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File: 1642b1be821ec73⋯.jpg (52 KB, 690x323, 690:323, st.jpg)

File: 918d4104ca4a0d6⋯.jpg (156.34 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, rocketstation_2019-01-05_1….jpg)

File: b288b41c50b802c⋯.jpg (298.62 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, rocketstation_2019-01-05_1….jpg)

a8663a  No.15953947

>What is this?

SS13-inspired 3D engineering game, somewhat similar to Spengies. In its current state it's a comfy autism simulator.

>What can you do in it?

Go to Mars

Mine shit, refine ores, build structures and machines

Make power networks, logic systems

Grow food

Use a microwave

Die from hypothermia after you damage your suit

Look like a rainbow-haired feminist or a kang

Download and server info in first post.

a8663a  No.15953968


Download (cracked version by IGG, ~350MB, v0.2.1814.8357)


IP: fagtorio.dynu.net:27500

pass: vidya

>use Launcher.exe to run the game, otherwise you will get error spam

>Use direct connect and enter the IP, server browser doesn't work

>if you get errors for any other reason, restarting the game usually makes them go away

a8663a  No.15953993

Change your nickname in SmartSteamEmu.ini, "PersonaName"


Controls and gameplay are very too heavily inspired by SS13:

>two hands, swap by E

>open parts of suit by pressing 1-6

>>swap item directly to suit slot by selecting item in your hand and holding 1-6 (you need this for swapping to mining belt and back to tool belt)

>F to swap items, activate menu items

>R to access selected item's internal menu

>Q to drop item

>J jetpack on/off

>O tool on/off

>>always turn on tools before using them, turn them off when you are finished, otherwise they keep consuming power/gases and run out; turn off machines you're not using also

>L light on/off

>Right Mouse to enter/exit build mode with currently held item

>Mouse wheel scrolls between inventory slots, in build mode scrolls between different models

>Tab activates cursor, can manage inventory with it

>Enter to chat

965135  No.15954181

Guess I might join. Thread's gotta get more active tho

a8663a  No.15954203


Burgers are sleeping, board is slow.

965135  No.15954210


yeah i assumed so

60476a  No.15954214

File: 9bc03fce7450988⋯.jpg (54.12 KB, 765x566, 765:566, DLvNrMzVoAEWKSd.jpg large.jpg)

Ill join after i get home from work. Aint nuthin but something to do.

dd209f  No.15954226


>Download (cracked version

Okay, I'll tr-

>by IGG


a8663a  No.15954237


IGG are the only ones releasing cracks for this. It's probably not hard to crack it since it's unity, but I don't know where to get the original and I ain't buying it.

b0f1ac  No.15954271

File: 18a68c790cde567⋯.png (687.22 KB, 465x709, 465:709, IGG brothers.png)


Do you actually trust these retarded gooks with releases?

e20e55  No.15954275

File: 42967f556b99aac⋯.gif (1.61 MB, 500x375, 4:3, restless dolan.gif)


>he hasn't heard of cs.rin.ru

Damn newhomosexuals.

a8663a  No.15954289


No, but I've been using their shit cracks for many years, so as far as I'm concerned, if there is damage to be done, it has probably been done already. For everyone else, I put the disclaimer there so they can decide for themselves.


>all that cyka blyat

Do they have Stationeers?

037448  No.15954301

How much like ss13 is this?

Is it actually true to the ss13 formula? or is it just like that sub game where the ss13 shit is mostly just cosmetic?

cb5c86  No.15954321


is it like a better version of Moonbase Alpha?

b31bd4  No.15954326


The mechanics of building and using things are very similar, but that's where it ends, it doesn't have that whole gameplay loop. It does have more complicated logic systems, and the ability to build ships (which are however useless as far as I know). Building a base and a ship are the only actual gameplay, in these terms it's more like Space Engineers, but there is less to do in this than in SE. That said, I thought it was interesting enough for one playthrough, hence hosting a server.


I guess so, no text to speech though.

b0f1ac  No.15954371

File: 88a7c8760ef3cee⋯.png (2.18 KB, 251x81, 251:81, Untitled.png)


>Do they have Stationeers?

Yes, and they keep up with updates faster than the gooks.

09c78c  No.15954378


I ain't touching that shit, even with an airgapped machine. The fuckin gooks have it all botnetted.

b31bd4  No.15954427

File: 3ebf6cbad075e76⋯.jpg (221 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, rocketstation_2019-01-05_1….jpg)


The uncracked files for the server's version were there at one point, but the file's been deleted since.

Still, in my experience it's better to trust gook faggots used by millions of people than niche uploaders from ruski forums, or niche uploaders at all. If IGG's cracks contained malware, it's way more likely to be found.

6d9773  No.15954652

File: 173024b76ab1757⋯.jpg (51.73 KB, 540x405, 4:3, 173024b76ab175736bc009d138….jpg)



Yeah no thanks.

6d9773  No.15954687


IGG modifies original game assets to advertise their retarded site in the fucking game itself and doxxed a fellow pirate. They are certainly not above putting bitcoin miners in their cracks. Also the crackers at cs.rin.ru have always had a good reputation, so you clearly have no god damn idea what you're talking about. I'd sooner trust Russians with a good track record than shit-skinned gooks that are proven untrustworthy.

a8663a  No.15954701


>They are certainly not above putting bitcoin miners in their cracks

They're definitely not above it in character, but do you think nobody would ever notice that something is making connections to an unknown server from their PC when they run a pirated game? I'd sooner expect a botnet, but even then.

965135  No.15960673


4718b8  No.15960741

This game is nothing like SS13 and if anything else it's inspired by Minecraft.

a8663a  No.15962724

File: 54e79a3c4adca6d⋯.jpg (185.7 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, rocketstation_2019-01-07_0….jpg)

File: 3f6f60d64a35410⋯.jpg (142.9 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, rocketstation_2019-01-07_0….jpg)

>build airlock

>build a greenhouse area

>finally we can start producing food

>grab the farming supplies crate to take it inside


>doesn't want to go through airlock

>force it a bit

>goes halfway through, put it down

>putting it down launches it at lightspeed

>catch up with it as it gets stuck on the generated world's border

>just as I'm about to grab it, disappears again

Rip in pieces

>come back the next day

>greenhouse is at 150C

Apparently you're supposed to feed it exterior co2 for the plants and for cooling, didn't realize it'd overheat quite so much though.


>nothing like SS13

Building, atmos, power management are all almost exactly the same as SS13. The overall gameplay loop, yes, it's more like Minecraft.

6b8382  No.15962744

How does SS13 simulate gas and pressure diffusion again?

I always tried to make my own, but it's very slow

a8663a  No.15962771


Isn't it just based on rooms acting as enclosed areas with one cohesive atmosphere? It's been some time since I played. In Stationeers it's all block-based, with calculations about once or twice per second.

6882a2  No.15963166

File: c2ee30634ec84be⋯.mp4 (2.18 MB, 482x854, 241:427, 615d580b3e1a6b5d4ba7e4a757….mp4)


SS13 is a round based roleplaying game. This is an autistic minecraft build simulator. While yes they share the common gameplay element of being set in space and modelling atmospheric pressure and such to a degree that is all they have in common. In terms of gameplay they are unalike. Please do not compare it like that again or I will space you an airlock.

6882a2  No.15963188


Gas movement was originally tile based in SS13. Later versions had area based atmospherics cause it provides better performance. I think stationeers works based on area but I'm not too sure.

e5eda0  No.15963206


It wasn't me who came up with the comparison, it's the dev. And it's a bit more specific similarity than just being set in space and having vaguely similar systems, many systems are almost exactly the same. I think it's intended to eventually be able to handle the entire gameplay of SS13, but obviously many systems are still missing.


Stationeers definitely has block based, I can walk across a room and get very different temperature/pressure numbers. It also indicates air moving across space with thin trails, and you can use this air movement to power turbines and generate power. It probably has some performance improvements for blocks outside buildings, but you can still observe air movement if you blow some shit up or melt oxygen ice.

96ae2f  No.15964008

Considering how incredibly difficult it'd be to add plants again, plus how the station's layout is all messy anyway, I think I'll start a new map, as well as a new server on a newer version from chinchin.ru so all you fa safety conscious people can play. I'll post details tomorrow.

28d033  No.15964084

File: 9fe2bbfef1b1351⋯.jpg (46.93 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1389255742238.jpg)


>russian cracks

0ac55c  No.15964092


This looks more like Space Engineers than SS13.

Also fuck you and your IGG gook botnet bitcoin miner.

167ef1  No.15967339

New download


Crack by ruskies, not IGG, v0.2.1865.8568

IP: fagtorio.dynu.net:27500

pass: vidya

Might leave password disabled though.

>Stationeers.exe to launch the game

>use direct connect and enter the IP, server browser doesn't work

6882a2  No.15967414


I've downloaded hundreds of games from IGG and they all seem to be identical to other torrent copies you can find elsewhere. I don't know who's spreading these stupid rumors but my anti-virus hasn't complained once except about a false positive steam dll file.

167ef1  No.15971930

File: 50bc9bf998c0496⋯.jpg (195.75 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, rocketstation_2019-01-09_1….jpg)

File: a4471cd6a6355a5⋯.jpg (203.35 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, rocketstation_2019-01-09_1….jpg)

File: 6d92ca20d31af3c⋯.jpg (203.74 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, rocketstation_2019-01-09_1….jpg)

File: 0395a2cbfea2877⋯.jpg (209.28 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, rocketstation_2019-01-09_1….jpg)

>atmos autism begins

For now I only put in a single filter for poisonous gases, produced by smelting. With those filtered, the indoor atmosphere is breathable until we potentially run out of oxygen.

>making baked potato

>first couple plants are growing

d84074  No.15972169

File: 424bf3768062006⋯.png (747.39 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

how the fuck do you play this game? is this even the right server?

d6d913  No.15972188

where is the server hosted? i want to know how bad my ping will be

167ef1  No.15972229


It is, watch some basic youtube tutorials or try launching an SP world first, it will show you the tutorial.


France, but ping causes relatively little lag here, server occasionally freezes for a few seconds, those are the more noticeable lagspikes.

0ac55c  No.15972782


>Cannot open as archive

Nigger what are you doing?

167ef1  No.15972803


Update whatever you are using to the newest version, if that doesn't work, get newest WinRAR. At least one person got it extracted so it's not corrupt.

674a72  No.15972835

File: 9c1297890869863⋯.jpg (37.83 KB, 374x470, 187:235, 9c129789086986304047ae5af3….jpg)



>Not 7Zip


This has potential, but like nearly all EA shit I'm uninterested in playing it now because I'll be bored of whatever limited set of mechanics are in the game and never touch it when it is actually finished, which may never happen.

b0f1ac  No.15972857

File: 703228763eae51e⋯.jpg (69.33 KB, 981x725, 981:725, fucking stupid.jpg)


Many anons are rightfully pissed at IGG gooks for taking down goodolddownloads with threats, on top of editing files games they hosted with watermarks and other nasty shit.

Its a massive red flag you retard.


A number of uploaders on there have a far better reputation than the gooks.

167ef1  No.15972882


The ruskies had their shit on the newest winrar, which is why I had to update, which is probably why older software is now throwing shit.

>whatever limited set of mechanics are in the game

There are some very in-depth mechanics in the game now, especially automation can be taken to extremes. The massive downfall is that there's virtually nothing beyond that, the only motivation for making shit is making shit itself. It's not like you can make an automated mining drone or anything practically useful, only that your station/ship becomes more and more automated. Still, it's pretty interesting.

Also reminder to change your name in SmartSteamEmu.ini.

e7cf1e  No.15972920


Pretty much this, the appeal of SS13 is the fact the station is ALREADY BUILT. What happens to it is a matter of the people playing and the events that unfold. This is just minecraft with physics. They should have gone with a map editor and the ability to choose or make a "setting" (ground, space, asteroid) as well as importing of custom 3D models and custom code.

This seems boring in all honesty, you'll get 1/4 of the way into building the station just to lose it all

674a72  No.15972963


Assuming this game nears completion, adding pre-built maps would be a cinch. If the dev likes SS13 as much as he seems to claim, then I would be stunned if he did not add a feature to import pre-built stations or maps.

e7cf1e  No.15973043


The building aspect looks boring and looks like it's entire based around building bases. SS13 has complexities even in the base game. Even then with all the coded addons from the various servers you have shit like pod people, cyborgs, genetics, and all that other goodness. It looks like this game is just "get 2 bottles of water and a wrench to make dynamite", said dynamite has a set force and explosion.

Meanwhile in SS13 you can do insane shit like make a gas cloud that is so full of sugar people entire an entire round coma due to ti

167ef1  No.15973085

File: 1b6b3edadb0cd7c⋯.jpg (643.44 KB, 1920x2556, 160:213, stationeers v1.jpg)

Basic gameplay guide, probably part 1

674a72  No.15973110


>The building aspect looks boring and looks like it's entire based around building bases

What part of unfinished game do you not understand? To continue the Minecraft analogy, that game was literally a Java applet in the browser that only had what we now know as "creative mode" when it was new. If the dev was inspired by SS13, then I would hope to see many non-building based roles available to play.

167ef1  No.15973115


>It looks like this game is just "get 2 bottles of water and a wrench to make dynamite", said dynamite has a set force and explosion.

It's more flexible than that at least. Atmospherics is simulated pretty well, with each block having certain content of particles and respective heat, which also affects pressure. When you heat one part of the room, air flows away from it. Different gases have different heat capacity and conductivity, too. You can't put sugar in the air, but you can poison people at least. There are some basics for metallurgy and chemistry in the game, I haven't messed with them much for now so I can't tell you much.

But gameplay is nothing like SS13, it's very much just a survival autism builder right now. I hope it will be expanded sufficiently to have SS13-like gameplay in the future, it seems to be headed in that direction.

0ac55c  No.15973232


>so full of sugar people entire an entire round coma due to ti

Did you have a stroke writing this sentence?

6b8382  No.15973254


>in-game wiki

If you can't edit it, it's not a wiki

167ef1  No.15973271


You can edit it if you decompile the game :^)

674a72  No.15973452



I'd be extremely disappointed if they didn't at least store their in game documentation in an XML-like or JSON format. Baking text, especially text you expect to change a lot, into your code is retarded.

167ef1  No.15973479


I checked and it's an XML so you can edit it which means it's a wiki

2eb157  No.15973489

File: 04dbbb236d29cca⋯.png (23.29 KB, 625x626, 625:626, 1472024879712.png)

>ANOTHER survival crafting shit

55452c  No.15973512


>editing files with watermarks


how can you edit a game with a watermark?

like sprite games or something?

why would people be mad about that its probably no different than a menu mod and I have never actually seen anything like that. This sounds like more bullshit. The day I have a problem with IGG is the day I stop downloading from there but up to now I haven't had a single problem with their shit.

f8504b  No.15973516

File: c4567186968a2a8⋯.pdf (2.11 MB, Investigation_into_igg_gam….pdf)


Textures and images, yes.

0ac55c  No.15973996


Which one was the original one so I can call you a fag anyway?

62e32a  No.15986634


then the dev is retarded because this looks like a space engineers clone. but if its that and they will actually make it work then i'm in

0ac55c  No.15987009

>someone niggered the ground radar

>recycler is now blocked

>bunch of shit is now outside

The fuck are you guys doing?

167ef1  No.15987062


Is the ground radar not in the locker? That's where I left it last.

Recycler is blocked in access but you can just put down chutes to it, was gonna do it and then forgot. In return we get pew pew laser pistols.

68f116  No.15987138


How many people are currently playing? It seems like a prime opportunity to grief.

167ef1  No.15987179


There aren't enough players to get to griefing. But you could certainly fuck shit up if you wanted to.

68f116  No.15987188


How many players are currently on?

167ef1  No.15987206

88ea0f  No.15987254

I remember getting to the second blanet and it lagging to hell. Have they optimized since the earlier versions?

167ef1  No.15987258


>second blanet

You were probably playing a different game, there's only ground or a lack of ground in this.

88ea0f  No.15987284

File: 656280805151346⋯.png (228.17 KB, 470x350, 47:35, ClipboardImage.png)


So I am. I never tried this one. I was thinking of Astroneer, the SS13 thing sounded off. I'll see how this goes.

167ef1  No.15987296


This one runs well, but my server's shit, so occasionally you'll get big lagspikes. Refer to >>15973085 and Youtube for how to play, maybe try playing a little bit of SP.

88ea0f  No.15987318

File: 5cbe24da69c38f6⋯.png (82.35 KB, 408x291, 136:97, ClipboardImage.png)


I'm always down for a space jam.

>PgUp, PgDn, Home, End, Ins, Del

Did they do that for this sort of layout? I sure hope so.

167ef1  No.15987323


Maybe, but nothing ever rotates as you'd expect it. Just use C whenever you can.

88ea0f  No.15987341

File: 36b2d5b5d82bcc6⋯.png (8.36 KB, 153x108, 17:12, ClipboardImage.png)


Interesting, alright. I'll give it some time in SP, see how it sinks in. It can't be much worse than TG code.

0ac55c  No.15988069


How often is it set to save? If its like every 30 seconds that may be why its spiking so often.

0ac55c  No.15988295

File: 48e0aa5f6a21498⋯.jpg (266.62 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, dead nigger storage.jpg)

Fuck it, have a dead nigger.

a54565  No.15988350


We need more of those.

167ef1  No.15990082


Every 5 minutes, but saving doesn't cause lag.

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