


some people that like things, also collect things that have to do with the thing they like.

6cf46b  No.15950266


What's your most recent sick grab?

53dd25  No.15950290

The same thing that drives people to collect beanie babies, or little glass birds, or cuckoo clocks.

0f8ede  No.15950295

File: a27f984a9f7887b⋯.png (1.11 MB, 614x819, 614:819, Untitled.png)

Haha yeah collecting is so weird… hah-ha

5f123e  No.15950303


The shitty figures will last longer than those dics.

9ce0f4  No.15950304


>only 2 guns.

anon, i have miku, bulma, neptunia, and k-on figures… a massive game collection. but atleast i own enough guns an ammo to protect my waifu.

6cf46b  No.15950305

5f123e  No.15950307


These are PHYSICAL things that you can play with.

0f8ede  No.15950308


There's 3 there, and I have more.

9ce0f4  No.15950326


didnt see the little black gun under the wooden one… what kind of rifles are those?

do you have any fun rounds for the underbarrel launcher? my yugo sks has a grenade launcher setting, and i've been on a waiting list for the golfball shooter

fdc9ce  No.15950328

File: 3e8872ce7b3bfe2⋯.jpg (47.26 KB, 348x294, 58:49, the_piratebay_org.jpg)

53dd25  No.15950329


And physical vidya isn't? Video game merch isn't? What in the world do you think OP is talking about?

f010a1  No.15950331

File: 2df6a07f5950ce8⋯.jpg (27.41 KB, 474x267, 158:89, kelsey_lewin.jpg)

File: da798fb755c383f⋯.jpg (124.08 KB, 375x624, 125:208, Kelsey-Lewin-Feet-2947526.jpg)

would you collect her feet?

f04c80  No.15950333


>would you collect her feet?

Not only are you a foot fetishist but you want to cut her fucking feet off to keep them for yourself? Keep them frozen at least.

0f8ede  No.15950339


No the grenades are too expensive to play with, I got all 3 of those guns as in super cheap from private sales, bubba'd sks, bubba'd Arisaka (real), and that ar15 with launcher.

db1818  No.15950342

File: b33ba1e3ec05b82⋯.mp4 (9.47 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 【ファミコンカセットドミノ】nes famicom ….mp4)

>Japanese Model also collects old games

What happened to her? did she die in 2012? Thats when she stops posting shit

7830a3  No.15950359


>If someone likes video games they play video games, not collect them.

Yet people clearly do collect them and get merchandise related to them.

f010a1  No.15950370

File: cd188239cb05c71⋯.jpg (162.93 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, wormman.jpg)

Heh, as if you know anything about collecting, chump. I have more hidden gems then you can possibly imagine.

9ce0f4  No.15950373


heres the prize of my collection.

>the grenades are too expensive.

plus you need i believe an FFL7 or 11 to get them. but i believe they do make "dummy" rounds that are easy to obtain. they dont explode or shoot super far… just for fun.

does your arisaka have an intact mum? do you have any ammo for it?

i'll show you my SKS's i bubba'd one myself (kept the original parts, just bubba'd it for fun)

0f8ede  No.15950376

File: 3e9b039c2bb3f58⋯.png (1.08 MB, 608x821, 608:821, Untitled.png)


Emperor 10,000 years

5d1980  No.15950382


Isn't it a honeypot now?

9ce0f4  No.15950392

File: 9ff1c491b2bc5af⋯.png (230.08 KB, 559x415, 559:415, nerf has real picatiny.png)

File: ca2e23f40d5d093⋯.png (1.03 MB, 888x858, 148:143, Unmolested norchinko.png)

File: 0d3e8360fb32049⋯.png (1.69 MB, 1056x866, 528:433, partially bubbad norchinko.png)

File: fa213ea10d6dddc⋯.png (1.71 MB, 952x904, 119:113, fully bubbad norchinko.png)

File: 38c3c927b856dd5⋯.png (2.31 MB, 1174x911, 1174:911, yugo sks with nade flipped….png)



picture didnt post. did you know nerf has a real picatinny rail?

beautiful mum. wow. not even a scratch. that cant be a battlefield capture… hows the ammo aquisition for it?

0f8ede  No.15950402


Rounds are $1.55 each, and that's the cheapest you can find.

0f8ede  No.15950409


Also yes it's a take home rifle no idea how exactly the US soldier got it but that's the story

51f92c  No.15950416

I want to do an original Xbox collection since it's what I grew up with, it's a great console, and the games are extremely cheap compared to other consoles. In other words, fuck you I do what I want.

0fdfaa  No.15950445

File: f3fbc6ea017de3b⋯.jpg (16.43 KB, 423x344, 423:344, f7e69e502a8c2fc773ab6002fc….jpg)

If you don't collect old video games you will run out of games to play for your old console and you'll have to go cancerous with shitty emulation that will never be the same as the games running on the original hardware or play new games which are for faggot millennials. I have a moderate dragon hoard of video games for my favorite consoles. Then it's also a fun hobby for some people to hunt all the stuff down that they couldn't get when they were kids, sometimes to hunt for them are more fun than actually having them.

I see don't see why this triggers third-world poorfags so much.

9ce0f4  No.15950447

File: 1e78e8eb34e4702⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 224.08 KB, 1168x592, 73:37, dirty ammo box.jpg)

File: 646ca9e55796d0e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.79 KB, 282x591, 94:197, Untitled.jpg)


i believe it. i went out of my way to start purchasing only guns that i can obtain plentiful amounts of ammo for.


maybe he snagged an unused one from an arsenal they captured. pretty rare. most are beaten to shit.

0f8ede  No.15950471


This one is beaten to shit as well, he threw the original stock away and made his own bubba'd stock.

db1818  No.15950480

File: cded3209bad5965⋯.png (45.76 KB, 252x291, 84:97, Jew.png)


>emulation is for faggots

>buy physical

9ce0f4  No.15950491

File: 28627d547f83a5d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 55.83 KB, 604x442, 302:221, Untitlesdd.jpg)


>beaten to shit

that reciever looks flawless.

are you sure it was the previous owner are not a mid-war change? look at my m1. look at the hand guard. they used a shitty birch hand guard to replace the original walnut.

3ddc10  No.15950492


The problem is products that pander to the collectors market are always cancerous; any new vidya with a collector's edition is a scam with some shitty plastic figurine.

9ce0f4  No.15950500


some are ok. a collectors edition should be at most 10-15 more. the yakuza one came with some drinking glasses and stone cubes for whiskey. as well as some coasters as well as a business card holder. it was only like $10 more.

0f8ede  No.15950513

File: 59044a5fa865f33⋯.png (809.47 KB, 419x882, 419:882, Untitled.png)

File: 0907ea563bfbf71⋯.jpg (68.03 KB, 1500x208, 375:52, Arisaka-Type-99-tilt.jpg)


Compare these two images, original stock is rip or he threw away the top piece and shaved down the barrel length of the stock.

10db4e  No.15950514

File: b8d5e1e0093b64d⋯.jpg (29.06 KB, 600x715, 120:143, JLC9oZj.jpg)

>have empty life built on lies and hypocrisy

>surround yourself with useless junk to cope

>have to keep buying more or else the void eats you from inside

>pic related

and also to take le epic pics and make everyone jelly.

9ce0f4  No.15950550

File: 5d1c05c6823e372⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 34.69 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 9143372_01_arisaka_type_99….jpg)


are you positive its a standard type 99? there are a shitload of variants. though i've never seen one with an open top except the paratrooper one, which that definitely isnt.

look at this pic. do you see a spot for the bracket to hook in? maybe he lost the wood top.

9dea85  No.15950560

The only good thing to come out of these collectors is that if there is a rare or unreleased game that hasn't been dumped they may dump it and release it on the internet but that rarely happens. Most of them just hoard the games and say "fuck you I have a game you will never get to play".


Just get a flash cart or mod your console if you care about accuracy.

0f8ede  No.15950566


The barrel is smooth all the way down, nowhere for anything to latch on.

9ce0f4  No.15950567

File: 3e44906f9f1aab5⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 11.87 KB, 286x327, 286:327, 3e44906f9f1aab5b67bff84286….jpg)


>Just get a flash cart or mod your console if you care about accuracy.

9ce0f4  No.15950572


it wouldnt be the barrel, since that normally would be wrapped in wood. it would be on the lower part of the stock, or on the lower part of the receiver under the wood.

b1e1ac  No.15950637



I used to collect games. I bought cheap PC Games that looked fun, if I saw them for 1/10th the original price in a bargain bin.

I didn't keep them on display, I had them in a cupboard. For some years I was attached to keeping them as is, then when I moved to a smaller place, I threw away 95% of the cardboard boxes and realised that they were just cardboard boxes and plastic cases that I had been keeping. Put the cds in a couple of 120-240 cd wallets and never touched them again. They take up far less space now and I don't feel particularly attached to them.

Part of it was the fear that they were worth some money, so i kept the boxes, manuals etc. Tried to sell a handful in the end, some didn't sell, some went for £1.

You'll feel a lot better if you treat the stuff as you would food wrappers, dispose of them and use the game while you enjoy it.

The other part is the imagined potential fun that could be had with each one, when you really don't have enough time to play them all.

b1e1ac  No.15950649


all that work painting it, and from the thumbnail I thought it was someone pissing in a dirty snow pile.

e9c9d0  No.15950665

Men like to collect things (not to say women don't too).

<that's (((materialism))) you consumerist faggot

<you're not even going to use that shit!

It's about history, whether it's cars, guns, vinyl records, stamps, or vidya. Although I will say people who surround themselves in children's games memorabilia are total doofuses.

b19c51  No.15950734


Jewish elf girl is cute

11a8e2  No.15950909


I feel like if you ever needed to define autisticute, this webm would be what you'd need.

c47809  No.15950922


I feel like it's grown more popular since lots of faggots use these 'collections' as the backdrop to their youtube videos and people mimic the habits of 'otaku' depictions in anime and manga. Marketing all the way down.

ec7ec5  No.15950940

I don't really collect insomuch as I just don't ever get rid of shit. Mostly because I'm a broke piece of shit NEET who's only a hair's breadth away from homelessness and what very little I have, I want to hold furtively onto because I don't have the means to replace it.

d87bcd  No.15950943

File: 19e1afb2050407c⋯.gif (1.91 MB, 270x152, 135:76, 19e1afb2050407c6a41fde7e36….gif)


Kill yourself.

e35ee1  No.15950955

File: a5f0bc9e1fc30f5⋯.png (53.14 KB, 872x605, 872:605, 9557811111.png)

48a6e9  No.15950986


Good luck with that, a study done by the library of congress showed that >70% of all cd discs will last over 100 years

14661c  No.15951045

I collect shit because I wanted it as a kid but couldn’t find it/afford it, it’s some cool looking vidya related thing, or it’s a vidya that’s getting rare that I either want to play or it’s on the backlog, and I own physical copies of shit because I want a backup in case there is ever a point where we don’t have the internet for some bizarre reason, or we go through what we are now where a bunch of greedy people are taking down all the file sharing sites.

I dunno if that counts as much of a collector though.

c47809  No.15951073


A study done by a people who will lose funding if they found differently. Hope you use gold-based CDs.

48a6e9  No.15951109


It was done for their own benefit, since they archive huge amounts of important information. I'm sure it's all one big conspiracy though because your mate Dave's cd-r is totally fucked.

e6b175  No.15951163


> when I moved to a smaller place, I threw away 95% of the cardboard boxes

You deserve to get raped by a pack of AIDS-niggers for that. Unless you are talking about those bargain bin boxes that were still fully-size but only came with a jewel case inside. Fuck those, 90% just air.

e7a1aa  No.15951179


>marrying a skeleton

A man of taste, I see.

e7a1aa  No.15951225

File: 78680fe9e6e7916⋯.jpg (31.63 KB, 412x403, 412:403, 41leCtvaKRL.jpg)


>Hard work pays off

>retiring young

What kind of hard work, Anon?

a54fc9  No.15951270

I donno anymore. Instead of actually packaging collectable worthy shit like fully illustrated and colored manuals full of in depth lore in the retail copy of the game, you have companies selling the collectible stuff separately like Nintendo and Amiibos.

c47809  No.15951272


Not so much seeing conspiracies as a learned paranoia due to experience with regards to studies done by federal institutions, especially since they do them for their own benefit.

d87bcd  No.15951280

File: fe796ffb547ece7⋯.jpg (41.33 KB, 309x581, 309:581, just about done.jpg)


>Furry and Jewish.

763ea2  No.15951298

File: 5887e39e359a49f⋯.png (756.98 KB, 703x704, 703:704, myo.png)

I hate this valvekike meme that anyone who collects physical videogame stuff is a manchild, and that anyone who even slightly approves physical stuff or discs is a hoarder who doesn't enjoy vidya.

I own a small physical vidya collection, not even thinking of grubbing anything out of anyone else's hands, and most of the time it's just stuff related to my favorite vidya, or old games that i bought back in the day. I don't do it to show off on others or compulsive collecting, but rather for nostalgia and the authentic feeling.

I still emulate sometimes, of course. But for vidya i really care about, i just enjoy owning and having all the extra stuff for that game. Plus i can get them for really cheap prices where i live so i'm not getting kiked anyways.

I thought you faggots cried so much about old vidya having a soul and new vidya being soulless raw products? Why do you want to eliminate physical format, one of the most notorious aspects of old vidya, and the little flair that vidya has left?

d87bcd  No.15951310

File: cc0b605c1022a78⋯.png (944.12 KB, 614x819, 614:819, autism.png)




That cat is now dead. You do not understand the terror that is a parrot.

0fdfaa  No.15951316

File: d4afaabd47e84c2⋯.jpg (43.01 KB, 500x442, 250:221, 230935dcdffd08d554abc43779….jpg)


I don't buy "collector's editions", I just buy good games. The extra expensive editions with some plastic turd are also a pretty newish thing and weren't a thing on most consoles I own. Stuff like DLC codes and shit has made me not buy a lot of modern games since they're not complete and thus not worth owning. So when you got a collection of all the games you are interested in or liked playing for an old console you're all set, nothing is coming out worth getting these days anyway.

c47809  No.15951324


For me I think it's more about the people collecting video game paraphernalia to make trophy rooms dedicated to their own adolescence and not the purchasing of actual games or consoles.

db1818  No.15951332

File: 5579ad74fa5cb37⋯.mp4 (13.17 MB, 486x360, 27:20, Anno Haruna - Flowers.mp4)


She cute, and plays streetfighter, even at some tournaments

0fdfaa  No.15951333


Yeah, the digital rental shilling is pretty intense here. I suppose it could be millenials who never owned games for real and don't get it but there's no doubt some lost marketer here trying to push for digital. The digital kikes really hate the used games market with a passion.

d87bcd  No.15951336


There is truth in what this Anon says. My old man kept his Atari 2600 and all the games he got during the 1980s he still plays that shit to this day. With a big shit eating grin while he plays Solaris.

A happy man that could not give a single fuck about new games or digital downloads.

f2d6fe  No.15951400


I remember people even back on old /v/ bragging how they buy every single new AAA release possible if it has a collector's edition, even when they're fucking shit and they won't play it more than once simply because they can afford it. I bet these anons aren't so wealthy now.

1b3de0  No.15951439


>What drives people to "collect" video game shit?


d87bcd  No.15951445


Anyone got that image of the fag that bought multiple copies of MvCi because he thought its was going to be the next big esports thing.

No idea why he bought multiple copies, most likely a nigger.

32bb53  No.15951472

File: 5a1bef8cffd6ecf⋯.jpg (106.63 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Dj2X105XsAIezds.jpg)

bfc90c  No.15951473


Same thing that drives your mom to collect my semen in her anus.

48a6e9  No.15951474


There seems to be a lot of people who missed the boat and now can't afford older games, yet really wish they could. After seeing threads on here proclaiming the PS2 and PS3 as the best consoles ever i don't even want to think of the average age here.

e7a1aa  No.15951483


That reminds me of the fool who bought tons of fidget spinners right as the fad ended.

d87bcd  No.15951484


Anon you just signed your own get fucked warrant.

e7a1aa  No.15951487


Dang, I hadn't even noticed it was a stock phrase.

77ae5c  No.15951500

Im not even sure. I've always had an autistic instinct to archive things, for reasons unknown. Though I'm somewhat sure it came from some gene from my hoarder grandpa Like, in most games I feel the urge to collect every possible piece of data possible, like in Morrowind all the books and notes, and in Resident Evil all the files. It's like I want people to remember them and keep them safe, or I like having a library of various games. For me it feels like a museum of preservation and nostalgia. I don't really feel the same for anything post 6th generation however. Someday I hope to be able to pass down the passion to a son, who may or may not sell it, (which I don't really care if he does). Pretty sure in another timeline I would be a librarian or a museum owner, or maybe even a zookeeper.

e366b4  No.15951538


Keeping books isn't hoarding. Otherwise what would that make libraries?

e7a1aa  No.15951546


A hoarder's nest?

6cf46b  No.15952648


>i don't know why I do these illogical and stupid things

see a psychologist, or a priest.

c47809  No.15952748


Hoarding is a manifestation of the natural need to acquire and keep a stash of resources for difficult times, winter, or an unknown future use. Since the world has become increasingly complex, while also becoming increasingly nihilistic with regards to having an understandable framework with which to define good from bad or useful from unnecessary, the human brain will ascribe importance to items which serve no purpose or provide some psychological comfort from the feeling of helpless alienation that modernity has brought.

Basically, in the absence of a comprehensible and tested traditional lifestyle, people are bent on accruing meaningless things to fill the void, compounding the problem when self-awareness is involved. This is why "consumerism" isn't related to any particular economic system, but rather springs from the same philosophical black hole.

049a07  No.15952946


you either


fuck that yoshi


fuck in that yoshi costume

Don't you?

5e58c1  No.15952974

>all these posts claiming collecting is only for autists and braggarts

I only "collect" over time by playing games, then I keep the physical copies as reminders of all the games I've played. If you buy games and you play a decent variety, you'll naturally build a solid collection over the years.

6cf46b  No.15952989


Not true.

I play a lot of games and buying games would not only be a waste of money, a hassle, but also a waste of space. I don't need cardboard and discs cluttering my home. I don't keep physical copies, if I move I just throw all that in the garbage where it belongs.

f8b1b1  No.15952993

Always wanted to have a collection but never could. Be glad you have the opportunity to do so.

342dd4  No.15953089



You don't belong here, and you will never fool anyone.

ce0bcc  No.15953098

>Why do some people do this thing that has been done since the beginning of humanity

17cd4e  No.15953102

There's absolutely nothing wrong with exterminating kikes, niggers, and spics.

ce0bcc  No.15953103


What a coincidence, the garbage is the perfect place for your posts to go as well; why should anyone give a fuck about your opinion?

5aa499  No.15953106

Lemmy kept all of his left boots because they might come in handy one day. For me, I'm glad I kept all the big box PC shit so I have manuals still.

a6bb69  No.15953118



>majority of thread shitting on nu-male and dad collecta shits

>g-go a-away


a6bb69  No.15953123


>buying and collecting free things because something something evolution

There are people who still buy and collect movie "DVDs"

eca95d  No.15953139


it does, collectables only have value when they're unopened.

9a4e06  No.15953467


>I don't keep physical copies, if I move I just throw all that in the garbage where it belongs.

Clearly a troll.

342dd4  No.15953487


Run out of browsers, kid?

a6bb69  No.15953513


how many VHS tapes do you have bro?

3693ae  No.15953593


>you will run out of games to play for your old console

Flash carts if you aren't talking about really obscure shit

>go cancerous with shitty emulation that will never be the same as the games running on the original hardware

Just get original controllers with USB adapters and don't use a gay LCD monitor. Emulation is accurate enough for the majority of pre-6th gen stuff and you can play the dozens of consoles that you wouldn't otherwise bother buying. Personally I do that and have each 6th gen console with the means to pirate on them (and you can do that with softmods besides for the gamecube and DS, i just use a wii for the former because somebody gifted me one and i don't think the differences from running on a gamecube are significant enough) and my backlog is still pretty overwhelming.


What was in that post? Did mark delete those screenshots proving he's a furry again?



>you will never play video games with her

Why live?



They don't seem bad to me considering how much worse it could be. Kind of interesting when changes are made during the actual time period it's from like that hand guard.

5aa499  No.15953644


Who are you talking to that even calls anyone a troll, nigger?

48a6e9  No.15953779


I think a quick trip to Ebay will prove otherwise

46b80b  No.15953824

>world is going to shit

>the bad guys won the last world war

>things objectively aren't gonna get better

>I'm going to complain about people buying video games

We live in hell, nigger. Who the fuck cares that people are retreating into their childhood memories? Focus on yourself.

651044  No.15953867


>Who the fuck cares that people are retreating into their childhood memories?

Making them impossible for others to afford for a cloned consumer-able product isn't something I'd call a materialistic endeavor.

010749  No.15953914


393450  No.15953955


>What drives people to "collect" video game shit? What are these people like? Do you know any?

I started collecting games in the 90's because I liked RPGS and it was cheaper to buy them used than rent them because of how long they take to finish. By the time the mid 2000's rolled around, I had about 200 games from the PS1 and PS2 and Xbox too. I never replayed any game save for maybe one or two. When I finally heard digital sales were a thing, my older titles were worth a bit of money. I sold everything except the Persona series and FF series and a few favorites because I assume they would go up in value more and I might want to replay one of them one day. I ended up making more than what I paid for them and always was the lowest price listed.

I will say, that when I had 200 titles lined up on a bookshelves, they looked really nice. I would sometime stare at the shelf as if was a scrapbook of memories. Now I have nothing but contempt for the shit that gets made today and I wouldn't collect a damn thing and every one of you stay the fuck off my lawn…

a6bb69  No.15954021


rpgs were never good though

you goofed

093fae  No.15954065


>A statement is automatically an endorsement

You are not an intelligent man.

0c9d1a  No.15954207

File: 4dbc326bd2879ea⋯.jpg (86.26 KB, 640x640, 1:1, On the internet, nobody kn….jpg)


>His Yoshi plush isn't 5 feet tall


ee6c85  No.15954233


Judging from that photo, hormone imbalance.

3c59d9  No.15954236

File: e3ca6104c1589b7⋯.jpg (60.47 KB, 788x575, 788:575, 55555.JPG)


wow, this script really works!

b82fb2  No.15954241


Are you a girl or just a low-t twink faggot?


Please do, sodomite.

a6bb69  No.15954308


>a statement is automatically a personal attack

You are not an intelligent man.

342dd4  No.15954339


>that wristband

nice bait.

09c175  No.15954351


I'm imagining you look like Cliffy B, and it's making me laugh.

6125c8  No.15954355

File: 5df3447dde55363⋯.jpg (11.27 KB, 229x261, 229:261, 1272562959696.jpg)

It's like when people hoard reaction images. its nice to have even if you will never use a majority of them.

a6bb69  No.15954403


men shouldn't hoard anything besides power tools, weapons, and ancient history texts.

510de5  No.15954473

File: 0d6467b23a894ed⋯.jpg (16.36 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Collector getting dropped ….jpg)


>What drives people to "collect" video game shit?

Their moms, probably

089742  No.15954484

File: 952bc95b2049e0f⋯.png (1.08 MB, 2236x1356, 559:339, bongs try to meet up in a ….png)


>British genes

>this is somehow supposed to be a good trait

I'll pass.

Also, use a better shampoo and get a bristle boar brush for your hair.

It looks like a haystack and just as dry.

757010  No.15954490

File: 38c319b98720d1b⋯.jpg (12.62 KB, 392x179, 392:179, 20181226_204923-1-1.jpg)


God, I hope you aren't any older than 19.

ee7449  No.15954499


I came here to post the bit about weapons.

c86b0f  No.15954500


You look like a faggot AND a furry

Sage for not vidya

a0ab38  No.15954513

File: a5ec2bc87fb3b3f⋯.gif (4.88 MB, 395x281, 395:281, 100.gif)




>This is the kind of people who browse /v/ these days

>Probably many more like him

7830a3  No.15954531


This must be a troll.

510de5  No.15954533


>likes underage boys

Gay goy is a pedo. What a surprise

3390c9  No.15954611

File: 294d1f7acb53884⋯.jpg (123.85 KB, 950x1000, 19:20, nnaa at you.jpg)


i laughed

741cf7  No.15954630



It's not the collection, it's the hunt.

e590c3  No.15955909



I really don't think it's stupid or illogical anons. Most of the "consumerism" you claim I participate in comes from flea markets or local stores, or at worst eBay. I love to share my games with friends when I get a chance, and explain history on specific games.

At this point though, all my games are in storage because my apartment is too small to hold them, also I'm going to college and simply have no time. I view it as similar to collecting books or stories. Having a library of ROMs isn't the same as having a case with a manual and game inside, because that shows the effort thoughts the creators were putting into the design and story. I want the physical copy of VTMB, because troika is gone and will be forgotten, but with my copy I can ensure that people won't forget. I'll let them borrow it, and have as many people play as possible. Most of the games I have are from an era that is bygone, and never went towards the companies that helped butcher it, only the customers that remember it.

>Hole born from not living a traditional lifestyle

That's not true. Most hoarding is born from kids who's parents wouldn't allow them to have anything, and they manifest a need to have everything as a result. Also your analysis seems to be a jump from what little I explained about myself (assuming that wasnt just trying to give me a possible explaination).

db897c  No.15955935

anyone who "collects" anything to a serious degree probably has mental problems. I thought I was a "collector" of religious items because I have a few hindu idols and like 5 rosaries, 2 of which are actually valuable.

I had no idea what sorta of insane idolatry to soulless objects other people commit.

0cb7dc  No.15955946

File: 77ca9f14099f02b⋯.jpg (749.45 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 1545541968847.jpg)

f244c5  No.15955976


I had a friend who did this a decade ago. He was pretty cool. Don't think he really plays games anymore.

fb5cb5  No.15956061


when it comes to games, I just like to have the original physical copy available if I reasonably can. Though I also like to collect hardware and peripherals that have some significance to me. I think the weirdest thing I own is the E-Reader version of Mario Party

ec7ec5  No.15956634

File: 40dd90782ba38f0⋯.jpg (62.73 KB, 469x294, 67:42, Dumb Niggers.jpg)


>He's got a noob-tube

If I can't have it, nobody can.. eh?

23b57b  No.15956642


Merchandise "hunting" is the laziest, least entertaining, and least meaningful of all hunts. I'd put more stuck in veal and game.

23ee68  No.15956706


>Do you know any?

I do indeed. In fact, I know the guy in OP's pic. Pretty cool guy. Hooked me up with a Sega Saturn once for nothing.

dcbbe5  No.15956775

File: b914b024dda99f5⋯.jpg (57.69 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: 250db583396644a⋯.jpg (468.33 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, DCpLKkqVoAAoAxc.jpg large.jpg)


Unresolved trauma most likely. When a person goes through a traumatic incident they have no control over the situation so collecting and organizing inane shit makes them feel safe and comfortable. This is why you see 30 to 40 year old balding men without families clinging on to tens of thousands of dollars of plastic garbage. It fills a hole in their life that would be filled with a wife and kids.

c8fd3d  No.15956855

I mainly collect usable shit like MTG cards or game related comics/manga such as legend of zelda/res evil comics.

35126e  No.15956881

File: 7d5ba2dfab637ef⋯.jpg (37.23 KB, 374x426, 187:213, What-the-fuck-is-this-shit.jpg)



>The second picture is just hidden gems Jesus with his game collection.

>He is autistic but this is fine he spent time to make his set up decent looking.

>Put in effort proud of his vidya collection.

>The first picture is just some random spastic in front of some boxes.

>No fucking effort at all.

>Some how looks more fucking autistic than Metal Jesus.

Whats the lore behind this?

0cb7dc  No.15956891

File: 14f2e7499a93f49⋯.jpg (535.06 KB, 1195x1600, 239:320, 1476830974743.jpg)

35126e  No.15956905

File: 0a6d6cbac66287d⋯.jpg (75.27 KB, 670x671, 670:671, 0a6d6cbac66287d8750b17f8e7….jpg)


The only problem I see with collecting vidya is the fucking backlog. I aint as old as some of you fucks only been playing games for around 16 years but I have never sold or uninstalled games never spent too much but my fucking backlog is now huge.

I have only just got round to playing Lost Kingdom this week.

5ab84a  No.15956909

File: 6fd4c55467c80cd⋯.gif (696.93 KB, 500x376, 125:94, 6fd4c55467c80cdb29e6833fd5….gif)



>not having any hidden gems

0cb7dc  No.15956912

File: 6f331127073a56f⋯.webm (718.87 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 1504915021273.webm)



Pursuant to Title 17 of the United States Code

December 19, 2018

Dear Mr. Anon:

This law firm represents Metal Jesus. If you are represented by legal counsel, please direct this letter to your attorney immediately and have your attorney notify us of such representation.

We are writing to notify you that your unlawful copying of Hidden Gems™ infringes upon our client’s exclusive copyrights. Accordingly, you are hereby directed to


Metal Jesus is the owner of a copyright in various aspects of Hidden Gems™. Under United States copyright law, Metal Jesus’ copyrights have been in effect since the date that Hidden Gems™ was created. All copyrightable aspects of Hidden Gems™ are copyrighted under United States copyright law.

It has come to our attention that you have been copying Hidden Gems™. We have copies of your unlawful copies to preserve as evidence. Your actions constitute copyright infringement in violation of United States copyright laws. Under 17 U.S.C. 504, the consequences of copyright infringement include statutory damages of between $750 and $30,000 per work, at the discretion of the court, and damages of up to $150,000 per work for willful infringement. If you continue to engage in copyright infringement after receiving this letter, your actions will be evidence of “willful infringement.”

We demand that you immediately (A) cease and desist your unlawful copying of Hidden Gems™ and (B) provide us with prompt written assurance within ten (10) days that you will cease and desist from further infringement of Metal Jesus' copyrighted works.

c47809  No.15956917


>also I'm going to college and simply have no time

Oh, you're just a fucking kid then, you really haven't defined yourself as a hoarder or anything yet. If 20 years from now you live in a room full of toy figurines and vidya posters, then you can say you have a problem.

a34895  No.15956924

File: 9204efc6e31d436⋯.jpg (7.33 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 4ec52bd2c878743388924b8c95….jpg)


>tfw I went through a horsefucker phase

What the fuck was wrong with me?

08f60d  No.15956925

File: 0064ae86a211b72⋯.jpg (39.06 KB, 540x801, 60:89, 0064ae86a211b72ae0d47b40a5….jpg)


Why is emulation worse than original hardware? You can mod original controllers or use adapters to work with pc and you can even use CRTs if you want to go full 90s. Please explain.

16240f  No.15956939

File: cee35e007dcad3b⋯.jpg (199.57 KB, 1900x924, 475:231, furry from 8v.JPG)


yep, cutelilfur visits this place.

dcbbe5  No.15956942

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Whats the lore behind this?

Alright so the guy who looks more autistic is called Pat the NES punk. He started off as the standard run of the mill AVGN clone back in the day and overtime became a bitter angry man who runs a podcast. He recently got in hot shit for calling people who said the new diablo mobile game was shit "man babies" who were crying over nothing. He did this while in his room surrounded by his plastic childhood toys and video games

756aee  No.15956975

File: 4f0549806739be9⋯.png (83.26 KB, 481x637, 37:49, kys.png)


>who hurt you

a2da9f  No.15956988


Don't forget he dropped twenty five thousand dollarydoos on an NES cart.

a602e3  No.15956995


>buying amiibos

>telling people you have amiibos

he's right though. seek help.

7d7f83  No.15957000

File: b65946fd7814293⋯.png (13.49 KB, 744x615, 248:205, le i want you to shut the ….png)


>kike la kike

dcbbe5  No.15957029

File: 6cfb598059a909d⋯.jpg (222.78 KB, 1132x790, 566:395, TJdO3sJ.jpg)


He also has talked on several occasions on how he was fat as a teen and bullied which could easily tie into the OCD like behavior. And he's also mentioned that the few times he takes women home on a date the second they see his collection 90% of them are gone.

the man is nearly 40 years old with no wife and a literal ton of plastic crap

7d7f83  No.15957037


>he's also mentioned that the few times he takes women home on a date the second they see his collection 90% of them are gone.

While Pat is a cuck, jesus CHRIST. When will It's Okay To Hate Women be a thing?

73dbfd  No.15957049


a huge dose of obsessive compulsive disorder.

Collectors are really bad for gaming, in particular, game preservation. Many of the things they collect are one of a kind, which means no dumping or archiving of the contents despite the fact they are mostly digital.

They do this because they literally get their rocks off at knowing they are the sole owner of a piece of history. Which is really bad when you consider that some of this may suffer from degradation eventually. Such as old CD-roms, tapes, or hard drives.

812c26  No.15957065



The new current year was a few days ago anon

dc5452  No.15957068



>Be like

>you're valid (next to the validation icon)

>can we all agree

>can we all appreciate


08f60d  No.15957073


I went to a womans home in her 20s and she had Justin Bieber and korean Idol posters and lifesize paper cutouts all over the fucking place. Accumulative obsession is a massive redflag most of the time.

dcbbe5  No.15957107

File: 5201c621ff083cd⋯.jpg (150.9 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


The thing that pisses me off about collectors isn't even the autistic OCD shit they do it's that they don't even play the games they buy. They sit on ebay all day and go to goodwills to get games to fill space on their shelf. So instead of someone who actually wants to play the game getting it the middle age balding loser gets it

bacf41  No.15957154


>They do this because they literally get their rocks off at knowing they are the sole owner of a piece of history. Which is really bad when you consider that some of this may suffer from degradation eventually. Such as old CD-roms, tapes, or hard drives.

This. There's very few things that pisses me off more than seeing video game prototypes and other lost media get destroyed by faggots who think that hoarding these things gives them bragging rights or worse, destroyed to create something else. At least that Metal Jesus guy was able to get someone to dump the IPL on his US 64DD prototype.


>it's that they don't even play the games they buy.

I especially hate it when they buy new games that they know are going to be shit but still want to have it in their collection because they're a "die hard fan/collector of the series" or just for "shits and giggles". It just contributes to more money towards developers making bad games.

857969  No.15957170


As much as a fag he is sometimes, it's pretty impressive to have a complete NES collection

35126e  No.15957177


Wow he seems like a fag.

d4ff2e  No.15957181


>focus on yourself

Tough to do when you hate yourself. Good advice though.

35126e  No.15957193


>The thing that pisses me off about collectors isn't even the autistic OCD shit they do it's that they don't even play the games they buy.

Thats the difference between a fag collector that hordes shit and a guy that just buys a lot of vidya. The fag will never play them.

8959e5  No.15957205


There used to be an old videogame shop where I lived, the guy who owned it was a vidya collector.

Upon talking with him it turns out he didn't really know shit about videogames, set his prices based on ebay and owned a stamp collecting store before then.

The fucker didn't care what he had, just as long as he had as many of it as possible.

8959e5  No.15957209


Fuck me dead I can't believe you cunts actually integrated.

dcbbe5  No.15957220


Yeah I "collected" SNES games as a kid but the big difference was I ALWAYS played them. I bought them to play them not to resell them or for them to look nice on a shelf


>The fucker didn't care what he had, just as long as he had as many of it as possible.

That's the core philosophy of the collector. It's all a dick measuring contest to them "I have this amazing rare game you could never afford in my collection" it's either that or they buy just to resell for a higher price which is even more scummier

aabc0b  No.15957261

File: a540363617665e2⋯.gif (741.85 KB, 346x410, 173:205, IMG_2321.GIF)


Is this jealousy because they have something you don't? Or is it disgust that someone would >buy a game rather than pirating it? I'm honestly curious.

f6d1b6  No.15957271


to be able to play games by reaching into their huge bookcase of games that aren't really organized, what a fucking nightmare


i'm assuming that guy is a jew collector?

a602e3  No.15957299


>to be able to play games by reaching into their huge bookcase of games that aren't really organized, what a fucking nightmare

I have hard copies of certain games, but I can't be bothered to open the cases and plop them in a console, and then take them out and switch games.

So much easier to digitally load them up or emulate them, instant booting.


disgust at grown men collecting toys, surrounding themselves with toys while also sucking at them.

906c96  No.15957350


Iktf, hadn't watched past season 3, but I can't deny that it wasn't comfy. Also MLP:FiM aired 8 years ago. Let that sink in.

0772e6  No.15957373


He got out months ago, and the first thing he did was log in on his pornhub account it earned him several achievements, that's how people noticed, and yes pornhub does have achievements, i'm surprised he still remembers the password.

957365  No.15957382

File: da8119a2b731e2e⋯.jpg (823.17 KB, 1108x1600, 277:400, fc53b43f-5c75-4f32-9e93-11….jpg)


Isn't that what everyone on this board does though? Collect a bunch of what well adjusted normalfags would call junk and children's toys?

8959e5  No.15957424

File: 679e65c002cd2f8⋯.jpeg (78.53 KB, 640x312, 80:39, 679e65c002cd2f8d1f836a730….jpeg)



>well adjusted

a602e3  No.15957436


We play games here. That's it. If you want to collect shit go to cuckchan /toys/

0117b5  No.15958341


Some of us remember how easy it was as a kid to fuck up CDs. I've lost some good games to a scratched disc.

e63503  No.15959014


>google thing you want

>buy it off ebay or some other page

<heh, this extreme hunt sure gives me a true adrenaline rush!

4f1b6b  No.15959025


>We play games here. That's it.

Based on most of the threads here it's hard to believe that.

c8279f  No.15962677


isn't that what a abducts and sells kids would say?

9e6492  No.15963017


>We play games here. That's it.

i wish

f956da  No.15963102

File: 574cd878a9042dd⋯.jpg (27.38 KB, 1040x720, 13:9, Japanese-teens-are-spreadi….jpg)


>all their discs fail.

>My vidya collection is literally a HardDiskDrives with .iso and GOG installers.

Some ironies are best left dramatic, to heighten the effect


Shhhhh, don't tell them human nature! They can't know pearls, shells and rocks were picked and collected!

Who even cares about Venus Willendorf!

Damn archeologists!


Sup goldenrod


Somebody really hates AlphaOmegaSin


Don't worry Logan, some people hate others because they are successful.

5f123e  No.15963114


What's the irony?

inb4 your HDD fall

Can always buy a new one.

5f123e  No.15963117


>But for vidya i really care about, i just enjoy owning and having all the extra stuff for that game.

Manual, figures, artbook, sure.

But enjoy a fucking disc? How do you enjoy it?

>I thought you faggots cried so much about old vidya having a soul and new vidya being soulless raw products? Why do you want to eliminate physical format, one of the most notorious aspects of old vidya, and the little flair that vidya has left?

Disc or no-disc has no affect on the soul of the product.

647069  No.15963164


Lauren Faust is talented. Season one was genuinely good. But yes, I am kinda embarrassed at the implied lack of masculinity, especially since so many pussymen liked the show too.

f956da  No.15963171

File: a248d869b69946a⋯.jpg (150.54 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: abc5220eae39381⋯.jpg (152.07 KB, 750x563, 750:563, 50bf9513eab8ead04500000c-7….jpg)

File: 05a0a55b34e54f9⋯.jpg (969.14 KB, 2592x1728, 3:2, IMG_2283.jpg)


I can always buy coasters too.


>People didn't have entire rooms full of shells and rocks, lmao

Cavemen, am I rite!

>And it's time to stop.

You hate culture and civility?!?

My shock! I thought museums were to bang chicks!


Different game insert Carlos track

5f123e  No.15963176


What do you mean by coasters?

7c3883  No.15963181


Everything. We were supposed to have a nuclear war some time before 1960 but for some reason they fucked up and now we are squirming maggots in the gangrenous body of a dying civilization.

f956da  No.15963194

File: b924f4663b9ac59⋯.jpg (130.91 KB, 1024x744, 128:93, F36GAQEFVW22EQT.LARGE.jpg)

File: 800dd21088f2e15⋯.jpg (743.95 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, laciedrive_2-100310648-ori….jpg)


What I do when I place a cold one on my unrecoverables.

Kids call them bricks, right?

9e6492  No.15963200


sometimes the cases the aol cds came in were handy

6616a8  No.15963214

File: 9fcbc1c44c2f4c4⋯.jpg (118.25 KB, 941x814, 941:814, 09202.jpg)


>when a literal pedo nigger straight out of jail has a job and you don't

Time to write some applications I guess.

f956da  No.15963222

File: 92a7c03c7ac6263⋯.jpg (5.37 KB, 275x183, 275:183, download (1).jpg)

File: 2f5d6b9db73603a⋯.jpg (22.99 KB, 400x260, 20:13, Asmiov Foundation Triology….jpg)

File: 2cb0cbad80bd940⋯.jpg (12.91 KB, 256x197, 256:197, images (1).jpg)

File: 317592a88e80242⋯.jpg (74.08 KB, 783x309, 261:103, 5D-data-store.jpg)


Absolutely. I already retaught my children the value of Reuse, Recycling, and most importantly Reduce, down to the smallest nanometer. Nature's a bitch, right?

f956da  No.15963272

File: e95ea0b227d9f31⋯.jpg (24.64 KB, 379x270, 379:270, zoo-animals-open-christmas….jpg)

File: 8b6fce0b5d159fa⋯.jpg (8.6 KB, 275x183, 275:183, images (2).jpg)

File: 8b8dbfabaf5d619⋯.jpg (37.16 KB, 520x382, 260:191, Dolphin-Bubbles-Seaworld.jpg)


Thank you for agreeing m8.

And homo sapiens aren't the only species that collect, hunt, track, and skin, far from it.

It's something far more, organic.

d0d1a4  No.15963291


>pornhub does have achievements

What the fuck?

91b798  No.15963292



f956da  No.15963300

File: 16d594fa5ae6a4d⋯.jpg (13.34 KB, 184x184, 1:1, 74e284a380044d6dec05290556….jpg)

File: 0fe4d78f1204f35⋯.jpg (17.55 KB, 200x301, 200:301, 200px-2010-brown-bear.jpg)

File: 52aa4c7cef8a0cb⋯.jpg (140.79 KB, 380x285, 4:3, gator051005192052.jpg)


Every animals collects differently.

Did you never took science, or cursory biology?

f2d6fe  No.15963308


Fuck having a job. NEETing it up is a great way for vengeance against normalfags who robbed me of my youth.

f956da  No.15963315


Yeah, one assumes authority over some contrived rules or notions of believe, and the other just states a state if being, in this case a fact.

Are facts hard for you to comprehend, or is your projective bias making it difficult to grasp people archive because it's how all organisms adapted to survive mother earth's harshness?

Did you know gaming teaches children how to hunt and fend for themselves?

And how videogames were initially a test for eye to movement coordinate to operate tanks and flying machines?

Or do you do little to investigate the limited knowledge capable for you to access and absorb?

f2d6fe  No.15963322


I was sick but even if I wasn't no one would have invited me anyway.

Fuck "goals" and "accomplishments". Normalfags robbed me of my youth, now they expect me to wageslave? You can't have your cake and eat it too, this is like all these assholes at school who would never want to talk to me but when I was the only one around with homework done they'd suddenly turn nice. They can't forbid me from having the teenage Brazzers life and ostracize me in general and then expect to throw me into the work force as soon as I'm out of high school.

91b798  No.15963333


>Normalfags robbed me of my youth,

What a joke you are.

f956da  No.15963339


>good and bad don't matter or don't exist

Yes, nature didn't write rules of morality, Darwin only theorized what allowed others to thrive versus those that extinct.

Are you saying nature taught itself not to extinct some species instead of others? Or is learned behavior not an evolutionary advantage, with complex brains, to adapt to new stimulae?

>you're lost and confused. seek help.

Creationist? Did God told Adam and Eve they were omniscient before or after they ate the fruit of knowledge of good and evil?

f2d6fe  No.15963344


That was directed towards me. He thinks I can just go to a friend store and instantly fix up my life in a minute. Or that I can go back in time and change my history into a normal life during my crucial periods of growing up.

f956da  No.15963358


Animals ought not go extinct. Sucks for all Cretaceous species. They couldn't survive an asteroid, dumb animals, am I precise?

5f123e  No.15963391


Come on, that shit doesn't work forever.

f956da  No.15963425

File: d0e6513ecbe113e⋯.jpg (93.21 KB, 627x340, 627:340, Uganda-Gorilla-Groups-627x….jpg)


Which of the shits? I posted 3 shits already. I think there's a /tech/ thread someone posted something actually proven scientifically proven to last longer than metal & polymers.

EMP safe


>oughts apply to humans; beings who have the capacity to understand right and wrong and act as such.

>read Socrates, Plato, Epictetus, Buddha or the bible, you're totally confused by modernist drivel.

The irony. Who authored these? Animals, or philosophical men?

Did you know™ some species like mankin have theory of mind evolved too, and make tribes, rules, and punishments?

741973  No.15963452



Do you check under your bed for normalfags before you go to sleep?

91b798  No.15963502



He was and is a hack.

cfabd2  No.15963666


>being a christcuck

>on /v/


2719d9  No.15963737




This was a setup.

9ff374  No.15963743

File: b6d0da3e22611d1⋯.jpeg (24.81 KB, 190x265, 38:53, 6B5618F4-B467-4DCA-9225-1….jpeg)


All I can say is this shit looks much better in real life even though some detail is lost on cards if your not looking closely. I’m planning on ordering some prints soon to spruce up my place.

d60e4f  No.15963810



>Plays MtG

Figures, real men play Yugioh.

154eba  No.15963863


Did you need to apply that philosophy to your images, too?

3390c9  No.15964247


I always wondered if you can really shave yourself with an axe

8d5baf  No.15964290


>we should read philosophy written by men

>You would benefit from this

Thank you God[s], I should cover from your mights because rules and lies about nature I never explored believing silly made up stories exist to conform. We wouldn't explorers or dare I say, challengers.

You ought to read the scientific method, it's also written by mankin.


Sometimes. E.g. don't have to be megabytes long.

f32393  No.15964319


> why do you have video game stuff?

Sometimes I want to play video games, and sometimes I need to videogame shit to fulfill that task. And if I ever think I might want to play that thing again, I hold on to it and whatever accessories I might need to complete that task. It's pretty simple. I don't have some kind of crazy gamer room or collection to show off to anybody, but I do have a decent amount of video game crap in storage boxes. Just in case I need them at some point.

1f828b  No.15964358


You know there is a difference between a video game collector enthusiast vs a video game collector scalper: One enjoys the game and has disposable income to buy whatever is out there that fancies their interest, while the other does it do be the rare 1% that has the rarest of rare games. Those latter people also destroy other copies to "increase" the value of their rare games. Those collectors are the scum that could care less about the game or history of it if they can somehow turn on a profit on it later in 5-10 years. Those are the worse kinds of people out there.

db1818  No.15964454

File: d6659b29425bfe5⋯.png (1.78 MB, 1375x1437, 1375:1437, reddit collectors 2.png)


>theres a difference between a faggot that hoards games and faggots that hordes games

9ac48a  No.15964536


>What drives people to "collect" video game shit?

The same reason people collect bottlecaps, stamps or antiques. It's a hobby that they find personal enjoyment in it.

0cb7dc  No.15964646

File: cac4bfb3a5a6058⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1080x666, 60:37, lol.png)


>normalfags who robbed me of my youth

What does that even mean?

294854  No.15964656


>what are the hardest games you've "finished" ?

that's subjective. I didn't find DaS2 difficult at all; I just hated it and thus it was by far one of the hardest games I've finished. because i didn't even want to play.

db1818  No.15964706

File: 8849d5e421de711⋯.gif (997.47 KB, 500x281, 500:281, Lil B cry.gif)


Normalfags stole my swag

48a6e9  No.15964778


>Those latter people also destroy other copies to "increase" the value of their rare games

Did you read what you just wrote? In what crazy conspiracy theorist world would that ever make sense?

5bd4e1  No.15964835

Scalpers deserve to be thrown tomatoes.

79f975  No.15964842


scalperdups btfo

7c22cd  No.15964881


Tfw still do this when I go out on nature runs, finding bones and skulls makes me the most happy. Have abnormal urged to pick up random seeds and the like too, sometimes to see if they'll grow under me.

I blame my highly Celtic ancestry.

1726d2  No.15964912


I know it's true but that whole post somehow reads like a line straight out of an anime

56018c  No.15964977

File: 5ce12ff6a4f508f⋯.png (68.5 KB, 1002x618, 167:103, 555e97625ef94e2d2d105b4c6d….png)


You can do it, anon. I went to the OfficeMax today to get some tape and G2 Pilot Pens and the NEGRO at the cash register clearly didn't want to be there. He said nothing as I approached the register and took seconds too long to click on the kiosk to progress the sale. He was chewing gum, had long dreadlocks just out and about not tied up, made no eye contact and mumbled as the sale went on.

If he can get a job, you can too!

a46afa  No.15964984


>>having no goals

where did he say that?

a46afa  No.15964995


*Scalpers deserve to be robbed

9e6492  No.15965006


why wouldnt they just keep them? same idea

05cfa5  No.15965018


Damn, is that why I don't like video games? Because I don't buy a bunch of worthless merchandise?

71aad2  No.15965034

The lack of a soul or some such thing inside themselves that they desperately need to fill with material things.

db1818  No.15965086

File: 9ea5d01fec8adfa⋯.jpg (89.75 KB, 335x438, 335:438, No Happy.jpg)


>1post by this (((ID)))

db1818  No.15965117

File: 9544076b8016dd0⋯.png (1.69 MB, 1427x7547, 1427:7547, resetera 14.png)


>drive by shitposting should be allowed

9e6492  No.15965152


pick a "side" goyim

eb7ede  No.15965165



9e3db3  No.15965170


>le ebin fenceshitter

Kill yourself, kike.

db1818  No.15965224

File: 1ca6c2206e39ee0⋯.mp4 (8.32 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Spelling Bee Niggerfaggot ….mp4)

5d44e1  No.15965344

File: dfd14e5b905d3fa⋯.jpg (13.42 KB, 222x255, 74:85, 1464948141663.jpg)

I started to collect Gamecube and PS2 games but then I realized three things: I'm never gonna play most of the shit; somebody else who actually would appreciate this stuff would be better off with it; and finally I can simply get ISO fullsets and emulate or softmod the systems I own anyway. I'm still reluctant to part with my childhood copies of stuff like Kingdom Hearts, Katamari, Melee, Destroy All Monsters, etc because of the sentimental value in them however.

312dae  No.15971736


Probably being on the payroll of his dad's company since he was 10 so that the old man could dodge taxes, before slotting into an undeserved management role after failing his own business ventures to do nothing but fuck up procedures with his own dimwitted ideas and garner the hatred of everyone else.

d4ff2e  No.15971759


>using typical leftist psychology to explain things

impotent tornigger

cfd58a  No.15971804


I knw some1 like that. he collects everything tho.

>pokemon cards/ mtg cards


>cosplay suit/fursuit

>DVDs/posters/manga of his anime of choice

>other neety stuff like pins that he shamelessly pins it on his bag everywhere he goes (it's a MLP pin)

>retro video games

Immediately regrets his decision everytime after buying these things, I guess they are driven by impulse.

216488  No.15972150

File: 7ca377ac7cc8f77⋯.png (10.34 KB, 617x100, 617:100, germany soy.png)


I love the fact that /pol/ uses the soy meme while unironically praising Hitler, who's war effort was only possible with soy.

106e1e  No.15972154


It's "Wow, just wow…"-tier these days.

b5a167  No.15972181

File: 7b0d8801c2a7d0e⋯.jpg (136.35 KB, 746x982, 373:491, seen shit.jpg)


>Wojak Veteran

16240f  No.15972182

File: f188c36dd9f7f38⋯.webm (2.58 MB, 400x400, 1:1, 036e32c0e81542c8189fe6683….webm)


16240f  No.15972183


This is why Hitler lost.

48875e  No.15972267


Hello Satan, I regret to inform you that 8ch has a pretty large amount of Christians.

fff701  No.15972330


nazis get rekt EPIC style by one mad dubsposter

how can they ever recover

7c9f0e  No.15973561


If you weren't so buttblasted over it the meme would have never taken off.

862aba  No.15980839

Collectors I know barely even beat their games, they are super casual players. Ask them what's the hardest game the beat and they'll say something about how they play for fun and not winning.

90e4cd  No.15980980


You can enjoy them without losing a room to them.

90e4cd  No.15981000

File: 2384697f4ff3b2b⋯.jpg (9.2 KB, 150x195, 10:13, onlythdeadcanknowpeacefrom.jpg)


The hat alone is bad enough


>dat mug

90e4cd  No.15981008





The taint is with you always.

90e4cd  No.15981028


Years ago I used to use a half decent forum and the admin was cool with anything (bar CP) right up to the point where he turned into a tremendous cuck faggot who suddenly (cos of twitter cunts) gave a shit that some trannies were upset about being told the truth and someone saying 'nigger' and so I immediately left and never went back.

Why the fuck would anyone continue posting in a place where the admin is this much of a faggot? I get that forcing reality down their throats is absolutely necessary but I'd much rather be somewhere faggots like this aren't.

982ead  No.15981032

In middle school I didn't really have any hobbies so that's where all my money went.

Then I got a hobby and found emulators so it was win-win.

b4f479  No.15981076


Man where do I start with how accurate that is?

> be angus

>part of the honorable Boros legion preserving law and order across the plane.

>have a cool mentor

>he accidentally kills a kid in an investigation, tries to kill me to cover up.

> I kill him, left jaded and scarred by the experience

> be older now, respected like my mentor even by the angels but I’m unfulfilled

>hunt down a vampire with my elf\necromancer bounty hunter friend

>turns out vamps was a part of a secret guild who’s secrecy is preserved by a clause in the guild pact, the magic which governs our world, so shit breaks down when I bust him.

> I get the bastard but die in the process.

>contract of legion stipulated that if I die my remaining service has too be performed by my ghost.

>have to watch my own funeral and elf friend Buries me.

>turns out vamps is back too, eldritch abominations are emerging, and the guild pact is breaking.

>doesn’t matter. Duty calls.

>earn phyric victory.

>elf friend gives his life to save son, but wins a gambit and comes back as a lych.

>he takes over the trash guild because “the king of rot just is” no time for a ghost.

>years later a telepath would use his trickery to allow the guilds to understand each other and end these pointless conflicts.

>only to have it all undone because planeswalkers return and usurp half the guilds at the behest of a dragon god and begin fucking around with things they don’t understand.

>ghosts are all released from our contracts by one such usurper, but we lose rights guaranteed by said contracts.

>elf\lych friend allegedly done in by another, but little does she know the tenacity of a father’s love.

>Once again I hear the screams of foul primordial creatures. And I do not shutter.

>although the heavens fall…

505942  No.15981077

I bought Shenmue 1 and 2 physical because it was 9 bucks. otherwise digital

9f7b52  No.15981645

File: f8ff7535ad3fc3e⋯.png (8.09 KB, 1160x175, 232:35, wew.PNG)


>see tornigger's ban message

>i wanna make rule 34 of you at this point


2ecc81  No.15997185


I have no idea who this shitskin is but he looks like Samwise Gamgee if he were a nigger.

d94b96  No.15997242


I know one. And yeah, he's a weird guy. Very smart and talented programmer, but weird. I never saw him actually play any games. Just program them. But I'd assume he does play them. He collects tons of Nintendo shit. Like a copy of every SNES game ever released in the USA, for example. He finished that collection a while back.

d94b96  No.15997258


I don't know why a person would want to collect one of every SNES game. But it's pretty cool that he actually did it.

f6e87e  No.15999258


PS2 is better than whatever gay old console you have in mind.

48a6e9  No.15999263


>haha gottem

5bd4e1  No.15999273

collectors are good goyim with rat-level mentality

5bd4e1  No.15999284


if the fat kid removed the hat, got a haircut he would be whatever-tier. but that fucking hat and greasy hair really ruin him

id say he could lose some weight, but thats probably to hard for this type of people

000000  No.16002220


Still impotent to stop me from posting.

Leftist ideals = mental illness, yes.


Numale soyboy and faggot abomination got triggered by the truth.

Soy is what causes your mental illness, and makes you a subhuman.

Stay mad.

1f6b5c  No.16002605

File: 1e869d709feba82⋯.jpg (172.86 KB, 1009x931, 1009:931, brazilian.jpg)


Fuck off huenigger.

7d1f18  No.16003362

>all these people not being able to comprehend that liking something a lot means there's a good possibility you'll spend a lot of cash on it and in turn own a lot of the shit you like

I don't have a very big collection but it's growing since I like to own, and not just rent stuff and don't like selling my things because I grow attached to them.

But fuck those guys who just buy games to collect them, they are scum.

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